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Gemstones (the hidden secrets)

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Welcome to the Romance Issue of Creative Talent Magazine Creative Talent or CT Magazine is the brain child of North Yorkshire based fashion, advertising and pinup photographer Sean J Connolly. If you would like to have your work featured in a future issue get in touch, we are always looking for photographers, models, make up artsts, stylists, designers, writers, bloggers, well you get the idea. So if you want to showcase your work to the world, get in touch.

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Sean J Connolly, Editor Becky Magson, Copy Editor


Photographer - Millie Bell Model - Diana Vasiliev

"With the arrival of the sun finally and the birth of the Royal Baby we all feel happy here at CT Magazine, so we decided to set the theme for this issue to 'Happiness'. I hope this issue makes you feel all happy! After all, that's what summer time is all about. Is your fashion getting you down? Then you need to check out the ranges from for some very none boring fashions. (page 18) I am also honoured to show you the other side to an excellent photographer Steve Davey, who you may remember from past issues, not only is he a great photographer but an excellent writer. (page 38) If you have never heard of an androgynous model make sure to check out Razz; a male androgynous model. This work will amaze you (page 56). Plus, we have once again teamed up with jewellery designers Stars on Mars to show you that gemstones are more than pieces of rock. (page 61). As always I'd love to hear your thoughts on this issue. Enjoy!"





Millie Bell - Fashion Photographer


Aga Kusnierz (model) / Rachel Hobin (mua) Kinga Klimecka (photographer)


12 - CANTERBURY FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER Bradley Williams (photographer) / Emma Kirby (mua) Emma Kirby (model)

Cover Star Millie Bell


Cissy Jones (model) / Eleanor Rees (photographer)


Samantha Yore (photographer) / Ellie Murphy (model)


Sarah Bignall (model) / Samantha Yore (photographer) Mark Lee (photographer) / Andy Wilson (photographer)



Sarah Quinn (model) / Ashley Charlotte (photographer)


Lorna Lovecraft (photographer) / Lily Grace (model) Geeky Foot (shoes) / Couture Bride (dress) / Janine Basil (accessories) / Stephanie Jayne (mua)


Razz Androgynous Model



38 - GETTING IT RIGHT IN CAMERA Steve Davey aka PhotoGun


61 - GEMSTONES (the hidden secrets) Jewllery Designed by Stars on Mars


Durham based web, design & photography studio

Gemstones the hidden secrets


Photographer - Millie Bell Model - Diana Vasiliev







I am Millie Bell and I am based in Billingham, Stockton on Tees.

I have always loved taking photographs but started to get into it properly when I decided to study it at College. I attended Cleveland College of Art and Design in 2008 where I studied for a BTEC National Diploma in Photography. I then went on to study an FdA in Commercial Photography at the same institute. I have been studying for 4 years and have now completed my studies. My portfolio is quite varied and I have photographed many subjects over the past 4 years, however, the majority of my work is portrait and fashion based. I love photographing people and my friends love the idea of me being a photographer and their constant support keeps me going.


Diana Vasiliev

Photographer Millie Bell

Photographer - Millie Bell Model - Diana Vasiliev


Do you prefer working on location or in a studio? I prefer working on location because I love soft, natural light – I love creating Photographers - HD Photography: Craig Devlin & Stuart Henderson the hazy look in my images which cannot be created in a studio and I find it Model - Nick Danks more flattering on your model. Location work is more unpredictable which makes it more exciting.

What areas do you cover and what is the furthest place you have travelled for a shoot? I photograph people mainly in the Stockton, Middlesbrough and Hartlepool area because it is convenient and my models are easy to reach. I would be willing to travel further away for a shoot to get the perfect shot though! I would say I travel the furthest away for landscape shoots because there are so many beautiful places to explore but many of the locations are out of the local area. What preparations do you do before a shoot? I plan my shoot: get a little idea in my head of the kinds of photos I want to take and sometimes do a little bit of research for inspiration. I clean my equipment, empty memory cards, charge batteries etc. What do you think makes a good photographer? Someone with a lot of patience and knowledge about the subject they are photographing. Photographers need good people skills and confidence. If the photographer is confident and easy to get on with, the models will feel a lot more relaxed which will show in the photos. The most important thing I would say is that a good photographer should have a creative eye. Photographer - Millie Bell Model - Diana Vasiliev

