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Whew!"That was one busy summer! ~. ( I was glad to be part of God's mighty action during those two exciting months. ·Tnlly, our summer activities were richly blessed by the Lord. t



About 250 young people, dressed in cowboy outfits, packed the covered fcourt of ICA for our first CY A-wide Barn Dance. One thing about our people, • ,they really have the energy for this so ·t of thing! Two hours on their feet and they .still insisted on "stripping the willow"!

Breaktime during the Bam Dance doesn't mean taking a break from fun and laughter!

That barn dance was a good opportunity for everyone to get to know each other. One spiritual insight I got: Square dancing is like the Christian life. You're not just concerned with the way you dance, but how everybody else is doing. Isn't our Christian life a matter of looking after and caring for each other, too? For two weeks in the middle of May, more than 110 brothers and sisters made their way to the Mary the Queen Parish Hall for the Summer Leadership Training Program. From the very start, we told everyone that their training would not be mainly a "transferring of technology" but training by the Lord himself. True enough, everyone experienced God's active presence in the morning prayers, in the talks and workshops, and especially in the weekend retreat that culminated their training.

Here are a few of those who attended from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia,

the Training Program. Included are brothers USA, Cagayan de Oro and Cotabato City.

I get excited every time I remember the young leaders who were with us. For the first time, we found ourselves working with many leaders from various prayer and campus groups throughout the Philippines and Asia. In all, four Asian countries and more than ten local cities were represented. I see this as an affirmation that CY A's mission field goes beyond Manila. I believe the Lord will continue to use us to reach out to Asia. God will see to that!

"I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, have kept the faith." (2 Tim 4:7)

Right smack in the middle of the Training Program were two days of sports competition. Called the CYA Summer Games '85, the event brought together over 300 athletes in friendly competition. The opening ceremonies, banners and the atmosphere of brotherhood and sisterhood constantly reminded everyone that they were there not to "slug it out" but to glorify God and build up one another. Hence, the most important awards were the Most Brotherly and Most Sisterly Team Awards. Congratulations to the Thomasian Christian Brotherhood and AWIT for winning these awards! (And especially to TCB for being the Most Brotherly Team for the third consecutive year!) Rounding up our summer events' was the CYA Entertainment Night. Held at the St. Francis Auditorium last May 31, the original one-act musical play in Tagalog was both entertaining and evangelistic. The entire stage effort taught us many things: That brothers and sisters can really be counted on. That our talents put together can create something truly beautiful. And that it is the Lord who blesses and guarantees success in our endeavors.

I believe the lessons we learned in the Entertainment Night can apply to all our summer events, and even to our CYA life. We need to remember always the importance of loyalty and commitment, of unity and cooperation. Most of all, we need to remember that from God alone comes the grace, and to him alone belongs the glory. Many of you know by now that Francis Iturralde and I will be leaving for Ann Arbor, Michigan in a short while. Like Mike Joseph and Gil Galeste, we'll be there for one year to undergo pastoral and evangelism training with University Christian Outreach. Please pray that the Lord may teach us many things so that we may better serve you when we return. Two brothers and one sister have recently joined our CYA staff as full-tirrr workers. Steve Sandoval, a graduate of the Ateneo, is assigned to that university. John Baron finished his Pre-Med at the University of Michigan. He is now assisting Steve in ol.lr Ateneo outreach and Gil at UP. John is also our CYA administrator. Lorna Santiago, also a recent graduate (UP, Psychology), serves at UP. I would like to use this opportunity to thank Glen Garcia and Marissa Maloles for the time and effort they put into CY A these past few years. Glen was our efficient administrator, -and Marissa our unit leader at St. Schoo Both have discerned God's call for them to move on. Many thanks, and God bless you! Finally, I want to encourage all of you to remain faithful to the Lord. Our God is steadfast and true. May we love and serve him always!

Yours in Christ,



After many hours of preparation, prayer, fasting and vigils, the Archdiocesan Youth Day of Renewal finally pulled through. Organized by CYA, the event gathered together over 4,500 young people at the Ateneo covered courts last August 4. The talks given by Mike Joseph, Fr. Ramon Cavanna, SDB and Fr. John Bertolucci inspired almost everyone to a recommitment to the Lord. May our youth be ever renewed in Christ Jesus!

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Action Update 1985 (August)  

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