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Es increíble cómo pasa el tiempo... ¡Todavía recuerdo, como si fuera ayer, el conteo para recibir el año nuevo y hoy ya, poco a poco, estamos por entrar a Mayo!... ese mes tan especial en el que celebramos una de las fechas más importantes del año y que en Cream nunca dejamos pasar desapercibida. En este número, en honor a todas las madres de los 2 Laredos, preparamos una vez más la tan esperada sección de “Modern Moms”; la cual desde la primera ocasión en la que la presentamos, hace ya varios años, se convirtió en una de las favoritas de nuestros lectores. ¡Acompáñanos a conocer a Tania, a Karla, a Gabriela y a Sara, quienes compartieron con nosotros el significado de ser mamá! En cuanto a la sección de moda, optamos por algo diferente y nos aventuramos a dejar las grandes cámaras y el costoso equipo, para realizar un reto que ya estaba circulando por nuestra órbita desde hace ya mucho tiempo: Me refiero a hacer las fotos de nuestra pieza principal con un iPhone. Para ello, invitamos a Andrea a ser nuestra modelo y junto a sus peques, realizamos una sesión con el tema de una madre moderna ¡hip y muy stylish! ¡Nos divertimos mucho y fue toda una experiencia lograr estas fotos con el teléfono, esperemos les guste! También en esta edición, iniciamos una nueva serie que lleva por título “Visionaries”, en donde estaremos presentando a personas que, con su esfuerzo, talento y visión, han logrado conquistar grandes metas en su carrera y han marcado la diferencia en nuestra ciudad; tal es el caso de Carlos Fernández, quien nos compartió su historia. Estamos seguros de que será, para todos ustedes, una pieza llena de aprendizaje e inspiración. Les doy las gracias por su preferencia y por seguir dejándonos llegar a hasta ustedes con cada palabra, cada foto y cada historia. ¡Los esperamos en nuestra siguiente edición, en donde estaremos celebrando nuestro octavo aniversario! ¡Hasta entonces!

Fernando De Haro

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Mom à la Mode CREAM FAshion EditoRiAl


“Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.”


From Nico-liar To Nico-leader

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Styled By Michelle

Mommin’ Made Chic

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“Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.”


hat phrase shook the meme fashion world to its core. Let me remind you of that scene where the highly (feared) dictator, of fashion-movie The Devil Wear Prada, Miranda Priesly’s character gently looks away unimpressed with a pursed lip and at a designer’s spring presentation. Why would she react like that in a room full of delicate and beautiful floral prints? What’s so wrong with floral prints?! I am the first one to whip out a fun and cute floral ensemble, but out of all the prints of summer, it is the one I’m most conscious of. Frankly, it’s over used and it can get tiring if not innovated or used in a smart way. I’m not to avoid it --because one thing’s for sure, it will never go out of style. What I am invoking for is a spin; let creativity rule over your florals. It is a basic in every wardrobe and as seen during this past Fashion Week all around the fashion capitals, florals ruled the catwalk.


Rule number one: match your florals. Go for a micro print, subtle enough that it doesn’t overpower the look. Don’t let it be about the flowers, but of the components of your outfit. This flirty pleated with ruffle set skirt is ideal. Easy to throw on and bares the essential summer shoulder. Wear with black ankle booties during weather transitions which in addition adds boldness. Opposite to micro prints, take on big floral prints. Retro prints are taking a very important role in Spring/Summer trends, such as large notes of flower (power). These cropped trousers taken from another set are mixed with baby blue stripes and a leather jacket. Complete the look with modern takes on vintage trends --kitten heels and sharp cat eye sunnies.

Riding that vintage train. These denim, extra high waisted, bell-bottoms keep up with this cold shoulder, knotted bustier top. A look that not only plays with floral prints but also approaches the 70’s popular trend seen in collections such as French fashion house, Chloe.

There are many other ways you can have fun with florals, mixing and matching endlessly with textures and prints. My main tip is to focus on composition and fall in love with this print. After all, it is a fashion sweetheart.



Editorial | Cream City Magazine

The Meet two dynamic achievers who contribute to the development of both Laredos. They are flying high on Cream’s radar.

Sandra Mendiola Alaniz Real Estate Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Real Estate Services

There are so many facets of real estate that I love! The one that stands out the most is the ability to assist first time home buyers. My career began when I purchased my first flip-property in 1991. Then, I continued purchasing homes for personal use and for resale purposes, until I became licensed in 2006 and received my brokers license in 2013.

In a way, I have always considered something like this to be a part of my life: a career that encompasses both my entrepreneurial spirit and my desire to serve. Everyday, I am inspired by the agents I work alongside with. They are honest, hardworking, ethical, genuine, and dedicated; we are one big family at RE/ MAX! Anyone would be surprised by the dedication of our successful realtors who work 12 hours a day (including weekends)! At the end of the day, my career allows me the satisfactory feeling that I have done the most to help my clients, agents, and community. This has strengthened my belief in parlaying blessings and imparting them unto others. Personally, I am not one to look back into my past, but instead always manage to focus on the future. My husband and I have both short term and long term goals, and with God’s blessings of good health, we will always have purpose. I would be delighted to guide anyone through the real estate career process... as long as they’re ready to work the long hours! 8 CREAM

Olivia Varela Executive Director, Laredo Economic Development Corporation (formerly Laredo Development Foundation)

My career has evolved over time, giving me experiences that serve me well in my current position. I had planned to be a psychologist all through college, but when I went on to graduate school my focus shifted to Public Administration. I’ve always had good fortune and success in my jobs and I’ve never shied away from a challenge. I love the business development aspect of my job and being at the table with the potential to make a positive difference and contribution to Laredo. In my office there is a small plaque with just 3 words: joy, passion, courage. It is a reminder of the traits I always strive to bring into my work and all that I do.

I am not overly influenced by trends; originality typically has a greater impact on me. I have spent the better part of my career in male-dominated industries and I am always willing to step out of my comfort zone. Interestingly, I have never felt intimidated by it. It’s good to see much more diversity now. The other thing I’m really proud of is establishing the MileOne business incubator downtown. It’s not only a beautiful space, but it provides opportunities for people to develop and follow their passions. I admire strong and courageous leaders; two role models that were particularly close to me were my mother and mother-in-law. When something is a passion, you give it your all and you will get so much more satisfaction from your accomplishments because of it!

