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MAY 2019

Cover Art by Eric Belgrave

All information correct at time of publishing. Please phone or email relevant galleries to confirm dates of events as they may be subject to change. Updates as news of arts events comes in each month may be viewed on Published by Corrie Scott

Welcome to Barbados Monthly Arts Events This is a completely free magazine created out of the need to inform so that we can get to exhibitions, artist talks, workshops and more, rather than hearing about events after they have taken place. I encourage anyone with a visual arts event to get in contact with me at and I will add a free page for you. Let’s get the arts out there! Please, pass this magazine on to others and so help the creative side of Barbados get all the exposure possible. Corrie



‘Six Degrees’ Studio Art BFA Portfolio 2019 Opening reception May 8th, 6pm at Morningside Gallery, BCC Exhibition ends May 17th. Hours Weekdays 11am- 6pm. Sat 11am - 4pm. Profiles for the six Studio Art BFA students exhibiting Matthew Squires, Tiffani Forde, Sade Phoenix, Shari Phoenix, Kerielle Rollock, and Krysta Thompson

Opening reception of the visual art exhibition 'Social Geometry: Expanded Drawing Practices by Barbadian Artists', Sunday May 5th, 2019, 6:30pm-8:30pm. Exhibition ends Saturday, June 15th, 2019. Gallery hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 10:00am – 6:00pm Presented by the National Cultural Foundation - Barbados (NCF) and Queen’s Park Gallery (QPG) See more here: This show is guest curated by Barbadian artist and writer Katherine Kennedy, and features work by Simone Asia, Ewan Atkinson, Theresa Bailey, Ras Ishi Butcher, Alison Sealy-Smith, Adrian Compton, Annalee Davis, Henry Fraser, Mark Gajadhar, Versia Abeda Harris, Mark King, Rosemary Pilgrim, Kia Redman, Akilah Watts, Chris Welch and Kraig Yearwood. In sociology, the term ‘social geometry’ is a theoretical strategy which uses a multi-dimensional model to unpack and understand societal behaviours. Paired with the mathematical meaning of geometry as the properties and mapped relationships between points, lines, surfaces and even solids, Social Geometry: Expanded Drawing Practices as an exhibition explores a wider definition of the medium of ‘drawing’ as used by Barbadian artists as a reflection/deflection of their social space. Connections between drawings, objects and varied facets of historical and present-day Barbadian experiences are explored through both traditional and contemporary imagery and media. This multifarious approach expands the boundaries around what ‘drawing’ can mean as a practice, and how we can draw literal and figurative lines between works by different generations, their ideologies, and ways of questioning, perceiving and empathizing with our local communities. This exhibition proposes to be laid out in the following five sections, based on the five variables of Social Geometry: Morphological – The physical interactions Vertical – The inequalities Corporate – The organization/integration Cultural – The freedom of expression Normative – The extent of control Social Geometry: Expanded Drawing Practices engages with this model to interrogate, agree with or defy these variables, reflecting through multiple processes of drawing, the complexity of Bajan society. For more information, call 427-2345/429-3117 or email

“The artists are already doing their job by making their work....the institutions need to come together and lobby each other and the state for the infrastructure required to push forward the sectors while making changes within their organizations to shift ground. Buy art. Build art collections. Build a national art gallery- dear mother of all the gods and goddesses- build a flipping gallery where we can show our work in the country where it is made! Develop endowed chairs to produce scholarship on the arts. Give grants to artists to simply be in their studios. Develop art hubs to bring people together who will make amazing things and sing songs to make your heart swell and produce theatre to make you weep or laugh or whatever feels you get. If the country “gathering” in 2020- I want to gather in a national art gallery please!” Annalee Davis

