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JULY 2019

Cover Art (detail of a painting) by David “Guru� McClean

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Welcome to Barbados Monthly Arts Events This is a completely free magazine created out of the need to inform so that we can get to exhibitions, artist talks, workshops and more, rather than hearing about events after they have taken place. I encourage anyone with a visual arts event to get in contact with me at and I will add a free page for you. Let’s get the arts out there! Please, pass this magazine on to others and so help the creative side of Barbados get all the exposure possible. Corrie


LIVING WITH YOUR ART By JEWEL FORDE So, I was blessed enough to go to Venice Italy to attend a wedding and doubly blessed that it happened to coincide with the Venice Biennale 2019. I must be living right!!! Before we get to the event let’s talk about the arrival. At Marco Polo International Airport, I was struck by the prominence of the art world. You couldn’t miss it. There was a large screen in the baggage collection area with the who, what, where and when of the main event, the Biennale, plus all of the other cultural events taking place and a separate screen for shopping areas. Once you collect your luggage there is about a 10-minute walk to the area where you take a boat to your destination. That area is flanked by billboards and overhead banners advertising cultural events. I like Venice already. If you’ve never been there, in a nutshell Venice, in northern Italy, consists of approximately 150 saltwater canals linking over a hundred islands in a shallow lagoon. It’s hard to believe that this beautiful romantic city is built on wooden pillars, some of which are over 1,000 years old! The city is slowly sinking because the weight of the buildings is compacting and crushing the foundation that supports it. Add in climate change and Venice experienced some of its worst flooding this spring and it is easy to see by the high-water marks and their close proximity to doorways. Imagine Barbados with canals instead of roads and highways. That is Venice. All of the land based facilities we have, they have but on water….water taxis, water ambulance, water police, water bus stops, and just looking at how they leaned in the water and appeared over crowded, water ZRs!!! There are very few cars except near the airport but most homes have a boat docked outside. What got me was the politeness of the water traffic. The canals are pretty busy so boats of all sizes, whether commercial or private, move at a slow pace and slow down even more to allow other boats to cross in front of them and prevent the swells from overturning smaller vessels. If you can do that on water explain to me why our public transportation sector is so beleaguered with overzealous drivers who behave as though the lives they transport every day are a bonus and not their raison d’etre? But I digress.

The island of Murano is famous for its glass and it was on my list of to do activities while there. We took a half day trip to the 3 islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello. On Murano we were treated to a glass blowing demonstration and trust me, I have a lot of respect for these artisans as the area is enclosed and ridiculously hot (sand, the main ingredient in glass, melts at over 1700 degrees centigrade before you can start to shape it)! To see a small globule of essentially liquid sand heated and shaped into a horse standing on its hind legs and another demonstration swiftly turning into a water pitcher was just awesome!!! There were small shops everywhere with glass objects in every colour, shape and size….from the cheap tourist trinkets to the most beautiful artistic pieces that took my breath away. The island of Burano is best known for its lace plus its gelato is said to be delicious. I testify as it has spoilt me, and I will probably never eat gelato again until I get back to Italy. The homes are brightly coloured and reminded me of Curacao. Torcello didn’t have much to offer except for a 1,000 year old church and a handful of restaurants. I suspect that were it not for the bundling of the 3 islands, its economy would not do very well. What was noticeable was that although Murano has the reputation for creating glass, all of Venice promotes it to the max and you can find beautiful pieces everywhere. At the hotel where we stayed, each floor had display cases with different examples of glass and a small card identifying the artisan (one of the travelling partners dragged us back to Murano, down a little alley in the back of a house just to find the individually etched wine glasses she saw on her floor). Along with the high-end designer shops just off San Marco square were boutique glass shops. Every restaurant we ate in has lamps and chandeliers from Murano. I’m trying to think of 1 artistic thing we produce that every store and restaurant showcases and I’m coming up blank! As part of the tri-island tour various historical buildings were identified as repurposed for modern living – a women’s prison is now the home of a cosmetics lab and the inmates are trained to assist in creating the products. The San Clemente Palace Hotel and Resort is on a private island off the canals of Venice and was once a hospital for pilgrims returning from the Middle East, then a convent to house a quarantine station. It is now a 5 star resort. We on the other hand, despite our UNESCO Heritage designation, prefer to build ugly boxes for offices rather than refurbish existing buildings. Imagine my horror when I saw that the home of national hero the Right Excellent Samuel Jackman Prescod, the first non-white representative in the Barbados Assembly was demolished!!! Yet Sam Lord’s Castle is being refurbished as a hotel for tourists. I guess jobs trump history and love of self every day of the week and twice on Sundays!!! How are we so myopic that we don’t see that you can create jobs, especially rapidly disappearing artisanal construction skills utilizing old properties, which demand higher prices than you can with prefab concrete buildings?