Photographer - Millie Bell Model - Diana Vasiliev

Who is your favourite fashion designer and why? My favourite fashion designer is Vivienne Westwood. I've recently bought a pair of Westwood shoes and I love them – definitely my favorite pair of shoes: jelly pink heels with a red heart at the toes – cute. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself and your photography? The shoot for this issue took place at Seaton Beach. The weather was perfect – hot and sunny. It was such a fun shoot. With the theme being happiness I knew I had to create happy, fun looking images and I love the results.

My model Diana Vasiliev is fantastic and so easy to work with. She has done a bit of modeling before for Diesel Models UK so is a natural behind the camera. Diana herself is also based in Billingham, Stockton on Tees. She doesn’t do modeling as a job but I have photographed her quite a few times now because she is so good and a pleasure to work with.

I like to photograph mainly portraits and fashion because I love photographing people. The images for this issue are definitely some of my favourites because they are fun, girly and beautiful summer portraits.


Aga Kusnierz - Manchester - UK

Fashion Model

PHOTOGRAPHER Kinga Klimecka MODEL Aga Kusnierz MUA Rachel Hobin



Bradley Williams - Canterbury

Fashion Photographer


MODEL Emma Kirby PHOTOGRAPHER Bradley Williams MUA / STYLIST Emma Kirby


Haylee Jane

Fashion Model

MODEL Haylee Jane PHOTOGRAPHER Photolion MUA Samantha Allaker


David Elias Photography

Wedding & Fashion Photographer

MODEL Katy Kasia Krysiak PHOTOGRAPHER David Elias Photography MUA / HAIR Colette Bray LOCATION Royal William Yard, Plymouth


Cissy Jones - Stockton - UK Fashion Model


MODEL Cissy jones PHOTOGRAPHER Eleanor Rees


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"a new knockout king in w

PHOTOGRAPHER Benjamin Ramalho of MODEL Tina M. Long

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PHOTOGRAPHER Benjamin Ramalho of MODEL Tina M. Long

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Fashion bloggers can enquire at News Press & Models can enquire at:


Karen Taylor- Kent UK

Fashion Model



MODEL Katy Kasia Krysiak

Jay Jay Photography - UK

Fashion Photographer


Dewa Ariadi Galleri- Plymouth UK

Fashion Photographer PHOTOGRAPHY Dewa Ariadi Galleri MODEL Amber Temple Hughes


"dance and fashion are my life"


PHOTOGRAPHY Samantha Yore MODEL Ellie Murphy


PCI Studio - St Albans UK

Fashion Photographer

MODEL Michelle Ducket

Kate McConrey - Newcastle UK

Fashion Photographer

MODEL Courtney Smith MUA Yasmin Elegance 27

James Eldridge (Ka-tet photography) - Kent UK

Fashion Photographer

MODEL Leigh Sinden


MODEL Leigh Sinden



Sarah Bignall - K

My name is Sarah Bignall, I'm 23 and I'm based in Kent. I moved to Kent from Scotland a found my modelling just took off from there. I started modelling 4 months ago when my shoot was with photographer Andy Wilson. I was found on Facebook and met photograp who wanted to shoot with me. I've meet so many amazing photographers since starting modelling and gained so much experience.

I like to try new ideas and styles. I like shoots that can be made unique, anything from fas lingerie. Since starting, I love to work in the studio and on location as both bring such a uniqueness to the photos.

Two photographers have really brought my modelling and pictures to an amazing standa have loved working with them; they are Samantha Yore & Paul Gibbs.

I wouldn't say I have a favourite shoot as all I've been to have all had a different look and different criteria for each shoot. I enjoy working on double shoots and couple shoots. I'm into working and modelling for charity events, different clothing and companies.

My family and friends have been a great support with my modelling. They support whate path my modelling takes me on.

