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award-winning chef joins moorland garden hotel

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the plymouth magazine

make sure you back the bid! Plymouth’s bid to become City of Culture 2017 will have been submitted by the time you read this issue. The city is up against 10 other bidders and we will know in June whether or not Plymouth has been selected for the final shortlist of four locations. Between now and then there is still a lot that Plymouth people can do to reinforce public support for the bid. A social media campaign on Twitter and Facebook has produced literally thousands of followers and big name support has come from the likes of Tom Daley and top chef Gary Rhodes. You can do your bit for the bid by ‘liking’ or following Plymouth’s bid on Facebook or Twitter. More importantly, go on to the website of the Department for Media, Culture and Sports and click on the Plymouth fireworks picture to show your support. Visit and click on Photos then scroll down to the Plymouth image of fireworks on the Hoe and click on the ‘Like’ icon. Better still, leave a positive comment too. Plymouth was clearly winning the online battle as we went to press and we need to keep up the effort over the next few weeks to ensure Plymouth is on the shortlist. Being chosen as City of Culture 2017 would not only be a huge economic and reputational boost for Plymouth, but would also provide the perfect platform for the celebrations marking the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower’s depature from the city in 2020. As Plymouth City Council leader Tudor Evans comments in this issue, the city already has a huge cultural heritage and has demonstrated over the years its ability to host and sustain major national and international events. If Plymouth is selected as City of Culture 2017 it will be a massive endorsement of the city’s unique place in the nation and a fantastic opportunity for the people of Plymouth to show what a great deal we have to offer. To keep up-to-date with progress on the bid and the race to be selected as City of Culture 2017 you can visit the special website created to promote Plymouth’s bid at Hope you enjoy the latest issue!

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Choosing shoes was always a pain, but not any more – thanks to Foot Solutions! Years and years standing all day as a hairdresser and later as a further education lecturer took its toll on Susan Mutton’s feet.

Andrew Scowcroft of Foot Solutions explained: “People with bunions invariably have to choose wide fitting shoes to cope with their condition. “The stretchable leather developed and patented by XSensible means that customers like Susan can choose stylish, narrow fitting shoes that can make painful and sensitive feet a thing of the past.”

“I always wore narrow shoes with high heels from my early teens and continued to do so when I ran my own hairdressing business,” said Susan, who lives in Elburton. As a result she developed bunions on both of her feet which made finding shoes that fitted well and comfortably increasingly difficult. “Choosing new shoes was always a challenge because of the bunions,” said Susan. Eventually she underwent surgery in 1990 on both feet, but over the years the bunion on her left foot continued to cause problems. A friend recommended Foot Solutions and Susan decided to visit the company’s store on Royal Parade. Susan, who is 66, said: “The staff were very

knowledgeable and helpful. They explained how specially designed insoles could help with my posture and balance, which in turn would help me cope with the effects of the bunions. “It took a little while to get used to the insoles, but now I can forget my feet altogether!” Susan, who now runs her own business as a trichologist, was advised by Foot Solutions to choose a pair of XSensible casual shoes which feature unique stretchable leather technology.

Susan Mutton pictured above with Kay Phillips of Foot Solutions and (right) with her new summer sandals

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the plymouth magazine

may 2013 edition

giving youth a chance


tracey leads the bid



history in the making


Louisa Mann, director of Plymouth’s first-ever History Festival has helped the Duke of Cornwall with its 150th anniversary celebrations

what’s on in plymouth


mortgage initiative welcomed


jill gets her dream bathroom

Tracey Guiry has been responsible for pulling together Plymouth’s bid to become City of Culture 2017. We look at the way things have been shaping up...

Leading Plymouth estate agent Darren Lawson has given a positive response to the new mortgage iniatives announced by Chancellor George Osborne in the Budget.

A Plymouth-based training company has helped literally thousands of youngsters to find employment by providing apprenticeships in a wide range of occupations

Our big What’s On section has details of a vast range of events taking place in and around Plymouth in May and further ahead.

Jill Davis from West Park is enjoying her luxurious new bathroom which was installed earlier this year by leading local company Jobel Bathrooms

the plymouth magazine


city of culture bid

plymouth confident of making bid shortlist

tracey guiry

Plymouth is fully confident that it will make the short list in its bid to become City of Culture 2017.

The city’s official bid document was e-mailed to the Department for Culture Media & Sport at the end of April.

That’s the view of city council leader Tudor Evans who said: “Plymouth is leading the way in online support, and we have been overwhelmed by the enormous energy, creativity and positivity of everyone who has helped to make this happen.

Executive lead for the bid, Tracey Guiry said: “We had to get everything into a 30page A4 document, including pictures so it’s not actually a large piece of work but it has involved talking to a lot of people to make sure we have got everybody’s ideas.

“We are extremely positive about our chances of making the shortlist when it is announced in June. But we still need to the people of Plymouth to get behind the bid and impress the judges with the level of support there is for Plymouth.

“This is to give an indication of what we can do with the programme and what it might be able to achieve. Lots of people are working on this to pull consultation groups together and work on what different sectors might do for different parts of the bid.”

“Winning would give us a programme of high quality events, performances and exhibitions that will attract a huge, world-class audience and their spending power, plus give local communities a wonderful opportunity to get involved in exciting cultural projects.”

The Plymouth Homeopathy Fertility Clinic more than just fertility


Anne Hope BSc (Hons) RSHom Tel: 07793 412817

Liz Stewart RSHom RGN RSHom Tel: 01752 516450

Coun Evans said: “Plymouth already has a huge cultural offering and we have shown over the years that we can host and sustain major regional, national and international events. There is a huge amount of enthusiasm out there for the bid and we have certainly seen a groundswell of support developing in recent weeks. “We want as many people as possible to get involved by ‘liking’ or following Plymouth’s bid on Facebook or Twitter. We want to demonstrate that there is widespread support for our bid.” An official Plymouth City of Culture 2017 website was launched at the beginning of April as the city’s ambitious national bid gained momentum. Over 1000 people from across Plymouth and nationally have joined city luminaries in ‘backing the bid,’ voicing their support and joining the cultural debate as part of a vibrant and lively social media campaign. This has been further supported by the local media with picture competitions, ‘why I back the bid’ commentaries from every corner of the community and live radio appearances. The new Plymouth City of Culture 2017 website was inspired as a result of the overwhelming support. Tracey Guiry said: “It will give the community in Plymouth, across the region and the rest of the country a united voice and a one-stop-shop information hub and will shine the cultural spotlight on Plymouth.” Carrying all the latest news, events, debate, photographs and videos, everyone can stay up to date and involved with what’s going on plus share thoughts, stories and images via the fully integrated social media functions including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Flickr and Linkedin. Bid Chairperson and chief executive of the Theatre Royal and Plymouth Pavilions, Adrian Vinken said: “Bidding to become the UK City of Culture 2017 is already galvanising Plymouth, uniting people and inspiring them. “Launching the official website was further testament to our commitment to what this bid stands for - connecting communities, giving everyone a voice and uniting as one in our support for Plymouth’s unique cultural offer and what this opportunity would mean for us.”


Check out the new website at the plymouth magazine


Kathleen finds peace of mind Retired nurse Kathleen Hill was heartbroken when Bill, her husband of 34 years, died in 2010. Apart from dealing with her loss, she also had a number of urgent legal issues to resolve after he passed away.

act for her both for financial affairs and other health and welfare issues if she was unable to act for herself. David also prepared a Home Protection Trust to protect her home, which she established in her maiden name as the Boyd Family Trust.

Kathleen said: “I had a solicitor at the time, but I felt I needed to get my affairs in order with expert advice on issues such as my Will, Lasting Power of Attorney, Medical Directives and so on. “I saw an advertisement for Richardson Legal Services in the Plymouth Magazine and contacted David Richardson for some initial advice. David came to see me and we chatted over a cup of tea, discussing all my concerns. He was most helpful and I knew immediately he was someone I could trust completely,” she said.

Last year Kathleen decided to sell her home in Woolwell, putting the proceeds in the Trust and move back to her home town of Carlisle to be nearer members of her family. “I have some wonderful memories of Devon and still have members of Bill’s family there,” said Kathleen. “I am enjoying life in my new flat in Carlisle and see many of my relatives on a regular basis.

Kathleen Hill... enjoying life at her new home in Carlisle

Kathleen wanted not only to arrange her Will but also an Advance (Medical) Directive because she faced a possible major operation on her back.

doctors specific instructions about treatment they have to abide by.

She had strong feelings about being kept on a life support machine and wanted to reject certain forms of treatment. An Advance Directive gives

In the event Kathleen did not need surgery and David subsequently prepared a Lasting Power of Attorney to give her friends and family power to

“David kindly created a new Medical Directive for me free of charge to be more applicable to my new circumstances in Carlisle and I am really grateful for all the advice and help that he has provided. I feel that I have total peace of mind now about my affairs.”

For more information contact David Richardson on 0800 014 8031 or visit

the plymouth magazine


plymouth matters

history in the making at the Plymouth’s Duke of Cornwall Hotel will host a number of special events in May as part of the city’s first-ever History Festival. The hotel’s directors have been working closely with Louisa Mann, the festival’s director, in drawing up plans for special ‘behind the scenes’ historical tours of the hotel, which are part of the hotel’s 150th anniversary celebrations.

the Devon and Cornwall Polar Society and author of the book ‘From South Devon to South Pole’ which includes a foreword by Sir Ranulph Fiennes. His talk, entitled ‘Sir Ernest Shackleton: Antarctic explorer and Plymouth visitor’ starts at 5.30pm and visitors can linger longer and stay on for dinner in the restaurant if desired. Hotel director Jon Morcom said: “We visited the Plymouth and West Devon Record Office earlier this year to do some research into the hotel’s history and were amazed at the amount of archive material that was available.

Louisa, who is archives and information manager at the Plymouth and West Devon Records Office, has also supplied extensive archive records which have proved invaluable in the production of a commemorative anniversary brochure.

“Louisa has helped source a lot a records, some dating back to Victorian times soon after the hotel was first opened in 1863. We have been able to incorporate some of this in the special brochure which we are producing.

Interest in the historical tours of the iconic hotel has been such that extra tours have been organised for May 4 and May 19.

“There was a table plan from the annual dinner of the Plymouth Incorporated Mercantile Association in 1888 and a notice for a ‘supper and smoker’ in March 1940 on behalf of the Seven O’Clock Regulars Swimming Club, who apparently used to swim every evening in the Sound.

The tours will be led by hotel director Walter Combstock, who joined the hotel as an apprentice more than 50 years ago, and Jason Hirons, a walking artist. He will provide a narrative journey through the Victorian hotel, while Walter will share memories from his time working at the Duke. The walking tour will take in hidden rooms, corridors, passageways and give the public the chance to explore the building, including a visit to the tower at the top of the hotel, which has been completely refurbished as part of the anniversary celebrations. Events at the hotel in May are based on the theme of ‘Explorers’ to celebrate the fact that Sir Ernest Shackleton stayed at the hotel. The key event will be a talk on May 30 by Paul Davies, chairman of

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apprentice chef connor hawkins prepares to serve ‘tea at the top’ at the duke of cornwall hotel

- Crackle Glaze Tiles - Laura Ashley - Zanzibar Tiles - Glass Mosaics

“We also saw maps which showed where all the bombs fell on the city during the bombing in 1940. We are publishing two of the maps in the brochure from nights when the bombs fell desperately close to the hotel. “We have also received a lot of historic material, such as old brochures, from customers for which we are extremely grateful.” He said that the brochure had grown in content and size and would

VISIT OUR M SHOWROO Drake Mill Business Park in Estover, Plymouth

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‘duke’ now be produced later in the year with a £20 cover price, part of the proceeds going to charity. “We believe it will make an ideal gift, particularly for people who have special memories of the Duke because they had their wedding or other special family event here,” added Jon. During 2013 there will be six themed events, each reflecting a specific era in the hotel’s history. A contribution from each event will go to three local charities – Jeremiah’s Journey, St Luke’s Hospice and Friends and Family of Special Children. May 1 sees the launch of ‘Tea at the Top’ – an exclusive opportunity to enjoy a champagne duke of cornwall director jon morcom chatting with louisa mann, history festival director, in afternoon tea in the unique setting of the hotel’s the refurbished tower at the top of the hotel distinctive tower with its panoramic views from 100 Places are being booked up rapidly. We’re now looking at the opportunity to feet above the city. promote this long-term as part of a package with our stunning Tower Suite.” The tower, which provides 360 degree views across Plymouth and The Sound, has Future events include an afternoon tea dance on June 16 featuring the Ken Cotton been refurbished as part of the hotel’s anniversary celebrations and will be available Duo while World War 2 will be remembered with a Big Band Night on August 24 for two people to enjoy incredible views that have not been available to the public featuring the Sharps and Flats nine-piece band. for decades. The charge for Tea at the Top will be £35 per head and will last for two hours for parties of just two people, with £5 per head going to charity. The exclusive promotion will only be available four times a week – with just two bookings available on Wednesdays and Sundays from 1pm to 3pm and 4pm to 6pm.

For more information contact The Duke of Cornwall Hotel, Millbay Road, Plymouth Tel 01752 275862

Jon added: “The response we have received for Tea at the Top has been fantastic.

