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june • july 2012


mariela álvarez, anna carolina gonzález, lexy garcía, daniela párraga

wow! It might be hard to C I T Y M A G A Z I N E believe that we launched Cream two years ago, and publisher today, after twelve issues, we bring you lucky 13th to start a new publishing year full of promise. We are growing and evolving, learning on the go, making mistakes and looking for solutions every time we face an obstacle. Each day brings new lessons and opportunities. All the experience gained re-ignites our aspiration to be better. I feel that making a magazine is not difficult. But making Cream is a challenge because it involves paying close attention to innumerable factors in order to attain the quality that distinguishes us. I am grateful to our collaborators for their ideas and inventiveness and also to all the individuals who have graced our pages. We have been honored to have you. It’s delightful when people accept to appear in the magazine because they love our content, photography, design, and excellence. My appreciation goes as well to all the businesses that support and trust us when they advertise with us. I value that trust. Most of all, my heartfelt thanks to the Cream team—interns, writers, and especially, Analee Paz, our production director, for sharing with me her vision through her design and creativity; our copy editor, Graciela García, for her diligence in revising and editing; and Mariana Ortega for being instrumental in giving life and color to all our ads…thank you for the patience, understanding, and going above and beyond the norm.

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Thanks to my family and, above all, God for letting us reach our second anniversary. Here’s hoping to being with you for many years to come.

NO°13 TEAM ANALEE G. PAZ ANNA CAROLINA GONZÁLEZ / DANIELA PÁRRAGA MARIANA ORTEGA / MARIELA ÁLVAREZ LEXY GARCÍA / FERNANDO DE HARO Copyright © 2012 Cream City Magazine is a bi-monthly publication. All rights reserved. Points of view expressed do not necessarily represent those of Cream City Magazine. We reserve the right to refuse any advertisement we believe is incompatible with our mission. We also reserve the right to refuse any advertisement we deem competitive or contrary to the best interests of the magazine. Advertisers are legally responsible for the content, accuracy, and images of their ads. Printed in Mexico.









Tribute to a Friend

Dr. George H. García

mentegeOmétrica -mente NEWS MAKERS

the road to


TANO TIJERINA A tenacious and resourceful family man.

VERONICA CASTILLĂ“N A spokesperson with a confident voice.

MINDY CASSO Her career has made her a trusted household name.

Cream presents three exceptional individuals who contribute to the development of both Laredos with their effort, hard work, and dedication.


Rancher and Businessman

I learned from my grandparents that dreams are attainable and I want to teach the same to my children. I want to leave a legacy for them. Thankfully, my career permits me a flexible schedule that allows me to spend time with my family. Taking life one pitch at a time, living the moment, is important. I admire my father’s sense of humor and kind heart and I appreciate my father-inlaw’s wisdom and business sense. I always wanted to be my own boss. While perusing baseball as a profession, I was working at the ranch trying to make ends meet. After my baseball career ended, I graduated from college and began focusing on building my own ranch business. I’ve branched out into training and selling horses, raising show cattle and rodeo bucking bulls. I’ve recently started my TK Classic trucking company. I envisioned myself as a rancher and a businessman but never imagined being this blessed.

whether it’s mental or physical, gives you more confidence and helps you develop the strategies to achieve your goals. Going over a checklist, reviewing your plan, inspecting equipment, and anticipating the unexpected helps you to do your very best.

I am a very positive person. I am very loyal to my family and friends. And I don’t get discouraged easily. I like working under pressure and I seem to do better under deadlines. I love the sunsets in South Texas, a patch of wildflowers, a rainbow, an embrace from a loving child, and beautiful music. My bucket list is lengthy. My husband, Carlos, and I want to travel to Ireland, Czechoslovakia, and Israel to learn more about our ancestors. We also look forward to the joys of grandparenting someday. MINDY CASSO

In business, you need to have a good team around you with a diversity of skills; you’re only as good as your team.

News Anchor, KGNS-NBC

I have always been a problem solver. I can be on the phone with my stockbroker and the next minute with a truck driver shoveling manure.

I became interested in communications after a national high school competition where I realized I felt comfortable in front of an audience. Therefore, I worked to make it my career. I earned my B.A. in public relations from Texas State University in 1990. Although I never intended to study law, I took the LSAT just to see if I could score well enough to get in, which I did. After graduation, I worked for IBC, in 1992, was hired by UISD as public relations officer and four years later, named communications director for (then) Representative and Secretary of State Henry Cuellar. In 2001, I came back to work at a local hospital as community outreach director. Four years later, KGNS called to co-anchor the evening newscast.

As far as goals are concerned, I feel I have a lot more to accomplish. My advice to anyone starting out would be to never give up on your dreams. VERONICA CASTILLÓN

Laredo ISD Director of Communications

Every day at LISD is fun. I am honored to be the spokesperson for this wonderful school district with some of the most creative, resourceful, dedicated people. I really enjoy hearing the ideas and opinions from the community in response to an educational issue. Really and truly, everyone just wants what’s best for our children. Because I have worked at LISD for close to 20 years, I have attended almost 75 graduation ceremonies. I still get goose bumps when the band plays “Pomp and Circumstance” and the graduates receive their diplomas. Writing in my high school’s newspaper introduced me to mass media and communications. After I graduated from UT, I got my first job at KTBC-TV in Austin. There, I quickly learned that preparation,

I am satisfied having spent twenty years doing exactly what God intended me to do with my life. It’s so rewarding when I hear back from those whose lives I have touched through a piece of critical information. My mom showed me that a strong work ethic will define you and that it’s possible to balance a job and a family. Telling stories that need to be told remains the focus of my career; however, my goals are now centered on my children, Peter, 8, and Michael, 6. My husband has supported me for 17 years. He brought balance to my life and is an amazing father. I’d like to also recognize my dad’s unwavering love for his children.

cream june / july 2012


In our 11th issue, we wanted to do something we hadn’t done before—feature a couple for the fashion shoot. Thanks to the modeling and acting skills of Sabrina Martínez and Eloy Rendón, we took things to another level. The Cream team gathered and came up with a movie script that would dictate the entire shoot. The process was long (about 8 hours to be exact), but when it was done, the result was phenomenal.

