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October 2016


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Oct. and Nov. Birthdays


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Barkada Birthdays! Make sure you remember to say Happy Birthday to these people!

October Birthdays

October 1st: John Cordero October 2nd: Anthony Mendoza October 3rd: Alyssa Reyes October 5th: Yvonne Lam October 8th: Alden Caterio October 11th: Warjay Naigan October 15th: Calynn Godoy October 22nd: Levin Acherto

October 23rd: Katrina Aruta October 25th: Allie Armas, Miggy Cuyugan October 26th: Nick Busante, Matt Cordero,Zach Villanueva October 27th: Will Hua, Ria Patel October 29th: Breggie Tuazon

November Birthdays


November 7th: Mauldry Fermin November 11th: Brandon Evangelista, Dayton Nguyen November 13th: April Castro November 20th: Martha Rosario November 23rd Samuel Quimas November 26th: Jethro Lupenia November 29th: Jeremy Carlos

This 2016-2017 year...

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Barkada First Gen. Meeting 09-30-16 e g a cap cover e R and


Barkada’s acapella choir group, P.Notes, performing the American National Anthem at Barkada’s First Gen.


arkada’s First General meeting was an event that gave interested students a general overview of what the Pilipino American Student Association, Barkada, has to offer. Barkada would like to give a special thanks those who came out to the meeting to learn more about the club and those who came out to support.

Details about First Gen.

During Barkada’s First Gen., we introduced the new 2016-2017 RoyaltE-Board members and had special performances done by Barkada’s acapella group P.Notes, as well as Barkada’s Cultural Dance Troupe (CDT). There was also plenty of information about upcoming events such as Friendship Games, PAHM and many more! People were also able to sign up for the different Barkada groups like P.Notes and CDT.

New freshmen and transfers to external schools and CPP clubs, came to check out Barkada’s First General Meeting.

Groups and Committees

Membership Details

Historian Committee Anong Balita Committee P.Notes Cultural Dance Troupe (CDT)

Membership forms can be found on our website or by asking any E-Board member. Membership payment, $25, can be paid to Barkada’s Secretary, Janet Dacumos or Treasurer, Ashton Seth or through Venmo (@CPPBarkada). With membership you get to participate in Friendship Games, intramurals, Kuya/Ate/Ading and much more! You also get this year’s Barkada T-shirt designed by Miguel Cuyugan.

If you have any questions or are interested about the Historian Committe contact:

Alyssa Castro: | (760) 216-9157 If you have any questions or are interested about the Anong Balita Committe contact:

Dwight Ong | (530) 933-1231


CULTURAL DANCE TROUPE Barkada Entertainment Company No prior experience necessary to join!

Written by: Justin Duclayan (a)

Tinikling performance during the 2016 summer at an elementary school.


arkada’s Cultural Dance Troupe also known as CDT is a non-profit performance group. Through a variety of *Pilipinx folk dances, CDT strives to spread awareness of Pilipinx Culture in a fun and expressive way that anyone will enjoy. Furthermore, CDT is made up of our very own

Barkada members, where we ourselves learn more about Pilipinx culture the more we perform. CDT is always looking for new members that have a passion for performing while looking to learn more about the Pilipinx Culture. Come check us out and you won’t regret it!



Company Coordinator Want CDT to perform at your event or have any questions about CDT?

Justin Duclayan Barkada Entertainment company Coordinator

(951)-200-9241 7

Feel free to contact our Barkada Entertainment Company Coordinator (BEC) through email or text.


Performance at Eagle Rock, where we let the audience try tinikling.


Tinikling is one of our most requested dances at gigs. In terms of Pilipinx folk dances, it is the most popular and has the honor of being the national dance of the Philippines.The origin of this dance is said to come from watching the movements of the tikling bird, which is where Tinikling got its name, and how it would maneuver its way through bamboo traps set by rice farmers. From this, the dance that we know and love was created; it consists of two bamboo sticks that are clapped together rhythmically, as well as dancers that skillfully and gracefully dance between the sticks all while avoiding getting caught. Though it may seem very challenging, Tinikling once mastered is a very fun dance!

Interested in CDT?

Just come out to our many dance workshops and we will get you performance ready in no time!

Sayaw sa Banko

Sayaw sa Bangko is another dance that is mostly requested for gigs. This Pilipinx folk dance is a very thrilling and entertaining dance. Before Sayaw sa Bangko became the dance it is today, it consisted of one bench on which dancers would perform movements such as switching places and jumping, all while not falling off the bench. Forward to today, Sayaw sa Bangko now has added levels to up the excitement to its already thrilling origin. Don’t let that scare you though, because no matter how many levels of benches are achieved, you will always be reaching great heights while performing this dance.


