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HURSTMERE SCHOOL Some of our very happy top achievers on Result’s Day.

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r e t t e l s w Ne Autumn 2017 Issue 18


The awarding of the Junior and Senior Sports Colours took place in the summer term. Students were nominated by members of the PE Department based on the following criteria:

Once again, Hurstmere is delighted to report that many students have achieved excellent examination results. We are very proud of all of our students and their achievements.

Represents the school in a number of sports

Plays sports at a representative level, i.e. district, county or national level

Regularly shows good sportsmanship and dedication to the school

Shows excellent leadership qualities

Acts as a role model to other students.

Danny McNamara with

a student The ties were presented by former student Danny McNamara, who has been given a contract by Millwall FC. Congratulations to all the boys who received a tie.

Mr M Robinson - Head of PE

Mr G C Stollery - Principal

WELCOME TO YEAR 7 In our first newsletter of the academic year we extend a warm welcome to all of our new Year 7 pupils and their parents. The new cohort have completed their first half term at Hurstmere and have begun finding their way around school, meeting their new teachers and already getting involved in the wide range of extra-curricular activities on offer. They have already received information, through an assembly and a letter sent home, about the end of year trip to PGL Liddington Multi Activity Centre near Swindon, Wiltshire. The new Year 7s have made an excellent start to their secondary school careers and we look forward to them playing an important role in the school community over the next five years.

Above: Senior Boys Right: Junior Boys

Mr G Joyce - Head of Year 7/Teacher of PE

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Dear Parents

I should like to begin by re-iterating a formal 'welcome to Hurstmere’ to the parents of our 218 new Year 7 students, who have settled to their studies very well in recent weeks. Contrastingly we send best wishes to the students who left us in August to pursue the next phase in their journey. Latest figures suggest that 87% of our 208 leavers have begun Year 12 in full-time education, whilst 12% have started on Apprenticeships.

We have just reached the end of the 'Open Morning' season, in which over four hundred families have visited us to see what Hurstmere has to offer their sons who are currently in Year 6. I should like to thank the seventysomething Year 8 boys who have assisted in leading those tours. Finally, I would advise all parents to consider the article by Mr Wadsworth in this newsletter, in relation to boys' cycling. Whilst we are all pleased that youngsters are involved in active pursuits, the nationwide resurgence of adolescent cycling has brought with it a worrying trend for dangerous riding. I would encourage all parents to speak with their sons regarding staying safe in this pursuit.

Our new Year 11 boys are progressing well on the mostly-new GCSE courses, and by now have been revising for their 'Pre-Public' Examinations which take place in December. In this new era designed by the Department for Education those students will sit an increased number of formal examinations and, as such, good study and rest habits will be crucial. As well as the material provided by Mrs Davis at the Year 11 Information Evening, there are some useful revision and examination preparation resources on the school website, prepared by Mr Joyce and located under 'Resources', then 'Revision'.

