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Check out my exclusive collection with @rubyclaireboutique!

Merry Christmas!

Elf is in the background as I type this and my christmas decorations are up -- two weeks early. Christmas is my favorite!!! This issue has been so much fun to put together. I am so excited to share the beautiful and ever-so-lovely Camila Alves with you all. What a wonderful and humble women she is and has truly inspired me. Within her interview some of her words truly stuck with me: The most inspiring thing is watching and learning from different women and how all of us do things a little different​; and ​how we can all learn from each other! ​​ Isn’t that so true? It’s what cupcakeMAG is all about. Supporting small biz ladies. Supporting and inspiring each other. Learning, watching and being inspired by all. Well I can say that I am truly inspired by Camila and all she does as a women in biz, a wife and a mother who is building an empire. Not to mention she is absolutely gorgeous and just the sweetest. I am sure everyone would love being best friends with her! Camila - thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to be on our cover. You are truly an inspiration to all of us and we are so excited for all the exciting things to come your way in 2017. We truly adore you and all you are doing with Yummy Spoonfuls and Women of Today. We will always be your number one fans! With that said, I have some bittersweet news. Next issue we are going to have some changes around here and I’m trying not to hold back tears. For the last 3 years I’ve had the best sidekick by my side. My director of advertising and chaos wasn’t just what her title stated. She was a best friend. She was someone who held me up when I wanted to quit and her motto would be a few choice words I can’t really type because well, let’s just say her Dad has the best words of wisdom. Who is this amazing girl? It’s my one and only Skye. Skye has been a dream to work with and she is truly one of my best friends and will continue to be someone I always talk too. Just because she is finally going to follow her passion doesn’t mean we are parting ways. I am so 16

Stephanie Zahn, Caught


beyond excited for what is ahead in her journey and I am even more proud of you Skye for finally taking the leap to follow your own heart, passion and drive. I am always and will forever be your cheerleader. Thank you so much for all you have done for cupcakeMAG. And on that note don’t forget to check out our Holiday Gift Guide at the back of this issue and our Shopping Guide filled with all of our must-have finds, plus what’s on our radar and more. We’ve done the shopping for you with the best of the best shops on the net while featuring our favorite small business shops around and can’t wait to see all these pretty gifts under your tree. As always -- I just want to thank you. Yes, you beautiful! Thank you for reading! Thank you for letting us be part of your day. Thank you for the support and love. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We wouldn’t be here without you.

Lots of love, cupcake!


Casi Densmore-Koon Founder & Editor in Chief

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Barberry and Lace Bar Stud Earrings, $36

Wrenn Jewelry Madison Druzy Cuff Bracelet in Midnight Black Druzy, $ 42 Bauble Bar Pirkko Tassel Drops, $38

​Nordstrom B ​ P.​,​ Check Scarf $25.00

Nickel & Suede Black Suede Leather Choker, $35.00

Sole Society Blackwood Vegan Bucket, $59.95

Sole Society Zada Woven Ankle Bootie, $99.95


stylish kids clothes for the modern child.

w18w w . c u t e h e a d s . c o m

@cutehea dskids

Luxa Jewelry bohemian luxurious #lovemyluxa


the lust list Adornlee Follow Your Heart Makeup Travel Bag, $28

Finley Lane Monogram Necklace, $160



Imperfect Grace TANYA Oxidized sterling silver bar and chain earring set with black rose cut diamonds, $370

Urban Baby Runway Beau Sweatshirt, $57.99

The Silver Loft Large Link Chain Bracelet, $24 Shop Wrenn Kira Necklace Merlot Druzy, $38




Should be called miracle powder! Dries out that problem area in ten minutes. Just wipe with toner and viola skin is glowing again. Seriously!

GlamGlow SuperMud Clearing Treatment, $49

Mario Badescu Silver Powder, $12

Freshens that dull skin in just a few spritz! Works like a moisturizer but better when you are on the go!

Younique Splash Liquid Lipstick, True Expressions Glam Mom, $27

Restores the glow that may have been swept away with the cold weather frost! Instantly boosts circulation and leaves your skin plump and rosy!