Mommin’ Made Chic Editorial

From Nico-liar To Nico-leader W

hen I had twins the furthest thing from my mind was the growing pains that were just around the corner. Sleepless nights and dirty diapers were just the beginning; you have to juggle teaching the ABC’s, dishing out all the latest gear, keeping them out of harm’s way, and wiping away the tears. In light of, “El Día de los Niños” and the awful current events in society plaguing our children, alone in my thoughts, I asked myself… So what does it mean for us as we lay down the foundation and become the voice within the heads of our little persons? Ten years ago, OMG! Did I just say that? Shoot me now! I gave birth to those little miracles that are my sons: Nicholai and Alexei. Like most parents, my goal is to raise them to be safe, happy, and successful people. In due time, we are all quickly hit with the undeniable reality that not all children are created equal. While my youngest, Andreas is just beginning to step into his personality, Nico and Alexei are definitely in the thick of it and know exactly how to push the boundaries. Up until now, there really is no absolute method to my motherhood; I just basically try not to kill them or myself in the process. In all seriousness, much to everyone’s surprise the twins couldn’t be any more different in personality. From the womb to present day, Nico has always been more active, independent, and yet slightly (emphasis on slightly) more mature than his brother. Alexei, is passive, puts others before himself, but is also quick tempered. Nevertheless, both are crazed YouTube junkies, sneaker heads, soccer fans, and straight A students.

My role as “cool mom” and “psycho mom” is a constant test. For instance, quite recently, Nicholai has been formerly known around the house as “Nico-liar” (no explanation necessary). One time, he came home from school and innocently shared his alter ego/stage name with his teacher. Proudly, he explained how he enjoyed being called Nicoliar because he was a LIAR! What in the world had I created! Naturally, this was a job for “psycho mom.” I couldn’t believe that in the mind of my seemingly “mature son,” he would find pride in something like that. As a family, we had occasionally joked around with this “ingenious” spin on his name as a hopeful character adjustment tactic. Very quickly Nico-liar was dubbed NicoLEADER! It became extremely evident that while personality is genetic, the environment is prophetic in cultivating great people. We believe and become what our atmosphere says we are. Hello, Captain Obvious! It’s interesting how the power of a mother’s words, sink deep into our subconscious and sway our decisions, thinking, and reactions. For as many times that I swore I would never be like my mother, equally I have mentally referenced her countless times more. I decided to adjust myself and speak life into my boys and in doing so, set the expectation of them and what they are to become. Motherhood can be daunting and overwhelming and that’s ok, there’s no set manual. None of us know it all or are perfect, but I have found that creating a habit and simple practice of just strength-based speaking into our kids will leave them with a life altering character built right.



The Ruben Index Editorial

Free To Roam, But Behind Bars L

ast month, a Salvadorean woman by the name of Maira Veronica Figueroa Marroquin was released from prison after serving almost fifteen years of a thirty-year sentence. Convicted of aggravated homicide, her sentence was handed down to her after performing an abortion - an act that has been banned in El Salvador since 1998. Her decision to perform the act, albeit controversial depending on who you ask, was deemed necessary for her health due to a late term complication. According to Nancy Northup, president and CEO of the New York-based Center for Reproductive Rights, Maira’s conviction (although she has been released), “has not been overturned and she still continues to be guilty in the eyes of the law.” She had been behind bars since 2003 for a crime she was somewhat forced to commit. At the time of her release, Maira was 34 years old. I turned 34 this month, and while most of my life has been a series of pleasant memories and charmed circumstances, I can’t help but think of the ways in which “free humans” are imprisoned as well. Many times, life constructs metal bars around us, because they’re supposed to be beneficial to either us or society at large. People are imprisoned constantly, and the warden of that prison comes in different forms. A deserving woman forgoes happiness and instead, stays with her physically abusive husband because tradition dictates that two parents are better than one. She can have a family, but at a painful cost. A man of true faith and love for his fellow man is prohibited from organizing a religious retreat, because the Old Testament’s Leviticus places a pox on his sexual orientation. He can be gay, but not in a relationship with another man. An ambitious, smart Saudi woman can’t get to work because it’s illegal for her to operate a vehicle. She can be educated, but she can’t apply for a driver’s license (this is supposed to change in June of this year, and we’ll celebrate this summer, but it’s been a long time coming). Progress may be somewhat there, but it’s slow. Lethargic, to say the least.

they’re lazy. However, those who wholeheartedly follow the law will always be respectful of it. They simultaneously believe in structure and accommodation. Additionally, rarely do they become successful with plans of retaliating against the system. It’s inspiring to hear about people who were imprisoned due to their circumstances and used those stories for good. There’s Aung San Suu Kyi, the State Counsellor of Myanmar who was placed under house arrest because of her views on democracy and human rights. We know about Nelson Mandela, who was literally imprisoned due to his beliefs: mainly standing up against a government that was committing egregious human rights violations against black, South Africans. We read the story of Anne Frank who was imprisoned for years in her apartment because she was Jewish, yet still believed that people are really good at heart. While not all three lives of the aforementioned had a pleasant ending, there is much to learn about patience when it comes to the falsely imprisoned.

People are imprisoned constantly, and the warden of that prison comes in different forms.

Like the nightmares we have in which we’re running away from something but can only move our legs at a snail’s pace, so have many people on this planet suffered from progressing. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients, otherwise known as Dreamers, currently suffer from an impending blow to their status under the current administration. Honest, hard-working, loving, ambitious people are now being somewhat imprisoned for something they never had any control over or ever committed. I agree that some people take advantage of certain situations, such as well-abled folks who benefit from unemployment just because BY RUBÉN BAZÁN III | 12 CREAM

I believe in due process. I believe in appropriate laws. I believe in justice. What I want to believe is that at some point, people won’t be imprisoned – be it in jail or otherwise – for things they have no control over or ever committed. All I ask with this piece is that we keep in mind those members of society, the ones hidden in the fringes, who’ve been unjustifiably left behind. Much love to those going through unwarranted pain and who many times suffer in silence. We hear you, loud and clear. Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering. – Hebrews 13:3

out&about | Cream City Magazine Photos by: Jenn Torres

El Nacimiento “El Nacimiento, The Birth of San Antonio,” a history-based entertainment directed and narrated by Joe Arciniega, premiered Saturday afternoon March 10 on San Antonio’s Main Plaza with the San Fernando Cathedral as its backdrop. Well over 1000 locals and tourists from all over the world were joined by county, city and international dignitaries to watch dance, music, and drama about San Antonio’s founding in 1718. The cast was comprised of 233 descendants of Native Americans, 1718 Presidio Soldiers, and Canary Islander men, women and children in traditional dress.

