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Summer Hair Trends

70 She Does Justice

10 Summer Beauty Survival

74 Oh Rosie!

12 Blogger Love

82 Living Well


82 The Simple + Beautiful Life

16 Leading Lady: Kourtney Kardashian 24 Getting Honest with Jessica Alba

88 I Heart Organizing 98 An Intricate Balance

101 Inside the Hottest New Trend 104 House of Harper

115 Fashion Look Book


116 Defrump the Bump 28 Guide to Summer Shopping

120 Look, Linger, Love

48 Women In Business

124 Summer Style Guide

50 All the Pretty Clothes

125 The Perfect Summer Picnic

56 A Well Styled Home

134 Trendy Tot: School Daze

65 Jessica N Designs

136 Summer Checklist

Casi Densmore-Koon, Editor in Chief | Skye McLain, Editorial Assistant | Jessica Peterson, Designer 4

editor’s note

Can I get an amen? It’s summer! Can you believe it? I know, I can’t. First of all - I am so beyond excited for this issue because hellloooo - Kourtney Kardashian is our cover girl and we were so thrilled to show her off this June along with her newly launched line, Kardashian Kids! Kourtney has been a supporter since the start and we are forever grateful for her kind heart. Thank you, Kourt!! And the exclusive interviews don’t stop there -- we sat down with Rosie Pope and Jessica Alba and the pages are jammed packed with the most amazing interviews you’ll want to read over and over. From getting organized to simplifying your life and looking good while you do it with endless style inspiration! So what are you waiting for?? Grab a latte and flip-through the pretty pages -- happy reading!! Don’t forget to make a shopping list -- it’s full of amazing things I couldn’t wait to buy.

Le Lapin Bebe Pillow

As always -- I just want to thank you. Yes, you beautiful! Thank you for reading! Thank you for letting us be part of your day. Thank you for the support and love. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We wouldn’t be here without you. Lots of love, cupcake!



Casi Densmore-Koon Founder & Editor in Chief

don’t forget to follow us online! Stop by, tweet us @cupcakemag, follow us on Instagram, pin with us on Pinterest and say hi on Facebook!

Kardashian Kollection Sunnies

my favorite summer


Of One Sea Towel

Nickel + Suede Leather Earrings

Olivine is the best!


Lily Jade Diaper Bags ORG A N I Z I N G M OT H E R H O OD T h ro u g h t h e b a by y e a r s a n d b e yo n d

A brand who understands. Lily Jade is a designer diaper bag line aiming to make your transition through motherhood both seamless and stylish. Each Lily Jade bag is complete with the removable, washable, 16 pocket “Baby Bag” organizer for holding all of baby’s essentials while on the go. Or, leave it with the sitter for a date night. Beyond the baby years, your “Baby Bag” organizes children’s activities or work items. Mommies, your go-to bag has arrived.

6 W W . L I LY - J A D E . C O M W



Summer Hair

Trends To Try Say goodbye to fear-of-commitment! Shaynah Dodge, hairstylist and blogger at Pirates and Peonies introduces 3 summer hair trends that won’t scare you off. These awesome (and fun!) trends will help you fake it through the weekend party scene and you won’t have any regrets when you have to get dressed for work on Monday! HAIR CHALK Say hello to hair chalk! Yes, pastel hair is still in, and though the look is fun it is not really practical for most of our daily lives. Hair chalk is the perfect fix for when you are craving something new and adventurous, but you are too scared to make the jump to permanent pastel strands. It is also a good test run if you are considering taking the pastel plunge. We love these hair chalk starter sets from Free People here or from Urban Outfitters here. Pro tip 1: Wear gloves when applying, to avoid tinted fingers. Pro tip 2: If your hair is blonde due to bleach it may take a little more work to get hair chalk completely out of your strands - if you are in a pinch to get it out try mixing a small amount of baking soda into your shampoo to help loosen it from your blonde locks. Get Fringed! Bangs are always a great way to spice up bobs, polish off an updo, frame up your shaggy layers, or spice up that long hair that you just aren’t ready to chop. The commitment of bangs often comes with constant salon visit for trims and 8

mornings of frustration in the bathroom because they just won’t lay right. Well, we got your back! Now you can try the look whether you want a cute and soft look - or edgy vibe to scare off the competition. Clip-on bangs are the best way to give the look a trial run, or to save you from snagging the scissors from the junk drawer and snipping your own fringe. Try a local beauty shop or supply company or here is an online option here or here Pro tip 1: Matching clip-ons to your hair color is key to pulling off fake bangs as an impostor to the real thing Pro tip 2: Style hair prior to clipping in fake fringe because most clip-ins are made of synthetic hair and will melt near curling irons or blow dryers. Pro tip 3: Style your part with volume to help blend where the clip-on bangs are attached Short hair don’t care As a hairstylist I know that the fear of cutting your hair is one of the biggest challenges for women. Not only is it an emotional change, but it is irreversible. The faux bob is a fun a flirty way to change up your locks! All you need is texture (aka lots of curls), layers (the shorter the better), and bobby pins (lots of them!). Be prepared for your friends to be shocked by your change, only to show up to your next outing with your long hair back. This may take a few times to practice, but it is really fun to try, here is how: step one: curl your hair with a 1 inch curling iron and shake it out really good for added texture. step two: tease your hair really good all over for volume.

step three: clip up all your hair on top of your head leaving out the last 4 inches closest to your neck (that should be where all your length is). step four: roll the hair that you left out into a tight bun. You want to be sure to tighten all that length up in a secure bun. The short layers will fall over it, hiding that length so it appears that your hair is short. step five: let down the hair you clipped up, the short layers should fall down and cover the bun that you placed on the lower half of your hair. step six: use bobby pins to secure any long pieces that remain dangling - pin them loosely onto your bun that is hidden under the layers you just let down, this will create a natural bob look. Be sure to leave out the front pieces, even if they fall past your chin! Pro tip 1: don’t get too fussy, be sure to leave some pieces dangling and some ends of your curls out so it looks natural! The more volume you have to start with, the more natural the shape will look. Pro tip 2: Add a cute headband with an applique on it for a fun retro look!



summer beauty survival Fashion and Beauty director, Katlyn sits down to get your most-asked beauty questions -- answered! We promise -- you’ll survive the heat with these must-have products.

How do I keep my hair hydrated and not broken looking after a day in the ocean?

How do I keep my skin healthy and prevent burning in the summer sun?

What to buy: Ouidad Leave in Conditioner

Keep your skin hydrated and protected at all times!! Be sure to lotion up even when you don’t plan to have a beach, pool, or yard day. Don’t forget sunscreen when you’re out in the sun and always be sure to keep your skin moisturized at all times, especially with these dry summer months!

Leave-in conditioner promotes long-lasting hydration and it’s essential after a long day hitting the waves.


What to buy: OGX Hydrating Body Lotion Supergoop! SPF 30+ City Sunscreen Serum

How do I keep my hair tamed from all the damage of the heat of the summer?

What if I do burn?

What to buy: Moroccan Oil Heat Style Protection

Be sure to always have some on hand! Blows plain ol’ Aloe Vera away when it comes to rescuing burnt/dried/painful skin!

It will protect your hair from the heat, and make your hair feel thicker & add volume!

What to buy: Korres Yoghurt Cooling Gel

Bip& Bop handmade jewelry



bloggerlove Carly Lean of

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Carly Skinner of

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KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN. She’s a woman who has it all - a successful career, a good lookin’ guy, and two very adorable kids. On top of that - she launched Kardashian Kids and is getting ready to takeover your tv this fall in Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons. Kourtney talks exclusively to cupcakeMAG about the new line, fashion & life -- and how she does it all.


I know what my priorities are and nothing comes before my


The Kardashian Kollection has grown so much! What’s been your favorite part about watching the brand evolve and become so very successful? I love my Kardashian Kollection sunglasses!! Do you find yourself wearing a favorite from the line? KOURTNEY: It’s such a blessing to look back and see how much it has grown – and in such a short amount of time. Each season our designs get more and more personal and we are having a great time putting our stamp on each “Kollection” from start to finish. My sisters and I are constantly wearing the pieces and mixing them up in our wardrobe. I wear our sunglasses all of the time, along with everything else! I have a favorite Kardashian Kollection faux leather jacket that I practically live in. As a Mom of 2, how to find time to balance your life between family and work? KOURTNEY: I know what my priorities are and nothing comes before my children. Kardashian Kids is your newest line and we are dying over the gold polka dots and leopard print. When did you decide to venture out into kid-style? KOURTNEY: I’ve always love kids’ fashion. My grandmother actually has a children’s clothing boutique called Shannon & Co. that she’s had for 30 years in La Jolla, California. Every summer, we would go to La Jolla to visit and work in her store. My mom and I also had a kids’ clothing store (Smooch) before I had my own children, where I did all the buying for, so it’s kind of in our blood. But, I think it’s also just because Kim and I are moms now. We have our clothing line and we love fashion, and so it just made sense to venture into a children’s line. Do you feel like the newest collection really represents your style as well as a mix of how you like to dress your own kids? KOURTNEY: Yes, absolutely. I love to put Penelope in bold prints, and there is a butterfly print that I just adore in the new collection. We also made sure that details like the fabrics were especially soft, because as a mom it’s the first thing I look for when I am shopping for my kids. I touch everything to make sure that it’s super soft and comfortable, after I love the style of course. 18

We will forever envy your style. It’s just -- amazing! What is your go-to outfit? KOURTNEY: Thank you! I always find that there are just some pieces that you can’t mess up and for me; this outfit is a white t-shirt, skinny jeans and a black motorcycle jacket. It’s effortless when in a rush. And now onto beauty tips. How do you always manage to look so great? Tips please! KOURTNEY: I have my five minute makeup routine down (tinted moisturizer, kardashian beauty bronzer, kardashian beauty mascara and some elzabeth arden 8 hour cream on my lips!) Sunglasses are a must. I just started using this tatcha cleansing oil on my face every night which I am obsessed with. I love a little LaMer every night. I also use tea tree oil on any blemishes. As always, you have so much going on! What’s up next for you? Hint: we’d love to see a lifestyle book from you. KOURTNEY: I love boys’ clothes. And, I love shopping for boys so I think that that would definitely be the next progression. Stay tuned.





