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issue 1 - Sept 2012

The Fashion Magazine with Creative Flare


1 e su Welcome to Creative Talent Magazine Creative Talent or CT Magazine is the brain child of North Yorkshire based fashion, advertising and pinup photographer Sean J Connolly. When not taking photographs Sean is advising companies on IT strategy, and after looking at several hundred magazines waiting for meetings, Sean noticed that all magazines had a commonality, that being very little credit for the people involved. So using his creative and technical skills, CT Magazine was born. CT Magazine is a fashion magazine with a difference. Not only do we contain the latest fashion trends both on and off the high street, but we cover all areas of fashion including apparall and beauty. "So what is so special about that?" We believe all talent is of equal importance. It is our aim at CT Magazine to showcase the talent involved in bringing you the photos we see everyday, from the photographers, models, make up artists to the hair stylists, fashion designers as well as writers, bloggers and journalists. Every photo and article in the magazine is accompanied by full credit for everyone involved in bringing you the image.

Can I Get Involved? YES! If you would like to be featured in the next issue of CT Magazine, just get in touch.

"A big huge warm welcome to the first issue of CT Magazine. It has been an honour to work with everyone in making this issue: photographers, models, make up artists, hair stylists, fashion designers. Some are revolutionary like the continuum fashion range and their use of 3D printing, check out the feature on page 18, whilst others have an amazing eye for detail. My dream for this magazine is to feature every creative in the world, so get in touch to have your work featured in the next edition. I look forward to hearing from all of you, enjoy this issue."

Sean J Connolly, Editor

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COVER CREDIT Photography - Darren O'Brien Model - Nick Danks




Nick Danks - Model, Actor, Presenter & TV Extra


Emily Bailey (photographer) / Dale Wainwright (model)


20 - NEWCASTLE LOCATION SHOOT Daniel Bates - (photographer) / Katie

Cover Star Nick Danks

Hailes - (model)

26 - LONDON HAIR STYLIST Gustav Fouche

26 - LONDON MODEL Joshua Wingfield



Samantha Yore (photographer) Rosa Samuels (model) / Melissa Kimber (model)

How to be a fashion designer


Steve Whitnall - (photographer) / James Cooper - (model)



13 - HOW TO BE A FASHION DESIGNER Fashion design tips n tricks

18 - MANUFACTURING MEETS FASHION 3D bikinis, printed dresses and more

Manufacturing meets Fashion

23 - PROS AND CONS OF DIGITAL RETOUCHING To retouch or not to retouch, that is the question

PICTORIALS 12 - SEAN J CONNOLLY (photographer) / BECKY MAGSON (model)

14 - ALAN BROWN (photographer) / EVDOKIA (model) / GEMMA HUH (model) / MARNIE-LEE DAVIES (model) PRINCEY (model) / HOLLIE LOUISE (model)

22 - ALEXANDRA LABERGE (photographer) / FIFI LOUCHE KUMO (model) 29 - MICHAEL SILVER (photographer)


Photographer - Janine Hocking Models - Nick Danks / Dee Dixon




ick anks


"I'm a versatile and passionate individual from the North East with a lot to offer: I have alot of experience in Modelling, Acting, Performing and TV Castings/Extra work. Aswell as a diverse rhetoric of poses and expressions I also have a great attitude and a very creative mind. I am very professional and fun to work with, very open minded and full of different ideas so please ask and we can discuss. My modelling work areas are fashion, editorial, commercial, stock photography, catwalk & hair." Photographer - Darren O-Brien Model - Nick Danks


Models Nick Danks (NDMODE) Newcastle Upon Tyne Male, 26 years old Dee Dixon Newcastle Upon

Tyne Female, 26 years old


Darren O'Brien -


Advertising, Fashion, Modeling Portfolios and Commercial Photography Janine Hocking -


Fashion & Commercial Photography

To find out more about Nick visit his website photography



Photographer - Darren O-Brien Model - Nick Danks

Photographer - Janine Hocking Models - Nick Danks / Dee Dixon


Photographer - Janine Hockin Model - Nick Danks



Photographer - Janine Hocking Model - Nick Danks



Model - Dale Wainwright - Leeds UK 562230

Photographer - Emily Nicolle Bailey - Leeds UK -

"Emily Bailey is a fashion and beauty photographer currently based in Leeds, UK. Passionate about the fashion industry Emily shoots regularly with models, designers and makeup artists across the UK."


