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ACTIVITY WEEK Hurstmere School’s Activity Week took place during the final week of the summer term. The boys took part in a variety of activities many residential, some abroad but all memorable and providing them with an opportunity to experience something new, fun and in many cases challenging. Boys in each year group had an opportunity of a residential visit with Year 7, once again, going to Mersea Island, Year 8 to Paris and Year 9 to Devon. Other visits included trips to Thorpe Park, Colchester Zoo and Paintball. Eagle Heights came to school with their birds of prey while the English, PE, Music, Drama, Art, ICT and Tech Departments offered several on site activities. For further details and pictures see Pages 11—15 and look on the school’s website

Year 7 boys enjoying Mersea Island.

Sports News P. 4—6 Hurstmere in Zambia 2013 P. 8—9


Some of our top students celebrating their results.

Hurstmere School A specialist Sports and Science Academy

Hurst Road Sidcup, Kent DA15 9AW Telephone: 020 8300 5665 Facsimile: 020 8300 2039

The boys at Hurstmere have achieved the best ever set of GCSE results in the school’s history, with 61% achieving the headline figure of 5 A*-C including English and Mathematics.

DIARY DATES STAFF DEVELOPMENT DAY—Friday 25th October—school closed HALF TERM—28th October to 1st November

There were some outstanding individual successes, with Naavalan Umashanker, Ben Matthews, Sam Nunn, Nathan Deacon and Ross Phillips all gaining at least 7 A* or A grades in their set of results. 96% of boys gained at least 5 GCSEs at A* - C and no boy in the year group left without at least 1 recognised Key Stage 4 qualification.

Y11 PARENTS EVENING—Thursday 16th January

A longer list of boys gaining the best results can be found on Page 2.

Y9 PARENTS EVENING—Thursday 30th January

Y7 WELCOME EVENING—Thursday 14th November LAST DAY OF TERM—Friday 20th December START OF TERM—Monday 6th January

A Specialist Sports


and Science Academy


r Parents a e D Welcome to the first newsletter of the new academic year. I wrote

running Saturday school classes. Our outcomes where we have used early entry are highly impressive, as you can see from the Mathematics results this year.

to you recently to outline our excellent GCSE results from last summer. Hurstmere has set a series of new records. 96% of the 210 boys gained at least 5 A*- C GCSE grades and 61% achieved 5+ A*- C GCSE grades including both GCSE English Language and Mathematics. The Mathematics results were outstanding: 90% of boys achieved A*- C grades, with 28 A*/A grades, 100 B grades and 60 C grades. No boy in the year group left without at least one recognised Key Stage 4 qualification.

As a parent I believe you are interested in what your son will finally achieve, gaining grades in qualifications which will enhance his life changes by opening up wider opportunities for Post 16 courses and employment. So we will continue to utilise early entry when appropriate; this may deflate our published data but will mean your son leaves with the highest possible grades.

As I write, Mr Gove, the Education Secretary, has announced yet more tinkering to the system whereby a student’s first attempt at an examination will be the only one to count in league tables. However, I do not run the school for league tables nor do I use early entry to ‘bank’ C grades; rather we use it as a diagnostic tool to enable us to put in place very specific intervention for boys in Key Stage 4. We currently employ nearly 30 A Level students who come into school from Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School, BETHS Grammar School and Townley Grammar School to work one to one with Year 11 boys on specific aspects of their GCSEs, as well as

Our last Ofsted report highlights our ‘principled’ approach to education and I believe that this is a key part of our ethos. We were part of a judicial review which fought the downgrading of 18 of our students two years ago when Ofqual changed the English grade boundaries two weeks before publication of results. It is sad that I seem to spend time each year explaining yet more changes to the system. I do hope this does not detract from your enjoyment of reading about the fantastic achievements, trips and events in this newsletter as we embark on another exciting year. Mr A Stringer—Headteacher

BOYS ACHIEVING THE BEST RESULTS – 2013 The GCSE points scoring system is as follows: A*=58, A=52, B=46, C=40, D=34, E=28, F=22, G=16, U/X=0. For OCR National ICT it is: Pass equivalent to 1 or 2 C grades (40 or 80 pts), Merit equivalent to 1 or 2 B grades (49 or 92 pts). For BTEC Sport and BTEC Science it is: Pass equivalent to 1 or 2 C grades (40 or 80 pts); Merit equivalent to 1 or 2 B grades (46 or 92 pts); Distinction equivalent to 1 or 2 A grades (52 or 104 pts); and *Distinction equivalent to 1 or 2 A* grades (58 or 116 pts). Ben Matthews gained 3A* in Biology, Chemistry and Geography, 7A grades in English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, History, Physics, French and PE, and Merits in ICT and BTEC Sport, with an APS of 53.3. Naavalan Umashanker gained 3A* in Mathematics, Chemistry and Art, 6A grades in English Language, English Literature, Physics, Biology, French and Geography and 1 B grade , with an APS of 52.6. Nathan Deacon gained 2A* in Biology and Geography, 6 A grades in English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, History, Chemistry and Physics and 2 B grades, with an APS of 51.5. Sam Nunn gained 3A* in Product Design, Art and PE, 4 A grades in English Language, English Literature, Mathematics and Additional Science, and 2 B grades, with an APS of 50.9. Ross Phillips gained 7 A grades in English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Core Science, Additional Science, Geography and PE and 2 B grades, with an APS of 49.3. Harry Wright gained 5 A grades in Mathematics, English Literature, Core Science, Additional Science and French, 3 B grades and a Merit in ICT, with an APS of 49.3. Alco Bester gained 5 A grades in English Language, Core Science, French Geography and History, and 4 B grades, with an APS of 49.0. Richard West gained 1A* in English Literature, 5A grades in English Language, Geography, Core Science, Additional Science and PE, and 2 B grades, with an APS of 49.0. Wai-Lok Chan gained 4 A grades in Mathematics, Additional Science, Product Design and Chinese, 5 B grades, and a Merit in ICT, with an APS of 48.7. Sami Mustafa gained 5 A grades in Mathematics, English Literature, French, Geography and Art, and 3 B grades, with an APS of 47.8. Adam Frith gained 7 B grades, a Merit in ICT and a *Distinction in BTEC Sport, with an APS of 47.7. Aaron Hoang gained 5 A grades in Core Science, Additional Science, Geography, PE and Chinese, and 4 B grades, with an APS of 47.6. Tom Millmore gained 1A* in Mathematics, 4 A grades in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and French, and 3 B grades, with an APS of 47.6. Daniel Sparks gained 2 A grades in Mathematics and Product Design, 7 B grades, and a Merit in ICT, with an APS of 47.6. James Kelly gained 5 A grades in Mathematics, Core Science, Additional Science, Electronics and Art, and 3 B grades, with an APS of 47.2. Joe McLynn gained 3 A grades in Core Science, French and Geography, and 6 B grades, with an APS of 47.2. Samir Patel gained an A* in Geography, 2 A grades in Additional Science and French, and 5 B grades, with an APS of 47.2. Luis Martinez-Garcia gained 3 A grades in English Language, Geography and French, 5 B grades and a Merit in BTEC Science, with an APS of 47.1. Reece McKibbin gained 4 A grades in Mathematics, English Literature, Chemistry, Geography, and 5 B grades, with an APS of 47.1.

