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Spring 2017

12 | Inside The Cover shoot 16 | Editor’s Note Happy Spring! 17 | Editor’s Picks Casi’s current faves 20 | Beauty Our favorite products

52 | A Stylish Bridal Shower Inside Ali Fedotowsky- Manno’s special day

82 | Kate’s Baby Shower Inside scoop on greenery inspired brunch

62 | Mommy & Me Spring Style What you should be wearing now

92 | Your Financial Future Five things to do to change it

72 | Celebrating One Lennox’s 1st birthday party

97 | Shopping Guide All our favorites for Spring 64 | Holiday Shopping Guide All our favorite brands 11


INSIDE THE COVER SHOOT Cover Girls: Beverley Mitchell & Christine Lakin Where: The Fig House, Los Angeles California Directing Manager: Julie Plake McMinn Creative Director: Alex Michael May Editorial Assistant: Bethanie Gacria Hair & Make-Up: Crystal Kouri • Gowns: David Meister


Photo credit: Casey Brodley

When Casi Densmore-Koon, editor of cupcakeMAG saw The Fig House, she knew it was the perfect vibe for the cover shoot. A hidden gem in downtown LA, it was the hottest spot for the shoot.



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Happy Spring loves! As always, this issue was a labor of love. But - this spring it’s packed with some of the top leading ladies in Hollywood. It was so much fun to spend these past few months spending time with everyone inside this issue. This issue was so much fun because I had my sister side by side. Kate has always been on #teamcupcake but with some positions changing, she was really hands on this issue. It was so much fun testing new products, shooting pretty things and working together on such an amazing issue. I am so excited to share it with you all! This issue is inspired by some amazing #girlbosses and our first issue where we have TWO leading ladies. TWO. It was such a joy to work with my friends Beverley Mitchell and Christine Lakin on this cover. Just amazing! Not to mention, it gets better inside from Ali Fedotowsky’s bridal shower to Amy Davidson’s sons first birthday party to chatting with Virgina Willaims, Olivia Caridi and Kail Lowry. It’s absolutely one of my favorite issues. Not only is every interview just so great to read but these ladies are GORGEOUS to look at too. Can we talk about good style? They opened up our homes to us and it was so much fun shooting them and seeing a deeper look into their lives. They all are truly amazing. I could go on and on about my love for everyone we have featured in this issue but I’ll let you be the judge! Don’t forget to look over all our spring must-haves including mommy and me style, the hottest shoes, and as always our shopping guide. It’s always my favorite to browse! Now as you all sit and relax reading through this issue we are working hard on our Summer issue due out in June. Back to LA we go! A huge thanks to my team as always -- Katlyn, Alex, Ashley, 16

Stephanie Zahn, Caught

Fire Photography

Julie & Bethanie -- you ladies were my rock for this issue and I couldn’t have made it happen without you. As always -- I just want to thank you. Yes, you beautiful! Thank you for reading! Thank you for letting us be part of your day. Thank you for the support and love. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We wouldn’t be here without you. Here’s to lots of days on the beach & pretty drinks with umbrellas in them.

Lots of love, cupcake!


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Beverley Mitchell, Christine Lakin, and Jodie Sweetin talk all things nineties, motherhood, and their new show Hollywood Darlings. photos by




Hollywood DARLINGS

“I would say that I am not nearly as emotional as Lucy Camden but to be honest there are more similarities than there are differences.” — Bev

Get ready to see your favorite childhood stars back on TV! Last month we spent the day with these darling girls celebrating their next journey. Pop TV’s newest unscripted docu-comedy series Hollywood Darlings follows three (yes, in real life!) friends — Jodie Sweetin (Fuller House), Beverley Mitchell (7th Heaven) and Christine Lakin (Step by Step) — as they navigate life as moms, wives and working women in Hollywood. It doesn’t get much better than sitting down with these three leading ladies in show biz. LET’S TALK HOLLYWOOD DARLINGS, IF YOU COULD DESCRIBE THE SHOW IN ONE WORD, WHAT WOULD IT BE? Christine: Hilarious (can I use emojis too??) Bev: FUN!!! Jodie: Hilarious!! HOW DO YOU COMPARE YOURSELVES AS LUCY CAMDEN, AL LAMBERT AND STEPHANIE TANNER? Christine: Al was a spitfire. A total tomboy who was an independent spirit. I relate to those qualities and by the end Al was definitely a combo of the character and myself. As an adult now I’d describe myself as independent, empathetic and


always up for a good time. I definitely have a wicked sense of humor and enjoy shocking people, which I think is shown in my relationship with Jodie and Bev on Hollywood Darlings. Bev: I would say that I am not nearly as emotional as LUCY CAMDEN but to be honest there are more similarities than there are differences. I think that happens when you grow up as character, you tend to mirror some qualities in the character you play, especially when you play them for 11 years! WAS DOING IMPROV ON THE SHOW DIFFICULT OR SOMETHING THAT CAME EASY FOR YOU ALL? Christine: It felt pretty natural to me but I’ve been doing improv since I was a kid. I spent 10 years with the Troubadour Theater Company in LA, and much of our style is built around improv. I’ve done one other improv style pilot but this was the first time I’ve had to sustain the format for a whole season. I actually thought it would be much easier than memorizing lines but having to keep up and be funny all day is exhausting! But we had so much fun together and the trust we have in each other as comedians and friends made it barely seem like work. We filmed 8 episodes in 5 weeks, and the schedule was 12-16 hour days. My daughter was 6 months old, I was weaning and sleep training and I had



just gone back to work full time. Just a tad crazy-making! Bev: Improv was challenging in the sense that you have to continue to be funny and cleaver and create, especially on the super long days! It’s hard to be fresh and funny after 16 hours. The best part was working with Jodie and Christine and have the security and trust in them that allowed me to feel free to really dive in and go for it. It’s funny how playing an amplified version of yourself could be so exhausting! Jodie: It definitely took some getting used to, but after the first couple days, we found our rhythm. And it was so easy to have fun and be silly with Christine and Bev, that we sometimes forgot the cameras were even rolling and just played! WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO FANS SEEING ON HOLLYWOOD DARLINGS? Christine: I’m excited for fans to see a different side of us comedically. Being executive producers on this show really allowed us to dive in and help craft the kind of comedy we wanted to make. While people know us for our roles as kids, now they can hopefully relate to us in a more grown-up way, as mothers, businesswomen and friends. As much as we play exaggerated versions of ourselves in this show, the friendship between us is real and long and the key to what I think is the most relatable thing about us and what will hopefully have people falling in love with the show. Because we grew up in a unique way, it’s a shared history that will always bond us together and I think our friendship has grounded us and also kept us sane. Bev: I can’t wait for our fans to watch it, it will give them chance to get to know another side of us and relive some of these realationships we have and also reconnect to us as adults. I think most will be able to relate to us now as adults and moms and hopefully get a good laugh in too.

Jodie: I think fans are going to love seeing a different side of us! It’s definitely a more adult version of ourselves, which I think our fans who’ve grown up with us will enjoy watching. I also think fans are going to love seeing our real friendship on screen!

