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Hurstmere’s Year 8 football team celebrating their victory in the North West Kent Cup .

Summer 2017 Issue 17


ENRICHMENT WEEK Enrichment week will be taking place during the last week of term (w/c 17th July) here at Hurstmere. There are residential trips to Windmill Hill (Year 7) and Paris (Year 9) which will be departing on Monday 17th July. For other students (Years 7 - 9) there will be lessons provided which will be an extension to the usual curriculum that is taught. All pupils should have received a letter regarding the enrichment week. If you have not received a letter please contact the school office who will be happy to assist. Pupils will be expected to attend during normal school hours (8.30—3pm) and in full school uniform (PE kit when needed). There will be some off-site activities available which will enhance and enrich the extended learning opportunities during this week. The times of these trips will be communicated to you within a letter along with all other key information needed regarding the trips by w/c 10th July 2017.

HURSTMERE’S FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS This year has seen Hurstmere’s football squads prove, once again, what a talented and dedicated group of boys they are. The results over the season show the depth of talent, across all year groups, which has led to Hurstmere winning several prestigious trophies. Year 7

Kent Cup and North Kent Cup Winners and ESFA National Cup Semi-finalists Year 8 ‘A’ team were Kent Cup Winner and North Kent Cup Winners ‘B’ team ESFA National Cup Semi-finalists Year 9 North Kent Cup Runners-up Year 10 North Kent Cup Winners Year 11 North Kent Cup Winners These young sportsmen are commended for their hard work and commitment which has allowed them to maintain their winning records. Well done to every boy who has contributed to the school’s success in football. Mr M Robinson - Head of PE

Windmill Hill Adventure Centre Mr K Wadsworth – Director of Studies

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Dear Parents

As always we are delighted to showcase some of the latest activities and developments from the vibrant Hurstmere community. Students in all year groups supplement their considerable efforts in lessons with an involvement in a varied programme of lunchtime and after school activities. I should like to take this opportunity to thank the teachers and support staff who complement their programmed work with the devotion of many hours to make the extra-curricular offer so valuable to the students.

wish them well for their onward journey into Further Education or, for some, the world of work. In addition I should like to thank those colleagues who are moving on this August. Their work and efforts at Hurstmere have been much appreciated. I would especially like to congratulate Mrs O'Keefe (Teaching Assistant) and Mr Simpson (Assistant Principal) on their respective retirements, and assign particular good wishes to Mr Day, who started at Hurstmere some thirty years ago and who has secured a post close to his home in Kent.

Year 11 students have adopted a very serious approach to the preparation and sitting of their GCSE examinations, and we

Mr G C Stollery - Principal

Hurstmere House Report

School Council and House Meetings

April 2017

There have been further productive meetings of the School Council and of the form representatives of specific houses.

Welcome to the second instalment of the Hurstmere House report, which is keeping you up-to-date with your house’s progress in The House Competition.

Issues including the following were raised by the council and taken forward to the school governors by Mr Wright. More basketball nets on the playgrounds

The standings as of April 28th are:

Sidney Chaucer Caxton Cobham

Maintenance of the new water fountains

1000.00 1332.00 1132.00 805

Timetabled drama Thanks to the site supervisors for the soap in the toilets A second snack shack in the lower school playgrounds The election of next year’s house captains took place on May 24th in Citizenship.

In addition Miss Parris’ literacy quizzes – which have again earned big points for Chaucer and Caxton – a number of new competitions have started up and are allowing your house to earn points toward the final house prize.

The candidates aiming to take on the roles of House Captain and Vice-House Captain next year were: Caxton: Tristan Freeman, Matthew Crane, Billy French, Chaucer: Matthew Smith, Tom Horak, Henry Lawrence, Luke Grace, Ted Rackley

Mr Walters has run a number of competitions in his Science lessons, including Year 7 Parachute Design and Year 7 and 8 Bridge Building. Caxton house gained the most points in these contests.

Cobham: Zal Motafram Alfie Wallace, Louis Pike, Sidney: Samuel Leamon, Darwin Moseley, Harrison Horne, Taylor Hawkes

The Comic Relief Joke Writing contest saw a win for Chaucer who submitted the most jokes that tickled Mr Maher’s ribs.

I am pleased to announce the new House Captains :

Caxton and Chaucer tied in the high tariff Attendance Week contest where as the Accelerated Reader standings saw Chaucer out on their own at the top of the table.

Caxton House Chaucer House Cobham House Sidney House

The summer term will see the culmination of the house competition on Sports Day but there will be plenty of opportunities to get your house in contention for the big prize by earning house points in the weeks leading up to that event.


Tristin Freeman (C) and Billy French (VC) Matthew Smith (C) and Tom Horak (VC) Zal Motafram (C) and Alfie Wallace (VC) Sam Leamon (C) and Taylor Hawkes (VC)

Many thanks for your continued involvement in the House Competition. Mr T James and Mr M Wright - Heads of Houses

some of the more junior boys at the next event. Special mention has to go the four House Captains: Caxton's Simeon Norman; Chaucer's Josh Horak; Cobham's Callum Owen and Sidney's Joe Jeffery. All of these leaders ensured that all events were filled and showed a great amount of dedication towards their teams. Congratulations to all boys who competed.