A Specialist Sports and Science Academy


Year 9: Decision Time Welcome back to all students in Year 9. Last year held some excellent success stories for our community including another record attendance to parents evening, excellent attendance overall, our leading sportsmen being awarded their prestigious silver ties and capped by a fantastic residential trip to Paris attended by 104 students.

Year 7 It has been a busy and exciting five weeks for Hurstmere’s new Year 7 pupils. My tutors and I are extremely pleased at the way in which they have adapted to life at ‘big school’.

The theme of my ‘Welcome Back’ assembly on Thursday 5 th September was that our year group is now well positioned to become equally successful in the examination series of 2016 as this year’s cohort. The school is providing excellent opportunities for students to achieve their potential at GCSE level and the ethos of hard work and achievement that we have already established in Year 9 means that our students will be ready to meet the challenge of GCSE study in September 2014.

Many of the boys are involving themselves in the extra-curricular life of school and are attending football, rugby, table tennis, science, music, film club and Studio Fix to name but a few of the activities on offer. Also, so far 70 boys have paid deposits for the end of year residenSome ofIsland. the boys performing tial trip to Mersea their examination pieces.

If the next fourteen terms run as smoothly as their first one has started, I will be a very happy Head of Year. A very big well done to Year 7—keep it up, and thank you for all the support you as parents have given during this transitional period.

This year is about decisions; after half term all students will begin a series of planned activities with their form tutors to discuss the GCSE options available to them and what options they will select. This will also be a running theme in my assembly programme running up to Options Evening on 6th February. We will also be planning a Year 9 Options Fair for students so that they can make an informed choice and learn from the experience of current Year 11 students. Overall, our team will be giving support to all students so that they can make the choice that is right for them. More than ever it is vital that all parents attend parents evening on 30 th January to get insight on what teachers recommend in terms of selecting GCSE options.

Mr A Jones—Head of Year 7

From Year 7 to Year 8 Our year group have worked particularly hard at setting high standards within the school, and over the last year we have held half termly competitions to see which one of our 8 Olympian tutor groups are the most successful in achieving as many positive comments as possible, as well as being the most punctual tutor group in the year. Points are given out weekly and accumulated over each half term, and the group with the most number of points, is rewarded with a trip to a local attraction, with lazer quasering, ten pin bowling and paint balling being among the most popular.

However, the theme of decisions is broader than exam options. I believe that this year students make lasting choices about the sort of people they want to become. My goal is that all boys in Year 9 are guided to becoming compassionate, responsible and aspirational people who want more for themselves but care about others in society. Thus far I have spent time discussing the role of food banks, mental health issues and safety so that all students continue to understand their place in the local community. In a sense, this job is often made very easy by being able to lead a group of 210 young people who overwhelmingly care about others and want to succeed.

We have also enjoyed giving out £15 Bluewater vouchers to pupils who entered the "credits" raffle; the more credits you earned, the better chance of winning you had. And with the year group exceeding all expectations, receiving over 10,000 credits in the year, 10 pupils were happy to walk home with these vouchers. All other pupils received certificates and postcards home for every milestone they achieved. As Head of Year, I personally wrote and sent home over 300 postcards.

Year 9 is not to be viewed as a ‘waiting room’ for GCSE study. This is an important year and all students have a range of KS3 targets to meet by the summer term. In fact, how they perform against these targets will have a big influence on their achievement in 2016. My priority will be to ensure that all students achieve their English KS3 target grade by July 2014 so that they are on track to succeed in the exams that they will face in Year 11. As a parent the most important subject that you can take an interest in and support teachers in is undoubtedly English. The extensive reading and writing skills required by linear exams will mean that comprehension and structured writing will be a key factor in whether students achieve their target grade; providing wider opportunities within further education or training.

In Year 8 I ask you to keep up the high standards and look forward to more rewards and successes. Mr G Joyce - Head of Year 8

Attendance Following on from our last Ofsted inspection when our attendance was rated as ‘outstanding’, I am pleased to say that Hurstmere is continuing with this trend. Our whole school attendance for last year (2012-2013) was 95.6%. In particular our Year 11 attendance was excellent at 96.71% - a significant factor in their high GCSE achievements; Hurstmere’s best ever. Due to changes in legislation Hurstmere is no longer able to authorise holidays during school term time. Should a parent wish to take their child out of school during term time for exceptional circumstances, they are required to write to the Headteacher explaining the reason absence is being requested. Authorisation of any absence due to exceptional circumstances will be entirely at the Headteacher's discretion and his decision will be final.

