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English / Literacy Penpals for Handwriting 4


i-learn: writing 8


i-learn: speaking and listening 10




Searchlights for Spelling 14 Cornerstones for Writing 16 Storybook Phonics 18 Phonics Focus 19 Dog and Cat 20 NEW! Cambridge Handwriting (Ruq'ah Arabic Edition) 21

Primary School Chinese

Coding Club

Mathematics Apex Maths 22





NEW! Cambridge Word Problems (Arabic)




6 Plus 25 Mult-e-Maths


Mult-e-Maths Toolbox


A Maths Dictionary for Kids


Perfect Times


Other Subjects

Cambridge Word Problems

Cambridge Handwriting

Race to Learn


NEW! Primary School Chinese


Minimus and Minimus Secundus (Latin) 32 ICT for Starters


NEW! Coding Club


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Header Ages 3-11

Ages 3-11 English / Literacy

English / Literacy Colourful Big Books • Ideal for use with small groups. • Model letter formations, joins and styles effectively. • Write-on / wipe-off laminated pages for interactive teaching.

Gives teachers the confidence to teach a fluent, legible handwriting style!

Penpals for Handwriting Written by: Gill Budgell and Kate Ruttle Series Consultants: Sue Palmer and Professor Rhona Stainthorp

“The interface is bright, colourful, very interactive, well organised and simple to navigate for teachers and children alike.”


Penpals for Handwriting is a complete handwriting scheme for 3-11 year olds, teaching children to use a fast and fluent handwriting style to help them to achieve their potential in writing.

• Five unique developmental phases provide clear progression for children aged 3 to 11.

Focusing on whole-class teaching using CD-ROMs for the interactive whiteboard, and Big Books for group work, this scheme will significantly improve all levels of handwriting in your school.

• Sky-writing and lesson warm-ups develop the fine and gross-motor skills that are crucial for handwriting.

• CD-ROMs support interactive, direct teaching to the whole class using an interactive whiteboard. • Links to phonics and spelling reinforce essential learning.

• Same objectives but different content from the CD-ROMs. • Links to high-frequency words to reinforce essential learning. • Practice feature for pencil control is great for early finishers. • Provides consolidation and extra practice for small groups working with a Teaching Assistant.

“Penpals for Handwriting is the first resource I’ve ever seen that actually shows you how to teach handwriting...I’ve seen a lot of very happy children using it.”

Teachers TV


Introducing horizontal join to s:


Practise the join.

w>[ w>[ w>[ Teacher Books

Write the phrases.

Read and write these words.


b@oúw>[ i<n roúw>[


• Full planning for whole-class session.

c·roúw>[ i<n roúw>[


• Scope and sequence charts.

wëi<n<d<oúw>[ i<n roúw>[


• Suggestions for using the CD-ROMs.

• Annotated facsimilies of Big Book and Practice Book pages. Practise the pattern.

• Photocopy masters for additional practice or homework.

Pupil Practice Books • Reinforcement of work on phonics.

Check out our new Arabic handwriting product on page 21!

• Opportunities to practise writing letter patterns in context. • Reinforcement of high-frequency words. • Pattern practice.




Header Ages 3-11

Ages 3-11 English / Literacy

English / Literacy

Penpals Development Phase

Engaging CD-ROMs â&#x20AC;˘ Animations of letter formations and key joins for a perfect model, taking the pressure off you! â&#x20AC;˘ Animated sky-writing patterns for practising letters and joining patterns in the air.

Creative mark-making

â&#x20AC;˘ Video exercises for gross and fine motor skills to prepare pupils for handwriting.

Fine and gross motor skills

â&#x20AC;&#x153;We have seen a marked improvement in all childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s handwriting.â&#x20AC;? Colerne Primary School, Chippenham


This CD-ROM complements the Penpals Foundation 1 Teacherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Book and audio CD (ISBN 978-1-84565-171-8) Visit for a component list, full system requirements, FAQs and much much more!

