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Welcome to the VALENTINES issue of Creative Talent Magazine Creative Talent, or CT Magazine, is the brain child of North Yorkshire based fashion, advertising and pinup photographer Sean J Connolly.

I can't believe that CT Magazine has been around now for over a year If you would like to have your work featured in a future issue and without the support of all the get in touch, we are always looking for photographers, amazing contributors, it would not models, make up artsts, stylists, designers, writers, bloggers, well you get the idea. So if you want to showcase your work to be. So I want to say a personal thank you to everyone for the the world, get in touch. continued support.

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Becky Magson, Copy Editor Orla Wallis, Fashion Writer Bryony Dodds, Fashion Writer


Photographer - David Clifford Model - Charlotte Lister MUA - Jenny Anne Spencer Perry


Sonia Sharma




Charlotte Lister - Fashion Model


24 - FASHION MODEL Claire Gasking

40 - LIVERPOOL FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER Meet Robert Manville and Georgeia Collinson


James Scrivener - Claudia Michon - Hanne Jackson


Feature by Orla Wallis : Photography by Laurence Trolet



78 Meet our Cover Star

Anyone for Cupcakes?

82 Gatsby


MUA Jenny Anne Spencer Perry Photographer David Clifford Model Charlotte Lister

STER - MODEL - BLOGGER - BEAUTY QUEEN - SHEFFIELD ENGLAND I'm Charlotte, 26, and I'm a part time model, blogger and most recently a beauty queen. I started modelling when I was 23 so a bit of a late starter compared to most. Modelling is more of a hobby for me as being a mum and working part time it's hard to be able to find time to shoot but when I can I jump at the chance as I just love getting in front of a camera and creating amazing images with a talented team.

I have been very lucky over the last 12 months as I have been published both nationally and internationally in a number of publications but this is my first ever cover which I am extremely excited about. One of my targets for 2014 was to land a cover and I have done it so that's one off the list!

The last 8 months have definitely been a turning point for me in the world of modelling. Back in July last year I took part in my first pageant (Miss British Empire York) and as daft as it sounds it really changed my life. It gave me inspiration to start writing and I have been very lucky to have a number of pieces published in various magazines. Competing in pageants allowed me to build up my confidence and meet new friends.

Since July I have done a number of photo shoots and I went onto win Miss British Empire Sheffield. Since winning the pageant it's really opened doors for me, I have been asked to model for a number of photographers, had a number of pieces written about me in local magazines and newspapers and it has allowed me to get more involved in local charities including speaking in front of hundreds of people which is something I didn't think was possible for me to do.

MUA Jenny Anne Spencer Perry Photographer David Clifford Model Charlotte Lister

Photographer and Retouching - Samantha Yore Photography Model - Yaasmin

MUA Jenny Anne Spencer Perry Photographer David Clifford Model Charlotte Lister

I swapped my lovely warm bed for a pavement this year along with another beauty queen to raise money for Safe at Last which is a charity that supports homeless and potential homeless children. I am now planning on running the Colour Dash 5k run in Sheffield to raise money for Bluebell Wood Hospice which will be a challenge as I'm very unfit. I will be sad to hand over my reign in September but I am sure the next Miss British Empire Sheffield will do me proud.

This shoot was something quite out of my comfort zone, I normally model high fashion looks, occasion wear and bridal so stripping down to my underwear was quite a scary experience but the photographer David and the MUA Jenny really put me at ease. David chose an amazing location with huge windows that looked out onto stunning scenery and the room had a bit of a vintage look to it. Now the hard part for me was to try and look sexy which I find impossible but I think David managed to show off my sultry side perfectly. I can't wait to work with David and Jenny again to see what we can create next time.

Photographer: Alice Thorpe Model: Charlotte Lister MUA: Vanessa Dawson

Photographer: Alice Thorpe Model: Ava Sanders MUA & Hair: Vanessa Dawson

Scott Renshaw - Fashion Photographer- Devon How did you get into photography and how long have you been doing it? I've always had a passion for photography and have done it for about 3 years, but only got seriously into it about 7 months ago. What types of photography do you do? I mostly do fashion portraits as well as just trying to make people look their best in all my images. Do you prefer working on location or in a studio? I don’t have a preference although recently I’ve been doing more location work. What do your friends and family think of you being a photographer? They love to see my images and see the improvements I am making. What areas do you cover and what is the furthest place you have travelled for a shoot? I cover most of the south west from Cornwall to Devon and Somerset. We have beautiful countryside down here. What preparations do you do before a shoot? Check over all my equipment, making sure its all clean and batteries are fully charged. What do you think makes a good photographer? Creativity and the willingness to learn. What's your favourite shoot you have ever done? I enjoy all my shoots and they all have something a little bit different from one another. I am hoping to learn more and look forward to a productive 2014.

Photographer: Scott Renshaw Model: Rebecca Taylor

Sam Caird- Fashion Photographer

Model: Kayleigh Chin Photographer: Sam Caird MUAH: Sam Caird

Model: Sharon Milnes Photographer:

Photographer: Alison Greenwood Photography Models: Wesley and Trinny Greenwood

George Burgess - Fashion Photographer

What is your name and where are you based? My name is George Burgess. I am 21 and come from Manchester. How did you get into photography and how long have you been doing it? I have always been interested in taking photos since I was young and went to Trafford College to study Photography on a level 3, 2 year BTEC course. Now I am at Manchester Metropolitan University studying Ba (Hons) Photography. What types of photography do you do? I enjoy all types of photography and am still experimenting with my work so that I can gain experience and learn as much as I can. Fashion photography is something I am very keen on because I get a real buzz preparing for shoots and find it exciting looking at the results. Do you prefer working on location or in a studio? I prefer shooting on location, it means you can explore the area and find new places and I think the location is definitely one of the most important factors in a photo. What do your friends and family think of you being a photographer? I think some of my friends and family think being a photographer is a lot more glamorous than it is, I am starting to get invited to a lot of weddings now that people have seen my work, but my nights certainly don’t consist of getting drunk! Everybody is very supportive, they know that I am very passionate about what I do. What areas do you cover and what is the furthest place you have travelled for a shoot? To date the majority of my work has been in the Greater Manchester area, although I have taken my camera over to Barcelona and Paris with a group of my photography friends. What preparations do you do before a shoot? It really depends on the shoot itself. There is a lot of work that goes into researching the location, finding exactly the right spot and the time of day/night that suits it best. Sometimes the hardest part can be arranging a suitable time that everybody can work together, that’s the make-up artist, model(s) and myself, and fit that into the location. What do you think makes a good photographer? I think one of the most important aspects of being a photographer is people skills. It doesn’t matter about how

Model: Jessica Hession Photographer:- George Burgess MUA: Zoe McCaffrey

good your equipment is, the location or the people involved if you can’t communicate with the model and make them feel comfortable. If you don’t get this right then it can reflect in the photo. What’s your favourite shoot you have ever done? By far this is my favourite shoot, it was done before I went to university and was my final piece for college. It was hard work but a very constructive day with makeup artist Zoe McCaffrey and model Jessica Hession. They are both friends of mine and we all had a good time, it really makes a difference when you are happy with the results that you get and you enjoyed yourself along the way.