“VIS(100)N” has been one of our biggest feats. For three weeks we stepped away from our headquarters and trekked the streets of Laredo where we documented and talked to people from all walks of life, from adults to 5-yearolds, asking them why they love Laredo.

We didn’t have our new office ready yet, but that didn’t hold us back. We took advantage of its big open space for our 11th issue bridal shoot. Opposing beauties—blonde Brooke Ward and brunette Milca Rodríguez—portrayed our first modern and irresistible brides-to-be.

Thanks to Mr. Javier Santos and the Fernando A. Salinas Charitable Trust we were able to photograph Rogelio Jiménez for an elegant cover and a sophisticated spread for our 9th issue.

For our 1st anniversary issue, we chose three beautiful women to emanate luminescence in Cream. Lorena Knosel, Denise Bazán, and Ivana Soberón allowed us to bathe them in all things gold—everything from glitter, makeup, jewelry, mesh, and more covered them for a stunning and glowing look.

Our models for the 12th issue had a real challenge. We wanted them to model themselves—not clothes, not jewelry, and not the location. Victoria Bauer, Mariela Álvarez, Amy García, and Claire Santos took the challenge and ran with it. Using only bright scarves, colorful makeup, and striking nails, these models took our experimental prose and surpassed our expectations.

We have been shocked, in awe, blown away by the response we received from our fans! About 600 entries and (literally) thousands of “Likes” later, we have the winners, topped by the “People’s Choice Winner” Mara I. Schaffler in the photo contest and Cristel P. Hernández in the pet contest. Be on the lookout for the next competition!


cream june / july 2012

When we decided to do this feature, we never realized the tough challenge ahead. Let’s just say the youngest models are not the easiest to handle! But aside from this task, we were able to obtain a great portrayal of six wonderful mothers in their daily natural habitats.

Anasofía Benavides Falcón and Carolina Longoria graced our 10th issue when we decided to have 2 cover girls for the first time ever. The young teens posed with such impressive results that this cover was one of the hardest to pick. Model Analy De La Cruz came to us with a truly great idea: documenting the chopping off about 20 inches of her beautiful hair! She chopped it off for a cause since it was donated to Locks of Love that same day. Cream brought you the before and after pictures.

Annalis Cigarroa and her buckskin Quarter horse named Cowboy helped kick-off the popular “Pets & People” section that has filled with joy the eyes of many Cream fans!

Everything happens for a reason. One day, while scouting locations for our next shoot, we bumped into a busy studio filled with clay work and a hardworking father and son team willing to share their space. Little did we know we were walking into the mind of one of Laredo’s most creative gems. From the minute we met Armando Hinojosa, we knew we had to showcase him and his work.

Throughout the year, Cream and our fans have gone all over the world presenting new and different places which have inspired us to look farther than our eyes can see.

Celebrate Giving! With an urge to give back, we decided to work on a feature in which we could highlight the effort of some very special and caring organizations in our community. This piece was an amazing opportunity not only for us, but for everyone to meet some great people.

cream june / july 2012


danny b . villarreal

co - propietaria de la estancia


Una fusión moderna de sabores latinos con raíces gastronómicas en Veracruz e influencias españolas y sudamericanas. ¿CUÁL PLATILLO NOS RECOMIENDA?


Las empanadas argentinas. ¿Y CUÁL DE TODOS ES EL PLATILLO MÁS POPULAR?


La que fusiona las cocinas del mundo— la cocina global. ¿QUÉ HACE EXITOSO A UN RESTAURANTE?


Las especias—desde el chile chilpalla hasta el acuyo y el chimichurri.

Baguette Primavera 4 porciones ingredientes

4 rebanadas de pan francés (1 pulgada) 1 rebanada delgada de jamón serrano ½ cucharada de choclo (granos de elote) 4 onzas de queso crema 1 cucharadita de especias italianas al gusto instruciones

Batir el queso crema con las especias. Cortar el jamón serrano en 4 partes y formar rollitos rellenándolos con la mezcla del queso y las especias. Se dora el pan y se les unta con la mezcla de queso que sobró. En uno de los extremos del pan se sirve una porción de choclo y en el otro se monta el rollito de jamón serrano y se decora con unos tallitos de cilantro. 10

cream june / july 2012

Tostaditas de Pulpo 4 porciones ingredientes

2 tortillas de maíz 4 cucharadas de crema ácida 4 a 6 onzas de pulpo cocido 6 onzas tomate bola en cuadritos 4 onzas de cebolla finamente picada 4 onzas de chile jalapeño desvenado y en cuadritos instruciones

Para las tostaditas, cortar con un molde en forma de círculo las tortillas y dorarlas. Cortar el pulpo en cuadritos y agregar el pico de gallo. Mezcle en forma envolvente con la crema y sirva en las tostadas. Agregue sal al gusto con un toque de jugo de limón. Para la dieta baja en carbohidratos, sustituir las tostadas por hojas de lechuga romana, rellenar cada hoja de la mezcla y hacerla rollito amarrada con tiras de cilantro.

Berry Crepes ingredientes

¼ taza de frambuesa o zarzamora ½ taza de fresas 2 crepas ½ taza de azúcar morena 1 cucharada de mantequilla 1 copita de licor de su preferencia instruciones

Calentar las crepas en el comal o sartén. En otro sartén, agregar la mantequilla y el azúcar a fuego lento; después se incorpora la fruta y se flamean con el licor. Servir las crepas en un plato agregando encima la frutas flameadas y una bola de nieve de vainilla como último toque.

LA ESTANCIA 5509 McPherson Rd. 956 . 722 . 1802

Horario: 8am - 11 pm

COCINANDO por La Estancia


Existen muchos platillos para deleitar nuestro paladar y traer a la mesa. Si disfrutas los sabores de influencia veracruzana y espaĂąola, date gusto y sal de lo habitual con estas exquisitas y sencillas recetas que comparte La Estancia con nosotros. Convierte una cena ordinaria en algo extraordinario. BAGUETTE PRIMAVERA

cream june / july 2012



lily hachar ballet Lily Hachar Dance Studio had a rousing success with the presentation of Beauty and the Beast a classical Disney film adapted into ballet by Lily herself. The dancers regaled a captive audience with their talents. Cream congratulates Lily Hachar for her remarkable career and invites you to know more about this outstanding dance studio. FOR MORE INFORMATION

Lily Hachar Dance Studio

1701 Peaceful Meadows #B3 • Laredo, Texas

956.791.9353 •

Mon-Thurs 3:30-7:30 P.M.

