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Includes a special tribute to our founder MIKE JOSEPH, JR.





Dream of Great Things! A Message from CYA’s President Raoul Roncal In this time, one of the greatest needs we have in this world is the need to find young people who are willing to share Christ to others. The reason being is that a lot of young people today are trying to answer the questions and longings that they have in life with other things that seemingly would suffice. As young and fired-up Christians, we should know that the answer to these deepest longings is really Christ, because Christ brings us God. But how are we to share this truth to our friends, to the young people who are seeking? Pope Francis said, “Dear young people, do not bury your talents, the gifts that God has given you! Do not be afraid to dream of great things!”

encourages us to use the talents, gifts, and skills that God has given us. My hope and prayer is that you who have found Christ in your lives will not grow tired in using your talents and resources to share this simple truth to your friends, that what they’re looking for in life cannot be satisfied by the things of this world but can be satisfied only by Christ. I hope that, in this Action Update, you will be inspired by the power of responding to this call in the lives of students and action partners of CYA. I pray that as you read the stories, you will remember and heed Pope Francis’ simple encouragement: to not bury your talents and to dream of great things, for you and your friends.

Truly, how great of a dream it is to see our friends find the answer to all their questions and longings. Pope Francis


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Made for More Right Place, Right Time

His Unceasing Call

A Special Tribute to Mike Joseph, Jr.


Brothers by Blood, Brothers in Christ

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“One” More For Jesus

Paying It Forward Announcements


by Rach Cahilig

A Reflection On “ L umen Fidei” *

Maniwala ka man o sa hindi May sakit na dinaranas ang ating lipi Tayo ay nababalot at lubhang tinamaan Ng sakit na amnesia na malawakan

Pananalig na siyang magpapatibay ng loob Na magpapakita na ang Diyos lang ang magkakaloob Ito’y tinutulungan tayong maging bukas Nang tayo’y makapagmahal nang walang wakas

Atin nang tuluyang nakaligtaan Ang nakabaon sa ating katotohanan Na bago pa man tayo lahat nabuhay Pag-ibig ang siyang sa ati’y nanalaytay

Wala mang kasiguraduhan na walang pasakit Ang Kanya namang pag-ibig ay hindi ipagkakait Tunay nga na sa ating mga kahinaan at kawalan Ay dama natin ang Kanyang kapangyarihan

Ang natatanging lunas sa karamdamang ito Ay ang pananalig na siyang nagmumula sa puso Ang bagay na sa ati’y makapagliligtas Nagmula sa Kanya na nagbibigay nang wagas

Ang ating panananalig ay matinding katibayan Na ang Diyos ay buhay at malapit lamang Ang katotohanang ito ay hindi bago sa atin Ito’y isang alaalang nabura ng amnesia natin

Ilaw ang siyang hangad natin sa buhay Na siya palang pananalig ang magbibigay Ilaw na nag-aanyaya na tayo’y tumungo At ang tamang daan ay kanyang ituturo

Aking dasal ay sana’y tumibay pa Ang pananalig natin sa ating Ama Nang tayo’y tuluyan nang maligtas Mula sa amnesia na ating dinaranas

*Pope Francis’ first encyclical “Light of Faith“

“Being with the Aeta kids made me realize how blessed I am and to be grateful FOR what I have. It made me change the way I see things in my life.” - Sam Jamias, UST

“I am made for more! Our mission is wherever He places us and we can do it because His hand works through us.”


– Janine Guico, ADMU

Aeta Community Outreach

MONTALBAN Sister’s Household and Anawim Outreach

“Going to Bicol strengthened my faith in God, asking Him what He wants me to do, say, think and act. I knew I was made for more when I let go and let God.” – Steph Uy, UP Diliman

BICOL Formation and Training for CYA-Bicol


OCTober 21 - 2

Right place, Right time by David Paman

Lawrence Paras, a BS Accountancy student in DLSU, was instrumental in establishing CYA-DLSU in 2010

Years ago, CYA was present along the streets of Taft, then, it laid low in the De La Salle University. But God has perfect timing. He was preparing CYA-DLSU to rise up at His appointed time. In 2010, Lawrence Paras entered DLSU, transferring from Far Eastern University. During his stay in FEU, he had already encountered CYA there. He served as one of its student leaders. His transfer to DLSU proved providential. It was a new territory to be conquered for the Lord. Lawrence was invited to be part of the core student team to establish CYA in La Salle. Lawrence immediately said, “Yes.”  

