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Christian Youth in Action --------------Nevvsletter------~--~Third Quarter

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Senior Staffer Rogel Plata

You shall do ~'more with :Iess ..

• .• Dear brothers

and sisters,

., ...!:. 4. Early

this year, we at the Staff were Aeginning to have a strong conviction that ihe Lord wants to do more and greater things with us and through us. Whenever we would come together in prayer, we wou Id often sense the Lord vanting to speed up His work of bringing more and more people to a new life with Him. We faced all these prospects with mixed emotions. On one hand we were excited to see more hearts turning to the Lord and more of His power manifested. On the other hand we knew that more work would mean greater need for more resources. Although we knew that the Lord would bless us this year with gifted and dedicated new staffers, we also knew that this would be the year when SOme of our most experienced staffers will not be around. Francis Iturralde and Jake Yap ~re away for a whole year to receive more training in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Mae Legaspi, our overall leader for the women has moved on to concentrate on another apostolate. John Baron, our administrator, has resumed his medical studies.

Somehow, it's hard to see from a human point of view how God could fulfill His word considering our "depleted bench", One's tendency can be to just "maintain things" while we wait for the rest to be back. But again, it seems like the Lord has other plans. He does not want us to look at what is before us with just plain human eyes, but with the eyes of faith, Indeed, the more we depend on Him, the more we will witness His power. True enough, the work of the Lord did not slow down this year. In fact, He even increased it! Let me share with you just one specific area-our work with the Archdiocesan Campus Min istry done mainly through our Apostolic Team. At the beginning of this year, we were starting. to build groups in Mapua, l.etran and Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Mavnila. By this time, these groups are starting to reach out to their students while 3 more institutions are opening up to our work namely: Polytechnic University' of the Philippines, Manuel L. Quezon University and Maryknoll College. In a few weeks, a group at San Beda College should be ready to start. it is also worth mentioning tht there are already groups at the Ateneo Law School and at the Philippine General Hospital that are conducting ongoing bible studies and prayer meetings. Somehow, the Lord is able to' raise up more laborers as the needs arise. It's very inspiring for me to see younger men and women, ordinary people, allowing themselves to the used by the Lord in their respective situations, in spite of their little knowledge and experiences. It's also very humbling to realize that all these things are happening not because of our own talents or efforts but because of the Holy Spirit who is at work.




~Aa~Me u//bP ... £e Me·~~ ~a&'ft~"

Indeed, let us not put limits to what God can do through us. As we allow Him, He will use us as His instruments. Ahd even the little that we offer Him, He will multiply. He can really do more, even with less. Praised be His name! Your brother-in


Rogel L. Plata Sen ior Staffer



"LAUGH WITH ME" HOUSEHOLD: a summer experience of [ovl It had seemed like just another summer that had passed but to at least 13 young women who lived and shared a home for a month, it was not like any other. Coming from different affiliate groups of CY A il'l'Metro Manila, and as far North as Baguio and as far south as Bukidnon, we moved into a borrowed townhouse for a month's experience of shared Christian living. We prayed and ate together. We studied and listened to God's word together. We took care of all the practical concerns that' make household living possible. In all of this, we experienced a joy and love that could only be rooted in God! At first, it seemed like things wouldn't be all that easy. On our flrst night, the electrical connections were just being completed, our borrowed refrigerator wasn't working and our stove had not yet arrived. We ended up eating our first meal at 10:00 in the evening. But even in these trying circumstances God was there showing us His love. We learned our first lesson that night: working together and helping one another make a difficult task a lot easier.


Photo sessions like this are part of the household's regular schedule! Soon enough, laughter filled the whole house: in the kitchen,in the bedrooms, in the living room, and, yes, even in the prayer room! An overflowing joy was always evident in our life together. Thus, the tag "Laugh with me" household. As the household drew to a close, the presence of God WaS madeeven more manifest. On our last week, all but one of us came down with a viral infection and developed a high fever. But even then, we were "laughing" because this gave us another opportunity to love and Serve one

-from Guia Belen, leader ofVer-dant Pastures, a~ Guia has attended Training Program


ways in worsttiD

Our ti~ now have grown too. The men in the community as were stre gthened, we no longer have problems on how to follow-up male ~nds we bring to the community ... -:-from &bing Medez o.f !he of five to


another. Each of us made sure that everyone was taking their medicine on time, getting enough rest, the right food and sufficient amount of liquids. We really experienced God in our midst because of the love we had for one another .. And God's presence brought joy! Though we were together for only a month, we know that our whole experience will lead us now to reach out to others and share with them the love and joy that comes from God and from being together. -AMPIAGSALUD



