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Fear Not: Step Out in Faith A note from CYA’s president, Raoul Roncal


by Erica Mercado


by Krina Doria


by Andrew Andres


by CYA members


by Marian Ibarle


by Aiana Dalangin

“THANK YOU” by Lorna Campos and Jake Yap


by Aiana Dalangin

The young people today are being asked to be courageous on the small things because they are being prepared to be courageous about bigger things in the future.

awaken our hearts! The present moment, and this applies also to the Church, appears to be laden with struggles, problems, burdens. But our faith tells us that it is also the

Yo un g p e o p le are b e in g as ke d to b e c o u r ageou s o n th e s m all th in g s b e c aus e the y are b eing p re p are d to b e c o urag e o us ab o ut b ig g e r things in th e f uture .

It is essential that we begin in the Kairos in which the Lord comes to simplest of things because if we are meet us in order to love us and call not courageous to us to the fullness of do the fundamental, life. The future is not then how will we a threat to be feared, accomplish the but is the time the bigger things in life. Lord promises us when we will be It’s amazing that the able to experience Lord is calling us to communion with be a good Christian, him, with our and being a good brothers and sisters, Christian is being a and with the whole radical witness to the of creation. We need world today because to rediscover the reasons for our hope of how different people are around us. and, above all, to pass them on to young people who are thirsting for The f uture is n o t a hope.

th re at to b e f e are d , b ut is the tim e the L o rd p ro m is e s us .

I believe that the Lord is calling us to step out in faith by obeying Him. He has a great plan for each and everyone Pope Francis, in the opening of the of us. Synod on the Youth said: Let us not be afraid to obey the Lord. Brothers and sisters, may the Synod Let us step out in faith.

PRAY TH E M I SSI O N P ETI TI O N WIT H U S Prayer for New Evangelization

Father in Heaven and Lord of all, we approach your throne as Your young people, called to belong to you, and to share in the mission of our Redeemer. We pray for our nation. Establish now Your reign among us. We pray for peace in our land, provision for our needs, justice and freedom. Grant us grace to repent

from our individual and collective sins, and bring us to genuine conversion. May Jesus be Lord of this renewed nation.

unweary in well-doing, that more young people might offer their lives to You. Let Your youth build up the Church. May Jesus be Lord We pray especially for the of this renewed generation. youth. Send forth Your Spirit like a mighty rushing We pray all these through wind, and awaken the young Christ our Lord. people of this land. We dedicate ourselves Hail Mary… Glory be… to preach Your word,

Lord, my heart is in guilt With the sins within me was built Things that are not pleasing to your eyes Sins that took me away from your side.

From the ashes, You molded me With your breath, You gave life for me My life is not mine, its for Thee So Lord, use me I may be a sinner and unworthy But You have unchained, You made me free Now, allow me to be a testimony of Your mercy So Lord, use me From death, victory You have claimed Allow me to proclaim Your holy name That the people will also see Your glory Yes Lord, use me Through the years that I grew Now this is my sign of gratitude to You For all Your goodness and graces You gave me Yes Lord, use me. Your love overflows in my heart Merely receiving these is not enough Sharing to Your people is a joy for me Now Lord, use me The process may seem not so clear My heart may be in doubt and fear But Lord, Im not alone, You’re with me Now Lord, use me Erica Mercado is currently studying in San Pedro College.

In my last year in college as BS Psychology student, I looked forward to God’s plan for me after graduation. As a member of CYA back then, I wanted to give back to God’s faithfulness to me during my college years, as well

in our college education. My college years weren’t easy, as I experienced skipping meals for days because my mother couldn’t send money and my allowance wasn’t enough. Graduating college was my chance to serve my

God w ou ld a l w a y s r e mi n d m e to th in k o f th e gr e a te r t h i n g s r a t h e r t h a n lo o kin g to ward s myse l f . as give back to my family. Never did I know that He will call me to serve Him to the road less travelled by. I

underwent what they called “Career Discernment”, and it wasn’t easy to obey God especially when you want something else for yourself.

family financially. I wanted to work in a corporate setting and earn money to help support my brother further their studies. My brothers were influenced by my father to apply to the Philippine Military Academy and I accompanied them to take the entrance exam which I also decided to take. Unfortunately, my brothers didn’t pass the exam, but I did. I received my acceptance letter to PMA as a cadet. My decision to pursue military life was not yet final and I was afraid that the military was not where God was calling me to. I told myself that whatever the result of my prayers would be, I would be prepared to embrace it. And when I got my go signal from the Lord. I was ready to be trained and become His Army.