1 aV00 V ai ac la a bl nc e ie nO s W

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Care & earLY Years

business engineering


sPort & Leisure the plymouth magazine


training matters

skills group sets the standard in training young people Thousands of young people have been helped into employment – thanks to a Plymouth-based training and development company. The Skills Group, which has its headquarters at Langage Business Park in Plympton is one of the largest independent training providers in the country, and one of the very few acknowledged as Outstanding by Ofsted. Every year, the Skills Group provides apprenticeship and training programmes for more than 1,000 young people in a wide range of skills and crafts. Previously known as PSC Training and Development Ltd., the company works in partnership with schools, colleges and careers services to determine the right level of training for young people. It also works closely with around 500 employers – from sole traders to large multinationals – guiding them on their specific apprenticeship training requirements and ensuring they exceed minimum standards and levels. The company was formed in 1994 following a management buy-out of the previously Government-run Plymouth Skills Centre. Two of the management team John Boulting and Jeff Rowlands – are still directors of the Skills Group. John’s son Mark Boulting joined the company 12 years ago after completing an


the plymouth magazine

MBA and is now managing director of the Skills Group. The company has achieved rapid growth in the last decade, increasing eightfold in size. It now employs over 100 people and has training centres in Exeter, Newton Abbot, along with Drakes Court at Langage and the HQ Building in Union Street. “When I joined the company the emphasis was on training unemployed adults,” said Mark. “But when the Labour Government put its weight behind apprenticeship programmes, the Skills Group was ideally placed to introduce an extensive range of training for young people.” He said that few other training providers operated in so many different sectors.

mary-rose sowden - former apprentice who is now responsible for marketing the skills group

skills group managing director mark boulting (right) chatting to carepentry training assessor gareth meek at the company’s training centre in langage business park

Skills Group currently offers apprenticeship training in construction, care and early years, business, flooring, hairdressing, engineering and automotive and has recently launched a sport and leisure apprenticeship scheme in association with Plymouth YMCA. It is also about to launch an accreditation programme for surf coaches in Cornwall.

“This helped us to achieve an ‘Outstanding’ rating from Ofsted in 2011, which means we are among the top 25 private training providers in the country to join the ranks of Rolls Royce and BAE Systems in terms of Ofsted recognition.

Training in the construction sector alone includes bricklaying, carpentry and joinery, plastering, wall and floor tiling, general maintenance and painting and decorating.

“Over the last few years we have helped literally thousands of young people to start their careers through apprenticeships. Contrary to what a lot of parents and young people think, at any one time there are scores of apprenticeship training

The company’s flooring training centre at Newton Abbot is one of the few of its kind in the country and attracts young people from all over the UK. Mark said: “Each year we help train upwards of 1,000 young people and achieve a success rate of over 90 per cent – which is around 20 per cent higher than the national average.

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Composite the plymouth magazine


training matters

skills group – helping thousands of young people into employment • continued on next page opportunities available locally. “It’s not unusual for us to have up to 100 vacancies for young people on our books, everything from trainee hairdressers to trainee estate agents,” said Mark. “A lot of the people we work with now providing apprentices were trained by us in the past. They have seen the benefits of apprenticeships themselves and don’t need convincing about the benefits of training young people in this way.

Ofsted published report, July 2011 “Skills Group’s engagement with a wide range of partners is excellent. It is a responsive and supportive partner valued by schools and employers. It uses its links to the world of work very effectively to provide access for learners whose previous experiences and attainments may not have encouraged them to believe they could achieve.”

michaela blake is a business administration apprentice with skills group

“At Skills Group we help young people overcome the hiatus of making the transition from education into employment – which includes helping them to find a company to work for and training them. “With the raising of the school leaving age to 17 this September we anticipate more and more youngsters will want to follow a vocational training programme rather than stay in secondary education.” Mark said that while apprenticeship numbers were beginning to fall in other parts of the country, Plymouth and the South West continued to see growth. “Plymouth is one of the best performing cities in the country in terms of apprenticeships and we want to see that position maintained,” he added. Trainees either spend one or two days a week at Skills Group training centres while gaining on-the-job work experience with their employers, or carry out longer blocks of training in specific skills. Skills Group currently employs more than a dozen staff who have come through its apprenticeship programme. One of them is Mary-Rose Sowden, who joined the Skills Group three years ago as a business administration apprentice. She achieved her NVQ Levels 2 and 3 and gained experience in reception, office management and recruitment before recently being made responsible for the company’s marketing activities. “I have learned so much by being with the Skills Group,” said Mary-Rose, “and I’m really enjoying my new post.” A recent recruit is 20-year-old Michaela Blake from Plympton, who joined the Skills Group at the end of last year as a business administration apprentice. She previously worked for a firm of solicitors after leaving sixth form, but wanted to get into customer services. “I applied for a job and got down to the final two candidates out of nearly 300 applicants. But the other person got the job because they had formal qualifications. It was then that I decided to start an apprenticeship.” Michaela is currently working on reception at the Drakes Court training centre and knows that she has plenty of potential career opportunities in the future. “There are so many different career paths that I can follow in business administration. I’m really enjoying learning while working,” said Michaela. Mark reminded employers that grants of £1500 are available to employers who take on apprentices. “We will do all the interviewing of candidates and oversee their training to the required standards,” said Mark, “so it’s a real win-win for employers.” For further information contact the Skills Group on 01752 335921 or visit


the plymouth magazine

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art matters

stunning art and show at guildhall A piece of music, a certain scent or a place re-visited, can evoke memories that somehow and for some reason got etched into your soul. They can stir deep emotions. Significant times and events get recalled whether they were good or bad. There’s a certain part of the country I don’t enjoy travelling through because when I lived there my circumstances were particularly hard. On the other hand, the sight of the majestic building tucked away in Plymouth’s back streets reminds me of the joyous day I passed my driving test. The statue of Britannia seated with a lion on top of the Devonport Guildhall inspired me to press on with courage when my driving instructor used to take me around that route. May 11 sees the official re-opening of the historical and ancient Devonport Column alongside the Guildhall and a special painting by Brian Pollard has been commissioned to celebrate.This coincides with an exhibition of breathtaking landscape photography which will be on display within the main building.

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From the May 10 through to June 30, visitors can experience images that really do carry the wow factor. Antony has trekked the Arctic and the North Pole and his images capture the vastness of one man pulling a sledge in the massive sea of snow. This contrasts with Tony’s photographs taken in Kenya and the Isle of Skye. He actually goes out for days on his own and won’t see a soul, living by himself in the pursuit of great art. Look out for one of his pictures of a watering hole that extends for miles. Neil’s work exhibits pieces from the Time Out Paris guide; whilst, closer to home, Richard and Peter’s local shots of Dartmoor and Plymouth are unique and stunning. The Guildhall’s commercial manager Claire Burgess commented that she was stunned when she saw the portfolio of work and hopes people will take the time out to visit the Guildhall and see the breadth of locations captured in the exhibition.

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Kerry Cole

The Barbican’s Kaya Gallery has brought together five of the South West’s leading photographers: Richard Downer, Antony Jinman, Pete Boyce Gilbert, Tony Fitzsimmons and Neil Holden, with the task of illustrating the artistic challenge of the theme, ‘location, location, location’.



‘smeatons’ by photographer peter boyce gilbert

One of the photographers, local explorer Antony Jinman, will also be giving a talk at some point during the exhibition. He will explain the stories behind his work

photography on in devonport in the hope of raising money for his future expeditions. Neil Holden has worked as a professional photographer in London. He escaped to the country, as it were, by coming down to the South West to live and has taken some great shots of Burgh Island. Norman Holmes of Kaya Gallery is very enthusiastic about all of the exhibitors work. He said: “Some of Brian Pollard’s paintings will be on display in the Lord Mayor’s Parlour at Devonport Guildhall for a few days following the opening of the Column. The specially commissioned piece to celebrate also features the Guildhall and is available from Kaya Gallery. “I really hope people will get along to the Location, Location, Location exhibition. Any of these five photographers could stand alone but when their work is shown together there is such a wow factor. “ Norman told me that photography can often be viewed as the ‘ugly sister to proper art’ but he is convinced that any of the work that will be on show would not look out of place hanging alongside art pieces at home or in office surroundings. For more information you can contact him at Kaya Gallery, 53 Southside Street. The Barbican, Plymouth 01752 267474

Kerry Cole is author of an arts style book called The Purple Veil. For more information visit ‘tamar bridges’ by photographer peter boyce gilbert

Visit e h c it k f www.k stomer u c r u o to read reviews.

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Indian Restaurant & Takeaway

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A traditional Indian experience A choice of 6 set Thalis (8 course platters) Sun – Tues, Evenings only *Starters are traditional Indian snacks.

option available. Popadoms not included – Only £9.95 pp Vegetarian to change to king prawn dishes add £2.95

Opening times

7 Days a week including Bank Holidays 5.30pm to 11.30pm, Last Order 11pm Lunch 12:30 to 2:30, Last Order 1:30pm

9 Morshead Road, Crownhill Plymouth PL6 5AD 01752 787001


mushroom, potato and roasted pepper galette By Kirsty Hale of Riverford Cooks: makes two galettes for two hungry or four less hungry people Preparation: 90 mins, cook: 15 mins For the base: 7g dried instant active yeast or 15g fresh 1 tsp honey or caster sugar ½ tsp sea salt 200ml lukewarm water 3 tbsp milk; 3 tbsp olive oil 320g plain flour, plus more to dust For the topping: 4 medium potatoes, sliced thinly 6 mushrooms 1 red pepper, roasted whole until the skin blackens, put in a plastic bag to cool, peeled, deseeded & sliced 2-3 tbsp olive oil 2 tsp dried oregano or marjoram; fresh thyme leaves Put the yeast in a large bowl (crumble it if using fresh). Add the honey/sugar and salt. Pour over the water and leave in a warm place until it looks frothy, about 15-20 mins. Add the milk and olive oil. Stir in the flour. Mix well with a wooden spoon. Cover and leave to rise in a warm place for an hour or so. Heat the oven to 230°C. Dust two non-stick baking trays with a little flour. Knead the dough briefly on a well floured work surface – if it’s very sticky, add a little flour. Divide into two. Using your hands, or with a floured rolling pin, roll out each piece to a thin irregular round shape. Transfer to the trays. Lay the potato over the dough. Scatter over the mushrooms and peppers. Sprinkle with dried herbs, salt and pepper. Bake (one tray at a time if necessary) for 10 mins. Remove, sprinkle over the fresh herbs and bake for another 3-5 mins, depending on your oven. Serve slightly warm, or at room temperature, drizzled with a little more oil.

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food matters

chef bruce set to make his mark at the moorland garden hotel Award-winning chef Bruce Cole has joined the team at the Moorland Garden Hotel, completing the top line-up at the newly revamped hotel. His appointment as head chef comes at the culmination of an extensive refurbishment programme for the hotel, bought by Brian and Sonia Meaden in July 2011. A £750,000 programme of improvements has been carried out at the hotel, which has transformed the Moorland Garden into one of the plushest venues in the area. The hotel’s 44 bedrooms, all but a handful of which have balconies, have been given a complete make-over, while the hotel’s restaurant, ballroom and other public areas have been extensively refurbished. New recruit Bruce will oversee a team of six in creating a traditional British menu with a modern twist at the elegant Wildflower Restaurant. Originally hailing from South Africa, Bruce has most recently been making his mark at leading West Country establishments including The Polurian Hotel and Retallack Resort & Spa. He has previously held the executive chef role at Cape Town’s five-star Cape Grace Hotel, which was listed during his time there as Small Luxury Hotel of the world by Conde Nast Traveller. A former member and advisor to the South African National Culinary Squad, Bruce has held a number of posts in some of the top hotel restaurants in South Africa and the UK. Formally trained in South Africa under Walter Ulse in one of South Africa’s longest standing restaurants, Linger Longer, Bruce is passionate about sourcing local produce. “These are exciting times at the Moorland Garden and I’m delighted with my new role here. I’m looking forward to working as part of a vibrant team, designing a

moorland garden hotel’s stunning ‘crystal room’ is a popular choice for weddings, parties and other celebrations


the plymouth magazine

award-winning chef brucle cole is delighted to be part of the moorland garden hotel team

menu that will put a modern twist on quality ingredients while showcasing some of the fantastic produce available in Devon and surrounding counties,” he said. “I want the menu to be about taking the best local produce and adding a bit of flair and imagination to traditional recipes,” he continued. “We have access to some of the finest ingredients here in West Devon, exceptional fresh fish from Plymouth, and meat, poultry, game and vegetables from Dartmoor and the Tavy Valley. “The Moorland Garden Hotel is a stunning and unique venue with a great team and a fabulous atmosphere. We’re dedicated to making sure that when guests come here they have an experience that they simply couldn’t get anywhere else. We’re really looking forward to busy times ahead,” he added. A new-look for the menus in both the impressive Wildflower Restaurant and Dartmoor Bar is being launched in May by Bruce and his team.

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moorland garden hotel’s wildflower restaurant now has a terrace where diners can enjoy their meals ‘al fresco’

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food matters

moorland garden hotel’s forget-menot suite has been extensively refurbished

• continued from previous page “Diners are already served some excellent food at the Moorland Garden, but we are planning to bring in some additional ‘wow’ factor that we hope will really impress our customers.” With the addition of a brand new terrace fronting the Wildflower Restaurant, diners will be able to enjoy fine dining al fresco when the weather improves, enjoying the breathtaking views across the hotel’s nine acres of landscaped gardens and the backdrop of the moors. The restaurant is currently open every evening of the week and also at lunchtimes from Wednesday to Friday as well as Sundays. The Dartmoor Bar and Lounge offers a relaxed atmosphere where four legged friends are also welcome. It is open daily for morning coffee, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner with bar food and real ale the order of the day.

free Riverford cook book with your vegbox*

*Free book on your 2nd delivery when you place a regular vegbox order. New customers only.


ook* cookth b £16.99) (wor

bruce’s appointment is ‘icing on the cake’ Guests can unwind by the fire on the comfy sofas with a newspaper or a good book, meet a friend for a catch up over tea or enjoy a glass of wine after a hard day at the office. The hotel is also a popular venue for weddings, conferences and other events. There are three rooms licensed for civil ceremonies, catering for between 20 and 160 guests. The exquisite ‘Crystal’ ballroom has been entirely refurbished in the last year and is proving to be a big favourite for weddings. Most weekends in 2013 and many in 2014 are already booked. Welcoming Bruce, Andrew Jenkins, general manager from the Moorland Garden Hotel said: “This is a very exciting time for us. The appointment of Bruce really is the icing on the cake in terms of the re-birth of the hotel. His credentials, enthusiasm and commitment were just what we were looking for to help drive the dining to the next level. Visitors to the Moorland Garden Hotel are going to be in for a real treat.” Bruce said that he wants to build strong links with the local community and share his passion for fine food with young and old alike. “I look forward to meeting local groups to chat with them and get them interested in local produce.” As part of this process a Producers Day is being held on June 7 between 12 noon and 4pm when local people will be invited to meet local producers, enjoy free tastings and demos. Bruce will also be preparing a special gourmet dinner in the evening to mark the occasion. “We plan to have regular events like this which will enable us to invite local residents to learn more about food and the wonderful produce available here in the South West,” he added. For more information contact The Moorland Garden Hotel, Yelverton, near Plymouth Tel 01822 852 245 or visit

boxes from


with free delivery

call Ian & Emma on 01752 790703 or visit 20

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chef bruce cole in the wildflower restaurant

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A fourth generation family business founded in 1909 supplying bespoke natural stone products for the home Showroom open

Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm, Saturday 9am - 4pm and Sunday 10am - 2pm Plymouth Stone, 109 Efford Road, Plymouth PL3 6NG

Telephone 01752 706388 ᆗ


Marble ᆗ Granite ᆗ Slate ᆗ Traver tine ᆗ Quar tzstone the plymouth magazine

what’s on? theatre royal closes but the show goes on at TR2... The Theatre Royal closed its doors at the end of April as work on the £7 million refurbishment project gets under way.