I'm very open to traveling to shoots as I have family in Scotland so will travel most places benefit my portfolio. To be a model I believe you need confidence, commitment and b to bring your own ideas. Before I have a shoot I always make sure I'm fully prepared, any I've been asked for I'll do my best to have. I always make sure I look the best I can for sho 30

Kent - Fashion Model


and first phers

shion to

ard, and

d m looking



that will be able ything oots.


Jessica Elizabeth Swanson -

bigjess.s@hot 32

MODEL Jessica Elizabeth Swanson MUA Jasmine Rogers HAIR Doug Hobbs PHOTOGRAPHER David Hammonds

- UK - Fashion & Pinup Model


PHOTOGRAPHER Shelley Anne Morecroft MODEL Emily James MUA Samantha Davis Make Up Artist HAIR Bella Bridal Hair by Sandie HAIR ACCESSORIES / JEWELLERY Posy and Pearl DRESS The White Collection by Bridal Boutique

Shelley Anne Morecroft - UK

Fashion Photographer


Getting it Correct in Camera by PhotoGun Why Editing is Not Always Necessary -

The other day I was talking to my friend Baden Bowen - he being a Photoshop guru and a regular contributor to Practical Photoshop. We were discussing the fact that even though Photoshop is a powerful tool, there is still a real need for and good reasons to get images as correct as possible in camera first, before you go anywhere near a computer.

MODELS Gemma Taylor Jessica Burchett Beth McGlinchey

I am not going to tell you about how to get the images correct, but instead, why I think it’s so important to nail it correctly in camera.

Get it Right. Save Time!

Many things can be achieved in Photoshop, but getting it correct in camera will not only save you time - and therefore money - it will always, always be a better final image. Taking the time and effort to expose the image correctly, shooting at the right time of day (not always as easy as it sounds), lighting the image as you imagine you want the final printed piece, colouring those lights with gels, are all really important factors to consider. Thinking, ‘Oh I can fix that in Photoshop’ will only make your life harder and potentially be a real pain in the backside.

Keep it Clean

Another thing I do is to make sure when working on an outside set location that it is as clean and as free of any debris as possible. This is something I find myself doing more and more - cleaning the imagined picture before I even start to take it. The resulting image pops with clean lines and eyes don’t get drawn away to some corner of the picture that you didn’t want to be important in the first place. Yes, cloning and healing do work, but I find that they can muddy an image. So if the set is cleaned up, you don’t need to worry about cloning and healing in the first place. MODELS Gemma Taylor Jessica Burchett Beth McGlinchey


How Low Can You Go?

I aim to keep the ISO as low as possible, typically 50/100. This is just helping yourself really, as the image will be as noiseless as possible (less use of luminosity keeps the image so much sharper).

Shine Some Light on it

For work I will always use lighting. Not having to rely on ambient light is a freedom and a much better way of controlling your situation. You do not need expensive lighting and there are so many tricks of the trade to get around low sync speeds and boring f10 stops: things like ND filters, PseudoHSS, even a combination stack of ND filters, and really dragging the shutter.

MODELS Gemma Taylor Jessica Burchett Beth McGlinchey

MODELS Gemma Taylor Jessica Burchett Beth McGlinchey

Final Thought

In the end, nailing the image in camera makes life so much easier!

Get it right in camera: It looks better, feels better, works better. Cars 足 Clothing 足 39

Sensual Touch Photography - North West UK 40

K - Fashion, Portrait & Wedding Photography

MODELS Rose Fowler PHOTOGRAPHER Sensual Touch Photography MUA Becky Hanks



PHOTOGRAPHER Ashley Charlotte

Sarah Quinn - 42

- Fashion Model




Laura Flora - UK

Fashion & Alternative Model



David Olsan - LONDON - UK

Fashion Photographer

PHOTOGRAPHER David Olsan MODEL Sophia Disgrace MUA Ash Kaur FASHION Cat Yap & Erica Cindy STYLING Cat Yap

