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constantly reaching new objectives. We recently celebrated our 3rd anniversary; it’s incredible how time, as it goes by, enriches us with added experiences. We are on our way to close the second half of 2013 overflowing with optimism and energy. Our eagerness to try different things took us to Austin to breathe its distinct air and give you a taste of what our state capital has to offer. We look forward to your enjoyment of this feature, the first in a series that will hopefully take our adventurous spirit to more places in Texas, Mexico, our country, and the world. This issue’s multicolored fashion spread reminds us that the regular school year will start soon, and Celia Villarreal stupendously models some wonderful designs to mark the occasion. We invite you to color your life every day. We’ll be waiting to hear from you through social media. Send us your comments and suggestions; they are all welcome. Thanks for being part of Cream.

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8 Put a Hat on






LAURA SILVA QUESADA Honoring her father and his legacy

ROBERTO L. VILLARREAL, M.D. Adding dimension to pediatric care

CYNTHIA G. CONCHAS Enjoying a fruitful career in education

Meet three dynamic achievers who contribute to the development of both Laredos. They are flying high on Cream’s radar.

LAURA SILVA QUESADA President, Silva International

I believe I was born to continue my father’s legacy. Initially, I became involved in this career because of him, José Silva, founder of the renowned Silva Method. As the years passed, I experienced firsthand his remarkable impact and vowed to continue his work and reach out to more people worldwide. A few years ago, I was the keynote speaker at a T. Harv Eker event. He is the author of the best seller Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. There must have been three thousand persons in the room who stood to their feet to receive me—it was a sign of their heartfelt appreciation for my father’s talent and his contribution to the world.

When your occupation has to do with raising the quality of life of those you serve, what could be better? There is satisfaction in living a purpose-driven existence; of helping others enhance their lives; of living a love-filled life with my husband, children, and extended family; of working with the best team on this planet. My work takes me around the globe. We have approximately 500 instructors worldwide and I need to be in touch with each one of them to some degree or another. It takes a lot of energy and passion, and I’ve got both. My success lies in my strong faith which fuels my drive to help, use my creative God-given talents and be the best me I can be. So long as I am honoring my relationship with God, I will always have a lot of work to do because there are a lot of people with needs. ROBERTO L. VILLARREAL M.D.

Heart specialist for children and owner of Little Hearts Child Development Center

I wanted to do something out of the ordinary, and I gravitated towards medicine to accomplish that. I love children; it was a natural succession to care for kids since I’m a product of a long line of educators in the family. My profession started during my residency in pediatrics in 1977, and from then on, I’ve been hooked for over 30 years. About a year and a half ago, I established a facility to add dimension in caring for the children of Laredo with the tireless support of my wife, son, and my entire family, and with the guidance of Mrs. Jenny Padilla, among others.

There is no greater joy than telling families that their kids’ suspected cardiac problems did not materialize.

Being part of a team of cardiologists, surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, technicians, and social workers is a great source of reinforcement as well. It’s not uncommon for parents to tell us that our facility has positively impacted their child’s behavior or attitude. At some point I’ll have to hand over the reins of my practice and dedicate myself to writing a book and composing music. I’ve got two large projects in those endeavors that need completion. Traveling is my third career. My parents and sister loved to travel also. They’ve all passed away, and now the responsibility to see the world rests on my shoulders. I’ve got my children and grandkids, all, incidentally, with the wandering bug. Careers, I have more than most. Success, I’ve been lucky there, too. Love, health, happiness, all full to the top. The weather? Yes, maybe I’d change that, if I could.


Principal, C.M. Macdonell Elementary School

Family values have played a very important role as to who I am today. Born and raised here, I am a product of the public school system, having graduated from J.W. Nixon in 1967. Both my bachelor and master’s degrees in education were earned in Laredo. I have also completed the coursework for the superintendent certification at Texas A&M at Kingsville. Over 40 years I have been involved in what is, in my estimation, the noblest profession. I did not enter it to get rich, I assure you. Teaching is demanding with few monetary rewards, yet I am still energized by it. One of my most gratifying experiences revolves around a young student, Mario, whom I taught when I served as a specialized reading teacher. He was a shy, recent arrival from Mexico who had never been in school. I started teaching him sounds and pre-reading skills in his first language. When in time he began to read, I didn’t know whether to cry or laugh with joy. Mario finished the year with me, already learning English. Eventually, I moved to another campus, but when I inquired about him, I was told, “Oh, he made the honor roll.” That is what teaching is all about: The moment one sees a child’s face brighten up because they have succeeded.

