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Welcome to the AUTUMN issue of Creative Talent Magazine Creative Talent, or CT Magazine, is the brain child of North Yorkshire based fashion, advertising and pinup photographer Sean J Connolly.

In this issue we have a fashion overload for you, with not one but If you would like to have your work featured in a future issue two fashion weeks! We are get in touch, we are always looking for photographers, honoured to be working with the models, make up artsts, stylists, designers, writers, bloggers, well you get the idea. So if you want to showcase your work to amazing make up artist Anne Bowcock who was the lead MUA for the world, get in touch. this year's Liverpool Fashion Week, so this issue the usual cover star slot goes to the talents of Anne. How Do I Get Involved? EASY!

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We are also bringing you a new designer from the Philippines, Joyce Penas Pilarsky (page 50) who is 2. Follow us taking the world by storm. It is a priviledge to feature her work at 3. Email us your work Brooklyn Fashion Week.

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Sean J Connolly, Editor Becky Magson, Copy Editor


Photographer - Jamie Dannunzio Model - Dominique O'brien MUA - Anne Bowcock

Exclusively, I met a very inspirational US model, Kelsey Roberts, who has returned to modelling despite some real set backs (page 70) . Plus I would like to say thank you to all the contributing photographers, models, make up artists, designers, stylists, etc for their amazing work. Make sure you check our their websites, follow them on twitter and like them on facebook.



4 - LIVERPOOL FASHION WEEK '13 Anne Bowcock - Lead Make Up Artist


Lingerie Insight UK Lingerie Awards


Introducing designer Joyce Pena Pilarsky


Editorial shoot by Wander Aguiar

70 - TRIUMPH OVER ADVERSITY Inspirational story of Kelsey Roberts



4 Liverpool Fashion Week


6 UK Lingerie Awards

Brooklyn Fashion Week


Photographer: Reza Kia Model: Rebbecca Bushall MUA: Anne Bowcock


In 2012 I had the pleasure of heading up a team of make-up artists for Lambrini Liverpool Fashion week for two evenings. Fast forward twelve months and the Director Amanda Moss approached me to be the Creative Director of Make-up for the whole 2013 event.

The event was held in the iconic Liver Buildings over a five night period. Each evening had a different theme so I created a different look using Pro Make-Up Face Charts to create the look, together with notes on each look so the team could then use their own creative take on that look using their own creative talent when working with the models.

One of my favourite looks was International Fusion night, as the colours on the eyes and lips were amazing and it was fabulous to see all the other make-up artists using their creativity. I had a fabulous friend of mine make some amazing jewellery pieces to go on the models' heads and in the hair to compliment the make-up looks. We had so many compliments from everyone including the designers to the photographers. There were on average six of us each evening, sometimes one or two. We had a young girl travel from Nottingham for work experience, and she has since emailed thanking me, informing me she is now going to college to undertake a course for a career in make-up.

There were many highlights for me such as researching recent fashion weeks so I could create the looks for each evening and also watching how not just myself but the team took that brief and then applied it in their creative way on the models, and the way it all complimented each theme on each evening for all the designers' collections. And I must say I was filled with pride when as the week went on models were queuing for me to do their make-up - such a huge compliment and one of the best experiences of my career.


Chelsea King Dominique Obrien Rebbecca Bushall

Photographers Ian Williams Reza Kio Jamie Dannuzio

MUA Anne Bowcock

Liverpool Fashion Week '13

Photographer: Ian Williams Model: Chelsea King MUA: Anne Bowcock

UK Public Choose Their Favourite Lingerie

Finalists for three public vote categories at UK Lingerie Awards 2013 revealed Twelve of the UK's favourite lingerie brands and stores have been shortlisted for three special awards voted for by shoppers that will be given out at the UK Lingerie Awards 2013 in association with Fashion Forms.

UK lingerie shoppers were given the chance to vote for their favourite shops and brands to determine the winners of three awards: the UK's Favourite Lingerie Brand of the Year, the UK's Favourite Lingerie Retailer of the Year, and the UK's Favourite British Designer of the Year. See below for the full shortlist for each award. The companies shortlisted for the awards were the ones that received the most votes. The winners will also be determined by the highest number of votes but the identity of the three victors will not be unveiled until the evening of the awards. The UK Lingerie Awards 2013, organised by business magazine Lingerie Insight, will be held on December 4 at London's Freemasons' Hall. Lingerie Insight editor Sarah Blackman said: "We've had a fantastic response to the public vote, with more than 2,125 votes being cast this year. It just goes to show that UK shoppers are passionate about their lingerie. "With the awards being open to members of the public for the first time this year, it is great to know that shoppers are so engaged, and I know that the companies that have made the shortlist have worked tirelessly to encourage voting so I would like to say congratulations to each and every one of them."