Editorial | Cream City Magazine

To Have To Hold

Andrea Martinez Ever since I was a little girl, I have been in love with purses, accessories, and of course (my favorite), shoes. Purses have given me a pleasure similar to savoring your favorite popcorn on a Friday night at the movies. This purse in particular, means so much to me not only because it is one of my favorite brands, but more importantly, because of its elegance and simplicity. I can wear this purse with my favorite dress or a pair of jeans and a plain t-shirt. This is the trait accomplished by its creators, and I just love it. I define my personality and fashion style to be elegant, but simple. My style varies with the occasion. Going to the supermarket is not the same as spending a romantic dinner with my hubby. All said and done, I will keep this purse as part of the tradition that defines me.


Coco herself said, “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.� On this note, Andrea Martinez represents such radiating hauteur. Her go-to accessory, a mid-sized, black Chanel bag: a tool she uses to construct her identity as the classic, cool woman about town.

Arciniega Eyes Editorial

Our Pets

Much More Than Puppy Love


remember the first time I saw him. He was in a large playpen with his sister. His fur was standing on end, more a duckling’s than a dog’s, but it was white as light. Snow is dingier. His eyes were polished volcanic rock, black with glowing flashes of dark amber. His matching black nose was a leathery dot. It was a Saturday in April, fifteen years ago, downtown Bellevue, Washington, and my then young children saw the sign on a building across the street from the Red Robin we were exiting after lunch. “Puppies.” That’s all it said; that’s all it needed. My comfortably indulgent wife uttered the most infamous lie in all marriage history, “We’ll just look; we won’t buy.” And yet again, I believed her. Actually, I think she partially believed it too, but none of our children made such a promise. “Look at this one.” I should never have looked. “Let’s call him Charlie,” one said. It was after her mother and I vetoed “Chester,” for obvious reasons we didn’t share. We took him home that afternoon, an American Eskimo puppy we named Charlie White.

“We’ll just look; we won’t buy.” And yet again, I believed her.

Charlie watched our four children grow up, and after we moved to Laredo, he also watched our nieces and nephews grow up. Though a naturally high-strung dog, typical of his Spitz lineage, he patiently endured the squeezes and kisses that his adoring little public couldn’t resist. Although there was that time our almost three year-old Godson, now a high school senior, got a nip along his eyelid. But Charlie was a pup himself then, and his record since proved it was an anomaly. But above all and everyone, Charlie loved my wife. He understood and accepted that I was the Alpha in the house, but so long as he could bask in her presence, he was fine with sharing. Our American Eskimo, who loved to slap his bald pink belly on the snow in Seattle, adjusted to Texas heat by decidedly becoming an inside dog. We brought him in August, arriving in Laredo at night. And when he first went outside at noontime, his eyes widened revealing their whites, and his tightly curled tail unspooled and dropped to the ground. I’ve never seen a more actualized rendition of “WTF.” As the children grew, graduated, and moved on, we hardly noticed that Charlie was changing too. His white fur disguised any gray. The dog that faithfully chased and returned balls, who barked at the doorbell, or anything resembling a doorbell sound, the unusual dog who was awake and alert more than he slept, wasn’t so anymore.


His physical decline was sudden and steep. After months of diagnosis, unsuccessful treatments, and watching him suffer and shrink, our choice was clear. Yet still, “putting him down” was an emotional kick in the heart. My wife, his goddess, held him for those final moments, and I stood sentry over them both. It’s what he would have wanted, what he would have done for me. Then it was my humanly duty to bury him, which I did in our backyard, complete with a covering of bricks and a concrete ball marker. Even today, whenever we leave the house, my wife and I say, as we did when he was alive, “Guard your house, Charlie; guard your house, little boy.” We have two other pets left, Duchess, a fourteen year old Ragdoll cat we bought from a breeder in Seattle, and Kat, a rescue dog we “won” in an auction benefiting the Laredo Animal Shelter. We think she is eight. Both of them have their champions among us, but even they seemed to know that Charlie was King Pet. As each of them age, both already having had bouts of fragile health, we brace ourselves for the next one, next time. Having a pet is like having a baby that never grows up. They depend upon us for everything, food, water, and attention, every day and every night, from their arrival until they die. But they don’t rebel, backtalk, roll their eyes at us, or think we’re uncool or overbearing. We can still groom them and take as many pictures of them as we like. They don’t judge us, condemn us, lie, steal, or cheat us. They just love us, a pure unfiltered love that by design may not last very long, but is well worth multiples of its length. They unashamedly hope for love in return, and the wisest and most fortunate among us, men, women, and children alike, easily comply.

out&about | Cream City Magazine

Bridal Expo The Laredo Country Club hosted the Luxury Bridal Fair 2018, gathering the most renowned vendors in the city to showcase the wedding industry’s latest trends and styles. To book your next wedding at the Laredo Country Club, contact them for more info.

The image of motherhood as oversized, pastel diaper bags and almost always stained, jogger pants and slippers is long gone. Andrea is proof that moms, are “in.� The newly restored definition of mom is bold and full of confidence, plus a dose of cute heels and eyeliner.

For this issue, the idea was to shatter the mold and create something more challenging than ever! We have always wanted to accomplish a photosesh with a phone as the singular tool. The iPhone X was the only means by which the following editorial was produced. Are we ready to ditch the professional camera? Let’s see!


out&about | Cream City Magazine

Carolyn Leyendecker law enforcement 2018 inductee

Sister Maria Luisa Vera, RSM health and social services 2018 inductee

Melissa Joy Hinojosa-Garcia government services and legal 2018 inductee

Congratulations, to the newest inductees of The Laredo Commission for Women 2018. Dr. Sylvia Guerra Rios education 2018 inductee

These women represent the purest form of commitment, dedication and passion in our community. May they continue to inspire young women’s lives for years to come.

Olga Gentry education 2018 inductee

Yolanda Gutierrez Garcia arts 2018 inductee

Viviana Lee Frank leadership 2018 inductee

Sandra Cavazos Ayala business professional 2018 inductee


CreamBiz | Cream City Magazine

Color Me


When it comes to beauty, there is one person that irradiates creativity and personality by creating the most audacious and sought after looks. Her name is Fabiola Neira, founder of Color Me Crazy, and we had the chance to talk to her while she shared some bits about her life and ascending career in the beauty industry.

