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SEPTEMBER 28, 2011

New places, new faces at ‘The Nest’; NH Hawks welcome staff members MORGAN KNOX Reporter

As the doors to North Harford opened on the first day of school, students were greeted by many familiar faces along with lots of new additions to the staff.    The science department has added two new members this year. Mr. Andrew Barrett and Ms. Dana Riskalla round out an impressive group of veteran educators.   Barrett said he is looking forward to “learning just as much as I hope to teach my students.”     Fellow new teacher, Riskalla, is also looking to make her mark.  She hopes to “make earth science more fun” and she looks forward to “teaching AP environmental science.”      The science department is not the only department embracing fellow new teachers. In math, the equation of who will teach what has been balanced by the arrival of Mrs. Erin Keene,  Mrs. Wenke Porter, and  Mr. Joel Cecchini. Adjusting to a new school can be challenging, but

Keene welcomes the opportunity.     “I am excited about getting to know all of the students and participate in all of the school activities,” said Keene. 

  Along with math and science departments, North Harford has also added new paraeducators. The all-star staff now includes Mindy Knox, Barb Matthews,

Photo credit: Morgan Knox

Teachers (from left to right), Mr. Andrew Barrett, Mr. Joel Ober, Ms. Sara Kane, Mr. Joel Cecchini, and Ms. Dana Riskalla, are additional members to the NH staff.

9/11 commemorated: RACHEL HURLEY Webmaster Over 3,000 innocent people were lost in an attack on the United States, an attack in which hijacked planes were driven into buildings, an attack that defied common sense or reason, and an attack whose repercussions would be felt throughout the world. September 11, 2001 began like any other, but it ended with confusion, sadness, and anger. A decade later to the day, on September 11, 2011, in an attempt to fight against time’s ability to blur memory, the nation united once again to commemorate the profound loss of that fateful day. In New York City, the new National 9/11 Memorial opened in the empty space that had once contained the twin towers. According to, the memorial includes the two largest man-made waterfalls in North America, which cascade into the footprints of the former World Trade Centers. Around the pools, which have been named Reflecting Absence, the names of those who

and Sara Kane. Along with each of the other new school teachers, these paraeducators also have big plans and many expectations for the school year. They have

died in the attacks are carved in bronze panels. “God bless every soul that we lost. God bless the family members who have to endure that loss,” said former New York mayor, Rudolph Giuliani at the memorial opening. According to The New York Times, a ceremony was held at ground zero, attended by and First Lady Obama, Former President and First Lady Bush, Yo-Yo Ma, Paul Simon and the families of the fallen. At this ceremony, bells tolled to mark the specific time in which each horrific act occurred. They began at 8:46am when Americans Airline Flight 11 hit the North Tower, and concluded at 10:28am with the collapse of the North Tower. Only silence followed the solemn reverberations of the bells. In between these moments of silence, the names of each victim were read aloud by family members. The pain on their faces was a fresh reminder that, for some, neither 10 years

come to the North Harford community, excited and willing to share their patient listening skills. knowledge, and teaching ability with the students and fellow staff members.    “I look forward to working with kids,” said Kane. This year is a big year for all of the new teachers.     “If I can get to it, I would love to see the prom and I would also like to see graduation because some of my kids are graduating,” said Knox.     The last addition to the Hawk’s nest is Mr. Joel Ober. He is a video editing teacher hoping to enrich the lives of his students not only this year but in the many years to come.     Although NH has added many wonderful additions, they have had to say goodbye to many others. Video editing teacher Mr. Joel Cummings transferred to Edgewood High School to continue teaching. Also science teacher Mrs. Ronnie Cassily and math teacher Mrs. Dianna Liberto have departed from NH.

10 year anniversary recalls past New memorials remember fallen

nor their entire lives would be enough time to understand the tragedy that tore their families apart on that day. As she read her mother’s

Mom, I am proud to be your daughter. You will always be my hero. - Patricia Smith name on the memorial, Patricia Smith said, “Mom, I am proud to be your daughter. You will always be my hero.” In Washington DC, at a parklike memorial in which empty white benches inscribed with the names of the fallen rise from the ground, Navy Admiral Mike Mullen spoke somberly in the shadows of the Pentagon: “Lives ended in this place. Dreams were shattered. Futures were instantly altered. Hopes were

tragically dashed.” According to, a previously unknown farm field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania will now be the location of a memorial that is being constructed to honor the 40 people who died there when United Airlines Flight 93 crashed into the ground. During the 10 year anniversary, the first phase of the memorial was dedicated. It is expected to be finished by 2012. “I think that it is important for people to remember this day,” said senior Liz Proctor. “We have so much in this country that many people do not have. We need to support our troops and fight for our freedom, because without it, life would never be the same.” It’s been 10 years since September 11, 2001, and although these memorials will be unable to replace the overwhelming loss of that day, they will perhaps be a quiet reminder of the best and worst of 9/11: of firefighters running up burning staircases, and of phone calls that went unanswered. These memorials,

and, more importantly, the people who have gathered to these sites, are everlasting monuments that will help ensure that 9/11 forever has a place in memory.


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In the bathroom with Burcham It happens at the checkout line, on the elevator, and even in church. And now, it’s happening in the bathroom. When is the last time you walked into the public restroom and heard someone talking from the stall? The last time it happened to me, the conversation went something like this: Phone user: “Hey dude, how’s it going?” Me: “Uhh? It’s going…” Phone user: “What are you doing?” Me: “Same thing you’re doing.” Phone User: “Hold on man… Hey idiot in the stall, I’m not talking to you! I’m on the phone!” Me: “Sorry sir, I did not know.” Seriously?! First of all, is this sanitary? This is certainly awkward. Is that phone call so important that you can’t wait until you are done with your business on the throne? What happens if you end up dropping your cell phone in a public toilet? Would you really want to put your hand in that toilet? Sometimes, I feel like that’s what needs to happen as a punishment. So, the next time you are on your cell phone while on the toilet, think about those on the other end of the phone and those on the other side of the stall. Save the conversation for a far more appropriate place.

Cry of the Hawk

Tackling the bigger issue; Country where heroes are an afterthought Nightthree, Football Field & Dana.ankenbauer, Soldier on Purdue Memorial Mall

VIEWPOINT It’s that time of year againfootball season. Everyone is pulling out their jerseys and purple and black ensembles and getting their game face on. It is repulsive. The Baltimore Ravens, as well as other football players annually make about $770,000 each. The average soldier makes about $41,724 a year. The average firefighter makes $30,000-$50,000 a year. The average police officer makes $51,156-$56,943.That seems logical, footballs are pretty expensive these days. Football players get luxurious lives. They are fortunate enough to see their families daily, eat meals made by personal chefs, and the privilege not to have a bullet aimed at them. They get to party on yachts, meet famous people, and get a big fat paycheck for throwing a ball around.

What’s there to complain about? Soldiers on the other hand must spend months, even years away from their families, endure intense environments, suffer psychological side effects, risk their lives for millions of strangers, and get paid severely less. Yes, being a soldier is an altruistic job. They don’t do it for the money, but for the honor and desire to serve their country. There are many reasons to join the armed forces but shouldn’t there be some compensation for the risks and sacrifices of the job? The question comes to this. Most jobs are paid higher according to level of difficulty and risks. Why does it not apply in this case? Soldiers risk their life. Football players risk a pulled hamstring. It makes sense that soldiers should get paid more, right? It is difficult to support NFL


“What if you are new to this school and have no idea how to get into clubs, sports, etc…” Being new to high school is definitely tough, especially when you don’t know many people or the school very well. Listen to the morning announcements. There are always times and dates being announced for meetings of clubs and if a club has already started, it’s no big deal. Most clubs are happy to have more students join! With sports it can be more difficult- you can’t join a sports team in the middle of the season. Think about what sports you want to be involved in and ask our athletic director, Mr. Tim Larrimore, for more information. The best advice I can give you is to not hold back; the earlier you get involved the more fun you will have! Here’s a head start on a few advisors to see: Mrs. Sandra Schlehr for D.U.C.K.S., Mrs. Larissa Arist for S.T.A.R.S., or Mr. Russell Blake for Academic Team!

“How can I tell my friend I want to be more than that if I don’t know what he wants?” It’s always hard trying to read a mind… that’s why we have our mouths. I don’t know this boy, but maybe he’s shy or wondering the same thing about you! You do not have to be blunt about it, just casually bring up hanging out. Send him a text, “OMG did u see that new scary movie yet?” If he says no, then tell him that you need someone to go see it with. If he says he already saw the movie, turn it into a conversation starter. “I was thinking about going to see it. Any opinions?” Then maybe consider the next football game. Tell him you’ll see him there! *If you have a question or problem for our new advice column, please submit it in the envelope outside of Mrs. Chandler’s room D207. We will keep it anonymous!

Cry of the Hawk (410) 638-3650

News Editor: Annemarie Dickerson Opinion/Editorial Editor: Emily Cunningham Features Editor: Katelyn Linson IDR Editor: Gabby Bauer Webmaster: Rachel Hurley Health & Science Editor: Caitlin Baker

football teams knowing that they complain about how “little” they are getting paid considering the harmful effects and risks associated with the sport. According to CNN, “ 75 former professional football players are suing the National Football League, saying the league knew as early as the 1920s of the harmful effects of concussions on players’ brains but concealed the information from players, coaches, trainers and others until June 2010.” To the NFL players, who are suing the League, suck it up. The risks involved when pursuing a football career are evident. It is accurate to assume that getting hit in the head multiple times will result in some kind of effect to your health. It is obvious that football players must be getting hit in the head to much, because they do not seem too bright.

Soldiers and their families do not go to the recruitment centers and say, “I wasn’t warned that I might lose a leg or possibly die while fighting in combat during a war.” Mrs. Carla Harward says, “I do believe that we put more emphasis on jobs such as athletes, actors, etc., when in reality, we should give the most credit to the ordinary men and women who are risking their lives for others.” Take the recent tenth anniversary of 9/11 that just passed. This day should have been a day of remembrance for the ones who were lost and the ones who sacrificed their lives saving others. Instead the importance of that haunting day was tainted by the football games that were broadcast all day long. Instead of holding respect, it was franchised on t-shirts at the Ravens versus Pittsburgh game. One sported “Gotcha B****” with a photo of Bin Laden. Another, “Don’t F*** with the USA.” Classy. How about “Thanks for fighting in a war for 10 years so I can come watch this stupid football game.” Football has always been an ultimate American past time. It is a great way to get together with friends and support your favorite team. But the reality is that there is a much greater and braver team that needs our support more than ever. These heroes also wear helmets but theirs have bullet holes and blood smeared across them. They are our soldiers.

