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Early Autumn | Libra Season 2017


COSMOMUSE Weaving A Seasonal, Illuminated & Artful Life


Weaving the tangible & intangible of seasonal living. With an interwoven focus on the connection between nature, human nature, and the divine, CosmoMuse aims to tap into a deeply balanced quality of living seasonally. We strive to bring healing energy and enhanced understanding to the undervalued yin element (in males and females alike) in our daily lives while still valuing the yang quality that’s been idealized for many millennia. An astrological lens is used to give structure to the progression through our seasons, but many other sciences and arts are used within that framework to give a holistic meaning and perspective to the cycles and rhythms that we all face throughout the hours, days, months, and years. The mystical and organic quality that we try to tap into through our work is meant to help integrate a cyclical understanding of life with the linear mode of living that many of us are more accustomed to.


An Elegant Balance

September 22nd - October 22nd As we welcome Autumn Equinox, pay close attention to the peaceful balance of night and day, the feeling of equilibrium in nature’s gorgeous displays of life and death, and of a shift toward greater inner reserves. This season ushers us into the yin half of the year as we live in cooler, darker days. It helps our lives unfold with greater appreciation and awareness around our need and concern for others. It brings out the mysteries in life, our own hidden shadows, and can help us better adore and build a relationship with the feminine principles: sharing, communing, intuiting, perceiving, reflecting, restoring, regenerating, and nourishing. It plunges us into places where we have to navigate in darkness and through life’s more magical and unexplainable mysteries. It’s both wondrous and terrifying. The seasonal marker of Autumn Equinox always coincides with the astrological solar season of Libra. Observing seasonal themes will reflect the corresponding qualities of the astrological sign. Libra is the sign of the scales and of elegance. Where it lies in our charts (and it does lie in all of our charts) shows where we have grace and an ability to create harmony and equality. It’s not all perfect bliss with this sign and season though. Dissonance resonates strongly as we become more aware of things that are out of balance, triggering a fight in our deepest recesses. Our quarter turns around the Sun always ignite a new course of action and this one brings with it, a need to restore balance in the world and to our lives. Because of this, open enemies or polarized disputes can often land on our doorsteps along with greater depth with our most trusted others. During this early autumn season of Libra, be sure to enjoy the harmonizing call to action in the air. Absorb nature’s loveliness as leaves turn gorgeous shades of oranges and reds, challenge yourself to open your heart to greater trust in others, whether that be in love, business partnerships, or joint efforts around just causes. Notice the dance you engage in as you both experience greater balance and equilibrium in some things, yet feel compelled to fight for equality in others. Learn from the things that begin to play out more harmoniously for you. This will help you to model and more deeply understand how to bring greater fairness and equality to those things that you feel compelled to fight for. Bring an elegance to all that you do, enhancing the resonant effect that you can have in your life and in the world. Love and receive love. Trust and receive trust.

Allie Couch | Publisher & Creative Director






THE PROGRESSION TO EARLY AUTUMN The zodiac’s solar path moves in a progression that is meaningful. Learn the importance of early autumn’s position.




SOLAR & LUNAR THEMES FOR EACH SIGN Learn what Libra Season means universally as well as for your personal sign. Tune into the Moon’s ebb & flow and the Sun’s vital path.





Weaving the patterns of Libra Season from personal energy, to nature’s rhythms, to business trends.























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Coming From | End of Summer & Refining

Into the season. 10

During the end of summer we worked on weaving ourselves whole, marking our final stop in the selffocused yang half of the year. The energies at play urged us to refine and cultiviate a usefulness. If we did well, we are able to own and sustain ourselves.

This Season | Early Autumn & Finding Equilibrium

Leading To | Mid Autumn & Transforming Depths

A new quarter turn around the Sun is felt at the Autumn Equinox and a fresh mission arrives. This quarter enters us into the other-focused, yin half of the year. The next 30 days has us working on deepening the trust and balance we have with others.

Once we’ve worked toward trusting others, we move further into darkness with nights growing long and eerie. Sharing and entaglements unearth hidden fears, hidden needs for control, and have us transforming as we uproot blocks to our source of empowerment. 11

Into the Stars SOLARSCAPE From September 22th to October 22nd, the Libra solar season is upon us. We feel the Sun simultanously make a new quarter turn around the Sun as well as usher us into the yin half of the year when nights become longer than the days. During the yin half of the year, we turn inward for more reflection and huddle together with our packs to make it through darker times. The Autumn quarter is when we start seeing, in broad strokes, what others have become and how they’ve matured. In response, trends become more apparent and we make quick adjustments as we seek those who compliment and elegantly fit with our own growth. Harmony through commiting to others (and causes) fills the air with a dance of grace and fairness. Libra, ruled by Venus, is a yang, air, and cardinal (or initiator) sign, bringing a need to create balance, realtionships, and actively seek justice. We cultivate deep trust and diplomacy where this sign resides in our charts. Read your extended Monthly Horoscopes at

LUNARSCAPE Just as we have solar seasons, we also have lunar cycles that will tint how we experience the ebb and flow of energy throughout the next four weeks of Libra’s harmonizing. September 22nd: A New Moon phase brings a spark of life and refreshed passions. A need for clarity has us seeking alone time to clear the old and welcome the new. September 23rd - 26th: The Crescent Moon phase has us giving form, movement and first steps toward the passions and intentions that were felt during the New Moon. September 27th - October 1st : In the First Quarter Moon phase, we experience growing pains and challenges to keep our intentions moving forward. . October 2nd - 4th: During the Waxing Gibbous Moon, we attract things more easily but are also tasked with climbing out of holes we dug at the First Quarter Moon. October 5th - 8th: At the Full Moon, we’ll be manifesting and releasing things from our lives. Emotional high tides are felt and balance is sought around these dates. October 9th - 11th: During the Waning Gibbous Moon phase, it’s common to think about the greater good, the world at large, and make expansive choices. October 12th - 15th: Our Last Quarter Moon brings us again to the challenging Quarter Moon position. This time challenges will play out more publicly. October 16th - 18th: The Balsamic Moon has us feeling like sages and less attached. October 19th - 22nd: A New Moon in Libra ignites a new cycle forming around our partnerships, harmony, and causes. Find some ‘you’ time for extra clarity.




Libra rules your 7th house of partnerships and commitment. During this season put your vital energies and focus toward growing deep trust and a balanced give and take in your relationships and partnerships. You stand before a clear mirror as the 7th house also acts as a reflector. What others trigger in you may actaully be somethings you need to see about yourself.

