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Real Priorities and Expectations for 2013


Serbia is entering 2013 with a long list of economic, political and social priorities – from cutting back budget deficit, continuing to fight against crime and corruption, and reducing unemployment to resolving the Kosovo issue, advancing regional cooperation and forging ahead with page 18 the EU accession process.


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Real Priorities and Expectations for 2013



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s the two coincide, the first issue of CorD in 2013 is alrecipient of one of the most prestigious publishing awards – so the jubilee 100th issue so the opportunity to do a rethe Gold Press Distribution Award - for its outstanding pubcap arose by itself. We were established in late 2003, lishing solutions in the category of companies under 50 employees. Time, the Herald Tribune, Wall Paper and severguided by the idea of developing a dialogue between Serbian al other renowned publications were also the recipients the diplomatic, economic and cultural leaders and representatives same year. and their counterparts in Europe and around the world. At that Today, aim is one of the biggest, if not the biggest publishtime, there were only fifty or so embassies in Belgrade and only a handful of organizations which represented the interests of er of business publications in Serbia and most of the region. foreign investors. As these institutions in Serbia progressed in We would not have been able to achieve that if it had not been number and grew, so did our mission. In order to accomplish for our partners and friends with whom we have been cooperating for years. it, it was of essential importance that, from the very outset, we On this occasion, we would like to thank Mercedes Benz, remained committed to total political and economic independence, while avoiding affairs, nationalism, negative vibrations which recognized CorD as its long-term partner and whose advertisements have been appearing in the first pages of every and getting involved in irrational debates and interpretations, issue of the magazine, from the first to 100th. Of course, we and especially the dilettantism for which Serbia paid such a would like to thank all other companies and organizations that high price in the past. have been supporting CorD all these years. In the last one hundred issues, CorD has spoken to top political and economic representatives, prime ministers, heads of Through activities that we have organized with our friends governments and European officials. So far, we have published and partners in the past nine years, CorD has donated over over 400 exclusive interviews and 500 authentic opinions and €122,000 collected during the Belgrade Marathon and other points of view. Starting from the premise that everybody has events. We are proud of our partners and want to thank them the right to be published, CorD won and maintained the trust in this celebratory issue for their reliable partnership based on of those individuals by having its editors never change a single trust and the desire to help. spoken word. Our plans for the future are closely tied On the other hand, CorD also earned trust by deciding to be a business and lifestyle magazine which offers readto the needs and wishes of our readers, ers an opportunity to read, stress free and without much clients and partners effort, through 90 pages of varied content which is always put together according to the same quality principles – from Our plans for the future are closely tied to the needs and current political and economic affairs to entertainment and leiwishes of our readers, clients and partners. Hence, CorD and sure subjects. our other issues are nearly always the result of long preparation, talks and meetings which are needed in order to reach a Apart from the magazine itself, in the last nine years CorD certain quality which is synonymous with alliance international has released over 150 special editions in collaboration with foreign organizations, chambers of commerce and foreign invesmedia and our business partners. tors associations, as well as all 10 yearbooks in cooperation Last but not least - we are all entering another difficult year with the Foreign Investors Council, of which we are especialwith a desire to mitigate the difficulties ahead of us with optily proud. mism, knowledge, implementation of global standards and fair CorD’s publisher is alliance international media (aim), business manners. which was founded in London, UK, in 1997 by breaking away To that end, CorD’s team wishes you good luck, good from Lawrence Publishing Ltd. In the same year, aim was the health and a prosperous year 2013. ■ 6 |

100 January 2013 |


The Year 2012 as it Was The year 2012 is now behind us and, according to some, has passed much more quickly than other more peaceful years, of which there have not been many for Serbia in recent decades


orD magazine traditionally gives an overview of the most important events in the spheres of politics, economy, society and culture as seen from our perspective. Of course, each of us has spent 2012 in our own way, so the events we have listed are subject to personal opinion. However, now that we know what is behind us, there are plenty of reasons to wish each other a better, prosperous and happy 2013. JANUARY

Politics 9th President of the Republic of Srpska (RS) Milorad Dodik gave Serbian President Boris Tadić the Republic of Srpska Order on the Sash on the occasion of the Republic of Srpska Day. 12th President of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) Tomislav Nikolić will run for president of Serbia – Jorgovanka Tabaković announces. 17th Serbia sends a protest note to Montenegro following a docu-

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ment written by an advisor to the Montenegrin Parliament Speaker writer Andrej Nikolaidis - in which he affirmatively speaks about the possibility of assassination of top officials in Serbia and the Republic of Srpska. 22nd U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton talked on the phone with Serbian President Boris Tadić about Belgrade-Priština dialogue on the eve of Brussels’ deciding on EU candidate status for Serbia. Economy 15th There is no allocation of funds for the development bank in this year’s budget, but the bank will rather use funds allocated to the Development Fund and the Serbian Export Credit and Insurance Agency.