In Year 9 we have a fantastic year group of hard working young people supported by a highly able and willing team of form tutors, studying in the most successful period of our school’s history. I want each student to know that all the foundations are laid for them to achieve their goals and become the most successful group in the history of the school. This is our long term goal as a year team and we will be there every step of the way with each student so that they achieve their potential.

Mrs L Bennett, Assistant Head teacher

Mr D Cleary - Head of Year 9 A Specialist Sports


and Science Academy


Hurstmere Young Ambassadors The Young Ambassador programme is a National scheme which uses young people to bring the inspiration and magic of the School Games to other young people in their school. The PE Department have selected three boys from Year 10 to take on this role; they are Charlie Bagnall, George Lawrence and Adam Wallace.

Sports Leadership Award volunteers

School Games Leadership and Volunteering

Bronze Nathan Williams George Loizou Matt Stock

Sports leadership at Hurstmere is going from strength to strength. Boys in KS3 and KS4 undertake leadership training and then deliver Level 1 (intra-school) and Level 2 (inter-school) School Games competitions at Hurstmere Silver Gold and in local Primary Schools. Sam Bess George Lawrence During 2012-13 160 Hurstmere boys delivered at least Alex Cappuccio Charlie Bagnall one competition. Ed Bastin

Vinay Sharma

Ellis Parkinson

Kyle Brown

Shaun Smith

Ronnie Richardson

Archie Valler

Angus Gunn Joshua Childs Henry Jones

Adam Wallace

As part of the KS3 Sports Leaders programme the boys record their volunteering hours and are rewarded with either a Bronze (5 hours), Silver (10 hours) or Gold (15 hours+) Award. Congratulations go to all the boys who have achieved these awards.

Tom Spooner Sam Brisenden

Miss S Allsop—Partnership Development Manager

Joe Rymer

Hurstmere Awarded the School Games SILVER Kitemark

As a Young Ambassador the boys have three main tasks:  to promote PE and School Sport within the school and local community;  to increase participation in sport and healthy active lifestyles;  to raise the profile and understanding of the School Games. During KS3, the boys undertook leadership training and will now work alongside other sports leaders to help them with these tasks. A number of School Games events are planned for our local primary schools this year which will be delivered by our team of KS3 & KS4 Sports Leaders under the guidance of our Young Ambassadors. Miss S Allsop—Partnership Development Manager

The School Games Kitemark was launched in 2012 to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community. There are 3 levels to the Kitemark – Bronze, Silver and Gold. Building on the success of the Bronze Award gained in 2012 Hurstmere applied for the Silver Award this year and underwent a validation visit at the start of term. To gain the Kitemark the school is required to meet a number of pre-requisites. We had to provide evidence of all students taking part in at least two hours of physical education during curriculum time and demonstrate the extensive extra-curricular programme that is on offer at Hurstmere. The PE Department also had to demonstrate their involvement in School Games competitions at both Level 1 (Intra-school) and Level 2 (inter-school) and how they engage boys in leading, managing and officiating in the School Games competitions. The final report stated: “The school has placed the School Games at the heart of its planning and development of sport and physical activity. Numerous displays of photographs, certificates, results and other paraphernalia made an instant impression on entry to the school… The Silver criteria was met with ease.” Miss S Allsop—Partnership Development Manager A Specialist Sports and Science Academy


Inter House Athletics 2013—Relay races

SPECIALIST NEWS — Sports Inter House Athletics 2013

Year 7 Rowing on the Thames

The 2013 competition took place over two days. The field events were performed on Wednesday 12th June and the track was an all school event held on Tuesday 18th June.

In June, Mr Joyce and I took a group of twenty-four Year 7 boys rowing on the Thames at the Ahoy Centre in Deptford. Half of the group spent the morning in the state of the art rowing gym where they learned to row in time with each other so they could maximise their effort. Meanwhile, the other half were ferried out in the safety boat to the 6 seater rowing boats and all managed to be safely transferred without anyone falling in! Synchronised rowing proved to be much harder than it looks as the “City Cruisers” thundered past on their way to and from Greenwich pier, their wake causing a huge swell and making it difficult to maintain a rowing rhythm. On top of this, the boys had to work against a strong current of about 7mph!

Both days were a great success with competition between the houses becoming more evident. This was the third competition since the return of the house system in 2011. The field events day produced three new inter house athletics records. In Year 7 Jack Smith (Chaucer) equalled the Long Jump record with a jump of 4.53m. Year 9 pupil Jack Clark (Sidney) broke the previous record in the Triple Jump with a jump of 10.61m and Year 10 Jack Green (Chaucer) produced a new record in the Discus with a throw of 25.60m.

After lunch overlooking the Isle of Dogs, the two teams swapped over and it was the other team’s turn to be out on the river, only by now the tide had turned and was on its way out, making any progress upstream all but impossible. After a couple of hours of fighting against the river, we headed back in and again managed to negotiate safe transfer to the slipway via the safety boat without incident.

The track day was performed in front of the whole school and was aided by Mr Robertson and the in-house band that brought a musical start to the event by playing as the houses and competitors were introduced.

The day was a great success and all those involved had an exhausting but enjoyable day; the learning point of this activity was that collaborative teamwork and good communication are not only beneficial but sometimes essential. As I expected, the conduct and behaviour of all those involved was excellent and they represented Hurstmere very well.

On the track the competition was at its fiercest. Chaucer’s Sam Frimpong set a new ‘Sports Day’ record of 24.97 in the Year 9 200 metres and Tyrell Craig achieved similar recognition with an impressive 11.10 in the Year 10 100 metres. Most impressive was the depth of quality performance. In many races the times recorded by athletes near the back of the field would have placed them in the top places in previous years. As an example, the Year 7, 200 metres race saw all eight athletes finish within 3 seconds of each other. In the same year group, just 4 seconds covered all eight teams in the 4 x 100 metres relay, won by Chaucer in 62 seconds.