Bison shot to spare lives from flood

Squawk to the Hawk Advice Column

211 Pylesville Road Pylesville, MD 21132

September 28, 2011

During Hurricane Irene, many citizens watched as massive storms consumed communities leaving only destruction behind. At Hershey Park in Pennsylvania two bison had to suffer due to the lack of preparation for the storms and flooding. As the waters began to rise at ZooAmerica in Hershey Park, zookeepers began evacuating animals to safer conditions. All but two animals, Esther and Ryan, bison siblings, were saved in the harsh climate. These two bison were left behind and eventually shot dead to prevent them from drowning. Zookeepers say that the flood went from a few inches to several feet within minutes according to It should be assumed that with several flood warnings and the

Entertainment Editor: Julz Harvey Sports Editor: Kaitlin Dunn Business Manager: Abbey Carnivale Reporters: Alexis Case, Hannah Richardson, Kelly Phipps, Donna Fatcheric, Morgan Knox, Josh Welsh, Jamie Burcham

immense amount of rain from previous days that the park should have taken more precautions. Instead, the officials left the bison and did not have enough time to evacuate them. The choice to shoot the bison instead of having them suffer is defended as the most “humane choice.” If these park officials are going to keep animals in captivity, where they are already suffering, then they need to have a better evacuation plan. Why wasn’t anything else done to save them? It is the responsibility of zoos to protect the animals for which they care, and this is especially true in times of imminent danger. ZooAmerica had ample time to make accommodations and their inability to do so is reprehensible. Perhaps in the future, ZooAmerica will have a more efficient plan to avoid such catastrophe.

The Cry of the Hawk newspaper is published 10 times a year by North Harford’s Journalism II/III class. All editorials and viewpoints express the feelings of those on the staff and not necessarily those of fellow students, administrators, or teachers. Please do not hesitate to submit letters to Advisor Jen Chandler in room D207. Letters should be no longer than 300 words, must be signed, and may not contain vulgarity.

September 28, 2011

Cry of the Hawk

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When asked about ‘Toddlers & Tiaras’... Donna said...

Kelly said...

It’s a late Wednesday evening and I’m waiting for my favorite show, Toddlers & Tiaras. I know, I know, those of you who hate the idea of little girls putting on pounds of makeup are appalled right now. But for those of us who love the show, we also see that there is a good message in it. And to be fair, who doesn’t love a crazy mom every once in a while? Behind all the glitz and the glam, contestants are required to participate in an interview with the judges. This portion of the competition isn’t all about the makeup; instead, it is about the quality of a person’s character. It takes poise, personality, and passion to wow the judges. These are the same qualities that a CEO might look for in a future employee. So what’s wrong with that? While the makeup, gorgeous gowns, and other accessories are fun for these tiny tots, let us not forget that the winner of these pageants sometimes gets far more than bragging rights. Many receive scholarships, money, and opportunities to further their careers professionally. Who can fault a parent for wanting to ensure that their children will have the opportunity to be successful in the future? How is it wrong when a parent is simply encouraging a child to be passionate about something that they love? I understand that some people do not like this show because of the “crazy pageant moms”- this is certainly understandable. Sure, they spend thousands of dollars on costumes and training, and they sometime push their children to do things they don’t want to, but what parent hasn’t? And these crazy moms are no different than those who show up at a football game wearing dyed hair, thousands of beads, and face paint to support their player on the field. So next time you’re flipping through the channels and you see Toddlers & Tiaras is on and you decide to tune in, don’t be so quick to judge. The girls are doing what it takes to win! Wouldn’t you?

It’s a late Wednesday evening, and I’m trying to find something to watch on TV. As I’m channel surfing, I end up on a show called Toddlers & Tiaras. Very quickly, I find out that it is about crazy pageant moms who wish to live out their hopes and dreams through their children by putting ten pounds of makeup on their face, spraying five cans of hair spray in their hair, and teaching them to be conceited and arrogant. Does that sound right to you? It doesn’t to me. In fact, it’s disgusting. What bugs me the most about this show is the moms. It’s not fair to blame the children for doing what their mother has told them to do. The girls don’t know that what they are doing is wrong; they were raised for pageants. I mean, it’s pretty sad when a toddler is on stage and you’ll see the mom in the back of the room making cute little faces so the toddler copies what they are doing. One late evening, while my friend was forcing me to watch Toddlers & Tiaras, I came to an episode about a mom who was actually putting air brush make up on a little girl that just turned one year old!! She even used a hair piece on her! The poor little girl was screaming and crying and didn’t want the makeup or the hair. Did the mom care? Not in the slightest. She just wanted her little baby girl to win that pageant and that’s all that mattered. Trying to get yourself publicity and money through your daughter is just not right. If they don’t enjoy being in a pageant, don’t put them in one. That’s just torture. Fake tans, nails, teeth, and hair are not something that little girls enjoy! They like dolls and stuffed animals, not high heels and makeup! So, the next time you’re flipping through the channels and happen to land on Toddlers & Tiaras, don’t bother to stay for long. It’s sickening to see little girls being forced to grow up so fast. I would want my children to participate in healthy alternatives. Wouldn’t you?

Government responds to heroism with hostility; Politicians deemed worthier than first responders EDITORIAL

their jobs. Ordinary people were heroes too… If you want to kill us, leave us alone because we will do it by ourselves. If you want to make us stronger, attack and we unite.” Why are we uniting halfway? To invite the families of ordinary heroes who were lost, but not to invite those who risked their lives while attempting to save these lost souls? It would be like hosting an event for They’re asked to go, they’re the entire United States, but only recognizing 25 of the 50 called to duty, they go. But states. reports that they’re not going to raise a the government funded the fuss; they’re not going to com- attendance of representatives plain. from New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. There was -Michael Burke room for these politicians, yet… there was not space for first responders. We are supposed to be uniting The heroes are not the polias one for a time of remembrance ticians, who were thousands of and reflection. We are supposed miles away in the safety of their to be gathering together as a na- own home, watching the attack tion to honor our heroes. replayed on television. The heAdam Mayblum, who worked roes are those who arrived at the on the 87th floor of the north scene moments afterward, risktower, composed an e-mail en- ing their lives among the rubble, titled “The Price We Pay” short- fighting through smoke and ly after 9/11. Being one of the flames to rescue others, pulling few who made it out, he wrote, corpses out of debris for the sake “Those men and women that of their country. The memorial went up were heroes in the face was not about votes. It was about of it all. They must have known lives; lives lost, lives ruined, and what was going on and they did lives remembered.

Government hides behind bible verse EDITORIAL The state-run Iranian news agency ISNA reported that the men were put to death for acts against the sharia. The sections are part of the chapter of punishments on sodomy. Other crimes in Iran punishable by death include: murder, rape, and adultery. It is an atrocity that some countries are still living in a prehistoric era when others are so forward thinking. The Iranians and many other religious groups and countries claim that homosexuality is an abomination against god. In the Bible (Leviticus, 18:22), it says “You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination.” They hide behind these words, never having an original thought on the matter, yet they seem to ignore the other things that the Bible forbids. Leviticus 11:8: “You shall not eat of [pigs] flesh.” Leviticus 19:28: “You shall not make any cuts in your body for the dead nor make any tattoo marks on yourselves.” So why is it that it is acceptable to eat pork and get tattoos, but not sleep with a person of the same sex? These acts should be punishable by death too, according to Iranian logic, yet they are not. Millions of people around the

Anastasia Menadier, The Lord is good!

343 FDNY firefighters, 23 NYPD police officers, 37 Port Authority PD officers, and 15 EMTs were killed on September 11, 2001. also reports that 2,000 first responders were injured. While the families of those lost on that day were invited to the tenth anniversary memorial ceremony, all first responders were disinvited. New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, claimed that they were disinvited because of the “lack of space” and “security concerns,” according to Other than this, Michael Burke, brother of the late FDNY Captain William Burke, says that they have gotten no other explanation for being shut out. Michael Burke says that the firefighters, “Wouldn’t ask for any explanation. That’s who they are. They’re asked to go, they’re called to duty, they go. But they’re not going to raise a fuss; they’re not going to complain. That’s who they are. So a guy like me is going to complain for them.” We cannot stand for the exclusion of those crucial to this memorial. It is understandable that every single person could not be invited. But there was not even recognition of the sacrifices

these first responders made for the country on that fateful day 10 years ago. It was a slap in the face to all those involved and to those who died or were injured while saving the lives of others. There were also not prayers at the ceremony. We are supposed to be “One nation under God.”

In the USA more states are legalizing gay marriage. Meanwhile , 3 Iranian men were hanged for “performing acts against religion.”

world consider themselves to be gay, lesbian, or bisexual. There may be a few righteous people out there that truly believe that it is a crime against God. They are perfectly entitled to their opinion, but the majority of them just use the Bible as a convenient excuse for homophobia. Either you follow every word of the Bible as supreme law, or you do not. You cannot just pick and chose the rules you want to follow, and the ones that you want to break. If the Iranian government wants to follow the Bible’s laws as their own, then they should actually read the whole thing, cover to cover and follow all of it. It is absolutely horrific that these men were being killed, for being who they were.

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Cry of the Hawk

September 28, 2011

Natural disasters cause Internet withdraw, family bonding VIEWPOINT

Up Close

and Personal

As a child, what was your imaginary escape? COMPILED BY Morgan Knox

“My brother and I made a fort near my doggie and we went there a lot.” Caitlin King, 10

“I used to ride my bike around in my back yard. We had a big trail and did circles for hours.” Kristen Eyler, 12

like we do today. government. ing more people from family life They went outside and blazed Today, 56% of military recruit- into cyber life. trails and played cops and rob- ing goes through online sources Although some people are callbers and, woah, actually used their such as Facebook, Twitter and ing the recent natural disasters imaginations (see below). They MySpace. It seems like putting that have hit this area an apocawere a lot closer to their families advertisement information and lypse, maybe it is really a good than we are today, and that is a other “crucial information” on thing. Maybe we all need some major problem. social networking sites has only time where we log out of FaceIt is not entirely teens neglect- persuaded more people to join book, and get back in touch with ing their parents anymore for those networks, therefore draw- our family. social media. The roles are sometimes reversed. USA Today reports that a little under half of all Facebook users are over 35. That means that for every teenager that has an account, Did you post any status updates during the at least one of their parearthquake and/or Hurricane Irene? ents has one too! “I never thought in a COMPILED BY million years that I would Rachel Hurley 11% have a Facebook,” says Tina Boyd, the parent of a teenager, “But now it seems like it’s the only way to really know what is really going on in her life, without seeming overprotective.” It seems like this in89% ternet dependant society may not only be caused by the teens and parents who seem to be addicted, but *103 students polled also by businesses and the Photo credit: Kristen

At any given minute, there are approximately 27 million users logged into Facebook. At any given hour, there are 83 million videos being watched on YouTube. On any given day, there are 50 million Tweets sent. This means that when the 5 million people up and down the east coast who lost power due to Hurricane Irene could not update their status, it seemed like the end of the world. After the Virginia earthquake hit, Twitter and Facebook exploded with over 200,000 tweets and 19,000 status updates within 2 minutes of the earthquake hitting containing the word “earthquake,” reports “This may sound bad, but as soon as I felt the shaking my first reaction was to update my status about it,” said freshman Sara Lougski. “As soon as I got on [Facebook] to update, my entire wall was stuff about it and it wasn’t even over yet!” It is extremely alarming that the first reaction of thousands of people was to post something about the disaster online. Where is the concern for their families, or even their own lives? If every-

one’s house suddenly caught on fire, are they all going to Tweet “OMG mi house iz burnin’!!!! Dats totes lame,” and then go and worry about getting out? If that is the case, then we really have a serious problem on our hands. But what happened during Hurricane Irene when, according to, 5 million people lost power? Instead of totally ignoring each other, teens and parents alike had to do this crazy thing called “talking.” They could not get wrapped up in the world of other people’s lives; no, they actually had to live their own for once. “I was without power for about 5 days,” says junior Mike Kansa. “It was really boring because I didn’t have Internet or TV, so I really had nothing to do. But my older brother taught me how to play poker and so basically my whole family played poker for 2 days straight and it really wasn’t that bad.” These recent situations may have seemed pretty boring because no one could get on Facebook or Twitter, but maybe it brought families closer together. Our parents did not have all this “stuff” to occupy their time with



Imagine That...


