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stablishment: 1899

: Roberto Casari

rters: Concordia sulla Secchia (province of Modena) form: multi-utility cooperative group

: 770

: 1800 employees

ies: 70

ated revenues 2013 (projected): 444 million euros

ated revenues 2012 (preliminary results): 411 million euros

ders' equity 2012: 139 million euros

(Products and Services): heat management (global service and facility management), gas distribution networks

ion, maintenance, and management of methane gas and LPG distribution networks), water supply networks,

ating networks, electrical power supply networks, technological services (software, video surveillance, building

n), gas measurement products, development and application of renewable energy sources. Cogeneration and

on, public lighting, gas odorizing systems, remote-control systems, contact centers, invoicing, video


rcentage: 10% Main export markets: Romania, Algeria, Tunisia, Argentina, France, Spain, Croatia, Poland, and India. Our HISTORY 2

CPL CONCORDIA is a historical cooperative located in the Province of Modena that was founded in 1899 to perform excavation and land reclamation work. In the early 1900s the Cooperative, with its 1500 men, was involved in excavation work, land reclamation work, and the construction of embankments for containing and regulating the flow of waterways. One of the first jobs it undertook was to repair the embankment along the Secchia River. Between 1922 and 1928 the Burana and Parmigiana-Moglia Land Reclamation Consortia and the Civil Engineers of Modena commissioned the Cooperative to execute various canal construction and railway section (for example, the Mirandola-Rolo section) construction projects. In 1934 as a result of the Italian and international economic crisis, the Cooperative was reestablished with just 23 members. Due to a lack of work, CPL ceased operations. The Cooperative was not dissolved, even though it remained inactive until 1945. Immediately after World War II work began again on diverting the flow of the Po River with new transportable steam engine wagons and on the construction of roadways in the provinces of Modena, Mantua, Rovigo, Agrigento, Pavia, and Aosta. In 1957 CPL CONCORDIA diversified its activities by entering the water sector and began construction of the Arezzo and Monghidoro (province of Bologna) water pipelines. In 1958 Giuseppe Tanferri was named President of the Cooperative: together with the Technical Manager Bruno Bighi, he brought development and innovation to the Cooperative. In 1964 the first methane gas distribution network of CPL's "energy turning point" was constructed in Castelfranco Emilia. In the early 1970s the construction of supply networks was augmented by the conversion of gas equipment from town gas to methane gas (the first conversion work was executed in Novi Ligure, and was quickly followed by works in 30 other municipalities). Subsequently CPL developed the Safe Gas Service, which involves regular checks and testing of equipment using methane gas in the home to ensure that the safety regulations are being observed and to provide suggestions on how to achieve savings. In 1976 Roberto Casari became the President of CPL CONCORDIA at the age of just 22. In 1978 CPL constructed a storage facility for methane gas odorizers in Concordia. It was the first of its kind in Italy to be built in compliance with the specific environmental protection regulations. From this facility CPL's special vehicles supplied the gas distribution networks of municipalities, municipally-owned companies, and private concession holders. In the early 1980s CPL took part in the construction of gas distribution networks in southern Italy. The management of gas distribution networks under subcontract and under concession began at this time and involved dozens of municipalities within a period of just a few years. The Cooperative took a new direction in the fields of district heating, heat management, and cogeneration. in 1999 the Cooperative celebrated the 100th anniversary of its founding together with the journalists Biagi and Zavoli. In 2000, with the acquisition of BiGi RIMI Italia from British Gas, CPL CONCORDIA completed its range of natural gas activities in the sectors of E&P and the marketing of raw materials. CPL 3

Concordia became active on the European and international levels. It also consolidated its national leadership position in the field of Heat Management. Solutions in RENEWABLE ENERGY In 2007 the Company began operating in the field of large-scale photovoltaic power systems for the municipality of Carano in Val di Fiemme (in the province of Trentino) with the construction of a 500kW photovoltaic solar array. Subsequently operations expanded to the regions of Apulia, Abruzzo, Tuscany, Veneto, Emilia Romagna, and the Marches. The innovative projects in Padua (1 MW on a waste disposal site with boxes) and in the flood plains of Navicelli, Pisa, where 15,600 solar panels are installed with a power capability of 3.7 MW, are particularly important from a technical point of view. In 2012 the Company surpassed the threshold of a total of 45 MW installed since it began operating in the field of photovoltaic solar energy, also due to the installation of the 27 systems with a total of 6.2 MW of rated power, which was completed in just 40 days, on the roofs of the Agrifood Center in Bologna. In addition to the public customers, the following large private customers are noted: Alival (dairy production in Tuscany), Pentair Water (USA multinational company), and WAM Group (multinational mechanical engineering company in the province of Modena). CPL Concordia also installed several photovoltaic power systems at its own headquarters, and is committed not only to reducing pollution, but also to improving efficiency and energy savings by means of two main methods: •

the use of systems of energy generation from renewable energy sources such as thermal solar energy and photovoltaic solar energy; biomass from waste, wood chips, livestock sewage, agricultural products, and waste treatment sludge; and geothermal energy; and

the application and development of remote-control and building automation systems.

