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Mid-Summer | Leo Season 2017


COSMOMUSE Living A Seasonal & Illuminated Life


Weaving the tangible & intangible of seasonal living. With an interwoven focus on the connection between nature, human nature, and the divine, CosmoMuse aims to tap into a deeply balanced quality of living seasonally. We strive to bring healing energy and enhanced understanding to the undervalued yin element (in males and females alike) in our daily lives while still valuing the yang quality that’s been idealized for many millennia. An astrological lens is used to give structure to the progression through our seasons, but many other sciences and arts are used within that framework to give a holistic meaning and perspective to the cycles and rhythms that we all face throughout the hours, days, months, and years. The mystical and organic quality that we try to tap into through our work is meant to help integrate a cyclical understanding of life with the linear mode of living that many of us are more accustomed to.


Feel the Heat: Express Yourself July 23rd - August 22nd

Join CosmoMuse for a deep dive to channel the summer Sun. Generate heat for thrilling recreation and enjoy glamorous leisure time. Feel your own vital stirrings come to life as style, playfulness, love, creativity, and courage ooze from your pores: This is Leo Season. My challenge to all of us during mid-summer is to awaken the inner child and create with joy. Let’s rediscover creative potentials that are connected to a place of ease and an open heart, merging the strength of our backbones to be bold and stand with presence. “All children are artisits. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” - Pablo Picasso As you browse through this, our first ezine, you will find that we’ve woven together many tangibles and intangibles of living well in this mid-summer season: From astrological insights to ecological lifestyle inspiration; from archetype to mental health guidnace; from yoga to wellness tips; from mindfulness to healing breathwork; from lunar wisdom to nature’s rhythms; from the arts to astrological charts. This is a place where both science and the mystical co-exist, blending together for elegant, encompassing ways to live an illuminated and seasonally aware life. Allie Couch | Publisher & Creative Director






THE PROGRESSION TO MID-SUMMER The zodiac’s solar path moves in a progression that is meaningful. Learn what all the summer months mean.

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SOLAR & LUNAR THEMES FOR EACH SIGN Learn what Leo Season means universally as well as for your personal sign. Tune into the moon’s ebb & flow and the sun’s vital path.


Weaving the patterns of Leo Season from personal energy, to nature’s rhythms, to business tactics...
























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Coming From | Start of Summer & Deepening Roots

Into the season. 8

Last season we started the summer quarter with Cancer ruling a new quarter turn around the sun. We entered the receding half of the yang half of the year. A backwards step in a warm season had us needing to protect and nurture our roots and foundations.

This Season | Mid-Summer & Accepting the Light

Leading To | End of Summer & A Great Harvest

Leo puts us in the middle of summer. With freshly nurtured roots from Cancer Season, our courage and ability to step into the limelight reaches a boil. We feel bold and dramatic. Luxury, fun, and leisure fill our lives as we enjoy this stable summer position.

The last 1/3 of summer marks the period before we enter the yin half of the year. We get busier in Virgo Season, feeling a need to be productive in preparation for shorter days. We reap the bountiful harvest of summer growth. Gratitude and humility permeate. 9

In the Stars SOLARSCAPE From July 23rd to August 22nd we find ourselves in the Leo solar phase. The sun peaked at its longest day in June, but is still giving us longer days than nights, briging warm weather. The hottest days of the year, falling in July (due to seasonal tempurture lag), are starting to wind down. An outward focus on growth is felt, but in a leisurely way, attracting things rather than working hard for them. Every person has Leo ruling an area of thier chart so this sign’s themes of creative-expression, leadership, recreation, love, luxury, glamour, and leisure are universally present—but will show up in different ways depending on your sun sign and rising sign. Leo, ruled by the sun, is a yang, fire, and fixed (or stubborn) sign, bringing romantic and star qualities into all of our lives. We feel seen and admired where Leo falls in our charts. Read your extended Monthly Horoscopes at

LUNARSCAPE Just as we have solar seasons, we also have lunar cycles that will tint how we experience the ebb & flow of energy throughout the next four-weeks of Leo’s warm ways. July 23rd - 26th: A new moon phase has us feeling a spark of new life and refreshed passions. A need for clarity has us seeking alone time to clear out old debris. July 27th - 29th: This crescent moon phase has us asserting tangible movement and first steps into the passions and intentions that were felt during the new moon. July 30th - August 2nd: In the first quarter moon phase, we experience growing pains and challenges to keep our intentions moving forward. . August 3rd - 6th: During the waxing gibbous moon, we are faced with a lighter mood, but one where we aim to climb out of predicaments from last moon. August 7th - 10th: Full moon eclipse! We’ll be manifesting and releasing things from our lives. Emotional high tides are felt and balance is sought around this date. August 11th- 13th: During this waning gibbous moon phase, it’s common to think about the greater good, the world at large, and make expansive choices. August 14th- 16th: Our last quarter moon brings us again to the challenging quarter moon position. This time, challenges that come up will play out more publicly. August 17th- 16th: The balsamic moon has us feeling like sages - less attached. August 21st- 22nd: We get a second new moon in Leo in the last days, this time in the form of an eclipse. A major new cycle is forming around our creative presence.




During Leo Season, the sun is shining on your 5th house of recration, creativity, leadership, and kids. This is your best time of the year to find more vitality and growth in your presence with the filter that Leo adds to this part of your chart. Leading and a life of luxury come natural to you.

The season of Leo warms up and give a boost of vitality and growth to your 11th house of friends, groups, and networks. You may feel a greater pull to help humanity, certain industies, or collaborations find progress. You can act as a leader in group dynamics and help bring presence, attention, and strength to you causes.



As the sun moves through Leo Season, your 4th house of home, family, and the roots that give you security in life, get an extra boost of vitality and growth. With Leo filtering this part of your chart, you may like to play the role of leader in your family and have likley inherited qualities from a leader, or leaders, in your ancestal pool.

With the sun in Leo, your 10th house of career is in the spotlight. A new burst of vital energy and purpose can be felt and discovered around the aspirations you have in your life. Creativity and being a leader in this world are things you can find success and responsibility in. You may start to tap into this in the coming four-weeks.



Your 3rd house of communication, community, siblings, and learning is primed for new warmth and vitality during Leo Season. With this sign ruling this busy part of your chart, you are likley an animated and dramatic communicator and may like to be seen as a leader in community affairs.

Your 9th house of adventure, expansion, and all thing foreign and philosophical (such as higher education, publishing, or religion) are lit up when we see the sun against Leo. You may have a broader vision in your life over the next four-weeks, really seeing where you want to push the boundaries of your life through luxory, leisure, creativity, leadership, kids, or recreation.