In a new move for the UK Lingerie Awards, members of the general public can now buy tickets to the event. Tickets cost just ÂŁ75 and include an evening of entertainment, food and drinks, as well as the chance to rub shoulders with some of the brightest stars of the lingerie world and its celebrity ambassadors. Joining principal partner Fashion Forms at the UK Lingerie Awards 2013 is a host of sponsors that include Salon International, Mode City, Panache, Xelence Charnos Hosiery, Vercella Vita and Triumph and Leg Avenue.

UK LINGERIE AWARDS 2013 PUBLIC VOTE SHORTLIST UK's Favourite Lingerie Brand of the Year Curvy Kate Gossard Kiss Me Deadly Maison Close

UK's Favourite Lingerie Retailer of the Year Agent Provocateur Debenhams Rigby & Peller Bravissimo

UK's Favourite British Designer of the Year Janet Reger Kiss Me Deadly Olivia Von Halle Stella McCartney To buy your ticket for the UK Lingerie Awards contact Marianne Trotta on 0203 176 4237 or drop her an email You can also check out the website or send them a tweet!

Sarah Bratley - Leeds Fashion Designer

How did you get into fashion designing and how long have you been doing it? I have been designing jewellery for 5 years. I got into it just after the recession hit. I graduated from University and found it really difficult to get a job. I started making jewellery to sell at craft fairs as a way of earning a little bit of money. It started off as a hobby but it soon snowballed into a full-time job. Penny Masquerade – my jewellery brand – was born! I’m so happy it worked out that way, now I can’t imagine doing anything different.

I love timeless style and th

What types of fashion do you design? I design jewellery with a vintage feel. I’m inspired by all sorts of styles from art deco to 1950’s pin-up, Victorian to art nouveau. I love mixing new materials with old to make unusual hybridized pieces that no one else has. Do you prefer working on location or in a studio? When we do our photo shoots, we tend to work in the studio as weather and lighting don’t pose problems. Having said that, there is something really nice about working on location. You’re never quite sure how the photos will turn out, but when you get a fantastic image from the photographer taken on location, it beats any image you could take in the studio. What do your friends and family think of you being a designer? They love that I’m doing something I’m really passionate about and find it very useful sometimes! I can create one of a kind pieces for them and fix jewellery they’ve had for years that has broken.

he 20’s was such a fantastic era for strong, classic design.

What is the furthest place you have travelled for a show? When I first started, the furthest I went was to craft fairs in York. Any further a-field than that wasn’t financially viable at the time as the travel costs were a factor. Now, most of our business is online. What preparations do you do before a show, or before launching your latest collection? We don’t do shows, but before launching new collections we have to get them ready for the website. We make sure all items have been photographed and edited, that the items are weighed and measured, and that descriptions have been written for each item. We also do model shoots so we can show customers what the pieces look like when worn. In addition to that we create images to advertise new collections which go on the website homepage and send samples along with press releases to magazines.

What do you think makes a good designer? I think a good designer is one who has a distinctive style but who is also able to constantly evolve and change their collection. Stagnant style is never a good thing. It’s important to be always thinking about the next big thing. It not only keeps your mind active and expands your capacity to be creative, but it also keeps your customer base interested.

What’s your favorite collection / design you have ever done? It changes all the time but my favourite collection at the moment is the art deco collection:

I love timeless style and the 20’s was such a fantastic era fo

Who is your favourite fashion designer and why? I don’t really have a favourite designer, but my favourite fas adore their vintage inspired clothing. It’s so unlike anything e

For more information on Sarah's work check he page and don't forget to follow her on Twitter. - contact@pen

Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:


or strong, classic design.

The Team

shion brand is Miss Patina. I absolutely else that’s around at the moment.

Designer of Jewellery and Stylist for the Shoot: Sarah Bratley at Penny Masquerade Make­Up Artists: Aimee Le Masurier Photographer: Andrew Bradley Model: Kat Whitwell

er website or like her Facebook



We worked together really well as a team on this shoot and produced some fantastic results. Kat had five different changes of clothes, two different make-up changes and at the end of the shoot had artificial snow thrown all over her, which induced a coughing fit! She assures me the results were worth it!

