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Cry of the Hawk

May 15, 2018

Who is travelling the farthest for college? Senior Jessica Carnivale is heading to college in the fall at Arizona State University, which happens to be the farthest away anyone is going to college from North Harford. Carnivale says, “It has a really good program for [her] major, and [she] visited the school and loved the campus and community.” However, Carnivale does have some concerns about the transition. She’s a little worried because “it’s a very different place from Maryland,” but she’s “made friends with her roommate and everyone there is very welcoming.” After college, the senior hopes to get a job “as a sports journalist, maybe in reporting or production.” She will major in sports journalism in the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism.

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Where did you see yourself four years ago, today? “I thought that these four years were going to take forever and I never saw myself graduating, I thought that the idea seemed really weird to be leaving and going to college, that seemed really scary” -Abby Chaney “I didn’t think that I’d actually graduate, I never thought that this day would come, but hey I just might graduate this month” -Kaitlin Fannin

“I thought I’d be smarter, nope. I thought I’d be stronger, nope. I thought I’d be leaner, maybe.” -Eryk Wu “When I started freshman year I saw myself getting straight A’s and getting into really good colleges like YTI, I thought I would already have all of this done but I didn’t foresee how long it would take for all of that to happen.” -Alyssa Bell COMPILED BY Tanner Russell


Changes since middle school

“I use to be very concerned about what people thought of me and how I dressed to impress people, but now I’m a senior and I just don’t care as much... I don’t care at all really.” - Dakota Lowe

COMPILED BY Kayla Nowacki “I’m not as outgoing anymore, I kind of reserve myself mentally. I used to be really fat and I lost a lot of weight since then, and the way I dress has definitely changed but I think everyone changed the way they dress.” -Brad Ryan

Top 5 Biology most Business common Nursing majors among Education NH high seniors Communication COMPILED BY Lizzie Catrambone 157 seniors polled

“Since I have grown throughout my years in high school I’ve realized you can’t focus as much on what people think of you... You just have to focus on your schooling and just like go ham at school because in the end, school matters.” -Brooke Vreeland

“I pick out my own clothes now and I shower more. I have picked the people in my friend group much better and I have learned a lot more in regards to art. A way I haven’t changed is that I’m still annoying.” -Maggie Walden

I have changed from middle school because I have become a better student and more studious. I have a job now, I love my job. I work with babies. I have brought in my friend group. I have a lot of new friends since middle school. Some ways I haven’t changed in that I’m still sensitive and sweet.” -Julia Cameron

Cry of the Hawk

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May 15, 2018

T h e ta s s l e w a s wo r t h t h e h a s s l e Information on this page compiled using data from pages 14-15

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Top 3 colleges NH seniors are attending


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151 students STAYING IN-STATE *all North Harford seniors included COMPILED BY Emmie Catrambone

COMPILED BY Cassie Rickey COMPILED BY Aubrey Williams

The Class of 2018

Started freshman year with Ending




280 students 291 students

What students are looking forward to in college COMPILED BY Olivia Becker

“One thing I’m looking forward to in college is meeting new people.” -Lane Kavanagh, United States Military Academy

“I am excited to join my uncles frat.” -Frank Badders, Towson University

“I’m excited to be in an artist studio where you’re not limited or censored. I’m excited to fully get into my groove.” -Alex Damian, HCC

“Meeting new people, eating healthy, and just being in a new environment and learning new things and praying for Jesus.” -Gabrielle Roeder, Messiah College