Model - Chloe Burton (Sugar and Spice) Photographer - ARC Photography MUA - Jasmine Eleazer Lingerie: Deviance

TJ du Plessis (Procapture) - Fashion Photographer

What is your name and where are you based? My name is TJ du Plessis and I am based in Southend on Sea, Essex. I use the name “Procapture� for my photography. How did you get into photography and how long have you been doing it? My interest in photography kicked off whilst I was still in the Army. I started off doing military functions and family portraits then took the plunge and began wedding photography, which I really enjoy! What types of photography do you do? I am currently doing a large amount of studio photography, specialising mostly in vintage, pinup and glamour, yet am always up for a new challenge! Alongside the recent studio work I am continuing my enjoyment of wedding photography and am looking forward to capturing some special moments in the new year. I thrive on the challenges wedding photography brings - things can change so quickly that improvised creativity and thinking on my feet are essential, but that all adds to the fun!

Model - Leanne Photographer - Procapture

Have you photographed any well known brands or names? I’ve photographed various ministers and high profile members at a variety of military functions. I am also one of the regional photographers for 'Vintage Life Magazine', which is fun, challenging and exciting. The magazine usually provides me with a storyline or particular subject matter they would like to cover and I then set up the photo-shoot and provide the photographs for the feature. One of the wackiest requests I received was to provide photographs featuring a model feeding chickens! It was not so easy to find to a chicken farm and a willing model to do it lol! Over the years I have also attended a variety of exhibitions with my work being published in both local and international magazines and newspapers. Do you prefer working on location or in a studio? I prefer working in my studio - just got a set of TriFlectors and I absolutely love the end result! But I do also enjoy the excitement of on-location shoots; you never really know what to expect. What do your friends and family think of you being a photographer? I am really lucky! I get amazing support from my wife and family and they all know how passionate I am about photography. My daughter is my "tester model" every time I get a new lens or photography item to try out! What areas do you cover and what is the furthest place you have travelled for a shoot? I cover most areas of the South East, Essex and Kent in particular, but am always happy to travel wherever needed. A Paris shoot is still on the bucket list! Since having my studio, I have done numerous photoshoots with the young and upcoming model Meaghan O’Neill, where we have been trying out various set-ups and different themed shoots - we're aiming for that first front cover publishing! What preparations do you do before a shoot? In preparation for the shoot I usually have a look on the internet to get some ideas of interesting poses, angles, props etc and display it on a monitor during the shoot for inspiration. This way we don’t run out of ideas. Before a shoot I will check the lights, make sure the batteries are charged and run all those little technical checks, and most importantly, make sure the studio is warm, tidy and comfortable for the model. What do you think makes a good photographer? I believe people are different, so no two brilliant photographers are the same. As long as you have the passion and the will to produce something special, you will succeed as a photographer! What’s your favourite shoot you have ever done? I’ve got too many! I love being behind a camera – always trying to create that something special, something different. There's a learning curve in every shoot! One day I would like to be a well-known, full time photographer with my own successful photography business. That’s my dream…!

Model: Dannii Photography: Model - Nigel Danni Hollingworth Photographer - Nigel Hollingworth

Claire Gasking - Fashion Model

My name is Claire Gasking, I'm 17, and I am based around Norwich. I have always dreamed of becoming a model and decided to get in touch with a local photographer Everlyn Wozny at the end of last year. She has her own photography business named ‘Kaitlyn Alice Photography’ and agreed to do some test shots with me. She felt I had the potential she was looking for with an intriguing look. Each time we try out a range of styles and poses trying to create different looks whilst having fun at the same time. We incorporated the help of makeup artist ‘Amos Corruption Makeup Design’ and she was able to create different facial looks for shoots. I am mostly into fashion and enjoy modelling different types of clothes, some natural and some with an edgier look. I am also into health and fitness and a keen gymnast and would like to be involved with fitness modelling. Working in different locations is important when creating a good image. I enjoy working with different sceneries and backgrounds allowing each shoot to be varied. My favourite outdoor shoot I have done so far was located in a church graveyard with a Victorian theme. We were able to find a Victorian dress to try and recreate a desired look. However, I prefer to work in the studio and focus on the poses that I create. My friends and family are very supportive of my modelling and are there for me every step of the way. They offer me advice of how I’m able to improve my images and encourage me to follow my dreams. I gather together a range of different looks over time that inspire me and use them when shooting. I plan out which outfits would work well together and what scenery would be required. Before a shoot I ensure that I’ve had a good sleep the night before, allowing me to be mentally prepared to work at my best. I arrive at a shoot with freshly brushed hair and a moisturized face, with no make up on. I follow a healthy diet and drink plenty of water allowing my skin to be in good condition. I think being a good model requires someone who is dedicated to what they do. They must be creative and an outgoing person, willing to try out different poses and styles without feeling embarrassed. A good model must also be able to handle rejection and learn from the experience. My favourite fashion designer would have to be Dolce & Gabbana. Their designs are outgoing and bright. However, my favourite high street brand is Topshop. Their clothes are affordable and have a quirky feel to them. Model: Claire Gasking Photographer: Kaitlyn Alice Photography Make up artist: Amos Corruption Make Up Design

I have set up a facebook page dedicated to my images under the name of Claire Gasking which allows viewers to see the images I am capable of and express their own opinions of my work. I am also a member of Purpleport which you are able to locate me on under the name of Claire Gasking. If you would like to get in touch with me, my email is

Model: Claire Gasking MUAH: Amy Wilks of Amos Corruption Make Up Design Photographer: Evelyn M. Wozny of Kaitlyn Alice Photography

Model and MUA: Karolina Borowiec Photographer: Dewa Ariadi

MUA: Samantha justice wheeler Photography: Glen Mitchell photography

Model: Hannah Williams Photography: K L Burnard Photography

MUA Leanne Pollock Photography James Sommerville Models Photography 足 Dean Bromwich Hayley Lewis Model - Emma

Mike Mor - Fashion Photographer

I love looking at life through the lens…

Starting from my kids, through my family and of beauty fashion & fashion photography. I get ideas from all around: movies, TV shows, music, people around me, and always try to think about new ways to shoot old things or new things in old ways. The most important thing for me is to have a good time on a set, with good energies, that's the only way to create.

Photography: Mike Mor ­ Model: Keshet Rose Styling and Makeup: Yana Zernitsky ­ Hair: Alechko Chepel Assistant Photographer: Nadav Yacobi

Beauty in Colour

Beauty in colour came into mind when I wanted to create something to emphasize colours and the female body. I wanted to create a very minimalistic look so that the viewers see a very clean look, portrayed by a gorgeous model, dressed only in colour which in this editorial was manifested by flowers. I love the way each colour has its own personality and world of association, and we wanted to share ours with this editorial.

Photography: Rhian Kirkby Model: Victoria May

Photography: David Clic Model : Belle Noir MUA: Sam Galton (Divine Beauty), Samantha Lyann

Photography: James Eldridge Model: Leigh Sinden and Sam Butchers

James Oliver Connolly - Fashion Photographer

Photography: James Oliver Connolly Model: Julia Bartnicka

Robert Manville - Fashion Photographer What is your name and where are you based? Robert Manville and I’m based in Liverpool, Merseyside.