But in this newfound theater of rebirth laid an inherent problem: How could the personalized interpretations of one individual possibly represent the collective understanding of thousands of individuals? How can a studio adaptation possibly explore all the perspectives, rhetoric, and subtle nuances that are so deep-rooted in the history of literature and still manage to make a movie that people will want to see? Quite simply, it cannot be done.



However, the drive to express ourselves creates a need, and history has proven that wherever there is a need, there is opportunity. In this case, there is an opportunity for an idea to be shared with the world and an opportunity for money to be made. And people will never ignore an opportunity to make more money.

When a book is transitioned to a movie, the story must endure certain changes. Sacrifices must be made. Elements from the original publication might be scrapped. The plot might for as long as human beings have existed, we have be “tweaked” in order to fit a standard three act paradigm that been finding different ways to express ourselves and all feature films follow. Sometimes it is our favorite moments of expand our understanding. The domain of art began as a story that are lost in translation, and what made us so excited small, expressive gestures that have evolved throughout the years to see the film version fails to make the final cut. Sometimes it as we have forged new ground in is that which cannot be duplicated in the world around us. Primitive theaters, the narration or the prose, BUT EVEN WITH ALL cave drawings eventually led that proves to be the essence of a to priceless paintings that are story. Modern feature films require now found on the walls of too much structure, investments, museums under twenty-four hour and trending to be faithful to the surveillance. Tribal beats that were author’s creations. I am not saying once played on instruments made that all attempts fail to hit the mark, of animal skins have since grown but capturing the beloved tales of the STAR into a multibillion dollar industry. masses and turning them into motion Storytelling, once used to pass pictures should be more than just a along the history of cultures, belief process of studio adaptation. systems, and values is now the OF THE CINEMA basis for most of the Hollywood AND ALL IT HAS TO OFFER, JUST CANNOT COMPARE TO THE From the classic Dracula to the recent and publishing house revenue to Harry Potter franchise, Hollywood which we so willingly contribute. definitely has appeal when it comes to literary adaptations. But even with It is not a wonder that these all the technological achievements different forms of expression and star power of the cinema, film, OF OUR OWN were combined and experimented and all it has to offer, just cannot with over the years as the various compare to the unique powers of techniques developed. It is also our own imaginations. After all, it not a wonder that the world of is our imaginations that have driven literature and the world of cinema what seems to be the instinctive need would eventually combine. to express our feelings as well as the cultural and technological achievements that make contemporary Hollywood a reality. Cinema is nothing if not a multi-sensory combination of audio and visual creations on a million dollar scale. A non-monogamous Human expression will always be a part of the human condition, marriage of visual arts, music, and philosophy, movies have the and we will continue to interpret those expressions in as many capacity to take the audiences to places where other forms of individual ways as possible. We all base our own perceptions of entertainment could never go. Battles through space and time, the world through our own life experiences, and as such they are computer generated special effects, and a wider outlet of self as unique as our own fingerprints. When we read a book or a short expression are just some of the advantages offered by film, where story, we are the directors and the cameramen. We are in charge creations of multiple imaginations are displayed in a form that of special effects, set designs, and, casting the movie in our heads. was not possible until the advent of the motion picture. The final In fact, it does not surprise me at all that sometimes Hollywood product that is shown in theaters is truly the love child of all fails to compete. combined art forms.






The pages of fiction and history were revived on the silver screen. Audiences were given a live action, visual representation of the characters and places from the classic stories that were once bound to only ink and page. The places could be seen. The characters could be heard. The film adaptation was born.


cream june / july 2012


this is my place

THE SELINA SÁNCHEZ EDITION Owner of Paper Passion when selina sánchez and her husband built their home, she made sure it came with a craft room or as she refers to it, her playroom. Boy, did she get it! Her perfect workshop is cleverly clutter-free. A splash of color on the walls, plenty of shelves, drawers, pullouts, and boxes make her creating time a truly relaxing experience. There is a place for everything. The TV, computer, plus all the tools of her trade are efficiently arranged in this gorgeously organized “sacred little space,” as Selina calls it. The former educator realized her dream of turning her hobby into a full time job and works here from Monday thru Thursday. Definitely, this functional room celebrates Selina’s skills as a keen organizer and crafter.

PAPER PASSION is reflected in every inch of this creative nook, from the hand crafted 3-D paper ball ornaments hanging from the ceiling to the rolls and rolls of carefully organized colorful ribbons.

CHATTING WITH SELINA YOUR FAVORITE PLACE craft room. MY FAVORITE THING ABOUT BEING HERE IS...noticing that in every nook and corner of the room you can see my passion for what I do. WHEN CUSTOMERS VISIT THE WORKSHOP...they tell me they love it and they don’t want to leave.

cream june / july 2012


Tribute to a Friend

Dr. George H. García JAVIER DE ANDA —dear friend

Dr. George H. García was a wonderful man with a plethora of skills. Throughout his life he was an amazing dentist, a businessman, a great husband, loving father, son, brother, and a friend that anyone could turn to for help. He loved helping his community by donating his services to the orphans of Sacred Heart Children’s Home. In addition, he spent time as a VANESSA, ARIANE, AND CHANELLE GARCÍA —his devoted daughters UISD science fair judge and deeply enjoyed giving lectures at different schools to help inspire students to become someone in life. Dr. García also awarded a yearly college scholarship to John B. Alexander High School students going into the dental field. He devoted time earlier in his career dressing up as Santa Claus giving out toys and fruit bags to the lower income neighborhoods. Never asking for recognition, he did this out of and how he truly believed he should play the harmonica for a blues band. We remember his secret wish of being a Native American the kindness of his heart. and believing he was one in his previous life. Most of all, we Dr. García along with partners Dr. Reynaldo remember his heart and the love he had for us always. That love will Godines and the late Luis Guerra constructed two of be with us forever. —VANESSA, ARIANE, AND CHANELLE GARCÍA the most beautiful buildings in Laredo for medical Dr. George García (the Gentle Giant) was one of the most caring persons I have ever known. Whether they were his patients or his and business offices. Dr. García was loved by friends, children and adults loved him because he always made many and will never be forgotten. everyone smile with his quick wit and his charismatic personality. I Our dad was well-known for many commendable qualities— his generosity to charities and churches, his dedication to work and patients. Although these deeds merit recognition and remembrance, we choose to remember him a little differently. We remember his humor, like the times he’d moonwalk on McPherson blasting Michael Jackson from his truck on our way to school. We remember his voice singing made up lyrics and how he would chant "Say Say Say" around the office. We remember his musical “talents”