1 Gross & Fine Motor Skills and Letter Formation

Ages 3-5

â&#x17E;&#x153; Interactive whiteboard activities â&#x17E;&#x153; Speaking and listening opportunities â&#x17E;&#x153; Gross and fine motor skill activities

For help using Penpals see the booklet, call our technical support team on 01223 325040 or email System requirements MSI package included for easy installation onto your: MicrosoftÂŽ WindowsÂŽ 2000/XP(SP 2)/Vistaâ&#x201E;˘ or RMÂŽ Community ConnectÂŽ 3 network Mac OSÂŽ X v.10.3.9/10.4.9 MicrosoftÂŽ WindowsÂŽ Server 2000/2003 network AdobeÂŽ ReaderÂŽ 8.1 (included on CD-ROM) Š Gill Budgell (frattempo) and Kate Ruttle 2007 Software Š Cambridge-Hitachi 2007

â&#x20AC;˘ A single file which can easily be installed on any machine on your school network. Sassoon Penpals Line

Sassoon Penpals Joined Line*

*Microsoft Word 2010 (PC) and 2011 (Mac) only.

Sassoon Penpals Tracker

Kate Ruttle



978-0-521-75500-9 978-0-521-75501-6




















3 Securing the Joins

2 Beginning to Join



4 Practising Speed and Fluency

Sassoon Penpals Joined*

Gill Budgell


5 Presentation Skills

Ages 4-5 Ages 5-6 Ages 6-7 Sassoon Penpals

Ages 9-10


Ages 8-9

Ages 7-8

Junior Education




â&#x20AC;&#x153;A brilliant resource for teaching handwriting, and a highly appropriate use of ICT to enhance the delivery of literacy. The CD-ROMs, designed to be used with an interactive whiteboard, have many excellent features and are well worth the cost.â&#x20AC;?

â&#x20AC;˘ Font works in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint and other programs that support OpenType fonts.

Big Book


â&#x17E;&#x153; Ideal for children aged 3â&#x20AC;&#x201C;5, and suitable for use before and alongside any handwriting scheme


â&#x20AC;˘ Presentation skills and revision of basic handwriting issues at Years 5 and 6 (ages 9-11).

â&#x20AC;˘ Teachers and children can make use of it to create class displays, make name cards, and design their own handwriting worksheets.

Pupil Practice Books

â&#x17E;&#x153; Teacher-led speaking and listening sessions, and structured and unstructured mark-making games

â&#x20AC;˘ Teacher notes to support you in directly teaching handwriting.

â&#x20AC;˘ Provides five versions of Sassoon Cambridge Joiner.

Teacher Books

â&#x17E;&#x153; Warm up activities to develop fine and gross motor skills

â&#x20AC;˘ Video clips for guidance on correct posture and pencil hold for left- and right-handed pupils.

â&#x20AC;˘ Fonts are based on the groundbreaking research of handwriting specialist and designer Rosemary Sassoon.



Header Ages 5-11

Ages 5-11 English / Literacy

English / Literacy

Interactive DVD-ROMs!

i-learn: writing Series Editor: Pie Corbett A non-fiction writing resource designed to take a class through the whole writing process from reading and ‘talk for writing’ to practice and assessment for learning.

• Each DVD-ROM covers six non-fiction text types. • Speaking and listening activities are provided throughout – from ‘talk for writing’ through to drama games - to give children confidence in their class. • Unique author interviews for each text type give children an insight into audience and purpose. •

Supports ‘Talk for Writing’ “The software really does take children through the writing process in enjoyable, interactive steps.”

• Author videos add immediacy and interest to non-fiction writing.

• Lessons can be easily adapted for two different year groups.

• The high quality model texts on each disc have been written on a variety of inspiring themes - from UFOs and tornado chasing to Egyptian mummies.

• 60 pages of teachers notes provide ideas for each unit.

Teach Primary

• Speaking and listening activities are provided throughout.

Ages 5-7

Ages 7-9

Ages 9-11




• Teach using the prepared lessons or create your own personalised lessons with the i-learn Pad – a flexible approach that is ideal for teachers. •

Includes material for shared and demonstration writing using the interactive whiteboard, and activities for individuals or groups of children working at computers.

A thematic approach, including popular topics such as extreme weather, Ancient Egypt, the unexplained and newspapers, will fit easily with your existing planning.


