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COVAL is an ISO 9001: V2008 certified company which offers innovative solutions integrating reliable and optimized components with intelligent functionalities. The focus is to provide the most personalized and economic solution to a given application while assuring a significant improvement in the productivity and the safety of the vacuum users around the world.

For over 25 years, Coval has developed personalised vacuum handling and holding solutions for the aerospace, automotive, agrofood, packaging and plastics processing industries.

Bolstered by these years of experience, Coval has become a major partner for the aerospace industry.

Our commitments   TO SUPPORT aerospace sub-contractors on a stageby-stage basis with their projects, from the design of products adapted to the constraints through to vacuum network optimisation using dedicated software, and the on-site integration of our products in order to guarantee the installation’s performance.

  TO INNOVATE in order to better respond to the specific features of the aerospace industry (lightweight compact vacuum generation units that are easy to fit onto the frame, are very economical in terms of energy, and which do not require maintenance).

  TO MASTER the constraints relating to the handling and holding of the materials used: aluminium and composites, whether fired or unfired, painted or unpainted.

  TO SECURE: Our solutions make it possible to guarantee that the reference part will be held onto the tooling in the event of a power failure.    TO TRAIN AND ADVISE users on-site in order to better master vacuum applications.

The advantages for you

Our references

  Installation performance guarantee.    Installation cost reduction.    Easy to implement and use.    Optimisation and reliability of the installation.    Compactness and lightweight nature of the solutions.    Energy savings.    Reduction in noise levels.


Coval solutions for the Aerospace Industry NOSE CONE/COCKPIT




Application: Assembly of nose cone panels: - Erebus platform. - Upper shell. - Lateral shell. - Lower shell. - Entry door.

Application: spar structure, rib.

Application: holding parts on assembly jig.

Application: clamping of the external part.





WINGS Application: trimming, grinding, etc.

Application: holding parts.

Application: holding parts on assembly jig.

Application: handling of parts in multilayer not cured braided fiber STRIPS and STRINGERS.

Application: holding parts.

Aerospace Industry Our solutions

Other business sectors C series high-performance suction cups

„„ Security : vacuum is maintained incase the compressed air is shut-off or interrupted. „„ Over 50% energy savings. „„ Runs silently. „„ No clogging. „„ Compact and lightweight. „„ No maintenance required.

„„ Extremely high strength when moving items thanks to its slip prevention stops. „„ Ideal for holding and referencing parts. „„ Eliminates problems with spring-back. „„ Optional mechanical feeler for detection « Object presence ».

LEMAX series smart mini-pump

L Series extensions

„„ Ultra-compact and lightweight. „„ Over 50% energy savings. „„ Runs silently. „„ Self-diagnostics making it possible to check the installation’s airtightness.

„„ Ensure that the suction cups are fastened. „„ Make it possible to adjust the position of the suction cup on the tooling. „„ Guarantee the airtightness of the assembly by using a coil fitting with an O-ring.

WIND TURBINES „„Removing blades from their moulds. „„Transport. „„Holding during machining.

AUTOMOTIVE SECTOR „„Taking parts at high speed from a drawing press line. „„Transporting and clamping parts during the gluing and welding stage at welding islands. „„ Gripping windscreen or sheet metal parts at the assembly station.

RAILWAYS „„Handling train doors. „„Gripping windscreens and side windows.

About COVAL Functions box

Vacuum network accessories

„„ Integrated vacuum pump or venturi. „„ Control console. „„ Makes it possible to select gripping zones on a structure either manually or using automation. „„ Visual alarm provided by a lamp lighting up.

„„ Guarantee the airtightness of the vacuum network. „„ Ensure optimal performance. „„ Prevent head loss.

COVAL, which is a French company, has been in operation for over 25 years and is the world leader in terms of innovation in the field of vacuum handling. Thanks to its vacuum managers’ vision, COVAL implements a global approach and helps you to define just the right solution required for your application, with the objective being to reduce energy consumption, the noise level, and the overall cost of the installation. Thus, COVAL is committed to improving the overall efficiency and productivity of users in various industrial sectors.

A TECHNOLOGICAL PARTNER WITH WORLDWIDE VISION Thanks to a strong and growing network of partners (subsidiaries, distributors and independent agents) every year, COVAL offers a worldwide technical assistance to its customers in their quest for local and international markets.

Fields of application „„ Gripping parts on a laser trimming machine. „„ Referencing and holding aircraft parts during the drilling, sanding, riveting and other phases. „„ Integration of vacuum components into demonstration tools. „„ Gripping aircraft parts made of different materials: steel, stainless steel, aluminium and composites. „„ Recovering and discharging fumes and shavings during machining or drilling operations.

Distributed by: On our web site, you will find the 3D drawings of all our products in suitable formats to the main CAD software.

certified quality management system

COVAL S.A.S. Vacuum Components - Bât. 1 ZA des Petits Champs 26120 Montélier France Tel : +33 (0)4 75 59 91 91 Fax : +33 (0)4 75 59 91 05

© COVAL – 09/2012 – Illustrations: KeyOx – The diagrams are not contractual. Coval reserves the right to modify its range and the characteristics of its products without prior notice.

GVMAX series smart vacuum pump



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