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Mid Autumn | Scorpio Season 2017


COSMOMUSE Weaving A Seasonal, Illuminated & Artful Life


Weaving the tangible & intangible of seasonal living. With an interwoven focus on the connection between nature, human nature, and the divine, CosmoMuse aims to tap into a deeply balanced quality of living seasonally. We strive to bring healing energy and enhanced understanding to the undervalued yin element (in males and females alike) in our daily lives while still valuing the yang quality that’s been idealized for many millennia. An astrological lens is used to give structure to the progression through our seasons, but many other sciences and arts are used within that framework to give a holistic meaning and perspective to the cycles and rhythms that we all face throughout the hours, days, months, and years. The mystical and organic quality that we try to tap into through our work is meant to help integrate a cyclical understanding of life with the linear mode of living that many of us are more accustomed to.


Undaunted Vulnerability October 23rd - November 21st

Death begets life: Life begets death. It’s a cycle that we could all spend more time pondering and exploring— which is just what Scorpio’s 30-day reign will highlight. As we feel the first flakes of snow melt on the tips of our noses, a sign of a darker and colder season, murky notes of mystery seep into our bones. This chilling time seals the fate of fallen foliage as the moisture helps bring the crunch of death from underfoot to the unseen realm of the underground. Decomposition, a sharing of death’s resources, is ripe, laying bare all it has to offer—ready to make fertile soils for a new cycle of life. This evokes images of ghosts and ghouls as we celebrate jack-o’-lantern laden porches with Halloween and dead loved ones with Day of the Dead. In honoring the unseen, the mysterious, and cycles of death, we get in better touch with the secrets and mysteries within. Power and control creep to the surface as we entangle with others, testing our perception of what empowerment truly means. One small misjudgment under the guise of keeping our power, a spell that can seduce us to dig ever greater graves, and our lives can be changed forever. As the Sun’s tilt places a spotlight on our hidden secrets of this nature, our mysteries and taboo behaviors get lit up just like the fate of pumpkins seen while trick-or-treating: Our insides scooped out, laid bare for all to see with a light flickering in our darkest recesses, showcasing just what we are actually made of on the inside. The tricky navigation of this season will test how we give and take resources, value, and grace. Keep in mind that by trying to control others, or lording power over them solely for gain, surrounds one with weakened others—weakening ourself in the process. If you are apt to give away your power, you run the risk of embodying the vampire archetype—hungry to take from others because you’ve been sucked dry. Real healing comes when you are able to observe and recognize those who have mastered what it means to be empowered. They are unafraid of sharing, of building others up alongside them, and standing up for their values to those more or less powerful than themselves. They own their power and they recognize the like-minded, able to make good judgements by watching patterns and seeing what’s hard to see: depth. The magic of Scorpio lies in the lessons we learn about sharing our values and ourselves. When intimacy is honest, vulnerable, and true and when we pool resources with others for mutual benefit, we start to understand alchemy. Undaunted vulnerability gives way to magnetism and allure that has everyone watching and wondering. This year we have Jupiter in Scorpio, making it a season to pay great attention to. After the Sun passes its phase here, our planet of expansion will stay on to expand and push our boundaries in this realm. A lot of old trauma and oppression could get dug up around the world, and personally. Only through facing demons head-on can we see what we are actually made of and transform through brave awareness of what lies beneath. Allie Couch | Publisher






THE PROGRESSION TO MID AUTUMN The zodiac’s solar path moves in a progression that is meaningful. Learn the importance of midautumn’s position.




SOLAR & LUNAR THEMES FOR EACH SIGN Learn what Scorpio Season means universally as well as for your sign. Tune into the Moon’s ebb & flow and the Sun’s vital path.




Weaving the patterns of Scorpio Season from personal energy, to nature’s rhythms, to business trends.






















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Coming From | Early Autumn & Elegant Balancing

Into the season. 10

A dance swirled into our lives during Libra Season as equal day and night led us into finding a harmonic rhythm within, in order to create elegant dances of trust and equality in our closest relationships. This peaceful time led us into the dark half of the year.

This Season | Mid Autumn & Deep Transformation

Leading To | End of Autumn & Great Hope

Solidly into the darkest quarter of the year, Autumn takes firm hold of our souls. We feel surrounded by a growing mystique that shows us our great depths within. Facing demons as we share our intimate selves will show us our true grit this Scorpio Season.

Sagittarius Season will plunge us into the darkest days and nights of the year. It will be in these pitch black nights that we’ll see stars the brightest, paradoxically giving us hope and optimism. Led by luminaries, we will see with great vision and find our inner compass. 11

Into the Stars SOLARSCAPE From October 23rd - November 21st, the Scorpio solar season envelops us. As the nights grow deeper with darkness, we face the end of daylight savings making the days short and chilled. The tilt of the earth takes the Northern Hemisphere away from the Sun and the stars get brighter, revealing the famed Pleiades, or the seven sisters. Almost every culture throughout time has a mythology connected to this grouping of stars, often mistaken as the little dipper. In ancient times, their presence made navigating the seas one of grace and comfort, harboring a soft spot in the tales of sailors new and old. Watch for the Pleiades low on the eastern horizon at nightfall or overhead near midnight. Connect to these goddess stars with an unaided eye and ask for their blessings in guiding you through your own dark storms and lost paths this November. Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, is a yin, water, and fixed (or stubborn) sign, bringing intensity to dig into our inner mysteries. We cultivate intimacy and empowerment where this sign rules in our charts. Read your extended Monthly Horoscopes at