“He was preparing CYADLSU to rise up at His appointed time”

Equipped with his guitar skills and charisma, Lawrence used his many gifts to meet and evangelize many young people. He and the rest of the core team spent numerous afternoons in La Salle’s Ampitheatre playing card games, singing songs, and building good relationships with the different


people who were hanging around. God blessed CYA-DLSU with people who actively give of their gifts and talents.

“Lawrence is also a testimony of how God has been generous with the skills and talents He’s given us” In response to God’s blessings, Lawrence made himself available for service, especially for services close to his heart, music. He has spearheaded events, like Battle of the Bands and youth worship concerts, participated in by the different religious organizations in La Salle. Lawrence used God’s gift as a means and made it his own tool to bring other like-minded individuals to CYA. Due to his passion, CYA-DLSU was able to grow in membership and was successful in fostering the CYA culture. Lawrence also used the talents and skills that God has given him in his leadership roles. Aside from being the chairperson of CYA-DLSU, he was tasked to lead the weekly masses and rosaries on campus. With his numerous

involvments, the school administration recognized his capabilities naming him as Director for all religious related events in the university. A true witness to the love of God he’s experienced, Lawrence sought to offer God his best including excelling in his studies and maintaining good relationships with people. For his efforts, the university awarded him the “Gawad Lasalyano for Service” award.

“Our God of perfect timing has truly put Lawrence in DLSU for a reason”

Almost 4 years later, CYA is once again established in La Salle. God has blessed CYA-DLSU with many young people who are willing to use their skills and talents for the mission. Our God of perfect timing has truly placed Lawrence in DLSU for a reason. Lawrence, in turn, recognizing that all the gifts and skills he has are all from the Lord, has been yielding to His plan, especially for CYA-DLSU. He believes God has placed him there for this reason.

unceasing HIS CALL by Zel Estrella Mel’s journey with the Lord started in her college years in De La Salle University (DLSU) when she was part of a community called the Servants of the Lord’s Vineyard (SOLV). Her excellence in academics and leadership had already been evident, having served as sector head of SOLVCYA while finishing her degree in BS Physics.

again, this is all part of His call and mission for her. Upon coming back, she was again given the opportunity to teach in DLSU. Mel feels closest to the Lord and hears Him most clearly during silent retreats. She recalls that in one of

She had big dreams, such as holding a doctorate degree in Physics. Just after a year of working, she went back to DLSU to pursue a master’s degree in Physics. While studying, she was also given an opportunity to teach, not knowing that this actually was the start of her response to God’s call. Mel had never wanted to be a teacher. She was focused on her ultimate dream: to be a doctor in Physics. So, after getting her master’s degree, she flew to Japan to finally achieve her dream. Truly, God never fails to give more than what you expect from Him. While in Japan, aside from finishing her doctorate and even her post-doctorate degree, her stay gave her an opportunity to be closer to God, not only in good experiences but also in hardships. After five years of in Japan, Mel became ill. This led her to go back to the Philippines, not knowing that,

Again, the letters C-Y-A appeared in her mind, and she could not put it off any longer. In June 2012, before she could act upon God’s guidance, she heard a knock on her door. The letters C-Y-A appeared in the form of Lawrence Paras, the chairperson of CYADLSU, asking her if she could be their adviser. After having received much from God, it was now time to give in response.

her prayer times, she came across the story of Jesus exhorting his disciples to be “fishers of men”. She asked for guidance in interpreting this message, and, without fail, the letters C-Y-A appeared in her mind, making it clear what God intended for her to do. However, she felt reluctant and brushed the idea off for a while. A year later, during the same silent retreat, Mel experienced the same guidance from the Lord.

the Lord.

