《再唱自己的歌》CU Chorus Cantonese Choral Showcase

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Presented by CU Chorus Association Limited


CU Chorus Cantonese Choral Showcase

2022.6.5 星期日 Sun 3pm

香港大會堂音樂廳 Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall


中大合唱協會有限公司主辦 Presented by CU Chorus Association Limited


2022年6月5日(星期日)下午三時 5 June 2022 (Sunday) 3:00pm 香港大會堂音樂廳 Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall 節目長約兩小時,包括一節中場休息 Running time: Approximately 2 hours, including 1 intermission 資助 Supported by

香港藝術發展局全力支持藝術表達自由, 本計劃內容並不反映本局意見。 Hong Kong Arts Development Council fully supports freedom of artistic expression. The views and opinions expressed in this project do not represent the stand of the Council.

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場地規則 House Rules

各位觀眾: 為了令大家對今次演出留下美好印象,我們希望各位切勿在場 內攝影、錄音或錄影,亦請勿吸煙或飲食。在節目開始前,請 關掉手提電話、其他響鬧及發光裝置。多謝各位合作。

Dear Patrons, In order to make this performance a pleasant experience for the artists and other members of the audience, please refrain from recording, filming, taking photographs, and also from smoking, eating or drinking in the auditorium. Please ensure that your mobile phones and any other sound and light emitting devices are switched off before the performance. Thank you for your kind co-operation. 主辦機構保留更改節目及表演者權利 Programme and artists are subject to change 如不欲保留場刊,請放回場地入口以便回收 If you do not wish to take this printed programme home, please return it to the admission point for recycling






香港中文大學校長獻辭 Message from the Vice-Chancellor 我謹此祝賀香港中文大學合唱團「再唱自己的歌」音 樂會演出成功。今年的音樂會以全粵語合唱作品為主 題,選唱包括童謠、流行曲、音樂劇甚至實驗風格的 香港作品,以饗知音。我深信這次中大合唱團演唱粵 語歌曲,乘母語之利,定能牽動聽眾的心弦。中大合 唱團致力促進大眾認識合唱音樂,推廣粵語作品,其 志可嘉。

感謝香港中文大學合唱團為我們送來本地音樂家的精 彩作品,以及使人難忘的演出。我衷心恭祝中大合唱 團演出美滿,馬到功成。

I would like to congratulate the CUHK Chorus on their much-anticipated performance — CU Chorus Cantonese Choral Showcase . It has a wide range of musical selections, chosen from a diverse repertoire, including nursery rhymes, Canto-pop, musicals, and even experimental music, to demonstrate the different faces of the beauty of Cantonese choral music. Singing in our mother tongue provides a great advantage for singers to communicate with the audience, I hope it will bring an unforgettable experience to music lovers. The Chorus’ effort to promote public awareness about Cantonese choral music is worthy of our commendation. Let me take this opportunity to thank the CUHK Chorus for bringing us fine local music and an afternoon that I am sure will prove unforgettable.

香港中文大學校長 段崇智 謹識

Rocky S Tuan Vice-Chancellor and President The Chinese University of Hong Kong




全粵語曲目,所有作品均由中大合唱團委約創作或改編 除〈何家小雞何家猜〉為香港音樂會首演外,全部作品均在是次音樂會作世界首演 All Cantonese Programme. All original works and arrangements are commissioned by CU Chorus. Except Whose Little Rooster? Whose? Guess! which receives the Hong Kong concert première in this concert, all pieces in this programme are world-premières.


Metaverse Fantasy


Three Cantonese Nursery Rhymes

( 新作,2022) 作曲、作詞:黃旨穎 作曲、作詞:韋然

編曲:Frankie Ho

1. 狐狸先生幾點鐘?


Arrangement: Frankie Ho

1. Mr Fox, What Time Is It Now? (1976/2021)

2. Whose Little Rooster? Whose? Guess!

3. 木頭公仔唔准笑

3. Don't Laugh! Wooden Doll!





Three Cantopop Arrangements

我的姓氏 (1996/2022)

Your Name My Surname (1996/2022) Music: Peter Lee Lyrics: Lin Xi Arrangement: Alex Tam


作詞:林夕 編曲:譚天樂

酷愛 § (2007/2022)

作曲:Vincent Chow

作詞:林夕 編曲:艾利

Don't Text Him § (2017/2022)

作曲、作詞:Serrini 編曲:黃歷琛


(混聲版本,2018/2022) 作曲:譚天樂 作詞:岑偉宗


(混聲版本,2020/2022) 作曲:譚天樂 作詞:岑偉宗


Music & Lyrics: Wai Yin

2. 何家小雞何家猜



(New Work, 2022) Music & Lyrics: Cynthia Wong

Ardently Love § (2007/2022)

Music: Vincent Chow Arrangement: Ally

Lyrics: Lin Xi

Don't Text Him § (2017/2022) Music & Lyrics: Serrini Arrangement: Alexander Wong

No Woundless World (SATB version, 2018/2022) Music: Alex Tam Lyrics: Chris Shum

You, My Prelude (SATB version, 2020/2022) Music: Alex Tam Lyrics: Chris Shum

⸺ 中場休息 Intermission ⸺



選自《路比和嫲嫲的鐵路 5 號》 (2021/2022) 作曲、編曲:黃旨穎 作詞:唐家穎

Goodbye, Hello! from Cinematic Memories on Train No. 5 (2021/2022) Music & Arrangement: Cynthia Wong Lyrics: Serena Tong

§ 合唱組曲《一水南天》 Choral Suite A Tale of the Southern Sky 選段


作曲:劉穎途 作詞:張飛帆 編曲:王樂行

1. 天命 2. 金粉世界 4. 月光光 6. 變天 7. 新鬼 8. 焚城


Selections (2017/2020/2022) Music: Lau Wing-tao Lyrics: Cheung Fei-fan Arrangement: Amos Wong

1. Destiny 2. A World of Glitter 4. Moonlight 6. Deluge 7. The Crossing Spirit 8. City on Fire

演出者 Performers

香港中文大學合唱團 The Chinese University of Hong Kong Chorus 音樂總監兼指揮 Music Director & Conductor

朱振威 Leon Chu 鋼琴伴奏 Pianists

林淑敏 Amy Lam、§ 黃歷琛 Alexander Wong 本場音樂會設中、英文字幕 Surtitles in Chinese and English are available for the entire concert 粵語流行曲改編三首的樂譜由 ArrangeMe 作數碼發行 其餘樂譜由中大合唱協會出版 Sheet music of Three Cantopop Arrangements are published by ArrangeMe in digital format. Other pieces in this programme are published by CU Chorus Association

請填寫音樂會電子問卷,謝謝! Please fill in the audience survey. Thanks for your support.





( 新作,2022) 作曲、作詞:黃旨穎

Metaverse Fantasy (New Work, 2022) Music & Lyrics: Cynthia Wong

簡約音樂(minimal music,有譯極簡音樂)源自 1960 年代,最先用於形容一批英美作曲家如尼文、格拉斯、賴克、 拉尼、約翰.亞當斯等概念性的,以多個短小段落不斷重覆,卻在隱約間帶出微妙變化的音樂作品,《元宇宙幻想 曲》正是以這種風格寫成的實驗作品。樂曲開首部份合唱團分成三組以不同組合反覆演唱四個指定樂句,並隨機

插入第五樂句,機遇(aleatoric)手法讓作品每次演出均有不同效果。隨後鋼琴加入,各聲部反覆吟唱獨特的音程 組合,相同樂句在聲部間輪流更替,加上四位隨機加入的獨唱音樂始終在持續重覆卻暗地裡在變化。零散細碎的 粵語歌詞表面上描述新世代元宇宙的各式想像與意象,然而在反覆出現與層層堆疊之下,粵語獨有語韻卻製造出 奇幻有趣的聲響效果。

《元宇宙幻想曲》由中大合唱團委約創作並作世界首演。此曲可供任何合唱組合(混聲、同聲)演唱,並有 英語版本。

The term 'minimal music' is often used to describe a generation of Anglo-American composers in the 1960s, such as Michael Nyman, Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Terry Riley and John Adams, whose compositions often involve repetition of short musical phrases with subtle changes. Cynthia Wong's Metaverse Fantasy is an experiment on such composition style. The piece starts with each vocal part singing four musical phrases in a designated loop. A fifth phrase is inserted randomly among the loops, adding an aleatoric element to the piece. The piano entry marks a new section, with the vocal parts singing intervallic loops, and exchanging musical phrases with the other parts. Four freely-inserted musical 'modules' for soloists recount fragments from the loops with subtle changes. Fragmented Cantonese lyrics suggest imageries of the metaverse in the cyber age, the unique sonic quality of the language forms an interesting sound world upon repetitions and juxtapositions of the lyrics.

Metaverse Fantasy is commissioned and premièred by the Chinese University of Hong Kong Chorus. This piece can be sung by choruses of mixed or equal voices. A version with English lyrics is also available.

宇宙 瞬間 這瞬間踏進萬萬個宇宙 不斷穿越眼前光線 想穿越 跨過來 跨到未來 光速 瞬間 快速 元宇宙 無限 光速 新宇宙 一起穿梭宇宙 一片資訊宇宙 Metaverse

Universe Moment This moment, we enter into multiple universes Looking beyond our vision Go beyond Step into Step into the future Light speed Momentarily Speedily Metaverse Limitless Light speed New universe Travel together in the universe A cyber universe Metaverse

(Note: The above text is a translation of Cantonese lyrics, which is not identical with the English version of the piece.)


Three Cantonese Nursery Rhymes Music & Lyrics: Wai Yin Arrangement: Frankie Ho


作曲、作詞:韋然 編曲:Frankie Ho



韋然素有「香港兒歌之父」美譽,這源於他在 1970 年代末開始以當時流傳下來僅能唸誦的童謠歌詞為基礎, 重新創作成大量可供唱詠的兒歌。這些兒歌自發表後大受歡迎,甚至流傳至廣州,多年來在一代又一代的兒童 間傳唱,歷久不衰,已成現代粵語文化的瑰寶。

我與韋然結緣於 2014 年的音樂劇製作《飛行棋》,當中引用了多首韋然的兒歌作品。因此,當中大合唱團指揮

朱振威邀請我從韋然的兒歌作品挑選改編成混聲合唱,我很自然地選擇了這三首當年曾採用的歌曲,因為這是 韋然作品中知名度最高,最廣為人知也最廣受傳唱,這會讓事情更好玩!

從一首兒歌變成一首男女四部合唱曲,好玩的地方在於如何令音樂由成年人唱出而不覺簡單幼稚。我在編曲時 刻意利用古典合唱中四部皆可以當主角的手法,避免令作品因近似流行曲或民謠「旋律與伴奏」編排而令人覺 得「小兒科」,《狐狸先生幾點鐘?》(1976/2021)裡面,當女低音演唱旋律時,其他聲部演唱的素材都是結構 上十分重要的複調旋律,正是一例。

我本是音樂劇作曲家也經常參與音樂劇製作,想到借鑑戲劇中的「play against」手法,以一個跟作品情緒相反

的形式呈現⸺有時慘情戲與其老套地要求演員在台上哭個死去活來,反而及不上笑著唸出傷感台詞來得感人 肺腑。在《何家小雞何家猜》(1976/2019)的第二部份,我採用了傳統百老匯音樂劇常見,源自早期爵士

樂的「大樂隊」風格,當搖擺節奏的「大樂隊」風格上場,歌曲的童真頓時消失,取而代之的卻是燈紅酒綠的 成人之趣:「大樂隊」的發源地,正是夜總會!




⸺ Frankie Ho Wai Yin is famed as the Father of Nursery Rhymes in Hong Kong. This originates from his large number of recomposed nursery rhymes from the late 1970s, based on the lyrics circulated in oral tradition. These new rhymes soon became popular in Hong Kong and even in Guangzhou for many generations till today, forming an important treasure of Cantonese culture. My first collaboration with Wai Yin was Wong Sze Ma's My Boy the Musical , in which many Wai Yin's nursery rhymes are quoted. When Leon Chu, the Music Director of CU Chorus, invited me to arrange Wai Yin's rhymes for mixed choir, I picked the three most famous tunes which are used in my musical. The whole process of arrangement gave me a lot of fun! It is often tricky to arrange nursery rhymes which should not sound too childish for mature choirs to sing. I here utilize all four parts in the choir so they all have dominating moments, as in classical choral writing, unlike the simple 'melody-and-chord' arrangements in pop or folk music. For instance in Mr Fox, What Time Is It Now? (1976/2021), while alto is singing the melody, other parts are singing in polyphony which carry some structural significance to the piece.



From my experience as a composer of musicals, and my participation in various theatre productions, I borrowed the theatrical device to 'play against', in which the stage action is opposite to the emotion in the script. I have seen


too many cases where actors are asked to cry bitterly on stage in grieving scenes, but that is not as touching as to smile in those sorrowful narratives. In the ending section of Whose Little Rooster? Whose? Guess! (1976/2019), I used a jazzy 'Big Band' style as often featured in Broadway musicals. The swing passage sweeps away all innocent flavour of the tune, and inject a rather adultery sensation to the music, as the first 'Big Bands' in the history were playing in Night Clubs! The writing of choral scenes in operas by Rossini and Bizet are of my big favour, which I here adapt for this set of choral pieces. In Rossini's comic operas, the vocal lines often sound instrumental, such as quick staccato of male singers coupling with bassoons, which effectively bring comic effects. This inspires me to arrange Don’t Laugh!

Wooden Doll! , with singers imitating animal sounds. Frankie Ho

1. 狐狸先生幾點鐘 ? (1976/2021)

1. Mr Fox, What Time Is It Now? (1976/2021)

天黑了 天黑了 太陽下山了 狐狸先生幾點鐘 小猴兒要歸家了 狐狸牠偷偷笑 狐狸牠心中笑 何必擔心我晚餐呢? 紅燒猴兒真好吃

It's seven o'clock, it's getting dark, the sun is going down What time is it Mr Fox? Little Monkey must go home Mr. Fox laughs to himself, so evil and cunning “Why so worried about my dinner? Braised monkey is so delicious!”