INTER HOUSE SWIMMING GALA Tuesday 13th June saw the second Inter House Swimming Gala held at Sidcup Leisure centre. All four houses were well represented, however Sidney house showed their dominance in many events, ending up being the overall winners. Many house and school records were broken. One record which still stands however is Ben Luxford's Individual Medley (1:18.2). I am sure this will be one that is targeted in the near future by


45pts 27pts

2nd 4th


32pts 16pts

Mr M Robinson - Head of PE



Thursday 22nd June Field Events and Wednesday 5th July Track Events - There will be information about these events in the next edition of this Newsletter in September 2017.

Wednesday 27th June - The results and a write-up of this competition will be in the next edition of the Newsletter.


On Friday May 26th 18 Year 7 and Year 8 pupils had the opportunity to visit MCM London Comic Con. This trip was a reward for their attendance at Comic Book Club and their enthusiasm for improving their literacy skills. The boys and the staff wore a variety of costumes to partake in the fun. The most popular costume of our group was worn by Mr Duff dressed as the Nostalgia Critic. Comic Book Club will continue next year, so if you enjoy reading comics, drawing comics or even just talking about them, then come along and possibly you could be at the next Comic Con London!

Some of our comic book enthusiasts join the Ninja Turtles.

Mr B Maher - Teacher of Geography

How about learning a little more French? Or a new language even? has listed the following apps in their top 10 best language learning apps. Why don’t you have a go?

Duolingo ‘Learn French in just 5 minutes a day with our game-like lessons. Whether you’re a beginner starting with the basics or looking to practise your reading, writing, and speaking, Duolingo is scientifically proven to work.’

MindSnacks ‘It’s such a fun app that even if you do master a skill it is still fun to go back and play more games to practise it!’

Memrise ‘You can follow fellow learners and compete with them for points as well as see how well you are doing in a ranking for a particular course. It’s very motivating to outscore others!’ Mme L Notton – Head of French



Once again Vocab Express has proved to be very popular amongst learners of French across all five year groups. The learning website is a great way of consolidating our boys’ knowledge of all vocabulary and grammatical structures studied in class. Vocab Express is also available as a mobile app for iOS and Android. Download it for free now and learn on the move!

Our Red Nose Day 2017 fundraising efforts raised a total of £192. The boys submitted quite a few jokes for the Joke Writing Competition. The top joke writers were Luke Doyle (Y8), Max Connor and Ben Mackinnon (Y7).

Very well done to the following boys who have scored the highest scores in their year groups since September 2016. They have all won points for their respective houses. (Scores correct at the time of writing) Year 7 Philippe-Alexandre Hiobi 7467 Ivan Diep 7325 Nikhil Dabhade 6580 Remigiusz Drabik 6010 Tamer Okcay 6000 Year 8 Abdul Taiwo 6098 Frankie Svoma 5720 Louis Dunk 4820 Zac Norris 4350 Kieran Callaghan 4342 Year 9 Adam Campion 4335 Ben Bleksley 4030 Leonardo Fasano 3187 James Morris 2740 Haydn Jones 2505 Year 10 Matthew Crane 5280 Edward Brooker 4155 Manvir Deep 3960 Ronnie Stowell 3535 Louis Pike 3405 Year 11 Aaron Hampshaw 6040 Joe Anthony 5590 Jack Collins 5510 Maliek Mills 4345 Charlie Collins 3330

Mr B Maher - Charities

Mme L Notton – Head of French


Special thanks go to the PE Department for organising the one mile run and to everyone who helped raise money. Thank you again for your support.

Cookie & Cake Sale for the Grenfell Tower Victims On Friday 23rd June at break and lunch time, staff and pupils raised a whopping £323 for the British Red Cross London Fire Relief Fund for victims of the Grenfell Tower tragedy. I was stunned by the sheer number of donated cakes which will continued to be sold this week so the total raised is set to climb. Special thanks to Mr Maher and Ms Ritchie for their help. This was an amazing response not only in terms of the amount raised but what it showed about our spirit as a caring community. London-fire-relief-fund Mrs L Murphy - Head of Media

ICELAND 2017 Diary - The Land of Fire and Ice (and Moss)

Hurstmere’s latest trip to Iceland took place in the first week of the Easter Holidays with 53 Year 11’s visiting this wonderful country. It was a truly amazing week. The boys had a fantastic time visiting and seeing some incredible scenery but we had some vary variable weather with snow, sheet rain and sun. The trip really was one that they will never forget! But don’t take my word for it, here are some snippets from the diary of the trip and some quotes written by the boys who went.

