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YOF: At Last!


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r YOF (Clockwise from top, left) : Jeng Aquino, Sullivan, Kathlyn Rago, Hanzel Estrella, Rommel Escoto, Jane Bacong, Tisha Colayco, and Nette Hilario.

Haven't you heard? A new music album is now out in the f"narket. It's being distributed by Ivory Records. "I Believe" has actually been played on the air! Hey, wait a minute. What is "/ Believe"? You mean, you don't know? It's the carrier single of the newest campus-based pop singing group, YOF! Continued on page 2

The Rock of My Salvation by Eugene


Life as a Ch ristian is really challenging. Despite being raised in a Catholic family and studying in a Catholic school, I still found myself being influenced by the not-so-Christian world in a major way. Good thing I found a Rock to set my r--\eet uponl I considered being with my friends as the greatl'lst pleasure In life. The good part was that my friends and I never failed to attend Sunday masses. We would even join Christian yeuth organizations. Good boys, right? Not exactly. We didn't do these things for the right reasons. Because we really just wanted to be together, we would go to Mass but wouldn't listen to the priest. Our youth group's prayer meetings would I be followed by ail-night parties and gimmicks. I later found myself drinking little by little. At first it was Just beer. Then I "graduated" to harder drinks like gin, rhum, tequila and vodka. I also began to smoke again. In February of 1993 our class was invited to a CYA Crossroads Retreat. Since I wanted to meet new friends, I went. The people there were fun-loving and funny, just like me and my friends, but I noticed one striking difference. My newfound friends I


were for real. Some of them were like me, and some had gone through experiences similar to mine. Having no false pretensions, these down-to-earth people weren't afraid to be called Christians. They led full Christian as young people. They had lots of fun, without the usual drinking, smoking and late nights-out. In that retreat, I said "yes" to God, and decided to give up my vices. The following summer, I was back with myoid friends. I thought I could Influence them to return to God; instead, they Influenced me! Unable to resist them, I once again fell under the spell of my vices. When classes began in June, my schedule conflicted with the CYA-UST prayer meetings. But through the continuous love, support and follow-up of CYA brothers and sisters, I was slowly being freed from my vices. It was about this time that I also started to get into music. Rock music. Because I could playa number of musical instruments, I became part of a band which was then performing in concerts and clubs with big-name bands which are now considered pillars In the Filipino rock music scene.

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Y OF ... from

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Now what, you might ask, is YOF? YOF stands for Youth On Fire. It's the newest singing group to hit the pop music scene. They have a debut album called (naturally) YOF. The group hopes to bridge the gap between the popular, secular songs of today (which usually do not promote good values) and traditional, gospel music (which does not seem to attract the youth). The great news is that YOF is a product of our very own movement. Yes, that's right! CYA is behind this phenomenon! How did YOF come about? For many years now many CYA members have composed Christian songs with a more youth-oriented musical style. In order to share these songs with a wider audience, our National Director Rogel Plata thought of coming up with YOF. He contacted a professional musical arranger, Joey Villamor, who gave those songs a pop-jazz beat. Word of Joy Foundation, a partner-in-mission of CYA, offered to produce the album. YOF members are all graduates or student leaders of CYA. Jeng Aquino, Rommel Escoto, and Hanzel Estrella are from CYA-UP; Jane Bacong is from CYA-La Salle; and Kathlyn Rago is from CYA-UST. Tisha Colayco, Nette Hilario, and Ryan Sullivan are CYA Staffers. Composers of the songs featured In the album include Rogel Plata, Lorna Campos, Zoom Domingo, Rey Agcaoili, and Kent Sitaca. Of special note are Jing Pilapil and Toy Cinco, two very prolific composers. Toy, in fact, is the talented composer of the carrier single, "I Believe." Omy and Rosanne Romero, two former CYA members who are now caring for other couples in Ang Ligaya ng Panginoon

The Rock ...