• Each unit has nine focuses, moving your class from enjoying model texts through to planning, writing and publishing their own work.

DVD-ROMs (For PC Only)


Header Ages 5-11

Ages 5-11 English / Literacy

English / Literacy

i-learn: speaking and listening Series Editor: Louise Glasspoole Supports the explicit and systematic teaching of speaking, listening, group work and drama. The software uses videos and interactive activities to inspire children to develop their language skills. Good models of speaking and listening are presented. Children develop and practise these skills in groups, using techniques such as snowballing, jigsawing and rainbowing. The skills learned can be applied to other curriculum areas: e.g. conscience alleys for History or debating for Geography.

Systematic teaching of speaking and listening skills • Planned and purposeful opportunities for talk. • Inspiring models for speaking, listening or drama in each unit.

Setting the scene Learning from models Each unit begins with a series of fun Your class watches or listens to good activities which introduce the theme. models of speaking and listening. Working from these, children come up with a set of top tips.

Let’s practise Children practise their speaking and listening skills in activities inspired by on-screen examples.

Let’s practise some more… The opportunities for practice continue but with more of an emphasis on group discussion and interaction.

Over to you… The unit ends with an engaging task with an emphasis on audience and purpose. Children can assess their own performance at the end.

• The flexibility to rehearse and apply skills in literacy and across the curriculum. • Teach with the prepared lessons or create your own personalised lessons with the i-learn Pad – a flexible approach that is ideal for teachers. • Over 90 videos across the series model good practice and provide stimuli for talk.

How did they do? Your class assesses the performance (good and bad!) of the children in the video clips. Using their learning from the unit so far, children analyse the clips and suggest improvements.

Ages 5-7

Ages 7-9

Ages 9-11







DVD-ROMs (For PC Only)

• Opportunities to talk about talk and reflect upon its usage. • Planned assessment opportunities. • The Teacher Books for each disc include lesson planning, ideas for differentiation and cross-curricular links. Teacher Books



Header Ages 5-11

Ages 5-11 English / Literacy

English / Literacy

Every i-read disc offers a selection of original texts enhanced with audio, video and on-screen activities! • Bright design and suitable fonts make on-screen reading a pleasure. • The easy-to-use toolbar allows you to highlight and annotate texts. • Interactive activities consolidate and extend understanding. Colourful anthologies! • Each text is also available in one of the colourful i-read anthologies. • Use the anthologies for group reading or book bags.

Supports shared reading!

i-read Series Editors: Pie Corbett and Ann Webley An easy-to-use resource for teaching essential reading skills to the whole class, using an interactive whiteboard. i-read features fiction, poetry and non-fiction texts which have been specially commissioned by Series Editors Pie Corbett and Ann Webley, to engage and delight children. The texts have been enhanced for teaching on an interactive whiteboard with features such as audio files, music, sound effects, readings, dialogues, author interviews and storytelling, video clips, animations and photographs, questions, glossaries, activities and phonics games, to hone listening skills and help children to engage with the texts. Each CD-ROM includes succinct lesson notes to support busy teachers, NQTs and Teaching Assistants.

“A very well thought-out product. The package effectively provides a year's activities, good texts and ICT integrated in an effective and meaningful way.”

• Poetry performances from Paul Cookson, Val Bloom and others.

Ages 7-8







Ages 8-9

Ages 9-10

Ages 10-11







Anthology Packs

• Direct teaching of reading – you demonstrate different strategies, then the children have a go themselves. • Pupil anthologies for fiction, non-fiction and poetry support guided and independent reading away from the whiteboard.

Ages 6-7

DVD-ROMs (For PC Only)

ICT for Education

• High-quality whole texts from top children’s authors to foster reading for pleasure.

Ages 5-6

DVD-ROMs (For PC Only)

Anthology Packs



Header Ages 6-11

Ages 6-11 English / Literacy

English / Literacy

Product Information Ages 6-7

Ages 7-8

Ages 8-9

Ages 9-10

Ages 10-11




















CD-ROMs (For PC Only)

Teacher Book

Searchlights for Spelling Written by: Chris Buckton and Pie Corbett

Teach children a range of multi-sensory strategies to support an investigative approach to spelling!