Europeans live with their art, and it is a testament to their culture and the importance of it in the lives of the average person. It is also clear that they understand that tourists want more than sun, sea, sand and sex. They want to experience the destination and part of that experience has to be the cultural expressions of the place in all of its manifestations. I write this in stark comparison to my return to Grantley Adams where the only thing that signals there is a major national festival happening is the half dead mannequin with a several years old dusty costume, a pottery exhibition that has been there since the year dot, and I distinctly remember that the officer from BIDC had hell to get even that in the arrival hall. The video screens tell me where I can rent or buy a villa, play a round of golf and other commercial pursuits but for the period that I stood there waiting on my luggage I don’t remember seeing anything about Crop Over. Perhaps the young ladies with the watery rum punch was supposed to be a clue. At least they’ve added paintings on the wall as you exit Customs but even that seems to be done grudgingly because there is no information to introduce you to the artists, the cost of the pairings or where you can see more like it!! I had this conversation with some girlfriends at lunch recently and one of them, who works in the tourism trade, expressed her frustration at trying to get anyone there to understand the importance of showcasing the arts in the airport. She deals with several high net worth individuals who visit Barbados regularly and are interested in the arts. They want to go to concerts and museums and galleries and purchase art just as they do at home. We are not catering for that individual. While in Italy I did not get the chance to visit Doges Palace or St. Mark’s Basilica, but I did go to the main exhibition of the Biennale and took the guided tour, thrilled by the contemporary and performance art. The 58th edition of the Biennale started on May 11th and runs until November 24th. The title of this year’s exhibition is May You Live In Interesting Times and is curated by Ralph Rugoff and organized by La Biennale di Venezia which is chaired by Paolo Baratta. To show you the scope of this artistic feast for the senses, I took this information off their website: “The Exhibition also includes 89 National Participations in the historic Pavilions at the Giardini, at the Arsenale and in the historic city centre of Venice. Four countries are participating for the first time at the Biennale Arte: Ghana, Madagascar, Malaysia and Pakistan. The Dominican Republic exhibits for the first time at the Biennale Arte with its own national pavilion. 21 Collateral Events which are admitted by the curator and promoted by non-profit national and international bodies and institutions, take place in several locations; they offer a wide range of contributions and participations that enrich the diversity of voices that characterizes the Biennale”.

The Biennale consists of art, dance, film, architecture, music and theatre. Kinda like an Italian CARIFESTA only done right! President Poalo Baratta had this to say about this year’s Biennale, “The title of this Exhibition could be interpreted as a sort of curse…..where the expression “interesting times” evokes the idea of challenging or even “menacing” times, but it could also simply be an invitation to always see and consider the course of human events in their complexity, an invitation, thus, that appears to be particularly important in times when, too often, oversimplification seems to prevail, generated by conformism or fear. And I believe that an exhibition of art is worth our attention, first and foremost, if it intends to present us with art and artists as a decisive challenge to all oversimplifying attitudes”. That right there says it all. Whatever the times in which we live the arts tell the tale and chronicle society’s journey and artists are a crucial part of that conversation. Unfortunately, I did not get to see the Caribbean exhibitions as they were scattered around the city and the activities arranged before and after the wedding were time consuming and my visit was short, but I desperately wanted to see Grenada’s submissions. How is it that this tiny country of barely 135 square miles has managed to have a presence at this prestigious art show for the last 2 exhibitions in 2015 and 2017? The simple answer is that they are heavily invested in being present. Yes, you have to be invited to submit work and your pavilion must be there for the six-month duration of the Biennale but that can only happen with support from the private sector as well as the government organisation responsible for culture. I really must find topics that generate hope for our artistic souls and stop dwelling on the soul scarring things that test my belief that one day coming soon we will get it right. I must find the evidence that tells me that we will see our artists and cultural industries not just as money making machines but the beating heart of who we are as a people and embrace and value them will all of the enthusiasm and tax exemptions of real estate development and tourism projects.

Jewel Forde

KRAIG YEARWOOD SAVE THE DATE JULY 6th! Artists Alliance Barbados invites you to see the finished installation of Kraig Yearwood's 'Retro Future Landscapes’ Hosted at Norman Centre.

Retro-Future Landscapes *Installation in process until July 5th. This series was first conceived and started during a month-long residency at Fresh Milk in 2017. The installation seeks to explore themes of mass consumption and materialism as well socioeconomic, cultural and environmental decay.

" There are some really well resolved pieces in this collection; especially the 'minimalist' concrete works, which resonate with social awareness & conviction. I've been keenly (but quietly) watching Kraig Yearwood's steady artistic growth, his ever expanding visual vocabulary which has become a poetic expression of selfinterrogation..... also of note, in his recent work is the new material 'languages' which he has cultivated/discovered to challenge and address the cultural/socio/political spaces in our dysfunctional system! I eagerly anticipate viewing this presentation........... " Akyem-i Ramsay

Artists Alliance Barbados ‘The Print 2019’ at The Grove Gallery, Limegrove. Opening reception July 25th, 5pm-8pm. All are welcome. An exhibition of original works and their reproductions. Paper, canvas, ceramic, textiles, other specialized materials. Cushion covers, mugs, book marks, book covers and more. Gallery hours. Mon -Sat 12noon-6pm Exhibition ends August 17th

Artists Alliance Barbados presents 'THE T SHOW’ Artful Tee Shirts Handmade Originals or Printed Reproductions of original concepts 27th July to 17th August 2019 Hosted by Norman Centre, Bridgetown Opening Hours: 10-4 daily We will stock, sell and replenish