Sayaw sa Banko performed during the summer of 2015

*Editors Note* The use of Pilipinx instead of Pilipina/Pilipino is done in order to prevent gender classification.




Barkada’s Pilipino Choir Group

Description: P.Notes is the choir that formed circa

2004/2005 as a group of Barkada-heads who just loved to sing. Under the direction of Albert (Bobot) Tampi and Mike Pedro, Barkada members had the opportunity to sing while performing at events such as PACN, banquets, gig performances, caroling and Barkada’s Got Talent.


Assitant Directors

Jessica Bustamante

Marlon Abubo


Bonnie Yoon

Bryan Naguit

“Why did you join P. Notes?”

Former Director

Lydia Lei

(a) (a) A 2014 winter caroling performance conducted by P. Notes former director, Lydia Lei.

“I joined P. Notes because I love to sing! I was actually a little bit hesitant to join because I was just getting into college and didn’t know if I wanted to commit my time. But my friends encouraged me to do it, and it was one of the best decisions of my life. I’ve been in P. Notes for 4 years now and we have so much fun Christmas caroling and performing for Barkada events!” -Lydia Lei

Former Director

Katrin Gutierrez

What was your favorite part of P. Notes?

(b) (b) P. Notes performing at PACN 2015 What If with an original song written by Jessica Bustamante.

“My favorite part of P. Notes is seeing everyone hang out with each other and hearing the songs we practiced come together.” -Katrin Gutierrez

Interested?? Just come to any of our practices or feel free to ask/message any of the P-Notes Directors/Assistant Directors



Introduction to PASK/PAHM

-What is PASK and PAHM all about? Join us as we explore the meaning behind Pilipino American History month and the goals PASK hopes to achieve.

October 4th

Any Questions or want to attend a workshop? Feel free to message or email:

Megan Dela Cruz (951)818-1566

K(no)w History: Crash Course on

Pilipino-American History

What exactly does “Pilipino-American” mean to you?

K(no)w Self: Workshop October 17th

-From Larry Itliong to WWII Veterans, Pilipino-Americans are rich in history but often go unnoticed.

October 12th

Meet the Lolos and Lolas of WWII and why we still fight for their rights today.

Heart 2 Heart October 27th


Dowith all Intent

Pictures and Story: By: Martha Rosario


On an overcast morning in the peaceful city of Monterey, California, I was on a road-trip with my family and we were walking on the pier of Fisherman’s Wharf. While we were walking, it was inevitable to notice the man with the ukulele and the piano. A piano was set up on the pier and he was sitting on a piano chair, playing the ukulele and singing a wondrous tune that was unfamiliar.

In the way he played, he owned the music as he was strumming andsinging—distinctly giving meaning to a tune that no one could recreate. He could be on “The Voice” and win, I thought. He was definitely a courageous individual because he stomached the hundreds of people watching; more importantly, the ones who watched and ignored him. I was not familiar

with the rendition of the song, but his originality had clearly affected me, so much so that I wanted to go his direction and tell him all of these thoughts.

But I didn’t. I wondered if I was the only one in this sea of people who felt compelled to approach him with these compliments. Seconds ticked and he kept at his performance, while I was still frozen on the floorboards of the pier—wanting to talk to him, but simultaneously felt I shouldn’t because no one else was. My family saw him but the sight of seals on the seaside attracted them more; there were families who saw him but were swayed to walk past him without giving him a second look; I saw him and yet I said nothing. I guiltily walked past him to join my family, but I knew I was not interested in the seals— my thoughts were all on him. Silent admiration doesn’t mean anything when you don’t express it. He then switched to playing the piano and he had my attention, as I cowardly watched from far away. The way he played the piano was no different from the way he played earlier: original, smooth, and passionate. I then noticed that a female and male couple began to talk to him and he responded—a scene that fueled me to believe that I could join in their conversation and then reveal my compliments. But I was still planted on the floorboards—wanting to internally slap myself because I did not say anything. We left the pier and while my family brought smiles and chatter to the car, I was in a somber state of disappointment. If I had a computer keyboard then, I would slam and smash all the keys then throw it out awindow. Disappointments lead to anger, and then anger turned into nothing. I am telling this story because much of the college experience encapsulates this situation. You may spiral into a set of emotions because you missed out


Silent admiration doesn’t mean anything when you don’t express it.

on an opportunity that you could have taken advantage of. It is the beginning of the academic year, but you may have already let some small moments slip by, and the scary thing is: no one is going to hold you accountable for the missed opportunities only you know about. No one shunned me for not saying something to that man—I only shared the guilt with myself. Though the center of my story lies around my own lack of courage and self-deprecating

everyday lives, but how long will it take for you to realize that you could be one of those people too?