Tell us a little about yourself…What inspired you to get started? How long have you been in the industry? My name is Fabiola Neira and I am 34 years old. I am married to Dr. Pedro Vela-Zarate, a mother to three beautiful girls, Merit 15, Victoria 4, and Valentina 7 months, and the sole proprietor of Color Me Crazy Beauty Salon. My inspiration was born from the passion I have for makeup and its ability to highlight each and every one of my clients’ natural beauty, while also helping them feel like Hollywood stars. I have been in the beauty industry as a professional stylist for 14 years. How was Color Me Crazy born? The idea of opening my own beauty salon had always been one of my long term goals. After 12 years of working in several local salons, I decided it was time to work on opening my own. With a lot of hard work and dedication, Color Me Crazy Beauty Salon opened its doors in September of 2016 to offer the community of Laredo a personalized brand, style, and experience for every client. What’s your personal philosophy as a stylist? My personal philosophy as a stylist is to offer a professional and high quality service. I may not paint, draw, or sculpt, yet through my work as a cosmetologist, I am able to bring to life different forms of art through various colors, shades, and textures. What is your specialty as a Stylist? My specialties are makeup and microblading. As I mentioned earlier, makeup is my passion and the reason I am here today. I am currently certified with three makeup agencies: Bodyography (Laredo, TX), Dinair Airbrush Makeup (North Hollywood, CA), and TNT Agency (Los Angeles, CA). I have been applying permanent makeup for the past 14 years and microblading for around a year. What is your favorite part of the job? My favorite part is definitely the personal contact I have with my clientele, many of which have blossomed into beautiful friendships which further allow me to provide a more personalized service. What is your favorite project you’ve worked on? My favorite projects have been working on hair and makeup for both, the Latin American Music Awards in Los Angeles (October 2016), and the Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas (November 2016). Where do you see yourself in the future? In the future, I see myself expanding the Color Me Crazy brand with multiple locations all because of the unconditional support and love I have received from my family, friends and most importantly, my amazingly loyal clients. If you could give any celebrity a hair makeover, who would it be and what would you do? Meghan Markle. With her, I would do two things: microblading and application of the best hair treatment in the beauty industry, which is currently only available at Color Me Crazy. This treatment replenishes all types of hair with vitamins, nutrients, and moisture leaving hair soft, manageable, and with an incredible shine. As a business woman, what advice would you give to women who desire to start their own business? It may sound very cliche, but consistency, determination, and hard work go a long way. Remember to always set your goals and to not lose sight of them. Every goal you set is attainable with the right attitude and support system.

8602 McPherson Road, Suite #102. (956) 568-9856 Facebook: Color Me Crazy Beauty Salon


Editorial | Cream City Magazine

Visionaries Inspiring the next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs and city-makers through their stories of hard work, dedication and perseverance.

Carlos Fernรกndez, Founder/General Director of Transportes FEMA.

Editorial | Cream City Magazine

If you ask Carlos Fernández what he is most passionate about, the answer may surprise you. According to Fernández, the passion that runs through his veins is the international motor carrier industry. Fernández has been the General Director of Transportes FEMA since he founded the company over 30 years ago. Transportes FEMA is a leading company in the industry since its initial operations in 1987. It is the largest trucking fleet in both Laredos, realizing an average of 1,100 daily cross-border trips through the Nuevo Laredo and Colombia bridges. “It is a great commitment and gives me a huge sense of pride,” Fernández says of this feat. His story is not one of overnight success or getting lucky; his story began long ago on his family’s ranch. “I was brought up working on the family ranch, side-by-side with my parents and siblings, whom I consider my greatest mentors. While working there, I adopted values such as effort, responsibility, respect, and appreciation of teamwork,” Fernández explains. Having grown up with the discipline of a rancher, he was able to apply this same kind of mentality to his studies. Before completing his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, he began an internship at FOMICRO (Fondo de Fomento a la Microindustria), which was a branch of NAFINSA. During this job, Fernández acknowledges to have experienced his first real disappointment. On the first day, his supervisor gave him his first assignment: to make copies. “It was not the challenge I had imagined, but I decided I did not want to regret my time there. I decided to give it my best effort. After all, I would only be there until my internship was over,” Fernández continues. “There, I learned that life’s opportunities are directly related to what we do. I did well, and two weeks later, my supervisors gave me greater responsibilities.” Fernández graduated from copy-work and moved onto creating a census of micro industries in the city. Through this experience, he was given the opportunity to interview local small business owners who shared their firsthand experiences. Young Fernández learned of their triumphs and their failures and ultimately realized that he shouldn’t take this knowledge for granted, but instead rely on it when creating his own company. Although Fernández had yet to graduate from his university, it took him only a year at FOMICRO to be granted the title of Promoter Analyst: the highest ranking title in the company. “After that, I began my life’s most extraordinary journey -- Transportes FEMA,” Fernández exclaims. Starting his own business is something that Fernández had always dreamed of and kept as a plan in the back of his mind, even as a child. He made it his life’s ultimate goal.

Fernández renders the newly-founded confidence he experienced while looking for other opportunities in the city to his success at FOMICRO. However, he would later realize that all the jobs he would find were either in Foreign Trade or Cattle Ranching. “To be a rancher, the initial investment was very high due to the cost of land. So, I eliminated that as a possibility. Another option was to be a Forwarding Agent, but that required obtaining a license which was out of my reach,” Fernández says. It was then that Fernández re-assessed his options and began to explore the possibility of working with international transport. Once he started, he could not be stopped. He made international transport his passion. Fernández learned that the person who grows to love their job, will become invincible. “What inspires me these days is family: especially my parents, my wife and my children,” Fernández remarks. The importance of family is a value Fernández has experienced to be essential. After all, it has always led to the effectiveness in his work. Having begun working with his family on the ranch, he now continuous to do so with the people he considers as his second family: the “FEMA family.” Even though Fernández is always looking towards the future, he also takes time to be in the present; he takes time to admire the hard work of others around him. The individuals who Fernández admires are “honest, hard-working people who have respect for others.” Besides family, Fernández owes his success to another factor: perseverance. “On the ranch we would say, Terquear y nunca darse por vencido,” Fernández recalls. This cowboy philosophy of being stubborn and “sticking to one’s guns” is complemented by Fernández’s analytical mind. He maps out strategic plans that help him reach his goals in attainable steps. Fernández admits, “The world is full of dreamers and of people with fabulous ideas. However, only a few of those people actually make those dreams a reality.” The trick is to stop dreaming and start acting, Fernández insists. He advises dreamers to have a good, concrete plan for their idealized accomplishments. Once that idea has been fleshed out into something specific, a goal must then be set, and that is where the real grind begins. “Always persevere through your work -- boxers for instance, may start with 4-round matches, but because their goal is to be world champions, they eventually fight 8 rounds, then 10 and 12, until they make it to the world championship round. If you start small, it’s no different than a boxer. As you achieve your first goals, continue creating greater ones for yourself, until your ultimate goal is met and you find yourself in your own world championship match.” CREAM 29