The fresh shower slowly dwindles to a peaceful drizzle, and a dash of yellow glows amidst the lifeless greens and browns that are dull from the aftermath of a cool spring rain. As I look out the window, I see a young girl in an overly large, neon yellow rain jacket, splashing in puddles with her bare feet and little painted toenails. She giggles as the water hits her nose and laughs to someone next to her, though I do not see anyone there. After watching a few more minutes of her games, realization dawns upon me, and I start to see the world from her own perspective. She is not outside by herself, jumping in puddles on a chilly, gray afternoon, but rather, she is surrounded by many friends and companions, embarking on some grand adventure to the unknown. As I look closer, I find figures like knights, dwarves, elves, princes, and dragons materializing from the mist. Each minute, the girl herself transforms from a princess to a spy, a captain, an Indian, or a ninja. The world is no longer a blurry painting of watery colors mixing together, but it is like a sunrise, exploding with life and vibrant shades of pink, green, and orange. The girl throws her arms into the air and spins in circles, sticking her tongue out to taste the candy that is falling from the cloudless, blue sky. Imagination. It is a gift that many of us begin with but very few of us care to maintain. I press my nose to the glass of the window, and I ponder this, wondering at the barrier that is keeping me from joining the little girl in her world of splendor and color. Perhaps it has to do with age and the responsibilities that come when one grows and becomes more aware of life. Gradually reality takes its hold, and the imagination slowly becomes forgotten, slipping away as if it were never there in the first place. Let me ask you this. Do you not remember what it felt like to believe that magic existed, or that in some far off land, dragons were breathing fire and frogs were turning into princes? Do you not remember what it felt like to believe that the tooth fairy came and put money under the pillow at night? Do you not remember what it felt like to believe that Santa Claus came down the chimney and put presents under the tree every Christmas? I remember these things. I remember the feelings of exhilaration, excitement, wonder, and awe. I remember the giddiness and the joy that I received from feeling like I was a part of something special. If you have become caught up in life’s complications, I implore you stop yourself and think. Try to remember the simple things and the younger years where you knew nothing else but what it was like to be a kid. Imagination sparks creativity and opens the door to endless possibilities. Without it, the world would be gloomy and opaque, like the colors after a spring rain.

“I use to pretend I was Robin Hood or some other super hero and would fly around.” Mr. Benjamin, Science teacher


the action or process of forming such images or concepts.

“I would play house and be the mom in the kitchen.” Danielle Hurley, 10

September 28, 2011

Cry of the Hawk

News - Page 5

   ANNE KALETSCH Photo credit: Hannah Richardson

City: Frankfurt, Germany Staying with: Dunn family Grade: 12

Lordin would use these stickers both inside and outside of the classroom, giving them out to students and staff as visual praise for their good deeds.    Lordin can tell that O.K. W.E.H. has already helped saying, “I had an instance once this year where I had to tell a student to walk outside and read the sign again before he could come back in. It’s nice to have a reminder right there that can really change people’s minds about saying something disrespectful or mean.”     With pictures, inspiring quotations, and a decorated montage for all to see, Lordin and Humphreys hope that the “Only Kind Words Enter Here” program will have a positive impact on NHHS.

Café 165 supports good cause EMILY CUNNINGHAM Op/Ed Editor As guests walk into Cafe 165, they might notice the “Good Food for Good Friends” slogan located on the billboard in front of the restaurant. On Thursday, August 25, teachers and staff from North Harford elementary, middle, and high schools were invited by the owner of the restaurant to attend an allyou-can-eat pizza lunch.   E a c h attendee contributed $5 to the event and all of the money was donated to the American Cancer Society. A little over $526 was raised for the Cancer Society, and about 100 people came to eat and donate to the cause.        Owner of the restaurant and popular local eatery, Phil Day, said that one of the reasons he

wanted to host the event was “as a welcome back to all of the teachers and staff and to say that we look forward to having business with you all.”    His reason for donating the money to the Cancer

Society was more personal.    Day said, “I recently lost another very close person to me who had cancer. I think everyone that came was very appreciative for the food and that their money was going to a good cause.”     Spanish teacher, Mr. Julio

Fernandez says, “Café 165 is becoming a part of the NH community. It’s very pleasant, it has a good environment, and I like the people there. It made the beginning of school cool.”    Librarian, Mr. Bob Ott, also attended the event and said that it was “wonderful. T h e gentleman that owns the business was very generous. He even c a m e out and introduced himself, making a very good first impression in front of all the teachers. Overall, it was a wonderful event that was generous, tasty, and, from a business point of view, the owner was very smart. Now the faculty loves him!”    Day hopes to host another event like this in the future.

   CLARA STURZL City: Berlin, Germany Staying with: Kimble family Grade: 12

Photo credit: Hannah Richardson

Mrs. Becky Lordin and Mrs. Janice Humphreys collaborated over the summer to create a way to inspire positive change at NHHS. More information about the project is located on a poster outside Humphrey’s room in the B hallway.    The first day the teachers came back to school, Lordin and Humphreys decided to create something that would encourage more kindness within the school environment. They brainstormed different phrases and settled on the acronym O.K. W.E.H. which stands for “Only Kind Words Enter Here.”     This kindness initiative is a work in progress. Lordin is hoping to take pictures

of people being generous in school when they do not know that they are being watched. Then Lordin can expand the poster outside of Humphrey’s room to showcase the standout individuals with the pictures she took.    Senior Zach Smith said, “You shouldn’t have to be reminded to be nice. People should be kind no matter what.”     Despite Smith’s statement, Lordin and Humphreys feel that often people could use a reminder to keep an eye out for others. It is important to be respectful, warm-hearted, and sincere in action and word even when people are not watching.     “One of the motivational displays we are trying to find is stickers that say ‘OK’” said Lordin.

One of Sturzl’s goals is taking home better command of the English language. She also hopes her time here will help her figure out what she wants to do in life after school is over. She loves how nice the teachers are at NHHS and how personal it is, but she says it’s a big school and hard to get used to. Sturzl is performing with the cheerleading squad because she loves the school spirit at NH, and enjoys cheering at football games.

   DAVID MEYER City: Recklinghausen, Germany Staying with: Carrigan family Grade: 11

Meyer came to the U.S. to experience the different ways of living and to learn how to speak English more fluently. Meyer said that there are more public forms of transportation in Germany and they do not drive trucks. Meyer is a part of the boy’s varsity soccer team at NH. According to Meyer, NH is clean and it has a good standard of teaching. Even though the school system is different here from Germany, he is enjoying his time here.

   FEM MUHLHAUSEN City: Göttingen, Germany Staying with: Carmen family Grade: 12

Muhlhausen says it is hard to get use to such a big and different school, but she is learning a lot. She is on the NHHS cross country team and is playing the clarinet in the school band.    Mulhausen is thrilled to have experienced new types of weather like hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods.  Muhlhausen does not like that there is little public transportation in our area. She says that back home, a lot of places are close enough to walk to. Muhlhausen is enjoying her time and she says people here are more open minded and welcoming.         

Compiled by Hannah Richardson

Jonathans Weddings & Flowers

“Fresh and Silk Flowers for all Occasions Gifts:” Teleflora Wire Service Available John Schneider

Photo credit: Hannah Richardson

Health & Science Editor

Photo credit: Hannah Richardson


Compared to Kaletsch’s school back home, NHHS is a lot bigger.  Having to drive long distances to get places is an adjustment for her.    One important thing Kaletsch says she want to do is build life-long friendships. Kaletsch is taking part in the school musical, Oklahoma, this year and she also might be joining the Academic Team. Although there were a few problems with her schedule, she says she is liking the classes she is participating in.

14 East Jarrettsville Road * Forest Hill, MD 21050


Page 6 - News

Cry of the Hawk

September 28, 2011


Eyebrow Issues

Moose Hangover

Bay, Arkansas- Steve Lynn was taking a small plane ride, and decided to take some areal pictures of his house when he realized someone was burglarizing his home. The plane’s pilot David Hudson followed the thieves in the plane, giving the police information about their location.

Stockholm, Sweden- Per Johnson walked out of his house after hearing a tremendous roar. What he found was a large moose, stuck in his tree. The moose was apparently drunk after eating fermented apples. With the help of several neighbors, the moose was freed, but just laid down in Johnson’s yard to “sleep off her hangover.”

Buena Park, California- Two men got into a fight at a party and one of them bit the other man’s eyebrow off. He lost a chunk of skin and hair about the size of an egg and will require reconstructive surgery.





Photo credit: Mrs. Angela Jones

NH Choir radiates in Rome;

Directors impressed with professional performance JULZ HARVEY Entertainment Editor

The NHHS chorus sings in the Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica. They sang in Latin and performed with six other choirs.

Members of the NHHS chorus exercised their knowledge of Latin and Italian this year from June 14 21 while performing in the Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, Italy.    Angela Jones and 23 choir students journeyed to Rome over the summer to perform with six other choirs. Two of these choirs were other high school choirs, one was a church choir, and the last two were community choirs. All of the combined choirs worked under two conductors, Dr. Hilary Apfelstadt of the University of Toronto and Dr. Anna Hamre of

the California State University in Fresno. Jones said that working with the other choirs was amazing because “most of the choirs were older than us, so it was really intergenerational.” Jones was highly impressed with the NH students, as were the other choir directors, who said that the kids were very well prepared and professional. The choirs also had the privilege to sing with the Roman Orchestra. Jones said performing with the orchestra sounded really cool, because having the strings

and voices together is “really powerful.” Aside from daily practicing, the students also toured Ancient Rome and Modern Rome. The tour of Ancient Rome included the Coliseum and ruins, and the tour of Modern Rome included Vatican City and the Sistine Chapel.      Junior Shelby Pridgeon described the trip as “pretty incredible” and said it “opened my eyes to see what happens in the world.” Jones said that her students definitely grew over the trip, and they will “realize it even more as they continue to get older.”

France, Spain: Students experience exposure to new culture KATELYN LINSON Features Editor North Harford Students left their homes in Pylesville and traveled across the Atlantic to learn about other cultures in France and Spain. The trip was lead by foreign language teachers, Mrs. Larissa Artist, Mrs. Lori Rake, Mrs. Winifred Lange, and Mrs. Carrie Rosales.     In France, the group visited the cities of Paris, Nice, Monaco, Avignon, and Collioure. In Spain, they visited the cities of Barcelona, Madrid, Toledo, and Zaragosa. Major historical and places of importance that they visited were The Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, and the Versad in Paris, as well as The Prado in Madrid. Students, teachers, and chaperons explored the countries and discovered the lifestyles of other cultures.     “Students were given an opportunity to see cultures that they learn about in the classroom. They were able to

use the languages they have been learning and apply them in the countries. Many were able to try new things that they normally would not get to try,” said Spanish teacher, Rosales.    French teacher, Arist, said, “I was really impressed with the students from North Harford.

