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COSPLAY LINE Welcome to COSPLAY LINE, the first Greek magazine about cosplay! Here, every month you will find the best Greek and international cosplayers, tutorials to learn all about the secrets of cosplay, photographers, events and everything that has to do with cosplay in general!

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Contents Page 3-4: Cosplay Line Page 5-6: Material of the month - Colouraplast Page 7-12: Cosplay tutorial - Dori' Thur Page 13-14: Meet Art-Time Page 15-20: Interview with Erza Page 21-28: Interview with Azure Page 29-36: Interview with Ventus Page 37-42: Interview with Dom.S Photography Page 43-44: Hall of Games Winner - Maria Pol Page 45-46: Hall of Games Winner - Brunnhildar Page 47-48: Hall of Games Winner - Marcelline Page 49-50: Greek Convetions, by Cosplayers//Gr Page 51-52: Event - Hall of Games (HoG) Page 53-58: Character Spotlight - Sylvanas Windrunner Page 59-64: Top 10 cosplay suggestions

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Make-Up Tutorial: -Learn how to become Prompto from FF XV

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Craft feature Material of the month

Colouraplast Cosplay Line Magazine

Colouraplast is a material uknown to many. They are small fragments with some very unique characteristics making them a useful asset to any cosplayer's kit. With colouraplast we can easily make gems and any other decorative part on our costume that looks like a crystal or a stone. First of all, colouraplast is available in many colours which means you will always be able to find the right one for the job without thinking about having to colour it afterwards. Also, turning the fragments into a single gem is quite a simple process. All you need to do is put colouraplast in a silicone mold and heat it in the oven. It takes about half an hour and the end result is very clear, needing small to zero work after that. After heating it, colouraplast retains its semi-clear colour making it perfect for everything gem-like.


Another thing to note is that it's very light, this means you can apply many of those on your costume without worrying about the weight in the end. Furthermore, this product is very affordable, the price of the pack being less than 5 euros and you can create around 30 gems with it!

Finally, colouraplast can also be used outside of cosplay, you can also combine two or more colours to create your own unique gems. Colouraplast is a product that can help make your costumes prettier with small effort needed, let your imagination go wild and experiment! Colourplast is available in Greece at Art-time in both Athens and Thessaloniki, you can also check the website to see all the available colours! 6


Cosplay Tutorial How to make: Dori’thur

Tyrande Whisperwind's owl

Character: Tyrande Game: World of Warcraft Materials: ● TranspaWorbla ● Silicone glue ● Polymorph ● Lamps ● LED Strip Tools: ○ ○

Pyrographer Scissors

7 Tutorial by:

Brunnhildar Art and Cosplay


Reference Photo Concerning the Owl’s reference, I mainly used the NPC that appears in the game World of Warcraft under the name Dori’thur. However, its design in Heroes of the Storm was also very helpful to me due to its high definition. As a result, I was able to understand the bird’s size and characteristics better. The material that I mainly used for the owl was ΤranspaWorbla, a transparent kind of Worbla that is, which belongs to the greater category of thermoplastics. After cutting all the feathers, I engraved the details using a pyrograph on both of their sides so as to avoid an excessive transparency.



After that, I glued them together with silicone glue and created thus a kind of carcass, using the thermoplastic Polymorph.

I decided to make the bird’s main body be consisted out of two bigger parts; to be able to open the head in case I wanted to add new batteries in the lights that I put inside (small light bulbs and LED tape). As for the bird’s plumage, I glued around 300 small feathers which I also engraved with a pyrograph on both of their sides, since I didn’t want the inner part of the owl to be visible.



Both the strong white parts on its head and its legs were made out of Polymorph. For the middle part of it I made a kind of skeleton which is basically the extension of the feathers and the part where the carcass (which is lighter) perches on. Additionally, that is the most stable part from where I can hold the owl. After that, I added another row of feathers to enrich the plumage.


Cosplay Line Magazine


Issue 5


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ART-TIME, And of course over at Facebook : www.facebook/arttimethess Georgiou Stavrou 3 and 5, Center of Thessaloniki (Tel. 2312202525) Ipeirou 5, Center of Athens (Tel. 2122133762) Email:, 14

International Cosplayer

Erza cosplay

Cosplay Line Magazine Erza, how did you feel after What are the main things that wearing your first cosplay in attract you to a character and public? make you want to cosplay them?

Erza cosplay is a German cosplayer based in Munich. She is known for creating some of the most detailed cosplays in the world and she always goes crazy with the small details on epic armored costumes. She was one of the first cosplayers to use thermoplastic materials in cosplay and she is a big part of the establishment of Worbla in the cosplay world. Her favorite characters for cosplay are strong, epic female characters and she has also created original characters following the same pattern.

Erza Cosplay @erzacosplay 15

As I started cosplaying over 10 years ago, cosplay was really unknown to most people. My costume of Misa Amane from Death Note was not really highly detailed or crazy, and I looked more like a goth girl, but the first time I wore a cosplay with big armor parts, it was Erza Scarlet with her farewell armor, it was so impressive and it felt awesome! Everyone seemed to like it and they were shocked by the big staff and my armor which were made with paper mache. I was really proud to wear it after 7 months of work and with the other Fairy Tail cosplayers I felt the spirit of friendship coming in that scene.