I am grateful to my peers for their dedication and commitment. After all, success is the result of teamwork. The greatest satisfaction for any educator is to have a former student, successful in their own way, thank him or her for having made a difference in their lives. cream august / september 2013




There are people who hate those that are happy and successful. If you have ever worked towards achieving a personal or professional goal, trust me—there was someone out there who was not pleased about it. When my father ran for deputy mayor of our hometown this year, he was accused online of doing it for his own personal and monetary benefit as opposed to doing it for the betterment of the city he and my family grew up in. Ask me if that stopped him.


uman nature is humans’ own worst enemy. Our intrinsic counteraction to compare ourselves to others runs rampant, which begs the question: If we are constantly complaining that our surroundings are in utter ruins, be it our workplace or our community, why is there so much disdain towards those who are actually working to refine the status quo?

I’ve noticed that the envious have a lot of time on their hands. Those that are fulfilled with their work usually can’t pencil in their schedules the time of day to criticize others. I applaud the brave individuals who continue to do what is necessary for the much needed progress without batting an eye to the people whose only effort is to ensure the failure of others. The bitter succeed in their negative actions if we allow them, so soldier Your success is most likely the result of only through. Nothing angers them more than your continual trial and error—a string of events and accomplishments.

Analyzing the antagonistic, who throw rocks the most, it is interesting to see that the ones who criticize your hard work mishaps that challenged you to soldier are usually the non-participants. I don’t read the Bible religiously, The lazy are quick to judge but the one that sits in the foyer through. This is where the difference individuals who have earned of my house is always opened their happiness and triumphs, to my favorite verse, Galatians lies between you and the rest. spewing hate that is deeply 6:9. It reads: Let us not lose rooted in an envious nature. Your faith in doing good, for in due success is most likely the result of time we will reap if we do not trial and error—a string of events and mishaps that challenged you to grow weary. It is a daily reminder when I walk out of the house soldier through. This is where the difference lies between you and the to keep doing what is upright, and to rest. While you were out there perfecting your character, the others never lose the faith even after a long and were too busy avoiding mistakes by simply not doing anything at all. stressful day. We must continue doing the work we believe in, no matter how much The loyal readers of this column will remember that last December mudslinging we are victims of. If people I wrote about doing things that make you happy without having to keep talking bad about you, it’s because apologize for it. How sad that, no matter how much happiness and they can’t handle everything that’s right success abounds, people will still find a way to complain. Ask any with you. Then again, it’s nothing new. financially capable person if they’ve ever received negative feedback There’s even an all-too-common phrase after doing something charitable and the answer will always be in that better describes this. How does it go? the affirmative. For example, if a wealthy man declines to donate to Oh yea. Haters gonna hate. a certain charity, he will be labeled as a stingy prick. If the person decides to make any monetary contribution, many will say, “Well, he has enough to spread the wealth, so he better.” Some people are never content. 8

cream august / september 2013

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cream august / september 2013



the cream standard For three years now, Cream City Magazine has successfully kept Laredo up-to-date with what’s current in the border city and around the world. On Saturday, July 13, Cream held its annual anniversary party at La Reserva Bar & Grill in celebration of these three active and triumphant years. The night turned out to be tremendous! The red carpet, stylish Cream-y decorations, mind-blowing DJ, Tonyc, and extraordinary people helped set the vibe to impeccably exemplify Cream’s style. We’d like to extend our never-ending gratitude and appreciation to everyone who attended and who maintain their loyal support to the magazine and our efforts. We will continue to strive toward an exceptional and positive future!