We realize that many months have already passed and many things have taken place in CY A. So hold on for a half year update. Here goes ... DAY OF RENEWAL. Around 1,200 people attended the Lenten Day of Renewal last 'March 9 at the Medicine Auditorium, University of Sto. Tomas. The theme for the day was; "Create in me a clean heart, 0 God .. " (Ps. 51 :10). Fr. Herbert ~chneider, S.J., a theology professor at the Loyola House of Studies, and Mike Joseph Jr., CY A Director, were the main speakers for the whole day affair. They both stressed on the need for ongoing repentance and personal renewal before a true and authentic national renewal can take place. The whole event was capped by a Eucharistic celebration by Fr. Ramon Salinas, O.P., Coordinator of Campus Ministry, Archdiocese of Manila. SUMMER TRAINING PROGRAM The Lay Formation Center was the setting for this year's Summer Training Program held last May 6-16. This summer saw the biggest number of delegates so far with about 280 participants all in all coming from different ,~parts of Metro Manila and provinces like


makes his presentation

Davao, lloilo, Malaybalay-Bukidnon. Asia was once more well represented by delegates from Singapore, Korea and Bombay, India. Five courses were offered this year: Basic and Advanced Evangelism, Building Committed Christian groups, How to give a Christian Life Program, and a Christian Life' Program for newcomers. The Training Course ended with a Pentecost weekend from the 16th to the l8th which focused on the transforming grace and power of the Holy Spirit. Tal ks on Intercession and Power Evangelism highlighted the prayerful weekend. (Sounds like a fitting ending to a very intensive month oftraining!)

as "Prof."

Mike joseph looks on

SUMMER GAMES The Annual CYA Summer Games took place in2 venues this year: the Ateneo High School grounds on the 24th of May and the San Carlos Seminary covered courts on the 25th. This year saw the participation of all 12 affiliate groups except for Miles Christi of UP. 2 new teams showed up in uniform namely: the A-Team (which stands for the Apostolic team that is serving in the Archdiocese), and the Med ics (a group of female medical students from UP, FEU & UE). Lingkod ng Panginoon topped the men's division and the cheering competitions while lIaw ng Panginoon took the women's title. Here's two for the books: the Thomasian Christian Brotherhood won their 4th consecutive Most Brotherly. Award, while AWIT took their 2nd consecutive Most Sisterly Award. To all the winners, Congratulations!

"Unless the Lord builds the house ... Students do .'amime presentation

for the Day 'of Renewal

NEWSBRIEFS (continued) CYA GATHERING A family reunion took place last June 29 when all the committed members of CYA gathered together for a whole day of prayer and fellowship, talks and discussion. Dubbed as a day of renewal for committed members, the day focused on receiving more from the Lord as He leads us both in our lives and, in our service to Him. Ken Noecker, a Senior staffer of University Christian Outreach (UCO)- the counterpart of CY A in Ann Arbor, Michigan, delivered the main address. A time of discussion and prayer followed in-the afternoon before the whole covered court of ICA was transformed into a dancing hall for the barn dance that capped the celebration. Together again ... ANNOUNCEMENTS CY A is happy to announce its new staff workers for this year. They are: Erwin Navarro, Syd Calo, Landa Campos and Tisha Colayco (see feature article). To all of them we say; "Welcome!" We also wish to announce the arrival of some Catholic missionaries from Europe who will be working closely with CYA for the next couple of months. Led by Steve and Gayleen Jacobs, American Cathol ic missionaries who have mainly worked with the poor, the group recently underwent a 3-month discipleship training seminar before coming over. They are Nicole Beck and Felix Hecker from Switzerland, Maria Burkhart and Klaus Jocks from West

A light moment being enjoyed by Summer training participants. Germany, Elaine Dunn and Brian Mahoney from Ireland and Michaela Stradner, Eva Tomecek, Alexander Visv, Harold Starnegg and George Bartuska, all from Austria. So if you happen to bump into anyone of them, the password is "Hi!". Come October, 2 brothers from the University Chritian Outreach will be joining the CY A staff line-up here in Manila. They are Ken Noecker and Terry Savage. Ken, as we've mentioned is a senior staffer who worked in Eastern Michigan University, while Terry served both in evangelism and administration. To all our brothers and sisters, "Mabuhay!"

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Being ~e first (hopefully, not the only) issue for this year, we would like to acknowledge and than k some brothers and sisters who have served CY A tremendously over the past year(s) and are now taking on different responsib ilities:First and foremost, we wish to thank former staffers John Baron, Mae Legaspi and Tita Alday. John was our effective Administrator aside from helping our work in the Ateneo and in UP. Mae handled "Salt of the Earth" of UP and oversaw the work of the women staffers while Tita was our staffer for AWIT in UST.


We wish to also thank 3 of our CY A volunteers who worked for us intensively over the past year: Albert Cuevas, Jun Cruz and Rene Molano. Albert was our efficient A-Team leader and administrator while Jun and Rene were both our frontline men in UST, and in Letran and Mapua respectively. We thank all of them for their generosity to God and to us all! "Maraming salamat muli!"

the laborers

build in vain" Ps 127:1 No, they didn't run out of chairs here, the students just wanted it the cozier way!



of a


Introducing: Our New Staffers They came from different schools, took different courses, grew up in different places. Different hobbies and different life-styles. One loves to sing, while the other loves to dance, one loves to hunt while the other simply loves to laugh. But amidst all these differences is the one ideal that binds them into one of a kind: the love for God and the desire to serve Him! Friends, brothers and sisters, ladies and gentlemen, please meet our new staff workers:

ERWIN. Erwin Navarro is a 1985 Electrical Engineering graduate of the University of Sto. Tomas' (UST). Among the four, he has had the earliest exposure to CY A, having been involved with it since his freshman year. While growing up in his college years, he both saw and experienced 0Je great need for young men and women LO personally encounter Jesus Christ, even in a' Catholic university like UST. After college, Erwin made sure that he'll still have a part in this mission by volunteering himself to work for CY A for at least a year. Asked about his present workload, Erwin quips, "What work? I enjoy it! This is the thing that I've always wanted to do." Erwin is presently serving in TCB of UST and is also heading one of our A-team units.