Pupil Book

Equips all young writers with the strategies they need to tackle spelling, leaving them free to compose their written work with speed and confidence. Photocopy Masters

The series provides a variety of activities for use in whole-class and independent work, including dictation tests that build into a complete narrative and reinforce spelling in practice. • CD-ROMs, Big Books and OHTs allow you to model spelling strategies and make development and recapping of objectives easy. • Children have plenty of practice, including spelling tasks and dictation tests.

• Teachers are supported with a planned and progressive scheme of work.


• Independent activities are differentiated at three levels to ensure progression for all children.




Header Ages 4-11

Ages 4-11 English / Literacy

English / Literacy

Product Information Ages 4-5

Cornerstones for Writing Written by: Chris Buckton, Leonie Bennett, Alison Green, Jill Hurlstone and Jane Woods By offering a rich variety of differentiated activities with clear progression, Cornerstones for Writing provides real inspiration.

“Brilliant - for the price of a week's supply cover, I have all the writing covered at KS2 for the whole year.”

Sacred Heart RC Primary School, Lancashire


Equips pupils with essential writing skills!

Ages 9-10

Big Book


Overhead Transparencies


Teacher's Book and CD


Pupil's Book


Teacher's Book


Ages 5-6 Big Book


Ages 10-11

Teacher's Book and CD


Overhead Transparencies


Pupil's Book


Teacher's Book


Ages 6-7 Pupil's Book


• We’ve done all the searching for quality model texts so you can make light work of planning.

Teacher's Book and CD


• Focus on a five-step process of writing: analysing (modelling), planning, drafting, editing and publishing.

Overhead Transparencies Pack 978-0-521-80543-8

Ages 7-8

• Drive children towards a quality piece of writing over a series of lessons.

Pupil's Book


Teacher's Book


• Teacher Books provide clear lesson plans to guide you through each of the five steps, plus copymasters, self-assessment sheets and homework ideas.

Ages 8-9

• Pupil Books include plenty of opportunities for speaking, listening and ‘talk for writing’ to give children confidence in their ideas.

Overhead Transparencies


Poster Pack


Pupil's Book


Teacher's Book



Header Ages 4-7

Ages 5-9 English / Literacy

English / Literacy

Helps children to become confident and successful spellers!

Storybook Phonics Written by: Tony Mitton, Cynthia Rider, Kate Ruttle and Francis Lynne A lively phonics resource that helps children to read with confidence! Each CD-ROM contains a number of engaging stories that have been brought to life by professional narrators. Each story features a different target sound and a bank of stimulating word games and activities. The accompanying children’s books are ideal guided reading resources. • The 'talking stories' are attractively illustrated and animated to motivate pupils. •

Stories are supported by fun, interactive games which give pupils the opportunity to develop blending skills for fluent reading, and to practice segmenting skills for accurate spelling.

• Ideal for independent and pair work on computers, Storybook Phonics is also suitable for whole-class work, using an interactive whiteboard.

Product Information Ages 5-6 Consonant clusters

Ages 4-5 CVC words

Ages 6-7 Long vowel sounds

CD-ROM (for PC and Mac)

Storybook Phonics 1 CD-ROM CVC Words 978-1-845-65021-6

Storybook Phonics 2 CD-ROM Consonant Clusters 978-1-845-65022-3

Storybook Phonics 3 CD-ROM Long Vowel Sounds 978-1-845-65023-0

Children’s Books Storybook Phonics Children’s Book Pack 2 (4 titles) 978-0-521-77549-6 Storybook Phonics Children’s Book Pack 3 (4 titles) 978-0-521-77548-9

• Printable teacher notes are provided for each activity to save planning time. • The stories are also available as children's books - an ideal group reading resource.

The Blob can Blink! 978-0-521-01397-0

The Popcorn Boy 978-0-52101-419-9

The Tricky Troll and the Billy Goats Gruff 978-0-521-01399-4

Billy Bear and the Pear Tree Fairy 978-0-52101-423-6

The Crocodile’s Sky Snack 978-0-521-01402-1

The Haunted House 978-0-52101-425-0

Wisp 978-0-521-01407-6

Gertie the Goat 978-0-52101-427-4

The Giant of the Sky 978-0-521-01409-0

The Magic Porridge Pot 978-0-52101-429-8

The Shy Dragon and the White Knight 978-0-521-01411-3

Peacock’s New Name 978-0-52101-433-5

• Structured, progressive and cumulative practice activities for all pupils.