Wh e n He ca l l ed me , He equ ip p e d m e , an d I am a c c ount a b le t o Hi m t o m a x im ize my s kills an d ta l e nts; t o u s e t h o s e g i f t s fo r His g lo r y. My family is not well-off, my mother’s job as a public teacher is the only source of income of our family to sustain me and my three younger siblings

When I got inside the Academy, my spiritual growth had been a struggle. It seemed like the training and harsh environment was gradually changing

Krina Doria is a graduate of Pamantasan Lungsod ng Maynila. She is currently on her graduating year in the Philippine Military Academy.

my views and values in life. I had a hard time figuring out how to carry out my mission here in the Academy. A lot of times I would find myself asking Him if it was all worth it, but God would always remind me to think of the greater things rather than looking towards myself. I used my leadership to bring God to my squad mates. I would invite them to pray with me in the small chapel. Whenever someone would ask me why I entered PMA, my answer would be “because of my stewardship from the Lord.” I believe each one of us is called to fulfil a certain purpose and mission in their lives. This is my calling to serve God through the military by serving the people and the country. It is the foundation of my personal relationship with the Lord that increased my desire

I re c o g n ize d tha t my life is not my o wn any m or e; bu t Go d ’s . to serve Him in more ways that I could imagine. When He called me, He equipped me, and I am accountable to Him to maximize my skills and talents; to use those gifts for His glory. I decided to enter here and I recognized that my life is not my own anymore; but God’s. It’s been three years since I said yes to His leading to me here in PMA. Three years full of unimaginable hardships and unexplainable joy. Hopefully, I will be graduating with my class next May 2019. God is indeed a faithful God. The Lord provided my mother other people who helped our family financially. Two of my brothers have already graduated and the other one is graduating next year. The Lord used my circumstances before to be able to survive the training; food starvation, sleep deprivation, homesickness, physical and mental exhaustion. I am now preparing myself for my future role as a military officer of the AFP. I will always bear in my heart the courage, integrity, loyalty, and honour not only in serving our country but in service to the Lord. To God be the Glory.

Being in community, the idea of evangelizing others and making Christ known to them already became an integral part of my daily life. As I persevere for the continuous growth of my Christian life, I learned various ways on how I can share Christ to others like random evangelizations, classroom presentations, personal testimonies and simply living a life worthy for God’s glory- that is to put Him as the center of everything I do. When I committed to serve the Lord, I aimed not just to invite random individuals in our events but primarily,

God p r ov es t o me th a t His pla n s w i ll a l w a ys b e b e t t er t h a n my b e st pl a n s . to invite them for a feast of joy being His disciple. As I pursue the calling I have from God, I began to face failures and disappointments. There are instances that I was humiliated by individuals who tried to impose that I was crazy to do what I am doing. Sometimes, I found myself being at the lowest point of life due to the conflicts that had arose. But upon praying for renewed

his life. As I guide him on what he can do to his situation, a picture from Hugot Kristiyano, a facebook page, struck me. I tried to send it to him through messenger but it wasn’t sending. Out of the drive I have to support him, I

incapabilities as an excuse for not doing good to others. Instead of trying, we impose that our efforts will not take effect to the people we encounter. We let our losses hinder us not to have our gains. But the truth is, our

Go d h as n o t c alle d us to b e alway s s uccessfu l. Mo re im p o rtantly, He c alle d us to b e always faithf ul. tried to post it on my timeline. After successfully uploading it, I messaged him telling that the post was for him. Unknowingly, a typical post had become the turning point of my journey being God’s disciple as it reached more than a hundred thousand shares. It was a big deal for me to consider not just because of the idea that it went viral but primarily because God proves to me that His plans will always be better than my best plans. God used all my failures and disappointments in

situations should never be our excuses of proclaiming who is God in our lives. We will still fail in the future but we should realize that God has not called us to be always successful. More importantly, He called us to be always

We l e t o u r l o s s es h i n d er u s n o t to h a ve our g a i n s . Bu t t h e t r u t h is , our s itua t i o n s s h o u ld n ev er b e o ur e xc use s o f pr o cl a i m i n g w h o is Go d in our l i v e s . strength, God led me to realize that His love is immeasurable. His love equips me to keep going. I came to realize that I can evangelize one person at a time and that I can used my on-the-job training as a practice teacher to be my opportunity of sharing Christ to the people within my access including my students and co-teachers. During my internship, Zai, one of my students showed misbehaviors during one of our class discussions. I aimed to talk to him personally but it didn’t go the way I planned. Through God’s gracious ways, he was the one who asked me for a personal conversation with him instead. I was joyful that he urge for it because I really want to understand him. I prayed for him as he shared his concerns in many aspects of

evangelization to be the milestones for me to realize the bigger perspective of His plans in my life. I realized that He used my losses whenever I faced failures and disappointments as gains of a greater glory that was manifested into the people I evangelized.