MODEL - Becky Magson - PHOTOGRAPHER - Sean J Connolly -


How to be a Fashion Designer James Mitchell

Let's get one thing straight - to be a fashion designer you'll need to possess a formidable range of skills and personal qualities. Be honest with yourself, evaluate the extent to which you possess these skills and qualities otherwise you'll eventually run into obstacles in your attempts to be a fashion designer.

Effective communication skills are a must. If you can't explain, listen, negotiate or delegate you'll struggle. Likewise organisational skills - if you can't plan and co-ordinate you simply won't finish jobs on time. Part of this comes from being able to make quick decisions and accepting responsibility for those decisions.

If you want to be a fashion designer then you need to accept the fact that you'll also be running a business. First and foremost you need That means being able to talent. This encompasses a spot opportunities as well as wide range of skills including " First and foremost you carrying out the more drawing, sewing, research, mundane tasks that are part need talent." vision and creativity. Without a and parcel of running a high level of natural talent you business. You'll need to be can never be a fashion able to show leadership and designer. be prepared to take a few risks if you want to achieve real success. The fashion industry is tough and On a more artistic level you'll need to be competitive - you need to be prepared to imaginative and creative to generate new use your abilities to give yourself an edge ideas. Without a genuine ability to over your rivals. This only comes through visualize, draw and paint in two dimensions you won't be able to deliver innovation which is the energizing force of fashion design. The same can be said for color sense and the many practical skills that go into making a fashion designer.

Model - James

Hardy -

Photography - Sean J Connolly -

having the confidence to truly believe in what you're doing and the assertiveness to deliver.

Without a high level of ambition and the necessary commitment to achieve that ambition you may struggle. You have to be prepared to work hard yet remain open to learning. Displaying high levels of flexibility and using criticism from others in a positive way will allow you to adapt in what is an ever-changing environment.

To be a fashion designer means being prepared to work as part of a team. You'll need to enjoy group activities and recognize you're only part of a bigger picture that draws from the input of many players. This calls for a friendly, calm temperament, patience, humour and at times a little bit of humility. The one personal quality that pulls all of this together is having a real passion for fashion - without this the other skills and personal qualities become undermined and you'll find it difficult to be a fashion designer. If you feel you possess these qualities then don't give up until you cover all the steps you need to take to become a fashion designer.

MODEL Evdokia



Alan Brown - Essex base - stree


MODEL Marnie-lee davies

MODEL Gemma Huh

MUA Redcarpetluks

ed fashion photographer - 07961 607772


MODEL Princey

Alan Brown - Essex base - stree



Hollie Louise

ed fashion photographer - 07961 607772


Manufacturing Meets Fashion 3D Bikinis and more! Sean J Connolly

When I first saw Continuum and their range it just screamed out 21st century, and I had to find out more. After all, any range that uses 3D printing in it must be good. Continuum fashion is the US based fashion brand of Mary Huang and Jenna Fizel, two women who see the world in a whole different way. Jenna has a background in architecture whilst Huang has a more creative background in art, so by combining these two great talents they have created a completely new range of clothing that not only looks great but is completely state of the art. The ranges vary from the D and Constrvt dresses to the Strvct shoes and N12 range. Now you may be asking what is so special about this fashion range, the answer to that is simple: all the ranges are fully user created, so unlike off the peg clothing or other designer labels, with Continuum you have the ability to actually create your own clothing and create it your way. By using 3D printing, a technique normally more associated with manufacturing than fashion, means cutting edge design and fashion, right at your finger tips.

Photography: Ariel Efron Model: Bojana Draskovic

"Continuum co emerging tech w beautiful, wea

One of the most eye catching and unique items in the whole fashion line is the N12 bikini collection. Sounds like a strange name for a bikini range, but the name comes from the fabric which is made out of Nylon 12 - or N12 for short. The N12 range is the world's first line of 3D printed bikinis, each item is printed as one piece of material, making for a flexible lightweight bikini just like any other. The same technology is used in the Strvct line of shoes, again allowing for a single material to be used to create unique designs. Continuum combines exciting emerging tech with a sensibility for beautiful, wearable designs.


Continuum is part fashion label, part experimental design lab. As well as being an innovator in terms of using industrial techniques to make clothing, the whole ethos of everything Continuum is to bring a digital edge to the fashion industry which really shows in the dress lines. Starting with the "D" collection, with this line you can be your own fashion designer without ever needing to be able to draw or sketch anything, as everything is performed using the online application. Your dress is designed for you by you.

The online application lets you design the dress of your dreams without any fashion design skills or experience at all.

ombines exciting with a sensibility for arable design."

