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Cranmore Chronicle 11 January 2019 Editor: Mrs S Connolly

Junior Department House Captains

Welcome to the Easter Term I wish you and your family a Happy New Year for 2019! We have come to the end of our first week and I am sure that all colleagues and pupils, old and new, are getting into the rhythm of the busy life which is Cranmore. Having just returned, I shall be out of school from Wednesday onwards next week for what is a personal milestone. I shall be attending CISC - the National Conference for Heads of Catholic Independent Schools – for the 25th consecutive year. Moreover, my term of office as Vice-Chair comes to an end having served for six years. This gathering had modest beginnings but its membership comprises virtually every eligible school in the UK, and quite a few from overseas, representing prep, senior and special schools. Whilst each school is unique, we share a common thread which is to develop the whole person in the likeness of Jesus Christ. A tall order, certainly, but such a holistic view of education reflects our commitment to nurturing each child in the fullest sense. Michael Connolly, Headmaster

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Attention: Road Safety The health, safety and well-being of all of our children are of paramount importance to all of the adults that work at Cranmore. The car park at the end of the school day can become rather busy. All Junior children must be accompanied by an adult and we have staff manning the zebra crossing and the drop-off area for the Seniors. To maintain this high level of safety, could I please ask parents to keep their child close to them at all times and to ensure that they are walking inside of the pavement, with you nearest the road. Parents reversing into spaces may not see a child in the rear mirror. Ten tips to help your children stay safe: 

Always use the Green Cross Code

Ensure your child walks on the inside of the pavement, with you nearest the road

Do not cross between parked cars

Use pedestrian crossings even if it means walking a little further

Check that no cars are about to move off

Use zebra crossings and traffic islands

Point out dangerous places to cross on local roads – including bends, junctions etc.

Never cross the road near large vehicles as you may be in a driver’s blind spot

Do not use your mobile phone when crossing

Wear bright colours and/or reflective clothing when lighting is poor

Here are two links which you may find useful: Ms J Schembri, Assistant Head

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We have recently been asked about pupils wearing fitness tracker type watches (such as fitbit) to school. We are happy for children to do so. However, please be aware of the following: 

These items are typically expensive and should be named in case of loss. You may wish your child to keep these for wear outside of school given the cost.

Any watch other than an analogue watch will not be permitted in exams.

All jewellery, including watches, must be removed for sports training and matches.

Thank you for your support with this. Barry Everitt, Deputy Head

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Holiday fun at Wisley

Making bird feeders for the birds that visit our garden

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Exploring the winter season and polar animals in Pre-Nursery

Making delicious shortbread biscuits

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Juniors Upper Preps have been looking at the features of nonfiction books and now use these books to write and answer questions about WW2 (our new topic)

Upper Preps work together to find a range of ways to sort food into different groups using Venn diagrams and Carroll diagrams.

Lower Preps working on their numbers

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Middle Preps use touch screen functionality and learn how to change the font,

Form One Monitors

First day back after the holidays: Chatting with friends in the playground

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Seniors Form 4 pupils are looking forward to studying Oliver Twist this term in English. In addition to reading a dramatised version of the book in class, they will be writing creatively in response to Dickens’ great novel and considering the reasons that drove him to produce it.

5M enjoyed an interesting presentation from Bobby who is just back from South Africa. He brought with him a fantastic instrument and told us fascinating tales of his safari there. Do you know what languages they speak there?

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The French Exchange 2019

The French Exchange Programme 2019 is now open for Forms 3, 4 & 5. If you would like your child to be part of this exciting programme please read the further information available on the VLE: VLE: Seniors/ Modern Foreign Languages/ French/ French Exchange

Ms Nadège Meneghin Head of Languages

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Form 5 trialling some innovative classroom furniture Last term we announced that we shall be modifying the curriculum for Form 5 in September. We recognise that it is not ideal for our most senior pupils to move from class to class throughout the day and to sit behind a standard desk. For this reason we are exploring some of the latest designs which will allow teachers to transform the way lessons are conducted and so enhance the pupils’ learning experience.