Mr G C Stollery - Principal

BOYS ACHIEVING THE BEST RESULTS – 2017 George Fisher gained grade 9 in Mathematics, grade 7 in English Literature, grade 6 in English Language, 4A* in Product Design, Biology, Chemistry and Physics, 1A grade in Geography and a C grade in French Charlie Collins gained grade 8 in Mathematics, grade 7 in English Language and English Literature, 2A* in Geography and Biology, 3A grades in Computer Science, Chemistry and French, Distinction* in IT Application Skills and a B grade in Physics Ethan Hullett gained grade 8 in Mathematics, grade 7 in English Literature, grade 4 in English Language, 1A* in Additional Science, 5A grades in Business Studies, Computer Science, Electronics, Geography and Core Science and a Distinction* in IT Application Skills. John Clark gained grade 8 in English Language and English Literature, grade 7 in Mathematics, 1A* in French, 4A grades in Art, History, Additional Science and Core Science and 1B grade in Music Nathan Sotunde gained grade 8 in Mathematics, grade 6 in English Language and English Literature, 1A* in Biology, 4A grades in Electronics, Geography, Chemistry and Physics and a B grade in French Joseph Marsh gained grade 8 in Mathematics, grade 7 in English Literature, grade 5 in English Language, 1A* in Geography, 2A grades in Additional Science and Core Science, 2B grades in Business Studies and French and 1 C grade in Art Joseph Hannaghan gained grade 7 in Mathematics, grade 5 in English Language and English Literature, 1A* in Electronics, 1A grade in Art and 4B grades in Business Studies, Geography, Additional Science and Core Science Aaron Hampshaw gained grade 6 in English Language, English Literature and Mathematics, 1A* in History and 1A grade in Geography, Distinction* in IT Application Skills, 3B grades in Computer Science, Additional Science and Core Science and a C grade in French Sam Jones gained grade 8 in English Literature, grade 7 in English Language and Mathematics, 4A grades in Geography, History, Additional Science and Core Science, Distinction* in IT Application Skills and a B grade in French Jack Parnell gained grade 7 in English Language and Mathematics, grade 6 in English Literature, 4A grades in Art, Geography, Biology and Physics and 2B grades in French and Chemistry Reggie Sausse gained grade 8 in Mathematics, grade 5 in English Language and English Literature, 3A grades in Computer Science, Electronics and Music, Distinction* in IT Application Skills, 2B grades in Additional Science and Core Science and a C grade in Business Studies Peter Allen gained grade 9 in English Language, grade 7 in English Literature, grade 4 in Mathematics, 3A grades in Geography, History and Sports Studies and 2C grades in French and Core Science James Innes gained grade 7 in English Language, grade 6 in English Literature and Mathematics, 3A grades in Geography, Product Design and Biology and 3B grades in French, Chemistry and Physics Thomas Varrow gained grade 7 in English Language, grade 6 in English Literature and Mathematics, 3A grades in Geography, Product Design and Biology, 2b grades in Chemistry and Physics and a C grade in French Max Hooper gained grade 8 in English Language and English Literature, grade 6 in Mathematics, 2A grades in History and Religious Studies and 4B grades in Media Studies, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Billy Mills gained grade 8 in English Literature, grade 7 in English Language and Mathematics, 2A grades in Geography and Sports Studies and 4B grades in Business Studies, French, Additional Science and Core Science Joseph Neale-Hall gained grade 8 in Mathematics, grade 6 in English Language and English Literature, 2A grades in Geography and Chemistry and 4B grades in French, Product Design, Biology and Physics Thomas Spooner gained grade 7 in Mathematics, grade 5 in English Language and English Literature, 2A grades in Biology and Sports Studies, 3B grades in Geography, Chemistry and Physics and a C grade in Art Pierce Stevens gained grade 7 in Mathematics, grade 5 in English Literature, grade 4 in English Language, 2A grades in Biology and Chemistry, 3B grades in Electronics, History and Physics and a C grade in French James Sargent gained grade 7 in Mathematics, grade 6 in English Literature, grade 5 in English Language, 2A grades in Geography and Product Design, Distinction* in IT Application Skills and 3B grades in History, Additional Science and Core Science


Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge

Public Speaking Workshop Jack Petchey's Speak Out Challenge is back at Hurstmere for another year! The public speaking workshop with 30 Year 10’s was the most successful that I have ever been involved with. The boys were so skilled and confident by the afternoon session, that it was a hard task to judge who should go through to the assembly stage of the competition, where one candidate is selected to represent us in the regional final, competing against 14 other schools in the Bexley borough. Highly commended certificates went to (for progress and moving out of their comfort zone): Zak Long; Ethan Driscoll; Adam Campion.

Final 5 to be judged in a future Year 8 assembly: Harry Henty Timi Padoni Max Boles Conor Daly Lucas Myers Mrs L Murphy - School Co-ordinator for Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge


Mr Joyce Wins a Jack Petchey Award for "Outstanding Service to Young People" Mr Joyce won this prestigious award in September 2017 with this nomination submitted by Bexley Cricket Club: “Mr Joyce was a truly outstanding cricketer. Many say he was the best of his generation never to play the game professionally. He toured the world playing the game and making friends along the way. He collected many accolades. Throughout this time he spread the word about Bexley Cricket Club. As our Director of Cricket he has overseen an astonishing rise in the number of young colts moving into the adult game. In 2014 Bexley Cricket Club fielded five league sides on a Saturday. We now field eight! This is almost Above: Mr Joyce with his Certificate and medal entirely due to the tireless efforts of ‘Joycey’, as he is known to all. He has He is leading our young people by encouraged young cricketers to rise to example. As a Club we are benefitting in the challenge of playing the adult so many ways; increased participation, game. He has built their confidence, increased membership, and the building liaised with their parents, arranged the of an ethos which says we are 'One Club, fixtures, and then played alongside the not merely a collection of teams'. youngsters. They continue to learn so Mr Joyce is a shining light cemented in much about the game from him, and the very heart of our Club. For the time, his enthusiasm is infectious. After the effort, enthusiasm, knowledge and game the youngsters return to our Club leadership he continually commits to with Joycey, where he leads them in Bexley Cricket Club and its young people, the art of socialising, conversing, and I have absolutely no hesitation in how to become integrated into Club nominating him for an award from the Jack Petchey scheme.” life. We ask all parents for their assistance and support to help reinforce our message regarding positive behaviours whilst travelling to and from school, and in the local community. Mr K Wadsworth - Assistant Principal

Hurstmere School views its role in helping our pupils become good, upstanding citizens within the local community very seriously. Our continued programme of assemblies and citizenship lessons target the development of community friendly behaviours such as; the display of good manners, adhering to road safety rules as a cyclist or a pedestrian and displaying respect for the local residents.