This is your season, Libra. With the Sun in your sign, it’s your turn to have the ear of the cosmos. Clear out any baggage accumulated over the past year to make room for new yearly intentions and goals. This means plently of alone time, meditation, and exercise. You are a cultivator of diplomacy, fairness, and peace but you may attract headstong, assertive others to you.



Libra rules your 6th house of lifestyle, wellness, and personal process. Grow your ability to weave very elegant and peaceful daily routines. You need a low stress work/life balance that gives you time to relax and feel the peaceful dance of life. Parners may be found through work or through wellness efforts and you may be drawn to others who are workaholics.

Things could be tinged with rose colored glasses this season as Libra rules your 12th and final house. This is a place of cosmic connection and inspiration. Beauty takes on a spiritual tone in your life and you may find that your balance in the arts and spirituality is elegant and peaceful. Listen to music and do some healing. You likely attract artistic and spiritual partners to you.



Your 5th house of leadership, creative-expression, and the limelight are ruled by the sign and season of Libra. This is a 30 day period when you can take a piece of the spotlight for yourself and really step up to the plate as an elegant and harmonious leader. You may find partnering and commitment through creative fields as well as attract those with creative flair.

Ruling your 11th house of groups, friendships, and collaborations, you likley find yourself engaged in friendships based on fairness and beauty. Collaborative projects serve as a place where you can really shine through your harmonizing abilities as well as in your sense of design and balance. You bring a peaceful, trusting quality to your group affairs. It’s likley that you find a partner through groups of friends as well as find a great friend in your partner.



Ruling your 4th house of home, roots, and family, Libra Season has you feeling a bit vulnerable and working hard to create more security and nurturing through cultivating peaceful family dynamics and making your home a place of cozy elegance. You may attract others who are great providers for the purpose of growing stong family roots and safety.

Libra Season rules over your highest, most aspirational house—your 10th house of career. This 30 days will have you identifying new peaks you want to scale as well as realizing the climb it may entail (inspiring you to focus and buckle down). You likley find your authoritative voice in the realms of design, partnerships, and law. You attract authoritative partners.



Presiding over your 3rd house of communication and community, the season of Libra ignites your need to connect with other and feel a sense of belonging, especially with partners and very trusted others. Your style of thinking and communicating is likely very elequent and fair. Others who are witty, curious, and connected likey find their way into your heart.

With Libra ruling over your 9th house of broadening horizons and life philosophies, you may step back to see the big picture this season. You likley push your boundaries in the realms of design and partnerships, possibly attracting trusted others from very differnt backgrounds and having an eye for symbolic design that makes you (as well as others) think more deeply.



It’s about personal worth and value for you this season with Libra ruling your 2nd house. Income could come through design and things dealing with relationships or the law. You may find greater worth through being in partnerships and relationships. You attract others who are secure in their own sense of worth with an elegant understanding of value and pleasure.

Libra Season revitalizes your intense 8th house of psychology, intimacy, and shared value (wealth/debt). With the sign of balance and elegance here, you likley work to cultivate much peace and harmony in this deep part of your life. You may attract parners who are powerful and seem unaffraid in the realm of joining resources and facing inner demons.


Libra Season Ecology: Mapping Nature, Human & Cosmic Words by Ann Whittaker | Art Direction & Model Katie Chirgotis of Eothen Photography by Vanessa Mona Hellmann


he science of ecology is a branch in biology that examines the relationships of organisms to one another and their physical surroundings. We humans are organisms relating to each other, other organisms, and our physical surroundings. Each season, we highlight the dynamics of a few relationships you are navigating day in and day out. Every day you are in relationship with nature, work (business), family, community (social), and your body. Here are ways to consider relating to each of these elements during Leo Season: NATURE: Falling Leaves & Ripe Berries Libra Season arrives in tandem with the onset of autumn–when the frantic growth of summer gives in to simple and subtle balance. Gentle winds and rains remind us to slow down, to rest, and to gather loved ones inside for warm nights when the night air is crisp and invigorating–not yet chilling. Virgo laid the groundwork that enables Libra to weave a lasting design of harmony and grace: falling leaves reveal heavy and ripe berries; blue skies outline yellow foliage; days and nights


equal out, sharing their gifts and resources. COSMIC: Rhythmic Harmony The planets are indeed aligning to help you find more balance and depth in all of your relationships– yes, including your romantic relationships. As you walk and live on the earth looking for more balance and equality in every aspect of your life, the stars and planets are moving in a rhythm that will enable you to find elegant solutions to help you manage it all. You will find the right time and the right place as you take a little time to get honest about what you want and don’t want. BODY: Ayurvedic Balancing This is the perfect season to investigate an Ayurvedic approach to living to sustainably care for your body, mind, and soul. Ayurveda is an Indian health system that seeks for balance, and acknowledges that every body is different and changes through the seasons as well as throughout an entire lifetime. Been feeling sluggish?



Learn about foods that are weighing you down and foods that can boost your energy naturally. Feeling frazzled and overwhelmed? Learn about exercises that will lower your blood pressure and the best time of day to do so. SOCIAL: Mutual Respect & Love Let your inner romantic out of her hiding place–in every relationship. Give friends and loved ones the gift of nature (a pretty bouquet of flowers is not cliche), write a handwritten love note of gratitude and admiration (words of love are always poetry if written from the heart). And then allow others to give of their love to you in word and deed. Dance the giveand-take that brings harmony and mutual respect and admiration that all of us desire. BUSINESS: Elegant Solutions Have fun with finding the most elegant solution through simplification and ease. Cut back where things have become out of balance, and find a more stream-lined design in your schedule and efforts. This time of year, many businesses are already looking ahead to the end of the year to assess their performance. Take your time and enjoy this season of balance, harmony, and grace. Avoid forcing anything or burning out with apathy.


