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~FOUNDATION By: MON SAMSON Peso devaluation ... Increase in Market Prices... No Water ...

If we are to believe doomsayers, there's no other way for our country to go but down. Add to this bleak scenario the fact that our own efforts in CYA encountered numerous challenges this past school year: Difficulty in Evangelization. Decrease in CLS turnout. No Response.

Not to be disheartened, we in CYA continued to push on. It has always been the case that amidst challenges, our merry band of followers aren't ones for backing down. Staffers spent more time on campus, Big names like Jake Yap, Raoul Roncal and (ehem) Mon Samson handled the CLSes in the different units. Not only did we conduct more classroom presentations, men's camps ana Crossroads retreats, but we also came up with' innovations of the things we were already doing. Our men's events included traversing, rappelling, snorkeling and even paras ailing. And who can forget the partycum-talent's night that took the place of the traditional barndance? Along with all these were the things that we tried out for the first time like the Leader's Forum, the Committed Members Retreat, Men's Exposure Week to the brothers' life in the Servants of the Word and so much more. Whew! Looking back, I could say that we did a lot in the past year and yet, the results were not as much(at least based on what we can 'see'). Mulling over this reality, it was during Advent of 1997 that I fmally understood what God had been wanting to say to us as CYA. Even as we try to do new things, our goal is simply to widen our reach, to increase our opportunity for initial contact with people. Everything else remains the same. Back to the basics. Person to person Evangelization (PPE), radical living, relationship with God - our essence in CYA, the foundation for who we are. Continued on page 2

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advance His Kingdom as individuals and as a movement, humility, I believe, is one of the prerequisites. To quote from The Imitation of Christ: "When a humble man is brought to confusion, he experiences peace, because he stands firm in god and not in this world."

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ll structures have foundations. When you look at a building's facade or if you go inside one, you won't necessarily see them but you know they're there because foundations are what keeps a building up. In construction, what takes the longest is the laying down of the foundation. A lot of time and materials are spent building it. So much time that a casual observer or a passer-by can actually say, "Are you doing something?" or "I don't think anything is getting accomplished."

In the same breath, I can say that our work in the past year has been that, foundation-laying. It's like we're starting on a clean slate. We are once again being taught to firmly ground ourselves, deepen our roots in Christ. We can even say that it's God's way of humbling our work, that even as we serve and give it our all, in the end, everyt11ing is still all up to Him. He is God after all!

STT- Spending Timc Together. Moments with brothers and sisters ..moments to look forward to.

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his being God's directive to all of us, I have thought of three things that we can do to help strengthen our foundations.

Love lavishly. Let our love for God be always in excess - in prayer, in our decisions, in our expressions. Let us make ourselves available for one another. Let's not wait for opportunities but really go out of our way to take initiative in building up our relationships with one another. Freely express your love, be sensitive to one another's needs. If our love for one another is abundant, then we create an environment for us to grow in our Christian life and affect others by the way we live our life. Serve humbly. Humility goes hand in hand with service. God humbles our efforts so that we will know our place and give Him the honor he is due. In order for us to


MOil sAMSON Member of the Notional Executive Council. IT and U-B..f;lt Area Leader. A brother from the Servants of the Word. Dancer (Dip - dip...). A Grrrreat leader. True Warrior of God. at higit so lahat ...GUAPO (dew)!

Live dangerously. I'm not asking you to start jumping from high rise buildings or stand in-front of speeding vehicles. What I'm asking is that we. don't be afraid to express our love for God and our brothers and sisters. Let's not be afraid to make radical decisions for the

CYA- Music Ministry. Learning and teaching new songs to enjoy and to glorify God evenmore.


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Worship. Coming 10 God in prayer as a community builds foundation.

Lord and His service. Let's not be afraid to invest ourselves in the relationships we have. Let's stop being mere observers but be courageous and make a difference. No secret formulas. No magic potions. All we need is to find It in the abundance of our hearts that which we can give to others. The directions need not be complicated All we need to do is to go by Christ's example of going out of His way to show His love to others.