LUNARSCAPE Just as we have solar seasons, we also have lunar cycles that will tint how we experience the ebb and flow of energy throughout the next four weeks of Scorpio’s reign. October 23rd-26th: The Crescent Moon phase has us giving form, movement and first steps toward the passions and intentions that were felt during the New Moon. October 27th-31st: In the First Quarter Moon phase, we experience growing pains and challenges to keep our intentions moving forward. November 1st-3rd : During the Waxing Gibbous Moon, we attract things more easily but are also tasked with climbing out of holes we dug at the First Quarter Moon. November 4th-6th: At the Full Moon, we’ll be manifesting and releasing things from our lives. Emotional high tides are felt and balance is sought around these dates. November 7th-9th: During the Waning Gibbous Moon phase, it’s common to think about the greater good, the world at large, and make expansive choices. November 10th-13th: Our Last Quarter Moon brings us again to the challenging Quarter Moon position. This time challenges will play out more publicly. November 14th - 17th: The Balsamic Moon has us feeling like sages and less attached. We take a step back to see where we make a differnece in the world as well as find more compassion and artisitc inspiration. Compose and dream during these days. November 18th - 21st: A New Moon phase brings a spark of life and refreshed passions. A need for clarity has us seeking alone time to clear the old and welcome the new. In Scorpio a new cycle is forming around our depth and ability to share our value.




Scorpio rules your 8th house of sharing your value, intimacy, and financial entanglements. You may find that as you allow your secrets and finances to merge with others, issues of power and control may come to your surface. It’s possible that intense others have caused some issues in your life. Trauma can be dug up and healed this season, allowing greater em-

Scorpio lights up your 2nd house of personal finances, self-worth, and simple pleasures. You might find your greatest sources of income through managing other people’s money, through joint ventures, or through the realms of psychology, sex, or research. It’s your valuing of these things and the value you assert toward these things that will bring financial power your way.



Scorpio rules your 7th house of partnerships. You may have trust issues, fearing a loss of control and power through committing to another. Some secrecy may feel needed around your relationships as you navigate how to feel empowered through trust rather than taken advantage of or taking advantage of others. You likely attract powerful and seductive partners.

This is your season, Scorpio. As you’ve just come full circle, you are entering your personal spring with much new growth and fresh passions getting stirred up. With the spotlight on you, many people will be excited to spend time with you and shower you with love, but this is also a time when you need a lot of alone time to reconnect to yourself and your evolving wants.



Your 6th house of routine, daily rhythm, and process is lit up by Scorpio Season. You may feel a need to have control over your schedule and have very strict and precise ways of doing things. It’s likely your way or the highway when it comes to work. Your wellness and fitness processes may be very exact and intense, giving you a sense of control over your life.

As we enter the season of the occult and mystery, your final stop on your tour of the zodiac begins. Scorpio rules your 12th house of shadow, the collective consciousness, and inspiration. Great healing and power can come your way by showing compassion in the realm of transformations, trauma, and sexuality. You may find artistic and mystical support through powerful entanglements that can help you feel more secure and inspired in life.



Scorpio Season sheds a light on your 5th house of presentation. Having control over your image may feel important to you as you may have some trauma here. As you deconstruct during this season, try to uncover issues around sharing the depth of your ability to lead and shine. Intense others may have tried to take this power from you but your abilities are strong.

Scorpio Season shines a light on your 11th house of groups and co-creation. You may feel a magnetic pull toward industries and friends who are powerful and a bit seductive. Your role in groups could be the power behind the throne, knowing how to merge finances and other resources to give collaborative efforts alchemical strategy. Being part of groups empowers you.



As Scorpio Season’s decomposing arrives, your 4th house of home and family gets highlighted. You may be faced with a need to uproot hidden trauma around feeling secure in your home and family environment possibly some secrets that have blocked you from owning your true powers of being able to nurture your roots and family life in deep ways.

Scorpio rules your 10th house of career. It may be hard for others to understand what you aspire to achieve but you and very closely entangled others know that you are the master of alchemy, understanding how to control and direct shared resources and values in order to build lasting empowerment. Achievements in psychology, finance, or occult research may call to you.



Your greatest power and precision lies in your words and thinking style. You are the zodiac’s mind-detective and have amazing insights into the unseen currents of power and control, secrets and mysteries, and information. You know how to see many angles of darkness and could be an amazing writer or researcher in the psychological, financial, or sexual realms.

Scorpio Season brings out your inner adventurer, lighting up your 9th house of expansion, pushing boundaries, all things foreign, and life beliefs. You may enjoy sharing ideas and concepts around occult studies, psychology, and sexuality as well as have a bravery in broadening your horizons in this area through pushing your comfort zones. Foreigners may be a great source of power to you.


Scorpio Season Ecology: Mapping Nature, Human & Cosmic Words by Ann Whittaker | Art Direction by Allie Couch | Prop Styling by Lauren Brady Models: Jenny & Thomas Bradley | Photography by Britt Chudleigh


he science of ecology is a branch in biology that examines the relationships of organisms to one another and their physical surroundings. We humans are organisms relating to each other, other organisms, and our physical surroundings. Each season, we highlight the dynamics of a few relationships you are navigating day in and day out. Every day you are in relationship with nature, work (business), family, community (social), and your body. Here are ways to consider relating to each of these elements during Leo Season: NATURE Autumn is in its final phases and most of the leaves and foliage we’re used to have gone their way to the earth. This is where the surface begins to meet the roots––the leaves will decompose back down through the soil to feed the next phase and generation of growth. Trees are bare, unearthing their essential forms: branches, bark, roots. Nature has transformed once again, and the power she holds over all of us is uncovered for us to reckon with. How can we form a natural, transformative, and powerful relationship with


the natural rhythms of the seasons? COSMIC For most of us, the cosmos are a mystery. Perhaps we no longer rely solely on myth to explain the comings and goings of seasons, but do not throw the baby out with the bathwater––take time to delve into what feels mysterious, occult, and powerfully alluring. In our all-knowing scientific age, remember that the cosmos are still vastly unknown and we are far from precision when it comes to explaining the rhythms of the cosmos. Invest in a book about the stars, the planets, the universe to penetrate the dark places of your own knowing––bring light to another layer of cycles and meaning. BODY Death and sex. Both are about intimacy. We fear death because we fear losing intimacy with those we love and this beautiful planet; our biology demands we desire each other, intimately, and so we hold back because loss and death and endings are constant. See what happens when you spend



