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ce title,huh? It's actually a good way to describe what we hope to achieve this coming year. 1998is a year dedicated to the forgotten Person of the Trinity." At least that's how some Christians call the Holy Spirit who, compared to Jesus and the Father, seems to be ignored by many people. 1/

Is the Holy Spirit important? "Imp ortani!" exclaims one Christian writer, "why, were it not for the work of the Holy Spirit there would be no gospel, no faith, no church, no Christianity in the world at all." The Holy Spirit has also been called "the principal agent oj the whole oj the Church's mission." (Redemptoris Missio, 21) In this landmark encyclical, the Pope points out that The year evangelization is empowered and directed by 1998 is the Spirit of God. It is dedicated futile to engage in mission without the Spirit's to the aid. And so, we in CYA invoke the power of the Holy Spirit as we set about continuing our mission in the coming year. What do I see as particularly exciting prospects for 1998?

Holy Spirit, "the forgotten Person of the Trinity."


ers are increasing in number. I am constantly inspired by our CYA members who, not only serve the movement in their student years, but even decide to forego their careers for a while to serve full-time after graduation. What would CYA be without these "laborers in the vineyard"? Thank you, Lord of the harvest, for your grace and provision!


MORE SPIRITUAL POWER. This "Year of the Holy Spirit" should encourage us to pray for, and expect greater spiritual power in our life as disciples. The Lord knows we need more wisdom and strength, greater freedom from sin, and a deepening of the Spirit's "gifts" (1 Cor. 12:4-11) and ''fruits'' (Gal 5:22-23 ). As a national movement, we also need empowerment for service and rrrinistry,and engracement to love one another more.

NEWWAYSOFEVANGELIZING YOUIH. Last year we experimented successfully with new formats and programs to evangeContinued on page 2


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"You've changed ...


me youth, especially young men who are not inclined to attend spiritual" activities.A Mindanao-wide "Men's Conference" in Camiguin was a big hit. And "Youtli on Fire," CYA's singing group, released their second album entitled "Bridges." We should keep on exploring new ways of reaching out to the hearts and minds of youth. Let's scratch where it itches"!



never saw it coming. I was just your ordinary 1care-onlyabout-myself UP student when God entered my lifeand changed it in a way I never imagined


l1\l' - ~ N TTOl\1AL NE' ,\TO {K ( Last December 1-5 two of our senior staffers attended a meeting .of leaders from various Asian youth movements, held at Kuala Lumpur. That gathering opened up the prospect . of working more closely with other international groups in the U.S.mainland: in Los Angeles and in Dallas. Let's pray that the Lord will give us more opportunities to serve globally!

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VYhatI considered as definitely "un-cool" in the past, was now something that took a lot of my time and attention. I found myself punctuating my stories with God's name and taking concrete action to overhaul my person-translation: no cheating, no cursing, no cutting classes, etc.AIIthese I can attribute only to God'saction in my life. It is in retrospect that I realize that as surprised as I was, my friends would have been doubly so. Iguess it was quite unbelievable for the brains behind allthe errant activitiesto start acting nice. At first, people were happy but somewhere along the way, when Iwas really getting into the thick ofthings and wanting to live out my Christianity in all aspects of my life,my friends started to look at me differently.

~. More and more of our

school groups are reaching out to the poorer sectors of society. Some of our members visit the Home for the Aged of the Missionaries of Charity. (Once in a while they are asked to construct coffins!) Other members play with street children or orphans. Such activities are not only a fulfillment in our social responsibility, they can also be a tool for evangelization. Likewise, they can be a lot of fun! .

I had an identity crisis of sorts. I stillwanted to keep my friends but I badly wanted to change my ways. Since I didn't know then the best way to go about reconciling the two, I chose to slowly weave myself away from the regular company of friends and start hanging out with the people in CYA. Looking back, I now see that I could have handled things better.

This list is by no means exhaustive. There is just no way we can limit the Spirit's activity! As we are guided and empowered by Him, let's expect things that are beyond our dreams and abilities.

Sensitivityis the key. There are people who would wanfl up to stories about God but there are those who would run a mile past just at the mere mention of His name. I know we can get all keyed up about our sharings and stuff but we must remember that not everyone has experienced God in the way that we have.


Take genuine interest on your friend . sibling etc. and on what is happening to them. It is as you deepen your interaction that you slowly put God into the picture.

'd' national director - likes coffee -used to join competitions.

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We can stillcontinue to enjoy being with our friends. If in the process of hanging out with them some thing offensive to your beliefs come out, take a stand. Although they may tease you to death, in their hearts they willappreciate you for who your abilityto stand up for what you believe in. Don't live a double life just for the sake of balancing out your friendships. In the long run, when it boils down to more serious matters in life, more often than not it is to you that these people would come.

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CVA AND WFC - PARTNERS IN MISSION strong membership spread through out Cebu, Bicol, Northern Samar, Tacloban, by: Jeng Aquino Parnpanga, and Metro " We as Women for Manila Christ, believe... that This year, We in Jesus Christ is King and Christ's Youth inAction Lord ...that the family honor these dedicated must be Christ-cenrered..; women for loving God by that the poor must have serving the poor joyfully their .righ~l share of His .., and lovinglyas a reblessmgs... sponse to His goodness. happened t in Oc tober 1985.The Ligaya ngPanginoon, our mother community, opened its doors to evangelizing widows and single mothers. From there, a thousand



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In Gratitude, we salute them by giving the "Partner-in-Mission Award" for the support they've given to us in CYAthese past years. It's such an msptration to work in the same


vineyard. While CYAtends the youth, these women gives the single and widowed mothers a place where there is abundance of sisterly catingand where God is so alive and present. The Women for Christ.