+ BAG YOU’RE CURRENTLY CARRYING: mini white givenchy antigonia + MUST HAVE ITEM ALWAYS IN THAT BAG: iPhone + DRINK AT STARBUCKS: I am allergic to coffee, but I love a chai tea latte with organic milk (which they usually and sadly do not have at starbucks) and a straw. + DINNER LAST NIGHT WAS....half of a baked sweet potato, armenian rice pilaf, artichoke, baked chicken and cornbread (all cooked by Khloe!) + MOST OVERUSED WORD: like or vintage + NETF LIX SHOW YOU COULD WATCH SEASON AFTER SEASON: I don’t watch any...Disney movies are what I am watching every evening! + FAVORITE QUOTE OR LIFE MOTTO: Everything happens for a reason.

well i will be in the hamptons all summer! thats enough of a bucket list for me! but a few things i want to do while i am there are:


Kardashian Kids Tribal Print Jumper $29.99

Kardashian Kids Ponte Biker Jacket $34.99

Kourtney’s KARDASHIAN KIDS The Kardashian Kids collection is available exclusively at Babies “R” Us. Head to your local store or shop online at

Kardashian Kids Top with Leatherette Sleeves $21.99 Kardashian Kids Headband $7.99






With JESSICA ALBA While she tells us her life has completely changed since entering mommyhood and she hasn’t quite figured out the balance between working and motherhood -- we think she is doing a pretty amazing job as founder of The Honest Company. It’s so good to sit down with you and catch-up. How are you? Tell us what’s new! I’m busy and looking forward to new releases. I’m excited to see all the products we have coming out for The Honest Company and I’ve also been working on movies that will be in theaters this summer. As a Mom of 2, you are managing it all. Tell us a little bit about your daily routine. I wake up, get the kids out of bed and dressed. I have breakfast with the girls in the kitchen while I have my morning coffee. I try to get in a workout before I head to the office for the day. I like to get home for bath-time and read them a story (or three). I catch up on emails and reading on my iPad before I get to bed. There are some pretty amazing new Collective items coming out this summer. Can you tell us about those? We can’t wait! We’re really excited about our So Young lunchbox collaboration for August. There’s four cute, cool designs, tons of great features that parents will love and they’re PVC, phthalates and BPA-free. On the outside, it’s got an EVA coated linen exterior that’s easy to wipe down and a long carrying strap so it can be worn backpack or messenger style. On the inside, it’s fully insulated with a removable insert for easy cleaning and mesh pockets for utensils…and love notes! We’re also bringing back the Knockaround sunglasses since they sold out so quickly the first time around. They’re in fresh colors perfect for summer and they’re affordable, so what’s not to love? 24


OurBag? Honest Lip Balm

Zip Pouch

Honest Healing Balm

Honest Hand Sanitizer




Jessica shares her

Honest Sunscreen SPF 30

MUST-HAVES this summer

Givenchy Rubber Zip Sandal

What advice would you give to others starting their own business? How did you make it happen? It’s important to find the right partners. You’ve got to know what your weaknesses are and get people with those strengths to work with you. A realistic understanding of the marketplace you’re entering is also important. You have to have an awareness of the needs or niche you’re serving to give others working with you the confidence to invest in your idea. What has been your favorite part about watching The Honest Company successfully grow? My favorite part of The Honest Company’s success is realizing the positive effect it’s had on the people who work for the company and the families we serve. Our corporate culture is authentic and we communicate with and support each other. We also reach out to the communities we live in through volunteering hours and product donation. We hear stories of how our products made families’ lives healthier, safer and easier from our customers every day through social media and our call centers. We give people a real choice they can trust and peace of mind. 26

John Masters Organics Sea Mist Sea Salt Spray with Lavender

IF YOU HAD MORE HOURS IN THE DAY, I WOULD.... Sleep more. Cook more.


• The release of Sin City 2, nearly 10 years in the making • The latest Honest products • Our first large mass-tige retail partnership.


Hard to choose between “Because I said so” and “Take a nap.” Usually one follows the other.


In addition to all the ones in my purse, I love the Honest Conditioning Detangler.


Fresh watermelon, coconut water, sunscreen and family time!




guide to summer

shopping our must-have get-your-shop-on checklist 30


Get the Look: Summer Style in Under 5 Minutes

From head-to-toe we’ve got you covered in the hottest threads this season

Marilyn and Beverlys Top, $18.95

Roxy Black and Ivory Straw Hat, $32

Enjoy Essential Tee $18.99 5th and Elm Wander Necklace, $53.99

Urban Peach Boutique Poppy Gem Necklace, $14.95

Marilyn and Beverlys Skirt, $28.95

Wrenn Jewelry Druzy Bangles, $89

Retail Therapy Girlz Shorts, $26

Lulus Gold Flip Flops, $21

Root Collective Black Ballet Flats, $60


Enjoy Essential, $9.99


Sew Tamz, $44

that support small biz

Saffron and Nutmeg, $54

Nickel and Suede, $16

Kylie Bryn Designs, $18

Ashe Couture, $24

In a Dream Boutique, $18

Thankful Sage Farm School 30

Daylin Skye, $74

Urban Peach Pendant Necklace, $11.95

shopjewelry Koco and Viking necklace, $18

Lovely Little Whimsy Be Brave Necklace, $24

Daly’s Inspiration Anchor Bracelet, $16.95

I’m So Fancy

the perfect toppings to accessorize

Mes 2 Petites Etoiles Necklace, $40

Bip & Bop Gold Hammered Cuff, $35

Cadorah Turquoise Bib Necklace, $38

She Does Justice Square Ring, $10

Deloom Turquoise Ring, $12

Brooklynn’s Charms Bracelet Set, $32 31

shopon our radar

La Dolce Vita? Nuff said.

Bella Bella Shop Velveteen Pillow $65

Top off that updo for mom or your mini with a bow. It’s a must this season. Sea Cove Stitch Bow $6.50

on our

RADAR what’s hot, for all, right now

A pretty pastel tote makes the perfect accessory this season. NoVae Laser Cut Tote, $69

A black and white tribal dress is a statement for summer. Little Foot Boutique Tribal Dress, $16

Because everybody needs a little pink druzy in their life. Wrenn Jewelry Oval Statement Ring, $30


Washi tape is still the coolest thing to collect. Red Velvet Treasures, $3

Love Leeves Starfish Pillow, $60

shopfabf inds

Of One Sea Hooded Poncho Towel, $50

Stella & Dot Sahara Pendant Necklace, $49

Natasha J Collection, $19 Fossil Beach Bag, $108

for the littles

Carolina Keiki You are My Anchor Tee, $19

Lises Pieces Beach Glow Stack, $75

Knox and Lola Waves and Babes Tank, $20 33


inside The Home must-haves:

notepads for your desk

Pretty Smitten, $15

Lara Casey, $14

Idieh Shop, $24

Faithful Scents Candle, $18

Sydney Hale Co Soy Candle, $28

burn this:


Diptyque Paris Candle, $60

for kids

paper pretties Writefully His Cards, $22 34

Hazel Berry Paper Print, $13

Rice + Rye First Thank You, $28

shopobsessing A beautiful on-trend headband is makes an adoring accessory you’ll love. Acute Designs Golden Leaf Headband, $24

A little love for this graphic tee. NESBOW Tee, $22 You can never have enough of these seriously-amazing hair ties. Twistband Anchor Hair Tie Set, $13

This perfect floral print makes this a must-have this season. Hobo Rose Garden Wallet, $108

currently obsessing over The most amazing metallic diaper bag turned into handbag you’ve ever seen. Lily Jade Sarah Grace Bag, $159

We love a pop of color! Mags Soul Scaf, $20

Make a statement with some serious arm candy. Gussied Agate Cuff, $32.99

Let’s obsess together over this stylish cuff. Sweet Auburn Studio, $38


shopsummer faves Simple Accessories All you need this summer is a simple gold bracelet.


Gigglosophy Love Initial Bracelet, $30


A Clutch Because who doesn’t love an amazing clutch to take to the beach? Daisy Faye Designs Doubletake Foldover Clutch in Metallic Gold, $50


5 Things We Love About



Open-Toed Sandals Gotta love the metalic details on these beauties Yosi Samra Cambelle Sandal, $139

5 Adorable Bowls Bright colored polka-dots bowls that are perfect for ice-cream Martha Stewart Collection Poppy Polka Dot Bow, $15 36

Pedicures …..and sugar scrub. You’ll fall in love in no time. Lynnburg Lane Citrus Lemon Sugar Scrub, $12.50


After a long day at the pool, everyone needs cozy pajamas! Hello Sunday, $55

A beautiful print keeps your home inspiring.

