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COSPLAY LINE Welcome to COSPLAY LINE, the first Greek magazine about cosplay! Here, every month you will find the best Greek and international cosplayers, tutorials to learn all about the secrets of cosplay, photographers, events and everything that has to do with cosplay in general!

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Contents Page 3-4: Cosplay Line Page 5-8: Material of the month - Thermoplastics Comparison Page 9-14: Cosplay tutorial - Virtuous Contract Page 15-16: Meet Art-Time Page 17-20: Make-up Tutorial – Prompto Page 21-28: Interview with Leobane Page 29-34: Interview with Cinderys Page 35-40: Interview with Bullet Witch Page 41-48: Interview with Vontography Page 49-54: Event - Pixelmania Page 55-56: Upcoming event - Hall of Games Page 57-60: Greek Convetions, by Cosplayers//Gr Page 61-66: Character Spotlight - Harley Quinn Page 67-70: Top 10 cosplay suggestions Page 71-72: Zodiac

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Craft feature

Comparison of


Cosplay Line Magazine

Worbla is the most known thermoplastic material used in cosplay! It offers great stability to your armor parts and weapons and it comes in many different types. The most common question is always «what type of Worbla is the best one» so in this issue we will talk about the different Worbla types and examine their strengths and weaknesses.

Worbla’s Finest art

The first type of Worbla is Worbla’s Finest Art or “Regular Worbla”. It comes in light brown color and since it is the first type that came out it paved the way for the use of thermoplastic materials in cosplay. It is a great material for the basis of any armor or weapon because it makes the prop very durable and the material is very easy to use with minimum extra tools. PROS: • It is the easiest thermoplastic to use • Good elasticity • Strongest glue. It holds great on foam and itself • A widely used material, is easily found online and at local stores CONS: • It has texture • It requires a lot of sanding / finishing work before being painted


Worbla’s Black art

The second type of Worbla that came out is Worbla’s Black Art or “Black Worbla”. It comes in black color and it has some differences with the regular worbla. The biggest difference is that it becomes softer when it is heated which means it can be manipulated even more and make even smaller details. This made black Worbla a quick favorite when it came down to making detailed armors and weapons. PROS: • Great texture, requires less priming / sanding work before it can be painted • Its black color, which means that base painting is often not required • It’s soft when heated, perfect for crafting details and sculpting CONS: • Easy to burn yourself • Does not stick very well to foam or to itself • It is not easy to draw patterns or landmarks


Worbla’s Pearly Art

Worbla’s Pearly Art or “White Worbla” came out later and took advantage of all the strong points of the previous types. It is considered one of the best ones, depending on the use that each crafter needs it for. PROS: • Great texture, smoother than Black Worbla • Perfect for crafting details and sculpting • Its white color makes it possible to draw on it very easily CONS: • Easy to burn yourself • Does not stick very well to foam or to itself • If you work with bright colors you need to paint the base darker


Worbla’s Transpa Art Worbla’s Transpa Art or “Transpa Worbla” is a material that came out for very specific uses. It is transparent which means that it is used for surfaces that are supposed to be light-emitting materials or semi-transparent objects such as crystals and ores. The most common use for it is to put LEDs beneath and paint it the color that you want in order to achieve this semi-transparent luminescent end result. PROS: • It is transparent • It has very smooth texture • Very resistant, does not tear CONS: • It requires a higher working temperature (around 120°) • Cools very quickly, which makes its work time very limited • Quite complicated to work with and handle • Easily overheated, tends to bubble when heated too much As we can see Worbla, with all its types, covers a wide range of the crafting process of cosplay. It creates durable props and armors and it makes it easy to travel with them without great fear of breaking or being destroyed beyond repair. All the types of Worbla are available in Greece at Art-time, which is the only shop in Greece that’s selling them in Thessaloniki and Athens. Also you can buy them online from their website at and have them delivered to you wherever you are in Greece within 2 days. 8


Cosplay Tutorial How to make:

Virtuous Contract

Character: 2B Game: Nier:Automata Υλικά: ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

ΡVC pipe Worbla Duct tape Foam Pvc Ribbon Faux Leather Acrylics/Spray Thread Carton

Εργαλεία: ○ ○ ○ ○


Scissor Cutter Paintbrush Heatgun

Tutorial by:

AngieV Cosplay


Reference Photo

We need the sword to be slim and smooth, so I thought using a PVC pipe would be the best solution to this matter. With help from a friend, we heated the pipe, bit by bit, using a heat gun in order to make the material soft and then we pressed it using a plank. We kept the same process for the whole length of the pipe(which was 1,5m long), then we cut the one end of the pipe in shape to create the blade’s edge.



Afterwards, having marked the spot where the hilt would be, I wrapped a piece of duct tape to separate the blade from the hilt and then I used silver spray to colour the blade. Since the whole base of the sword was ready, I moved on to the accessories. I drew the guard proportionally to the sword onto a piece of A4 paper and then transfered it on to rice paper keeping only the shape. I used two layers of cardboard on which I applied worbla and then carved the details on it using a screwdriver.

To make the pommel I used craft foam for the shape and covered it with worbla to make it durable. Since I knew that having to colour the pommel would be a pain with so many details on it, I used black duct tape instead since it’s smooth on its own. I did the same on the hilt as well. For the decorative fur-like material I took some thread stripes and sewed them on top of the pommel.



After having watched a video tutorial about traditional katana hilt wrapping, I used the same technique on the hilt with the white faux leather, then I painted both the guard and the pommel silver. Finally, I wrapped white satin stripes just above the guard where the blade begins, using black duct tape I made the black details and using white tape and small craft foam pieces I did the final touches.