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Join us as we wine down to disclose useful pointers and heartening recollections with some of Laredo’s most wine-savvy. Do not fret, the venture to find your ideal selection promises to be fun!

Lolita Valdez My favorite wine? That’s a difficult one... I have several, but I could confidently say I love Pinot Noirs. Usually, I stick with Pinots from the Russian River and Oregon. One of my favorites is from the Frank Family Vineyards, which I had in Chicago for the first time, but is actually also sold in our local HEB. A good Pinot Noir is a perfect red wine to accompany all types of food and to share with family and friends. Why do I like it? I love Pinot Noir because I believe that you can pair it with any appetizing meal. Its flavor is smooth, tasty, not too heavy, and pleasurable with almost anything! I enjoy trying different Pinots, which I choose based on their points, not so much their price. What makes it special? Each bottle I open is special, most definitely because I am usually sharing it with my one and only love and friends. Every one of our gatherings is filled with wonderful conversations, lots of laughs, and sometimes even tears; there is always an excuse to get together over a glass of wine. CREAM 31

Happy Mother’s Day!



Motherhood is a beautiful and life-changing bond. In true Cream fashion, we celebrate Mother’s Day in style, as always! Get to know four “modern moms” and what this special relationship with their children means to each of them! It’s different for every woman, but the ladies can all find common ground when it comes to sharing the love and dedication that is necessary to be a mother.


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Para mí el poder ser mamá es un regalo de Dios. Experimentar un amor tan grande e incondicional que sólo sabe multiplicarse. Sentir al mismo tiempo una gran responsabilidad al guiarlos mientras crecen, y así también aprender a ser mejor para que ellos puedan crecer a ser mi mejor versión. Ser mamá es lo mejor que me ha pasado en la vida.

Sara Lascari Ochoa

¡Amo ser madre!

Mis hijos me motivan a querer ser y dar lo mejor de mí. Para mí, ser una Modern Mom, es poner en balance todo: hogar, esposo, hijos, trabajo, familia y amigos. Es mucho trabajo, pero el mejor que Dios me ha dado. No hay sentimiento que se compare al de ser madre. Ver a nuestros hijos crecer, lograr sus metas y el poder estar a su lado en cada una de sus etapas, es una bendición.

Tania Galindo

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Gabriella Guevara “Mom,� is a term that I find difficult to hold to a definitive standard.

Rewarding, tiring, selfless, emotional, indescribable gratitude, overwhelming sense of joy, pride, and unconditional love are just some of the things that I’ve become familiar with on my journey as a new mom.

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Being a mother today is perhaps more challenging than ever before. Many women who have children these days have a job and further also, a major and continuing role in the management of their household. Modern moms are challenged by the speed of the world evolving and by the way that this affects our children’s lives. Staying current with trends, events, and issues that affect our children can be overwhelming. The best and somewhat ironic aspect is that it’s my 6 year old who causes my relief; being able to live through his eyes is truly amazing and harmonious.

Karla Enriquez Gonzalez

Fitness&Health Editorial

Nutrition Nutrition Nutrition! “Nutrition” and “diet” have become two of the biggest fad words in the English language. As a society however, how much do we really know about these two words, and are we really making the right choices in regards to our health? We always seem to be on a perpetual diet, chasing after some miracle that never seems to happen. The truth is, like most things, we over-complicate what we put into our bodies. Diets are never the answer beyond temporary benefits, and neither is starving yourself into a miserable life. So, what is the truth about good nutrition? It’s time to look at nutrition in its simple form.

•Good nutrition means breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Far too often, I have heard people skip meals because of their busy lifestyle or their pursuit to minimizing their calorie intake. Your body needs fuel; it’s plain and simple. When a meal is skipped throughout the day, a person will actually have a more difficult time losing or maintaining a healthy weight. Additionally, energy levels will drastically suffer as a consequence. The growing popularity of energy drinks and sleeping pills is no coincidence.

•Good nutrition will always cost less in the long run. Around 75% of Americans are overweight or obese…that’s three fourths! You may think that you’re saving a few dollars by eating unhealthy fast food for instance, but your health will eventually suffer and your healthcare cost will skyrocket, along with everyone else’s. Our country is spiraling towards a massive collective problem. •Good nutrition is giving your body the vitamins and minerals it needs to function the way it’s supposed to. Worldwide, poor nutrition has been found to be the #1 cause of immunodeficiency. Balance is the key to everything in life, and nutrition is no different. Eat what you want, but simultaneously make sure to eat what your body needs. Also, taking additional vitamins wouldn’t be a terrible idea. •Good nutrition revolves around water, water, and more water! If you think you’re drinking enough water, you probably aren’t. It’s hard to say how much is truly enough, but basing yourself on the FDA recommendation of 64 ounces a day is a good start. Our body is mostly made up of water, so naturally, drinking water helps improve every single bodily function. You’ll have more energy, and you’ll even think and sleep better! Which brings us to our next one… •Good nutrition involves sleep, and how you treat your body overall. I don’t care who you are, but if you don’t sleep enough, your life will deteriorate. While sleeping, your body repairs itself and releases essential hormones. Not getting enough sleep can lower your immune system, and it can lead to stress and fat gain. How much sleep do you need? Your body will tell you, you just have to be willing to listen.