Artists Alliance Barbados invites you to 'Sweet Spots-The Art Of The Landscape' Exhibition. Saturday June 8th-July 4th. Hosted at The Embassy of Argentina, Hastings. Viewing by appointment Mon - Fri, 10am-3pm. Please call 537 1800 or 8222 3694. Artists exhibiting: Alison Chapman-andrews , Kenneth “Black” Blackman, Heather-Dawn Scott, Hugh Walker, Julia Seymour, Lorna Rose, Oneka Small, Rodney Ifill FineArt, Rommell Yearwood, Sheri AnnMarié Nicholls , Tracey Williams, Tracy Greenidge, William Cummins Curated by Oneka Small


What is the artist’s role creatively? In society? To explore the human experience; external and internal, physical, sensual, psychological, and spiritual. To bring new visions and understandings to the viewer. To go to the edge of their imagination, of understanding and, sometimes, to jump over. How does an artist know where the edge is until she/he goes over it? Hopefully he/she survives the fall and continues. What is artistic or creative freedom and why is it necessary? Cultural progress! DEFINITIONS: Using the Oxford Dictionary which most will agree is more “proper” than an American dictionary. Free: 1) Not under the bondage or control of another; having political rights and social and political liberty. 3) a. Unrestricted, unimpeded, not restrained or fixed. d.unrestrained as to action; independent. Creative: 1) Inventive and imaginative. 2) Creating or able to create. If you are going to criticize or label something at least know what the words mean…after all you are creative communications professionals and you must use the right words to communicate! We will discuss later why anyone would need to label art work but at least let’s understand the language. Aesthetic: 1) Concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty. 3) In accordance with the principles of good taste. Taste: Aesthetic discernment in art, literature, conduct, etc. esp. of a specified kind. Sensuous: Of or derived from or affecting the senses, esp. aesthetically rather than sensually.

Sensual: 1) a. Of or depending on the senses only and not on the intellect or spirit; carnal, fleshy (sensual pleasures). Suggestive: Conveying a suggestion; evocative. Decent; Conforming with current standards of behavior or propriety. Avoiding obscenity. Respectable. Indecent: 1) Offending against recognized standards of decency. Erotic: Of or causing sexual love, esp. tending to arouse sexual desire or excitement. Obscene: Offensively or repulsively indecent, esp. by offending accepted sexual morality. Pornography: The explicit description or exhibition of sexual activity in literature, films, etc., intended to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings. Look the work of: Rubens Michelangelo’s David & Sistine Chapel Boticelli’s Birth of Venus. My print of Rape of the Sabine Women Weston’s peppers and figure studies Carl Dottin’s prints Henry Moore Sculptures. My figure studies Carl Blenman’s printsi

“De gustibus non disputandem est!” “There is no arguing taste” This means that most aesthetic preferences are personal and often relative to each society. This relates to “decency”. Beauty and obscenity are both in the mind of the beholder. Art is a mirror to life as Shakespeare said, then what you see in a work of art is as much the result of what is in your mind as what in the art. In Paris, they had full-length frontal nude posters of young women advertising tampons. Here is Barbados we might consider that indecent. But in Paris they might consider an entire society obscene where more than 60 % of the children are born out of wedlock…Barbados! What makes us feel compelled to make these judgments, to react in this way? Is it a 'work of art' - well there is a competent handling of the technique, a competent employing of composition, lighting etc…sure - but all those things don't mean it won't be 'pornography'. Why would we want to label something offensive…labeling something means we no longer remain connected to it and deal with is a method of avoidance and distancing. We label because we want to condemn and suppress it. Why would we need to suppress this image? FEAR! It touches us someplace personal with which we are uncomfortable. It is your right to make personal choices about art but at least do it as a result of knowledge and understanding, not fear. Janet Jackson’s halftime trick was stupid, not really obscene. Please compare showing one breast to the “wukking up and wining” that one sees on stage and in both Kadooment and Conga line. That form of dancing is MUCH closer to sexual acts than showing one breast. I think the term is hypocrisy! Also, it seems fine to show a woman being shot in the breast with a pistol on a TV series or even on the news but not to show a healthy young woman’s breast. Thankfully, some people see violence, even as depicted theatrically, as obscene but the human body as beautiful. The main question regarding Jackson’s antic was that it was on Mass Media where anyone could see it. As children are under the care, control, and custody of parents, the parents have the right to know the contents of the things their children will see and they often have expectations about what is on each given program at given times. E.g. Sex In The City was on TV VERY late or restricted to cable/satellite TV. But there are many soap operas, daytime and prime time TV that are VERY sexually explicit.

****This does not include art galleries and books! You have the choice to enter the gallery or not…to buy the book or not…to let children into the gallery or look at the book or not! These, unlike mass media, are the venues where creative freedom rules. And the BPS Face Book page is a controlled medium which can restrict viewing by minors! As adults you may make moral choices FOR YOURSELF, but do NOT attempt to impose them on others who feel and believe differently than you. There is a wonderful statement attributed to Michelangelo when he was defending the nude figures on his Sistine Chapel against attacks by Pope Julius’ Cardinals, “I paint the people as God created them…in their naked innocence and beauty. I leave it to the Clergy to teach shame!”