remember one year, close to Christmas time in December, we went together on a hunting trip about 150 miles out of Laredo. He cut the hunting trip a day short to dress as Santa Claus for a group of children because that’s the type of person he was—kind, caring, and selfless.—JAVIER DE ANDA Sacred Heart Children’s Home will always remember Dr. García for his generosity but mostly, for his friendship. He gave his services to the children and sisters without charging anything. He was a great doctor but very humble. We fondly recall his visits—playing his harmonica for the children, bringing his dogs so the kids could play with them, offering his

DR. HARRY LEGAN —Professor of Orthodontics, mentor, colleague and friend of Dr. García DENNIS NIXON —President & CEO, International Bank of Commerce-Laredo, Texas and friend of Dr. García

SISTER MARÍA YOLANDA FERNÁNDEZ —friend of Dr. García and Servant of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and of the Poor

GRISELDA, AMANDA, AND DARLA —office staff of Dr. García

JOSH HSU —scholarship student of Dr. García

services every time he came, and eating with us sometimes. The last time he visited he mentioned his health, said he was doing better and that his wife was very supportive. He also talked about his girls, so smart and helpful. As a young man, he had befriended many of the boys we sent to Saint Joseph’s Academy and would always ask about them. We will not forget him or his family. —SISTER MARÍA YOLANDA FERNÁNDEZ Dr. George García was a big man with a big heart. George was my student, colleague, and friend for 30 years. He was one of a kind, and his patients, peers, faculty, friends and family valued and admired his many good qualities. He loved his patients, and the bigger their problems, the more deeply he cared

for them. His generosity was well known, whether to the church, schools, various organizations, or a friend in need. He loved to cook outside, and dinners with him and Ariane on Dallas Sundays were a special treat for those of us lucky enough to be invited. George lived life with a gusto that spread to those around him. Dr. George García was a big man whose passing left a big hole in many hearts.—DR. HARRY LEGAN Dr. García was a good friend of the bank. George was a great example of a young man who came back home to add value to Laredo after finishing his studies. He proved that you can be successful in your profession and in your business as well. At IBC, we are pleased to say that we helped him establish his practice. Dr. George brought new and improved techniques in orthodontics to Laredo, and since 1991 the bank worked hard hand in hand as he grew his practice, his family, and invested in the community. IBC is proud to have played a role in Dr. García’s career and is proud to have known him, not only as a customer and professional, but as a friend and member of the IBC family. He is truly missed.—DENNIS NIXON I had the privilege to meet and know Dr. García two years ago. I walked into his office one afternoon looking to shadow an orthodontist to which he graciously agreed to with open arms. His hard work and compassion for helping and serving others further solidified my decision to pursue a career in the field of dentistry. I’ve learned that faith in God is the most important aspect any man can have. I will always remember what a great man he was and the impact he had in our community. He was a great mentor and role model and will be dearly missed.—JOSH HSU When we first started working for Dr. García, we thought he was strict, mean, and sometimes too hard on us. It wasn't until a few years into our employment that we realized he was tough because he felt we had great potential to excel not only in his practice but in life. Dr. García did much more than fix teeth. He fixed people's self-esteem. On numerous occasions, patients would walk into his office timid and embarrassed about the way they looked, but after he was done with them, they walked out with confidence and a big smile. He taught us that regardless of the size of the impact you make on a person's life, as long as it's a positive impact then you've done a good job. — GRISELDA, AMANDA, AND DARLA






FOR ONE In 1971, Karen Carpenter reminded us that loneliness is such a sad affair. I agree. Few things pull on my heartstrings more than knowing somebody feels lonely. It may be because I’ve seen it happen in real time. Even more so, I’ve been through it. For a short while during college, I found myself almost friendless and it was torture. I wanted desperately to have a group of people in my geographical area that I could turn to and that I felt comfortable with. Groucho Marx said, “I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member.”

screw that. it feels great to belong. We’re born social animals. Since day one, we become members of a particular family that, hopefully, will always be around. During our school years, we look for those individuals whom we identify with and stick to them to soldier through those awkward years of trying to find ourselves. Later in life, we associate with colleagues who share the same mindset and interests. The overachievers of the world surround themselves with like-minded folks. Newlyweds seek other recently married couples. Widows have their bridge clubs. Humans are programmed to socialize. Even the Lone Ranger had a loyal companion. Cheers to the Tontos of the world! Yet, I hear too often about people who feel alone. I hear about women who feel left behind because they, through death or divorce, are no longer married. The same goes for those who are still single within their group of friends, or those who haven’t quite found a clique because they’re a bit different. They consider themselves social burdens or lepers. Is this normal? Yes, but only because we allow it. As always, there are two sides to every relationship. The lonely individual might be apprehensive to fit into any group at all. He or she might be afraid because, quite frankly, it is scary to be among strangers. Also, it may be seen as a drag having to appeal to other people. On the other hand, what if the group doesn’t open up? Established crowds may have a difficult time welcoming someone new and sadly, not every potential dynamic will click. However, something positive may come out of any newly-formed relationship. It is all about attitude and realizing that we can all learn from each other to become better humans.