I did not give you a set diet plan, because there is no single right answer; everyone is different. Today, I did not want to discuss diets, but rather healthy nutrition. Good nutrition essentially means taking care of our body and making beneficial choices that will allow us to feel good and look good. Individually, we all have different needs and different body types. Take the time to care for your body and listen to it; learn to find the balance between what you want, and what your body needs. BY STEVE TREISTMAN

Victor Hugo en SMA Editorial

Fotógrafo: Carlos Arl Modelo: Yocelin Parra Diseñadora: CITLALTZIN-Citlalli Parra

Citlaltzin “Reconocer el talento multi diverso de los diferentes grupos indígenas en México, te lleva a apreciar y a enaltecer la multiculturalidad de nuestro país, con máximo orgullo” -Citlalli Parra.

Hecho en México


an Miguel de Allende es un siempre sorprendente y peculiar destino internacional; lo dicen miles de personas de todo el mundo que deciden hacer de este pueblo su hogar. Básicamente todo el mundo quiere conocerlo y cuando lo hacen... se enamoran de él. Este mágico destino internacional atrae a todo tipo de viajero: Amantes de las tradiciones de nuestro país, de nuestro acervo culinario, a los románticos por naturaleza...y recientemente se ha destacado también como destino para aquellos con un sweet spot por la moda, como yo. Y me refiero a una moda tanto de vanguardia, como con identidad de origen; llena de una fresca interpretación de sus raíces e inspirada en sus tan variadas etnias y regiones.

Existe un importante número de boutiques colectivas, dedicadas a promover el talento de diseñadores mexicanos emergentes y consagrados, tal como lo es “Casa R”, “Mano Santa”, entre otra gran variedad de boutiques y atelieres de talentosos diseñadores, que resultaría imposible nombrar en esta columna. Mi enfoque en esta ocasión es una diseñadora en pleno surgimiento, que resalta nuestras tradiciones textiles y nuestros colores, y que enaltece el trabajo de manos mexicanas, que realizan arte de singular belleza, en forma de bolsos y carteras. Yocelin

Parra, con su joven marca Citlaltzin ( instagram citlaltzin_cp ) a logrado cautivar con sus hermosas creaciones. Ella es un muy buen ejemplo de las “mentes creativas” que están forjando su éxito en SMA a base de tenacidad, talento y gran sentido de responsabilidad social hacia nuestro país. Consumamos lo “Hecho en México”, apoyemos nuestro talento y vistamos sus prendas con gran orgullo. “Citlaltzin” escrito en náhuatl, responde al nombre de Citlalli, (azteca) y fue seleccionado como su nombre/marca, precisamente, para resaltar el sello de autoría y el profundo orgullo de nuestros orígenes prehispánicos. Ella nació en Guadalajara, Jalisco hace veinticuatro años y radica en San Miguel de Allende desde hace un año y medio.

Diseñadora tapatía-sanmiguelense que ama profundamente las raíces mexicanas y que a partir de ese amor, le surge la idea de diseñar algún accesorio que resalte la belleza de los rebozos. Fue así como inició su ruta al enamoramiento de los textiles mexicanos. Tanto los bolsos como el resto de los artículos que crea son hasta el día de hoy, cocidos a mano y con un fino esmero al detalle; haciendo de cada pieza algo excepcional. Citlalli, es además, estudiante sobresaliente del taller de textiles en el Centro Cultural El Nigromante, Bellas Artes de San Miguel de Allende.

Instagram/ citlaltzin_cp • Facebook/ • POR VICTOR HUGO GARCÍA | Instagram: @victorhugo956 40 CREAM

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How To Deal With A Volatile Stock Market?


Pure Energy Abiel Energy has officially opened its doors and welcomes all to their brand new facility. Friends and family gathered at a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the grand opening of the new place everyone has been talking about! Congrats Abiel and Irma on the huge success!

fter an abnormally long period of low volatility in the stock market, the first few months of 2018 have seen a dramatic increase in volatility. This should come as no surprise. Periods of high volatility in the financial markets are normal, and present long term investors the opportunity to work with their financial advisor to reassess and refine their investment plan. Turbulent times in the stock market are nerve-racking, but they are common. As a long term investor, you will probably go through several market declines, but keeping a disciplined long term approach will pay off by achieving much better total returns than less volatile investments, such as bonds or cash. There is no blueprint to navigate a volatile stock market, but here are a few tips that we believe will help you through this period:

Do not panic – Remember, volatility is normal in financial markets. Stay disciplined in your investment strategy. Review your investment goals. Keep your eye on your long term strategy, and eliminate emotional decisions. Reassess your risk tolerance – Use this opportunity to assess your true risk tolerance. Measure how much risk is in your current portfolio, and try to gauge what level of risk you need to have in your portfolio to help you reach your financial goals.

Do not try to time the market – It is impossible to predict every good day to buy, or every good day to sell. Historically, investors that try to time the market with a short term trading mentality end up under - performing investors that followed a disciplined, and diversified, investment strategy.

Tune out the noise – Information moves fast, and is readily available to us at our fingertips. Do not allow short term news headlines derail your long term financial plan. Focus on what you can control; your investment strategy and asset allocation. Talk to an advisor – Speak with an advisor who will work with you as a true fiduciary, as someone at Cresta Advisors would, and help you create a longterm investment strategy and financial plan for you.

Manuel E. Garza


104 Del Court, Suite 300 (956) 267-8130

Investing involves risk including the loss of principle. Investment Advisory Services offered through Cresta Advisors, Ltd., a Registered Investment Adviser. CREAM 41

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Places We Loved

Vintage Soul

A few weeks ago, Cream stumbled upon a unique business that immediately caught our attention like no other. Based in San Antonio,TX, and available worldwide thru Instagram, Vendimia is the perfect place to find one of a kind vintage items and handmade goods!