B is for Bonnie Grateful Heart Print, $26

From beach to the office — it’s the perfect everyday tote. Wanda Lopez Designs Bag, $68

check out these up and coming online shops

we love Because, well, you’re so fresh!

Lace headbands? They will instantly become your favorit Elle Bowtique Lace Headband, $6

Good Seeds Apparel Tee, $30

Forget an umbrella at the beach — just bring a tee-pee! B.E Little You and Me Tee-Pee, $115

It’s wedding season! This tiny gold bangle makes the perfect gift for the new bride. Brin and Bell Bracelet, $28



for the

babes Get the Look from

Little Adi tion Petit Confersc Loafe

Stacy Ann Photography 40

Little Lhama Shop Ice Cream Onesie, $20

Noty Baby Minky Blanket, $25

The Lil Cupcake Teething Ring, $12

Treasured By Holly Knitted Bow, $5

Little Miss Dessa Top, $26

Little Faces Leggings, $28

Shared Joy Striped Bow Headband, $8.50



Get the Look from

The Striped



get the


adorable denim bow Dearest and Dashing, $15

a striped-trendy tank is a must Charley and Bee, $44

XYLO Mini Rodini Bow Swimsuit, $47

the cutest styles

around for the ever-so

trendy tot

the coolest tank Everly B., $26

Sweet Whimsy Designs, $40

a perfect bloomer Carly Megan, $38

what’s not to love about a wooden toy representing your home town? Bannor Toy State Rattles, $15

this romper is your go-to for babes

Little Hip Squeaks, $33

pop of color Freshly Picked, $60 41



Cut & Burn Bamboo Shades, $24

Cool Boy Style

Susies Custom Overalls, prices vary

Carters Woven Top $22

Native Jefferson Shoes, $34

graphic tees

for days

The Baby Burp, $15 Blueberry Bunny, $24

Geo Fox Apparel, $24 42

Mischief Makers Apparel, $26

Still Rad, $25

Geo Fox Tee, $24

Boucle Dor Designs Shorts, $28

Everyl B. Man Tee, $28

Bitty Baby Boutique, $22

SummerUniform A graphic tee or tank + shorts is all you need to worry about this summer

Stellar Seven Tank, $23

Three Little Numbers Tee, $28

Ry & Rue Shorts, $22

Sugar Plum Lane Boutique, $34




for Girls Get the Look from

Dress: ck, Neck and Ne rget Sandals: Ta

Stacy 46 Ann Photography

Little Posh Bebe, $35 Lot801, $36.50


Chooze Dance in Twinkle, $40

Candice N Katie’s Art Bow Holder, $35.95 because a

girl gotta have a place for

Schnarbles Leggings, $21.99

her bows!

sundresses are a must

The Sprouted Arrow, $34

Catimini White Flower Dress, $128

Lulu and Chacha Bows, $6

Arrow and Lace Dress, $48 45



women in Business

Inspring print, Lara50Casey Shop

50 all the pretty clothes meet Cori, the designer behind Corilynn


a well styled home cassidy shows you how to make your house a home


jessica n designs

on running TWO successful businesses


she does justice

a company that gives back

74 oh rosie!

supermom tells all




clothes Cori Robinson isn’t just good at making pretty babies. She’s pretty fab at making pretty clothes too. This mama of four is the designer of the USA made indie clothing line, Corilynn. The pretty-fab designer shares her thoughts on balance -- and tells us all about the story behind her beautiful line.

Tell us what inspired you to start the line, Corilynn? The idea to start a clothing line was kind of evolutionary for me. I started designing pieces for myself when I couldn’t find what I wanted in stores (let alone anything that fit me, I’m very petite.) It turns out designing clothes was pretty much the most fun thing ever, and I became completely addicted to the process. The more I did it, the more ideas I had, the more I loved it. Suddenly I was sewing custom pieces for friends and family, and then I built up my courage and opened my own Etsy shop. Before long I had so many people on a waitlist I couldn’t keep up, especially with 3 small kids at home at the time. My husband had just finished an MBA and he was the one who first gave me the idea that I could to more with this. We spent several months looking for just the right U.S. production house, then several more months developing and producing our first pieces, and launched our clothing line in April of 2012. The day we launched was the most nerve-wracking of my entire life, but I am so glad we did it. It’s been such a crazy, amazing ride so far.

Where do you really pull your inspiration from as a designer? I get asked this question all the time and I never quite know how to answer it because the design process is very fluid and opaque for me. Women definitely inspire me, especially women I know. Vintage clothing and prints in


As a business savvy lady, what is the best advice you can give for those running their own business? Be flexible. The plan you start with will change, you’ll realize you’re doing everything wrong, and you’ll have to adjust. Having to adjust doesn’t mean you’re a failure. Don’t compare yourself and the way you run your business to other people. The way they are doing it works for them, but it might not work for you. Find your own drum and beat it your way. How do you find a perfect balance between family and work? Balance is so hard when you are a mom and an entrepreneur. Especially if you work from home like I do. For me, the key is priorities. You have to choose. I think it’s really easy for people to get wrapped up in a passion and forget about taking care of the people who are most


important to them. People don’t keep, and especially not children. My business takes a huge amount of my time, but my family is always my first priority. I have four kids and they need lots of love and attention, and so I’ve had to find what works best for me to juggle being a mom and a business owner. I love having my studio in my home because it means I can be with my baby all the time and that I can be there when my kids get off the bus. They can spread their homework out on my studio table, and I can get a lot done while they are sleeping. It also means I have to be careful to not let the clothing line consume everything I do; to let myself still have a life. I get a lot of help from my sweet husband, and I try not to over schedule our lives. I’ve also learned to let go of the idea that everything has to be perfect. It just makes me unhappy and it’s not really possible anyway. So, sometimes I make scrambled eggs for dinner and the house isn’t always immaculate. If we’re all happy at the end of the day I call it a success.

I know, it’s like picking a favorite child but do you have a favorite dress or piece from the new line? Usually that is such a hard question for me, but on this line, the Capri dress in coral and Wendy dress in Navy are probably my very favorite. The hardest part for me is choosing the color, I love all our colors on this new line so much. They are so fun to wear. What’s up next for you? We can’t wait to see what you have in store. Well, we just funded our very first Kickstarter and so right now we are in the throes of production on our new line, which is completely crazy and really fun. And I’m already hard at work on our fall/winter pieces. We’re also busy getting ready to release some limited edition designs that I’m really excited about. I have big dreams for a kids and maternity line, but they’re still in the very early stages. ;-)

cori MEET

Cori is a mother of four and the owner/designer of the USA made indie clothing line, Corilynn. She loves making pretty clothes and pretty babies. website | blog | facebook | twitter | instagram


a well-styled

home Photography by Taryn Kent

O My Darlings lifestyle blogger Cassidy June’s beautiful taste shows off her eye for eclectic-chic combinations as she takes us inside her well-styled home. Occasional contributor to Glitter Guide, full time PhD student, and full time mama -- Cassidy uses her blog as a creative outlet and escape from the world of doctoral education. A lover of sequins and disco balls -- she believes in the power of a good pair of sweatpants and has the heart of gold. And her home -- well, it’s gorgeous. As a mom, it was important that our house was livable as well as true to my taste! We have something for our daughter to play with or explore in every room. As “put together” 56

as our house might look in these images, trust’s usually covered in toys and clothes. You also don’t see any pictures of our kitchen, that’s because the sink is filled with dishes! What I’m trying to say, is that life happens...and my biggest tip for a well-styled life (as a mama) is to welcome the mess. I’m also a firm believer that you should, if you can, splurge on a few things, but then accent your house with pieces that are affordable so that you can change it out as your taste changes. I love finding unique antique pieces or items off of etsy. There is something so lovely about a homemade pillow or blanket, or a vintage typewriter or globe that has been around for years.

“When we first found this antique desk, it was bright orange! A little paint gave it new life :) The color is Dunn Edwards, Tropical Kelp. More of Me maternity top, (top abstract painting) Cocoa and Hearts painting, (middle abstract art) Michaela Noelle, gold holla sign from Oh Dier Living, desk was vintage that we painted


See more of Cassidy’s home on

“I literally almost passed out from all the swooning I was doing over this floral garland Rachel from Siren Floral Co created. I wish I could have it in my house year round!” Floral garland by siren floral co. Electric Love dream catcher, Disco ball


Hammock chair, Pottery Barn Pillow, Tutu du Monde dress, Alycia Mealy dream catcher, Spearmint baby cross blanket

Florals by siren floral co, candle from West Elm, Art Cocoa and Hearts painting, Kate Spade gold polka dot planner, Pink Jane Austen Books


cassidy Florals by siren floral co, More of Me sequin maternity dress, Nate Berkus Target Pillows (similar), Jayson Home couch, Anthropologie framed wallpaper, Pop and scott gold scallop pot, Anthropologie coffee table (old)

Cassidy June is a lifestyle blogger over at O My Darlings Blog, occasional contributor to Glitter Guide, full time PhD student, and full time mama. She started blogging as a way to document motherhood, and has used her blog as a creative outlet and escape from the world of doctoral education. She believes in sequins and disco balls, and in the power of a good pair of sweatpants.


As seen in my good friend Taylor Sterling’s home (founder of Glitter Guide), I think this little sign is perfect for a summer lifestyle!

“I am loving color for summer. Here are some things I’ve had my eye on.”