WHAT’S THE BEST WAY YOU BALANCE WORK AND PERSONAL LIFE? Christine: You’re asking me??? Man, I’m still trying to figure this one out. I honestly have no idea sometimes. Because my job is not 9 to 5 and there are days I don’t work and then there are days I work crazy hours, I try to just be present as much as I can. I don’t have a nanny and I don’t have any kind of full-time help. My parents are amazing and fly out when I’m working and I’m so grateful for that but I constantly feel guilty whether I’m working or whether I’m home. It’s something I talk a lot about in therapy, which I completely believe in by the way and have no shame in being open about. I’m a better mom, wife, friend and human for talking to my therapist. I need to find more time for selfcare, admittedly. I think this has to be a feeling a lot of women share who go back to work, or even women who left careers to stay home and raise children. There is no perfect balance and unfortunately we live in a society that is just not structured to have a little bit of everything. So we do our best. And just keep trying to figure it out. Also, wine helps.

“Family is everything.” — Bev

Bev: I have an amazing HUSBAND who allows me the freedom to go and create and work and then come home and be with the people who matter most. Family is everything. Jodie: I try and be very in tune with myself and how I’m feeling. When I get to the point I’m starting to burn out, I have to just block out a day or two of NOTHING!


“The older I get the more I realize how precious my friendships are. There are some that are obviously surface and there are others that are lasting and deep and easy and drama-free.” — Christine

WHO WAS YOUR CHILDHOOD CRUSH? Christine: I have always had a thing for Michael J Fox. Back to the future and family ties were two huge influences in my young life. Of course growing up on TV there or certain boys I would see now and then at events, like Jonathan Taylor Thomas or Joshua Jackson and of course I think like most girls, even us child actresses had crushes on them. I certainly got photos with both of them - great perks of the job! Bev: Didn’t really have one. I’m Boring!


Jodie: Jared Leto, definitely! I was a huge “My So Called Life” fan! WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF PROFESSIONALLY IN FIVE YEARS? Christine: Will certainly starring in our fifth season of Hollywood Darlings!! Hopefully producing and writing other shows I have created. Directing episodes of those shows. My journey into producing and writing started over five years ago and it’s just a testament to how hard you have to work in this business and how tenacious you have to be to see this show finally come to fruition. I have had more than my fair share of no’s and rejections and it times I admit, it has made me question my place in this industry. But I have a motto: “Everything worth anything in life takes hard work.” I equate that professionally, personally, with friendships and family. Bev: Where do you see yourself professionally in five years? I hope to be continuing working on Hollywood Darlings and who knows maybe revisiting Lucy Camden and seeing what she has been up to. WOulnd’t that be fun? I will continue to blog ( and enjoy each and every second with my beautiful family. Jodie: I’d love to be producing and creating more shows! I love performing in front of the camera, but my long term goal is to be on the development side as well.


“It’s a unique world and when you and the people you click with in it, you truly understand each other in a way that not many people do.” — Jodie

WHO WERE YOUR INFLUENCES GROWING UP? Christine: Reese Witherspoon, Serena Williams, Jennifer Anniston, Nora Ephron, Amy Hecklering, Claire Danes, Staci Keanan, Alanis Morrisette, Ella Fitzgerald, Ginger Rogers Bev: My Mom and honestly my costars. I would say I was always so busy working I didn’t have much time to look elsewhere. While my friends were trying to figure out what they wanted to be when they grew up I was doing it. Jodie: My parents and my Full House family! IS BEING FRIENDS AS LONG AS YOU BOTH HAVE IN THE INDUSTRY HARD OR SOMETHING YOU’VE SEEN OFTEN? Christine: The older I get the more I realize how precious my friendships are. There are some that are obviously surface and there are others that are lasting and deep and easy and drama-free. The reason for that in my mind, is because we are able to lift one another up. To congratulate and truly be happy for each other’s successes and supportive in the down times as well. I really believe there is enough success to go around and we as women have to stop


tearing each other down with jealousy or pettiness. We are in such a unique time again in our history to take our power as females and bond together as a tribe to help move ourselves and our daughters forward. To raise feminist boys and girls. I think all friendships are different whether they are in the industry or not and who you choose to surround yourself with as you get older does change. I’ve noticed less competition between myself and other actresses the older we get and maybe that’s because were a little wiser or maybe we all just mellowed out, I don’t know. But the vibe I normally experience is “if I don’t get this job I sure hope you do”. Bev: We are grateful for this friendship because we just understand so much about each other being that we grew up in a very different world that few could ever dream of. We understand the business and the challenges and now can relate on a whole other level now that we are moms! Jodie: I have seen a lot of people make long term friends in this business. I mean, for me personally, I have a core group of people who’ve been in my life for 30 years that I met in this business! It’s a unique world and when you find the people you click with in it, you truly understand each other in a way that not many people do.

10 things about jodie 1. I’ve broken my left wrist twice and my left ankle twice. My left is not my good side! 2. I freak out at the sound of knuckles cracking!! 3. I’m a huge bookworm and definitely read more than I watch TV. I love Stephen King and Gillian Flynn right now! 4.

I love to dance in the grocery store and embarrass my kids… it’s just too fun.


I’m EXTREMELY organized. I can’t go to bed unless the house is tidy and clean and I can’t leave my house with any beds unmade!

6. The Container Store is my happy place. I could be in there for HOURS. 7.

Talenti Gelato is my go to treat at home! I don’t like ice cream, but that stuff is addictive!!

hey jodie!

BAG YOU’RE CURRENTLY CARRYING: I have a Gucci purse that I bought for myself, that I just love. It holds everything and is a nice treat for me! WHAT IS THE FIRST THING YOU DO IN THE MORNING: Coffee!! My Nespresso machine is my best friend.


My kids and I have a pet fish, named Mr Cheesy (or sometimes we call him Senor Queso)

WHAT CAN YOU NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT: Sunglasses. I have very sun sensitive eyes and without glasses, I’m miserable! WHAT’S THE LAST THING YOU ATE: A delicious plum!

9. I’ll only eat steak rare. 10. Halloween is my favorite time of year!! I love ANY THING scary!!

SONG THAT CURRENTLY DESCRIBES YOU IN THIS MOMENT: “So What” by Pink… my kids and I totally rock out to that in the car and sing at the top of our lungs! It’s an old song, but a favorite!! MOM UNIFORM? Lulu lemon dresses!! So comfortable! 31

10 things about bev 1. I was discovered in a mall having a temper tantrum. 2.

I am actually older than Jessica Biel, even though she was my older sister on the show.

3. I met my husband in college, got husband just no degree. 4.

My husband and I do not have a nanny and we just only started going on dates now that Kenzie is 4.

