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Bethenny Frankel

on following your dreams and a day in her heels — ­ plus her brand new children’s book.


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Bethenny Frankel

on following your dreams and a day in her heels — ­ plus her brand new children’s book | 28

leading ladies

chatting with the best in biz | 64

exclusive chat

with Jennifer Berson | 72

shopping guide

Fall finds for your home | 40


FALL 2014

6 | Inside the Cover A Behind the scenes look at our photoshoot with Bethenny

16 | Spotlight Shop Check out Taylor Joelle’s beautiful collection

66 | Cheers from Dean Street Style advice from Hilary Rushford

8 | Editor’s Note For the love of Fall

18 | Fall Favorites Nail and hair trends perfect for Fall

82 | Everyday I’m Hustlin’ Nicole Schumacher tells all

9 | Editor’s Picks Casi’s favorites from jewelry to the perfect planner 10 | Hot Trends for Fall according to our favorite social influencers 12 | Things You Don’t Know about Amy of Little Hip Squeaks 14 | Trendy Tot The latest and greatest for the trend-setting babe

22 | Golden Beauty Must-have beauty products that will get the job done this fall 23 | On Our Radar Wht’s hot, for all, right now 26 | What’s in the Bag Blogger Jessica Fay of Lipstick, Heels and a Baby, tells us what’s in her bag 27 | New on A few of our favorite reads

88 | Isn’t She Wonderful? Sitting down with Kacia, of Coconut Robot 94 | Eat More Dessert Jenny Keller shares favorite Fall recipes 106 | The Inspired Room Melissa Michaels takes us inside her home 114 | Home Trends Must-have buys and ideas to spruce up your home 5


INSIDE THE COVER SHOOT Cover Girl: Bethenny Frankel Where: Gansevoort Hotel, The Penthouse. Park Avenue, NYC Photographer: Sara Kerens Art Director/Senior Stylist: Ahndea May

Ahdea takes us behind-the-scenes of our cover shoot. What a thrill heading to NY for the fall cover with Bethenny Frankel. As Art Director for the shoot, my goal was to tell a visual story highlighting her as a mom and up and coming children’s author. Your style changes should always reflect your season of life. Therefore, I implemented a softer, more lifestyle feel for Bethenny’s overall look. I went for a softer color palette but still keeping true to her bold sense of self. With any client my purpose is clear... Be the best version of yourself.

We accessorized wi th fun pieces from Bip an d Bop and Wrenn Jewelry .


Kris Buckle and Dominic Pucciarello were our glam dream team!

Casi Densmore-Koon Founder and Editor in Chief Graphic Design Jessica Peterson Editorial Assistant Skye McLain Cover Photography Sara Kerens Cover Art Direction + Stylist Ahndea May Stylist Julia Kitziger Hair Stylist Dominic Pucciarello Make-Up Artist Kristofer Buckle



Hello cupcakes! Ahhh -- Fall is here! it’s almost my favorite season because we are just that much closer to Christmas. 89 days, but who’s counting. I am so giddy about this issue because just pause for a second and reverse. Can we take a minute and just look at the cover? Isn’t she just gorgeous? We spent the day with the ever-so-amazing Bethenny Frankel in New York City and we are so thrilled to show her off along with her children’s book -- Cookie Meets Peanut. It’s literally the cutest book you’ll ever want to read. Hands down. We are so thankful for Bethenny’s support since the beginning of cupcakeMAG (our first interview with her was circa 2010!) and we have to give major thanks to B! We just have so much love for you, Bethenny! The issue was so much fun to pull together. Inside you’ll find everything we are currently obsessing over; swoon worthy Etsy shops, fab finds, and pretty little pick-me-ups. From getting styling tips from Hilary Rushford to game changing from PR maven Jennifer Berson of Jeneration PR. And let’s not forget our sweet tooth. Jenny Keller is showing off her party-planning skills. She’s got em’. Do yourself a favor. Take a break. Put your feet up on that pretty little ottoman of yours. Grab a latte, wrap yourself in a cozy sweater and take a flip through over and over again. Hey -- it’s never too early to start your holiday shopping right? Here’s to amazing boots, pretty scarves, cool weather and lots of Pumpkin Spice Lattes. As always -- I just want to thank you. Yes, you beautiful! 8

Thank you for reading! Thank you for letting us be part of your day. Thank you for the support and love. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We wouldn’t be here without you. Keep on keeping on. Lots of love, cupcake!

Casi Densmore-Koon Founder & Editor in Chief

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Pillow covers are the perfect pick-me-up. I’m obsessed with Spark Modern’s Schumacher Adras Ikat pillow cover in Jewel, $70

Sam Edelman Slip On Sneaks? Yes, please!

Queen Kathleeni Hello Doll iPhone Case, $30

Who doesn’t love….Emily Ley! Simplifed Planner, $58

It’s all about layering the jewels.

It’s all about the sparkle!

Wrenn Jewelry Blue Rectangle Druzy Statement Ring, $32 Bip + Bop Jessica Bracelet, $40


bloggerlove Before everyone has to begrudgingly pull leggings and boots out for the interminable winter I think we should all embrace the return of flares this fall! Skinny and boyfriend denim has had a good run but flares are so flattering and easy to dress-up for almost any occasion.

Grace of Camp Patton

HOT TRENDS for fall

We caught up with our favorite social influences around the web to ask a burning question. What trend is hot for fall?

Fall is all about mixing darker colors, such as olive green and oxblood, with prints. But for this fall, one of the, if not the hottest trend will be the culottes. This shorts style trend has been popular since spring but shows no sign of losing its popularity with celebrities and trendsetters alike keeping it alive this season. While midi skirts, leather and vibrant colors like royal blue and orange are completely on trend, the culottes take the cake this fall.


of The Fahsionistas Diary

hot this fall! Mixed Proportions will be , oversized nky chu h wit es nni Mixing ski with tighter rts knits, or pairing flowing ski tradiction con ut abo cropped tops. It is all d skill to har a is It g. erin lay and the art of pla d to y with, master, but a very fun tren a go! it e so don’t be shy and giv


Shaynah of

Pirates and peonies

Living in New England Fall has quickly become one of my favorite seasons, especially in terms of fashion! Layering is the key to a great fall look. Whether it’s adding a vest, scarf or cable knit sweater the more the marrier in my book! My favorite fall prints consist of plaids, polka dots, camo & stripes. Incorporating these prints with staple Items in your wardrobe enables endless possibilities when creating that perfect fall look.

McKenna Bleu

of mckenna bleu Photo credit: Brittany Taylor

I think plaid is going to be even bigger than usual this fall! If you like plaid in small doses, a plaid scarf or loafers are an easy way to incorporate the trend. But if you’re if not afraid of a bold statement piece, you can rock a plaid coat, pant, or dress.