All things 2nd house fall under Leo’s rulership in your chart. This marriage highlights a need own things of luxury, to feel self-worth and value in your life though your presence and ability to lead. Income may be related to recreation, kids, luxury industries, or as a someone with dramtic talents such as an actor or performer.

As we enter the solar season of Leo, your 8th house of wealth/debt, shared resources, psychology, and intimacy is feeling more vital and courageous. Try to share more openly with others to potentially increase the power and control you have in your life. Those who you are entagled with will look to you to lead the charge in creating more power.



This is your personal season, Leo. With your 1st house of self and assertion ignited, your agenda is getting full attention from the cosmos. You love the spotlight so this is exciting stuff for you. Although your own ruler, the sun, is on you, your 1st house efforts and agenda will pan out best is you carve out some alone time. Allow simplicity into your life in order to find clarity. Form fresh intentions for a new turn around the sun.

All thing relationship and romance are primed for blossoming in Leo Season as this sign ignites your 7th house of partnership, harmony, balance, and aesthetics. You are likely to find much refreshed warmth and fun with a spouse or close others in your life. A major commitment could start or end this month with the solar eclispe. A greater aesthetic approach could be felt .

V IRGO Dear, Virgo. The solar season of Leo sheds some light on your shadows. With your 12th house lit up, you get a rare look at some of your behaviors that you are unaware of. With Leo filtering this secretive house, your leadership and limelight style can help you tap into cosmic realms with great inspiration, or, bring awareness to things you have developed addictive behaviors in. A warm heart wins you compassion, healing, and leadership in the mystical and artistic realms.

PISCES Your daily life is ready for a reboot in Leo Season with your 6th house of wellness, productivity, daily duties, and routine lit up. Being out in the sun, creative, taking the lead in the workplace—these are all things that give you joy and purpose in your life. You can connect into this with a new found zest with this month’s Leo solar eclipse.


Leo Season Ecology: Mapping Nature, Human & Cosmic By Ann Whittaker & Allie Couch | Photography by Ann Whittaker


he science of ecology is a branch in biology that examines the relationships of organisms to one another and their physical surroundings. We humans are organisms relating to each other, other organisms, and our physical surroundings. Each season, we highlight the dynamics of a few relationships you are navigating day in and day out. Every day you are in relationship with nature, work (business), family, community (social), and your body. Here are ways to consider relating to each of these elements during Leo Season: NATURE: As we relax into this most leisurely time of year just as tempertures have peaked, look for all sorts of sage plants, one of our favorite heat tolerant flora. Gather some as you take a stroll in the softer morning sunlight just after the dew has dried. Tie the stems and hang in a dark spot to enjoy in the darker months, around the corner. A reminder of how easy living feels. COSMIC: Make an effort to wake before dawn this Leo Season. If you look to the eastern sky,


you will see Venus rising as a brilliant morning star, urgning us to act on emotion and impulse, to fogive and live a little easier. After dusk, you can see Jupiter and Mercury rising in the west skies. The best time to see the center of the Milky Way will be right at the front end of this season, close the the new moon on July 23rd. Watch the weather forecast and chose a location where you have no light polution. Look for the constellation of Sagittarius to the south (and possibly a touch west) between 10pm - 2am. BODY: In Leo Season, the heart and spine are brought into focus with our blood pulsing, now used to the warmth of the sun, yet knowing that summer’s heat has plateued. Cycles within cycles: The summer season, specifically Leo, relates to the time of the month, about 10 days after menstrtion, when we are most fertile and attractive (men & women). More revealing clothes, brighter colors, skin glimmering with dew, and softly swollen bodies seem to make life a game of attraction and courting. Summer love is in the air.



SOCIAL: Leo rules kids and the playful nature that we conjure when we feel youthful and full of vitality. Make a point of including your own, your family’s, or your friend’s kids in your recreations, trips, and festivities. Channel their zest for life and creative way of viewing the world that our regal season of Leo wants us to tap into. BUSINESS: As wineries are putting thier bottles on sale to make room for their new fall harvests, fun promotions with viral potential such as the Ice Bucket Challenge, that tap into a youthful spirit, seem to be the most successful marketing platforms. A great day to launch a promotion or roll out another creative marketing strategy would be August 9th. The sun will be supported by expansive Jupiter and stable Saturn and the moon is in a very dynamic position—still nearly full and helping a lot of planets move forward with popularity.


“Trust that stepping away from making yourself seen in the world will have the very effect you’re hoping for–people will notice your light and your joy.”

Express. Words & Photography by Ann Whittaker Models, Corrine Gentry & Kiki Sieger

BE LIGHT Let go of ego, play, and live joyfully Leo Season is a time to cultivate self-expression–the way you convey what you love, who you are, and what you hope to become. However, Leo Season isn’t necessarily about asserting yourself in the world; it’s not about making things happen either. It’s about getting out of the way, putting your ego aside, and letting things come to you. You set down your roots during Cancer Season, now give your roots some room to breathe and grow. In the meantime, get outside and play. Trust that stepping away from making yourself seen in the world will have the very effect you’re hoping for–people will notice your light and your joy. They’ll see you for who you are and what you’re working for. If you constantly have your nose to the grindstone, no one will ever get to see you and hear about what you’re up to. So enjoy the good weather, and watch how living joyfully can attract a few more things you were hoping to stumble upon.




THE BEAT OF YOUR HEART To receive, to give, to move Ayurveda is an ancient Hindu system of health that focuses on balancing the systems within the body. In Ayurveda, the heart is considered the “seat of consciousness,” and the Sanskrit word “hrdaya” is


used to describe the heart. Hrdaya can be divided up into three parts to illuminate the essence of the heart:

• hr: to receive • da: to give • ya: to move

Words & Photography by Ann Whittaker Models | Brooke Musat & Jen White

This is the nature of the heart: receive, give, move. This Leo Season exercise the heart in these ways. Receive effortlessly: let the warmer days bring you sunshine in every aspect of your life. Don’t overexert yourself (no worries, this isn’t permanent– next season you’ll be up and at ‘em again). Give generously and often: pass along the gifts you

receive, trusting that you’ll always have enough. Where space is left, more opportunity will find you and fill you so you can give again and again. Move gracefully: rise early in the summer when the days are hot and move your body–go for a walk, a hike in the woods, or move through a gentle yoga flow.



