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o Thanksgiving and Christmas is upon us, and to Filipinos, food coma and noisy parties are impending. Although both holidays are not directly related to Filipino culture, Thanksgiving and Christmas are very important days to celebrate for Filipino Americans. Meaning whether you are 101% percent Filipino, or a 10th generation Filipino that you don’t even know if you are, there is always that one relative who will break out and tell everyone about the upcoming family gathering. Everyone is going, and I mean everyone. Even your significant other is invited! Your significant other you ask? If you think that bringing your “significant other” to Filipino family gathering is just as simple as bringing your friends to a party, well think again. There might be a slim chance that it would be a breeze, but I wouldn’t take that slim chance. Going to a Filipino family gathering is crazy, especially if the family is very rich in culture.

families are very judgmental, in a very constructive way that is. I might have made it sound very exaggerated but who doesn’t like it when your other half’s parents like you? Anyways, I’d share more culture background while giving tips but for now let’s get started.....




3. CALM DOWN ON THE FOOD Trust me, it’s gonna be a feast, bring an empty stomach, but do not get what you cannot finish. It is very important to not show that you are wasting food, HAY NAKO! They all trip when you throw that piece of lechon skin! They all could’ve eaten that! But I am pretty sure you are going to be on that grubbing session all night… but again, slow down because you wouldn’t want to be on the toilet the rest of the night.

5. HAVE FUN & BE YOURSELF Does this completely waste everything that you have read? No not at all. Being yourself meaning, don’t try to be someone you are not. Don’t say you’re a millionaire when you are not. Don’t say you know Ryan Gosling when you don’t. Remember, white lies, not unbelievable lies.

Article: Keane Medina Design: Kelsey Estrada

At any occasion, even if it is just normal days visit to your lover’s house, dress up nice and prep up. Not too much that you look like you are about to go to prom, but nice enough that you look harmless. Remember, you are raised by your parents properly, and to project a nice image to their parents reflects on your parents to.

4. WHEN THE PARTY GETS CRAZY You can never avoid the crazy Aunties and Uncles…If there is so brace yourself. They will ask you the most awkward questions and the craziest personal questions. If they do so, and if you don’t feel comfortable answering, just joke around and ride with them.

Now you might argue that I am wrong and I do not know anything at all about meeting Filipino parents, well you might be right. It all depends or your lover’s family. How do they act? No one knows. It’s you lovers’ duty to help you and guide you through the day. Here is where your communication kicks in. It is very simple to please the family, as long as you do not act like a jerk. It‘s common sense; just don’t do what you think is not right. I did say it is hard to earn respect from Filipinos, but if you remain good throughout the party, you’ll be fine. I did not say follow everything thoroughly, this is just the basics of meeting any person’s family whether it is your friend or your lover.



V E 11 B E R Filipino Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is celebrated in the U.S., and is commonly known as the holiday in which it is acceptable to stuff our mouths with food. But, the most important part of the holiday is the fact that, as a country, we all take the day off to spend time with our loved ones and reflect on the things for which we are thankful. It’s one of the few times of the year where people have the opportunity to spend time with their families, and I can imagine how valuable that is for the students who live on/nearby campus who don’t get to see their families that often. What makes this a special holiday is the fact that this country is filled with all kinds of people from all different parts of the world. With that, it brings many different cultures into this holiday, so while most of us include a turkey into our feast, it’s not uncommon to throw in foods from our own cultures. I had spoken to Barkada Club member Aaron Gallardo on how he celebrated his Thanksgiving a few weeks ago. When we conversed, I was not at all surprised by how similar we celebrated our holidays. Aaron originates from San Diego, so he drove back home for the holidays, along with his brothers. I didn’t have to go nearly as far; I only had to drive to Irvine from Chino where I live. With that said, we both spent time with our respective families, and took a break from the chaos that we call school. As far as the food goes, Aaron described it as “very Filipino American”, as the feast consisted of a mix of


American food and Filipino food, and I can say that mine was of the same vein. Aaron’s feast contained lumpia, pansit, kare kare, and other Filipino dishes thrown in with American dishes like turkey, roast beef, mashed potatoes, etc. So, it’s not unusual to have foods from other parts of the world thrown into the banquet; this holiday is definitely a great representation of the diversity in our country.