Shira of

A Sequin Love Affair




AMY OF LITTLE HIP SQUEAKS Most know everything about Amy Richardson from stalking her Instagram feed but the Little Hip Squeaks CEO is letting us get to know her a little more -- on the down-low. ONE I’ve never broken a bone! TWO I met my husband when I was 17, and he was 18. We’ve been together ever since, and married for 7 years. THREE My husband is one of four boys, and a girl hasn’t been born into his family since 1957. We’ll break that streak when our lady arrives in January! FOUR My mom and I are super close - she moved to NYC shortly after we did, and now lives less than one block away. FIVE I was vegan for over 8 years, before I decided I really really wanted a half-moon cookie from Wegmans (turns out I was pregnant with Eli). SIX My husband, Eli and I are all born in June! SEVEN I have a full sleeve of desserts tattooed on my right arm, including a candy apple and a slice of key lime pie. EIGHT Before doing LHS full time, I worked in pre-production for Teen Vogue and Allure magazines. NINE My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. Because, PIE. TEN My favorite breakfast is a scooped everything bagel, toasted with scallion cream cheese and tomatoes. Good bagels outside of NYC do not exist. ELEVEN My husband and I watch Home Alone almost daily, between Thanksgiving and Christmas. We use Home Alone quotes all year long. TWELVE My very first job was at a haunted house, as a tour guide. It was the most amazing job ever. THIRTEEN I went to college in Buffalo, and despite their failure, I’m still a fan of Buffalo football and hockey teams.

FOURTEEN I am phenomenal at parallel parking. It’s a gift.

FIFTEEN I moved to NYC in 2006 and have lived in 5 different apartments here.

SIXTEEN I love ginger. I will eat, drink, smell like anything that involves ginger.

SEVENTEEN I have enormous feet. I wear a size 10, and when I’m pregnant, I need 11s.


EIGHTEEN Most of my closest friends are business owners. It’s so much easier to connect with people who have similar experiences as you.



My biggest guilty pleasure is a Wendy’s Frostee. I have one about once a year, and it’s heaven.

buy all of our

favorites and more on


TWENTY I have a Jenny Lewis lyric tattooed on my back. #fangirl



all about the

black & gold


picture perfect



The latest and the greatest for the trend-setting babe

Little Hipsqueaks Knotted Headband, $11

Indie Littles Black & White Striped Headband $9.50

Mawdsley Loves Infinity Bib Scarf, $15

Welkin NYC Edie Dress, $88

One Little Belt Red Vegan Leather Skinny Belt, $18

Little Foot Boutique Maxi Dress, $24

Umi Leola B Flat, $55 Freshly Picked Limited Edition Denim Moccasins, $60


Lola and Darla Gold Flower Necklace $15

The Bows and Ties Shop Foxy Bow Headband $10

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Taylor Joelle 16

Founded in 2007, designer and Mom of 5, Jenny strives to offer top quality collections for your mini-fashionistas. Our new favorite place for fresh, fun fashions is hands-down Taylor Joelle Designs. From comfortable yet adorable clothing options for baby through tween they’ve got it all!

why we love them:

Besides their adorable clothes every week Taylor Joelle offers a “hot buy” so you can always get one of their amazing high-quality products at a crazy discount. What’s not to love?





By Kate Bryan of The Small Things Blog

Photos by Jordan Maunder of Jordan Maunder There’s a general feeling of joy that comes over the world when fall arrives, don’t you agree? The cooler temperatures, the changing colors of the leaves, and the ability to wear scarves all return! In the beauty realm, fall is one of my favorite seasons as well. There’s so much warmth and softness to the hair and makeup, every woman looks like they are glowing. Personally, I lean towards the natural end of the spectrum when it comes to beauty, and the rich hues that come onto the scene around this time of year always affirm my decision that neutrals always win.


I love that nail polish has evolved into a fun way to add a little character to your personal style. There is an ever-growing trend of crazy nail art, that I find most times looks a bit juvenile and unprofessional, but I’ve found some nail art to be interesting and subtle. I’m still a big believer in the classic nail polish technique, but if you find yourself bored with your nails, try adding one or two “ac18

cent” nails into the mix. Less is more, and if you are new to nail art, keep it minimal at first. I like to choose a color in a different “finish”, like metallic, to add a little spice to one or two of my nails. I often go for the ring fingers on both hands, but the pinky nail can be a great option too! One of the most underused colors, in all seasons frankly, is navy. It’s rich, classic, and is beautiful on every single skin tone. It’s not as harsh as black, not as boring as brown, and even has a little depth to it since it is technically a color, although still very neutral. Navy and nude are perfect together on nails, in your wardrobe, and even in your makeup look.


1. Polish nails with Essie’s Bobbing for Baubles. Start with Essie’s 3-Way Glaze as base coat, apply 2 coats of color, and finish with 3-Way Glaze as top coat. 2. Wait 24 hours before adding accent nails! 3. Using painters tape or Scotch tape, divide ring finger nail in half on an angle from tip to base. Make sure you press the edges of the tape down well! 4. Apply one thin coat of Essie’s Penny Talk to accent nail. Let dry for 30 seconds. 5. Apply a second coat of Essie’s Penny Talk to accent nail, making sure none of the base color is showing through. 6. Once you are satisfied with the coverage, remove tape immediately. Do not let accent nail dry completely. Removing the tape while the accent polish is still drying will give you a bit of freedom to fill in any gaps, and even wipe away any runs of polish. 7. Provide ample time for accent color to dry prior to applying a top coat. If you apply top coat too early, the nail polish will bubble, and you only have one shot at the accent nails! 8. Finish with a top coat, and enjoy your beautiful nails!




One of the most repetitive trends I watched unfold every single year was the tendency for women to go a bit darker and warmer with their hair color in the fall. I worked behind the chair as a stylist for many years, and I knew September would be full of rich toffee’s and caramel’s. Even blonde’s wanted to incorporate more depth into their color, often with a shade similar to a vanilla latte. Perhaps it’s the fading sun tans, or the anticipation of cooler, albeit duller, weather, but women turn to their beauty routines to perpetuate the look of warmth and life. My favorite way to add warmth to a client’s hair, with almost zero commitment level in their part, was in the form of a demi-permanent gloss. Without getting too technical, a demi-permament acts like a stain on the hair, lasts through several weeks of washing, and eventually fades out. Clients didn’t have to worry about their rich shades leaving a line of demarkation on their hair as their mousy brown grew out. Ask your stylist about a demi-permanent gloss if you are craving a warm-up this fall. Braids. Braids. Braids. They are everywhere, are they not? Fishtails, dutch braids, french braids, etc. In the summertime, a messy side fishtail braid was the perfect way to look effortless and casual, and keep your neck a little cooler from the punishing heat. So, how do braids translate into fall hair trends? Switch out the fishtail for the classic french braid, or simple basic braid. If you want to do something a little bit unique, try a dutch braid. Add a deep side part to your hair, creating a sophisticated look around your face, and let the braid be both the function and fun part of your hairstyle. Textured hair isn’t going anywhere this fall either. Keep restocking your dry shampoo, or texture powder, and plan on using it for the next few months. A textured ponytail, again

with a deep side part, is a bit more interesting than a basic ponytail, and a very quick way to do something new with your hair. Make sure you work the texturizing product into your hair before securing the ponytail! It’s always easier to tone down otherwise messy hair. Use a soft colored hair elastic to secure your hair near the nape of your neck.