Wander. A sun drenched season ruled by a dramatic fire sign. Dream of romance and exploring at sea. Wind in your hair and cool splashes of ocean water misting your tanned skin. “We were born before the wind Also younger than the sun Ere the bonnie boat was won as we sailed into the mystic Hark, now hear the sailors cry Smell the sea and feel the sky Let your soul and spirit fly into the mystic� - Van Morrison | Into the Mystic Photography by Britt Chudleigh British Virgin Islands


Be. Channel a yourthful spirit, the warmth of the sun, and head out to enjoy afternoons of leisure and recreation. Show off with pizzaz and pinache, embracing your personal creative glow. Attract, laugh, and be courageous. Lead the charge and chase the rush of being a star. Leo Season allows us to feel an extra dose of glamour. Photos by Britt Chudleigh of Hannah & James Chudleigh in the British Virgin Islands 22



Lemongrass Frozé Recipe By Ryan Manning Bar Program Director, Under Current Bar Photos by Dustin and Allie Couch

Celebrate. LEMONGRASS FROZÉ 1 bottle dry or off dry rosé 1/4 C cachaca 3/8 C sugar 1/4 C lemon 2 stalks lemongrass, chopped o Pour rosé into ice trays or a pan. Freeze at least 6 hours, until almost solid. o Meanwhile, over medium heat, bring sugar, chopped lemongrass and 3/8 cup water to a boil in a medium saucepan. Simmer for 3 minutes, remove from heat and cover. Steel for 30 minutes. Strain through a fine-mesh sieve into a small bowl. Dispose of lemongrass. Cover and chill until cold, about 30 minutes. o Add rosé, cachaca, lemon juice, and syrup to blender and purée until smooth. Transfer blender jar to freezer and freeze until frozé is thickened - about 30 minutes. 25

Leo Daily Rituals

Words & Photography by Ann Whittaker

Sun Salutations I’m not talking about a yoga flow–I’m talking about actually saluting the sun. Wake up early and watch the sun rise–acknowledge the light and life it brings for you, your friends and family, and the earth we live on. Get outside before the heat really turns on by midday–when you can take shelter from the heat indoors to get some easy work done or take some down time. When the sun sets, think about the light you felt and saw. Receive all of its energy and life force. Hydration In addition to drinking your daily servings of water, set aside some time in the afternoon when it’s hotter than hell to have some iced tea. If you can, use fresh herbs and plants to brew: mint, rose petals, lavender, chamomile, yarrow, nettle, etc. Ideally, you sit in a quiet place outside in the shade


and enjoy 30 minutes of listening to the sounds of nature while you sip 2-3 cups of tea. Play As the sun turns up its heat, we can often become irritable. When this happens try to remind yourself to be light and not attach any stories or drama to the situation. To help you do this, be proactive and set aside time to play: ride your bike after dinner, play frisbee at a park, have a jump roping competition with your friends, or the everblissful dance party. Play. Childhood Reading For your summer reading, pick a book you loved as a kid growing up. Read yourself to sleep every night and remember the magic of being a kid and what it’s like to see the world with young eyes.



“You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So get on your way!” - Dr. Seuss 29

Yoga For The Heart & Spine Words & Yogi, Brooke Musat | Photography, Ann Whittaker | Art Direction, Allie Couch


Low Bound Lord of the Dance Pose (Badha Natarajasana Variation)

Bound Lord of the Dance Pose (Badha Natarajasana Variation)

Embrace the dance between flexibility and strength in Low Bound Lord of the Dance Pose. While the grandness of this pose is inspired by the yang of Leo, remember it is the yin energy that will keep you grounded and your grandness sustainable.

Build heat and find stability, all while opening the heart in this version of Lord of the Dance Pose. A healthy tension of foot and arm will inspire length in your spine.

• Opens fronts of shoulders and chest • Stretches the thighs, groin, and abdomen • Strengthens core, the tiny muscles in the feet, ankles, and quad and hamstrings of the standing leg

• Opens heart • Helps cultivate a sense of balance • Strengthens the lower back and ankle and foot muscles • Stretches Hip flexor and top of thigh

Chair Pose, hands in Reverse Prayer (Utkatasana with Paschim Namaskarasana)

Revolved One-legged Standing Staff Pose (Parivrtta Eka Pada Dandasana Pose)

Sit low and allow your legs to support you in Chair Pose. With hands in Reverse Prayer, find a connection with the back of the heart. So often we celebrate the front of the heart in all its beauty, but the heart has many sides.

Find balance on one leg while twisting through the side body. Connect with the line of energy from root to sky. Sometimes leading isn’t always moving forward rather it is growing just a bit taller.

• Strengthens quads, inner thighs, and glutes • Tones core • Opens shoulders and chest

• Tones side body and strengthens core • Opens hip of elevate leg • Strengthens muscles of the standing leg, ankle, and foot • Helps to improve balance



“Lead with all sides of your heart” - Brooke Musat 33

Inner Musings

Making Friends As an Adult By Lauren Eimers Wangrud, MEd, MS, CMHC, LCGC Photography by Ann Whittaker

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.” - Anaïs Nin, author, 1903 - 1977 We all know a Leo when we meet them: gregarious, friendly, social. In all honesty, Leos are pretty difficult not to meet if you’re at a social gathering with them! Taking a page out of the Leo playbook this season can give some of us the muchneeded confidence to step out of our comfort zone and make some new friends and connections. Making friends as a child or teenager doesn’t have too many barriers. Going to school is a large part of a child’s life and development, and making friends just comes with the territory! Lots of people that share the same age, teachers, and neighborhood are grouped together and connections naturally form. As an adult, these built-in settings where friendships can naturally blossom and grow is somewhat removed. The “best friends” you split necklaces and desserts with as a child can seem unattainable with the pressures of grown-up life, but it doesn’t have to be this way. It’s normal for adults to winnow their pool of friends as they become busier and busier. But when this happens, spouses or partners often shoulder the responsibility of friend and confidant, as well as romantic interest and co-parent. In our fastpaced culture, the responsibility of life partners

has grown and grown while our number of friends and meaningful and sustaining friendships has lessened. What’s an overbooked adult to do when trying to meet new people? There is a plethora of apps and services that can set you up with possible romantic partners, but there seems to be a void in support for platonic friendships. The good news is there are some good, old-fashioned ways of making and cultivating new friendships, but you have to let go of the all-encompassing “best friend” archetype of our childhood. Just like how we met our friends at school as children, we can make friends where we spend the majority of our time: at work or parenting. The key is to start seeing possible friends in these areas of our life as confined to them. For example, you may have a coworker who shares your love of Sunday evening AMC shows and discussing them on Monday morning. This would be a great opening to also have lunches and share workrelated grumbles with this person. Once away from work, you wouldn’t have much interaction with this person and that’s ok! As adults, we must compartmentalize our lives to an extent to better focus and get through our days efficiently. You can also do this with your friends.