They had a positive attitude about learning about the other cultures… My favorite part of the trip was visiting the area of Provence, because I’ve lived there before.”    Senior Robbie Marconi said, “The trip was incredible. We arrived in Nice around 5:00 so we went out to dinner and then

afterwards we went down by the ocean on the beach. We all decided to jump in with our clothes on and just go swimming in the Mediterranean.”     Participants of the trip also learned many things about the cultures they experienced that were very different from the Photo credit: Mrs. Larissa Arist

Students on France and Spain trip experience different cultures. They all went swimming in the Mediterranean Sea.

United States. One of the major differences was in pricing and currency. Rake said, “they were very expensive compared to the United States. A soda was usually 5 Euros which is about 7 dollars in American currency.” Another major difference was the change in climate, as well as the times of the day.    Senior Abby Young said, “The strangest thing was that it didn’t get completely dark until about twelve o’clock at night. It would just look like dusk. Also, the businesses would close around one and not open back up until 4, for basically “nap time.” Employees would then return to work and continue until late at night, because the people eat dinner really late there.”     The French department is planning a trip in the winter to visit Quebec and Arist said that “another trip to France is possible in the summer of 2013.”

Nightly Tax Bonn, Germany- In Germany, where prostitution is legal, prostitutes must pay a nightly tax. In order to enforce this tax on streetwalkers, officials have added meters so that the women must have an 8 dollar permit to work.

Donkey Overload Los Angeles, California- The humane society of Hawaii chartered a plane to LA in order to fly 120 donkeys to California. Recent drought conditions have brought hundreds of donkeys down from the mountains into developed Hawaii, where they have disrupted traffic and made other trouble for humans. After their flight, the donkeys were transported to the Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue Center in Techachapi, CA.

Sucking Toes Little Rock, Arkansas- Police are looking for a man who has allegedly been sucking women’s toes. Women have been reporting a strange man coming up to them, complimenting their feet, and trying to suck their toes. A similar criminal vandalized a nearby town in the 1990’s.


Compiled by Kaitlin Dunn




September 28,2011

News - Page 7

Cry of the Hawk

U.S. aids NATO, Libyan rebels in humanitarian effort EMILY CUNNINGHAM Op/Ed Editor In a military coup, Moammar Gadhafi took over Libya in 1969 and abolished its constitution, creating his own laws. He then began to run the country as a dictator, sponsoring terrorism. Recently, due to the efforts of rebel forces hoping to overthrow him, he has fled Libya.    For a long period of time, the United States opposed Gadhafi because he used oil profits to support terrorists. After 9/11, President George W. Bush created the Bush Doctrine, stating that the US had “the right to secure themselves against countries which harbored or supported terrorism.”  Gadhafi ceased his support of terrorism to maintain positive relations with the United States.

   On August 20, 2010, many nations became hostile to the release of the Lockerbie bombing terrorist, Abdelbasset al-Megrahi. Gadhafi, however, welcomed this man home with a celebration, seeming to reaffirm his support of terrorism. He was warned by Britain that the celebration would be deeply offensive to the families of those lost in the attack, which were mainly from the United States.     When part of the Libyan population peacefully protested their leader beginning on February 15, 2011, they were met with a military force. It quickly became the pro-Gadhafi fighting against the rebels, and the Libyan Revolution began.     The United Nations stepped in to support the rebels with airstrikes and Gadhafi’s forces

began losing. This is when the dictator fled, leaving behind only his supporters. The United States currently has no troops on the ground in Libya. They have, however, been aiding NATO which, according to Abcnews., has cost taxpayers about $896 million through July.        History teacher, Mr. Benjamin Scarborough, believes, “The US is already still tied up in countries like Afghanistan and Iraq. It would not be a wise move to be heavily involved, but through leadership

in NATO we can provide positive support for the nation to become a greater democratic state.”    Senior Blain Anderson thinks that our involvement in Libya is very similar to our involvement in Iraq.     Anderson claims, “Iraq is still in turmoil without a strong leader, and the same is likely to happen in Libya. Even if we do help, there will be even more fighting between different factions in the country over leadership.” Social Studies teacher, Mr. Mark

Filiaggi, says, “Libya hasn’t done anything to us, at least in the past 20 years. So I don’t get why we’re going into a sovereign nation and trying to change them politically.”    History teacher, Mr. Mike Auth, believes, “The US in the past 20 years has gotten into more and more trouble when it tries to nation build. It would be better if the US would let things play out as they should. Nation building just causes the US to get a bad name, puts soldiers into harm’s way, and causes civil war.”

Photo of the Month Photo credit: Teresa Susa

Battered and bruised;

Maryland survives natural disaster GABBY BAUER IDR Editor What started out as Hurricane Irene later became Tropical Storm Irene, leaving thousands without power, flooded basements, shortened vacations, and a storage of batteries and flashlights that could last a lifetime. In preparation of Tropical Storm Irene, restaurants boarded up windows and people stocked up on everything possible. Grocery stores and home appliance stores were out of stock by the end of the week. Many people also invested in generators assuming that their power would go out and stay out. Generators were to blame for a house on Old Federal Hill Road in Jarrettsville, Maryland. When the power came back on, the surge protector did not trigger and so it caught on fire. It caught the bed in the master bedroom on fire which resulted in the destruction of a home. “It was really sad watching my neighbors whole lives being destroyed…They spent years remodeling the house because it was an old school house, and now they have to start all over. I’m just glad though that the family and all their pets are were safe and are doing okay,” said junior Alyssa Kozak. More than 80,000 residential and commercial power outages occurred in just in Harford County due to the storm. Havre de Grace was flooded for over a

week and this town received some of the worst damages in Harford County. Harford County was damaged by an excessive amount of flooding and power outages. Many residences, business, and schools lost power for several days. NHHS was delayed 3 days due to the storm and school did not start until September 1, 2011. NHHS secretary, Lisa West, lost power for about 4 and a half days. She had power by the first day that school started for students, but she did not when the teachers first day began. “I had to heat water on my stove to take baths. I lost everything in my refrigerator and freezer. It was very boring at times so we played a lot of games like Yahtzee,” said West. Ocean City, Maryland, had its first evacuation since 1985 due to the immense storm. With 120 mph winds and more than 10 inches of rain, a beach town became a deserted mess. Phase three went into effect for the town of Ocean City at midnight of August 24 after the mayor declared a local State of Emergency. About 300 residents out of the 7,000 in Ocean City decided to leave, and those that chose to stay were to told toe keep safe indoors. Approximately 2.5 million residents and tourists were evacuated from not only Ocean City but other overly populated places on the east coast such as New York and New Jersey.

This picture depicts an uprooted tree that fell, due to extreme winds, at the cross between North Bend and St. Claire’s Bridge road. Hurricane Irene wreaked havoc on Harford County, leaving behind hundreds of power outages and excessive flooding.

Business students donate computers JOSH WELSH Reporter In school, North Harford students are given the opportunity to help others in many ways through programs and organizations such as D.U.C.K.S., food drives, and blood drives. Now, they can add business class with Mr. Brian McCormack to the list of opportunities for service.      During the course of the last year, McCormack and some of his recent graduates created two computers which they donated to worthy organizations, the Boys and Girls Club of Bel Air and the pre-school program at North Harford.   “Building [the computers] helps service learning and it also helps serve the community,” said McCormack

Calvert Hall Rugby Donation by Craig Sakowski

It took only one hour for 15 programming students to put together 1 computer. “It’s really not that hard, all

If anyone has any ideas to where I can donate my next computer, please contact me at - Brian McCormick you have to do is order the case and parts then put it together. The processer is already installed to it. I would also work on it at my house,” stated McCormack.      The machines are considered

low-power computers, which mean they can be used for Microsoft Word and other simple tasks, but not for more involved programming or gaming.     The parts needed to assemble the computers cost about $500, and the most expensive part of the computer was the operating system.      “You might be able to do better by going to Dell and buying a computer, but I like the fact of knowing I have more control, and you know what you’re doing and installing,” said McCormack.     McCormack already has a third computer ready to be donated to a non-profit, local organization.   “If anyone has any ideas to where I can donate my next computer, please contact me at”

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Cry of the Hawk

September 28, 2011

September 28, 2011

Cry of the Hawk

Advertisements - Page 9


Features - Page 10-11

The Ears

The Eyes

COMPILED BY Donna Fatcheric

COMPILED BY Kelly Phipps

•Wearing headphones

•The average person blinks 12 times per minute and about 10,000 blinks per day. orangeacid ,My Eye

•The reason why you get a runny nose when you are crying is because the tears from the eyes drain to the nose.

for an hour increases the bacteria in your ear 700 times •Your ears secrete more earwax when you are afraid than when you aren’t

The Lung COMPILED BY Hannah Richardson

•Your lungs are your only orga

that can float on water.

•You have 1500 miles of airway

•Our eyes are always the same

size from birth, but our nose and ears never stop growing.


The head COMPILED BY Rachael Hurley

•The average number of hair

strands each person has: BLONDE - 140,000 strands BROWN - 110,000 strands BLACK - 108,000 strands RED - 90,000 strands Source:



•Generally, a fully developed

adult human head without hair will weigh between 8 and 12 pounds

•When you blush, the lining in your

stomach also turns red.


•It takes seven seconds for food to get

from your mouth to your stomach.

The heart COMPILED BY Caitlin Baker

•A kitchen faucet would need to be

turned on all the way for at least 45 years to equal the amount of blood pumped by the heart in an average lifetime.

•Though weighing only 11 ounces on

average, a healthy heart pumps 2,000 gallons of blood through 60,000 miles of blood vessels each day. Source:

the liver COMPILED BY Morgan Knox

•The liver is

the largest solid organ in the body. •Burgers, fries,

and soft drinks damage the liver more than any other food.

Lady jaws,french fries

y of the Hawk



•There are no muscles in

your fingers; the muscles that bend your finger joints are located in the palm and mid forearm. •Your thumb is controlled

by 9 individual muscles. Source:


Compiled by Gabby Bauer

•Skin releases as much as 3

gallons of sweat in a day.

•Dead skin accounts for about

1 billion tons of dust in the atmosphere.

•By the age of 70, the average

person will have lost about 150 pounds of skin. •Goose bumps are actually little pimples that help retain a layer of warm air over our body


•There are 52 bones in your feet.

That is 25% of the bones in your body. •Your feet contain

approximately 250,000 sweat glands, and they sweat as much as a half a pint of moisture every day. Source:

Up Close and Personal

Cole Knox Junior

COMPILED BY Gabby Bauer                                    Q: What happened the day of your accident?

Q: How did you eat and drink once you were out of the hospital and were at home healing? A: For a while I had to be fed through a feeding tube Q: How has the accident affected you socially?