People’s Company members each taking a unique look at gender. Jun 28 and Jun 29 Oxygen

Cornwall, June 1913: fifteen women gather. They want to end child poverty, they want to end white slave traffic, they want to end sweated labour. But they can’t do this unless they have the right to vote. Oxygen is a new play produced by Dreadnought South West Association, who work with arts and heritage to champion women’s voices and stories.

This will see the transformation of the front of house areas of the theatre including an extended main entrance and foyer area and a new performance space in the basement of the theatre. While the Theatre Royal gets its makeover, a ‘pop-up’ theatre is being installed at TR2, the Theatre Royal’s production and education centre in Cattedown, enabling an exciting programme of work to take place at this award winning, unique location. The pop-up theatre will see one of the rehearsal spaces at TR2 transformed into a performance space with seating and staging that will enable a full programme of work to be presented. This will include both professional theatre productions that would normally be in the Drum Theatre and a range of community and Creative Learning projects. Other facilities will also be available including a licensed bar and a cafe serving light pre-show suppers which will be located in the Green Room with its stunning views over the River Plym. The venue also offers free parking and in addition, the theatre is offering free transport to the venue from the City Centre. Full details about the pop-up theatre programme at TR2 and how to get there are available on the Theatre Royal website www. Highlights of the programme of work at TR2 are: May 7 to May 11 National Theatre Connections

See separate story on next page. May 14 to May 18 Bigmouth

Jul 18 to Jul 20 Our Space - The Edge Chapel Street and Bitch Boxer is a double-bill of award-winning plays at TR2 in June

– an evening of innovative and contemporary theatre and dance performance work. May 28 to Jun 1 The Forest and the Field

A gently seductive, immersive piece of non-fiction storytelling which asks us to consider what we’re all doing when we meet in a theatre space. Using live demonstrations and video clips, with examples from Shakespeare to O.J. Simpson, The Forest and the Field creates a space for reflecting on theatre. Writing, direction and sound design from Drum favourite Chris Goode.

brings you a night of carnage in the lives of Kirsty and Joe. In Bitch Boxer, Chloe trains for the fight of her life and she is left winded by two life-changing events. Jun 26 Platform 13

Our Space is an emerging theatre company that aims to challenge perceptions of social exclusion. Members come from all walks of life, some of whom have faced challenges in their lives; all of whom have a passion for making theatre. For tickets or further information contact the Theatre Royal Box Office on 01752 267222 or visit

A selection of short new plays from

May 29 to Jun 1 Little Red Riding Hood

Meet Ethel and Sam as they get ready for bed with a not-so-sweet bedtime story of a girl with attitude, a wolf with an appetite, a larger than life woodcutter with an axe (and a very real fear of wolves) as well as other more friendly woodland creatures! Jun 4 to Jun 8 After the Rainfall

A tribute to 2,500 years of oration, Valentijn Dhaenens ingeniously weaves together fragments of the seminal speeches of the Grand Inquisitor and Socrates to Mohammed Ali and Osama Bin Laden, showing the tricks of rhetoric have hardly changed.

Navigating between the arid Egyptian desert, the British Museum and a quiet village green, this extraordinary Edinburgh Fringe First winning company uses multimedia, movement and sound to conjure up an epic and passionate story, questioning our relationship between past, present and eternity.

May 22 to May 24 University Student Showcase

Jun 11 to Jun 15 Chapel Street and Bitch Boxer

Students from the Theatre and Performance Department at Plymouth University will showcase an exciting range of dance and theatre practice

A double bill of two new awardwinning plays performed over one evening. Sweaty, fuzzy-tongued and drenched in booze, Chapel Street the plymouth magazine


young people making the connections disappearance?

The Theatre Royal will be presenting seven different plays by 10 different schools and young theatre groups from across the South West between May 7 and May 11 as part of the National Theatre’s Connections.

Dorchester Youth Theatre present Don’t Feed the Animals by Jemma Kennedy. When a local gang of bored youths volunteers to help a family circus from going under, acrobatic twins Zack and Missy are faced with the task of training an un-trainable mob in circus skills. Queen Elizabeth’s, Dorset present I’m Spilling My Heart Out Here by Stacey Gregg. It’s the daily scramble across no-man’s-land: you flinch as you pass those even more clueless than you strewn from the barbed wire of exams, first dates, evil former best mates… but hell’s ok if you stick together.

Every year, ten brand new plays are written exclusively for Connections by some of the most influential British playwrights, giving young people aged 13 to 19 all over the country access to the best new writing for theatre. The plays will be presented at the Theatre Royal’s ‘pop up’ theatre at TR2 in Cattedown. From Plymouth to Aberdeen and from Belfast to Norwich, Connections celebrates great new writing for the stage and the energy, commitment and talent of young theatre-makers. Redruth School and the Theatre Royal Young Company present Ailie and the Alien by Morna Pearson. When space alien Finn takes a shine to human being Ailie, things suddenly start going right in Ailie’s life. But when Finn is summoned to return home, everything begins to unravel.


the plymouth magazine

Lyme Youth Theatre, Dorset and Tower House School, Paignton each present Mobile Phone Show by Jim Cartwright, a communication cacophony and a fully charged-up chorus line of chaos in a rhapsody of rap, text, tweet and gabble. Young and Unique Theatre, Callington Community College present What are they Like? by Lucinda Coxon. Adolescence is a rough ride. You’ve got existential angst, mood swings,

never enough money... And that’s just the parents! How well do you know yours? Kingsley School, Bideford and Stoke Damerel Community College, Plymouth each present We Lost Elijah by Ryan Craig. Elijah’s older brother and two friends were charged with getting him home safely while the riots were raging. Did Elijah get caught up in the events or was there another reason for his

Fowey Community College present The Guffin by Howard Brenton. Four young people hanging out in a derelict house find a strange object; it’s the Guffin. Touch it and your life is changed forever. Ten companies chosen from around the country will go on to perform at the National Theatre July 3 to 8. For more information or to book tickets please contact Box Office on 01752 267222 or online at

what’s on?

Top jazz pianist Jonathan Gee is appearing with his Trio at the B-Bar on May 17

theatres & shows Barbican Theatre Castle Street, Plymouth Box Office: 01752 267131

Mondays Voices 4 Change

Voices 4 Change is a free weekly session for 12-18 year olds that explores many of the challenges that young people face today. Tuesdays Dance Young Apprentices

Weekly sessions to develop dance skills.

May 8 and 22 Café Acoustica

Fortnightly showcase of unplugged talent, hosted by singer-songwriter Jessie Mullen. May 9 Lukas Drinkwater

Lukas is best known as bass-player with 3 Daft Monkeys, the folk power-trio. Lukas regularly performs solo, playing strong original material and choice covers from a broad musical spectrum. May 10 The Flamenco Thief

Craig Sutton, aka The Flamenco Thief is a fast rising star of the UK acoustic scene. May 17 Jonathan Gee

Wednesdays Theatre Young Apprentices

The Jonathan Gee Trio is ‘a brilliant gem’ of contemporary jazz piano, and its leader has worked with some of the biggest names in jazz.

B-Bar at the Barbican Theatre

May 24 Adam Piggott & Jayne Freeman

Weekly sessions to develop theatre skills.

Castle Street, Plymouth 01752 242021

May 1 and Jun 5 Comedy Night

Some light relief with the best standups on the UK circuit. May 2 and Jun 6 Ladykillaz

May’s show features Lena Smith - a local piano-based singer-songwriter, with a wide range of pop, rock, blues, jazz and classical influences, her music ‘ticks all the boxes and, thankfully, is fresh and original enough not to fit into any of them.’ June’s show features Lily & Meg, an alternative folk duo blending banjo, guitar, harmonica and vocals. Part of a new strand of programming featuring female musicians exclusively. May 3 Noel Harrison

Noel Harrison is best known in the UK for his Oscar Winning performance of The Windmills of Your Mind in the original Thomas Crown Affair. Noel and Phil Rossiter play country, folk, swing, tex mex and other eclectic delights!

Adam Piggott and Jayne Freeman combine powerful acoustic guitar and ukulele with their own take on the genres of folk and Americana. Live shows also feature unique versions of well known and often unexpected covers.

Doctor & Nurse Led Clinic

This summer's favourite accessory? "Your skin and a smile"

The clinic run by real women for real women

Hyde Park Clinic

May 30 and Jun 27 Thomas Ford

Electrifying blues talent in the form of this harp-playing, hard blues singing solo performer. May 31 Hamer & Isaacs

Hamer & Isaacs play swinging gypsy jazz under the influence of Django Reinhardt and The Hot Club Of France.

Plymouth Pavilions Millbay Road, Plymouth Box Office: 0845 146 1460

May 18 Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis is touring the UK for the first time in three years. Since her meteoric

Call today on 01752 292960 for a FREE consultation 12 Hyde Park Road, Plymouth, PL3 4RJ the plymouth magazine


what’s on?

daniel o’donnell set for return to plymouth pavilions Easy listening legend Daniel O’Donnell is returning to Plymouth Pavilions in October, following his hugely popular 2011 performance. Three decades into his sparkling career as a top entertainer, Daniel’s star is still shining bright and he will be returning to entertain his passionate local fans on Friday October 18. His popularity among people of all ages and walks of life hasn’t diminished with the passing of time. Fans simply love his easy-listening vocal style and his songs of life, love and inspiration that he sings with genuine warmth and passion. Most of all, they love Daniel the man, his charm and great sense of humour. Daniel has sold millions of recordings worldwide and is the only artist in the world to claim at least one hit album every year since 1988, earning him a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. His music DVDs have all been No1 best-sellers ahead of some of the greatest stars from around the globe. He is the most successful easy listening-country singer in the UK and Ireland, and is officially one of the UK’s Top 60 Best Selling Album Artists of the last 21st Century. For tickets contact the Box Office on 0845 146 1460 or visit

theatres & shows rise to global fame, Leona’s incredible voice has captivated millions of people across the world. She’s broken countless sales records and smashed chart records universally. Performing hits from her two No.1 albums Spirit and Echo, as well as her latest CD Glassheart, this tour promises to showcase Leona Lewis at her very best! May 19 Snooker Legends

Seven time world champion Stephen Hendry teams up with six time champion Steve Davis, to take on The Whirlwind Jimmy White and 1986 world champion Joe Johnson! Doubles and singles, only one team can win! A once in a lifetime chance to see, and meet, four legends of the game. John Virgo will be on hand to provide expert analysis and generally keep the crowds entertained and leading referee Michaela Tabb will officiate on this special night. May 30 Sally Morgan

Psychic Sally is back on the road. Jun 12 and 13 Strictly Confidential


the plymouth magazine

Strictly Confidential will give audiences an insight into what drives these Strictly stars, why dance is the biggest love of their lives and what led them to their Strictly Come Dancing journey.

Jun 18 The Moody Blues

The Moody Blues, whose legacy spans four decades of hit-making and sell-out tours, will continue to entertain audiences with their timeless music on their brand new 14 date tour, which includes Plymouth. Jun 19 Al Murray

Broken Britain may be staring into the bottom of an empty pint glass, but don’t lose hope – Al Murray The Pub Landlord is back to fill it up again, with a brand new show of epic proportions. Jun 21 and 22 Jason Manford

The show promises to feature a wealth of comedy anecdotes, comic misunderstandings and audience banter delivered with Jason’s likeable charm and teasingly intelligent wit. Jun 23 Shaolin Warriors

This breathtaking theatrical Kung Fu show vividly depicts the rarely-seen Kung Fu masters’ feats of agility, strength and skill, using Buddhist Meditation and their rigorous martial arts training. Jul 21 to 23 Nickelodeon’s Dora the Explorer LIVE!

Everyone’s favourite explorer is embarking on a live musical adventure. Search for the City of Lost Toys is heading to Plymouth Pavilions this July. Dora the Explorer fans will delight in this two act, song and dance spectacular that invites them to think, sing and play along.

status quo and 10CC in big double header Britain’s best-loved rockers Status Quo will undertake the ‘Bula Quo!’ UK winter tour in 2013 and return to Plymouth Pavilions on December 10. ‘Bula Quo!’ is the title of the band’s forthcoming debut feature film and soundtrack album. The film premieres in London on July 1 and goes on general release on July 5, whilst the 2CD album is released on June 10. The tour also features very special guests, the mighty 10CC, on all UK dates – two truly classic bands on one bill. A Platinum-selling band, 10CC achieved massive success during the 70s with classic hits like Rubber Bullets, I’m Not In Love, I’m Mandy, Fly Me and Dreadlock Holiday. The current line-up, helmed by Graham Gouldman and Paul Burgess, are constantly in demand the world over; these UK dates are going to be really special. For tickets contact the Box Office on 0845 146 1460 or visit

rock legends status quo the plymouth magazine


what’s on?

treat for youngsters as dora searches for lost toys Everyone’s favourite explorer is embarking on a live musical adventure in Nickelodeon’s Dora the Explorer LIVE! Search for the City of Lost Toys, heading to Plymouth Pavilions from July 19 until July 21.