Osea Sea Minerals Mist, $38

Why use a heavy conditioner when you can use a leave in detangler? Makes brushing those locks much less dreadful!

Finley Lane Let’s Makeup Pouch, $14 22

Shea Moisture African Water Mint & Ginger Detox & Refresh Hair & Scalp Leave-In Detangler, $11.99

Illuminating Rose Collegen Renewal Face Serum, $86

In the Kitchen with

Photo Credit: Cynthia Hauser



We love your site Women of Today. Tell us a little bit more about how that evolved and what inspires you to write and share your ideas there. I wanted to create a community where women can come together. A place where we can all share recipes, kids activities, family activities, inspirations, fashion, beauty and anything we have learned in between. I develop my own recipes and lifestyle ideas and personally test everything that I put on Women of Today. I encourage visitors to share their own recipes and ideas or any inspirations they may find on the web, and anything that I try I give the community feedback on what I did to make it easier, affordable or if something just didn’t work. I basically do the leg work and break down the science to make things easier for busy moms everywhere. You are the co-founder of Yummy Spoonfuls an organic line of baby and toddler food for Target. What inspired you to make your own baby food? As a mother of three, I made baby food for my children and with my third child I decided I needed to do this as a business. I spent a lot of time and sleepless nights making homemade puree. Along my journey to find fresh, simple and nutritious baby food, I was introduced to Agatha Achindu, a fellow mom and entrepreneur. We have very similar backgrounds growing up, both daughters of farmers. Agatha started Yummy Spoonfuls about ten years ago. She and I came together two years ago with a similar dream – to redefine healthy eating for a new generation and make Yummy Spoonfuls easily accessible and affordable to families across the U.S. Yummy Spoonfuls isn’t your standard line of baby food. What Makes Yummy Spoonfuls different? As my partner Agatha likes to say, “Not all organic food is created equal.” Our line of baby food is the closest to homemade! We cook food just like you would at home. We start with organic fruits and vegetables that are cooked in small batches and quickly flash-frozen to preserve flavor and nutrients at the peak of freshness without the need for preservatives. Think about it, what would you do at home if you want to preserve your food? You wouldn’t add any preservatives, citric acid, etc. Instead, you would put it in the freezer! Our line is divided into three stages to make it


easy for babies to transition from purees to soft solids. Stage 1 and 2 purees are in a pouch for the convenience when needed, but when not on the go, we recommend squeezing out of the pouch and feeding your baby! Stage 3 is a perfect way to introduce toddlers to table food and prepare them for regular meals. The portion sizes are larger and the texture is chunky to encourage chewing. Toddlers can easily grab the solids or eat them with a spoon which helps develop motor skills. What are some of the biggest surprises you have learned about the food industry and what we feed our children? There are many! What’s most important here is education because when you know better you do better. As parents and consumers we must learn and really look at labels and try to go back to our basics. Instilling healthy eating habits right from the start is important for children to develop a taste for clean, healthy, wholesome foods. Our goal as a company has always been to promote healthy living and offer convenience and products at an affordable price point and nevercompromise in order to cut corners to save time or money. Through our company and work we hope to serve as an example for people and other businesses. Cooking in the kitchen with family must be so important to you. How do you encourage your own children to be hands-on in the kitchen? My kids spend a lot of time in the kitchen and I encourage their creative side. My oldest son loves spending time in the kitchen the most. I involve the kids in everything, and even my 3 year-old is now helping to make eggs in the morning. He’s very proud about it! If you get your kids involved on all sides of cooking they will understand from the beginning how important food is and how great it can taste! When my son wanted to cook on his own I bought him an electric skillet and that was his first step into independence in the kitchen! It’s obvious that family is tremendously important to you! Obviously a big focus of the blog is food, family, and Camila’s Code – how has it been balancing mom life and work life? A lot of times I really don’t know how it all gets done! It can be overwhelming but prepping things a head of time, a good support group and organization is key. The most important thing is knowing your order of priorities between your family, yourself, work, pleasure and other things. If you


have that straight no matter how crazy it gets you always have a solid base to come back to it!