For me it's really important that women are tough and strong. I'm not a small, cute woman and I don’t like to cosplay characters which I hate or to make someone only for love and attention. It's more like a personal war for me, I am not a crazy feminist but I hate it being an object. And of course this means for me that the costumes have to be very detailed and a kind of art, only then do I want to release them. The amount of details you are putting in your costumes is amazing! How do you manage that? I still don’t know. I love big armors

with a lot of details. In real life I'm a gold and silversmith master and I work every day with small elements and jewelry. But metal is kind of different and expensive, it needs more time, so I make some of my ideas with worbla. I need a lot of hours for my costumes, most times around 300! But I love to grow alongside with my projects.

‘‘ I need a lot of hours for my costumes, most times around 300! ’’

You have been cosplaying for a long time, who are the cosplayers you look up to? I love Jessica Nigri and hope to meet her one day and talk with her. Last time at Gamescom I wasn’t able to see her. Next one is, of course, Yaya Han. I've met her several times and she is so awesome and a really tough business woman. I love how she manages everything and her collection of fabrics. But for me it is really inspiring to see all cosplayers. They motivate me to make more costumes and I think everyone is so inspiring in their own right. If you could be invited to any convention in the world as a cosplayer, where would you want to go? Oh, I really hope I have the chance to come to the USA one day and go to conventions like Katsucon or Dragoncon. Maybe I can go one day to Asia and specifically Japan.

I love to travel around and see the different types of cosplayers in different countries. If you had the power to change anything in the cosplay community/industry, what would be the first thing you would try to improve? I don’t like how everyone is trying to be an object. Sex sells, yes, but I don't like how really amazing cosplayers change their awesome craftsmanship to make only some sexy pictures or nudes for Patreon. I know everyone likes to get what they want, but I'm not fond of that. And the biggest problem is with this method: younger girls who don't know what they want to do in the future made the same costume, maybe they don't even really want it, but they made it for attention and not out of passion. 16


Cosplay Line Magazine

‘‘ [...]I don't like how really amazing cosplayers change their awesome craftsmanship to make only some sexy pictures or nudes... ’’ You have a lot of mythology influences in your cosplays, Greek mythology included. Do you like mythology in general or is it something that inspires cosplays in you? Oh yes. As a child I wanted to be an archeologist. Unfortunately was too bad at school and I wanted to make art by myself. I think most of my original characters are inspired by the mythology and not by anime/ manga or games. For me is it an

honor to show the world ancient What are your next cosplay forms and styles and work with plans? those. My next originals costumes, of In what way has cosplay helped course inspired again by the old American culture, and after that you in your life outside of it? maybe Triss with her alternative It brings me more tolerance dress or Violet Evergarden. I have towards different cultures and so many costumes on my to-do people. It shows me all day, how list. So I will see which one will be awesome it is to find friends from the next! other countries. It brings a kind of peace with other people who like the same things. This is really something indescribable!




International Cosplayer

Azure cosplay

Cosplay Line Magazine Azure, what made you fall in love with cosplay and who are the cosplayers that inspired you to start?

Azure is a French cosplayer mostly known for her epic armored cosplays. She has created some classic characters including Xena the Warrior Princess, Deathwing and more recently Anduin from Word of Warcraft, a costume that gave her the second place in the Blizzard cosplay contest at Gamescom.

Azure Cosplay @azure_cosplay 21

I started cosplay about five years ago and it was only because I wanted to have something next to my studies, I wasn't really in love with that at first, it was just a way to think about other things . I really started to love cosplay when I had the opporunity to work with Blizzard for the Heroes of Storm Launch event in London(2015), I was wearing my Barbarian from Diablo III, and I was so happy and honored, I remember it was one of the best moments in my "cosplay life", I understood that I couldn't stop this and I needed to do more and more projects ! I started to follow Alison Thabbitha really soon, and she always amazed me with her cosplay make-up skills, I also love Jessica Nigri even if I know that a lot of people still critisize her, I just adore her smile and the mentality she has. I know a lot of cosplayers from France and other

countries, and they all inspire me when they create amazing costumes. Every person I've met is part of the inspiration that keeps me into cosplay! You are clearly a very talented crafter, do you think that cosplay can become your main job? Thank you very much! I really would love to have this passion as my main job, sadly, in my country these kind of hobbies aren't really "accepted" as main jobs. People think cosplay is something you do when you're either stupid or you're just an "anime lover who has nothing else to do" so I think it's just a dream for now, but I really hope that people will become more open-minded! How long does it take you to complete a cosplay? It really depends on the project, but also on my will (and the level of procrastination I have). I can finish an armor in one month if I decide to do it seriously, but most of time I play, or I just work, so it takes longer. For my latest