time thinking about your own fears and beliefs around death––perhaps the more you get to “know” death, the more you can accept it when it comes your way in all of its forms. Find ways to be more vulnerable with your body––with care, of course––be careful that you find true and honest people to share yourself with. It matters. SOCIAL Be mindful of relationships that are in need of transformation. Often we want everything to stay exactly how it’s always been, but this could cause us to grasp so tightly on someone or something that we break it. Allow deep transformation at the roots. It might be time to start from scratch, backup, begin again. We like to think we know the in’s and out’s of a relationship, but maybe it’s time for the mystery of newness to enter once more. Transform. Uncover things you never knew were possible between you and a friend, you and a partner. BUSINESS Shared resources. Shared. This isn’t about your value alone, though your value definitely needs to find its match. Scorpio might remind you that your normal weighing system might be out of date––perhaps you’re worth more than you thought, or, perhaps your partner is worth more than you realized in the past and you’re at a place where you can begin to unearth the true (not exact) measurements of power, control, and resources. Precision isn’t always 1 + 1 = 2, as Muse Allie reminds us.


By Ann Whittaker Photography by Jakob Owens


“The possession of knowledge does not kill the sense of wonder and mystery. There is always more mystery.” ― Anaïs Nin You might think that the person you know the best is...yourself. And yet, I find as I grow older that I know myself less and less. I’ve decided I like to surprise myself. Every once in awhile it’s nice to challenge our own beliefs, and see how instilling a curiosity and wonder about yourself can transform you into something new–– or even restore you back to your core self that you forgot about while you tried some other fun things. It’s a never-ending evolution that you can find joy through reinvention. You are a mystery. Embrace it. Explore it. Maybe we like to define ourselves as a way to control our destiny. But, of course, we all know there’s no such thing as control. You can surprise yourself daily if you break out of walls you’ve built for yourself. What is at the root of your desires? If you find the right mix, the right alchemy, anything is possible. There is power in expressing and unearthing your roots and redefining who you are and what you do. Yesterday you were an accountant; today you’re launching a gallery show of all your watercolor paintings. Allow your essential self (or selves) to resurface during this season, and enjoy getting to know yourself again and again and again.



Breathe. By Allie Couch

AFTER DUSK Recognition of Value In the quiet hours after dusk a darkness settles before we turn in for the night. It’s in these still, twilight moments that we have the space to go within and reflect on what and who made us feel valuable, and how to cultivate more of that in our lives. Reading, 20

vulnerable conversation with our entangled others, and enriching our souls with reflection opens us up to our authentic fears and successes. It’s in these hours that we realize we need the help of others to make life work for us—not the other way around. Take some breaths in the darkening night before your bedtime rituals and ask yourself who you can

Photography Sven Scheuermier | Samuel Holt | Crystal Huff Emre Gencer | Nathan Dumlao | Noah Silliman

merge with for easier life navigation? Who has similar values to match your own and how can they be unified to make life easier on all parties? This is the hour of Scorpio and the time of year to match. It’s in opening our hearts and sharing what makes us feel empowered as well as what we need to feel more empowered that we can connect with depth, finding those who share similar pains and trials.

Reflect, reach out, and open up about your authentic struggles to find support and better strategy. In the process, you may find that all parties come out with greater financial, mental, and psychological benefits. Share to gain an upper hand in your life. 21


“Sit with something uncomfortable and new and awkward and mysterious. ”

Wander. By Ann Whittaker Photography by Aaron Burden & Richard Loader

“So I find words I never thought to speak In streets I never thought I should revisit When I left my body on a distant shore.” ― T.S. Eliot Wander. Explore. Walk the path of mystery. Ask questions that lead to more questions, not answers. Wander, meander, find pleasure in getting to know something intimately for the first time. Pick topics that both pull you and make you nervous––seek out the sublime. Pursue desires that speak to your soul, to your heart and embrace the truth at each transformative juncture. Not sure where to start? Find a piece of art that has always drawn you in in a way that is irresistible. Try memorizing a poem that has mesmerized you for its rhythm and vocabulary–– make its words your words, embody them. Go to a new-to-you place in your city: a restaurant, a gallery, a bookstore, a boutique, a greenhouse. Wander around in all of it to find new and old people, new and old ideas, new and old questions. And wander slowly. Sit with something uncomfortable and new and awkward and mysterious. See you what you see, feel what you feel, and let the truth of it slowly reveal itself to you. Funny how things are never what they first appear to be. Your understanding of a thing or a person transforms as you delve into it layer by layer until you see its entire root system and the life (or death) that grows forth from it.


Be. By Allie Couch This season, find your vulnerability and be honest and authentic with your love, your values, your stories, your secrets, and your traumas. Dig into your depths and crack yourself open from the inside out. Great healing and empowerment await the bravest of us but not without opening to the potential of more hurt and more trauma. Such is life and the line that separates the great from the safe. “Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it. Embracing our vulnerabilities is risky but not nearly as dangerous as giving up on love and belonging and joy—the experiences that make us the most vulnerable. Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.” Photography Hedi Alija Phoebe Strafford Samuel Zeller 24