Cosplay Line Magazine

Extra progress photos


Τεύχος 4


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Who are you? Art-Time is the biggest Greek retail company specializing in Art, Design, Hobby and Cosplay materials!

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How did your business start? We were founded in 1991. Since then, and for 27 consecutive years we continue doing what we love.

Time for Art then? What do you say??

What does… Art-Time mean for you, after 27 years? Everything. It is our daily lives, our thoughts, our love of materials, the friendships we have made with the people that visit us every day to experiment with new techniques. But most of all, that sweet passion we have about our artistic creations and the fine arts in general! What can we find in your shops? Thousands of different materials, more than 20.000 unique product names, such us art brushes, colours, worbla, EVA Foam, Polymorph, varnishes, markers, sprays, hot glue guns, pencils, materials for models and maquettes, decoupage materials, materials for candle and soap making, wires, airbrushes, wooden knick knacks for decorating, polystyrene… pretty much everything! Or, we try at least. Why should one shop from your store? Apart from the great variety we carry, our goal is to offer our materials at the best prices of the market! Just one visit will show you we are worth it! How about an e-shop? You can visit to shop from your P/C,

ART-TIME, And of course over at Facebook : www.facebook/arttimethess Georgiou Stavrou 3 and 5, Center of Thessaloniki (Tel. 2312202525) Ipeirou 5, Center of Athens (Tel. 2122133762) Email:, 16


by Highness Cosplay

Make-Up Tutorial Tutorial by: Highness Cosplay

Final Fantasy XV is the newest addition to the franchise that despite having been released last year, we still see cosplays of its characters. One of the characters we fell in love with is Prompto, so we thought of giving you the opportunity to turn yourself into him with this tutorial!

Highness Cosplay 17


Highness Cosplay


1 1. Before I do anything, I always put on my contacts first! I’m using Dolly Gray by PastelDreams. Starting off with a clean base, I begin by covering up my eyebrows using a gluestick and then putting on concealer and foundation. I set everything using powder. I make sure my foundation is even so I have a completely blank canvas. Using a picture of Prompto as a reference, I mark down the places I need to contour, as shown in the photo. The contour on the top of the nose bridge is darker than the rest since the colour fades as it goes down to the tip. That will help deepening the inner corners of the eye. Prompto doesn’t have defined cheekbones, however his face is slim. I choose to contour my entire cheek starting from my cheeckbone down to my chin, giving my face a V shape. 2. Following the contour from my nose and using a reference, I draw my eyebrows using an angled brush and some light brown eyeshadow. He has light, short, triangleshaped eyebrows starting from the bridge of his nose, going upwards to the middle of his eye in length. In case I make any mistakes, I use a bit of concealer and an angled brush and simply clean it up.


3. Using a dark brown, crème, and red eyeshadow, I create the shadows on his eyes. Focusing under the eyebrows and the inner corners with the dark brown, the outer corners with crème and undereye bags with red eyeshadow. Then I just blend the colours using a fluffy brush. 4. Using a brown eyeliner I begin shaping my eyes. Prompto’s eyes are cat-shaped and his upper lid is completely straight. Since I have half-hooded eyes, I make sure I mark my line while my eyes are open so I know where to put eyeliner afterwards, usually leading to a step-shaped eyeliner. If you don’t have that eye shape then you can skip this step. I put a bit of liner on my lower lashes as well. 5. Detailed pictures of Prompto show that he has some red spots on his face. Probably due to sunburn or the fact that he’s blonde. I find it really cute so I try to recreate it by taking a fluffy brush and some orange or red eyeshadow and just dab some on my face, mostly focusing on my cheeks and nose. 6. Last but not least, I make the freckles. Using a pointed brush and either eyeshadow or





eyeliner, depending on the pigmentation I want the colour to have, I dip the tip of the brush on some water and use the product as watercolours. To make the freckles, I simply place small dots on my nose and cheeks in random order. Freckles have different colours, shapes and sizes; You can always look up pictures for reference and ideas! 7. Put on your wig and costume and you’re done! If you’re wearing your cosplay outside, you might want to put on some setting spray to help your make-up stay on longer and ride your chocobo all day, worry-free!!



International Cosplayer

Leobane cosplay

Cosplay Line Magazine Leo you have created some very accurate and iconic characters. How do you manage such a result and what drives you to pay such attention to details?

Leobane is a French cosplayer who specializes in recreating some of the most badass male characters from games, cartoons, anime and comics. He is working on his body as well as his costumes tirelessly and the outcome is breathtaking. He has shown a love for Greek mythology since he has cosplayed 3 characters that are derived from ancient Greece: Leonidas from the movie 300, Hercules from the Disney movie and Kratos from the God of War game franchise. He is often invited to conventions around the world and he is considered one of the most prominent male cosplayers of Europe.


Leobane Cosplay

Thank you for that compliment. I think that is a part of me. From a very young age I always did tons of arts and sports. For the art aspect, I always did drawings when I was really young and one day,when I was 10, an old BeauxArt of Paris school moved to my city and on my street. She wanted to continue teaching and my parents signed me at her lessons. That is how I began 12 years of private oil painting and chinese painting lessons. I remember staying in class drawing for way longer than I should, I paid a lot of attention to detail and wanted my pieces to be as close to what I wanted them to turn out! I sold


my first painting when I was 11 years old and won some art prices during an expo but that is for another story! For the sport part I won’t go into details because it would be too long but long story short: I always acquire a good level, for example with international contests when I was into climbing or running. I always have one thing in mind, and that is: Never give up, you can do it! Art or sport, for everything I do in my life, like my current job, it was always like that, till the end, I have only one goal, to succeed on what I’m doing, that’s why you might think that I “pay such attention to details”. If I had one quote that could answer your question, it would be: “Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail.” quoted by Leonardo Da Vinci.