St Luke's Care Half Page Ad.pdf



map-reading, counting, musical and language skills to successfully pass through the number pyramid and the mixed-up jungle to reach the City of Lost Toys. But watch out - you never know what that sneaky fox Swiper might be up to along the way!

Dora the Explorer has lost her teddy bear Osito, and the search is on to retrieve him!

Dora the Explorer fans will delight in this two act, song and dance spectacular that invites them to think, sing and play along.

With the help of the audience, Map, Backpack, Boots, Diego and their courageous friends, Dora uses her

For tickets contact the Box Office on 0845 146 1460 or visit

Quality care and support in your own home C








VAT Number 108 2418 38


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Town & Country also cover SE Cornwall, South Hams, as well as Plymouth & surrounding areas?

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what’s on?

music May 3 and Jun 7 Jazz at the Fleur

Duke of Cornwall Hotel Free entry for live jazz from 9pm to 11.30pm. May 3 Clarion Choir

St Budeaux Parish Church Contact Mrs Blackler 01752 362931 May 5 and May 19 Plymouth Jazz Club

The Chris Walker Swingtet – popular swing band with hits from 30s and 40s The Royal British Legion Club, Tailyour Road, Crownhill. May 19 John Maddock’s Jazzmen, one of best bands in the New Orleans style. Call 01752 721179 or visit May 9 Sydney Male Voice Choir

Saltash Wesley Church with the Saltash Ladies Choir. Tickets 01752 843073


the plymouth magazine

May 9 Plymouth University Orchestra

St Andrew’s Minster, Plymouth Conductor Rupert Bond with Nadia Lasserson - piano. Featuring Borodin: Excerpts from Symphony No.2; Rimsky-Korsakov: Capriccio Espagnole; Rupert Bond: Piano Concertino Premiere; Saint Saens: Danse Macabre; Britten: Simple Symphony for Strings ...and music for strings, woodwind and brass. Tickets free. Parting donation invited towards concert costs. May 11 Will McNichol The Wake Up

University of Plymouth Sherwell Centre The Wake Up is the new album by award-winning guitarist and composer Will McNicol and features original compositions played on both nylon and steel-strung guitars. Described as ‘flawless’ by Guitarist Magazine, Will’s playing takes inspiration from a large variety of genres from Celtic melody and rhythm to intricate classical phrasing and technique. Details from 01752 585050 or

May 16 The Chamber Ensemble of London

Plymouth City Museum & Art Gallery Director Peter Fisher and the Ensemble as part of the 21st International Concert Series. Tickets £20 from the Museum Shop (Tue - Sat) or from May 16 D’Arcy Trinkwon Organ Recital

St Andrew’s Minster, Plymouth Programme will include works by Louis Vierne; Liszt; Bach; Alexandre Guilmant and Percy Whitlock. Tickets £10 at the door, or from Kerry’s Music Shop on Ebrington Street, Plymouth. May 18 Proms Concert: England’s Green and Pleasant Land

St Andrew’s Church, Plymouth Featuring the Ten Tors Orchestra & University of Plymouth Choral Society, Simon Ible - conductor, Sally Harrison soprano, Sarah Pring - mezzo-soprano, Nathan Vale - tenor, Alexander Robin Baker - baritone. Includes traditional

proms anthems Rule Britannia!, Jerusalem and Land of Hope and Glory. Tickets 01752 585050 or visit www. May 24 Encore

Plymouth Guildhall Music of the Night Choral Foundation Remember – Motion Picture Troy; World War 2 selection; selection from Sound of Music; Steal Away to Jesus – by Hugh S. Roberton; selection from Les Miserables and more. Tickets 01752 362677 or online at May 26 and Jun 23 Carlton Big Band

Royal Plymouth Corinthian Yacht Club, The Hoe, Plymouth Tickets from 01752 664327, Kerry’s Music - 01752 227120 or Elaine 07973 600190. Bookings available for carvery and light lunches available. Jun 14 Plymouth Area Police Choir

Methodist Central Hall, Plymouth Grand Annual Concert

ot £££’s? n ’s B L e s lo to t n Wa Run by Ex-Roy a Peter D l Marine uncan, with over 7 qua in fitne lifications ss and Reps registe red, yo u ’r e in good h ands.

June 19 Movie Night

Will McNichol - appearing at Sherwell Centre on May 11

The Guildhall, Plymouth With Plymouth Symphony Orchestra, conductor Anne Kimber. Excerpts from: Apocalypse Now (Ride of the Valkyries), Henry V, Jurassic Park, Pirates of the Caribbean, ET, Indiana Jones and more! Tickets online at

With the Gavin Martin Jazz Quartet. Cruise across the Sound and up the River Tamar with good company, food, drink and music. Tickets to include buffet supper, from 01752 844519.

Jun 22 Midsummer Nights Dream Ball

Royal Plymouth Corinthian Yacht Club, The Hoe, Plymouth Featuring the Elaine Davies Quintet. Contact Elaine on 07973 600190 Jun 28 Jazz Cruise

Leave from the Barbican Landing Stage, Plymouth

Jun 29 Plymouth Phoenix Chorale

St Peter’s Church, Wyndham Square Informal concert on the theme of ‘Sea’, including vocal and instrumental solos and readings. Jun 30 Plymouth Philharmonic Choir

The Guildhall, Plymouth Featuring Handel’s Dixit Dominus; Vivaldi: Gloria and Schubert: Mass in G Tickets from 01364 72429.

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history festival

will be an annual event Plymouth’s first-ever History Festival which features a massive selection of over 170 events will run throughout the whole of May. The festival aims to highlight Plymouth’s unique heritage and encourage local residents and visitors to experience the city’s historic environment and buildings. Nearly 50 different local organisations and heritage providers are contributing to the festival, which is being coordinated by Plymouth City Council’s arts and heritage service. Festival director Louisa Mann said: “We’re delighted with the way the programme has continued to grow and grow. We have been receiving requests literally every day from new organisations wanting to get involved. “We have events and activities this year to suit everyone of all ages, particularly families. It’s been fantastic to see the response and a number of events are already fully sold out.”

history festival director louisa mann

She said that such was the success of this year’s launch programme that plans were already in hand for the Festival in 2014 when the focus will be on marking the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War and the merging of Stonehouse, Devonport and Plymouth to form the City of Plymouth. Events this year include film screenings exploring festivals and cultural activities throughout the years and the plans to rebuild Plymouth at the end of the Second World War, as well as performances of Morris dancing and traditional folk and organ music. Nearly 30 different talks are on offer throughout the month covering topics as wide ranging as art history and archaeology, marine science and shipwrecks and the history of areas such as Plymstock, Plympton and Stonehouse, as well as the development of the Marine Biological Association and the naval base. For those who want to venture out and about, the festival programme also includes lots of guided tours and walks highlighting places such as Plymouth’s synagogue, the Duke of Cornwall Hotel, the Royal William Yard, the Millfields, Sutton Harbour, Elliot Terrace, the Naval Heritage Centre, the Royal Citadel, the Central Library, the Plymouth and West Devon Record Office and the Council House. The festival falls across two bank holiday weekends and a half term so a selection of family activities are also on offer, including storytelling sessions at Mount Edgcumbe, a quiz at Plympton Library and arts and crafts workshops at the City Museum and Art Gallery. A number of venues will also be organising some special displays featuring historic maps and photographs, life in early Victorian Plymouth, Torpoint’s connections with the Royal Navy, the history of Plymouth schools, Plympton and


the plymouth magazine

what’s on?

ed whitelaw of the real ideas organisation who have overseen the resoration of the historic devonport column

A unique gallery, now open 6 years, selling jewellery, glass, ceramics and other gift items; all hand made in the UK; all exclusive to Plymouth and now available to buy online at Nicola makes jewellery on the premises. Commissions and repairs undertaken. Regular exhibitions showcasing new jewellers - visit Nicola's shop today!

01752 228000 l

Hyde Parkeighth Rd l Plymouth l PL3 4JN Plymouth65Magazine page Delamore 2013_LayoutScan 1 here 11/04/2013 18:04 P for more info



11th annual exhibition of painting, photography & sculpture

01–31 MAY 2013 • 10.30AM–4.30PM DAILY • ENTRY £6.50

North Prospect. The City Museum and Art Gallery will also be opening a brand new exhibition called ‘The Making of a Modern City’ which will commemorate the 70th anniversary of the publication of Abercrombie’s Plan for Plymouth – the document that set the blueprint for the rebuilding of Plymouth after the devastation of the Blitz. The final element of the programme is a host of special events including open days at local churches and Crownhill Fort, Local Studies Day, Family History Day, Archives from the Attic and Museums at Night. The opening ceremony for Devonport Column on May 11 is one of the highlights of the festival and visitors will be able to take in the breath-taking views 120 feet above the city.

Cornwood, Devon PL21 9QT

Supported by

Tel: 01752 837236/07507 662895

South West

The Wreck of the Metta Catharina

an ordinary ship, an extraordinary story.

It will be the first time in more than 50 years that the public have been able to access the viewing platform, offering the finest views across the city, Dartmoor, Cornwall and the Sound. A £700,000 Heritage Lottery Fund Grant was secured by the Real Ideas Organisation which enabled a 12-month restoration programme of the iconic Devonport landmark. The celebration event is free to the public and there will be heritage, performances, entertainment, music and food for all ages. Well-known Plymouth based artist Brian Pollard will also be exhibiting his artwork from Saturday May 11 at Devonport Guildhall, and some of the artwork is available to purchase for a limited time only. Full details of the 2013 History Festival programme can be found online at www. Bookings are now being taken and additional new events will continue to be added to the site. Stay up to date with developments at and

Ever wondered what it was like to be a sailor in the 18th century? Or wanted to explore the murky depths of Plymouth Sound, then why not visit our new exhibition and find out more. A fun, family friendly exhibition at Mount Edgcumbe House opens 28th May 2013. Check for more events Tel: 01752 822236 email: the plymouth magazine


what’s on?

major events Premier Speedway League

May 10 Devils v Scunthorpe May 18 Devils v Edinburgh May 24 Devils v Leicester Jun 7 Devils v Glasgow Jun 14 Devils v tbc Jun 21 Westernapolis (individual) Jun 21 Raiders v Berwick May 1 to May 31 Plymouth History Festival

Over 100 special events celebrating Plymouth’s heritage and history. See centre pages. May 2 Campus Market

Roland Levinsky Building The finest products from local traders, with everything from chutneys and jams to fishcakes. For details visit www.

May 3 Craft Fayre

Roland Levinsky Building A range of local handmade products at fantastic prices, with unique gifts that you won’t find on the high street. For details visit May 4 and May 5 Traditional May Fair

Mount Edgcumbe Maypole dancing, morris dancing, archery, clay pigeon shooting, medieval jousting, coconut shy and lots of stalls selling goodies. Starts at 10am until 4pm. May 5 and Jun 2 Good Food Market

Royal William Yard The market showcases some of the best local food and drink in the South West. Visit www.royalwilliamyardnews. May 11 and 12 Plymouth Tattoo Convention

11 and 12 May The Guildhall 100+ artists, trade booths, tattoo competitions, custom car & bike show,

plans unveiled for june Air, sea and land displays will once again wow crowds on Plymouth Hoe as plans are unveiled for Armed Forces Day 2013. The city is honouring its military connections and will build on the hugely successful Armed Forces Day national event last year that attracted tens of thousands of visitors. The event on Saturday June 29 will be a wonderful opportunity to see the armed forces up-close and will feature displays from current personnel, veterans, cadet forces, support agencies and charities. A major attraction will be the Veterans’ Village. Organisations and charities who support services for veterans are invited to come along and promote their activities. Service associations are also being invited to a Parade of Standards across the Hoe. Armed Forces Day honours Britain’s armed forces past, present and future and recognises not only their personal sacrifices and outstanding service to their country but also the contribution they continue to make to their community and civilian employers, through the transferable skills they have acquired. Leader of Plymouth City Council, Councillor Tudor Evans said: “Plymouth is immensely proud of its long naval and military history and we look forward to once again honouring our service men and women by coming together to celebrate Armed Forces Day. The national event in 2012 was a fantastic showcase for the city and we plan to build on the success of that this year.” 10 live bands. For details visit May 11 Dawn Chorus

Mount Edgcumbe Awaken to the delights of the avian world here at Mount Edgcumbe. Join our expert guide to experience the amazing sounds of dawn birdsong within the gardens of the estate. Meeting at Barrow Car Park at 4:30am, the walk will take approximately two and half hours and finish off with breakfast and cost £6.50 per person. Suitable walking shoes and warm clothing is a must, and don’t forget the binoculars! May 12 Sky Ride 2013

Central Park The free event is part of a national campaign to get more people cycling regularly, inspiring and helping people to get back on their bikes to re-discover the fun they can have. Last year 7,000 people took part in the event and due to its popularity it will return again this year. More information at www. May 18 Lord Mayor’s Day


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City Centre This popular annual event will again be taking place, welcoming the new Lord Mayor into their role. ‘Plymouth’s Hidden History’ is the theme for this year’s Lord Mayor’s Day and will see the whole city centre come alive in a celebration of music, fun and a colourful carnival costumed procession.

May 24 to 26 Volksfest

24 May to 26 May Newnham Park, Plympton Festival line-up includes The Levellers, Seth Lakeman, Alabama 3, Hazel O’Connor, Mad Dog Mcrea and many more. For details call the ticket hotline on 07547 358 686 or visit Jun 2 Jaguar Classic Car Show

The Barbican Explore Jaguar cars from across the years and enjoy a relaxing weekend in this historical location. Jun 15 and 16 Plymouth in Fashion

The Piazza, City Centre Style Plymouth returns this year with two days of fashion shows in the heart of the city centre.Showcasing the latest high street fashion from Plymouth stores such as House of Fraser, ebenhams, Marks and Spencer and Moss Bros as well as many independent stores. New for this year, there will be a vintage fair in collaboration with Miss Ivy Events. Keep an eye out for more details nearer the time. Jun 24 to Jul 7 Wimbledon on the Big Screen

The Piazza, City Centre Feel the tension from Centre Court with live screenings from Wimbledon on the big screen.