5. I have been acting since I was 4! 6. I was the only Camden kid to be in all 243 episodes.

hey bev! BAG YOU’RE CURRENTLY CARRYING: Sole Society Crossbody WHAT IS THE FIRST THING YOU DO IN THE MORNING: Go make Hutton his bottle! WHAT CAN YOU NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT: My phone WHAT’S THE LAST THING YOU ATE: OH CRAP, I FORGOT TO EAT! SONG THAT CURRENTLY DESCRIBES YOU IN THIS MOMENT: ALessia Cars, Scars to Your Beautiful MOM UNIFORM? My Hudson jeans, white t-shirt, Toms, and Bird and Vine Sweatshirt 32

7. In 11 years of 7th Heaven I never called in sick! 8.

I have been with my husband for over 16 years, we were dating for 5 years, engaged for 3 and now married for over 8 years!

9. I was born in raised in LA. 10. I had a country record!



10 things about christine 1. I dislocated my right wrist snowboarding and have seven screws keeping it together 2. I am left-handed 3. I read magazines backwards 4. I am an excellent chef (or so I think!) 5. I can do a headstand 6.

I won a drama critics Circle award for my performance in silence the musical portraying the role of Clarise starling (Jodie Fosters role in “Silence of the Lambs”)

7. My husband and I staged a sword fight at our wedding 8. My favorite fragrance is gardenia and tuberose

hey christine! BAG YOU’RE CURRENTLY CARRYING: The great every day tote that Beverly Mitchell gave me from Stella and Dot. It’s a perfect daily diaper bag but I can also fit enough of my stuff in it to get through the day. WHAT IS THE FIRST THING YOU DO IN THE MORNING: Go get my baby WHAT CAN YOU NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT: Water!

9. I am an only child 10. When I was pregnant I craved skittles

WHAT’S THE LAST THING YOU ATE: Half a chicken nugget from my child’s plate MOM UNIFORM? Ha! J Brand cargo pants I got from a clothing swap with Autumn Reeser and a tank top from h&m. Also fake eyelashes from 12 hours ago. Glamorous I know. 35

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3/22/17 12:33 PM



“JUST BE YOURSELF. LET PEOPLE SEE THE REAL, IMPERFECT, FLAWED, QUIRKY WEIRD, BEAUTIFUL, MAGICAL PERSON You are known for your so to speak “villain” role on The Bachelor? You are far from a villain. How did being proclaimed “the villain” on the show make you feel?  I never went into the show thinking that it would go the way it did, and while we were filming, I knew that I was an outsider, but I never thought my villain edit would be as aggressive as it was. Knowing how things actually went down and then watching how it aired so much differently was the most frustrating and heartbreaking thing that’s ever happened to me. Having the villain image follow me around everywhere is difficult and I feel like I have to spend so much of my time proving who I am. I get frustrated when I talk to people in real life and they say, “You’re so nice, you’re so different than you were on the show,” and I just have to shake my head and put my hands up. I went into the experience with the intention of being as authentic as possible, and I was the dry, sarcastic, awkward, passionate person that I am in real life and it was so depressing

to see those qualities be amplified in the worst ways, to see that my weaknesses were used against me to paint the picture the show wanted, to watch qualities I’m proud of to be tarnished with “villain music” and spin doctoring. The villain role is something that will bother me for the rest of my life. We chatted briefly about bullying, the girls on the show and the overall “mean girls”? Tell us about the situation inside the house and how you handled it. There were a few moments in the house that reminded me of my times dealing with bullying in middle school. It was one of those situations where I knew people were talking about me and didn’t enjoy me, and I’m the kind of person that understands that not all people are going to get along and that’s okay, so I accepted that and I’m not going to force friendships with people who don’t want that from me.

So I would walk into rooms and everyone would go silent, or I’d sit down at a table for dinner and no one would sit down next to me and instead pick a table at the other side of the room. Everyone broke off on the show and had a best friend, and unfortunately I just didn’t have that, so I spent a lot of time on my own in my room. I was lonely, down, and felt like there was definitely a clique that everyone wanted to be a part of and I’ve never been the kind of person who wants to be a part of the cool crowd. So I did my own thing, thought it was fine and didn’t spend my time saying mean things about people, but watching the show and seeing some of the horrific things people said about me in private definitely reinforced the fact that I was an outsider the whole time. You’re working on a podcast! I couldn’t


be more excited. Tell us more about what made you decide into this new journey and what you’ve been up to since the show? I’m so excited to launch my podcast! It’s called Mouthing Off with Olivia Caridi, which is a play on all of my openmouthed faces on the show. I’ve always been asked to do podcasts for The Bachelor and thought they were great, and I happened to be at CBS Radio for a podcast and an executive mentioned they were looking for a New York City podcaster and I immediately put my name in the hat and here I am today! I had always been trying to find a way to capitalize on all of the embarrassing mouth pictures from the show, and I’m happy to say I’ve finally found the right outlet to embrace the mouth. I’ll be bringing on other reality stars from all of the top shows on TV, influencers, YouTube stars and celebrities. At the end of every show, my guest will have a chance to mouth off uninterrupted about whatever they want to rant about. I’ve


always been on camera, so it’s interesting to work on an audio production, but CBS Radio is so versatile and we’re experimenting with video and how we can incorporate video elements into the show as well. What would you tell a future contestant on the show if you had one piece of advice? I would advise a future contestant to make sure they are truly emotionally and physically ready to handle the beast that is “The Bachelor.” I thought I was a strong person and that I could handle anything, but I don’t think I was emotionally stable enough to do the show with all of the backlash and the social media hate and the spotlight and everything that comes with it. It was such a tough experience on my mental health and I want anyone who takes on the show to make sure they are resilient and prepared for a road that isn’t all rainbows and cupcakes. If there was something you could change

about the bachelor show process what would it be? If I could change something about The Bachelor show process, it would be the lack of time on the show! It’s such a quick experience and while filming it feels like you barely have any time with the lead at all. I never got a one-on-one date so I can’t speak to that, but I went on several group dates and I remember feeling lucky to have two minutes uninterrupted with The Bachelor. It’s hard to develop any sort of feelings or a relationship when you’re getting little bits of time here and there and every time you see each other you’re just trying to start from where you left off. There’s just not enough time at all during filming. Even though you didn’t find love on The Bachelor, what did you get out of your experience? I found love with a few of the women on my season and people from previous seasons of the show, so I guess I did find



IT WAS SUCH A TOUGH EXPERIENCE ON MY MENTAL HEALTH AND I WANT ANYONE WHO TAKES ON THE SHOW TO MAKE SURE THEY ARE RESILIENT AND PREPARED FOR A ROAD THAT ISN’T ALL RAINBOWS AND CUPCAKES. love in the end! I met my best friend Izzy Goodkind through the process and I’ve developed such great relationships with women from my season and beyond. I also learned so much about myself and my mental toughness, but most importantly, I now have a platform to talk about mental health and bullying and I’m blessed to have a following that allows me to impact the lives of others, so I’m grateful for that. Let’s talk New York, New York! How has it been living in the city? What have you been up too? New York has been the most incredible experience and I’m so happy I took a risk and moved here. I celebrated my one-year anniversary of moving to NYC

in March and it’s such an accomplishment to say I made it happen! I lived with my sister for a bit, which was such a special bonding experience, and now I live with my best friend and two little furry animals. The energy here is vibrant and when I’m not working, I’m trying new restaurants, exploring the city, going out with my friends, and attempting to date here and there. I will say dating in New York is really difficult and I’ve been disappointed a few too many times, so I’m just taking a break and hoping that the right person will come my way when I’m not actively looking for it. You alway look so amazing. Tell us your

BIGGEST PET PEEVE: When people talk during a movie COFFEE OR TEA: Coffee

FAVORITE QUOTE: “Just be yourself. Let people see the real, imperfect, flawed, quirky, weird, beautiful, magical person that you are.”

must haves inside your make up bag? I don’t proclaim to be great at makeup at all, and I prefer to be bare faced most of the time, but I always have mascara in my purse just in case I spot an ex boyfriend down the street or something, haha! I wear false lashes every day, so I always have glue in purse in case my strip lashes come loose. Other than that, I have several shades of Pur Cosmetics matte lipstick in my purse and MAC tinted moisturizer with SPF to protect my skin from the sun!