1. Begin with slightly curled hair (whether that’s natural or done with a curling iron). 2. Tease around your roots all over your head. Usually women only tease the top of their hair, but teasing all over will help add the texture and volume you need! 3. On the side opposite of your part, braid a small section of hair from root to tip. Secure with a clear elastic and stretch the braid out to loosen it up a bit. 4. Loosely rake your hair into a messy bun at your nape, pulling out a few strands afterwards. 5. Twist and pin the loose hairs around the bun. 6. Wrap the braid towards the bun, pinning it just above. 7. Finish with a mist of hairspray. 21


Zaaina Face Masks keep your face feeling’ fresh all the time. GHD Gold Professional 2� Straightener is a game-changer for your mane.

Fashion and Beauty director, Katlyn shares her must-have products that will get the job done this Fall.

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OGX Kukui Oil Shampoo. Because you should always indulge your tresses.

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Idieh Shop iPad Case, $68



wear happy.


made in usa



the bag?

photo credit: Sarah Lyn


Blogger Jessica Fay of Lipstick, Heels, and a Baby tells us what’s inside her must-have bag for Fall — ­ the Lily Jade Sarah Grace! Hand Sanitizer

Lotion: Perlier Hand Cream

Lip Liner: MAC Pro Long Wear Lip Pencil

Water bottle: Trimr

Lip Stick: MAC Pro Lipstick

Sarah Grace in Gold Tide To-go Pen

Powder: MAC Studio Fix Powder Snacks: Luna Bar

Lipstick, Heels, and a Baby combines the latest trends and celebrity fashion with stay at home mamma practicality. Small town girl turned hairstylist, network educator turned seaside military wife and mother. Her fun-loving blog offers fashion advice, beauty tips, and personal stories. Beauty & style blogger, Jessica can’t live without her beloved clarisonic, coffee and pasta. Get to know her on Instagram, @braydonfaysmomma 26

Come swoon

Get to know LWPH Sews

over Sweet Auburn Studio

what’s New on See what you’ve missed and a few of our favorite reads — right now!

Let’s bake!

And start with comfort food. Blueberry Peach Crisp Pie is the way to go.

Sips & Sweets!

Go behind-the-scenes of an amazing party thrown by Desiree Hartsock + Jenny of Jenny Cookies


“be passionate, driven, and go with your gut” 28

Dress: Anthropologie

Bethenny! | by casi densmore-koon |


| photography by sara kerens | styled by ahndea May and julia kitziger |

pending a day in New York City in the Gansevoort penthouse with Bethenny Frankel is one of those check-it-off-the-please-pinch-me bucket lists. She’s inspiring, witty, and her energy - it’s contagious. Arriving in blue skinnies, a white sweater, flats and wet hair - we dug her girl-next-door comfy vibe. As we chatted over salads and iced coffee from Fresh & Co. we talked about her new book Cookie Meets Peanut, her crazy press plans and her love for cupcakeMAG.

Do you have a strict exercise routine? Stick to meal planning? Not strict at all. Do what you can when you can. Eat what you want in reasonable quantities and in balance.

It’s been so long since we got to sit down and catch up. Last time we chatted you had a new reality tv spin-off and you were writing your third book. Catch us up to speed! This is my 6th book- I can’t believe it! I had a talk show for a year then I took time for me and my peanut in the Hamptons- I’m ready to get back to work.

Let’s chat about the beloved skinnygirl! You have a new Pinot Grigio and you recently launched a sparkling margartia and low-calorie sweet cocktail called Sweet’arita. What else are you working on? What’s new? Hummus, salsas, dips, microwave popcorn, blenders, non-alcoholic sparkling fruit beverages, delicious chips, and bars.

You must have a pretty packed daily schedule with all that you have going on. What’s a day in Bethenny Frankel’s heels look like? No two days are the same. Interviews, photo shoots, mixed with yoga, the playground, and school pick up! You look utterly amazing. Look at you! You’re drop dead gorgeous. Tell us your secrets! Serums, moisturizer, SPF, and not washing your hair every day.

What’s your advice for someone trying to get healthy, quick? It isn’t a quick process. Eliminate foods with ingredients you can’t pronounce. Sleep and try to hydrate.

As one of the most amazing self-made business women out there - you’re an inspiration to us all. What advice would you give struggling Moms out there trying to make ends meet as an entrepreneur? Be passionate, driven, and go with your gut.


Bethenny on regrets: “I don’t believe in them!”


Necklace: Wrenn Jewelry

Bethenny on cooking:

“I love to cookit’s fun, creative, and relaxing.” Dress: Alice + Olivia


Bethenny on following your dreams:

“Go big or go home!”

Sweater: Alice + olivia 32

Jumpsuit: Diane Von Furstenberg Neck Cuff: Jules Smith Shoes: Stuart Weitzman

Bethenny on reality tv: “It is freedom to express myself.”


ask Bethenny parenting style:

No unsolicited advice

always in your bag: Lip gloss and SPF

best part of our shoot:

Laughing with the people I worked with

breakfast this morning: Multigrain muffin

motto for life: YES!

favorite dessert: Red velvet 34

Blouse: Haute Hippie Blazer: Haute Hippie Skirt: Haute Hippie Ring: Melinda Maria

Rings: Ilana Ariel

All About the Book Cookie Meets Peanut

A very adorable story inspired by Bethenny Frankel’s own life about two siblings—a new baby and one diva dog. We promise -- you’ll read it over and over. Inspired by Bethenny Frankel’s own daughter and her precious pup -- Bethenny decided to bring the story to life. Why? “The baby meets doggy concept is very relatable.” Bethenny tell us. The adorable story highlights the fun family dynamics that erupt when a diva dog must learn to share Mommy with a spunky, sassy girl, and conveys how sibling harmony is reached when surrounded by love. With bright, bold illustrations that evoke Frankel’s own style, Cookie Meets Peanut is a fresh twist on this must-read sibling story.

Buy it today from Barnes & Noble


Bethenny Frankel’s

It was just Cookie and Mommy... Until little Peanut arrived! Now Cookie is a furry big sister. Can Cookie and Peanut ever get along?

ON SALE NOW Wherever Books Are Sold


Photo © Arthur Cohen

Adorable New Picture Book!


Jameso nMONROE





Photo credit: DASO Photo/David Sowers






Look Grace & Lace Cable Knit Boot Cuffs Faux Suede Fringe Scarf


shopping Kylie Bryn Designs Aquamarine Glass Earrings $24

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JEWELRY LOVE our favorite accessories

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Mindy Mae’s Market Bracelet, $24.99


a simple silhouette, always a classic

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I believe in primping at leisure and

wearing lipstick.

I believe in pink.

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Sugar Shacks Isabella Teepee Play Tent $160

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Peace On Art Live Fully t-shirt $29

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3:36 PM

3:36 PM

As natural as your love for them

organic skincare for your lifestyle


Curly Willow Cocktail Tea Towel, $18

shopping Primitives by Kathy Wine Bottle Tag, $4

Hello, Housewife This might be the coolest thing ever! Coasters for yes, your fridge!