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eddystone charity sailing pursuit increases prize pot and nets the national marine aquarium RNLI. By raising £4,525, the highest amount of sponsorship the Pursuit has ever seen, The Island Trust also received a special prize of £500.

Having raised over £300,000 for more than 120 charitable causes since its inception in 2002, the Eddystone Charity Sailing Pursuit is once again calling on ordinary sailors, who normally steer clear of a racing buoy, to sign up for this year’s 26 mile sailing marathon in Plymouth. Billed as a ‘chase’ and very definitely not a ‘race’, the 12th Eddystone Charity Sailing Pursuit will be held on Saturday, July 13, culminating in an evening of supper, entertainment and prize giving which will be hosted by the National Marine Aquarium for the first time. This year organisers are adopting a new formula for awarding prize money from the ‘prize pot’ which has been increased to a bumper £15,000. “If you’ve got access to a boat and a charity close to your heart, then sign up for a fun, rewarding day out on


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This year Plymouth Yacht Haven, Yacht Haven Quay and Blaster Master have joined forces to raise the public profile of the event.

the water which always adds a thrill to fundraising,” said organiser Julia Creeke who, in memory of her mother, is responsible for creating one of the most successful charity fixtures on the South West yachting calendar. “The chase always captures the imagination of supporters and can boost a charity’s coffers through sponsorship as well as prize money,” she added.

Last year, 73 cruising and racing yachts raised over £41,500 for 40 different charities, which were crewed and skippered by individuals, entire families and charities providing an exhilarating experience for the participants, from nine year old youngsters to octogenarians. ‘King Magic’ sailed in at the top of the prize ladder, scooping a grand for the

Dr David Gibson, managing director at the National Marine Aquarium, commented: “We’re delighted to be supporting the Eddystone Charity Sailing Pursuit, and to be welcoming the successful crews to the Aquarium in July. It’s great to be able to support events such as this, which help raise money for charity and share our views on protecting the seas. Our visitors will have a perfect vantage point with all the sailing action taking place just outside the Aquarium, and we are greatly looking forward to the event.” This year yachts will start from a line off the Hoe, from approximately 8am, at intervals depending on their handicap which is based on Portsmouth Yardstick. The course takes them out to

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round the Hand Deeps buoy, three miles west of the Eddystone, and back to finish at the same line off the Hoe. Early bird entries for the individual event and the three boat team event (where all three boats sail for the same charity) began on April 1 and will continue online ( until July 9. Entries cost £15 with a minimum sponsorship requirement of £50. As the main aim of the event is to fundraise for charities that ‘benefit the human condition’ the new points system should incentivize participants to raise as much sponsorship as possible for their nominated charity. Now with points aggregated for sponsorship, sailed position and date of entry, boats will buy a proportion of the ‘prize pot’. There is an opportunity for businesses, charitable trusts or individuals to help support the Pursuit by becoming a ‘friend’ and donating prizes, goods in

Bank Holiday Bargains! Beko Washing Machine WM5101W

kind or services; or a sponsor of the three-boat Team event. For more details contact: sec@ For online entries, full information, past results and prize pay outs go to www.




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flavourfest...celebrating 10 years in 2013

city set for summer Plymouth has a huge programme of events and activities in the next four months which are set to attract tens of thousands of visitors to the city. It all starts with the first ever Plymouth History Festival, with over 170 individual walks, talks and experiences taking place across the month of May. The arrival of the new Lord Mayor in May will be celebrated with the ever popular Lord Mayor’s Day followed by a great family fun Pirate Weekend on the historic Barbican. Moving into June, Plymouth City Centre will be turned into the fashion centre of the South West with the new revamped Plymouth in Fashion week. The annual coverage of Wimbledon on the big screen returns at the end of June into July. Brand new for 2013 is the ‘Festival of Sail’. An exciting programme of events on and off the water. Starting with the exciting Route des Princes, a new European multi hull sailing race, and taking in the P1 Powerboats, Armed Forces Day and Plymouth Race Week.


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Towards the end of July, Plymouth will host more water based entertainment with the Port of Plymouth Regatta and the Sutton Harbour Classic Boat Rally. In August the bi-annual FastNet race returns to Plymouth. The powerful summer events programme concludes with the re running of the champion of champions British Firework Championships in August with the same six teams as 2012 competing for the coveted title. August also celebrates the 10th anniversary of one of the city’s best events, Flavour Fest. The vibrant food market which draws more than 100,000 visitors across the three days promises to be bigger and better this year.

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family stuff Events at Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery, Drake Circus The Imaginators

Admission free. Booking essential. Free, fun creative learning sessions for preschool children and their parents/carers. 10.30am to 11.30am or 1pm to 2pm on Wednesdays (term time only). Advance booking is essential. Call 01752 304665 to reserve your place. Wild About Plymouth

Creatures from the Past May 11 11am to 2pm Buckfastleigh Caves, Buckfastleigh, Devon. £5 per adult £2.50 per child/under 5s free. Advance booking is essential. Join the team to see and hold fossil bones of hyenas, rhinos, bison and hippos that lived around Buckfastleigh Hill 120,000 years ago when the climate was very warm. The caves are part of a conservation

area and home to over 1000 bats. Learn the secret lives of our bats, walk ancient pathways, see where earthquakes happened, volcanoes erupted and enjoy some family friendly activities. Refreshments will be provided, but bring a packed lunch. Please wear long trousers and sensible shoes. Parking is available at the Caves site. Meet at the William Pengelly Museum entrance at Buckfastleigh Caves (TQ11 0DY). Plymouth’s Buzzing Jun 8 1am to 2pm, Central Park, Plymouth Admission Free. No need to book Come and help ‘Buglife’ find out what bees, butterflies and other buzzing wildlife have moved in to our new urban meadows. Hunt in the grass, explore the plants and discover the huge number of insects which move pollen from one plant to another. Experts will be on hand to identify your finds. Meet in Central Park at the pedestrian roundabout with the clock, behind the Life Centre. Bug Hunt June 30 10am to 12 noon Ford Park Cemetery, Ford Park Road, Plymouth. Admission Free. No need to book. Hunt for beetles, spiders and other little creatures in the

undergrowth with experts on hand to help identify any mini-beasts you find. This is an annual event with a twist! The bug finds will be recorded to discover the diversity of insects in the Cemetery. Please wear appropriate clothing for the weather, and remember to sunscreen if it’s sunny. Meet us in front of the Old Chapel at the Cemetery. Holiday Activities

Family friendly drop-in workshops aimed at primary school aged children although younger siblings are welcome. All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Stay for as little or as long as you wish.

A’Hoy There Me Hearties May 29 10.30am to 1pm (last entries at 12.30pm) Drop in for some fun creative activities inspired by Plymouth’s maritime heritage at the City Museum and Art Gallery. Re-Mapping Plymouth May 30 10.30am to 1pm (last entries at 12.30pm). Look at old maps of Plymouth and help create a joint 3D one in this half term workshop at the City Museum and Art Gallery. Make and Take

Make something then take it home with our seasonal creative sessions aimed at children aged five to 11 (all of whom

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family stuff must be accompanied by a responsible adult). Sessions run from 11am to 12 noon and 1.30pm to 2.30pm. Admission is free. Advance booking is essential on 01752 304774. Call on the day to see if any last-minute places are available - although there is no guarantee any will remain. Daddy Cool June 15 11am to 12pm, 1.30pm to 2.30pm Father’s Day is on June 16 this year. Come in and make little hand made gifts to give to your dad on his special day. Family Events

Smeaton’s Sea Shanties May 11 Smeaton’s Tower 10.30am to 11.30am and 2.30pm to 3.30pm. Listen to local salty sea dogs ‘Tobacco Road’ perform some authentic sea shanties while you look around our landmark lighthouse. Standard admission applies but there is no need to book.

Museums at Night: Tudors at Twilight May 17 6pm to 9pm Admission free - no need to book. Meet re-enactors and find out more from them about what life was like in Tudor times. Enjoy a range of fun arts and crafts activities including helping to create a giant 3D map of Tudor Plymouth. Admission is free and there is no need to book. Drop in for as little or as long as you like. Hidden History Hats May 18 10am to 1pm (last entries at 12.30pm) Admission free - no need to book. Plymouth has links to many famous people throughout history including artists, entrepreneurs, seafarers and explorers. Find out more about some of these fascinating characters and make a hat inspired by them before the Lord Mayor’s Day parade begins. Drop in for as little or as long as you like but please be patient if sessions are busy as activities are organised on a first come, first served basis! Musical Merriment May 28 2.30pm to 3.30pm at the Elizabethan House; May 30 10.30am to 11.30am at the Merchant’s House. Listen to local

weekend of pirate fun for families on the barbican Plymouth’s Barbican will be hosting a weekend of pirate themed fun for all the family on Saturday May 25 and Sunday May 26. At the heart of the activity will be the fantastic tall ship The Bessie Ellen, which will be berthed in Sutton Harbour for the weekend. Visitors will have the chance to go on board The Bessie Ellen to explore the ship and get a taste of life as a pirate. Launched in 1907, Bessie Ellen’s story started in Plymouth. It is one of the last remaining examples of the schooners and ketches of the West Country, which in the latter part of last century, and up until the 1930s carried cargo around the coasts of the United Kingdom and Europe. Destination Plymouth in partnership with Plymouth City Council, City Centre Company and Plymouth Waterfront Partnership BIDS is putting on a packed programme of entertainment to coincide with the Bessie Ellen’s visit, with plenty of swashbuckling activities for everyone to join in with. People are encouraged to turn up in Pirate fancy dress for this event. Included in the schedule are re-enactment displays, stilt walkers, demonstrations (including sword fighting and interactive craft workshops), face painting, a treasure trail and a best dressed pirate competition with some great prizes for under 16s, judged at 3pm each day at the Bessie Ellen. There will also be a Captain Jack Sparrow lookalike, Jonty Depp on the Saturday making mischief amidst the crowds on the Barbican. On the Sunday Jacko Sparro will there to entertain crowds. Be on the lookout for other Pirates walking throughout the Barbican throughout the weekend. Chris Arscott, Chair of the Plymouth Waterfront Partnership said: “We’re very excited to welcome The Bessie Ellen to Plymouth and would like to thank Sutton Harbour Marina for supporting the event by letting her berth there. Building on the success of the visit of The Matthew last year, we wanted to celebrate the Bessie Ellen’s arrival with another weekend of Pirate themed family fun. This great event will bring lots of visitors to the Waterfront and create a fantastic lively atmosphere that everyone can enjoy.” The Bessie Ellen will be open from 10am to 4pm on Saturday and Sunday. It will be free all weekend. Activities on the Barbican will run from 10am to 4pm on both days. For a full programme of activities taking place on each day, check the Visit Plymouth website or the Tourist Information Centre. folk band ‘Tobacco Road’ perform some of their favourite songs as you soak up the atmosphere in one of the city’s most historic properties.

Mount Edgcumbe Cremyll 01752 822236

May 27 Seashore Explorer


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Explore the creatures of the deep, and not so deep at Mount Edgcumbe. Starting at 1pm the event will run across low tide. Explore the huge amount of sea life that lives above and below the low water mark. Appropriate footwear and wet weather gear is a must for this event. Tickets £4 per child (all children to be accompanied by an adult, max three children per adult).

Jun 15 Family Bushcraft Day

Enjoy a family adventure learning all about the great outdoors. Learn how to build a shelter, light a fire without matches and even forage for food! All children to be accompanied by an adult: no more than two children per adult. Meet at Cawsand car park at 10am wearing suitable clothing and footwear. Bring a packed lunch and drink. Jun 15 Going Bats

A nocturnal adventure with the colonies of bats. Meet on the terrace at the front of the house at 8pm. The walk will take approximately 2 to 3 hours and will finish off with hot soup. Wrap up warm and wear suitable footwear for the walk.

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Long established Christian nursery Qualified Early Years Teachers on staff Most staff first aid trained Home cooked meals prepared on site by our own chef Outdoor play areas Open 7.45am – 6pm Drop off point by the front and rear entrances. Friendly staff

Free Nursery Education funding for 3-4year olds

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Take a look at our website for further details or call Liz to make an appointment to come and visit us. Roundabout Nursery Embankment Rd Plymouth PL49HP T: 01752 229563 E: www.

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exhbitions & other events Events at Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery, Drake Circus Various dates Art Bite Tours and History Bite Tours

Fancy spending your lunchtime taking a bite-sized look at the museum’s collections and changing exhibitions? Then join the museum team at 1pm for a 30-minute tour. Admission is free but places are limited. Please collect a ticket from the Welcome Desk or contact the museum and they will post or put one aside for you. Everyone who attends receives a voucher for a 20% discount in the café afterwards, so you can grab yourself a quick bite to eat too! Art Bite Tours

Jun 5 Women in Art: Behind the Canvas Jun 12 Changing Spaces: Uncovering


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the History of the Cottonian Collection Jun 19 Artworks in ‘The Making of a City’ History Bite Tours

May 1 From 17th Century Portraiture to the Pre-Raphaelites May 8 Plymouth Uncovered May 15 Plymouth: Port and Place May 25 Stories from the Stores Until May 11 Gordon Baldwin: Objects for a Landscape

This major touring exhibition from York Museums Trust celebrates the achievements of Gordon Baldwin OBE, one May 9 and May 11 Meet the Expert: Coins, Medals and Tokens

Thursday 9 May and Saturday 11 May, 10am to 1pm Admission free - no need to book Bring your coins, medals and tokens in for numismatics (the study of currency) expert John Cumbers to identify. You can also see a small complementary display about coins and coin collecting. Free entry.

of the most important ceramic artists of our time. It will include around 100 works shown alongside related drawings, collages and photographs. Until June 29 The Making of a Modern City

Celebrate the 70th anniversary of Abercrombie and Watson’s ‘Plan for Plymouth’ and get a unique insight into the reconstruction of the city following heavy bombing during World War 2. The museum’s staff will be delving into the archive collections for this exhibition to reveal previously unseen documents, plans and images that record the people, politics and places that shaped the city we know today. Jun 8 to Aug 24 Stories from the Stores

See a real store in our gallery as we undertake the largest review of our social history collections we have ever done! On certain days you will be able to meet our curators and conservators. Come in and look at the objects we care for and get involved by adding stories, commenting on the collection and even helping to pack or conserve objects.