MOST OVER USED EMOJI: The crying laughing emoji





Fuller House star, Virgina William’s talks about pregnancy, playing D.J and all things motherhood

photo credit


There are no words to truly describe Virgina Williams. The first that comes to mind is HANDS DOWN AMAZING. Okay, that’s three words but still, she is so amazing. When I walked into her home during our shoot, I felt like I was heading to a friends for coffee. Warm, welcoming and just as sweet as a southern peach -- her Memphis roots shined. I couldn’t be more excited to share the wonderful, truly amazing and most down-to-earth gal that we call Ginger.


“Hey, if I’ve fed my child, kept him relatively clean, gotten him to nap, and made him feel loved, it’s been a great day.”

We’re so happy to have you in this issue. Thank you so much for welcoming us in your home! We all have to know, did you watch “Full House” and was D.J. your favorite character on the show? Thank you for including me! I love Cupcake Magazine! I did watch “Full House” growing up, and yes, Deej was definitely the character I liked the best and most related to. How has it been playing D.J’s twin? Were you nervous about taking on this role on the show? It’s been SO fun playing D.J.’s doppleganger. I wasn’t ever really nervous about taking the role on, largely because I don’t think any of us knew in the beginning that I would end up becoming such an integral part of the storyline. It started out as a fun recurring role. I thought I might do 3 or 4 episodes as Steve’s girlfriend and then move on. It’s been a blast playing C.J. and riding the wave of her excitement about becoming his fiancee. Let’s talk about your beautiful home. We 48

spent time in your absolutely gorgeous space. Most might know now you seriously have an eye for design. Have you always loved interior decorating? I’m still dreaming of your Beverley Hills Hotel bathroom wallpaper. Ha! Oh my word, I love our jewel box powder room’s wallpaper too! I think that bathroom is my favorite room in the house lol. I absolutely love interior design. If I had all the money in the world, I would buy a bunch of homes in all of my favorite countries just so I could decorate them and entertain 24/7! My dear friend, Seyie Putsure (Seyie Design), is an outstanding interior designer, and she’s helping us create a unique space that works for our growing family.

How would you describe your home -- the feel, the aesthetic and just how cozy it truly is? Do you have a favorite room in your home? We’re still slowly but surely decorating the home, but my primary goal in the process has been to make sure each space feels FUN! I want it to feel like you’re on vacation in Palm Springs when you walk through the front door. I LOVE bold patterns and bright colors, but I hate clutter. In keeping most walls white, flooring light colored, and space open, the bold pops of color don’t feel overwhelming. During our shoot, you gave us the best news ever - you are expecting baby boy number 2! How excited are you to give your adorable sweet Ford a baby brother!

They will be very close in age. The best way to do it! What are you most looking forward to about having them close? Yes! They will be just over a year and a half apart. By the time our new little guy arrives, I will have THREE BOYS under the age of 2, if you count my fur-baby, Elvis. I’m definitely a little nervous about having 2 extremely active, rambunctious boys, but I’m praying they will be best friends and entertain each other as time goes on. Ford has been enjoying his center- of- the- universe status for 17 months now, and his world is about to be rocked! I think it will be good for him though. The boys will definitely have to learn how to share very quickly.

​ When you went back to work with Ford, did you have trouble managing it all? What are your plans for going back to work after baby number two? Well, my plans for going back to work after #2 are definitely going to move more quickly than I would have planned. I’m already committed to filming in Tokyo for about a week in early August. The baby will probably be roughly a month old by then, and already filling his passport pages. It’ll be an “all hands on deck” situation. I’ll be enlisting help from my mother, mother-in-law, and husband on this one! My husband and I LOVE to

ing. Both are very challenging. I think I treasure my time with Ford more, because I’m not always able to be with him. I started back on-camera in a recurring role on NCIS about 6 weeks after I delivered. I really loved getting back to work and being creative, but I realize that I had and continue to have a dreamy scenario with my job. Some weeks I work crazy hours, some weeks I can spend exclusively bonding with my child. Now, working on a sitcom has been great because the only night a week that really goes late is live audience tape night. Most nights I’m able to give Ford his bath and put him to bed.

Let’s dive right into #momlife! What’s your morning routine look like? Well, right now the baby in my belly likes to wake me up with what I can only assume are cartwheels at about 5AM each day, so that’s awesome. If he’s being chill though, I try to set my alarm most days for 6:15 and have a moment to get my coffee, do my devotional, and have a beat of quiet time before Ford wakes at 6:30. Then we usually just hang out and play until about 7:30 when I feed him breakfast and we go on a walk. If I’m shooting or have an early meeting, my husband will take the morning shift, but it’s usually my special time to play with Ford. We sing and dance a lot. What has been your biggest challenge about motherhood and on the flip side your favorite part? I think the biggest challenge has been with time management. I have a “type A”, go-go-go personality, and having a baby has changed my priorities drastically. The to-do list so often has to get thrown out the window, and I’m slowly learning to take pride in the thankless mommy tasks that come with the new territory. Hey, if I’ve fed my child, kept him relatively clean, gotten him to nap, and made him feel loved, it’s been a great day. As for my favorite part, I think it has to be when he says “mama” and runs to me to give me a hug when I walk in the door. Pretty hard to beat that.

travel, and we’re big adventurers, so as crazy as this prospect may seem, I know we’ll make it work There’s no question it is very, very challenging to be a working mother. However, in my opinion, it would be even more challenging if I did not also have a job to go to that I loved. I have a crazy amount of respect for the women who are with their little ones around the clock. The exhaustion I feel at the end of a day spent alone with my one-year-old is far more intense than the exhaustion I feel after a long day on set. Both are extremely reward-

Many might not know that you have suffered heartbreak. As someone who has gone through miscarriages, what is your advice to other woman going through this very hard time? The biggest heartbreak of my life has been going through three miscarriages. I’ve recently become quite public about it, because I know how incredibly lonely I felt during the years I was in that valley. I hope my talking about it will encourage others to do so. It tends to be such a silent, private grieving. My advice is to have grace with yourself if you are 49