This pretty colorful table runner is so fun, and I’m so obsessed with tassels on anything in the home!

things on my radar for summer

This colorful Oh Joy! for Land of nod lamp, I’d use it in a kid’s room or grown up room!

COLOR These watermelon cocktail napkins, perfect for a summer dinner party al fresco!


I’ve recently become obsessed with Gray Malin’s photographs. I love his Bermuda series.




Jenna Lauren Photography


jessica the fabulous little gem of a lady behind the very successful, Jessica N Designs We are seeing you everywhere lately! Congratulations on all the publicity! Between features on Lauren Conrad and Tori Spelling and keeping two shops afloat you must stay busy! What are your thoughts on all of this buzz and how are you handling it? I am incredibly grateful for all the press we have been receiving lately! It is really exciting and humbling. Both Lauren & Tori are people I admire so it was sort of surreal being featured on both of their sites! I have been seeing a lot of the phrase “good things come to those who hustle” & I think it’s true. If you are really passionate about what you do & you work your tail off, people can’t help but notice. You do have to be prepared when press comes your way- we have definitely seen an increase in orders and emails! Tell us the story behind Jessica N Designs. When did you decide you wanted to run your own business? Did you have that ‘lightbulb aha’ moment or did you wake up one day surprised that you already were running a business? It has been a dream of mine to own my own business since I was in High School. I always knew I would, I just never knew how or what that business would be. I did know I wanted to be doing something creative, I have loved making things since I was a kid. Before I started jessicaNdesigns I tried & failed at a few things, but that just kept me going- pushing to find what I was really passionate about. When I had my first daughter, I wanted a necklace with her name on it & that is when I discovered hand stamping. I started making things for myself, then friends and family. The decision to open up an Etsy shop was a “why not, let’s see what happens” kind of thing and I thought it

would be so neat if a couple people I didn’t actually know ordered something from me. Little did I know how much my business would grow - after my first year, my sales more than quadrupled. It is so amazing to me when I really think about that. What have you found to be most effective in terms of running your business entirely online? When did you make the decision to move into the wholesale/brick and mortar business? How did you come to that decision? It continues to AMAZE me how many people you can reach online. I live in a very small town & my business would not be possible without the internet and the amazing blogging and handmade community. For me, building honest, lasting relationships & community with my customers is key. Building those relationships takes time, it is not something that will happen overnight, but it is essential. I am constantly blown away at the real, lasting friendships I have developed with incredible women I have met online. Running a business like yours takes up a lot of physical space. Let’s talk about the importance of having a work space. How did you carve a place to work out of your home? When I started, I was working wherever I could find space in our tiny house -in the living room, on the kitchen table, in our basement. It was so unorganized and all over the place and it was not ideal. But it is what I had to do to make it work those first couple years. Eventually I moved to a dedicated spot in our basement. When we out grew our small home, we moved & I was working out of the 4th bedroom in our 65

basement. When I began to hire people and expand my products, we quickly outgrew that space and we recently moved into our new studio space in the area above our garage. When you get to a certain point in your business, it is crucial to have your own work space. It changed everything for me! Having the space to be organized, efficient and creative is key. When I get up to my studio, it is like a breath of fresh air, I feel so inspired and ready to work, it is most definitely my happy place. You recently moved jessica N designs and Three Little Numbers in to their own custom built studio. Congratulations! Tell us - while you were planning that space what was your thought process? How did you plan the space out? Thank you! I had started a Pinterest board years ago with inspiration for what my dream studio would look like. I knew I wanted the new studio to be all white with tons of natural light. I wanted the studio to be a place that inspires me. I knew we needed lots of organization and storage, two things we lacked in the past. I decided the best way to accomplish that was to 66

section the studio off to utilize the space efficiently. We made a space for stamping, a space for shipping with storage shelves for packaging supplies, a space for product photography & of course a coffee station! It really works well for us! Taking in to account your two entirely different businesses, share how you planned to run both out of one space and how you decided to organize the studio to meet the needs of both businesses. When we planned the structure of the studio, we set aside an area for tee shirts and then utilized the existing stations for both businesses. For example, we have specific shelves for Three Little Numbers shipping supplies and jessicaNdesigns shipping supplies, but they are both in the same area. So when we ship, all the materials we need for each business are easily accessible. So far it is working well for us! Do you have any words of advice or encouragement for those who are wishing for a work space and have no idea where to start? You have to do what works for you and be realistic

about what is possible for you at the particular stage your business is in. What makes sense for some people, may not be right for others. You really have to think about what you want, what you can afford and what your goals are for the future before you jump into anything. Know what you need to make your business run smoothly, know what doesn’t work, know what needs to work better and then make a plan. For example, I knew I did not want to have to rent a space and I still wanted to be “home.” Converting the space above our garage was the ideal solution for me. I have a separate space dedicated entirely to my work where I feel inspired to create and can be efficient yet I am still at home, which was always my goal. It amazes us that you have two successful businesses that you seem to run effortlessly. How do you manage your time between the two businesses? What advice would you give someone who wants to start another business? I am glad it seems effortless :) because it takes a great deal of effort and work! Sometimes I wonder what I got myself into! But I have an amazing team who I couldn’t live without and I love

it! We have a set schedule on what days we work on certain things. For example Monday, Wednesday and Friday I do a lot of stamping for jessicaNdesigns, we do most shipping for both shops on Tuesdays and Thursdays and tee shirts are printed once a week on Thursdays. There are times when we stray from that schedule, but for the most part it stays the same. Now that we are entering summer, I am sure the schedule will have to be more flexible and arranged around my family- but that is the nice part about having your own business, it can be flexible. If I need to take the day off I can usually work at night. What are your plans for the future and how do you see jessica N designs and Three Little Numbers growing in the next year? I am always dreaming up new product ideas & I have a few things up my sleeve that I have been working on and I can’t wait to reveal them! I am also working on newly designed storefronts for both shops & I am so excited about that! There are always “caffeine fueled” ideas floating around in my head & it is so fun seeing where they can take me! 67



s e o d she e c i t s ju 72

connect with Megan, @shedoesjustice! Megan is an entrepreneur, mom of four soon to be of five, and an adoption advocate. Megan loves to create & dream big. She shares her heart of gold between her biggest passions - to give back & to inspire women to believe that they can make a difference. Get to know the creative director of She Does Justice as she sits down with cupcakeMAG.

I do my best to give all of my focus to whatever I am doing. When I am working, I am working. When I am with my kids, I really try to give them my full attention.

Introduce us to the story behind She Does Justice. When we started the process of adoption we knew we had a significant amount of money to raise. I taught myself to sew and started making scarves to sell to family and friends. This fundraiser was far more successful than we anticipated and I still cannot believe that SDJ evolved from a fundraising idea that I had! Once we had raised the funds for our daughter’s adoption I knew I wanted to keep ‘giving back’ a main component of SDJ. Each month SDJ highlights an organization or individual who is doing great work serving & giving back. It is a true honor to be able to support people and give back in this way!

nowhere near perfect but my goal is to be always getting better at that.

How do you manage not just running a successful business but being a Mom of 4? Oh goodness! I don’t feel like I will ever master this! I do my best to give all of my focus to whatever I am doing. When I am working, I am working. When I am with my kids, I really try to give them my full attention. I am

So, what’s up next? New product lines are in the works for SDJ as well as more custom fabrics! I am so excited about them and think you will be too! We have lots of fun plans for the summer so make sure to follow us on IG (@shedoesjustice) to stay in the loop!

We know you love supporting small biz! What are your favorite handmade shops? I am a huge advocate and lover of the handmade community! I have so many favorites!! Better Life Bags has the most beautiful custom bags. JessicaNDesigns has my favorite stamped vintage spoons. Melody Joy Designs make cowls that are to die for. I am obsessed with coffee mugs from NSPottery. And prints from Naptime Diaries are always stunningly beautiful and full of inspiration!




How can you not love Rosie Pope? Not only is she a mom of 4 but she’s running an empire and not just a home

she’s pretty much supermom Rosie, it’s been so long since we last chatted! Congrats on baby #4. How are you? Great. I have always wanted a big family and I feel so incredibly blessed to have these four healthy gorgeous delightful babies! Let’s talk about how great you look for just having a baby a month ago. Tell us your secret! How did you loose the weight so quickly? As a Mom of 5, sometimes it can be harder - did you feel like this pregnancy was different? I don’t wait around. For me I find getting back in shape as soon as possible helps my energy level and my emotional health which makes me a better parent. It doesn’t mean it is easy but it does mean by baby #4 I have identified it is hugely important for me. So, I have to ask - when do you sleep? You always have such amazing things happening while raising your brood. You just launched your new baby layette line

which has been a great success. What inspired you to create the new line? Do you have a favorite piece from the line? I’m laughing because I think I kissed lots of sleep good bye for the next few years! I do nap whenever I can though - every now and then there is that beautiful Saturday where everyone’s nap syncs up and my two older kids who don’t nap anymore fall asleep. If that happens I’m the first to run and find a sofa and a blanket to tuck myself under! I have wanted to be able to provide both fashion and education beyond pregnancy for a while. It is only a natural extension but as with everything I do I wanted to be able to offer expertise and experience in what I do. I finally felt with my fourth on the way that I could offer something meaningful in baby fashions both in point of view and function. The prints are inspired by my kids love for adventure and role play through pirate worlds and princess closets and the functions are inspired by my need as a mom to have clothes for my kids that are comfortable but also easy for me to use with 75