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What you hear is true! This Texas darling, characterized by its quirky restaurants, hipster-packed streets, and graffiti-splashed murals, is, in my opinion, a town designed by rebels—the underdogs, the cool kids— with simple ideas cleverly pushed way-out-of-the box. Our perennially innovative state capital is weirdly addicting. An enlightening buffet that invites you to come back for more. Ah, the perks of our job…Austin, a Cream team favorite!


cream august / september 2013


TX cream august / september 2013


Hey Cupcake!


estled in the heart of the SoCo district lays a quaint, little silver streamlined trailer with loads of character. Once flooded with food trucks, now only a handful can be found in the area. Hey Cupcake! is an establishment built upon a dream (vanilla dreamin’, that is) and the relentless drive to create the best cupcakes in town. You can order the classic Vanilla Dream cupcake made with both vanilla cake and buttercream frosting or the flavorful and humorous Michael Jackson made with a cream cheese topping over chocolate cake, tasty enough to spark one of Michael’s famous “woo-hoos” and a moonwalk. What launched a boy’s dream to bake Austin’s most scrumptious treat, is now an icon with an ever-growing patronage. 1511 S. Congress, Austin, TX 78704 512.476.CAKE

uncommon OBJECTS


f things could talk, I’d be curious to uncover the stories behind the antiques here. Uncommon Objects has been described as “your eccentric uncle’s attic on steroids.” We definitely agree. This store is set up in a series of color-themed nooks, with contents of all sorts, from gorgeous jewelry to mid-century furniture, from the strange to a slice of oldschool Americana. This unique emporium sends you streaming through years of history and culture, but, unlike a museum, every unearthed treasure is yours to take home. It’s a place that takes you on a wistful journey though the decades. 1512 S. Congress Ave. Austin, TX 78704 / 512.442.4000


cream august / september 2013

The Oasis

on Lake Travis


he breathtaking views of Lake Travis accompanied by the perfectly-chilled margarita are two of the many reasons to visit Oasis. It is a beautiful restaurant with spectacular sights and outdoor dining on several different levels, all overlooking the glistening lake. It provides the perfect spot for that sought-after break after a day of hard work and the perfect excuse to treat yourself to something special. The fish tacos were a Cream team favorite, but judging by the number of satisfied patrons, it’s safe to say this fine eatery is doing Tex-Mex fare just right. 6550 Comanche Trail Austin, TX 78732 / 512.266.2442

places we loved cream august / september 2013


NadaMoo! Ice Cream


is name is Daniel Nicholson and his mission is to positively influence the world. He is a UT graduate, marathon enthusiast, worldclass traveler, and most recently featured in Austin Monthly as one of the “10 Most Eligible Bachelors.” Undoubtedly, he has a long string of accomplishments, but did I mention he’s from Laredo, too? Simply known as Dan to his friends, this CEO of NadaMoo! Ice Cream is just as sweet as the delectable products he serves, gluten-free, non-dairy creations that strongly adhere to the values of a healthy life style. In the constant tug-ofwar between taste and healthful choices, Daniel provides the best solution with his incomparable ice cream.

t e m e w e l p o e p Federico Archuleta


his graffiti-stencil artist, once a fellow paisano of the El Paso border, is now a transplant residing in east Austin. Effortlessly cool, minimally attired with a t-shirt designed by him, paint-stained jeans, and a bandana fitted enough to catch the sweat as he works in his garage turned studio, Federico doesn’t apologize for what he says or how he says it as he speaks about the importance of self-discipline and explains how communities have become more accepting and willing to assist street art. Recognized for a brilliant mash up of Mexican and American pop artistry, his illustrations of musical greats such as Johnny Cash, The Clash, and Bob Dylan can be seen in murals emblematic of the city’s rich character. Graffiti-Western Artist

LOLITAS BISTRO 6950 McPherson Rd. Suite C Laredo, Texas 956.568.5334



ne of my earliest memories of college is eating ramen noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So as you can see, grocery shopping fell to the farthest end of my priority list countless times. I was caught up more than once deciding between going out and partying or enjoying a delicious and complete meal. When I first moved away to college, I thought, “I’m free! I can finally do whatever I want!” The cold, hard truth was that I was very far from that happy and false liberated state of mind. It didn’t take long for reality to hit me straight in the face. It was then when I realized how easy I had it before while living with my parents.