Liz Coles - UK

Fashion Photographer

PHOTOGRAPHER Liz Coles MODEL Tommy Raul Tucker


Lorna Lovecraft - Hull - Fashi


Shoes - Geeky Foot ( Dress - Couture Bride (www MUA - Stephanie Jayne ( 48

ion & Wedding Photographer Accessories - Janine Basil ( neMakeup) Model - Lily (


Sam Caird - Cheshire - UK

Make Up Artist

MUA Sam Caird PHOTOGRAPHER Hiran Panchal HAIR James Vickers CONCEPT Laila Walsh


PHOTOGRAPHER Peter Enright STYLIST Baron Anastis RETOUCHER Eliot Alderton

PHOTOGRAPHER Dennis Valdez MODEL Antony Van Leemputten

Fifi Amiekumo - Lo

www.modelmayhe 52

ondon - Fashion Model


What is an Androgynous Model?

With the pure lack of male models in the world of modelling, we were honoured to be able to interview Rashid Omar Suliman who models under the name of Razz. Razz is a South African based androgynous model, which means he models both mens and womens fashion. 54

Who is Razz?

My name is Rashid Omar Suliman and my model name is Razz. I am currently based in South Africa where I live in a place called Brits which is situated in the North West province in South Africa. How did you get into modelling and how long have you been doing it? I have been modelling for about a year now if I recall correctly. I started modelling when I was still a first year student at the London Internation School of Fashion (LISOF), which is also in Pretotria in South Africa. I started out by doing a photo shoot for my friend Danel’s photography project. We were both first year students at LISOF in the year of 2012. After doing the shoot I started sending out the images to various people in the fashion industry both locally and internationally and received positive feedback from FruitCake Vintage Clothing, Previdar magazine, Gaschette magazine as well as my designer friend Rina Chunga who asked me to walk for her at the LISOF fashion show. Thereafter I started sending out my portfolio to modelling agencies locally and internationally and I got a reply from Berny of EveAdam Model Management which a new agency in Johannesburg, South Africa. Berny Holmes, who is also originally from London and now my agent, asked to set up a meeting with her business partner Rebecca when they offered me a modelling contract, so now I'm signed with them under their new faces.


What types of modelling do you do? I do high fashion modeling, runway and editorial work. I describe my work as art because I believe that high fashion is wearable art. Have you modelled for any well known brands or names? Not as yet, but I have done shoots for well known local online magazines such as Previdar and Gaschette Magazine which are two high fashion online magazines in South Africa. My agents are still marketing me in Europe, UK and the USA so I hope to land a booking soon. Do you prefer working on location or in a studio? I like shooting anywhere: on location, a studio or in a broken down bus even. The photo shoot I did for Gaschette Magazine's 3rd issue titled “Lair of the Mountain King” was actually shot in the makeup artist’s garage which was a total mess, and present at that shoot was only myself, the stylist (Jessica Rayne), the makeup artist (Peter Serton) and the photographer (Hendrik van der Merwe), but the end results of the shoot were beautiful. What do your friends and family think of you being a model? My friends are happy for me being a model and they always like the work that I do, and so do my family. My grandfather always told me that I am good at what I do which made me feel happy. My parents are also supportive but they do not consider it a career, they think it's a hobby, but my dad always gives me transport money to go for shoots as I live far from the city, so he’s very supportive to me in that way. What is the furthest place you have travelled for a shoot? The furthest place I have travelled to would have to be the city of Johannesburg which is about an hour and a half away from where I stay because I stay in a rural place called Bapong, Brits. What preparations do you do before a shoot? The preparations I do would be that the night before a shoot or a casting I scrub, steam and mask my face, shave my legs and my entire body, cut my hair very short then bleach it. It takes me almost a couple of hours to get everything done. At times the hair bleach would burn my scalp, but I HAVE to do it.

What do you think makes a good model? A good model is someone who has a unique walk and unique feature and works well with different people and is able to arrive early for gigs and be professional at all times. What's your favourite shoot you have ever done? My favourite shoot was a shoot I did for Previdar magazine. The crew was extremely nice and professional and the models were also nice, we would make jokes and laugh so it was nice working with the Previdar team. Who is your favourite fashion designer and why? My favourite designer is Gareth Pugh. I absolutely love his work because most of his ensembles are black, and I love black, I'm always wearing black. His creations are like art, shocking and wearable. I’d really love to work with him some day. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself and your modelling? My name is Rashid (Razz), I am a South African androgynous model signed to EveAdam Model Management. I am of mixed race and can speak 7 South African languages, I can also read and write arabic fluently. I have two younger siblings whom I love dearly.