A: When I was younger and first A: When I was almost 3 years old, started elementary school I was fine, around May of 1998 my dad and I little kids don’t really care they just were 4-wheeling, I was sitting on his want to play around. As I got older it lap, and we went up a hill and the 4got harder because wheeler flipped over and more and more landed on me. I crushed Photocredit: Gabby Bauer kids would tease every bone in my face. me. Now I feel like I look no different Q: What was done than anyone else. when it happened? My friends treat A: I was flown to shock me as they would trauma and the surgeons treat any one had to reconstruct else, they don’t my entire face. make it seem like anything happened. Q: Is there anything else you remember Q: What do about that day and the doctors say about events that took place? the accident? A: No, I was very young so I don’t remember much; my parents tell me stories about what happened too.

A: They say all the time how much of a miracle it was to have survived, and how lucky I am to be alive.

Dylan Bates Senior

Jeheme, Stethoscope




mind after it happened?

COMPILED BY Donna Facheric

A: I got flown down to shock trauma and I was just hoping that I wouldn’t lose my legs. That’s pretty hard to go through. It was really gruesome.

Q: What happened the day of your accident?

Q: Has your life changed because of the accident?

A: It happened July 7. While I was working at a construction site in Dublin. I was cutting rebar and started walking with the saw. While walking with the saw I stubbed my toe and the saw came back and cut both of my legs. I collapsed and bled a lot.

Photcredit: Donna Facheric


September 28, 2011

Q: Do you still work in construction? A: No. I got out of construction. Q: What went through your mind while it happened?

A: I’m more cautious about what I do now.

A: I was scared. I just looked down and saw a puddle of blood.

Q: What will you do different now that this has happened?

Q: What went through your

A: Yeah, I’ll probably stay away from saws.

Page 12 - Entertainment

Cry of the Hawk

September 28, 2011

Hawks Tee Off and Family Fun Day

Pep Rally & Homecoming Football Game

Oct. 8, 2-6PM

Oct. 14

Harry Potter: New Faceglat is “kosher” alLegacy lives forever ternative to “risqué” Facebook CAITLIN BAKER Health & Science Editor

Breezy421. Harry Potter.


new accounts are being created every week.    “It’s only the beginning. There are lots of curious people, most of them men from Israel, but actually about 15% of our users live in Russia,” said Swisa.       Senior Sarah Rinaca said, “I don’t think that this new program will ever become popular in the United States. Everyone here is too nosy and open to want to join a network where there would be so many restrictions.”       Sophomore Heather Cachola agreed with Rinaca. “A site like Faceglat would take one of our outlets away. Plus, Facebook is just fun!”      The web site is currently available in Hebrew and English, and will be translated in French and Russian in the next few weeks. Instead of Facebook’s advertising about hot singles near you and personalized ads, Faceglats’s advertising will include exclusively orthodox forums and religious singers’ fan pages.

COMPILED BY Kelly Phipps

Re b Bla e c c a “F ck rid ay”

NH students say the song of the summer is...

Ni “S cki M up er inaj Ba ss”

   “I’m a what?” gasped Harry.     You are a legend. You are a hero. You are a wizard.     But to me, you are even more. Through words and images, a magic more powerful than any Avada Kedavra, Imperius, or Cruciatus curse allowed your person, along with hundreds of others, to be brought to life before my very eyes. For seven years, you took me on an astounding journey filled with magic, friendship, adventure, and danger around every corner. Your life brought an incredible amount of excitement to mine and I wanted nothing more than to always be at your side, sharing your fate and sharing your destiny.     “I like a quiet life, you know me.”     From day one, you, Hermione, and Ron soon became some of my best friends. I was there when it all started on Privet drive with the Dursleys, the owls, and the cupboard beneath the stairs. Within months, you were able to accomplish feats that were thought impossible for a first-year student at Hogwarts, like becoming a seeker on the Gryffindor House Quidditch team and saving Hermione from a giant troll!      “She might not have needed saving if we hadn’t locked the thing in with her.”     Yes, but that’s beside the point. As you got older, you went through terrible trials, including combat with a basilisk, tyranny under Professor Umbridge, the death of many loved ones, and not to mention multiple face-to-face encounters with He-Who-Must-NotBe-Named.     “I don’t go looking for trouble. Trouble usually finds me.”   But, against all odds, your bravery and determination allowed you to prevail. You saved Buckbeak, won the Tri-Wizard tournament, discovered the truth about Sirius Black, cast hundreds of dementors away with your patronus, found all of the horcruxes, and ultimately destroyed Lord Voldemort.     I will always remember sitting in front of the big screen, watching the final chapter come to a close as Voldemort sank to his knees and disintegrated into nothing, floating up into the blue sky. Even as the credits were rolling, I could not help but think back to how far you had come from that little, skinny, black-haired boy with broken glasses that I met when I first started my adventure.     “I’ve had enough trouble for a lifetime.”     But the legacy that you created will last for many lifetimes.     To all of the fans who have followed the books and movies since day one, the release of the final film may have marked the end of an era of Harry Potter, but it did not mark the end of his story. So long as there are those who remain loyal to him and share his story with others, he will never truly be gone.           To Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, and the boy who will live on forever.

to block specific words or types of comments, and to prevent   Faceglat was created by Yaakov men from sneaking into the Swisa, of Israel, in an effort to women’s section or women from make a social networking web sneaking into the men’s section.  site similar to Facebook but     “We’re not making it kosher, for strict Orthodox Jews who but reducing the prohibition… believe Facebook is too risqué.  We want to provide a different,    “Faceglat” comes from the cleaner option for those who are fusion of two words: Facebook, and glatt, meaning highly kosher.  We want to provide     Site creator Swisa told, “One day, a a different, cleaner couple of friends paid me a visit, option. and while we were chatting, the -Yaakov Swisa young woman said it was a pity that there was no web site where she could share pictures with her female friends without other already there. If it encourages people being able to see them.”   people to open accounts or waste     Faceglat allows its users to their time instead of studying chat online, to share information Torah — it’s a failure. It’s not and pictures, and to add worth a thing. I promised myself new friends while strictly that if that happened I would separating men from women.   close it down,” said Swisa.      Women and men may only    Though the web site is new on sign up on separate sections of the Internet, Faceglat has already the site, and they cannot access attracted more than 2,000 accounts of anyone of the other users, mainly by word of mouth.   100 gender. It includes copious filters     Approximately

“L Ka ast ty Fri Per da ry yN igh t” Pit bu Ne ll ft “ Y . Ev Give o ery M thi e n Jas g” o “D n A ir ld An t R ean the oa m” d Br i “I tney Wa Sp nn ear aG s o”


*50 students polled

September 28, 2011

Homecoming “Disney Favorites” Dance Concert Oct. 15 Oct. 18

Community Blood Drive Oct. 25

Outwitting, Outplaying, Outlasting all other reality TV shows EMILY CUNNINGHAM Columnist/Blogger

Entertainment - Page 13

Cry of the Hawk

game don’t always want the “nice guy” to win. Survivors can sit around with their unicorns and their puppy dogs. Or they can scheme, back stab, and fight for their right to be on the show, remembering that Survivor is just a game. Those players give the

   Have you ever had just one show that you couldn’t miss an episode of for anything? You realize that the date of your wedding is the same as the season finale, so you get a replacement to walk down the aisle while your face is at home glued to the TV.  Well, for me that show is Survivor.  If you asked me why I love the longest running reality TV series ever so much, about 5 billion reasons will cross my mind.      Survivor is a show that eliminates all predispositions and showcases normal people performing extraordinary tasks. A deaf woman and a man with a prosthetic leg played the game equally as well as the competition they faced, if not better. An ordinary firefighter killed a shark with the blade of a machete. How many times do you see people walking up and down the Kay_ler. Rupert Boneham. suburban streets of Harford Rupert Boneham poses for his Survivor County with machetes testant in three seasons of survivor. killing sharks? (Hopefully your answer is zero times...)      It is also a game that is constantly audience something to watch. changing. No matter how many Sometimes I do want a nice specifically Rupert seasons there have been, the player, Boneham (comparable to Hagrid unexpected could happen at any from Harry Potter) to win. moment. A man fell into a fire     Jeff Probst, the host with the and got airlifted out of the game. most, is back in the South Pacific A player lied about the death of for his 23rd season of Survivor his grandma to gain sympathy Wednesday nights at8PM on CBS.  and to win a reward challenge.     As Probst wisely stated The twists and turns allow the during season one, “To viewers to see how players adapt win you must survive the to situations thrown their way.  island, survive the vote, and,     Fans like myself who love the

ultimately, survive each other.”     With this intense curiosity that I have instilled in you, I hope that the ratings will increase tenfold, creating many more seasons to come. With these new seasons, you must remember, come more chances for Emily

North Harford’s College Entrance Examination Board Number: 210-865

ByGeorge-co-nz. twitter_logo.

@funnyfacts Dancing Party! ~(‘,’~) (~’,’)~ \(‘-’\) (/’-’)/ \(‘-’\) (/’-’)/ ε(‾^‾)з \(‾^‾)/ ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ ┌(˘⌣˘)ʃ  @funnyfacts  That awkward moment when you get too sexy for your shirt.  @funnyordie  Tony the Tiger is pretty terrifying when you stop and think about a muscular tiger that walks upright and speaks English  @thatawkmoment  When you’re talking and your gum flies out of your mouth  @thatawkmomnet  When you realize you have been singing the wrong words to a song the whole time.  @omgsoepic 

shot. Boneham has been a con-

Cunningham to secure a spot on the show (she happens to be eligible in about 4 months).     I still vividly remember that a certain someone placed a bet in sixth grade saying that she will eat her shoe if I get on Survivor before I am 30. Well, hun, I have 13 good long years left. So you better butter up that shoe.  For more of my blogs, check out

When I sing with my headphones I think. “Why don’t I have a record deal?” then I take them out and then I know @epictweets  When you’re stressed you eat ice cream, cake, chocolate, and sweets, why? Because stressed spelled backwards is DESSERTS  @OHWOWTHATSAWK  That awkward moment when you’re checking yourself out in the car window and you realize there’s someone in the car  @brotips_hq  #1033, back to school? No supplies? No worries. The only thing you need on the first day is swag

@iBreatheSwag Holister seriously needs to pay its electric bill

@OMGfacts All California license plates are made in prison.


Facebook is like jail. You sit around, waste time and write on walls.

COMPILED BY Hannah Richardson and Morgan Knox

Dance Moms misbehave on reality TV KATELYN LINSON Features Editor

shocking and horrifying. Just when you think these women    Dance Moms is Lifetime’s can’t be serious, viewers newest reality TV show causing realize all too clear that they quite a stir in homes across are very serious. The young America. The show is set at a dancers mimic the attire of Pittsburgh dance studio called Vegas show girls; the Moms are Abby Lee’s Dance Studio. It conceded and the coach is crazy.  sounds innocent until viewers     The show definitely  brings witness the tyrant of a coach and into question whether or not the shady behavior displayed these women’s morals are in by these so called “Moms”.  check. Their prime concern     This ““Swan Lake” meets is their children, but is it “Anger Management”” show is their children’s well being?         