“It’s only when you stare with awe and bask in the glory of God’s creations that you realise why you’re on earth, icicles that lurked on the edges of cliffs, like bats seeking prey, had me on edge with adrenaline surging through my veins. I was truly amazed at the sites while skimming stones on the water. Go to Iceland; it’s an experience you’ll never forget. (James Rantell)

Day 1 amazing was our wonderful guide Rocky calling us back to the coach with a rendition of the Jurassic Park and Star Wars theme tunes played on his trumpet; I think we all realised what an amazing and magical place we were in as we excitedly made our way back to the coach.

On a beautiful Sunday morning faces appeared at the school gate, bags packed, tired but excited, anxious about what lay ahead of them. An assortment of bags were loaded into the coach and minibus, pupils were shepherded on board, we waved to emotional (and happy) parents and we were off! After a long wait at check-in, where Icelandair failed to appreciate that there might be a number of school trips going to visit their fair country, we finally all got checked in and saw our luggage disappear. Unfortunately, as we were to find out once we landed in Reykavik, one boy’s bag had decided not to travel and this left him stranded without any clothes!

Next stop, was Geysir; a spouting hot spring which took quite a few of us by surprise. However the weather was getting worse and we now had horizontal freezing rain. In the words of Luke Sangster “The Geysir was the most

frightening thing I have ever experienced, however the natural heated water rising in the air was wonderful and I would love to see it again: truly magnificent.”

Once there we made it through customs successfully, without the teachers suffering too many panic attacks that we'd lost our passports, we met our wonderful coach driver Rocky, who had been our host on a previous trip. This gentleman has more talents than just coach driving as we were to find out later. After a short drive we reached Lucky Bridge, the bridge between the continents where we crossed from the Eurasian Plate to the North American plate.

Mr Maher’s favourite memory was when we were at Geysirs - “We braved the rain and waited desperately for a good

eruption. As we endured the torrential downpour our moment had arrived, the Geysir erupted to the grand height of 1 foot. This was very disappointing and the group had enough of the rain and decided it was time to go. Daniel Hammond was attempting to perfect a new walking technique that limited his exposure to the horizontal rain. This was a very ineffective way of walking and resulted in us being slightly behind the rest of the group. What happened next was the biggest eruption of a Geysir I have ever seen. Over 40 feet high; as we stood there in amazement we realised that the wind had caught the water and sent it straight to us.” Thomas Spooner can be quoted as saying, "I looked back and you guys had disappeared!”

Back on the coach we made our way to Reykjavik keeping our eyes peeled on the hauntingly beautiful landscape as we proceeded to Hotel Cabin - our home for the night. We got settled into our rooms and then prepared for a cold walk to get food. Luckily, the Hamburger Factory turned out to be fantastic, the food was awesome - what more could we ask for day one?! Joseph Hannaghan was dreaming of his case arriving soon! The boys had a whip round for some spare clothes, and everyone went to bed tired but content.

Once we had settled down and dried out a bit from the fright of the exploding Geysir (not naming any names) we moved on to Gullfoss Waterfall. “We were not expecting

Day 2

that! Rather than a trickling caved in waterfall, it was more like Niagara Falls! There were three huge drop zones where the huge masses of icy water crashed through the glacier, with very strong winds and an amazing volcanic backdrop. Wow!” – in the words of Damion Treece

In a sleepy haze the teachers made sure that everyone was up on time and made breakfast so we were all ready for the second day of our Iceland adventure. We drove through Reykjavik taking in the sights and the harbour before moving on to Pingvellir where Iceland’s parliament was established in 930AD and then seeing the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (where the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates pull apart. Whilst this was incredible, what turned out to be even more

“Seeing the Gullfoss waterfall in real life was such a cool

and unique experience. Hearing the roaring water cascading down right next to me was unforgettable.” Said Joe Marsh.


Day 3 By now, I think we’d mastered the art of getting up early for breakfast but the teachers were struggling – their attempts to stay up until we’d all fallen asleep and then getting up before us to wake us up were taking their toll; much to our amusement obviously! On with our journey around the south today and our first stop was Myrdalsandur Lava Fields: this was an unusual experience. “Firstly, from a dis-

tance it seemed like a collection of rocks, however once exploring in detail, you could truly understand how brilliant this 700km2 area is. Undulations and humps in all directions, with silky smooth moss dominating the landscape. “Don’t touch the Moss!”

I think by now most of us were realising what an incredibly beautiful place Iceland is. We moved on to the Eyjafjallajokull Visitors centre and Flood Plain where we learnt a little bit more about the devastating consequences of volcanoes and eruptions, in particular the 2010 Eyjafjallajokull eruption, on the local community. The centre focuses on the devastation caused to the Thorvaldseyri farm and the family that live there but also highlighted just how fiercely protective they are of Iceland and it’s environment. As Mr Wright noted, “The video in the visitor centre was extreme-

ly interesting and showed the plight of the farmer and his family who live at the base of Eyjafjallajokull. The whole story of the eruption and the effects on the local area and people was incredible. This was the first time that I had even thought about this as the news reports in the UK only concentrated on the disruption to air travel at the time.“

On the journey back to hotel for the night we stopped and went to take a walk along Reynishverfi, and the black volcanic beach which did not disappoint. The teachers wouldn’t let us anywhere near the sea but then we saw the huge waves for ourselves! It was incredible albeit slightly scary. Whilst some of us enjoyed playing on the beach, others were amazed by the basalt cliffs and caves. After settling into our new rooms, we ate dinner and got ourselves ready for another day. A few boys made the cold run to the Hot Tub!