Words & Photography by Ann Whittaker

Express. Compromise • Mutuality • Fairness • Openness “[B. Janet Hibb’s] advice requires a willingness to let go of long-held positions and to approach issues from a fresh perspective. I call this a willingness to begin again, as we do in meditation. Stop keeping score, Hibbs suggests. Stop needing to be right… Be open to the possibility that there are other paths available to you in relating to yourself and to another.’ -Sharon Salzberg, Real Love All kinds of relationships thrive when we cultivate and nurture a give-and-take rhythm that results in compromise and mutuality. When we express our own needs and wants from a place of kindness and authenticity and allow our beloved/friend/sibling/co-worker to do the same, we find common ground–we create mutuality. Etymology of mutuality: • that is common which pertains equally to two or more persons or things • that is mutual which is freely interchanged: mutual love, affection, hatred This Libra Season, find ways to discover other perspectives, other paths to common ground. Find ways to compromise that aren’t necessarily your way or the other person’s way–express yourself in a way that opens up new possibilities–ways of being that you never knew existed. Talk things out with your beloved; explore as many options as you can; enjoy the process of getting to know yourself and another. Be willing to be surprised. Be willing to begin again–with yourself as well as with others. Just when you think you know yourself and/ or another, you might be pleasantly surprised. Compromise is not weakness–it is a path to innovation that acknowledges the universal truth of interbeing. When we honor our own needs and wants, we are also more open to the needs and wants of other. We will have compassion for ourselves and all those we relate with. Let go of old positions and beliefs daily to discover the people you’ve known for so long anew. “In the middle of my life, I am coming to see the middle path as a walk with wisdom where conversations of complexity can be found, that the middle path is the path of movement. . . . In the right and left worlds, the stories are largely set. . . . We become missionaries for a position . . . practitioners of the missionary position. Variety is lost. Diversity is lost. Creativity is lost in our inability to make love with the world.” - Terry Tempest Williams




A WARMING OUTPOUR Sharing our breath for reciprocity. On the first evening of Autumn Equinox, a special moment in time, in the flow of give and take, occurs. Back when we started our very first morning of spring, as dawn woke us, we can equate this to the


first moments of an in-breath, the flow of life into our bodies. Now, as we reach the opposite equinox, evening signifies equal day and equal night and can be equated to the initial moment when we start to breath out. Our blood and bodies have been oxygenated and we feel full. We move toward darkness and our fullness of spring and summer’s

Words & Photography by Allie Couch

in-breath has to be released back to the universe in a reciprical exchange. This moment is quite romantic if you think about it. Our bodies have warmed and dampened the cool air. As we release it, it’s like a little sunset that occurs in the initial moment that our in-breath touches back to the outer world. Dawn, the initiation of the out-breath, Autumn

Equinox, and Libra Season are all connected by this fluid, abstract thread. This season, watch as many sunsets as possible and commit to giving breath back to loved ones. Create beautiful displays of reflective colors through the commitment and trust you place in fair exchange.



“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wander. Words & Photography by Ann Whittaker “to live in this world you must be able to do three things to love what is mortal; to hold it against your bones knowing your own life depends on it; and, when the time comes to let it go, to let it go” -mary oliver Spend so much time in nature this season that you understand the essence of beauty–the real continuum of life and death, the rhythm and cycle of transformation and evolution. Indeed, science shows us that none of us or anything actually ever dies–or is born for that matter. We did not appear out of nowhere and we will never cease to be. Wander outside. Daily. Slowly. Watch as the leaves change color, fall to the ground, and become part of the soil to become part of the tree again as nourishment. Are you experiencing a season of change, of quiet transformation? Can you sense when it is time to let things go? Can you sense when it is time to let things be? Wander outside. Daily. Wonder. Take time to watch, to listen, to smell, to taste, and to hear. And then notice your heartbeat slow to a sustainable and lovely cadence–all you need is here. As the poet David Whyte reminds us, “everything is waiting for you. Everything, everything is waiting for you.”



Words & Photography by Allie Couch Model Brooke Musat

If you thought Leo Season brought all of the heart warming love and romance, just wait. Leo is the attraction of new courtship, ruling the game of summer love. In Libra, we enter more dangerous and vulnerable territory where it takes a true romanitc to brave the heart-throb that comes with longing for a loved one, waiting for a loved one, or changing for a loved one. The dance you create as you find rhythm with another through reasoned and deeply commited trust is the dance of Libra. Always weighing and measuring, always idealistic. Libra will have you expanding and conracting, hunting out polarized issues, and embracing it all with elegance. 24



Originally posted on SAVEUR Recipe by Damon Boelte Photo & interview by Anna Stockwell

Celebrate. THE TROPHY WALL “I’ve been playing around with cream drinks lately. Classic combinations of cream and spice, like brandy Alexanders— in which grated nutmeg is a key element. It’s a cream drink for cocktail drinkers.” - Damon Boelte, bar director at Prime Meats, New York In this case, the sharp herbal finish provided by the Fernet Branca balances the richness of the cream beautifully. MAKES ONE COCKTAIL

Ingredients 1 1⁄2 oz. pisco 3⁄4 oz. Cherry Heering Liqueur 3⁄4 oz. Creme De Cacao 1⁄4 oz. Fernet Branca 3⁄4 oz. heavy cream Grated nutmeg

Instructions Shake and strain into cocktail glass; top with grated nutmeg


Libra Daily Rituals Words & Photography by Ann Whittaker

Libra Season Daily Rituals Libra Season is its own kind of spring: branches are heavy with ripened berries, and fall foliage colors brighten our landscapes. Take time this season to celebrate your own transformations as you cultivate more beauty, elegance, grace, and harmony in your life. Each day, choose one of these balancing rituals to help you cultivate loving kindness relationships with yourself, your loved ones, and the world around you. BEAUTY Beauty is not glamour. Think more wabi-sabi, a Japanese aesthetic concept that embraces imperfection and impermanence. Perfection is boring; death is the mother of beauty--meaning, the things in this world that we often consider beautiful have a moving effect on us because subconsciously we’re aware that it is special because it is seasonal, like a blossoming tree or watching a young fawn cross a meadow with her mother. Take daily walks and think about the people and things in your life that are special and specific to this moment in time--imperfections and all. How lucky are you to witness such beauty? ELEGANCE & GRACE I love the concept used by mathematicians and physicists “an elegant solution.” The very simplified explanation of this phrase is that a true and good solution to a question will be simple


and true--it will be elegant, without frills or a convoluted explanation. Each morning, approach a problem you’ve been struggling with. Ask yourself if you’ve been complicating things by over-thinking, overdoing, or making assumptions based on old beliefs. Write down the problem and breathe. Give the problem space. Give your old solutions a brief thank you and send them on their way. As you empty your mind of complications (worrying about your appearance to others, assuming someone will be angry, thinking someone will behave like someone else, afraid you’re not good enough), allow for new pathways to simplify your approach. Take each problem by its own merits; breathe; and remember you only have to take the next step. Elegance and grace are slow. Embrace a slower, more patient pace in the world. HARMONIC RESONANCE Music. Introduce beautiful sounds into your daily life. We are vibrations walking around resonating or feeling discord with others--though that resonance and discord is never permanent. Even our own vibrations are adjusting moment to moment. Find a quiet 10-15 minutes to lay down, close your eyes, and listen to a track that is simple, sustaining, and balancing--removing ego, fear, and judgement. Find your resonance for the day.