   If you thought this show was about innocent girls and their

These kids are going to be in counseling by the time they are 20. ~Shannon Homburg dance competitions you are seriously mistaken.        Each mother seems to think each  of their daughters is a future

star. One Mom, Christi says that she and her daughter Chloe have both given up a lot for dance. She confides to the camera that she pays Abby $16,000 a year, adding, “Don’t tell my husband.”     These dancer’s are sassy, dedicated, and they can move their bodies in ways most people would find impossible. Between the Moms and the coach is nonstop drama but Abby Lee leaves no room for input as she puts everyone in their place with

her condescending authority.     “These kids are going to be in counseling by the time they are 20,” says senior Shannon Homburg. Like too many reality shows, Dance Moms is really about women who behave badly. Television has a tendency to turn controversy into entertainment, and in this show it is truly prominent.  Audiences walk away disturbed but come back wanting more with each episode.

Cry of the Hawk

Page 14 - Health & Science

September 28, 2011

12-year-old delivers baby G a l a x y e x p l o d e s ; Hilfer, chief psychologist at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY said, “There is so much happening at once and kids can easily get distracted, but he stayed calm and focused...Many grown men and grown women can’t even handle something like this.” Jacquie Williams, NH health teacher said, “There is a scenario called tunnel vision, where the mind is just focused on one thing [delivering the baby], we can only hope that his mind was only focused on that one thing.”   Danielle Edwards said about Gaelan, “He wasn’t squeamish at all...” Gaelan and her new son Caynan went to the hospital and received a clean bill of health. The baby weighed 7lbs, 9oz.

Scientists explain

asked, the boy then ran to the kitchen, grabbed a potato chip clamp and a pair of scissors, and then proceeded to cut the umbilical cord. It is yet unclear what kind of psychological trauma will be inflicted on Edwards. Alan

At two o’clock AM, on August 24, Danielle Edwards rolled onto her side, and went in to labor. She called out for her son Gaelan, the only other person in the house. With no one else around, the 12 year-old was forced to deliver his baby brother all by himself. Gaelan admitted having no idea what he was doing. He had seen several shows and read books about delivering, but doing it himself was a bit different. His mother instructed her son on what to do. She said, “I told him, “Gaelan, when I push next, I need you to grab the baby by the shoulders and I need you to pull him out. And he-just like by instinct,

I couldn’t even believe itgrabbed the baby by the shoulders, with the head on his wrist, and eased him out, kind of wriggled him from side to side, and pulled him onto the bed.” Without being

KAITLIN DUNN Sports Editor

JOSH WELSH Reporter     On August 24 a supernova was first spotted 1 million light years away. “A supernova is a star that dies and explodes “. This violent explosion happened right next to the big dipper, this star was known as Pinwheel galaxy. “It’s amazing that we can see this supernova because it’s so far away, about 21 miles,” stated Mr. Tim Dougherty.      ABC  News reports that Alan MacRobert, senior editor of  Sky and Telescope magazine said this

is the brightest supernova that’s been visible from the latitudes of North America in decades.     Scientists believe that this is a once in a generation event, this star exploded 21 million years ago and we are now about to witness it. This supernova is a type 1a which means it is an excellent distance marker for things much further away in the universe; scientists have been studying this star to death according to ABC News. This supernova is so bright that binoculars are all that are needed to see it.

Test your nutrition knowledge!

Which is healthier?


Compiled by Rachel Hurley Webmaster

Farm Rich® Pepperoni Pizzatas Calories 320, Total fat 19g, Sodium 1440mg, Carbohydrates 24g, Protein 18g          Hungry Girl® Pepperoni Pizza Wrap Calories 234, Total fat 7.5g, Sodium 183mg, Carbohydrates 24g, Protein 16.5g

Farm Rich® Pepperoni Pizzatas


CDKitchen Chocolate Milk Shake

Hungry Girl® Pepperoni Pizza Wrap



McDonalds Chocolate Triple Thick® Shake

Dairy Queen Regular Burger


Sonic Regular Burger


CDKitchen Chocolate Milk Shake Calories 132, Total fat 1g, Carbohydrates 21g, Protein 9g McDonalds Chocolate Triple Thick® Shake Calories 580, Total fat 14g, Sodium 250mg, Protein 13g      Dairy Queen Regular Burger Calories 730, Total fat 33g, Carbohydrates 100g, Sodium 1530mg Sonic Regular Burger Calories 280, Total fat 11, Carbohydrates 42, Sodium 135 mg

donation james g. cantella, inc.

Cry of the Hawk

September 28, 2011

Twins explain sixth sense

CAITLIN BAKER Health & Science Editor

Raymond & Robert Brandt were working as electrical linesmen atop separate utility poles 5 miles apart. Raymond said, “All of a sudden, I experienced this tremendous electrical jolt in my body, and I was mystified because I wasn’t working energized conductors- but my twin was. My supervisor told me to come down, but I already knew what he was going to say. I knew it the very moment it happened. ‘You don’t have to tell me,’ I told him. ‘My twin’s dead. I felt his shock.’” Raymond said that he and Robert were inseparable. They always took the blame of each other and worked as a team. “I’ve now had 47 years of separateness from him- I would not trade those 20 years for those 47. Never. One moment of twinship is worth a lifetime.” John & William Reiff are Pennsylvania farmers. In 1955, John caught his foot on a tractor pulley. Bill was in the lower field plowing with another tractor. He could neither see nor hear John. Bill immediately got off his tractor and ran up to rescue John. “I knew something happened to him. I just didn’t know what. I had the feeling that he got hurt,” reports Bill. Bill was able to rescue John because of his intuition and quick response. After the incident, Bill and John attended their first International Twin Association Convention and have returned every year for 42 years. Brian & Donald McMullin were working together as Philadelphia policemen at the ages of 23. They routinely stopped a car with a missing headlight. Donald approached the driver’s side while Brian took the passenger side. All of the sudden, the driver shot Donald in the head. Brian was immediately by his side. He said, “I didn’t bother reloading my gun. I didn’t really care if I died. It was weird- I never thought I could feel that way about my life. I couldn’t picture life without Donald.” Miraculously, Donald lived. Donald said, “We had discussed the possibility of such an encounter that very evening, and then five minutes later...” Source: Twins by Ruth and Rachel Sandweiss

Health & Science - Page 15

Google+ challenges Facebook ANNEMARIE DICKERSON News Editor  On June 28, 2011, a trial run

was launched for a new social networking media that was declared by the New York Times to be Google’s biggest attempt to rival Facebook. This new network called Google Plus reached 10 million users just two weeks after the trial phase began and it increased to 25 million users after only 4 weeks.    Google Plus is now available as a website, a mobile application on Android and iOS operating systems, and it will soon be available as a desktop application. However, at this time it currently remains closed to the public and can only be accessed through invitation by members who are already a part of the trial. According to, Bradley Horowitz, the overseer of Google’s communications products and socials applications, said that, “It’s [Google Plus] small but

growing.”    Mr. Brian McCormack, business management, marketing, and programming teacher at NHHS, has a Google Plus account. He finds it convenient because it allows for one to make groups that do not intersect with one

a web developer. Piccirilli said that Google Plus is better than Facebook because it is centered on groups, making it more personal.    “I wanted a fresh start from Facebook,” said Piccirilli, “It has become sloppy and overrun with

another. He said it is more closed and it gives the user more control. Although it has its advantages over Facebook, McCormack still thinks it unlikely that it would be successful in overriding Facebook.    “This [Google Plus] has been well-received by people, but Facebook has a lot of people hooked into their universe,” said McCormack.     Senior David Piccirilli has a Google Plus account because he was invited by his dad who is

apps. I have 1500 friends, but I’m not really friends with them all and I’d feel bad deleting them.”    This network is conveniently designed for the user so that it combines all of the Google applications into one site, some of which include Google Profiles, Buzz, Maps, Gmail, Calendar, and Documents. It even includes a feature that allows the user to import contacts from other social networks like Yahoo and Hotmail.     “Google is playing it smart,”

said Piccirilli.    Although the names and purposes are slightly different, some of the features of Google Plus are similar to those of Facebook. As listed at fortystones. com, some of these features include “circles,” “stream,” “sparks,” and “hangouts.” “Circles” are a feature that enables the user to organize his or her contacts into groups for sharing and in the “stream,” users can see updates from those within their “circles.” “Sparks” is a Google search feature that keeps users posted on latest updates and “hangouts” are places used for group video chat. Google Plus also has a “+1” button that serves the same purpose as Facebook’s “Like” button. reports that more than 1 billion items are shared on Google+ each day. Google CEO Larry Page said, “Today, I see more opportunities for Google than ever before…we’re only at 1% of what’s possible. Google’s just getting started.”

Liar, liar face on fire KATELYN LINSON lies in an interview scenario,” Features Editor said Professor Hassan Ugail,       Researchers in From NHHS: Chelsea and Ben Rutledge are seniors this year. They have experienced twin intuition on several occasions. Chelsea said, “Ben has been in 2 accidents, and both times I’ve been the first person there! Both times I could sense that something wasn’t right!” Chelsea said that a lot of times she and Ben have the same thoughts or will come out and say the same things

the UK are turning to thermal imaging technology as a new way to spot liars. Experiments on the new lie detector being developed by the University of Bradford in England are still at an early stage but the results are promising so far.    “We have developed a system by which we can analyze people’s faces for detecting

when no one else besides the 2 of them is thinking it. “I can always tell when something is bothering him, or if he doesn’t feel well. I think most twins who spend a lot of time together can agree that there is a strong telepathic bond!” Class of 2011 Zach and Jake Brady are twins who attend Stevenson University together. Jake said, “On several instances Zach or myself will say something that the other

director of the Center for Visual Computing at the university. The thermal camera is able to pick up temperatures in the face that detect whether a person is lying when responding to a question. “When someone is making something up on the spot, brain activity usually changes and you can detect this through the thermal camera,” Ugail said.    According to CNN around 3040 subjects having been tested so far with a two in three success rate. Although the success rate of the thermal lie detector isn’t flawless, it may be able to be a tool which

could run alongside existing strategies. Ugail hopes that his technique could be used to aid airport security and be used by the UK’s Border Control Agency.    Not everyone is on board with the idea of a new lie detecting device using thermal imaging. Aldert Vrij and colleagues concluded that thermal imaging is unlikely to be effective at improving airport security.Their study of 51 passengers at an international airport found that thermal imaging “will classify too many non-deceptive passengers as liars because they may be anxious or nervous for nondeceptive reasons.”

is thinking before the other can say it.” Jake and Zach experienced telepathy once when Zach had appendicitis. “I knew something was up and I couldn’t sleep the night he was at the hospital, resulting in myself going to school on 1 hour of sleep and passing out in Mr. Larrimore’s history class, as usual,” joked Jake. He says that “being a twin is cool because we can both just look at each other and know exactly

what the other one is thinking.” Emily and Meg Gill are 2011 graduates. They said that when they were little they had their own language. “We would say something and the other would communicate back” said Meg. Meg said that she and Emily can always tell when there is something wrong with one another. “I am always able to tell when Emily is lying,” commented Meg. They said they love being twins.