I think of those who feel useless or unimportant because they have no significant other. They believe they’re not needed anymore because the absence of a spouse has turned off their internal glow. Well, everybody is important with, without, or in spite of their partner. My grandmother, for example, was widowed twice, yet you couldn’t walk into her house without seeing at least two or three visitors. She felt important to her community and not once did she pity herself for being alone. Her attitude was the attraction for others. Who doesn’t love a self-confident person? People were not placed on earth to wallow in loneliness. Many are not aware that others out there need them and their history. My favorite book, The Life of the Beloved, by Henri Nouwen, describes our lives as being taken, blessed, broken, and given. In a nutshell, we are all chosen by a Supreme Being. We are all given wonderful qualities. We are all given our share of tragedies, obstacles, and struggles. And, finally, we are given to others for mutual betterment and growth. The next time you find yourself with somebody, think of the long and winding road that he or she took to arrive where you are. The world is a small place because out of the many paths we decide to take, we end up at the exact same spot as somebody else at any given moment. Every person you come in contact with is aching to tell their story. This is precisely why there are so many bloggers and micro-bloggers online. We are all broken. We all have our issues. We are all God’s perfectly imperfect creations and we roam the planet with our cuts and tears trying to comfortably position ourselves in the population puzzle. We live in a beautiful place that could have only been created by a Heavenly Architect and, in spite of our flaws and blemishes, we belong here so much. We all have the need to be heard and, for the same token, we all have the obligation to listen. So, open up. Don’t be afraid to give yourself to others, and always be receptive to those who need you.

every person you come in contact with is aching to tell their story.

For those lucky enough to be surrounded by people, always keep an eye out for those who might feel lost and lonely. As for those who feel unlit and indistinctive, believe me when I say that we all have that internal light. You may just have to apply new batteries. cream june / july 2012


congrats memo!

After graduating from Texas A&M International University, Memo Huerta celebrated with friends and family at Gallery 201.

hello, lemurs!

The Laredo Lemurs kicked off their new season beating the Grand Prairie AirHogs 5-1 at the new Uni-Trade Stadium.







mentege Ométrica menteFOTOGRAFÍA FERCH



A C C E S O R I O S + V E S T U A R I O S A R A + R E G I N A’ S B O U T I Q U E B O R D E R B E A U T Y S U P P LY

Spring trends bring bright bursts of color

las figuras geométricas dan realce a la creating an effect that opens up your eyes de joyería y aplicaciones metálicas combinación and adds warmth to the skin. pink neón en un look muy vanguardista. conFrom colores ¡qué to blue and yellow to purple, havemejor fun andforma de celebrar nuestro segundo aniversario be bold by color blocking vivid colors. This y la llegada del verano que con páginas que complementan season, pop art meets art estas deco andcandentes there’s nuestra portada! definitely something for everyone. BY DANIELA PÁRRAGA



Luce muy moderna alrededor de Diana Belt Chocolate by la alberca con uninbikini bi-color Blueun Bycollar Enzoani, $300. complementado con llamativo y una bolsa fabulosa. Collar Plateado y Pashmina Verde Neón de Regina’s Boutique.

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THE FOX 39 TEAM David Miguel, Diana Castillo, Cristina García-Serra, and Lorena Ibarra visited us here at the Cream studios representing the new local Fox affiliate’s newscast. This smart and lively team comes into our homes and brings us the news night after night.



Sports Anchor and Reporter Originally from: Glendale, California

Anchor and Producer Originally from: Los Angeles, California










Co-Anchor and Reporter Originally from: San Diego, California FAVORITE APP


LORENA IBARRA Weather Anchor Originally from: Laredo, Texas FAVORITE WEATHER



NEWS MAKERS On July 2007, as part of Entravision Communications, an important TV corporation, KXOF became a FOX Network affiliate. On April 9th, 2012 the network made headlines in Laredo, Texas with the launch of a new English half-hour newscast. Diana Castillo, David Miguel, Lorena Ibarra, and Cristina GarcíaSerra are at the helm of these evening news. Cream turned the tables on the four broadcasters and interviewed them for a change. Learn how broadcasting shapes their lives and why their charisma, drive, and vitality have invigorated the news arena in town.


people. I love the fact that everyone seems to be so involved in different organizations. You truly feel a sense of unity in this community. David: Laredo is an active place and being by the border makes it livelier than most cities. I also enjoy being surrounded by so many educated people who are fully bilingual. Cristina: People are so nice and welcoming; there’s a lot of talent in our news team and it’s a great opportunity for all of us to learn from each other here. Lorena: The people and the food. The collectivistic culture is very evident and the people are so inviting. I can’t talk enough about the food, nothing but authentic Mexican food that’s why I love shooting Sabores de Laredo. HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE A LOCAL CELEBRITY? Diana: I’m just a normal person doing a job that happens to be in the public eye. David: I don’t consider myself a celebrity. Cristina: I am blessed to be doing what I love to do and on top of that, be recognized for it. Lorena: It’s so rewarding to know people acknowledge and appreciate your work. WHAT MOTIVATES YOU TO WORK EVERY DAY? Diana: This work is never boring. Every day I encounter something new. David: My passion for sports makes coming to work more meaningful. Cristina: Mostly, knowing that I have a platform where I can help others who might not have a voice. Lorena: Having influence and a say in our community enables me to do my best. WHAT IS THE MOST EXCITING NEWS YOU HAVE EVER DELIVERED? Diana: Every story I deliver is exciting in its own way. David: Covering the 2008 NBA Playoffs. I interviewed Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, and LeBron James. Cristina: Probably, reporting on Elizabeth Smart when she was in Laredo or the Katherine Cardenas’ case. Lorena: The 2010 flood was a scary yet exciting experience for me. WHAT HAS BEEN THE STRANGEST/ FUNNIEST MOMENT YOU HAVE EXPERIENCED WHILE

BEING IN THE NEWSROOM? Diana: So far nothing too strange has ever happened, but thank goodness for the funny moments. Last week we were all on deadline, and one of the anchors went to sit down but missed the chair and fell right on the floor then bounced right back up like nothing happened. It was hilarious and it couldn’t have happened at a better time because it helped us release some stress that day. David: Watching the World Cup in 2006 as a member of Telemundo alongside our NBC co-workers because we were screaming throughout several matches while they looked at us