I found it was not that hard to cook good meals without being broke. I knew I had hit rock bottom when I noticed I was having cold pizza with hot beer for breakfast. I had to do something quick. I realized living on my own was expensive, and if I didn’t start budgeting, I would end up eating cereal for dinner for the rest of my college life. After cutting out most of my unsubstantial spending, I found it was not that hard to cook good meals without being broke. Little tricks, like making my own coffee instead of buying it, using recipes with seasonal fruits and veggies, and planning menus in advance were my best answers. All these small changes didn’t stop me from having fun; they only helped me make smarter choices. When cooking, the idea is getting creative with food. For example, I would buy a family pack of ground turkey on Sunday and prepare it a different way each day so I would use it all without becoming bored of the same thing: spaghetti n’meatballs, burgers, picadillo, stuffed pita pockets, flautas, and meatloaf. When you start to think of all the things you could do with leftover food, your repertoire of meals widens like you can’t imagine. BY MAITA FERNÁNDEZ

Grilled Salmon with Roasted Tomatoes ingredients

4 salmon filets Salt and pepper to taste 4 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil 1 pint cherry tomatoes 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped instructions

Season fish with salt and pepper. Heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a pan. Add the fish, skin first, and cook turning once halfway through until golden brown, 6 to 8 minutes total. Transfer the fish to a serving platter. Heat oven to 350°F. In a roasting pan mix the tomatoes and garlic, season and drizzle with remaining olive oil. Bake for 8 to 10 minutes. Serve the salmon and roasted tomatoes over a bed of pasta or rice. How to use leftover fish: • Shred and mix with chopped veggies and egg to grill as fish patties. Serve with avocado slice and tartar sauce. • Toss with fresh veggies, mayo, and lemon and serve as a salad over grilled bread. • Heat and serve as fish tacos with shredded cabbage and spicy mayo. Maita Fernández has had a passionate relationship with food for as long as she can remember. As a chef and restaurant owner, she seeks to put a smile on people’s faces by creating original dishes. cream august / september 2013



Beautiful Having stayed true to herself, Estefanía Flores’ hard work and dedication surely paid off this year, ultimately fulfilling one of her dreams. The newly crowned Miss Laredo has taken on a whole new role, representing our city after recently winning the Miss Laredo Pageant. She is now preparing to compete in the Miss Texas USA 2014, which will be held in Houston, Texas in September. Estefanía entered the contest for the first time and walked out that evening with a crown and sash. “Competing in this division frightened me at first; it is extremely different from the Teen competition in which I had participated for the past two years. But the fear fades once you become immersed in mental preparation. Miss Texas USA 2011, Ana Rodríguez, once said to me three words that have since helped me get to where I am today, ‘Believe, act, and become.’ Those words engraved in my heart and mind changed my way of thinking and made me push myself to the best of my abilities. In order to win, one must first believe and act as if you already are the titleholder, and then eventually become it. And I did!”


“Competing in pageants is extremely difficult. The competition is not all about having perfectly teased hair or a toned body— it’s the whole package, personality and attitude included. Now, getting ready to compete statewide, I’ve come to understand that being physically prepared is not all the judges are looking for because everyone who competes for the state title is absolutely stunning! You have to be different from everybody else, which means you have to be yourself. Even so, I have learned that there is always room for self-improvement. Nonetheless, I’m a young woman who is proudly representing two nationalities, and I will not change that for anyone.” BY ANDRÉS LAUREL

Try this!


It was only a few years back that Laredo was introduced to a little four-letter word with big taste potential. Posh! A name that instantly sprouts a cartoon bubble over our heads with images of all our favorites, sushi rolls, fried rice, cucumber salad, the list goes on. Just when you couldn’t have imagined a more scrumptious menu, in rolls (no pun intended) the Caramel Crêpe, stuffed with fresh strawberries drizzled with a cream caramel sauce and pecans, rightly accompanied by a side of vanilla ice cream. Remarkable how notable things usually have a hint of cream! It’s no wonder Posh’s Caramel Crêpe is our first Cream-Certified dish. cream august / september 2013


david garcía BY SANDY LUGO

David Edward García is not only a pastor, a motivational speaker, and a missionary, but he also has powerful writing skills. His ingenuity and strengths are transmitted through 3 Simple Ways To Motivate ANY Student, the book that he describes as pragmatic, concise, fun, and simple. His faith and God, the major influence in his life, have taken David beyond borders. Cream had the pleasure of meeting with him to hear about his life experience.