How did you get into photography and how long have you been doing it? I started in photography four years ago after deciding to change my career from an ICT Support Technician. After buying my first camera Sony A33 I started taking photos at local fashion shows and it’s grown into a full time job taking photos for models, weddings and product photos for companies websites. What types of photography do you do? I do photo-shoots for models looking to build or expand their portfolio; I also do wedding photography and product photography. Do you prefer working on location or in a studio? Depends on the weather really, I enjoy working in the studio and most of my best work from the modelling side of my photography has come from there. I also enjoy shooting on location whether it’s a photo-shoot for a model or at someone’s wedding. What do your friends and family think of you being a photographer? My friends and family have been supportive of me wanting to become a photographer. My older brother actually set me up with Claire who was doing the hairdressing at a fashion show in Pan Am and she invited me to come along so I could take some photos and it’s taken off from there. What areas do you cover and what is the furthest place you have travelled for a shoot? I’ve worked all around the North-West of England. What preparations do you do before a shoot? I make sure my camera gear is all ready to go (Sony A77 and A33), make sure I have everything I need for the shoot whether it’s setting up my studio lights, cleaning my lenses or making sure I’ve got what I need to shoot on location in my camera bag.

Photography: Robert Manville Model: Georgina Collinson

What do you think makes a good photographer? I would say good attention to detail. I’ve seen a few photos that have been ruined by something in the background. The most important thing is to have an eye for getting good photos, especially when shooting at weddings, where there is a lot going on right in front of you and it is your job to capture that special moment. What’s your favourite shoot you have ever done? It’s really hard to say which is my favourite as I’ve enjoyed working on all the shoots I’ve done. If I had to pick one I would say my very first photo-shoot with Nic, Sonya and Klaire, which was angel themed and the photos got a lot of positive reviews on my facebook and viewbug pages.

Photography: Robert Manville Model: Georgina Collinson I really enjoy my job as a photographer, I’ve been very lucky to work with some amazing people over the last four years and thanks to the support I received from the Prince’s Trust I’ve managed to start a successful business in photography where I can provide Modelling, Wedding and Product Photos.

Georgina Collinson - Fashion Model As a young girl my dream was to become a model, however when I would say that to someone they would laugh at me and say “you’re not good enough to become a model” and “you’re living in a dream world". Sadly these comments deterred me from chasing my dream. At the age of 17 I was approached by a photographer from the Liverpool Echo, who asked if he could take my picture for the Street Style section in the newspaper. At the time I was shocked that he asked me, I didn’t even have any makeup on. A few days later I was pleased to see my picture was published in the Liverpool Echo and after seeing it I decided I was going to become a model. I booked a photo-shoot to get a portfolio, while at my photo-shoot everything seemed to flow naturally, to me it was like dancing in front of the camera and I couldn’t wait to see my photos from the day. As soon as the photos arrived I did a portfolio on Shortly after I started freelance work as a model, dancer and actor, which seemed perfect to me especially after studying performing arts and teaching dance at my local youth centre. I took part in several competitions and pageants including Miss England. I received my first crown at Miss Natural Sparkle; by this time I'd done a lot of photo-shoots and was now the face for Studio Boudoir. I went on to do catwalks and took interest in the high fashion industry, but I had no luck in finding work in this because of my height.

"Always follow your dreams"

Photography: Robert Manville Model: Georgina Collinson

Photography: Robert Manville Model: Georgina Collinson

Photography: Robert Manville Model: Georgina Collinson

After that minor set back I started TV work with the BBC and Channel 4, travelled across the UK and met a lot of new people. I joined Static Management London, Liverpool, Monaco and my manager Bernice has been amazing to work with. I’ve made a lot of new friends, took part in music videos with Video Ink for MTV, VH1, Kerrang and Scuzz. I’ve also done several appearances alongside our beautiful Miss Motors girls at charity events to help raise money for cancer research. I have been recently crowned Miss Motors Merseyside, which was where I met the photographer Robert Manville and after talking to him, I decided to do a photo-shoot with him which has resulted in us winning 6 awards for creativity on I have a lot of amazing work lined up and I’m most looking forward to going to Monaco in May to do Miss Monaco Grand Prix. I always remember those people who told me I would never make it as a model and it makes me smile even more knowing what I’ve achieved so far. The truth is this industry is huge and there's a place for everybody, everybody is beautiful in their own way, all you need is confidence and to believe in yourself and there’s nothing you can’t do. Photography: Robert Manville Model: Georgina Collinson

Photography - Simon Batty Model - Emma Richardson

Kitty Corsets Models Doncaster

We are a group of 24 male and female models who work together on fun, confidence boosting lingerie themed shoots. Collaborating with photographers both up and coming and established, we produce images on a TF basis, modelling garments from the lingerie retailing arm of Kitty Corsets.

Photography Jessy Jones Photography Model Tabitha Anne Elsam Hair Ema Milgate The Hair Boutique Boston

Photography:- James Scrivener Models: Chloe Abigail MUA: Lauren Brocklehurst Hair: Jenni Jones

James Stubbs - Fashion Photographer

Model: Seamstress Sugar Makeup & Hair: Seamstress Sugar Photographer: James Stubbs Photography

If you’re looking for a favourite new photographer, Middlesbrough based James Stubbs is where it’s at. Having been an aspiring photographer since the tender age of thirteen, the student has spent the past four years developing his own alternative style. You’re more likely to see this upcoming shutterbug out exploring the UK, as opposed to hidden within a studio, as he feels this is where his work shines the most. Thanks to the support of his family and friends, James has begun a college course in photography, something which will only help to develop his already set talent. The three key words that this artistic photographer feels are essential for success is commitment, creativity and individuality – a combination he clearly obtains himself. To see James’s impressive portfolio, head to

Photography William Clark Photography - Model Sandie-Jade MUA POWT - Shannon Keegan

Photographer - Koshmo Model - Fiona York MUAH - Yolanda Otero

Penny Jane - Fashion Photographer What is your name and where are you based? My name is Penny Jane Edwards and my business is PennyJane Photography, based in Newcastle. How did you get into photography and how long have you been doing it? I have always loved photography, so I decided to do a photography degree, starting my own business up nearly a year ago. What types of photography do you do? I do many types of photography but mainly fashion, beauty, weddings and events. What do your friends and family think of you being a photographer? My family and friends are really supportive and I have made some of my closest friends in the industry. What areas do you cover and what is the furthest place you have travelled for a shoot? I cover the north east of England but always willing to travel. What preparations do you do before a shoot? The makeup artist I used for this shoot is a close friend, so we always meet up to go through ideas and what makeup we think will work best. I always make a mood board of ideas and poses and I always make sure to get the best locations or the best light set up.

Photographer - Penny Jane Edwards Model - Anna Sophie Barras MUAH - Josephine Birkett

What do you think makes a good photographer? Someone who has a passion for photography and a eye for detail. What's your favourite shoot you have ever done? I would have to say the fox themed shoot. I really enjoy doing creative shoots and doing something different.