Mr P Dovell—Teacher of Science

Bexley Athletics Championships 2013 – Y10 Winners Hurstmere competed in four championships during the summer term 2013. The highlight was the intermediate team who won the boys championships. This is the first time that a Hurstmere team has won this category since the records began in 1970.

The overall results were as follows: Winners: Year 7 – Chaucer, Year 8 – Cobham, Year 9 – Cobham and Year 10 – Chaucer

Overall Winners:

This Superhero display is located in the Science corridor and is Tommy Ramdhanour wonbudding the 200m in a new championship winning sure to motivate scientists. time of 21.76 and also Ben Matthews won the 1500m in a time of 4.32.5.


Congratulations also go to the rest of the squad who were all Year 10 pupils at the time of the championships:

Well done to all who competed and congratulations to Cobham.

Charlie Cottrell – 100m(3rd)/Relay(2nd), Steven Gunner – 400m (4th), Ross Garner – 800m (4th), Harry Hickman – Shot Putt (3rd), Billy Armstrong – Discus (5th)/Relay (2nd), Brody Codling – Javelin (3rd)/Relay(2nd), Ben Stock – High Jump (5th), Brandon Terry – Long Jump (2nd) and Bradley Grace (3rd). Well done to all concerned. Year 7 – Hurstmere finished 4th overall in the first Year 7 Bexley Athletics Championships. Jack Smith won the Long Jump in a distance of 4.44m and Aaron Davy finished 2nd in the Shot Putt with a distance of 8.54m. Year 9 – finished in 5th position. Ryan Mills finished 2nd in the 100m best time of 12.03.

Inter House Athletics 2013—Relay races

Year 8 – finished 9th overall

Mr K Wadsworth – Director of Sport

Mr K Wadsworth – Director of Sport A Specialist Sports


and Science Academy


Sports Colours 2013 But most importantly and the main criteria that must be met - is that the student concerned acts as a role model to other students in terms of their behaviour in school and whilst representing the school.

The awarding of the Junior and Senior Sports Colours took place on the evening of Tuesday 25th June 2013. Pupils are nominated by members of the PE Department based on the following criteria:

The following pupils were successful and received their ties:

- represents the school in a number of sports - plays sport at a representative level, i.e. district, county or national level

Mr Wadsworth presents a Junior Sports Colours tie.

- regularly shows good sportsmanship and dedication to the school - shows excellent leadership qualities. Juniors



Alfie Alston Joe Barnbrook Sam Bess Ed Bastin Alex Cappuccio Joshua Childs Jonny Eades Angus Gunn George Harris Jack Leek Matt Lock George Loizou Harvey Meech Ronnie Richardson Ryan Smith Jack Sproul Matt Stock Josh Weller

Joshua Allen George Addington Billy Armstrong Teddy Bevan Louis Birch Harry Bradford Harry Brooker Brody Codling Charlie Cottrell Freddie Cray Joe Crump Huseyin Fahri Steven Gunner Sam Hines-Street Archie Johnson Alex Juniper Thomas O’Reilly Jack Playford

Harry Rainey Bradley Sargent Robbie Seamons Marcus Sewell Ben Stock Dan Sweeney Joe Tennent Ben Tworek Bailey Vose George Wishart

My congratulations go to these pupils and best wishes to those boys within the school who are looking to achieve this prestigious award. Mr K Wadsworth – Director of Sport Seniors

Junior and Senior pupils who were presented with their ties at the Sports Colours Presentation Evening.

- History Y9 and Y10 th

On 27 June 2013, sixty students in Years 9 and 10 heard testimony from Holocaust survivor, Mala Tribich MBE, as part of a visit organised by the History Department and the Holocaust Educational Trust (HET).

Karen Pollock MBE, Chief Executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust added: “The Holocaust Educational Trust educates and engages students from across the UK, from all communities about the Holocaust and there can be no better way than through the first-hand testimony of a survivor. Mala’s story is one of tremendous courage during horrific circumstances and by hearing her testimony, students will have the opportunity to learn where prejudice and racism can ultimately lead.

The testimony was followed by a question and answer session which enabled students to better understand the nature of the Holocaust and to explore its lessons in more depth. The visit was part of the Holocaust Educational Trust’s extensive all year round Outreach Programme, which is available to schools across the UK. It was a privilege to welcome Mala Tribich to Hurstmere and her testimony was a powerful reminder of the horrors so many experienced. Staff and students who heard Mala’s poignant testimony commented on the unique experience as life-changing and went away deeply moved by the first-hand account.

“At the Trust, we impart the history of the Holocaust to young people, to ensure that we honour the memory of those whose lives were lost and take forward the lessons taught by those who survived.” Well done to the boys who were selected to take part and who represented the school with sensitivity and maturity.

We hope that by hearing Mala’s testimony, students were encouraged to learn from the lessons of the Holocaust and make a positive difference in their own lives.

Miss T Salway – Teacher of History

A Specialist Sports and Science Academy


ELECTRONICS — Another year of outstanding results, remarkable designs and excellent work! Once again Electronic Products pupils achieved some outstanding results with 73% achieving A*-C passes, increasing last year’s results by 5%. There were five pupils who received A* which places them in the top 5% of the country.

Juke Box

This product enables the user to control the note coming from a speaker with the movement of a hand. It uses a light sensor to detect the light level and plays a note that corresponds to that light level. It is housed in a very attractive enclosure that represents its function.

an enclosure to protect it and display the necessary components. This enclosure is also produced by the pupil in school and enables them to produce a professional product that in many cases you could see on sale in shops. The products do not just look impressive but their entire function has been designed and manufactured by the pupils. The pupils are expected to decide on a customer and design the entire product based on the customer’s needs; this year a student designed an electronic money box for Barclays Bank. He visited the bank in Sidcup High Street and asked them questions about what they needed. The product was then designed and made, then shown to the bank for them to evaluate it. They liked it so much that they arranged for him to take it to the Canary Wharf Head Office. Nine Lives This Electronic

game counts how many times you fail to complete the game and includes a method of adjusting the difficultly level so that players of all ages can play.