“A page out of the Leo playbook can give us much-needed confidence”

It’s not as callous or robotic as it sounds–promise! Here are a few more examples as to how compartmentalizing our friendships can actually help us create meaningful bonds over time. Many Continue Reading Pg 37




of us not only work and take care of little ones, but we exercise, volunteer, attend religious or spiritual services – you get the idea. There are a myriad of ways each of us fill our days as individuals. Each of these facets of our lives have people in them with whom we connect. The person you always see at your Sunday-morning barre class makes exercising more fun and holds you accountable to your fitness goals. Your friend that you see at mosque makes the time you spend nourishing your spirit also a fun time to catch up and swap survival stories about your toddlers. The dad you always see at playgroup could become a great resource on what to read next or how to get more politically active. While these friendships don’t cross over into other parts of our lives, in the

facet these friendships exist they are important, nourishing, and powerful in their own way. With time, you may find one of these friendships start to spill over into other parts of your life. These are the friends you will reach out to when life throws its curveballs. These are the people you’ll still keep in touch with when you change jobs or gyms. These are the folks with whom you’d split your “best friends” necklace! So let’s take a pinch of Leo courage and reach out in the different areas of our lives and see what grows. This summer could cultivate some meaningful and fun connections for us all!

“These are the friends you will reach out to when life throws its curveballs.”


Myth & Archetype: Bastet Paradox, Courage, and Creative Living By Cherise Lily Nana of Muse Bespoke | Artwork by Ness Cerciello


n her book, Big Magic, writer Elizabeth Gilbert refreshingly comments on the fact that we humans are perfectly capable of embodying paradoxes. In fact, she argues, living with paradox is an integral part of leading a creative, fulfilling life. So often we want life to be neat and easily digestible, but courage is found in believing that no matter what our journey throws at us, we have the capacity to handle both sides of the coin. For inspiration on courage and paradox, we can look to Bastet, the cat-headed goddess found in Ancient Egyptian mythology. Bastet was originally a lion-headed goddess, an aggressive warrior who went to any lengths to protect her home and family. She later morphed into a cat-headed lady who– while still a protector of the hearth– developed far more placid qualities. Bastet’s role as a protector teaches us about having the strength to stand for what is important to us. At a core level this reinforces the necessity of boundaries and being clear about what we need to feel both healthy and safe. This is not to be confused with closing our hearts–for a guarded heart can neither receive nor give love, which ultimately withers the soul. Protecting our boundaries is more about asking ourselves what we need in any given moment. Where are we willing to give and compromise, and what are the non-negotiable principles?


Sometimes saying no feels cold-hearted, but without intimately knowing our edges, we run the risk of drowning in pools of obligation, resentment, and victimhood. The other side of Bastet’s feline nature emerges as a pleasure-seeking goddess. Within myth, she is known as a sensuous woman who bathes in the adoration of many lovers, both male and female. She is also the keeper of the sistrum, a sacred rattle that is used for music, dance, and general festivity. In this archetype as a lover, Bastet encourages us to dissolve the walls between hearts and limbs, to share in the hedonistic beauty of the senses, and to warmly embrace a whole-hearted yes to new experiences. Lions, in and of themselves, carry paradoxical symbolism. The lion is the King of Jungle, and Leos are associated with standing out from the crowd and relishing the spotlight. However, they are also the only cats that live in prides. This tells us something about the strength that we draw from moving within collectives. Lions ask us to develop a solid sense of self, but also teach us that we are still social beings and that our identity is continually transforming in relationship to those around us. Each lioness knows her unique purpose within the pride, and together with the male lions they work as a unit for the common good.

In essence, the very definition of creativity encompasses our capacity for paradox, in that it involves making connections between disparate ideas. To live a full life, it only makes sense that we acknowledge and celebrate our multifarious nature. The more we face the uncertainty that can come with straddling opposing forces, the more easily we lean towards wholeness.



Picnic Fixing To Cool Your Body Words by Allie Couch | Phtography by Ann Whittaker Mid-summer. We’ve made it past the longest days of the year, just following the summer solstice, but that doesn’t mean that we’re getting very near to cooler weather. For those of you with heavy Pitta constitutions, like many of us here at CosmoMuse, we took a note from our Chinese Medicine expert, Melissa Zapp (see her feature HERE): a simple picnic filled with the most cooling of fresh and natural foods was easy to put together and had the ideal cooling effect we’d hoped for. Up in the high Uinta’s above Kamas, Utah, the mountain scenery is beautiful. At an elevation of 10,000 ft, the temperatures drop a few degrees, but the sun‘s bright and courageous rays feel that much more intimate as they better penetrate our delicate human skin in the thinned air. Wherever you are this July 23rd - August 22nd, incorporate more of Melissa’s suggested treats to help you realease extra heat: watermelon with mint and berries, cherries, grapes, figs, dates, simple salads, and fresh fruit beverages (see next page for a great recipe from The Wellness Gypsy). Take inspiration from the bright, fresh produce to get creative with your picnic accessorizing. Constrast with wood serving dishes and striking blue and white Mexican pottery. We used and assortment of Turkish towels from 2Vagabonds Imports (find on our shopping guide) as their versatility allows for a low-fuss picnic gound-cover, easily trasnformed into light shawls to cover up under the afternoon sun.


Leo Summer Shrub Recipe by Lindsay LaPaugh, The Wellness Gypsy | Photograph by Allie Couch

Ruled by our life-giving sun, it makes sense that farmers markets are in full swing during these warm Leo months–the sun’s nourishment has produced an abundance of nutrient-rich food for all to enjoy. Now is the time to savor everything your local farmers have cultivated. Eating locally has a variety of benefits: it’s good for the local economy as well as for the environment; fruit and veggies are picked at peak ripeness and carry more vitamins and minerals; and it tastes better. Summer is all about easy living so keeping it simple is the goal. Enjoy this quick, simple, and refreshing, fruit shrub for your leisure-filled summer afternoons.



Mix all ingredients to a stylish glass, stir well and enjoy!