Where do you personally look for inspiration, especially when it comes to food and family life?

Women of Today features such a great balance of lifestyle content - everything from food, entertaining, décor and so much more. We know you must love them all, but which of these is your own personal favorite?

I usually get inspiration from all over the place. I get inspired easily b​y the world around me​. ​The most inspiring thing​​is watching and learning from different women and how all of us do things a little different​; and ​how we can all learn from each ether!

I enjoy all of it. I like to take a recipe and tweak it to make it healthier. Since we are surrounded by food all day long, I like to bring healthier choices into the home and I’m a firm believer that healthy eating habits start when we’re young. I like to test the recipes out on my whole family and get everyone’s opinion. Obviously, you’re “in the know” when it comes to fashion and beauty – can you share any beauty must-haves we should try? One of my favorite beauty products that I use for the red carpet and can be great for your readers getting ready for their upcoming holiday parties is Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. This comes in a few shades and adds any coverage needed. Most of us have fallen in love with you on the red carpet as a leading lady and a fashion-icon. Tell us your best fashion tip for a busy mom! What is your “mom uniform”? Honestly most days, I’m lucky if I’m able to brush my hair as I am running out of the door to drop off the kids at school. So my savior is having a couple of great soft denim button down shirts, my favorite pair of denim pants by FRAME and good comfortable platform heels. What are your ultimate kitchen staples? Good Olive Oil and Flake Salt, I use both every day. 28

What is up next for you? ​We​are amplifying Women of Today and the live stream on my Facebook page! So make sure to sign up for the newsletter​, ​my website so you can get updates. As part of our mission, Agatha and I are helping to continue to educate parents how to feed their children the right way by providing amazing meals with Yummy​​Spoonful’s at the frozen section at Target. If you could have 5 things in your kitchen, what would they be and why? 1. Ninja slow cooker​! ​It has stove top and oven setting you can brown things in it and change to a slow cooker supper practical and less messy in the kitchen 2. Shun Ken knives​: They discontinued my favorite knife so I​ ​wish I could get more of them! 3. Vitamix blender​​for me ​is ​the best blender, powerful and super easy to clean. 4​ . I​f I could have a​ ​​m​agic button to clean up the mess and a way to have a device that records me when I am doing recipes so I don’t have to keep back and forth to the note pad! (​ laughs)

“The most inspiring thing​i​ s watching and learning from different women and how all of us do things a little different​; and ​how we can all learn from each other!​”

Photo Credit: 29 Michael Clifford

Quick Tidbits: First thing you do when you wake up: Check on my kids, Yerba Matte Tea

Favorite cookbook: “Bought, Borrowed, Stolen� by Allegra McEvedy

Go to outfit: My favorite pair of jeans and a white or denim shirt.

Pet peeve:

The sound of permanent markers on drawing paper or when people chew with their mouth open.

Most over used emoji: Smiley face

Dinner last night?

Fish with soba noodles with ginger green onions soy broth (will be sharing the recipe soon!)

Tea or Coffee? Tea



S I M P L Y M A D E G R E E T I N G S . E T S Y. C O M

“I LOVE this! We're using it at our wedding this summer… We've split our lives between living in two states and it seemed very fitting. Quick shipping, secure packaging, very high quality, and great customer service.”

- Sara |

personalized wall art . mugs . totes . greeting cards



Top Social Influencers Share All the Must-Haves for the Holiday Season From the perfect gifts to what’s on their wish list and more! We caught up with the hottest bloggers on the web-o-sphere just in time for the holiday season.



nickle & suede BLACK SUEDE LEATHER CHOKER, $35

little adi & co tribe dreamy tee, $30

can’t live without it

ittse le mystere collection, $79.99

adorn lee travel makeup bag, $28


Kristin, the lavish pear Kristin is “mama” to Delilah, 5 and Sawyer, 5 months. She and her husband, Stephen, live on the East Coast with their two littles and Chocolate Labrador, Tucker. Kristin has a passion for writing, fashion, interiors, beauty and baking. Her favorite trends right now include bold lips, chokers, booties and neutral interiors. A former makeup artist for Bobbi Brown and MAC, she loves keeping up to date with new cosmetic trends and formulas and sharing with her readers on The Lavish Pear. In her spare time she enjoys baking up some yummy desserts with her daughter, Delilah, and taking daily walks with her family. BLOG: INSTAGRAM: @thelavishpear


This scarf, on repeat.