“The earth is our origin and destination. The ancient rhythms of the earth have insinuated themselves into the rhythms of the human heart. The earth is not outside us; it is within: the clay from where the tree of the body grows. When we emerge from our offices, rooms and houses, we enter our natural element. We are children of the earth: people to whom the outdoors is home. Nothing can separate us from the vigour and vibrancy of this inheritance. In contrast to our frenetic, saturated lives, the earth offers a calming stillness. Movement and growth in nature takes time. The patience of nature enjoys the ease of trust and hope. There is something in our clay nature that needs to continually experience this ancient, outer ease of the world. It helps us remember who we are and why we are here.” -John O’Donohue


Libra Yoga: Elegant Balance Yogi Model, Brooke Musat | Photography, Allie Couch

Goddess Pose :: (Utkata Konasana) Balance, true to Libra, is physically embodied in Goddess Pose. With equal weight in both feet and the head farther from the clouds and just a bit closer to the earth, finding an equanimity between opposing forces, thoughts, or moods seems just a bit more possible. • Stretches hips, inner thighs, and chest • Tones core muscles and lower back • Strengthens quadriceps, inner thighs, and tiny muscles in the feet


Warrior II Variation with hands at kidneys :: (Virabhadrasana II) Grace and strength meet in this Libra-inspired variation of Warrior II pose. Warrior II, typically a fierce posture on its own, is made elegant by bringing hands to the kidneys at the lower back. This variation of Warrior II is a reminder from Libra that strength and grace are both important attributes when defining what’s best for you. • Strengthens quadriceps, shoulders, arms, and tiny muscles in the feet and ankles • Stretches chest, inner thighs, and hips • Tones abdominals and lower back


Figure-four bridge variation with hand at kidneys :: (Eka Pada Setu Bandhasana) In this variation of one-legged-bridge-pose you’ll be forced to trust your ability to find balance on one leg. A relationship with balance in an asymmetrical way won’t feel ideal at first, but with Libra’s seasonal blessing and commitment to resolution, hopefully you’ll feel more optimistic with every breath. • Stretches hip flexors, chest, inner thighs, and spine • Strengthens hamstrings, quads, glutes, and lower back


LIBRA RULES OUR: Kidneys, Adrenal Glands, Lower Back & Butt 35

Myth & Archetype: Terpsichore

Beauty, harmony & dancing with the other. By Cherise Lily Nana of Muse Bespoke | Artwork by Georia O’Keeffe via Georgia O’Keeffe Museum


icture walking into a ballroom class for your first lesson. On the walls of the old hall, ornate, art deco stained-glass lamps glow with sapphire blues and jade greens. A large arrangement of flowers greets you at the entrance–hydrangeas, cosmos, and roses flirting among each other. The space is filled with people from all walks of life. Everyone is partnering up but there are no rules on who can pair up with who: women lead, men dance together, people who don’t speak each other’s language learn to communicate through the body... The body as a vehicle to connect, to relate, to work towards harmonious movement based on trust, understanding, and fairness. And facilitating this lesson is the ancient Greek Muse of dance, Terpsichore. She gracefully weaves her way through the dancers, strumming her lyre and inspiring bonds through the poetic melodies she plays. We dance in life every day, continually weaving relationships with other humans, animals, spaces, and landscapes. Our bodies become the mediators between our inner world of emotions, soul, and psyche, and our connection with the outer world. There are many ways to signify who we are, but half of the messages we send to others are nonverbal. Through this, we can derive so much wisdom from dance, the gift of Terpsichore, as a symbol for building relationships with those around us. When we partner up with someone new– whether that be in romance, business, or friendship–it invariably takes time to get to


know the subtle expressions that are unique to that person. We need to first begin by observing the other and hearing what they’re sharing with us–not in the way where we calculate the next move while we listen, but, instead, really taking the time to witness their reality. Only then can we respond with a healthy level of respect and an understanding that all perspectives are valid and make up the equilibrium of life. The more we come to know someone, the more we learn to trust them. (This is also mirrored by the level of trust we cultivate within ourselves, by learning to acknowledge our own needs and foibles.) There is a proverb by chief Dan George who said, “If you talk to the animals, they will talk to you, and you will know each other. If you do not talk to them, you will not know them, and what you do not know, you will fear. What one fears, one destroys.” The same goes for human animals. It all begins with the dance of reciprocity. It’s inevitable that in the beginning, the dance may not feel all that elegant. You might step on each other’s toes. You might even stumble and fall over. But the idea is to continue to lift each other up and keep engaging in the movement with an open mind. All too often we create problems by discriminating against people based on their external appearance. When we’re not really using our higher mind we can get caught up in superficial perceptions of beauty. We make decisions about worth and construct all kinds of stories fed by fear of the unknown.

Terpsichore asks us to look past these judgements and to find ways to bring harmony to our relationships. Interestingly, Terpsichore is also the mother of the Sirens in Greek myth. These are the beauties that live beneath the surface of the ocean and lure people down to their depths. Dangerous seduction aside, there is a lesson here in paying attention to what’s underneath the shallows. What lies behind the color or age of someone’s skin? Or the labels they wear? What’s underneath the illness or disability a person carries? What’s beneath beliefs or religion and preferences around gender or sexuality? If we look to the Sirens, it’s beauty in a deeper sense. The kind of beauty that understands that justice lies in genuine equality, consideration and appreciation, and that grace is found in the balance of diverse elements dancing together.