‘‘ I always have one thing in mind, and that is: Never give up, you can do it! ’’ What is your favorite part of cosplay? My favorite part is without a doubt,that time when as Hercules, doing his roleplay, seeing the little kids looking at me with awe and shine in their eyes while I’m doing a biceps pose or taking them on my shoulders for a funny pic, that’s incredible how happiness can sweat from those moments. Yes, for me the best part is when you make dreams of little boys and girls come true, sometimes it’s from adults but the best part is for the kids ! You have created a lot of different cosplays so far. What is your favorite cosplay and which You seem to like to cosplay character do you want to cosplay characters from Greek mythology a lot. Is that because you like one day? Greek mythology in general or do Hercules is and will stay as my you find the characters to fit your favorite one. I love being Leonidas style? as well but the impact I can have You have deep roots within your with Hercules...I had never seen culture where physical strength it before. Of course Leonidas meets the apogee, your sculpwill stay on my heart because tures, the stories of your heroes this is my first costume (I made with the perfect physical strength it three times) and my nickname and muscular bodies, capable “Leobane” came from “Leonidas” of fighting giant monsters, this is and that is for personals and truly inspiring when you are looking powerful reasons. That’s why for self improvement, I was my real dream cosplay is to do naturally attracted to those roots. my Leonidas again but with the antique process, with bronze and You have never been to a Greek convention up until now. molding in the sand.

If you ever come what are your expectations? Yes I know, thank you for reminding me of that... I don’t know, I don’t really expect anything before going somewhere, but if anything, I always like to have a good time and meet lots of people and of course try local food. Maybe I would like to get free time around the con to do some unforgettable shootings with the costumes I would bring with me like Hercules and Leonidas for example, would be a pure dream to shoot some of my costumes in your country, the motherland of these heroes. 22

‘‘ I think that living from cosplay is possible at least while we are young because (...) new cosplayers would take our place sooner or later. ’’ Name your 5 favorite cosplayers from around the world.

how can a cosplayer achieve better payments?

This is a really tough question I think because I don’t really know cosplayers all that well before they become friends with me. I didn’t even know Maul before the end of 2016. I will begin by Leon because I know him personally for 6 years or so, I saw him working hard like nobody could to become who he is right now, this is impressive and could motivate anybody on whatever they would like to achieve. I would mention Yaya too, the level of professionalism she puts on her business is incredible. I would choose also Amenokitarou who is crazy as heck on his leather work, and Volpin as my fourth one. For the last one, this is so hard to choose but I would say Kinpatsu.

That’s a really good question and kind of a taboo one actually but we have to talk about it. Some people think that’s my job but that is not it, other people outside of the cosplay community think that cosplayers in the events (all cosplayers) are even being paid to be in the event with costume, that is not it either. I want to go deeper answering that question as it is important and there are different sides and ways about how to do it, if it is possible. Speaking for myself, I have a job other than cosplay. I am a quality engineer for Airbus and I work a lot. Cosplay does not give me any money actually, I mean that every shoot and new costumes I’m doing now are mostly covered by what I earn but I do not have any profit. I have been investing for 8 years, each euro I could save for my

Do you think that cosplay can be your job for a long time, and


passion, I do not go to parties, I do not drink, neither do I smoke, I do not even have any console, so no video games too, I do not go to any vacation for something other than cosplay and so on. I track on a workbook all expenses I have because of cosplay and everything, it helps me to manage my budget and as things stand I know I’ve spent a little more than 8.5k € since I began cosplaying, this is my “debt”. This is the cost of my costumes, the events I attended outside or inside of France on my own, that includes hotel, transport and everything. That’s why for the moment I can’t say I gain anything thanks to cosplay, for the moment I have now the chance (because I worked for it) to cover all my new expenses by what I could earn. I hope in the future to be able to reimburse what I invested and at that moment to maybe get enough thanks to cosplay to make it my primary job. The cosplay community is young and we do not know old cosplayers, I know one from Mexico, she’s 90 years old but I don’t know if she attends any cons. What I mean here is that we can’t know if being a guest at the age of 60

would be possible, we are young, attractive and that is what people want to see. I think that living from cosplay is possible at least while we are young because we can’t know what would happen when we get old, because new cosplayers would take our place sooner or later. The day we make cosplay a life-lasting job is the day we are able to live all our life thanks to cosplay, like a professional athlete for instance. That is really hard because with a quick calculation we know that no event would pay us enough to give us that possibility. So we have to think of something that could help us, the support from our community by Ko-fi or Patreon would work, getting hired by the gaming society for events or gaming promotion just like Maul or even Leon would help greatly as well, maybe doing some commissions like Lightning does, write a book like Kamui or create our own brand like Yaya. If we take into consideration that cosplay is possible for work for 20-25 years and we do the calculation how much we have to reach per month, then quickly we can understand it is hard to be able 24