不聽教! 通山去! 這回蕩失了! 猴子今晚會有險! 小猴兒卻不知道! 「天黑了! 天黑了! 我兒未歸唷!」 猴子媽媽哪裡知? 小猴兒會歸不了! 狐狸牠偷偷笑 狐狸牠心中笑 何必擔心我晚餐呢? 紅燒猴兒真好吃! 不得了! 不得了! 這回遇險了! 猴子媽媽快救牠 小猴兒會歸不了!


Naughty boy is running here and there! Danger is all around! . Lost in the mountain is so dangerous, but the little monkey doesn't know "It's getting dark, it's so dark, my son hasn't returned yet!" Mother monkey never knows, baby monkey will never come back! Mr. Fox laughs to himself, so evil and cunning “Why so worried about my dinner? Braised monkey is so delicious!” It’s getting late, time is running short, it’s just too dangerous! Mother monkey saves him quick! Baby monkey won't be back!

真怪誕呀又有趣 你望望公園裡 有四百隻雞雞喔喔喔 是何家的不知道

It’s so strange, it’s interesting Please look at the Garden there There’re four hundred chickens crowing there Whose chicken? I don’t know!

何家公雞何家猜 何家小雞何家猜 何家公雞何家猜 何家母雞唂唂唂

Whose red rooster? Whose!? Let’s guess! Whose little rooster? Whose!? Let’s guess! Whose red rooster? Whose!? Let’s guess! Whose hen crowing? Crowing there!

猴子哥哥熊先生 松鼠妹妹牛叔叔 黃狗爸爸羊媽媽 來猜來猜來猜喲

Brother Monkey, Mister Bear Squirrel Sister, Uncle Cow Yellow Dog Dad, Mother Sheep Let’s guess! Let’s guess now

嘴細細又沒有耳 那樣貌多可笑 那四百隻雞雞喔喔喔 為何高聲的叫

With a mouth so thin, it has no ears It looks like a strange creature There’re four hundred chickens crowing there What are they crowing for?


Mister Fox, What Time Is It Now?

3. 木頭公仔唔准笑 (1977/2021)

3. Don’t Laugh! Wooden Doll! (1977/2021)




2. Whose Little Rooster? Whose? Guess! (1976/2019)


2. 何家小雞何家猜 (1976/2019)


小花貓今早上堂 不聽書班裡成日笑 「罰你企!」先生說: 「懲罰你皆因你太愛笑!」 唔准郁 唔准笑 唔准呱呱叫 罰你做個木頭公仔 唔准郁 唔准笑 小汪汪今早旅行 山邊溪水邊胡亂跳 「罰你企!」爸爸說: 「懲罰你皆因你太百厭!」 唔准郁 唔准笑 唔准呱呱叫 罰你做個木頭公仔 唔准郁 唔准笑 小黑豬今早買鞋 窗飾邊一再嘈又叫 「罰你企!」媽媽說: 「懲罰你皆因你太曳了!」 唔准郁 唔准笑 唔准呱呱叫

Do not move! Do not laugh! Do not make any noise! Early morning Kitty goes to school, laughs and plays around in the class "Time out now!" The teacher says “I must give you a lesson! You laugh too much!" “Do not move, do not laugh, do not make any noise” “Time out and be a wooden doll, Do not move, do not laugh!” Early morning doggie goes outing, up and down running here and there “Time out now” His father says “I must give you a lesson! You play too much!" “Do not move, do not laugh, do not make any noise” “Time out and be a wooden doll, Do not move, do not laugh!” Early morning piggie goes shopping, sing and dance going in and out “Time out now” Her mother says “I must give you a lesson! It’s just too much!" “Do not move, do not laugh, do not make any noise” English translations of lyrics: Wai Yin





作曲:李偲菘 作詞:林夕 改編:譚天樂


Your Name My Surname (1996/2022) Music: Peter Lee Lyrics: Lin Xi Arrangement: Alex Tam

天皇巨星張學友於 1996 年 2 月結婚,註冊後方公告天下,其好友李偲菘與林夕決定趕工創作新歌作賀禮。同年 3 月在香港管弦樂團音樂會首次演唱,那時歌曲甚至仍未命名。歌曲最後以《你的名字 我的姓氏》收錄於該場音 樂會現場錄音專輯《愛與交響曲》,推出後旋即登上各大流行榜,也成了 1996 年度各大音樂頒獎禮大贏家。譚天 樂的編曲大膽地將副歌以無伴奏演唱當成新的引子,而原曲耳熟能詳的弦樂引子則重置成稍後的一段過門;而為 著讓男女聲部皆有機會演唱旋律,編曲也增加了多次移調。在忠於原曲及添加新意之間,譚天樂的編曲示範了出 色的平衡。 Superstar singer Jacky Cheung got married in February 1996, which was only announced after their registration. His songwriter friend Peter Lee and lyricist Lin Xi rushed up a new song as a wedding present for him. This then-untitled song was first sung in Jacky Cheung's concert with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra in March that year. Only till the live concert album Love and Symphony was released a month after the concert, the song was given the title Your Name My Surname , which popularity soon soared among Hong Kong pop music charts, and later winning many music awards of the year in 1996. In the choral arrangement by Alex Tam, the chorus section and the introduction for strings are exchanged here. There are also a few modulations so both male and female voices have moments to sing the melody. Alex Tam's arrangement demonstrates an ideal balance between originality and creativity.

本曲歌詞因版權所限未能在網上版場刊轉載 Lyrics of this song are not included in the online House Programme due to copyright issues


Ardently Love (2007/2022) Music: Vincent Chow Lyrics: Lin Xi Arrangement: Ally


作曲:Vincent Chow 作詞:林夕 改編:艾利



《酷愛》首次收錄於 2007 年張敬軒在香港發行的第二張粵語個人專輯《酷愛》,是該專輯的主打歌,隨後橫掃多 個音樂獎項,包括商業電台叱吒樂壇流行榜頒獎典禮我最喜愛的歌曲大獎及至尊歌曲大獎,也獲選為無綫電視十 大勁歌金曲頒獎典禮及香港電台十大中文金曲頒獎音樂會年度十大之一。艾利的編曲保留大量原曲元素,尾聲的 對位旋律在合唱團的編制輕易重現,而原作編曲裏不少素材改由合唱團唱出。有趣的是,合唱版完全沒有出現過 四部一起以相同節奏同時演唱的和弦式織體,似是呼應歌詞中的敘事者慘受情傷無法與愛人在一起的命運。 The song Ardently Love is first released in Hins Cheung's second Cantonese album in Hong Kong, which is also the title track of the album. Since its release the song won popular acclaim with many top music awards, including Commercial Radio 2 Ultimate Song Chart Awards, TVB Jade Solid Gold Top Ten Songs Music Awards and RTHK Top Ten Chinese Songs Music Awards. Ally's choral arrangement of this popular hit retained many original elements of the song, including the counter-melody in the closing section, and choral adaptation of the original arrangement. Interestingly, the four vocal parts in the choir never sing together homophonically in this arrangement, which appears to symbolize the fate of the persona who suffers bitterly from the ardently love, never able to get together with the beloved.

本曲歌詞因版權所限未能在網上版場刊轉載 Lyrics of this song are not included in the online House Programme due to copyright issues



Don’t Text Him(2017/2022)


作曲、作詞:Serrini 改編:黃歷琛

Don’t Text Him ((2017/2022) Music & Lyrics: Serrini Arrangement: Alexander Wong

創作歌手 Serrini 第四張專輯《Don't Text Him》於 2017 年發行,是她首張於專業錄音室製作的專輯。儘管 Serrini 早年以玩味十足的趣味作品走紅,收起一貫幽默感的抒情歌曲《Don't Text Him》也是深受歌迷喜愛的作品,是

Serrini 從怪誕幽默風格開拓更多元化表達手法的成功嘗試。簡單而窩心的旋律配以鋼琴伴奏,訴說一個單戀故事。 合唱改編完整保留原曲的簡約風格,大致上是旋律配上和聲,偶爾利用文字著色增添色彩。編曲黃歷琛本為資深

合唱伴奏,在此曲鋼琴伴奏部份巧妙地援引冉天豪《願》 、潘旻紫行《蒲公英》 、石青如《世界恬靜下來的時》、德 布西《月光》及佛瑞《尚.拉辛讚歌》等名作素材呼應歌詞內容,令新編曲多了一重可堪玩味的詮釋空間。

Singer-songwriter Serrini released her fourth album Don't Text Him in 2017, which is the first one recorded in a professional studio. Unlike the humorous and playful style in her earlier songs, this lyrical title track

Don't Text Him uses a simple melody with a backing piano to tell a story of unrequited love. Her attempt to adapt a more diversified style soon became her fans' favourite. The choral arrangement is made by Alexander Wong, a renowned collaborative pianist. Through the use of a simple homophonic style with some word-painting, he quoted many pieces in the piano part to reflect on the lyrics, such as Wish by Jan Tien-hao, Dandelion by Pan Xingzimin, When the World Quiets Down by Shih Ching-Ju, Clair de

lune by Debussy and Cantique de Jean Racine by Fauré, giving an insightful interpretation to the song.

最愛你淺笑的臉 如眉頭和額角也在笑 讓我驚覺有看下去的需要 我卻怕這個需要 嚇怕精緻的你沉默了 嚇得你不再淺笑不得了

我哪會不顧一切 膽小成問題 太弱了 是妄想太過 到盡處是寂寥 我最愛感覺飄渺 如無從著地又太累了 怕想到這裡哭了多可笑 凝眸的一息間 不得了 我最怕一再想起 似天空清澈的你 又有哪個可比 悠然自得呼吸吞吐的你 似看破生死 靈魂共振似碰到太驚喜 夏至秋天的距離 月與倒影的距離 猶如站在遠方的你

愛意似心裡鬱結 然而重遊舊地又怕遇見 是你嗎 細碎故事再想一遍 怕我太興奮不已 說抱歉講幾次太在意 說穿了這個鬱結可不可以


I love your smiling face As if your eyebrows and forehead are also smiling It makes me feel the need to keep watching I’m afraid of this need Afraid of scaring you, who are delicate, into silence Afraid it’ll end your smile, and that won’t do How could I give up everything? My cowardice becomes a problem, I’m too weak I have too many delusions, which end in loneliness I love feeling like I’m floating But if I’m not grounded, I’d feel tired I’m afraid I’d cry from thinking of this, isn’t that funny A moment of staring and I’m undone I’m most afraid I’d remember You, who’s like the clear skies Who could compare to You, who freely and leisurely breathe As if you see through life and death The resonance between two souls comes as a surprise The distance between summer and autumn The distance between the moon and its reflection Is like you, who stand at a distance Love is like a knot in my mind, Revisiting the old places, but afraid of meeting Is it you? Recalling those little stories I’m afraid I’m too excited, said sorry several times, I care too much, Can I get through this knot?

粵語歌詞蒙鑽石娛樂(靜思本家)有限公司 (Jengs Bunka, admin by Sony Music Publishing (Hong Kong) Limited) 允許轉載

I’m most afraid I’d remember You, who’s like the clear skies Who could compare to You, who freely and leisurely breathe As if you see through life and death The resonance between two souls comes as a surprise If you frowned faintly, Where would I land from midair?


我最愛一再想起 細聲稱呼我的你 放肆跟我一起 連沉默光陰都可以很美 未當我知己 情願別心急這刻揭穿你 用最安好的距離 未會牽手的距離 凝視近在前方的你


我最怕一再想起 似天空清澈的你 又有哪個可比 悠然自得呼吸吞吐的你 似看破生死 靈魂共振似碰到太驚喜 若你依稀一皺眉 我在半空降落何地

I love remembering You, who call me softly, Be carefree while with me Even a silent fleeting moment can look beautiful You’re not my confidant But I’d rather not expose you in a rush And use the most comfortable distance, A distance at which hands could not be held, To watch you, who are in front of me English translation of Lyrics: Johanna Chan





(混聲版本,2018/2022) 作曲:譚天樂 作詞:岑偉宗

No Woundless World (SATB Version, 2020/2022) Music: Alex Tam Lyrics: Chris Shum

我信音樂是用來連繫你我的溝通橋樑,是打破隔膜的世界語言,是觸動人類心靈的聲音。這樣說來,有時只為勝 出而參加音樂比賽會讓我們遠離音樂的本質:參賽時一心想著絕不犯錯以避免扣分,無暇理會自己能否唱出感情

豐富、演繹細膩的歌聲;自選作品又側重表演難度,可惜技術與藝術的高度並不一定成正比。最終比賽獲獎固然 皆大歡喜,但沉迷爭勝忘卻學習音樂的初心,真能幫助學生在音樂路上成長嗎?


對音樂與音樂比賽的上述看法,又說為兒童及青少年譜曲,題材不一定要充滿歡笑,也可以挖掘世界的陰暗面或 是人生的不完美,人總要面對失敗,論及慘痛低潮也未嘗不可。岑兄交出了《沒有沒有傷口的宇宙》,初讀第一稿

已經非常感動,但後來我卻退縮起來,覺得對初級組合唱團來說可能過份傷感。再三討論找出平衡點,重新修訂。 此曲寄語同學,人生必會遇上困難曲折,哭過了就重新振作,與一班戰友繼續奮鬥前行! 此曲原為女聲三部,2022 年由中大合唱團委約改編成混聲四部。 ⸺ 譚天樂 I believe music is a bridge that connects us all, a universal language that knows no borders, as well as a voice that touches the soul. That being said, it appears to me that some music competitions have little to do with what I understand to be music. In a competition, instead of emphasis being placed on whether or not a performance is rich in emotions or exquisite in interpretation, the focus is often shifted to choosing technically difficult pieces and avoid making mistakes. However, technical excellence does not necessarily equate with artistic excellence. Winning competitions is something worth celebrating, but for the healthy development of the younger generation of musicians, I firmly believe that an obsession with winning is unhealthy as it makes us forget the fundamental reasons for studying music. After being commissioned by Ms. Jane Lau, conductor of Marymount Secondary School Choir at that time, I quickly met with Chris Shum to discuss creative direction and share my views on music and competitions. I also suggested to Chris that lyrics for children and adolescents need not necessarily be joyful, as the dark side or imperfections in life are topics worth exploring. Teaching children how to face failure, or writing about pain and low points in our lives may not be a bad idea. I was immensely touched when Chris handed me the first draft of No Woundless World (2018). Chris had written a dark song just as I requested, but then I got cold feet and felt that it might be too sad for a junior choir. After further discussion, revisions were made, and I believe the correct balance was achieved. This piece conveys the message to students: It is inevitable that life is full of challenges and obstacles. You may cry, but you should pick yourself up, dust yourself off and continue to fight alongside your comrades. The piece is originally written for SSA Choir and piano. The SATB version is commissioned by the Chinese University of Hong Kong Chorus in 2022.

