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Faith. Fervor. and Fellowship

STC '91 Draws Biggest Gathering of Youth Leaders Nineteen-year old Ferdinand Cheam of Brunei was visibly moved. At the close of the week-long Summer Training Conference, he shared, "We will not forget what we learned here ... In our country, Christians are persecuted for their faith in Jesus. Thank you for your inspiration, hospitality, love and prayers." It was a fitting ending to last summer's Conference held at the Lay Formation Center, which brought together about 350 participants, ten of whom were from Hong Kong, Singapore and Brunei.


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Rejoicing in the Fruit of Her Labor by Beth Melchor For more than 10 years now Elizabeth P. Melchorhas effectively overseen the careand support of all the women in CY A. This year she embarks on a new phase of a life dedicated to God's service -- evangelizing Chinese in the Mainland. Together with aFilipino missionary family, she hopes to spend a number of years in Beijing to evangelize and build a Christian community there. We've asked Beth to share with us some reflections:








"I've had the blessed privilege of being part of CYA from the very beginning. I was a student then at the University of the Philippines. At that time we did not have the name of Christ's Youth in Action. We were just a small group of five students who wanted to support one another in our Christian lives. We did this by coming together for sharing over lunch once a week. I cannot thank God enough for what He has allowed me to wi tness as CYA grew over the years. One of the things I am most grateful for is being able to witness so many young people decide to live for God. Each one is a different story. Some were on the brink of despair. Some were deep into sin. Some completely rejected God in their lives. Many were searching. But God met each one, each in a unique

way, and none of their lives have been the same ever since. I remember a student who came to our evangelistic seminar (called the Christian Life Series) because a classmate challenged her. In our discussion group she defian tly expressed her atheistic stance. But during the course of the CLS, God changed her hard heart. Afterward she became one of our best evangelizers. Another young woman was a very devout Catholic and model student, She thought her life was fine, and she didn't "need" the Holy Spirit. After joining a CYA retreat, she who was once so hostile to expressivesness in prayer began to freely pray in the Spirit with her hands upraised. Continued on page 4

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2 STC '91: Delegates came from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Here are some group shots!

Tuguegarao, Cagayan Valley

Iloilo City

Cagayan de Oro & Zamboanga City

And from abroad!

Hong Kong

To all STC '91 participants: We enjoyed servingyou . See you next year!. ---CYA STAFF

The local delegates themselves represen ted a cross-section of the country, coming from as far north as Tuguegarao in the Cagayan Valley, to Zamboanga City in the south. Twenty Metro Manila colleges and universities were also represented. Being the biggest STC so far, at times the conference venue seemed too small. During prayer time one would find participants worshiping almost at the staircase. Ventilation became a problem, which led Peter Sitou of Hong Kong to give-tl1is helpful advice: "Theair-conditioning cannot meet the heat load requirement for such a number of participants. I recommend more electric fans next time." Thanks, Peter, for your suggestion. It was a week of joyful corporate worship and praise of God. "Biiin (too short)!" some would later say, wanting to spend more time in prayer. 'The music is great!" commented Theresa Wong of Brunei. 'The delegates also found the talks very inspiring and helpful for their service. Besides the CYA groups, about 20 other prayer groups also sent some members. "I was able to sink in a lot of things that I could apply both in my daily life and with the rest of my brothers.and sisters in our communi ty," said Dominic Hubalde of The Loved Flock. Here are sonle comments from other participants: "What was most helpful or valuable for me in this STC? Everything! Every inch about STC is valuable. It really helped me a lot, socially and spiritually." (Jisselle Buan, Holy Angel University, Pampanga) "Our group appreciated it very much. It was a one in a million experience." (Aileen Terrayo, Tuguegarao) "STC opened my eyes for greater opportunities in serving the Lord with gladdness." (Alvin Baggayan, Araneta University) "It helps young people to be more inspired to serve and love the Lord. It developed my personal relationship with Jesus, and helped me grow more in His

love." (Mary Ann Azuelo, Iloilo) And some funny ones: "Can you add ice to your juice? By the way, is there a juice taster in the group? I found it too sweet." "Charge bigger fees, but serve better meriendas." Thanks for your suggestions. See you next year!