Alberta Whittle (Barbados) exhibiting at the Havana Biennial 2019. ”In another venue of the old city, the Casa de Simón Bolívar, the video installation entre un susurro y el llanto (between a whisper and a cry) (2019) by Barbados-born, Glasgow-based artist Alberta Whittle stands out for the way it weaves together, in a poetic manner, questions of ecology, survival, colonial violence, and the collective power of healing. The installation is composed of several pieces: a series of beach towels printed either with a banknote of one hundred U.S. dollars or with a digital collage of a meteorological map with the artist performing what looks like a ritual dance in the middle of it and the sentence 'business as usual' repeated multiple times. The towels are leaning against a series of precarious support structures made of raw construction material; what looks like a shrine made of the same plastic blankets used in the aftermath of catastrophes. A video of found and made footages ties the different parts of the installation together, showing sequences from a collective religious ritual, images of the artist on a boat at sea, a woman dancing, the landscape, and a weather forecast. Influenced by the work on the afterlife of slavery by Christina Sharpe, and Barbadian poet Kamau Brathwaite's Tidalectics, which exposes the performativity of sound as it carries the memories of a transoceanic life, Whittle's work is a multifaceted reflection on questions of survival, resistance to zombification, and the possibilities of healing the wounds of historical traumas and the violence inflicted yesterday as today upon Africans and the people of African descents.” Federica Buetti

Punch Creative Arena presents ‘Punch-IN 3!' At Morningside Gallery, Barbados Community College OPEN STUDIO DAY 1pm – 4pm

Saturday March 16th.

THE BIG REVEAL Sunday March 24th, 6pm The third edition of the open studio experiment series that gives BCC students and the public a chance to witness artwork in progress. 9 artists, 3 weeks, The Morningside Gallery at BCC. Who knows what will happen? It all starts on Friday... Artists: Katherine Kennedy, Kraig Yearwood, Russell Watson, Alanis Aaliyah Forde, Justin Small, Jared Elias Burton, Joanna Crichlow, and returning as Project leaders: Simone Asia and Ewan 426-2858,ext.5262


The fear remains - no matter what she did. It haunted her so she starved, she cut, she hurt, she screamed but nothing helped nothing stopped it so she held her breath and waited for dark to take her. Sian Pampellonne

Artist Alliance Barbados and Contemporary Studio Ceramics presents 'Form & Fire' March 23rd - May 24th. Two locations. EMBASSY OF ARGENTINA OPENING RECEPTION hosted by Embassy of Argentina Sat Mar 23rd, 6pm-8pm. LECTURE ON CERAMIC HERITAGE OF Barbados by Kevin Farmer Sat March 30th, 2pm - 4pm. Viewing by appointment only 830 3420 or 822 3694 NORMAN CENTRE BRIDGETOWN OPENING RECEPTION Sun Apr 28th, 3pm - 6pm POTTERY MAKING 101 Sat Mar 11th, 11am - 2pm Interactive CERAMIC EXPERIENCES Ancel Daniel and Jamila Haynes will speak on their UK ceramic education. Jamila will display her work which will stay up until May 13th Featured artists; Ancel Ancel B Daniel, Gail Riley, Lynn Haynes, Martina Pile Zahles, Melanie D'Oliveira, Juliana Inniss Curated by Oneka Small Photography of exhibitions by Corrie Scott

Opportunity for visual arts practitioners at Carifesta XIV in Trinidad 2019. The National Cultural Foundation Call for Submission: ART. The exhibition of Barbadian Art at CARIFESTA aims to showcase a strong body of contemporary expression within the broad theme "Barbadian Identity" ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ For more information please call 427-2345 or 429-3117, Tuesday Saturday between 10 am to 6 pm

"Immigrant" solo exhibition of sculptures and paintings by Ancel Daniel at The embassy of Argentina Opening reception Saturday April 27th, 6pm. Exhibition ends May 27th. Hosted by the Embassy of Argentina, Lucerne building, Hastings, Ch Ch. Mon - Fri 10am - 3pm By appointment only. Tel 5371800 Curated by Writer Llanor Alleyne