‘‘ When the mindset changes(...) then we will take a good step forward.’’ to say “I work and live, now and for the rest of my life thanks to cosplay’”. We have to take into account the taxes of our country (in France it’s something like 50% in the end) and because we can’t work more than 20-25 years for example, instead of 45 years in France. That means I have to get four times the salary I have right now to keep my current lifestyle, that is kind of unbelievable for me. What we have to do is to be a real community, work together. Do not accept to work for free, because some people want to be guests in an event and even to have the “pride” to say “I worked for RIOT games” , even for free or in exchange for a figurine. To me, this is the wrong way to go because by doing things like that we are not being taken seriously. When we go to an event we are doing a great promotion, we work as judges or do panels for example, people come to meet us personally and more often than not, from very far away. So, as guests we are 25

doing a job and we attract more people to the con, it is unfair not to ask for any payment for that, we are not obliged to say yes in exchange for nothing. When we work for a gaming company things go the same, we are promoting the game on our social networks, sometimes even create a new costume for them, we work at their booth at an event, this is a job and we should ask for payment. I was rejected by 8 events this year and that happened when I mentioned my requirements (which are really nothing), then they found other cosplayers who accepted to be there, which means those other cosplayers accepted to work for free, what they get is exposure, more followers and the “pride” of being a guest but that is a loss for the whole community because we fail to change the mind of the organizers of such events,once more the cosplay community will be taken less seriously than what it should

be. When the mindset changes and the gaming companies will ask to pay us by days of work instead of “what character we would like as a figurine”, when the community understands this is a global question where all actions and words affect all of us and not only each individual, then we will take a good step forward. Have you ever experienced cosplay drama and if so how did you handle it? Of course I have, once, and what I did was simple: I just avoided to post in public, no uploading photos or anything else because whatever you post people will trash over you in the comments. People are a little lazy and won’t try to talk to you in private to understand what’s happening and will only take what people say about you as the truth. Don’t post anything in public so people who know nothing regarding said drama aren’t getting the wrong idea for you. The best thing to do is to

say nothing and wait a week or two, people are lazy and go for drama but they also forget quickly. There are still some people who believe wrong things about me but you know what, I don’t care. I don’t care because if they do not put the effort to try to understand what happened and do not ask me directly then that’s not the kind of community I want to have, so that’s better for me. I also had a bad experience before when I did my Sailor Neptune costume, I had several dislikes, bad comments and messages were flooding when I posted a photo but that kind of worked for me because that’s like a filter of sorts, I only want open minded people with me. What are your next cosplay plans? I have a lot of projects, I’m always working on some projects simultaneously but I’m really slow. I’m doing all of my costumes by myself and I do not have that much free

time during my weeks. Usually I can work during the weekends but you know, I’m often in journey for events so I miss that time. I use all my free weekends to work on my costumes. Basically I have already announced some of them but I would like to finish Kenshiro, I have He-Man as a project and I will begin working on it soon. I have also a dream cosplay, because so many people requested it from me, and that is Superman from Man of Steel because apparently I look like Henry Cavil. I don’t know how to do that outfit and because it is really expensive to buy that one so I’m here waiting to win the lottery! Otherwise I have some other costumes I would like to do but for shootings only, like Duffman from The Simpsons and also Zeus from the Disney movie, it would be funny and I could even make some photoshop shooting between my Hercules and that one.




International Cosplayer

Cosplay Line Magazine Cinderys, what got you into cosplay in the first place?

Cinderys is a French cosplayer who specializes in gaming cosplays. She has created some of the most iconic characters from games such as World of Warcraft, League of Legends and Overwatch. Not only she creates costumes but also draws original concepts of characters from games such as the dragon aspects from WoW which are some of the most popular fanarts of these characters and have been cosplayed by a lot of people!

Cinderys - Art and Cosplay @cinderys_art 29

love them more if they are crazy or fanatics ! I’m a concept artist I started playing Warcraft III at in real life, so, sometimes it’s just the age of 8, and I would always because I love the design. remember that feeling seeing Do you think that becoming a fullthe cinematic: Arthas Betrayal. time cosplayer is achievable? Little me was dreaming about that huge death knight armor! Of course I do! But it needs hard I discovered cosplay much later, work and patience. and I started four years ago this adventure with that old dream in Tell us something that another mind. cosplayer did that influenced you, either in a positive or You have created some very negative way. iconic characters such as Ysera and Frost Lich Jaina. What do you need to see in a character All the cosplayers who marvel me! They push me to share this in order to cosplay it? passion and to give the smile to I love badass characters! And I others like they do with me!

‘‘ All the cosplayers who marvel me! They push me to share this passion ’’ Who are your favorite cosplayers? Kamui Cosplay, because just like many cosplayers, I started cosplay thanks to her and her awesome work. Jessica Nigri because she is sexy and funny at the same time. Next... it’s hard, because I love lot of people for their crafting, painting, make-up or sculpting skills, their personalities, what they do for the community or because they are my friends!


Cosplay Line Magazine

‘‘I was shocked to realize how sometimes our community could be aggressive’’ What would be your dream Once, a girl was lynched on a convention to attend as a forum because she had used one of my designs having guest? Blizzcon for sure! By the way cropped the image and I will go to this convention this without crediting me. I was year but with my own expens- shocked to realize how somees. It’s my dream to go there! times our community could be aggressive and uncompromisIf your fans want to see ing. something different from you, will you consider doing it? What are your cosplay plans That could be more anime/ for the future? comic cosplays or sexier I’m doing a Void Elf with the versions of characters. Heritage Armor Set from World Yes! I always keep in mind all of Warcraft. Then, I’m thinking of creating again a design for the requests I receive. myself based on which I will We all know cosplay drama make the costume. is everywhere. Have you ever had any negative experiences in cosplay? Not really, or maybe indirectly. 31




Greek Cosplayer Feature

Bullet Witch Cosplay

Cosplay Line Magazine

Eua Kotsou is a Greek cosplayer known as Bullet Witch Cosplay. She has been cosplaying for a lot of years and she has a big number of costumes in her record. She is one of the permanent figures in almost every big Greek convention and event and the characters she creates range from dynamic warriors to elegant elves. Let’s go and see what she has in store for us.και η ίδια.