Photographer: 13th Life Photography – Model: Sammi Snakebite -

Photographer: Alison Greenwood – Model: Bex Franklin

Sophie Saint - Fashion Photographer - Newcastle

My name is Sophie Saint, I am a 20 year old student photographer based in Newcastle. At the moment I am in my second year of my degree in commercial photography. I first got into photography at the age of 9 when I was bought a Polaroid camera for Christmas. It is in the past 2-3 years that I have become more interested in the serious side of photography due to my interest in alternative, vintage and historical fashion styles. I take pictures to create memories, and to show people what I see through my eyes. I shoot alternative fashion portraits, pin up, body mods and horror, but I am not afraid of trying different things that are outside of my favourite subjects. I mainly shoot on location as I think it is so much more versatile and interesting. If I have a great location that goes with the styling of my image I find that it adds more of a narrative to the picture. I also love natural lighting, so being on location allows me to make the most out of using it in my images. I cover the County Durham and Newcastle areas at the moment but I am always happy to travel if I find the perfect location or model that would be interesting to shoot. My priority for a shoot is to come up with an idea before I even start to plan it, and then from that idea I research various locations, models and styling. When I have found the perfect model and location I sort out the costume, make-up, poses and expressions. I feel that this is important so that the model and I have an idea of how the shoot is going to be on the day. I always think it is better to be organised, even if I plan and shoot on the same day. I like to ensure that I have everything in place for the model before they turn up so that the shoot goes as smoothly as possible. I like to style most of the hair and apply the make-up for all of my shoots as I am also a qualified make-up artist and I can do a good variety of hair styles. My favourite thing by far is to do face painting for an image as I think you can do so much with a paint brush, sponge and a set of paints. I have not done shoots for any famous brands as I mainly do personal work. However, I was asked to do a shoot for Doc Black Clothing, which I did last year and they have used my images on their facebook page and website. Doc Black is a clothing shop based in Newcastle, Gateshead Metrocentre and also

My family are very proud of me for doing something that I have loved and enjoyed for most of my life. They are happy that I am doing something creative and different and that I am doing something that is close to my heart instead of settling for a 9-5 job. They have encouraged me to follow my dreams. They love my work, especially some of my vintage fashion images, and are always happy to help me out whenever I need them to. My most favourite shoot so far is probably my Dia De Los Muertos shoot with the amazing Delilah Devil. I love planning and shooting my more crazy ideas, and especially love working with a model who can see exactly what I want from an image, and who is willing to do just about anything to get the perfect picture. We had great fun on the day and the location (Tanfield Train Graveyard) was amazing. I don’t really have a favourite fashion designer. I mostly take inspiration from the by gone eras especially the 1940's and 1950's and from style icons such as Dita Von Teese, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Jayne Mansfield. I purchase a lot of my clothing from Collectif, Hell Bunny and Ebay. I collect just about anything that is vintage, or catches my eye so that I can customize it in order to make it my own. I think a good photographer is someone who does something different, who isn’t afraid to push boundaries and who works their hardest to achieve the best they can in their work. I also strongly believe that a good photographer is also someone who stands by their ideas and images and just goes for it. Anyone can take a picture, but not everyone can take pictures that make you stop, think and feel. I think that if you are capable of that and have the imagination, you are capable of becoming a good photographer.

Photography - Andy Hargraves - Model - Luci Fish

Photography - Amie Parsons - MUA - Andrea Hrh Hair - Afshan Saqib -

Autumn Palette of Colours: A shoot by Mindaugas

"I was born in and spent about half of my childhood in Lithuania before moving to London at age eleven. After a few years in London, I came into a bad place in my life and it wasn't until I turned eighteen that I found what I needed to move past it. That is when I started taking pictures and photography really turned my life around. It helped me feel fulfilled and cast a light on the shadows that were interfering with my life. I have been taking pictures ever since and have been doing so on a professional level over the past two years. My photography is a bit varied and I enjoy the challenge that comes with that. I don't just focus on one area of photography, though the areas I do focus on are often linked. I enjoy working with weddings, events, and fashion. I have found that my experience in fashion photography has helped me in weddings and events and likewise, weddings and events have helped me grow as a fashion photographer. I especially love the challenges and the freedom of creativity that I can explore with fashion photography. I find that having an outlet to be productive and creative at the same time greatly brightens my life. The ability to capture each moment, to make the colors, designs, and models "pop" on the screen or page, greatly motivates me in my work and brings me a great deal of joy. I truly love what I do and I enjoy helping people capture precious moments in their lives, whether that be their wedding day, their big event, or the hard work of a designer's fashion. If you would like to see more of my work or have me photograph for you, you can take a look at my website."


Photography: MO Photography (Mindaugas Orlauskas) Model: Benita Antanaityte Make足up Artist: Kristina Cugunovaite Stylist: Jovita J-Orlauske Clothing: LaDiva

Photography: MO Photography (Mindaugas Orlauskas) Model: Benita Antanaityte Make足up Artist: Kristina Cugunovaite Stylist: Jovita J-Orlauske Clothing: LaDiva

Photography: MO Photography (Mindaugas Orlauskas) Model: Benita Antanaityte Make足up Artist: Kristina Cugunovaite Stylist: Jovita J-Orlauske Clothing: LaDiva