Remembrance Assemblies On Friday 10th November the school fell silent at 11:00 GMT during remembrance assemblies. These were held to honour the many service men and women killed in battle. Also, we supported the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal 2017 by selling their red poppies to raise funds for this worthy charity.

‘Lest we forget...’


A FITTING MUSICAL FINALE TO THE END OF THE YEAR Of course the standing ovation at the end was not only for the performers who clearly love and are inspired by music, but for Mrs Roe (Head of Music) and Mr Robertson (Teacher of Music and i/c Performance) who sadly left Hurstmere in the summer. It was a fitting tribute to thank them for all their hard work in the Music Department. Mr Gilbert was also thanked for his continuing support of pupils in Studio Fix.

The Music Department rocked the school hall on Friday 30th June with their end of year concert. The programme included contemporary and memorable pieces, with performances by rock bands, a Samba group, choirs, drummers and the Staff Band; there was certainly something for everyone in the crowd. The concert was very well received by

parents and families, staff and Governors who were entertained by 15 acts made up of over 80 pupils from all year groups. Bands impressed the audience with their cover versions of timeless classics, along with Studio Fix featuring their own compositions. The Hurstmere Horns and The Funky Drummers amazed the audience with their array of diverse talents and the Year 7s proved they are ones to watch with their confident performances.


Mrs V Ahern - Studio Fix Administrator

IT’S MADNESS FOR THE GAS TANKS The Gas Tanks supported Madness at their Butlin’s ‘House of Fun Weekend’ in Minehead on 18th November. The band was selected to perform a 30 minute set at this unique event and have been busy rehearsing their (now famous) ‘Chicken Shop’ and ‘Taking Care of Business’ along with many other pieces. Congratulations to the pupils involved and thank you to Mr Gilbert for his on going support of the Studio Fix pupils. Mrs V Ahern - Studio Fix Administrator

The Gas Tanks did Hurstmere proud at the Music For Youth Festival 2017 final on the 8th July in Birmingham. They were up against some very strong competition, but were called "a very exciting band, with a real diversity in their approach". Gary Landick and Matt Morley (Year 11), Ed Demi-Ejegi and Jake Chen (Year 10), Sam Ward (ex-pupil) and Tom Monks were joined by two girls from Blackfen Year 10 and three boys (including Will Morley) from the Guildhall School of Music playing brass. They performed their three songs brilliantly and received the following comments from the judges: "vibrant and engaging performance style” "good stylistic awareness" "bold, tight and control rhythm section playing" "fun, catchy and very memorable melody and lyrics" They were given the thumbs up by many other schools which were part of the audience and the judges said they have a ‘real sense of identity’. Mrs V Ahern – Studio Fix Administrator


MATHEMATICS - Junior Maths Challenge Success 2017 The following boys also received a Bronze certificate: Jonathan Marsh, William Osman, Tom Eagle, George Stokoe, Stephen Young and Druv Prayag.

Pupils at Hurstmere School achieved 1 Silver and 8 Bronze certificates in this year’s UKMT Junior Maths Challenge. Over 250,000 pupils from across the UK sat the challenge with roughly the top 6% receiving a gold certificate, the next 13% silver and the next 21% bronze.

These next boys received a participation certificate: Wisdom Edozien, Scott Durden, George McCarthy, Yeta Semplesepiso, Finley Siegel, Oscar Leamon, Max O’Gorman, Adrian Musa, Ryan Alldis, Safwan Khan and Flynn Hammond. Well done to each of these students. Any further information regarding this challenge can be found on the UKMT website The next Junior Challenge will be held on 26th April 2018 – starts showing us YOU are in our TOP 20!!

Every year we enter our top 20 boys (in Year 7 and 8) for this Junior Challenge. The best in school was Luke Christie, who received Silver. The top Year 7 students were Vinosan Kirisanthan and Aedan Mirams, both receiving Bronze. Above and right: Mr I Parkinson, Maths Teacher, with our Math Challenge boys.

Mrs M Davis – Teacher of Mathematics

Year 6 MATHS TRANSITION - Sherwood Park Primary School A Year 6 Maths Transition activity took place at Sherwood Park Primary School in July 2017. Pupils were given opportunities to tackle mathematical puzzles, lateral thinking problems, mathematical problem solving and work with nets and 3D models. Pupils attempted the tasks with great enthusiasm and were able to get a flavour of the type of mathematics they might encounter at secondary school. Two Year 9 pupils – Gethin Joyce and Tadhg Wilkin – provided additional support and were able to answer any questions that Year 6 pupils had about secondary school mathematics. Mr R Nagra - Director of Learning

Geography Field Trips In the summer term the Geography Department went on various field trips. Year 10 students went to Herne Bay to investigate longshore drift and coastal management.