LETTERS "Thanks a lot for your hospitality and for being friendly to us. We won't forget CYA. Restassured thatrwillbeprayingfor you all. You have blessed my heart and you'll always remain in my heart. May the Lord continue to use YOllmightily. " .. CHRISTINA


"It seems likeI cannot thank you enough for the love you shared with me. My trip to YOllrwonderful COli ntry was themost spiritually enriching experience I ever had in my life. Words fail to express the feelings, I told my friends about the '26-day retreat' in Manila, and they said next year they will be coming for the STC. Get ready!" -- PATRICK LlM, SIt-jGAPORE (Far tetlin photo below, with Brunei brothers and sisters)

"By the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ the brothers and sister who attended -the STC are "on fire". They are sharing with others what God has bestowed on their lives -- the blessings and experience they had in Manila. Thanks once again for YO/lrinvitation. God is faithful. Alleluia! I rejoice in what I have seen. " -- PETER




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FIVE PART-TIME STAFFERS JOIN CYA CYA welcomes the following new part-time staffers who will help us in our campus evangelization. Leo Banog graduated Magna Cum Laude from Don Bosco Technological College, major in Electronics and Communication Engineering. He will assist Andrew Guitarte in Don Bosco, PUP and other nearby schools.

YIELD is the acronym for "Youth Institute for Evangelization and Leadership Development. Last semester, about 40 top leaders from CYA, Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon (an outreach to single professionals), and other youth groups successfully completed their training under CYA Staffers Cil Galeste, Jake Yap, Beth Melchor and Renee Punzal. Noting the encouraging results of the training, Director Rogel Plata says, "Iwould like to congratulate our YIELD rainors' Team for a job well done. A number of participants have shared to me how much they appreciated the lectures and workshops. May the Lord continued to use you to train others in doing God's work. "Congratulations also to all those who participated in the course. Your eagerness and commitment to learn how to serve the Lord more effectively will benefit a lot of people." YIELD is a semestral Institute designed to provide spiritual vision and train leaders in vital skills such as giving talks and exhortations, leading prayer meetings, and evangelization. Intended for those leading CYA grou ps in different schools, YIELD is also open to receiving delegates from among the over-all leaders of other youth groups. For more information, please call our CYA Office.

Anna Pineda graduated from Miriam College, major in Accounting. While she is reviewing for her CPA exams, she will do part-time staff work in the U-Belt area. UST graduate Amy Apostol will assist in our U-Belt area work while reviewing for her qualifying exams in Physical Therapy. Peter Lino and Cali Maravillas are still taking up Industrial Engineering in UP, but because of their relatively light schedules, they are doing part-time staff work in the UPMA T area. They have been serving with us for several months now. HERE COME THE MISSION TEAMS! One way for CYA to expand and respond more adequately to requests for assistance is to send out YIELDtrained Mission Teams. Over the past months we have already dispatched these teams: Gil Galeste led a Mission Team composed of Peter Lino, Renee Punzal and Jenny Bermudez to the northern campus of St. Paul University in Tuguegarao, Cagayan Valley. They

gave a Christian Life Series to 60 participants. At about the same time, Rhomel Marcojos and a team of CYA brothers and sisters went to Angeles City to conduct a CLS with a group of students from the Holy Angel University. Many of those who completed the CLS in both schools were able to attend the STC afterwards. Paul Colabres also led a Mission Team to Our Lady of Grace Parish in Parana que to give a CLS. Right after the STC, another Mission Team left for Cotabato City. Upon the invitation of Archbishop Smith, auto Morales, Peter Lino, Leo Banog and Wyatt Belmonte conducted a CLS to youth leaders from several parsihes in Cotabato, together with CYA members from Notre Dame University.