Paris. I get inspired and recharged every time I go. WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE GENRES OF MUSIC: Christian praise and worship and jazz. AN EXPERIENCE THAT YOU'LL NEVER FORGET: Almost getting deported in Africa on Christmas Eve 2002 and convincing the armed guards to allow me to take a plane to WHAT MOTIVATES YOU TO Germany and, therefore, bypass legal MOTIVATE OTHERS? I feel “I feel like God gave me a gift to cut problems in Nigeria. HOW WOULD YOU like God gave me a gift to LIKE PEOPLE TO REMEMBER YOU? I cut through negativity and through negativity and sadness.” hope as someone fun, happy, inspiring, WHAT IS MOST sadness. energetic, non-judgmental, a ChristEXCITING ABOUT BEING A PASTOR? follower, unafraid, and daring. WHAT ARE YOU MOST PROUD OF? Not giving up on the Transmitting the unlimited power of vision God instilled in my heart as an adolescent. WHICH HISTORICAL FIGURE DO YOU God through the proclamation of his IDENTIFY WITH? Pierre Abelard, a 12th century French theologian whose love affair with word. WHAT OTHER ACTIVITIES ARE YOU Heloise is still legendary. WHO IS YOUR HERO? The person I aim to become—I have not INVOLVED IN? Running, the gym, and met this hero yet (nobody has). WHAT DO YOU CONSIDER A CHALLENGE? Unbearable traveling. DO YOU EXERCISE? 20 hours personalities who think they will get to the top by aiming to pull others down. WHAT IS a week for the last 20 years. HOW MANY SOMETHING YOU WANT TO DO AND HAVEN'T DONE YET? Get married and have a family. LANGUAGES DO YOU SPEAK? I currently WHAT IS YOUR PREFERRED PERSONAL ACCESSORY? Smart-phone. IF YOU WERE TO speak five—English, Spanish, French, TRADE WARDROBE WITH ANYONE, WHO WOULD IT BE? I don’t know much about clothes; Portuguese, and Italian. I hope to take the dudes on GQ dress cool, so one of them, perhaps. WHAT IS SOMETHING PEOPLE DON'T that number over ten soon. WHICH IS KNOW ABOUT YOU? I’m monstrously nerdy. WHAT ARE YOU NOSTALGIC FOR? Love. YOUR FAVORITE? French. I had an epiphany the summer right before college; I felt it was my life’s purpose.



cream august / september 2013


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O U T F I T I V O R Y B L O U S E A N D W AT E R - C O L O R E D S K I R T, A L L AT S A R A B O U T I Q U E




on’t have the slightest doubt that I have Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” playing in my head while I write this article. But let’s talk about hats. Yes, that dusty chapeau rotting in the closet because we never find a good occasion to wear or, we just simply don’t know how. On such a touchy subject, I consulted with my colleague and fervent user of putting anything hollowed and head-fitting, Ruben Bazán, who explained about the sentimental value attached to maintaining that classic and elegant style his grandfather had, a look he prefers over “saggy jeans and shirts that say YOLO.” I agree it’s something that should be seen more since hats polish any attire.

During the spectacles of Fashion Week, beanies, caps, and especially floppy fedoras were marching up and down the streets, the man responsible for that: Hedi Slimane. Last year, his muchanticipated collection for Saint Laurent shook us all. Digging into the YSL’s archives, he brought back the dark glamour of the ’70s with wide brimmed hats. His models were mysterious, eerily romantic, long-legged witches. The hit was instant; the campaign was one of the most seen, and Anna dello Russo, wearing the collection, the most photographed. We are the ones to gain from this trend, for Mother Nature has us boiling in the heat. Also, reason number one: sun protection; two: bad hair days, aka: no time to shower, no problem; and three: it switches up any outfit.

Here are three classic styles, or at least this one is becoming a classic—the baseball cap. There’s a plausible obsession with caps because I reinforced this trend in the ’90s and menswear articles. Only this time my stellar accessory is the main topic. I’m wearing it with a jersey tee, true to its athletic roots, and a geometric skort. The spring fedora, nothing says vacation more than this hat, light in its texture and most easily paired with any outfit. I picked a flirty day dress under a beige biker vest and oxford shoes for this look aiming primarily for comfort, perfect for hitting the streets and discovering new places. Leather, wide-brimmed hat, with a western vibe appropriate for a bohemian look a la Slimane, I chose to pair it with a sheer, wideleg jumpsuit and as many accessories as I could get my hands on.