• • •




Feel It All: I Am, We Are Words & Floral by Katie Chirgotis of Eothen

As we come around the year’s corner, an energetic concept continues to come through as hands rubbing together, creating friction and heat. Its source could perhaps be the persistence of the news ticker. The incredulity of political and cultural circumstance. The questioning, Awakening, resistance. The ushering in of the true Age of Aquarius, where we’re connected the world over–but may never lay eyes on another’s face. Quick decisions, faster streaming, instantaneous communication. We rush to keep up, keep pace, do the Work–and track how our manifestation translates to others. Best check your social media account a dozen times a day, hit the refresh button for a litmus test of are we Liked? Loved? It’s enough to give a regular human being heat exhaustion. In all this heat and flash of Leo season, we’re asked to look at who we Are. As we present our outward Self, its definition is essentially the interpretation by others; (disclaimer: unless we are Consciously Enlightened beings with our shit seriously together. If you’re in that .00087%, you can take over this column so I can focus on my meditation app). This goes swiftly anemic if based on the “Like” concept, (which makes me want to hurl that asinine thumbs-up emoji into the nearest river). But if rooted from a place of conscious togetherness and shared experience–an African philosophy called Ubuntu–that’s the True Fire. Ubuntu, “I am because We Are,” is the inextricability of one’s humanity to another’s. When a person is dehumanized because of their race, religion or path, all lose. We all. Lose. Because our sense of Self, our identity, comes from infinite loops of other’s concepts. Think on this, because for much of the Western hemisphere this isn’t far from the notion that the Sun does not revolve around the Earth, the Earth revolves around the Sun. So, in a world when we consider no justice served in the killings of unarmed black men and women, violence against Muslims, and a host of other calamities that make these Times nearly unfathomable–let’s haul it back to square One. Plain as the faith that the Sun will come up in the morning to give us a chance at another day. That, quite simply, people are People because of other people. I Am because of You, and I won’t forget it.




Leo New Moon: July 23rd By astrologist Allie Couch “I believe there is something of the divine mystery in everything that exists. We can see it sparkle in a sunflower or a poppy. We sense more of the unfathomable mystery in a butterfly that flutters from a twig--or in a goldfish swimming in a bowl. But we are closest to God in our own soul. Only there can we become one with the greatest mystery of life. In truth, at very rare moments we can experience that we ourselves are that divine mystery.” -Jostein Gaarder, Sophie’s World The critical 0 degree point of Leo that we experience this new moon at, along with some of the planetary aspects to it, could make for some shocking episodes. Some could even experience a rare glimpse into the creation and root of their heart’s communication with their mind—raw energy converting into consciousness. With Mars only one degree ahead of this new moon, a current of creationmagic engulfs this event. Mars clears away debris with his manifesting fires in order to crack through into new realms, carrying electrical pulses. 0 degrees, new moons, and Mars all contain the power of initiation—gate keepers of new realms. In the sign of Leo, solar fires as well as our hearts and egos become the focus. We also have a square from Uranus, planet of lightning: grand flashes of sudden disruption, whether in beautiful insight or destructive force. All of this adds up to a lot of fire-y originality striking. At this new moon, I challenge you to witness your life force—your ability to use electricity to move, eat, sleep, and dream. In this delve into your own gorgeous, mystical existence through electrical currents—currents that are constantly creating new life processes­—feel how your heart feeds off of these energetic plays. Notice its magnificence in transmuting impulse and energy into something that your mind can interpret and form desires and willpower with. Learn to witness your ego taking form and find brilliant ways to manipulate that for greater creative control of your life, love, and happiness. Make intentions at this new moon to redesign your ego and your ability to warmly embrace the process of life and love over the next year.


Aquarius Lunar Eclipse: August 7th By astrologist Ash Bonelli | 15° Aquarius Hello Muses, We have an extra juicy full moon in Aquarius this month because it is also a Lunar Eclipse! Full moons are always ripe with energy but add in an eclipse and the potency amplifies. We usually have around 4 eclipses a year and they focus on the axis of two signs. The current eclipse season falls entirely in the fire and air signs, Leo and Aquarius. The sun (our life path energy) in regal Leo will be gazing upon the moon (our emotional core) in eccentric Aquarius this time around. This signifies an opposition between being the leader of one’s life who views the world from the inside out and the lone wolf who views life from the outside in. Leo energy is creative, playful, fiery and loves being the center of attention. Aquarius energy is unique, independent, quirky and loves the crowd but only at a distance. One likes to get up close while the other requires constant space. So our current life trajectory may be at odds with what our souls really want. We may find something eclipsed out of our lives to make room for something better suited to where we see ourselves going. The discrepancy is usually where we find the heart of the matter. Full moons also represent a time of fruition, where something in your life is lit up so you can see it better. Also, we usually receive some bit of information that allows us to let go of expired ideas, habits, or actions. It’s an ebb and flow process that we all experience each month. Some months are more fruitful than others but all in all we are constantly evolving and unraveling our life stories. There will also be other really powerful alignments occurring in the heavens during this lunar event. Jupiter in Libra will be squaring (90 degrees) Pluto in Capricorn. Jupiter is amping up our Libran values around love, money, and relationships. Pluto in Capricorn is continuing to dig up our feelings/fears around power, structure, and stability. This square could weave in themes of when, how, and why we feel powerful or powerless within our intimate relationships. Do we need more space (Aquarius moon) to be able to better show up and create (Leo Sun) beauty in our partnerships (Jupiter in Libra)? This may be a time where we see how we give our power away or where it simply doesn’t exist at all. Pay close attention to yourself when you engage with those closest to you. Be a witness to these interactions so you can see how your body and heart physically feel in the moment as well as afterwards. Sometimes we are so caught up in the external that we miss the gentle, intuitive nudges from our higher selves. Jupiter will also be in a sweet sextile to our cosmic life coach, Saturn, adding depth and


seriousness to any matters that come up during this time. Also in the mix is Mars. Mars in Leo is intense: an ego on fire. He will be conjoined with the sun, therefore, in opposition to the moon. This turns up the heat in Leo’s kingdom so be on the watch for feisty energy. You may feel like you are fighting for your independence in some way. This will be an opportune time to choose your battles wisely. People that don’t follow astrology will be running around angry and have no clue why. This can be dangerous. Blind anger is the worst; awareness is key. It doesn’t necessarily take away the feelings, but it helps us channel them more productively. This eclipse is high voltage, but an awareness of this can help you take the high road. We have heavy outer-planet hitters in this mix: Jupiter will blow things out of proportion; Pluto doesn’t know how to relax; and Saturn doesn’t do feelings. Jupiter does, however, bestow benefic energy; Pluto gets to the bottom of things; and Saturn rewards us for our hard working efforts. See how easy it is to look from a different perspective and find the good? That’s a tool for this month’s lunar landscape. Pick your battles wisely. Be open to possibilities. Check in with your autonomy. Check in with how you show up for others. Eclipses are exciting and they show up for a reason. They push us forward, so be ready for some shifts! Especially if these eclipses are making contact with any of your own personal planets such as your natal sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, or Mars. Stay honest. Stay aware. Stay positive. xxAsh