BOB KISS Photography Barbara Secher-Greenidge

BARBADOS PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY June Theme was ‘Portraits and Profiles’. The BPS theme for June was "Portraits and Profiles” hashtag #bpsportraitsandprofiles Photos could include not only portraits and profiles of people but also portraits of animals.



















vee hartland












BARBADOS PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY The Barbados Photographic Society (BPS) is founded on an appreciation for and interest in photography. Website Our Facebook Group is open to everyone with an interest in photography! You are welcome to join, share your thoughts on photography, post your work, follow the work of our members and participate in our discussions


GROVE/ON THE WALL ART GALLERY At Limegrove, Holetown Mon - Sat 12noon – 6pm 246 234 9145 Curator Vanita Comissiong

CENTRAL BANK CROP OVER VISUAL ARTS FESTIVAL 2019. Tuesday, July 9 – Saturday, August 3 2 LOCATIONS: Courtney Blackman Grand Salle & Queen’s Park Gallery 10a.m – 6p.m showcasing paintings, photography, sculptures, ceramics, textiles of all forms and more.



“As of today, Monday June 3rd 2019, Duty-Free Concessions will be made available for Cultural Practitioners in Barbados. As Minister of Creative Economy, Culture & Sports, I am adamant that our industry practitioners must be able to access allowances which would allow them to develop their craft, product or business. A ministerial statement and press coverage would provide the details on the system we have implemented. However, I am pleased that we have been able to make such a monumental step.� - Hon. John King





(Bush) Tea Plots – A Decolonial Patch This artwork confronts the historical imposition on this island of the monocrop–Saccharum officinarum–while recognizing nature as a radical maneuver against the singular model of the plantation. Observing how the natural world is threatened and degraded, (Bush) Tea Plots acknowledges the resilience of our regenerative biosphere and its inherent capacity for healing at the agricultural, botanical and psycho-spiritual levels. The work creates visibility of near extinct (Bush) tea practices, appreciating biodiversity through dormant wild botanicals now resurfacing in abandoned sugarcane fields. A living restorative plot, this apothecary of resistance speaks to an increase in biodiversity on the island since the demise of the sugar industry, offering a curative space collaboratively brought to life through art practice, landscape architecture, and botany. Annalee Davis in collaboration with Kevin Talma and Ras Ils

Photo by Dondré Trotman –

Annalee Davis work recently permanently installed at the Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination at Uwi Cave Hill Campus. "I'm pleased to be able to share a new work which is now permanently installed at the Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination at Uwi Cave Hill Campus. The work is called (Bush) Tea Plots - A Decolonial Patch and was made in collaboration with Kevin Talma and Ras Ils. This artwork confronts the historical imposition on this island of the monocrop–Saccharum officinarum– while recognizing nature as a radical maneuver against the singular model of the plantation. Observing how the natural world is threatened and degraded, (Bush) Tea Plots acknowledges the resilience of our regenerative biosphere and its inherent capacity for healing at the agricultural, botanical and psychospiritual levels. The work creates visibility of near extinct (Bush) tea practices, appreciating biodiversity through dormant wild botanicals now resurfacing in abandoned sugarcane fields. A living restorative plot, this apothecary of resistance speaks to an increase in biodiversity on the island since the demise of the sugar industry, offering a curative space collaboratively brought to life through art practice, landscape architecture, and botany." Annalee Davis “But from early, the planters gave the slaves plots of land on which to grow food to feed themselves in order to maximize profits. We suggest that this plot system, was, like the novel form in literature terms, the focus of resistance to the market system and market values. This culture created traditional values – use values. This folk culture became a source of cultural guerilla resistance to the plantation system.”[1] – Sylvia Wynter Website designed by Katherine Kennedy.

Annalee Davis works around issues of post-plantation economies by engaging with a particular landscape on Barbados in the Southern Caribbean. Working at the intersection of biography and history, she has been making and showing her work locally, regionally and internationally since the early Nineties. In 2011, Annalee founded Fresh Milk, a socially engaged arts platform and micro-artist residency programme on a working dairy farm which historically operated as a sugarcane plantation from 1667. This farm offers a critical context for her practice, engaging with the residue of the Caribbean plantation through drawings, installations and creative activism/discursive actions. In 2015, she co-founded Tilting Axis, an independent platform bridging geopolitical gaps between Caribbean territories and reconnecting them through encounters and critical discourse around the visual arts. She is co-founder and co-manager of Caribbean Linked, an annual residency programme based in Aruba, cohering emerging artists, arts writers, and curators from all linguistic territories of the region and Latin America. From 2016-2018, she was the Caribbean Arts Manager for the British Council, developing arts programming in Cuba, Jamaica and Trinidad, and Tobago and was a part-time tutor at Barbados Community College from 2005-2018. She received a BFA from the Maryland Institute, College of Art (1986) and an MFA from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (1989).