Natasha Rodrigues - Hair Stylist - Yarm

My name is Natasha Rodrigues and I am based in Saks hairdressers in Yarm High Street. I have always been interested in Art and Creativity from an early age. This has progressed after school in my interest in styling hair. So far in my career I have achieved my Level 2 and Level 3 hairdressing. Currently I am doing my barbering level 2. I started my apprenticeship at sixteen years old straight from school and qualified three years later. I do all aspects of styles these include: cutting, colouring, pin-ups, wedding, glamour, fashion and avant-garde. I have been working on various fashion shows to promote myself in the industry to show what I can do. In the future I would love to work behind the scenes on programmes such as X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing or even work as an individual hairstylist for a celebrity. My family and friends think I have achieved and done really well since starting my apprenticeship. This has been proven in many achievements and popularity in clients requesting myself to do weddings and ‘‘Saks apprenticeship magazine’’ front cover. I had earned a place on the prestigious Saks A Team, which is mentored by the Saks Art Team. Within the last year I have traveled to London on several occasions to work closely with the Art Team creating new images. This experience has helped me create styles and looks that I have used on photo shoots. More recently I experienced my first hair show which gave me a taste of what the future brings. Before any shoots or assignments my preparation involves a mood board which reflects my final piece. To make a good hairstylist you need to be confident and be yourself. My favourite hairstylist is Andrew Barton. He is an inspiration to me as he worked for Saks and was the head of Saks Art Team and this has led him to open his on salon in London and work with some of the UKs biggest stars.

Photographer: Eddy Maynard

Photographer: Amy Faith Dress designer: Mark Melia Model: Laila Wallace of Industry People Model Agency Photographer: Ellie Rees Make up & Hair: Amy Faith Model: Beth Fraser Hair: Natasha Rodrigues

Photography: David Clic Model : Belle Noir MUA: Sam Galton (Divine Beauty), Samantha Lyann Model: Elizabeth Roze Photography / Editing: Stephanie Bolton

Photography: Hillary Nguyen of Jill Photography Model: Brandi Gray


Kellie Waller - Fashion Photographer - Dover UK What is your name and where are you based? My name is Kellie Waller and I am based in Dover, Kent, UK. How did you get into photography and how long have you been doing it? I started getting into photography in July 2013 as a hobby, learning to take a good picture is something that has always been on my bucket list and I thought it was time to try and tick it off the list. What types of photography do you do? I'm open minded and willing to have a go at anything, so far I have had a bash at fashion, lingerie and art nude but I would really like to have a go at shooting fetish clothing and bridal wear. Have you photographed any well known brands or names? I have shot with a few well known local models such as Cheri Bomb and Faye Potter and I am always lookng to work with more. I have also taken a few shots for a popular body Image campaign called The Body Project, that was a lot of fun with a wide variety of girls. Do you prefer working on location or in a studio? I prefer to shoot on location as I generally find it more fun, I love getting to a location and finding unexpected props, I also find It's easier for models to relax on location. What do your friends and family think of you being a photographer? My friends and family are really supportive and I have produced some of my best work by shooting my friends.

Model: Toni MacKenzie Photographer: Wallertography

What areas do you cover and what is the furthest place you have travelled for a shoot? I haven't travelled out of Kent yet with my photography, but I seem to have my hands full with just this small section of England at the moment.

What preparations do you do before a shoot? I tend to look through a models' previous work (if they have any) so that what I do is different for their portfolio. I also spend a few days before the shoot jotting down ideas as they come into my head. What do you think makes a good photographer? Love for the cause; you won't be good at something if there is no love behind what you are doing. What's your favourite shoot you have ever done? I have a few but one that jumps out the most to me is one of the first ones I did. I took one of my best friends to an old abandoned barn and she had only brought one set of clothes with her so I made a joke saying that she 'better have good underwear on' as that would be her 2nd change of clothes. She was a little more game for stripping to her undies than I had originally thought, we got some cracking shots and we had a lot of fun.

Model: Toni MacKenzie Photographer: Wallertography

Who is your favourite fashion designer and why? Alexander McQueen. I have always had a thing for his designs but its Kate's wedding dress that completely won me over. Alongside being a photographer I am a reasonably successful plus size model and a positive body image campaigner and I truly believe that you can be a model at any size. Women are beautiful regardless of the size of ther trousers and there's such a variety for the eye to behold that it would be a shame to not capture it.

Model - Elizabeth Roze MUA - Stephanie Bolton Photographer - Stephanie Bolton's Make-up Art Photography

Photography - Katie Effie Graham of Samhain Photography Model - Serenity Wilde / Jade Thwaites Make Up & Hair - Leanne Cowie / Make Up By LEANNE Floristry - Thoughts Of You Flowers & Gifts / Amy Crammond Venue - Whickham Hermitage Community Garden Centre

Model: Claire Gasking Photographer: Evelyn m Wozny of Kaitlyn Alice Photography

Jessica Louise Jones - Fashion Photographer - Bo -

What is your name and where are you based? Hi! My name is Jessica Louise Jones – but everyone calls me Jess or Jessy.