Art@Delamore, the South West’s leading sculpture and arts exhibition has announced its eleventh annual art and sculpture show. The Delamore Art and Sculpture Exhibition will be held every day in May from 10.30am to 4.30pm on the stunning Delamore estate in Cornwood, near Ivybridge. In previous years more than 100 artists and sculptors, from renowned British Pop Artists to Henry Moore prize winners, have been selected to exhibit at the annual Art@Delamore exhibition in the stunning gardens of the Delamore Estate in the foothills of Dartmoor. The gardens, originally laid out in the Victorian era, are home to an array of stunning century old rhododendrons. “We allow the sculptors to curate their exhibits in the garden, so that they can be ‘discovered’ by visitors as they explore our grounds,” said Delamore’s founder and director, Gavin Dollard. “It gives quite a magical feel, which is more representative of how sculptures can enhance a garden or estate, than just a display in a gallery. Delamore presents a once a year opportunity to showcase a large selection of some of the year’s most outstanding

finest sculpture and art featured at delamore outdoor sculpture by living sculptors, all in one place.”

artists Glynn Macey and Nicholas St John Rosse.

The exhibition is open to the public, and features an eclectic mix of regional and national names in the art and sculpture world, who exhibit their work in the exclusive setting of Delamore Estate’s beautiful rooms and grounds. Painters showcasing at Delamore in 2013 include recent entrant to the ‘Who’s Who of British Contemporary Art’, Richard Snowden and renowned

“Our art exhibition is proving to be a continued attraction” said Gavin. “Last year we had over 7,500 visitors, purchasing over 300 pieces of art and sculpture, including work from child genius artist Kieron Williamson and British Pop Artist Colin Self, who will also be exhibiting in May. We pride ourselves on bringing a fresh, thoughtprovoking, diverse, collection of Art to the public each year and 2013 will be no exception.” Based at Cornwood, near Ivybridge in South Devon, the Art@Delamore exhibition is hosted on the Delamore estate, home to the family since 1688. Two of the principal rooms of the house (built in 1859) are used as galleries for hanging paintings. Meanwhile the gardens provide a striking backdrop for sculpture

one of the works in the exhibition... game with an orange ball by Nicholas St John Rosse

large and small. It’s a rare chance to see the gardens which were designed by St Aubyn and feature old rhododendrons brought by Sir William Parker, who was one of Nelson’s captains at Trafalgar and are viewed as a landmark of stunning Dartmoor traditional architecture. Whilst on the Delamore sculpture trail visitors can also explore the estate’s spectacular Victorian gardens and the main hall whilst viewing the various works on show. The trail also offers an opportunity to view an exhibition of over 200 historic Dartmoor photographs from the Dartmoor

Trust Archive on show at the nearby purpose-built gallery at Delamore Park. More news is available on Twitter @DelamoreArts The Art at Delamore 2013 exhibition is open 10.30am to 4.30pm every day throughout May. Entrance fee £6.50 per adult with under 16’s free. Opening hours 10.30am to 4.30pm every day in May including Bank Holiday. This year’s supported charity is Jeremiah’s Journey and the exhibition is supported by Mercedes-Benz South West.

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central park choice for sky ride Sky Ride is coming back to Plymouth for a second time in May, following its huge success last year. Sky Ride is a free event that encourages people to get on a bike and have fun cycling on traffic free paths. Last year Plymouth City Council, in partnership with British Cycling, hosted the cycling event which saw over 7,000 people taking part. This year will see Sky Ride Plymouth taking place in the city’s largest park, Central Park on Sunday May 12. The Park was originally created in 1928 as a park devoted to the improvement of the health of city residents. Wide boulevards go through the park’s open meadows and woodlands, with fantastic views over the city towards Plymouth Sound and Cornwall. Star guest at the event is local professional rider Jonathan Tiernan-Locke, a member of the Great Britain team and one of Europe’s top cyclists. The cycle ride opens from 10am and allows people to travel through the park at their own leisure and speed. Everyone’s invited - on bikes and trikes, adaptive bikes, skateboards, wheelchairs or mobility scooters. People can join the ride anywhere along the route at any time during the event and British Cycling trained ride leaders will be on hand throughout the day to provide support and tips as well as leading rides around the park. There will be lots going on throughout the day including bike rides, fun interactive workshops and free taster sessions in the Plymouth Life Centre. Organisers will be showcasing all the great ways you can get on a bike in Plymouth including Sky Ride Local led rides which will again be taking place on weekends from May to September. World class riders from BMX flatland will be wowing the crowds with their incredibly fast spinning skills. People will be able to try their hand at Rollapaluza, a unique cycle sport where contestants can battle it out on a pair of custom-built rollers reaching speeds in excess of 50mph! If that wasn’t enough, the Plymouth Life Centre will also be providing free taster sessions, including badminton, table tennis, squash, Zumba, body combat and body pump, bookable through the Centre reception on the day. Kicking off at 10am the two mile circular off road cycle route will start at the Clock Tower before heading off past the Plymouth Argyle’s ground. The route will then pass near the Plymouth Life Centre before heading through the park past the pitch and putt green and returning to the clock tower. The circular route allows for people to cycle it as many times as they would like making it suitable for all abilities. Jonathan Tiernan-Locke said: “I’m honoured to be able to attend this Sky Ride event taking place on my home turf. The excellent thing about this day is that anyone can join in – kids can bring their balance bikes or stabilisers, adults can dig out their old bikes and people who have never cycled before can hire a bike and join the thousands of others by taking their first step into the world of cycling. “I look forward to seeing lots of people there – fingers crossed the weather will be as nice as last year.” Councillor Philippa Davey, Plymouth’s Cycling Commissioner said: “2012 was a great year for cycling and many people in the city have taken advantage of what we can offer through Sky Ride. The city event launches the beginning of the Sky Ride local programme which provides free group bike rides every weekend. It’s a fantastic way to get out and about having fun for no cost! “I’m really looking forward to getting involved and meeting many of you. Let’s make 2013 just as much a cycling success as 2012. See you at Sky Ride Plymouth!” Brian Johnston, British Cycling recreation manager said: “British Cycling and Sky are delighted to be working with Plymouth City Council. It’s an exciting time for cycling in Plymouth, including this summer’s second Sky Ride event. Our shared commitment and passion for cycling is inspiring people to get on their bikes and achieving more remarkable results.” To find out about all the great ways you can get back on your bike this summer and to register for Sky Ride Plymouth and Sky Ride local rides visit the Sky Ride website


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cycling matters last year’s sky ride in plymouth attracted a staggering 7,000 cyclists

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chancellor’s initiative is by leading estate Chancellor George Osborne’s Budget announcement of a new scheme to help first time buyers and existing homeowners secure a mortgage has been welcomed by one of the city’s leading estate agents. The new ‘Help to Buy’ scheme will be launched in January next year and will help buyers of all homes, not just new-build properties. This important initiative follows the expansion of the ‘First Buy’ shared equity scheme for new-build properties, which will now run until April 2016. The ‘First Buy’ scheme is now available to everyone, not just first-time buyers. In announcing the scheme, George Osborne said: “The biggest barrier to people entering the housing market at the moment is not their inability to service a mortgage; interest rates are historically low, after all. It is the 20 per cent or higher deposits that the banks and building societies are demanding before agreeing to loan the money.” The moves received a positive reaction from Darren Lawson, director of Mansbridge & Balment, who have offices in Mannamead, Derriford, Woolwell and Torpoint. “If the Government deliver what was promised in the Budget statement, this is good news for the property market in the city. Borrowers will need a five per cent deposit, the Government will lend 20 per cent, and the remaining 75 per cent will come from mortgage lenders,” said Darren. “It was good to see that the Chancellor has been listening to the concerns of house buyers and through the ‘Help to Buy’ scheme is offering some much-needed financial support. “I hope this time they deliver what they promise, as some previous initiatives have failed miserably.” The new mortgage guarantee scheme means buyers will need a deposit of between 5 per cent and 20 per cent, meaning they will be able to borrow up to a 95 per cent loan to value (LTV) mortgage. The Government guarantee will cover the remaining amount above 80 per cent LTV with the maximum purchase price capped at £600,000. Adding a note of caution, Darren said: “Question marks will no doubt be raised as to whether or not it is appropriate for the state to underwrite the risks. “After all, mortgage guarantee used to be commonplace for advances in excess of 80 per cent of value. But the guarantee was underwritten by a commercial company and a premium was paid by the borrower. Some will question whether lessons have been learnt from the past 20 years of easy credit or from the sub-prime disaster in America? “It would appear that the Government intends to encourage easier lending than the banks themselves are willing to advance, which is likely to keep prices robust when many will argue that prices need to soften to the point where first time buyers can realistically find the deposit. “The most crucial requirement for buyers, sellers and the industry as a whole is that these new measures are fluid, accessible, uncomplicated and widely available: sadly these ingredients have been conspicuous by their absence in previous failed initiatives.” He also warned that the new scheme could lead to a rush of new buyers into the market which would force up prices and potentially make it more difficult for firsttime buyers to get on the property ladder. “We have a reasonably balanced market at present with supply and demand pretty much in equilibrium. We certainly don’t want to see a return to the boom and bust days of the past, which led to a lot of homeowners ending up in negative equity.”


the plymouth magazine

He said the some buyers were still finding it difficult to secure mortages as

property matters

mortgage welcomed plymouth agent

darren lawson of mansbridge & balment

mortgage companies and banks continued to tighten up on their lending criteria. “We have seen examples recently of perfectly acceptable buyers being refused mortgages for a variety of different reasons. This is particularly frustrating for buyers and sellers alike.” Darren said that despite this, the property market in Plymouth remained relatively buoyant, with some signs of prices firming in recent months. “The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) latest survey shows that activity in the housing market hit a three year high in March, which is further encouragement for everyone involved,” he said. Darren added that growing confidence in the property market was also underlined by the increased activity at the higher end of the market. “Plymouth is an extremely attractive choice for buyers from London and the Home Counties and we are seeing definite signs of increased sales of property selling at over £500,000. Our Plymouth offices have achieved several sales of up to £700,000 already this year and in Yelverton, where we have another office, a number of sales between £500,000 and £1.2 million have been agreed recently.

“Sales at this level were extremely rare in the last 12 or 18 months, with the market seemingly throttled by inertia. “Prices in Plymouth are often considered pretty conservative by those used to living in other parts of the country, which is obviously attractive. “However, in the last couple of years, high profile reports covered by household commentators such as the Guardian, the Daily Mail, the Telegraph, BBC, ITV and the well known property portal Rightmove have all singled out Plymouth as an area that not only delivers value for money, but also as an area that scores extremely highly for quality of life.” For more information: Mansbridge & Balment 6 Mannamead Road, Plymouth, Devon, PL4 7AA 01752 229292

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property matters

jill gets the bathroom of her dreams thanks to jobel Jill decided she wanted a spacious new shower enclosure to replace her old corner bath, complemented by a smart basin unit and toilet. She also chose distinctive Laura Ashley black and white floral tiles for the shower cubicle. “I fell in love with them straight away,” she said.

When retired care assistant Jill White came into an inheritance she knew immediately how she would spend it - on a new bathroom. She had lived in her three bed semi-detached home in West Park for nearly 25 years and the bathroom remained distinctly outdated.

Having chosen the bathroom she wanted, Mike prepared a computerised image of how it would look to show Jill on the 52” computer screen in the Jobel showroom.

“My old plum coloured bathroom suite was definitely past its sell-by date,” said Jill. “But I couldn’t afford to replace it..until I was left some money by a relative. “I decided straight away that I would treat myself to a new bathroom and started to look around at the big bathroom stores, but didn’t see anything I liked. I knew what I wanted and this time I could afford it.

A few weeks later Jobel’s team of carpenters, tilers, plumbers, electricians and plasterers started work on transforming Jill’s bathroom - which only measured around 80 square ft so space was a real premium.

“Then a friend suggested I visit Jobel in Millbay. I had never heard of them before, but I’m so glad that I took up my friend’s advice.”

Jill was delighted with the Jobel team. “They were reliable, professional and extremely tidy. I can’t praise them highly enough. They took great care to make as little mess as possible, putting dustsheets down everywhere and leaving my home clean and tidy every night.”

Jill visited Jobel’s 2,000sq ft showroom where she was shown all the products and materials available by proprietor Mike Freeman. “He was really knowledgeable and helpful and for once I could choose exactly what I wanted.”

The walls and ceiling were re-plastered, new wiring

Coloured Glass Painted Splashbacks & Worktops

The Glass & Glazing Specialists

Framed Mirrors

Internal & External Balcony Glass

- Vast Range of Glass & Mirror

- Glass & Mirror Cut to Size

- Replacement Sealed Units

- Toughened Safety Glass

- Bespoke Glass Splashbacks

- Greenhouse, Stove Glass

- Balcony Balustrade Glass

- Fire Resistent Glazing

- Framed Mirror Showroom

- 24 Hour Glazing Service


01752 605500

192 - 194 Keyham Road, Plymouth, PL2 1RD 48

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Carpentry & Building Services jill white is delighted with her new jobel bathroom

Qualified Plasterers, Bricklayers and Plumbers Using Gas Safe Providers

T: 01752 878958 M: 07860 110601

installed and the smart new tiling fitted. Jill’s new corner shower unit is both stylish and spacious and she has added the final touches to the bathroom with a new black and white floral roller blind and deep-pile grey carpet.