innovations that make my life easier. Also, each piece comes with one of my Mommy IQ tips to help build confidence in parenting with knowledge. When both parents and kids are happy it’s a beautiful thing! Tell us about a typical day in your heels! Confession: I’m probably not in heels but they are under my desk for me to slip on at a moments notice! I have gazillions of them under there. So my typical day at the moment is a little different having just had a baby. It normally starts with getting everyone off to school, breakfasts and all that fun stuff. I try and make a great breakfast for the kids so we all sit down together with flax seed pancakes or some other tasty concoction I made and tried to hide goodies in like flax seeds or some unsightly veggie they wouldn’t normally eat! I believe in these touch points each day to get everyone feeling great. I then take my youngest to work with me as sadly there is no maternity leave when you run your own company! She’s great at meetings and we run all over the city doing fittings with clients, working on class content, traveling with my book, speaking at baby expo events, designing the next season, you name it every day is different and packed by it finishes as it started with me, my husband and be kids having dinner together doing 76

baths and stories for that all important touch point. My husband and I usually then work form the kitchen table until around midnight. In all this though I try so very hard, even if it’s only for a few moments to have one on one time with each of my kids. They need that, they need to have my undivided attention. Oh and I almost forgot, I fling myself out the door for a 30 minute run at some point during all of that. Sometimes before the kids wake, sometimes after bed, I never know when it will fit in! How would you describe your pregnancy style? Comfy chic. I love leggings, sophisticated ballet flats or wedges like See by Chloe paired with tops and blouses with demur prints or nautical stripes and I take my Alice and Olivia emerald cashmere cardigan with me everywhere always. It has jeweled buttons and makes me feel glam even on a plane! What’s up next? We’d love to see you back on TV! I’m busy working on my partnership with amazon and amazon mom as their first ever expert contributor as well as expanding my baby and maternity lines. Also, I’m trying so hard to get my next book out - the next in the mommy IQ series. I have so much I want to share with people to help them with the amazing but also

ing road of’s just proving very difficult to get to my laptop in the midst of all that is going on! What is your all time favorite post-pregnancy product? I am not a person that believes we shouldn’t share out little “get back in shape” secrets. Moms need to stick together and share with each other what works, what doesn’t and what you just can’t change! My favorite post pregnancy product is my Organic by Rosie Pope from Belly Bandit. Heidi Klum first introduced me to Belly Bandit and I believe in it so much I made my own! I wear this thing religiously from the day I gave birth, day and night for 8 weeks to get my waistline back. Simply put: it works! Tell us about getting back into physical shape after a fourth pregnancy, as opposed to how it was after the first? In some ways it’s easier and in others it’s not. It’s easier because I know what I have to do and it’s easier to get started because I am more experienced with a newborn so the lack of sleep and the anxiety that can often consume a first time parent is less which means I am better able to incorporate exercise sooner into my day and push myself to start eating the way I know I need to. Having said that, this is my fourth child in 5 years so there is also less time to focus on me and simply put my stomach has stretched out multiple times making it more difficult to get the elasticity and shape back in my body. We’ll also have to see where my boobs end up after breastfeeding this time! But overall I really know by this point how important it is to my overall personality that I do get myself back in shape. I want to be the best for my kids and when I feel great I am a better parent, so I take the “getting back in shape” goal very seriously.


supermom tips from Rosie

See life in phases Don’t become overwhelmed that you can’t fit everything in at the moment, you will be able to over time. Schedules are everything Having kids on a schedule means security for them and sanity for you. Know that these schedules change over time though, so have the ability to be flexible within structure Find your zen time in your day but be open to finding it in funny places! Taking my make up off at the end of the day has become my special time each day - my mini facial Be in the moment otherwise no moment will feel for filled and every day you will feel unsatisfied Eat well and exercise even if it’s only a few moments each day - your body has to feel good in order to handle the lack of sleep and the craziness that can be life. Fill yourself with super foods so that you can approach each day with energy and health. When it comes to exercise just make sure you do some even if you can’t fit in a lot. I am the queen of running around the block and the coming back in a much much better mood! Be nice to yourself and practice being positive about yourself instead of being critical. Have you thought one nice thing about yourself today? If not, start now. 78



82 the simple + beautiful life 88 i heart organizing 98 an intricate balance 101 inside the hottest new trend 104 house of harper


The Simple + Beautiful Life chatting with erin loechner

You recently began a new venture. The beautiful Clementine Daily. What made you decide to create this beautiful spot on the web? I started Clementine Daily because I was feeling overwhelmed with the shiny, airbrushed, glossy lives I was seeing around me and was interested in exploring the fine balance between aspiration and inspiration. As a long-time design blogger myself, I certainly have a love for aesthetics, but I was growing tired of a lifestyle that pushed posed photo shoots and faux moments. I wanted something real and true and authentic – I wanted to begin celebrating the everyday, perfect or not. At the same time, I wanted to shed light on the many facets of women – from style to beauty to food to home to wellness to etiquette and everything between. We’re complex creatures – ones that cannot be pegged or defined by one interest. So I suppose I started Clementine Daily as a tribute to the modern women in us all.

Tell your story simply for the love of it; success comes later 82

You've been blogging now for over a decade. That is some kind of amazing. When you first began in this industry, did you ever think it would bring you to where you are today? Ah, thank you! And oh gosh, never. I started blogging in the early days of Xanga live journal, where every post was brooding and metaphorical and poetic - there were less images, more confessionals. It was a really raw time of growth and vulnerability for me and I just really fell in love with the community around me. Like all things, it has evolved, but I'm still so grateful for those early days that taught me the importance of telling your story. It truly shapes your life, in more ways than one. Do you have any advice for new bloggers trying to make their way into blog land? Of course! It sounds trite, but stay true to your own narrative. It's easy to get distracted with the influx of bloggers receiving praise and respect for their achievements, but if that's not part of your story, that's not your path. Tell your

story simply for the love of it; success comes later (and, of course, is how you define it!).

You are running 3 different sites and contribute to Disney. Tell us -- how do you do it?

As a working Mom, what is your daily schedule like? Do you have a routine or is just a free-spirited daily schedule?

Oh, I have so, so, so much help. My husband is truly the rock of our family and I feel so blessed that we have such a flexible schedule and can work remotely (he's a film editor) so we can tag out with Bee on busier days. It's a juggling act for sure and we can't do it all (I'm horribly behind on keeping in touch with friends!), but I've learned to prioritize the things that matter to me most: Ken, Bee and our work. Some days are more frenzied than others and my husband is always incredibly understanding, never making me feel guilty if I'm home late or need to jet out of town at the last minute. He truly holds our family together, and I love that Bee will grow up so heavily influenced by the both of us it's a great balance.

I am sooooooo routined, and my schedule is actually pretty balanced (for now) between my most important roles: work and family. I wake up at 4:45am to shower and head to the coffee shop as they open for the day, where I do most of my writing until I take a yoga break mid-morning. (My husband has a flexible schedule and wakes with Bee, and for that, I am so grateful!) I then tie up loose ends (email, post edits, photo shoot coordinations) and then head home to be a mom. Bee wakes up from her nap around 2 and we generally venture out for a playdate, long walk or errand running before I cook dinner around 5:30p while she binge-watches Sesame Street and eats raisins and pistachios. Then, we eat and have bathtime, and Bee's generally in bed by 7:30pm. I sometimes watch a show with Ken or read a book and then it's light's out - for me at least! - by 9:30. That alarm clock rings all too early! :)

What is up next for the amazing, Erin Loechner? Actually, we're headed to Singapore in a few days - Ken and I are teaching courses at a local studio there for blogging, social media and film. We're taking Bee, of course, so adventures will be aplenty! 83

Stick to a uniform. By investing in key basics that work with your body and lifestyle, you’ll take the guesswork out of getting dressed in the morning. Remember: more clothing doesn’t necessarily equate to more options!

eight ways to

simplify your everyday Pare down. Keep clutter to a minimum, and avoid the temptation to use your kitchen counters as a drop-off and unloading zone. Instead, experiment with closed storage in hallways, entryways and unused corners of the home. A (mostly) clutter-free home is my key to sanity!

Opt for online reminders. There are dozens of resources online for remembering birthdays, anniversaries and important dates. Find one that works for your lifestyle (I like using my simple Google Calendar) and stick to it so you’ll never forget Aunt Millie’s 90th again!

Organize small jewelry in ice cube trays (these are my favorite) to guarantee you won’t wind up with tangled necklaces and missing earring matches.


Use the weekends for weekday meal prep. I like to cut veggies and prep marinades over the weekend so I’ve got plenty of go-to dinners at the ready for the infamous weekday dinner hour frenzy!

Invest in time-savers. Amazon Prime is a godsend for last-minute birthday gifts, household needs or basic supplies. 30 seconds to purchase online vs. 30 minutes for a trip to the store is well worth the annual subscription cost to score free shipping.

Automate. If you’re still paying your bills the old-fashioned way, sign up with your providers to automate payments online. It’s quick and easy but will save you hours each month, not to mention spare change with the rising cost of stamps!

Keep emails at bay with the Mailbox app. Its smart, organized system boasts the ability to boomerang emails back to you at a later date, right when you need them most.

RK Design makes the most playful necklaces around perfect for elevating everyday basics this summer

5onthings my radar I swear by Dear Kate undies. I can only afford them every now and then, but the fit and functionality is incredible

Omamimini makes my favorite kids’ clothing. They are crazy comfortable and functional, and the highest quality around. Plus, adorable to boot!

