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24  October 2016

How Do You Define Leadership? By d-mars.com News Provider

"Leadership is the collective action of everyone you influence. Merriam-Webster defines leadership as: Your behavior — your actions and •  a position as a leader of a your words — determines how you group, organization, etc.; influence. Our job as leaders is to •  the time when a person holds the energize whatever marshals action position of leader; and/or within others." •  the power or ability to lead – David Casullo, president, other people. Bates Communications However, the definition of leadership "Leadership is stepping out of your can differ person to person. Business comfort zone and taking risk to creNews Daily spoke to managers, busi- ate reward." ness owners and experts to explain what – Katie Easley, founder, leadership means to them. Below are Kate Ryan Design some of the responses. "Leadership is when someone is "Leadership is about having a selfless willing to stand up front to be heart and always being willing to reach either the target or the hero to take out and lend a helping hand." responsibility for the success or – Bob Reina, failure of a given goal. Not everyCEO and founder, Talk Fusion one has the guts to be a leader and [take] personal risks that they may "A leader is someone [who] leads by encounter." example and has the integrity to do the – Darlene Tenes, right thing even when it is not popular. founder and designer, CasaQ A good leader has positive influence over others, inspiring them to become a "Leadership is the behavior that better person and example for others to brings the future to the present, by model their life against, as well." envisioning the possible and per– Mark Little, founder and president, suading others to help you make it a Diversified Funding reality." "A true leader is secure in creating a framework that encourages others to tap into their own skills and ideas and freely contribute to the whole of the project or company."

– Judy Crockett, owner, Interactive Marketing & Communication

"A leader is a person who takes you where you will not go alone."

– Susan Ascher, CEO, founder and president, SusanAscher.com

– Matt Barney, founder and CEO, LeaderAmp

"Too many people view management as leadership. It's not. Leadership comes from influence, and influence can come from anyone at any level and in any role. Being open and authentic, helping to lift others up and working toward a common mission, build influence. True leadership comes when those around you are influenced by your life in a positive way."

– Kurt Uhlir, CEO and co-founder, Sideqik

"Leadership is not about finding ways to lead better or to motivate your team. It's about being there from the beginning as equals and becoming a mentor when they need you to be one."

– Michael Womack, co-founder, hovelstay.com

How do you define leadership? Source: www.businessnewsdaily.com

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