TISHA. Tisha Colayco considers herself as very new as far as CY A work experience is 'concerned, having been involved with it only last year. After finishing her degree in AB Interdisciplinary Studies at the Ateneo, Tisha's original plan was to do some social work through JesuitVolunteers Philippines. How she ended up in CY A was a decision that, she says, God made for her. Tisha hopes to be able to work with the poor someday and share with them God's great love. At present she just wants to continue relying on God as He reveals more of His plans for her, especially with regards to the work that He has invited her to partake of. Tisha is presently serving at the Ateneo and in administration.

5YD. Syd Calo is another Interdisciplinary Studies graduate of the Atcneo. A natural athlete, Syd loves the outdoors. Having Iived in the States and in Africa and in Butuan, Mindanao, 'he has always had a natural fondness for nature and the wildlife. But aside from nature, Syd too had always wanted to work with young people. "Somehow, I have a growing burden for the youth, especially as I know what many of them are going through." Right now, Syd finds his work very challenging, "which makes me more and more realize that this is the Lord's work and I need to constantly seek Him". Presently, Syd is mainly working with our groups in the Ateneo aside from lending some helping hand in UP and in the other non-sectarian colleges.

LANDA. Landa Campos is a fresh marketing management graduate of St. Scholastica's College. Having been actively involved with the group "Diadema" for the last 3 years, Landa says that she has somehow anticipated the possibility of serving in this capacity though it was only this year that things became' a lot clearer for her. "I really knew that it was the Lord who was personally invitingme" remarks Landa after receiving the formal . invitation to ·W-ork. for CY A. As .she -looks back, l.anda is ·very· pleased with this de; cis ion as-she considers it as just one of the many opportunities God has given her to . say "yes" to Him. Right now, "I look at this service as my own opportunity to u ffer back to God everything that He has given me".


We recognize that this is also a time for sacrifice, a time to deny ourselves in order to live for God, to live for others, especially for those who are not yet born.


After the historical February revolu.tion in our country, where we saw God's direct intervention, CY A issued its own official statement. It was a statement of than ksgiving and gratitude, first to God for hearing our prayers and preventing a bloody revolution, and second to the people who were involved, both the recognized and.unrecognized heroes of the 4-day revolution, for their faith, courage and bravery. It was also a statement of encouragement and exhortation to the Filipino nation, especially to the youth, to continue the work that was started,and to take on the role that we have to carry ahead of us. The February revoltuion is and will always be something to look back to and remember. Reflecting upon it will always lead one to have a deeper faith and trust in a God who hears and Iistens, and most specially, in a God who saves. If only to remind ourselves of what God has sovereignly done in our land, and of what God intends to continue doing in us and through us, we have reprinted an excerpt from that statement for all of you. . . .


"W~ would like to thank the Almighty God, who by the death and resurrection of His Son Jesus, showed us tremendous mercy and love during this critical time in our nation's history. We thank God for giving us the grace to pray, to intercede, to trust and to hope even when all seemed lost. We thank God for revealing Himself to us through the mighty miracles He worked in' individual lives, as well as in the life of our nation. We recognize that although many battles have been won, the war is not yet over. We recognize that only until men and women live under the lordship of Christ, peace, love, and justice will always be lacking in bur country. We recognize thatit will only be when Jesus comes again that¡ justice, peace and love will be completed; but that we are called to hasten the day of His coming by living lives of righteousness, holiness and unity. We recogn ize that the youth of th is land have a crucial role to play in the rebuilding of this nation. We recognize that God is calling them to reform their lives, to put their faith in Christ, and to join together with other dedicated Christians to rebuild this nation that is founded firm in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We recognize that the revolution is not yet complete. We recognize that God wants a nation whose hearts and minds and lives reflect the life and love of God and who are truly a Light to Asia. We commit ourselves to prayer, to fasting, to repentance, to loyalty to one another and to the body of Christ. We commit ourselves to evangelization through word and deed. We commit ourselves to continue to speak of God's love and truth to those who seek Him. God will not stop the work four hundred years ago in our cannot stop either. LET THE REVOLUTION

He began Iand. We


Ateaeo Rogel Steve Tisha

e Manna IJnivet:Sity: Plata, Beth Melchor, Sando Syd Calo, Colayco

Uni I"Si$y ctUaAtn

ody Juan, ~

omas: Punta\"

EiWia"Navuro University of I?hilipl;lines: Gil Gafeste, Lorna Santiagp I)CjLa SaHe Urilversity: Harvey Campos

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