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It was fun for a while. I even got the chance to grow my hair long, but soon I began to grapple with temptations. Sex, drugs and alcohol were easy to get. Once more, my decision to love and follow the Lord was put to the test. But I stood firm. I wasn't going to let anything stand between

All Set for our 15th Anniversary! by Penny de fa Pena, Staffer

This year marks fifteen years of God's faithfulness to CYA. The Lord has given us many blessings. We have good reason to celebrate!




P. Gueva Telephone

•• ;;a Street. Nurnbe~:

San Juan,



Since early this year, we have been anticipating our November anniversary celebration. Launched at the STC last April, our opening salvo was made more meaningful by a simple ceremony in the presence of Bishop Ted Buhain. At the Summer Games in May, we traced CYA's roots through the "Trivia Mania" game.



Community, serve as the business managers of the group. Finally, working behind the scenes to handle production, marketing, distribution and promotions are numerous CYA members who regard this venture as a privileged opportunity to serve the Lord. Since the album came out last June, we have seen the Lord really blessing our efforts.' As of now, more than 5,000 YOF albums have been sold. The singing group appears in newspaper write-ups, radio station interviews, singing engagements, and television appearances. But besides being a source of joy and pride for CYA, YOF is primarily an innovative and effective tool for evangelization. Truly, the Lord is using this new venture to help accomplish CYA's mission of reaching out to other young people with the love and mercy of Godl God and me. The rest of the band members called me "baduy" and "colorum," because they thought that without sex, drugs and alcohol, one can't be a REAL rocker. I decided to leave the band. It proved to be a blessing. My schedule became more orderly. I rediscovered quality time for God, CYA, my studies and my family. I attended prayer meetings again, sometimes even leading the prayers and worship. And through the help and support of my CYA friends, I have renewed my commitment to God. My relationship with Him deepened. I still love music, and I still love playing musical instruments. But I have never regretted my decision to leave my band. I know that God smiled when I made that difficult choice. And now He still uses my musical gifts through serving in the music ministry. Blessed be the Rock of my salvation I

A monthly Bible study guide for action groups in alf CYA units was also developed, with topics centering on the "4 O's" of CYA (namely, Conversion, Community, Character, and Commission). These were also the topics of prayer meeting talks. More recently, at the last Day of Renewal in July, we were treated to a vel}' moving "parade of banners" of various schools. We had also invited CYA alumni to join us. It was inspiring' to see them recommitting their lives to the Lord. Remember: November 19 is our redletter anniversary date. The Xavier Grade School Gym will be dressed up for a "barrio fiesta" look. The theme, "It Is Good to Give Thanks, n is meant to declare our gratitude to God for alf that He has done for us these 15 years. There will be special entertainment numbers, a chance to honor former Staffers, games for everyone, and a talk by Rogel Plata. Free giveaways will add to the day's festivities.

See you there!

IT IS GOOD TO GIVE THANKS A day of celebration, A day of inspiration. A day of worship. A day offun and laughter. A day of intercession. A day for entertainment. A day for meeting friends old and ne-"u. A day oj meditation.

A day to give thanks and praise to God. A day of singing. A day of reioicing.




News Bits Comings ... CYA-Manila welcomes our new Staffers for school year 1995-96. They are: Liezl Asuit ofDLSU, Ronald Gutierrez of MIT, Myra Leyva of St. PaulManila, Bibins Mutuc and Alett Nunez of UP,Jonna Rosales of PLM, Bambi Sitaca of UP-PGH, Marlo Valencia of FEU, and Joy Custodio and Carl Nunez of UST. Of special note is Jojo Arreza, an "import" from CYA-lligan. Having successfully served the Lord in Mindanao, Jojo now assists Rogel in the SM area. The Lord has also blessed us with new Staffers in other chapters. Elvie Partidas of Bacolod, Reggie Gamba of 00ilo, and Wendy of Tagbilaran, have 'generously decided to set aside their careers for a while to serve the Lord in CYA. Danny and Lala Dy, a couple from BCBP-Cebu, are also volunteering their time to serve CYA in Cebu. (Lala used to be a member of CYA-UP Diliman during her college years.)