‘‘ I really would love to have this passion as my main job, sadly[...] these kind of hobbies aren't really "accepted" as main jobs. ’’

cosplay, Anduin, I needed 6 months to finish it completely, working on weekends and sometimes after work, this one took me more time than the others because I tried a lot of new techniques in order to improve my crafting skills. For Yennefer, which is mostly a costume that requires sewing skills, I only needed 3 weeks... Most of your cosplays are strong armored characters, would you ever consider doing a different style and if yes would that be? Yes you're right, I love being a strong armored character, I feel like nothing can attack me, and it makes me to feel like I'm invicible! I completely consider trying a different style for my future projects, it really depends on the crush I have on the characters! So, yes of course, and I really want to try to sew a BIG dress with LOTS of tiny little details everywhere. I'm curious to see if this kind of costume would fit me! What is your dream cosplay that you want to do one day? I really don't know how to answer this question because every project I've made until now someday was a "dream cosplay" that I wanted to do so badly, and now it's done ! I think I don't have a big goal or something like that, I just have big crush on some 22


‘‘...conventions that invite cosplayers have a good way of thinking[...] The problem is mostly on the details about the "invitation". ’’

projects and then I try to make them reality. I can say, at the moment, I'm working on the Naga version of Azshara from World of Warcraft, it is a big challenge and I hope that the result turns out to be cool! Have you ever had any negative experiences from cosplay fans or other cosplayers? Sadly, yes... But it doesn't surprise me. I mean, my main job is Science Teacher and I always have people in front of me, trying to educate them, and everyday I see that the human species are the most talented species when it comes to interaction, and especially when those interactions are kinda bad. The curiosity, the self-estimation, jealousy, or admiration can evolve 23

into so many positive and negative things in just a simple classroom with students, so, I'm really not surprised that cosplay -this world where YOUR image and a picture of you can be seen by thousands of people- can bring some really BAD experiences. I accept it, and I remember all the bad experiences I've had with cosplay, but It won't stop me, it gave me the opportunity to meet amazing people!

What do you think about conventions that invite cosplayers? Is there something you would change if you could? There are just so many things ... First things first, I can say that conventions that invite cosplayers have a good way of thinking (because I really think that cosplayers have their place as guest in events). So THIS point is positive. The prolem is mostly on the details about the "invitation",

I mean, if you invite someone for 2 days or more, asking this person to bring things like expensive cosplays, also asking them to do some panels, workshops, judging a constest or more, you can't expect that this person will just say "OK, no problem, I accept" and then they will follow any orders. No, just no. If you invite a cosplayer, consider that this person brings you something that we call : Work. The bare minimum for these things 24


Cosplay Line Magazine

‘‘ The curiosity, the self-estimation, jealousy, or admiration can evolve into so many positive and negative things[...] ’’ is to take care for their stay, food expenses, and transportation. And if you ask for more work that takes a longer time, then you have to pay for what you want. I think this way of thinking isn't really shared by all conventions. Which country do you think has the biggest cosplay tradition and why. That's a good question! I think Japan has the biggest "costume tradition" because its history has plenty of amazing costumes imbued with meaning. But when I just think about "cosplay" that is to say : costume-playing, I would chose the United States, because in my point of view, they are more open minded than other countries, lots of cosplayers/crafters already have cosplay as their main job and conventions are way more spectacular/developed there! What are your next cosplay plans? Regarding my next costumes : I'm working on the Naga version of Azshara as I've already mentioned, but I'm also planning to try to make a costume that requires more sewing techniques, I have to find a character I love, and I also need to learn more things regarding sewing! And as for my next events, I really don't know for now, but my biggest dream is to go to Blizzcon one day! 26



Greek Cosplayer Feature



Cosplay Line Magazine

Panagiotis Anastasiadis is a Greek cosplayer known as Ventus cosplay.In the time that he's been cosplaying he has created some epic cosplays such as Dovakhin from Skyrim and Demon Hunter from Diablo, also he does not fear the challenges of genderbend as he's created Sylvanas from World of Warcraft, with the outcome being epic as well.

Ventus Cosplay @ventuscosplay 29

VVentus, you are in the cosplay day, I have never stopped scene for quite a while, what thinking about cosplay. is it that inspired you to start What is it that drives you cosplaying? towards a character for you to Ever since I was little, I was really cosplay them? fascinated by wearing costumes, transforming into another The design and the colors character, super heroes etc. always have a huge role in which I always paid attention to the character I am choosing to costumes each character wore cosplay. Even though I normally in the films I liked(mostly fantasy wear neutral colors in my films). I believe that I got to know everyday life, as far as cosplay about cosplay completely by goes, it is the exact opposite accident, but it was definitely case. I am fascinated by vibrant meant to happen. About seven colors, intricate designs and lots years ago, I met Anneta(Hikari of little details each character from Hikari & Lorian Cosplay), can have. I am mostly drawn to who invited me to a small characters that have some sort costume party she and her of a dark past, or have the profile team were organizing. Being a of an anti-hero, but really are nice costume enthusiast, I couldn't people. That may be because bear to deny. I still remember the through cosplay I want to terrible pirate/caveman mashup channel each character's power costume I decided to do. When and pressence, and in a way I got there, I saw a lot of people becoming a better person there dressed up with their myself. I know that it may sound amazing costumes, and I was far-fetched, but trust me, it works. simply lovestruck. It was really new to me, and I felt really Games seem to be your biggest attracted to the idea of cosplaying. source. Have you thought about So it didn't take me long to get cosplaying more characters me started. I wanted to make a from comics/anime? costume of my own. It took me Video games always had a a whole year to make, because special place in my heart. Even I am that lazy, but when I wore it though most of the characters I went to a party, took a bunch of I've cosplayed are from a video pictures and got such an amazing game, I never stopped wanting feedback, I felt like I had found and searching for the perfect my true calling. And from that character out of a comic book or