as though we were crazy. Cristina: A lady called the station to tell us that Laredo was being bombed when it was really the fireworks from the Wellness Center opening. At first, I felt bad because she sounded hysterical, but it was pretty funny once we told her what it was. Lorena: Once, I accidently walked into a sliding door in the control room. IF YOUR CAREER WEREN’T REPORTING IN LIVE TELEVISION, WHAT WOULD YOU BE DOING? Diana: I would have been an investigator, maybe for the FBI or CIA. David: Traveling the world. Cristina: I would probably be a lawyer, court cases are a big passion of mine. Lorena: Anything dealing with traveling or fashion. WHAT ARE YOUR DAILY DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES? Diana: I write and produce the entire newscast, which includes both the local and national stories that will air at 9 p.m. David: I report, anchor, edit, produce, and shoot the sports segment for Univision 27 and Fox News Laredo. Cristina: I write for the 9 o‘clock newscast, edit, translate, do audio, record my stories, so basically I do production. I also interview people and report. Lorena: I report on the local weather and around the world, write stories for Fox News and feature stories, and prepare graphics for the English and Spanish news broadcasts. WHAT DO YOU CONSIDER YOUR GREATEST PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT? Diana: So far, I consider this to be my greatest achievement. I have worked really hard to get to where I am today. David: Graduating from the University of Miami, a good education is the foundation for who we are as people. Cristina: Winning a national championship as part of my college’s debate team. Also, watching one of my reports and being satisfied with it. Lorena: Transitioning from the Spanish to the English news. I am grateful to work in both newscasts and reach out to a greater audience. WHAT DID YOU DREAM OF BEING WHEN YOU WERE A LITTLE KID? Diana: I am living my dream. David: A professional soccer player. Cristina: A news anchor. Lorena: I wanted to be a veterinarian since I love animals. WHAT EXCITING NEWS, PAST OR PRESENT, WISH YOU COULD HAVE HAD OR MIGHT

Diana: “We have some breaking news: Astronauts have made contact with another form of life in another planet. Stay tuned for the latest.” David: I would love to cover game 7 of the NBA Finals. Cristina: That the drug war in Mexico is over and no more innocent lives will be taken away. Lorena: “Dinosaurs are back!”


KXOF-CA channel 39 is a FOX affiliate in Laredo, Texas, owned by Entravision Communications. KXOF also airs MyNetworkTV programming from Midnight-2am, and LATV programming from 3am-5am. TUNE IN AT 9PM FOR THE LATEST NEWS. CABLE: 16 / 870 HD DISH: 39 DIRECT TV: 39 ON AIR: 39 / 27.3 / 31.2 HD

CAREER TITLES 2011 Pan American Champion, 2011-2012 Multiple NAGA Champion, Multiple state and national championships in 2011 He admires Willington DĂ­az, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor who is 43 but competes in the adult 18-29 year old division.

the road to


GLORY In honor of the Olympic Games and in Cream fashion, we recruited and selected among elite athletes from Laredo and Nuevo Laredo. These stellar performers come in all sizes, play different sports, and hold diverse records, but in the end they all share one vision: to be the best.

fred reyes


jiu jitsu has allowed fred to travel all over the world and will be in Brazil competing in June. This sport, like any other, involves a lot of studying. Fred spends hours watching competition videos, learning techniques on how to counter, attack, and defend. His method involves focusing on the immediate surroundings and never letting the politics of martial arts interfere with his goals. Although Reyes has won the Pan-American title, the second most important in the world, his ultimate goal is the World Jiu Jitsu Championship. When competing, his greatest motivation is winning, of course. But after every win, he never cheers. Reyes always helps the opponent to get up and that attitude has gained him a lot of friends who travel to Laredo just to enroll at his academy.

mariana aviña SOCCER

SHE ADMIRES Mia Hamm, one of the all-time best soccer players. According to Mariana, "A great athlete needs to be a team player and a role model.”

Soccer is one of her many talents. This year, Mariana has helped her school win titles in volleyball, basketball, track, and soccer. She can also boast of playing with a Division 1 team and being one of the few

selected to the Olympic Development Program after hundreds tried out. Mariana acknowledges her coach, Efrain Galindo, who for the past ten years has inspired her to do better, taught her that there are no gains without pains, and for always believing in her. Besides practicing, which she does all year, she prepares for a match by resting and watching a good soccer game on TV. She wants to be a marine biologist and play for the U.S. soccer team.

maribel lópez–garcía RUNNING

She cites tolerance for pain and mental strength as her strong points. This now staunch runner got her start at 40 when she ran the Twin City Marathon in Minneapolis; once Maribel She admires her father, a great crossed that first finishing line, man and always a fighter. she was hooked. Every week she runs between 40 and 60 miles but will cover 80 miles when getting ready for a race. Her most recent event was the Houston Marathon in January. From all the marathons, her most memorable have been in Boston, New York, Chicago, Big Sur, and Utah. However, the Guajolote Run will always hold a special place in her heart because her father, in the last stages of cancer, went to see her compete. Maribel’s next goal is to run a marathon in Europe by next year. CAREER TITLES 1999 Winner-Guajolote Run, Woman’s Overall, has run 52 marathons and 4 ultra marathons

2011 pony

world series champions BASEBALL

These big little players made history when they were crowned champions in Pennsylvania last summer. It was their time to shine and they didn’t waste it. Scoring the most homeruns in the Series and with a come-from-behind win, these title holders made all Laredoans beam with pride. There might be other World Series, but they will always be our champs! ABOUT THE PLAYERS Top Left: Mario "Chipper" García He practices 6 days a week, twice a day. Top Right: Bernardo Martínez He feels motivated by the coaches and the rest of the team. Middle Left: David Rendón He became interested in baseball by watching it on TV. Middle Right: Carlos G. Ramos A player whose biggest strength is his speed. Bottom Left: Rubén M. Solís Winning last year was the proudest moment of his life. Bottom Right: Eduardo Rodríguez A big admirer of Matt Kemp because he “practices and plays like a beast.”

run and don’t worry

about being better

than the runner

next to you BE THE BEST



-maribel lópez–garcía 34

cream june / july 2012

MELISSA ITURRALDE DE GARCÍA Mía Ivannah, 5, es creativa, cariñosa y muy amiguera. Abraham IV, 1 año 6 meses, es explorador, muy coqueto y alegre.

ABOUT TEJEDA He admires Roger Federer who tops the list of “100 greatest tennis players of all time.” Tejeda also says, “My parents and my sisters are my best motivators; I play thanks to them.”

rolando tejeda

bernadette galván

A valuable young player who got his first trophy in a local competition, Rolando represented the United States in last year’s Pan-American Games. He was introduced to frontenis, a Basque pelota specialty, by a childhood friend over ten years ago. On average, Tejeda practices five hours daily from Monday to Saturday. The satisfaction he experiences every time he wins a match makes him forget the blood, sweat, and exhaustion that also come with the game. To Rolando, a good player has to know defeat to appreciate victory and it is also important to have respect for the opponents. He is appreciative of the chance to play because sports offer the opportunity to avoid bad habits, center the mind, and keep the body fit.