Bugaboo Bear Designs Chalkboard Art, $11 Buff Babies Glitter Ampersand, $30

Spark Moder Pillow Cover $70


Target Threshold Floral Rug, $24.99

Life is busy enough. Spend more time with the kids, not scrubbing refrigerator bins.

fridge | Coaster速

rn r.




Look Vivie and Ash Organic Tribal Tunic, $38 Vivie and Ash Organic Leggings, $30


Two Little Bees Head Wrap, $10

Simple life lesson. Kate and James Tee, $20

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Happy Pullover kid + Kind raglan half Pint Shop, $36

the cutest styles around for the ever-so trendy tot

Raine & Skye Petit Explorer Handbag, $48 Kirtley Michelle Black & White Dress, $45

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Isn’t she lovely? This is one beautiful leather bag you’ll want to keep around for every season. Hobo Haven Handbag, $328

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Pop some inspiration on your desk! Frame it. It’s a great reminder. Lara Casey Make it Happen Desk Card, $12


must-have essentials we love Bad hair day? It automatically will become a good one with this adorable floral print hair accessory. A Dash of Sass Head Wrap, $9.95

Buy yourself something special — like this bracelet. Sweet Auburn Studio Personalized Leather Bracelet, $40

A little gold and a little leather goes along way. Disclaimer: You’ll never take them off. Nickel and Suede Metallic Gold Leather Earrings, $21

Because don’t you NEED a pretty place to put that lipgloss? Oh, yes. Freshly Picked Keepall, $40







Cheers from DEAN STREET Hilary Rushford is a well-loved name you should know and love. We sit down as the stylist takes us through a typical day in her heels, shares advice for creaitves and fashion tips for those fellow fashionistas. TELL US THE STORY OF DEAN STREET SOCIETY? HOW DID YOU GET STARTED? Hilary: I had a vision and I lept. Of course it’s more complicated than that, but I was ready to move on from my career in musical theater and exploring the next thing when on one providential day {February 1st, 2011} it clicked: I wanted to be an entrepreneur. And I sincerely was off and running from that moment on. It was like love at first sight. I started reading every blog, listening to every webinar, downloading every free worksheet or ebook. Meanwhile I called in favors to friends who knew things like how to buy a domain or would model for free in my first photo shoot or be my beta clients so I could figure out if my ideas even worked. Even now I have moments where I’m trying to figure something out, working on copy for a sales page, deciding on a marketing priority and think “Who the heck am I that I think I can do this?! I don’t actually know what I’m doing!” The thought doesn’t panic me but more cracks me up. Back to the love at first 66

site analogy it’s like I’m standing at the altar a month later laughing at how insane it is yet also totally calm that it’s meant to be and I’m in the perfectly right place, right time. TELL US ABOUT A TYPICAL DAY IN YOUR HEELS. Hilary: I get up around 8 AM and start my day listening to an audiobook while I get ready. I’m a politics nerd so right now it’s Love and War by James Carville and Mary Matalin. It’s my way to start my day not thinking about work because the rest of my day is all about work and I’d like to be a more well-balanced person than that! About 9 AM I’ll sit down at my computer briefly and check Asana, our project management app, to get clear on that day’s priorities. My team (myself, Jess and Diana) use a walkie talkie app called Voxer so I’ll group Vox them to say good morning, we’ll share a funny story from the night before, and then what everyone’s priorities look like for the day to make sure we’re all on the same page. We live in 3 states but I’d bet we talk more than your




advice for aspiring ENTREPRENEURS The best advice I can give is the core of my book, The 4-Part Entrepreneur Cocktail. I wrote it after my first two years in an effort to try and articulate how and why I’d “succeeded” (aka making my business profitable in under two years, supporting itself and me). What I came up with were the 4 parts: KNOW YOUR STRENGTHS & DNA what’s going to come easy, hard, which business model is right for you, who will you have to hire asap, which parts are going to send you into tears of meltdown. KNOW WHAT MOTIVATES YOU your why, how you want to feel, what gets you out of bed after just 5 hours asleep to power through a deadline when no one but you is holding you accountable. SAY YES TO PROFITS your eternal Q has to be “what’s going to make me the most money, the fastest, the easiest, while bringing me the most joy?” If you’re like me, this has to be profitable, or you have to go back to a full-time job and do this on the side as a hobby or as a second job, so if you’re serious about it, you have to be seriously making money. SAY NO TO OVERWHELM this one could be a whole book in and of itself because I think it’s so vital, but for now you can head to to get a free one hour class I co-teach with Whitney English that will get you started. Overall that all really boils down to making sure your business is truly madly deeply going to make you happy, and then exerting the most mature willpower ever in deciding which of the million choices before you you’re going to prioritize to make income without burning out. Also have friends who can call and cry to. And friends who’ll take you to drinks to celebrate the wins. 68

average co-workers both because I love my company to be collaborative and because I hire people I want to be friends with. I always start my day working from a cafe. I have three I rotate between regularly where I know the names of all the waiters. My morning hours are when I do my best work so I don’t ever schedule calls or appointments then but get in the zone. Around lunchtime I’ll head home for a green smoothie and a second round of work. At that point it’s usually becoming “Okay it’s already 2pm and we haven’t even check one thing off the list so XYZ probably aren’t going to happen today”. We eternally have more priorities than hours so what to say yes and no to is a constant team conversation. I’ll have Skype meetings, hop on the phone with one of the girls, pretty much keep powering through until I realize I forgot to eat dinner. Or have to shower and at least wash my hair once this week for an event. Or we’ve made plans to have a date or meet friends. The truth is those evening plans I so often want to cancel because there’s so much more work to do or my brain is fried from being intensely “on” for 10 hours straight. But just like the top of my day, I know ultimately I want a life that’s not all about my business so I’m always grateful when I walk away from the computer. Speaking of, I keep promising myself I’m going to start reading a book again before bed but right now I still default to my iPhone for the ESPN and USWeekly apps (don’t judge me) and Instagram. The latter of which at least gives me dreams of lovely handwriting and pretty beaches! Q. WHAT ARE YOUR FUTURE PLANS? Hilary Travel more, create more, help more people. Traveling more to me represents that myself and my team are less stressed, less frantic, we’ve got healthy work life balances and can enjoy the freedom we have to work from anywhere in the world. Creating more means we’ve built a more streamlined business that gives us more margin for creative projects that don’t necessarily bring income but inspire others and elevate our brand. And helping more people means both that we’re reaching more folks and have created more products and services that uniquely serve their needs the way no one else is. Also, having just celebrated my third anniversary for Dean Street Society, I really want to take on some projects in year four that aren’t for my business but myself: taking a French class, a modern calligraphy class, and some iPhone/app photography classes. More of that well-rounded person stuff if you haven’t already detected a theme here!

Take a sundress like the one in these photos. Add multiple layers to it like this cardigan and felt hat. You might also do a scarf, tights, or a blazer over a thinner cardigan.

Employ my 2 Part-Fashion Cocktail. I believe we all want to be a vodka cranberry. It’s all about balance. So if a vintage dress feels a bit cranberry, a little kitschy to you, then add a dose of modern vodka in what you pair it with to balance it out like these neutral polka dot heels, classic Chanel inspired cardigan and contemporary felt hat.