When the teachers told us we were going to visit a lava field I thought they’d gone mad. You don't understand how interesting the lava fields are until you are wandering around them. At first it looks like a gigantic, green field but when you get close you understand why they are such a big attraction in Iceland.” (Dan Harris). On we went to Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon. The boys had great fun trying to break lots of the mini floating icebergs, whilst Mr Simpson tried to take some artistic pictures of the ice. The wind was howling now and the boys tried to lean as far into the wind without falling, whilst the coach driver was getting worried about the driving conditions. Back to base to finish the quizzes tonight. We’re not judging you teachers, we promise… By now we actually were all exhausted so gave the teachers an easy night and actually went to bed and to sleep! Oh and Joe Hannaghan’s bag arrived!!

Day 4 Up early and bags packed (we were becoming experts now) we made our way back on to the coach for another busy day. We started with Skogafoss, another of Iceland’s famous waterfalls. “We walked up the never-ending steps leading up

to the waterfall, gasping for air and struggled to the top. The views of the utopian waterfall were truly mesmerising. The waterfall was amazing and we were all impressed by Mrs Bennett whom again, faced her fears and climbed with us.” (Oliver Buckingham)

After escaping the clutches of the waterfall, we met the guides for our next activity – 8WD monster trucks! These trucks took us further into the Thorsmork Valley than we could ever have ventured by car or coach and we got to see the visible effects of the Eyjafjallajokull eruption first hand. We were like kids at Christmas climbing into the huge Continued over the page...


Day 5


Last day and we were off to the Blue Lagoon before flying home. With excited faces, the boys took the plunge and braved the freezing temperatures to make it to the warm waters. Splash, we were in! The beautiful aquamarine waters soothed our travel weary bodies and the mud masks helped ease us into Icelandic life. Suitably wrinkled and poor, having spent a fortune on drinks, we made it out only losing one wallet on route (swiftly located by the calm teachers who realised quickly that the bag had not been thoroughly searched)! “I thought the Blue Lagoon was

vehicles knowing we were going to be crossing land that hadn’t been touched since the overnight snow. It looked truly stunning. The Thorsmork Valley can only be described as a winter wonder land. The valley was basically a river with cliffs on each side which made the atmosphere very calm (apart from the constant snowball war zone that a few of us had created). When I wasn't under fire, I couldn't help but stare at the shimmering icicles and the thick dusting of snow that covered all the really perilous places between the covered rocks. The river, on the other hand couldn't have been more spectacular. The water rushed and meandered around us and the taste, although a little sour, puts tap water to shame.

extremely relaxing. I really enjoyed it and it made me feel very comfortable. The floor was very slimy in places though and the smell of sulphur was revolting; it was a smell that would come back to haunt us again!” (Cameron Roos)

“I enjoyed the Blue Lagoon immensely; I thought it was

relaxing and helped with the pain after my snowball fight. My only complaint was the horrible smell of the sulphur!” (Tom Varrow)

Back on board with Rocky one last time and we were heading for our final destination: Keflavik airport. Everyone thanked the driver, and George Oldfield did a great job of thanking everyone involved with organising the trip. Mr Baston commended the boys on their excellent behaviour. We then checked in at the automatic check-ins and were on the plane before you could say Eyjafjallajokull. After being informed about which exits to calmly make our way through if the plane happened to crash, we jetted off back to London with memories that we will never forget.

“By far one of the most dramatic parts of the trip has been the ride in the converted missile carrier. We clambered aboard the truck and rode the ten-wheeled monster off road towards the mountains. Despite the suspension, the journey was bumpier than a camel doing the Harlem shake and the vehicle jolted violently whenever we splashed across a river. We arrived at our lunch destination which soon became the perfect setting for a bit of 'snow-based fun'. Soon cannonballs of snow were flying everywhere with the group flinging them at every startled face they could find. Next we got back onto the beast bus and headed off. Within a matter of minutes we were back on something which resembled a road and were on our way to our next destination...” (Joshua Barton)

“Once again, it has been a real pleasure to share this expe-

rience with a fantastic group of young men who have thrown themselves into every adventure with humour, interest and enthusiasm!” (Mr Reddy)

power that the water produces when hitting the lake was amazing. The water fall also produced a lot of spray which got us all soaked but the view from behind the waterfall was worth it.” (Harry Cooper)

“Iceland never ceases to amaze me, from the ever changing landscape to the rapidly changing weather conditions! My favourite location this year was the black sand beach at Vik, watching the waves crashing onto the shore; absolutely breath-taking. Our students, once again, were a pleasure to be with and helped to create so many memorable moments, one of which involved a rather large snow ball and a bruise!” (Mrs Bennett)