CANADIANS IN TOWN TO ASSIST CYA Six Canadian youth workers are currently in Manila to visi t CYA. They are led by a young couple, Andre and Angele Regnier of the Catholic Christian Outreach, based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. In late June they will be joined by an additional group of Canadian students. They will participate in the activities of our various affiliate groups, visit some campuses, and assist us in our ongoing and expansion programs. They will be part of the CYA family until August. Welcome!

4 DAY OF RENEWAL July 14, Sunday, will be our CYA Day of Renewal. Unless otherwise announced, it will be held at the Immaculate Conception Academy, Greenhills. The Day of Renewal beginsat 7:30 AM with a Mass, followed by inspirational talks, prayer, and Christian en tertainmen t numbers. Everybody is invited. Please call our CYA Office for more information.


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Or there was this other student who had attempted suicide on several occasions. She saw a poster in school announcing the CYA Summer Training Conference. She just showed up, and God turned her life around. After spending the summer with us, she went back to school and started aCYA group there. Even after graduating she stayed on in the school to work with the Campus Ministry. There are countless other stories. Each story has a face and a name. I can just imagine the joy in heaven as God welcomed each of them back to Himself. The other thing I am so grateful for is that God has raised up many young men and women with the Vision that will keep CYA going through the years to come. During this last school year, we completed a course for our top student leaders called YIELD, an acronym for Youth Institute for Evangelization and Leadership Development. As I looked at the young men and women going through the training, I marveled at how abundantly God was


Christ's Youth in Action (CYA) is a Catholic movement of young Filipinos dedicated to evangelizing the youth and training leaders for the service of the Church. We serve colleges, universities, parishes, and renewal groups in Metro Manila and other parts of the Philippines.

A look at the record crowd -- more than 350 participants attended this year's "Youth On Fire" Summer Training Conference at Layforce.

bringing to CYA workers and servants who could easily be sent out and used in a mighty way to witness to others. (YIELD bore its first fruits in several Mission Teams which we sent to Angeles City, Tuguegarao and Cotabato City.) I' will soon be leaving CYA to work in another mission field, but I am confident, because there are so many others God has raised up to carryon His Great Commission to us in CYA. Indeed one of the greatest blessings any worker in the Lord's vineyard could have is to see the fruit of their labor. God has definitely granted me this special joy and privilege. May there even be greater fruit through CYA as we approach the close of the millenium!"


"In behalf of all the brothers and sisters in CYA, I would like to honor and thank Beth for serving the Lord and us faithfully over the past several years. We have experienced her love and commitment. Endowed with so many God-given talents, she has generously offered all of these for the work of evangelization. Beth, you are a model to al/ of us. God bless you. " -- Rogel Plata, CYA Director

AFFILIATES. University of the Philippines. Ateneo de Manila University. University of Santo Tomas. Far Eastern University. st. Scholastlca's College. Miriam College. Don Bosco Technicat College: ""Araneta University. St. Paul's College (Quezon City). ASSOCIATES. Mapua Institute of Technology. Arellano University. University of the East. "Servants of the Lord's Vineyard" (De La Salle University). Trinity College. FEU Tech (Diliman). Polytechnic University 'of the Philippines. Ateneo Law School. UP Law School. Holy Angel University (Angeles City). St. Paul University (Tuguegarao). "Young Servants of Christ" (Zamboanga City). "Springs of Living Water" (Malaybalay, Bukidnon). CYA-Cagayan de Oro City. CYA-lligan City. ASSISTED GROUPS. "Witnesses of Christ" (Marikina). "Dakilang Pangarap" (Tondo). "Sweet Voice of Salvation" (Iloilo City). St. Louis College (San Femando, La Union). CYACebu. Catholic Youth Ministry (General Santos City). Notre Dame University (Cotabato City). CYA is a "Partner in Mission" with the following communities and renewal movements: And Ligaya ng Panginoon Community. The Light of Jesus Community.Couples For Christ The Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals. Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon. Tahanan ng Panginoon.Women For Christ. Lumen Christi. All donations to CYA are tax-deductible. Please forward all correspondenceto our Officeat 300 P. Guevarra St., San Juan, Metro Manila. Telephone Number: 708-095.

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