If it’s a little large, a belt does wonders. Sizing isn’t standardized so don’t pay attention to the tag, just hold it up against your body to judge. And if it’s a little large know that a belt can save you from even having to take it to a tailor by cinching it in just an inch.

Black and white is timeless. Most vintage store are organized by color to maintain some visual order since they only have one of each item, so I always head straight to the black or white racks first.



Choose heels or booties in lieu of the open-toed shoes or sandals you’ve been accustomed to. Even with bare legs, shoes go a long way to make an outfit look more seasonally appropriate. 69















She’s a Mom, she’s a powerhouse, she’s a pr guru, she’s freakin’ amazing. She’s Jennifer Berson of Jeneration PR. We step inside Jennifer’s beautiful Los Angeles home which includes one seriously swoon-worthy office while catching-up on her game-changing ways of life. PHOTOS BY MARBLE RYE PHOTOGRAPHY | STYLED BY ALEX OF BEAUTILITARIAN FOR THOSE WHO DON’T KNOW YOU, TELL US ABOUT JENERATION PR. Jeneration PR is a boutique PR, marketing, social media & celebrity seeding agency specializing in promoting beauty, baby & lifestyle brands. We help companies increase exposure for their brands & products through magazine & web features, celebrity placement, event support, and social media strategy & execution. I started this company nearly 10 years ago while I was still an attorney practicing civil litigation. WHAT DREW YOU INTO PUBLIC RELATIONS? I actually started promoting a beauty brand on the side (for free!), helping to get their products to celebrities and securing placements in magazines. The results were almost immediate and the brand experienced the biggest increase in sales, due to the features that I had placed. Frustrated with the lack of creativity and the incredibly slow pace that my work seemed to have in litigation, I was inspired to make the switch from law to PR. My husband, who was my boyfriend at the time, helped me feel completely confident, and he 100% supported my decision to start my own business. It didn’t feel like a huge risk at the time because the economy was a lot better, and I felt I could always go back to practicing law if things didn’t work out. I am so fortunate that my business has been profitable from day 1, so I’ve

never even considered returning to my career as a lawyer. PR, marketing, social media and running my own business are such a better fit with my personality, that once I “discovered” PR and realized it was a valuable service that tremendously benefitted brands, I knew it was a no-brainer decision that this is what I should be doing with my career. TAKE US THROUGH A TYPICAL DAY IN THE PR WORLD. My day usually starts when my kids wake up, around 7 a.m. Before I grab them out of their beds, I check email on my iPhone to make sure there aren’t any urgent matters I must attend to first. I work with a lot of editors on the East Coast, so being in LA means we’re sometimes working on urgent deadlines. The kids can wait 10 minutes while I make sure I get all of our editorial requests handled. Once I’m set with email, we get everyone changed & dressed, and we all head downstairs to eat breakfast (coffee for mommy & daddy!, and play for an hour. I drop our boys off at school by 9 a.m. and plop myself in front of a computer for the next 8 hours! I’m typically working on developing strategy for our existing clients, drafting new client proposals, and pitching, pitching, pitching! Of course, social media is ongoing 24/7, so it remains a huge part of my day—all day every day. I work with my team at Jeneration to ensure pitches are going out, placements are distributed 73

to our clients, and recaps are being complied to report our results. I pick up the boys at 3 p.m., unless I have a meeting or an event, in which case my husband or our nanny will get them. I do most of my writing in the afternoon, once they’re settled at home after school. Around 6 or 7 p.m., I step away from the computer and start the process of making dinner for my family, feeding the kids, making lunches, playing Legos or doing puzzles with my older son, playing basketball with the younger one, getting everyone changed for bed and reading books. The older they get, the longer the bedtime routine actually takes! We tuck both kiddoes in by 8 p.m., then I eat dinner & chat with my husband about our days while watching Jon Stewart. I usually try to work some more until about 11 p.m. or midnight. Before bed, I take 10 – 15 minutes to make my “To Do” list for the following day. I use the Wunderlist app, so it’s synched with my phone & computer and always with me. My mind is usually racing until I actually write everything down that I have to do. Two to three times a week, I schedule client 74

meetings or brainstorming lunches with my team or other PR pros, just to get a change of scenery and to bounce ideas off of people I trust. Sometimes it helps me recharge my batteries to step out for a few hours to have lunch and grown-up conversation with friends. YOU’RE NOT JUST A PUBLICIST, YOU’RE AN AMAZING MOM. DO YOU BELIEVE IN BALANCE? Is there such a thing? Some people may truly feel balanced in their work and their personal lives, but I honestly don’t know too many. Even those who seem like they have it all together will tell you they have their own struggles. I made a career switch eight years ago from law to PR, hoping to ultimately have more balance in my life and more time with my kids when I became a mom. While it’s never easy to get everything done, and I find myself working hard all of the time, I do feel that I have found more of the balance I was seeking and am very lucky to have a career where I’m still able to be part of my young children’s lives. Nothing is

fect, and the idea of an exact 50-50 balance may not even exist—and I try my best daily to be ok with that. Sometimes work will be more demanding, and other times the pendulum will swing the other way, and family becomes the priority. The goal should not be perfect “balance,” but instead a commitment to try your best to be focused on whatever task you are working on at that moment. Say “no” strategically, and try not to allow the anxiety or guilt weigh you down. Change your perspective on what balance means, and instead seek happiness and the ability to be present. Celebrate the peaks and valleys, as they are all opportunities to learn. Appreciate the unique position you are in as a working mom to get the best of both worlds. And above all, cut yourself some slack. WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT BEING YOUR OWN BOSS? What DON’T I love?! Setting my own hours, being able to pick up my kids from school and take them to

ties, choosing who I want to work with, both on my team and what clients I’d want to represent, and really building something from scratch that I truly enjoy and am still passionate about 10 years later! WORKING ON ANYTHING FUN? LATEST PROJECTS? WHAT’S UP NEXT FOR YOU AND JENERATION PR? I’m working to develop some incredible, in-depth content that will help share our expertise with brands who would like to benefit from a public relations campaign, but can’t afford to retain a PR firm. I’d like to empower brands to promote themselves, giving them step by step guidance using our tried & true tactics to secure great exposure for their brands on their own. We are also always talking with new business leads that come from client referrals, so the company is always growing & changing. Bringing in new clients is what I love most, and what keeps this business so interesting. 75

nothing is perfect, AND THE IDEA OF AN EXACT 50-50 BALANCE may not

even exist


five things to consider

BEFORE STARTING YOUR PR CAMPAIGN one SET REASONABLE PR GOALS Seems obvious, right? But it can be quite easy to get carried away when dreaming up your PR strategy. Aim high but start with smaller, accomplishable steps to build the bridge to success. Really think about what you hope & expect to get out of your PR campaign, but within the context of your larger business goals. Are you launching a new brand, a new product, trying to reach a new segment of consumers, hoping to increase sales, or trying to manage your public image? All of these goals would affect your approach about how you are pitching the media.