Bullet Witch Cosplay @bulletwitchcosplay 35

Eua, you have been cosplaying play when I participated in my for a lot of years. What got you first competition abroad! into cosplay and what is it that You have attended a lot of Greek keeps you at it? events through the years. How It all started 7 years ago when do you think they have changed/ I went for the first time at an evolved? anime/cosplay party (long before cosplay conventions existed in Greek events are getting Greece). I saw people being bigger and bigger. We have big dressed up and I thought it gaming ones like GameAthlon and Egaming, Fantasy ones looked cool! After that I went to the next one, like Fantasticon and of course and the one after that, and so the the biggest of them all, our big story goes. After lots of thinking comic, movie and cosplay event, I realized that what kept me in AthensCon. The cons are getting cosplay is the process of making bigger and better every year and something amazing from zero! competitions especially are more competitive than ever! I think the I enjoy that more than anything! only way to go is up and sky is the You have made a lot of different limit! costumes and have won places in competitions with them. Based on your experience tell us What is your absolute favorite a little bit about the growth of Greek cosplayers. one? That’s a really hard one! I love Blizzard so one of my favorites is Jaina from Hearthstone as well as Morrigan From Dragon Age Inquisition, which was my cos-

So, the Greek cosplay community, despite the economic crisis, has rised tremendously over the last few years. Cosplayers are being hired by companies or

‘‘ Competitions (...) are more competitive than ever! I think the only way to go is up and sky is the limit!’’

organizations and make money out of their hobby! That’s what I call a success. Who are the cosplayers you would like to work with? I have already worked with some amazing Greek cosplayers. I guess the next step would be an international collaboration. My dream would be with my favorite Lightning Cosplay but that will remain a dream, I suppose! You are an explosive figure and you have participated in photoshoots with swimsuits as well as hot original characters. What is your opinion on the sexy side of cosplay? I think people can dress up however they want in every way they want. It’s really nice to do something fun once in a while. You will surely be judged like I have, especially since I am a size “bigger” than average but as long as you do you, you don’t have to worry about other peoples’ opinions. Just make sure that you know the difference between actual cosplay, lingerie, swimsuit and sexy cosplay. With so many cosplay categories people can get easily confused and start judging! Cosplay competitions in Greece are evolving after every event and you have attended many of 36


‘‘Big events still deny

the existence of cosplayers as judges even though no one can judge better that us. ’’ them. What do you think about the way they are being organized and what would you change to make them better? Yes, they have even though problems do exist. A basic problem would be the criteria as well as the judges. Big events still deny the existence of cosplayers as judges even though no one can judge better that us. Something big and flashy might be cool from a distance but a smaller more detailed costume might be “better” quality wise. So you need someone who knows in order to judge properly. I think favors and likings used to exist but now they are almost gone.

ventions due to their scale but with AthensCon everything changed! We have one of the best convention in Europe with international guests and events going on throughout the whole weekend! I wish it would be more than once per year! So I think that Greece has nothing to be jealous of! What are your next plans? So, my next plans include lots of stuff till winter! I am preparing for AthensCon of course since it’s the main event of the year for me. I will probably go abroad soon but thats kind of a secret. My next cosplans include Captain Marvel, Hela from Thor and Freya from Battlerite!

What are you jealous of, in relation to cosplay, from abroad that we don’t have in Greece? I used to be jealous of big con38



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Andrew Von Haden is a cosplay photographer from Milwaukee, USA. Despite being associated with photography since 2005 he decided to take it a step further in 2012, and that’s when his journey begun. Other than doing photoshoots he often streams either alone,doing live editing on photos, or with friends doing critiques on photos.

Vontography @vontog 41

What first drew you to cosplay harmony. That said, if I were photography and how did you forced to choose, I think I would discover it? have to go with lighting. Good Honestly, my path to cosplay lighting is the quickest way to photography was a very slow elevate a photo, if you have one. I started going to cons in an average cosplay in a boring high school, my first being Anime location with mediocre compoCentral 2005. I would always sition, but the lighting is rock bring a camera along to take solid, you probably will still have a pictures of cosplayers, but for a mildly enjoyable photo (and your long time it wasn’t anything more cosplayer will be happy since than a quick snapshot in the the lighting will make them look halls with absolutely no thought good). Since I shoot mostly with put behind it. I always had an natural light, I tend to prioritize interest in photography, but I had finding areas where the light will never thought of applying it to fall nicely on the subject and will cosplay. The camera was basically quickly give up on locations with filling the role that phone camera cool backgrounds if the lighting does at cons today. During Anime on the subject isn’t working. Central 2012 some friends asked me to get a couple “nicer” photos of their cosplay, so I had my first attempt at a photoshoot. Those photos were pretty terrible, but it opened me up to the idea of actually taking cosplay photography artistically serious. This led me to trying to make my hallway shots look better, followed by transitioning to doing mostly photoshoots.

What makes a good picture stand out from the average?