The Company is also involved in developing other types of energy systems based on savings and efficiency: •

micro and macro cogeneration;


district heating; and

detection of water and gas leaks.

In the field of Public Lighting the Company handles the maintenance and management of the public lighting systems of 28 Italian municipalities including Bologna, Ravenna, Isernia, San Benedetto del Tronto (AP), Este (PD), Montesilvano (PE), Conegliano Veneto (TV), Vimodrone (MI), Suzzara (MN), Cattolica (RM), Lesina (FG), and Monteparano (TA), with a total of approximately 150,000 lights. With regard to its management services, CPL Concordia promotes: •

non-polluting lighting technologies (LED lights, solar-powered street lights, etc.);

efficient products (flow regulators, peak electronic power supply, etc.); and

integration with video surveillance and Wi-Fi service coverage systems.

CPL Concordia's current core business also includes the promotion of all uses of methane gas: •

the construction, maintenance, and management of gas distribution networks in 150 municipalities in Italy and internationally;

designing methane gas fueling stations for public and private vehicles; and 4


incentives and promotions for converting civil and industrial systems to methane gas.

CPL CONCORDIA today COOPGAS, CPL Group's main methane gas sales company, began operations in 2004. Through the acquisition and construction of new gas distribution networks in the catchment areas of southern Italy, the number of gas concessions for which CPL managed the methane gas or LPG distribution network at the national and international level increased to 130. Large district heating lines were constructed at the Malpensa and Linate Airports, and in Modena innovative geothermal energy and building automation projects were completed. In 2007 CPL Concordia constructed the largest public photovoltaic power system in Italy at Carano (Val di Fiemme, province of Trentino): 500 kW of power, with almost 3000 silicon photovoltaic solar panels (stationary and mobile). It was the first of a series that by 2012 reached 40 MW of installed photovoltaic solar power. Important developments were achieved in the use of Tyfon absorption refrigeration units built by CPL (Linate Airport) and, with regard to cogeneration, the field was extended to agricultural biomass, livestock waste, and waste treatment sludge. In 2009 CPL CONCORDIA celebrated its 110-year anniversary and lit the first flame on the island of Ischia: project financing of 18 million euros for the first Italian island after Sicily to receive methane gas (by means of 13 km of underwater pipelines and 45 km of urban networks). In 2010 in New Delhi was established CPL Energy India Private Limited, a joint venture for exporting gas distribution technology and renewable energy resources to the Indian subcontinent. The CPL Group operated directly in the Maghreb through the Algerian-law company Aipower. In Bondeno in the province of Ferrara was inaugurated the largest agricultural biomass power plant in Italy (4 MW), which produces energy by means of cogenerators installed by CPL. In 2011 the largest photovoltaic arrays in the regions of Tuscany (Pisa, 3.7 MW) and Abruzzo (Torano, 1 MW) began generating renewable energy. CPL proceeded with development of the smart metering technology for gas distributors after being awarded the largest Italgas European contract for the new volume converters, with 25,000 correctors to be installed in the two-year period 2010-2011. At the end of the year CPL was issued the OHSAS 18001 Certification for its Worker Occupational Safety and Health System. In 2012 international development proceeded in the new large turbines maintenance division (Oil&Gas and Power Service). In May 2012 the Cooperative's headquarters in the province of Modena were hit by an earthquake that registered 5.9 on the Richter scale. Damages of 20 million euros were sustained, but not one person was injured of the 600 employees, who were able to return to work immediately thanks to the smart campuses set up under tents. In the months immediately following the earthquake, the Cooperative constructed a 6.2MW photovoltaic array on the roofs of the Agrifood Center in Bologna and placed into service 30 cogeneration systems, including the first cogeneration systems in Poland.


The Company offers consolidated expertise in maintenance services and global service for plants and systems, including renewable energy, cogeneration and trigeneration, and public lighting, as well as gas odorizing systems, remote-control systems, contact centers, invoicing, video surveillance, and building automation. Large projects in the field of gas distribution networks, water pipelines, and district heating, including the designing, maintenance, and management of methane gas and LPG distribution networks. National and international AWARDS The following are a few of the awards that have been received by CPL Concordia: •

EnergyMed Napoli: Energy efficiency;

Legambiente's “Comuni Rinnovabili” Award (Municipalities with Renewable Energy);

“Serie A-Solare” Award;

RSI Award (corporate social responsibility) from the Province of Modena;

“Innovazione ICT” Award presented at the SMAU Business Trade Show in Bologna;

“Sei2Sei” Award for safety at the company;

Pimby Award;

“Airces Quadrofedele” Award for the best financial statements; and

“Best Practice Patrimoni Pubblici” Award at Forum PA in Rome.

CERTIFICATIONS In December 2011 CPL Concordia Società Cooperativa received OHSAS 18001:2001 Certification for its Worker Occupational Safety and Health System, in addition to the certifications it has already obtained: UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management System certification) and UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management System certification).

Report on SUSTAINABILITY Since 2001, every year the Cooperative prepares its Report on Sustainability, which is publicly presented in the offices in the areas where it operates, with public events dedicated to its stakeholders and working members.


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