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Senior department pupils enjoy playing with the new balls — a School Council initiative

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Sports Focus The final fixtures of the Christmas term saw our U13s and U12s travel to Worth School for three matches across both age groups. The performances on the day were outstanding and this was particularly impressive as Worth School are a full rugby term playing school (for results, please use our sports portal/sports web app). This is again a testament to the children who have been training very hard; in school, after school practice and at their clubs. The final week of term also had House rugby taking place across all year groups from Form One upwards. This is another fantastic opportunity for whole year group internal matches to take place using mixed ability teams. House events see the children at their most committed and everyone understanding the concept for what the competition is about, enjoyment. Finally, as the Christmas holidays drew closer, some games lessons were used so that the children could enjoy alternative sports, including our U11s who played games of Aussie Rules. The new year and new term brought plenty of excitement and enthusiasm for the first week of sport. Lessons and training have been fully engaging and the sessions before and after school have been well attended. A reminder that F1 and UP have sports training at 12.30pm on Tuesdays for all children, currently focusing on rugby. This week, the U11s travelled to Danes Hill on Tuesday with the whole year group (available to play) playing in the matches. The standard of rugby, and the results of the matches, shows once again there is good depth across the year group. Today (Friday), the U8s are fielding no fewer than eight teams in a rugby triangular against Danes Hill and Shrewsbury House. Finally on Saturday, there are fixtures against Feltonfleet across three age groups, U10s, U12s and U13s.

For fixtures, team sheets, results, reports and more information please use the sports portal via the Cranmore school website or the very useful Cranmore sports web app.

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House Rugby

U11s enjoy ‘Aussies Rules’

House Rugby

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South of England Indoor Rowing Championships Abingdon, Sunday 10 Feb Our rowers are already practising on the ergometers for team ergo and individual events for this exciting competition.

There are events for all ages from J9 (2nd Form) up to J13 (6th Form). Team events are over 1,000 m. with each rower racing for at least 250 m. and the individual events range for 2 – 4 minutes. Although ergometers were really designed for endurance training rowers they are now used in gyms and fitness centres everywhere as well as in most sports clubs and in many homes. You don’t have to be in the rowing club to join in this competition. If you have used an ergometer at home, school or at a gym and are interested in joining us, please contact Mr Martin at school and we’ll fit you in team. Mr B Martin

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New Year’s Resolution to keep fit? Why not join our friendly Parents’ Sports Club for badminton or squash? We meet every Wednesday evening during term time 7.30 – 9.15pm in the Sports Hall. There are also squash sessions on Tuesdays and tennis on the outdoor courts during the summer months. Everyone is welcome: Cranmore parents, members of staff, local players and their friends. Fees are currently only £90 per annum, an absolute bargain! Please contact our membership secretary for further details….. …..or just come along. Christine: 01372 454842 or

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Music News

There is no better way of discovering which instrument your child may consider learning than to allow them to get their hands on instruments and have a try at playing them. With this in mind, Woking Symphony Orchestra are offering children the chance to try out orchestral instruments as part of their concert at the HG Wells Suite in Woking on Saturday 19 January at 3.30pm. The music, very much aimed at a young audience, includes the Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra by Benjamin Britten and the First movement of Grieg's Piano Concerto played by young talent, Max Pemberton. Tickets are just ÂŁ7 and available on 01483 712710 or

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ABRSM Results

Congratulations to our musicians for their recent exam results

Grade 1 Oliver Coleman Mathew Macias William McDougall Benjamin McKay James Crisp Stanley Gwanoya Pascale Weidner Rowan Groenewald Jack Harris Joseph Norton Jake Soellaart

Singing Singing Piano Singing Piano Trombone Violin Piano Clarinet Violin Singing

Pass Pass Pass Pass Merit Merit Merit Distinction Distinction Distinction Distinction

Grade 2 Michael Bosman Cameron Brown Sebastian Crehan Mills James Crisp Max Loest Joshua Weatherall Sam Barklam Alexander Bull Thomas Spencer Caitlin Watkins George Steen

Violin Piano Piano Cello Clarinet Des Recorder Horn Cello Flute Singing Trumpet

Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Merit Merit Merit Merit Merit

Grade 3 Haris MacNicol Alex Roberts Frederick Barklam Alexander Hayward Josh Lyons Dominic Powell Adrian Groenewald

Guitar Guitar Alto Sax Singing Flute Singing Piano

Pass Pass Merit Merit Merit Merit Distinction

Grade 5 Charles Elson



Grade 6 Charlie Barklam Joseph Howes

Singing Piano

Merit Distinction

Grade 7 Brayden Jose



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Photo Gallery Ergo practice

Literacy work

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On the river

Silver work from the kiln

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Form 4 Rowers

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Chronicle: 11 January 2019  

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