27th The Serbian government concludes a contract with US Steel about the acquisition of the

100 January 2013 |

Smederevo Ironworks for one symbolic dollar. Society 10th A person allegedly tied to the weapons found in the Borik Hall, shortly before the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Republic of Srpska, was arrested in Banja Luka. 18th After being 28 days on strike, employees of TV Avala decide to take the protest even further since they hadn’t been reimbursed with five and a half late salaries and six months worth of fees. Culture 17th Writer Slobodan Tišma is the recipient of the NIN Best Novel Award for his novel ‘Bernardi’s Room’. 20th In a telephone conference session, the Serbian government replaces the head of the Serbian National Library Sreten Ugričić.

World 6th The Macedonia Gate officially opened in Skopje with top state officials in attendance. The Gate is meant to be a symbol of the country’s history from ancient times to

independence. 13th The Costa Concordia ship hits a rock off the Tuscan island of Giglio and partially sinks. She was carrying 4,252 passengers. Thirty of them were killed, two went missing and sixty five were injured. FEBRUARY

Politics 8th The UN Security Council’s session on Kosovo begins in New York. 9th All 56 OSCE member states vote in favour of Serbia’s presiding over the OSCE in 2015. 14th A referendum takes place in three municipalities in northern Kosovo with citizens voting in favour or against acknowledging the jurisdiction of the Kosovo government.

Economy 1st Price of coffee, sweets, beer, alcohol, cosmetics and nappies goes up. 18th CEO of Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS) Dragomir Marković says that the price of electricity has to go up by 60% by 2014.

Society 1st Because of freezing temperatures, record consumption of electricity (157 million kilowatt hours) recorded in Serbia. 13th WAZ media group has been conducting talks with various interested parties about the sale of its ownership stakes in Serbia – says Paul Binder, head of WAZ corporate communications.

15th On Serbian Statehood Day, Serbian President Boris Tadić awards the best tennis player in the world with the highest state honour – the Order of the Karadjordje’s Star. Culture 26th Exhibition of prints of the famous Spanish painter Francisco De Goya (1746-1828) opened at the Cervantes Institute. 24th The 40th anniversary of FEST opens under the slogan – ‘XL – In the World of Greats’.

World 11th American singer Whitney Houston (48) found dead in a hotel room in Los Angeles. 19th British foreign minister William Hague warns Israel against attacking Iranian nuclear facilities and urges diplomatic talks. MARCH

Politics 2nd Heads of states and governments of 27 EU member states decide to grant Serbia EU candidate status.

13th The Speaker of Serbian Parliament Slavica Đukić Dejanović calls local and provincial elections for 6th May. 21st Members of the Pa rl i a m e n t a r y G ro u p fo r Southeast Europe in the German Parliament meet with top officials of the Serbian Progressive Party Tomislav Nikolić and Aleksandar Vučić.

Economy 11th Delta Holding Company pays 2.63 billion dinars in capital gains tax following the sale of the Maxi supermarket chain. 12th Serbian Social and Economic Council decides to increase the minimum hourly wage to 115 dinars in April. 16th The Union of Raspberry Growers of Serbia concludes a contract with Austrian company CWS Best Food for the sale of 50,000 tons of this year’s raspberry crop at an average price of EUR 1.61 per kilo. Society 15th Certain elementary schools in central and south Serbia start teaching Chinese language classes. 23rd At an event celebrating the beginning of the conference called ‘Serbian candidacy for the EU – in the light of 1,700 years since signing of the Edict of Milan,” Serbian Patriarch Irinej says that the world should unite and that Europe should play that role.

Culture 16th Dom Omladine in Belgrade starts a cycle of philosophical public discussions about the late Serbian Prime Minister Zoran

Djindjic with the goal of acquainting young people with the philosophic side of the late prime minister. 30th A movie about actress Sonja Savić, made by Dragana Kanjevac, opens the Belgrade Festival of Documentary and Short Film. World

9th Bosnian politician Fikret Abdić Babo, sentenced for war crimes, is released from prison after serving 10 years. 12th A U.S. sergeant leaves his army base in Afghanistan and kills 16 civilians, mostly women and children.

18th Joachim Gauck (72), Lutheran pastor from Rostock and former human right activist from the communist East Germany, was appointed as the 11th post-war German president. APRIL Politics 5th The Speaker of Serbian Parliament Slavica Đukić Dejanović calls presidential elections for 6th May after she receives a letter of resignation as Serbian President from Boris Tadić. 16th Unidentified person fired a shot at the facilities used by the Democratic Party’s branch in Novi Sad. 20th The former mayor of New York, Rudolph Giuliani, comes to Belgrade following an invitation by a candidate for Belgrade mayor, Aleksandar Vučić from the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS). Giuliani gave a lecture about leadership to a group of young people.

26th Printing of ballot papers for the upcoming parliamentary elections in Serbia starts at the Official Gazette print shop in Belgrade.

Economy 12th The Executive Board of the National Bank of Serbia decides to reduce the mandatory foreign currency reserve rate and increase the mandatory foreign currency reserve rate in dinars. 25th The Commission for Protection of Competition grants permission to the Dutch company Friesland Campina to acquire Belgrade-based Imlek and Subotica Dairy. 29th The Turkish government will invest EUR 10 million in the Morava Airport in Lađevci near Kraljevo. The donation agreement was signed by Serbian defence minister Dragan Šutanovac and Turkish ambassador to Serbia Ali Rıza Çolak. Society 1st Six persons – three girls and three boys – die in a fire that devastated the Kontrast night club in Novi Sad.