Alex Tam English Translation: Sari Ng


要在別人眼內 怎得到嘉許 都也是一句 一切是相對

奮鬥故事 為我的奮鬥作序 有個夢若要爭取 不要問(誰)去到最後 成敗的真確年歲 也許當你受傷便離去 但我知在這生裡 尚有很多歲 去為我起個堡壘 就算這刻想退 下秒有風繼續吹 別在低壓槽盤踞 和時間說空虛

誰能兩手沒有傷口 面對漆黑宇宙 時間也沒有停留 唯求勇敢面對荒謬 於苦海深溝 碰上個戰友 會與你再接上奮鬥

有散有聚 就有歡笑有眼淚 有快樂就有唏噓 不要問(誰)去到最後 成敗的真確年歲 也許當你受傷便離去 誰能兩手沒有傷口 面對漆黑宇宙 時間也沒有停留 唯求勇敢面對荒謬 於苦海深溝 碰上個戰友 會與你再接上奮鬥 時間也沒有停留

Who can have both hands free from wounds? Facing the dark universe, And time won’t stop. Does woundless exist?


抹去眼淚 若眼光會變敏銳 我盼望望到先驅 可以問誰最偉大 如何判別錯對


誰能兩手沒有傷口 面對漆黑宇宙 時間也沒有停留 有沒有沒有傷口

Wipe away the tears, If vision can be sharpened. I wish to see a pioneer. I would ask, who is the greatest? How to tell right from wrong? In their eyes, How am I to receive their compliments? It’s only a sentence. Everything is relative. Stories of endeavor are the preface of my endeavors. If there is a dream to fight for, Do not ask: In the end, The true age of failure or success. Perhaps you would walk away when you are wounded. But I know, that in my life, There are still a lot of years To build a castle for myself. Even though I thought of quitting at this moment Wind continues to blow the next second. Do not entrench in the trough, Or talk about desolation with time. Who can have both hands free from wounds? Facing the dark universe, And time won’t stop. Only wish to face absurdity with courage. In the deep sea of misery, Meet a comrade, Who would fight alongside with you. With meeting and parting, Comes laughter and tears. With happiness comes despair. Do not ask: In the end, the true age of failure or success. Perhaps you would walk away when you are wounded. Who can have both hands free from wounds? Facing the dark universe, And time won’t stop. Only wish to face absurdity with courage. In the deep sea of misery, Meet a comrade, Who would fight alongside with you. Time won’t stop. English translation of Lyrics: Sari Ng





(混聲版本,2020/2022) 作曲:譚天樂 作詞:岑偉宗

You, My Prelude (SATB Version, 2020/2022) Music: Alex Tam Lyrics: Chris Shum

《上半生相遇》是獻給瑪利曼中學的劉迪恩老師,亦是為她 2020 年榮休音樂會而創作的主題曲,可是音樂會因疫 情延至 2021 年 7 月才順利舉行。我從 2009 年起為瑪利曼中學擔任合唱團的聲樂指導,12 年來與劉老師的關係 相當密切,除了是音樂上的伙伴,也是好友。我從她身上學習到的東西,遠比起我所能付出的多。《上半生相遇》 是為劉老師感性的詮釋風格度身訂造,單是主旋律我就花了大半年時間才斷續寫成,然後再交給岑偉宗填詞。音 樂上雖然有不少轉調和一些合唱的對位手法,但仍然非常貼近粵語流行曲曲風,所以此曲應保持一個比較穩定的 速度,而「然後看,時日如樂韻……」則適合富彈性及自由的處理。歌曲最後部份應凸顯複雜的層次感;若四個 不停穿插的聲部能保持均等的力量,此曲定能更富感染力。 全曲最叫我感動的一句我想大概是「幸運就是遇上恩師,學未唱的歌……」:「恩師」的「恩」字正是劉老師名字 中的「恩」,所以「恩師」實有雙重意義;每一首賺人熱淚的歌都幸得恩師教導,我們又怎能忘記您多年的恩惠? 此曲原為女聲三部合唱創作,於 2022 年由中大合唱團委約改編成混聲四部版本。

⸺ 譚天樂

You, My Prelude is dedicated to Ms. Jane Lau, conductor of the Marymount Secondary School (MSS) Choir. It was written as the theme song for her 2020 retirement celebration concert, which was rescheduled to July 2021 due to the pandemic. Jane and I have been wonderful musical partners and good friends ever since I became the vocal coach of the MSS Choir in 2009. In fact, I learned more than I could actually offer. You, My Prelude was tailored for Ms. Lau’s expressive style; the melody alone took me half a year to complete, before sending to Chris Shum to write the lyrics. The musical structure, albeit with some modulations and counterpoint passages, is still very close to Cantopop style, thus the piece is better sung in a stable tempo, except the rubato passages. ["And then I see — time is like music"]. If the intertwined texture in the final section is sung with four well-balanced vocal parts, it can be a touching part of the piece. “I am fortunate to have met a gracious teacher, learning the unsung songs” is the phrase that touches me most. While 'gracious teacher' ( 恩師 ) and Ms. Lau’s Chinese name ( 劉迪恩 ) share the same Chinese Character ( 恩 ), ‘gracious teacher’ means much more than it actually seems. For every song that moves someone, we are fortunate to have our gracious teacher’s guidance; how can we ever forget your grace through the years? The piece is originally written for SSA Choir and piano. The SATB version is commissioned by the Chinese University of Hong Kong Chorus in 2022. Alex Tam English Translation: Johanna Chan


Knowing you in the first half of life will lead me through the rest If I cared about experiences from then, it would be meeting you, bringing new meaning I am fortunate to have met a gracious teacher, learning unsung songs Gradually learning, in my heart I know who has walked the long road with me past to present Hoping in the future to once again Start with love without an end

歌聲伴我心 足跡腳印 當中有你共行 伴晴與陰 歲月明和暗 帶着餘韻 在我的心 千姿百感 高低相襯 重溫當初仿似戰爭 此刻重生 遇上幾多精彩 才會發生有幸 當我失落時 有你結伴和信任 然後看 時日如樂韻 然後聽 無盡弦外音 問我心 在上半生相遇 是下半生的引子 若大半生經歷也在意 是共你的相遇 像另有一番意思 幸運就是遇上恩師 學未唱的歌 無明漸有知 在我的心裏知 往日長路伴誰走到現時 以後期望再一次 用愛開始 一開始沒有終止 用愛開始 一開始沒有終止 無明漸有知


Singing escorts my heart, leaving footprints In the midst of it all, you were there walking with me through sunshine and fog Through the years, the bright and dark linger in a lasting reverb In my heart, a thousand thoughts and feelings meet From arguments to restraint, we shared joys and tribulations How much lament it took to call my heart blessed When I was depressed, I had your company and trust And then I see time is like music And then I hear the endless overtones Asking my heart


在上半生相遇 是下半生的引子 若大半生經歷也在意 是共你的相遇 像另有一番意思 幸運就是遇上恩師 學未唱的歌 無明漸有知 在我的心裏知 往日長路伴誰走到現時 以後期望再一次 用愛開始 沒有終止


歌聲伴我心 足跡腳印 當中有你共行 伴晴與陰 歲月明和暗 帶着餘韻 在我的心 千姿百感 高低相襯 從彼此爭執再降溫 苦水同甘 度過幾多傷感 才叫我心有幸 當我失落時 有你結伴和信任 然後看 時日如樂韻 然後聽 無盡弦外音 問我心

不終止 不終止

Singing escorts my heart, leaving footprints In the midst of it all, you were there walking with me through sunshine and fog Through the years, the bright and dark linger in a lasting reverb In my heart, a thousand thoughts and feelings meet Remembering how it began like fighting a war, and from then being reborn How much excitement it took to make it happen, blessed When I was feeling low, I had your company and trust And then I see time is like music And then I hear the endless overtones Asking my heart Knowing you in the first half of life will lead me through the rest If I cared about experiences from then, it would be meeting you, bringing new meaning I am fortunate to have met a gracious teacher, learning unsung songs Gradually learning, in my heart I know who has walked the long road with me past to present Hoping in the future to once again Start with love to carry on without end, without end Start with love to carry on without end, without end Gradually learning, to start with love English translation of Lyrics: Johanna Chan


歌聲飛揚五十載 誠邀歷屆團員重新聯繫 香港中文大學成立後,三間創校書院仍然保留合併前各自的學生合唱團,因緣際會於七十 年代初曾聯手參加比賽,遂萌生成立一隊「中大合唱團」的念頭。1972 年 12 月,中大合 唱團正式成立。經歷近五十年,憑著歷年學生與校友的努力,始得今日規模。 我們將於 2022-23 年度慶祝中大合唱團成立金禧之喜,舉辦一系列活動(暫定): 1. 出版《中大合唱團五十周年紀念特刊》(2023 年 4 月出版) 2. 歷屆團員虛擬合唱團(2023 年 1 月至 3 月製作,2023 年 4 月發表) 3. 五十周年音樂會-匈牙利國寶級指揮 Gábor Hollerung 與中大合唱團 (2023 年 6 月 4 日,大會堂音樂廳) 為此,我們誠邀歷屆中大合唱團團員與我們重新聯繫,接收相關慶祝活動資訊。如有興趣, 更歡迎舊團員與我們分享昔日照片、場刊,以及當年難忘花絮及趣事於《紀念特刊》刊出。 各位師兄師姐,煩請掃瞄以下 QR code 登記,我們衷心期待與大家聚首一堂,分享合唱帶 來的喜悅。 立即掃瞄登記 期待重聚的一天


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選自《路比和嫲嫲的鐵路 5 號》 作曲、改編:黃旨穎 作詞:唐家穎

Goodbye, Hello! (2021/2022) from Cinematic Memories on Train No. 5 Music & Arrangement: Cynthia Wong Lyrics: Serena Tong

音樂劇《路比和嫲嫲的鐵路 5 號》由莫翠盛編劇、黃旨穎作曲、唐家穎作詞,於 2021 年國際綜藝合家歡由演戲 家族製作首演。故事講述患有腦退化的嫲嫲逝世,由於要心無牽掛方能前往天堂,於是按車長指示邀請了孫兒路 比一同乘搭回憶列車重溫過去,以放下心事,旅途上三人雖然經歷意外險阻,路比最終還是從回憶之旅了解到嫲 嫲的愛從未變改,最後日子的冷漠與疏忽,都只是嫲嫲受疾病折磨的結果,兩嫲孫冰釋前嫌,嫲嫲終能坦然上路。 〈不散〉是全劇終曲,唱於兩嫲孫離別之時,合唱版本由黃旨穎親自改編。鋼琴引子的八度動機猶如鐵路交叉口的 指示鐘聲,合唱團的無詞段落將氣氛變得夢幻瑰麗,卻同時散發淡淡哀愁。女聲唱出簡潔的旋律,聲響在各部輪 流加入後變得豐厚,有著如同教會聖詩的和聲與織體的副歌,溫暖人心。 The musical Cinematic Memories on Train No. 5 , written by Benny Mok, with music by Cynthia Wong and lyrics by Serena Tong, was first staged by Actor's Family in International Arts Carnival 2021. In the story, Robbie’s grandmother, who has been suffering from dementia, is in her last moments of life. As it is believed that one can only enter heaven with a released mind, Grandma invited Robbie to join her on an imaginary rail trip into the past, as told by the Conductor of the Train, in order to resolve their old conflicts. They encounter many incidents during the trip, through which Robbie realizes the love of Grandma has never ceased, and that he often felt ignored in the past is merely due to Grandma's ailing condition in her last days. After their reconciliation, Grandma finally enters heaven. Goodbye, Hello! , arranged by original composer Cynthia Wong for mixed choir and piano, is the final number of the musical, marking the parting scene of Robbie and Grandma. The opening ringing octaves on the piano resemble the railroad crossing alarm, with the wordless chorus setting a dreamy, gloomy background to the piece. The melody is first sung by female voices, with more voices joining in to enrich the texture, leading to a heart-warming, chorale-like chorus section. 雲散了 再飛返 極光裡 翩翩拍翼無間 有黑暗 方珍惜一瞬間 亮照美麗的蔚藍 曾見過 記心間 耀眼繽紛色彩千變萬化 曾共一起走過看人間 讓你思憶更璀璨 年月隨蝴蝶轉 燃亮華麗滿天 但未停在我手未抱住

還想可經歷多次 能逆轉抵擋變遷(能盼兌現) 還想可相聚多次 留住光影與歡笑

年月難被逆轉 同度時日變遷 如未停在我手望記住(凝望視線) 能一起經歷多次 才驟覺精彩每天 能好好揮別一次 留在心底最真摯 垂柳處 野花間 漫天思憶的璀璨 不散 讓你思憶更璀璨


Clouds dissipate, but they return Amidst the aurora, wings soar high Because of darkness, we learn to treasure those moments They shine bright in that azure sky Moments we've experienced are lodged in our hearts Radiant colours transform in myriad ways We've shared our journey in the mortal world Memories are thus all the more bedazzled The years pass as butterflies make their turns They illuminate the whole sky with splendour But I can't grasp them, I can't catch them I still want to share more experiences We'll endure misfortune and change (I hope they'll come true) I still want to keep you company again To capture all the light, shadows, joy and laughter We cannot turn back the clocks The times we share do change Though I can't grasp them, I hope to remember (by my gazing) We've shared a lot Now I know every day is an exciting day As we bid a fond farewell The purest sincerity remains in the heart By the willows, among wildflowers Glorious memories fill the sky They linger on Memories are thus all the more bedazzled English translation of Lyrics: Dr. Joanna C. Lee Reprint with kind permission of The Leisure and Cultural Services Department, HKSAR Government