”The Immigrant and the Chameleon. "Immigrant" the art on movement and replanting, a global conversation from the beginning of time, however technology has opened the flood gates to information on the life of migrants within the Caribbean and the Caribbean diaspora. Art has brought a focus over the years on the subject of migration's pros and cons outside of the region, nevertheless, we within the Caribbean share a similar narrative: however, spoken in different lingos, in terms of our politic, economics, job security, and even bloodline. The late American artist Jacob Lawrence repeated certain words and colours to give the 60-panel opus the lively rhythm of jazz composition, accelerating the forward momentum of the composition and highlighting the persistence and optimism of the migration. Lawrence titled one of his panels, “And the migrants kept coming.” Yes, today those prophetic words are a reality. The immigrant and the Chameleon is one of the titled acrylic paintings displayed at the Argentinean Embassy. Can you spot the Chameleon?” Ancel B Daniel

THE BARBADOS MUSEUM On Saturday, May 18, 11am - 7pm. International Museums Day, the Barbados Museum & Historical Society will be hosting an open day in collaboration with UNNU Contemporary Art Fest. UNNU Arts festival is an international festival highlighting artists and artworks across the African diaspora. Occurring on three different continents each year, UNNU displays visual art. Including drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, new media/digital imagery, installation art, time-base practices, performances and more. Come to the BMHS throughout the day, from 11AM-7PM, and see the museum transformed #beyondexhibitions for art, music, performance, and discussion, as we celebrate museums under the theme-"Museums as Cultural Hubs: The Future of Tradition!� This event is FREE! Visit their Facebook event page: UNNU Contemporary Art Fest, for more details.

i remember the day when i decided NOT to become a cold­hearted businesswoman in a male­prevalent career field. i had the opportunity, like many of us do these days to embrace life as an aloof and pulse­ less 'successful' person building a creative enterprise that looked impressive from the outside but had moments of "arm­wrestling" and "high words" with those whose voices have way more bass and volume than mine... The decision to choose warmth over coldness, tenderness over telling somebody off, joy over the mundane and camaraderie over competition still brings a deep breath and smile to my face AND income to my pocket sis, you don't lose when you choose to maintain the essence of who you truly are you don't have to be rough to be in business or aloof to be 'taken seriously‘ As an entrepreneurista, you DO, however, have to have the endurance of an Olympic athelete, the tact of an ant colony, a coach, mentor or couple or a few supporters whether in person or online, patience of Job, the humility of Mary (the one who used her hair to wash His feet), the courage of David who knocked out Goliath with a 'gutterperk' and a rock, the resourcefulness of an outdoorsman or woman, the spunk of jack russell, and every ounce of grace and joy you've been blessed to receive...many of those you'll be taught and acquire along the way and you'll find so much joy building, growing and managing your business while serving your clients well with a glow it's soooo worth the effort Indra Rudder

BARBADOS PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY The Barbados Photographic Society (BPS) is founded on an appreciation for and interest in photography. Website Our Facebook Group is open to everyone with an interest in photography! You are welcome to join, share your thoughts on photography, post your work, follow the work of our members and participate in our discussions

BARBADOS PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY April theme was ‘flower and foliage hashtag #bpsprettypetals was used. "Fine Art Photography is photography created in accordance with the vision of the artist as a photographer. The goal is to express an idea, a message, or an emotion.“ "this is an example of what happens when you just leave all conventional rules behind and let creativity take you to an endpoint that you like. The result may not be everyone's cup of tea, but what matters most is that you are happy with what you have created." Hugh Walker























GROVE/ON THE WALL ART GALLERY At Limegrove, Holetown Mon - Sat 10am – 6pm 246 234 9145 Curator Vanita Comissiong