faithful. Be reminded of what I quoted in my post:”Sobrang ganda ng plano ni Lord sa buhay mo! Pero minsan, kailangan mo lang talaga pagdaanan

“So b ran g g an d a n g p lan o n i L o rd s a b uha y m o! Pe ro m in s an , kailan g an m o lan g t a la ga p ag d aan an an g m ah irap n a p ro s e s o”. “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one”, Mother Teresa once quoted. Very often, we use our

ang mahirap na proseso”. And so, brothers and sisters, #Ka-FAITH.

Andrew Andres is a graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently working as a staffer in CYA Batangas.


GRATITUDE It was ingrained deep within me that I was but a miracle baby who defied the odds and lives. Out of gratitude for the gift that was given me, my life became a neverending search for ways to become closer to my Savior. When I reached college, I became active in CYA where I discovered the essence of service of others.

Marian Ibarle is a graduate of De La Salle University in Manila.

A HOSPICE The Lord further expanded my vision as I looked for a site for my OJT in Psychology, I was led to a hospice that was ran by a religious congregation. It was truly a blessed sight that brought me to tears because of so much admiration for the sisters who gave their lives to serve the needy. It was only later that year that I considered and felt attracted to the prospect of becoming more intimately close to God. The feeling, however, was only fleeting.

It w a s a m o me nt o f tr us tf ul s u r r e n d e r I d id not t h i n k i t w a s p os s ibl e a f t e r b e i n g a w a y f r o m Go d f o r a w h il e .

MY HARDSHIP I was soon faced with hardship that made me believe that God was becoming distant, even with all my effort to draw myself close to Him. My life was seemingly void of any victories. Soon after, my confidence in myself and in God reached its lowest and I was already resigned to the possibility that I would never have the same love for life and for God as I previously had.

HIS HEALING God’s grace and mercy saved me when He demonstrated His healing power yet again. He surrounded me with people – parents, siblings, brothers and sisters in CYA and LNP – through whom I realized my worth. My healing begun gradually and culminated in an encounter that put a closure to my pain. It was a healing that came in the form of a call.

It was Go d who invite d m e to f in d o ut f urthe r in what c o n c re te way He wo uld want m e to b rin g he ave n d o wn to e arth.

The Lord reminded me of my desire to enter a convent while attending mass, when we were asked to pray the prayer for religious vocations. I suddenly felt the urge to open myself to being called to the religious life, thus, I prayed the prayer sincerely. It was a moment of trustful surrender I did not think it was possible after being away from God for a while. Right after the mass, my parents introduced me to a few of their friends…who were nuns! What made the encounter special was when one of the sisters told me “ang ganda ng pangalan mo, Marian”. I felt God telling me through that sister that He loved me and that He saw my beauty despite feeling “ugly” spiritually. He reminded me of my identity as His daughter and as a “Marian’. My confidence in myself and in God’s love was restored.

I r est in God ’ s c ontrol and r emind myse l f of w hat Jesus did f or m e . He lef t t he b e a u ty a n d comf or t of His h e a v e n l y home in or de r to die f or me and save m e . Th a t is w hat makes me bra v e .

While the decision to enter the convent is my response to God’s infinite love and mercy, I would not want to take any of the credit. Everything was by the Divine Initiative and Providence. It was God who led me to the hospice and to the church where I encountered the nuns; who directed my thoughts and feelings and softened my heart to responsiveness. It was God who invited me to find out further in what concrete way He would want me to bring heaven down to earth.

I do not know what the future holds. I am uncertain as to whether the religious life is really the vocation He wants for me. I am only certain that He has something in store for me inside the convent. And that He will lead me to where my trust will not cease to increase. I have quite a number of fears, too – mostly, that of being away from home. But I rest in God’s control and remind myself of what Jesus did for me. He left the beauty and comfort of His heavenly home in order to die for me and save me. That is what makes me brave.

Blurred foggy vision, smoke that could suffocate, and the danger that goes with being inside a burning building- all these, are just a few of what Ky Reyes deals with

diyos mo?” Ky had no idea that this was their way of interrogating about who among the officers were backing him up in his application. He thought they were

With onl y a f i r em a n’ s b u n ker g e ar, h e lm e t an d a ‘g ood m o r n i n g’ t o w e l i n li eu o f an ox y g e n m as k to b a ttl e w i t h . when in the midst of fire-fighting. With only a fireman’s bunker gear, helmet and a ‘good morning’ towel in lieu of an oxygen mask to battle with.

persecuting him of his faith. So without doubt, he professed, “Jesus Christ.” All the officers busted into laughter at his innocence.