Dandelion chocolate only uses two ingredients, so the nuances in each bar are incredible. I’m obsessed! I look forward to the day my Fare Trade box arrives every month - their curated culinary goods are out of this world!

85 /ashecoutureboutique


DINING HUTCH Our dining hutch was a Craigslist purchase which was given a joyful coat of paint and has now become one of my favorite pieces of furniture in our entire home. Not only does it grab my attention and make me grin ear to ear, but it serves a lot of our storage needs. The top portion is ideal for entertaining and storing our barware and cookbooks, while the lower half holds our outdoor entertaining pieces as well as our party essentials. Installing a rack for our wine glasses on the shelves as well as using the drawer for our linen and table-scape organization, our dining hutch really functions big in a small space. 90

10 most organized spaces Not only is Jennifer Jones one of the most organized people we know but she puts Pinterest to shame with her beautifully organized space -- her home. From clutter free surroundings and streamlined systems -- Jennifer is showing us how organizing is far from sterile. Everything from lining drawers with decorative paper to covering everyday shipping boxes with fantastic fabrics... creating beautiful storage on a budget makes her heart race. I am frequently asked about my organizing habits, and “why” I do what I do and the answer is simple; it makes me happy. That happiness stems from clutter free surroundings, streamlined systems that save us time and money and the option to integrate my hobby of crafting and DIY’ing into our storage projects. I don’t just love to organize, I also love to take those organizing projects to the next level by integrating them seamlessly with our home and our style. Organizing does not have to be boring or sterile, in fact, I believe it can be colorful and beautiful. Everything from lining drawers with decorative paper to covering everyday shipping boxes with fantastic fabrics... creating beautiful storage on a budget makes my heart race!

As much as I love to be organized, I am not striving for perfection. The goal is always to keep our systems playful and simple for the entire family to utilize and maintain. Having an organized home not only allows us to quickly find soccer cleats on practice nights as well as stay productive while working from home, it also allows us to truly appreciate and love our spaces. A clutter free and simplified environment has really allowed us to focus on what matters most in our hearts, and that is our time together as a family. We have focused our efforts on quite a few areas of our home, and I am excited to share our top ten organized spaces. 89

PLAYROOM Our playroom is one of our most loved, used and abused spaces in our home. The entire family enjoys the space on a daily basis, and the way it has been organized is crucial in maximizing the rooms playing potential. Being that the room will only function as a play space for a limited period of time, many of the storage pieces in the space were found on Craigslist or Ikea, and all of the pieces are multifunctional. Bookcases were turned on their side and upholstered to create toy storage below and seating above while a refinished entertainment center is the perfect place to store electronics as well as board games, puzzles and oversized toys. I found a small sofa table at a second hand store which was updated with chalkboard paint, and now acts as a fun place to build Lego cities and train tracks around chalked in rivers and trees, yet can be quickly moved to the side for a quick game of Wii’s Just Dance. To help the kids easily maintain the space, all of the storage for their belongings is at their level in slide out bins. Photo labels were also added to all of the baskets for simple identification and quick pick-ups. 90



With cold weather that can last up to six months at a time, finding a space to workout inside was extremely important for us. We had an unused corner of our bedroom closet, which fit our treadmill perfectly. However, we also needed to store our running shoes, water bottles, weights, yoga mats, resistance bands and medicine ball. To maximize the area, we installed a wall shelf which also doubled as storage for our mats. The shelf holds our iPad on a cookbook stand while a small basket stores fresh towels. Below the wall shelf we also added a bookshelf, which fit perfectly in front of the treadmill due to being a narrow piece, yet it was also sturdy enough for all of the rest of our equipment. Now we have no excuses to exercise year round.

Cleaning a home is chore enough, so I try to make it as simplified as possible. Investing in color happy reusable microfiber rags and cleaning supplies always helps bring a smile to my face, but so does having everything in an easy to access place. There once was a time when our broom was stored in the garage, the vacuum was in our hallway linen closet, cleaning supplies were in every last cabinet and our mop lived in a bucket in our shower (odd yet true). Just gathering supplies took more time than doing the actual weekly cleaning. To remedy the situation, we built a cabinet within our laundry room which now holds everything in a single spot. A portable caddy holds cleaning tools, wood polish and all purpose sprays and can now be toted from room to room, while clip hooks allow mops and brooms to hang on the cabinet’s interior walls. I also added towel bars and organizers to the back of the cabinet door to hold sponges, rags, cleaning gloves and products for our homemade cleaners. It has been so efficient to have a one stop cleaning spot.

“Organizing does not have to be boring or sterile, in fact, I believe it can be






Because I work from home, my workspace has to work hard for me. Not only does it need to function, it needs to make me want to come back day after day. One thing that works really well for me is that we built in storage around the perimeter of the entire workspace. Concealed drawers and cabinets hold everyday office supply clutter such as pens, electronics and notebooks while the open areas are great for the items I access frequently, including files, magazines and receipts. To keep the space versatile, I added a plexiglass topper to my desk. This allows me to swap out my work surface with pretty fabrics, instagram photos and even my monthly calendar. A cozy chair and under cabinet lighting were the final touches to make the space a place I enjoy to work at morning to night.

Organizing under the stairs always poses a new set of storage challenges, given the steep slope of the ceiling. Our storage area is directly off of my office, which makes it the perfect candidate for corralling my crafting supplies as well as many of our home decor pieces and projects. To make the most of the space and maximize the wall with the sloped ceiling, I found stackable drawer organizers in a variety of sizes. I was also able to add in a cabinet to create an entire packaging and gift wrap station, which makes the storage space so much more than just a typical closet.

“...creating beautiful storage on a budget makes my heart race!� 93

KID'S CLOSET Our younger two boys have been sharing a room for many years now, and the first order or business when putting them together, was organizing their wardrobe. The room was limited in space once two beds were added, so I had to get creative with clothing storage for two in a single closet. A quick trip to IKEA to pick up their ultra versatile Expedit unit, and the closet was well on its way to rocking our storage world. The single bookcase was placed in the center of the closet, with double hanging rods on either side. Each boy has their own side with shirts on top and pants on bottom, while labeled bins act as drawers within the bookcase for their pajamas, undergarments and bedding. I also added weekday clothing dividers on each side for the boys to pick out and hang their daily school attire at the beginning of the week to prevent chaotic “what to wear” mornings.

I am frequently asked about my organizing habits, and “why” I do what I do and the answer is simple; IT MAKES ME HAPPY. 94



With a goal of making the most of the food we purchase each week, I have set up both our refrigerator and pantry with that in mind. First, we make sure to go into each week with a meal plan for breakfasts, lunches and dinners. We plan our meals based on the current inventory of food, and then grocery shop for the rest. To keep the process simple, our food is stored within clear storage containers, which not only provides us with a quick visual inventory of our stock, those containers also preserve the freshness of our food and allow it to last longer. For the items that tend to roll around (produce) or may be grouped together into specific categories, I utilize opened topped labeled bins that act as drawers. Within both the refrigerator and pantry, items are also categorized and placed on shelves by food type {i.e. beverages, breakfasts, snacks, etc...} with frequently used categories right within arm’s reach. I keep a roll of washi tape near the fridge to add a quick date on our leftovers while vinyl labels paired with chalk pens work great in the pantry.

Laundry is a daily occurrence for our family of five, so having an organized space to tackle the daily chore was crucial to my sanity. The first step was to simplify the laundry process and much as possible by reducing the amount of items we have to launder and the amount of clothing we need to sort. We have reduced excess clothing within each of our wardrobes as well as the amount of linens we keep on hand, which ultimately means less back up options to wash. Every day we empty our hampers directly into the washer, only sorting out whites, delicate pieces and linens. Our new sorting station has a basket for each category, and once per week we wash those special loads, while the rest are done once the washer becomes full. Doing laundry on a schedule and frequently makes it easier to keep the laundry room tidy and means less to put away at any given time. Our sorting station was also equipped with a large counter for folding as well as a hanging bar for air drying. Last but not least, we hung a small pegboard to hold my sewing tools along with a nearby shelf for my sewing machine and fabrics. I really love how it all works together to simplify a mundane chore.