Have you always had an eye for retro finds? We have always had a love for vintage; it is the design and quality that is difficult to find nowadays. Over time, we have molded and shaped our eye, but having grown up loving to thrift and having all those years of experience helps. The eye for retro finds really means being able to see the finer detail hidden within items. We really love to see the potential in each item. When you love what you’re doing, it just comes naturally. What ultimately pulled you towards "vintage finds" & "handmade goods?" Besides the love for them, it’s the hunt that comes with finding vintage items that’s most exciting. It’s very much like a treasure hunt. Each item has its own history. They are memories from the past, and its design, and craftsmanship detail is made to last. Equally so, because we pay attention to detail, we only choose quality handmade goods. Being able to share our vintage finds and handmade goods with others is such an amazing feeling. Why did you decide to open such a unique business? It was an easy choice for us. It’s something we have been doing for a long time; it’s a passion turned into a business. Our background in graphic design, photography, and the eye for vintage has accumulated to the business we have put together. We think of the past life that comes with each item, and how we have helped give them another; passing on something to a person that will love them just as much as we do. We are always looking to improve and add more unique ideas and products, and we can’t wait for what’s to come! What’s been your favorite or most memorable find? That’s tough to say. Our love/passion for music would lead me to choose a beautiful, 1970’s, yellow GE record player. Also, off the top of my head comes a pair of 1980’s, Tomy Toy retro robots, which reminds us of our kids. Altogether, we have come across countless memorable finds. What has been the most difficult item you have ever had to part from? Honestly, every item is somewhat difficult to part from. We wish we could keep everything! All items whether handmade, decor, or clothing, have a huge amount of love and passion within them. While it’s hard to part with rare and unique items, it’s as equally gratifying to share these items with others. What tips would you give someone who is on the hunt for their own vintage treasures? You may not find something every time you look. Be patient and open minded with every item. When looking at items, see them for both what they are and the potential of what they could be. Be prepared to look far and to dig deep. Having gloves handy also helps. Buy from the heart, and most of all...have fun! Instagram: vendimia.satx


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People We Met


Rochelle Salas Once a small town girl, now living in a blogger world... Alexis serves us a piece of the chicest spots in her now-home, San Antonio. Follow her feed & follow her lead. What are you currently doing in San Antonio? Currently, I am a full time graduate student at the University of the Incarnate Word. Alongside my studies, I volunteer with VITA (Income Tax Assistance Program), manage research projects, work as a content creator, and practice digital photography. Yoga and playing the piano are other passions of mine that keep my mind stimulated and inspired. What is your favorite mid-afternoon spot? During this time of the day, I’m most likely studying at my apartment; nonetheless, here are some of my favorite mid-afternoon (weekend) spots, perfect to study, read, admire, and explore: McNay Art Museum: especially their library and outdoor garden. The Hotel Emma: Larder market or lobby area. San Antonio Botanical Gardens, The Historic Pearl/Pearl Park, San Antonio Museum of Art, San Antonio River Walk, Rosella (both locations), The Luxury. What has been your most recent SA find? The 2202 Broadway St. Family: • Mila Coffee: They had me at Horchata and Mexican vanilla latte (try substituting milk for coconut or almond milk). • La Casa Frida: Handmade pieces from artisans around Mexico, and all things Frida Kahlo! • Chic’tique: Favorite trendy/chic fashion boutique. • Redcat&Co: Find gifts, jewelry, and local designer pieces. • Traveler Barbershop: Ivan’s (significant other) new favorite haircut spot. • Hitch The Photo Trailer: A vintage styled photo booth inside a trailer!

What from San Antonio can you not live without? Jazz, TX., indefinitely. It’s an underground saloon located at the Historic Pearl. From the music, to the people, the food and drinks, Jazz Texas is a modernized flashback in time, where I get to enjoy Frank Sinatra tunes played by Doc Watkins and his orchestra. Here, Ivan and I enjoy an autumn salad and share the fried chicken, jazz burger, or brisket tacos! Yes, it’s quite hard to decide sometimes. P.S. do not leave without having the cherry cobbler, à la mode. Describe the city in two hashtags. Describe yourself in two hashtags. San Antonio: #dynamic #serene Myself: #conscientious #kindhearted

What spot should millennials be in the look-out for? (The next hot location) San Antonio is constantly being renovated and revived. Remember the Alamo? Recently, the community who preserves the battlefield released an announcement about new concepts that will refine the grounds of where the Alamo stands. They have cultivated a “master plan” to reestablish the monument, “so that future generations can visit and remember.” Plans for more vegetation, walkways, and lawn space are in the works, “[make way] for a new museum and rooftop garden.” Discover more at What is a San Antonio must? A trip to The Historic Pearl at 303 Pearl Parkway; whether you’re alone, with a friend, or the entire family. Grab a bite to eat and hang out on the lawn at Pearl Park. Walk through all the local shops and boutiques. Check out Hotel Emma’s historic architecture and pick up some goodies at the hotel market, Larder, or rent out some bikes and take pictures by the river walk at sunset. Finish the night off with dinner and a show at Jazz, TX. Instagram: @alexisrsalas CREAM 43

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Double Plus Oscar Torres & Hector Martinez From helping people find jobs, to connecting companies with their future employees, Hector and Oscar are two outstanding young entrepreneurs and founders of HR Plus. They share with us their goals, dreams, and motivation to be one of the top companies in their field. What is it that you do? We own HR Plus, a Labor Management & Staffing Agency. We help people find jobs while also helping companies find the right talent to join their team. A big part of what we do is provide career advice to job seekers and share insights that help our clients make strategic hiring decisions. We pride ourselves on being as resourceful as possible, more like an extension of our clients and employees, allowing HR Plus to also serve as a concierge for all types of requests. All efforts in the name of delivering a value added experience for all the services we provide. What inspired or motivated you guys to get to where you are? Opportunity. There is so much potential in Laredo. While it might seem daunting to start a new business from scratch, there are so many resources out there for young entrepreneurs to take advantage of. Really, once you get your first client to buy-into your vision and allow you the opportunity to earn their business, it becomes one of the most rewarding experiences. It’s a feeling we chase everyday! What are your goals (hopes) for yourselves and your business? One goal that applies to both our business and our personal development is becoming a hub for mentorship in Laredo. The success of our business is directly correlated to Laredo’s growth and we see it as a responsibility to serve as a resource for any job seeker or potential business owner seeking advice. We definitely hope to see employers in Laredo invest in their workforce. What do you enjoy most about what you do (what is the most rewarding)? Helping people. It is really rewarding to help someone that truly wants to better themselves. The hunger to work is inspiring. A challenge we embrace is getting employers to give recent graduates a chance to develop. We were just out of college not too long ago, so we get the frustration many feel about getting a good job right away, needing those “10 years of experience.” We try to bridge that gap by providing opportunities that align potential candidates with employers that also understand this problem and are willing to give recent graduates an opportunity to learn and grow into solid contributors.