How did you get into photography and how long have you been doing it? I have always been a creative person. I grew a fondness for photography from a young age whilst studying fine art which progressed to me studying it in college etc, so working it out I’ve been doing it for about 11 years now. What types of photography do you do? I’m the kind of person who gets distracted by anything I find interesting or different, so I find it really hard to categorise my photography. I can go from shooting pinup models one moment to landscapes the next. My main interest however is portraiture – mainly vintage glamour/pinup, lifestyle and weddings. Do you prefer working on location or in a studio? Location every time! I get bored in studios. I do have a full studio set up and although you can achieve some amazing effects, I much prefer being out and about and using a natural backdrop. What do your friends and family think of you being a photographer? My family and friends have always been honest and supportive – which is all I can ever ask. If something I’m working on isn’t quite right they are the first to tell me, they are my biggest critique, and my biggest supporters. They are brilliant. What areas do you cover and what is the furthest place you have travelled for a shoot? Mainly around Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire & Nottinghamshire but I also do quite a bit of shooting up in the North East as that’s where I’m from originally and all my family are still up there.

Photographer/Editor: Jessy Jones Photography Model: Becki Adams Stylist: Jessy Jones Photography

What preparations do you do before a shoot? I usually have a million and one ideas roaming around in my head before a shoot, but if it’s a model shoot I like to look through their portfolio to see what’s been done before and what I can do that’s totally different, discuss ideas, styling etc. When it comes to doing weddings and personal shoots I like to have a meeting with the family before the day so I can get an idea of what they are hoping to achieve. I’m the kind of person who likes to have a plan well in advance – my worst nightmare is to turn up with no idea of who people are and what I'm doing. Then there’s the usual 'check my bag 10 times' to make sure I haven’t forgotten everything which I imagine most photographers do! What do you think makes a good photographer? Probably being a bit artistic helps, having random ideas, working with people of a similar mind frame, steady hand, being able to achieve good composition and clarity (and knowing your way around Photoshop). I think the best thing about photography is that everyone likes someone or something different from the next person… so there isn’t necessarily a ‘good or bad’ photographer, just a different audience of people who are going to enjoy it. What's your favourite shoot you have ever done? I couldn’t narrow it down to a favourite shoot, I always love certain photos from different ones, but my favourite photo I’ve taken to date is on a photoshoot with a model called Crystal Worthington in a Georgian house. Who is your favourite fashion designer and why? I’m very much into my vintage styling so I love clothing brands like pinup girl clothing, Collectif Clothing, Vivienne of Holloway and Kiss Me Deadly – but I’ve got a serious love for Kurt Geiger shoes!

Photographer/Editor: Jessy Jones Photography Model: Katherine Harris

oston, Lincolnshire

Model: Alana Edmond Photographer: Kevin Chiswell

Model: Natalie Brown Photography: Jade Photography

Photography: Paul Gibbs Model: Rosa Helen Samuels

Model: Pinklilith - Photographer: Svee Wheeler -

Powell Fotografik My Name is Louis Powell (Powell Fotografik) I am based on the N.E Derbyshire / South Yorkshire border in a village called Apperknowle. I have held an interest in photos for as long as I can remember, having always liked images of the natural world or shots that show the viewer something they may never witness, appreciating the power that an image can have. I purchased a cheap compact when my son Louie was born but only really started taking things more seriously in the last three years. Purchasing a DSLR and entering the world of “I want that lens or accessory next�. I enjoy all types of photography and spend a lot of weekends shooting grassroots and non league football. I think my willingness to try any type of photography was what prompted a friend of mine Tasmyn Nicola to call me. Tasmyn went to Northampton University to study fashion then on to to study media make up at Sheffield before training and working for Illamasqua. She was entering an Illamasqua makeup competition and needed some head shots. Since then we have worked together several times and are building a great working partnership. All of our shoots are carried out on location, which enables us to be more creative towards our chosen theme. To prepare for a shoot the first step is for Tasmyn to come up with an idea or theme, then my job is to find and scout a location that suits the theme. Tasmyn then makes any creative props and designs the makeup. Shoot day, Tasmyn prepares the model and on location we both work together with our model to create the shots. Creative portraiture is a new venture for me and working alongside Tasmyn is enabling me to push my photographic boundaries. We aim to undertake more commissioned work in the future both private and editorial. More images and info can be found at

Model : Chloe L Bradshaw Make up : Tasmyn Nicola Photography : Powell Fotografik Hat : Tasmyn Nicola

Photographer: Paul Waring Model: Katie Hampson

Photographer: Steve Weys of Yer Tiz Photography Model: Jade Mary MUA and Hair Stylist: Lien Vy Location: Euston, London

Irena Kabelis - Plymouth UK

Brooklyn Fashion Week

"Fashion Week Brooklyn (FWB), founded by 501c3 non‐profit organization, Brooklyn Style Foundation (BSF), has emerged as one of the leading fashion events showcasing the talent of aspiring, established and renowned designers from across the globe. Attendees include a spectrum of socially diverse, influential and fashion forward individuals from collective industries." Introducing Germany and Manila, Philippines based Fashion Designer Joyce Penas Pilarsky