For the two hour examination paper in July, the pupils were able to prepare some design notes prior to the exam. The boys worked really hard during the two hours and performed 18% better than other schools nationally. This represents 40% of their GCSE grade whilst the remaining 60% is given for the Controlled Assessment task. The Controlled Assessment consists of an A3 folio that includes all the design stages needed to produce a quality piece of practical work. The practical work consists of a printed circuit board which is designed entirely by the pupil and then made using the spray etch facility in the classroom. This PCB will then be placed in

The interest the pupils show in the subject stems from the courses and projects they follow in Key Stage 3. In Year 8 the printed circuit boards are designed in school and then sent to Japan where they are produced in large numbers. This demonstrates to the pupils the industrial process that happens in the electronics industry.

This Product is an Alarm that can sense the Infra red heat given off by the human body and turns on a Siren when that heat source is Alarm seen to move. The key pad enables the user to be the only person who can activate or de-activate the Alarm.

In Year 9 pupils are expected to write a program and download it to a component that will control other components. This is P.I.C (Programmable Interface Controllers) technology and it gives the pupils the ability to design with electronics at an early stage. Both the program and circuitry can be tested and simulated using software in school which is also available at home. We are one of the few schools that offer this valuable subject at Key Stage 4 and it shows employers the ability to problem solve, design and manufacture professional quality products.

Game of skill This is an Electronic game that relies on the user’s ability to stop the LEDs flashing on the highest scoring one. Mr J Meheux—Head of Electronics


Six Year 9 pupils accompanied by Mr East went to Beths Grammar School on 5 th July, to take part in the Annual Great Egg Race. The pupils were given the task of building a device that would securely hold a raw egg in place whilst it was driven around an obstacle course on the back of a remote controlled car. Once the course was completed, the egg had to be dispatched into an egg cup using pneumatics – two syringes and a length of tube. Team Hurstmere decided that they would build a drawer like device, which, when opened using the syringes, rolled the egg forward and into the egg cup. The team were careful to ensure that they adopted the best tactics for attacking the course, and completed it in record time with a minimum of penalties. They were also awarded first prize for innovation and ended the day as worthy winners of the Great Egg Race. Mr M East – Teacher of Technology A Specialist Sports


and Science Academy



Project Objectives



Coach Development

Form School Partnerships (Tag Centres)

Community work:

Development of Young Leaders

      

Paint school hall at Divine Community School Fix Desks at Divine Community School Lay a vegetable patch at Joseph Linda School Create a library at Joseph Linda Community School Distribute donated clothes and books to the Linda Compound Distribute Uniform to Guardian Angles School (visited by HMS in 2009 and 2011) Ensure that SOSCO Community School are continuing to develop (visited by HMS in 2011)

Improve teamwork


Summary of Tag Program

 JoyTotal number Moore

of primary school participants across whole project =

with some of 893 the many  items Total number of secondary school she young leaders trained = 40 has made for the S kchildren i l l s l e a rinn e d b y t h e P u p i l s Zambia

Project Management



Basic Budgeting


Public Speaking

Time Management

In July 2013 40 pupils and five staff from Hurstmere School alongside six members of staff from the Tag Rugby Trust carried out two projects in the Lusaka and Kafue regions of Zambia. The Tour was split into two main projects and the Hurstmere pupils set their objectives at the beginning of the week.

Kafue Project

Linda Project

Kafue is a town in the Lusaka Province of Zambia on the north bank of the Kafue River (after which it is named) and it is about 30 miles from our base at Baobab College. Hurstmere School and Tag Rugby Trust took sixteen pupils, two teachers and three members of TRT staff to the Kafue region of Zambia. The aim of the project was to set up two School Sports Partnerships with Kafue Boys Secondary School and Naboye Secondary School. Each Secondary School was linked to three Primary Schools and students from these Secondary Schools were trained to become young leaders by Hurstmere pupils. The young leader training included Rugby Ready, Tag Rugby Coach Training, Tag to Tackle Training and Contact Training, all delivered by TRT and Hurstmere School staff and pupils. The objective of the project was to provide all the training and experience necessary for the Zambian Secondary School pupils to continue coaching Tag Rugby in their partner Primary School and to enable them to provide a pathway from Tag to full contact Rugby. Hurstmere and TRT staff/ volunteers will revisit these schools in February 2014 to ensure that the Partnerships are sustainable.

The Linda compound houses approximately 30,000 people, 50-60% of whom have HIV or Aids and 50% of people do not have direct access to fresh running water in their homes. As a result of this they have to collect water from one of two bore holes, which have limited access times. This water costs the equivalent of 8p per litre; although this does not sound like a lot of money, it makes it difficult for people to afford enough water to sustain health. The compound does not have access to medical care and the closest clinic is in the neighbouring compound. Most of the time, Linda residents get refused care here as they have to prioritise treatment to their own community. A large number of the children in Linda are either single or double orphans or vulnerable. Often the only clothing they have is from donations and they may have only one basic meal a day which is usually mealie meal (ground maize mixed with water to make a basic porridge) from charitable organisations. Three members of staff, twenty-four pupils and three members of TRT staff carried out a Tag Rugby programme with four schools: Divine Community School; Joseph Linda Community School; Zocs Community School and Monkolo Primary School. One of the residents of the Linda Compound, Lwiindi Muleya, works closely with the Tag Rugby Trust and she, with a group of young leaders, worked alongside the Hustmere pupils and together they coached the following approximate numbers of pupils:

Kafue Boys Secondary School = 17 Young Leaders Muchoto Primary School = 87 participants Kasaka Primary School = 63 participants Nakatete Primary School = 60 participants Naboye Secondary School = 18 Young Leaders Nangongwe Primary School = 60 participants Soloboni Primary School = 93 participants Kaasenje Primary School = 90 participants