Choral Suite “A Tale of the Southern Sky”

1. 天命 2. 金粉世界 4. 月光光 6. 變天 7. 新鬼 8. 焚城

1. Destiny 2. A World of Glitter 4. Moonlight 6. Deluge 7. The Crossing Spirit 8. City on Fire


(選段,2017/2020/2022) 作曲:劉穎途 作詞:張飛帆 改編:王樂行

(Selections, 2017/2020/2022) Music: Lau Wing-tao Lyrics: Cheung Fei-fan Arrangement: Amos Wong

作曲家劉穎途與編劇兼作詞家張飛帆兩人合作無間,是近年香港音樂劇壇備受觸目的創作拍檔。自 2016 年《時 光倒流香港地》首演,再有《熱鬥獅子球》(2019)、《一水南天》(2017/2020)、《夢綣塘西》(2021) 及《高加索 傳奇》(2022 圍讀稿 ) 先後上演,合共發表五部音樂劇作品。不過兩人真正首次合作,應數早於 2013 年開始籌 備構思,雕琢七年才於 2020 年正式公演的《一水南天》。 《一水南天》故事圍繞本為碼頭苦力的潮州小子陳一水在米業力爭上游的經過,劇情既有與俞少鴻為首的一眾 米行大鱷較勁的商場角力,也有周旋於女海盜徐老海與富家女方玟之間的恩怨愛恨。全劇以香港淪陷陳一水火 燒辛苦到港米糧以阻日軍據為己有作結,為此劇添上一筆悲壯情懷。這是「香港人」的故事:五湖四海聚首 香港,但求搵食卻又妄想發達,然而在大是大非前卻能義無反顧擇善固執⸺這就是創作者心目中的「香港人」。 《一水南天》的音樂風格豐富多姿,既有流行音樂、中國民歌、民族音樂、戲曲(俞少鴻設定為京劇票友)等, 但主要基調仍是兩位主創人同樣喜愛的史詩式管弦樂。各種風格混搭下,音樂與波瀾壯闊的曲折劇情緊密結合, 也為劇中各式人物帶來生命。這套合唱組曲由年輕作曲家王樂行以兩位獨唱、混聲合唱及鋼琴伴奏的編制重新 編曲。在小型的新編制下,編曲仍致力忠於原著,以人聲特質及和聲色彩,重現原劇配樂的氣魄。 合唱組曲以音樂劇的 2017 及 2020 年版本合共挑選八首歌曲組成,既是原劇精華唱段,也務求在重新排列後 仍能保留故事推進: 1. 《天命》:1920 年代初,碼頭眾生相襯托陳一水出場。 2. 《金粉世界》:陳一水與海盜徐老海合作從暹羅入口白米企圖割價傾銷,藉推倒米價解救香港米荒,豈料俞 少鴻以本傷人高價掃貨,白米價格破新高,米荒未除陳一水卻突然暴富。 3. 《為富不仁》:陳一水終於發財卻有違初心,亦辜負徐老海所託,愧疚中立志對抗命運。 4. 《月光光》:陳一水為擊敗俞少鴻,與其勁敵方學臨之女方玟成婚,徐老海為之黯然神傷,愛恨交纏,三人 各自唏噓。 5. 《俞家船》:富家子弟俞少鴻慨嘆出身大富之家雖表面風光,卻無法自主命運。 6. 《變天》 :陳一水計劃再次傾銷白米,回程船隊遇上風浪,徐老海為救自己犧牲,僅得自己唯一一艘船返港。 陳一水如期參加拍賣,俞少鴻以高價鎖價掃貨,途中傳來消息船隊盡數奇蹟回航,供應暴增,米價崩潰, 俞少鴻破產。 7. 《新鬼》:徐老海的孤魂旁觀物換星移,對陳一水作遙遠祝福。 8. 《焚城》:1941 年,陳一水到暹羅帶回大量白米好讓港人安心備戰,得悉港督決定投降而手上白米將全數 被日軍充公,決定燒毀所有白米。 是次音樂會將演出組曲第一、二、四、六、七、八樂章。全套組曲之樂譜將由中大合唱協會出版。



Composer Lau Wing-tao and playwright Cheung Fei-fan form a highly-celebrated creative duo in many theatre productions in Hong Kong, partnering in five Cantonese musicals including Our Time, Our Hong Kong (2016), Go Lion! Goal! (2019), A Tale of the Southern Sky (2017/2020), Westside Twirling Dream (2021) and the most recent The Caucasian Chalk Circle Musical (2022, work-in-progress). Tracing the starting point of their creative partnership, it was in 2013 when they made initial plans on the grand musical A Tale of the Southern Sk y, which took them seven years to finally stage in 2020. The story of A Tale of the Southern Sky is centred around Chan Yat Shui, who comes from Chiu Chow (Chaozhou) and tries to make a living in Hong Kong. He starts as a coolie at the harbour. With his courage and strength, he later becomes one of the most important rice traders in the town. In the musical, there are a number of dramatic scenes, including rice trading scenes when Chan competes with a group of rice merchants, led by the tycoon Yu Siu Hung; and a love triangle between Chan, Tsui Lo Hoi, a female pirate, and Fong Man, a young lady from a rice merchant family. The epic finale portrays a rice burning scene on the eve of Japanese occupation of Hong Kong in 1941, when Chan Yat Shui puts all the stocks of hardly-obtained rice on fire, to avoid them being confiscated by the Japanese occupying troops. The story is strongly tied to many Hong Kong people — coming from various regions and settled in, despite eyeing on earning a living and dreaming to become rich, they still stand for virtues and justice at the times calling for righteousness — this is how the qualities of Hong Kong people are in the eyes of the creators of the musical. This musical is a melting pot of many musical styles, including pop, Chinese traditional, folk, traditional Chinese opera (Yu Siu Hung is a connoisseur in the plot), but it is the epic orchestral sound, favoured by both creators, that forms the main musical canvas. Such mixing of styles not only portrays the characters vividly, but also provides strong connections between various dramatic moments in this epic story. The young composer Amos Wong created a Choral Suite for two vocal soloists, a mixed choir with piano accompaniment. With this chamber setting, Wong utilizes various qualities of human voice and harmonic colours to depict the epic spirit of the original music. This Choral Suite incorporates eight numbers from the 2017 reading version, and the 2020 staged version of the musical, featuring many musical highlights while preserving the original narrative — 1. 2.

3. 4.

5. 6.

7. 8.

Destiny : A mass scene at the Triangular Pier in the early 1920s, where Chan Yat Shui makes his first entry in the musical. A World of Glitter : With the help of Tsui Lo Hoi, a female pirate, Chan imports rice from Siam and attempts to sell them at a much lower price, in order to save people's lives during rice shortage. But tycoon Yu Siu Hung buys them out with a high price, pushes the rice price to a record-high and profits from them. Chan suddenly gets loads of cash but leaves the ordinary people in hopelessness. Must Rich Men be Malevolent ?: Chan becomes rich, but this is all against what he promised to Tsui Lo Hoi in saving the helpless ones. With a deep sense of guilt, he determines to go against fate. Moonlight : Chan decides to form an ally with Fong Hok Lum, a rice merchant and a major rival to Yu Siu Hung. His daughter Fong Man, who falls in love with Chan by his courage of life, offers herself for a marriage with Chan to foster the alliance. Chan, Tsui and Fong Man trap in an unhappy love triangle, leaving Tsui Lo Hoi in deep despair. The Yu Flee t: As a descendant from a wealthy family, Yu Siu Hung laments his fate which is not in his own hands. Deluge : Chan makes a fightback with another large import of rice, but the fleet is hit in a huge storm upon return. Tsui Lo Hoi sacrifices herself and drowns into the sea, leaving Chan's leading ship the only one that returns. Chan goes on to the trading, while Yu uncompromisingly scoops up all rice stocks from Chan at high price. Suddenly, news breaks in — the rest of the fleet survives the storm and just gets to the pier. Rice stock instantly multiplies and price drops. Yu goes bankrupt. The Crossing Spirit : Tsui Lo Hoi, now a wandering spirit, sends her heartfelt wishes to Chan. City on Fir e: Time flies to 1941, Chan brings in large stocks of rice from Siam to maintain a stable supply in Hong Kong during wartime, but the news of the Governor's surrender breaks in. In light of having all the rice confiscated by the Japanese troops, Chan puts them all on fire.

The performance of this concert includes movements 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8 of the suite, which will be published by CU Chorus Association.



1. 天命

1. Destiny

合唱 出力 用埋腰力 莫忘今夕 風雨下全力拼 出力 落嚟搵食 命窮腰直 一世自求力拼 大海 問船何往 破開千番風浪 養起一家希望 大海 像男兒漢 肝膽壯 全力去闖我話從未信天 會絕望

Chorus Row on! With full force! Row on in the wind and rain! Row on! We make our living! Row on with our poor hands! The sea carries our vessel We break the waves to feed our families The sea is like a strong man We boldly strike forth so we know the heaven won't forsake us

一方水土養一方人 隻身到香港搵黃金 今朝雖欠運 龍游淺水氹 擔杆挑斷腳瓜不軟繼續尋 做咕哩話晒都拜天后 望蒼天打卦有福壽 為三餐受氣抆吓衫袖 月底掹掹夠飲花酒 呢呀 今晚收工我哋去邊呢 花街柳巷尋呀豔 哎唷阿妹樣靚聲甜 撐撐撐撐我撐到似隻狗 晚晚我吔飯 皺住眉頭 嫁個老襯我無晒佢收 撞鬼咩揼心口 有排受

「大家聽住 聽朝開始 每一枝簽 跟新規矩減一個仙」 「講好七仙一枝簽 減減下得返三仙」 「即管躝屍


出力 為求衣食 做人忠直 乞米係無道理

等一生只等一個奇蹟 氣數未定 膽搏膽出海搵食 我 妥協過屈曲過 誰人又在乎我 敢我命由我不由天 時間太快 早洗走了年華 時間太快 偏偏我未歸家 時間太快 小寶長高了嗎 記得一歲那年懷裏叫我做爸爸 時間到了 煲水再泡壺茶 (一生愛 一世在) 時間到了 小寶正在等他 (歲月悠悠未變放心內) 時間過了 生哥歸家了嗎? (山海遠 萬里隔天外) 記得初見那時橋頭贈我杜鵑花 (橋頭誓約定不改)


We come here in Hong Kong to make a fortune Even we have no luck today We still live on, and seek for the next chance We coolies all worship the sea goddess Tin Hau shall bless us all We are often bullied at work But when we get paid, we all go to our happy place Hey, where should we go after work? I miss those pretty girls out there! My living is so hard Always worrying for the meals Married to such a lousy guy I can't get away with such suffering! 'Attention! From tomorrow morning One cent less for each chit!' 'Didn't we agree on 7 cents per chit? How come it's only 3 cents now?' 'Just get out if you want!' Carry on! We just make a living! Our loyalty did not pay off! I wait all my life for a miracle. though not knowing when will it be. Just take the courage to work at sea I gave in many times, but who cares about me? I should be the master of my fate Time passes by along our youth Time passes by but I still not yet home Time passes by that I missed my Siu Bo's growth I just remember he called me Papa when he was one… It's time to make hot water for tea (Love of my life) It's time for Siu Bo to wait for his Papa (It remains in my heart) It's late for my Brother Sang to get home (Beyond the sea) Does he remember the azalea he gave me at the bridge? (I still keep my promise)

細佬陳一水 一世頭頂天 (一生愛 一世在) 氣運如撥扇 出碼頭搵錢 (歲月悠悠未變放心內)

大海 問誰同往 破開千翻風浪 去追心中天堂 大海 像男兒漢 (浮浮沉沉大半世兜踎) 肝膽壯 乘浪去闖信是人定勝天 氣萬丈 (咕哩邊會有得食) (誰人求財就要跟住嚟 無謂怨命) 大海 問誰同往 (全力去闖我話人定勝天) 破開千翻風浪 去追心中天堂 (無路行就上船搏命)

天命 若然整定 係條苦命 不信命全力拼 大海 像男兒漢 肝膽壯 乘浪去闖信是人定勝天 氣萬丈 浮浮沉沉窮途絕嶺 窮人唔窮命 浮浮沉沉來回力拼唔信命 天命 苦命 宿命 搵食 出力 浮浮沉沉窮途絕嶺 浮浮沉沉來回力拼 亂世人 這厄困 未教人自困 生死有命 唔係我揀 人就係要搵食

Sai Sai jumps and runs at one and a half years Ngau Ngau still sleeps on the bedside at two Miu Miu always climbs up to the cockloft at eight Families just gather for the Mid-Autumn Festival…


暫居小島我叫它香港 (潮州人 一世頭頂天) 米柴油鹽原來無價講 早午晚碼頭船來又往 (氣運如撥扇 攞膊頭搵錢) 蘇蝦仔他朝開大米行


細細佢歲半會跳會走 咬咬兩歲仲瞓住床頭 渺渺八歲愛跳上閣樓 一家幾口子又到中秋

I call Hong Kong my place for now (Chiu Chow folks, we hold our heads up high) But we can’t bargain for our food Ships are coming in and out, day and night (Our fortune is up in the air, we still work hard for our living) I wish my baby will be a rice merchant I’m Chan Yat Shui, always hold my head up high (Love of my life) My fortune is up in the air, so I work for my living at the pier (It remains in my heart) The sea carries our lives We break the waves to pursue our dreams The sea is like a strong man (My life is so tough) We boldly strike forth so we know our fate is on our hands (How can a coolie make enough) (Want to make money? Follow me! Don’t blame fate) The sea carries our lives (I boldly strike forth so I know my fate is on my hands) We break the waves to pursue our dreams (Out of work? Come and make a living on the ship!) Fate, is it predestined? My life is hard, but I will fight against it. The sea is like a strong man We boldly strike forth so we know our fate is on our hands My life is so tough, but I won't give in I will work hard and don't give in to fate Fate Tough life Fate Make a living Row on My life is so tough Working hard all my life Unsettling times, men in such fate Never allow us to give in Life is predestined. I don’t have a choice Men must make a living



2. 金粉世界

2. A World of Glitter

合唱 個個富貴 個個有米變富貴 現實係個個缺米 要買米你莫嫌貴 賺唔夠 升升升升價格再破頂

Chorus All rich men have rice on hand No rice at home? Pay up for it! They earn ever more with the sky-rocketing price

陳一水 就單槍匹馬浪起吧 人在當下 來活出真我吧 合唱 升升升升 請升請飆升 勝勝勝勝 勝勢盛乘勝 升升升 沽清升多斗零 整定 今朝我玩晒

Chorus Rise, rise, rise! Price rises to record high! Gain, gain, gain! The riches strive to gain! Rise, rise, rise! More sold and prices ever rise! It's fate, and that is all my game!