APRIL 29 - MAY 1 0

Come &




CYA affair

the presentations


I Summer Training Conference I April 22-26, 1998 LET THE FIRE FALL

Conference: LAY FORCE, San Carlos Seminary Cmpd, Guadalupe, Ma~ati City Maryhill Retreat Antipolo, Rizal

Time? Registration


at 7 am on April 22

from Ang Ligaya ng Panginoon. Everyone grooved to the beat of Hanson's Where's the


Samahang Malamig ang Valentine's. Not so for CYA members. February 14,

and sisters.

It was a time

showcase talents.


(~ut I'm sure a lot of you missed doing the "heel and Manila all-out,

(The retreat is highly recommended but

ing, party to the maxi "Bluer that Blue (You need not be this Valentine's)," the night's theme was made

Basic Evangelization Exercising the Gifts of the Jloly Spirit Issues of Christian Leadership

flexed their muscles to the energetic lines of 'Sayahweh'.

Taking a break from the usual barndance


Choose one of the following'

also played. Who says you can't dance to songs of worship'? Brothers and sisters


Conference fee is only P350000 Retreat fee is only P600000

Courses Offered

Love' and 'MmBop'. For the benefit of the staffers, a revival of 'Just Got Lucky' was

for everyone to enjoy one another's company and

How much?

not required)

done, the most awaited

part, the dancing, was led by our very own Penan from UST and Jet Santos, a brother

1998 was neither cold nor lonesome for the brothers


would not be complete without

the YOF,newly-dubbed as 'the hottest Singing sensation of the 3rd Millenium.' With all


Retreat: !-louse


by: jENI sERvlNO



opted to go for an dancing-danc-

a I ive a s everyone donned their best to party the night away. It was a mix of pleasure

and surprise


the audience as they saw (and heard) their 'regular' brothers and sisters give it their best as they per-

Not only was this experience for the l;rothers but also the first-timers brought



a different and sisters

and friends they were a lot,


formed. Who could forget the

you!). Comments that were heard ranged from "It was the first party I went to that

Media and Youth

brothers from UPas they sang

had no smoking

Our Catholic Faith



Program for Youth Ministry

duet of "Leader of the Band"

Choose a second course from the ff:

from the

cOME ro ri-iE g c!

or the acoustic

IT (Intamuros -Taft


and drinking".



to 'It was

my best Valentine's ever!' It just goes to show that we don't have to be 'bluer that

) Area'? Staffer Aleks Yumul likewise gave his best as he

blue' if we don't

have a specific

The combination

of pure, clean fun, broth-

belted out the song 'Mangarap Ka'. Any major

ers and sisters, and God is enough to chase'the blues away,



his CYA unit finds its roots in a small parish group called the Loakan Youth Ministry in 1992. Its first members met some men who were both leaders of CYA and members of the Brotherhood of the Servants of the Word. It was from this peculiar yet Spirit-filled meeting that the story unfolds of CYA - Baguio.

â&#x20AC;˘ <C


Today, the unit is mainly based in the not-so-small Saint Louis University (population 21,000). Chapter Moderator Karen Mayo is ably assisted by a 7-man (and woman) Service Council and a 5-man (and woman) council of part-time staffers. It continues to move on with our, CYA vision and especially our mission of evangelizing the youth and training them to be leaders for the Church. More specifically, the student members have subtly aimed for living radical lives that speak of evangelization. They are also currently discerning which next school they will cultivate The Seed. Since we started in 1992, many have come and gone. We'd like to think that other units have reveled in triumphs and learned from failures much as we have. For this cool City of Pines, as in any other place, we know fully well that our God is near and alive ... although of course, we remain to be the coolest unit around.