“After being given a stern warning and strict instructions from Mr. Baston to not fall to our deaths, we carefully climbed Svinafellsjokull in single file up the crumbling and icy rocks by the side of the glacier. We could see black streaks in the ice where the ash had been left from past eruptions and was covered in snow. Some of the ice glowed cyan like you would see in the movies where the ice was so tightly compacted that oxygen was trapped in it and blue light rays were not being absorbed.” (Charlie Collins)

“This trip to Iceland has been truly incredible. The land of ice and fire has astounded me. I could happily live in a secluded mountain-top home on this extraordinary island for the rest of my life. The incomprehensible sights of water rapidly gushing over cliff faces, snow dusted mountains and waves pulverizing beaches will be imprinted in my memory forever. I hope to return to this great nation in the future and experience these wondrous things all over again!” (Mr Wadsworth)

We spent time learning and exploring areas of the island that are not very accessible to most tourists. The area is very intriguing due to the fact that it is constantly changing because of the diverse weather and constantly shifting glaciers. We also got to visit and learn about movie site locations such as ‘Interstellar’, ‘Batman Begins’ and ‘Noah’. This place just keeps getting better! With stomachs rumbling, we were bundled back onto the coach and made our way to Hotel Cabin in Reykjavik and a return visit to the Hamburger Factory. Fantastic!

Everyone had a fantastic time in Iceland on what was truly a trip to remember! The students were a pleasure to be away with and have given me some great memories too. Also I must say a big thank you to the staff for their assistance on the trip, without them giving up their time the trip would not happen. If you’re interested in going to Iceland in the future keep an eye out for information (or if you are in Year 10/11 come see me as soon as you read this!)

We moved on to Seljalandsfoss and walking round the back of the waterfall was an amazing experience - “To see the

Mr Baston - Head of Geography


SPORTS NEWS minutes on each of the eight different golf challenges. Each school were also awarded a team score for demonstrating Life Skills such as 'Teamwork, Honesty, Safety' etc. The overall winners were Old Bexley Primary School who will now go on to represent Bexley at the Level 3 School Games Finals in July, whilst Birkbeck won the Skills for Life Award. The Year 9's did a great job giving coaching points at each challenge and making sure the children had as much fun as possible despite the weather. The Sports Leaders were a credit to Hurstmere.

SPORTS LEADERS Hurstmere Sports Leaders have continued to volunteer their time to provide sporting opportunities for other young people from a range of schools across the borough. They have run a range of School Games Level 2 competitions, supported the delivery of the Junior Leadership Academy and Multi Sport Club as well as hosting Sherwood Parks Level 1 School Games competitions.

Junior Leadership Academy

Sherwood Park Level 1 School Games Competitions Sherwood Park has been working with the PE department this year to provide their pupils with the opportunity to engage in a range of Level 1 (Intra School) School Games competitions. Utilising the facilities at Hurstmere they have been able to hold competitions in hockey, basketball and football. Sports Leaders from Year 10 have supported the Sherwood Park teachers with the organisation of these events and gained valuable experience in officiating a range of sports.

JLA Mentors

The Junior Leadership Academy has run throughout the year for children in Year 6 and 7 from Birkbeck, Dulverton, Holy Trinity, Sherwood Park, Hurstmere and Chislehurst & Sidcup Grammar school. The aim of the Academy is to extend young people’s leadership skills and support them with volunteering. Hurstmere Young Ambassadors and Year 10 Sports Leaders act as mentors for the Academy Members acting as advisors and sharing their experiences of volunteering. It is great to see young people all working well together and supporting each other’s development. So far the academy members have organised a Change4Life Festival for children in Year 3/4 which focused on fun physical activities and at the end of June they ran a Multi-Sport Festival for Year 3/4 to help them develop their fundamental skills. When not at the Academy the children volunteer in their own school to support the delivery of lunchtime and after school clubs, helping other children to engage in sport and physical activity.

Sherwood Park School Ms S Allsop - School Games Organiser

Hurstmere Multi Sports Club Report By Ed Barnes This term, Year 8 Sports Leaders hosted a Multi Sports Club for primary school students of Years 5 and 6. The club spread over two sessions which both lasted an hour. 12 children from Sherwood Park, Birkbeck and Dulverton attended the sessions to learn new skills from different sports.

Tri Golf Competition On a cold, wet April afternoon sports leaders from Year’s 9 and 10 ran the Level 2 School Games (Inter-School) Tri Golf competition. The event was attended by eight Primary schools from across Bexley. Each team consisted of 10 children who had to try and score as many points as they could in five

Basketball occurred in the first session. One good drill to teach the children how to throw the ball took place first, followed by some dribbling relay races which boosted the children’s confidence. To finish off the session, two matches took place as the Sports Leaders gave advice to the children. Tennis took place in the second session; to start off the Sports Leaders displayed positioning tactics. Afterwards, the children played a game named ‘Tap Up Tennis’. This allowed them to practise hitting the ball gently, this was followed by floor tennis and then they were ready to play matches. This occurred when doubles matches were introduced. All in all, the club was successful. Every child had a brilliant experience at Hurstmere and the Sports Leaders are keen for this to happen more in the future.