Pumpkin Spice Cashew Cups Recipe by Lindsay LaPaugh, The Wellness Gypsy | Photograph by AllieCouch

It’s time to break out the pumkin, squash, and fall harvest recipes. A little sweet tooth may be coming on as the season switches gears. Not to worry, we have you covered with a healthier alternative to pies, cakes, and scones—all those heavy baked goods that many of us start to crave as autumn blows in. Although mini muffin tins and a bit of stovetop heat are called for, this easy no-bake recipe is perfect for a rich, sweet, and healthy weekend treat or a little afternoon delight. Lindsay LaPaugh, the Muse behind Wellness Gypsy offers up her go-to healthy autumn dessert recipie. We grabbed a cute Nordic Leaf Cakelete Pan from Williams Sonoma and whipped a batch up for outselves. Confirmed. These are a must try! Not quite a brownie and not quite chocolate decadence, these are balanced somewhere delightfully inbetween. The cool bite is easy and subtle on the mouth as there’s no icyiess, rather a surprisingly rich, soft texture.



• • •

Heat coconut oil in a saucepan over medium heat.

• • • • •


Meanwhile get cupcake liners, or mini muffin tins out and spray with nonstick spray. Set aside Once oil is completely melted add all ingredients from raw cacao powder to real salt. Mix well until ingredients are thoroughly combined. Remove pan from heat. Using a spoon pour mixture into muffin tins or cupcake liners. Set in the freezer until the liquid sets about 20-25 minutes. Eat immediately or store in an airtight con-


Feel it All: Call to One Another Words & Photography By Katie Chirgotis of Eothen Each year, I hear Libra season brought in by the crows. As the light flattens, equalizing in measure between daybreak and dusk, they come in on the wind. The sun, still warm on the low gold grass, is hedged by this push of low barometric pressure against which the black hierophants flare inky wings. They call out to each other, harsh and rasping but somehow jovial. Incredulous that we did not think the days would shorten, the leaves drop to earth, the cycle to close, the scale to tilt to naturally bring us back into balance. That sense of balance has been seriously challenged this year. For months, we’ve been looking to one another with the same incredulous energy as the crows. Struggling to counterweight the abrupt drop into “what in the f*ck.” No matter our doctrine or belief system, it’s been consistently challenged. What is sacred? Where, or with whom, am I safe? When does the sense of ease come back in? Where is the Justice? The caw of the crows, a reminder, a message, and whose to hear it? In a time when we so urgently want the scales to be balanced, but are denied by circumstance or decisions by those far from our everyday experience – it takes very little to feel out of control. Not quite there? This Aries Full Moon could tilt you into a solid tantrum. But the trick, the absolute necessity, is to stay calm and…turn toward each other. The duality of Libra’s scales is bodily manifested in Other, Relationship, the notion that we are not alone. In times of isolation or uncomfortable vulnerability, we can ask for help and our needs can be met. We have to TRUST. It doesn’t have to be in the romantic concept of relationship. It can be the weary nod of acknowledgment to the fellow rider on the subway. It can be our animal family greeting us at the door. It can be the support of Earth beneath us when we lie down to rest. It can be giving it all up to the Source in the whoosh of our breath. The sense of I’m with you, you’re with me, traveling along together, taking it a day at a time. The Universe is constantly striving for equilibrium. It creates, and destroys, as it must to steady itself. Like feathers on a wing, in twitching tilts of contraction and expansion, as we stay aloft – calling to one another.



Aries Full Moon: October 5th By astrologist Ash Bonelli | Photograph by Noah Silliman

Dear Muses, The Aries full moon is upon us and the energy is going to feel pretty intense. This is due to a combination of the full moon being in a fierce fire sign and the other planetary relationships that are occurring at the same time. Aries is the sign of the pioneer, the warrior, and the brave side of our hearts. When the moon, who represents the emotional landscape, is in such an impassioned sign the air feels hyper edgy. We may have a tendency to react rather than respond to external stimuli more than usual this week. I refer to lunar Aries as the “sugar in the raw” moon because being quick, sharp, and blunt is how they nurture. You may notice people being a tad bit more prickly than usual! Staring across the cosmic pond at this Aries moon is the Sun in Libra. Libra is the sign of balance, harmony, and grace. The Sun represents the current life path energy so his job during this full moon is to try and balance all of that fiery Aries energy. Every full moon is about finding equality via the beneficial parts of each sign. Aries is a leader but can be a bit too selfish while Libra is fair-minded but can be too passive. When you successfully blend the two we see a self-sufficient individual who is mindful and confident. They don’t leak their power but they manage to consider others in a given situation. It’s a beautiful combination that isn’t easy to create but one worth striving for. Full moons are also about culmination and release. Wherever you have the Aries/Libra axis in your chart is where the themes of this lunar event will occur. Something could be building regarding these topics I’ve just mentioned that will peak this week. They are bubbling up to be seen, processed, and then released. It’s the evolutionary ebb and flow of our personal stories. Also in the cosmic soup at this time is Mercury, our communications planet, who will be in close quarters (conjunction) with the Sun. Being in Libra, there will be many discussions around the topics you are dealing with at this time. Libra is very relational so expect to talk things out. Keeping things buried at this time will not serve you well. Remember to listen as much as you share. Balance is key! Venus and Mars will be in a close embrace as well in Virgo.


Venus represents our values and the things we love. Mars signifies our drive and how we go about attaining the things we love. These two combining forces in Virgo shows a serious love affair for details and perfection. Virgo has amazing qualities but sometimes they can be too critical (mainly because they are so hard on themselves) and judgmental. This energy could show up in our expectations of others. Those deep chats I just mentioned could quickly turn into all-out fights if we are not more mindful of how we speak to others. The bottom line here is be tactful in your engagements this week! Lastly, we are just coming out of the final energy wave of Jupiter opposing Uranus. This opposition has had a total of 3 hits since the end of December 2016 which only occurs every 14 years so it’s quite impactful. This round has been all about Jupiter in Libra’s need for togetherness and Uranus in Aries’ need for freedom. Finding freedom within our commitments has been a topic for many people in various areas of their lives. This theme could tie into your full moon experience. Do you feel a healthy balance in your relationships? Should you constructively create some new boundaries? If these things are an issue for you how can you mindfully and tactfully verbalize them? All questions to ask and possibly address under this full moon. May this moon bring you clarity, balance and peace of mind! xx, Ash