Now, as I am a photographer I have a really keen interest in the Constrvt dress range. With this range you can simply take the basic shape of the dress and then funk it up by adding any image you wish to the dress. All this is done online using the online application, and you get to see the finished article in 3D before you order anything. The Constrvt range lets anyone be a fashion designer or stylist, and better yet as you can have almost any photograph you wish printed on the dress it's great for stepping out of your comfort zone and being a bit wild. To find out more about Continuum and their work in bringing technology and fashion together, check out their website, follow them on twitter @continvvm or drop them a line


Katie Hailes - Newcastle UK

Hi, I'm Katie Hailes 25 from Newcastle. I've been modelling p

After years of been told I should get into modelling & getting what the hell, it's been a dream of mine since I was 6, see ho spoke to a fantastic photographer who gave me a fashion shoot for free! That same day I did a glamour my portfolio & confidence loads.

Fashion & Glamour Model

For all I'm not the tallest of models I don't let it stop me achieve my goals. I've been published a lot within producing great images for publication.


Daniel Bates - Newcastle UK

Fashion Photographer

My Name is Daniel and I have studied photography for the past 4 years, however it is only recently that I have begun to work with people, rather than objects. I am 22 from Peterlee, and although I do not own my own studio, I have a full set up at home and a room that I converted so that I may create studio style images. My passion started with art but quickly became more photography orientated. Throughout my studies, our topics have been very narrow in what we must do, and usually how we must do it. The work that I create outside of University is giving me the opportunity to express myself and show my work in a way that reflects me. The style I aim for is edgy yet artistic and creative. I always base my images around ideas and then try to convey that through many techniques, including any media or props that may also emphasise that look. I have not long created my own website at to showcase my work and i have received some positive feedback about many of my images. In the future I hope my interest in photography will introduce me to new and interesting people who I will get the chanceto work with, allowing me to continue doing what I love.

professionally for over a year now.

g approached by agents on sites like Facebook I thought ow things go if I get a portfolio put together.... Lucky me I shoot with another brilliant photographer. Both helped

n the year I've been doing this and intend to carry on


Alexandra Laberge

London based freelance portrait photographer

Fifi Louche Kumo

London based top model


Pros and Cons of Digital Retouching Clyde Mosst

Digital retouching, more specifically photo manipulation, is nothing new. Even before the advent of photo editing software (ie:Photoshop) people have been manipulating images to suit a wide range of purposes, most notably within the fashion photography industry. Photo manipulation used responsibly can allow a photograph to be displayed in a professional manner. By removing minor blemishes and stray hairs, viewers can appreciate an image's aesthetic qualities without being distracted by minor flaws on a person's body. Used haphazardly, photo manipulation can create unrealistic perceptions of what beauty is or should be. Being an amateur photo retoucher I have yet to understand the impact that digital retouching has on society however I believe those who use this technique can utilize it responsibly to lessen the harmful consequences that it may bring.

About the Author

Clyde Mosst 22yrs old Miami Florida

MODEL Marii Apelo


Gustav Fouche - Lon

0207 2243123 - gustav@vancl

Model - Michiel


ndon based hair stylist -


My passion for hairdressing unknowingly started with me at a very young age. My mother being a hairdresser meant that I was always surrounded by styling and the salon environment. When I was young however, I found the novelty of playing with my mother’s scissors, cutting hair, or anything for that matter, much more exciting than necessarily being a hairdresser. Throughout my teens I learnt some skills from my mother and developed a feel for hairdressing. I didn’t think that hairdressing was my passion however, and I instead decided to pursue a career in law. It was during my studies at law school that I truly discovered my urge for creativity and a client facing role. I was lucky enough to be invited to assist a hairstylist at a University Fashion Show. It was an amazing experience and an eye opener to a world that I had discarded in my past. Although law required a lot of client consultation, I found the freedom of speech and the relationships I could develop with people through hairdressing to be just the sort of social environment I was looking for. I had discovered my dream job, despite the fact that it had been so accessible to me my whole life.

v a t Gus

Model - Maya

In an attempt to finance my law studies and finish off that chapter, I nagged my friends for jobs in the field. Eventually one gave in and offered me a job. This job resulted in me walking away from law and instead I started my career in hairdressing. For me in the early years of salon work, I found that my relationship with clients and impressing them was my priority. Later down the track however, I developed more in my skill and changed my focus to the quality of hairstyling I was producing, which inevitably meant that I had thrilled clients. More and more I mastered techniques and my eye for quality and soon found myself in an elite position in the hairdressing world. I have always considered myself a ’70:30’ hairdresser. 70% of my time is spent in the salon with clients, and 30% is spent on session work and photo shoots. I enjoy several aspects from both streams of hairdressing. As I mentioned, clients have always been a huge motivating and driving factor for me. However, I enjoy the creativity that I can express through session work. I strive to do better every day, in comparison to what I did the day before. To further improve on my work, and as a result leave behind a legacy. Ultimately I want to be the best, and that is what I aim to achieve every day.