NABOYE(Tag Centre)

(Tag Centre)




A Specialist Sports and Science Academy

Zocs Community School = 160 participants, 1 young leader Divine Community School = 80 participants Joseph Linda Community School = 80 participants, 4 young leaders Munkolo Community School = 120 participants




HURSTMERE TOURISTS James Bennett Alco Bester James Butler Aaron Carr Alim Conteh James Davy Mackenzie Day Joe Dye Harry Johns Robert Littlechild Luis Martinez Callum McIlroy Oliver McIlroy Reece McKibbin Joe McLynn Dan Newman Sam Nunn George Parish Ross Phillips Dan Rouse Alex Schofield Naavalan Umashanker Sean Verge Richard West Archie Wiles Ethan Winfield Harry Wright Teddy Bevan Max Brian Alfie Degerlund Harry Elvin Sam Foster Sam Hines-Street Callum Nurse Harvey Paget Oliver Squire Ben Stock Dan Sweeney Mark Terry Andrew Tweedy STAFF Mr Robinson Mr Simpson Mrs Day Mr Jones Mr Maher TRT STAFF Trevor Martingel Toby Williamson Nicolae Ungureanu Rob Davies Sophia Evens Grace Guilford

Community Projects

(All Pupils were involved in the community projects)

The community work actually started in 2011 and a large proportion of the money that allowed the project to take place came through fundraising. We managed to raise over £40,000. Every single penny went in to the project and, in some way, directly to the communities we were trying to help. We are very grateful to a number of companies and organisations who sponsored the trip and we hope to retain their support for future projects. A great deal of effort was also put in by the pupils parents and teachers who raised this amount through sheer determination and a great amount of teamwork. The pupils picked up a number of skills which they will be able to transfer to any work place or to further education.

Summary of Community Projects Completed

Sponsors and Supporters

Paint school hall at Divine Community School: Money donated by the Rotary Club bought enough paint to cover the both the school hall and some of the outside walls. Hurstmere students and staff completed the painting by Thursday. Fix Desks at Divine Community School: This wasn’t possible in the time frame as wood needed to be ordered. This is likely to be done in the future by Baobab College. Lay a vegetable patch at Joseph Linda School: Money donated by the Rotary Club bought various seeds (okra, tomato, Chinese cabbage) and the planting of the vegetable patch was completed by Wednesday. Create a library at Joseph Linda Community School: Thanks to the generous donations from Hurstmere parents and staff Hurstmere students were able to complete and catalogue the library. Distribute donated clothes and books to the Linda Compound: Approximately twenty suitcases of clothes toys and books were donated to Joseph Linda School, five to Zocs School and twenty to Divine school. In addition, as Divine School had no balls whatsoever, Hurstmere donated seven footballs to Divine School. Distribute Uniform to Guardian Angles School (visited by Hurstmere in 2009 and 2011): five very large bags full of uniform were donated to Guardian Angels School. Ensure that SOSCO Community School are continuing to develop (visited by Hurstmere in 2011): Hurstmere visited SOSCO Community School on Friday; they are continuing to develop as a school but need to find a sustainable source of income. It is hoped that, with support from TRT staff, Hurstmere can donate some chickens to SOSCO so that they can sell the eggs for profit. If they can demonstrate the ability to maintain this as a sustainable project then Hurstmere will donate a printer and laptop to SOSCO school in February 2014.

Without the very generous support from parents, teachers, Tag Rugby Trust, Baobab College and local businesses and organisations, this trip would not have been possible. Hurstmere in Zambia 2013 would like to thank everyone who helped to make this experience possible. Mr M Robinson—Teacher of PE /i/c House systems Below: Our sponsors and supporters



and Science Academy


Bexley Maths Olympics Competition

Maths Water Rocket Project In the summer term all Year 8 pupils took part in a Maths enrichment and cross curricular project. The Water Rocket Project had links with Science, Technology, Business and Financial Management. Pupils were asked to design and build a water rocket within a specific budget, which could then be launched. The height each rocket reached and the distance travelled was measured for each team. Some of the materials pupils were allowed to use were empty two litre bottles, soft card, hard cards, cellotape, string, glue and blue tack. Pupils were given specific criteria that had to be met. Prizes were given for the best design, best team work, best use of resources within constraints and the highest and furthest rocket launch. Each team got to launch their rocket and some even got wet depending on their rocket designs. Pupils really enjoyed the project, in particular the team work that was involved.

The first edition of the Year 7 Maths Olympics Competition took place on the 3rd July 2013, at Erith School. Six secondary schools in Bexley participated in the quiz competition including Hurstmere School. Each school was represented by 8 of their best Mathematicians. They were selected based on rigorous internal quiz competitions which were run in each participating school leading to the main event at Erith School.

Mrs D Halton— Head of Mathematics The winners and their rocket!

The Maths Olympics event comprised of four rounds: a Maths balloon relay, matching up giant tangrams, buzzer maths quiz round and a mental maths challenge. Hurstmere School was represented by the following boys: Jack Smith, George Fisher, George Oldfield, Louis Avery, Jamie Su, Joe Neale-Hall and Joe Anthony. After a very exhausting and keenly contested event, Hurstmere School came 3rd. Congratulations to the boys involved Mr S Ayo-Adepoju - 2 i/c Mathematics Getting ready to launch.

Y7 Maths Smoothie Project At the end of the summer term Year 7 students completed the "Smoothie Project".

Making and tasting the smoothies—a job well done!