Maybe these will motivate me after holiday cookies?

Mom hair, don’t care! Put a hat on it!

Nordstrom BP Scarf, $29

Nike Rosche Two Sneaker, $90

Nordstrom BP Leather Hat, $29

Crushing on some new Wellies!

I’m so obsessed with this necklace in XL, perfect for an everyday statement!

Hunter High Gloss Red Boots, $150

Finley Lane Cheshire Monogram Necklace, $150

Marble and Gold Laptop Skin, $66.00

Ashlee, little lovelies blog Little Lovelies Blog is a fashion and lifestyle blog that features our daily life through the trials and triumphs of motherhood. Ashlee is a wife and mama to two sweet girls, Laikyn + Lennyn and Great Dane named Tucker. Originally a Kindergarten teacher turned Stay-at-home-Mom, she loves unlimited caffeine, trips alone to Target, unhealthy baking and occasional speed reading (usually the night before bookclub). She loves sharing and encouraging through each post as we all know that “Mommin’ Aint Easy!” BLOG: IinstaGram: @ashleeknichols


I love that these lenses are convenient to clip on your phone and give photos a little more edge.

My dry skin needs all the help it can get in looking softer and brighter.

I’m always needing small pouches for keeping outings and travel with kids organized.

iphone lenses, $12.99

herbivore pink clay mask, $18

gentry california accessory pouch, $16

My dad gets me a throw every year for Christmas. I love my growing collection of knitted blankets.

For those days that I don’t have the time to shower and wash my hair.

I love the simplicity and meaning of these custom stamped stacking rings.

H&M knit throw, $39.99

H&M cap, $12.99

jessica n designs stacking rings, $35.50

brittany, duchess of york Brittany is a wife and stay at home mama to two little boys. She’s living out her fairytale dream in a little white farmhouse surrounded by cows, chickens, and a cute little bunny named Louie down in Louisiana. Brittany loves sweet tea, apple pies, craftin’, junkin’, and farm livin’. BLOG: INSTAGRAM: @brittanyork


because twinning with my little is winning in my book!

Kristin Cavallari ‘Laurel’ Peep Toe Bootie, $149.95

Lulu & Roo Adult Size Plum Hoodie, $52

made by mary bar necklace, $48

Hunt and Gather Goods Sign, $40

gentry california weekender, $52

amazon echo, $139.99

jess, positively Oakes Jess is a wife, mama and author at She loves throwing big events, promoting positivity and reminding Mamas that they’re killin’ it, even on the hard days. She can most likely be found with a Dr. Pepper in hand while dancin’ around the house with her sweet baby girl. BLOG: IinstaGram: @positivelyoakes


It might not fit all of the daily diapers, but sometimes Momma is willing to carry two bags when one is this cute!

I can’t even express my obsession over these!

alexander wang rockie leather crossbody satchel, $795

For when you can’t cover all of the problems in your life, but you can still cover those baggy tired mom eyes!

sam edelman abbie bootie, $149.95

tarte contour concealer, $24

Every home office is more chic with a H Nichols print.

This bracelet would make any outfit look better!

I would love to add this gorgeous strap to my collection to make photoshoot days even more fun!

well read H Nichols illustration, $12

hm willow THE YOEST, $30

rose gold Sequin Camera Strap, $50

kristyn, at home with kristyn Cole A mother and design enthusiast by day, Kristyn’s blog serves as a creative outlet to show-case outfits, beauty routines, home decor, organization, and lifestyle tips that aim to add flare to the everyday woman’s daily routine. BLOG: IinstaGram: @kristyncole


If there’s anyone you can trust in the fashion world, it’s Kendall & Kylie

One item worth splurging on? Purses. This one in particular

Forever my favorite scented candle

kendall & kylie chelsea boot, $189

rebecca minkoff vanity saddle bag, $325

Capri Blue Iridescent Jar Candle, $28

This cute mug is perfect for any on-the-go mom

I love the detail of this simple, beautiful ring!