Bernadette’s passion drives her to be an advocate of health and fitness CAREER TITLES 2003 1st place NPC Cornerstone for the community, something she Classic, 2004 1st place NPC Miss is able to do as co-owner of Rock Lone Star, 2005 1st place NPC Fitness Center. Her incursion in Miss USA, 2007 2nd place IFBB this arena began with dancing Pittsburgh Pro, 2007 IFBB Figure and involvement in sports at an Olympia qualification, 2008 1st early age. Later, she attended John place IFBB Europa Supershow, Casablancas modeling school. 2008 IFBB Figure Olympia qualification, 2008 IFBB Arnold Her interest eventually led to Schwarzenegger Show invitation her first competition. This fitness figure model is proud of her many impressive accomplishments, but being one of only 18 invited to participate in the Schwarzenegger Classic tops her list. Bernadette has been featured on MDTV and on several magazines including Flex, Muscle & Fitness hers, Iron Man, Muscular Development, and Oxygen.



the qualities of a great athlete

are the same qualities you find in a great person:



TO ACHIEVE -bernadette galván

cream june / july 2012


MÓNICA TORRES MENDOZA Aunque son iguales físicamente por ser gemelos, 1 año 6 meses, Pablo es tranquilo y Diego es inquieto.

lizeth reyes

jorge muñoz garnica

Perseverance and a good attitude have made this teenager an outstanding golf player in only four years. She meets daily with her caddie, Antonio Hernández, and intensifies her preparation by traveling to San Antonio on weekends to train with coach Cliff Bounds. Lizeth makes the most of every lesson so she can be confident and qualified for the next tournament. Even CAREER TITLES 2011-2012 Player of the year-Texas when playing with her friends, Junior Golf Tour, 2011 4th place she knows it’s important to Callaway World Series (Ranking), stay focused on the game. 2010-2011 Runner-up MJGA National Tour (Ranking), 2010-2011 She is grateful to God, her family, teachers, and coach for Champion AGIJN Regional Tour (Ranking), 2009-2010 Champion their support. Lizeth’s main MJGA National Tour (Ranking), objective is to continue honing 2009-2010 Champion AGIJN her skills and realize her dream Regional Tour (Ranking) of playing for a university. Her advice to anyone interested in golf is dedication, practice, and patience.

Jorge became a cyclist six years ago when challenged by his younger brother. Now he loves it—trains between 12 and 20 hours a week— and competes any chance he gets in local, regional and state events on both sides of the border as far away as Colorado, New Mexico, Aguascalientes, Hidalgo, CAREER TITLES Guadalajara, etc. Muñoz is very 2011 Hill Country Marathon proud of his victories as well as MB State Champion, 2007 having risen to category 2 in road and 2008 Nuevo León State Champion XC racing and being able to finish the Leadville Trail 100 in Colorado, an He admires Lance Armstrong ultramarathon through the heart for his personal and career of the Rocky Mountains. Jorge triumphs. also feels that being able to endure Jorge says, “Good training, an unexpected challenging race proper diet, and rest are prepares him to meet the obstacles vital to achieving your that life may bring.



cream june / july 2012


best performance during competition.”

CAREER TITLES 3rd place in ISSF Shotgun World Cup 2012-Tucson, Arizona, 1st place Copa Continental-Santiago de Chile, 1st place-Lima, Peru 1st place in Golden StateLos Angeles, 1st place-Santo Domingo, Dominican Rep., 6th place Pan-American Games; 5 National Championships; currently holds National Record in 2 versions

i am always driven by my desire to DO MY BEST AND BE THE BEST

-carlos “kaliman” valdéz

carlos “kaliman”valdéz OLYMPIC SKEET

Carlos began became interested in skeet shooting at the age of twelve inspired by his father who is also an avid shooter. He trains three hours daily and considers that concentration is fundamental to success. Carlos has participated in many prestigious tournaments and won thanks to his dedication. His most recent victory—the Shotgun World Cup—was just a few months ago. This competitor’s advice for any aspiring athlete centers on working hard, having determination, and staying humble. His main aspiration is to qualify for the Olympic Games.

cream june / july 2012


THE GUARDIANS sterling silver

activity challenge:

the gallery

featured artist // david bausman

activity challenge:

DAVID BAUSMAN is an Professor of Art at Laredo Community College Fort McIntosh Campus


I think of everything I make as sculpture, a small portion of it just happens to be wearable. I started working with metal when I was about 8 years old. WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE MATERIALS TO WORK

WITH? I prefer silver; however, I also use other metals or stones based on their metaphysical properties as they relate to the concept of the design. WHAT DO YOU FIND MOST CHALLENGING ABOUT THE PROCESS? The competition with myself for perfection while creating something that is handmade. A large hollowware piece may take several months. WHAT


Influential artists would be Matisse, Picasso, Ken Cory and Tom Muir (currently alive and working). Other influences would be research in metaphysics, quantum physics, and comparative mythologies and religions. IS THERE A COMMON THEME THROUGHOUT YOUR WORK? Spiritual awareness, sacred love and ritual. HOW HAS YOUR WORK EVOLVED OVER THE YEARS? I see more sophistication. The longer an artist works, you see these progressions where the original idea has grown through research and numerous preliminary sketches. WHAT DO YOU ENJOY MOST ABOUT DESIGNING AND CREATING

YOUR OWN JEWELRY? All art is a problem solving skill. The research and process is never exactly the same. COULD YOU


How about one word? Destruction. Not only do I destroy the forms when sketching, but working with metal involves using torches, hammers, abrasives, acids, etc. in order to create. DO YOU HAVE ANY UPCOMING SHOWS? I am usually in several shows around the country in the fall and continually work with various book and magazine publishers. IS THERE ANYTHING YOU WOULD LIKE TO ADD? This group of rings is just simple carvings from blocks of wax done with an X-Acto knife and cast with scrap metal, so there may be some imperfections. In the beginning, the intention was to do them as quick studies and examples. I usually do demonstrations of this type as visual aid before my classes begin their own projects. This demonstration just happened to be for the lost-wax casting process. WORDS?