陳一水你去咗邊咁耐 留得喺米行公所咁耐 掛牌 幾多

你開 米荒噃大哥

大把錢你袋 銀紙就成袋

陳一水 去咗暹羅

Chan Yat Shui, where were you? Loads of cash out there for you! The longer you stay in the guild, the more money you will get! Trading begins — Make your price How much? There’s shortage out there Chan Yat Shui I went to Siam

合唱 結果?

Chorus And then?

陳一水 有天意襄助

Chan Yat Shui I was lucky

合唱 有無計過

Chorus How much do you have?

陳一水 我無計錯 合共一千擔 合唱 暹羅 你攞 咁多 貨多過大行 陳一水 有多 無少

Chan Yat Shui There are 1000 piculs Chorus Siam? You went there? That much? You have more than the tycoons! Chan Yat Shui More, not less

合唱 細佬 認真要恭賀 要計算過 要托市喎 慢慢再出貨 陳一水你老哥真有運 我哋白米變黃金

Chorus Hey, you are really lucky! Count carefully and hold the market Sell them slowly Chan Yat Shui is such a lucky man. Our rice has turned to gold.

Come join the party 水 諸禮可免 顧住個行頭 買賣計人頭 咁就 有大成就

Come join the party Shui, save those rituals Protect our trade and gauge our market Then we will succeed

喂喂喂 坐食夠過世 得米換地位 有家世


Chan Yat Shui I shall make waves to change this dread Living in such moment, I should be honest to my true self

患難共富貴 發大財先係

放棄正烏龜 應順時勢

You have a life's fortune in front of you And you will raise your status I go through all ups and downs with you It's time to make a fortune

陳一水 勢利 詐偽 再無事係顧忌 合唱 你係



陳一水 攻利 虛偽 呢班大鱷死未 合唱 失敗 失利 一拋售就濕滯 陳一水 記住 我哋 咪撒賴亂咁吠 合唱 困惑 妒忌 富貴爛落滿地 陳一水 收復 失地


陳一水、合唱 高高低低 認命就跪低

俞少鴻 甚麼癲狗敢亂叫 在公所休得亂叫囂

合唱 有幸俞少爺大駕來到 仰望俞少爺夠神武 小賊造反認輸尚早 此大局肯定一面倒 俞少鴻 膽敢入羅網 兩極乾坤 萬勿造次 為富不仁 怎可當真 三餐暖飽歎命運 翻江倒海小蟻民 亂世間 犯眾憎 當救世觀音是化身 陳一水 積囤白米齊造市 無異要食人 俞少鴻 經營白米憑道理 從沒有害人 陳一水 敢問各位 大老闆 欲向蒼生置刀刃 太狠心 俞少鴻 你要世間無窮人 戇直當公允 不過是愚笨

陳一水、合唱 只求白米還大眾 無論富或貧

Chan Yat Shui Piling stocks with such sinful tides? Caring for my earnings or the hungry ones? This is a matter of life and death. I’ll sell at… (Offer:) Yu Tai Lung, 200 piculs of Thai Jasmine Rice at $3.2


合唱 陳一水你老哥乜嘢事 亂拋三個二


陳一水 揸貨多 沽貨少 一切恩怨罪過 得與失 因與果 供米解救飢餓 有你無我 索性放貨 就 (叫價:)譽泰隆二百擔暹羅金鳳,開價三個二!

Chorus Chan Yat Shui, are you mad? Selling at $3.2? Chan Yat Shui To the frauds, I have no more misgivings Chorus You are cheating us! Such a bastard! Chan Yat Shui To the pretentious ones, I am giving you a warning Chorus We’ll all lose if he sells the whole lot Chan Yat Shui Remember my name, you shameless folks Chorus Confused with jealousy, We’ve lost our shot at fortune Chan Yat Shui I'll get back from what I lost Chan Yat Shui, Chorus High or low, if you give in, just say it Yu Siu Hung Who is that mad dog daring to bark in the Guild? Chorus Master Yu is finally here to lead us This little raccoon shall kneel on his fate Yu Siu Hung How dare he get here and stir things up? The rich ones deserve the fate's blessings Such tiny ant overturns things to everyone's hatred Pretending himself as a saviour! Chan Yat Shui Stockpiling rice is no different to murder Yu Siu Hung Trading rice takes no lives of anyone Chan Yat Shui I plead to all fellow merchants — How can we stay heartless to the starving ones? Yu Siu Hung You fancy a world without poverty. How stupid you are! Chan Yat Shui, Chorus I just hope everyone can afford rice



俞少鴻、合唱 不成大器如爛瓦 同路當敵人 興旺百家大米行 賺上千金也應份


陳一水 初心跟天理並存 俞少鴻 日月是未能共處 陳一水 以良心做人

Chan Yat Shui I stay true to justice Yu Siu Hung The sun and moon cannot coexist 俞少鴻 笑人間胡混

陳一水、合唱 天命 若然整定 係條苦命 反抗定能獲勝 陳一水、合唱 天命 問誰整定 係唔肯認 輸我亦全力拼

俞少鴻、合唱 從來事事與我作對嗎 今天一於將他了斷 太無知 想要變天 要問我先

俞少鴻 (叫價:)全部掃晒!六蚊! 合唱 你兩頭不是人


Yu Siu Hung, Chorus Such good-for-nothing, targeting your fellow as enemies We rice merchants are making wealth for our good

Chan Yat Shui I live with my conscience

Yu Siu Hung How the world bears this brainless mind

Chan Yat Shui, Chorus Fate, is it predestined? My life is hard, but I will revolt against it. Chan Yat Shui, Chorus Fate, who said it's predestined? I won't give in And fight till the end Yu Siu Hung (Offer:) All in! $6.0! Chorus Now you put yourself in a trap!

Yu Siu Hung, Chorus Why are you fighting against me? This silly folk will reach his end today How dare you turn my world upside down?

合唱 自古從來 花怕晚開 獨上樓台 新布未裁 月光 映照着我 問句如來 世間女子怎偏愛才 是不該 不過是意外 死不肯改 等他徹夜來 二更天 月兒亮呀照地塘 夜三更 飄呀飄看柳枝擺幾趟 未許人繾綣 相見且四更後 如等到 天亮 亦無奈

Chorus Since ancient times, flowers shall not bloom out of season I walk up the pavilion all alone, leaving the weaving stitches The moon shines on me I ask myself in my prayer for loving such a resolute man This should not happen, but I can't stop the encounter And my growing longing for him through the night At late night, the moon is reflected on the pond Willows are swaying in the wind Shall I go on waiting for him? I will stay here till dawn

是我狠心 或是天意未從人 若說穿底蘊 悔了婚 就等於翻不了身 今朝這一別 恐怕是永恆 也斷了緣與份 代我答謝你家小姐賀禮 這位舊故人 回頭望五歲 小腳板踏艇上 注定顛簸半生 爹爹有令 自幼刀槍能挺 未有一日太平 徐徐十六歲 巾幗傲慢氣盛 愛恨要怎樣鑒定 爹爹喪命 萬馬千軍誰領 紅顏敢起革命 自小幹大事情 來去應該率性 難過此刻是究竟 拖拖拉拉不過 方寸進進退退半分 願簡簡單單愛一個人 錯錯對對都不需老天憐憫 何必又留低疑問 年華二八我閨裏待字聽命 過盡了衣香鬢影 爹爹有令 自幼家規嚴正 問愛怎樣記認

拖拖拉拉不過 方寸進進退退半分 就簡簡單單愛一個人 錯錯對對都不需老天憐憫 離開或留低遺憾 月光 映照着我 問句如來 世間漢子怎偏愛財 是不該 她卻在帳內 今宵花開 春風晚未來 二更天 月兒亮呀兩淚垂 夜三更 窗半掩醉看燭影一對 夢醒人去後 參與商哪堪聚 如今不過是 覆了水


4. Moonlight


4. 月光光

Am I being ruthless, or is my fate going against me? If I rescind my marriage, I can no longer stand in this world This parting today Leaves my last gaze of you With our ties severed Send my thanks to Miss Tsui for her gift With regards from her bygone acquaintance Looking back over my life, I was living on the deck since five Destined for a turbulent life My dad told me to stay strong To live through such unsettling times I was just sixteen, a maiden with much pride But not yet learn the line between love and hate My dad was struck to death, leaving his troops behind I was fated to lead them With such experiences, one shall come and go at will But why now I leave myself in such sorrow? I cannot move on, as my mind is wandering I wish I can love someone fully I do not deserve heaven's pity on me But I can't get away with these feelings All through my 16 years, I am bound to this house Enjoying all kinds of luxury My father puts me under strict family rules What do I know about love? I cannot move on, as my mind is wandering I wish I can love someone fully I do not deserve heaven's pity on me But I can't get away with these regrets The moon shines on me I ask myself in my prayer for loving such a wealthy lady This should not happen, but she is waiting in the bridal chamber Flowers bloom tonight, spring breezes are coming At late night, the moon is reflected on my tears Candles are lit, giving light to the drunken spirit When I wake up from my dream, the stars no longer meet Spilled water cannot be gathered up again



6. 變天

6. Deluge

合唱 危城現受困 全城是怒憤 心有恨 存亡在亂世 窮途絕望裏等 悲天無公允 這百萬人 就夢想天國臨近

Chorus In such difficult time, enraged people all around Without any sight of hope The heaven leaves the million ones in despair As death will soon come onto us

陳一水、合唱 船搖未被困 狂瀾是怒憤 天有恨 前仇像烙印 浮沉動盪半生 苟且窮一世 怎配做人 下跪俯首我未肯

[船隊回程遇上風浪,除陳一水自己一艘船外全 數失蹤]

合唱 一生飄泊巨浪襲來是恬靜 孤舟歸去肝膽早結冰 米已散盡得返九十擔 生死此刻怎可不信命 水哥不作聲

陳一水 是你教我知道參商咫尺間 是你教我舉頭望 是你說過生命總少不了風浪 卻不可絕望 合唱 男兒志在四方 翻起千般浪 [米行競價場景]

陳一水 來

Chorus We are left in the silence after all these turmoil The only ship returns with all minds paralysed These 90 piculs are all we have now We can't escape from fate Yat Shui has his lips closed Chan Yat Shui It's you who taught me how to observe the stars It's you who taught me how to look up in the sky It's you who told me in troubling times of life One shall not give up hope Chorus Men shall find their stands in the waves [Rice-trading scene]

Yu Siu Hung Let’s start

陳一水 二十擔

Chan Yat Shui 20 piculs

合唱 放貨吧

Chorus Just sell them

俞少鴻 請開價

Yu Siu Hung What price?

陳一水 四個二

Chan Yat Shui $4.2

合唱 四個六

Chorus $4.6

俞少鴻 五個二吧

Yu Siu Hung Why not at $5.2?

陳一水 來

Chan Yat Shui Come

俞少鴻 投降吧

Yu Siu Hung You better give up!

陳一水 二十擔

Chan Yat Shui 20 piculs

合唱 五個七 六個三 六個七 六個九

[The fleet is hit by a sea storm. Except Chai Yat Shui's ship, all vessels in the fleet are lost in the sea. ]

Chan Yat Shui Come

俞少鴻 抬 頭吧

30 俞少鴻

Chan Yat Shui, Chorus My ship is sailing in turbulent waves, as wraths from the heaven My past sufferings never leave my mind Cowardly life is not my take I will never give in


Chorus $5.7? $6.3? $6.7? Yu Siu Hung $6.9! I take all

合唱 當白米爭奪戰命懸在線 陳一水 性命你踩腳下面

俞少鴻 你別妄想再逆天

陳一水、合唱 存貨盡沽佢啲錢係有限 唔要認輸要等他大限 俞少鴻、合唱 誰叫懦夫我傾家同你玩 陳一水 苦海力挽 俞少鴻 山外有山 陳一水 邊有路揀

陳一水 俞少鴻 打老虎爛命亦照剷 敢送死末路係你揀 合唱 求平等 捨身解恨 成仁以心叩問

俞少鴻 公卿本應高於蟻民 瓊玉在高樓 庸俗似你妄想能帶走 陳一水 問我雙手哪可對高牆

陳一水(合唱) 問哪位有白米能讓 (願世間有白米盈倉) 我在盼望 (不甘心不甘心 我已被困) 最後竟失望 (勝算難尋) 我在盼望 最後卻絕望 (千根針千根針 我已萬箭穿心)

[此刻,船隊其他船隻連同白米奇蹟到岸。 大量供應瞬間推低米價,俞少鴻破產。]

合唱 奇蹟 赤手 難關 老天

原是這樣 頃刻拆巨牆 人未退讓 最終有迴響

陳一水 成王敗寇都不過一樣 你困在何地方 哪怕蒼天恨我 劫禍不該你擋 回來吧 花飄不到彼岸 我仰望明月光 縱有心聲未說 以後怎跟你講 女聲獨唱 愛是不須要講

Chan Yat Shui We should have our final fight today Yu Siu Hung Such fool does not deserve any chance of life


俞少鴻 么魔小丑生死比蟻低賤


陳一水 今日這恩仇已不同戴天

Chorus The fight for rice is on the edge Chan Yat Shui You tread on people's lives

Yu Siu Hung You should get away from fantasies

Chan Yat Shui, Chorus Let me sell all my stocks to drain his money I won’t give up till I see his end Yu Siu Hung, Chorus Who dares to be a coward? I just throw all myself in