‘‘ Hard work, dedication, patience and persistence. In my opinion those are the basic things someone needs to have in order to reach the goal of having a carrier in cosplay.’’ from the Elder Scrolls. That armor is simly the biggest dream for me so far. I love the colors, all the details, and all the weapon choices I get to craft. I really can't find words that are worthy of saying about this costume. And I've made an oath to myself, that if I ever decided to make it I would definitely use clear resin for the glass parts, just because it is so worth it. Αnother thing I would love to try, is cosplaying a character What would your dream cosplay that isn't human, or doesn't have be and why is that? normal human dimensions, like a dragon or a huge Orc. I can't wait Everyone that knows me well, to see how that would turn out. I am sure that I drive them crazy everytime I speak about me Do you think cosplay is wanting to make the Glass Armor competitive? an anime series that would make me want to cosplay them. My first attempt, after so many years of hesitating, was Gambit from the X-men, who I turned out to love very much. I would like to work on him some more, but for the time I had, he came out almost just like I wanted him. In the near future, hopefully, I will try to cosplay character that is completely out of my comfort zone.

Cosplay was never meant to be competitive. It just doesn't have the “correct” specifications. Even by the term "costume play", there is nothing competitive about that. Howerever, over the last few years, I see a lot of people being competitive to one another and I really cant understand how can anyone feel that way about someone who shares the same passion and love about cosplay as them. One of the most crucial things I've learned through cosplay and my everyday life, is that truly successful people never feel the need to make someone feel less of themselves in order for them to seem superior. On the contrary, they help the rest 30

rise. Be better for YOU and no one else. Any cosplayer who decides to compete in a cosplay contest, their top priority should be having fun. Truly embody the character that you've chosen to cosplay with whatever way you decided to cosplay them, because that way everyone else is going to love it as much as you do. Who are your 5 most favourite cosplayers? Just five? Wow! There are so many cosplayers that I consider my favourite, but just to be fair, I will mention some of them that have a special place in my heart, without of course feeling less love for the rest of them. Lightning Cosplay, she was the first cosplayer that I ever saw with a full armor. It was like love at first sight. I love her art and how perfect she embodies 31

every character she chooses to cosplay, and of course because she does all that with the man she loves, which is always GOALS. She also has a lots of kitties! A little later, I started following Kamui Cosplay, who I got to meet during this year's Pixelmania in Poland, and all those years she has been my teacher to everything that has to do with armor making, props, painting, leds etc. She also has her husband Benni, and together they have built something remarkable, and continue offering a lot to the cosplay community. Leobane, the much loved French Leonidas, is the absolute GOAL for me. Not only for the way he builds and portrays every character, but for the attitude he has and the way he thinks about cosplay and our community. So let's not go too

far this time. The greek cosplayer Jane D Cosplay, is propably the only one that makes me hate everything I make. There is nothing she cannot do, and she always leaves me speechless. Lastly, and I am really hoping that no one will take this the wrong way, but one of my favourite cosplayers, is me. Everyone should love their art and their creations, and try to learn from our mistakes and never give up. This is the way I've learned through all these years. And I am still going strong and so should YOU. I swear I have a thousand more cosplayers to mention. Do you believe in a carreer through cosplay and if so, would you think it's easier for a man or a woman? It is definitely possible. A lot of cosplayers have proven it. I don't

Cosplay Line Magazine

‘‘ We can't always be on everyone's good side, and not everyone will be on your good side[...] But we have to respect each other no matter what. ’’ think it's easier for some solely based on their gender, but mostly with the way they decide to showcase their art. Any way each cosplayer decides to show their creations and their art, there has to be a high motive for them, in order to reach a state where you can see you have a carreer in cosplay. Hard work, dedication, patience and persistence. In my opinion those are the basic things someone needs to have in order to reach the goal of having a carrier in cosplay.

να κα κρ

What do you think is the root of cosplay drama and how can we get rid of it? It's one of the few things I really despise in the cosplay community. And I still don't get what is the whole purpose of cosplay drama. Is it to provoke? To hurt? To advertize someone in a positive or negative way? I have no clue. Personally, I was never part of cosplay drama in the community because I try to stay out of it, but I've heard a lot of things. Rumors, gossip and many more. We are not a small community anymore, and each and every one of us is special. We can't always be on everyone's good side, and not everyone will be on your good side. That's only natural. But we have to respect each other no matter what. As people and as artists. Never treat someone the 32