Josephine Birkett - Makeup Artist

Model: Charlotte Lister Photographer: Becci Drake Retoucher: Mj Jahami Hair & Makeup: Zara Abraham

Josephine is a Make-Up Artist based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, covering the whole North East Region. Josephine is a versatile artist who prides herself on a professional and creative approach to all of her work, in all aspects of her artistry. She gained an Honours Degree in Makeup and Costume for Performance, so she has a vast amount of skill and knowledge to draw on. Her favourite aspect of the industry is working within the fashion industry, on advertising campaigns, Look books and shows.

Photographer - Penny Jane Edwards Model - Anna Sophie Barras MUAH - Josephine Birkett

Photography: Natasha Harding - NH Photography Magick Model: Hannah Kellaway

Photography: Rhiannon D'Adverc MUA: Laxmita Raghwani Model: Karina Jankelevic (Beau-Bellemodels agency, Zebramodels agency)

Photography: Paul Gibbs -

Kyle Insley - Nottingham - Fashion Photographer How did you get into photography and how long have you been doing it? A little over ten years ago I started my interest through doing a photography A-Level at college and continued as a hobby on and off ever since until the last 2-3yrs when I decided to get more involved. What types of photography do you do? Fashion, portrait, fashion directed glamour and art nude.

Photography: Kyle Insley Model: Kerry-Ann

Have you photographed any well known brands or names? I’ve photographed for a few clothing boutiques in the past, not particularly real big names but with plenty of exposure. I’ve also been lucky enough to photograph some massively published models including the likes of Jo-Louise Moore (Playboy, Maxim, Nuts, FHM, Zoo and more) & Leah Harris (All UK alt glam and lads mags.) Do you prefer working on location or in a studio? Both on equal measure, it all depends on what I want to achieve. With studio you can control more.. lighting, backdrops and weather doesn’t become an issue, whereas location is always guaranteed to add more depth to the photos with the addition of scenery if you can find great places and pick the right times to shoot.

Photography: Kyle Insley Model: Kerry-Ann

What preparations do you do before a shoot? Massive amounts of looking for similar themes and looks, compile examples so the models and other creatives are some-what informed of what I want to get. Plenty of communication is a must too, get to know/trust the people you plan to work with. What's your favourite shoot you have ever done? I did a fashion shoot in a really small back garden of a relative of a stylist I worked with once, it really wasn’t special nor had any selling points, and it was freezing cold, so there were massive periods of warming up inside whilst makeup and outfits were changed. But, the stylist, model and mua were great people and to boot the model was ridiculously brilliant. We got amazing photos at the end, which were later published on the Vogue Italia website!

Photography: Asgard Photography MUA: Maxine Ayre / Maximillion Makeup and Hair Model: Sophie Dickson

Photography: Amethyst Photography HMUA: Vicky McNeil Model: Stefani

Photography - Kelley Photography - Model 足 Dollface Janel

Feature by Bryony Dodds Photography: Angela Carrington Model: Maz Ulvants

Jewellery Moments Jewellery by Alice Thompson

Situated in the Northern city of Newcastle is trinket brand, Jewellery Moments. JM thrive on providing their customers with high-quality, one off pieces. Having been brought up around the crafting of jewellery, head designer Alice makes bespoke, unique items, incorporating a variety of colours and textures using Fairtrade, UK-based resources. Selling everything from bespoke bridal pieces to everyday classics, the brand cater to a wide audience of jewellery enthusiasts.

Although admitting shooting in a studio gives more scope for focus with her products, Alice feels outdoor shoots, such as the current ocean promotional imagery shown on the website, allow for more creativity and fun. The Midnight collection is a personal favourite for the designer, thanks to its sophisticated, classic feel, making it a popular gift option for many. If you are from the North East, you may in fact already be familiar with JM designs, due to their creations being showcased at Durham Fashion Week last year, an experience which Alice describes as ‘’fabulous’’. The designer is undeniably grateful of the love and support from her close ones, and it’s clear just how much they love her work, with them wearing her designs and requesting specific styles, which are brought to life at ease by her crafty fingertips. As well as selling ready-made pieces, the brand also holds workshops where customers can come along and learn the skills around beading themselves. From your home, your workplace, or even the library, they come to you. From as little as £35, you will learn the skills of jewellery design, leaving with your own finished item.

Alice’s key tip for any individual aspiring for a career in jewellery design, would be to ‘’stand out’’. A combination of boldness and self-belief also prove to be highly significant, too. The JM Spring Summer collection has recently launched on the website, and we have to say, we want everything. Epitomising everything S/S, the range incorporates classic colours and a few snippets from the latest trends.

But don’t take our word for it, take a look at the Jewellery Moments website yourself, here. You can also keep up to date on everything JM on their various social media platforms:

However you choose to wear your Jewellery Moments piece, you’ll know it’s a one of a kind.

Vicki-Lea Boulter - Fashion


Photography Vicki-Lea Boulter Model Sophie Bartorelli

and Portrait Photographer

Photography Trev Wordley Model Elliot

Lauren Eddy - North Licolnshire - Fashion Photographer

Photography and Styling Lauren Eddy, LME Photography

How did you get into photography and how been doing it? I’ve always been creative and loved anything to d it was once I began studying A level photography really fell in love with it. Once I completed my pho qualification and left college I was debating wheth university or not, however due to the amount of fre was receiving I decided to just put my all into it an photography my full time job – it was then that LME was born! I’ve been officially running LME Photogra a year now and I love it.

What types of photography do you do? I cover all aspects of photography, from weddings Model to commercial/corporate work however fashion ph Kitt Eccles where my real passion lies. I love producing artistic inspired images by sourcing my models and taking charge of the styling, make up and overall producti shoot. Normally I’m the stylist, make-up artist and photographer!

Have you photographed any well known brands or names? One of my main commercial clients is - they’re an online shoe website based in t specializes in women’s heels and boots. Ladies, go check them out! Do you prefer working on location or in a studio? It depends on the shoot really. In a studio you have more control over the lighting etc. however you’re fairly limited as to how adventurous you can be unlike shooting on location - especially if you’ve been blessed with some good weather! Shooting on location also helps to create more of a mood to your images rather than a plain studio backdrop does. What do your friends and family think of you being a photographer? They love it, I think! I’m lucky enough to have such a strong, supportive network of family and friends - I don’t think I could’ve started LME Photography without them. What areas do you cover and what is the furthest place you have travelled for a shoot? I’m based in North Lincolnshire but I’ve travelled all over the Lincolnshire area for various projects and commissioned work. When it comes to my photography work, I’m willing to travel anywhere.