By Astrologist Allie Couch | Photograph by Nathan Anderson

Libra New Moon: October 19th Witnessing Polarity: Libra New Moon Intentions for an Elegant Life The sign of polarity. Each sign shows a progression in the realm of development. The first six signs, Aries – Virgo, are about personal growth and development. By the time we finish up with Virgo Season (each year) we should be more organized and refined going into the other-focused half of the year. Each of the six self-focused sigs will have a polar sign ruling the same themes as they hold, sometime during the autumn and winter months (but that function in the realm of ‘other’ ratehr than ‘self’). Libra is Aries’ (our first sign of the zodiac) opposing sign, thus introduces us to the world of polarity and open, public conflict. Aries is about self-trust, our personal passions, and agenda. Libra is about trusting another, compromise, and equal give and take. Trust and authenticity are the goal of both. By taking the time to see others in their full authenticity, you will feel more seen for yours. Being the sign of the scales, equality, fairness, and justice are fitting themes for this season. It’s during Libra’s reign that we put a lot of effort into finding more harmony with others and issues of equality. It’s during this time that we see with more poetry, dance, and aesthetic design. We work to make ourselves and our environments just so in order to authentically put out our resonant vibrations into the world that then attract the same back to us. Mirroring and harmonizing are in high gear and we can create a more peaceful, elegant life with the help of New Moon intentions that we make during this season of balance. Witnessing and Transcending Conflict: Sabian Symbol, Libra 27 The degree that this Libra New Moon is taking place at brings up an ability to see above the fray, to witness conflict from a height for a bit more objectivity and an ability to see other options around how both sides of an issue are really about the same thing. The 27th degree of 30 degrees Libra is an ending degree, a more matured degree. We have an opportunity this year to step back from some of our issues of fairness and problems around finding more beauty and balance in our lives, and see new ways forward. This is a year when we may see those skilled in mediation and resolution surface and define themselves in important ways in the world. Look for these people. Be one of them.


Transits to the New Moon Conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio: Last year our Libra New Moon conjunct Jupiter, expanding our conversations around equality and fairness, possibly bringing big projects to our doorsteps in the realm of partnerships, relationships, design, law, and equality. This year we conjunct Jupiter again, but this time he will be sitting in a more intense sign—Scorpio. Expansive opportunity could arise around shared resources, joint efforts, and transformations through unearthing hidden psychological baggage in our relationships, in our beauty concepts, in our aesthetic world, and in our fights for equality. Things will get a bit deeper and more dangerous this year but the empowerment that is possible through some figurative deaths and rebirths could be profound. Conjunct Mercury in Scorpio: The realm of communication and contextual thinking is involved in this year’s Libra New Moon with Mercury conjunct form Scorpio. This will add to the intensity we see with Jupiter in Scorpio. Our mission with this aspect is to be sure to have the difficult conversations needed to really penetrate beneath the surface of our relationships, of our issues around fairness and balance. Opposed Uranus in Aries: Uranus is the revolutionary and Aries is the warrior. This concoction paired up with Jupiter and Mercury in Scorpio is setting the stage for an extreme year around Libra issues. Last year already set the stage but this year could be both dangerously aggressive as well and empowering. It could go either or both ways all at once. Change is a given for Libra issues of equality, partnering, and communion over the next year. Square Juno: Juno is Jupiter’s equal, the Hera to Zeus. She is the Queen of the zodiac and of gods. Her archetype is about turning a bit of a blind eye in order to hold her position in the cosmic skies, but she’s not scared to dish it out to anyone who engages with Jupiter in infidelities or takes too much of his attention. She’s got a bit of a Scorpio vengeful edge in that regard. A square is a conflict that ignites a need for action. In the sign of Capricorn, there are some themes of patriarchy that may be further explored with Juno wanting females to really shake things up and claim their authority. Those who don’t take

the feminine energy seriously and equally may pay a price this year. Sextile Saturn: A little relief comes through our normally stern and authoritarian Saturn with a nice sextile aspect. From the sign of Sagittarius, Saturn is available (if we take the time to seek him) with solid counsel. Sagittarius is a sign that isn’t scared to face darkness with hope and faith. Saturn here feels like a Yoda-like sage. A wise person who has seen it all and can see many outcomes with less attachment and passion. If you are feeling the heat of this New Moon over the next year– issues of fairness, intensity in partnerships and relationships, or in shared resources, this wise person or counsel may be closer to you than you realize. Look and you will find. Make New Moon Intentions That: • Transform and empower your ability to harmonize with authenticity. • Are based on mutual respect and an open mind. • Are more intense than usual, pushing you to face things blocking your essence from feeling equal and beautiful. • Empower you to empower others. • That push your boundaries of what you think you are capable of in relationships— share with deep trust. • Most importantly, allow you to feel more elegant and gracious. Life is easier with these traits embodied.


Find Greater Elegance Through

Simple Trust

Press the Audio Icon Below

A Mindfullness Polarity Practice

By: John Kesler of IPPI (Integral Polarity Practice Institue)





In this seven minute audio recording, John Kesler of Integral Polarity Practice shares some thoughts around how the polarity of agency & communion relates to the season of Libra and its qualities of trust and sharing our gifts.

This is a quick audio, but the concepts introduced are ones that you’ll need peace and quiet to consider and absorb. Listen to this in the peace of you own home in an area where you won’t be disturbed by other people or noises.

Breathe, relax, and listen to this thoughtful audio. Visualize along with John’s words, how you can embrace the concepts shared. Take notes after if anything was difficult to understand. Re-listen with a focus on those spots.


Cultivating Libra Four good practices to embrace autumn. By Allie Couch & Ann Whittaker





ANAM CARA by John O’donohue

how sounds relate and work together are one great way to dive deeper into reflection on how we create our own harmonics and resonace with others. This doesn’t have to be a romatic date (although Libra loves a romantic date). It could be with a business partner, a deeply trusted friend, or a family memeber that you are especially close to. As you sit through the concert, close you eyes when you are especially connecting to a piece. Try to notice what it is about the notes, insturments, chords, and pacing that is speaking to you. Use this as a meditation—note what pops out as especially imactful. For expample, maybe you enjoy only a few instruments interacting at a slow meaningful pace or maybe you enjoy fast paced complexity of all of the musciaians interacting.




The most beautiful book about relationship with others based on the rhythms of nature. “Real friendship or love is not manufactured or achieved by an act of will or intention. Friendship is always an act of recognition. This metaphor of friendship can be grounded in the clay nature of the human body. When you find the person you love, an act of ancient recognition brings you together. It is as if millions of years before the silence of nature broke, your lover’s clay and your clay lay side by side. Then in the turning of the seasons, your one clay divided and separated. You began to rise as distinct clay forms, each housing a different individuality and destiny.”