‘‘ Cosplay was never meant to be competitive. It just doesn't have the “correct” specifications. ’’ way you don't want to be treated. Spread the love, respect each other and everything else that binds as a community. I talk by experience. I've made mistakes in the past, that I am happy about in a way, because they made me think some things twice, and made me a better, and more open-minded person. What are your future plans? After my experience in this year's Pixelmania in Poland, a lot of things really changed in my mind. I feel a lot more excited about cosplay, and I didn't think this could be possible. I want to create a huge and diverse group of characters, all diferent from each other and from multiple sources, comic books, anime series and video games OF COURSE. Learn more things, practice my craft and upgrade my skills, and also really important, to meet new people. The “small” project, that I am currently working on, is Star Guardian Ezreal. I think it's about time I brought him to life. He is a character way out of my comfort zone, and totally different from what I have shown before, but he is going to help me take a leap forward to reach my goals. The “bigger” project that I am trying to work towards, and of course the hardest, is that I want to competely dedicate myself to cosplay. To be more active, to show my work more efficiently, and day by day reach my goal of making a living doing what I 33

absolutely love. I want to have a platform, and through it to be able to give strength and ispiration to others, maybe newer, cosplayers to follow their dreams, to choose whichever character they want and love despite their gender, skin

color, nationality or body type, and for them to keep spreading this positive message to others. For me that would mean true success. To be able to influence others, cosplayers or not, in the best way possible.




Photographer of the month


Cosplay Line Magazine

Dominik Szednyj, also known as Dom.S Photography, is a cosplay photographer from Austria. He has worked with some of the biggest names and has attended international conventions such as Pixelmania 2018.

@dom.s_photography 37

What do you think is the for in order to do a cosplay main difference of a cosplay shoot? photoshoot with a “normal� one? There are two ways: Either (A) There's not much of a difference I ask or (B) get asked for a in my opinion. Both are able to photoshooting. If it comes to (A) realize either big ideas or just I already know the character and ordinary pictures. Personally I put have often a location and ideas in more effort into shooting mind, while (B) is little more tricky. preparation when it comes to Sometimes I even watch the cosplay shootings. I have to do anime or play the game in order research on the character, find to take the perfect pictures if a location, look for props and I don't know the character. find some helpful posing ideas To find new locations I prefer in case the cosplayer needs visiting spots before taking them. A big difference is that the the cosplayer with me. model sticks to a specific At best I get inspired and character and shouldn't post out already know a few pictures I want of it. Good Cosplay Photography to take there. When it comes to ,in my opinion, is when you can some crazy ideas in my head I'm recognize the character not only in need of extra preparations, because of the costume but like a chair for levitation pictures based on the expression they or an assistant for any kind of have in the photo. stuff (guys, show more love to the assistants, many pictures What is the thing you like most wouldn't be possible without when you shoot a cosplay? them). That'd be when both have fun while shooting. It's a pleasure What is your dream cosplay when both have the passion for photoshoot? the series, game, anime e.t.c. That's hard to answer. There are so, the whole shooting turns into so many amazing cosplays and a kind of fan gathering. To be characters, maybe even more honest, I love to play with cosplay props if there are some. For than I know so far. I often see example, swinging a big Rathalos a cosplayer and spontaneously Great Sword and feeling like a fall in love with their cosplay child again, although my mom and want to take pictures of it. My all-time favorite will wouldn't have allowed it! always be the Witcher Universe. What is the thing you are looking Besides this there are some

‘’ Sometimes I even watch the anime or play the game in order to take the perfect pictures if I don't know the character. ’’ dream locations I really want character of my beloved Witcher to shoot someday, for example Universe)! Iceland with its beautiful geysers and the ice and fire environment. What would you say is the thing that makes a picture stand out If you could work with any from the rest? cosplayer who would you choose Basically when it's different than and why? the rest. We all have idols and I don't choose my photoshootings styles we admire and try to reprobased on the cosplayer but on the duce. But when we copy a picture, cosplay. So there's no model I re- people have already seen the ally have to shoot with no matter original and it's nothing special what they wear. Although there anymore. The clue is to add a are people who create costumes personal touch and transform it to in genres I am interested in. Maul something new and unique. Cosplay is one of them (I love his Geralt, he absolutely nailed it, Do you think social media not to mention Geralt is the main play a bigger role in cosplay


‘’ Better have a pretty picture with zero likes , than a perfectly advertised bad one with millions of likes. ’’ photography than others? For me it's an absolutely NO. Better have a pretty pictures with zero likes , than a perfectly advertised bad one with millions of likes. Don't get me wrong, I get really happy when my photos reach lots of people, but you mustn't mistake likes with quality. More likes mean more effort put into marketing and more presents on social media. Likes are no seal of quality(P.S: please like my site)!

a good cosplay photographer?

I know it's a common answer, but try, try and try again!!! Prepare yourself! Do your homework! Find a fitting location! Train your photo skills! Cosplay photography is still photography. Learn what makes a picture interesting. Learn about screen layout, how to set lighting. But don't forget about post editing, this is as important as pressing the shutter button. Since real life isn't like the game or anime, Photoshop gives us the possibility What are the steps that you need to close the gap between these to make in order to be considered two worlds. And don't forget to 39

never stop practicing! What are your next plans? In the future I want to focus more on composing, getting my pictures closer to the original artwork and bring them to life. To keep it short: I want to take my Photoshop skills to the next level. The next international convention I'll attend will be AthensCon. I'm looking forward as it's my first time in Greece. I hope I won't get lost there!