Chan Yat Shui In such turbulence Yu Siu Hung Beyond higher mounts Chan Yat Shui There are no choice Chan Yat Shui But to risk my life

Yu Siu Hung You've chosen your ending path

Chorus For justice, one has to sacrifice oneself With a benevolent heart Yu Siu Hung Being a noble descent, I live up high There are no places for vulgar ones like you Chan Yat Shui Can I break this wall with my own hands? Chan Yat Shui (Chorus) Who can offer their rice stock? (Wish the rice stock is always full) I once hoped for miracles (I put myself in a trap) But I’m now disappointed (There are no more chance) I once hoped for miracles. but now I'm in despair (My heart is now pierced) [The rest of the fleet survives the storm and just gets to the pier. Rice stock multiplies and price drops. Yu goes bankrupt. ]

Chorus This is a real miracle He broke the wall with his own hands For one not giving in at difficult times Heaven now answers his vow Chan Yat Shui The triumph is not a matter with me now, as I have lost you Taken for the heavenly sacrifice I beg for your return, as drifting blossom won't reach the other shore I look up to the moon With many unsaid words How can I say them to you? A female solo Love is never in words



7. 新鬼

7. The Crossing Spirit

合唱 飄飄孤身往 天邊跟海角 在深海裏躺 誰話過新鬼總多迷惘 我未忘 你在旁 今生不可天荒地老 將身軀粉碎再淘浪 可否懇請北水南往 多一刻把你再回望 思憶的遠方

Chorus Drifting alone Along the horizon Deep in the sea Who says the crossing spirit always carries a heavy mind? I never forget, you are always with me We cannot walk till the last moment My shattered body washed by the waves May I ask the northern streams to flow southwards So I can take one more gaze of you Till my memory faints far away

涼夜有風嗎 還未四更嗎 情若已開花 忙住湊蘇蝦

今晚醉了嗎 記得柳樹下 她與你好嗎 過得快樂吧

問問月光 哭笑也是否天註定 或許生死兩相忘 道別未須講 這個世上有一種盼望 早比天與海遼闊漫長 好好洗走了痴想 再趕往路上 問問月光 相愛也是否天註定 儘管生死兩相忘 道別未肯講 這個世上有一種眼淚 交織悲與喜忘卻是誰 參商今宵隔一水 愛多了是罪 如願滿足嗎 還是快歸家


冬至到了嗎 放心過活吧

Do the night breezes enchant you? Remember the moment under the willow tree at late night? Has your love for her blossomed? Are you having a happy time with your new-born? I ask the moon, whether our cries and smiles are predestined? Perhaps we shall forget each other, without bidding any farewell There is a kind of hope in this world More everlasting than heaven and the sea Shall my thoughts are cleansed, I will carry on my way I ask the moon, whether our love is predestined? Though we shall forget each other, I resist to bid any farewell There is a kind of tears in this world Weaved with happiness and sorrow Shall the stars move apart, burdening love is a sin Are your wishes fulfilled? Time for winter solstice? You shall get home soon, and go on with your lives.

合唱 夜未央 像斷了線一樣 船在巨浪下該駛往哪方向 人生似打仗 天未見諒 長留遺憾哪處是故鄉 浪淘盡生死歲月太短 離家知鳥倦 如雁鴻踏雪走來兜一圈 得失怎清算 望年月滄海變盡百川 無風心緒亂 船纜如萬縷恩情未了斷 一水偏隔山海遠

Chorus It is such an unsettling night In the roaring waves, where should the ship go? Life is a relentless battle With much remorse, where can be my home? Life is so short. One gets weary for leaving home for so long Counting our lives, it's difficult to know what we gained and lost Time flows and ebbs, it confuses our minds It's difficult to break with our past Even we are staying apart

人未悔對抗整個時代 要與天比賽 問句這世道誰活該 明天 會變改 人間 存活愛 人不死等天開 跟這世界搏鬥競賽 天命 若然整定 係條苦命 我唔肯認 讓猛火讓猛火煉化精鋼 火海中烈焰內永續百代 (燒 燒 要蛻變猛火裏展翅鳳凰 煉獄待破曉 (結果都不再重要) (哀與痛雪裏燒)(猛火燒) 願世間可有一個天堂 願有天朗月照頭上 敢抵抗天命 方叫傲氣揚 志願未算妄想 獨照肝膽我敢對虎狼 自有天理為我衡量 一腔血灑盡 一縷夢永藏 我活出我模樣 香港 泛起千尺浪 未會忘 過去有千帆往 香港 有太多寄望 但願這小海港 繼續發光


8. City on Fire


8. 焚城

Men will not give up fighting against the times, competing with fate Who shall stand in such world of injustice Things must change, and love must live among us Remembering our lives at bad times, we will fight against the world Fate, is it predestined? My life is hard, but I will not give in 燒)

Let the fire rage on! The flames will mark our legacy (Burn! Burn! Burn!) A phoenix will rise We will get out of this hell (No matter what will come) (All sorrows burn in snow) (Strong flames) We wish for a heaven on earth We wish the full moon shines up high Combat with fate and we stand proud Fostering our great dreams We dare to fight against the beasts Heavenly justice will guide us through With bloods shed, we hang on to our dreams Living in our own way Hong Kong is under turbulent waves We won’t forget our good times with thousand fleets Hong Kong is harboured with many hopes May this little harbour continue to shine

除註明外,樂曲介紹:朱振威 Unless specified, English Version of Programme Notes and Translations of Lyrics: Lam Hoi-cheong


艱險困乏 堅持高歌 中大合唱團 2021-2022 年度回顧 Sing On in the Storm

The Chinese University of Hong Kong Chorus - 2021-2022 Review 疫情反覆,演藝舞台大受影響。在演出取消的浪潮之中,我們仍幸運地把握到不少機會,為觀眾獻上歌聲。 Amidst waves of pandemic, venues were closed and concerts were cancelled in the past academic year. It is fortunate for CU Chorus to seize a few occasions to share music with the audience and community.

香港中文大學音樂系 55 周年音樂會 CUHK Department of Music 55th Anniversary Concert 2021 年 8 月 23 日 香港大會堂音樂廳 23 August 2021 Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall 承蒙音樂系校友會邀請,我們在《香港中文大學音樂系 55 周年音樂會》 中參演了當中布列頓《學院清唱劇》的演出,與音樂系校友與學生組成 的樂團及合唱團在葉詠媛的指揮下,為音樂系慶祝 55 周年誌慶。 CU Chorus was invited by the Alumni Association of Music Department, CUHK to participate in the CUHK Department of Music 55th Anniversary Concert, joining their alumni and current students to perform Britten's Cantata academica for chorus and orchestra, under the direction of Vivian Ip. 莫扎特小彌撒曲全集講座音樂會 Mozart's Complete Missae Breves Lecture Concert — I 2021 年 11 月 28 日 紅磡聖母堂 28 November 2021 St Mary's Church, Hung Hom 構思多年的莫扎特小彌撒全集演出系列終於在 2021-2022 年度開始。從 這場演出開始,我們會以講座音樂會形式呈現莫扎特九首小彌撒曲及《加 冕彌撒》。適逢 2021 年為天主教進港 180 周年,令這場在艱難中舉行的 演出別具意義。演出及導賞錄影已完整上載至我們的 YouTube 頻道。 After years of planning, CU Chorus set off the journey to survey all 9 Missae breves and Coronation Mass by Mozart in the year 2021-2022. The performances are taking place in the form of Lecture-Concerts. The 2021 concert coincided with the 180th Anniversary of the founding of the Catholic Church in Hong Kong, which holds a special significance during such difficult times. Both the introduction and the performance videos of the 2021 concert are available on our YouTube channel. 香港麗思卡爾頓酒店聖誕演出 Christmas Performance at The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong 2021 年 12 月 24-25 日 24-25 December 2021 暫停兩年,我們終於在 2021 年的聖誕節再次報佳音。今次的合作伙伴 是首次合作的香港麗思卡爾頓酒店。在平安夜及聖誕夜,我們連續兩晚 在酒店的四家餐廳及酒吧為食客獻上聖誕歌聲,增添節日氣氛。 After a pause for two years, CU Chorus took up the music for Christmas again. In Christmas 2021, CU Chorus gave Christmas performances for the first time at The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong, sharing festive music in their restaurants and bars.


香港大歌劇院新年音樂會 2022 Hong Kong Grand Opera New Year Gala Concert 2022 2022 年 1 月 3 日 香港大會堂音樂廳 3 January 2022 Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall 承蒙著名男低音歌唱家龔冬健創辦的香港大歌劇院邀請,我們在今年 1 月 3 日與一眾優秀歌唱家、合唱歌手與樂手攜手在香港大歌劇院新年 音樂會上,為觀眾演唱了貝多芬第九交響曲的終樂章。這是我們第二次 與指揮家葉詠媛合作。 The Hong Kong Grand Opera, founded by renowned bass singer Dongjian Gong, invited CU Chorus to participate in their New Year Gala Concert 2022, singing the Finale of Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 with a team of eminent soloists, choristers and orchestra. This was CU Chorus' second collaboration with conductor Vivian Ip. © Yankov Wong

《For If Thou Be My Love》及《伍卓賢合唱作品選》數碼發行 Online release of digital EPs For If Thou Be My Love and The Choral Music of Ng Cheuk-yin 2022 年 2 月 1 日 1 February 2022 串流及下載已成為今天分享音樂的主流方式,我們一直緊握這個科技帶來的新機遇,2019 年起已數碼發行多張單 曲及迷你專輯,務求讓全世界樂迷都能輕易聽到我們的歌聲。今年再接再厲,發行了兩張全新數碼專輯,分別是 2021 年《不見.不散》音樂會精選《For If Thou Be My Love》及 2017 年同名音樂會精選《伍卓賢合唱作品選》。 最新專輯《莫扎特小彌撒曲全集 I》亦已於日前上架。 Streaming and downloads are prominent ways of sharing music nowadays. CU Chorus has been exploring in this field by releasing a number of digital singles and EPs since 2019. Earlier this year, CU Chorus released two new digital EPs — For If Thou Be My Love , featuring highlights from the 2021 concert I Wish I Knew How to Quit You and The Choral Music of Ng Cheuk-yin with selected pieces from the 2017 concert. The latest album Mozart: Complete Missae Breves I was also recently released.

我們的使命 Our Mission

為社會帶來更多高質素的合唱音樂,以啟發、教育及 娛樂大眾,從而讓大眾獲得更豐盛的生命。 To enrich people’s lives with choral music that inspires, educates and entertains. www.cuchorus.org.hk






香港中文大學合唱團 「…唱來熱情充沛,正是年輕人的精神可貴之處。」 ― 李歐梵《明報》

經過近半世紀努力不懈追求卓越,香港中文大學合唱團已經成為香港其中一隊最具實力的大學合唱團。植根香港, 放眼國際,在香港舞台耕耘之外,多年來已踏遍華南地區以至多個東南亞國家。中大合唱團一直致力以高水準的 演出,充滿創意的節目,向普羅大眾推廣合唱藝術。 中大合唱團於 1972 年由一班中大學生自發成立,早期由學生擔任指揮。九十年代起設立固定音樂總監兼指揮一 職,歷任總監有伍德榮、葉長盛及現任朱振威。現在中大合唱團每年演出活動已擴展至包括周年公演、免費校園 音樂會、海外交流演出、聖誕演出、指揮工作坊、公益外展演出不等。

合唱團曾推出多個廣受歡迎而內容多元化的主題節目,如以韋塔克(Eric Whitacre)、雅羅(Ola Gjeilo)、冉天豪、 顧嘉煇、伍卓賢及伯恩斯坦的原創及改編作品專場音樂會,與爵士樂音樂家侯活麥格尼(Howard McCrary)合作 之聖誕音樂會等,為本地合唱團開拓曲目發揮影響力,更藉著網絡將影響伸至全球 ― 2009 年以色列《新消息報》 (Yedioth Ahronoth ) 專題報道,中大合唱團的一段 YouTube 錄影於世界各地猶太人間流傳,引發巨大迴響。

多年來曾與中大合唱團合作的本地及海外藝人不計其數,近期例子有香港流行音樂大師顧嘉煇、女中音連皓忻、 男中音林俊、敲擊樂演奏家邵俊傑、香港中樂團、香港電台弦樂四重奏、台灣指揮家杜黑、古育仲、吳尚倫、保 加利亞指揮家帕羅薇琪、美國指揮家韓多普、艾力史達克、以及爵士樂大師侯活麥格尼等。自 1970 年代起,中 大合唱團持續與中國內地及東南亞各地合唱團作音樂交流,曾到訪城市包括北京、上海、台北、台南、馬尼拉、 曼谷、新加坡、新山等。近年合唱團多次應邀參與海外演出,如 2006 年澳門國際音樂節、2013 年暹羅愛樂樂團 馬勒第八交響曲泰國首演、2015 年上海之春音樂節冼星海《黃河大合唱》莫斯科原版的世界首演、及 2019 台北 國際合唱音樂節。

從成立之始,推動香港合唱創作就是中大合唱團的使命之一。合唱團不斷邀請香港作曲家如胡銘堯、蘇梓安、楊 嘉輝、鄧樂妍、伍華晞、伍卓賢、以及台灣作曲家冉天豪譜寫新曲,2016 年更與演戲家族合作,委約多位作曲家 改編粵語原創音樂劇選曲,為建立富香港色彩的合唱作品而努力。

2014 年 6 月,中大合唱團推出首張商業錄音專輯《春風吻上我的臉⸺冉天豪合唱作品選》,由現代音像發行。 甫推出後反應熱烈,得到不少樂迷支持,更榮獲《IFPI 香港唱片銷量大獎 2014》全年「最暢銷古典、戲曲唱片」 之一。而第二張專輯《唱自己的歌⸺香港粵語合唱曲選》已在 2019 年 8 月由中大合唱團出版,亦由此開始進 軍數碼音樂發行,目前有合共四張專輯及六首單曲在各大網上音樂平台提供串流及下載。合唱團亦由 2019 年開 始出版樂譜及書籍,至今已發行二十多首合唱作品樂譜,以及台灣學者查太元編著的《冼星海年鑑》。

為了打下更穩固的基礎,持續發展永不止息的藝術追求,2012 年 1 月合唱團以慈善團體有限公司形式成立「中大 合唱協會」。透過藝術、管理、行政三部份的分工,讓源自中大、立足中大的中大合唱團,能夠在中大本科生、 研究生及校友三方面的同心協力下,繼續翻過一座又一座的藝術高峰。



CU Chorus is a wonderful youth choir with amazing abilities! Having worked with them and their conductor - my former student Leon Chu, I will keep forever my memories about the great spirit, sensitivity and beautiful music they can create! I am happy to know you, my dear friends! - Prof. Theodora Pavlovitch

CU Chorus were splendid in their collaboration with Siam Philharmonic in our complete Mahler Cycle. They sang like angels — just as the composer intended!