How did you get into fashion designing and how long have you been doing it? I started designing when I was young with dressing up my dolls, and I now design my own clothes, jewelries, hats, headbands and shoes. For a long time I had been designing dresses, gowns and fashion accessories for myself, because I simply couldn’t find something I liked. My friends also liked my own creations, and then one day they suggested: Why don’t you go into business? It's one of my many hobbies, but I just started joining fashion events since 2010 when I was invited by my friend designer, John Guarnes, to do the accessories for his collection for the Philippine Fashion Week. Then I decided to open a boutique store in 4291 Emilia St., Makati City. What types of fashion do you design? I do a lot of accessories to go with my dresses and gowns, I put a lot of sequins, appliqués and lots of embroideries in my work as I want every piece a work of art. Being an artist I love doing couture cocktail dresses and gowns as I want women to look fabulous in my creations, I want them to feel sexy and confident of themselves and at the same time comfortable and elegant.

Do you prefer working on location or in a studio? I prefer working in the studio as I have all the things I need there. What do your friends and family think of you being a designer? Being a designer is a joy and delight to my family and friends, they are also so proud of me seeing my designs worn happily by other people. What is the furthest place you have travelled for a show? I already showcased my work in Paris during the J Summer Fashion Show 2012. I’ve been a featured designer at Fashion Week Brooklyn - Brooklyn, New York for 2 consecutive seasons. What preparations do you do before a show, or before launching your latest collection? Before I show my collection, I ask myself, first of all will my client be happy and proud wearing my gown? Will she look fabulous in it? Are the stones and embroideries in the places where I want them to be? Is the workmanship neat and beautiful? Is she comfortable with it? Can she walk? Can she move? These are some of the questions I ask myself before I do a show and if I am happy with the answers after trying the dresses or gowns then I am ready to present it to the world. What do you think makes a good designer? I think a good designer is one that makes his or her client happy and proud wearing his or her design. Somebody who is always thinking of the clients comfort, but still making her client look so elegant, sophisticated and beautiful as well and not only create an outrageous design but ensure she can move, she can walk or dance with it. When I was modeling, I had so many uncomfortable gowns I wore on the runway, some were really heavy and it really was not fun to wear them, so I gave suggestions to the designers what they will alter so that it would be more comfortable to wear and were really thankful that I gave my opinion. I love it when I am wearing a fabulous couture gown but I can still move in it as it is comfortable. What’s your favourite collection / design you have ever done? My latest collection is my favourite, both my collection I showcased at Fashion Week Brooklyn last October 4th in Brooklyn New York and my Grand Allure collection showcased at Philippine Fashion Week - October 27th at SMX Convention Center.

These two collections I created are to be shown in the same month but they are two different collections. The one in Brooklyn is daytime normal wear, something you wear when you go out, have dinner or something you wear when you go out day time. I used our Filipino fabrics there, pineapple and abaca, the abel Iloco and silk as I want to help boost our fashion industry in the Philippines and also promote our own fabrics. That’s why I am using our own fabrics for my collections especially if I have a show outside of my country. I praise God that I've had really a lot of wonderful reviews. My collection for the Philippine fashion week is The Grand Allure which means gowns. I had to do fabulous gowns but at the same time I wanted them wearable and not just outrageous for the show. I thought of doing something that is awesome but still wearable and I am also delighted that my designs were so well accepted by the people and the press. Who is your favourite fashion designer and why? Carl Lagerfeld - because he is so fascinating, multi-talented and a very creative person doing a lot of collections simultaneously in a year. I hope I have the energy to do all the things that he is doing and I hope to meet him one day and learn from him. We also share the same birthday Sept 10! Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself? I praise and thank God that I am able to share this talent of mine to the world. I was invited by my friend who is also a fashion designer John Guarnes to do the accessories for his upcoming show in the Philippine Fashion week in 2010. After the success of the fashion show in 2011 I was fortunate to be selected and invited to showcase my own fashion line which I presented in May and October of 2011, ans I was so happy that my collection was well accepted. I had very wonderful press write ups, I was delighted indeed that a lot of people liked my work. I started to receive invitations to showcase my work and in July 30, 2012 I joined J Summer Collection at Sienne, Paris together with some other five designers from different continents of the world. It was another beautiful collection and newspapers reported it was a stunning collection.