Year 8 and 9 students went to the Olympic Park and Stratford to investigate how the Olympics have impacted the quality of life of people living there. Putting classroom learning into practice is essential in Geography and students enjoyed learning in a new setting. Plus there was even time for an ice cream! Mr T Baston - Head of Geography


The Geography Department have a new display showing where students and staff go on their holidays. So send a postcard to them when you go on your holidays and put yourself on the map! Mr T Baston - Head of Geography


Windmill Hill – Year 7

The boys having fun at Windmill Hill

In summer 2017, many Year 7 students enjoyed a successful and memorable end of year trip to the PGL Centre Windmill Hill. It was an absolute delight to be part of the trip this year. I would firstly like to thank Mr Duff, Mr Edwards, Mr Waters, Mr Bourke, Mr Bolter, Madame Notton, Mr Monksfield, Mrs Murphy and Mr Stewart for their time; without the support of the staff, this trip would have been impossible to run. I would also like to thank the students who attended the trip as they made it a truly enjoyable experience, and provided many photo opportunities that will come back to haunt them in Year 11! There were a number of highlights of the trip that stood out for me. As always there were some tears, a fear of the muddy pond, and this year, an unusual dislike - sleeping! I was unbelievably impressed by the boys who showed tenacity and strength in a variety of tasks as they rose to the challenges, often stopping to encourage and support others on the way. We were fortunate with the accommodation at Windmill Hill as the boys got to spend time in comfortable beds in small cabins – a long way away from the usual tents and sleeping mats at Mersea Island! The boys would have impressed their parents with their tidiness! Archery skills

As is always the case, sleep became a rare commodity on the first evening but after a full day of activities, we had a lot of boys asleep before lights out which is a testament to the exciting activities on offer. It is always remarkable to see students succeed, particularly when they are out of their comfort zones. It is equally impressive to see the encouragement and support the boys naturally provide for one another as soon as the activities begin. There is a team acceptance when a student cannot carry out an activity and the comradeship never ceases to amaze me. New friendships groups were formed and the boys surprised themselves by challenging their fears. They were definitely an amazing strength to me as I tackled the The swinging chair swinging chair – it looked fun but I assure you, it was terrifying. So a big thanks to my group who supported me during this challenge. The boys were very quick to give their thanks to staff for running the trip, and before it was even over, wanted to know what was in store for them next year. We were treated to a group performance on the last evening led by Mrs Murphy which may or may not, have been recorded! It was a very enjoyable and successful trip that I was delighted to be part of. Thank you boys, you did yourselves proud. Miss Parris - Head of Year 8


Once again, the Year 9 students enjoyed another successful and memorable trip, this time in the great city of Paris. It was yet again an absolute delight to run a trip for the year group. I would firstly like to thank Mr Ayo, Mr Waghorn, Mrs Faurie, Mr Clarke, Mr Maher, Mr Macnamara and Mr Taylor as without the support of the staff this trip would be impossible to run. I would also like to thank the students who attended the trip. They made it a truly enjoyable experience and I hope that many of them have been inspired to carry out their own travelling ventures in the near future. After an early departure the boys were high in spirits on the way to the ferry. After a very smooth journey, and the shops being emptied of all available chocolate, we took a small detour to visit the world famous Vimmy Ridge. The notorious Canadian War Memorial was unveiled in 1936 and stands an impressive 27 meters over the base of the monument commemorating over 11,000 soldiers who sacrificed their lives. After many inquisitive questions and photo opportunities, it was back to the Students at the Vimmy coach to Ridge War Memorial head for the much anticipated chocolate factory. At the chocolate factory in Lachelle, students were given the opportunity to see where Cocoa beans come from, to smell and taste the ‘raw’ chocolate, with many displaying a dislike of the bitter taste and some saying they had been converted to the purer form and would never touch other brands again. Students were shown how chocolate pralines and intricate chocolates were designed and made before tasting the fresh produce. The small, countryside shop was then cleared of all available wrapped chocolate products, allowing them to retire early for the year. Next It was off to the restaurant at Compiegne where students feasted upon great French culinary delights such as fish and chips, chicken nuggets and ice-cream! Upon arrival at the hotel, the boys were

Boat trip on the Seine

allocated their room and staff settled in for the long night ahead.

Our second day in Paris was a day of sight-seeing. Our first stop was to the Eiffel Tower and admiring the 128 year old structure. We then enjoyed a glorious cruise down the river Seine taking in sights such as the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Pont Neuf, which is the oldest bridge in Paris and the The Sacre Coeur Basilica, whilst basking in the sun. After the river cruise and a spot of lunch it was off to the Place de la Concorde. We walked through the picturesque Tuileries Gardens towards the Louvre where students admired the infamous glass pyramid structure.

members of staff when they were on base duty, mostly by being hospitable. The final evening was spent watching the huge firework and light display on Sleeping Beauty’s castle in which all the boys were awestruck with the graphics and technicality of the show. Upon return to the coaches, a number of groups took a little detour and Ms Gallagher will never be following this students direction again … cough … cough … George! Under the Eiffel Tower

BOOK DONATIONS Hurstmere’s Mathematics and Science Departments donated 250 educational text books to School Aid. The books were no longer of use in the departments due to the new GCSE curriculum changes. They dropped the books to a centre in Bexleyheath from where they will be sent to schools in Africa to be used in classrooms and school libraries. Our school library also donated many unwanted books which Mrs Gill, a specialist teacher at Hurstmere, collected and delivered to School Aid, High Wycombe, on our behalf.