There are so many ways this can be achieved, but one that jumps out to me is narrative. When you can add that bit of story-telling in to an already good picture, it can elevate it in something more. Perhaps I find this all the more appealing in cosplay photography because narrative is one of the weakest aspects What, in your opinion, is most of my own work. So much of important to consider while cosplay photography is about shooting cosplay pictures? creating a pretty picture (which I I think it is pretty difficult to pick am not saying is a bad thing), but what is the single most import adding story can change the aspect of a cosplay photo, since entire way we feel about a picture. what makes a great picture This transforms it from something are multiple aspects working in that is just pleasing to the eyes to

‘’ Good lighting is the quickest way to elevate a photo, if you have an average cosplay in a boring location with mediocre composition...’’ something that is paying homage I want to achieve. So instead, I like to stay rather fluid with how I shoot to the source material. – this allows me to totally adjust When you are out shooting how my approach no matter how the much of it is instinctual versus variables shift. I think approaches come from shooting at a lot of planned? I wish I could say that I do a lot of cons. Even though that is my current method, I do think it can planning, but I am not that great at be rather limiting at times, and I coming up with concepts ahead of can often fall in to similar patterns time. Not to shift the blame off of from shoot to shoot. Planning me, but I think a lot of that comes things out is something I would down to shooting natural light. like to do more of in the future, I find when I try to plan something especially in regard to posing, as out, to shoot a certain pose in a that is one of my weakest points certain location in a certain way, as a photographer. it rarely works out for me since the weather or lighting or any What is your dream photoshoot? of the other many variables just aren’t playing nicely for what There are two shoots that come to


mind when I think dream shoot. The first is to do a location shoot of Deedlit from Record of Lodoss War. That being an older show, you rarely see her being cosplayed, so finding a cosplayer that would be able to make this happen is easier said than done. I have shot a couple Deedlits before at cons, but I would really like to take it a lot further than that. If you look at Snowgrimm’s photoshoot of Calssara’s Deedlit, that was pretty much exactly what I would want to


do (man, am I ever jealous of that shoot). The other shoot, which I am deeming mildly impossible, would be of Holo from Spice & Wolf. I really want to recreate a scene from the show’s OP. The scene in mind is of Holo in the nude in the snow at blue hour with mountains in the background. To say that this is a logistical nightmare is putting it mildly. First I would need to find a location to make this work, and being from a place with no mountains, this would require trav-

eling. Second, I would need to find a cosplayer who would be comfortable doing a nude shoot – while this would not be a sexy shoot (I have little interest in that side of photography and feel that nudity and sexuality are not inherently connected) – that doesn’t remove the fact that they would need to be very body confident and ok with being mostly nude, outside, and in freezing cold snow. Third, I would need to convince my wife in to letting me do this shoot!

Who influenced you the most? Is there any other photographer that you consider as a kind of idol? I am constantly being influenced by the cosplay photographers around me. I have met so many amazing people and artists through this scene and their work is always pushing me to try and be better. Part of the reason I love this community is how supportive it is. While it would take me quite a while to name all the people who have influenced me, there are two that I have been looking up to since I started taking cosplay photography seriously. Alive Alf and Sorairo-Days’ work constantly blows me away and has always been the high water mark when it comes to cosplay photography. The fact that I consider both of them friends now is still something that amazes me. Outside of cosplay photography I am particularly inspired by Von Wong and Dani Diamond.

‘’ Part of the reason I love this community is how supportive it is.’’

What is one question nobody has asked, but instead I would love to ever asked you that you wish they see more people be comfortable asked you? in asking me questions – whether I am not sure there is any speci- that is about how I took a specific fic question I would like to see photo or something more general.

What are some tips/advice you would give to yourself if you started photography all over again? I’m honestly not sure I would 44


Cosplay Line Magazine

‘’ This has me a bit worried for the future as the social media landscape continues to shift for the worse. ’’ change much. I’ve been pretty happy with how my time in this scene has been and I don’t think I have fallen in to too many pitfalls. Perhaps I would tell myself to start doing location shoots earlier, but outside of that the only major advice I would tell myself is to spend my money on gear smarter. Man, I certainly have wasted some money on things I either didn’t need, didn’t use, didn’t work, or just ended up upgrading from right away. How has social media played a

role in your photography? While this might be a bit of hyperbole, I think that the vast majority of cosplay photographers owe their interest in this hobby to social media. It allows us to grow our audience, find new people to work with, connect with our peers, and in general I would say that the majority of this community exists on social media. More importantly, social media is the main way that we showcase our work. Unlike cosplayers, we don’t also have the public space of cons to show off

our work. While I think there are some people that would still be here if they couldn’t easily show their work to the world via social media, often this is a major part of the payoff we get for putting so much hard work into our photography. I know I don’t think I would be doing this, at least not nearly the way I am doing it now, without the social media backbone of cosplay and cosplay photography. All of that said, this has me a bit worried for the future as the social media landscape continues to shift for the worse.





Pixelmania @pixelmaniaevent

PIXELMANIA Event: Pixelmania Country: Poland City: Wlen Dates: 10-12 of August Type: Cosplay photo convention


Pixelmania is a cosplay / photo convention that was previously known as Fotocon. Now with a new name but with many identical characteristics, such as the time and place of the event and its context, it starts a new journey in life!

Pixelmania is a unique event because it offers 3 days of nonstop photoshooting action on epic locations for cosplayers and photographers alike. It is the best tool for anyone to build a portfolio, meet new people or simply have a good time by doing what they love! The event is very cozy and the organizers are very friendly and helpful and the overall mood of the

event is very relaxing even if most days are packed with photo shoots! People from many different countries attend Pixelmania and the numbers keep growing every year. Greece has so far sent 3 different cosplayers and 1 photographer to Pixelmania, let’s see what they have to say about their experience in Wlen.