pot-bellied pig. His name is Larry but my sisters call him Reet because he loves to eat. HOW OLD IS LARRY AND HOW LONG HAVE YOU HAD HIM? He is about 2 years old, and I've had him since he was a couple of weeks old. DO YOU OWN ANY OTHER PETS? Yes, I have 4 schnauzers. WHAT DOES LARRY MEAN TO YOU? He provides diversion, a bit of distraction for me. When I'm done with all my daily activities, I can go to my backyard and enjoy some time petting Larry. DOES HE REQUIRE ANY SPECIAL CARE? He loves to get his stomach rubbed and he will actually lie on his side as long as you keep rubbing. Other than that, I like to keep a nice puddle of mud for him. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ACTIVITY TO DO WITH LARRY? Without a doubt, rubbing his stomach because it shows his trust. He won't lie down if he feels threatened because that's when pigs are most vulnerable. HOW DIFFICULT WAS IT TO TRAIN HIM? It was very easy, all it took was food. TELL US YOUR FAVORITE ANECDOTE WITH LARRY. One time he got out of the house and went a few houses down the block. The neighbors were freaking-out. I just yelled out is name, and he came running back to me. This showed me that he recognized me and proved how smart LUIS TENA GUERRA JR. he is. COULD YOU GIVE US SOME TIPS WHEN CHOOSING A PET? Choose a pet you like not just what other people have. HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT PEOPLE WHO MISTREAT ANIMALS? I wouldn’t tolerate it. They would have a big problem with me. IF YOU WERE AN ANIMAL, Animals can’t defend themselves. If WHICH WOULD YOU BE AND WHY? Definitely not a pig. (I'm sorry Larry.) I would be a I saw anybody mistreating an animal, cheetah because I admire their agility and speed.

"Choose a pet you like not just what other people have."

cream june / july 2012


STYLED let me be the first to admit to being a closet hoarder. I’ve been the victim of, “I don’t know what to wear,” and accumulated years’ worth of clothes due to impulsive shopping. But along the way, I’ve also picked up a useful solution to this chaos: two-timing outfits—one dress two ways, making it a day-to-night wardrobe. First, it gives your wallet a break. As much as I love buying something for every occasion, it wouldn’t hurt to look back at what’s already in my closet. Second, being creative when combining clothes is a way to make our brain juices flow. Last but not least, if you must buy, buy “investment” pieces like a white blazer or the classic LBD (little black dress). Enough chitchat. I’ll demonstrate. For my day outfit, I chose a trendy color-block strapless dress, basic and versatile. With a couple of changes in accessories and layers, it transitions with no problem from day to night. Because my day look is all about comfort, I paired leopard print loafers and a yellow messenger bag to make it effortless and fun. The chambray top hides the dress to disguise it as a skirt. Brain juice flowing! For the night look comes the adding and subtracting. Remove the chambray top; now add high heels—a must for a night of cocktails— and a necklace. A strapless dress pretty much lends itself to hang anything you want around the neck. And how about a pretty and shiny clutch to complete the look? Moving the accessories around and layering helps transform the outfit too, but don’t forget to keep them appropriate for the occasion.

Planning outfits ahead of time is always work in progress, but by spending a few minutes on the task, you avoid coming home to change. The key is to interchange and play with the pieces already owned and focus on one piece, like the dress here. It’s a strategy perfect for those on the move with no time between work and play. Might want to use all that saved time on makeup and primping that greasy hair. BY MICHELLE COOK GUTIÉRREZ

Michelle is a street fashion blogger living in Laredo, Texas. Follow her blog at

The good moments are, of course, good. But the good would not mean much if there weren’t some bad and some ugly. Humbling at best, the setbacks within the service industry can only be taken in stride and chalked up as learning experiences. Like with any social situation, there is etiquette to delivering messages…especially the less than favorable ones.

How Momo

In an act of kindness, we provided complimentary catering services to a family in distress where the community stepped up to help them keep on track. Much to my surprise, a third party felt it was their prerogative to impart on me in a public setting their dissatisfaction with our services. Taking the criticism for what it’s worth, it helped to influence the market we will continue to serve. Tough lesson, but that situation shed light on learning to say no to some events. The risk is inherent with a process as transparent as event planning, but that’s where the element of reviews and referrals come in handy! Ever popularized by avenues such as Yelp or Urbanspoon, fellow eaters can make a world of difference with the things they say about a business.



“. . . To serve so selflessly, you have to subdue something in yourself.” Well, ain’t that the damn truth. Taken from the critically acclaimed bestseller novel, I Don’t Know How She Does It, Allison Pearson is on point with describing the focus and, frankly, swagger it took Kate to do it all and have it all. Little understood by most people, providing service beyond expectation is no simple feat. At a recent party I hosted for my dad, he caught a glimpse of how much work goes into producing an elegant evening. Having to handle himself a few tasks for their blowout housewarming, he called exasperated only to say, “I don’t know how you do it; this is the last party I will be throwing in a long time!” Pulling out all the stops, we delivered a night to remember. I think this was a small turning point when my dad’s perception of all my partying for a living and baking cute cupcakes became a more substantial grown-up effort. With soft lighting, white linens, canopied tables, and a smorgasbord of delicious food, their guests were flooding his inbox the following day with pleasantries about how impressed they were with the evening. Those are the shaping moments that come to define the very essence of service.

Doing it all and having it all only looks so easy based on the doer. It’s more of a habit, really. Watching my mom while growing up, she was our superwoman. It wasn’t just a matter of accomplishing what the day held ahead of her. It was a matter of having one hundred things to do, and only so much time to do them with two bratty kids in tow. It seemed like a game at the time, a challenge to watch. But growing into becoming her, I can’t understand how she managed to do it all back then. A small spitting image of my mother, I try to fill her shoes and be as dedicated and successful in hopes of being a person, too, that others look at and say, “I just don’t know how she does it.” BY MOON JAMALUDDIN

Moon is a private chef and caterer in Houston, she was born in Bangladesh and brings a new light to the traditional flavors. Find more about Momo Catering on Twitter, Yelp, or Facebook.

Cream No. 13  

June / July 2012