Leo New Moon, Solar Eclipse: August 21st The Great American Solar Eclipse, 29° Leo , by astrologist Allie Couch Ancients feared eclipses. It was said that the lands and rulers where total eclipses were seen, when the moon (our unconscious) blotted out the sun (the star that allows us to see consciously) for a few minutes, would suffer dire consequences—or see the end of long contentions. Nature becomes eerily quiet as something different and special is felt. Intuition (the moon) is allowed to run amuck during a time when it’s normally unseen. Our creative and concious centers are hidden from us in these few minutes. What you think and emanate during this event could travel years through space and time. Astrologically, this is a new moon on steroids. New moons equal times to form seeds of intent. In a metaphor that we can all understand, this is like updating an app on our smartphones, or adding a new app. New moons refresh, refine, and make life easier (or sometimes more frustrating) from year to year. When eclipses come around, it’s like a whole new 2.0 version of our phones being released. Apps and app updates may unveil and erase certain parts of the program, but new phone models can be game changers. They feel different, they have new processes, they take time to get used to—for good or bad. This year, the Leo part of every chart (people, businesses, nations, cities—these all have charts) is in line for this new model to be released—something that hasn’t happened since 2008. This affects us all, but those of us in the U.S. will very directly feel the energy with this eclipse being total over our afternoon skies. Not all is equal and those who also have planets or important points near the 28/29 degrees of Leo will be more dramatically impacted. Leo is ruled by the sun so this is a doubly powerful eclipse in areas of leadership, creativity, kids, presence, love, and ego. The last Leo solar eclipse, in August 2008, was seen over China, Mongolia, and Russia. It’s interesting to reflect on the leadership and creative expression that’s come out of these nations over the past 9-years. I won’t get too political, but I do have to note that it seems like a storm could be on the horizon with this total solar eclipse being visible over the U.S. in Leo (ruling leaders), and our leader, Trump, having an ascendant only 1 degree away from the degree of this eclipse. I won’t speculate as this could manifest in many ways, but I do think Trump can expect his assertion as a leader to go through some epic shifts. The code of his rising sign (personality) is being completely remodeled. There is debate about the timing of the U.S. birth chart but I’ve got my own stance on what time I believe that took place. If I’m accurate, the eclipse will also be 2.5 degrees away from the U.S. progressed ascendent, resulting in a trifecta: Trumps ascendant, the degree of the eclipse, and the U.S.’s progressed ascendant, all being within 2.5 degrees of each other. That’s major! I’ve always felt that dates were magnetic so we’ll see what happens in the weeks surrounding this eclipse. The nation as a whole may see some big shifts. The Sabian Symbol for the 29th degree of Leo: A MERMAID EMERGES FROM THE OCEAN WAVES READY FOR REBIRTH IN HUMAN FORM. The mermaid symbolizes awareness that’s still partially enveloped by the fluid, oceanic collective unconscious, trying to come to form. With her emerging from the waters in this message, we may have new collective perspectives rising to the surfaceas as nation, and personally for those with planets near the degree of this eclipse. Here are a few fun tidbits from NASA: Is there anything I can do to make this event personal? Other than watch it with your family and friends, you may want to create a time capsule, which you would open on April 8, 2024 when the next total solar eclipse occurs over the continental United States. You might want to write a letter to your older self and describe what you think you might be doing in 2024, or include some of your favorite items, or a copy of your daily newspaper. What was the most famous total solar eclipse in history? King Henry I of England, the son of William the Conqueror, died in 1133 CE. This event coincided with a total solar eclipse that lasted over four minutes on August 2 . Historian William of Malmesbury recounts this “hideous darkness agitated the hearts of men”. After King Henry’s death, a struggle for the throne threw the kingdom into chaos and civil war.

Photograph: Total Solar Eclipse, 2016 | Penyak Beach, Bangka Island, Indonesia By Don Sabers, Ron Royer, & Miloslav Druckmüller


Find Greater Creativity Through

Asserting & Yeilding to Knowledge

Press the Audio Icon Below

A Mindfullness Polarity Practice

By: John Kesler of IPPI (Integral Polarity Practice Institue)





In this eight minute audio recording, John Kesler of Integral Polarity Practice shares some thoughts around how the polarity of asserting knowledge/ yeilding to knowledge relates to the season of Leo and its qualities of leadership and creativity.

This is a quick audio, but the concepts introduced are ones that you’ll need peace and quiet to consider and absorb. Our suggestion would be to listen to this in the peace of you own home in an area where you won’t be disturbed by other people or noises.

The last few minutes of this audio will guide you through a meditative practice that will help you to quiet your mind and find greater openess to being present in the moment. Learn how to connect to this calm place, helping you to find more emergent and spontaneous creativity.


Cultivating Leo Four good practices during mid-summer.






ROMANCE: Summer love is in the air during Leo Season. Whether you have a new spark with someone, an enduring commitment, or are single, now is the time to feel your heart and experience the excitement and joy that it can generate through its elated palpitations. Try focusing on romancing yourself every day. Be spontaneous and buy yourself something more extravagant than you’re used to. See how that makes you want to be generous with others and then watch how others organically start giving to you. It’s infectious and it can start with a simple gesture toward yourself. Let passion run free and kiss your partner with abandon at random moments. Rise before the sun and watch its rays burst over the horizon, filling you with awe and expansive warmth. Love and express, fiercely. This is the magic of Leo Season.

ROALD DAHL: Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. Matilda. James & The Giant Peach. The BFG. The Fantastic Mr. Fox. The Witches...+more. There’s something truly wise about the magic of childhood–the way kids live so much of their lives in the moment; the way they forgive so quickly because they simply want to get on with having fun; the way they find many daily chores absurd and quite illogical really; the way they collect jokes and could read through an entire joke book in one day because laughing tops their to-do lists. When I feel overwhelmed with adulting, it’s usually because I forgot to make it fun, to play, to laugh, to find the absurdities in the grand plans I have to be successful. So pick up a Roald Dahl book and read it, read it out loud to yourself, to your partner, to your kids. Remember how to play, how to laugh, how to live, how to love.





RELAX: Our health has a lot to do with our attitude and the stress we feel in life—possibly more than what we put in our mouths or sweat out. By embracing a childlike love of life, we can emphasize and experience greater joy. Watch the kids in your family or recall being a kid yourself. Relax into life and allow this to lead you into playing and creating. Notice that dealines and stresses seem to organically dwindle as you do this.

WATER: In whatever form this may be: the beach, a pool, a lake, a drink. This is going to be extremely important this Leo Season. In the warmest quarter of the year, Leo comes along as a fire sign, adding even more energetic vitality. On top of that, we are in the midst of a Chinese fire year and a universal 1 year (ruled by the sun, new starts, and more fire). Avoid burn-out and cool off with H2O. Stay hydrated, Muses!