...and Goings As much as we'd like to keep them longer on Staff, a number of our Staffers have decided to "move on" and serve the Lord in the secular workplace. They are: Chari Anson, Ely Bautista, Manny Castaneda, Bheng Gano, Patrick 00ntanilla, Allen Ponsaran, Michael Sagala, Artin Umali, and Rodita Magbanua from Bacolod. Special mention to Boyet Arriola, our very capable Asst. National Administrator, who is now succeeded by Arnel Lalicon. Many thanks for your unstinting service to the youth!

other FNYO officer-organizations are: Catholic Youth Evangelizers of the Philippines (CYEP), Franciscan Youth (YOUFRA), Chiro Youth Movement, and YMI. Let's rejoice in this opportunity to serve the Filipino youth and the Church!

Mania, and of course, the highly-regarded Most Brotherly and Most Sisterly Awards. This year, both awards went to a single unit, CYA-UST. Congratulations!

Here in Manila ...

The first Women's Summer Training Household was held in Bacolod last May 3-15. Lorna Campos, our Visayas Moderator, and Gigi Tupas were among the Manila staffers who lived with 14 sisters from Dumaguete, Iloilo, Cebu and Bacolod.

CYA conducted another very successfulSummer Training Conference (STC) last April 24-30 at the Lay Formation Center. A total of 418 young people (not counting the many people who served), 169 of which came from 52 different non-CYA organizations, came together for a week of skills training and character formation. The National Chapter Heads' Conference (NCHC), attended by 56 of the top CYA leaders and guests from 26 chapters and units nationwide, was held simultaneously in the same building. (See related story on page 4.) The STC ended with a powerful retreat held at the Maryhill Retreat Center in Antipolo. CYA members spent May 14 at the Ateneo College Covered Courts for the annual Summer Games. Highlights of the day were: the Float Parade, Trivia

...in the Visayas

...and in Mindanao CYA-Cagayan de Oro had a hectic but fun-filled and meaningful summer this year. Right after the STC in Manila, a summer training household for sisters was held in "the City of Golden Friendship." Renee Punzal, our National Moderator, and Gina Margarito went there to give their love suoport and guidance. Aside from that, 25 brothers and sisters there also had their second Summer Camp at Camiguin Island. What fun amidst the training!

CYA Elected as FNYO Coordinator In a simple but meaningful ceremony held last March 24, the new members of the Federation of National Youth Organizations (FNYO) were formally inducted into office by the FNYO National Director, Fr. Ric Fernando, SDB. Sharee Roque is presently representing CYA as the elected FNYO Coordinator for the next two years. The

The National Executive Council of CYA (front row) poses with some provincial leaders who attended the first National Chapter Heads' Conference, held concurrently with the STC last April.

4 Playing on God's Team by Karen Mayo, CYA-Baguio Chapter Moderator

NCHC delegates take a breather.

Karen is the beaming lady on the leftmost side of the photo.

Have you ever wondered how well each player in an All-Star basketball team would play without the other members? Obviously, each one of them could easily dribble, run, shoot, jump, turn around and dunk even without the other players. He would be as skilled and adept as all the others. But unless each one of them plays as a TEAM member, the whole group could not win. The first National Chapter Heads' Conference (NCHC) was like that: a gathering of individually brilliant players, all on God's team. From as far north as Tuguegarao to as far south as Basilan, 56 sector and chapter heads, moderators and administrators gathered together. Their goals: To clarify our direction as a national movement; to strengthen our -unlty as a CYA family; and to further equip and train those of us who hold executive positions in CYA. It was the first time such a gathering was held, and it was well worth it. The theme for the conference was "Strive Side by Side" (Phil 1:27). This, indeed, was a fitting way to capture the fact that, although the chapters are more or less selfsufficient, we belong to one national movement. It's obviously necessary that these units should move toward one vision, one mission, one goal. The essentials of CYA as a movement were also brought to the fore, to be expressed, clarified and confirmed. Topics fundamental to