How many more cliché statements must people throw at you for you to begin to take note of them?

moments, you should take a look at the other factors not quite as apparent. Remember the man? Unlike me in that experience, he had the audacity to not only perform on the dock of a widely tourist-populated pier, but he performed with all he had. What about those other people who kept walking? The crowd of people, who silently but mutually agreed that it was better to ignore the man, swayed me to ultimately choose the popular option. As the 2016-2017 year begins, you are going to endure moments in which you can be like this man— bold and truthful to whom you could be. He symbolizes my missed opportunity; however, he also symbolizes a figure of unfailing courage. There are many figures of unfailing courage that we see in our

You can be like me in that moment— afraid and restrained. As many may know, I usually am a jovial and expressive person; however, I also hold traits that make me susceptible to cowardice. Anyone can experience a situation that makes them question their courage, but stil continue living their life as if that situation had never occurred. College can be a place of personal growth if you allow yourself to take chances—take every experience and learn from it to build a better version of yourself. How many more cliché statements must people throw at you for you to begin to take note of them? You can also be like the crowd of people who swim with the stream. Though this may not necessarily be a bad option as it was described in my anecdote, each situation will vary. Despite variations, make yourself able-minded enough to realize what kind of stream you are flowing with. Do you value your future-self as much as you do your present-self? I am flawed and so are you. You have some questions to ask yourself—get a head start on it before the man with the ukulele and the piano leaves.

Cal Poly Pomona Duck Pond

PC: Dwight Ong

“Isn’t that the Mutant Duck by the duck pond?”

-Bryan Naguit



A video that commemorates the death of the 2010 CPP Moscovy duck can be found on Youtube.



he duck pond here at Cal Poly Pomona is home to many different species of organisms. But have you ever wondered about that particular red-faced duck that stands out from the rest? Well, that red-faced duck is a type of duck species known as Muscovy ducks, more specifically, a Pied Muscovy duck. This duck, named Rodney by a fellow Barkada member, is known to reside near the duck pond with the other ducks. It is unknown exactly when the duck was introduced to the duck pond, however it can be traced

By: Dwight Ong


back to 2011 after the death of a previously famous CPP Muscovy duck back in 2010(a). Rodney is a male duck, which is clearly shown by the minimal amount of feathering on the face and the darkreddish knob at the base of his bill. He is also a domesticated breed of Muscovy ducks, which were bred for their veil tasting meat and size. Its domesticated features are shown by the difference in its size and the white feathers compared to its wild counterpart. Muscovy ducks are omnivorous and their diet mainly consists of the pond’s


algae and weeds, as well as nearby insects and small fish. This means that when people try to feed him bread, he will normally turn them down. Besides, have you noticed that around the pond area, the amount of mosquitos is substantially lower than what is normally found in algae infested waters? That’s right! Rodney’s got your back! This Muscovy duck is the reason why there is a smaller amount of mosquitos around the pond. Since Rodney is a domesticated duck breed with a peaceful nature, he is normally friendly unless otherwise threatened. Since he is a wild animal, he is rather shy when approached; however, with time, Rodney will slowly understand that you are not a threat and start to feel more comfortable around you. Unlike any of the other ducks in the pond, Rodney doesn’t really make too much quacking noises.

He tends to make a really low hissing sound rather than a quack. When you do go out to the pond and see Rodney, you will normally never see him in the water. You can either see him waddling about or just chilling in the shade. The reason for this is that Muscovy ducks are originally tree preaching ducks. That is also why Rodney’s webbed feet are equipped with sharp talon-like claws, so he can perch and climb trees in the wild. Although he is a domesticated breed, there is little need for him to climb trees. Now that you have learned more about Rodney and the type of duck he is, I hope you get the chance to see him and maybe think differently about him, rather than just judging him based on his not-so beautiful appearance.

His sharp talon-like claws help him perch and climb trees in the wild



Rodney taking an early morning walk around Palmitas.


Halo-halo Recipe (Serves 4) Ingredients ½ cup sweet beans ½ cup sweet palm fruit ½ cup coconut gelatin ½ cup jackfruit ¼ cup prepared ube 8 cups shaved ice 1 can evaporated milk 1 quart of mango ice cream 1 quart ube ice cream

Instructions 1. Serving in 4 tall glasses, add 2 tablespoons of the following to each glass: sweet beans, sweet palm fruit, coconut gelatin, shredded young coconut, and jackfruit. Also, adding 1 tablespoon of prepared ube to the mix. 2. Fill each glass with shaved ice to the top, and add about 4 tablespoons of evaporated milk. 3. To the top it off, add a scoop of mango and ube ice cream. 4. Add your own personal touches. 5. Enjoy your creation.