Junior Leadership Academy Members



The ‘B’ team managed to reach the semi-final of the National Competition losing 4 - 1 to Kingsdale School, and have shown that the year group have strength in depth of their squads.

This year has been very successful with the Year 8 ‘A’ and ‘B’ teams competing in the National Cup, and the ‘A’ team representing Hurstmere in the Kent and North Kent Competitions.

The ‘A’ team have had an amazing year reaching the last 32 of the National Competition and winning the Kent Cup at Maidstone United against Norton Knatchbull School 3 - 0, with goals from Isaac Jones, Alfie Eldridge and Alfie O’Neill. The ‘A’ team also made it to the final of the North Kent District Cup facing St. Columbas and were 3 - 2 winners, culminating in the ‘A’ team being doubles Champions in Kent and North Kent. Well done to all students who have represented the school this year and big congratulations on your successes. Let us hope for further success next year with more silverware coming to Hurstmere for a fantastic group of boys. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. Mr A Davis - Head of Year 8

The Year 8 winning ‘A’ team with their Manager, Mr Davis

YR 10 FOOTBALL WINNERS! ACROBATIC NDP, On Wednesday 26th April at Glebe FC, the Year 10 IDP & DISABILITY football team won the North Kent Cup with a 6 - 1 FINALS 2017 victory over Beths Grammar School. This is the 3rd time in four years they have won this trophy and the players achieving this success are :Tommy Kemp

Harry Saunders

Adam Cook

Billy French (Captain)

Tom Tippet

Josiah Jones

Tommy Broadway

Bertie Valler

Harry Kemp

Chi Enzennolim

Josh Adams

Clay Waterman

Billy Hook

Macauley Neale

Our congratulations go to Year 8 pupil Sami Salih, who represented London in the Acro National Finals 2017 at Fenton Manor Sports Complex, Stoke-on-Trent after winning the preliminary regional competition. At the Finals he and his partner were placed 3rd in the Mixed Pairs (Grade 5) Acro Gymnastics and this makes him 3rd in the UK at this level. They were judged on execution and artistry.

Dan Addington

Sami has been a member of Bromley Valley Gymnastics Club for a while but was encouraged by his parents to try Acro Gymnastics only 18 month ago.

This was a convincing victory and we are looking forward to defending the trophy in Year 11, as well as attempt to win back the Kent Cup which they won in Year 8.

We wish Sami all the best for the future in his chosen sport.

Their achievements make me a very proud manager. Mr G Joyce - Teacher of PE/Head of Year 11

Mrs S Bayar - Assistant Principal



The Hurstmere in Zambia project organised a bag packing weekend at Morrisons in Sidcup on Saturday June 24th and Sunday June 25th. Volunteers packed bags from 10am till 5pm which provided us with a great opportunity to raise funds while promoting the project throughout the community.

Look here for some amazing photos from the boy’s trip to Zambia in July 2016— share/ AF1QipNh73fqfMj23p_YAaU6wwlCsH YBFxTc7Af26r5zO5dXd5dQsV5v-MX7VFsewiyHg? key=Vkd3SGhMemY0SlV5NU1 RSlFmcWxZOUJBNHk1TWdR

Thank you to Morrisons and all those who helped - their efforts were greatly appreciated. Mr B Maher – Teacher of Geography




Funding has been secured to pay for a LTA tennis coach from Shooters Hill Tennis to come, on a Monday and Tuesday lunchtime, and deliver sessions. These sessions will continue until the end of the summer term and are open to boys in Years 7 - 9. All equipment will be provided so all the boys have to do is turn up wearing trainers. The programme culminates with a tournament at Shooters Hill Tennis club where teams from five other local schools are invited to play. Mr J Ball - 2 i/c PE

BEXLEY SENIOR ATHLETICS CHAMPIONSHIPS Hurstmere took two teams to compete at the annual Bexley Senior Athletics Championships at Erith Stadium. The intermediate team (made up of boys from Years 10 and 11) and a junior team (made up of boys from Years 8 and 9) both competed very well with lots of outstanding performances. Two that stood out were the individual performances from Billy French winning the Inter Boys 200m in a time of 24.06 and Peter Allen winning the Inter Boys Triple Jump with a distance of 11.06. At the end of all the events the points were tallied to provide results for the team competition. Hurstmere’s consistency in performance, across all events, meant that the senior team finished 1st and the junior team finished 3rd. The final team results are below:

BEXLEY SCHOOL’S CHAMPIONSHIPS – INTER BOYS – 2017 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


Hurstmere School 135 Trinity School 127 Chislehurst & Sidcup 121 Beths Grammar School 117 Haberdashers' Aske's Crayford Academy 109 St. Columba's R.C. School 95 Bexleyheath School 95 Harris Academy Falconwood 70 Business Academy Bexley 52 Bexley Grammar School 46