Students complete market research on flavours and design, they calculate the proportion of each fruit in their smoothie, create and design their packaging and labels and collect ideas for marketing. With the kind help of Mr Day (Head of Food Technology) in the last lesson the boys mixed their own smoothies... and what flavours they created! The Innocent company should watch out now for some serious competition from Hurstmere School! Ms E Szeimann – Teacher of Mathematics A Specialist Sports and Science Academy


Science During Activity Week in July, we ran three trial “Heartstart” training sessions with a total of 45 boys. They learnt how to deal with the conscious/unconscious casualty, heart attacks and cardiac arrest. Feedback from these sessions has been extremely positive and we are now taking names from boys (and staff!) who wish to participate in the full course which will be run after school. We will conduct four, one hour sessions and cover the above along with learning how to deal with serious bleeding and a choking person. Places are limited, so boys are encouraged to apply to Miss Fuller (Room 49) as soon as possible. Certificates will be awarded to all who successfully complete the course.

Science Club is back and the fun has begun again! Check out our new Year 7s and Year 8s who are already testing for oxygen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide. They are guided by our Y10 assistants who are working in the Science community in the hope of becoming a Science Leader. To join in the fun turn up on Wednesdays in Room 46 from 1pm until 1:30pm Ms F Cronin— Teacher of Science

As part of British Heart Foundation’s Heartstart initiative we will be inviting medical students from the London teaching hospitals to attend these sessions. They will not only be able to assist with the training but will also be keen to talk about their experiences as university students. Mr M Sims - Science Support Assistant

A Specialist Sports


and Science Academy


The Art of Sound YEAR 7 TRIP TO MERSEA ISLAND What a superb way to finish their first year at Hurstmere with a trip to Mersea Island! The weather was wonderful and the boys embarked on a variety of outdoor activities with great enthusiasm.

During this summer’s activity week thirty one Year 9 boys took part in a series of practical workshops run by the Art Department. Over the course of the five days, the boys investigated how abstract painting can be produced in response to music. They took part in some of the most challenging and ambitious art activities we have run at Hurstmere - with great success. All pupils taking part in the workshops demonstrated an open-minded enthusiasm for learning new skills and taking on new ideas. The resulting art work clearly reflects this.

I am delighted to have been able to take around 75% of the year group, and was proud of their conduct throughout the trip. This was a fantastic opportunity for them to make new friends, enjoy new experiences and develop good rapport with members of staff, and I am pleased to say they achieved all of these things. If you get a chance, please take a look at the Year 8 Noticeboard. The amazing times we had at Mersea are captured and visible for all to enjoy. Check out how many boys can fit into one swimming pool and a bonus if you can spot my Mersea Island colleague, Mr Wadsworth.

The highlight of the week for me was when the boys painted largescale canvases directly in response to a live Samba performance by a Year 9 music group. Thanks to Mr Robertson and the Music Department for helping to make this possible. In the second half of the week the boys produced a series of 6ft acrylic canvas paintings reflecting the ‘Samba’ theme; these are to be used as a back-drop for future music performances, and they, along with three new mural paintings in the Art/RE/Geography corridor, should inject a bit of ‘South American Samba Sunshine’ into the school over the forthcoming winter months. Congratulations to all pupils who took part in the project, and many thanks to Ms Bates and Mrs Cox for their hard work and support over the week.

I would like to thank all the staff and pupils who made this Year 7 Activities Trip a truly memorable one. Mr G Joyce – Head of Year 8

Mr D Blower – Head of Art

Some of the Mersea Island activities.

A Specialist Sports and Science Academy


Day 1 & 4 – Year 7 Harry Potter Day Pupils watched "The Goblet of Fire" and then produced some good written work based on the film. They designed storyboards, wrote poems and produced their own scripts.

Day One – Year 8 – Romeo and Juliet Day Two – Year 9 – Macbeth

Day 3 – Year 7 – Dr. Who

We had around eighty Year 8 students in the English Department on Monday for a day of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, then around sixty Year 9 students on Tuesday for Shakespeare’s Macbeth. We began by showing the movie versions of each of the plays, focusing on the key scenes to be looked at throughout the day. The Say Two production company came in during the morning and they worked with the pupils on a number of different workshops.

With around sixty Year 7 pupils, we held a Dr Who day in the English Department on Wednesday. This was designed by Mrs Elliott to be a day of fun and creativity based around the very popular television series. The pupils had to create their own aliens/monsters. They did this with great enthusiasm and came up with some amazingly, detailed concepts for Dr Who monsters.

The first was an acting workshop. The pupils were encouraged to lose their inhibitions and take on the roles of a variety of characters at the “Capulet Ball” for Romeo and Juliet and the “Banquet Scene” in Macbeth. They dressed up in an assortment of costumes, including both male and female characters! They learned their lines, re-enacting the scene brilliantly. All pupils took part, even the quieter ones!

We continued the day by making our own Tardis! This proved to be a difficult and challenging task, but again the pupils approached the exercise with eagerness. A very impressive effort Year 7 – well done!

For Romeo and Juliet the pupils then moved onto the “Comedy and Cussing” workshop. Here, they learned how to be very rude to each other in the Shakespearean way. The comedy of Shakespeare became a little clearer to the pupils and they were able to “cuss each other down” in ways which were 500 years old!

Tardis making during Activity Week.

Finally, and probably the most anticipated part of the morning for both year groups, came the “sword fighting”. The pupils were introduced to a collection of weapons including the rapier, broadsword and dagger. The instructor explained how sword fighting has developed through history, completely capturing the attention of the pupils. The swords were then handed over to the boys who were able to use them, fighting each other in choreographed battles!

An alien visits Hurstmere School during Activity Week!

Day 4 – Year 8 – The Hobbit With around forty Year 8 pupils, we held The Hobbit day in the English and Mathematics Department. This was designed by Mrs Elliott to be a day of fun and creativity based around “The Hobbit” film. Pupils designed invitations, created their own monsters and produced some very interesting storyboards. Year 8 worked well and with lots of enthusiasm. Shakespearian enactments in English during Activity Week.