BALANCING VATA ENERGY: In the Ayurvedic system, autumn heightens the Vata energy. This can bring an imbalance in things drying, cool, and windy. If you already have an imbalance of dry skin, distractibility, restlessness, issues with insomnia, and worry, try getting more rest than usual and making sure that you are always warm. If you experience these symptoms this season, be sure to adhere to routine and eat warm, cooked foods that are a bit oily.

SOUND BATHS: There’s a reason why these are becoming popular in in yoga and meditation studios across the country. The singing bowls used in sound healing have notes that are attuned to our 7 chakras. These help retune and activate (or open) our chakras in a powerful way. It’s not uncommon to leave a sound bath and attract very peaceful and elegant things, people, and solutions. Libra Season would love for your to tap into the peacefulness and traquility of this practice.





Photgraphy: Zach Doty (cello), Taylor Kiser (soup), Julian Bock (water vibration)


Jupiter, God of Gods, Find New Power in Scorpio By Allie Couch Photography by Nathan Anderson

Planets are named after mythological gods. Jupiter is the Roman version of Greek’s Zeus, god of sky and thunder and king of the gods. Simply based on that you can understand that this planet is one that should not be taken lightly. Everything that Jupiter touches, he expands and conquers. He’s unafraid of the unknown, actually preferring adventure and a push into new territory. On September 9th of last year (2016) Jupiter entered Libra, our current sign and season and the one that rules relationships, harmony, and equality. We saw a huge surge in people stepping up to fight for equality in gender, race, and religious leanings. Libra will go to battle if thigs are unfair and Jupiter blew this battle sky high—for good reason. On October 10th, Jupiter will close his work in the Libra field. He has helped fan a flame that will roar on. His new calling is to lend his powers of expansion to the sign of Scorpio, to stay until November of next year. Scorpio is an intense sign ruling shared resources (wealth and debt), issues of sexuality, and death. This sign isn’t scared of the dark or going under the surface to uproot anything blocking our true essence. With Jupiter expanding these areas, we may see some epic political battles (as if we aren’t already— ugh), an expansive investigation into those who hold power and control, as well as have opportunities to grow greater wealth, get out of great debt, or grow great debt. Sexuality could be a big topic as could the field of psychology. Scorpio is precise, strategic, a great researcher, and knows how to get to the secrets in life. He can go unseen just like a little fox on the hunt.




3 Trends to Watch Retaliation Just as gods are plagued with jealousies and ambitions, so too are the planets named after them. In Scorpio, Jupiter’s big-picture notions may come across as dark while simultaneously seductive. Scorpio is the sign of the underworld, strategy, psychology, and politics. Mind games could spin us into rages and fits of revenge when we get outmaneuvered or taken advantage of. Big-minded Jupiter hates to be made a fool of. Be mindful of secrets, information, and resources that you share—and of getting ‘in bed’ with anyone you haven’t found resonance with. You may have darker feelings than typical around pride and conquest. Expansion into Psychology Unearthing personal and universal psychological baggage broadens our perspectives. Try to do a little work on your own psychology if you are faced with darker moods. Learn why you let difficult entanglements and darkly powerful scenarios play out and learn from them. If you chase after revenge, as the saying goes, dig two graves beforehand. It’s a great year to dive expansively into your own psychology. A little help from a professional isn’t the worst idea. With Scorpio ruling the world of psychology, some new and exciting perspectives or breakthroughs could arise in this field over the next year. Expansion in Wealth and Debt Joining resources with others could bring epic gains and epic debts. Jupiter can be greedy. He sees expansion everywhere and being the king of gods, has the brazen spirit to go after anything and everything whether he understands what he’s getting into, or not. In Scorpio, the energies and opportunities that get identified have great risk and great reward. Scorpio rules shared resources thus the ability to create more wealth in our lives and more debt in our lives. Due diligence is suggested. Pay off any credit card debt rather than getting new cards and seek wise counsel in investments. With the right and smart choices, windfalls are possible. EMPOWERMENT: At it’s root, Scoprio wants to help empower us. We can be tempted to control and hold power over others OR give our power and control away when this sign is activated. Jupiter here will really expand this issue. If you have subtle tendancies here, watch what happens in 2018 and use the experiences that arise to do some deep work on yourself. When we are holding personal empoewrment, we do not fear others who are lookng to control us. We recognize it a mile away and nip it in the bud right away. When we feel empowered we do not seek to control or hold power over others, we seek to empower the others around us. This year, continually ask yourself and identify how you are working on this scale. If empowerment eludes you, it’s time to dive deep under your surface and do some dark and difficult work. As stated above, a psychologist is not a bad idea. Professionals can help you navigate difficult things that get unearthed. Channel your inner fox this year. He brings clever solutions, helping you to strategize with determination and persistence. He’s one who knows how to play the long game with grace and guts.


OM | Sanskirt Mantra For Your Sign Photograph by Annie Spratt


What is a mantra and why should I use Sanskirt? In repetition (japa) for many minutes, a mantra is a phrase or set of words that can rewire your mind, your thoughts, and thus what you attract. This can bring you greater happiness, compassion, and wisdom, depending on the mantra/s you practice. By doing them in Sanskirt, you are using words and sounds that are whole and pure, completely attuned in symbolic meaning and vibrational resonance. You may not pronounce your mantra correctly as Sanskirt’s sounds need to be learned, but these are a starting place. And who knows, this may ignite in you a new seed—one plunging you into the world of mantra and the Sanskirt language. For these mantras, sit in easy pose with a tall spine and the crown of head erectly above the root of your spine. Say your mantra either out loud or in your head for 3-11 minutes each morning or before bed. Feel free to play with any or all of these, not just your Sun and rising sign mantras.