Joshua Wingfield



- London based commercial model -

Hello, my name is Joshua Wingfield and I'm a relatively new model to the modelling industry. I got into modelling down to the plain simple fact that I noticed a huge change in my facial characteristics and also my body and i prefered it to what I previously had. It gave me some what of a confidence boost and I decided to go for a test shoot with a fellow friend who is a professional photographer and I thoroughly enjoyed it so I thought "what the heck, why not give modelling an actual go". I applied for a couple of small time agencies and got into one of them but soon enough I had realised that it was actually a scam so I decided to go freelance. I signed up to Model Mayhem the website and contacted photographers directly and other types of people within the industry and successfully collaborated in several shoots.

Recently I have been signed by 2 agencies which are Source Models and Elisabeth Smith Models. I'm currently more or less a commercial model but I so wish to become an editorial model. I aim that in the next year or two I will be signed with bigger agencies and maybe model in some shows and catwalks, but the ultimate aim for me within modelling is for when I am in my mid 20s I can tie in my career of a Personal Trainer with modelling and become a Fitness Model.


Stephen Whitnall Photography Wedding & Portrait Photography Fully Digital Service Starting from ÂŁ695*

*all shots delivered fully edited and print ready on a DVD.

Shot by Michael Silver - - 07939 932389


Samantha Yore - Lond

Self Taught Photographer For The Past 3 Years.

e r o Y m Sa

I like to capture the modern and the unique thi weather on the day, the emotion etc, and by d make.

Photography for me is far from a job but a hob and glamour is what i feel most at home with.


Rosa Samuels

MODEL Melissa Kimbe

don based fashion & glamour photographer

thaYorePhotography - - 07518 617086

ings about the model within the image, bringing out the doing this i feel I create photographs that some people of the same age struggle to

bby and part of my life. I have tried an arrangement of different photography but fashion


Melissa Kimber




James Cooper - Harrogate UK Fashion & Fitness Model

I've been modelling part time for about 2 years. A friend thought I should have a go and see what happens as I have always kept in shape, so I thought, "why not?"

I had a portfolio done with TheModelCamp guys, Gary and Lewis, in the West Midlands and subsequently signed with 3 agencies in the UK. I am looking to further and progress full time as a model and I like editorial and fitness type of work.

Mens Health and so on would be the aim or any designer underwear garment campaign. (Fingers crossed) I can be contacted via email on

Steve Whitnall - York UK

Wedding & Glamour Photographer

e v e St

Stephen Whitnall. Married. Aged 28. I have always had a passion for photography from a young age. Having spent the last 7 years in the army I have decided to focus more on my photography work and currently serving my last year's notice. Whilst deployed with the army I have been to some amazing locations which have helped me work on my portfolio, these being places such as the Falklands where the beaches are inhabited by penguins and sea lions and the Helmand Province in Afghanistan and also Kabul the capital of Afghanistan.

l l a n t i h W

My website is geared mainly toward wedding photography which is something that I really enjoy doing as I like to be able to give the bride and groom pictures they can treasure for the rest of their married life! I am also trying to bring the cost of wedding photography down by offering all my pictures edited on a DVD, thus passing on the money saved on printing costs to the client! I also offer pet portrait sessions, where I will work with you and your pet getting a range of natural and unposed pictures. As pets are often thought of as part of the family I like to be able to help capture them on film.

Recently I have also been moving towards portfolio work with Fashion/Glamour models and getting to grips with working within a studio envoirment, although I still like to work outdoors whenever possible as nothing can beat natural light and the right location. My other main passion is travel and I always travel with my camera! Last year I spent 2 weeks in Cuba and visited Havana on a day trip, although this was no where near enough time to spend there so I have booked a return trip for Valentine's next year. I am hoping to get enough pictures in Havana to put together a photo book. My contact details can be found on my website and I am happy to work with you on any projects you have in mind. Looking towards the future, one day I hope to have my own studio, and my dream photography job would be to work with a Rock band.


Anti-Fashion Manila

CT Magazine - Issue 1  
CT Magazine - Issue 1  

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