ENTRYWAY The entryway is the first area of the home that is seen, and it should hug you when you walk through the door. Our home was not initially designed with a mudroom or specific entry, therefore we were required to get creative with how we use the small space we do have. A few key must haves for our pocket-sized entry space are a place to store shoes, hooks to hang handbags and outerwear and a drop zone for daily items such as mail, keys, sunglasses, pocket change and electronic devices. A slender shoe cabinet solved much of our storage needs with concealed storage for our footwear and a surface for decorative boxes for the smaller daily essentials. 98


an intricate Balance Finding Space to Breath Between Occupation and Purpose By Skye McLain

Every morning, I wake up at 5 a.m., stumble to the coffee pot, and fire up my trusty computer. Some may say I’m completely outside my mind, and some days I would tend to agree with you. Being awake before the roosters may sound crazy to most people but I know that my most productive hours of the day are from 5 to 7 am, before the rest of the world is awake to distract me. I spend those two hours lining out my daily schedule in my Day Designer, planning dinner for the evening, and making sure everything I need is at my fingertips. It makes the rest of my day seem effortless and run smoothly regardless of any snags I might hit. Being a business owner is a daily challenge for me. Between the days that are simple to the days that make me want to throw in the towel, knowing that I have developed some semblance of balance between my work life and personal life keeps me focused and refreshed. When your work IS your life, how do you go from well-known business owner Susan Petersen’s philosophy of “balance is bullshit” to having a breathing space between your occupation and your purpose in life? Recognize First and foremost, you must recognize that there is a dif98

ference in your occupation and your purpose in life. Your occupation is what pays the bills, buys groceries, and funds your one-Starbucks-a-day habit. Your purpose in life is what you use to fulfill others by what you do. The product you make or the service you provide is the occupation. The feeling you get when you realize that your occupation is changing someone’s life for the better is your purpose. The incoming cash flow is a direct effect your occupation. Using that cash flow to take a vacation to Disney world with your son is your purpose. Each continually fuels the other and provides a steady stream of fuel to keep you going and inspired to keep doing what you do. Realize To create any type of balance between your occupation and your purpose in life, realize that managing your energy is more effective than managing your time. Pinpoint your high energy work time and make sure whatever is highest on your to do list for that day is scheduled for that time slot. Save low energy points throughout the day to take a break, walk around the block, or start dinner. Routine Once you have realized the times during the day when your

Photo Credit: Nina Dabney

energy peaks, rather than making a schedule for the work that needs to be done, work on creating a routine for your daily to-do list. Even for my extremely type-A personality a schedule can be entirely too structured and demanding for the ebb and flow of running a business from home. Creating a routine will help add some order to your day without running the risk of blowing your entire schedule if one task or order of business gets out of whack. Refresh As part of your new daily routine, set a time each day when you will stop working. Yes, you can just stop working and I promise the internet will not fall apart or disappear. (Trust me I know hard that is to believe!) If possible try to make it around the same time each day rather than deciding “after I finish this project I will be done” so that you can see the end of your day and work towards it. We all truly know that project may never have a finish line that you can cross by the end of the day. You can make it a range of time (mine is between 3:30 and 4, for example) to give yourself some flexibility or you can set a strict time. When you get to the end of your pre-determined work day, turn your equipment off. Whatever might distract you from stopping your work

day, whether it is a sewing machine, a computer, or your cell phone, I challenge you to shut it down at the end of each day as a physical indicator that the day of work is done and it is time to shift your focus to home time. Bonus challenge: If you have a studio, lock the door and give the key to your spouse. A little accountability never hurt! Relax Finally, one of the more important aspects I have learned about running a business is to learn how to relax and be extremely graceful and forgiving with yourself. It takes companies run by the best in their industry years of working to find the best process or method for them. Running a business, all by yourself, is hard! It is going to take lots of mistakes and missteps along the way to learn what the best routine is for you. Don’t let those setbacks destroy your confidence - learn from what didn’t work and try something else until you find what does. Putting these five principles, recognize, realize, routine, refresh, and relax, into action for your business will help lay the groundwork for finding that elusive and tricky thing called balance. 99

inside the hottest

New Trend 102

We sat down with Nicole Schumacher, co-founder of The Pretty Oil to talk about how using essential oils has helped her and her family get press restart to a healthier lifestyle. Q: How did you discover essential oils? NS: I feel like I can’t browse Pinterest these days without seeing essential oils. When my daughter was born, we experienced a life-threatening scare with her due to a hospital error. That incident was what kick started my wanting to find healthier alternatives to medicine. Q: Does your entire family now use essential oils? NS: Yes! I have to mention that my husband and I were both somewhat skeptical at first. My husband didn’t jump on board until we had a couple ah0ha moments using the oils on the kids. We have completely replaced our medicine cabinet with essential oils. We clean, cook, drink, and apply these oils for everything. Q: So tell us, what started The Pretty Oil. NS: Once I realized that Young Living essential oils could be used for more that aromatherapy purposes, it caused my skepticism to turn into passion. I knew I wanted to educate others who were interested in a healthier lifestyle Pair that with my blogging background and my idea was born. I called my friend, Lindsey and asked her to be a part of this journey with me as she too was using essential oils. Q: Your site, The Pretty Oil really shines light on essential oils in a new, modern way. How do you feel The Pretty Oil is different from other essential oil websites? NS: I felt it was important wanted to show a more glamorous side to essential oils. We really wanted to educate by infusing beautiful pictures and modern graphics to a community that appreciates it. You can be a college student, mother, or even someone who just loves beautiful things and a healthy lifestyle. Q: I’d love to hear how oils have changed your life? What ways do you use them? NS: It’s the Young Living brand over all that has helped me create a healthy lifestyle for my family. There truly is an oil

for everything. Like I said, we removed all OTC medication and household cleaners from our home and replaced them with essential oils. I tell people that I use the same oil in my water as I do to bleach my laundry (Lemon) and clean my toilets with the same oil I put on my kids when they are sick (Thieves). They’ve also become a major role in my beauty regimen. There is no other product out there you can say the same thing about. Q: What are you must have essential oils? NS: This is a tough question. Peace & Calming is a must because it does just that for my kids and I. Valor is a blessing in a bottle since it stops my husband for snoring. My skin has never felt and looked so good thanks to Frankincense. I use Lime essential oil in my water and drink Ningxia Red daily. I think if I could, I would gift every mom Peace & Calming and Ningxia Red. ​ 101



Caroline Harper Knapp takes us inside her oh-so-chic New Year City Apartment

“I suppose I am letting a bit of my OCD shine through here, but I prefer to

decorate by grouping similar items together.

Find a common theme whether it be their color, shape, functionality or category and style those items together on a shelf.�


Style should be personal

so decorate your home with items that peek your interest or have a sentimental value. I love decorating our coffee table with books that I can pick up and read when I have some down time. A few current favorites are books on photography and New York City architecture.�


I like to surround my work space with beautiful things,

it helps me to feel inspired. Fresh blooms, inspirational images cut out from magazines, sweet hand written notes from my husband and brand partners – all encourage me to work harder and stay motivated.”

“I believe you should

always be ready to entertain

should you have an unexpected guest pop in. Our bar cart is always ready with colorful napkins, fun straws, and a bottle of wine on hand!”


“Due to lack of space in our bathroom and closet, I recently moved my jewelry to my night stand and I love the outcome.

Why not decorate with pretty baubles?

And the unplanned upside is that I actually see what I own so I noticed that I am getting more use of my jewelry instead of always reaching for the same few pieces.”


“My husband thinks I am crazy, but

I make our bed every morning.

It simply makes me happy to walk into a room with a beautiful bed. If it makes you happy, why not?!”

My style is a mix of the traditional antiques I grew up with in the south with a touch of a bit more modern,

clean lines that have grown on me since living in New York City.�


“My city uniform usually consists of a high-low mix of my current favorites. You can usually spot me in

my favorite jeans (Rag & Bone/Jeans The Skinny or Current/Elliott The Boyfriend) paired with a classic blouse + blazer. In the city, you always keep a comfortable pair of shoes in your bag for long walks, but I love the way a pair of great heels can really play up an otherwise casual outfit. Speaking of bag, what is an outfit without a killer handbag? In the city, fashion must also be functional so I love a great crossbody or carry-all tote. 110


“Creator of the ORIGINAL Crown Headband”

Little Blue Olive offers handmade, heirloom quality crowns, party hats and seasonal accessories that are sure to add a memorable touch to any special event. Perfect for newborn photos, first birthdays, bridal events and even highlighting a 90th birthday milestone! There is truly a special crown or party hat for everyone! These heirloom accessories are made from high quality wool felt and glitter fabric and are made to last a lifetime. Any Little Blue Olive item makes a fabulous gift for a loved one or yourself! Every piece is assembled with care and attention to detail and made to withstand baby hands and the years to come.

Exclusive offer for Cupcake Magazine readers! Good through 12/31/14

10% off first order with coupon code: CUPCAKE10

Photos courtesy of: Suzanne O’Reilly Bia Sampaio Jessica Pena Chinnylulu Kelsey Ray Kym Vitar

Items can be purchase at: 114







get the look sweater: J.Crew jeans: BDG via Urban Outfitters bag: Lily Jade maternity body styler: Blanqi



Who says you have to avoid stripes during pregnancy? Bold stripes are a fun bump accessory and paired with long maternity tanks even non-maternity sweaters are fair game.




Just because you’re preggers doesn’t mean maternity wardrobes have to comprised of all maternity clothes. Expert momma of 4, Grace of the must-read lifestyle blog, Camp Patton tells us exactly what you need to add to your wardrobe and how to rock it.


get the look

blouse: Bohemian Traders denim: BDG via Urban Outfitters maternity body styler: Blanqi shades: Ray-Ban

get the look

skirt: Nordstrom Rack shirt: Target clogs: Moheda


Elastic waist bands are your best friend! Maxi skirts are the bump’s best friend especially when your third trimester happens to be in the heat of the summer.



Non-maternity blouses aren’t off limits even in the third trimester! Wear them with denim and a maternity tank and don’t miss a trend beat just because you’re sporting a bump.

get the look blazer: Zara jeans: Soon Maternity


Every maternity wardrobe needs a blazer. It dresses up the most basic jeans + t-shirt ensemble and transitions beautifully into countless postpartum outfit options.