TAURUS Shreem Namah (Gratitude for abundance) Shareem is the goddess of abundance, pleasure, and beauty. Give her gratitude and call on her. Being connected to the material, you must give gratitude for all that life gives you. Photo: Brooke Lark

ARIES Sat Nam (True is my identity) This is a tuning mantra to get you tuned to your true self and your auric field to match your true essence. For the sign that is about the self, this is a very important mantra for you. Photo: Gabriel Encev 56

CANCER Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo (Divine wisdom) This invites your ego to step aside and allows your higher self, intuition, and innate wisdom to sit in. The receptivity that this mantra creates helps you to deepen and trust your intuitive abilities. Photo: Sarah Mak

GEMINI So Hum (I am that) Expand from constriction to freedom as you unify the yin (so) and yang (hum) within. Join all of your many sides for more clear freedom. Inhale and silently say ‘so’ to yourself. Exhale and silently say ‘hum’ to yourself. Photo: Justin Luebke 57

VIRGO Tan Man Shaant (Mind and body are tranquil) Calm your mind and be in the present. Stress and dis-ease will fall away with calmness replacing it. The weaving and complexity that your mind has been tasked with in this lifetime will really benefit from this mantra. Photo: Jon Flobrant

LEO Ong Sohung (I am creative consciousness) This mantra opens the heart, connecting you to creative conciousness. Chant with left palm a few inches from your heart & your right arm straight, wrist resting on knee. Photo: Sabine van Straaten 58

SCORPIO Om Namah Shivaya (I bow to the inner self) Salute to Shiva, god of destruction/creation, bringing you closer to the divine and a realization that where there is death there is life. Visualize bowing to your inner self as you chant. Photo: Alessio Lin

LIBRA Om Shanti Om (Bless all creation with peace) This is an affirmation that you are peace­—and are at peace with all of creation. Being the zodiac’s peace-keeper, this mantra will help empower the harmonizing energy in you. Photo: Jonathon Moore 59

CAPRICORN Tamaso Maa Jyotirgamaya (From darkness, lead me to light) Moves one from limited awareness to universal understanding just as your sign starts as we move from the darkest day toward a growing light. Embrace your ability to see your potentiality and the potential in and for all things. Photo: Sara Rolin

SAGITTARIUS Om Mani Padme Hum (Jewels in the lotus) To function in the darkness and emerge out of the mud as a 1,000 petal lotus. You are our dark horse. Receive wisdom through doing the work to get out of the darkness, into a more graceful place. Born in the darkest nights this mantra is fitting. Photo: Annie Spratt 60

PISCES Karuna Hum (I am compassion) Born of the knowledge that we are all connected and that there is no seperation, you embody compassion. This mantra will bring healing vibrations and connect you to a shared and compassionate conciousness. Photo: Mirko Nicholson

AQUARIUS Aham Prema (I am all existent love) Prema is love in all forms - divine, human, and universal. This mantra will connect you into the stream of love that’s bigger than just you. You are the sign of loving from a place of humanity and the collective. Photo: Egzon Bytyqi 61

Libra Season Shopping Guide


Cozy and harmony evoking items to bring warm elegance to your autumn musings.











As we move into the dark half of the year, things of durability and simplistic design make us feel grounded and secure. This pack is made with only two pieces of leather and no breakable parts. It is an ultra reliable and durable item that you know will stand the test of time.

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Find resonance and healing through harmony with a heart chakra singing bowl. The F note that this bowl sings with is sure to retune your heart as you find deeper trust in opening up to others, finding deepth in commitment and true love.

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Libra Season is all about reigniting a love for tea and the ritual surrounding it. A tea pot that makes your heart sing is sure to warm your romantic soul this autumn. Brew the perfect cup with this Oiva teapot from Marimekko. Featuring a sleek white body made from stoneware, finished with a contrasting natural wood handle and porcelain tea strainer inside.

Libra Season brings out the groomer and beauty lover in all of us. Start by toning and balancing your skin. Organic Jasmine Water is infused with oil - reducing antioxidant rich Green Tea, blemish fighting White Willow Bark, soothing Aloe Vera and toning Witch Hazel in this botanically balancing blend.

It’s time to cozy up with a beloved throw and we think this one has the quality and love put into fit for this elegantly chilly time of year. Quilted Throw, features layers of 100% cotton khadi (fabric woven by hand of hand-spun yarn) quilted to create a dense blanket in the purest of fabrics.

Beautifully shaped hand turned bowls in natural oak by Kihachi studio, the oldest producer of wood products in the Yamanaka region of Japan, long famous for its exquisite lacquerware. The perfect, thin forms are created on a rokuro ( electric wheel), a technique Kihachi’s craftsmen have mastered over six generations.

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herb infused skin oils



A Guided Breathwork Practice Press the Audio Icon Below

Tuning Your Chakras with Libra Energy

By: Allie Couch

10-Minute Autumn Equinox Breathwork Pair with THIS Spotify Playlist.

Let your body’s intelligence & heart find clarity and speak to you about your deepest truths. Recently trained in holding space for this healing breathwork, I wanted to bring this to the CosmoMuse family and platform in a way that was accessible to all Muses. Grab a blanket and find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed—some like to hold crystals or sea stones during the process. If you are familiar with clearing energy, go ahead and do that with sage or cedar, as well as put any oils on that are speaking to you. A mist of water or rose water will also help to integrate all four elements into the room. Of course this is all optional. If these things are unfamiliar to you, not to worry. This is just

a preference that some have to clear a little extra space for the energetic body to work through you. This process will clear and open your chakras as well oxegenate your body. It’s totally safe, although some will experience some discomfort, intense tingling, and hand curling. If at anytime you feel unwell, it is up to your discreation to pause or stop altogether. I have not heard of anyone who’s been hurt by this breathwork, but it intensely pushes energy around so can feel strange and unfamiliar. Lay down, grab a blanket and press play.


Photograph by Britt Chudleigh of a CosmoMuse Full Moon Mingle. Prop Styling | Lauren Brady of Suacy and Kitsch Art Direction & Design | Allie Couch





JOIN THE PART Y!!! Host your own Full Moon Mingle and feel like part of a world wide Moon Party. Simply plan a party on or near the Full Moon. It can be as simple as a potluck with close friends or an elaborate shindig, possibly hosted by a bar or in tandem with a birthday party. Post a pic to IG with the tag #CosmoMuseMoonMingle Compare notes on how Lady Luna impacted the night. We’ l l g a t h e r a l l o f t h e t a g g e d p a r t y p i c s a n d c r e a t e a g l l e r y o n o u r blog where we can all comment and talk about the night’s vibe. Stylize Let the night be easy and free-form. The point is to allow people to r e fl e c t o ff o f e a c h o t h e r , j u s t a s t h e s u n i s d o i n g w i t h t h e m o o n . W e fi n d o u r p e r f e c t m i r r o r s w h e n a l l o w e d t o m o v e a r o u n d a n d c o n n e c t . Ta k e a w a y s We’ l l p o s t s o m e f u n i n f o m r a t i o n a l d o w n l o a d s 1 w e e k b e f o r e t h e Fu l l Moon to have on hand at your Mingle. Simply set them out on a small table as takeaways or conversation starters.

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