ARTIST STATEMENT: My practice revolves around issues of post-plantation economies by engaging the plantation as an early 17th-century economic model shaping the Caribbean. I engage with history’s residue by mining early 19th-century family and historical archives and reflect on how biography and history intersect. The scientific process “phytoremediation”, referring to the capacity some plants have to absorb toxins and restore harmony, provides a conceptual structure for my work. My walks through the landscape are interrupted by finding 18th + 19th-century shards and the continual emergence of wild flora proliferating in former sugarcane fields. Healers of the enslaved community referred to as “Negro doctors” or Obeah people, who brought traditional West African medicinal knowledge to the Caribbean, first used wild botanicals ritualistically for healing and in covert, syncretic religious practices. Over time, white Barbadians, African, and Creole slaves used, to varying degrees, this herbal to cure a variety of illnesses. This apothecary of wild plants now growing in former sugarcane fields offers counterpoints to the plantation as a monoculture traumatically inscribed into the geography as a fixed site of trauma, allowing reconciliation with and transformation of the landscape and the virtual slaughterhouse that lies below it. The work considers the historical complexities of what sits beneath the soil to compose other arrangements allowing for alternate utterances to emerge from these now grassy grounds. The Caribbean’s legacy of enslaved labour and colonial rule followed by the complexities of the postindependent era, provide a baseline for my work. I am interested in the emergence of this first wave of biodiversity in former sugarcane fields, what we call ‘rab lands’, and the potency of and vital necessity for a new ecology.




We all need some encouragement why not schedule some time with me to talk about what you are creating, where you want to go with it, your creative dreams and goals, are you a carer/transitioning with little time and want to work on your creative pursuits? Prepare to shine your light and soar.. You get two 30 Min sessions FREE and steps for moving forward.

BARBADOS ARTS COUNCIL BAC Gallery, #2 Pelican Craft Centre, Bridgetown (246) 426 4385

Barbados Arts Council Gallery Schedule 2019 (Subject to change. Please call the Gallery to confirm) Jan 27 - March 09 All Bajan Group show March 10 - April 06 Members Group Show April 07 - May 04 Members group show May 05 - May 18 Rental May 19 - June 22 Our Heritage [group show] June 23 - August 10 Crop Over Group Show Aug 11 - Aug 24 Rental Aug 25 - Oct 05 Little Gems Group Show Oct 06 - Oct 19 Rental Oct 20 - Dec. 07 Simply Barbados Group Show Dec. 08 - Jan 18, 2020 The Christmas Show Barbados Arts Council Gallery, # 2 Pelican Craft Village, Bridgetown, Barbados.

It's a rare day when you spot the house in a Jill Walker painting still alive and well. Here's 'Viamede' in Eagle Hall. Lovely to see the elegant home is still there....


'Cork & Canvas' Annual Art Exhibition and fundraiser. Saturday, 22 June 2019, 6pm - 9pm The Schoolhouse for Special Needs "Britton Court", Reservoir Road, Brittons Hill, St. Michael The Annual Art Exhibition & Fundraiser is a fundraiser for the adult section of the school. All proceeds raised go towards the Scholarship Fund. A contribution of BB$50 is payable at the door or you can purchase tickets in advance directly from The Schoolhouse. For inquiries, please call Yasmin Vlahakis at (246) 622-1599 or (246) 233-8133 The Schoolhouse For Special Needs Inc. is a registered charity (No. 41070)

��� �������� ������: My name is Natalie and I am 30 years old. I have been at The Schoolhouse for Special Needs for 5 years and I have Down’s Syndrome. I love to paint, and I have completed works on a wide range of mediums. I also enjoy creating hand crafted serving trays, throw cushions, clutch purses and canvas bags. In 2015, one of my paintings, entitled Bajan Morn, was successfully auctioned at the Jenna Ball!

��� �������� ������: Hello, my name is Stephen and I am 25 years old. I have been a pupil at The Schoolhouse for Special Needs (SHFSN) for 7 years. I am on the autistic spectrum. I enjoy reading, paddle boarding, playing videogames, jogging and horse riding. With guidance and supervision from my teacher; I have been learning to work mainly with acrylics. So far, I have completed 4 paintings on canvas (Barbados House Of Parliament, The Main Guard At The Garrison, Moorhen In The Swamp and Beached Rowboat). 2 of my pieces have been reproduced on coffee mugs, aprons, shopping/beach bags, aprons and greeting cards that are all available for purchase from SHFSN.

��� �������� ������: Hello, I’m Gabrielle (or as everyone calls me, Gabby �) and I am 27 years old. I have been a student at The Schoolhouse for Special Needs (SHFSN) for 13 years. I have Down’s Syndrome. I love jazz, dancing, singing, word puzzles and painting. I usually work with acrylic and my style is more modern with clean, fresh lines. A lot of my paintings have been purchased; 2 of them were a commissioned series! Some of my early paintings (i.e.: Whimsical Butterfly, Paradise Beach) have been reproduced on coffee mugs, aprons, shopping/beach bags, aprons and greeting cards that are all available for purchase from SHFSN.

��� �������� ������:My name is John and I am 26 years old. I have been going to The Schoolhouse for Special Needs (SHFSN) for thirteen years. I have the characteristics that are typically associated with Asperger’s Syndrome but it hasn’t been officially confirmed. I enjoy surfing, singing, computer games and collecting Lego. I usually work with acrylic and enjoy painting historic buildings. So far, I have completed 2 windmills (e.g.: Morgan Lewis), East Point Lighthouse, Britton Court (official home of SHFSN) and gully scenes just to mention a few. 4 of my paintings have been purchased. In 2015 and 2016, my paintings entitled, St. Nicholas Abbey and The Glorious Days of Sam Lord’s Castle, were successfully auctioned at the Because of Jenna Ball.