Surinamese artist, George Struikelblok opened a window to his soul at a private view of his exhibition UnSeen at the Queen’s Park Gallery. In his 30 or so years as an artist, Struikelblok has shown his work around the world but this is his first solo exhibition in Barbados. At the tender age of thirteen he began his love affair with art after being inspired by a friend to take up drawing lessons. In his early work he admittedly had a great admiration for impressionism, however after experimenting with different styles in search of his own, he finally found a theme that really spoke to his soul. It was a subject that had influenced his entire life to date – ‘Love & Death.’ His work then became more abstract, emotional and impulsive. National Cultural Foundation (NCF) Curator for Queen’s Park Gallery, Janice Whittle described his work as being very different, full of expression and stylistically mirroring the changes in the seasons of his life. The exhibition UnSeen is a reflection of the overall ‘Love & Death’ theme showing the dark and light periods of his life. As evidenced by his work, his NIFCA award winning dancers Shea Best and Tuesdai Pounder with their performance art interpretation of a poem written by Struikelblok about growing up without a father paintings moved from sombre and dark to the exploding kaleidoscope of colour for which he is best known. UnSeen is a reference to his family ties, displaying art from his past to today that have had a personal and emotional connection to his life.

The death of his father before he was born brought with it numerous questions, a never-ending sadness and emptiness, all emotions that he in turn channelled through his art. Struikelblok in his own words noted, “Having my own family has inspired that change in me and in my work. Missing my father is still important, but now I primarily express the love and connection I share with my family. Being open to change, embracing the things in life that are most important, now influence the direction of my work.” In an informal interview with Curator of the Queen’s Park Gallery, Janice Whittle, Struikelblok agreed that it is not enough to wait to be discovered and offered these few pearls of wisdom to young artists: • Stay focussed, you are your own boss and your business is to show your art. It is now much easier to do so with the internet, websites and social media. • Use every opportunity to show your work and be prepared – always travel with your CV, business card and portfolio – you never know who you will meet. • You can’t wait for things to happen you have to make it happen. Share on FacebookShare on Twitter

BLACK ART STUDIOS Durants Village, Holder's Hill St. James

A Bajan Cultural Showcase Article by George Alleyne Published on March 28, 2019 In a chilly room of the Central Bank of Barbados’ Exchange Centre, one can be greeted by cultural characters of Barbados resplendent in the Caribbean’s warm colours, ranging from a classical masquerade get-up to a bubbling Mother Sally. For some viewers, the heat under the collar may increase as their eyes behold an array of the quintessential female Bajan derriere, offered up in views bound to tantalise the imagination while at the same time reminding one of the expansive freedoms of Caribbean lifestyle.

Sensuality is further pronounced in the candle-lit setting where a gentleman brandishes a less than gentlemanly countenance as he administers a bush bath to a pleasured female. Then there is the unmistakable portrait of the Master Blaster, a star among those who brought pride to the region as a collective, followed by booklets of cartoons of social commentary that once came to life in a Barbados newspaper. Such an exhibit covering the intertwined disciplines of artistic presentation on paper and canvas can belong to a few people, and one of them has to be artist, cartoonist, songwriter, and costume designer, the late Winston Jordan. The selected works of Jordan, who passed away in 2007, have been on display since the beginning of this month and will continue to be until April 4. It is part of the Annual Caribbean Fine Art Fair (CaFA). A gallery was set up for other Barbadian and regional artistes for five days, ending March 10, in the Courtney Blackman Grand Salle. But unlike that brief art show, Jordan’s work was given a month showcase, reflective of the lasting impact he made on Barbadian cultural life. CaFA director Anderson Pilgrim said the exhibition is not just about celebrating Jordan’s legacy “but it looks at what he has contributed overall to the various areas that he operated in – commercial art, visual art, festival art”. “He was one of the people who drove Crop Over,” the organiser said, hurrying on to make clear that the culturally imbued designs and promotions of Jordan in Crop Over are “well, not exactly what it has become today”. “He didn’t particularly like the direction Crop Over was going – the skin and feathers thing. He wanted us to portray our culture and to delve into history.” Pilgrim reflected that his attention was first drawn to Jordan as a cartoonist at the Nation Newspaper in the 70s. “It was a revelation to see Barbadian culture reflected in cartoons when all the cartoons that I knew of were done overseas. Winston captured the Barbadian essence.” Speaking of “a wonderful selection of art work that he left us”, Pilgrim added: “I believe that the national collection needs to have some of his works. He is a national icon and we need to remember him.” Within the annex to the Central Bank lay pieces of work ranging from creations done by pen, to crayon to acrylic, on which Barbadians could judge whether the images that capture aspects of Barbadian culture should be preserved for posterity as part of the island’s national collection.…/…/28/a-bajan-cultural-showcase/