Photography and Styling Lauren Eddy, LME Photography Model Kitt Eccles

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What do you think makes a good photographer? As simple as it sounds, someone who really loves photography and is willing to put in the hard work that comes with it. It’s like Patrick Demarchelier once said – “Photography is not a job, it’s a vocation. You can’t do it unless you love it. You have to train hard and work all the time. You need to be naturally good at it.” I also think a great photographer is someone with a recognizable edge. Some of my favourite photographers have such a distinctive look to their work that if you were aware of whom they were, you would recognize one of their images almost immediately. What’s your favourite shoot you have ever done? This one! I put a lot of thought into the styling and overall production of this shoot and I’d like to think it’s paid off. However I enjoy almost every shoot, wedding and portrait I take - mainly because I love my job but also because when you see a client that is genuinely thrilled with their photos, it reminds you that the hours of preparation, shooting and editing were worth it. Who is your favourite fashion designer and why? I love Isabel Marant for her Parisian off-duty cool, Australian label “Keepsake the label” for their feminine aesthetic and directional eveningwear and as for the highstreet, I love Zara and H&M as they have a similar (but much cheaper) look to the first two!

the UK that

What preparations do you do before a shoot? If it’s a commissioned shoot, I have several meetings with the client prior to the shoot. We brain storm ideas back and forth, do our research, organize a date, scout models and consider various locations/props (if needed). The same applies for personal shoots however the process is normally a lot quicker due to me having full control over the shoot. One thing I always do is create mood boards – they’re an excellent way of laying out various inspirations and ideas in front of you to compare and consider. I often look to social network sites such as Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr for inspiration and then use the images I find to create online mood boards.

Photography and Styling Lauren Eddy, LME Photography Model Kitt Eccles

Photography 足 Big Lamp Photography Model 足 Samantha Fisher

Photographer: Codie Hobbs Model: Nicola Carter Designer: Tre Worsley

Codie Hobbs - Photographer - Plymouth

Photographer: Codie Hobbs Model: Amy Jane Eaton Styling: Codie Hobbs

What is your name and where are you based? My name is Codie Hobbs, I am 22 and I am based in Plymouth, UK. How did you become a photographer and how long have you been doing it? I first became interested in photography by reading countless magazines and being inspired by the photographs on their pages. Massive influences including Tim Walker and Kristian Schuller spurred me to continue to practice and to expand my knowledge of photography. From school I went to Art College to complete a diploma in Photography, which lead me onto my BA (Hons) at Plymouth College of Art, which I completed last year. My work is always focused towards fashion photography. This is where my passion lies. Have you photographed for any well­known brands or names? Within my fashion work I am unfortunately yet to photograph anybody recognisable, but I did get the chance to photograph Ben Howard in the summer whilst working under commercial collective Fotoplus. Do you prefer working on location or in a studio? I would always pick location over the studio, for me it is a lot more exciting, allowing more creativity and interaction with the image. Creating stories within the photographs becomes a lot more natural when it incorporates real life situations that have been moulded to fit the style of work. Location scouting is also a part of photography that I love to do, this may be a reason why I prefer to shoot on location. What do your friends and family think of you being a photographer? They are all very supportive and always helpful when in need for a model to test my shots. What preparations do you do before a shoot? A lot of preparation goes into every shoot I do, from tracking down the appropriate location and models, to the equipment, clothing, makeup and more. Hours and hours of planning and moodboards accompany each shoot. I like to arrive at the shoot with everything mapped out in my head. What do you think makes a good photographer? It takes a lot of time and dedication to become a good photographer. You need to constantly work on your skills to progress and become the best that you can be. What is your favourite shoot/assignment you have ever done? I loved the freedom of being on a degree program, so my favourite assignment would be my whole ‘Nomad’ series. I had a five-month period to focus all my work on one theme, and I loved the way I could fully submerge myself in the series. This work can be found on my website. Who is your favourite photographer and why? Tim Walker is my favourite photographer, I love how his work is always so unique and the amount of thought, time and effort that goes into producing the images is amazing!

Shirley Parkhouse - Photographer - Devon What is your name and where are you based? My name is Shirley Parkhouse; I am the photographer to my business Flawless Fhotos based in Barnstaple, North Devon. How did you get into photography and how long have you been doing it? I've been a self-taught photographer and image editor for nearly five years now. It started off as a hobby, and bit of a life long ambition, so I thought I would bite the bullet and see what came of it. I started to read absolutely everything photography related, regularly going to the library and buying relevent magazines. I then went on to save up for a new DSLR camera, some lighting and photoshop and began doing photo shoots for friends and family. After a year, when I felt more confident, I started advertising to the general public, and now I am finally sitting here, with a thriving business. I certainly can't complain about how it has all turned out! What types of photography do you do? I do every type of photography imaginable, from babies and weddings, to fashion and glamour, although I feel I am much more suited to the glamorous side and ultimately would love to one-day move to the big city of London, and work being a photographer solely in the genre I love the most. Have you photographed any well known brands or names? Sadly Barnstaple isn't a very big place. I have done photography for a new tan product ‘Veisha’ and have also done a few photoshoots with a lady called Siobhan Darke, who recently appeared on the tv show, ‘Take Me Out’ and in ‘Zoo’ magazine, but I would love to photograph for a big campaign one day! Do you prefer working on location or in a studio? I love both, but I do love the outdoors, in particular, beach photoshoots. I especially love going abroad and doing location photography with models.

Photography Shirley Parkhouse Model Lucy Parkhouse

What do your friends and family think of you being a photographer? My friends and family have given me the confidence to do well and praise me so much. I get such amazing compliments and feedback for my work, although I am naturally like any other photographer out there and won’t say my work is always perfect, when there is always room for improvement. What areas do you cover and what is the furthest place you have travelled for a shoot? I would love to move to london and take my photography to a new level there, so to anyone reading this who might want to hire me, I am available! I did a photography trip last year to Malta and did photoshoots all over the beautiful island. We really got some amazing shots, so this year I am hoping to organise another, this time to Cyprus, and continue this as an annual trip, getting more girls together, along with my makeover team, staying in a beautiful villa and creating some more amazing photos. What preparations do you do before a shoot? I would like to think I am pretty organsed, and anytime I have five minutes I am constantly learning about photgraphy poses, lighting and styling, the list just goes on and on. So, before each photshoot I wiill get a rough idea in my head for the poses, positions and lighting that I think will work best. What do you think makes a good photographer? I think photography comes from the heart and I think you either have it or you don’t. Anyone can buy an amazing camera and take photos but if your heart's not in it, there is no point. For me personally, I live and breath photography: I wake up thinking about a shoot, I go to bed thinking of one, and often dream about them or find myself up all hours, planning my next one. Everyone says I have a great eye too, so I think that helps. I just adore my job and could never imagine myself doing anything else now. What's your favourite shoot you have ever done? I have to say my absolute favourite shoot to date has to be one I did in Malta where I had arranged a shoot on a speed boat in the middle of the blue lagoon - you don’t get much better than that location wise and with perfect weather conditons, the pictures from that photshoot were insane. In this specific photo shoot the pictures are of my sister in law Lucy Parkhouse, who is a part time glamour model. I really hope one day that i will make it big in the world of photography. I am extremely ambititious and overwhelmed at the opportunity I have been given, to be able to share this with everyone, so anyone that would like to work with me please do get in touch!