After finally responding to God’s unceasing call, she has been greatly blessed. Through all of her experiences, she says she has now “found her peace, her mission.” She was struck with how God used her administrative position and her skills to lead her to her calling, that she would be able to help CYA, and be an effective servant of

According to Mel, she believes that God has led her at the “appointed time” for her to love and serve the Lord in her own way. Mel David holds a doctorate degree in Physics and is an associate professor in the Physics Department in De La Salle University. She also serves as the adviser of CYA-DLSU.




M IKE J OS E P H, J R . 1953-2013

March 1972 “If there’s really a God, you’re the only one who can help me now!” It was 2 o’clock in the morning. I was addicted to drugs and alone in my room in a boarding house in Bacolod. There was nowhere else to turn. I was not a religious person. In the last three years my only prayer was, “God do not let me die tonight.”

“If there’s really a God, you’re the only one who can help me now!” I spent eight hours outside the tiny chapel of Victorias Sugar Mill painting called, “The Angry Christ.” As the drug began to wear off, reality began to sink in—I was bad and there was nothing I could do about it. I was lonely, depressed and helpless. I had done it all—drugs and easy sex but the price was high. Neurosis, schizophrenia. I was isolated, kicked out from De La Salle University, estranged from my family and without a future. But God heard my prayer that night. There was no dramatic emotional experience, no light piercing the darkness of my mind. I just slept peacefully, without fear for the first time in many years. The next day was more of the same: drugs, sex and rock and roll and an occasional class if I was in the mood. But a revolution had begun inside me.


My conscience began to be pricked whenever I cheated in class, lied or took drugs. I began to see beauty in the world and in others. I started to pray everyday. I began to read the Bible, went to receive the sacraments and returned to the Catholic Church. My grades improved and De La Salle University accepted me again. I made up for the lost time finishing 57 units in my last semester. I returned home and reconciled with my family. October 1979 “What if the Lord wants you to reach out to the students here?” I was at a retreat in the Ateneo campus and some of the participants, all working professionals, were joking around and giving me (a La Sallite) a hard time. The next day as I lined up for breakfast, a student approached me and asked, “Aren’t you Mike Joseph?” “Yes,” I replied. “You don’t remember me,” he went on “but when I was in high school you gave a retreat in our school. I have been looking for a group where I can continue to grow in my spiritual life. Can you help me?” We began to study the Bible together and more students came. There was a growing spiritual hunger in young people that had not been satisfied by illegal drugs, booze, sex, fraternities,

Eastern religions, communism, or materialism.

“If God could love someone like me, who dwelt in the wilderness, I know He could love everyone” Doors began to open to other universities. Our team was invited to give retreats in different campuses. Young professionals and graduating students chose to set aside lucrative careers to continue their work of spreading the Gospel and reaching out to young people.

“God gave me the great gift of salvation— forgiveness of sins, reconciliation with Him, a new life” CYA was born. God gave me the great gift of salvation—forgiveness of sins, reconciliation with Him, a new life, a new relationship, strong faith, and a reason to live again. It was not because I was a great sinner. It was not because I longed for Him but simply because HE IS LOVE. If God could love someone like me, who dwelt in the wilderness, I know He could love everyone. In fact, He provides the deepest need of every human heart.




hen I was a freshman in Ateneo, I met Mike. He was not a student; he looked Iranian, sounded like an Evangelical preacher, and was a La Sallian to boot. It was not an auspicious start to what would turn out as my most influential relationship. Mike was my first “father” in Christ. He prayed for my baptism in the Spirit, trained me to evangelize, give talks, and lead prayer meetings. He hired me after college to work for CYA. We did mission trips together, and even became roommates

in the “Emmanuel House” for brothers (later called as The Servants of the Word). He was also a friend. I could be completely open with him about my life, and he would dispense wise advice and brotherly acceptance in equal measure. What I am today as a Christian disciple, consecrated brother, Theology professor, missionary, youth worker and member of Ang Ligaya ng Panginoon community, is undeniably the influence of this magnificent man. He lived out perfectly our CYA motto.