A few months back, he was fighting for the

The BFP is a line of work for the brave and valiant. In the beginning, he thought that it would be a big challenge for him to live out his faith. But as he started working, his little but consistent faithful acts like praying before meals, setting aside time for prayer and personal meditation, and earnestly asking his superiors to go out for a while on Sundays for mass even in the middle of their strenuous training have sparked the curiosity of some and the conversion of his other colleagues. He said, “I thought that evangelizing would

“Sinong d i y o s m o? ” conversion of souls as a full-time staffer of Christ’s Youth in Action. Now, he is fighting to save people and properties from fire.

“Je sus Ch r i s t . ” Ky would never have dreamt to be a fireman. After finishing his mission year, he wanted to be part of the Philippine National Police. He already completed the necessary documents and procedures. But after prayer and discernment, God

“I th oug ht t h a t e v a nge l i zi n g w o u ld m a ke m e l es s o f a m a n, bu t i t d o es n’ t . ” led him to apply for the Bureau of Fire Protection instead. Turns out, BFP gave him an opportunity to serve God as a part-time staff of CYA. Being the only one of the newly-hired firemen to be assigned in CDO was altogether another miracle, whilst other newbies are assigned in far-flung places. He recalls applying for the job and being interviewed by a panel of officers. One of them asked him intimidatingly, “Sinong

mission field. Bringing God’s love to another, nonetheless. He has taught his colleagues how to meditate and hear God through the scriptures, and live life righteously for God. To be a fireman, is to inevitably put one’s life in the line. Everyday they would condition themselves for the fight that will require of them their heroic fervour. And anytime, it could cost them their own lives. And because of this, Ky takes it as an opportunity to preach about the realities of eternal life and the assurance of God’s promises. But the greatest preaching he’d

ever give is the testimony of his own life, living faithfully as a servant of God and being reliable and hardworking in their line of work. So whether God calls him to save souls as

Do in g the s am e m is s io n ar y wo rk in an other m is s io n f ie ld . Brin g in g Go d ’s lo ve to another. make me less of a man, but it doesn’t.” Indeed, being able to stand up for one’s personal convictions is all the more a mark of a true man. Ever since, he has taken this as an opportunity. Doing the same missionary work, in another

a missionary, to save lives and properties as a fireman, or both, the call remains the same- to fight the good fight of faith.

Ky Reyes is a graduate of Criminology in Cagayan De Oro College. Currently a part time staffer in CYA Liceo.

Beth has been with me in significant moments of my life, giving me advice, listening to my sins, calling me on. With Beth, one has many adventures of faith.

treasure, time, talent, dreams and suffering, all you have poured out in love for the Lord. Not noticing/minding the cost, the seeming “waste”. And in the

A l l yo u h a v e po u r e d o u t in lo ve f o r the L o rd . Not n o t i ci n g /m i n d i n g t h e c o s t, the s e e m in g “ w a s t e” . Beth is unstoppable. - from crossing katipunan avenue and riding a jeep even when she was in crutches, to a boat ride when there was a typhoon. We have served together in various occasions. Thank you Beth for inviting me to know and love the Lord more and to walk in the power of His Holy Spirit.

pouring out of your life, we too have been blessed and sanctified. I have been discipled by Beth and I am part of the legacy she leaves behind. As a parent lives on in one’s children, Beth lives on in us her spiritual children, her friends and loved ones.

Maraming Salamat Beth sa iyong buhay Your life is a bottle of very expensive inialay para Kay Kristo Buong buhay champagne. Your precious life, your Habambuhay! Beth Melchor was one of the very first women staffers who served CYA full-time. She was responsible for establishing the staff side of CYA work in the universities, especially in discipling young women in the Christian life.