Photography: Kyle Insley Model: Lauren McGee Stylist: Rachael Sadler Makeup: Claire Glauch

Photographer: Hannah Rose Photography Make up and Hair Stylist: Rebecca Mitchell - Model: Darcy Herbert - Styling: The whole team

Model: Meaghan O'Neil Photographer: Procapture -

Model- Serenity Wilde Photographer- Kerry Nilsson

Photography: James Scrivener Model: Shan Veasey

Photography: Herminia Bernal - Model: Abbie MUA: Carmen Escudero

John Ivey - Fashion Photographer - Plymouth

What is your name and where are you based? My name is John Ivey and I'm based in Plymouth. How did you get into photography and how long have you been doing it? I started photography around 5yrs ago now and at the beginning I focused on landscape, but as the time passed I started to move onto shooting models from location to studio and never looked back. What types of photography do you do? I mainly shoot fashion, glamour and lingerie. Have you photographed any well known brands or names? A few months back I had the pleasure to shoot a bridal fashion event organized by makeup artist and model Colette Bray and was privileged to be supplied with a stunning wedding dress and accessories by a leading Bridal shop known as Serenity. Do you prefer working on location or in a studio? Both studio and locations have there and pros and cons however if possible I would shoot location, I enjoy the textures and the power of structures that can be incorporated into the pose and theme. What do your friends and family think of you being a photographer? I have been very lucky, I have got amazing friends and extremely supportive family who give me great support, they see the pleasure and passion I have for my photography. What areas do you cover and what is the furthest place you have travelled for a shoot? As for travelling, model shoots mostly have been around the southwest, and landscape I've been to the Lake District, but I know I really would like to do a model shoot in Greenland, Greece and Paris. What preparations do you do before a shoot? If I have models travelling down from London for a weekend shoot I often start preparations about 6-4wks prior. I need to start with a blank canvas and consider the outfits then start focusing on possible locations, from colour, textures and light. What do you think makes a good photographer? I believe a good photographer needs passion and the ability to expand his/her knowledge and keep growing, developing new ideas and thinking outside the box, not restricting himself or her to rules. What's your favourite shoot you have ever done? At present I would have to say my favourite image is an Autumn Sunset with model Colette Bray. We'd had a great day in the studio and I had been keeping a close eye on the weather, and all the ingredients were coming together. We had an amazing outfit and great location with the sun fallen in the place we needed it, so we packed the studio lighting and went for it, and produced a shot we are both extremely pleased with.

"If you're not happy with a shot. Ask yourself WHY?"

Model: Colette Bray

Photographer: Karen Burnard (K L Burnard Photography) - Model: Colette Bray

Model: Chloe-Anne Christina Jessica Pasquet Photographer: Jon Strange -

Kelsey Roberts - Fashion Model - Kansas City USA Triumphing through adversity

My name is Kelsey Roberts, and I am based in Kansas City, Missouri, United States. I got into modeling nearly 18 years ago. I met my then agent while working a regular college kid job and started modeling instead. I retired for nearly 7 years after the birth of my son and began a second go in the industry about a year ago. I have done many types of modeling: commercial print, runway, artistic, glamour, pinup and promotional, plus some minor work for Christian Dior in the 90's. The furthest I have traveled is New York City for a shoot. To prepare for a shoot, as a more mature model, I make sure to drink plenty of water, get a good night's sleep and take care of small grooming tasks like eyebrow shaping. I also find it is important to focus on thinking positive - if I am not comfortable or confident it definitely shows on camera! I am not sure I can pinpoint a favorite shoot I have ever done; but I enjoy artistic modeling and creative collaborations the most. Good synergy and creating something beautiful and unique is a wonderful feeling. I cannot think of a single shoot that I have not been pleased to be a part of as it is always a learning experience and I love meeting new people. I really love the designer Michael Kors as his clothes fit a woman's body in such a flattering way and are comfortable as well as classic. I also love Chanel as it is timeless. Ark & Co is relatively new but I love the colors and fun in the designs. Return to Modelling I came back to modeling on a whim after retiring for nearly seven years after the birth of my son. I had mostly stopped working as a model as I decided to pursue my law degree after finishing my undergraduate degree; and after pregnancy it was no longer feasible for me to model. I gained an enormous amount of weight during pregnancy and had some health problems develop that left me barely able to work and care for my child. Then in April of 2012, I reinjured my left kneean old athletics injury - rather catastrophically. I had emergency surgery in early June of 2012 after an MRI showed much more damage than originally suspected. Unfortunately, the surgery was not a complete success. I wear a prothstetic knee brace and walk with a cane every day and will for the rest of my life. I cannot have a knee replacement due to an abnormality in my hip socket so a cane and a prosthetic joint are now my reality, in addition to chronic acute pain. Photography: Nikki Moreno-Whipple MUA: The Candy Shop by Candypants Cunningham Hair: Get Your Locks Off

Photography: Rick Anderson (Hitman Photographics) I have learned that people who suffer from chronic pain, whether it is due to illness or injury, experience many difficulties beyond what they face as a result of pain and/or limited mobility. There is a terrible stigma attached to a chronic medical condition; any people feel a person is lazy or faking. He or she is often viewed as less of a person and interpersonal relationships are strained heavily. As a woman, I found myself feeling like I was no longer attractive and too "broken" to have much pride in myself. I find that many women feel as though they have lost an essential part of themselves that makes them feel confident; not just physically but emotionally. I would like for people to see in my images that a disability makes you no less sexy, less of a woman or less deserving of the knowledge that you are beautiful and perfect just the way you are. It is not always easy to believe that when you have trouble walking (or worse) but I ask that each of you look at yourselves and see you are lovely, truly. I hope my story inspires you to take a second look and believe that you can be vibrant, passionate, hopeful and able to leave those negative thoughts behind.