Dear Mike: You taught me so much about living and dying. You would say that death separates us but temporarily. I believe you have gone ahead to receive your just reward, to enjoy now what you have always taught us to long for -- to live in God’s embrace. Life is short (you’d tell us) and eternity is long. Well, Mike, see you in a short while. We’ll be enjoying eternity together with our Lord.


Jake Yap is currently teaching as a full time professor in the Loyola School of Theology. He is currently involved in the community building efforts of Ligaya ng Panginoon community and the Sword of the Spirit in the Asian region.


’ve known Mike since I was 17 just as I was about to enter college in UP Diliman. The transformation of the timid 17 year old to who I am now, at 52, happened because Mike loved me as if he were Jesus. He made real the love of Jesus that many times we know only in theory. That was Mike’s simple secret. Unconditional, nonjudgemental,constant, compassionate, loyal, faithful love. He saw you as Jesus does; he saw the beauty and potential in you that you yourself didn’t even know existed. And very importantly, he relied on Jesus to do the transformation of that potential. He was merely the conduit. While he was a powerful preacher, it was that love that really transformed.

To overcome my timidity, he made me go into battle with him. When you are loved unconditionally, you can do the unthinkable. There were many firsts in my life because of Mike—first personal witnessing, first TV appearance, first discussion group leader, first mission trip, first live public sharing. I stammered my way through most of these firsts. But I acknowledge that such precious experiences contributed to make me what I am today. And you know, despite all the clumsiness of these attempts to bring Jesus to others, it worked. Others came to know of the Lord and answered His call. Mike, with his great faith in Jesus, taught us that it wasn’t so much about doing things

well but doing them out of love and obedience to the Master that counted -- faithfulness, not success. Mike, thank you. We will tell and re-tell your story to others, to our children and to our children’s children. Take your place now with your “Boss” and stand beside all the heroes of our faith: Abraham, Moses, Elijah, Isaiah, Peter and Paul, and all the martyrs and saints, because you are one of them. We thank you: it was our great privilege to have met you, and more than that to have been loved by you.


Guia Tan is currently a practicing ENT and also teaches at the medical school of the Ateneo. She is a member of Ligaya ng Panginoon community and serves as a Senior Woman Leader.




by Ryan Morales The Escarro brothers are all active members of CYA. John is a BS Civil Engineering student in UP Diliman. Justin is also in UP Diliman, taking up BS Statistics. Jok studies in UST, currently on his 3rd year in BS Industrial Engineering.

Whenever you go to any CYA prayer meeting, activity or tambayan, you will most likely bump into three guys who although seemingly different from one another, share the same love for God, passion to serve, features and a surname, they are the Escarro brothers: John, Justin, and Jok. All three are active members and serve in various leadership capacities in CYA. Not only do the three possess leadership qualities, they also use their talents and skills in serving and giving glory to God.

do most for CYA.” John jokingly talks about how he’s frequently tapped to facilitate an icebreaker or some games for brothers

When asked to share stories about using these God-given gifts, Jok said, “I think I’m more effective in the one-to-one and small group setting because it’s mostly about relationship-building. I’m really into getting to know others.” He also shared about how he is able to use his dancing to serve, “Pag may events na kailangan ng dancers, I always volunteer.” In addition, he talked about how he would bring his classmates to the CYA-UST org room to study and meet other members. Eventually, one of them became an active member of CYA-UST after having first experienced CYA through Jok. Justin, on the other hand, shared about how he’s able to use his eye for detail, “whenever we have meetings, I can see the things that we need to focus on.” He also described how he doesn’t take no for an answer. His straightforward personality has helped him be that positive push other brothers and sisters need to realize their potential. “Sa akin naman, it’s sports and games,” John shared. “These are two things I

“Evangelization begins at home.” The Escarro brothers are a living proof of this statement. Growing up in a family guided by the teachings of Ang Ligaya ng Panginoon Community, the mother community of CYA, the brothers share how this has helped them serve in greater capacities. “A background in community helped me in evangelization,” Jok said. “It helped me view my friends and classmates not as potential girlfriends. It made me see people around me as brothers and sisters”. He emphasized how growing up in community helped him form pure relationships with no hidden agenda with people around him. “What’s in a name?”

and sisters. Friendly and welcoming, John uses his leadership skills and love of sports to teach and train CYA members to play different sports; this has also become a way for him to build relationships.