Doodz, like all young men in his time, had the usual aspirations: success, wealth, prestige, perhaps even political power and influence. But all these turned to ash, vanity of vanities, when he encountered God’s love in Jesus Christ. From then on,

In the last few years, Doodz was given by the Lord another dimension of witnessing: joy in the midst of suffering, faith in the teeth of pain, hope in the face of an uncertain future, and above all great love for all. Doodz died as he had lived, para

Do o d z w a s g iv e n b y th e L o r d a n o th e r d im en s i o n o f w itn e s s in g : jo y in th e m id s t o f s uf f e r in g , f a ith in th e te e th o f p a in , h o p e in th e f a c e o f an un ce r ta in f utur e , a n d a b o v e a l l g r e a t l o v e fo r all. Doodz was unstoppable. Doodz chose to live a simple life dedicated to spreading the Good News. He and Minnie traveled to various places; soon they were accompanied by little Aiana. It was obvious that his zeal for the Gospel was infectious. One radical missionary becomes two, a tireless missionary couple, and becomes three, an exemplary missionary family.

kay Kristo, buong buhay niya, hanggang sa sukdulan ng buhay niya. I call him the “great soul.” His whole life was offered to Jesus Christ and to others. Now he has what he has always wanted. We should be happy for him. Having chosen wisely, he now enjoys fullness of life. My dear brother Doodz, brave soldier of God, strong servant of Christ, enter into your Master’s joy!

Doodz Dalangin was the pioneer CYA youth worker in Mindanao, extending and establishing CYA units in both universities and parishes across Mindanao.

In 1984, Christ’s Youth in Action was invited to do a Christian Life Program (CLP) in a village of Suarez in Iligan City. Doodz Dalangin, is one least likely to join. He made initial commitments with to join the antiadministration rebellion and was given a nickname “Emmanuel”. He accepted without the slightest hint of what it meant.

“ Pa r a s a Ba y a n” Doodz found out people he knew were going to the program. He was unwilling to go yet he asked himself “Why not give this Jesus a try? I’m leaving for the mountains to join the rebels in a few weeks anyway,” Listening to the talk of Svahn Rivas. He was in awe of the reality and truth of God’s big love for him. He felt a strong wind blowing in his way, and from then on he found himself showing up in the CLP week after week. The day of the Outpouring came and fell on the same day where he was to be sent to the mountains. He knew he had to make a choice. To leave everything behind and live his life “Para sa Bayan”, or to pursue the truths he has just heard about the Lord and live his life “Para Sa Diyos”. He heard a strange voice, saying words he never heard before, “Shalom! Shalom!” He searched for what it meant and realized it means “Peace”. He knew it was divine intervention, and with it he chose the latter. He was outpoured by the late, Mike Joseph, Jr. who prophesied to him, “You will be a great pillar of strength in Mindanao.”

“ Pa r a s a Di y o s” From then on, he pressed forward winning souls and conquering territories for the Lord, but only by God’s Holy Spirit was he able to do it. He was never content in staying where he is, he was constantly moved to do more for the Lord. Doodz, having discerned that God was

calling him for a missionary family life, found a mission partner in Minnie. As a missionary couple, Even in the birth

the impossible- giving a talk in the middle of a 2-day transfusion session with a hep-lock on his arm. He would

He was c o n s tantly m o ve d to d o m o re for the L o rd . of their only daughter, they would be out on mission. They lived a life of simplicity and mission. Among all his missions, what he considers his greatest mission was to lead his family to the Lord. “My mission is to introduce you to your heavenly father,” as he would say. He was able to accomplish this, not only through the words he preached but most importantly with the example of a radical life he lived. In 2013, Doodz faced the greatest challenge of his lifetime. He was diagnosed with Myelodisplastic Syndrome (MDS). For the next 5 years, Doodz would be blood

even tell people that he asked the Lord that if He allowed him to live for more years, he’ll do the best he can to

win souls for Him. But it seems like the Lord has other plans. But he was victorious. For keeping the faith alive and for keeping the fire burning in season and out of season. As I’ve heard this multiple times over bed time stories and as I’ve seen it with

“My m is s io n is to intro d uc e y o u to y o ur h e ave n ly f ath e r” transfusion dependent. By this time, the whole family has been accustomed to hospital visits, complicated medication and total reliance to God’s sufficient grace for provision and sustenance. Through the years, his love for the Lord and his conviction never wavered. In the hospital, he would often talk about going to mission, building communities, and evangelizing people. Doodz conquers

my own eyes - the radical witnessing of Doodz whom I call my Dad. The man who ushered me to a relationship with my heavenly father and to a body of believers all over the world, and the one who allowed me to see that it is possible to live out the Kay Kristo Buong Buhay Habambuhay even in the face of pain and death.

Doodz Dalangin was the pioneer CYA youth worker in Mindanao. Written by his daughter who is currently a youth worker for CYA–CDO.

Christ’s Youth in Action is a Catholic movement of young men and women with a mission: to evangelize the youth and train leaders for service of the Church. Having personally experienced the love of God and the saving power of Jesus Christ, we want to share our renewed faith with other young people, that they may also know, love and serve the Lord.

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