Kitchen & Bathroom Fitment, Extensions & Renovations, Decking, Patios & Driveways, Door & Window Fitment, Specialists in Damp, Dry And Wet Rot, Woodworm And much more...

“I love my new bathroom and can’t thank Mike and the team at Jobel enough for the wonderful transformation they have achieved.”

No Job Too Big or Small

Jill is just one of literally thousands of happy Jobel customers. The quality of the company’s work and customer service has earned it a coveted Guild of Master Craftsmen Certificate of Quality and Service alongside the Trust Mark for Government Endorsed Standards and NIC LIC Approved Contractor status. Mike has been in the business for nearly 25 years and brings all expertise to offer a complete package to the customer without any pressured selling. His large showroom next to the Millbay entrance to Brittany Ferries showcases a huge range of bathroom products and materials. There is car parking immediately outside the easy-to-access building and potential customers get to browse through all the designs on offer with lots of friendly advice if required. A free home visit and design service is all part of the Jobel package.

thinking of having a new bathroom.”

Jill said: “I would certainly recommend a visit to Jobel if you are

For more information visit Jobel Bathrooms, 3 Bounds Place, Millbay, Plymouth Tel 01752 663010 or visit

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Last Year, Philip Burch, a member of our team here at Peter Goord Travel, was lucky enough to travel to the Arctic with the cruise line Hurtigruten in search of the Northern Lights. His insight into such a wonderful experience generated a great deal of interest amongst our readers and is mentioned by many people when they visit us at the agency. For us here in the South West, the only negative aspect of these cruises is that the voyages leave from Tromsø in Norway and direct flights are currently only available from Gatwick. I have been canvassing tour operators and cruise lines to offer more regional departures for these special itineraries as flying from London or Manchester can add as much as two days to the holiday duration for people living in Devon and Cornwall. My persistence appears to have paid off and Hurtigruten have added an exclusive departure for a six-day ‘Arctic Highlights’ cruise flying from Bristol Airport on February 3 2014. You will arrive directly from Bristol in to Tromsø, the cruise gateway to the Arctic where your ship will be waiting to take you North. On the first day, you will have a chance to take in the sights of this lively, compact city before boarding the ship and departing late in the afternoon. On day two, following a scenic sailing through Magerøysund and after an early stop in Hammerfest, you arrive in Honningsvåg. This small port is the gateway to the wonders of the spectacular North Cape. At 71° N, it puts you a mere 2,000 kilometres from the geographical North Pole. This evening, you pass Finnkirka, a rock formation that is sacred to the indigenous Sami people and now also the



enjoy spectacular cruising in norway site of an impressive light show. On day three, we call at the last port on the Voyage North before the ship turns around - Kirkenes. At a longitude of 30° E, you are actually further east than Istanbul and St. Petersburg. The terrain, culture and geography of Kirkenes offer the opportunity to take part in some fabulous Arctic excursions. Departing Kirkenes at lunchtime, you retrace your steps along the Varanger peninsula reaching Berlevåg in the evening. Your first major stop of day four is Hammerfest. Here, you can enjoy an optional excursion including a visit to Hammerfest’s UNESCO World Heritage site, the Meridian Column, commemorating the conclusion of Struve’s historical measurement of the globe.

Are you outgrowing your home? Do you need more space? Too costly to move house? Why not let us turn an empty space into a beautiful usable room with an extension or conversion of a garage or loft? We can undertake your entire project from conception to completion with assistance from our in-house architect (RIBA) and planning design service. Our quality workmanship is carried out with efficiency and professionalism.

For further information please contact us on

01752 404135 50

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By Travel

Expert From here, the next port of call will be back in Anthony Goord Tromsø where your voyage comes to an end. You then transfer to your hotel for an overnight stay and on day five a choice of optional winter excursions are available. Alternatively, you will have a further opportunity to enjoy this lively and colourful city, surrounded by the dramatic Lyngen Alps. Tromsø has many sights to offer, including Arctic history, architecture, culture and exciting excursions. Visit a coastal farm and enjoy reindeer sledging or perhaps visit the Polaris centre. On day six, you will transfer to the Airport in Tromsø for your flight back to Bristol. This voyage has been carefully planned to ensure that on the return leg of the cruise (after the turning point in Kirkenes), you pay daytime visits to the ports that were shrouded in darkness on the way north. Many excursions can be added to this fabulous experience including a snowmobile safari in Kirkenes, a visit to the famous Kirkenes Snow Hotel, a husky dog adventure and a snowmobile trip in the polar night. The cost of this exclusive departure from Bristol starts from just £1119 per person based on two sharing an inside cabin or £1336 for a single.

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travel matters

GARAGEDOORS Unit 11, Chantry Court | Marshall Road | Plympton | Plymouth | Devon | PL7 1YB C







> ROLLER DOORS > SECTIONAL DOORS > UP & OVER DOORS Please come and visit us at our SHOWROOM


01752 338990 I am also delighted to announce that, as part of an exclusive offer to all Plymouth Magazine readers, we will be providing a free transfer service to and from your home to Bristol Airport worth more than £80 per person. Availability for this special departure is obviously limited so if you want to experience the Northern Lights and follow in the footsteps of Joanna Lumley, there is no better opportunity! It is probably something that most of us would only do once in a lifetime. Other news Hiring a vehicle or taking your car abroad is often a difficult choice for British travellers as you have to check the rules and regulations for the countries visited and this can be a bit of a minefield! Do you have adequate insurance cover? If I have penalty points on my licence, will this affect the cost or options for hiring a car? Am I too old to drive abroad? Is the type of licence I hold sufficient for hiring a car in the country I am visiting? These all seem like very straight forward questions, which should be asked before you make your travel arrangements. Up until recently, hiring a car in the USA has been relatively easy to arrange and book and although the additional extras and insurances can be expensive, the cover is comprehensive. It has always been permissible to drive in America using the standard British photo card licence providing the green counterpart is also provided to the car hire company at pick-up. However, it has recently come to my attention that the state of Florida is considering a mandatory requirement for all overseas visitors to carry an ‘International Driving Permit (IDP)’. The Florida authorities have confirmed that although the new legislation would not be enforced without a reasonable period of notice, it is definitely a mediumterm plan. Few British motorists carry an IDP purely because the vast majority of holiday destinations we visit do not require it. The permit itself costs £5.50 and can be issued by the AA and the RAC and sent by post. They can also be obtained in person at Post Offices but usually only in the main branches so it would be advisable to check before hand. My advice to anyone planning a trip to Florida is to obtain an IDP anyway as a law change could happen reasonably soon. At this stage, it is not essential but for the relatively small amount of £5.50, I feel this will give you peace of mind as the new law could take effect reasonably soon. Happy Holidays!

Peter Goord Travel Tel 01752 364186 the plymouth magazine


childcare matters

sleepless in plymouth? to beat those nightime blues Sleep: A natural periodic state of rest for the mind and body – and that’s not just for children! When a child sleeps well, the whole family benefits - and when there are multiple children in the family, a good sleep routine is even more important. Helping a child to establish a good sleep habit has always been a hot topic amongst parents of preschoolers. Starting with the ‘leave them to cry’ versus the ‘cuddle them to sleep’ debate for babies, tackling the bedtime routine is something that affects all parents, and how we go about this has a long-term effect on the whole family. The recent Channel 4 show ‘Bedtime Live’ focused on the absolute importance of sleep. Sleep experts on the show helped a number of families in their bedtime battles. Using simple routines that anyone can implement, they were able to modify the habits of the families featured. And, ultimately, it is about the family! For as anyone with a child knows: if they have not slept well, the whole family is affected. “Sleep is vital to a baby’s development, but it is also essential for the parents too, as insufficient sleep, especially over a prolonged period, can affect their relationship with their baby and each other, as well as other aspects of life including performance at work, general well-being and overall quality of life, says sleep expert, Professor Gregory Stores. And yet nearly half of families questioned confirm that they have no regular routine in place.


Liz Crudgington Director of Children and Families Plymouth Christian Centre As parents, one of the most loving things we can do is to establish boundaries which enable children to feel safe and secure; this is especially important at bedtime. A child who does not get enough sleep (including a daytime sleep for the under 3s) will be tired, having a knock-on effect on their behaviour. They may, for example, become hyperactive or disengaged from activities and other people. As they enter pre-school and school, this can mean that they are not benefitting fully from their experiences and therefore not learning as much as they could. A lack of sleep can cause other problems too, including difficulties with anxiety, stress and appetite. As a child gets older, the problems do not go away, so it is vitally important that our children get enough sleep. The truth is that most of us know what a bedtime routine should look like: a bath, a book, a dark room, a consistent bed time - but the reality can be very different: parents who have been at work all day, busy social schedules in the evenings, irregular mealtimes, the constant noise of the TV or games console. Life is hectic! Sometimes it is just easier to ‘go with the flow’ and let the routine slip.

Looking to buy a house or flat? Looking to sell your home? Looking to buy a home with a friend or partner? We can help you!

Our specialist solicitors and conveyancers are on hand to deal with all elements of residential property including leasehold and freehold sales and purchases including shared ownership and retirement properties.


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We are able to offer: • A free initial discussion and fee quote • Fixed fees offering cost certainty • Direct line services to the team • Plain English advice • Accredited performance standards Call us on 01752 663295 or visit Here for you when you need us.

Parents are tired and siblings are busy, but we owe it to our children to give them enough sleep.

Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems by Richard Ferber Number 1 recommendation for the parents of all children over 18 months of age

Take time to plan what you want your family’s routine to look like and implement it. Whilst it can seem hard work at times, it is actually very liberating – for you and your child! Here is some recommended reading:

The No-Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley Gentle approach for encouraging young babies into good sleep routines. Recommended if you are determined to avoid crying at all costs – but the methods could be very time consuming!

The Contented Little Baby Book by Gina Ford For those who need help with routines: very sound, detailed ‘no-nonsense’ approach to establishing feeding/sleeping. Good advice on how to set up and equip your nursery

The Happiest Baby by Harvey Karp Excellent for techniques for soothing 0-3 month old babies and dealing with colic – by mimicking the womb environment (swaddling, sounds, movement, touch, etc).





Whereine stars hsther... brig vailable Still places a n and for Receptio Year1

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theatre matters

theatre royal regeneration Plymouth Council leader Tudor Evans joined chief executive Adrian Vinken to take a peak behind the hoardings as the curtains close - for now - at the Theatre Royal. The stage is now set for a dramatic transformation through the £7 million generation project to redevelop the theatre and revive the West End of the city. The redevelopment will see the re-cladding of the building which will improve energy efficiency by up to 40 per cent; an extension to the front of the building allowing level access; a new Box Office, shop and cafe area which will significantly

improve customer experience; an outdoor terrace area and an extended restaurant and a new studio space within the theatre basement which will provide a city centre location for work with young people and community groups. Plymouth City Council approved a £1,995,000 funding package to put in a lump sum for procured capital work instead of three years of revenue. It also restructured the lease on the council-owned theatre to help unlock a £5 million Arts Council England commitment. The theatre has launched a major fundraising campaign to raise the additional £2 million. Council Leader Tudor Evans said: “From my office in the Council House, I can see lots of activity to prepare the site. I can watch one of our Plan for Jobs projects develop right on my doorstep. “We have 19 projects in our Plan for Jobs and this particular scheme will not only enable the theatre to continue its incredibly successful path, but it will create opportunities for people to work - both at the construction stage and beyond. “But this goes further. The rejuvenated theatre will bring in money to the cafes, the bars, the taxi and bus companies, who all benefit from the theatre’s presence in Plymouth.”


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H o m e B a s e d Ca re r s Wa n t e d across Plymouth

Do you...

• Have experience in mental health and/or learning disability support work? • Have a safe, caring and supportive home for one or two vulnerable adults in a family environment? Once approved, we offer:

� Training and ongoing support � A generous allowance - usually tax free For more information please call 01752 500513 Or visit

is just the job! The work is being carried out by BAM, which has offices here in Plymouth. Senior site manager Clive Horsnell was born in Plymouth and has visited the theatre since it opened in 1983. He said: “I’ve seen some great shows, including Buddy and Evita way back in the 1980s before they were in the West End. “More recently I’ve been on a BAM social trip to see Aladdin. The theatre is always busy and is fully booked for War Horse in September - so no pressure! “It is a great buzz to be involved in redeveloping this local landmark, and the whole community will really see the benefits when we are finished.” As well as refurbishing the exterior and front of house areas of the theatre, the project will also involve work on the backstage and basement areas, as well as new mechanical and electrical plant. The project will see up to 80 operatives on site at any one time, and BAM will use local suppliers and sub-contractors where possible. BAM provides apprenticeships and work experience placements across the South West through its National Skills Academy for Construction programme, which is supported via local schools, colleges and Plymouth University. For more information on the project:


HOST FAMILIES WANTED Earn £91 per week for hosting young people learning English with us for 1-2 weeks. Other host categories wanted include: Executive and Business (£280, £140 per week respectively) We also provide work experience programmes for adults and would like to hear from businesses interested in hosting a graduate. council leader tudor evans (centre) is joined by theatre royal chief executive adrian vinken (right) and clive horsnell of contractors bam on the regeneration site

Contact David Lindsay or Jill Darton on:

01752 251688

Tellus Group Ltd Swarthmore Centre, Mutley Plain, Plymouth, PL4 6LF Email:

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to 102,000 Plymouth Homes Since 1985

Any quantity delivered from 5,000 - 102,000

• Competitive Rates • Mature Delivery People • Targeted • • Comprehensive Management • Extensive Back Checking •

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business matters

chamber organises business showcase event Plymouth Chamber of Commerce is celebrating its 200th anniversary by hosting the Plymouth Business Show at Plymouth Pavilions in June. The event, which is open to all and free to attend, is being sponsored by City College Plymouth and will aim to promote the South West as a great place to do business.

01752 225623

It will expand on the success of last year’s Business Expo, held during the inaugural Marine City Festival, and will offer a range of activities and opportunities to suit businesses of all sizes and sectors.