PITCH PERFECT What story angles will you pitch? How do you plan to set your products apart from the competition? Will you position yourself as an expert in your field? What seasonal trends & stories can you focus on? What specific messages should be aimed at each group of target customers? How can you align your business, product, brand or service with a trending topic?


TIMING IS EVERYTHING Are you trying to secure local press, national magazines, or online features? Each type of outlet has a different lead-time, which means you need to be strategic about when you are sending your pitches. This is particularly important if you want to time your press to coincide with a new product launch, or focus on a seasonal trend. Are Holiday Gift Guides on your target list? Give yourself 6 months to secure those placements. “Long-lead” Monthly magazines will take you at least 90 days lead-time, plus pitching and sample facilitation. “Short-Lead” weekly magazines take about 3-4 weeks to secure, and some online features could be posted as quickly as the same day!

four SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY As part of your brand’s promotional strategy, you should absolutely be focused on creating and maintaining a social media presence on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, at a minimum. To get the most out of your efforts, consider the purpose of your presence in these arenas. Are you facilitating discussions, actively growing your following, capturing customer information, offering promotions, insider information, product news and giveaways? Don’t just post content, but actively monitor engagement on your page and see what tactics are resonating with your fans. Once you identify what works, build more content around that approach. You might also consider spending a small budget each month to boost posts that are particularly important to your brand, such as promotions you are running or giveaways you are hosting.

five CELEBRITY GIFTING & SEEDING As much as I hate this part of PR, if you have a product or service that is used and loved by celebrities, that’s another tool in your arsenal to help get your brand press placements. I represent a luxury baby brand that happens to be a favorite of a lot of celebrities and their kids (Suri Cruise, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, and more!), and have been able to secure dozens of media placements as a result. Create a target list of relevant stars that are a good fit for your product and work with their representatives to dress that star in your brand, or pass along your product as a gift. These influential people can aid in starting the conversation about your brand and create a buzz that can serve as the foundation for the rest of your efforts.

want to learn more?







80 Use coupon code “Cupcake” for 20% off your first order!









I’M HUSTLIN’ Her life motto is the title of this article. She defines hustlin’. Who? Nicole Schumacher. Serial entrepreneur, oilista and one of the best friends a girl could have. We sit down with the founder of The Pretty Oil. You are quite the entrepreneur. Let’s share Nicole with the world. You’re a busy entrepreneur, you started the Virtual Assist Network, and run The Pretty Oil as well as give gals kick ass ideas - you’re a strategic goddess. What did we leave out? Wow, thank you. I’ll admit that I’m a serial entreprenuer I’ve always had that in me. From a young age I knew I wanted to own my own business and be my own boss. I love to see others walk along side me and all succeed. Between providing consultations with online creatives, masterminds, and managing a team on The Pretty Oil, I’m living out my passions! Tell us about your day to day life running a house and a business. It’s not for everyone. I’m a work at home mom of two kids with a husband who is in graduate school. I love that I’m able to support my family and stay at home with the

kids. As much as I crave schedule, I’ve yet to really find it. I work in the mornings and when the kids are napping, but nighttime is really where I’m able to hustle. My goal was not to work all the time at home, but to be able to be present with my kids when they are home. I do it on my own. We do not have a nanny or even family nearby so it’s important to me that my family knows they come before work, I learned that early on. When did you decide you wanted to be your own boss? When I was young, maybe 8th grade. I’ve never liked people bossing me around. It’s funny because my parents always told me I would never make money owning my own business and to learn from their mistakes. Well I learned from their mistakes and here I am not doing the traditional route and making more money than I would at a 9-5 job. People trying to tell me that I can’t do something always gives the that extra determination to make it happen. 83




Most importantly, you need the support of your spouse. I had to do presentation style proposals for him to understand what it was (online) that I was trying to do. I’m a believer of if it’s been placed on your heart, then you should go for it. Sometimes your spouse or family might not understand what it is you do. They might think you sit on social media all day long Once those paychecks start coming, those doubts from others will begin to lessen. But you can’t get their without that support.


It’s okay if you don’t succeed the first time. In the past six years I have had 3 blogs, a jewelry shop, a print shop, a graphic/blog design studio, been a VA, developed the VA Network to train others, and consulted other online creatives. I always knew when it was working and when it wasn’t. Some of the list provided full time work and others were a flop. But all of this, equipped me with everything I needed to successfully run The Pretty Oil. Worth it? Absolutely!


Be prepared to work. There were many nights early on where I lived on 3 hours of sleep at night. Looking back I wish I would have managed my time better then and spent less time dreaming things up.


Version 1.0 is okay. Just hit publish on whatever it is you’re trying to do. You are the only one that see’s those flaws. You can’t share it if you don’t go for it, there is always time for tweaking and improving.


If you want to pursue something, know what you’re doing. If you want to be a blog designer, make sure you actually know how to do design. I know that should go without saying, but if you’re truly wanting to transition, you need to own it and know it. 84

all about NICOLE COFFEE SHOP DRINK OF CHOICE? Chai Latte or Vanilla Latte PET PEEVE? When people are inauthentic. Ugh, it drives me crazy. MOST OVERUSED WORD? As a mom, the word “No”. BAG YOU’RE COVETING? My Lily Jade. I love that during the day I can use it as a diaper bag and then on the days I go to the coffee shop to work I can take the insert out and then have space for my laptop and books. WEBSITE YOU CAN’T STOP BROWSING? Currently, Craigslist because we just moved and I’m on the hunt for some gems. LIFE MOTTO? “Everyday I’m hustlin” - it describes me so well.



instagram | facebook twitter | website

mindy mae’s market 86





Her laugh is contagious. And no matter how bad your day is she’ll always make you feel better. You could spend hours on the phone and still have so much you didn’t get to talk about. She’s just oh-so-lovely. Oh, that Kacia. Kacia Hosmer is a one-of-a-kind gal you wish you could always carry around in your pocket. Founder of Coconut Robot, one of the hottest spots on the interent that is constantly inspiring us daily. We sit down with the beautiful girl behind the screen that really did turned it into something beautiful.

I love that it’s a name that is unique and weird and different. It doesn’t really make any sense...but it kind of does too. I am someone with a always workbies and interests, so it doesn’t rope me in to one specific thing! (And I kind of love that, too. :) Now, Coconut Robot gets updated with whatever I feel like sharing. :) It’s a mixture of fashion, family, DIYs and tutorials, current projects, recipes, photography, giveaways... and whatever else sounds good!

It’s been almost two-years since I was introduced to one of the most amazing gals



I ask for help! I honestly couldn’t do it all if I didn’t have Andy cheering for me and supporting me every step of the way. He is also an artist, so together we try to balance the freelance work, so we aren’t swamped at the same time -talways workt alwayswork out as we plan! So sometimes it means late nights and early mornings.

Coconut Robot still makes me laugh -- it’s one of those things that I never thought would stick! It actually came about when Andy and I were dating -- a friend’s 5 year old daughter called him the “Coconut Robot man” because of a little robot he was building that looked like a coconut! We ended up using as our wedding RSVP website, but I never thought I would use that URL for more! I started blogging in 2009, and I just continued using it, but turned it into a blog!