Upon return to England the boys were very vocal in their enjoyment of the trip and their thanks towards the staff and they showed their appreciation towards the coach drivers. I hope your sons take the memories with them for years to come.

Mr and Mrs Gill delivering our donated books to School Aid

Ms S Gallagher - Associate Senior Leader

Dr Who – Year 7 Year 7 had a Dr Who event in the English Department during Enrichment Week. This was Outside the Louvre designed by Mrs After a day of sightseeing it was off to a Elliott to be several restaurant where a number of students hours of fun and did indulge in French cuisine and creativity based patisseries. After filling their stomachs, around the very they climbed the 284 steps to the top of popular television series. the Arch De Triomphe to appreciate the The pupils had to create their own iconic sites of Paris. However, one of the aliens/monsters. They did this with most mesmerising aspects was the great enthusiasm and came up with infamous and deadly Arch De Triomphe some amazingly, detailed concepts, and roundabout, where there are 12 exits for images for Dr Who monsters. Some cars to navigate. After a fun-filled day it boys produced great Cybermen. was off to bed in preparation for what The imaginative writing and producing everyone had been waiting for… skills of Year 7 were put to the test next, Disneyland! with pupils having to produce their own The 3rd and 4th days saw students enjoy Dr Who episode. They designed a storytheir climax of the trip by enjoying as board with Dr Who and their alien many rides as possible across the two creation as the main characters, writing theme parks. It was impressive to see a script to compliment the images. The the boys display upmost maturity when work was imaginative, scary and it came to sticking to the rules of the exciting! A very impressive effort Year 7 park, the check-in rules and the – well done! consideration that they showed towards

Mrs A Elliott – Head of English


Phil Johnson, from School Aid wrote:“Thank you very much for your recent donation to School Aid. Your donation of 15 boxes of books will help us considerably with providing for underprivileged children in some of the most challenging educational environments in the world. Each day millions of children in Africa are unable to attend school, often due to a lack of basic school equipment. Without a good education, escape from poverty is impossible and without the resources necessary to learn, an education can be hard to come by. School Aid works to bridge this gap by providing good quality educational materials to meet the diverse needs of young people in disadvantaged communities. Since 1998, School Aid has sent more than one million books, donated by British Schools and organisations, to eight African countries, reaching over 400,000 African children. “ School Aid is a non-profit organisation that relies on the support of volunteers and donations to make the project work. You can find out more about at: . Mrs J Dowse - Assistant Librarian


Above: Dulverton Paralympics Festival

Paralympic Festival

Year 8 Sports Leaders visited Dulverton Primary School in July to run a Paralympic Festival for Year 4 pupils. The Festival focused on a number of Paralympic sports such as Blind Athletics, Goalball, Boccia and Seated Volleyball. Each activity was designed to give the pupils an experience of disability in sport, challenge their perceptions and develop greater understanding. The event was a huge success and thoroughly enjoyed by all the children who participated. Thank you letters from the children can be seen on display around the school.

Birkbeck Sports Day A group of Sports Leaders from Year 9, ably assisted by a couple of Sports Ambassadors, supported the running of Birkbeck’s Sports Day this summer. In the morning the boys helped the class teachers run the KS2 events assisting with scoring, measuring and encouraging children in a range of sporting challenges. In the afternoon the Hurstmere boys took charge and ran all the activities for the KS1 Sports Day ensuring every child had a positive experience and felt part of their team. The Sports Leaders worked hard all day, were great role models for other children and a real credit to Hurstmere.

Above: Hurstmere Sports Leaders and Ambassadors at Birkbeck Sports Day

Tri Golf Festival

Tag Rugby League Competition

In September as part of the School Games Programme the Year 10 and 11 Sports Leaders ran a Tri Golf Festival for children in Year 3/4. The event was attended by Bursted Wood, Danson, Hillsgrove, Holy Trinity, Old Bexley and Upland Primary schools. Each group of children took part in 6 different Tri Golf Skill Challenges where the Sports Leaders taught them how to play and encouraged them to be the best that they could be. For many of the Primary School children this was the first time they had represented their school at a sporting activity and although they started the afternoon feeling nervous our professional Sports Leaders ensured everyone left having improved their skills and had a great time. Well done boys!