HALL OF GAMES Winner - 1st Place

Cosplay Line Magazine Maria, why did you choose this character for the competition? Alice was a cosplay that I’ve been wanting to do for a really long time. I’ve been a fan of the game ever since it came out and I absolutely love its aesthetic. This cosplay was basically a dream come true and I am super happy I chose this particular contest to present it.

Maria Polyhroniadou, known as Maria Pol, entered the stage of the cosplay competition at Hall of Games and awed both judges and attendants. She was dressed as Alice from the popular game Alice: Madness Returns, and she didn't leave a lot of breathing room for her contestants, mesmerizing everyone both with her costume and her on-stage performance.

Maria Pol @mariapoool 43

How much time did you work on the cosplay and which part was the most challenging? It took me more than 4 months and I was working non-stop on it, all day, every day. I thought sewing was going to be the hardest part, since it was my first time sewing, but the making of the Hobby Horse – my largest prop, was the toughest. I was super close to getting tendonitis I thought to myself, “I just lost”, on my left arm because of it, so and to be honest I was fine with it! I had to take 3 days off. Do you believe you were going to How did the judging and scoring process look to you? be the first in the competition? I was hoping for it! I knew I did try my best to take care of every little detail, from the progress book to the video that would be playing behind me on stage, but I always had in mind that there could be someone that had tried harder. Not going to lie, as soon as I saw Marcelline in her Alexstrasza,

I am not going to pretend I know about this stuff, since it was my first time competing in a big contest, but I loved the pre-judging, it was a lovely experience, especially with those judges! I liked how each costume was categorized by its difficulty, not all costumes are the same!


liked how each costume was categorized by its difficulty,�

What will you use your prize money for? People would probably expect me to say that I will start a new project, but in reality I am super exhausted and need some time off, so I will hopefully spend the money on a trip! 44

HALL OF GAMES Winner - 2nd Place

Brunnhildar Cosplay

Cosplay Line Magazine Barbara, why did you choose to point where my music would start. cosplay Xena? I picked Xena because I grew up watching the series on TV. I also love powerful women from series, games and movies. Xena especially is a role model for me and I generally believe that I can support these kinds of costumes (and have fun at the same time).

Barbara Aout-Tsaliki, known as Brunnhildar cosplay, is pretty familiar with success in cosplay competitions. This year she has kept up with her good presentations and has managed to win second place with her Xena costume, which captivated the audience.

What is your opinion about the competition and the other contestants? The competition, like past times, was one of my favourites. This year though I believe that it reached new heights since I think it was better organised. This year the participations were once again spectacular and the costumes I saw raised the bar for Greek cosplays. How did you find the judging and scoring process?

The process of the competition appeared to be close to that of international competitions. First of all, the judging panel was amazing, especially some people that I admire personally and knew could appreciate the work that went into a cosplay. The prejudging and all the scoring process was fair and just and so were the Brunhilndar Art And Cosplay results in my opinion. I also liked @brunhilndar_ that I could have a say about the lights set up on stage and the


Which costume made the best impression and why? Definitely Maria's costume, which won first place. Both the sewing and embroidery of the dress, and her props were excellent and well made.


scoring process was fair and just and so were the results in my opinion. ”

“ The process of the competition appeared to be close to that of international competitions.“

What will be your next cosplay? My next cosplay will probably be something really big! I wouldn't want to reveal anything yet but it will definitely be a full-armor cosplay (something that I love and have tons of fun making) and it will be full of bones and skulls. 46

HALL OF GAMES Winner - 3rd Place

Cosplay Line Magazine Markella, why did you pick Alexstrasza for cosplay?

Markella Manatou, known as Marcelline cosplay, won 3rd place in the cosplay contest of Hall of Games with her Alexstrasza costume from World of Warcraft. With her spectacular red costume and her stage performance being onpoint, she managed to snatch the third place for herself!

I was always charmed by dragons and dragon aspects quickly found their place in my heart! Specifically, I liked Alexstrasza because she represented life and because she was appointed the Queen of Dragons by the Titans! Zach Fisher's illustration combined elements from both human form and dragon form, so I did not have any difficulty in choosing! What is your view of the competition and the other participants? The contest of Hall of Games seemed to me the most organized one so far! There were no significant delays, everything went smoothly without any technical problems. It was obvious that the competition has gone up, not only by its organization but also by the contestants themselves. During the waiting, looking right and left you could see remarkably well-crafted outfits everywhere. I felt proud competing next to them. How did you see the competition and scoring process?

Marcelline Cosplay @marcelline.cosplay_ 47

which is necessary to judge a costume completely, was excellent as they chose people fit to judge a costume at all levels and to understand its degree of difficulty. I have no complaints about the contest's process and I can say that I was very surprised that we could use a video in the presentation of our costumes as I did not have another chance to do something like that in past cometitions. Have you expected these results or was there a surprise?