Page 16 - IDR

Gone but not forgotten: Photocredit: Izo Garcezs, Amy Winehouse

Winehouse death stuns fans


September 28, 2011

Cry of the Hawk

Amy Winehouse was an English singer known for her deep contral to vocals. On February 14, 2007, she won a BRIT Award for Best British Female Artist. She was also nominated for Best British Album. Winehouse was born in the Southgate part of North London on September 14, 1983. Winehouse died July 23, 2011 in the comfort of her home due to drug and alcohol addiction. She admitted that she was addicted to heroin, cocaine, and ecstasy. Her choice to use recreational drugs and alcohol were not the only addictive choices in her life, as she also chose to smoke cigarettes. In 2008, when Winehouse was only 24-yearsold, her publicist reported she had an early form of emphysema, most commonly seen in heavy smokers. This is a diesease of the lungs that causes shortness in breath. “It’s tragic that she died,” says Samantha Kres, a junior at North Harford High School. “She was

very popular in Europe.” Winehouse’s sudden death came when she was 27years-old. It’s an age that sounds familiar to anyone who knows their history regarding gone-toosoon musical artists. The so-called 27 Club tragically has some notable members in addition to Winehouse: Jimi


teenagers. “What parents would not want to know if their child was having a problem with drug and alcohol and get them help?” Dare said. It is important for students to know that they will not get in trouble if they go to, or are sent

The Maryland Student Assistance Program(MSAP) is a program designed to help students who suffer from a drug and/or alcohol problem. “The purpose of MSAP is to help kids with drug and alcohol problems before number of students who they get in trouble,” have witnessed a peer Mrs. Carrie Rosales with drugs at school said. The team is comprised of administrators, many COMPILED BY teachers and guidance Alexis Case members who receive tips from educators, parents, guidance counselors, friends and even student’s seeking help. “It’s a care team, not a nark squad. It’s something to help kids when they are having troubles,” principal Ed Herbold, a member of the MSAP team, said. Once the team gets a tip they will review it to see what kind of problem that to, MSAP; the whole point is to the student is having; get them help before they do get if the group does not into trouble. The chairperson of MSAP find it to be drug or alcohol related, at North Harford is Mrs. Kira then they will make Dare. Other members include recommendations Mrs. Jaque Williams, Ms. Chris Mrs. Jennifer about how to Fellenbaum, proceed and what Chandler, Mrs. Nancy Green, resources to consult. Mrs. Jen Fisher- Smith, Mr. Mark If the problem is Szot, Mrs. Carrie Rosales and Mr. related to drugs or Steve Breidenstein. Students who are concerned alcohol, the team contacts the parents to ask permission to about a peer can see a team have the student assessed by member or they can place a a trained addiction specialist students name in the the MSAP who works primarily with boxes in guidance or the library.

Drug AddictionS

. . . w o n k o t s Thing ult in g s e r y a lorin ids m Stero ellowish co dy ice (y ues, and bo d d n u a j , tiss ention, an n i k s t of uid re essure. l f , ) s fluid blood pr high

COMPILED BY Donna Fatcheric

Hendrix mixed sleeping pills with wine and died at 27. Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones died at 27 after drowning in a swimming pool. What made Winehouse’s struggles so awful was how public they were. And how alone she was in spite of what promised to be a wildly successful music career. Where was her family, friends and all her adoring fans at the time? Or even her management company? Her father would occasionally beg Winehouse to quit the drugs and alcohol, but it never seemed to work. Her addiction was too strong to quit. Sadly, she had no support from her family.

MSAP provides assistance

Marijuana affects memory, judgment, and perception.

uscle Ecstasy can cause m urred tension, nausea, bl hear t vision, and increase

Smoking mari causes lo juana ss coordina of tion.

A major health consequence from abusing anabolic steroids can include prematurely stunted growth through early skeletal maturation and accelerated puberty changes.

Bath salts contain methedrone and MDPV and they increase blood pressure, increase heart rate, cause hallucinations, extreme paranoia, and delusions.

September 28, 2011

Cry of the Hawk

When NHHS was asked... Have you ever consumed alcohol? they said... Compiled By Morgan Knox

IDR - Page 17

alcohol addictions

By the time students are in 8th grade, 55 percent of students have at least tried an alcoholic beverage.

. . . w o n k u o Did y BY ILED kerson P M CO arie Dic Annem

55% of students have at least tried alcoholic beverages by the time they have reached eighth grade.

Aside from soft drinks, milk, and coffee, in the United States, beer ranks fourth as the most consumed beverage.

Alcohol consumption by college students is linked to at least 1,400 student deaths and 500,000 unintentional injuries each year.

Facing challenges: Students deal with peer pressure JOSH WELSH Reporter Peer pressure happens when friends convince a peer into doing something that he/she does not really want to do. According to thinkquest. org ,one of the biggest problems happens when a student gets convinced to do something and then they get addicted to it. According to NH guidance counselor Mrs. Helene McCullough, this is “a real issue, [there Andrew Seigel (left) and Cole Knox(right) re-enact a scene demonstrating peer are] many different ways to pressure, which is common in high schools across the country. deal with it, [and] the way are illegal drugs, alcohol, and Many of these bad habits can they handle it is depends not only change kid’s lives, but on personality and level of cigarettes. “I think alcohol because people ruin them. knowledge and experience.” “I got pressured into doing Three of the most common feel that they need to fit in and be substances from peer pressure like everyone else,” said junior cigarettes about two years ago Katie Owens.

and ever since that day I can’t stop, and because of it I had to quit the track team because I couldn’t keep up like I used too,” said an anonymous NH sophomore. The big question is how we stop this trend of negative peer pressure. “Teach kids to be more confident, by making them feel positive about themselves,” said Owens. There are also other ways though, including finding true friends who will not persuade students into making poor choices. Joining a club or organization can help by providing an outlet for positive interactions with peers. There are also other resources available at school to assist students who may be struggling. Talk to a guidance counselor or a peer helper to point you in the right direction.

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Violent behavior attributed to alcohol use accounts for roughly 49% of murders, 52% of rapes,

Women absorb alcohol into the bloodstream faster and metabolize it slower than men. One third of suicides are associated with alcohol misuse. An ounce of alcohol contains the amount of calories equivalent to those in a baked potato or a glass of milk. Every person produces alcohol normally in the body 24 hours each and every day from birth until death. Children of addicts and alcoholics are four times more likely to become addicts and alcoholics themselves than children of nonaddicts.

Page 18 - Sports

Cry of the Hawk

September 28, 2011

Hockey team plane goes down; Hawks soar to victory in first varsity game

45 dead in fiery crash JAMIE BURCHAM Reporter

Brandon Bayer, Hawks football alumni, showed up to support to An enthusiastic crowd the team. filled the stands to see the North Harford Hawks take on the Hereford Bulls in the first varsity football game of the season. “The team looks solid... The game took place on and it’s going to be a the Hawk’s home field, which was filled with enthusiastic fans such good season.” as junior Rebecca Reitenauer, -Frankie Reynolds who said, “Compared to the Hereford fans, we’re so much more enthusiastic!” Familiar faces that once were on the field, were now on the “I have faith in the seniors, they bleachers. Benny Kennly, Jamie were a hard working group of Price, Justin Hedrick, Frankie kids, and they will lead the team Reynolds, Jalen Shaw, Marc to a good season,” says graduate Anderson, Chad Short, and Justin Hedrick.


With a score of 14-14 at halftime, the Hawks had to come out from the locker room with renewed energy. Senior, Zach Knotts assured fans by saying, “They’re moving the ball great with more stops on the defense; this game should be no problem.” After two additional quarters of intense football, The Hawks defeated the bulls 28-21. Alumni and former football player, Frankie Reynolds said, “The team looks solid for the third year in a row and it’s gonna be a good season!” Since the Hereford game, the hawks have gone on to defeat Rising Sun, 44-7, but were defeated by St. Pauls.

Sports Photo Of the month

Photo credit: Katelyn Linson

Czech Republic. The plane was carrying the team from Yaroslavl to Minsk. On September 7, the YakThe team was scheduled to 42 aircraft carrying players for play Thursday, September 8, the Lokomotiv Yaroslav, one 2011 against Dinamo Minsk in of Russia’s best hockey teams, the opening game of the season crashed as it took off. in the Kontinental Hockey According to Russian officials, League. the crash killed at least 44 “This is the darkest day in people including international the history of our sport. This and NHL veteran players. There is not only a Russian were 45 passengers on the plane, tragedy, the including staff, leaving just one Lokomotiv alive at the time of the crash. roster Russian forward, Alexander included Galimov, was placed in players intensive care. lis o a n d After living p udo e coaches from 5 days after s :P dit 10 nations,” said e the crash, r toc o Rene Fasel, president of h Galimov died P the International Ice Hockey in a Moscow Federation. “This is a terrible hospital due to h i s tragedy for the global ice injuries. hockey community. Although According to, 35 this tragedy struck Russian bodies have been recovered hockey fans off guard, that did from the crash site so far. The not stop them from celebrating Russian Emergency Service will they player’s lives. There were continue to search for the rest several memorial services of the bodies and anything else for the players, including that could go with this crash. a memorial service in the The search team found many of capital of Belarus on Thursday, the bodies near and in the Volga attended by the president, River, and on its banks near the Alexander Lukashenko. airport. “We will do our best to ensure Former NHL hockey player that hockey in Yaroslavl does deaths include Karel Rachunek, not die, and that it continues 32, a Czech native; Ruslan to live for the people that were Salei, 36, from Belarus; Karlis on that plane,” said Russian Ice Skrastins, 37, from Latvia; Pavol Hockey Federation President Demitra, 36, from Slovakia; Vladislav Tretyak. and Josef Vasicek, 30, from the


The boys volleyball takes on the Harford Tech Cobras. The hawks were defeated in the game.

En Guarde: NH junior wields sword ANNEMARIE DICKERSON News Editor

not become actively involved in the sport until the summer after

Photo credit: Lauren Phillips Lauren Phillips, a junior at North Harford High School, considers fencing to be one of her greatest passions and she thinks “everyone should try it because it is an amazing sport.” Phillips was first introduced to fencing in seventh grade when her dad saw an advertisement for classes being offered at Harford Community College, but she did

her freshmen year. When she was in seventh grade, The Harford Community Classes expanded and became the Maryland Fencing Club. “The classes at HCC progressed into something bigger and me, my coach, sister, dad, and a couple of other

Twin Pine fARM (410)452-0430

people became the basis of a newly formed fencing club,” said Phillips. In order to solely focus on fencing, Phillips decided to quit field hockey and softball, returning to fencing during the summer after her freshmen year. Phillips fences at the Maryland Fencing Club, under the coaching of Gregory Paye, There are about eighty members, both girls and boys, who attend weekly conditioning sessions in the evenings. The club also has open classes for people who want to just observe. For more information, visit Phillips is completely immersed in the sport. She drives down to the Maryland Fencing club 6 days a week and practices 2-3 hours each day. Phillips practices so much because she loves every aspect of the sport. Although it was unfamiliar to her at first, Phillips

adjusted quickly to the extreme strategic skill, reflexes, and strength needed to excel. At the Maryland Fencing Club, she has earned her purple stripe (which is like a belt in martial arts) and she is only two stripes away from the black one which is the highest stripe to earn. As a member of the USFA (United States Fencing Association), Phillips has been given the opportunity to travel and compete in many fencing tournaments, both locally and nationally. “I can’t even guess at how many tournaments I’ve done. I’ve done too many,” said Phillips. Through the Baltimore Fencing Center she won various medals and trophies, and she qualified to be in the summer nationals for saber fencing last year. Also, on October 21 – 24, Phillips is extremely excited to be competing in Virginia in the NAC

hawks tee off and family fun day at blackhorse golf october 8, 2011 2-6pm tickets- $8.00

See a newspaper staff member

(North American Cup). “I also really want to qualify for the Junior Olympics in Salt Lake City this year. I have a couple of friends that have gone,” said Phillips. Phillips has set her goals high, and she really wants to continue fencing in the future. She would love to play in college, ideally at Penn State University, the top division 1 team for fencing in the country. However, aside from achievements and ambitions, Phillips’ true love for the sport has resulted from the genuinely nice people that she has come across in all of her travelling and competing. She thinks it is extremely important to have friends to share her passion with. “Fencing is a good way to have fun and make new friends in the process. It keeps you fit because it works both your mind and body together…it is an amazing sport,” said Phillips.