Celebrate. By Allie Couch Photograph by Beth Teutschmann ALL HALLOW’S EVE In the old Celtic calendar, the end of summer was October 31st. A festival was held at night to honor the Lord of the Dead, Samhain. During this time, the pagans firmly believed that souls could return to earth. So, festivalgoers lit bonfires in the hopes of summoning the spirits of the dead to come walk the earth again. As hard as they tried the Christians were not able to put an end to the festival of Samhain, and so the Church decided they would take over the holiday. In AD 834, The Church leaders announced that All Saints Day was to be moved from May 13th to November 1st, and October 31st was to be known as All Hallow’s Eve (Hallows was an ancient word for saints). In Britain, around AD 988, the pagans were still celebrating Samhain. The Church leaders desperately tried to get them not to pray TO the dead, but instead FOR them through the Saints. The Church’s decrees did little to affect the superstitious pagans, who continued to believe that on Hallowe’en, the departed souls would rise from the cold ground, return home, and warm themselves by the fire. Despite their best efforts, the Church elders were unable to prevent the bonfires from igniting each Hallow’s Eve. They tried to invent a new Christian holy day that incorporated fire. They even tried to move the bonfire festival to a date that commemorated the burning at the stake of a Christian martyr. None of it worked. An interesting side note - the Hallowe’en bonfire festival was later moved to November 5th, Guy Fawkes Night, to mark the arrest of the famous conspirator in 1605. In the end, the Church’s attempts to sabotage and subvert this Celtic festival was a terrible failure. None today regards Hallowe’en as the night before we pray to the saints. October 31st is associated with apple-bobbing (remnants of a Roman tradition), trick or treat, ghosts, witches flying past the Moon’s illuminated face, ghouls, vampires, skeletons, demons, jack o’ lanterns, graveyards, spider webs, bats, the Devil, black cats, and the paranormal. Hallowe’en is an enduring tradition here to stay.



Easy Veggie Chili Recipe by Lindsay LaPaugh, The Wellness Gypsy | Photograph by AllieCouch

With a chill in the air and the smell of thick harvest stews simmering, it’s time for a hearty and healthy chili dish. Scorpio Season can be tough on the strongest of us so nurturing yourself with veggies and spices is a great way to stay ahead of the curve. Nutrition Muse, Lindsay LaPaugh of Wellness Gypsy shared her version of a meat-free chili with us, so we took to the kitchen to try it for ourselves. Never a disappointment, Lindsay’s Easy Veggie Chili delivers with a perfectly filling heartiness, a very subtle sweeetness through the unique maple syrup addition, and a rich, savory overall taste. It’s both fresh and deep, making it a welcome staple this autumn.



• • • • • • •

Add cumin, coconut oil, onion, bell pepper, zucchini, garlic cloves, pinch of salt and pepper to a large soup pot over medium heat.

• • • • • • • • • • • •


Cook until veggies soften about 15 minutes. Add chopped mushrooms, chili powder, herb blend, and cook until mushrooms start to cook down about 10-15 minutes. Add all the ingredients from the kidney beans to the maple syrup into the pot. Add salt and pepper to taste. Keep the stove on a medium-low setting. Allow the flavors to marinade for 40 minutes. Add shredded kale in the last five minutes. Serve with cilantro as a garnish (optional), and some raw onions, or sliced avocado on top!


Scorpio Daily Rituals By Ann Whittaker Photography by Eberhard Grossgasteiger

SCORPIO DAILY RITUALS Precision. Unearth. Transform. Spend one morning this season contemplating what you desire most: precision, unearthing your essential self, and/or transformation. This Scorpio season is prime for all of these things, but don’t overwhelm yourself––lucky for us, Scorpio season comes back every year and we have a lifetime to play with the questions and opportunities this time of year presents to us. Once you’ve decided which thing you want to focus on, follow one of these daily rituals: PRECISION The etymology of this word begins with “a cutting off.” Each morning identify something you can “cut off” in your life whether it’s a dysfunctional relationship, an old self-narrative, a job that’s sucking your soul away, or something as small and mundane as a chore you think you have to do (no one has to iron their sheets, unless you want to, but you don’t have to!). You can work on finding


the power within to cut off something big for the entire season, or you can pick one small thing everyday to slowly declutter your life. UNEARTH Every morning make a conscious decision to tear down old definitions that have created walls and barriers for you. Unearth your reasons for avoiding taking that art class you’ve always wanted to; unearth your desire to share your heart with someone else who is worthy and good; unearth old dreams that could take on a new life now with new perspectives and resources; unearth secrets you’ve been keeping from yourself. Write down anything that comes to mind every morning and see what happens when you open the door to the underworld. TRANSFORM Every morning, ask yourself, “Who do I want to be?” You don’t even have to think about who you were yesterday. Who do you want to be today? Experiment this season. See what fits. See what no longer fits. Be bold. Be honest.



“Life is, in fact, a battle. Evil is insolent and strong; beauty enchanting, but rare; goodness very apt to be weak; folly very apt to be defiant; wickedness to carry the day; imbeciles to be in great places, people of sense in small, and mankind generally unhappy. But the world as it stands is no narrow illusion, no phantasm, no evil dream of the night; we wake up to it, forever and ever; and we can neither forget it nor deny it nor dispense with it.” ― Henry James, Theory of Fiction: Henry James


Scorpio Yoga: Deep Vulnerability Yogi Model, Brooke Musat | Photography, Dustin & Allie Couch

Lotus Pose Variation :: (Padmasana) Ease into things before you go deep. Lotus Pose will connect you to your mind, body, and spirit, grounding you with calm as you work towrd more intensity. Touch your hands to the ground for some extra support and stability. • • • •


This variation helps to relax the shoulders and relieve tension in the neck Stretches ankles, hips and knees Increases awareness and helps cultivate a send of calm Assists with developing good posture

Lotus Pose with hand behind head :: (Padmasana) Still in Lotus Pose, lean to one side with the opposite hand benind your head. Deeply stretch and awaken the edges of your body, bringing an extra does of calm power. Repeat on the other side. • • • •

This variation stretches and tones the side body and tricep of the upper arm Stretches ankles, hips and knees Increases awareness and helps cultivate a send of calm Assists with developing good posture