Picture taken from

By: Victor Heiny


haved ice blended with sweetened condensed milk, sweet beans, jelly, and ice cream, Halo-Halo is a Pilipino favorite for both the youth and elders. The name translates into “mix mix” which is derived from the literal mixing of all the different ingredients. Personally, I never expected beans to go so well with shaved ice and jelly which is why, as a child, I never ate the beans in my Halo-Halo. I never thought beans belonged in desserts. Once I grew older, I began to realize the beans, with the other ingredients, establish a balance, giving it a creamy, yet thick consistency. Like many cultures of the world, Pilipino culture has influences from other countries, specifically Japan and China. Juxtaposing the Japanese culture with Pilipino culture, there is a distinct similarity between Halo-Halo and the Japanese dessert, Kakigori, which is a shaved ice partnered with sweet beans. Although these two desserts are very similar, they use ingredients that are unique to that culture’s taste buds. During the mid 1800s, the Philippines was introduced to ice, which led to the construction of the Insular Ice Plant. This development contributed to one of the major ingredients used in Halo-Halo. Halo-Halo is easy to make. It’s easy enough to make at home and you could even put your own twist on it. My personal twist is Fruity Pebbles on my Halo-Halo. I do this to give a sweet crunch to the Halo-Halo experience. So try making Halo-Halo with friends and create memories.

Horoscopes: March 21st - April 19th Likes to relax in a way that appeals to their adventurous and impulsive nature. It’s not surprising to find them ripping around switchbacks on a mountainbike or traversing the shear face of a rock. Afterward, top it off with a burger and a frothy beverage at their favorite microbrewery. June 21st - July 22nd Cancer is more comfortable relaxing with their clan rather than going to a spa for a beauty treatment. Plan a day of leisurely family time with a lovely brunch or a lively game of croquet. While soaking up the bon vivant, reminisce about the old times and enjoy the company of those you love most. May 21st - June 20th Your dual personality makes you comfortable alone or with a group of friends. Naturally intellectual, Gemini can sit down in solitude with a cup of coffee and complete a week’s worth of New York Times crossword puzzles. But if you’re hankering for your pals, head to the park, lie in the sun, and enjoy some frisbee. September 23rd - October 22nd Libra yearns to find balance in every aspect of life, including relaxation. To achieve this serenity, pick up your yoga mat and head to class, or if you’re into solitude, throw on your favorite DVD for a solo Pilates session at home. Then for a really delicious treat, schedule a full-body massage. Febuary 19th - March 20th Tackle that box of pictures from any of your trips and dedicate the day to scrapbooking. You’ll find hours of relaxation through creatively cutting, pasting, and arranging your memories. You find satisfaction in seeing your innovative ventures to the end. November 22nd - December 21st Where there’s water, there’s a Sagittarius. You’ll find relaxation, spiritually and movement in nature, especially when it comes to water- ice or liquid. You love to show your agility in fresh powder or experience the soothing ebb and flow of the nice ocean sea side. All information was taken from wtfzodicsigns on Tumblr

How to Relax January 20th - Febuary 18th Get out the knives and fire up the stove, Aquarius - you’re in for a long day of cooking. Go ahead, fry the fries, boil the bouillabaisse and steam the salmon. Use the freshest ingredients to prepare all your special dishes. Allow yourself to inhale the aromas of fresh-baked goodies and find Zen through sweet and sour. December 22nd - January 19th Break out the brushes and wield that pen - Capricorn seeks relaxation through creative expression. Take your palette to your favorite natural setting and express yourself through colors. If you’re a writer, make some headway on that screenplay or short story. July 23rd - August 22nd Dramatic Leo is all about the presentation and panache. Gather a group of friends for a day at the theater or a shopping spree at the most outrageous thrift stores. But before heading out of the house, put on an outfit that will grab the attention that you seek. October 23rd - November 21st The chatty Scorpio seeks relaxation around friends and conversation. Your effusive nature compels you to gather your pals for that famous coffee klatch. Spend the afternoon gossiping about the latest chismis news, fashion trends and girly-girl gabbing. April 20th - May 20th The quintessential, self-indulgent Taurus pulls out all the stops when it comes to relaxation. Swathe yourself in a lush bathrobe at a ritzy spa for a long day of soaking and pampering. Nothing but the finest massages, facials and pedicures will do.

August 23rd - September 22nd Spend a day in the nooks and crannies of your home, dusting high and low, vaccuming those hard-to-reach spots and bleaching that stained grout. When you’re done, come up with a scheme that helps you get your junk drawer together. Then celebrate your tidy task with a cool glass of your favorite beverage.


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Anong Balita October Edition  
Anong Balita October Edition  

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