Photography: Asgard Photography Model: Andromeda Quinn

Photography Irena Kabelis Model Aliona Jelluka

Photographer: James Scrivener Model: Claudia Michon Hair: Hanne Jackson

James Scrivener - Photographer

Over the past year I have been concentrating on mainly paid work which has mostly been for friends and family including weddings, birthdays, family portraits, graduations, events etc. I recently went to New York and came back with lots of stunning images which I am hoping to sell in the near future. During the winter months I have been concentrating on work at my home studio, though will be doing more location work once the warmer weather arrives. The idea for the cupcake photo shoot came from looking at photos on Pinterest which I recently joined and have more ideas that I plan to recreate later in the year. In the next 12 months I am looking forward to working with more new people and growing my photography business further.

Photographer: James Scrivener Model: Claudia Michon Hair: Hanne Jackson

Hanne Jackson - Hair Stylist

My love for all things makeup first began whilst living in Liverpool, I would often be in charge of makeup and hair for nights out, themed or otherwise, and would generally follow either online tutorials or simply experiment. Knowing I’d found my passion, I enrolled on a beauty course which then resulted in me earning a place on a makeup artistry and special effects course at Bradford College. I am engineered towards the fashion side of the makeup and hair world, I love using glitter, jewels and creating Avant Garde looks, but I also love the film set atmosphere when it’s 10pm and everyone’s tired and cold but still loving what they’re being a part of. Wanting to carry on my education, I earned myself a place at West Thames College in London to gain my degree in makeup artistry and began studying in September; I will still apply makeup for friends but my favourite experience is working for friends on their wedding makeup, being able to be involved in their special day is truly wonderful. I am currently trying to develop my own unique makeup style and hope one day to have my makeup designs instantly recognised by a simply glance. Photographer: Steve Weys of Yer Tiz Photography

Jessica Shipley - Make Up Artist

Model: Jade Mary MUA and Hair Stylist: Lien Vy Location: Euston, London

Based in Yorkshire I am fully qualified in Makeup for Film, Television and Theatre and I am currently studying for a BA Special Effects Makeup Design, with the aspiration to work in Special Effects, Prosthetics and Wigs. My passion for makeup began at an early age when watching classic horror films ranging from Alien to Frankenstein. My determination for creatures and special effects grew from there and continues to grow daily. Continuously furthering my knowledge and experience, I relish working with new talent and existing members of the industry, pushing myself to the height of my abilities. With everything from creature prosthetics to bridal makeup, my ambition is to establish myself within the makeup industry to the highest standard.

Photographer: James Scrivener Model: Claudia Michon Hair: Hanne Jackson

Claudia Michon - Model

Modeling - My passion is easy to imagine but hard to do. I believe in myself and I'm pretty sure that I would be good at it without a beautiful face and perfect body. Everyone has dreams but 80% of people don't even try to make them real. I am part of that 20%. I am gonna keep trying and do it as best as I can.

Photographer: James Scrivener Model: Claudia Michon Hair: Hanne Jackson

Laurence Trolet - Photographer - London Feature by Orla Wallis

Laurence Trolet, a London based photographer recognised mainly for her interior design shots, was born in Paris in 1969. In 1989 she studied at the Maryse Eloy College of Art and Design in Paris where she undertook courses in graphic art, visual communication, publishing, advertising and media practice. Before deciding to pursue a career in photography, Laurence enjoyed successful careers in both finance and high end fashion. As a photographer, Laurence admits that: “I do mainly fashion and interior design photography but I have been asked to shoot some portraits as well.” Laurence's interest in photography began in 2011. She was studying at Kensington and Chelsea college at the time and her first assignment was to shoot for interior fashion label NBB Design by Niloufar Bakhtiar Clignet. The photo shoot took place in a Marylebone flat which she described as “sublime”. Obviously it was a match well made as the pair have been working together ever since and have had their collaborative work published in magazines such as House & Garden and The Worlds of Interior Living. After this Laurence was contacted by Dennis Valdez and asked to join his group to shoot fashion. In the past Laurence has worked as a fashion buyer, this is also something she continues to do today and it involves her travelling to both Milan and Paris. As well as this, Laurence also photographs for Chelsea based luxury interior store Bobo Kids. As a photographer best known for her interior design photo shoots Laurence admits that: “I really love the location shoots I get to do.” However, she adds that: “Unfortunately, as of yet, I have had little experience working in the studio. However, this is about to change as I am planning more studio shoots later in the year.” Although the majority of Laurence's shoots have taken place in London, she adds that “I hope I will get the opportunity to travel abroad in the upcoming years.” As a professional photographer, Laurence believes that preparation is the key to a successful photo shoot: “I like to know that nothing will fail during a shoot.” In order to ensure success on a photo shoot Laurence adds that: “I write a check list and organise mood boards to run by my team and models to make sure we are all on the same page.” During her time as a photographer Laurence has learnt a great deal about what skills are required to make a photographer's work stand out. She believes that: “a good photographer needs to be observant, patient, have good people skills, be unafraid to experiment, be curious and imaginative.” As someone with an evident creative flair, Laurence reveals that: “I am always on the lookout for new talent. Whether it is models, make-up artists, hair stylists or stylists, for me it is all about the team effort. Without a great team behind me then I wouldn't have any pictures.” In the future Laurence plans to pursue her career in photography further and hopes to continue getting the opportunity to work with creative and imaginative individuals. She adds that: “I welcome people's inputs as it always brings in more creativity. So, don’t hesitate to contact me if you are any of the above.”

Photography: Laurence Trolet Model: Tomas Malecki

"Having photographed a few houses where the inspiration was Art De could get access to it for a photo shoot. I envisioned a “Gatsby“ them elegant evening dresses and tuxedo, red lips and 1920’s hairstyle."

Photography: Laurence Trolet ­ MUA: Ann Male Model: Tomas Malecki - Female Model (red dress): Ca

eco/1920’s, I fell in love with an all red bar and asked the designer if I me - glamorous and lavish with both male and female models in

nabelle Reyes Lowe ­ Hair: Kristopher Smith assie Leigh Wardle - Female Model (Black Dress): Love Chloe

Model: Dollface Janel Photographer: Kelley Photography MUA: Nina Angela Fojas

Silvia Lozza - Fashion Model

Model: Silvia Lozza MUA: Silvia Lozza Photographer: Elise D'Inca

How did you get into modelling and how long have you been doing it? I started modelling more than three years ago. I was in Uni and I was watching America’s Next Top Model cycle 10, and there was this amazing plus size model, Whitney Thompson, who in the end won! That was a breakout for me. I started researching on the internet the plus size world and I decided to give it a try! I was really insecure about my body and I thought it was a good idea to hire a good photographer to have a photoshoot. Since that day I’ve never stopped. (Thank you Whitney!) Now I’m agency signed, published and in search of many more opportunities to work in this industry. What types of modelling do you do? I do fashion, editorial, portrait, hair and makeup, alternative, wedding and commercial. I've also done catwalks, promotional and live hair and makeup modelling. Have you modelled for any well known brands or names? I modelled for Dionne Smith, Hair Stylist from London for her Bridal Portfolio. It was a great experience!