Photographer: Steve Weys (Yer Tiz Photography) Model: Jessie Thornton Location: Ponsanooth, Cornwall

Finding the perfect glamorous dress Charlotte Lister

It's getting to that time of year again when we need to start planning our Christmas party outfits. Has anyone else noticed that the sequins and sparkles are slowly creeping into the local shops and online boutiques? Looking glamorous isnt as easy peesy as you think, it takes time, and I am here to hopefully cut down on some of the time it takes, ordering the WRONG dresses online or trying hundreds of dresses on at the local shopping centre. When chosing the perfect WOW dress there are a number of things you need to check and no, I don't just mean looking at lots of dresses online or on a rail. You have to take into account your hair colour, skin colour and shape. This is very important as you might see a model in a magazine, online or on a TV advert wearing a stunning dress then when you try it on it doesn't quite have the same effect. So let's begin...... Firstly I will discuss how to match a dress colour to your hair colour, there maybe a slight overlap with colours this is because some colours do suit everyone I mean have you ever really seen a Hollywood Star look terrible in a black dress?

Photography: Raw Exposure MUAH: Jenny Anne Spencer-Percy Model: Charlie Lister

Does that dress match with your hair? Brunette Hair

Blonde Hair

Emerald Green Royal/Dark Blue Red Yellow Gold Purple Orange

Silver Pale Blue Pink Yellow Orange Rust Cream White Red (Platinum Blondes)

Red Hair

Black Hair

Green Turquoise Orange Red Peach Coral Ivory

Intense Colours Fire Engine Red Cobalt Blue Royal Purple

Now we need to look at skin tones and find out which colours work best with yours. Does that dress match with your skin colour?

Photography: Raw Exposure MUAH: Jenny Anne Spencer-Percy Model: Ava Sanders

Pale Skin

Medium Skin

Green Ivory Navy Peach Light/Rose pink Deep Red Deep Purple Gold

Yellow Emerald Green Ruby Red Royal Blue Green Deep purple Bright Pink Rasberry Pink

Dark Skin

Olive Skin

Purple Pink Yellow Orange White

Orange Green Red (Olive skin can basically pull off any colour but these are the main ones)

Out of the above you should find your hair colour and see which colours suit then check your skin colour and again see what colours suit you then you should have a couple of colours that pop up twice, for example: I am brunette so Royal Blue and I have Medium Skin so Royal Blue again so the perfect colour for me is Royal Blue. What Body Shape Are You? Once you have picked the colour or colours for you, it is now time to take a look at your body shape. I am sure that you have heard people say that they have a pear shape figure etc, well now ladies we are going to find out. These are the main body shapes we come across: Apple - Large breasts, slim legs To dress an apple shape you'll want to find evening wear that will show off your great cleavage and slim legs, but cinch in your waist. Pear - Wider hips and bottom, narrow bust To dress a pear body shape you need to stick to fitted and flared styles, as these are always really flattering. Drawing attention to your waist is key as it brings the eye inwards. So go for a dress with a sash or detail at the waist.

Athletic - Slender/slight body frame, similar width for bust, hips and waist To dress an athletic body shape wear draped dresses that nip in at the waist to give the illusion of a supremely feminine hourglass shape. Hourglass - Wider bust and hips, narrower waist The best dresses for an hourglass figure are shift dresses or body-con style - it will skim the body and follow your curves, and really maximise your best assets. So now you have the colour that works best for your skin tone, hair colour and body shape you all set to go and look amazing and glamorous, not just in the upcoming party season but you can use this basically for the next 20 years. I really hope some of these tips help you choose the perfect glamorous dress and you get all eyes on you at your next party or awards do.

Photography: Raw Exposure MUAH: Jenny Anne Spencer-Percy Model: Charlie Lister

Photography: Raw Exposure MUAH: Jenny Anne Spencer-Percy Model: Ava Sanders

Article By Charlotte Lister

Photography: Nigel Hollingworth (Clear Lens Photography) Model: Stacie Devine

Photographer: Becci Drake

Retoucher: Mj Jahami

Model: Charlotte Lister

Hair & Makeup: Zara Abraham

Photography: David Clic Model : Belle Noir MUA: Sam Galton (Divine Beauty), Samantha Lyann

CT - Magazine - Issue12  

Featuring Liverpool Fashion Week Lead MUA Anne Bowock, Brooklyn Fashion week, How to pick the right party dress and more

CT - Magazine - Issue12  

Featuring Liverpool Fashion Week Lead MUA Anne Bowock, Brooklyn Fashion week, How to pick the right party dress and more