Horo von Kaida cosplay In my opinion Pixelmania is an event that every cosplayer should participate in at least once in their life. I believe that Pixelmania could be described as a big project in which artists with love for the geek – otaku culture meet and create a truly awesome result. It is amazing that people from so many different countries meet in a small village that is “lost” in the forests of Poland and work so efficiently, as if they’ve known each other for years. Just a single day in the convention will make you immediately feel how cosplay connects everyone and makes it easy to create friendships that will last for a long time!


Ailiroy Fotocon is the best cosplay trip I’ve ever done so far. Going to a beautiful place, meeting new people and having a great time doing what I love, just awesome. There’s no agenda, no competition. Everyone there is working together for the best possible artistic result. Cosplayers are walking around places they always dreamed of walking while wearing their costumes and photographers capture the moments creating amazing images. Every cosplayer should experience it at least once.


SpirosK Photography Fotocon was a great experience! As a photographer I really loved two things: 1) the abundance and variety of real life locations, which saved me hours of photoshop and instead let me focus on editing the cosplayers only, 2) the attitude of the cosplayers, which are really there for the photoshoots and they don’t treat it as a (possible) waste of time, like they do in other conventions. Hopefully, Fotocon/Pixelmania will remain as it is and it won’t venture into Commercial territory, which might be good from the organizers’ perspective but it will be sure to spoil some of the great mood and camaderie which grows there. 53

Ventus cosplay This year I was one of the lucky ones that got accepted in Pixelmania. So I put myself in the process of traveling to a faraway country alone, with a lot of luggage without a lot of food and sleep. Upon arriving in Wlen, you immediately understand that the beauty of the location and the people you meet there who have the same passion about cosplay as you, make all the fatigue and hardships worth it. I hope I get the chance to go there next year too!


Upcoming Event

HALL OF GAMES Event: Hall of Games Country: Greece City: Thessaloniki Date: 8-16 September Type: Gaming convention


Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF) is the biggest expo of the Balkans and although it contains countless products, happenings and events the biggest part of the audience’s attention revolves around building 17 which hosts the gaming convention of the expo. In 2018 the organization of the expo’s gaming convention changed and the name of the event is now Hall of Games but the building remains the same! For 9 whole days the people who attend the convention will be able to dive into a profound gaming experience and the gaming shows that the organization will offer us, such as gaming tournaments, the gaming VR experience and of course the final phase of the League of Legends Greek championship (LGC) which will

take place during the first weekend of the Expo. Cosplay remains as an integral part of the convention and it offers a lot of different activities for the cosplayers as well as the big cosplay competition that will take place on Saturday 15 of September at the event’s main stage. Hall of Games will have 3 cosplay guests, Horo von Kaida who will attend the event all 9 days, Smirka cosplay and Cinderys art & cosplay both of whom will be at the event for the last 4 days. Apart from the contest, the cosplayers will be able to take part in 2 themed photoshoots as well as 3 studio photoshoots among other activities. The cosplay guests will also deliver cosplay workshops and panels for everyone.





Greek Cosplay has been around for more than 12 years. 13 different cities, more than 450 events, 150+ outdoor mass photoshoots and more than 13.000 Cosplays. Today’s reality is quite different though, compared to the past. During the first 10 years, the community’s development was based on Cosplay Parties and outdoor mass Cosplay photoshoots, reaching 2 years ago a point where it set its sights nearly entirely on the big Cosplay related Conventions, which started during the middle of that decade in Athens & later Thessaloniki. Due to event saturation, negative conditions and non-mainstream themes, not all Conventions stood or stand the test of time, as well as none of the smaller scale events that existed before, besides some exceptions. Going forward, we are going to mention only Conventions that happened during the last season, to keep them in mind.


VENTIONS The most popular type of Cosplay related Conventions in Greece is based on western pop culture. AthensCon in Athens gathers the most Cosplayers, followed by Comicdom Con Athens in the same city and The Comic Con in Thessaloniki. The 2nd most popular type is Gaming. Based on Cosplay number, Athens’ GameAthlon takes the top spot, followed by Thessaloniki’s eGaming, with Athens’ Digital Expo and Digital 360 coming after. 3rd most popular type is Fantasy, where Athens’ ΦantastiCon gathes the most Cosplays, with Thessaloniki’s Fantasmagoria getting 2nd place. We mustn’t neglet to mention Run Thessaloniki: Animecon and ForceCon, 2 Conventions themed around Anime / Japan and Star Wars respectively, with no new info about any further new event in the meantime.



You can check all dates of all conventions announced or sure to happen again, below. - 8-16.09.18 - Hall of Games 2018 - 29-30.09.18 - Digital Expo 2018 - 06-07.10.18 - FantastiCon 2018 - 01-02.12.18 - AthensCon 2018 - End ‘18 - GameAthlon Winter 2018 - April ‘19 - Fantasmagoria - 19-21.4.2019 - Comicdom Con Athens 2019 - May ‘19 - The Comic Con 5 - Summer ‘19 - GameAthlon Summer 2019


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Character Spotlight We have seen Harley Quinn in many different occasions. The “Queen� of Joker has starred in comics, animated series and movies.

Irina Meier Cosplay 61


She remains one of the all-time classics characters when it comes to cosplay and cosplayers have portrayed her in all the different costumes she has appeared in and even some original ones!

@enjinight Enji Night Balรกzs Sรกrmai

Infamous By Laura @infamousbylaura Jorge Santillรกn

@jessicanigri Jessica Nigri Martin Wong

Horo Von Kaida Cosplay @horovonkaida 62

Character Spotlight

MarikaGreek Cosplay





Character Spotlight

Anissa Cosplay


Rosson Photography

JinxKittie Cosplay


R&R Art Group Kifir



Character Spotlight

SpirosK Photography

Eleni von Mondlicht


Kitty Young Colin C. Photography 65

@ItsLisaLouWho Lisa Lou Who Martin Wong

Character Spotlight


@daydream.cosplay @cosplayppl

@hell_n.cosplay Hell-N Cosplay AngieV Cosplay 66






Summer is almost over and along with the new season new cosplay plans are being drawn and planned. There are many choices and we tried to break them down into the 10 best cosplays that you can make in August!