Dempstu Simmons Jr and EmpressZingha Simmons of Gine On upping the ante on you accessing arts and entertainment events with an easy to use monthly diary format. Link here "Sometimes is be challenging navigating through pages with all de fetes and cruises and ting when you are looking to hear some live music, some poetry or theater, peep at an art gallery or something so ya know. Das why we at Gine On does keep updated with dem kinda things so you know where to go to see your favourite Bajans on stage easy! Remind yourself by updating your callendar same time, direct links to locations, and even links to the artists themselves so you could learn more bout them! Go to, bookmark de page, and check it out every once in a while and hopefully we will see you somewhere sometime soon!" Dempstu Simmons Jr



VICTOR MORA ARTSplash Gallery, Hastings, CH. CH. Exhibition of Paintings by Cuban Artist Victor Mora Saturday, 6 April 2019 - 18 April 2019 Many thanks to Sian Pampellonne for photographing the artwork




ON THE WALL ART GALLERY On The Wall Gallery at Champers Restaurant, located on Accra Beach Monday - Friday Noon-4pm and 7pm-11pm . Please call for weekend hours. 246 234 9145 On The Wall Gallery At Earthworks. Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm Saturday 9am - 1pm

Closed Sunday

On The Wall/Grove Gallery Mon - Sat 10am - 2pm and 4pm - 6pm email Vanita Comissiong

tel 246 234 9145


Specialising in art supplies for the professional to student level. Offering a wide range of products OILS ACRYLICS WATERCOLOURS Golden Paints and mediums, Gamblin, Cotman, Liquitex, Reeves, Galeria, Sargent. Plus a wide range of drawing and colouring equipment. Prisma, Derwent, Reeves, Sargent, Charcoal and Pastels. Easels, Canvases, Watercolour paper, Drawing and Pastel paper. Screen printing and lino block printing supplies.Fabric paint and dyes. Waxes, pottery tools, stencils and more. Monday – Friday 8.30am – 5pm Saturday 8.30am – 3pm. Sunday Closed. Telephone/Fax (246) 436 2950 James Fort Building, Hincks Street, Bridgetown

Do you consider what you use and discard of regularly? What are you doing on a daily basis to minimize your consumption of single-use plastics?

EARTHWORKS POTTERY (246) 425 0223 os https :// sPotteryBarbados /

Books: Barbados Bu'n-Bu'n - Nyam Jamaica Culinaria: The Caribbean e-books: Shake Dat Cocktail, Cocktails & Hors d'Oeuvres, Barbados Bu'n-Bu'n (4 vol), Nyam Jamaica (2 vol) (see website) Gourmand World Cookbook Awards: Barbados Bu'n-Bu'n: Best Cookbook of the Year, Best Self-Published Book, Best Historical Recipes, Best Cookbook Design for Barbados (2014) 'Best Self-Published Book In The World' (2015) Nyam Jamaica: 'Best Design In The World' (20082009) - honoured 2015 at Frankfurt Book Fair for the 20 years of Gourmand World Cookbook Award - Best of the Best Design In The World (2015) Caribbean Tourism Award (2009)

Barbados Bu'n-Bu'n This amazing book by Rosemary Parkinson is on island. Two hard cover coffee table books, with a sleeve that encloses both, 656 pages and 1400 plus photos filled with history, tradition, culture, stories and recipes from Barbados.