Hats have their own personality; you can become anything you want, from tomboy to bohemian, if you top off your outfit with them. If the runways and street style were any indication, they are this season’s most versatile and must-have accessory. So why pass on the opportunity to cover that frizzy head of yours? And because this little tune is stuck in my head, I say: if you like so much, why not put a hat on it? Michelle is a street fashion blogger living in Laredo, Texas. Follow her blog at cream august / september 2013



Ensemble for


An orchestra is a beautiful example of human collaboration at its finest, a demonstration of dedicated skill and talent. It is a culmination of musical sound that—much like a well-oiled machine, as good as its parts—in unison unveils a masterpiece.


his October 5 at the St. Augustine Ballroom of La Posada Hotel, The Laredo Philharmonic celebrates its Annual Gala with Congressman Henry Cuéllar as this year’s honoree. The congressman was selected for his diligent work on behalf of our city. He is constantly working to better the prospects of our community. As a staunch supporter of the arts, Dr. Cuéllar exemplifies the spirit of the region and champions causes near and dear to the Laredo Philharmonic. By the same token, the Annual Gala has become essential in raising funds that go toward the orchestra’s resources. Proceeds from the event help to finance a diversity of activities, such as an entire concert and the budget costs for out-oftown performers. Altogether, this gala benefits the valuable endeavors of The Laredo Philharmonic Orchestra. Be prepared to strap on your dancing shoes as hits of the ’60s and ’70s will be mighty difficult to resist. For those slightly on the reserved side, a live and silent auction will take place during the night as well. The Annual Gala is a phenomenal event perfect for the art enthusiast or that very special date night; more importantly, it’s an opportunity to support a fantastic organization. The players and board members work continuously to enrich, engage, educate, and entertain, as they simultaneously unite us as a community. The Laredo Philharmonic has added to our cultural landscape for over thirty years. They have impacted our town with their melodious gifts. As beneficiaries of their musical legacy, it is our turn to become collaborators with them. Let’s share in the experience by enjoying and promoting their great cause.

Tickets are $100 per person. For Corporate Sponsorship and ticket information please contact, Angeline Townsend at 956-236-7772 or visit our website at

Nancy De Anda, Gloria Flores, Rosario García, Brendan Townsend, Graciela Ramírez, Congressman Cuéllar, Ardith Epstein, Angeline Townsend.


cream august / september 2013



Men & Women of the



This past June 12 marked the 50th anniversary of the 1963 world premiere at the Rivoli Theatre in New York City of Cleopatra starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. The passing years have morphed this movie from legendary bomb to iconic classic, now being celebrated by a red-carpet event screening at the Cannes Film festival, a restored release on Blu-ray, and special screenings in multiple theaters around the United States.


glossy haired men in their fitted sharkskin suits and skinny ties, was months from turning 5 years old and living with my holding doors, getting drinks and lighting cigarettes for the parents in San Antonio when on June 26, 1963, Cleopatra women with bouffant hairdos floating rigidly above basic black opened there at the Broadway Theater for a 19-week sheaths and clicking pumps. Cocktail attire and behavior, even roadshow engagement. For those raised in the multiplex era, where at children’s birthday parties in suburban San Antonio, were most movies seem to have the life expectancy of a Kardashian standard in those glamorous days. romance, a roadshow engagement was an exclusive extended run in major cities prior Most of my cousins had little interest in the to the general release. It usually required adults, but I was the proverbial little pitcher advance ticket purchases for reserved seating It was during this with big ears. And in those media-soaked and featured films with an overture, an days leading to Cleopatra’s conquering of particular time, prompted intermission, and souvenir programs. San Antonio, sex and sensationalism were