“Never do anything by halves if you want to get away with it. Be outrageous. Go the whole hog. Make sure everything you do is so completely crazy it’s unbelievable. “

- Roald Dahl, Matilda


Creating An Astrology Chart For Your Business By Allie Couch

It’s during this sunny and joyful time of year that many of us come up with creative ideas and equal parts courage to step up to the plate to launch a new business. Read on for a few cosmic insights to think about when initiatiing your own business venture. If you’re reading this ezine, it’s likely that you at least know what your zodiac “sign” is. Greater complexity comes in when you are introduced to the fact that you have a full “chart” filled with planets, signs, and houses that create a complex and dynamic framework around who you are. This article is just a peek into an even more advanced use of the astrological system—something to feed your curiosity and compel you to do some of your own research. Electional astrology is a technique used to get tactical with your life. Events have “birth charts” just as we do. By choosing when to take actions that you have control of, you can really support your aims. By introducing this method, you may be tempted to get a little OCD about the timing of everything you do. I did at first. Over time I’ve learned to reign it in to the major things in my life: weddings, career moves, major purchases, and yes, even incorporating a business.



An Example Using CosmoMuse’s Incorporation Chart. Publishing, ideas, musing, and communication are very strong in CosmoMuse’s chart: chart ruler in the 9th house of publishing conjunct its mid-heaven (career point); ruler of 9th house of publishing (Saturn) conjunct planet of communication, Mercury; Jupiter (ruling publishing) in its 3rd house of communication. Partner A’s ascendant is conjunct CosmoMuse’s sun | Partner A’s moon conjunct CosmoMuse’s moon | Partner A’s mid-heaven and North Node conjunct CosmoMuse’s Mars Partner B’s moon conjunct CosmoMuse’s ascendant | Partner B’s Venus conjunct CosmoMuse’s sun | Partner B’s mid-heaven conjunct CosmoMuse’s Neptune | Partner C’s Venus conjunct CosmoMuse’s Ascendant During Leo Season, ComsoMuse’s 4th house of home and roots will be lit up. We will be focused, not only on the themes of Leo (leadership, creativity, child-like fun, generosity, and love), but also on our foundations, our stability, and supporting our family of Muses through love and a platfrorm to shine on. 58

The 3 most important things to consider

Choosing a Date & Time for Your Business Chart What span of time should you look at? A month worth of time to choose from is ideal—although I know it’s not a luxury that’s always available. Some dates just seem to be magnetic. Don’t get frustrated if you research a date you love for your business chart, only to find fate pushing you around and altering things. That being said, more often than not, the electional charting process can really give you a leg up. With the moon being one of the most important factors in a chart, its constant changing of phase, sign, and aspect, means a full month will give you a lot of variety to get your chart’s moon, just right. What are the major aims for your business? The more specific you are with your business plan, the easier it is to identify a great time to incorporate. Certain houses and planets rule over different aspects of business. Say you want your business to be known for providing information. You’d want Mercury, any planets in your 3rd house, as well as the planetary ruler of the 3rd house to all be in favorable positions. As the elector of the chart, the ascendant of the chart will represent you as well as the personality of the business. It is vital that the planetary ruler of the ascendant be in good aspect to the planets that are most importatnt to your business. You want good juju with the business. There is never going to be a perfect chart so you’ll need decide the priorities. How does your personal chart impact the business chart? Our birth charts have synastry with the charts of others, and the same is true of business charts. First of all, you want to be sure that your birth chart and the chart of the business you are starting have good compatibility. Ideally, some personal planets are conjunct or trine each other. Second, you can pick an amazing chart for your business, but the business is at the mercy of your capabilities. It can only do approximately as well as you can do. Bringing in more partners can exponentially open up its possibilities. Finally, now that you can see how complex this can get, start getting to know the chart of your business and play to it’s strengths, each season. I have a few side-notes for those of you getting ready to launch a business or new product this Leo Season. You’ll want to steer very clear of Mercury stationing retrograde on August 12th. I prefer having the moon in a waxing (growing) phase rather than waning (diming) phase. Becuase our Leo Season full moon will be an eclipse, I’d stay clear of that date as well. It’s not an ideal time for beginings as ‘eclipsing’ is happening rather than fertile timing. This would mean July 24th - August 6th would be the best window. Google void-ofcourse moon times as well. Those are inauspicious. If you want a date and time totally specific to what you are doing, consult your favorite astrologist. 59

By Astrologist Allie Couch

Recreational Style by Sign

TAURUS Backpacking: Take things slow in order to smell the flowers and ignite your senses. A hike or several day trek in the mountains is calling to you. Photographer: Andreas Jacwerth

ARIES Motorcyle Sports: Independance, metals, and a fierce spirit call your name, Aries. Many a motorcycle junkie are cut from your cloth. Photography | Dan Sammons of @Kill_Meow 60

CANCER Surfing: Ruled by the watery moon, the ebb & flow of our ocean’s tides greatly affect you. The rhythm of waves have your name upon them. Photography | Eze Zaccardi

GEMINI Road Biking: Mobility, yet being able to see all of the nueances of the land around you, fuels your curiosity. Road biking is a perfect fit. Photograhy | John Braynard 61

VIRGO Trail Running: Fitness is your middle name. Earthy, and being a bit solitary, trail running is a great recreational outlet for you efficient Virgos. Image of @happytrigirl

LEO Beach Volleyball: You are the epitome of a sun worshipper, loving to be in the spotlight and in the heat of the day. Beach volleyball showcases your prowess. 62

SCORPIO Free Diving: Ruling the underworld and loving to investigate the darker places in our world, your water sign may enjoy scuba diving and free diving. Image of @gypsyadventures_

LIBRA Acro Sports: Your inherent balance and grace make you well suited for playful, dance-like activities such as acroyoga. Image of @brittarael & @abbiestauffer by @lovejaynoelle 63

CAPRICORN Climbing: You are the mountain goat of the zodiac and often chose steep aspirations in life. Look to rock walls that challenge your perserverance. Image of climber @Shelby_Kang

SAGITTARIUS Star Gazing: Being the zodiac’s visionary, you like to aim for the stars and channel an optimistic belief in life through the shimmering night skies. Photography | @Uberbus 64

PISCES Sailing: Your plnetary ruler, Neptune, rules the seas. Getting way out in the middle of it may feel calming and ignite your love of the otherworldly. Photography | Britt Chudleigh

AQUARIUS Flying: You are the zodiac’s observational air sign, loving to watch the world around you and see new possiblities through a broad perspecitve. Photography | @nothingcandid 65

Leo Season Shopping Guide


Muse stylings for the golden tones of Leo Season. Versitility is the key in this funpacked period as we hop from the pool, to hikes, to eateries, to concerts.