With relentless pursuit of excellence for nearly half a century, The Chinese University of Hong Kong Chorus (CU Chorus) is one of the best local university choirs in Hong Kong, presenting performances not only for local audiences, but also for music lovers across China and Southeast Asia. CU Chorus is dedicated to promote the art of choral music with its high quality performances and innovative programmes.

Thai premiere of Mahler’s Symphony No. 8 by Siam Philharmonic Orchestra in 2013, the world première of the original Moscow version of Xian Xing-hai’s Yellow River Cantata in the 2015 Shanghai Spring International Music Festival, and the 2019 Taipei International Choral Festival.

CU Chorus was founded in 1972 by a group of CUHK students. In the early days, the role of conductor was taken up by students. Since the 1990s, the formal post of Music Director and Conductor has been established. The post was first taken up by Dennis Ng, followed by Yeh Cheung-shing from 2000 to 2005, and Leon Chu from 2006. CU Chorus expanded its range of performances in recent years including public concerts, free campus concerts, overseas exchange performances, Christmas caroling, conducting workshops and charity outreach performances. CU Chorus presented a number of popular programmes with diverse themes, such as a number of composer-portrait concerts featuring original choral works and arrangements by Eric Whitacre, Ola Gjeilo, Jan Tien-hao, Joseph Koo, Ng Cheuk-yin and Leonard Bernstein, and Christmas concerts with the American jazz legend Howard McCrary, making an influence in expanding choral repertoire in local music scene. CU Chorus’ performances also made an impact through the internet — a YouTube video of CU Chorus received coverage in the Israeli newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth , for its wide circulation and resonance in Jewish communities worldwide. Over the years, CU Chorus has collaborated with numerous local and overseas artists, including Cantopop iconic figure Joseph Koo, mezzo-soprano Carol Lin, baritone Albert Lim, percussionist Louis Siu, Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, the RTHK Quartet, Taiwanese conductors Dirk DuHei, Johnny Ku and Shanglun Wu, Bulgarian choral conductor Theodora Pavlovitch, American conductors Paul Hondorp and Eric Stark, and American jazz musician Howard McCrary. Since the 1970s, CU Chorus has constantly engaged in exchange activities with choirs in mainland China and Southeast Asia, visiting cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Tainan, Manila, Bangkok, Singapore and Johor Bahru. In recent years, CU Chorus was invited to various guest performances in overseas music festivals, including the 20th Macau International Music Festival in 2006, the


The Chinese University of Hong Kong Chorus

- Somtow Sucharitkul, Music Director of Siam Philharmonic

Promoting Hong Kong choral compositions is one of the missions of CU Chorus since its establishment. CU Chorus has been commissioning new pieces from a number of composers, including Hong Kong composers Dennis Wu, Andy So, Samson Young, Tang Lok-yin, Ng Wah-hei, Ng Cheuk-yin, and Taiwan composer Jan Tien-hao. In 2016, in collaboration with Actors’ Family, CU Chorus commissioned choral arrangements of various numbers from the company’s original Cantonese musicals, altogether forming a unique and local voice in Hong Kong choral music. CU Chorus released its first commercial album Spring Breeze Kisses My Face — The Choral Music of Jan Tien-hao on The Modern Audio label in June 2014, which was well-received by music lovers, and awarded as one of the Best Sales Releases (Classical and Operatic Works Recording) in the IFPI Hong Kong Top Sales Music Award 2014. The second album Sing Our Own Song — Selected Hong Kong Choral Works in Cantonese was released by CU ChorusChorus in August 2019, since then CU Chorus has been actively releasing their recordings on digital music platforms for streaming and download, with 4 digital albums and 6 singles currently available. In 2019, CU Chorus launched their own publications, including sheet music of over 20 choral compositions, and A Chronology of the Life of Sin Sing-hoi (Xian Xing-hai) by Taiwanese scholar Zha Tai-yuan. To lay a better foundation for its never-ending artistic pursuit, CU Chorus registered charitable organisation status with CU Chorus Association (a limited-liability company) in January 2012. The new governing body, with its finer division of labour in artistic, management and administrative aspects, better facilitates the collaboration of CUHK undergraduates, postgraduates and alumni in their efforts to raise CU Chorus – a group coming from and based in CUHK – to ever-higher artistic heights.



朱振威 Leon Chu

音樂總監兼指揮 Music Director & Conductor 朱振威出生於香港一個草根家庭,在學時期未有接受正統音樂訓練,直至初中時無意中接觸到馬勒交響曲並為之 著迷,始立志學習音樂。他的音樂訓練始於高中音樂科中央訓練計劃,同時跟隨蔡立德學習敲擊樂。因緣際會 考入香港中文大學現代語言及文化系後仍積極參與多個合唱團及樂團,亦隨林俊學習聲樂。後隨 Kåre Hanken、 Theodora Pavlovitch 及 Gábor Hollerung 等歐洲名家研習合唱指揮。2014 年,朱氏在澳門聖若瑟大學考獲合唱指 揮碩士,期間受業於 Colin Mawby、Nancy Telfer 及 Pedro Monteiro。近年曾隨支韻怡深造聲樂。 2006 年,朱氏獲邀出任香港中文大學合唱團音樂總監,除活躍於香港舞台,亦帶領合唱團出訪國內、台灣、馬來 西亞、泰國等地。2014 年他與合唱團灌錄首張專輯《春風吻上我的臉⸺冉天豪合唱作品選》,獲該年度《IFPI 香港唱片銷售大獎》全年「最暢銷古典、戲曲唱片」殊榮,2019 與合唱團灌錄第二張專輯《唱自己的歌⸺香港 粵語合唱曲選》也大受好評。中大合唱團外,朱氏亦為香港大學利銘澤堂合唱團教練及香港中文大學新亞合唱團 指揮。身為富經驗的合唱指導,近年數度與閻惠昌及香港中樂團合作,也曾到曼谷為暹羅愛樂樂團的馬勒第二交 響曲擔任客席合唱指導。

朱氏自大學時代起為《Hi-Fi 音響》雜誌撰寫唱片評論。他的評論文章亦見於《信報財經新聞》、《香港經濟日報》、 《明報》、《謬斯客》、《上海藝術家》等報刊,也有為香港管弦樂團、香港中樂團、飛躍演奏等機構撰寫及翻 譯場刊,也曾任香港電台第四台《藝壇快訊》客席主持。近年主力於博客 leonchu.net 發表文章,以及為立場新聞、 輔仁媒體及國際演藝評論家協會(香港分會)等網站供稿,題材包括各式評論、音樂專題,近年更涉足香港音樂 掌故。音樂以外,朱氏於 2010 年聯同朱耀偉及陳英凱合著《文化研究 60 詞》一書。 朱氏自 2017 年起為香港藝術發展局音樂界別藝術顧問。

Born in a grassroot family, Leon Chu did not receive any formal music training during his teens. His first encounter with Mahler’s Symphonies ignited his interest in music, leading him to pursue his musical studies, starting with the Centralised Scheme of Music Training for Senior Secondary Students, and percussion studies with Choy Lap-tak. Upon his admission to the Modern Languages and Intercultural Studies in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, he participated in a number of choruses and orchestras, and studied vocal under Albert Lim. He later studied choral conducting under renowned European masters including Kåre Hanken, Theodora Pavlovitch, and Gábor Hollerung. In 2014, Chu attained the Master degree of Choral Conducting from the University of Saint Joseph, Macau, under the tutelage of Colin Mawby, Nancy Telfer and Pedro Monteiro. He furthered his vocal studies under Myra Chih in recent years. In 2006, Leon Chu took up the position as the Music Director of the Chinese University of Hong Kong Chorus (CU Chorus). Under his direction, the chorus gave many performances from local to overseas concert stages, including mainland China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Thailand. He conducted CU Chorus in their first commercial recording, Spring Breeze Kisses My Face — The Choral Music of Jan Tien-hao , which was soon awarded as one of the Best Sales Releases (Classical and Operatic Works Recording) in the IFPI Hong Kong Top Sales Music Award 2014. His second album with CU Chorus in 2019, Sing Our Own Song — Selected Hong Kong Choral Works in Cantonese , is also widely acclaimed. Apart from CU Chorus, he is the Coach of RC Choir, R.C. Lee Hall, The University of Hong Kong, and Conductor of New Asia Chorus, CUHK. As an experienced chorus master, Chu collaborated with Yan Huichang and Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra on their symphonic choral concerts, and was invited by Siam Philharmonic as the guest chorus master in their performance of Mahler's Symphony No. 2, “Resurrection” .


Chu started contributing CD reviews to HiFi Review magazine from his university years. His review writings are published on Chinese newspapers and magazines including Hong Kong Economic Journal , Hong Kong Economic Times , Ming Pao Daily , MUZIK of Taiwan, and Shanghai Artists . He also annotated and translated the house programmes for Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra and Premiere Performances of Hong Kong, and was invited as guest host for Arts News programme on RTHK Radio 4. His recent writings are uploaded on his blog leonchu.net, and contributed to online sites such as Stand News , VJMedia and International Association of Theatre Critics (Hong Kong), covering various topics including critiques, topics on music and even anecdotes about Hong Kong music history. Apart from music, he is the co-author of the book 60 Keywords in Cultural Studies with Stephen Chu Yiu-Wai and Anthony Chan. Since 2017, Leon Chu is an Arts Advisor (Music sector) of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.


黃歷琛 Alexander Wong 鋼琴伴奏 Pianist

黃歷琛畢業於美國羅徹斯特大學伊士曼音樂學院及香港中文大學音樂系,分別取 得音樂碩士(鋼琴伴奏及室內樂)及文學士(一級榮譽)學位。在學其間先後隨 梁靜宜老師、吳美樂博士及巴爾博士學習鋼琴,黃健羭老師學習管風琴。畢業後 曾於夏威夷演藝節中任聲樂課程伴奏;其後透過香港藝術發展局所資助的「音樂 藝術人才培育計劃」獲聘為非凡美樂之全職練唱指導(2015-2017)。近期參與 的歌劇製作包括《凱撒大帝》、《卡門 × 愛情靈藥》、《喜臨門》、《諾瑪》、 《費加洛的婚禮》及《風流寡婦》等。 黃歷琛現為香港兒童合唱團、聖保羅男女中學附屬小學合唱團、學士合唱團、 Die Konzertisten、香港巴赫合唱團、非凡美樂之排練伴奏及香港大學音樂系兼 職助教。

Alexander Wong holds a Master of Music degree in Piano Accompanying and Chamber Music from Eastman School of Music, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music (First Class Honor) from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. His major mentors include Jeffie Leung, Dr Mary Wu, Dr Jean Barr, and Wong Kin Yu. After his graduation, he participated in the Hawaii Performing Arts Festival as a collaborative pianist in the Voice Programme. He was then employed as a full-time Répétiteur at Musica Viva (Hong Kong) through Hong Kong Arts Development Council’s Music Artistic Internship Scheme (2015-2017). In recent years, he collaborated in various opera productions such as Giulio Cesare , Carmen × L'elisir d'amore , La finta semplice , Norma , Le nozze di Figaro and The Merry Widow . Wong is currently an accompanist of Hong Kong Children’s Choir, St Paul's Coeducational College Primary School Senior Choir, Hong Kong Children’s Choir, The Learners Chorus, Die Konzertisten, Hong Kong Bach Choir, Musica Viva (Hong Kong), and a part-time Teaching Assistant in the School of Humanities (Music) of the University of Hong Kong.

林淑敏 Amy Lam 鋼琴伴奏 Pianist

林淑敏於 2012 至 2016 年間擔任中大合唱團駐團鋼琴伴奏,參與多個本地及外 地演出,2022 年重返合唱團。林氏現為香港中文大學內科及藥物治療學系博士 研究生。 Amy Lam was the resident pianist of the Chinese University of Hong Kong Chorus between 2012 to 2016, participated in a number of local and overseas performances. She joined the chorus again in 2022. Lam is currently a doctoral student at the Department of Medicine & Therapeutics, the Chinese University of Hong Kong.