Every candidate that walks into our office brings a different situation, so finding someone a job they really need and are willing to take advantage of, is a great way to end the day. Give us a brief insight into your trajectory? We both come from different professional backgrounds. We went from having a couple of beers looking over some numbers, to gathering ideas at the TAMIU library on weekends, to knocking on doors trying to get a chance to talk to business owners about our services. It has been a different learning experience every day since. What advice would you give other young entrepreneurs? Focus on what really matters. Take the good and the bad as learning experiences. Starting any venture requires commitment, patience, and more than anything, the ability to adapt to challenges that come with any growing business. Business plans almost never go according to plan, so learning to evaluate your next step after a new issue arises is a very useful skill/characteristic you’ll learn along the way. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your business succeed. Embrace the grind, and opportunities will present themselves when you least expect. CREAM 45

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Jackie Juarez is a 19 year old Business Administration major, currently studying at ICN BUSINESS SCHOOL CAMPUS ARTEM in Nancy, France. While chatting with Cream she shared the challenges and perks of being an international student. Tell us about yourself. I really like discovering new places and learning other languages. Spending time with my friends, family and my boyfriend is what I enjoy the most. Creating videos of my voyages is also something I love. What is the most challenging part of having a college life? Being responsible and knowing not everything is just partying; we also need to take into account that our decisions today are a footprint in our future. Is attending school in a different country something distressing or exciting? It is definitely different from back home; the school system is unlike any other, and I don’t get any homework. It is exciting because my school is always organizing events so that the international students can become involved and meet other local French students. How has your family life been affected now that you are in another city? I had never been apart for such a long time. It’s been difficult having a +7 hour time zone difference, but I think I have managed to stay in touch with my loved ones. Have you made any serious decisions already? I’m looking forward to earning an internship abroad; I just haven’t decided where, yet. One of my newest goals is to learn Portuguese, since my roommate is Brazilian. I’ve been learning a few words already. Let’s get back to the fun; is college life all it’s cracked up to be, or were you taken by surprise? Despite projects and studying for tests, I’m having the time of my life! If you know how to keep a balance between school and social life, you will unlikely have any problems having fun. Between new and old responsibilities, how do these new college experiences affect you? Now, I feel like I’m more independent; I learned how to do things which I didn’t know before. I have also realized that I’m the only one responsible for the decisions I make and the consequences they bring. Okay, let us in on the college student life secrets, what is the guilty pleasure you indulge in most? I’d say traveling. I’ve meet very nice people here, and so far we have visited 6 other different countries while in just the few months I have been here. I can’t wait for new adventures! Anything else you want to share with us? To those who want to take on a trip, don’t be afraid of doing it. You’ll not regret the journey, the new people, and the beautiful lock screen landscapes you’ll call your own.

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Grand Opening With great success, Aqua Express Auto Wash had its official inauguration in their location at 2610 E. Del Mar Blvd. Distinguished attendees accompanied the Garcia family in their new venture.

Juntitas Tour El Laredo Energy Arena fue el escenario donde se presentó el tan anticipado Tour de Juntitas en la cual Yuri y Pandora cantaron sus más grandes éxitos! La velada estuvo sensacional y nos hizo recordar viejos tiempos!

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Bibi Zárate

featured artist

I’ve found happiness in art, the contact with mediums, and the environment created while painting, which has undoubtedly enriched my life. “La Rebelde” is a piece of my series work “Ellas en la Bola,” which was part of the 100 years Independence and 200 years Mexican Revolution celebration in 2010. It represents the revolutionary woman, the struggle, and the Adelita: the woman who fought to defend her ideals. The snake and the eagle on her body represent the love for Mexico, and the flower on her womb is her essence. What I love most about my art is the use of color: the color of Mexico! It provokes reactions in the spectator, especially in other countries where my art has been shown. Before I start a piece, I research the theme, so I can best represent it. Most of the time however, ideas just come and go when I’m facing my canvas; I like to apply color as I feel it.

title of your art piece: “la rebelde” the rebel, a tribute to leonor villegas de magnon

Mixed media, acrylic and oil on canvas

About the artist: As a little girl I remember always saying “quiero ser pintora,” exclaiming to my parents that I wanted to be an artist. At the age of 12, I studied drawing and oil color technique which eventually led me to become an art major. Since then, I’ve participated in more than 60 collective art shows and 7 solo presentations around Mexico and other countries. Currently, my work is being displayed in “100 Mujeres en las Artes Visuales de México.” In my work, women are always present. Also, I essentially believe that art makes people more sensitive. 48 CREAM


2419 E. Saunders St. #101

LOCATION (956) 568-2175

9413 McPherson Rd. (956) 723-5050

2402 Jacaman Rd. #12 (956) 701-3353

4205 Jaime Zapata Memorial Hwy #33 (956) 568-1980

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Joe Benavides & Ringo What type of pet do you own? A Labradoodle dog; he is a crossbreed dog that comes from Labrador Retriever and Standard, Miniature or Toy Poodle parents. His name is Ringo. How old is your pet and how long have you had him? He’s a year and 9 months and has been my boy for a year and 7 months now. When and how did your interest in this race spark your interest? My family has always had dogs. I just decided to wait until after graduating college to get my first. After doing a little research, I came across his breed. Labradoodles are pretty easy going and extremely smart. As soon as my mind was made up, I tracked down a breeder near San Antonio with great pups. Do you own any other pets? If yes, what are they? Yup, we have two other dogs and a cool cat named Moose. What does your pet mean to you? Ringo’s both my boy and my buddy. Dogs have a way of bringing you happiness through their selfless companionship. What type of special care do you have for your pet? He devours a 24oz Ribeye every night. Kidding. I suppose aside from the occasional grooming, I let him sleep on my bed when he wants to as long as he stays on his side. Oh, and you can’t forget about the treats. What is your favorite activity with your pet? Definitely going for a little jog. Is your pet trained? How difficult was it to train him? He is and it was a major pain for the first 6 months. I had to invest a lot of time into his training early on such as, taking him out 10 times a day and trying to challenge his mind daily. The consistent training paid off though, as he now has a few tricks up his sleeve. Tell us your favorite anecdote with your pet. There are too many to choose from. One that stands out is a trip to the San Marcos Outlets. I bought Ringo an orange vest when he was younger and he passed as a service dog in every store. Could you give us some tips for when choosing a pet? My advice is do your research. If you choose a pet that fits your lifestyle, then you’re bound to enjoy raising and spending your days with them even more. If you were an animal, which would you be and why? Probably a lion, because “King of the Jungle” has a pretty nice ring to it. They’re strong beasts that provide for and protect their family. 50 CREAM

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Cream City Magazine No. 48