I really loved getting back to work and being creative, but I realize that I had and continue to have a dreamy scenario with my job


struggling in this area. Talk to friends, your mother, you’ll be surprised at the amount of support that is available if you first open up. The first time I met you, as we all know, the love for your southern twang couldn’t be more perfect. You and Bradford are from Tennessee. Have you ever thought about picking up and raising the boys back home? I LOOOOOVE the south, and I’m very proud of my Memphis roots. As tempting as it is sometimes to go buy the house next door to my parents and have dinner together every night, my husband and I both

love southern California now. We’ve truly carved out an amazing life here, and our friends have become our extended family. We go back down south probably 6 times a year though, so hopefully the boys will still have slight southern accents. I have to, of course, bring up your fur-baby, the one and only, Elvis. You have a labradoodle who should be famous himself. Was it important for Ford to grow up having a dog in his life? I’m so excited the boys will grow up with a dog. Elvis is only a few months older than Ford, so they really will grow up together. They’re the best of friends.

all about

VIRGINIA IDEAL DATE NIGHT? Sushi dinner and snuggling on the couch with my husband binge watching Netflix. NICKNAME? Ginger LAST BOOK YOU READ Sticky Faith ON YOUR NIGHTSTAND A big glass of water, Tums, baby monitor FAVORITE MOVIE The Karate Kid. I love you, Ralph Macchio. MOST PLAYED SONG ON YOUR IPHONE Anything from Hamilton COFFEE OR TEA? Uh. Coffee. Always coffee




Ali celebrated her bridal shower at Au Fudge in West Hollywood, hosted and styled by Casi Densmore-Koon of cupcakeMAG. Guests were greeted with mimosas, and then seated on the patio for a family-style brunch. In attendance was Ali’s best friend Stefanie Munoz (a bridesmaid), her soon to be sister-in-law Jill Escoto, Lacey Chabert, Amy Davidson and other close friends. You all know we love all things The Bach-


photo credit: ASHLEY BURNS elor, and of course that includes all Bachelorette alum (Jillian Harris that is you too!) Ali Fedotowsky - Manno. Ali isn’t just a new mama to sweet Molly, but she recently just tied the knot! Lucky for us, we were honored to be part of her very special bridal shower before her big day. Our founder and editor, Casi put together a stylish brunch at hot-spot, Au Fudge in West Hollywood. Ali mingled with guests which included Amy Davidson, Lacey Chabert and many very close friends.







Photography: Ashley Burns Photography | Styling: Casi Densmore-Koon | Floral Design: Mulberry & Moss | “Love is in the Air” Candles: The Little Market | Ali’s Dress: “Lindsay Wrap Dress” by Endless Summer | Decor: Wayfair | Dessert Table + Cake: Au Fudge | Floral Love Letters: Little Sparrow | Location: Au Fudge | Personalized Champagne Flutes: Foxblossom Co. | Swag Bags: Adorn Lee bags filled with Love necklaces from Breathe Love Jewelry, nameplate braceelt from Bip & Bop, DavidsTea, Clean Frangrances , The Little Market, Skye + Grace, Jam Jam Jars and Raising My Tribe tees from Little Adi & Co.


Chia Parfaits with granola & mixed berries Healthy Egg Scramble: tomato, avocado, jalapeno Chocolate Chip Pancakes Local Avocado Toast: baby heirloom tomatoes, chili flakes, cranberry walnut bread Sides: breakfast potatoes, organic fruit & bacon





e M & my


What you should be wearing now Aubrey Kinch, Jenna of Espresso Ever After, Fatima and Style Fit Fatty and our very own, Bethanie Garcia of The Garcia Diaries came together for cupcakeMAG to show off the cutest spring finds this season.

photo credit:

Melodee Fiske




stock your closet

with must-have spring dresses from Chrome Classic


mix and match

with the cutest leotards from Leotudes



dress-up the mom style adorable tops from Pink Blush



Capture your baby’s sweet moments and major milestones on a photo.

70 @LittleNuggetCo




When Amy Davidson asked Casi, our founder to create the most adorable pirate themed party, she couldn’t wait to get the party started. Here is a peek inside Amy Davidson’s son Lennox’s 1st birthday party and just how you can steal this parties style.

photo credit:

Ashley Burns Photography


Location is Key Find a spot that is fun for guests and easy to decorate. Camelot Little Knights in LA was the perfect venue for this fun first birthday party.

Honey Go Designs

In The Details Casi hunted Etsy for the best pirate themed and nautical finds. “I always look for things I love and make it work.” When planning a party, Casi always justs puts it all together and doesn’t go for “matchy-matchy.”

Paper Art Scissors Anchor Bags Arla Creations Placemats


Flores Creative Co. Printable

All About The Grub Finger food, salads and snacks is the best way to go when having light fare on a Sunday afternoon. Grub Market and Sweet Green have the best snacks when it comes to being a foodie. It couldn’t have been more delicious. food: Grub Market, Sweet Green


Bring in the Fun While Little Knights is filled with fun cars to ride, mats and more, we went to Joy Mode for a ball bit for some added fun for party guests. ball pit: Joy Mode

Dessert Table; A Must! As always, a party has to have a dessert table. Remember, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy but ook for desserts that go with the theme. Rice krispie treats and cupcakes are always a win! cupcake cake and desserts: Polkatots Desserts The Vintage Event cupcake toppers 76

Swag Bags Takeaway gifts are always a great way to say thank you to guests. Go for things they can use again! Amy’s guests left with a download code for the best app, Little Nugget Co., placemats from Arla Creations and backpacks from Stephen Joseph Gifts, free app from The Little Nugget


She Runs the World Get to know PR Powerhouse, Molly Schoneveld

Molly is the girl you wish you could sit and

have coffee (or

a cocktail!) with all day long.


As an entrepreneur, what’s your biggest struggle and one thing you’d tell your 20 year old self? For me, it’s a struggle to be ok with the ups and downs. PR can be so volatile. If a client’s show gets cancelled, you know that client will take a hiatus. I am constantly hustling to make sure that if clients go off retainer, I can replace them with new clients. In terms of what I would tell my 20 year old self—that’s an interesting question. In some ways I think I was so much more of a risk-taker when I was 20, but the stakes weren’t as high for me then. If I failed, I was only 20! I had no mortgage. But, I spent a lot of time in my 20s wishing I was 40. I thought by then I would have it all figured out. If I could tell myself anything at 20 it would be to

just enjoy the journey. You’ll never have it figured out! As a powerhouse yourself,who have been your biggest influencers? I have to give a lot of credit to my first boss Brian Grazer, who really did set the tone for my career in LA. I worked for him the year he took home the Oscar for Best Picture for A Beautiful Mind. It was like boot camp for the entertainment industry, and he taught me that “I am the problem solver, not the problem maker.” He also taught me what it means to really work for something and how to get what you want (which I was already pretty good at!). When I left that job, the world really was my oyster and I owe so much to Imagine Entertainment for setting me up for success. Next I would

"If I could tell myself anything at 20 it would be to just enjoy the journey. You’ll never have it figured out"!