The Partner in Mission Award is given yearly by CYA to an organization who actively supports our mission to the youth.

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~-,-, VoiceBox He is my refuge and my fortress,

my God, in whom I am trusting. - Ps 91:2


year that was...

S6r2.ViC6 YOF during one of their concerts. Their 2nd album Bridges was released this year.

Cheers! vlsovos Summer Training Conference

'97Victory celebration of


Mindanao Women


l<eteat. Sisters from Iligan gave a number during the entertaimnent.

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The Lord Reigns - Partners

in Mission Prayer Rally. CYAjoyfully waving orange ribbons for God.



A Quarterly Publication of Christ's Youth in Action .:. EDITORIAL BOARD

.:. Jake C. Yap, Chairman + Donna L. Panganiban, Editor-in-Chief + Raoul R. Roncal, Renee P. Ledesma, Man Samson, Lorna S. Campos and Nette P. Hilario, Editorial Consultants ~


OUR CYA SERVICE AWARDEES Our being Christ-centered. our relationship with one another, our formation, our way of evangelization, our team work in service, our songs (esp. YOF) and of course our jokes. As he ispire us, it is encouraging to know that we, young as we are , also inspire him. It was an awakening for him to know about "relational evangelization" - evangelization appealing to the heart more than the mind.

INSEPARABLE ... CYA has found gold in Father Patrick.

His desire to show and express his love for the Lord has been his motivation for all the work he's done with CYA. The Common factor? The Love forChrist and the service of the youth.

Fr. Patrick.a Salesian of Don Bosco, has played a very important Father Pads, as some fondly role in youth ministry. It was on call him, and the youth seem December 7, 1991 when he was inseparable. Though he had left ordained as a priest. From that time Don Bosco, He continues to serve on, he started serving the young the youth and the parishioners of men of Don Bosco High School in San Ildefonso Parish in Makati as a Mandaluyong, forming and teachParochial Vicar. ingthem not only spiritually For CYA he but also acaleaves this mesdemically.He sage ... That you . had been the key may continue on person in the your journey with evangelization of Christ in faith, more men and in love, and hope the the success and that you may Li.,,;;.:,:...:.........::;~~..;..;..:......;;;,;;;.;;.._.....;..;;-'o ••• have a God-filled of a lot of CYA activities held in experience in this Jubilee year! Don Bosco. - YOF concert, CYA barn dance, Summer Training The Service Award is given yearly by Conference '97 to name some. CYA to individuals who actively support our mission to the youth. Working with CYA, Father Patrick had grown to appreciate.


7.he c5ervIce



Conference: April 22-24. 1997 LayForCe, San Carlos Seminary Guadalupe, Makati City Retreat: April 25-26. 1997 Mary Hill Retreat House Antipolo, Rizal

COURSES OFFERED Basic Evangelization Our Caholic Faith Spiritual Gifts Youth Culture 4C's of CYA Issues WORKSHOPS Enhancing Our Spiritual Gifts and Worship Leading Prayer Meeting Leading Music in Prayer Meeitng

IS also YIven 10...

Xene and Nena Laadameo o/-Ang .J!i.ga'la ng Panginoon Community /0, the ,lUppo,ttl.e'l have given to CI..,idt ~ Youtl.. in ~ction . Jo, Uping u,j live out our middion and to move on tho tl.e Matzation or our oision, Jo, believing in what the '10utl..can do, thank 'Iou.

REGISTRATION FEE Conference & Retreat P700.00 Wait for further announcements for more details.

I push on to the goal fot the ~tize of God'~ heavenly call in Chti~t Jesus - Phil g:14.

CHRIST'S YOUTH IN ACTION (CYA) is a Catholic movement of young Filipinos dedicated to evangelizing the youth and training leaders for the service of the Church. We serve colleges, universities, parishes and renewal groups in the Philippines and the Asia-Pacific region. AFFILIATES METRO MANILA: University of the Philippines-Diliman. Miriam College. A1eneode Manila University.Universityof Santo Tomas. Far Eastern University. M~ualnstituteofTechnology. Polytechnic University of the Philippines. LUZON: St Louis University (Baguio). Divine Word College (Laoag). Mariano Marcos University (Laoag). st. Paul University(Tuguegarao). Holy Angel University (Angeles). Lyceum of

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CYA is a Partner in Mission with the following communities and renewal movements: Ang ligaya ng Panginoon Community. Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon. The Brotherhood of Ctvistian Business men and Professionals.Familia. Institute for PastoralDevelq>mentThe Lightcl jesus Community. The Servants of the wad. Tahananng Panginoon.Women for ClTist. Word of JOf Foundction. CYA is a Foundation with "donee institution" status. All donations to CYAaretax-deductible. Pleasefawcrd aMcorrespondence10 our olice ct Unit 2, 127 Don Alejandro Roces Ave., Laging Handa, 1103 Quezon City, Philippines. Tel. Nos. (63-2) 411- 3201/3848. Fax. No. (63-2) 411- 3848



.--------~---,...ÂĽ--------------------------, I want to be a partner in your work of n reaching out to the youth. Do you I ~. Enrol me as an "Action Partner." o Here is my gift donation of want to o I will pledge to give the ft. amount o every month be a part o others (pis. specify) DP200 DP1,000 o P 500 0 P 2,000 of it? o others (pis. specify). _ DP750


For over 17 years, CYA has been used by God to reach out to you ng people throughout the. Philippines. Do you want to join us in our mission?


I understand Name

you will send








Tel. No. L





Kindly fill up, cut out, and mail to CYA at Unit 2,127 Alejandro Roces Ave, Laging Handa, 1103 Quezon City ~

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CYA Action Update 1997 (December)  

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