Following its announcement, the show on Wednesday June 26 has already attracted a huge amount of interest from South West businesses keen to book an exhibition stand for the event, with over 60 companies now signed up to exhibit at the event.

Suzi Cumberland, events manager at Plymouth Chamber, said: “The show will be a unique opportunity for businesses to showcase the products and services they have to offer. “We are expecting over 500 visitors at the event so there will plenty of opportunities for companies to meet potential customers and to network with other local businesses. Booking an exhibition stand is the best way for businesses to ensure that they have a high profile at the event.” A list of confirmed exhibitors is available on the business show website, which will be regularly updated as stands are booked. There is also information on exhibiting and a booking form which can be downloaded. Businesses who have signed up to exhibit include: Moorland Garden Hotel, Gill Akaster LLP Solicitors, British Marine Federation South West, Exeter International Airport, Barclays Bank Plc and the National Marine Aquarium and University of St Mark and St John. Moorland Garden Hotel, who attended last year’s Marine City Festival Business Expo, were one of the first companies to sign up to exhibit at the Plymouth Business Show 2013. Jo Di-Carlo, marketing manager for the hotel, said: “Moorland Garden Hotel exhibited at the Business Expo event last year on the Hoe and it was great exposure for us. As a business now under new ownership and with new goals it was a great way to reach the local business community.  When we saw that Plymouth Chamber were organising the Plymouth Business Show this year, we didn’t hesitate in getting involved. “Our business has changed dramatically over the last two years, so I feel it is important for us to get out and meet and talk to the local business community. The Plymouth Business Show will give us a great opportunity to do this.” Knight Scientific (KSL), will also be exhibiting at the show in June. At last year’s Business Expo, KSL offered a free antioxidant test at their exhibition stand, something that the will be repeating this year. Dr Jan Knight, managing director of Knight Scientific (KSL) said: “Last year’s Business Expo was a wonderful opportunity for people to learn about KSL’s highly innovative and unique products for well-being, over-training in sport and infection.”


the plymouth magazine

Prominent speakers will be delivering presentations throughout the day and there will also be a networking lunch which will be addressed by a leading business person.

We’ve grown!! Covering a wider area

77 77 77 PLYMCABS

Incorporating (01752) 345005. I




6 Plymouth Rd Plympton Plymouth Devon PL7 4JR

Boiler Changes and System Upgrades Boiler Breakdowns, Servicing & Repairs Radiators Installed and Moved Cookers/Hobs Installed and Serviced All Plumbing Work Undertaken

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01752 778440 07875 136429

sharron robbie (left) of city college plymouth with suzi cumberland of plymouth chamber of commerce at the venue for the plymouth business show

Plymouth Chamber recently announced that ‘Ask the Expert’ sessions will be running from 2pm to 4pm at the show. Anyone at the show will be able to claim a free 15 minute one-to-one consultation with an expert during which they will receive personalised expert information and advice for their business. The free advice sessions will be held in 11 different specialist topics: regeneration and planning, funding, IT, advertising, pensions, marketing, employment law, architecture, lower back pain, starting a business and international trade. As the lead sponsor for the event, City College Plymouth has been working closely with Plymouth Chamber on developing the variety of activities which will run throughout the day of the event. Sharron Robbie, head of corporate relations at the college, said: “The Plymouth Business Show is an exciting opportunity to showcase the vibrant and innovative business community that exists here in the South West. “The College plays a major role within the community and part of that role is to ensure we are supporting wealth creation and job outcomes for the local population, whilst supporting industry to access a pool of work-ready labour. “College staff and students will be in attendance throughout the day with event delegates being able to enjoy a range of mini treatments from our hair and beauty students.” Exhibition stands are available at £249 +VAT and those who exhibited at last year’s Marine City Festival Business Expo are entitled to a 10% discount.

Moorland View

Powis lan

rive dD

Looseleigh Lane

Tavistock Road

ven Drive ra

Upland Drive



Attendance at the event is free and open to all. To register for free and find out more information on the event, go to



the plymouth magazine


important checklist to avoid costly delays when selling your home Are you thinking about selling your house this Spring? If so there are a few things you can do now which will help your solicitor prepare the contract papers quickly and help avoid unnecessary delay.

• Central heating, burglar alarm or similar services paperwork for most recent service

The Law Society is updating the Property Information Form which is completed by the seller to give information to the buyer and his solicitor.

• If you have installed solar panels you will be required to provide the lease (if you have leased your roof to a company) or a receipt (if you’ve bought the panels outright)

The form, which is due to be published in the Spring, contains the usual information required about a property and some new questions dealing with solar panels and the Green Deal. You can save time if you get together the following documents which show that any works have been done to the required standards.

• If you have converted your loft, removed supporting walls or converted your garage into a room you will require a building regulations completion certificate

• If you are signing up to the Government’s new Green Deal initiative you will be required to provide copies of all the documents provided to you by your energy supplier including how the money is to be repaid in the energy bills for the property. A copy of your most recent energy bill to show what has been repaid

• Current guarantees for windows and doors • Current guarantees for timber and damp treatments – together with the Survey Report and Specification • Window and glazed door installation certificates from FENSA or building regulations where installed after 1 April 2002 • If you have had a new boiler or water tank installed since 1 April 2005 you will require a Gas Safe certificate (CORGI if before 2009) or building regulations certificate • Electrical rewiring since January 1 2005 requires a certificate issued by a qualified engineer or building regulations certificate

The list is not exhaustive. If you do not have the documents you should check with your installer whether they were required. You can also check the Building Control page on the local Government website to see if your works required compliance certificates (or a building regulations completion certificate where a compliance certificate was not issued). If in doubt you can raise your concerns with your conveyancing solicitor at the outset who will be able to give you appropriate advice on obtaining duplicates where necessary. You can contact me by e-mailing or by calling 01752 292343.



We provide you with 4-day Induction Trainin g


Nursing Agency

24hr Live-in

Flexible shifts to suit your lifestyle on a week to week basis, drivers desirable but not essential

Can you work minimum of 2 weeks at a time covering the South West?

Care Workers

Mornings Nights

Evening Weekends

£7.76 - £13.71 per hour

Care Workers

Living 1-1 in clients own home Travel & Food allowances

Community Care Hourly Care Workers

Drivers with their own transport essential Working day, evenings and every other weekend 7:00 - 15:00 & 15:00 - 23:00

£8.00 - £8.60

£455 - £644

per hour

per week Sunshine Care Ltd. Building 5, Derriford Business Park Brest Road, Derriford, Plymouth, PL6 5QZ 58

the plymouth magazine

01752 237550



Experien ce one o f Plym finest Su nday Carv outh’s eries available all day

legal matters


for a cho ice of qu ality mea locally so ts urced to include W Country est beef, gam mon and turkey, g vegetable arden fresh s and inte resting accompa niments Rockys Restaurant & Grill, 41-42 Southside Street, Plymouth 01752 227392 11.30am - 10.30pm 7 days a week

rocky’s the barbican

by Sue Williams partner and head of residential property at Wolferstans Solicitors

Low Cost Repa irs

• • • •

Wolferstans Solicitors 60/66 North Hill, Plymouth Tel: (01752) 663295

Garage Doors Service / Repairs Locksmith Service Retractable Grills

Grea t Deals Avail able

Call Matt on

01752 590001 07966 439585 w w w . m d c g a r a g e d o o r s . c o m

Get Into Gardening this Spring Plymouth Garden Centre

Plymouth Magazine

Reader Offer bedding Lovely selection of beautiful en - great to brighten up your gard

Large selection of planted pot


Yeoman Soft Grip Secateurs

worth £9.99

Time to think

about your law


rniture now in New season fu


l offer po Lots of specia including 50%

off range!

Grow your ow n herbs, vege table & fruits!

Fort Austin Avenue, Crownhill, Plymouth PL6 5NU Telephone: 01752 771820

absolutely FREE

when you spend £40 or more on gardening goods . (Includes purchases on Plants, Compost, Pots & Seeds, Garden Sundries – Fertilisers, Chemicals etc. Excludes: Gifts, Clothing, Patio, Sheds, Birdcare, Lighting, Furniture & BBQs, tickets, gift vouchers, Gas. This list is not exhaustive. Limited number while stocks last. No cash alternative.) Valid from 1.05.2013 – 31.05.2013

Plant Discount Card (apply for FREE) – 10% off plants every Wednesday and Sunday the plymouth magazine


pots of ideas as Well, here we are in the merry month of May, marking the end of a long winter and welcoming in the beginning of Summer. Around the country celebrations take place and ancient traditions are followed in recognition of the lush new growth as flowers emerge and crops start to sprout.

We have a lovely selection of pots and hanging baskets carefully and lovingly made up by our staff here at the Garden Centre.

The highlight of the horticultural world takes place this month with the centenary of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. This will be the time where growers show off their new introductions and designers just show off! I, for one, will be glued to the box in the evening hanging on Alan Titchmarsh’s every word..and yes I record every episode so I can watch it all again. And there’s the red button too for the extra highlights. Rest assured I will be picking up tips and ideas to pass on to our customers. So exciting!!

If relaxing or entertaining in the garden is what you’re after, we have lots of lovely garden furniture, lighting, BBQs and chimineas to cosy up to.


Maria Ashurst and Derek Anderson of Plymouth Garden Centre

Here at Plymouth Garden Centre we are gearing up for summer in the garden. With two Bank Holidays and lighter evenings, there is so much more time to get out in the garden. If you want to get your hands dirty we have plenty of beautiful plants just waiting to be appreciated and admired in your garden. If you need inspiration, we have our Boutique areas set up. We have ideas for shade, sunny spots, colour themes, attracting wildlife and lots more. We have a new and developing information point where you can pick up leaflets and browse through some of our reference books. All of the Plant Team are very knowledgeable about our plants and can give advice and information on what to plant where. If it’s an instant fix you’re after, Derek has put together some ideas for containers. If you don’t want to or haven’t the time, remember that you can always pick up a ready planted container or three from us.

Our own highlights this month include a Growing in Containers event on the weekend of the May 18 and 19 with the launch of the Proven Winners range of plants. At the end of May (26 and 27) we will be at the Tavistock Garden Festival showing off some of our products. You may have already seen in the Plymouth Evening Herald a feature about Christine maria ashurst Walkden, gardener from the BBC’s The One Show, who will be showing how to plant up ‘No Nonsense Containers’. We are going to be working with her! How exciting is that? I am confident that the sun is going to shine but Derek has some top tips for you regardless of the weather this summer to help you keep your garden looking great and full of flower and colour. Derek writes: The relentless rain we had last year has left the ground waterlogged and in may cases has washed out the nutrients in the soil. One of the easiest ways to combat this and to avoid the same issues this year is to grow plants in pots. There are many other benefits to growing plants in pots , for example, large plants can be restricted in size, you can grow plants that have different soil requirements and you can create an instant feature or focal point in the garden or patio. There is a huge range of plants that will happily live in pots so if you have a compact garden then maybe this will be the ideal solution. Pots can cheer up tired or neglected areas and they can be used to hide ugly features such as drains or man hole covers. Using planted pots can add to the drama of a doorway framed by an impressive phormiums (centre) plant in an attractive container. For the best possible display you should select a plant that looks good for a long period and underplant with seasonal plants. When choosing your pots it is important that the pot is large enough for your plant, preferably the larger the better. It should have adequate drainage holes and will fit in with the style of your garden. Frost-proof terracotta pots are ideal for planting drought tolerant plants as their porous quality means the compost will dry out quickly. Glazed pots look good planted with most plants and are especially great for standard, lollipops and specimen plants as their weight gives them great stability, while stone pots are excellent for a classical look great planted with Roses and Lavenders. Plastic pots are cheap and retain moisture well, but may need wrapping with bubble wrap over winter to prevent plant roots from freezing (pots only, not the plant). Fruit trees look good in wooden half barrels. For a modern and contemporary effect, architectural plants such as Phormiums, Cordylines and grasses look great in metal or glazed pots. These can be under


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summer approaches For a sun baked patio with a Mediterranean theme try a standard Olive in a large terracotta pot underplanted with lavender and trailing pelargoniums or alternatively a standard bay underplanted with osteospermums and diascias will also thrive in a sunny position. Geraniums (pelargoniums) look classically Mediterranean when grown in a terracotta pot, and single colour geraniums look really effective on staircases when repeated on each step. For a shady corner a large glazed pot with a Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum) underplanted with ferns and trailing begonias looks great all summer long. Camellias make a great evergreen alternative, but can look a bit plain in summer, so grow some annual climbers through then such as Nasturtiums or Thunbergias for summer flowers, underplant with Fushcias and Lysimachia for seasonal colour. That’s all for this month. Look forward to seeing you in the Garden Centre. Happy Gardening, Maria & Derek

japanese maple

planted with New Guinea Impatiens, Heucheras and Bacopa and best of all never need dead heading. Just keep an eye on them for watering and they will look great with minimal effort. Good preparation before planting is the key to having successful pots. The first step is to add extra drainage in the bottom of the pot. This can be an inch layer of gravel, crushed polystyrene or pieces of broken terracotta. The next step is choosing your compost. If you are growing annuals, then fill pots with fresh multi-purpose compost or if you’re growing shrubs or long-term plants, use John Innes No.3 compost. For alpines or plants that like to be on the drier side, used John Innes No.2 compost as has more drainage in it.


Ericaceous plants such as Rhododendrons, Camellias and Japanese Maples need acidic soil to thrive, so use John Innes Ericaceous compost. To help your pots retain moisture and to help feed your plants, mix some water retaining crystals and some slow release fertiliser in with the compost before planting.

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After planting, slow release fertiliser can be added to the surface of the compost every six months and this will breakdown into the post and feed your plants. The next step is to choose your plants. It is important to pick plants that will be happy in the location you are placing the pot – here are a few fail safe recipes that look great for a long period of time that are very easy to replicate. Plymouth Garden Centre in Fort Austin Avenue,  Crownhill is open from 9am to 5.30pm weekdays and 10.30am to 4.30pm Sundays Tel: 01752 771820. www.plymouthgardencentre. the plymouth magazine


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