When asked, “what does it mean to be an Escarro?” the brothers’ answers revolved around one theme. Competitiveness. “We never settle for less. Kapag Escarro, competitive”, shares Justin, always a strong contender for table tennis in the Kairos Summer Games. Growing up together and having healthy competition with one another have molded them to strive for excellence in everything that they do. Twotime MVP of the Kairos Summer Games; John talks about how their experience at home has taught them discipline. Jok, the 2013 Kairos Summer Games MVP, added that even to the simplest things in their household, like chores, has helped them to be formed into the men that they are now. They strive for excellence not just in sports. The Escarros have a

lot of experience in service and evangelization. They have been to various mission trips, households and other events where they have showcased their talents and utilized their skills to make God more known to others. During Catchfire, an annual evangelistic prayer rally, you would see John and Jok whipping up awesome dance moves. At any sports event, you can see the Escarro boys ready to have fun, fellowship, and even to teach others Ultimate Frisbee and Table Tennis. These three have inspired other brothers and sisters in many ways. Their sense of humor has helped CYA in two different campuses (UPD and UST) be more lively, fun and welcoming. Brotherly advice When asked to give their advice to the brothers and sisters on evangelizing, Jok stresses two things: perseverance, “when you evangelize, you don’t get anything out of it so don’t get depressed. Para ka lang nagtatanim dyan eh. Just plant and you have to

let the grace of God work for the seeds to grow.” and prayer time, “you cannot give what you do not have, so sharing Christ requires that longing for one to know Christ even more.”

“Growing up together and having healthy competition with one another have molded them to strive for excellence” Justin on the other hand talks about saying yes to every opportunity. He explained saying, “If you are afraid that you think you cannot do something, say yes so that you can learn.” His experiences on saying yes to various opportunities, such as joining households and serving as part of the Service Council, has taught him a lot. As for John, he believes that before evangelizing others, a person must

first know himself and to do so, one should always turn to the Lord for guidance. John continues by saying that one should strike that balance between strengths and weaknesses in order for one to use his strengths to glorify God. As for one’s weaknesses, one should be humble enough to offer these to the Lord and allow Him to work on these areas. “Just let the Lord transform you”, he adds. The Escarros have been living testimonies of God’s generosity in the gifts He has given us. They also serve as inspiration for other brothers and sisters with the way they use these gifts to glorify God and to bring other people to Christ.

“The Escarros have been living testimonies of God’s generosity” The Escarros, blood brothers, not only by birth but more importantly, through Christ’s salvation.



FOR JESUS by Mia Altre

Marc Alejo is a senior Communication Arts student at the Trinity University of Asia. Aside from being an active member of CYA-QC, he is also aiming to graduate with latin honors.

Excellence has been a way of life for Marc Alejo, he graduated salutatorian in both grade school and high school, and these accomplishments are proof of his drive to excel. Now, as he finishes college, he is more driven than ever. The only difference is his reason why. Marc started college with the mindset that to be the best, he has to be number one.Once in college, he single-mindedly pursued his goal: to get a grade of one in all his subjects. Marc is a very independent individual who believes that his fights are his own and he can handle it alone. He believed he can do everything on his own, “I have to have the advantage. I have to get the highest possible grade in every subject.” He was so focused on his goal to be excellent in everything for his own gain, but he adds, “That was who I was before I met the Lord.”


In 2011, Marc was introduced to CYA through the gatherings in UP Diliman. He decided to join CYA not knowing that this was the start of something great, though not in the sense of greatness that he was used to. “My perspective on things changed -- the way I view the world, the way I decide on things... lahat nagbago.”