Do you prefer working on location or in a studio? I definitely prefer working on location, because it’s full of natural props and I feel more complete with a live background. For beauty and hair and makeup shoots, a studio definitely shows features better. What do your friends and family think of you being a model? At the beginning they were sceptical, but now they support me and can’t wait to see the next photos from the shoots I do. What is the furthest place you have travelled for a shoot? I moved permanently from Italy to London, and I went back to Italy to shoot, it was amazing!

Model: Silvia Lozza MUA: Silvia Lozza Photographer: Elise D'Inca

What preparations do you do before a shoot? The day before I treat myself and my skin with home made beauty treatments, from hair conditionig to scrubs, masks, salt baths… all that's needed to make me appear the best I can in front of the lenses. What do you think makes a good model? The ability of being a character on set, to convey emotions and messages only with the body. Definitely being professional, punctual and reliable.

Whats your favourite shoot you have ever done? I don’t have a favourite shoot because I’ve worked with many different photographers, each one with a different style. But overall, I loved my romantic shoot with Elisa D’Incà, my alternative shoot with Gordon C. Burns and my editorial shoot with Shamira Crivellaro.

Craig Grimes - Fashion Model

Model Craig Grimes Photography Eye Dream Photography

Ryan Clark-Hirst - Leeds - Photographer

How did you get into photography and how long have you been doing it? I have had an interest in photography since a very young age. I started taking photos as a child on my mum's camera. I was given my first film SLR camera by a friend in 2008 and quickly learned the basics. I bought my first DSLR camera shortly after. What types of photography do you do? I do all kinds of portrait photography including child and pet portraits and weddings. I also dabble in landscape photography for fun but my main passion lies in fashion. Have you photographed any well known brands or names? I've never photographed any well known brands or names but have done portfolio shots for televised actors. Do you prefer working on location or in a studio? I have a studio in Leeds but I much prefer the challenges of working on location. The differing light and weather make me push myself much more than the relative safety of a sterile studio environment. What do your friends and family think of you being a photographer? My friends tend to be envious of the amount of time I spend with beautiful women. My wife and family are supportive of my photography, all shoots are usually processed with my wife and I value her opinion on what has worked and what hasn’t. My wife is also very thankful of me being a photographer when she wants new photos of the kids. What areas do you cover and what is the furthest place you have travelled for a shoot? Im happy to travel throughout Europe if the opportunity arose. The furthest Ive travelled so far is London. What preparations do you do before a shoot? Before a shoot I like to discuss with the model, mua, designer and any other team members about exactly what we want to achieve. The type of lighting we’re going to use and what sort of a location or studio setup we’re going to need to achieve it. I also have to make sure all batteries are charged, lenses are cleaned and that everyone knows meeting times/places and that everyone is happy with and sure of all the details.

What do you think makes a good photographer? I think a good technical knowledge is obviously a massive advantage but the main thing for me is understanding what a great image is. Anyone can take a photo but producing images with impact is a skill that takes time and understanding to learn. It's also massively important to have good social skills and to be able to put a nervous model at ease. I pride myself on my ability to get on with most models. What's your favourite shoot you have ever done? I think my favourite shoot ever was one very early on in my photography. The model was a girl from Hull called Sami and I shot her with a good friend photographer. The shoot was Audrey Hepburn inspired. I was happy with the outcome of the shoot but mostly with the laugh we had whilst shooting. Who is your favourite fashion designer and why? Im a big believer of supporting local businesses and can honestly say that Bo Carter is probably my favourite designer. I have shot Leeds Fashion Show 2 years running and her work for me has always stood out from the rest.

Bo Carter - Leeds - Designer

What is your name and where are you based? I am Bo Carter and I am based in Leeds. How did you get into fashion designing and how long have you been doing it? I started fashion in October 2010 when I showcased in Leeds Fashion Show. I have been an accountant all my life but I always had a creative side in me and wanted to make clothes. Leeds Fashion Show gave me that opportunity. What types of fashion do you design? I love creating quirky and unique clothes, but at the same time I like to challenge myself with new tasks. I love designing Ready To Wear but at least once a year I will create a big collection with couture pieces.

Have you worked with any well known designers or names? I'm a self tought designer, so never got the opportunity to work with any other designers. However I showcased in many fashion shows with some great designers such as Julien Macdonald, Ritu Beri and many more. Do you prefer working on location or in a studio? Location. I love being creative and using natural lights and having the element of unknown. What do your friends and family think of you being a designer? They love it and they are happy for me. Without them I wouldn’t be able to survive in this ‘crazy’ world. What is the furthest place you have travelled for a show? India and USA. What preparations do you do before a show, or before launching your latest collection? Lots and lots of coffee and energy drinks. It’s always stressful, very exciting and a bit worrying but they are my favourite moments. What do you think makes a good designer? Standing by their values and believing in them. And staying true to themselves. Whats your favorite collection / design you have ever done? It's a hard question though could be ‘One World’ when I tried to show the difference in poor and rich. I really like my last Spring Summer too which we shot in Berlin. Who is your favourite fashion designer and why? I can’t answer this as I value many designers for different reasons so I would be here till tomorrow. However Vivienne Westwood is amazing for her differences and not being afraid to be who she wants to be, she is my hero without a doubt. Alexander McQueen for truly amazing ideas and creativity and I love lots of local designers who do inspire me in everyday life.

Olivia Bolt - York - Model

How did you get into modelling and how long have you been doing it? I got in to fashion modelling because my cousin is successful in this industry and he introduced me to it after saying I should give it go. He had a lot of contacts in the industry so was able to set me up with two amazing photographers so I could shoot a portfolio to then try and get work from. I have not been modelling that long, I only started last year in 2013 but I have already worked with some really talented individuals including Emily Bailey on a beauty shoot for Style Lux UK and I hope this year I will become more successful. Have you modelled for any well­known brands or names? I haven’t yet modelled for any well-known brands or names because I am just starting out but I have worked with well-known photographers who are local to me around the Leeds area such as Clarkhirst, Lizzie Tuvey, Emily Bailey, and RMstudios. I hope to model for big brands in the future. Do you prefer working on location or in a studio? I have done one location shoot with Clarkhirst and Lizzie Tuvey and I really enjoyed the location that we shot at because it was very urban and grungy. The downfall to the location shoot was the weather, it was very cold and I had to change outfits when the wind was blowing me everywhere. It was difficult not to show how cold I was in front of the camera but I managed to not give anything away and the images turned out amazing. Location shoots are good because you can be very imaginative with the background and it looks really good on picture when the background is right. I have worked in studios more which I find easier to work in as you're not as cold and I've been able to relax more in my pictures. It’s also a lot more private when shooting compared to just being out in the street. What do your friends and family think of you being a model? My family and friends are really supportive about me modeling. They always want me to send them the pictures of the shoot and they are always asking me how it is going. My mum is extremely proud of me doing this because I was bullied in school and I had no confidence at all. Modelling has made me come out of my shell and has helped me build my confidence up to the point that I am a completely changed person. What preparations do you do before a shoot? Before a shoot I make sure my skin is at it’s best and I will drink a lot of water and eat more healthily than normal. A few days before the shoot I put a face mask on and give my face a deep cleanse so on camera I don’t have any spots or blackheads that will show.