��� �������� ������: Hello, I’m Christine and I am 34 years old. I have been going to The Schoolhouse for Special Needs (SHFSN) for 13 years. I am Developmentally Delayed but that does not stop me from enjoying horse-back riding, dancing and cooking. I love abstract art and my acrylic finger paintings are a freeflowing style. Several of my pieces have been purchased. Some of my early works (i.e.: Love Birds, Flying Fish, Turtle) were reproduced on coffee mugs, aprons, shopping/beach bags, aprons and greeting cards that are all available for purchase from SHFSN.

GINE ON MAGAZINE·Gine On?! is the online magazine brainchild of cultural practitioners DJ Simmons & Empress Zingha published every other Thursday on The husband and wife duo developed the digital publication with artists, entrepreneurs, and all the persons who support them in mind. Too many times do we hear; “Where else does events like this happen?” “Where can I hear live music?” “Anything else going on other than fetes?” “I didn't even know that was happening”. This online, access anytime hub is here; so YOU can find your next favourite time! We broadcast bare Bajan culture to thousands of users to any device connected to the world through the web portal Link with us for original video content highlighting various art personalities, new music, videos, blogs, podcasts, I mean a couple clicks opens a wealth of entertainment. We build an engaging experience for hundreds of our supporters on social media connecting the world to know wuh gine on with arts and culture right here at home. See you somewhere sometime soon... Sign up to our mailing list to make sure you always in de know at: Hosting or performing at a live entertainment event, or doing any activity progressing performing arts in the island? Forward us an email ( with more information so we can help push it for you. Let's help and support each other in the arts! Come and hear wuh Gine On!

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Do you consider what you use and discard of regularly? What are you doing on a daily basis to minimize your consumption of single-use plastics?

EARTHWORKS POTTERY (246) 425 0223 os hworksPotteryBarbados/

STATEMENT REGARDING BARBADOS’ CONTACTING OF VISUAL ARTISTS RE CARIFESTA 14, TRINIDAD Fom Janice Whittle curator of NCF Queen's Park Gallery, Barbados. The National Cultural Foundation has been the identified agency to plan for and lead Barbados’ participation in the fourteenth edition of CARIFESTA – the Caribbean Festival of Arts to be held in Trinidad & Tobago in August 2019. Barbados hosted the thirteenth edition of CARIFESTA in 2017. On that occasion, the Visual Arts component was greatly praised for the quality of work presented in the Masters exhibition, the Pan-Caribbean exhibition, the Barbados National Exhibition and the many expressions of Barbadian talent as seen in the privately produced shows. It has been said for many years by various host countries that Barbados' Fine Art submissions in CARIFESTA have often stood out for the exceptional originality and contemporaneity of exhibits. The NCF’s selection of works for the Barbados exhibition for CARIFESTA 14 was planned to be selected by a jury of experts. In February 2019 the curator of the Queen's Park Gallery, conceptualized a exhibition based on the given theme for CARIFESTA XIV: TANGIBLE AND INTANGIBLE CULTURAL HERITAGE to encourage early preparation of submissions by artists. The curator shared via social media and email examples and explanations from the UNESCO website on this theme. Some elements of the theme were incorporated into the Crop Over exhibition theme so that artists would still be working on this early should they wish to submit work for consideration for CARIFESTA XIV For 2019, the NCF put out a call for work to be considered for CARIFESTA XIV Visual Arts in April on the NCF website as had been done for CARIFESTA 2017. At the closing date of June 5, this call for submissions resulted in 3 entries. On June 7 the NCF received a directive via email from the Visual Arts section of the CARIFESTA XIV Secretariat informing that the format for this year’s festival was altered from country exhibitions to a single curated exhibition. Each country invited to submit 10 artists with their names and titles of works by June 14. The NCF requested an extension to June 21 which was granted. On June 13 the NCF convened a local jury of experts which gave suggestions of artists who should be considered and the process of contacting possible candidates started immediately. June 18 was chosen as the new deadline for receipt of 3 images each from the artists contacted. Although a very short time frame, and a sudden change in approach as communicated by the CARIFESTA Trinidad Secretariat, the NCF is prepared to do all in its power to ensure that Barbadian artists reap the benefits of exposure in this major regional Festival. Discusions on this amongst arts practitioners may be seen here and here

ON THE WALL ART GALLERY On The Wall Gallery at Champers Restaurant, located on Accra Beach Monday - Friday Noon-4pm and 7pm-11pm . Please call for weekend hours. 246 234 9145 On The Wall Gallery At Earthworks. Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm Saturday 9am - 1pm

Closed Sunday

On The Wall/Grove Gallery Mon - Sat 10am - 2pm and 4pm - 6pm email Vanita Comissiong

tel 246 234 9145


Books: Barbados Bu'n-Bu'n - Nyam Jamaica Culinaria: The Caribbean e-books: Shake Dat Cocktail, Cocktails & Hors d'Oeuvres, Barbados Bu'n-Bu'n (4 vol), Nyam Jamaica (2 vol) (see website) Gourmand World Cookbook Awards: Barbados Bu'n-Bu'n: Best Cookbook of the Year, Best Self-Published Book, Best Historical Recipes, Best Cookbook Design for Barbados (2014) 'Best Self-Published Book In The World' (2015) Nyam Jamaica: 'Best Design In The World' (20082009) - honoured 2015 at Frankfurt Book Fair for the 20 years of Gourmand World Cookbook Award - Best of the Best Design In The World (2015) Caribbean Tourism Award (2009)

Barbados Bu'n-Bu'n This amazing book by Rosemary Parkinson is on island. Two hard cover coffee table books, with a sleeve that encloses both, 656 pages and 1400 plus photos filled with history, tradition, culture, stories and recipes from Barbados.