Written by: Kate and Keith Ruttle Provides interactive computer-based activities for pupils to develop their phonic skills in order to reinforce their spelling skills. Phonics Focus helps you to track children’s progress and customise activities to suit the needs of children or groups in your class.

• Beneficial for those who struggle with spelling. • Record and track progress, and set a sequence of work to give children support where it is needed most. • Offers screens suitable for whole-class teaching using interactive whiteboards.

“Particularly nice features include the facility to customise a selection of the activities with specific target words and to save these for future use.”

Schoolzone website

Product Information Ages 5-6

Ages 6-7

Ages 7-8

Ages 8-9





CD-ROM (for PC and Mac)

Charlie Chimpanzee 978-0-521-01413-7 The Wind and the Sun 978-0-521-01415-1


Phonics Focus

A Star in a Marmalade Jar 978-0-521-01417-5


Header Ages 3-5

Ages 3-11 English / Literacy

English / Literacy

Cambridge Handwriting Ruq'ah Arabic Edition Series Consultant: Sultan Maqtari. Cambridge Handwriting is designed to support the whole-class teaching of handwriting in a variety of styles and languages.

Dog and Cat From Q&D Multimedia Ltd and Cambridge Hitachi

Supports Letters and Sounds and Jolly Phonics

Watch Dog and Cat bring five favourite children’s traditional tales to life … all from the comfort of their own living room! With superb animations and audio, children will be instantly enthralled.

The early literacy CD-ROM offers six stimulating activities for each story at two levels: ages 3-4 and ages 4-5. The activities provide the opportunity for children to learn with active and engaging learning experiences incorporating Sequencing, Jigsaws, Auditory Discrimination and much more…

Your Dog and Cat pack includes:

Product Information

• Early Literacy with Dog and Cat CD-ROM

• A single DVD-ROM supports interactive, direct teaching to the whole class using an interactive whiteboard or data projector. • Animations of letter formations and key joins for a perfect model - taking the pressure off you! • Every letter is shown in its isolated, initial medial and final positions using a simple Ruq'ah style. • Sky-writing and lesson warm-ups develop the fine- and gross-motor skills that are crucial for handwriting.

The Arabic edition of Cambridge Handwriting was developed in consultation with calligrapher and font designer Sultan Maqtari. All letters in all positions are provided.

• Video clips for guidance on correct posture and pencil hold for left- and right-handed pupils. • Suitable for use before and alongside any handwriting book.

Product Information

• Dog and Cat Letters and Sounds Phase One CD-ROM • Dog and Cat Letters and Sounds Phase Two CD-ROM • Dog and Cat Letters and Sounds Phase Three CD-ROM • Site Licence

How do I order? Quote the mailshot code: M408027 when calling customer services


Video clips on the DVD-ROM provide warm-up exercises to develop gross- and fine-motor skills.




Header Ages 5-11 Mathematics

Ages 5-11 Mathematics

Product Information DVD-ROM (for PC and Mac)

Teacher Books


















Pupil Books

Ages 5-6

Ages 6-7

Apex Maths

Covers all problem-solving objectives for children aged 5-11!

Ages 7-8

Designed to develop thinking skills and enable children to reach a higher level of mathematical achievement. The Apex Maths Word Problem DVD-ROMs contain an extensive database of ‘story’ problems to create high-quality worksheets, with interactive whiteboard versions if needed.

• The CD-ROMs are invaluable resources for enriching mathematical understanding, through a series of more than 500 stimulating word problems.

Ages 8-9

The word problems can be selected according to level of complexity, mathematical operation and topic, allowing teachers to create activity sheets tailored to the needs of individual pupils. The Apex Maths books provide 30 fully differentiated problems for each year, which can fit naturally into your maths planning. Class plenaries and background mathematical support for teachers are included.

• Pupil Books help children to explore different methods, develop problem-solving skills and understand the mathematics involved.