See Mrs. Williams in room D211 for information about the Homecoming Car Show

September 28, 2011

Cry of the Hawk

Fans rev up for Labor Day;

Inaugural Grand Prix arrives in Baltimore

Photo credit: Ben Brosh

EMILY CUNNINGHAM Op/ed Editor On September 2, engines roared in response to eager race car fans. For the first time, after years of planning, the Grand Prix turned downtown Baltimore into a 2.04 mile long racetrack that hosted thousands of fans. The track shut down some streets of Baltimore and featured hairpin turns, bumpy roads, and other obstacles the drivers needed to skillfully maneuver. reports that more than 2,200, 12-foot long cement walls lined the outside of the race circuit, with each cement segment weighing in at about 9,300 pounds. The Baltimore Grand Prix featured both a Le Mans-style race on Saturday and an IndyCar race on Sunday. The Le Mans race is separated into LMP1, LMP2, LMPC, GT, and GTC series, which all race on the track

at the same time. Fans watched the race from grandstands and high-rises. LMP1 cars are factorymade and feature aerodynamic cars with low weight and high power. Senior Ben Brosh attended all 3 days of the event, and comments, “[LMP1] were my favorite to watch because the engineers were given the greatest freedom of design.” LMP2 cars are basically the same as LMP1, but made by independent companies. LMPC is a spec race, which means that every car in this series is made to be almost exactly the same to test the skill of the driver. GT cars are ones that are seen on the road, but with added power. The weekend’s race included the Porsche, Ferrari, Corvette, BMW, and Jaguar companies. GTC is another spec race that is exclusively for the Porsche 911.

Australian IndyCar driver, Will Power, from Penske Racing, won the race held on Sunday. Oriol Servia and Tony Kanaan placed second and third respectively. So far in the 2011 IZOD IndyCar Series Season, Powers has won 6 races. Brosh got the opportunity to walk on the track and to meet some of the Grand Prix participants. He says, “The drivers and engineers were really nice to talk to, especially those with less known makes and models. I even asked the head engineer how I could have his job one day! At first he just looked at me funny, but then we talked for awhile. It was a really great experience.” The next race in the Indycar series is the Kentucky 300 which will be on October 2. The IZOD INDYCAR Championships will take place in Las Vegas October 16. Both of these races will be broadcasted live on ABC.

Sports - Page 19

Ravens start season with 1-1 record JOSH WELSH Reporter The Baltimore Ravens currently sit on the number one spot in the NFC North Division. They hold a 1-1 record beating there powerful rival the Pittsburgh Steelers, but losing to the Tennessee Titans. “Overall I think they are doing good but they still need to get their offence straight,” stated NH junior Matt Precht. During the offseason, the Ravens made many changes to the team. Their biggest loss was getting rid of Tight end Todd Heap and Wide Receiver Derrick Mason. Two of their biggest pick-ups were Wide Receiver Lee Evens and Center Casey Rabach. Even though the Ravens added some great players to their roster, they still needed for the veterans and captions from last season to step up and lead the team.

“I think they made some great changes during the offseason. They improved their online, so now Joe will have more time to throw, and they have a stronger defense,” said Precht. The Ravens home opener was against their division rivals the Pittsburg Steelers, and even though it was considered one of the toughest games to start the season with, the Ravens showed no fear and won 35-7, making a powerful statement to all of the NFL. Their week 2 game did not go as smoothly however.. The Ravens were supposed to go down to Tennessee and take an easy win; but they got a little ahead of themselves and lost 2613. The Raven’s next game is in St. Louis to take on the 0-2 Rams. Ravens fans all over MD are hoping that this game does not go the same way as the last one.

Photo credit: Nick Wass

The Baltimore Ravens take on the Pittsburgh Steelers in the first game of the season. The Ravens defeated the Steelers 35-7

I g i v e yo u m y r e s p e c t ; Now please give me yours Respect is not something that is, given, it is something that is earned. In order to earn respect, a few basic rules must be followed. You should respect others. You should encourage others to be their best. And you should be confident and firm in your stance. As a cheerleader at North Harford, I, along with the rest of my team, am ready for respect. Cheerleaders do nothing but respect others. For the past two weeks, instead of working on our routine so we can better ourselves, we have been working


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on our cheers so we can cheer on the football teams to better records. And all cheerleaders ever do is encourage others. It is in the word cheerleader. We “cheer” others on. We clap when they do well, and we pick them back up even when they haven’t But that doesn’t mean that I don’t participate in a sport. I don’t appreciate you forgetting that cheerleading is a sport. I don’t appreciate you forgetting that my teammates and I are athletes. You know, cheerleaders work twice as hard as other

sports, because there are two parts to cheerleading. There are your football games, and our competitions. Cheerleading isn’t just the rah-rahing on the sidelines. It takes real athleticism to be a cheerleader, as many of our first time cheerleaders this season have found out. You have to have the endurance and stability to survive two and a half full minutes of pure athleticism. No water breaks on the sidelines in between the parts of your routine. You have to push all the way through. A cheerleader should (ideally)

Jarrettsville Cleaners 3709 Federal Hill Road Jarrettsville, MD. 21084 (410)692-2028

not only have the muscle to lift and throw 120 pound girls in the air, but should also be able to pull advanced body positions, (such as kicking her leg up next to her head and holding it there) and perform a standing tuck. For two and a half minutes straight. I’d like to see some of the rest of this school’s athletes try to attempt this. I am being firm and confident in my stance. My teammates and I are athletes. We are a sport at North Harford just as much as every other sport in the school. I show you respect. Now it’s time that you give me mine.

CASE Family Donations

September 28, 2011

Cry of the Hawk

Cheerleading Coach Quotation: “I think we may have the best team the school has ever had. We are stepping it up a notch this year. ” –Coach Emily Hilberg Captain Quotation: “We’ve been working really hard and I think we’ll earn respect from NHHS this year.” –Kelly Phipps Player Quotation: “Our team is a lot stronger than it has been and we all get along really well.” –Teresa Angstadt Upcoming events: Competing in 3 Invitaionals as well as the County Competition in October.

Girl’s Soccer Record: 2-1-1 Coach Quotation- “ We’ve been hit with a lot of injures. We are starting to get healthy and we hope to be a better team at the end of the season than at the beginning of it.”- Coach Auth Captain Quotation: “We started off well and I think we’ll have a great team this year,” -Alicia Greene. Player Quotation: “If we continue to work hard, we will have a great season,” -Julia Schrof Upcoming Games: Wednesday, September 28 @ North East, Friday, September 30 vs. Mercy at 6:45

Boy’s Volleyball Record: 1-2 Coach Quotation: Particularly pleased with how they have been playing, especially against Bel Air.”- Coach Kris Krastel Captain Quotation: “Teamwork is a big deal, and we should be undefeated but we have to work together if we want to win our next game..”-Austin Russell Player Quotation: “We have a few things to work out but once we do we will be set.” Alden Jones Upcoming game: Aberdeen

NHHS fall Sports Field Hockey Team Record: 1-1 Coach Quotation: “The team is meshing wellmaking up for the seniors we lost. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”- Coach Cox Captain Quotation: “With a small senior class there is a lot of opportunity for underclassmen to step up.”- Emily Eline Player Quotation: “All we need to do is put everything together. By doing so, we could go back to states.”- Audrey Byrd

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Girl’s Volleyball Record: 3-0 Coach Quotation: “We have a lot of leadership on our team; we are looking to be one of the top teams in our division,” - Coach Sheri Billings Captain Quotations: “We have lots of good returning players this year, a really strong team, and I think we will do great.” -Julua Berg Player Quotation: “We work really well together, it’s a great team,”-Britney Fleming. Upcoming games: October 11 vs Harford Tech, October 20 vs Bo Manor

Golf Record: 4-2 Coach quotation: “The team is doing well, we have a large team and everyone is improving everyday,”Nick Panos Caption quotation- “ We are playing well, but we could be better.”- Alex O’Shaughnessey Player quotation. “ So far it’s been a good season, I’m looking forward to the rest of it.”- Andrew Ogrysko Upcoming games: Home match v.s Bo Manor, Regional Tournament on the 27th

Dance Team

Coach Quote: “We’re back and stronger than ever.”- Coach Colleen Porter Captain quote: “I’m really looking forward to the season. I think it’s going to be a good one, better than ever.” – Shannon Homberg Player Quote: “The year is off to a great start. Practices are fun and we are all very focused. We’re so excited for our first game.” – Cassidy Miller Upcoming events: All Varsity home games, Bingo September 30th

Cross Country Results: First meet- Boys 3rd place,Girls 2nd place Second meet- Boys 1st place, Girls- 2nd place Coach Quotation-“I’m very hopeful that both teams will go to states. I’m very excited about how our team has grown.”- Coach O’Leary Captain Quotation-“We have a lot of good really good freshmen. I think we have a good chance of making it to states.” – David Cordell Player Quotation-“I am looking forward to the rest of the season and hopefully advancing to states.” Ali Scholz

Boy’s Soccer Record: 2-0-1 Coach Quotation: “Good start, the team is meshing very well and working extremely hard,” Coach Johnstone. Caption Quotation “Team is working hard leading up to the four biggest games,” Dan Ebsworth Player Quotation: “We all work hard together, it’s a pretty solid team.”- Austin Reitz Upcoming games: Elkton and Patterson Mill

ATHLETES OF THE MONTH Football How long have you been playing football? 13 years How many years have you been on varsity? 3 years What is your best football memory? The day I made varsity football. Are there any football players that inspire you? Why? Yes, Ray Rice- he is such a small guy and he works hard to be successful. Would you like to pursue your football career after high school? Yes, I would like to play football in college, somewhere in South Carolina

Josh Welsh

Abby Young


How long have you been playing soccer? 12 years How many years have you been on varsity? 2 years What is your best soccer memory? Being made captain this year. Are there any athletes that inspire you? Why? Yes, Hope Solo- she is the best goalie in the world! Would you like to pursue your soccer career after high school? No

COMPILED BY Jamie Burcham

September Cry of the Hawk- 2011  

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