I am a huge fan of Lululemon- cute, comfy, and extremely flattering. Worth every penny!

ish shop mom fuel mug, $14

Gorjana lola ring, $60

lululemon wunder under Pant, $98

mel, Ella brooks blog I’m Mel- wife to my better half, Travis, who keeps me half sane, and mama to three little ones Ella, Brooks, & Jude (who threw us for a loop- hence the blog name). You can find me at where I share snippets of our life’s journey along with my passion for fashion and everything in between. My heart is to inspire others while keeping it real and uplifting those around us. Jesus and coffee keep me going... BLOG: IinstaGram: @ellabrooksblog


Warm up by the fire with some hot cocoa and loved ones. threshold sweater knit blanket, $39

A beautiful and organized way to fill your wall. V shop Calendar, $25

Warm and fab.

I love layering jewelry together, but it’s even better when it already comes as a set!

Gold and lovable.

Need to chase around a toddler? Perfect shoes for that.

the silver wren layering necklace, $64

H&M Porcelain Mugs, $17.99


H&M Faux Fur Coat, $129

Sandy, sandy a la mode Sandy a la Mode is a family fashion and lifestyle blog that inspires others to dress well and have fun with life. Mommy and me fashion is our forte. BLOG: IinstaGram: @sandyalamode


Coffee mugs are the way to my heart! These mugs are 15 ounces! Just enough caffeine to get me through my morning with three kids

These are on my list every year.. the color options are endless and these studs will never go overlooked.

Perfect to show your love for your little one(s), special one, a memorable date or place, or express a simple sentiment. I never take my bar necklace off!

SixElevenCo. coffee mug, $14.95

Kate Spade small square studs, $38

Shine Life bar necklace, $49

Super comfy and a stylish way to dress my growing bump!

The easiest stocking stuffer for yourself and all the gals in your life!

Madewell maternity jeans, $138

Buxom Plumping Lip Gloss, $20

A diaper bag has been on my hip for the last four year, but when it’s time for a date night or running errands sans the babes this cross body bag is the way to go! What’s even better is that I can throw in a few diapers and wipes to-go and I’ve got two free hands. Better Life Bags Brynnda, $207

amber, PB + J Babes Amber is a momma to three girls - my PB+J: two-year-old twins Parker and Jolie and the littlest sister, Baker, born in July 2015. She lives in a cozy suburb outside of Dallas with her firefighter-hero husband, Jordan. She’s been blogging for nearly 10 years as a registered dietitian, foodie and former personal chef and has since made the transition to including adventures with family and being a mom nearly three years ago. On PB+J babes, she shares their life full of Costco snacking, dollhouse playing, Disney movie watching and spending way too much time at Target.. as well as yummy recipes and day to day nutrition advice for busy families like her own. BLOG: INSTAGRAM: @masseya


I am obsessed with anything that boasts my role as a mother… My kids are my pride and joy!

I can’t get enough of this tray!

I love how dainty this ring is… It goes with everything!

the silver loft vertical oval bangle, $34

finley lane Creme de la Creme Tray, $36

mai moda open heart ring,

A sentimental keepsake for the holidays.

my go-to color for Winter!