I sometimes just bring my sewing room down to the dining room as well. Harlow and I will do crafting time: I will sew while she colors or works on crafts while we chat -these are some of my favorite memories! With a new infant addition to our family, I’ll have to let 89

you know how it all changes. :) I suspect my mantra will be grace, grace and more grace. I know emails and blog posts can wait, but babies don’t keep, so I really try to keep my marriage and family my number one focus and priority. HOW HAS STARTING YOUR BLOG CHANGED YOUR CAREER PATH? Yes! It’s so funny to see how things go when you look back! I graduated with Psychology and Art degrees....I went on to work and sing at a church. From there, I worked for 5 years in healthcare software, traveling like crazy, and I loved it. Now I’m being able to use my art degree a bit more, but mostly I rely on the skills over committingmom taught my sisters and I growing up! I feel absolutely blessed to be able to create and do things I love as a part-time job -- I honestly never thought it would turn into that! 90

WHAT HAVE BEEN THE BIGGEST SUCCESSES AND CHALLENGES OF RUNNING YOUR OWN BUSINESS? There are two things that come to mind -- I think they are the things I’m often giving as advice when people ask. (So tell me if this is the worst advice ever, so I stop telling people ;) The first thing is that you will learn to say no -- and you need to. It’s so easy to be flattered when anyone reaches out to work with you, but you will spread yourself way too thin. But oftenover committingercommitting yourself a few times before learning to say no! The second thing is simply have fun, but work hard! You are your own boss, and you know yourself the best. Do you need to push through a creative slump? Or do you need to take a quick break or vacation? Being able to do something you love for work is a true blessing, but it won’t be fun

Make sure you connect with Kacia on and follow her on instagram @coconutrobot

every step of the way. Create rules for yourself -- “finish taxes before starting a new project” -- or whatever you need to do, to accomplish those things on the to-do list that don’t particularly love! WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PART OF YOUR OFFICE? Hmmmmm. I love all the natural light! During Harlow’s nap, I’ll sew and right now the breeze and cooler temperatures just have me in love with that spot. I also love sewing at night with just a small light over my sewing machine, because I can see the night sky so clearly -- or heck, Pittsburgh loves fireworks, so I can watch those from my office too! So definitely having such a huge window in this small space is my favorite! WHAT’S THE BEST PART ABOUT WORKING IN A CREATIVE INDUSTRY? The freedom in creating! And people who understand the

creative process. I just love being able to put to use those ideas that keep me up at 2am.... ;) WHAT IS YOUR ADVICE FOR THOSE LOOKING TO BREAK INTO THE BLOGGING SCENE? As someone that didn’t go into blogging with a plan -- I just wanted to write and have a creative outlet -- my advice is to write about what you are passionate about! People are drawn to reading when it’s a natural outpouring of things we love! My other advice is to not lock yourself into one style or topic, if you aren’t sure what you want to write about. Your first blog post will be worlds different from one a year later...two years later -- and that’s okay! That’s what is so neat and crazy and weird and awesome about blogs! You don’t have to start with the perfect design or plan: just start! 91

Upsie Belly


Support for your back and growing baby belly

Belly Bandit

Shrinks and tightens your post pregnancy belly , waist and hips

7 1







Jenny Keller, otherwise known as the amazing Jenny Cookies and author of the new book, Eat More Dessert is not just a bakin’ goddess — ­ she is also know to throw some serious parties. While managing her home front (The Keller Farm!) you can find her bakin’ sweets for Hollywoods Elite and planning the next big event.

Get Organized To get the party started, organization is key. What type of party will it be? How many guests? What is your budget? Nailing these important things down early on will help make entertaining a breeze. Location, Location, Location: Renting party venues can be crazy expensive but it’s nice to host outside your typical family living room. Stretch your creativity, and your budget by thinking outside the box. Can you rent a barn at a local farm, reserve a picnic shelter at a public beach, rent a dance studio after hours or a cute cafe after they’ve closed? Invitations: I’m a big believer that the invitation sets the stage for a party. It’s the first peek of the party that the guest will see so it should make a statement. Whether it’s a pink envelope in the mail, a sparkly hand addressed label, or a message in a bottle sitting in their mailbox; it should have a wow factor. I want the guest to open it, gasp, and immediately look forward to attending the party. Food & Drinks: Have you ever been to a party where you leave hungry? Not good. Or you’re so thirsty after the birthday cake but all the drinks are gone? The worst. A great party feeds their guests well whether its an afternoon baby shower with light appetizers paired with a champagne bar, or a kids camp out with a baked potato bar with 12 different toppings and a keg of rootbeer. Make your life easy 96

with a signature party cocktail (or mocktail for the littles) so you aren’t offering 14 different types of soda and juices. Activity: I’ve found that the best parties I’ve hosted included activities. Not your average baby shower games, yawn, or pin the tail on the donkey, but activities that get your guests involved in the party. Send kids on a nature scavenger hunt or set out a craft table of paints, glitter, glue and wood items (easily sourced at craft stores for a few dollars). Adults love to craft too!! Plan something interactive, such as a cookie decorating night, seasonal craft, or a DIY lesson. Choose a theme: The first step in planning a fantastic party is to choose a theme. I always begin with a few inspiration pieces. It may be the party invitation; a grouping of gorgeous cake plates; a decorative object; or a certain color. Gathering a few items gets the ideas flowing and creates the concept. Choose a color: Choosing a color palate is a must. You want your decor to flow, so creating this boundary of colors helps to keep everything in check. I like to include a variety of colors in my parties. It’s easy to find fun props and display pieces when you have a mixture of colors. It’s nearly impossible to color coordinate everything in your party when tied to one specific color.

Plan ahead: Select your theme a couple of months in advance if possible to give yourself time to pick things up gradually. There’s nothing worse than racing around the day before the party trying to find everything you need. Make a list of things you can do a few days ahead of time, such as ironing linens, making a playlist, arranging flowers, running errands and cleaning your home.

Add Flowers: Including fresh flowers in your party decor adds life and color to the event. Let your florist know what budget you are working within and they’ll likely be able to recommend flowers and arrangement types to fit your allowance. Save even more money by arranging the flowers yourself. Hit up your local warehouse club or farmers market for seasonal flowers at fantastic prices.

Guest list: My rule of thumb with the guest list is to make sure everyone invited knows at least one other person at the party. Then you aren’t tending to the person who doesn’t know anyone for the entire party. People feel more comfortable when there’s a familiar face rather than a room full of strangers.

Hire a Photographer: I’ve found it’s impossible to host a party AND be the photographer. If your budget allows, hire a local photographer to capture all the details and fun of the party. If you’ve exhausted your budget, no biggie, have a camera available and ask a friend or two if they’ll take turns documenting the party fun!

Be resourceful: Think outside the box when it comes to decor. Parties can quickly become extremely expensive. Save money by gathering decor items you already have around the house. Can you re-use garlands or pull pieces you’ve used from previous parties?

Do your guests a favor: With all the commotion at parties, it’s hard to totally appreciate eating dessert while trying to keep a conversation alive. Most people (especially women) would much rather take a box to go and enjoy their dessert at home. To-go containers not only double as a party favor but also guarantee you won’t be left with uneaten treats.