Hills and I had a friend edit it. We quickly realized that there was no way to do that as a side project, and I didn’t have the vision then that it could be a way to make a living. So, I decided to just start writing, which is something I love to do. I started out with contributors, but soon realized you then have to manage them. My friends would always come to me asking for recommendations, so this was really my way of putting it out into the world. It just grew from there. It really is a lifestyle blog, though I love well-designed hotels, so that is a big focus. I recently started a curated section of hotels called Stylish Stays, and I started an entertainment series a few years ago with a friend where we host other ladies for A Lovely Dinner.

say Joy Fehily, who was my boss at PMK and is still a very dear friend. She gets the job done at such a high level by being kind and with so much class. Publicists have bad reputations for being mean and horrible, and I learned from Joy that you can still be a bad ass and be nice. Lastly, I would say my business mentor Liz Dennery, who more than anyone else taught me to value my worth. 80

Lets talk blog life! What made you begin your journey in blogging? Tell us about your blog, This Yuppie Life. If you can believe it, I started my blog only a few months before I started my PR firm! I actually had the idea to make a travel web series, which doesn’t sound crazy now, but trust me, I was way ahead of my time, Ha! My husband and I took a weekend and shot a “pilot” in Beverly

You’re really trying to focus on the travel space. If you were on a remote island for the rest of your life what 3 things would you bring and why? First, let me be clear that I am not an adventure girl! I want to lay my head down on a fabulous pillow in an expensive hotel ;). But if, (God forbid),I was thrown down on a remote island, I would bring sunscreen because any color you see on my body is fake, champagne to drown my

sorrows, and my sound machine because I can’t sleep without it (Though where would I plug it in?! The horror!) If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? I have two answers. One is the English Countryside and I am going for my birthday in August this year! The other is the Maldives, but I trying to get up the courage to take a flight that long! What’s a typical day in your heels? The thing about PR is that there really isn’t a typical day. If a client isn’t doing press, then I spend a lot of time at my computer or in meetings strategizing our clients. But, if a client has a show or film premiering, my day could start as early as 5am going to talk shows all over town and end at a premiere! Okay, we have to ask. You always look so cute! While you’re not focused on fashion on your blog, you always look amazing. Where do you shop? Oh, thank you! I have actually started incorporating fashion into my blog because it has gotten a really good

response. I mostly shop online—I love Shopbop because I think they have the best customer service and fast, free shipping and returns. I also love Net-a-Porter for the occasional splurge and, of course, Nordstroms. Of course, we have to know! If you weren’t doing PR, what would you be doing? Duh, being a lady of leisure! I

kid, I kid! I had a moment in my late 20s where I pursued a job at a fashion magazine, but by that point I was so over being an assistant, so I decided to continue down the path I was on. I often wonder if I had made that turn, if I would be a writer or an editor today. I even joke that I wish I could intern at a magazine now—I think because I’m just so fascinated by “the other side.” 81


baby shower! Our Fashion & Beauty Director is expecting her first baby any day now, so to celebrate? 2017 trends to the rescue! From a dreamy brunch spread to all the succulents a green thumb could care for - we’ve got the inside scoop on this greenery inspired brunch. THE BAKERY: The award winning MD based bakery, Kupcakes & Co. designed the utmost three tiered cake a girl could dream of. Topped with fresh blooms & succulents, this buttercream beauty was all we’ve ever wanted. Michelle & her team truly know how to make cake dreams a reality! THE SWEETS: The cactus cookies, Sugar Berry Sweets Truffles, Kupcakes & Co TIPS: Head to your local hardware store & round up mini cacti & succulents for the party favors! They will remind all your guests that love grows here, wherever that may be! For the perfect sweet tower, grab a couple dozen donuts (even if they are from the grocery bakery)! It’ll be the yummiest & most tempting tower ever - for under $15!







Outfit Details: SHOWPO, Lone Traveller Dress (It’s not even maternity! Just majorly curve friendly!), $60.95 Maguba, Nairobi Brown Clogs, $149 Foley & Corinna, The Sasha Drawstring, $207.90 Horse Feathers Gifts, Round Ring, $22 SHOWPO, Quay Stop & Stare Sunglasses, $33


#MOMBOSS One on one with Kailyn Lowry

Many of you have followed Kail since MTV’s 16 & Pregnant, now she’s heading into season 8 of Teen Mom 2. But, what you don’t know is she is just a regular Mom. Struggling to find time for herself during soccer practices and homework as she is raising her two boys with a third baby on the way. Casi sat down with Kail to chat #momlife, her business and what a normal day looks like for Kail.



Little Adi + Co Raising My Tribe shirt

We all have bad days, including me… that’s no secret. But at the end of the day life keeps going so I have to too!


You are known for MTV’s Teen Mom 2. But, you’re a regular, normal person that we all know and love. You do a lot in a day. Tell us a little bit about #momlife? Mom life for me means balancing my kids schedules with my own school schedule

tell your 18-year-old self, one thing, what would it be and why? I would tell myself to slow down. People come and go and things change so quickly… slow down and soak in all the special moments a little more. Many of your fans and our readers don’t know that you also run a business, Day 1 Creations. Tell us about it and how it got started. I think the idea started as an idea and maybe a hobby a little bit to see what kind of interest we would have in the product. We started gaining a following so we went full time. What is your plan for Day 1 Creations over this next year? We have been brainstorming ideas about expanding our business into home decor.

plus fitting in baseball practices and soccer games. I can’t say there is a typical day or week for us, everything is always changing.

People come and go and things change so quickly… slow down and soak in all the special moments a little more.

How you keep it together! You are so strong and beautiful and you never break!!! How do you do it? No matter what life throws at you, you keep going and always come out on top! We all have bad days, including me… that’s no secret. But at the end of the day life keeps going so I have to too! The burning question! When you announced that you’re pregnant, you kept saying that it was a choice. Everyone want to know, what made you decide to have another baby? I think realizing the choice was almost being taken away from me made me realize I definitely wanted one more little one. I was a teen mom, you were a teen mom. It changes you as a person as we know but it’s well worth every minute. If you could


With graduation around the corner and a new baby due, do you plan to stay home for a few years and take some time off or are you going back to school? Unfortunately, I don’t think I will be taking too much time off. My plan is to go into 2018 with a full time job. Co-parenting is tough but you do it effortlessly. What advice to you have for others going through the same situation. It’s taken a long time to get where we all are. I try to tell myself and remind my son’s dad that it should always be about the kids. No other relationship issues or other factors should get in the way of what’s best for the kids. Let’s get down to the career path. You have an end goal! you really want to be a producer. Tell us about your life goals! Where do you see yourself in 5 years? There are so many things I want to do, I definitely want to produce tv and get my production company up and going but for now I’m going to focus on the kids and baby and see what “thing” I want to do next that fits in with Kail and the chaos.