香港中文大學合唱團 The Chinese University of Hong Kong Chorus

音樂總監兼指揮:朱振威 Music Director and Conductor:Leon Chu

女高音 Sopranos

佘雅筠 Shi Nga Kwan

吳頌恩 Stephanie Ghaw

梁嘉儀 Liang Ka Yee

梁潔瑩 Leung Kit Ying

許菀珊 Hui Yuen Shan

陳泳姸 Chan Wing Yin

陳悅晴 Chan Yuet Ching

楊采兒 Yeung Tsoi Yi

楊寶玲 Yeung Po Ling

甄珮誼 Yan Pui Yee

潘宇珩 Poon Yu Hang

鄧鈺怡 Tang Yuk Yi

盧穎心 Lo Wing Sum Amy

羅玉鈴 #* Law Yuk Ling #*

龐希平 Pong Heather

王韻青 Wang Yunqing

李愛珊 Li Oi Shan

莊琬婷 Chong Yuen Ting

郭曉楠 Kwok Hiu Nam Jodie

陳沛言 Chan Pui Yin

黃芷菁 Wong Chi Ching

鄧頴彤 Tang Wing Tung

譚琛元 Tam Sum Yuen

女低音 Altos

童駿敏 * Tung Chun Man *

42 譚穎雯 Tam Wing Man

黃卓妮 黃泳旋 Wong Cheuk Ni Cherie Wong Wing Shuen


男高音 Tenors

古浩旻 Koo Ho Man Adwin

巫優 Mo Yau

林輝亮 Lam Fai Leong

袁天逸 Yuen Tin Yat Nathaniel

李梓諾 Li Tsz Nok Carlos

谷旻軒 Kuk Man Hin

張偉文 # Cheung Wai Man #

許家榮 Hsu Chia-Jung

陳慤 Chan Kok

黃天寶 Wong Tin Po

黃智衡 * Wong Chi Hang *

簡卓軒 Kan Cheuk Hin

林淑敏 Lam Shuk Man

黃歷琛 Alexander Wong

The Chinese University of Hong Kong Chorus

王子翹 Wong Tsz Kiu

梁樂鈞 Leung Lok Kwan

男低音 Basses

鋼琴伴奏 Pianists

聲樂指導 Vocal Coach 休假 On Leave 林俊 Albert Lim 助理指揮 Assistant Conductors * 聲部長 Part-leaders 名字依姓名筆劃排序 The list is in the order of Chinese name


江欣茜 吳學而 柳多妍 奚婷妤 陳蘊明 殷孝琳 莊景樂 陳迦諾 葉沛林

Kong Yan Sin Ng Hok Yee Roo Dayeon Shi Ting Yu Chan Wan Ming Yun Hau Lam Chong King Lok Chan Ka Nok Yip Pui Lam Amos



2021-2022 年度贊助名錄 Patrons and Partners 2021-2022 中大合唱團在此向以下熱心人士及機構表達衷心謝意。 您的支持,讓合唱團能夠提升藝術水平,教育學生合唱藝術,委約創 作新合唱曲,為香港合唱努力貢獻。 CU Chorus would like to thank the following persons and institutions who have supported the chorus. We endeavour to perfect our art, pass on our spirits and sing new songs to make this a better choral community.

常年經費贊助 Annual Fund Sponsors 藍寶石贊助人 Sapphire Patron (HK$10,000 或以上 or above) 張煊昌基金有限公司 Thomas H. C. Cheung Foundation Limited Ms. Yan Hau Yee Lina

金贊助人 Gold Patrons (HK$2,000 或以上 or above) 無名氏 Anonymous 樂陶途琴行 Kinderland Studio 無名氏 Anonymous Mrs Charlotte Chan 李丹教授

銀贊助人 Silver Patrons (HK$1,000 或以上 or above) 林文正 LEE Long Sing Rico 無名氏 Anonymous 譚少薇教授 Miss Lydia Siu 無名氏 Anonymous

銅贊助人 Bronze Patrons (HK$500 或以上 or above) 無名氏 Anonymous Reap in Joy Nadia NG 中大合唱團之友 Friend of CU Chorus Qingsen Wang

「乘著歌聲的翅膀」計劃 On Wings of Song Sponsorship Scheme 藍寶石贊助人 Sapphire Patron (HK$10,000 或以上 or above) Jacob Wong 銀贊助人 Silver Patrons (HK$1,000 或以上 or above) LEE Long Sing Rico Katie and Terry

學生票計劃 Student Ticket Sponsorship Scheme

銅贊助人 Bronze Patron (HK$500 或以上 or above) 陳韋丞先生

中大合唱團之友 Friend of CU Chorus Pearl and Samson Cheung

香港新聲 Canticum Novum H.K. 藍寶石贊助人 Sapphire Patron (HK$10,000 或以上 or above) 何家鷹 Percy Hawk 銀贊助人 Silver Patron (HK$1,000 或以上 or above) 無名氏 Anonymous 銅贊助人 Bronze Patrons (HK$500 或以上 or above) Janet Yau


如欲贊助中大合唱團,可參閱右頁之捐款表格,或瀏覽本團網頁 http://www.cuchorus.org.hk For donation and supporting CU Chorus, please refer to the Donation Form on the right page, or visit our webpage http://www.cuchorus.org.hk

我願意支持香港中文大學合唱團 I wish to support the Chinese University of Hong Kong Chorus (請在方格內勾選 Please tick the box)



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本人願意將捐款撥入 (請選其中一項): I would like to designate my donation to (please choose one of the following)

常年經費 Annual Fund

學生票計劃 Student Ticket Sponsorship Scheme

支持合唱團的日常運作,籌辦音樂會及各式工作坊的場租與宣傳活 動,提升水平,將美好的音樂帶給香港觀眾。 Give donations to support the Chorus’ daily operation, and cost for venue booking and preparation work of concerts and workshops.

支持全日制學生以半價購買中大合唱團的節目門票。讓他們以低於成 本的價錢接觸合唱藝術,培養他們對合唱藝術的認識與興趣。 Support CU Chorus’ half price ticket offer to full-time students to encourage them to know more about choral arts.

乘著歌聲的翅膀計劃 On Wings of Song (OWOS) Sponsorship Scheme

香港新聲 Canticum Novum H.K.

支持中大合唱團團員(特別是本科生)到外地參與交流演出,擴闊 眼界與增加演出經驗,將中大合唱團的歌聲帶到世界其他角落。 Supporting our members (especially undergraduate students) on the cost for overseas tours, widening their horizon and bring CU Chorus’ music to other parts of the world.

支持中大合唱團「Canticum Novum H.K. 香港新聲」計劃,贊助合 唱團未來新作的委約費用,支持本地作曲家為本地合唱音樂發展作 出貢獻。 Support CU Chorus’ future endeavour in commissioning local talents in composing choral works for the city. Fee supports the work of the local talents, and also to the development of local compositions.

捐款方法 Donation Method

贊助人資料 Donor’s Information

(請在方格內勾選 Please tick the box)

(教授/ 博士/ 先生/ 女士/ 小姐/ 公司名稱# ) # (Prof/ Dr/ Mr/ Mrs/ Ms/ Miss/ Organization )

劃線支票 By Crossed Cheque

姓名 (中文) ____________________________________________

祈付「中大合唱協會有限公司」 Payable to “CU Chorus Association Limited”

(姓 Surname)

(名 Given Name)

鳴謝芳名或寶號 Listing Name (individual or company)*

銀行轉帳 By Bank Transfer


恒生銀行 Hang Seng Bank [戶口號碼 Account No.: 774-207195-883] 中國銀行 Bank of China [戶口號碼 Account No.: 012-399-1-014003-8]

( 請傳真或電郵存款憑單 Please fax or email the bank-in slip. )

* 如欲匿名贊助,請填「無名氏」。 閣下亦可選擇「向 (名字) 致敬」或 「紀念 (名字)」) (If you want to remain anonymous, please write"Anonymous". You may write "In honor/memory (name as you wish it to appear on listing)"

電郵地址 Email Address: _______________________________________________________ 聯絡電話 Contact No. : ___________________________________

信用卡 By Credit Card

郵寄地址 Postal Address: _________________________________

您會收到電郵通知,屆時可透過Paypal 以信用卡付款。 You will receive a notice via email and you can pay by credit card through Paypal. 現金 By Cash

Name (ENG) ____________________________________________

_______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________

(捐贈港幣100元或以上可憑正式收據申請扣減稅項。正式收據將郵寄至 閣下之郵 寄地址。 Donation of HK$100 or above is tax deductible with an official receipt which will be sent to your postal address in due course. ) #

請將不適用者删去 Please delete as appropriate.

謝謝您的捐助!Thank You for Your Generous Donation!


請填妥表格並按以下途徑送交本會 Please fill in the form and send it to the Association by: 傳真 Fax: (852) 3007-0344 電郵 Email: cuchorus@cuchorus.org.hk 郵寄 Post: 九龍旺角 彌敦道664號惠豐中心17樓01室 Room 1701, 17/F, Wai Fung Plaza, 664 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon

中大合唱團對所有取得之個人資料,均會謹慎處理及保密,取得的資料只會用作與本團通訊、開發收據、本團活動宣傳之用。 Personal data collected will be treated as strictly confidential and will be used only for receipting, communications and event promotion by CU Chorus. 「中大合唱協會有限公司」為根據香港稅務條例第88條獲豁免繳稅註冊慈善機構。 “CU Chorus Association Limited” is incorporated in Hong Kong under the Companies Ordinance and is registered as a charitable institution under Section 88 of Inland Revenue Ordinance.


主席 President 黃智衡 Wong Chi Hang 副主席 Vice-president 梁潔瑩 Leung Kit Ying 成員 Members 朱振威 Leon Chu 黃天寶 Wong Tin Po

香港中文大學合唱學會幹事會 2022-23 Committee 2022-23, Choral Society, The Chinese University of Hong Kong 會長 Chairperson 黃天寶 Wong Tin Po


中大合唱協會理事會 2021-22 Board 2021-22, CU Chorus Association

中大合唱協會行政人員 Management Team of CU Chorus Association 行政總監 Executive Director 陳蘊明 Monica Chan

副行政總監 Deputy Executive Directors 羅玉鈴 Kirstie Law

市場及發展 Marketing and Development 陳倩鈺 Katie Chan 許家榮 Ron Hsu 鄧鈺怡 Katie Tang 項目統籌 Project Coordinator 潘宇珩 Beatrice Poon

副會長 Vice-chairperson 楊采兒 Yeung Tsoi Yi 財政 Treasurer 簡卓軒 Kan Cheuk Hin

秘書 Secretary 莊琬婷 Chong Yuen Ting

常務幹事 General Affairs Officer 古浩旻 Koo Ho Man Adwin

中大合唱協會 CU Chorus Association 九龍旺角彌敦道 664 號惠豐中心 17 樓 1701 室 Room 1701, 17/F, Wai Fung Plaza, 664 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon 電郵 Email: 傳真 Fax: 網頁 Website:

cuchorus@cuchorus.org.hk (852) 3007 0344 www.cuchorus.org.hk



鳴謝 Acknowledgement

香港中文大學段崇智校長 Prof Rocky S. Tuan, Vice-Chancellor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong 香港中文大學校友事務處 CUHK Alumni Affairs Office 香港中文大學傳訊及公共關係處 CUHK Communications and Public Relations Office 現場 LED 字幕器材 LED Surtitles Equipment Vanadium Production House Limited

香港電台第四台 RTHK Radio 4 藝頻 arts-news 演戲家族 Actors’ Family 香港同人管弦樂團 Hong Kong Doujin Philharmonia 林家琦女士 Ms Kathy Lam 黃歷琛先生 Mr Alexander Wong 艾莉 Ally 譚天樂先生 Mr Alex Tam Mr Frankie Ho 韋然先生 Mr Wai Yin 黃旨穎女士 Ms Cynthia Wong 劉穎途先生 Mr Lau Wing-tao 張飛帆先生 Mr Cheung Fei-fan 王樂行先生 Mr Amos Wong 林淑敏小姐 Miss Amy Lam 陳凱浩先生 Mr Alston Chan 姚潤敏女士 Ms Mandy Yiu 音樂會製作 Concert Production 舞台監督 Stage Management 陳凱浩 Alston Chan

字幕器材 Surtitle Equipment Vanadium Production House Limited 字幕控制 Surtitle Operation 何文政 Rachael Ho 攝影 Photography 李志權 Martin Lee

林凱昌先生 Mr Lam Hoi-cheong 李鏡輝先生 Mr Alpha Li 李志權博士 Dr Martin Lee KarlRecord 程啟翔先生 Mr Angelos Ching 李諾蘊小姐 Miss Chloe Lee 司徒嘉欣小姐 Miss Viola Si Tou 湯曉彤小姐 Miss Janice Tong 陳載恩小姐 Miss Johanna Chan 何文政先生 Mr Rachael Ho 陳榮慰先生 Mr Holok Chen 陳漢記粥麵專家 Chan Hon Kee 多多車仔麵 Dor Dor Cart Noodles 長沙灣紅火雞煲火鍋鮮料點心專門店 Redfire Hotpot (Cheung Sha Wan) 旺角 88 MK 88

工作人員 Helpers 陳蘊明 Monica Chan 陳倩鈺 Katie Chan 李諾蘊 Chloe Lee 司徒嘉欣 Viola Si Tou 湯曉彤 Janice Tong 陳載恩 Johanna Chan 何文政 Rachael Ho 陳榮慰 Holok Chen

錄影 Video Recording KarlRecord 錄音 Audio Recording 程啟翔 Angelos Ching

出版 Publication

編輯及翻譯 Edit & Translation 林凱昌 Lam Hoi-cheong 朱振威 Leon Chu 陳載恩 Johanna Chan 設計 Design 李鏡輝 Alpha Li

封面攝影 Cover Photo 羅玉鈴 Kirstie Law


中大合唱協會有限公司出版 版權所有 © 2022 中大合唱協會有限公司 未經本會書面授權,不得轉載及翻印 Published by CU Chorus Association Limited Copyright © 2022 CU Chorus Association Limited No reproduction is allowed without written consent from the association



只要你有6級嘅樂樂樂樂器證書* 及 DSE 10分** 或以上, 我們的「⾳音樂樂樂樂研習⾼高級⽂文憑」歡迎你 !

* 申請⼈人須於英國皇家⾳音樂樂樂樂學院聯聯合委員會術科考試達6級或以上程度,或獲同級認可機構頒 發同等成績⽔水平,或通過內部試⾳音⾯面試。 ** 香港中學⽂文憑考試取得五科達第⼆二級成績 (包括中國語⽂文及英國語⽂文);或毅進⽂文憑畢業; 或香港⾼高級程度會考取得⼀一科⾼高級程度或兩兩科⾼高級補充程度科⽬目及格,及於香港中學會考取 得五科及格(包括中國語⽂文及英國語⽂文);或成年年申請⼈人,即於入學學年年的九⽉月⼀一⽇日年年滿⼆二⼗十⼀一 歲,並在⼯工作及學術上有相關經驗(成年年申請⼈人需完成中五學歷及通過相關入學考試)。 詳情請參參考:http://www.cbcc.edu.hk/chi/academic/gels/hdms.html 或 與課程主任 Dr. Martin Lee 聯聯絡 (Email: mlee@cihe.edu.hk)。 Higher Diploma in Music Studies

Address: 2 Chui Ling Lane, Tseung Kwan O, NT (Exit B, Tiu Keng Leng MTR Station)


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