in the air, so there was plenty for me to Cleopatra also starred Rex Harrison, but by the excess coverage, overhear. It was during this particular time, by the time of its premiere it was all about and the irresistible prompted by the excess coverage, and the Liz and Dick. The global paparazzi-fueled irresistible conversations that Liz and Dick impact of the adulterous romance between conversations that generated, that I first heard the word divorce. its two stars shortly after they began filming I linked it to its meaning shortly thereafter their scenes in Rome had, by the time of Liz and when a neighborhood friend moved away the premiere, sufficiently shattered both Dick generated, as a result of his parents’ divorce, and felt their marriages and any remnants of the it more acutely months later, upon my 5th halcyon ’50s. The Kennedy election may that I first heard the word have launched the shaken-not-stirred ’60s, birthday, when I overheard my parents but it was the shenanigans of Burton and discussing it in reference to their own. divorce. Taylor which ignited the world, and left it To me it seemed a fertile ground for the sexual revolution then that the and celebrity obsessions ahead. In June adults in my life, 1963, it seemed that everyone was reading about and discussing and indeed those all over the world, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, and Cleopatra, and my were going mad. It was the dawn of hometown San Antonio was no exception. the 1960s, and these mad men and In my family in the early 1960s most of the important events women, perhaps emboldened by in our lives were celebrated at each other’s homes surrounded the two biggest movie stars on the by countless relatives in river flow through the houses and onto planet, seemed to want to live their the lawns. We children were in close proximity to our family’s lives on different terms. They wanted adults, who were sufficiently disinhibited by alcohol, cigarettes, to change the world, and in some and the comforts of home. The “grown-ups,” most of them only very personal ways, they did. BY JOE ARCINIEGA in their mid-20s, were at once familiar and exotic to me; with cream august / september 2013



coming soon Gold’s Gym hosted a very successful groundbreaking ceremony at the site of their coming location. The new spot will have the most modern and advanced equipment to keep members fit. Cream congratulates the García family and wishes them continued success.

resort preview Guests gathered at La Reserva Bar & Grill to discover the wonderful amenities offered by L’Auberge Casino Resort.

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We need to talk about Instagram, the online photosharing service that Facebook bought for $1 billion last year. This gift from the developer gods was supposed to change the way in which smart phone and tablet users share life moments. However, according to a recent study (and by study I mean stalking session), most people’s instas consist of 45% selfies, 30% pets, 20% edibles, and a 5% miscellaneous category that includes blurry party photos (aka the actual life moments), inspirational quotes like #livelaughlove, and pictures clearly not taken by that person. Don’t worry, though, they are all beautifully adorned with filters. But let’s get to the real news. Instagram has video now, 15 whole seconds of it, more than twice the time that Vine, the filter-less competition, can even handle. The better news? There is a chance someone will “accidentally” post a 15-second video of themselves making a duck face.

trick shots

What you know about trick shots, bro? A staggering number of YouTube users are creating quite a following for this new sport. It consists mostly of super-talented athlete prodigies that can use balls in unconventional ways, such as scoring a basket from the opposite end of the field with a football. There is a group of guys on the ‘tube’ that goes by the username DudePerfect with quite a repertoire of trick shot videos featuring professional athletes from different disciplines: basketball, football, volleyball, ping pong, and even Frisbee. The best part about trick shots is that you can get really creative about the parameters of the game as long as you have to score in some form of superhero or Matrixesque way. And if you ever feel like you’ll never measure up, make sure you watch the bloopers and outtakes. I mean, nobody is perfect.

daft punk

Musicians and self-proclaimed artists nowadays use the same software and computers to make “music” that pretty much sounds repetitive. That is not my observation, but something I read on a Daft Punk interview a few months ago. The words were quite striking. It is true–there is not much of a difference between a bleep and a bloop in a Miley Cyrus song because a unique sound is not a priority in a hit single-driven economy. With their new album, Random Access Memories, Daft Punk attempts to revitalize the music industry by using real instruments played by real people to create a rich and tasteful sound. Pharrell was featured in their first comeback single “Get Lucky,” which is guaranteed to be playing somewhere on earth at any given time. They were rumored to perform at SXSW and Coachella, but only time will tell when we will be able to see them live. Memo is a pop culture blogger from Laredo, Texas living in Austin, Texas. Follow his blog at

this is my place

THE STUDIO DESIGN GALLERY Minita shows us around her studio.