Written by: Paul Harrison and Peter Clarke Apex Maths features stimulating problems to stretch the attainment of every child!

• Teacher Books provide lesson plans and problem- solving strategies, and include a bank of oral and mental problem-solving starters. Ages 9-10

Ages 10-11

Ages 10-11




Header Ages 5-12 Mathematics

Ages 10-11 Mathematics

Cambridge Word Problems (Arabic) Written by: Paul Harrison and Peter Clarke

Challenges and extends mathematical thinking of children aged 10+!

The Apex Maths DVD-ROMs are also available in a culturally-appropriate edition for Arabic-speaking schools. Just ask for Cambridge Word Problems! •

Through a series of stimulating problems, Cambridge Word Problems (Arabic) enables every child to develop their thinking skills and attain a higher level of mathematical achievement.

6 Plus

• The DVD-ROMs provide more than 500 problems for each year group, which can be used to create high-quality worksheets, with interactive whiteboard versions if needed.

The word problems can be selected according to level of complexity, mathematical operation and topic, allowing teachers to create activity sheets tailored to the needs of individual pupils.

Product Information DVD-ROM (for PC and Mac)

DVD-ROM (for PC and Mac)

DVD-ROM (for PC and Mac)

“Clear, concise and easy to follow.”

Written by: Paul Harrison and Jeanette Mumford The stimulating extension activities, for children working at Level 5 and beyond, encourage them to use and apply their knowledge and broaden their understanding of maths concepts.

Cliffe Woods Primary School, Rochester

• Designed to develop thinking and reasoning skills. • Suitable for mixed ability classes or ability sets. • Can be used by children working independently.

Ages 8-9

Ages 5-6



Ages 9-10

Ages 6-7


Ages 7-8


Ages 11-12

• Includes manageable teacher notes.



Teacher Book

Pupil Book



10+ 978-1-845-65266-1

Ages 10-11




Header Ages 7-11 Mathematics

Ages 7-11 Mathematics

Mult-e-Maths Toolbox Series Consultant: Anita Straker A flexible interactive whiteboard resource for getting across difficult teaching points with high visual impact. The software complements any existing Maths scheme by providing visual representations of mathematical ideas that make them easier for children to understand.


• Suitable for ages 7-11, the eight mini-toolboxes are arranged by mathematical strand. • Use the workspace and tools to create learning experiences customised for your class. • Set up maths activities to suit your learning objectives. • Share saved lessons across a network or set them up at home and email them to yourself at school.

Gives children a thirst for Maths!

Series Consultant: Anita Straker Written in conjunction with BEAM and leading Maths consultant, Anita Straker, Mult-e-Maths encourages children to predict, manipulate, try things out, explain and discuss - enabling a fun learning process.

• Encourages flexibility – the Lesson Builder allows you to personalise resources and organise lessons to suit the needs of your class.

• More effective use of assessment – incorporates suggestions for assessment, careful questioning and differentiation into every activity.

• Structuring teaching and learning – the Planning CD-ROM features plans which are customisable to meet the needs of your school.

• Broadening and strengthening pedagogy – provides visual and effective resources with clear teaching notes for the more challenging areas of Mathematics.

Raising expectations – organised into the seven strands across each year group, Mult-e-Maths builds progression across topics and years, helping you increase pace.

Product Information Mult-e-Maths New Framework Edition CD-ROMS Age 7-8

Age 8-9

Age 9-10

Age 10-11





Multi-e-Maths Toolbox CD-ROM (Ages 5-11)

101 Ways to use the Mult-e-Maths Toolbox at KS1 Teachers Book and CD-ROM (Ages 5-7)

Talking Points with the Mult-e-Maths Toolbox Teacher's Book and CD-ROM (Ages 7-11)




Mult-e-Maths Toolbox CD-ROMS



Header Ages 5-11 Mathematics

Ages 10-11 Cross-curricular

A Maths Dictionary for Kids Written by: Jenny Eather • An interactive dictionary used to introduce new terms to children and reinforce previous work. • Can be used for whole-class teaching on an interactive whiteboard or for individual reference on computers. • 978-1-845-65033-9

Provides a clear focus for the whole class when introducing lesson objectives, as an oral and mental starter activity, and as a reminder of concepts already covered.