Peacock Pose :: (Mayurasana) with lotus legs It’s time to feel into the intensity of Scorpio. This pose that will challenge your presicion and push how you value unique muscles and strength of mind and body. Peacock Pose is a difficult in itself, but add in the lotus legs and you have a formidable challenge for this season of depth. • • • •


This variation opens up the hips, knees and ankles Strengthens wrists, shoulders and forearms Tones core Strengthens back body

Lizard Pose variation :: (Utthan Pristhasana) Dig into your groin area in this version of Lizard Pose. A well stretch and strengthened pelvis and inner thigh can kick up the heat in your labido and have you tapping into Scorpio’s mystique and prowess with confidence. • • • •

This variation (with elbows off the mat) helps tone the arms and shoulders Stretches hamstrings, hip flexors and quads Strengthens core and supporting leg muscles Helps cultivate balance by engaging the tiny muscles in the feet


Half Upright Seated Angle With Side Stretch :: (Ardha Urdhva Upavishta Konasana) This is a mose difficult version of Half Upright Seated Angle Pose that will challenge your flexibility and focus. The intense opening to the groin, backs and insides of the upper leg, and pelvis will bring more tone and circulation to the organs in the sexual area of your body. • Opens the hips, stretches the backs of the legs and groin • Stretches and tones the side body


SCORPIO RULES OUR: Sex organs, cervix, prostate, and excetory system



Chinese Medicine: Autumn Wellness Tips By Melissa Zappa, LAc. of Flow Acupuncture

Autumn is a time in nature when we honor the transition from light to dark, and Chinese Medicine is no different. This time of year marks a change from YANG (light, sunshine, brightness, heat) to YIN (darkness, moon, cold) and our bodies start to prepare for the impending winter. The Fall is the time of the metal element and ruled over by the Lungs in Chinese medicine which also means nose, skin, large intestine are key players this season too. Just as the leaves are falling from the trees, the theme for fall is LETTING GO. We eliminate things we don’t need through our lungs (exhaling CO2,) large intestine (defecation,) and skin (sweat.) Not only physical elements, but emotions are just as important to process and let go of this season. Grief is the primary emotion of the lungs and unprocessed or suppressed grief can manifest itself in a number of lung-related ways (see below) so now is a good time to look inward and reflect on any unprocessed emotions that might be holding you back, weighing you down, or impacting your health.





1 . H A V E A GO OD CRY:


If you have any unprocessed sadness, grief, or loss - Fall is the time to finally take the time to work through it and LET IT GO. Unprocessed and suppressed grief can manifest itself in a number of ways such as asthma, anxiety, digestive issues, and skin disorders (like psoriasis or eczema.) Not to mention the exhausting and destructive emotional toll it can take on someone. Look for a qualified mental health professional who has experience with grief and loss to guide you through a healthy and supportive process of letting go and moving on.

Located at the back of your neck, on your spine, just below the 7th vertebrae of your neck. This point is great for neck pain and stiff neck and is also the meeting point for all the yang meridians in the body. This is where your protective qi is most vulnerable, and also where Chinese medicine believes that cold or flu attacks and enters the body.

The lungs love a good cry every now and then so even those without any conscious grief may benefit from a sob sesh this time of year. Netflix a sad movie and let the waterworks flow!

During autumn and winter this point should always be covered with a scarf or jacket to protect from illness and to protect/preserve your yang in these cold yin months. If you do find yourself feeling achey, fever/chills, or other early signs of getting sick, be sure to keep this area warm and take a hot bath or sauna to encourage opening of pores and sweating to kick out the invading illness.



Long before western scientists and doctors were discovering bacteria, viruses, and immune cells - the Chinese had already understood for thousands of years that our bodies have a protective barrier to prevent illness from intruders and the elements. Our immune system (called our ‘wei qi’ or ‘defensive qi’) circulates on the surface of the body (similar to the microbial layer found on our skin,) but is most vulnerable at the back of our neck. Because of this, be sure to ALWAYS wear a scarf in cold/windy weather to protect yourself against catching cold or flu.

The first point on the lung meridian, this point is a “celestial window point” which means it taps directly into the spirit of the lungs. Because the lungs house our grief, this point is powerful to get right to the source of grief and loss. This acupressure point can help a person move through unresolved emotions, release stifled tears, and open the door to allow healing and resolution to occur.

In addition, astragalus is a great herb to take daily to boost wei qi and overall immunity during the fall and winter months. Drinking plenty of fluids and making sure your skin is moisturized (not dry and cracking) will also help ensure your wei qi is strong and intact to protect you from invaders like cold and flu bugs.

This point also helps with lung function to expand the chest, and ease wheezing, asthma and cough. This point is located 3 finger widths above the crease of your armpit, on your chest. Cross your arms across your chest (in a self-hug) and massage this point in circular motions.


Inner Musings

Allowing Intimacy By Lauren Eimers Wangrud, MEd, MS, CMHC, LCGC

“Physical intimacy is easy. Emotional intimacy is hard.” - Hannah Simone, actor, b. 1980 This isn’t a piece about how we all need to be having more sex. It’s true, while we all really do need to be having more sex - its health, emotional, and spiritual benefits can’t be denied, this is a little primer about how to fit more emotional intimacy into your life. Many people find emotional intimacy to be more challenging and scary to add into their lives. Scorpios are known for their openness to sex and intimacy, while also rarely backing down from a challenge, so these evolved folks can teach us thing or two about welcoming intimacy in all forms.

and accepting oneself is a theme you will hear time and time again from me, because it is the foundation where we can build happiness, strong relationships, and resiliency to the curves and direction-changes of life. An ancient and revered way to uncover, accept, and thrive with oneself is to incorporate meditation into your everyday. Meditation can and will help you in accepting the more challenging facets of yourself and your life - I like to think of meditation as an oxygen mask you can put on whenever you start to lose your breath, and we all know there are times in our lives when catching our breath seems an insurmountable task.