five things to do today to change your financial future By Skye McLain


hat happens when I ask you how much money you have in your checking account right now? There are two common responses to this question: either you can tell me exactly how much is in there, almost to the penny, or you have a bit of a panic attack and wonder if that last trip to Target is going to cause the payment on your electric bill to bounce. If your heart is racing a bit right now, the good news is you’re pretty normal. The bad news is, normal kind of stinks, doesn’t it? When we started our financial journey 18 months ago, I was right there. I balanced the checkbook every month but I had no idea where our money was going. I felt guilty when I bought groceries because I didn’t know if we would even have the money to cover that. I went into a tailspin any time something “unexpected” came up, like needing new tires on our vehicle or taking Jett to the doctor. I was as normal as normal can get and I was honestly sick and tired of it. It is exhausting to live on what little sleep we get as moms, and to lose that to worrying about the balance on our checking account got really old really fast. It was time for something different. 92

That is when we found Dave Ramsey. You’ve likely heard of him. If not, he is a well known radio show host who has helped millions and millions of people turn their finances around through his principles, books, and classes. He is the author of Total Money Makeover and the reason that today, I can tell you exactly how much money is in our checking account at any given time. Through his program Financial Peace University and his Baby Steps, my husband and I have paid off over $26,000 in debt in 18 months and we are on track to retire with a minimum of a million dollars in our retirement accounts. If you ask me, that beats waking up in a cold sweat, dreaming about eating Alpo with my husband when I’m 70. We have changed a lot of things in our lives over the past year and a half, but there are five things that we did that have made the biggest impact on our future financial selves. They are not giant financial decisions; they are the opposite in fact. They are small, even tiny changes that we have made today that are going to amplify the way our future turns out.

implement a monthly budget and stick to it. This is easily the hardest change to implement for anyone who is new to managing money. Budgets can be thought of as restrictive, hard, boring, and complicated. And yes, some of these things are true! I’m quite nerdy, so I don’t find it boring or hard. In fact, I love the challenge of setting up a new budget and finding new money I couldn’t find last month. The one thing that they definitely are not is boring. A budget is simply a plan that you put together every month, before the month begins, that tells your income where to go. There are a million and a half ways to set up a budget and two fantastic apps to help you get started too. We use the zero-sum budget, which means that we take all of our income for the month and make sure that every dollar of our income has a specific job for the month. Money with an assignment tends to not disappear at the end of the month so we are diligent about telling every dollar where to go. The beauty of a budget is that you get to decide what goes in it each month

ing on your financial goals. While we are getting out of debt, we have cut our budget down to the bare essentials and have been putting every spare dollar towards our debt. When we are out of debt though, we will have more freedom to do what we want with our money since we won’t have any debt payments anymore. You can have categories for eating out, clothes, shoes, makeup, hunting money, golf equipment, fancy cheese, Girl Scout cookies - I mean really whatever your heart desires! As long as it aligns with your current goals, you can add it to your budget. The other important thing is that you have to set up a new budget every month. No two months will ever look the same. Some have five weeks, some have three full weeks. Some months have expenses in them that other months will not have. Some months you are traveling and need extra gas money but not as much grocery money. A budget has to be fluid and change each month according to your needs for that month. A lot of people don’t want to have a budget because it feels restrictive. This could not be further from the truth. On the contrary, a budget is guilt-free permission

to spend money on the items that you want and need. It is not about not spending any money, it is about intentionally spending money!

switch to cash for purchases Now that you’ve got a budget set up, it is time to make the switch to cash for some of the categories that are hard to track spending in. We use cash for groceries, gas in our vehicles, and our monthly fun money. You could also set aside cash each month for the babysitter, eating out, and clothing, just to name a few. Cash was such an important part of our

financial journey. We had never used cash before because let’s face it - who hates going to the bank? Me for sure! But when I started using cash, and knew that I wasn’t going to overdraw the bank account when I bought groceries, it was so, so incredibly freeing! Cash also caused me to really start paying attention to what I was spending and where it all went. When you use plastic (whether it is a debit card or credit card) you tend to spend way more than you would if you used cash for the same purchase. Now, when I buy something with cash, I know how much it is going to cost me before I even get to the checkout counter! 93

funds for many things. The most popular are car repairs and maintenance (blown tires, oil changes, new windshield wipers, etc.), vacations and travel, annual expenses and premiums, and medical expenses. You would set up an account or envelope for each of your sinking funds, add money to them as needed, and only use that money for those expenses when they arise.

put your monthly bills on auto pay.

a healthy balance of freshly prepared and some easy to cook foods, and I got hours of my life back in the process.

If you struggle with remembering to make payments on your regular monthly bills, and who has time to remember to sit down and pay the light bill anyways, then I encourage you to set up your payments on auto pay. This gives you one less thing you have to focus on so you can spend some time working on the next task!

Making a meal plan will not only save your time, it will also be a blessing on your billfold too. If you go to the store without a plan it is like setting loose a kid in the candy store! You just buy whatever looks good, and that can get dangerous and expensive, fast. Taking 20-30 minutes each week to plan out your meals and make a grocery list for only what you need will save you more time and money than you can imagine!

make a meal plan. Did I just get a collective groan? If I don’t have time to pay the bills, how do I have time to meal plan? I know, I know. I hear you. I used to hate meal planning too. I tried to do it for too long (a whole month at a time!) and plan complicated meals with lots of ingredients and cooking times. I finally realized that I was impressing no one with my detailed meal plans and wasting my precious time when all my family really wants to eat was simple food. I changed my approach from a monthly meal plan to a weekly one and switched to meals that were 6-7 ingredients tops, including side dishes! We still have plenty of fruits and vegetables in our diet, we get 94

set up a sinking fund When was the last time you had cash available for an “emergency” that popped up - like you blew a tire on your car or your son got sick and had to go to the doctor and got an expensive prescription? 70% of Americans cannot cover an emergency of less than $500 without using debt of some kind. This is where the magical sinking fund comes in! A sinking fund is simply an account (or a cash envelope) that you set aside money in each month to save up in the case of specific emergency. You can have sinking

How different would it feel the next time you had an event, like a blown tire for example, if you knew you had the cash to cover the tire. It goes from being both a financial disaster and ruining your schedule that day to just ruining your schedule that day. Or what if you went on a vacation that you paid cash for, and did not have the credit card bill waiting for you in your mailbox when you got home? You can implement these five simple changes today and they will have quite a large impact on future you. Six months from now you could have more control over your finances or you could still be worrying about whether you’re going to make a car payment or buy groceries this month. Take a day off this week and make these five strategies into your life. Future you says thanks!

Skye McLain Skye McLain is a personal financial coach with a passion for sharing the peace she has found in her live through planning, intentionality, and contentment. She lives in Houston, TX and works with couples to walk them through setting their finances in order with the School of Sound Finances.