Spoke to Year 10 About Success

On May 3rd all the Year 10 boys were given the opportunity to hear a motivating and fascinating talk from David Dein, Former Chairman of Arsenal and the Football Association – in association with the Speakers for Schools Charity. Greg Dyke the former Chairman of the FA, told the Financial Times “David Dein was the most revolutionary bloke I’ve met in football. He created the Premier League, it was his idea.” David Dein was on the Daily Mail’s list of the 50 most influential people in the history of the Premier League and he was in the top ten with people like Sir Alex Ferguson. These days David spends much of his time speaking in schools and prisons as well as businesses – he recently spoke to students of the world renowned Harvard Business School in Boston. Fortunately for our Year 10 boys they were able to hear firsthand how David joined the Arsenal Board in 1983 and was made Vice-Chairman in the same year, how he rose to ViceChairman of the Football Association, and has since served on numerous UEFA and FIFA Committees. He told how he was a prime mover when the Premier League was launched in 1992. David related how he became an early proponent of women’s football having been President of the hugely successful Arsenal Ladies Team. David Dein, former Chairman of Arsenal and the Football Association

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One of his achievements was to be the man who had the foresight to bring Arsene Wenger to Arsenal in 1996. During David’s time at Arsenal, the Club won: The League, The FA Cup and The community Shield 5 times The UEFA Cup Winners Cup The League Cup twice A total of 18 trophies! The students gave David a warm welcome and greatly appreciated his insight into the workings of the Football Association, including the brilliant apprenticeship system that is developing the footballers of the future. I am certain that during his talk there were many Hurstmere boys dreaming of a career in football whilst many others were motivated by his talk on success. Mrs S Bayar - Assistant Principal


YEAR 10 - GREENWICH MATHS TIME cases take part in. These included interactive presentations and workshops on exciting mathematical ideas, information about state-of-the-art current mathematical research, handson activities, and exhibitions. The speakers were well known in the mathematics, entertainment and business world. They included Juggler Colin Wright talking about patterns and predictions, Katie Speckles on paper folding and problem solving and James Grime discussing Enigma and the world of codes and code breaking.

On Tuesday 27th June as part of our KS4 gifted and talented programme in the Mathematics Department at Hurstmere School we took 19 pupils to a Mathematics Festival in Greenwich University called GREENWICH MATHS TIME. The Festival was specifically aimed at KS4 pupils and was designed to encourage students to explore Mathematics in a wider context and to deepen their interest in the subject. Events at the Festival were mathematical in content but engaging and fun for the pupils to listen to, and in some

It was an enjoyable experience and the boys came away asking lots of questions, and with a different view on Mathematics and how it is used in the world all around us. Mrs D Halton Head of Mathematics

The boys interacting at Colin Wright’s presentation.

YEAR 7 BOOK REVIEW COMPETITION In the Spring Term, all Year 7 pupils were invited to submit a review of their favourite book. The winning review received a book voucher. There were over 60 entries covering a range of genres and the quality was very high. Well done to Zack Higham of 7 Chaucer/Y who wrote an excellent review of the book ‘Wonder’ by R.J. Palacio. You can read his review below. Mr P Bolter - Head of Year 7

Last year I read the book Wonder by R.J. Palacio. The book is about a boy named August Pullman. August was born with a rare facial deformity and has to have many operations and scans and as a result has always been shy about his appearance. His Mum, Isabel has home schooled him all of his life but eventually August has to go to regular school. Of course, August finds this hard as there are many pupils who make fun of him. August's interests include gaming and playing with his dog, Daisy. Unfortunately, during the story, Daisy passes away and August’s life becomes even more difficult. As difficult as life gets, August eventually finds a way to be happy and accepted by the children and parents at his new school.

I would recommend this book to you as it is an emotional story in both heart-breaking and uplifting ways. At the start of the novel August tells us, 'Doctors have come from distant cities just to see me, stand over my bed, disbelieving what they are seeing. They say I must be one of the wonders of God's creation and as far as they can see, they can offer no explanation'. This is a really enjoyable book, it teaches you how it must feel to be August and how people can overcome difficulties in their life. I hope you read it! Zack Higham – Year 7 Student

THE GAS TANKS REACH THE FINAL We are delighted that The Gas Tanks have reached the final of the Music For Youth Festival, which takes place on Saturday 8th July in Birmingham. The Gas Tanks (Gary, Matt, Sam, Ed, Jake and Tom), were praised by the regional judges for their song writing skills and musical talents. The group have also been chosen to support ‘Madness’ at their House of Fun Weekend in Butlins, Minehead later in the year. Further information on this to follow. Well done to the boys for all their hard work, along with the support of Mr Gilbert and Mr Robertson. Mrs V Ahern - Studio Fix Administrator



ACCELERATED READER MILLIONAIRES Congratulations to our AR Word Millionaires! 3 Million Words + - Matthew Mason-Rogers and Darren Chipunza 2 Million Words + - Harry Boggans and Ahren Smith

Over the academic year all the Year 7s and some Year 8s have been involved with Accelerated Reading as part of their English lessons. The AR programme is designed to improve the boys’ language and literacy along with helping them to ‘read to remember’. They are tested at the beginning and re-tested at the end of the year. Not only have we seen our top readers improve but many reluctant readers have, with the help of the AR reward system, taken to reading, and also improved their comprehension skills.