Barbados Bu'n-Bu'n, a collector's item, has won 4 awards for Barbados – Best Photography, Best Design, Best Historical Recipes, Best Self-published Book – then against 5 of the best books in the world WON Best Self-Published Book In The World and honoured at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2015 with Best of the Best In The World by the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2015.

THE BARN ART CENTRE The Barn Art Centre. A new art space. "We are offering approximately 650 sq. ft. of space for short term rentals for art and craft related workshops, classes, events, summer camps, yoga, etc., in an old plantation yard at Small Ridge in Christ Church. Juliana Inniss - 231-0335 Jo Anne Johnson - 253-8702 Email -

Created in 2016, The Barn Arts Centre is dedicated to the promotion and development of art-based learning. Our mission is to provide a unique learning environment for diverse audiences to experience a range of art based programs. The Centre provides a space for the community and local resource persons to offer and conduct classes and workshops in painting, drawing, pottery, and textiles. We are dedicated to providing an environment that is meaningful to the arts in Barbados. Located on the breezy Small Ridge Plantation in Christ Church, (just ten minutes away from Sheraton Centre. The Barn Arts Centre offers an escape from the quickening pace of life. Here you can be immersed in an environment that fosters your creativity. Our 570 square foot studio is equipped to provide more than adequate space to conduct a variety of classes and workshops. The studio is well lit and ventilated and can comfortably accommodate up to 15 persons. We offer a variety of opportunities for learners, including exhibitions, artist lectures, and single workshops, as well as adult and youth classes. Our artistic programming continues to be essential to our goal of inspiring creativity, fostering self-discovery, and nurturing an appreciation of the arts. The Founders of The Barn Arts Centre are Jo- Anne Johnson and Juliana Inniss. Jo Anne started doing ceramics as a hobby in 1982 and has operated a ceramics studio since 1987, providing services and supplies to people who wished to do slip casted ceramics as a hobby. She has taught many different finishing techniques to her students and learnt many more through experimenting, and trial and error. Juliana has been working with pottery and ceramics since 1992. She began by hand-painting local pottery with bold and colourful designs. After graduating University she made the decision to pursue her passion for art through the medium of ceramics. Juliana has worked with a number of techniques such as casted ceramics, handbuilding, surface decoration and raku firing. Juliana was first introduced to Raku in 2006 during a two week residency in St. Thomas USVI, with this exposure Juliana began mixing her own glazes, constructed her own kiln and has been Raku firing since then. /

RICHARD DAISLEY In the year 2004 I was introduced to the art of lamp working a form of glass blowing. Fascinated by the uses of a torch to bring glass to a molten state where it can then be blown and shaped with tools and hand movements, I knew then this was my passion and I fell in love with this ancient art form instantaneously. In the first year of dedicating my life to this newly found love, I realised this relationship was not going to be easy, and so I found myself at the verge of a break up. However I needed this to work and I made up in my mind to wade thru these rough waters and overcome all obstacles in which I would encounter as time passed by. I learned to appreciate this medium called Glass. I became one with it, expressing my feelings in each piece I crafted. Expressions of the heart, mind, body and soul. Feelings of happiness, sorrow, pain, pleasure, hatred and love filled each work of art as they told their own stories and I told mine. With every heated kiss from the flame upon my skin, the fire reminded me not to take it for granted. For respect was due and I often felt its wrath, when I didn't take heed. Leaving behind scars as a constant reminder. Guess its true what the old folks used too say. Play with fire, you will get burnt. As the years went by one after the other I matured not only as an artist but as an individual. For while I was molding the glass it to was molding me. Though still young in my career as an artist I aspire someday for my name to be written and remembered in histories pages, amongst the greatest artists the world has ever seen. I often look back at where I started and where I am now. I have come a might long way and I must give thanks. Thanks first and foremost to the Almighty Father, for without him who and where would I be? The Father gave me life, health, a creative mind and the ability to make my dreams come true. I was also given a strong support system. My family, friends, love ones, patrons and yes even the critics. You all played an important role in this journey of my life and for that I say thank you, from the depth of my heart. Richard Daisley Rebel Arts Glass Studios