What do you think makes a good model? I don’t think a girl who piles makeup on her face and is very big headed and false makes a good model. I also don’t think a girl who purposely starves herself to be skinny is a good model. Girls look up to models as icons and young girls are very influenced by what these models do. Starving yourself to be in this industry is not healthy and I believe to be a model you shouldn’t have to do that. A natural girl makes a great model because she isn’t hiding anything about herself like her face or hair. It makes her a blank canvas and is easier to change for each shoot. A good model does not boast about being one. In my opinion I am very humble about what I do and I do not make a massive deal out of me doing it which Is why my friends are so supportive of me. Girls who try too hard by wearing hair extensions and fake tan and tones of makeup are not the girls that young girls should be seeing on the pages of magazines. Natural beauties make the best models.

What’s your favourite shoot you have ever done? I don’t have a favourite shoot because I've loved each shoot I have done. They have all been so different which has given me more and more experience in different areas. I really enjoyed the location shoots because I got to change outfits and I was working in different areas of Leeds which made it very interesting. I did a 1920’s shoot and that was really fun to dress up as a 1920’s flapper girl. I am only starting out in this industry but I have to make something from it and become quite successful from it. I love modelling so much and it has given me confidence and it’s made me appreciate myself as a person. I would love to work in the media industry which links to modelling. I am very lucky to have gained the opportunities I have so far and I hope a lot more will come in the future.

Photographer: Ryan Clark-Hirst Designer: Bo Carter Model: Olivia Bolt

Model : Belle Noir Photography: David Clic

The Story

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Urban Beauty by Andrea Cencini

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The Team

Photographer: Andrea Cencini Assistant: Ettore Gualandi Model: Ale Cherie Lu MUA & Stylist: Valentina Sbb

Photographer: Andrea Cencini Assistant: Ettore Gualandi Model: Ale Cherie Lu MUA & Stylist: Valentina Sbb

"Adam and Eve"

A modern day love story

Photography: Ceri Vale Model: Karla Brading and Conway Bush

Photography: Janine Hocking Model: Shelby Forde

Rachel Marshall - North East - Fashion Photographer My name is Rachel Marshall, I'm an aspiring fashion editorial photographer, covering the north east of England but mainly the Newcastle and Durham areas. I've been interested in photography ever since the age of 14 when I got my first DSLR. As a teenager I was always very interested in Art and through school I used photography in my art lessons. I'd take my camera around everywhere with me and try and capture interesting moments. I decided it was the only path I wanted to take so I carried on through my A Levels and did a foundation diploma at Cleveland college of Art and Design. This was where I found the style I loved doing - photographing people. I am now currently at Newcastle College in my second year of my degree and it's only over the past couple of years when my passion for fashion has arisen. Fashion photography is a lot of fun because I think with the style I do you can be as creative as you like. I always collaborate with wonderful, creatively talented people such as make up artists, models and hairstylists and anyone else I believe can improve my photography. It's so much fun getting others involved and bringing together all of your ideas and creating something explosive and beautiful! Whenever I take photographs I do my best to make sure they are as big and beautiful as I can make them. I create all my own props including any head pieces you may see throughout my images and I style them myself. I think it shows in the final image all the extra behind the scenes effort that has gone into it. Take a look at photographers such as Tim Walker or Kirsty Mitchell, their images are mostly based on their amazing sets or props which I think make it magical. Preparation for photoshoots I find always takes the longest. I always search for my location before hand, and it can take a lot of time to choose somewhere which suits the theme or idea you have, and there are probably hundreds of places where it would work but you have to find that one place that you have in mind. Also scouting for models and hair and make up artists takes time. I love working with anyone new but it's wonderful to find someone with a similar creative imagination as yours.

I prefer working on location than studio because I think you can have a lot more creative freedom and for me it's much more enjoyable than fussing around with lighting to try and make it perfect constantly. Don't get me wrong, studio is great but I love to take as many different dynamic images I can from one shoot and I personally find that location gives me the option to do that. I haven't yet ventured out of the north east for a photo shoot yet but I am looking forward to the day I travel a bit further north or south! The furthest away I have shot from my home is Matfen hall, which was one of my most recent photo shoots and also one of my current favourites! I enjoyed it so much because although the images are quite simple the shoot had a grand feel to it, and it was a lot of fun shooting in doors but not in the studio. My friends and family are very supportive of my work which I think is really helpful in this industry. I feel very privileged to have such an encouraging family, they really have helped me through a lot and I know they will carry on throughout my career. I think a good photographer is someone that stands out from the rest and isn't afraid to push boundaries. It's someone who knows what they want but can be accepting of changes. When I shoot I can have an image of what the final outcome will look like and sometimes it just turns out completely different, but you have to learn to take advantage of that and see it as a good thing rather than something that went wrong. It's all part of the creativity of it all. I also think a good photographer is a person who can put meaning and emotion in their photographs and make people stop and look at them and maybe think for a few seconds. These days anyone can be a photographer but to be a 'good' photographer, its much more than simply peering through a camera and clicking a button. I have a blog whichIi try to keep up to date as often as I can about my work and behind the scenes Photography: Rachel Marshall Model: Nicole Sara

Rebecca Prout -Doncaster - Fashion Photographer

How did you get into photography and how long have you been doing it? I first got into photography by my uncle, and have now been studying photography since 2009.

What types of photography do you do? The different types of photography I have done are fashion, portraits, pets, children, babies, christenin I'm looking to do a lingerie and ballerina shoot soon.

Have you photographed any well known brands or names? At the moment me and my partner, Andrew Webb have been filming with Jessie Pavelka, for some p for Pavelka Health Resolution. Do you prefer working on location or in a studio? I do like to work in a studio as you have more control over lighting, but also on locations at weddings What do your friends and family think of you being a photographer? They think I come in handy for photos they may want. What areas do you cover and what is the furthest place you have travelled for a shoot? I mainly cover Doncaster area and Lincoln as I am currently at university there. What preparations do you do before a shoot? Before a photoshoot I like to think about the theme, setting, costumes, character the model will play, need any, hair and makeup, lighting, equipment and different camera angles. What do you think makes a good photographer? I think what makes me a good photographer is being so flexible with the different styles and areas of also having the passion towards photography and trying different techniques.

What’s your favourite shoot you have ever done? My favourite shoot was probably the 60s shoot, and trying different looks on the model and working a I had a model called Aisha James, who just had the perfect Twiggy look for this style shoot. The hairst wasn’t very well for the shoot but she powered on. Such a legend! The makeup artist, Tasmyn Nicola, with and already had makeup ideas for the shoot beforehand.

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as a team. tylist, Becci Norman, , was lovely to work

Photography: Rebecca Prout Model: Rebecca Prout

Photographer: Rob Gardner Model: Annabel John MUA: Abbie Martin Hair: Holly Faulder

CT Magazine - Issue15  

Featuring cover star Charlotte Lister, Gatsby Editorial by Laurence Trolet , Jewellery designer Alice Thompson, Mike Mor Beauty in Colour an...

CT Magazine - Issue15  

Featuring cover star Charlotte Lister, Gatsby Editorial by Laurence Trolet , Jewellery designer Alice Thompson, Mike Mor Beauty in Colour an...