1 Million Words + - Abbijai Aroulradjy, Nikhil Dabhade, Shaylyn Gounder, Joseph Lally, William Leahy, Yeta Semple-Sepiso Harry Stephens and Stephen Young This Year 7 cohort has to date read 65,435,941 words which is the highest recorded word count of any Year 7 group at Hurstmere. Well done to all those boys whose hard work made this possible—keep reading!

Well done to all those boys who have improved especially our Word Millionaires.

Mrs E Tubbs and Mrs J Dowse - Librarians

for their favourite and the winner would be the book that generated the loudest cheer. The audience were happy to oblige and cheered very loudly. The winner, by a narrow margin, turned out to be ‘Salt to the Sea’ by Ruta Sepety. At this point Harry threw all the losing books, along with the boys out of the balloon and finished by saying, ‘Well what did you expect? The balloon was still too heavy and I had to save such a brilliant book!’ The audience appeared to enjoy this original presentation and energetically applauded the boys’ effort. The team was accompanied by Mrs Tubbs (Librarian) and Mrs Dowse (Assistant Librarian) who had helped the boys prepare for the event and afterwards said the boys "Did us proud". The Mayor of Bexley was a guest at the awards and during his speech he joked about not wanting to be a passenger in Hurstmere’s debating balloon! Later he told them how much he had enjoyed their clearly delivered, distinctive and funny presentation.

BEXLEY LIBARIES CARNEGIE AWARDS The following boys went to the Bexley Libraries Carnegie Awards at Townley Grammar on Monday 19th June – From Year 8 - Quincy Oshodin, Frankie Svoma and Haydn Svoma. From Year 7 - Harry Boggans, Matthew Mason-Rogers Ahren Smith and Darren Chipunza Prior to the event these boys read all the Carnegie short listed books and then they had to make a presentation on the book they thought should win this coveted award. This proved extremely difficult as there were so many good books that they were unable to agree, so it was decided to perform a Balloon Debate. The idea being that they are in a balloon that is likely to crash unless it is made lighter by throwing out the books which they felt were not the potential winner. When left with three books they split into three groups to debate the merits of their chosen book. Harry, the debate leader, then asked the audience to cheer


These boys are to be congratulated as it is a daunting event for them to speak at and, like last year, we were one of the smallest groups to present so there was a lot of pressure on them. The video can be seen on our school website.

Right: The winning book Below: Our team with the Mayor and Mayoress of Bexley

Mrs R Parris – Teacher of English Below (from the video): Presenting our Balloon Debate



Sam Nunn

Hurstmere is always pleased to hear from former pupils and is proud of all the success they have achieved since they left the school. The Alumni article in the Spring 2017 newsletter was well received and will become a regular feature. An Alumni page is being established on the school website, in time for the next Newsletter. Are you a former Hurstmere pupil, or maybe you have a relative or friend that was, and would like to share your success? If so, please email

Jack Playford Jack became instantly obsessed with Kayaking whilst in Year 7 at Hurstmere. By 2015, age 17, he had competed for Great Britain in the Canoe Polo European Championships, and in 2016 his team, using their superior fitness, beat their German opponents to comfortably win the World Championship.

After leaving Hurstmere in 2013 and gaining A Levels at Chis & Sid, Sam was awarded a rowing scholarship at the University of Washington. Sam achieved numerous successes in rowing and athletics, including a bronze medal in the British Championships Single Scull, gold in the Ghent International Regatta 4x and he became silver medallist in the U23 High School Crash B's Indoor World Championships. Now studying at the Oxford Brookes University, Sam rowed against Cambridge and Oxford in the boat race warm-up fixtures. Following a series of injuries last year, Sam is back to fitness and will be taking part in the Henley Royal Regatta this summer, and aims to represent GB at either the U23 European or World Championships. We wish Sam all the very best for the future.

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Jack is currently Under-21 Canoe Polo World Champion and became top goal scorer. He has now been signed by an Italian team, with a trip to China planned for summer 2017. On a personal level, Jack feels that going from a chubby Hurstmere Year 7 to standing on a podium, with his best friends, in Sicily with a gold medal around his neck is all thanks to Mr Baston setting up the Hurstmere Kayaking Club back in 2010.

Dr Robin Bunce Robin Bunce studied at Hurstmere School between 1985 and 1990. After leaving the school, he gained a first class degree in Politics and Government from Kent University and a PhD in the History of Political Thought from Cambridge University. He writes about politics and culture, and has recently published Renegade: The Life and Times of Darcus Howe, with Bloomsbury. The book, which was written with Paul Field, is the first major history of the Black Power movement in Britain, and is due to become the basis of the feature film Mangrove Nine. Robin advised Oscar Winner John Ridley on the history behind his script for his latest TV show Guerrilla. He blogs for the Huffington Post on politics, and continues to teach and research at Cambridge.

All tracking and reports for students in Years 7 - 11 are now issued in Firefly.

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