GALLERY OF CARIBBEAN ART The Gallery Of Caribbean Art Galleries presents the works of a variety of artists Northern Business Centre, Queen Street, Speightstown, St. Peter

Tel: (246) 419-0858

Tides Gallery Tides Restaurant Balmore House, Holetown, St. James Tel : (246) 432-2084 Email:

Cell (246)230-1968

Fresh Milk would like to thank everyone who worked with us, supported us, or took an interest in our programming & the fabulous work being done in the Caribbean arts last year. We look forward to an exciting year ahead, and invite you to reflect on 2017 with us through our annual year in review newsletter!

Fresh Milk supports excellence in the visual arts through residencies and programmes that provide Caribbean artists with opportunities for development and foster a thriving art community. Founded in 2011, the organization offers professional support to artists from the Caribbean and further afield. Fresh Milk seeks to stimulate critical thinking and cultivate excellence in contemporary visual art. Its goal is to nurture artists, raise regional awareness about contemporary arts and provide Caribbean artists with opportunities for growth, excellence and success. Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube: Tumblr:


Queen's Park Gallery

Our Mission To fuel the development of culture through training, research and the creation of opportunities in cultural industries. The Role of the NCF The NCF’s two major roles are: developmental and commercial. In its developmental role, the Foundation uses culture as a tool for national development fostering and supporting the various art forms and new cultural products. In its commercial role, the Foundation is responsible for the promotion, production and hosting of cultural festivals and associated events that are considered economically viable or socially acceptable. A key part of this function now includes the responsibility for the staging and execution of major governmental and national events. In addition, as culture becomes more pivotal to national and international policy, the National Cultural Foundation continues to re-assess its responsibilities in light of all its functions. FUNCTIONS of the NCF are: To stimulate and facilitate the development of culture generally To develop, maintain and manage theatres and other cultural facilities and equipment provided by Government To organize cultural festivals Assist persons interested in developing cultural expression. OBJECTIVES of the NCF are: To provide opportunities for Barbadian artists/artistes to showcase their talents with the end result being an increased demand for local work To educate Barbadians concerning their heritage To offer Barbadians and visitors alike a high quality product that informs, educates and entertains To equip our cultural workforce with technological skills and training to excel in their particular art forms To strengthen the local cultural product and in the process increase profits to the shareholders To create high quality products that will be competitive on the local, regional and international markets To maximize the role of the cultural sector in the tourism industry Rodney Ifill, Cultural Officer Visual Arts 424-0909 ext.234 Annette Nias Cultural Officer - Film and Photography 424-0909 Ext 238

Deebles Point Art Gallery & Cafe. Featuring artists Frank Cossey, Trudi Johnson, Hilary Armstrong, Clermont Mapp, Nancy Cole-O'Geest, Keisha Hinds, Joshua Simpson, Claire EvansonCeppi, Keren Evanson. Industry Hall. East Point, St Philip. Tel 423 7943

The Barbados Photographic Society held its AGM Sunday 20th January, 2018 at UWI, Cave Hill, Barbados. We would like to welcome the new Executive and officers (please see listing below). The new Executive looks forward to serving you, with the help of all our members. Do write to us and put your ideas for events, workshops, exhibitions and more. Please know that the BPS Executive gives of their time, expertise (in different fields and knowledge) for free so we ask that members be willing to step up to collaborate and work on their ideas. Write to us at Within a few weeks we will have a draft for members of Field trips, events, monthly themes on our Facebook page for you to join into, exhibition ideas and much more. Members plus those who may like to join the BPS who could not make it to the meeting may contact our Treasurer, Sherlock Lord (231-5053) and make arrangements to pay. $65 for new members, $45 for annual renewal. Being a member gives you Open Wall with talks and workshops, Field Trips, exhibitions at galleries plus online exhibitions, competitions (with prizes), travel to countries with the BPS, percentages off at supporting businesses and more. BPS Facebook page / BPS Website BPS email