In October the Year 10 and 11 Sports Leaders ran the Year 5/6 Tag Rugby League competition which is part of the School Games programme. All the boys attended a Rugby League Officials course earlier in the term, which was run by ex-student Bill Ramdhan, to equip them with the rules of the game and the knowledge they would need to organise the event. 12 Primary Schools from across the borough competed for the title of Borough Champions and the honour of representing Bexley in the London School Games Finals. The standard of play was very high with some very close games, however; Days Lane Primary worked hard as a team and triumphed in a close competition to become Borough Champions. Hurstmere Sports Leaders received some excellent praise from the teachers and team managers who attended the event. “The Sports Leaders were superb as always”, Mr Lang, Days Lane Primary. “Thank you so much for organising this event, our children thoroughly enjoyed taking part and their parents, too, were appreciative. Please pass on thanks to all the sports leaders who did a great job.”, Mr Ball Head Teacher, Eastcote Primary. “The children really enjoyed themselves and the sports leaders where great! Their officiating was excellent and really helped my children through the games.”, Jack Birch, Team Manager, Upland Primary.

Above: Tri Golf Festival

Miss S Allsop School Games Organiser




The Year 10 ‘A’ and ‘B’ teams have made an unbeaten start to the season. Below are the results and goal scorers to date. To keep up to date with their upcoming fixtures please visit the school website or the PE twitter page @HurstmerePE.

On the 25th September the school competed, against a field of prestigious schools, in the LONDON SECONDARY SCHOOL TEAM RELAY CHAMPIONSHIPS held at Whitgift School. Well done to all involved, who did the school proud.

Wednesday 20th September Haberdasher Askes Knights Academy (h) ‘B’ ESFA Won 4 – 2

All Year 8's are going through the Hurstmere swimming programme. This programme is designed to ensure that all pupils can competently swim 25m front and back stroke. All of those pupils who do not meet these targets are given extra lessons in the summer term. For the more competent swimmers they are stretched to improve all strokes and are given expert tuition by the staff at Sidcup Pool. Experienced swimmers complete a 20 minute timed swim, and the new school record of 1050m was set by Ben Mackinnon. We look forward to the year group trying to break this record throughout the year.

Padonu 2, Fisk 2


Friday 29 September Erith (h) ESFA Rd 1 Won 8 – 1

Dyer 4, Dolding, Hughes, Roast, Jenkins (p)


Friday 6 October The Gateway Academy (h) ESFA Rd 2 Won 6 – 0

Dyer 3, Roast 2, Gibson

Tuesday 10th October St Columbas (h) Kent Cup Rd 2 Won 6 – 1

Dolding 3, Davey, Gibson, Parrot

Wednesday 18th October Welling (h) North Kent Cup P – P Welling conceded the fixture.


Mr J Ball - 2 i/c PE

We sent Year 8 and Year 10 teams to the Erith School to compete in the level 2 School Games. Both teams finished mid table and although they did not progress to level 3, they both put in a very good performance. Well done to all boys involved.

CROSS COUNTRY CHAMPIONSHIP — Results Just before half term the school sent three teams to the Bexley Cross Country Championships held at Hall Place. The results show that all competitors were very highly placed and we are expecting quite a few of the runners to go through to the Kent Championships. Congratulations to all boys involved.

FITNESS TESTS All boys from Year 7 - 10 have completed the first round of fitness tests which consist of 1.5 mile cross country run, vertical jump, 30m sprint, Illinois agility run, ball toss test and height and weight. These results are used by the PE teachers to ensure that improvements are made in all pupils’ fitness levels throughout the course of the year. These tests are repeated in the summer term and all records are kept. This forms the first Key Piece in PE.

Year 7 Boys 1st 2nd 3rd

Hurstmere Beths Bexleyheath Chis & Sid

1 2 9 3 5 8 4 10 18 6 7 12

11 13 19 14

15 16 17 23 20 26 21

Total 54 69 97


Junior Boys 1st 2nd 3rd

Hurstmere Chis & Sid Bexleyheath Beths Harris

1 2 7 14 28

4 3 10 15 30

5 6 12 18

8 13 16 19

9 17 20 23

11 27 21 26

Mr M Robinson - Head of PE

Total 38 68 86 115

Pupils are now allowed to wear their Hurstmere PE tracksuits for all outdoor PE lessons. If worn it must be over the top of the usual PE kit required for the activity being taught. Mr M Robinson - Head of PE

YEAR 10 RUGBY The u15’s have made a really positive start to this season winning three out of their opening four matches. Hurstmere beat Wilmington Grammar School 28-0 in the 1st round of the National NatWest Schools’ Rugby competition and have a trip to Sandwich for the next round. In the Kent Shield the boys demolished Oakwood Park Grammar School 47-0 in a display which showcased great attack and defence. The boys are now in the Quarter Finals of the Kent Shield facing last year’s finalists Harris Academy Beckenham. Well done on a great start and keep up the good work!