The rules set by the organization were clear and fair, which helped The truth is that I was so anxious to score the contestants properly initially to get the outfit done and and also the prejudging process, then to come up with my moves

for the stage performance that I did not really think about the rating of the costumes! It was a very pleasant surprise for me! I was very pleased with the second and first place because I believe that they were rightly conquered by Barbara and Maria respectively! What is your next goal? I always aim to continue to improve and learn new techniques and I intend to do so! Usually after a big costume I want a short break but this time I can say that I am excited to start my next big project! Every time I try to take a step further and that's what I intend to do it now!

“...During the waiting, looking right and left you could see remarkably well-crafted outfits everywhere. I felt proud competing next to them. “


New season, new developments in th Greek Cosplay Community by Cosplayers//GR! At Cosplayers//GR's Stand & Photobooth, where around 100 Cosplays passed through during September's Hall of Games in Greece, you already saw some of the following and even more are coming! Cosplayers//GR will officially be present in all Greek Conventions, steadily getting fully equipped with the market's best equipment, doing what it does best and providing the following: ►Specialized Cosplay Photobooth with Giveaways for all Cosplayers! ►Cosplay Repair Station for fixing damaged Cosplays! ►Many Photos & UHD 4Κ/60fps Videos taken of all Cosplays & Event Content! ►Hundreds of Cοsplay Photos and Videos to check out in print / digital form! ►The biggest Annual 1-Day Outdoor Cosplay Photoshoot worldwide at The Comic Con! Find everything at Cosplayers//GR's Stand / Booth in the upcoming big Conventions, Digital Expo, The Comic Con, Fantasmagoria, Hall of Games and the 2 GameaAthlon! During FantastiCon, AthensCon and Comicdom Con Athens you'll find us at our usual spots near the entrance for photos / videos, without all things mentioned above, because of their multi-storey / big location layouts or many Cosplays present, preventing taking up multiple responsibilities! Also, coming up by Cosplayers//GR: ►The best Professional Equipment for Photos and Videos until spring 2019! ►3 New Surprises for everyone at Greek Conventions starting spring 2019! ►Something Huge that will set new standards in Greece from 2019 and on! ►Our huge Website with everything about Greek Cosplay during 2019! 49

▶️Much more steadily during 2019! There's more! All of Cosplayers//GR's Videos already evolved to the next level starting this season: Α) UHD 4K / 60fps Resolution, aiming for Cinematic HDR 10bit 4:2:2 through a Full Frame sensor at spring! Β) High Quality Sound thanks to a top professional microphone! Γ) New professional higher level way of shooting Event and Cosplay Vidoes, with little motion, no shaking and clean slow detailed top resolution scenes of Event Content and Cosplays!

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Hall of Games (HoG) is held as part of the International Exhibition of Thessalonica (IET), which is the biggest exhibition of the Balkans. It is hosted every year, on the beginning of September and lasts 9 days. The area of the exhibition is comprised of multiple buildings, each one having its own convention. The past years one of the most successful building has been Hall 17, inside which the gaming convention of the exhibition takes place. This year, Inspot was in charge of the convention, named Hall of Games. The event gave visitors the ability to get to know games, virtual reality, e-sports and of course cosplay!


For the first time, this year, there were cosplay oriented activities throughout the conventions duration, with 2 thematic cosplay photoshoots (one Boku no Hero Academia themed and one World of Warcraft themed), 3 cosplay photoshoots by Horo von Kaida, on site photoshoots by Cosplayers//GR and Raikoh Cosplay, 2 cosplay panels and of course the biggest cosplay competition. The cosplay community has responded very positively and on the site of the exhibition there were a lot of cosplays on most days!

The peak happened during the big cosplay competition on the last Sunday of the event, sponsored by, which concluded the Hall of Games. The attendance was tremendous, almost filling Hall 17, proving the interest the people have about cosplay. Hall of Games will return in the 2019 IET and it is expected to have significant upgrades in cosplay activities!


Character Spotlight Sylvanas is one of the most iconic World of Warcraft characters. After many changes in her life she has now become the Warchief of the entire Horde, one of the most powerful and influential characters in the game.

Tasha Cosplay 53


Although many question her actions as Warchief she remains one of the most loved characters in WoW and she has been cosplayed by numerous cosplayers around the world in all her different costumes.

@e_himera_cosplay @sei_walking_under_skies

Cinderys - Art and Cosplay @cinderys_art Milos Mlady Photography

Kinpatsu Cosplay @kinpatsucosplay

@likeassassin @onisandr 54

Character Spotlight






Character Spotlight



@aylincosplay Aylin Cosplay Roberto Donadello PH

Narga and Aoki cosplay @narga_lifestream Alina Arwen 56

Character Spotlight

Caith Lou





Jenilee Art & Cosplay @jenileecosplay Colin C. Photography

@zalariacos Zalaria Cosplay Steamkittens

Character Spotlight

@ventuscosplay Ventus Cosplay

Feyische&Enishi cosplay @feyische @sei_walking_under_skies







If you are out of ideas for cosplays, now's your chance to fill your list! Characters from either older or new seasons can be a great source of inspiration. These are our 10 suggestions for September!

