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51ugust 1990


finished Commerce at FEU, and Jon Escoto took up Civil Enginecring at Mapua. Welcome to the Staff!

After serving as CY A Director for ten years, Mike Joseph Jr. recently passed on the baton to his co-worker of many years, Rogel Plata. Explaining the change, Mike said, "As you know, CYA is t.he youth outreach of a Manila-based Catholic covenant community called "Ang Ligaya ng Panginoon". Besides my work in CY A, I 'm also a leader of the community. Due to the increasing pastoral and governmental needs of our community, Fr. Herb Schneider, SJ (our over-all leader) has requested !lIC to devote more (If Illy time and energy to help build up the community, and to assistin coonlin.u illg its various outreaches in Asia." TIlUS, beginning last June, Rogel has been directing our ('Y A work. He shares. "For the past eight years that I've been on CY A staff, I've been increasingly challenged hy the need to proclaim the message of Christ to other young people. lvc come to see in Illy own life and in the lives of many others that Jesus alone is the Way. thc Truth and the Life. Now that I've been appointed to SCIVC as C'YA Director, I '<Ilike to see the Lord work through us to reach an even greater number of youth, to bring them to a radical dedicat ion to Christ and the Church. This, I believe, is the need of the hour."

Prover: Lord. vou have blessed CY A through the leadership o] uu». Mav we continue to receive yO/lr guidance and blessing as Rogel fakes on this challenging work.



We've also added new members to our Staff. Luz Anis is a Business Management graduate from Miriam College. VIIIH'SSII Villarosa (All Economics) comes from Atenco. Chilo Morales



TIK' Spirit of God is moving mightily in our college campuses. More and more students arc responding to God's invitation to turn to Him and follow Him. When the new school year started, we began receiving more requests to ~ive seminars, rctrc.rrs and recollections in various schools. As of this writing, we have: begun to help out in St.I'aul's Q.C., Adlllllson lJnive.'sity, Ar aneta University, and the University of the East, Our work at the University of Santo Tomas continues to be our base of operation for reaching out to the University Belt. Students from Arellano, Pamantasan and Mapua receive exposure to our campus work and training in evangelization, with the hope of starting groups of their own in their respective schools. Prover: Lord of the harvest, send out more laborers to the field. V·,W' 115 to bring your Word to the many more thousands of students in the University Belt, that they might also know. love and SOT£'




March: A traditional Lenten retreat for college students, This year's theme was on "The Victory of Christ".

April 6-8 : UGN A Y AN '90, jointly sponsored by two Catholic groups (CY A and Elim Youth) and YW AM, an interdenominational movement. Focusing on unity in mission work, the weekend was marked by a lot of good music, inspirational talks, and fellowship among Christian brothers and sisters. April-May: Three "Summer Households" for xomc of our students. These households provide opportunity for living, praying, am doing Christian service together. The Staff workers who led each household gave practical teachings on the Christian life (as well as training in cooking, marketing, and houscclcaniugl) April 23-29: A week-long Summer Tell('hinJ! Conf('I'ennculminating in a weekend retreat. Called "Youth On Fire", the confcrcnc offered four teaching COIII'S('S. 27.~ youth (inchulillil tour [rom Brunei) aucndcd. May 13: Our annual fun-filled Summer Games. 350 participants from various schools competed in si x sports events. TIll' biggest trophies went to the Most Brotherly (Lingkod) and Most Sisterly (lIST) reams. July: Our group at St. Scholastica's College sponsored a Christ Awareness Week. This was a high-impact activity with one simple goal: to bring more Scholasticans to a deeper personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

July 8: Over 700 youth came together for a Day of Renewal. The theme was "Kay Kristo: Buong Buhay, HabangBuhay." For many, it was the first time they were challenged to -- and made -a com mitmcm to Iollow Jesus. Allgust: The I lnivcrxity of the Philippines observed "CY A Wft'k" with a special Mass, lunchtime entertainment, hook sales, classroom presentations and a prayer rally in front of the Arts and Sci(,IKl'S


CYA TENTH ANNIVERSARY COMING UP Wl' 'It' 1I11ll1llg ten yc arx old this coming October. To mark this very special occasion, we will have an Anniversary Celebration on November IR at the Immaculate Conception Academy, San Juan, MM. Car-dinal Sin will he the main celebrant at a special Mass. All friends of CY A are invited to join us in the whole-day festivities.

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Action Update 1990 (August)  

Action Update 1990 (August)  

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