I am obsessed with this pillowcase, but really with everything from Little Adi + Co.

smiling tree snowflake ornament, $14

wrenn polish in uncorked, $12

little adi + Co wild world pillow case, $30

bethanie garcia, the garcia diaries The Garcia Diaries is a life + style site for the modern mom. The Creative Director and Founder, Bethanie Garcia, is wife to her highschool sweetheart, mom to three, lover of graphic tees and self-proclaimed Dr. Pepper connoisseur. She loves sharing her latest small shop finds and must-haves and encouraging moms (and their little babes) to have fun with fashion! BLOG: INSTAGRAM: @thegarciadiaries


​ ​​


HOLLYdays with Style

The holiday season has us hustling and bustling all over town. Why not have a wardrobe of holiday must haves that are perfect for busy days of gift getting, to evenings spent at holiday parties! Casi created an exclusive collection with RubyClaire Boutique over the last few months and it was so amazing to see it come to life. Casi created four looks that you can mix and match and wear all throughout the holiday.



get her look: Home for the Holidays Blazer, McKenzie Ruffle Top, Herringbone Patched Leggings, Right on Track Necklace, Be Brave Cuff, The Kate Boots


Keeping her little ones in mind, Casi had so much fun naming her favorite pieces after her favorite little ones. The Sadie Clutch, ZoĂŤ Choker and The Offthe-Shoulder Kennadi Dress were named after her daughters.

get her look: Kennadi Off the Shoulder Dress, Casi Pumps, The Sadie Clutch ZoĂŤ Choker


If you know casi, you’ll know that yes ­— the hat is named after her 4-year-old son, Grayson and the boots and tote were inspired by her dogs names.

get her look: West Laurel Poncho, Lulu Leggings, McKenzie Ruffle Top, The Stella Slit Pumps, The Charlie Tote, Half Moon Pendant, Grayson Hat


get her look: TOP: Cupcake Bamboo Top, Hear Me Roar Jeggings, Taos Sherpa Flutter Vest, The Penny Pack, The McKay

RIGHT: McKenzie Ruffle Top, Herringbone Patched Leggings, Right on Track Necklace, Be Brave Cuff, The Kate Boots, East Coaster Striped Blanket Scarf






How to Set Compelling Goals to Make 2017

the Best Year Yet! BY Jennifer Berson Jennifer Berson isn’t just a long-time supporter of cupcakeMAG. Jen is a PR powerhouse and founder of Jeneration PR. Just recently she launched an amazing course, Press Success. As a small biz owner and off the record - Press Success is amazing. And no, it’s not just for shops or brands specific. It’s for anyone who needs to kick-start their business and get it noticed by the media. If anyone knows how to do just this, it’s Jen. She is handsdown one of the smartest ladies in business we know and Press Success truly shows her knowledge in this industry. — Casi

I love the end of the year, and not just for the awesomeness that comes from celebrating the holidays—time with friends & family, food, festivities and fun. What I love about the end of the year is the clean slate and promise of all the positivity the upcoming year brings. Here are 6 steps to help set actionable goals—and achieve them—to help make 2017 your best year yet! 1. Reflect Before you start the New Year, it’s a great practice to review and reflect on what’s happened in the past year in the important areas of your life: your family & relationships, career, finance, health & wellness. What did you accomplish in the current year that made you proud? What were the most special moments from the last 12 months? Spending time actually reviewing what has happened over the last year will help you make the best decisions and focus on what is important in the year ahead. 2. Look Ahead

Leave any frustrations, regret and negativity behind and stay positive as you move into the year ahead. Instead, be grateful for the successes you’ve had, and carry that positivity with you as you plan for the year ahead. Write down your “Big Wins” from the past year, and review them for an added boost of confidence as you plan for the year ahead. 3. Plan During that time of year between Thanksgiving and the New Year, things tend to be a bit slower at work. You know what I’m talking about—people are focused on the holidays, and seem to be a bit checked out. But not you! Oh no, you’re going to use this time to plan for your year ahead. Allow yourself to dream big! What do you want to accomplish in the coming year, and WHY? What will you work on that will bring you joy? How can you grow in every area of your life? List your goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound, or SMART for short. This can help you start off your year with clarity and direction. 55