Barbados Bu'n-Bu'n, a collector's item, has won 4 awards for Barbados – Best Photography, Best Design, Best Historical Recipes, Best Self-published Book – then against 5 of the best books in the world WON Best Self-Published Book In The World and honoured at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2015 with Best of the Best In The World by the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2015.

The St Michael School: Celebrating 90+ Years Through Fine Arts and Memorabilia! June 22nd - July 6th, 2019. The exhibition is curated by alumna Judy LayneBanks, USA based artist and teacher, who is showcasing the works of students (present and past), teachers and associates, in both 2dimensional and 3dimensional forms.

GALLERY OF CARIBBEAN ART The Gallery Of Caribbean Art Galleries presents the works of a variety of artists Northern Business Centre, Queen Street, Speightstown, St. Peter

Tel: (246) 419-0858

THE BARN ART CENTRE The Barn Art Centre. A new art space. "We are offering approximately 650 sq. ft. of space for short term rentals for art and craft related workshops, classes, events, summer camps, yoga, etc., in an old plantation yard at Small Ridge in Christ Church. Juliana Inniss - 231-0335 Jo Anne Johnson - 253-8702 Email -

Created in 2016, The Barn Arts Centre is dedicated to the promotion and development of art-based learning. Our mission is to provide a unique learning environment for diverse audiences to experience a range of art based programs. The Centre provides a space for the community and local resource persons to offer and conduct classes and workshops in painting, drawing, pottery, and textiles. We are dedicated to providing an environment that is meaningful to the arts in Barbados. Located on the breezy Small Ridge Plantation in Christ Church, (just ten minutes away from Sheraton Centre. The Barn Arts Centre offers an escape from the quickening pace of life. Here you can be immersed in an environment that fosters your creativity. Our 570 square foot studio is equipped to provide more than adequate space to conduct a variety of classes and workshops. The studio is well lit and ventilated and can comfortably accommodate up to 15 persons. We offer a variety of opportunities for learners, including exhibitions, artist lectures, and single workshops, as well as adult and youth classes. Our artistic programming continues to be essential to our goal of inspiring creativity, fostering self-discovery, and nurturing an appreciation of the arts. The Founders of The Barn Arts Centre are Jo- Anne Johnson and Juliana Inniss. Jo Anne started doing ceramics as a hobby in 1982 and has operated a ceramics studio since 1987, providing services and supplies to people who wished to do slip casted ceramics as a hobby. She has taught many different finishing techniques to her students and learnt many more through experimenting, and trial and error. Juliana has been working with pottery and ceramics since 1992. She began by hand-painting local pottery with bold and colourful designs. After graduating University she made the decision to pursue her passion for art through the medium of ceramics. Juliana has worked with a number of techniques such as casted ceramics, handbuilding, surface decoration and raku firing. Juliana was first introduced to Raku in 2006 during a two week residency in St. Thomas USVI, with this exposure Juliana began mixing her own glazes, constructed her own kiln and has been Raku firing since then. /


Tides Gallery Tides Restaurant Balmore House, Holetown, St. James Tel : (246) 432-2084 Email:

Cell (246)230-1968

BLACK ART STUDIOS Durants Village, Holder's Hill St. James

Fresh Milk would like to thank everyone who worked with us, supported us, or took an interest in our programming & the fabulous work being done in the Caribbean arts last year. We look forward to an exciting year ahead, and invite you to reflect on 2017 with us through our annual year in review newsletter!

Fresh Milk supports excellence in the visual arts through residencies and programmes that provide Caribbean artists with opportunities for development and foster a thriving art community. Founded in 2011, the organization offers professional support to artists from the Caribbean and further afield. Fresh Milk seeks to stimulate critical thinking and cultivate excellence in contemporary visual art. Its goal is to nurture artists, raise regional awareness about contemporary arts and provide Caribbean artists with opportunities for growth, excellence and success. Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube: Tumblr:

Specialising in art supplies for the professional to student level. Offering a wide range of products OILS ACRYLICS WATERCOLOURS Golden Paints and mediums, Gamblin, Cotman, Liquitex, Reeves, Galeria, Sargent. Plus a wide range of drawing and colouring equipment. Prisma, Derwent, Reeves, Sargent, Charcoal and Pastels. Easels, Canvases, Watercolour paper, Drawing and Pastel paper. Screen printing and lino block printing supplies.Fabric paint and dyes. Waxes, pottery tools, stencils and more. Monday – Friday 8.30am – 5pm Saturday 8.30am – 3pm. Sunday Closed. Telephone/Fax (246) 436 2950 James Fort Building, Hincks Street, Bridgetown