Kim Possible


Everyone’s favorite Kim is a very good summer cosplay option. It is a character that floods everyone who recognize her with nostalgia and it is very easy to make, even with clothes that we already have in our wardrobes! Comfortable and kind of cool, this costume is very good for a relaxing summer convention. 67



Tifa – Final Fantasy



Tifa is one of the most loved characters of the Final Fantasy franchise. She is especially loved by cosplayers around the world because she is an easy cosplay option that is going to be recognized by a lot of people. It is a very good cosplay for every season and especially now that temperatures are very high!

Dabi – Boku no Hero Academia Dabi is one of the most mysterious characters in Boku no hero Academia. A villain with much potential and even more style! His cosplay includes every day clothing but also a lot of make-up work in order to reach his true form.


Princess Zelda – Twilight Princess

For many cosplayers the end of summer usually means the beginning of a new big project. One of the all-time favorites is Princess Zelda and for this month we chose the dress she wears in the Twilight Princess game. It is a cosplay which combines harmonically fabrics with pieces of armor and weapons and although it is quite demanding in the construction process it will surely give you a huge sense of satisfaction when you finish it. 68



Warchief Sylvanas – World of Warcraft Sylvanas made a mess with her actions in the new World of Warcraft expansion and a lot of people are judgmental towards the new leader of the Horde. Even with all that going on for her, she appears with a spectacular costume in the classic Sylvanas way and she is one of the hottest cosplays which will surely turn the people’s attention towards you!


Pool party Caitlyn / Gankplank – League of Legends

Supergirl – DC Comics


Supergirl is considered one of the most loved female super heroes from the world of comics throughout time. A lot of people see her as a role model and as of late her popularity has been increasing continuously. She is an ideal cosplay for this time of the year because it is easy to make and also it prevents the cosplayer from overheating! 69

Riot is always making new skins for every occasion. The 2018 Pool party skins offer us 2 beautiful summer cosplays. Caitlyn is relaxing with her purple swimsuit on a pink flamingo while having a drink and Gankplank is on the grill making steaks, although he never forgets to have some oranges nearby!

Android 18 – Dragon Ball



Dragon ball made a very strong comeback in the anime scene with Dragon ball Super and it is certain that it is always going to be one of the top anime ever. Android 18 is one of the most loved characters among cosplayers and it is an easy and comfy cosplay for the end of summer!

Vaporeon – Pokemon


The only thing that is certain is that you can always find a Pokemon cosplay that suits you perfectly no matter when you are searching for it. So what can be better than a water Pokemon in August? And of course we are not talking about any water Pokemon, but one of the fans’ favorite, Vaporeon!

Jaina Proudmoore - World of Warcraft


The new World of Warcraft expansion is a huge success, and it introduces us to exotic new places, new conflicts and of course new cosplays! Main role both in the story and in the cosplayers’ preferences belongs to Jaina, who appears with a new costume which reflects the naval tradition of her home island of Kul Tiras. It is definitely one of the best cosplays right now!



odiac Ζ

September 2018

ARIES (Mar. 21 - Apr.19)

This month is one of empowerment. It’s a great time to start all those great cosplay projects you’ve been flirting with lately. Do not be afraid to go big.

TAURUS (Apr. 20 - May 20)

So many things at the same time finally take a toll on you. Sit back, relax, maybe take up a yoga class. No need to start a new cosplay right away.

GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

This month you feel compelled to organize everything, keep them nice and clean. It’s a good time to review your costumes, fix them up, store them, give them new life. This will give you inspiration for new projects in the future.

CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

Sometimes you feel like everything irritates you and like everyone might be against you. You feel more like talking about things past but this is not the right thing now. Use a new cosplay project to focus on and relieve your stress.

LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22)

Working, making money and getting stuff together after summer is your main focus. It’s also nice to start building up that hot body of yours too. It won’t only give you extra boost but think about when you wear that skin tight/revealing cosplay.

VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22)

You want new things to learn, new places to be, new sights to see. That’s surely a sign you have to go to another town or even country for new experiences. Lucky for you, there are plenty of conventions this time to give you a place to start. 71

Art by Meagolicious


LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22)

You feel like you need some space, some room to breathe in. You feel like reflecting and maybe overthinking about changing things in your life. But maybe you just need to make your own cosplay workshop and free your room from overflowing materials.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21)

You might feel a bit on edge around family and friends. Use that energy to fuel your next cosplay project. When everything is done you will feel better than ever.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21)

You always feel the need to work and you have ideas, energy and everything. Use that energy to one up your game on cosplay. Focus on that but don’t forget to see your friends once in a while.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19)

Right after summer you fall in deep thoughts that never find answers. Take some time to organize yourself before you fall into existential crisis. While you’re at it organize your cosplays too.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18)

It’s good time to look after yourself. Take a break. Relax. That big cosplay you started and can’t figure out how to complete it can wait. You will figure everything out after a good rest.

PISCES (Feb. 19 - Mar. 20)

You realize some things don’t turn out as expected. People you thought were close to you seem distant now but don’t worry about it, not worth it. And by all means don’t let it stop you from your projects. You’ll discover new talents you never thought you had and make that new amazing cosplay. Meagolicious


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