This statement summer accessory is built with a modern, structured crown and a wide (but not obstructive) brim for ample shade. Rest assured in the quality: hand-woven in Ecuador from the same light, natural Toquilla straw as the Panama hat.

Perfect for the beach, a plane, trin, a hike, the park, or even in your poweder room as a bath towel. These are multipurpose towles/scarves/blankets/sarongs. A must have for summer. The more you wash, the softer they become. Measures 73” long and 37” wide.

Fair trade handmade sisal tote bags, finished with a nice genuine leather strap. Each sisal tote bag is unique and different, therefore all have little peculiarities and differences with respect to the photograph that make them even more special. It is made in rural communities in Kenya.

It is eclipse season after all! Solid polished brass bottle opener measuring about 2.75” in diameter. Designed by Oji Masanori and made in Japan by renowned brass manufacturer Futagami in Toyama, Japan, a factory that has been producing handcrafted brass and bronze objects for over 100 years, using traditional casting techniques and finishes.

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By Snow Peak. If you’re going to spend a night or two in the mountains, there’s nothing better in the cool temperatures of a mountain morning than freshbrewed coffee. This titanium coffee drip is light and easy to pack. The company was founded by Japanese mountaineer, Yukio Yamai.

Knitted and stitched in France and made from 100% cotton. Farmers Markets seem to pop up around every corner as garden abundance explodes. Always be ready for a little fresh produce shopping.

By Brooks England. This canvas roll-top backbapack will follow you everywhere this sunny season. You can bike around town, head for the mountain, or a picnic in the park. Made with water-resistant cotton and leather trim in Italy.

A balancing tea of oregano, anise hyssop, and red clover blossom. Iced tea on a summer afternoon is about as dreamy as it gets. Brew up a pot of tea for a treat when the days are hot and long. Follow with a siesta if you can.

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herb infused skin oils



A Guided Breathwork Practice Press the Audio Icon Below

By: Allie Couch

50-Minute Mid-Summer Breathwork Pair with THIS Spotify Playlist.

Bypass your mind. Let your body’s intelligence find clarity and speak to you about your deepest truths. Recently trained in holding space for this healing breathwork, I wanted to bring this to the CosmoMuse family and platform in a way that was accessible to all Muses. Grab a blanket and find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed—some also like to hold crystals or sea stones during the process. If you are familiar with clearing energy, go ahead and do that with sage or cedar, as well as put any oils on that are speaking to you. A mist of water or rose water will also help to integrate all four elements into the room. Of course this is all optional. If these things are unfamiliar to you, not to worry. This is just a pref-

erence that some have to clear a little extra space for the energetic body to work through some shit. This process will clear and open your chakras as well oxegenate your body. It’s totally safe, although some will experience some discomfort, intense tingling, and hand curling. If at anytime you feel unwell, it is up to your discreation to pause or stop altogether. I have not heard of anyone who’s been hurt by this breathwork but it intensely pushes energy around so can be strange and unfamiliar. Lay down, grab a blanket and press play.



Chinese Medicine: Summer Wellness Tips By Melissa Zapp, owner of Flow Acupuntcure | Photography by Ann Whittaker Summertime is the season ruled by the heart in Chinese Medicine. The HEART in Chinese Medicine is in charge of circulation of blood and qi (chi) through the vessels (similar to western medicine) but also rules over sweating, the tongue, and the emotion of joy. In addition, the heart houses our ‘shen’ (our spirit and mental health) and keeps our emotions in check. Joy is the primary emotion of the heart, and it is possible that the reason summer romance is so powerful, passionate, and enrapturing is because of the major role the heart plays in dominating emotions this season. The heart meridian begins in the heart/chest and runs out through the armpit, down the arm, wrist, and ends in ring finger (on both sides of the body). It is interesting that the ring finger is where we tend to wear jewelry symbolizing love, commitment, and heart connection - when in Chinese medicine there is a direct path right to the heart from this finger! Signs that your heart needs some nourishment can be heart palpitations, insomnia, anxiety, abnormal or excessive sweating, and mental/emotional imbalances. Summer heat can agitate the heart, making these issues very common in summertime. Acupuncture is a great way to address these imbalances, but read on for other tips on self-care for a healthy summer!





1. L A UGH T E R


Laughter truly is the best medicine this season, with uninhibited expressions of joy being an effective, easy, (and free!) way to nourish your heart. Watch funny movies, laugh with friends, or even practice laughing yoga to get those good belly laughs!

This point is the “source” of the heart - giving it a powerful ability to tonify, support, and strengthen the heart, shen, qi, and blood. It is also called “Spirit Gate” because it powerfully revitalizes one’s spirit, boosts willpower, and builds courage.

As with ANY season - pay attention to your shen/spirit and feed it with fulfilling activities, engaging conversation, good books, meditation, and spiritual worship!

2. E NJ O Y T H E F RUITS OF T HE S E A S O N Using food as medicine is a huge staple in Chinese culture. For summertime, cooling foods like watermelon, cucumber, and fresh mint are great to clear excess heat, especially if you are spending lots of time outdoors. Fruits that nourish the heart are also in season this time of year: cherries, mullberries, grapes, figs, and dates are all sweet and delicious ways to boost your heart’s qi and ensure heart health.

A great point to quell insomnia and anxiety as well as calm the mind in addition to reducing heart palpitations, preventing forgetfulness, and boosting energy. Located at the wrist crease, just next to the tendon and straight below your ring finger. Press and massage this point any time you feel the need to tap. .into your heart source.

2. ACU PREASSU RE: LARG E IN TESTIN E 11 This point is the best to clear excess heat. Heatstroke, restlessness, sunburn are all indications of toxic amounts of heat and sun exposure. More subtle signs can be insomnia, migraine headaches, constipation, itching, irritability, and anger. Located at the outside of the elbow, dab some cooling essential oils on this point (peppermint, eucalyptus, or lavender) to help release excess heat from your body.


Photograph by Britt Chudleigh of a CosmoMuse Full Moon dinner and ceremony. Collaborators: Lauren Brady of Suacey and Kitsch | Prop Styling Allie Couch | Art Direction Cameo Winn, Rachel Smith, Nikki McKean & Natalie McKean | Participants 72

Ad Space Collaborate Submissions CosmoMuse is now offering ad space in full page or full spread sizing in our ezine. Contact info@cosmomuse for more information and pricing. We LOVE working with other people and groups, whether artistically or for events and workshops. Caontact allie@ if you want to do something interesting with CosmoMuse. If you are interested in writing for or contributing artistically to CosmoMuse, we may have opportunities to showcase your talestns on one of our platforms (blog, ezine, yearly guide)—provided our objectives and timing match up. Contact



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