• Use as a research tool for follow up activities or as a practice tool where further support is needed. • Not available for purchase outside of the UK.

Race to Learn Written by: Louise Glasspoole, Gillian Ravenscroft and Frances Ridley Developed in partnership with Williams F1, Race to Learn is an exciting teaching resource that develops children’s group-working skills. What makes this resource different is the real-life context for learning provided by Formula One racing.

An exciting resource that develops group working skills!

• Ideal for ages 10-11, children develop group-working skills as they work together in small racing teams.

Perfect Times

• Attractive to both girls and boys, reluctant learners, and the gifted and talented.

Developed by: Wendy Fortescue-Hubbard, NESTA Fellow and TES Math agony Aunt

• Behind-the-scenes footage from Williams F1 to engage and excite children.

• Fun and motivating games help pupils to improve their knowledge of number facts. • Supports recognition of multiples and factors, and different types of number sequences – squares, cubes and triangle numbers.

Take a free trial

• Arabic version also available.

Product Information

• Results can be displayed as printable graphs so you can easily monitor the progress of whole classes and targets.

English CD-ROM (for PC Only)

Arabic CD-ROM (for PC Only)



• A time score motivates pupils to learn as they monitor their own progress. Ages 10-11




Header Ages 4-11 Chinese

Ages 4-11 Chinese

Product Information Book 1

Book 2

Book 3

Character Book







Primary School Chinese Written by: Marcus Reoch and Anne Martin Primary School Chinese aims to encourage children to have lots of fun learning Chinese, with an emphasis on speaking and writing Chinese characters! • Written by primary school teachers, these books are the perfect introduction to Chinese language and culture for the younger age groups. •

There are ten chapters in each book, each one introducing a new key topic and the language learnt is continuously revised and reinforced. Each chapter also contains the Great Wall challenge, stickers and a certificate page.


Encourage children to have fun learning Chinese! •

The books contain key sentence structures and a wide variety of games and puzzles to help children to practise Chinese. Clear, large character-writing grids help children with character writing and there are games to make character learning fun.



Primary School Chinese app now available to buy on itunes


Over 200 language and Chinese character games. Full audio for each language and learning point. Full breakdown of Chinese characters.




Header Ages 7-13 Latin

Ages 7-11 ICT 2



Meet the family

Time for celebration!

It’s the Saturnalia!

Who are you? 1


Minimus sum. m–s sum.



quis es?


Lepid#na c•nam coquit.

Lepid#na sum. måter sum.

Såturnålia adsunt. Flåvia et Gåius v#sitant.

cibus optimus est!



quis es?


quis es?

Fl¡via sum. f#lia sum.


Fl¡vius sum. pater sum.

Pandøra in lectø recumbit. Pandøra pilleum gerit.

Candidus cibum gustat. 5

quis es?

I–lius sum. f#lius sum.



quis es?


R–fus sum. #nf¡ns sum.

Corinthus et Candidus quoque recumbunt. Corinthus et Candidus pilleøs gerunt.

Minimus and Minimus Secundus Written by: Barbara Bell Illustrated by: Helen Forte

hodi• serv# sumus!

Flåvius et R–fus cibum portant.

• Develops language, awareness, literacy and cross- curricular skills. • Brings Roman culture to life, through myths, stories and illustrations. • Ideal for lunch and after-school clubs.

Join in the fun with Minimus, the mouse that made Latin cool! Through its mix of myths, stories, grammar support and historical background, Minimus provides an enjoyable introduction to both Latin and the culture of Roman Britain. Minimus Secundus is the sequel to Minimus. It combines the comprehensive teaching of Latin vocabulary and grammar with a further insight into the culture of Roman Britain.

• Supports cross-curricular activities including Geography, History, RE and Art. • The CD features readings and extracts to help with pronunciation and contains lively readings of the Latin text to help motivate pupils. •

The teacher resource book contains English translations of the Latin passages, photocopiable worksheets and full teaching notes to support the non-specialist teacher.