“A simple way to start the process of opening up begins with the acceptance of self. ”


We can’t talk about intimacy without bringing up vulnerability. We have to be comfortable showing others we trust our tender bits, the parts of us of which we aren’t so proud, the ugliest sides of ourselves, to allow for the true closeness of intimacy. This is antithetical to our culture of perfection and can seem close to impossible to achieve. Curated appearances, social media, even personal branding tell us it’s risky and wrong to share the more human and fallible parts of ourself with others, so how do we go against this modern edict?

A three-minute practice each day has research-supported benefits, so you can do this while you wait for your tea or coffee brew in the morning or right before drifting off to sleep for the night. Choose a quiet place, set a three minute timer on your phone (a gentle sound is recommended), get comfortable, close your eyes, and breathe deeply. Once you are slowed down, try to release each and every thought from your mind. Many find a mantra to concentrate on at first to help - something simple, like “peace,” that you can repeat again and again to yourself works well. If intrusive thoughts arise, just acknowledge it and let it dissolve, allowing your mind to recenter on your mantra.

A simple way to start the process of opening up begins with the acceptance of self. Loving

After a week or two of this daily practice, you may find your mantra dropping away and you will be



left with your breath. You may also find the surfacing of buried truths about yourself occur in the times you aren’t meditating. In the same way you would acknowledge in intrusive thought while meditating, acknowledge this part of yourself making itself known and without judgement. Once you are more comfortable with yourself, warts and all, you may start to warm up to the idea of sharing these parts of yourself with others. So when is a good time to share these aspects of yourself? These safe spaces to share can look different to everyone, but they all have a few things in common: a recipient who you trust, a place free of interruptions, and freedom to express yourself. Sometimes sharing while not having to look at

the other party can make opening up a bit easier. Some examples could be riding on a chairlift with the person you want to open up to, on a walk, or on a drive. Sharing about yourself doesn’t have to be an allor-nothing endeavor, either. It may take time to allow yourself the acceptance of certain parts of who you are, and, in turn, take time to share that with others, and that’s okay. But, when on the journey toward emotional intimacy, sharing the tougher parts of yourself also allow for the sharing and celebration of the joyful, proud, and wonderful aspects of who you are, as well, so revel in that! A Scorpio would!

“Meditation can and will help you in accepting the more challenging facets of yourself and your life”

Photography: Daniel Garcia & Julie Laiymani 45

Myth & Archetype: Femme Fatale Magnetic power, death & dark secrets

By Cherise Lily Nana of Muse Bespoke | Photography by Herb Ritts


hen we think of a femme fatale, we imagine the seductive women from 1940s film noir movies, who use their enchanting looks and cunning mind to manipulate men and gain power. This appears to be a 2-dimensional, demonised projection of women’s power, but shadows wouldn’t exist without the presence of an embodied form, and the femme fatale is no exception. So what might magnetic power, death, and dark secrets look like with more substance under the spotlight? The femme fatale draws her subjects to her via her alluring sexuality. We find this pattern in the more-than-human world too, like some species of the black widow spider that kill their mate after copulating, or the venus flytrap that attracts its prey by secreting sweet nectar. (In fact, both the common and genus names of this plant are derived from Roman and Greek goddesses of loveVenus and Aphrodite.) The femme fatale, spider and plant all seduce their subject to consume them in some way- but what if we explored the power of magnetism without the danger? Another way to look at sexuality is to understand it through passion. When we’re passionate about something we can’t help but glow from the inside out. People around us are drawn to this hypnotic pull, wanting to come closer and find out what makes us tick. If you want to magnetise people, embody your passion. Live it, breathe it and you will attract the people who can help you fulfil your mission (and hopefully inspire them to do the same). This is really the essence of the femme


fatale’s power- she is the epitome of yin and its receptive qualities; she draws inward toward herself and doesn’t have to overexert through using brute force. Interesting too that femme fatales are literally defined as “fatal women”, not girls. This speaks to a maturity that comes with intimately knowing our own power and – in the real world, beyond the drama of a movie set – not abusing it. In girlhood there can be a misguided interpretation of competition and control that carries on into womanhood if left unchecked. The wise woman knows that influence comes with responsibility and an understanding that we never gain true power by usurping someone else’s. While that may ignite a temporary sense of shallow satisfaction by feeding our shadow insecurities, it ultimately robs us of our integrity. We can also look at death in a metaphoric sense to better understand the transformative qualities of the femme fatale. All of us go through various types of symbolic death in our lives whenever we end one cycle and begin another. The seasons do it every year with autumn and winter. The female body does it every month with menstruation. But even though it’s natural, closing a door or inviting change is usually quite uncomfortable. In this way we almost need to be lured in, otherwise we’d probably happily avoid it. There’s a reason why myths exist where maidens like Persephone get abducted into the underworld by Hades and re-emerge months later as a Queen. When we dive into the watery depths

of our subconscious, the dark and mysterious places where all our emotional secrets live, we never return quite the same. There is even sometimes a catharsis in this process, not unlike the symbol of the phoenix who combusts into flames, dramatically offering up its old wings to the fire. Something has to die off in us to make space for our newfound sense of self. But with every death comes a rebirth that bears gifts like the fresh buds of spring. If only we learned how to embrace these cycles of change, we might then feel empowered in our own metamorphic journeys of becoming. 47