Inter Boys 1st 2nd 3rd

Chis & Sid A Hurstmere Chis & Sid B Beths Harris

3 4 10 14 9

6 5 13 16 15

7 11 17 22 19

8 12 18 23

Total 24 32 58 75

Mr J Eiffert - Teacher of PE


The next ‘Hurstmere in Zambia’ tour is scheduled for the summer of 2018 and with less than a year to go the students involved have been busy preparing for it. The students going to Zambia have run weekly tag rugby coaching sessions at Dulverton Primary School for Years 3 – 6 from April until July. These sessions were always very popular and well attended. These coaching sessions were in preparation for a much larger Tag Rugby Festival for a variety of local primary schools in Bexley and the surrounding areas. The festival was organised and run by the Hurstmere in Zambia team and was a huge success. Nine teams were involved in the festival and all participants left with a positive experience and a desire to keep playing tag rugby.

HURSTMERE’S IMPACT ON TAG RUGBY IN ZAMBIA The aims of the ‘Hurstmere in Zambia’ project are to improve lives through rugby. One of the main ways we aim to accomplish that goal is to provide training to local young leaders on how to coach, referee and run Tag Rugby Festivals. A recent update from the young leaders who we worked alongside with on our 2016 project shows how the impact of the tour for them has been huge and they have run several successful tournaments following ‘Hurstmere in Zambia’. Please find below the most recent event that they have organised.

A major part of the ‘Hurstmere in Zambia’ project is the organising and running of fundraising events. Over the past year, the students have been involved in a variety of events. These ranged from selling tickets to Crayford Dogs, to bucket collections, to bag packing at Morrisons in Sidcup. We would like to thank everyone who has supported the project so far, including the parents of the boys attending the trip who have given up their time to support their sons with their fundraising. If you are interested in supporting the project there are several ways you are able to do so: one is to bring any unwanted clothing, school uniform, shoes or kits to the school office or if you would like to donate any prizes please contact the school. Alternatively if you would like to make a donation to the project please use the following link to our Justgiving page. hurstmereinzambia2018

These young Zambian leaders have been able to apply the skills learnt while working alongside Hurstmere students and are impacting their local communities as a result of the impact made by our project. Mr B Maher - Head of Year 10/ Teacher of Geography

Mr B Maher - Head of Year 10/Teacher of Geography

OWN CLOTHES DAY: In Support of Hurstmere in ZAMBIA’ Project 2018

INTER HOUSE ATHLETICS DAY All the pictures are on the school website—re-live the day’s events at —

EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Clubs Hurstmere School runs many extra curricular activities during lunchtimes, before and after school, such as: Rock Club, Comic Book Club, Y7 & Y8 Debate Club, Lego Masters Club, Science Club, Homework Club, Football and many more. In our next issue we will highlight some of these and what they offer to students.

On Thursday 19th October Hurstmere had a Non School Uniform Day to raise funds for our Zambia Project. Students were asked to donate £1 (or more if they could spare it) to go towards our community projects in Zambia. In the past these have included the construction of a water tower, creating a vegetable garden, painting schools alongside many others. We managed to raise nearly £1,000 and would like to thank all those who contributed.

The Tag Rugby Trust Charity number is 1108947 10


‘Rivers of the World’ SHORT STORY COMPETITION The Rivers of the World project is run by the 2017 British Council and aims to connect young Hurstmere ran its final Short Story Competition in the summer term and we were again impressed by the standard of writing from the entrants. We chose a very difficult genre for the boys, comedy, but they didn't disappoint. The runner up and the winning story were both extremely entertaining. The winner was Ryan Small who took home a new Kindle. You can read an extract from his winning story below. Harry Rummey, the runner-up received a set of books of his choice. Both stories are available to read on the school’s website.

people across the world with their local rivers and global partner schools. Hurstmere Art Department was successful in securing funding for our pupils to participate in this year's project. Twenty of our 'gifted and talented' pupils from Year 8 and 9 took part in a two day Art Workshop led by the visiting artist Shona Watt. The boys tackled the theme 'Resourceful River', they investigated the range of fish that inhabit the River Thames and considered the issue of plastic pollution in our rivers and oceans. They then produced an impressive body of sculpture in response working to recycle waste plastic water and drink bottles into art work.

Miss R Parris - Teacher of English/Head of Year 8

Disastrous Day Out

by Ryan Small

“...As I scurried after the rest of my group, my eyes lit up; it couldn’t be, could it? It was; it was the gorilla enclosure. As I peered through the fence, I saw two of the biggest gorillas I had ever seen in my life. They definitely don’t look this big on TV! Their heads were the size of boulders and their legs the size of tree trunks. But, as I stood there almost enchanted under a spell, I realised I could no longer hear the deafening echoes of shouts and laughter of my group. I gradually peered around and to my horror, my group was gone! As I sped around the corner almost sending a small child flying in an attempt to find my friends, I stopped suddenly and realised I was in big trouble now.

The resulting work was digitally recorded by Shona and combined into a photo mural. This has subsequently been exhibited as part of the Totally Thames Festival - in the GLA City Hall and on the South Bank in front of the Tate Modern. Our photo mural has also been sent electronically to be exhibited in Lagos, Nigeria alongside the work of our 'Rivers' partner school New Hall Academy! Also, some of the pieces are now on display in our new reception area.