This isn’t the only time of the year one should be thankful; in the Philippines, there is no specific day for this. Instead, we find ways to have a thanksgiving celebration for many different occasions. Most of these occasions are milestone events in which we transition from one state to another; these are events such as graduation, passing a board exam, a job promotion, etc. These are common in all rituals, but we, as the Filipino culture, value success in our education and our profession, and it is always something worth showing gratitude. We have to remember how fortunate we are, because there are plenty of people in the world who don’t have the things we have. These aren’t just material possessions, but also things like family, friends, education, and other things that we may take for granted. It’s these things we should hold onto, so it’s important that we take the time - no matter what time of the year - to cherish every moment we have with them.

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WINTER TRENDS Although winter is a time to bundle up and stay warm and comfortable, step out and dress up your wardrobe with glitter, leather, and a nude palette.

Article: Jeline Abutin Design: Kelsey Estrada


Capture the essence of winter with a nude palette. The monochromatic color scheme together with a little sparkle will brighten up your outfit during the cold and gloomy weather.


This winter keep it girly and edgy with a studded headband. The combination of grunge and glam is the perfect addition to any look.

Don’t be afraid to wear all black, but contrast the look with a standout belt, accessories, and a dark colored shoe.

Stay warm by layering! Add different textures to an outfit with a knit cardigan over a faux fur vest to add interest and depth to an outfit.



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It’s never too late to join ABC! (Anong Balita Committee) BARKADA’S MONTHLY MAGAZINE COMMITTEE Anong Balita - [tagalog] “What’s up?” or “What’s new?”

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Thank you everyone who participated & attended Academics Month. You guys are amazing. The Alumni were very proud & pleased to see how Barkada has grown over the years. If you ever need help with your resume, please feel free to e-mail them at If you would like to get in contact with any alumni, contact me as well. - Academics Chair, Nicole Calinawan


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Just because they’re GE classes, doesn’t mean you won’t need them later.

Step outside of the Barkada bubble and get involved with the community/start something - college is your opportunity to really start something. Take adva ntag e of the oppo rtun ities to trave l.

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Article: Emeline Allengui Design: Kelsey Estrada

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Take EWS classes.


filipino american



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- Art Garcia ABS-CBN Report on Veteran Day Rally via Steve Angeles []

for the past 15 years...

Filipino World War II Veterans, hundreds of widows and their young supporters have gone to the streets in demand for equity and justice on Veterans Day. This year, they decided to march in LA, through the famous city, Hollywood, stopping in front of significant landmarks and summoning the re-elected President Barack Obama to emanate an executive order that would recognize Filipino

World War II Veterans and eventually grant them and their widow’s annuities. Before the presidential election, veterans put an end to their petitioning efforts for House Bill 210, which was the Veterans Fairness Act following their advancement of 96 co-sponsors. The full benefits and recognition of veteran, as well as their widow’s, would have been given from the HR 210. The veterans now intend to rees-

-tablish similar legislation to the Senate in January, when the sessions begin. Veterans reveal they are relieved about the re-election of President Obama since they believe, with his record of support for Filipino veterans, he will give them the best chance of getting their justice and equity.


2 0 FEsStT 13 SsPpOoRrtTsSfe IV




Maurice Rhee


Sports Chair

- Basketball - Flag Football - Softball - Tennis - Bowling - Volleyball


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Christm How was the turnout this year?

What were some of the highlights?

How did the White Elephant game go?

Any shout outs? Comments?


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Anong Balita: Nov/Dec Issue  

Anong Balita: Nov/Dec Issue

Anong Balita: Nov/Dec Issue  

Anong Balita: Nov/Dec Issue