I love Amber Rose and her fashion sense, she inspires my style a lot and I also look up to Andrej Pejic, he’s one of the reasons why I became interested in the modeling industry and me having a dream of becoming an androgynous model in my own country. My dream is to some day work with Gareth Pugh, he is amazing.


Red Photography - Chesterfield - UK

Fashion Photographer

PHOTOGRAPHER Sarah Darracott-Hawkins MODEL Danielle Marie

Gemstones (the hidden secrets)

We are proud to once again work with Alesha at Staron-Mars. If you have not checked out their ranges do it now! (


Peace. Balance. Wisdom

White Howlite

Patience. Calm. De-Stress

For the chance to win your own set of gemstone jewellery make sure you read issue 10!


Life Energy. Focus 59

CGC Design Studio

CGC Design Studio came about from necessity. After spending 10 years as a web designer and being required to produce photography and video products to compliment that work, Christopher Dutton decided it was time to take his design work to the next level and joined up with his partner of 11 years, Chloe Bryson BSc (hons), to create an all-encompassing design studio that would offer photo, film and design work all under one roof. Utilising the design talents of both partners to create a brand that could offer not only web design but photography, graphic and advertising products to both the commercial and consumer markets seemed like the most sensible way to proceed in the current climate.

MODEL Joe Mclean

MODEL Aiken Lockhart Walker

"Introducing CGC


Photographer: Chloe Bryson Bsc (hons)

The range of abilities both partners have has contributed to the early success of CGC, enabling it to offer high end products to customers in the north east of England at a price that is not out of reach of the new businesses and customers that are so badly needed to promote the growth this country’s economy requires.

Our Work

As well as web design, film, portrait and commercial photography, CGC is an (a subsidiary of Getty Images) contributor and is constantly producing stock images for sale to the design industry. Generating concepts and ideas in images is a passion of ours and is a major part of our workload.

MODEL Joy Eaton

C Design Studio"

Post Processing: Chris Dutton


Chloe taking the role of creative director oversees most of the decisions made with regards to the look and feel of a product while Chris is the technical director and makes sure the equipment and work in post is managed to a very high standard. This duo ensures a high quality product and as the partners have been together for over 11 years, it ensures the work process is efficient and comprehensive utilising well known design processes.

MODELS Paul Walton & Bethan Osman

Chloe and Chris share most of the workload equally on location and in the studio and can ensure a fast turnaround of images when working on portfolios and other photography based products. With Chloe snapping the images while Chris post processes them on the fly, a customer can walk away the same day with a finished product they can be proud of, a service not many other studios can offer.

We also work with Anna Mobile Beauty ( ) to provide our MUA services on a regular basis to ensure our models are polished and trimmed to perfection, her professionalism and speed is second to none and we see her style and input as a vital part to our work. This industry is all about speed and quality and CGC strives for both.

CGC Design Studio 11c Oakway Court Durham DH7 8XD 0191 378 4521

Our Aims

Our aims for the future are to build the CGC brand to a point where we are a major design service provider in the north and beyond. We hope that our work speaks for us and that it will eventually take us on an adventure across the world working with the best in the industry to generate some awe inspiring work. Being creative is what life is about, and without this we are nothing more than animated objects doing meaningless tasks. Leaving something behind is all we can do, and if that can inspire future generations then we have achieved our goal.

MODEL Sammy Jobling MUA Anna Mobile Beauty 63

English Rose - Essex


PHOTOGRAPHER Richard Jones MODEL Rosie Sizer / English Rose

x - Alternative Model


Paul Gibbs - Kent - UK

Fashion Photographer


CT Magazine - Issue9  

The Happiness issue featuring cover star fashion photographer Millie Bell and introducing androgynous model Razz, and the hidden secrets beh...