I strolled around in circles contemplating my next move. That’s when it all changed. I was suddenly stopped in my tracks by a nightmarish abundance of shouts, screams and screeches. I turned in horror to witness the most immense, bone-chilling sight imaginable: one of the mountainous gorillas I had seen earlier was now chasing people around the zoo like an enraged soldier storming into battle…”

The project continues into 2018 when Hurstmere boys will get another opportunity to work alongside a professional artist, this time responding to our partner school's river '5 Cowrie Creek' in Lagos.

Read the complete winning story on the school’s website.

Well done and thank you to this year's participants: Louis Dunk, Max Kelsey, Harry Turner, Sam I'Anson, Alfie Peacock, Sami Salih, Sebastian Neofitou, Joe Greenfield, Ben James, Frankie Svoma, Harrison Prangnell, Scott Durden, Louis Clark, Andrew Fastiggi, Sam Parsons, Jesse McKenna, Marcelo Pita, Luc Hulf, Max Boles and Oscar Davies. Their conduct, attitude and creativity made them exemplary artistic, global ambassadors for Hurstmere School.

WANT TO TAKE A GCSE IN YOUR MOTHER TONGUE? Do you speak a language other than English at home? If so, you could be able to sit an additional GCSE during your time at Hurstmere. In the summer of 2017 pupils achieved A* - C grades in Dutch, Chinese, Portuguese and Urdu. In previous years other pupils successfully sat GCSE exams in Spanish, Gujarati, Bengali, Panjabi, Italian and Greek. See me in Room 12 for more information. Mme L Notton - Head of French

Mr D Blower - Head of Art




A lot has changed in the school library over the summer with the welcome addition of air conditioning, a new layout and many new books.

Alfie Plant (Class of 2008) From a very young age Alfie was practising with a golf club and this continued throughout his school days. After finishing his education, Alfie’s supportive parents encouraged him in his love of golf and this has resulted in him winning numerous trophies and awards.

In association with the English Department we have once again started Accelerated Reading with all the Year 7s and many boys have already read and quizzed several books. The theme this year is the Winter Olympics and we are hoping the boys will all become ‘Olympic Readers’ by the end of the year. Last year’s cohort managed to read an impressive 67,993,998 words the highest number since the scheme was started. Each successive year the boys have smashed the previous year’s record and we are hoping that our new boys will prove to be just as competent and another new record will be set; so please encourage your son to read whatever age he is, as “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.”—Margaret Fuller

In July 2017 Alfie won a three way play-off to become the European Amateur Champion which secured his place in The British Open, where he was awarded The Silver Medal, gained by being the leading amateur. Previous tournaments have included The Lytham Trophy (2016), the England Squad (2015-16) and the England Squad (2013-14). Home Internationals have included being Top Points Scorer (2015), English Amateur (2nd place in 2015), The European Team Championships…. and so the list goes on for this young man. We wish Alfie all the very best for his future.

BOOKS: we have donated many of our older books to School Aid but we are always happy to receive donations of good condition, unwanted books for use in the library or for donating to charity on your behalf. Thank you to all those who have generously given in the past.

Ryan Ball (Class of 2009) Ryan thoroughly enjoyed his time at Hurstmere and given the opportunity would love to have stayed. He admits that whilst he was never particularly academic, Hurstmere taught him a lot of life and social skills which have helped him get to where he is today.

KEEP READING! Mrs E Tubbs and Mrs J Dowse - Librarians

Ryan always had the ambition of becoming a firefighter, but realising he might have to wait a few years because of their recruiting policy; he took an apprenticeship in tiling. This, he felt, could be his trade as a second job to do between a firefighter’s shift work.

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Five years later and an experienced tiler, Ryan was still keen to work in a public service role so joined the Police - and has never looked back. He completed three years as a PC in Lambeth, serving on the Response Team of a Counter Terrorism Unit. He passed the National Investigator’s Exam and applied to become a Detective. Currently Ryan is with the Met. Police in the CID Team, Lewisham. He says that it is amazing fun, no two days are the same and the best thing about his job is helping victims of serious crime.

Banding Test (Saturday) Banding Test (Saturday) Last day of the Autumn Term First day of Spring Term Y11 Parents’ Evening 16.00—19.00 Y9 Parents’ Evening 16.00—19.00 Y9 Options Evening 16.00—19.00

All tracking and reports for students in Years 7—11 are now issued in Firefly.

Of course, the tiling still comes in useful on his rest days. Mrs V Ahern - Administrative Assistant

Cashless/Biometric Information Cucina are our school caterers and they use a cashless, biometric payment system. Money can be put on account using the Wise Pay link on the school’s website.

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Hurstmere newsletter autumn 2017  

Hurstmere newsletter autumn 2017

Hurstmere newsletter autumn 2017  

Hurstmere newsletter autumn 2017