Deebles Point Art Gallery & Cafe. Featuring artists Frank Cossey, Trudi Johnson, Hilary Armstrong, Clermont Mapp, Nancy Cole-O'Geest, Keisha Hinds, Joshua Simpson, Claire EvansonCeppi, Keren Evanson. Industry Hall. East Point, St Philip. Tel 423 7943


Queen's Park Gallery

Our Mission To fuel the development of culture through training, research and the creation of opportunities in cultural industries. The Role of the NCF The NCF’s two major roles are: developmental and commercial. In its developmental role, the Foundation uses culture as a tool for national development fostering and supporting the various art forms and new cultural products. In its commercial role, the Foundation is responsible for the promotion, production and hosting of cultural festivals and associated events that are considered economically viable or socially acceptable. A key part of this function now includes the responsibility for the staging and execution of major governmental and national events. In addition, as culture becomes more pivotal to national and international policy, the National Cultural Foundation continues to re-assess its responsibilities in light of all its functions. FUNCTIONS of the NCF are: To stimulate and facilitate the development of culture generally To develop, maintain and manage theatres and other cultural facilities and equipment provided by Government To organize cultural festivals Assist persons interested in developing cultural expression. OBJECTIVES of the NCF are: To provide opportunities for Barbadian artists/artistes to showcase their talents with the end result being an increased demand for local work To educate Barbadians concerning their heritage To offer Barbadians and visitors alike a high quality product that informs, educates and entertains To equip our cultural workforce with technological skills and training to excel in their particular art forms To strengthen the local cultural product and in the process increase profits to the shareholders To create high quality products that will be competitive on the local, regional and international markets To maximize the role of the cultural sector in the tourism industry Rodney Ifill, Cultural Officer Visual Arts 424-0909 ext.234 Annette Nias Cultural Officer - Film and Photography 424-0909 Ext 238

The Barbados Photographic Society held its AGM Sunday 20th January, 2018 at UWI, Cave Hill, Barbados. We would like to welcome the new Executive and officers (please see listing below). The new Executive looks forward to serving you, with the help of all our members. Do write to us and put your ideas for events, workshops, exhibitions and more. Please know that the BPS Executive gives of their time, expertise (in different fields and knowledge) for free so we ask that members be willing to step up to collaborate and work on their ideas. Write to us at Within a few weeks we will have a draft for members of Field trips, events, monthly themes on our Facebook page for you to join into, exhibition ideas and much more. Members plus those who may like to join the BPS who could not make it to the meeting may contact our Treasurer, Sherlock Lord (231-5053) and make arrangements to pay. $65 for new members, $45 for annual renewal. Being a member gives you Open Wall with talks and workshops, Field Trips, exhibitions at galleries plus online exhibitions, competitions (with prizes), travel to countries with the BPS, percentages off at supporting businesses and more. BPS Facebook page / BPS Website BPS email

TANDEM "where function, form and meaning coexist ". This cooperative project and design store showcasing contemporary design by Barbados resident designers and artists continues at The Colonnade Mall, 1st Floor, East Wing, Broad Street, Bridgetown, Barbados. Monday ( by appointment). Tuesday - Saturday 10AM - 4PM.

THE FRAME & ART COMPANY & GALLERY Millhouse, Canewood • St. Michael, BB 11005 • Phone (246) 271-6509 • Cell (246) 266-9432

THE ARTSPLASH CENTRE Paint * Draw * Create & Have Fun!

To boldly and brilliantly pursue the adventure in everything artistic and to be a vital and uncommon cultural force in Barbados.

Purple Palm is a local business supplying homes and businesses with the highest quality Print and Mirror furnishings. Using the artwork of many local artists in Barbados and the Caribbean plus work from around the world. We have been supplying to the hotel and villa industry for ten years, including prestigious clients such as Sandy Lane, Coral Reef, The Crane Beach Resort, Sugar Cane Club and Sandridge among others. We have also supplied numerous private villas, and work closely with local interior designers. Being directly affiliated with a 40,000 sq ft framing factory our prices are very competitive. Appointments to view our gallery at Rockley Resort can be made through Paul Hoad or Karen McGuire. 246-2332173




A monthly programme is produced of all lectures, music and theatre events . To receive it by email or post please email or tel 436 9083 or 84

Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination, UWI For further information, contact De Carla Applewhaite at 417-4776

FRAMING YOUR ART FINE ART FRAMING LTD, Pelican Industrial Park, Bridgetown, Barbados - (246) 426-5325 FAST FRAME FACTORY, Dayrell’s Road, St Michael (246) 426 9994 shaka@fastframefactory.biZ FRAMING STUDIO At the Best of Barbados Head Office, Welches Plantation, H’way 2A

573 6904

THE FRAME & ART COMPANY Millhouse, Canewood • St. Michael, BB 11005 • Phone (246) 271-6509 • Cell (246) 266-9432 ART SUPPLIES THE ART HUB James Fort Building, Hincks Street, Bridgetown, St. Michael. Tel: 436-2950Monday - Saturday 8.30am - 5.00pm (Easy access to parking by the old Heliport Pad) LAURIE DASH, Bay Street, Bridgetown.

Museum of parliament The Museum is open on: Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Guided tours are conducted subject to availability. Barbadian students with ID have free admission to the Museum. nt/59

ICIL PHILLIPS’ Theatre Eyes Very up to date on both local theatre and overseas happenings. Link here

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