Know your audience: Gender, age, number of guests and time of party. This will help you determine the size, quantity, variety and types of food/desserts to offer your guests. For example, baby shower guests are usually women, and showers typically happen in the early afternoon. Keeping that in mind, food should be light and desserts should be small, bite size, and snack like.

Have fun: Remember to take a moment to enjoy the party you’ve just spent all this time planning. Grab a drink and a plate of food, sit, relax, and enjoy your guests! You deserve it!! 97

Pumpkin Patch Cake Pops Makes 40 cake pops 1 (18.25-Ounce [517 G]) Box Duncan Hines Spice Cake Mix 1 Cup (245 G) Pure Pumpkin Puree (Not Pumpkin Pie Filling) 3⁄4 Cup (175 Ml) Water 1⁄3 Cup (80 Ml) Oil 4 Large Eggs 1 (16-Ounce [454 G]) Can Duncan Hines Creamy Home-Style Cream Cheese Frosting 3 (12-Ounce [340 G]) Packages Orange Candy Melts 1 Cup (208 G) Green Candy Melts Pretzel Sticks YOU WILL NEED 9×13-Inch (23×33 Cm) Baking Pan Or Casserole Dish 40 (5-Inch [7.5 Cm]) Lollipop Sticks Styrofoam Disposable Pastry Bag Preheat the oven to 350°F (180°C). Coat the 9×13-inch (23×33 cm) baking pan with cooking spray, or grease and flour the pan, tapping out the excess flour. Set aside. In a large bowl, and using an electric stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment, beat the cake mix, pumpkin puree, water, oil and eggs on medium speed for 2 to 3 minutes, or until well blended. Scrape the sides of the bowl and mix again until all the ingredients are incorporated. Pour the batter into the prepared cake pan. Place the pan in the preheated oven, and bake for 35 to 40 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. Remove the pan from the oven and place on a wire cooling rack for 25 to 30 minutes. Let cool completely before making the cake pops. Mash up the cake and place in a large bowl. Using an electric stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment, mix the cake and 1⁄2 to 3⁄4 cup (120 to 175 ml) of the cream cheese frosting on medium speed until moist and well blended and the mixture can be molded into a ball. Measure and roll the mixture into 1 tablespoon-size balls and place on a cookie sheet. Refrigerate for 1 hour, or until firm. Melt the candy melts in separate microwave-safe bowls in 30-second increments at 40% power for about 2 to 3 minutes, stirring as needed until smooth. Remove the pops from the refrigerator. Dip each lollipop stick 1⁄4 inch (6 mm) into the melted candy. Insert the sticks into all the cake balls. (The melted candy will adhere the lollipop sticks to the cake balls to prevent them from falling off the sticks when dipping). Proceed to dip entire cake balls down into the melted candy. Insert a very small piece of pretzel into the top of the pumpkin pops. Stand up the pops in a sheet of Styrofoam to dry. Pour the melted green candy into the disposable pastry bag. Cut off the tip with scissors to make a small hole. Draw a squiggly pumpkin vine on each pumpkin. Return to the Styrofoam to dry. 98



caramel Apples MAKES 12 APPLES

12 Apples Butter, For Pan 2 (9-Ounce [225 G]) Bags Caramels, Unwrapped 4 Tablespoons (60 Ml) Whole Milk 2 Cups (200 G) Walnuts, Chopped 2 (12-Ounce [340 G]) Package Chocolate Candy Melts YOU WILL NEED 12 Wooden Craft Or Popsicle Sticks Waxed Paper Jute Or Twine Lightly butter a baking sheet and set aside. Remove the stems and stick a wooden craft stick into the top of each apple. Melt the caramel and milk in a microwave-safe bowl in 30-second increments at 40% power for about 1 1â „2 minutes, stirring once as needed until smooth. Cool slightly for about 2 minutes. Quickly dip and roll the apples in the caramel sauce until completely coated. Place on the prepared baking sheet until dry. Melt the chocolate candy melts in a microwave-safe bowl for 30-second increments at 40% power for about 11â „2 minutes, stirring as needed until smooth. Dip the caramel apples in the melted chocolate about half way, then roll in the chopped nuts. Place on waxed paper. Tie the sticks with jute or twine bows.




Bip& Bop handmade jewelry



The Inspired Room

Melissa Michaels constantly inspires us to create beautiful spaces. She’s a home decor goddess if I do say so myself. Melissa created The Inspired Room; a little spot on the web-o-sphere we’ve all voted a favorite top decorating blog. Lucky for us, in April she’s finally releasing her first long-awaited book, Love the Home You Have. In the meantime, she’s taking us inside her home to share her very own expert tips on just how to make your house a home. 106


When we bought this house five years ago, it had a standard builder kitchen. After living with it that way for a few years, we were finally able to make it our own with a few relatively simple updates like paint and new counters. Now it feels like home!


Map Wall << We love this quirky map wall! It is an easy DIY way to transform a wall! We collected heavy duty wrapping paper maps from Paper Source and tacked them to the wall with push pins! Each map represents a place we’ve been, so the wall is meaningful and fun for us to see every day.

Black Cabinet

This chinoiserie cabinet traveled from >> Thailand to the United States with my grandparents when my dad was a boy. It is a family heirloom that everyone in our family has a memory of growing up with! I love having a mix of furniture because it allows our style to easily evolve as our needs and tastes change. I never get stuck in a rut and I think variety makes a house more interesting and personal.


Gallery Wall

This gallery wall in our family room is a collection of art from our travels over the years. Sometimes we buy art while we are on vacation, but if we are in a really frugal mood or can’t find what we want, we just print out artwork we find online and frame it. It makes us happy to relive those great memories!


Dining Room Our dining room has evolved layer by layer over the past five years. It started out with wall to wall ugly brown carpet, pink flesh colored walls and the standard builder light fixture. We updated and changed things as we could afford them. An oversized outdoor lantern, Hickory wood floors and a mix of affordable furniture (and patterned curtains that have been with us through several moves!) give it the casual look we love.


five Tips



1. Create comfortable spaces inside and out that will inspire you to love being at home. 2. Let your your home evolve over time so it will be a reflection of who you are right now. 3. Give kids designated places in their rooms where their memories and collections can be displayed. 4. Design special zones for activities you enjoy (like a baking zone and a coffee station in your kitchen). 5. Lighting is a great way to bring more personality to your home.









1. Rugs USA Moroccan Shag, $284 | 2. Birch Lane Stratton Arm Chair, $349 | 3. Made By Girl Love in Vogue Print, $20 4. Overstock Reese Velvet Ottoman, $194 | 5. Wayfair Table Lamp, $189.99 | 6. Michelle Armas Bermuda Biangle Canvas Print, $400 114






7. Spark Modern Quadrille Tashkent Pillow Cover, $80 | 8. Hygge and West Knots Gold Wallpaper, $125 per roll 9. Yarn Bombed Antler, $95 | 10. Jenna Sue Designs Cityscapes, $18 | 11. Safavieh Hamptom Cream Pillowtop Oakwood Bench, $206





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