Mrs A Elliott – Head of English A Specialist Sports


and Science Academy



Activity Week – Year 9’s

Visit to Devon Miss Allsop, Mr Wright, Mr Eiffert and I took a group of twentyeight Year 9 pupils to Devon on a residential trip for the week. What a great week we had. Surfing in glorious sunshine took up most of our time and it was great to see so many of the boys get up on their boards doing something many of them had never done before. In between surfing sessions the boys took part in other activities such as mountain biking, rifle shooting and climbing. Even with a six hour coach journey to and from Devon the group were superbly behaved and were a real credit to the school.

During Activity Week 104 Year 8 boys were lucky enough to go to Paris for four days. The trip was incredibly successful and so much fun was had. We left Sidcup on two packed coaches, took a P&O ferry from Dover to Calais and on our way to Paris we stopped off at Vimy Bridge to visit the Canadian War Memorial. Students were particularly fascinated by the trenches and the big dips in the landscape created by bombs that had been dropped.

Mr J Ball – Teacher of PE

The following morning after a continental breakfast we headed off to central Paris where we took a boat and cruised down the River Seine, taking in the stunning Parisian architecture and sights such as the Notre Dame Cathedral, Pont de l'Archevêché (’The Love Bridge’ covered in padlocks) and the Eiffel Tower. We then got back on the coach and headed to the Louvre where we also wandered through the Tuileries Gardens. After this we drove up the Champs Elysees heading to the Arc de Triomphe, where we climbed to the top to see the spectacular view of Paris. For most of the boys the highlight of the trip was clearly on Wednesday when we spent the whole day at Disneyland Paris and boys were issued ‘fast-pass’ tickets for all the rides, which they thoroughly enjoyed. The behaviour of the students throughout the trip must be commended... well done lads! Miss S Mills and Mr D Cleary

During Activity Week some pupils had the opportunity to handle various birds of prey form the Eagle Heights Wildlife Park. Many of the boys chose to have their photograph taken holding the birds as a memento of the experience.

The eagle has landed– watch out for your ear young man!

A Specialist Sports and Science Academy


The Clan win at Beckenham! Unit 6 at the Music for Youth Final 'The Clan' won the NextGen Talent Competition 2013. The Clan (Billy Gardner, Will Morley, Matt Holdway, George Dyer, Elliott Baker and Peter Tyson) impressed the judges with their strong performances of ‘Money’ and ‘Take It Or Leave It’. The judges commented on their range of talents, their energy and highlighted their commitment and song writing skills.

‘Achievement for Innovation Award’ for Unit 6 at the Music For Youth finals—Unit 6 performed with enthusiasm and passionate commitment to their music at the Music For Youth (MFY) National Final in Birmingham at the beginning of July. Unit 6 (Sami Bouzefrane, George Dyer, Billy Gardner, Freddy Geraghty, Matt Holdway, Tom Monks, Will Morley, Jack Rutherford-Axcell and Peter Tyson) received amazing comments from the judges about their performance: "the performance grabbed us, made us sit up and go WOW", "one of those gigs that you really didn't want to miss a thing", "visually and musically it was a truly fantastic performance" and "one team, one dream".

The Clan also won the Audience Award vote for their performance of 'Money', and part of their prize is to appear at Beckenham’s Night of Talent later in the year. ‘Concept’ (Lewis Dowse and Tom Gomes) also competed and, whilst they did not make it through to the final three, they were commended by the judges for their song-writing talents.

Robert Taylor (Year 10) recorded the event, which is available to view on the school website soon. Keep up-to-date with Studio Fix news and recording on Mrs V Ahern—Studio Fix Administrator

energy and enthusiasm that this group of students have for their studies and talents.


During the forthcoming term the Music Department is promoting its new orchestral and big band group, “Hurstmere Horns". This group rehearses every Tuesday after school and are currently working on material for both the Christmas and summer concerts. We hope to hear some songs from the band soon.

The parents and families of our Year 10 GCSE Music students enjoyed an introduction to their coursework and their talents on the evening of 1st July. The show provided our students with the opportunity to perform a range of composition and performance work that they had studied during the first year of their GCSE Music course.

Mr I Robertson— Teacher of Music i/ c of Performance

The students had worked hard to ensure an entertaining event during which we heard from a mix of soloists, groups and musicians with performances of “The Scientist”, “Mo Money Rap” and “Tequila”, to name just a few. Everyone was delighted to see the A Specialist Sports


and Science Academy


Promoting Safe Internet Use

Charlie Higson’s The Fallen:

Create a ZOMBIE TRAILER Competition - Under 16 Winners!

e-Safety was highlighted to everyone over the summer with the tragic case of Hannah Smith, the young girl who took her own life after being hounded by internet trolls. As a school we have always put eSafety high up on our ICT curriculum and we felt that we should let parents know what we, as a school, are doing to promote safer internet use. Our Year 7 pupils are introduced to e-Safety and tasked with producing a PowerA poster by a Year 7 student. Point aimed at parents letting them know what the school is teaching the students about eSafety. Some groups have also created some e-Safety posters, some of which are on display in the IT corridor. Year 8 are reminded about all the aspects of eSafety that they covered in Year 7 by being tasked with creating an interactive kiosk to inform Year 7 students about staying safe online.

The winning trailer in the Under 16s category was made by a group of twelve children, which included Hurstmere’s Jamie Moreland Y9 and James Rantell Y8, during a BFI Future Film DIY film-making workshop in August. This film and the other category winners were shown at the British Film Institute on Saturday 7 September during their monthly BFI Future Film event. Charlie Higson spoke at the event and announced the overall winner of the competition, which will go on to become the official trailer for ‘The Fallen’. View the winning under 16’s trailer at:


During the lessons on this subject we cover four main areas: Online Safety; Cyber Bullying; Computer Protection and Reliability of Information. Through learning about these topics we endeavour to ensure that none of our students ever get into online situations that they don’t feel that they can deal with. For more information about e-Safety visit Mr S Waghorn – Head of KS3 ICT

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Mr M Robinson—Teacher of PE/i/c House System A Specialist Sports and Science Academy

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