From the gospels, it says “Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” After joining, Marc decided to follow the Lord and make some changes in his life, even in his academics. The greatest among the changes, he said, was “my reason for getting those flat ones.” “Lord you know what my heart strongly desires -- that is to get a good grade and finish this race strong. This is not for me, Lord. This is for my family. Most importantly, this is for You, my Lord.” That is Marc’s formula prayer for every exam, every requirement he needs to finish, to remind himself that it is not just about excellence per se but who he is doing it for.

The greatest among the changes, he said, was “my reason for getting those flat ones.” Since the first semester of 2011 to the present, Marc’s name never failed to take a spot on the list. He almost always tops every exam he takes. His greatest feat to date was in the second semester, where he had a 27 unit load and yet he got a general weighted average (GWA) for 1.02 for all

eight subjects. However, Marc is careful not to be swayed by his accomplishments. “I must confess, sometimes it gets to my head but the Lord has been patient in reminding me that all of these were because of His work in my life.” He’s more concerned now with the grade God will give him, “Aanhin ko itong mga uno ko kung bagsak naman ako sa paningin ni Lord?”

“Marc shared that the Lord wants what you want for yourself, given that it will be the best for you.” As it says in Colossians 3:17, “Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.” If God is glorified in all that you do, then the end has been satisfied. Marc believes that the `lord wants what he wants for himself, if it’s what’s best for him, As he continues to excel in school, now he does so to glorify God. In the last few months before he graduates, Marc prepares to once again do his best to give. One more for Jesus!


Narrated by Red Salva Written by Abbi Cahilig

Red Salva is an active member of CYA-UST, taking up BS Electronics and Communications Engineering.

Studying in UST was a big culture shock for me. Growing up in a family that would not even go to mass on Sundays regularly and never having studied in a Catholic school before, needless to say, I never had a personal relationship with God. Everything was new upon entering college, including my friends. So, when my blockmates told me about an event of a religious organization named CYA, I became curious. I finally gave in to my curiosity. I visited the CYA org room, there I saw everybody having genuine fun, which had me and my blockmates visit again and again. I got hooked and went to event after event, including the Christian Life Series (CLS). I personally encountered the Lord through the CLS and I said YES to Him. Two weeks after, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was thrown into confusion. I had a lot of unanswered questions but no one to ask them to. In the midst of all these, I still went on a mission trip to the Aeta communities in Pampanga last year, not knowing that my questions would be answered. One of the brothers there had experienced the same situation I was

going through. I was struck by what he shared, “You’re blessed because He’s testing your faith, and that means you’re a strong soul. You have this opportunity to grow in faith. Be strong.” I was inspired even more by this scripture passage I encountered, “I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has given me strength, that he considered me trustworthy, appointing me to his service.” (1 Tim 1:12) He considered me trustworthy and He appointed me to a specific service I can do for Him. I was afire with the burning desire for my friends to experience what I have experienced with the Lord. I wanted to pay it forward. I started inviting a lot of my friends to CYA. I have to admit that it wasn’t that easy. My friends, upon knowing that CYA is a religious organization, weren’t the easiest people to invite. I would always get puzzled reaction but the Lord who has given me strength has encouraged me to always try. I personally believe that the key is not to try to hard sell it too much. Explain to them briefly and allow them to try -- to come and see. Let their curiosity about the reason for our joy that

we’re experiencing fuel their desire to search for Him, just as my curiosity has led me here. Just try! Who knows what good will come out from trying? I tried. Now, my friends have genuinely enjoyed being in CYA. It is indeed amazing how God plans all things. I know, for sure, that He never left me amidst my trials and He never will.




CYA Taft Youth Center Ground Floor, Asian Social Institute (ASI) Bldg. 1518 Leon Guinto Street, Malate, Manila www.christsyouthinaction.com

is a Catholic movement of young men and women with a mission: to evangelize the youth and train leaders for service of the Church. Having personally experienced the love of God and the saving power of Jesus Christ, we want to share our renewed faith with other young people, that they may also know, love and serve the Lord.

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