ABOVE BARBADOS Have a look at the higher resolution image (and zoom around) at Would you believe this is a reduced/resized image - the original is double the width/height! Above Barbados offer high-definition aerial photography and video, packages available from $500BDS. Contact Above Barbados today on 231-9583 to discuss your requirements and let us get those stunning shots from a new perspective! Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Join us on Google+

TANDEM "where function, form and meaning coexist ". This cooperative project and design store showcasing contemporary design by Barbados resident designers and artists continues at The Colonnade Mall, 1st Floor, East Wing, Broad Street, Bridgetown, Barbados. Monday ( by appointment). Tuesday - Saturday 10AM - 4PM.

BARBADOS ARTS COUNCIL BAC Gallery, #2 Pelican Craft Centre, Bridgetown (246) 426 4385

Barbados Arts Council Gallery Schedule 2019 (Subject to change. Please call the Gallery to confirm) Jan 27 - March 09 All Bajan Group show March 10 - April 06 Members Group Show April 07 - May 04 Members group show May 05 - May 18 Rental May 19 - June 22 Our Heritage [group show] June 23 - August 10 Crop Over Group Show Aug 11 - Aug 24 Rental Aug 25 - Oct 05 Little Gems Group Show Oct 06 - Oct 19 Rental Oct 20 - Dec. 07 Simply Barbados Group Show Dec. 08 - Jan 18, 2020 The Christmas Show Barbados Arts Council Gallery, # 2 Pelican Craft Village, Bridgetown, Barbados. BAC Quarterly newsletter

THE FRAME & ART COMPANY & GALLERY Millhouse, Canewood • St. Michael, BB 11005 • Phone (246) 271-6509 • Cell (246) 266-9432

ICIL PHILLIPS’ Theatre Eyes Very up to date on both local theatre and overseas happenings. Link here

Museum of parliament The Museum is open on: Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Guided tours are conducted subject to availability. Barbadian students with ID have free admission to the Museum. nt/59

Purple Palm is a local business supplying homes and businesses with the highest quality Print and Mirror furnishings. Using the artwork of many local artists in Barbados and the Caribbean plus work from around the world. We have been supplying to the hotel and villa industry for ten years, including prestigious clients such as Sandy Lane, Coral Reef, The Crane Beach Resort, Sugar Cane Club and Sandridge among others. We have also supplied numerous private villas, and work closely with local interior designers. Being directly affiliated with a 40,000 sq ft framing factory our prices are very competitive. Appointments to view our gallery at Rockley Resort can be made through Paul Hoad or Karen McGuire. 246-2332173

THE ARTSPLASH CENTRE Paint * Draw * Create & Have Fun!

To boldly and brilliantly pursue the adventure in everything artistic and to be a vital and uncommon cultural force in Barbados.


A monthly programme is produced of all lectures, music and theatre events . To receive it by email or post please email or tel 436 9083 or 84

Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination, UWI For further information, contact De Carla Applewhaite at 417-4776



FRAMING YOUR ART FINE ART FRAMING LTD, Pelican Industrial Park, Bridgetown, Barbados - (246) 426-5325 FAST FRAME FACTORY, Dayrell’s Road, St Michael (246) 426 9994 shaka@fastframefactory.biZ FRAMING STUDIO At the Best of Barbados Head Office, Welches Plantation, H’way 2A

573 6904

THE FRAME & ART COMPANY Millhouse, Canewood • St. Michael, BB 11005 • Phone (246) 271-6509 • Cell (246) 266-9432 ART SUPPLIES THE ART HUB James Fort Building, Hincks Street, Bridgetown, St. Michael. Tel: 436-2950Monday - Saturday 8.30am - 5.00pm (Easy access to parking by the old Heliport Pad) LAURIE DASH, Bay Street, Bridgetown.

The quintessential guide to contemporary Caribbean chic. Caribbean travel, homes, cuisine, and people.


Published by Corrie Scott Barbados, West Indies

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