4. Break it Down Now! A list of big goals can feel incredibly daunting. You’ll never check anything off of your to-do list if you just have large goals on it. The key to successfully completing these big plans is to chip away at them daily, and that happens when you break them down into manageable tasks. Once you’ve set your three or four big goals for the year, go through each one and brain-dump everything you can think of that will go in to completing these goals. What are the 2 or 3 next actions you need to take to move those goals forward? These become your weekly or monthly “to-dos” that you can feel good about crossing off your list (like a boss!) as you move closer to achieving your bigger goals. 5. Schedule Your Year Now that you have established your goal and broken them down into smaller, more manageable tasks, now you have to schedule them to make them happen. If you don’t add what’s important to you to your calendar, you leave yourself open to others taking up too much of your time with their agendas. I have found that whatever I calendar actually happens, so if I want to see a shift in any area of my life, I have to actually add it to the calendar. Working out, date nights, time with friends, self-care—all of it gets added to the calendar like an agenda item. Same goes for the important daily and 56

weekly tasks needed to move my goals forward. I calendar them to make them real and ensure they actually get done! 6. Take Care of YOU! I hinted at this above, but part of being productive, successful, and having a great year is taking good care of yourself. Plan time off, take vacations, learn a new skill, or develop a deep expertise in something that interests and excites you. The bottom line is, pay attention to your needs and what you need to stay mentally and physically healthy. Practice self-care so you can avoid burn-out and maintain focus to accomplish everything you set out to achieve in the new year. I have a “self-care accountability partner” and we check in with each other every 2 weeks to ensure we’re taking good care of ourselves. Sounds silly, but I know she will email me and ask what I did for myself, and I better have an answer! The healthier, more rested and taken care of you are, the more your family, and work will benefit from having the best version of you possible. This is the perfect time of year to reflect on your achievements from this year, dive into setting your goals for the New Year, and schedule them to make them happen. Come join us in my Jeneration Entrepreneurs group and share your goals for 2017 so we can help support you along the way!


THE MAGNOLIA STORY Chatting with Chip & Joanna

If you haven’t fallen in love with Joanna and Chip, you are missing out in life. From Fixer Upper to their new magazine, The Magnolia Journal and now their book. They are the true definition of a power couple and some serious relationship goals! If we are just introducing you to Chip & Joanna Gaines -- prepare to fall in love.

So, why write a book?

Chip: Well, we’ve been considering it for a long time. Fans of the show were really interested in knowing more about our story—where we started, how we started… even how we met. And the more we considered it, the more excited we became about the possibility. And we’re glad we did. The whole process was just fun, from the initial writing all the way down to recording the audiobook. We loved it. What was the writing process like for you two?

Chip: It was like reliving all the memories we’ve stored up over the years all over again. I think we were both surprised at how many details we both remembered! Most things felt just like yesterday.

What memory had you forgotten until you started writing the book?

Chip: We hadn’t thought about our honeymoon in a long time. We basically drove around the New York state countryside for days and days, just exploring and getting lost together. The best part of that memory is what we came home to. That’s one story from the book you’re not going to want to miss. My bad, Jo. Jo: Oh, it’s long been forgiven, Chip.

Jo: We both had an equal part in writing this book, but I’ll be honest, Chip surprised me with how much he loved the whole process. I’d wake up to find him sitting on the porch making copy edits at 6 a.m., or call to talk something over and get his voicemail, only then to get a quick text, “Working on the book! Call you back in ten.” It was fun for me to see him really take to it.

Waco looms large in The Magnolia Story – how has that town been part of your success?

What do you think will surprise readers the most in The Magnolia Story?

If you had to point to an underlying theme or themes in the book – a theme that has guided your marriage, your business and your lives – what would that be? Jo: I guess you could say it’s, “Trust your story.” I think we could both agree that these three words have been a theme, not just of the book, but of our lives together. You have to trust that it’s not all going to be easy and it’s not all fun, but it’s going to be an adventure. And it’ll definitely be worth it.

Jo: Our first date story! Most may be surprised by how much Chip did not sweep me off my feet in the very beginning. But, of course, he did get there. Eventually.


Chip: This town is our home—our entire story together begins here. Waco will always be special to us, and we love that. We’ve been flipping and renovating homes for clients in this area for thirteen years. And we love that the city has continued to support us and see us through this journey.



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