THE MINITA LEAL EDITION Owner and creative force at The Studio Design Gallery


rue craftsmanship requires the talent of a passionate, confident, and adventurous spirit like Minita Leal. She lends her expertise to interpret a client’s vision and turns it into a reality. In her studio, she rescues and restores antiques and furniture. In addition, she creates very distinctive baskets, custom invitations and stationery. Minita, who pursues the art of calligraphy, does extensive research on paints, paper, techniques, and anything regarding this creative endeavor. When it comes to her craft, Minita admits to being not just meticulous but obsessive about the quality of her work. She revels every moment that she spends here, immersed in what she is impassioned about. The design and architecture of her workplace is inspired by the original structure, but continues to be a work in progress, full of possibilities. This is Minita’s sanctuary, a peaceful place where harmony and art meet.

CHATTING WITH MINITA I AM INSPIRED BY… great music, my customers, fabrics, and everything around me. OTHERS TELL ME THIS PLACE IS... intimate and unpretentious. HERE, I FEEL... very blessed, privileged, hopeful, inspired, alive, and happy.

cream august / september 2013




Save those old bell-bottoms or boot-cut jeans lying around in your closet with a clever DIY boost. Ombré has been getting tons of hype these past seasons so why not give those jeans a pick-me-up with this simple fix? What you’ll need: Clorox bleach, sharp scissors, a box cutter, an old pair of jeans, a bucket, gloves, and plastic bags.

First, decide how long your shorts will be. (Leave them a little long if you like the seams rolled up—that’s what we did.) When you’ve decided on the length, cut some slits using the box cutter (make sure not to cut the fabric in the back). Have fun with this, make slits wherever you feel comfortable showing off some leg! Pour two inches of bleach into the bucket. Put on the gloves and dip your shorts halfway a few times, keep the edges immersed in the bleach longer (about a minute).

Remove them from the bucket and lay them on top of the plastic bags in an open space to avoid bleaching anything around you. Let the shorts sit for 30 minutes; the fabric will whiten gradually. Allow the bleach to dry; then toss into the washer and dryer.

Once they are out of the dryer, you have a fresh pair of Ombré Shorts! Enjoy!

! p u it G JAZZIN It’s time for... ALL. THAT. JAZZ! Literally.


ur active theater community is always working to bring variety and captivating material to the city’s art scene. This summer, to mark its 20th anniversary, the Laredo Center for the Arts partnered with L.I.T.E. Productions to present ChiCago—a musiCal vaudeville. It is an enticing tale of deception, passion, and “all that jazz” inspired by the original 1926 play Chicago by reporter Maurine Dallas Watkins. The Center for the Arts’ main gallery has been reconstructed to transport us back to 1926 in order to revive the Tony Award winner for best musical with our very own Laredo talent. The play will be under the direction of the ingenious Danny Villarreal and the skilled Hacel Arias. Cast members for the lead trio include Lexie De Anda as Roxie Hart, Tricia Cortéz as Velma Kelly, and Oscar O. Peña as Billy Flynn. All will be assisted backstage by a well-versed team.

• Aug. 8 to Aug.10 at 8 p.m. • Aug. 11 at 3 p.m. • Aug. 16 to Aug.17 at 8 p.m. • Aug. 18 at 3 p.m.

General admission - $20 Tables for six available at $200 (includes hors d’oeuvres and spirits). Tickets can be pre-ordered at the Laredo Center for the Arts at (956) 725-1715 (all major credit cards accepted).






YOGApose of the month

These days, it is vital to stay healthy and ultimately fit. Our friends at Casa Yoga gave us some helpful tips to maintain our attractive summer bodies as they shared with us the numerous benefits of Yoga techniques.

The Parivrtta Anjaneyasana (“Revolved Lunge�) offers a chance to strengthen and stretch your legs, knees, and ankles. In addition, this particular pose also enhances and fortifies the groin, spine, chest, lungs, and shoulders as well as it helps to stimulate the abdominal organs while increasing stamina. It also improves digestion, burns fat, and develops balance. With that being said, start your journey to a healthier lifestyle by practicing this Yoga Pose of the Month.


Cream no 20  

AUG / SEP 2013

Cream no 20  

AUG / SEP 2013