Feel it All: The Essence of Self Words & Photography By Katie Chirgotis of Eothen Damn if I don’t love this time of year. Even if you don’t know you love it, I’d bet there’s a fair chance you do. Or will. Not sure? Let’s take a moment to get quiet, tune in to our body, hone to where sensation lies. Perhaps there’s the lock of held breath. A face turned away. Shoulders tight to spine, stiffened hips, clenched fists. We’ve been waiting, aching, for someone – something – to get in there and dig out what’s made us so unyielding. Quietly, delicately, Scorpio taps in. Unfocused and hazy, we gaze upon the season’s arrival with half-lidded eyes, weighted with the vision of things both Seen and Unseen. For a short time, the Veil is thin and we draw closer to the essence of ourselves, to the secrets of another, to the voices of those no longer on this plane of existence. It’s no surprise that there’s a little fear with Her arrival. We do not know Her face, we do not know what is on the other side of being in Her company. Makes sense we run around in masks in a week’s time – a way to giddily shine a light on our collective shadows. But what is within this shadowy presence is Change. For half a year’s cycle, we’ve formulated an egoic definition of who we are and what we’re doing out in the world. Whether that be personal, professional; proclaimed loudly over social media or spoken softly when we’re the only one in the room – the taut skin of systems is in place to support a self-made concept. For some of us, there’s been great success and pride in its creation. For others, the disappointment is as bitter as pith from a rind. Doesn’t matter how it all went because it…doesn’t. Matter. I’m not saying YOU don’t matter, there’s no one else more impactful, more powerful or more deserving than you. You matter more than anything. But you also don’t require a construct or boundary to belong. The anatomical fact is a built-in by the way of our totally insane, limitless brain (another thing we cannot physically see and have so little scientific knowledge of. What’s up, internal Veil), that allows us to alchemize entirely unique methods to exist here on Earth. What we already have inside allows us to expand, exponentially, upon our truth, our beliefs, our relationships, our selves. But, to allow for a growth so mighty, we must first let it all go. To unlock our grip, release our breath, shed our taut skin. There could be pain in this, it’s true; and what emerges from the shadows may at first be unrecognizable. But that which emerges is stronger and truer than before, more inherently familiar and yet deliciously mysterious. There’s nothing to be afraid of, it’s just You.




Scorpio New Moon: November 18th It’s New Moon time in the most occult sign of the year. Find yourself a dark evening just before (or after) this lunar event to really connect with your inner sense of value and what you hold deep and secretively inside of yourself. Journal about your mysteries, desires, fears, traumas, blocks, and sense of power. Ask yourself about your greatest sexual fantasies. Overwhelm may rise out of you as you begin to realize how dark some of your feelings are. This is okay—everyone has them. What you are doing is shedding light into your deep and mysteriously tucked away notions. The As you allow yourself to write about all that consumes your most secretive urges, pick a few things that you can share with others that may bring you, and those you share with, intimacy through showing your most guarded cards that have shaped the more difficult aspects of your life—aspects that have changed and transformed you. Ask yourself if you can be a catalyst to help another open up to change their life. By sharing what we hold deep inside, we inspire others to do the same. The result can purge and free blocks in your life-force that have caused self-sabotage, giving away of power, abusing power, or issues around control. As this process unfolds, find time to take note of new empowered intentions forming inside of you. Write these out and check on them from time to time over the next 6 months. Treat these intentions like a spell that you need to gather ingredients for. Each time you check them, take one new step toward them. These intentions could be sexual in nature, hold wishes of getting out of debt, or merging personal resources with those of others for greater potential wealth in your life. These actions and steps toward your Scorpio intentions may bring up old baggage that you have to deal with as sharing our value with

others is one of the greatest human triggers. It’s a process and there’s no guarantee that you will not get hurt, but by playing it safe around your vulnerability you’ll get stuck in a cocoon, unable to transform into the butterfly deep inside of you. The only aspect to this New Moon is a quincunx from unpredictable Uranus. This planet has been mixed up in the past few New Moons bringing a continued thread of things off-beat and out of the blue. Expect the unexpected and know that by flying your freak flag, you may garner attention that creates strange situations. I don’t want to say bad or good, just strange. The co-rulers of Scorpio (Mars and Pluto) are another place we look to for clues about this New Moon. This year, they are in a very tense square to each other. A crossroads type scenario may play out around your sense of entitlement and your sense of equality and compromise. Check back on the things you journaled about and the intentions you write down around this New Moon at the Scorpio Full Moon in May. The alchemical magic of New Moons takes 6 months to come to fruition and these will be ones that can potently change your life (if you bravely allow more emboldened vulnerability). Undaunted Power may result. By Astrologist Allie Couch Photograph by Larm Rmah


Cultivating Scorpio Four good practices to embrace mid autumn. By Allie Couch







Scorpio rules the occult and secretive, mysterious practices. It’s a season when the paranormal becomes more normal as death is more apparent and happening all around us in nature. With this heightened awareness, hence connection to the other side, you may just have a run in or two with a ghost, spirit, orb, presence, or other unusual eerie thing. I’m sure we all have our opinions on whether this is evil or just misunderstood, but for those who care to brave it, insights could be gained from the other side at this time.

TRUE CONFESSIONS by John Gregory Dunne For Scorpio Season, there’s nothing better than a classic mystery novel. We picked one that seems to show up on every top ten mystery bok list . Crime, murder, and great emotional power. this novel takes us into a vivid portrait of Los Angeles in the ‘40s. Based on two brothers, a cop and a priest, and their relationship a they move down a twisted path of a horrific crime. Ultimately redemtion and seeps in making it a hautingly moving novel that’s sure to stay on these best of lists for years to come.





PSYCHOLOGY: The best thing we can do for our health during Scorpio Season is to dig into our psyches and uncover hidden blocks to our true power and essence. A trained professional is the obvious go-to to really get the most out of your efforts and it’s is the perfect time of year to initiate getting a little extra help with our pathologies. If that’s not an option for you, you can start with some simple detective work through selfhelp books, digging into astrology t learn about your planets, or taking some personality tests online for a bit of extra insight around your inner workings: Myers-Briggs, archetype tests, or the Enneagram are great starts.