Social Media Photo Credit: © 2017 Bree Pair


shopping guide

97 Sugar Baby Aprons


Quay, Stop And Stare Sunglasses, $46.95

ROOLEE, Kaya Tunic, $41.99

Foley & Corinna, Sasha Drawstring in Chestnut, $208

isabelle grace jewelry, Little Buddha Open Cuff, $36

BOHO STYLE: mastered with these statement pieces

MAGUBA, Nairobi Brown, $149

Sseko Designs, Black Leather Wrap Sandals, $69.99

JORD, Fieldcrest Series: Maple, $139 R.Riveter, Grant Signature Black + Brown, $260

Taos Footwear, Freedom in Whiskey, $140



RubyClaire Boutique is the must-shop stop for shoes in the prettiest spring colors. LARA Loafers, The Rena Flat, The Rae Flat, The Edie Espadrilles



Aden + Anais, Silky Soft Dream Blanket, $59.95 BrixtonPhoenix, Rattle Teether, $16.50


Moda Baby, the GripStart Leggings™, $34.95


products we simply adore for your sweet babe


PACT Organic, Baby’s Long Sleeve Snapper, $6

Noah’s Boytique, Palm Tree Cardigan, $31

The Bee & The Fox, Pick Flowers Not Fights, $25

Tenth & Pine, I Love You More Acid Wash Tee, $36

Little Adi & Co, Knot Gown, $26

Sleeping Baby, Hand Knitted Classic Grey Zippy OneZ, $29


Zuri Collection, Small Fruit Basket, $26

Lake 1221, Blush Pink Palm Leaf Throw Pillow, $33.50 Novel Expressions, Boss Babe Pink Metallic Wooden Flower Bouquet with Ball Jar Vase, $59

the classics & the trends for your favorite space

White Loft, Growth Chart, $74

BaitxMade, Green Tea Lemongrass All Natural Soy Candle, $18

Rocky Mountain Decals, Wall Decal Dots, $23 per pack

AshleyGabby Designs, Tommy Palms TeePee, $130



Shea Moisture, 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Milk Mask, $12.99 PACT, Super Soft Organic Women’s New Premium Hoodie, $54.99


Nena & Co., One of a Kind Tote, $198

ECO CONSCIOUS whoever thought you could celebrate Earth Day with shopping?!

boob design, OnceOn-Never-Off loose pants, $69 Mama Mala’s, Grateful Mama Mala, $113

bambino mio, miosquares, $11.99 OSEA, Vitamin Sea Serum, $68

goumikids, drop boots, $16



bambino mio, miosolo all-in-one cloth diaper, $21.99

Green Toys, Indoor Gardening Kit, $22.99

Zuri Collection, Elastic Tassel Bracelet, $28

The Honest Company, Essential Bundle

PACT, Super Soft Organic Cropped Leggings, $34.99

Green Toys, Build-ABouquet, $27.99



Sseko Designs, Rose Gold Crossover Slide Sandal, $69.99

Along Came A Box, Relax & Unwind Box - Mini, $62

BreatheLove Jewelry, CZ Crescent Necklace, $22

Pink Blush, Black Paisley Print Delivery/Nursing Maternity Robe, $28

Belly Bandit, Mother Tucker Capri Leggings, $74.95

Little Adi & Co., “Tribe” Juste Beach Tote, $40


lust list Gentry California, Monogrammed Seersucker Hospital Bag, $56 Mama Love Collective, Mama Love Collective Box, $45 Grace & Stripes, Aqua Stripes iPhone Case, $20


The Bee and The Fox, Love Your Mother, $33

Tiny Tags, New Mom Bar Necklace, $95

Krafty Kash, 2017 Word of the Year necklace, $21


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New parent? Veteran parent? Looking for the best gift? We’ve done the shopping for you. Browse our product savvy products that have our cupcakeMAG seal of approval for the top products of 2017.


1 << From the newborn days (Deluxe+) to toddler years (Grand), the Dockatot is an essential. From tummy time to naps, the perfect micro-climate & 100% breathable fabric will put all your worries at ease.



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>> It’s what you’ve been looking for, a carseat & travel system all in one. The simplistic transition from car seat to stroller makes the Doona ideal for all travel... yes, even airplane travel is a breeze with this one-of-kind system. 1. DockATot, Deluxe Dock Coral Trellis, $185


2. Project Nursery, Project Nursery 5” High Definition Baby Monitor System with 1.5” Mini Monitor, $269.99

3. Belli Skincare 4. 4moms, breeze playard, $299.99

5. Buy Buy Baby, Project Nursery Giraffe Sound Soother in White, $29.99

6. doona, The Next Generation Car Seat, $499

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<< Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the next best thing to being in your arms. The 4moms MamaRoo takes the baby swing to another level! From mimicking a car ride to adjusting to a full recline - the MamaRoo is a must for a happy baby!




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1. 4moms, mamaRoo infant seat, $249.99 2. UPPAbaby, MESA Infant Car Seat, $299.99

3. Binxy Baby, Shopping Cart Hammock, $49.95

4. Medela, Easy Expression Bustier, $39.99

5. Tactical Baby Gear, TBG Day Pack 2.0 + Changing Mat, $135

6. Finn + Emma, Play Gym - Safari, $135 7. HALO, Bassinet Swivel Sleeper, $199.99





<< The highchair that you’ve dreamed about has made it’s way to Earth! The moon 2G high chair isn’t just a high chair but a newborn lounger (it reclines!) & a junior chair. This will undoubtedly be the only highchair you’ll ever need.

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1. Sleeping Baby, Zipadee-Zip in Lil’ Rocker, $36.95


2. mima, moon 2G high chair, starting at $599

3. Skip Hop, Chelsea Downtown Chic Diaper Backpack, $100

4. UPPAbaby, VISTA Stroller & Bassinet

5. Skip Hop, Explore & More Baby’s View 3-Stage Activity Center, $120

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<< They’ve done it & we couldn’t be more excited to share! SkipHop has created a multi-level baby bouncer so you can say goodbye to all that bending down (well, most of it!). With vibrating features, lullaby sounds & the ability to adjust up to 34 inches - you’ll find it much easier to lay on the couch next to your little one!

1. HALO, SleepSack Swaddle, $26.95

2. boob design, Fast Food Bra, $55

3. Medela, Freestyle Breast pump Deluxe Set, $379.99

5. Latched Mama, Criss-Cross Nursing Sweater, $29

6. Skip Hop, Uplift Multi-level Baby Bouncer, $150

7. Leachco, All Nighter Chic Total Body Pillow

4. Modern Burlap, XO Organic Cotton Muslin Swaddle Blanket, $26 111

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^ Two words: Pulse Oximetry. The Owlet Smart Sock 2 tracks your babes heart rate AND oxygen level during the night so you may just be able to sleep! Using the Owlet app, you can monitor your babes heart rate & oxygen level in real time. Now that is peace of mind.




>> The hunt for the perfect baby mattress is a hard one... until you discover NookSleep that is! It is safe to say youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be jealous of your babes unique featherweight mattress. Not only is the NookSleep Pebble Lite Crib Mattress sustainable, non-toxic and breathable but beautiful.

1. Wild Bird, Ring Sling, $64.95-$119.95


2. Belly Bandit, B.F.F. Belly Wrap, $79.95

3. Owlet, Smart Sock 2, $299.95

4. Babyletto, Hudson

3-in-1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Bed Conversion Kit, $379

5. NookSleep, Pebble Lite Mattress - Sea Glass, $295


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