Alabasta Nami - One piece


One piece is one of the greatest anime of all times! It has a huge number of characters and different outfits, it is truly a cosplayer’s paradise! Nami is the navigator of the main character’s crew and one of the most iconic female characters in the whole anime. In the anime’s Alabasta arc she wears a fan favorite costume that seems to be a perfect fit for cosplay both due to the weather and its popularity! 59



Cyberpunk character - Cyberpunk 2077


Cyberpunk 2077 has made a huge splash in the gaming community. The game looks amazing and it has a unique feeling and aesthetics. It also gives cosplayers the freedom to make their own original characters with the clear cyperpunk 2077 vibe and create something truly awesome!


Kurisu & Okabe - Steins;Gate Steins;Gate is one the top anime of all time having the third highest rank in! The main characters, the mad scientist Okabe Rintarou and Makise Kurisu, are back for the new season, Steins;Gate 0, which is a sequel to the first Steins;Gate season and it is now the perfect time to cosplay one of them or even both with a duo partner!


Wonder Woman - DC

Wonder woman has always been one of the most influential female super heroes of the comic world. The recent DC movies have made her even more loved and they have sparked a “cosplay mania� with many cosplayers doing her movie costume or even older ones. So if you have not made Wonder Woman so far, now is the time! 60


Brite Bomber - Fortnite


Fortnite has won the hearts of so many gamers not only with its gameplay but also with the amount of skins and cosmetic upgrades you can have. It makes it easy to make your character unique and it gives cosplayers a lot of material to work with! Brite Bomber is a gorgeous skin that combines futuristic elements with unicorns so what can be better than that?


Widowmaker - Overwatch

Goku - Dragon ball


Dragon Ball super is keeping its hype high with the release of its new movie and of course the continuation of the anime. Goku is a character that every cosplayer who is a dragon ball fan needs to do at some point. The iconic orange costume and the super saiyan hair make it an epic cosplay that will bring attention on you! 61

When it came out, Overwatch was often called the FPS game with waifus. It is true that Overwatch has given us a lot of attractive female characters to cosplay with a plethora of different skins and colors. Widowmaker is definitely a character that stands out and will be a prefect cosplay choice for this time of the year.



Himiko Toga - Boku no hero academia

Boku no hero academia is an anime that has given us so many characters to cosplay. Himiko Toga quickly became one of the top characters for cosplay mainly due to her crazy character but also because her costume is easy to make. It is a cosplay that fits perfectly this time of the year, school starts again and everyone's back to studying.


Odyssey Jinx - League of Legends

Riot keeps us on edge at all times with the new skins they release. This time around it is the new Odyssey skins and Jinx stands out the most. So, now you have another reason to cosplay one of the most loved characters of League of Legends with a new style that emits spacepunk vibes!



The new Spiderman game is out and it lives up to the expectations of any true Spidey fan. So, what could be a better time to cosplay Spiderman than now with all the gaming and Avengers' hype? It is a cosplay that can easily be made with a bodysuit which means it will be comfortable and not that expensive!



odiac Ζ

Octomber 2018

ARIES (Mar. 21 - Apr.19) This month puts a lot of pressure on you but it comes out as creativity in the end. Just remember to take it easy and do cosplay the way you like it. It’s time to do that cute cosplay you always liked but always postponed for a bigger project.

TAURUS (Apr. 20 - May 20) You have a lot of energy and creativity this month and you should put it in good use. Start a big project and work on it a lot, just don’t forget the people that help you as well and keep them close to you. In the end they might also help you with your costume!

GEMINI (May 21 - June 20) Finally you have some time to relax! Sit back and enjoy and do a list with your upcoming projects. This is a great time to plan for the future but also make the first step for your new costume.

CANCER (June 21 - July 22) This is a tough month for you. You will need to work harder for your costumes and you will often do mistakes but if you stay calm and determined success awaits you at the end of the road.

LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22) This month is full of challenges but you are ready to overcome them all. With your creativity and your social skills you can make any cosplay come to life. Do not be afraid to change cosplay plans if you feel like it is for the best.

VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22) This is your month of opportunity! Work hard on your social media and you shall be rewarded. Focus on your friends and help them as well and one day the favour will be returned back to you.


Art by Meagolicious


LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22) It’s time to put things in order. Remove things from your life that don’t make you feel good and keep the things you love close, like cosplay, it is now time to plan your next costumes and start working on them.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21) This month is very tense for you and can be frustrating but the solution is simple. Work on your cosplays and focus on them a lot, you will find that you can make anything you dream if you work on it enough.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21) Your energy and self-confidence is going through the sky and that’s a good thing, you needed a boost. But do not let those emotions make you cocky and instead use them for your own good, like doing that challenging cosplay you always thought is not its time yet.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19) This month will require more effort from you to get things done but it is also filled with opportunities and rich rewards at the end of it. Do not be stingy with the time and materials that a costume requires and you will see that it was worth it.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18) This is the time to find some balance in your life. Your cosplays come easy this month and you will make it successfully but you need to keep an eye on your friends as well, they need you too.

PISCES (Feb. 19 - Mar. 20) This is a great time to be creative and productive. Go outside the box and start a cosplay that no one has seen before or start a costume outside of your comfort zone, you can make it! This is the best time to express your creativity in any way you like.



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