HALLOWEEN’S ALTER EGO: It’s no wonder Scorpio Season houses Halloween and Day of the Dead. A fixation on death, ghosts, and alter egos is right up this sign’s alley. Think back on your past Halloweens as well as forward to the coming one. Notice if there are any threads around the kinds of costumes or people you pick to dress up as. This could give you a little insight into an alter ego that you may be hiding. This is a self that could come to your surface when in trance-like states such as hypnosis and hold keys to some of your deeper urges and secrets—hence the key to being able to work through and release things we are scared of facing.





Photgraphy: John Silliman, Elija Hail


INTIMACY | Your Sign’s Guide By Allie Couch Photograph by Matheus Ferrero


Intimacy and the vulnerability that comes along with it can be scary things to face. Do you know that person or couple whose depth and passion is hard to emulate? Do you watch and wonder how they create such closeness in their relationships— the intensity of going deep with others and coming out the other side of what appears to be destructive, closer and magnetically connected? This is the language of vulnerability and a willingness to face down inner demons with others as well as explore the depths of how values match. The results can enlighten us to being in the wrong entanglements or bring about such alchemy that the parties involved transform with greater empowerment and mysteriously enigmatic powers. Those who do this on a consistent basis likely have a heavy dose of Scorpio (or strong Pluto connections) in their charts. But, during Scorpio Season, we can all tap into this depth of intimacy—it just takes knowing where Scorpio lies in our charts, hence how to access Scorpio’s intensity in our lives.


TAURUS Scorpio rules your 7th houes of relationships Fairness, equal commitment, and cultivating harmonious environments are where you find great depth and intimacy through Scorpio’s powers. Really digging into your issues with partners and close one-on-one relationships is where you can find alchemy in your life. By deeply sharing what you value and equally hearing what your partner values, you find empowerment. Trust in others is where you hold intense power.

ARIES Scorpio rules your 8th house of merging You tap into Scorpio’s depths of intimacy by diving right in. You are a brave sign already, Aries, just be sure you listen to the person you are trying to find more depth with as you share your soul’s desires. You can have a tendency to want everything to be your way, but you risk never gaining true intimacy if you don’t let go to allow for another’s energies to be heard and valued. Truly hearing others is where you will find your powers of intimacy. 56

CANCER Scorpio rules your 5th house of expression You find great depth and intimacy with others through recreation and creative projects. There is something about being in the sun and the spotlight that allows you to open up to your depths. Allowing another to join you in your creative pursuits is where you’ll let your guard down the most and open up with honest and powerful sharing. Your greatest path toward intimacy is through doing fun and bold things with others.

GEMINI Scorpio rules your 6th house of daily routine You are capable of finding great intimacy in your life by sharing your daily work and routines with others. You are capable of great vulnerability and depth of connection through your work and your lifestyle habits. Sharing deep values with others through process, refinement, and wellness opens up channels of alchemy in your life. This brings great and empowered merging with others. Your intensity in daily habits can make and break you. 57

VIRGO Scorpio rules your 3rd house of mind Speaking, writing, communicating, and connecting is where you are capable of showing great depth. Words and the mind are where you seek intimacy. Truly understanding another’s mind and patterns is where you can merge for great empowerment in your life. Vulnerably share your ideas, your written word, your research, and your connections for greater alchemy in your life. Your powers lie in your intense understanding of another’s depth of thought.

LEO Scorpio rules your 4th house of home /family You find your greatest depth and ability to share your values with another through your home or family life. Planting stable roots is something that will provide the security you need to open up to another with powerful values in nurturing and protecting. Your shared resources with those in your private life can create truly empowered safety and protection. Your greatest intimacy comes through being vulnerable while feeling safe. 58

SCORPIO Scorpio rules your 1st house of self You are the master alchemist and creator of intimacy. You know that by sharing your depths, others more willingly share theirs. You need to be careful with your powerful understanding of this in order to create true intimacy though. Make sure you are coming from a place of seeking empowerment and depth between you and another—not just to know another’s deepest secrets in order to control a situation. That is not proper intimacy. You know the difference, be true.

LIBRA Scorpio rules your 2nd house of self-value Intimacy is a mysterious, deep journey for you. It turns out, what you most value is what your most intimate other values—including their resources. A catch 22. Vulnerability by sharing this puts you in a unique spot, able to grow value for another. When you find another that gets this and is willing to share their resources with you, great intimacy, pleasure, and value abounds through your deep care. You’re a pleasure & value alchemist. 59

CAPRICORN Scorpio rules your 11th house of friendship Your greatest path toward intimacy lies in being friends with another. Share your deepest hopes and dreams with others in a collaborative way and see what alchemy swirls in on the tails of good-will and open-minded exchanges. Intensity, allure, and shared values go best for you in your life when they are for the sake of progress and utopian scheming. Depth in friendship, whether with a friend or lover, is where you create alchemy and magnetism in your life.

SAGITTARIUS Scorpio rules your 12th house of shadow Your brand of Scorpio is one that is magical and inspired, although this is the only time of year that you get a good look at it as it lies in your last house of shadow. Sharing your compassion, fluidity, thinned boundaries, compositional style, and your mystical channels is where you find great intimacy with another. Be vulnerable in showing your psychic abilities to create more depth and merging. 60

PISCES Scorpio rules your 9th house of shared belief It’s in your life views and how you push your horizons and boundaries that you find great depth and intimacy with others. By sharing your concepts and philosophies on life, you will find others who share deep values in these same things. Seeking and adventure (especially foreign or through higher education) with another is a great way to open up channels of vulnerability and transformed values together. Passion and alchemy ensue when you travel the road less taken.

AQUARIUS Scorpio rules your 10th houes of career Authority and those with respectful life experience are where you are able to let your guard down to show vulnerability. Getting to the top of your profession or reaching for your aspirations are areas that you are capable of being very brave in sharing intimately. You create depth and allure with those on the same ladder to the top as you. See these others as empowering forces that can relate to your position rather than competition. 61

Photograph by Ann Whittaker CosmoMuse’s Pisces Full Moon Mingle.





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