PRAYING for theN ATION "Walang Tulugan Para sa H alalan"¡- That's exactly what CYA-Manila's l30-strong did at the San Carlos Seminary GYM last March 27-28, 1998. It was a night of dancing, singing, and interceeding for the nation. Views were shared about being wise as voters and being active as concerned Christian-Filipino youth who would be the beneficiaries of the up-coming elections. As we go closer to May 11, we encourage everyone to do their part in choosing and campaining for the right leaders who will lead our country. Let us continously ask for God's grace and pray for an Honest, Orderly, and feaceful 1[lections.




A Quarterly Publication of Christ's Youth in Action .:. EDITORIAL BOARD

.:. Jake C. Yap, Chairman + Donna L. Panganiban, Editor-in-Chief + Raoul R. Roncal, Renee P. Ledesma, Mon Samson, Lorna S. Campos and Nette P. Hilario, Editorial Consultants ~


be. Every time I went home, my parents and I fought. I felt that the world was. unfair and the love and security that I used to feel as a child began to vanish before my very eyes. I hadn't realized that God already had a hand in the events that I was experiencing. Looking back now, T can say that God called me little by little. I spent my childhood years in Israel. There I attended an Anglican school where we studied the Bible. I remember


come from a family that moved a lot due to my dad's work in the United Nations. So while I was growing up, I got to meet different people from all corners of the globe, I also got to encounter different cultures in the countries that we visited and lived in.It almost sounds ideal but my life as a child and eventually as an adolescent had one major flaw. In the middle of that international scene, I was definitely a confused teenager. I had friends from Europe and the US who were teaching me to speak up while my own parents struggled to instill in me Filipino values of obedience and respect. I felt I was being pulled in all sorts of directions and saw my parents as people who dictated rules that would keep me from "being free". In short, I was a third culture kid, not knowing where I belonged. Those years started a cascade of one of the toughest times in my life. I began lying to my parents about going out. When they'd ground me, I would talk back and openly direspect their wishes by storming out of the house, not telling them where I would


Do feel


BY: Jonelyn L. Ranjo CYA- UP Manila

Jesus to come into my heart when I was eight

me. After eight weeks, I decided to dedicate my life to the Lord. I thought then that the challenges would end. In my walk with Christ, I saw that it wasn't all that easy, but God was patient. There was a time when I was asking God why I kept sliding back, I felt that J was hopeless. But God answered me in such a concrete way. A voice came in my head said ÂŤYou think I'll give up on you now? No, I'm more determined to love you, to make you come back to me ... where you belong. " At these words, I began to comprehend how much love God really had for me. Slowly, God restored love in my family My mom and I began to iron

_--r---.--- .â&#x20AC;˘

We'd visit various places like Nazareth, Jericho, and Masada w here I began to really appreciate the richness of the land'sheritage. The life of Jesus fascinated me but I hadn't realized His significance in my life at thar.jime. Our family decided to stay in the Philippines and I continued my schooling in Manila. When I entered UP, I was unconsciously looking for a direction and in my first communications class, CYA members walked in to invite people to the Christian Life Series. Someone talked about how she had been experiencing Jesus in her life. I wasn't struck by what she said as much as how she said it. I could see that she spoke from the heart and that was enough to move

small? Trapped?

out our problems and my tie with her became closer. More importantly, God amazingly became so real to me, through my relationships with other people, in gaining another family in CYA, in helping me persevere as a student and in showing me once again the beauty of the world we live in. It's true, when you have faith, your eyes are opened to a whole new world where miracles still happen.

Don't be anxious. Look up and know that

GOD loves you!

CHRIST'S YOUTH IN ACTION (CYA) is a Catholic movement of young Filipinos dedicated to evangelizing the youth and training leaders for the service of the Church. We serve colleges universities, parishes and renewal groups in the Philippines and the Asia-Pacific region. AFFILIATES METRO MANILA: University of the Philippines - Diliman. Miriam College. Ateneo de Manila University. University of Santo Tomas. Far Eastern University. Mapua Institute of Technology. Polytechnic University of the

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