chapter life (such as vision and mission, spirituality, national structure and membership) were discussed alongside more practical concerns, such as internal growth, operations, expansion, and so forth. These features harness and strengthen our "CYA culture"-a culture rooted in the young and focused on God. The conference also gave an opportunity for provincial leaders to share their experiences, and to exchange notes on how to make our¡tasks easier, how to be more effective, etc. Again, this enhanced our family ties. Each leader felt being part of a bigger team from whom he or she can expect to receive encouragement and practical assistance. Finally, several points during the talks and discussions reiterated the core of all our work, the focus of our service, and the heart of our commitment: God. Amid all the goals, plans and strategies, the reason for our labors continues to be God, and God alone. Having sat among the NCHC delegates, I am challenged by the immensity 9f the task still ahead of us. The mission -- bringing young men and women closer to God -- remains enormous. But over and above this, like the other leaders, I am grateful for tnis privilege of "sharing In the mission of our Redeemer." Our confidence is in Him who has begun His work within us. Let us continue to strive together side by side playing on God's team!

Prayer Intentions 1. Please pray for our 15th anniversary on November 19: For deep joy and heartfelt thanksgiving, and that our celebration will lead us to rededicate ourselves and CYA more to the Lord. 2. For our personnel and financial needs in CYA, especially our need for a new office: That the Lord-and the benefactors He will raise up-will provide for al/ our needs. 3. For the youth: That more of them might offer their lives to God and tho service of our country.

CHRISTSYOUTHINACTION(CYA) is a Catholic movement of young Filipinos dedicated to evangelizing the youth and training leaders for the service of the Church. We serve colleges, universities, parishes and renewal groups in the Philippines and the AsiaPacific region. AFFILIATES. Assumption College. Ateneo de Manila University. CYA-Bagulo City. CYA-Cagayan de Oro. CYA-lligan City. CYA-Laoag. CYA-SOLV (De La Salle UniverSity). CYA-Zamboanga City. Don Bosco Technical College. Far Eastern University. Holy Angel University. Mapua Institute of Technology. Miriam College. Polytechnic University of the Philippines. St. Paul Collegeac. St. Scholastica's College. University of Santo Tomas. UniverSity of the PhilippinesDiliman and Manila. ASSOCIATES. Angeles University' Foundation. Araneta University. CYABacolod City. CYA-Bukidnon. CYA-Cebu City. CYA-Davao City. CYA-General Santos City. CYA-lioilo City. Mariano Marcos State University (llocos Norte). NAME!. Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. Rizal Technological Colleges. San Beda College.. San JUan de Dios College. San Pablo City Colleges. St. Paul College-Manila. St. Paul UniversityTuguegarao. UP-PGH. ASSISTED. Batangas Lyceum. BCBPPALS. Catholic Students Society (Malaysia). Colegio de San Lorenzo.. Concordia College. CYA-Bastlan. CYA-Dumaguete City. CYAIriga City. CYA-La Union. CYA-Legazpl City. CYA-Los Angeles (USA). CYA-Lucena City. CYA-Naga City. CYA-Nueva Vlzcaya. CYASamar. CYA-Tagbllaran. East Asia Institute of Computer Technology. Emlno Aguinaldo College. Fatima Medical College. La $alle Lipa. Nativity Youth Ministry (Singapore). Republic Central Colleges (Pampanga). San Mateo (Rizal). Sower's Field (C!igayan de Oro). St. John's Parish Youth Group (Brunei). st. Joseph Institute (liocos Sur). Sto. Tomas (Batangas). University of the Assumption (Pampanga). University of the East. UERM. UP-Los Banos. YAFC-Manila. YMPACT. CYA Is a Partner In .M'lsslon with the following communities and renewal movements: Ang Ugaya ng Pangin-ebn Community. Ang Lingkod ng Panglnoon. The Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals. Familia. Institute for Pastoral Development. The Light of Jesus Community. The Servants of the Word. Tahanan ng Panginoon. Women for Christ. Word of Joy Foundation. Aft donations to CYA are tax-deductIble. Please forward all correspondence to our office at 300 P. Guevarra St., San Juan, Metro ManKa. Telephone number: 708095. Fax: 793507.

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CYA Action Update 1995 (September)  

CYA Action Update 1995 (September)  

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