1. Update the Classic Dress The little white dress might be a classic for summer, but this updated style by Troubadour keeps it fresh with a fun print and cap sleeve. 2. Buy a Blazer The great thing about a blazer is that you can throw it over anything and instantly be pulled together. I love this mesh panel blazer by Tibi because it’s cool enough to wear on event the hottest day here in Charleston. 3. Look for Detials The laser cut leather on this skirt is an unexpected detail 120

that gives an edge to the classic feminine shape of this Tibi skirt. Unexpected equals good. 4. It’s All About a Fun Print Summer is the right time to pull out a fun and youthful print. Lips print forever, I say. 5. Find the Perfect Topping Accessorize a neutral ensemble with a colorful jewelry. I love Mignonne Gavigan’s line of beaded scarf necklaces. Each one is like a work of art. Photos by Gray Benko Photography

Dress: Troubadour Shoes: Cole Haan (old) Bag: Lizzie Fortunato

Blazer: Tibi Shorts: Kate Spade Sneakers: Converse Clutch: Kate Spade Sunnies: Rayban


Skirt: Asos Top: Madewell Sunglasses: Elizabeth & James Shoes: J.Crew Bag: Givenchy


Skirt: Tibi Shoes: Miu Miu Bag: J.Crew

Top: PJK Jeans: shopbop Scarf: Mignonne Gavigan Sunglasses: Rayban Clutch: Kate Spade


The Date Night

My husband and I love to sneak out on date nights in the summer. It stays light out forever and nothing can beat those warm summer evenings. I love to wear bold colors and a flirty skirt. Adding a jean jacket keeps it casual, yet chic. OUTFIT DETAILS: Jean Jacket: J.Crew, Peach Button Up: J.Crew, Fluted Skirt: J.Crew, Sandals: Lulu*s, Glasses: Bonlook


what to wear:

SUMMER STYLE GUIDE Jen Lula otherwise known as JenLovesKev knows good style. From date night to brunch — she’s sharing her expertise and the perfect outfit ideas for all of your occasions this season.

The Weekender

The Wedding

OUTFIT DETAILS: Billabong Kimono: Lulu*s, White Tee: Everlane, Jeans: Lulu*s, Sunglasses: Warby Parker, Sandals: Lulu*s

OUTFIT DETAILS: Maxi Dress: Lulu*s, Heels: Lulu*s, Bracelets: Stella and Dot

Headed to the farmers market? Try loose, light layers. You’ll feel breezy and relaxed. Or add a sandal with a slight chunky heel to feel a tad more put together (without losing comfort) than your average flip flop.

Summer weddings are great for pulling out all the fancy dresses you don’t get to wear that often. Make a statement with a geometric pattern or bright color. No need for jewelry with a bold neckline, look for pieces with interesting cutouts.


The Cookout

Rompers aren’t just for little kids! Talk about a quick and easy way to get dressed. One piece and you’re done. Look for cute details, a perfect fit and a nice pattern to make it feel age appropriate. You will be feeling chic and comfy at your next family cookout. OUTFIT DETAILS: Romper: Lou & Grey via LOFT, Flats: Target, Watch: Michael Kors


The Brunch Date

I love fancy brunch dates! We enjoy dressing up just a bit and heading over to grab some fancy french toast after church. When I first saw that jumpsuits were on trend this year I was a bit scared. I couldn’t picture wearing one. But when I tried one on, it was the the heavens opened and angels sang. So comfortable, yet I felt so incredible chic. I went with a neutral color to keep it simple and understated. OUTFIT DETAILS: Jumpsuit: Marshalls, Wedges: Banana Republic, Necklace: Jess LC, Watch: Michael Kors

wear happy. wear happy.

corilynn corilynn made in usa

style tips 5 GAME CHANGER

Style is really just sharing yourself with the world. You’re saying something with what you wear even if it’s unintentional. I have been helping women for over a decade find their message. It brings me life and is way beyond fashion and clothing. The look in a women’s eye when she truly feels confident is priceless, empowering and unstoppable. No matter where you find yourself in this season of life, I hope to be a small part in helping you become your best version!

3. Jackets + Layering

1. Buy pieces that easily transition from day to night

4. Details

Always look for pieces that give you options for layering. For example, the jacket. No matter what season, a great fitting blazer or jacket is a must in every wardrobe. I style my clients seasonally, so each season we are adding 1 signature jacket that can be styled 10+ ways, not to mention we are building our wardrobe… smart.

One of the best “transition pieces” is a maxi dress. Finding your right shape is the most important thing. Look for color, fit, and think ahead to how you would style it for day and night. (style tip) look how easy we can switch from day to night with just shoes + accessory and maybe a color lip! EASY!

Pay attention to the details…. meaning allow your accessories, shoes, hair and makeup be the details that set your basics on fire. Think of a black and white painting, add some splashes of color and it completely changes it and a thousand times over. Be smart with your accessories, be unique and use them to tie the look together like the cherry on top!

2. The chambray top

5. Do Wear Sweatpants

Every closet needs a chambray top or 2 or 3! I have 4! Floral, light, dark, and neon trimmed! The Chambray top is the perfect accent to any basic. So take a black maxi skirt and white tank… boring… but throw on a chambray top tied at the waist and all the sudden you look pulled together. Or what about that floral summer dress that is so cute but the spaghetti straps mean bra issues … throw on your chambray top with melon lips and voila!

Yes you heard me… wear sweatpants! Every woman’s dream right? The perfect blend of comfort and style for day with a baseball hat and chambray top or kick it up with some heels and red lips! Need to hire a stylist? Check out!

connect with Ahndea on Instagram, @Ahndea. Hashtag #styledbyahndea to ask her your fashion questions! Get more style tips from Ahndea on 128




Summer Picnic

Grab a picnic basket and find the perfect summer spot! We’ve got everything you need for the perfect picnic. BY SUSANNA HINDMAN OF REVISIONARY LIFE


There’s something about a quilted blanket spread across the green, a wicker basket packed with fresh lemonade, cold pasta, and sweet pie, the shade of a tree, and the softness of summer wind that makes the intimacy and romance of any upscale restaurant pale in comparison. We packed our Martha Stewart white wicker picnic basket with chicken pesto pasta, a light Cesar salad, garlic bread, and freshly squeezed lemonade for the perfect outdoor summer meal for two. Plates, utensils, cups, and coordinating striped napkins were all conveniently and artfully tucked inside to make for easy packing and serving. Best of all the pasta dish is excellent whether served warm or cold, is easy to make, and keeps well.

Happy summer picnicking!

Chicken Pesto Pasta serves 6-8} [ingredients] 1 box whole wheat pasta 1 jar prepared basil pesto 1 green bell pepper, diced 1 1/2 lb. boneless skinless chicken breast Cavender’s all-purpose Greek seasoning parmesan cheese, for topping [directions] Prep. Cook pasta according to package directions. While waiting for the water to boil, pound the chicken breast to 1/4” thickness or slice into strips if preferred. Season with Cavender’s on both sides to taste. {It’s found in any grocery spice aisle. I sprinkle it pretty liberally but that’s because I love the seasoning}. Dice bell pepper or cut into strips. Cook. While pasta is cooking, sauté chicken until cooked through, about 2-3 minutes per side or until strips are no longer pink. Drain pasta and cut chicken into strips if you haven’t already done so. Combine. Toss cooked pasta, chicken, and diced bell peppers with enough pesto to coat {sometimes the whole jar}. Serve. Garnish with shaved parmesan cheese. 131

Why settle for an ordinary diaper bag when you can have a timi & leslie? Our guiding philosophy is that being a parent does not mean sacrificing style to gain function. With timi & leslie bags you get the be s t of both worlds. You can look chic and stay organized. Fashion, function‌ you really can have it all!



trendytot K-Way Claude Packable Windbreaker GILT $25 Joah Love Courtney Set GILT $ 40 (original retail $70) Director of Baby & Kids, Melissa Keswin shares back to school shopping tips for you to get ahead start this summer.

Herschel polka dot backpacks GILT $50

Don’t stress yourself out by trying to get everything done for the first day of school. Doing it little by little takes some pressure off! • Look for versatile apparel that can take kids from the school yard to play dates to birthday parties. For example, Joah Love - amazing cotton sets and separates for boys & girls. • A fall coat and a new pair of sneakers are two back-to-school staples worth spending a little extra money on. Kids will wear these items almost every day, so look for durable brands like K-way & Superga 134

Superga J Clot Classic Sneaker GILT $19 (Original retail $55)

• A new backpack is also a staple, but pay attention to the straps. Make sure they’re soft, which will help kids’ shoulders handle a full load of books. Herschel & Skip Hop are two brands I love. • I recommend a reusable, easy to clean lunchbox like Lunchbots. • Lay out first-day-of-school outfits the night before — narrow it down to two options and let the kids make the final call. The first day back can be stressful, so wearing something they are comfortable in will help them feel more confident. • It’s also important to look for machine washable clothes! It will make life’s little messes a lot easier on you

Shop the best in kids brands—Bugaboo, Jacadi, KidKraft, and more—everyday at up to 60% off.


A classic gingham UV 50+ swimsuit that protects while your little one plays in style.


SwimZip Bathing Suit, $29.99 Because what’s a day at the beach without the perfect bonnet? Little Sunhat, $45


Summer! Get your check-list out you’ll need these must-haves as you head to the water with your brood

Everyone needs one of these in their beach bag! Augie and Lola Snack Bag, $6

Cover up! A beach hat is a must. SwimZip hat, $19.99 A pop-up lid keeps sand away. Piyo Piyo Training Cup, $9.29

Stay protected in cool shades. The Honest Company, $9.71


STAY COOL And just relax on your patio with the kids!

Buy it now: Intex PureSpa





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