Product Information Ages 7-11

Ages 7-11

Ages 7-11

Ages 10-13

Ages 10-13

Ages 10-13

Pupil's Book

Teacher's Resource Book

Audio CD

Pupil's Book

Teacher's Resource Book

Audio CD





Boost ICT skills from age five!

Make Latin fun for 7-13 year-olds!



• Endorsed by University of Cambridge International Examinations.

ICT Starters

• Each book closely matches the content and order of the syllabus. • An easy-to-follow format with clear learning objectives to assist lesson planning.

Written by: Jill Jesson and Graham Peacock A complete ICT course for children from five years of age. Using lively illustrations and screen displays, these books build and develop students' ICT skills.

Product Information

• Step-by-step instructions in using a range of computer programs. • Stimulating and fun activities, including how to create and edit stories and poems, create pictures, organise multimedia presentations and design posters. • Training in how to carry out essential ICT tasks such as composing, sending and receiving emails, modifying spreadsheets and graphs, and searching for online information.

Initial Steps

Next Steps Stage 1

Next Steps Stage 2

On Track Stage 1

On Track Stage 2








Header Ages 10-11 ICT

Contact information

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Cambridge University Press Av. Juramento 2059 Piso 7, Oficinas 702 / 704, (C1428DNG) Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires República Argentina

Coding Club: Python Basics Level 1 Written by: Chris Roffey Have you ever wondered how computers can make so much happen? How do they perform calculations, show movies and run amazing games? These are all examples of computer programs or applications (often known simply as apps). This lively book introduces you to the world of coding and to Python 3 – a fantastic language for you to start coding with.

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Learn the basics of coding and have fun! • Meet the coding club characters who provide handy hints and comments throughout. • Learn how to customise all the applications in the book to make them truly your own. • Find fun challenges and quick quizzes to help you become a great coder. • Find easy to navigate chapters that make the book accessible to all readers.

• Find all the code that you need, contained within colour highlighted boxes – making it easy to follow and de-bug.

The companion website provides the full source code for all the projects and challenges, as well as help for readers and teachers: With the help of this book, you will soon be customising the applications and it will not be long until you are writing your own!

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Cambridge University Press 100.Til Mahallesi 34440 BaÄ&#x;ailar Istanbul Turkey

Jan Logan

phone/fax 01642 786909 mobile 07774 239094

Phone: + (02) 1262 9080 8 Email:

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Please contact the Kenyan Office


Sam Day

Cambridge University Press The Edinburgh Building Shaftesbury Road Cambridge CB2 8RU

Chloe Harvey


UK Sales Consultant Map mobile 07774 239094 phone/fax 01462 678780 mobile 07884 265374

Sam Day

Jan Logan phone/fax 01480 470651 phone/fax 01642 786909 mobile 07774 239096 mobile 07774 239094

Chloe Harvey

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Phone: +(1) 8553 2082 50 Email:

phone/fax 01642 786909 mobile 07774 239094

Jan Logan phone/faxValpy 01642 786909 Gemma


Cambridge University Press 32 Avenue of the Americas NY 10013-2473 New York USA

Jan Logan

phone/fax 0117 944 5535 mobile 07899 843620

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phone/fax 01480 470651 mobile 07774 239096

Primary software technical support Email: Tel: +44(0) 1223 326 098

Cambridge University Press 4th Floor, 63A Nam Ky Hoi Nghia District 1, Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

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Chloe Harvey

Gemma Valpy

phone/fax 0117 944 5535 mobile 07899 843620

phone/fax 01462 678780 Sam Day mobile 07884 265374 phone/fax 01480 470651 mobile 07774 239096

Chloe Harvey

phone/fax 0117 944 5535 mobile 07899 843620

Gemma Valpy

phone/fax 01462 678780 mobile 07884 265374

Gemma Valpy

Dawn Needham

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phone/fax 01782 316433 mobile 07774 239107

Phone: +(848) 9141 797 Fax: +(848) 9141 748 Email:

Susannah Spillman

Dawn Needham

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Sam Day

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Chloe Harvey

phone/fax 0117 944 5535 mobile 07899 843620

phone/fax 01843 220673 mobile 07887 767585

Dawn Needham

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Cambridge University Press Primary Resources Catalogue 2013  

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