9th In collaboration with the Serbian police, the Spanish police arrest Luka Bojović (37), one of the heads of the Zemun criminal gang. 23rd Belgrade Faculty of Physics files charges against Stefan Vlajković on suspicion of forging documents based on which he re- |

100 January 2013 | 9

ceived a scholarship from the Young Talents Fund. He even managed to deceive NASA.

Culture 10th A Ljubomir Simović drama ‘Hasanaginica’, directed by Jagoš Marković, was performed for the 100th time on the Raša Pavlović Stage at the National Theatre. 24th ‘The Days of Macedonia’ start in Belgrade. 28th Actor Branimir Brstina receives a lifetime achievement award at the Nušić Days theatre event in Smederevo. World 15th Anders Behring Breivik goes on trial in Oslo, accused of killing 77 people in July last year.

16th President of Dartmouth College Jim Yong Kim (52) appointed president of the World Bank today. 20th Tens of thousands of Egyptians gather at the Cairo main square demanding the army to surrender power to the civilians and ban the former regime from running in the next presidential election. MAY

Politics 6th The first round of presidential and parliamentary elections take place in Serbia.

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10th Right-wing movement Dveri fails to win enough votes for state parliament and holds a protest in Belgrade claiming election fraud. 20th Second round of presidential election takes place. A Serbian Progressive Party candidate Tomislav Nikolić wins. 24th Kosovo government decides to set up an administrative office in the northern part of Kosovska Mitrovica in order to get closer to the citizens living in that part of Kosovo. Serbian side calls this a provocation.

Economy 14th Shares of the biggest pharmaceutical wholesaler in Serbia – Velefarm – were withdrawn from the Belgrade Stock Exchange following the company’s declaring bankruptcy. 16th Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS) signs a cooperation protocol with Lotika Company from Mokra Gora stipulating the construction of five renewable energy facilities. 18th German car cable manufacturer Leoni launches the first phase of extension of its Prokuplje production hall which will now have 1,800 square metres more, including 270 square metres of storage space. Society 15th A group of LGBT organizations from Belgade announces Gay Pride Parade for October. 18th The Holy Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church says it will not consider the possibility of inviting Pope Benedict XVI to attend the celebration of 17th centuries of the Edict of Milan that will take place in Niš in 2013. 21st Emergency phone numbers (police, fire brigade, ambulance) in Serbia have changed by adding number 1 in front of old numbers.

100 January 2013 |

Culture 4th The 5th International Documentary Film Festival Beldocs opened. 8th Metallica, one of the best metal bands in the world, has a concert in Belgrade’s Ušće. 26th Serbian singer Željko Joksimović wins third place at the 57th European Song Contest at Baku, Azerbaijan with his song “Synonym” (“Love is not a thing”). Sweden and Russia win first and second place respectively.

World 6th Socialist candidate Francois Holland wins presidential election in France. 17th Hewlett-Packard reveals its restructuring plan which entails the laying off of 30,000 employees. 19th Facebook floats its shares on a stock exchange. Following initial growth, the value of shares unexpectedly drops. JUNE

Politics 1st Head of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency Bakir Izetbegović calls a statement made by Tomislav Nikolić, on his first day as the Serbian president, offensive. Nikolić stated that there was no genocide committeed on the Bosniaks in Srebrenica.

8th Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremić appointed President of the UN General Assembly. 11th Apart from Montenegrin President Filip Vujanović, no other regional leaders attended the ceremony of the inauguration of Tomislav Nikolić because of his previous statements about Srebrenica and Vukovar. 17th Leaders of SPS-PUPS-JS and URS agree to discuss a postelection coalition and coordinate their political views on economic and social policy, the Kosovo and the Republic of Srpska issue, and European integration if they form the parliamentary majority. 28th Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić calls upon the head of SPS Ivica Dačić to form a new government. Economy 4th Dairy companies Imlek from Belgrade, Mlijekoprodukt from Kozarska Dubica and Natura Vita from Blatnica near Teslić sign an agreement on acquisition of Natura Vita worth EUR 8 million. 29th Serbian Finance Ministry submits to the European Commission an accreditation set for decentralized management of IPA Funds. Society 2nd Cecilia Malmström, member of the European Commission responsible for Home Affairs, releases a report which says that the fifth largest number of asylum seekers in the EU comes from Serbia. Only Afghanistan, Russia, Pakistan and Iraq are ahead of Serbia. 8th Serbian Patriarch Irinej starts his official visit to Zagreb and meets with Croatian President Ivo Josipović. 15th The U.S. Embassy in Belgrade announces on Twitter that Michael Kirby, the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary at Department of State, will be the new U.S. am-

bassador to Serbia. 18th Two cadets of the Serbian Army have died and two were seriously injured in an explosion of a grenade at the Pasuljske Livade army range.

moth they called Vika. There are only twenty such remnants found in the world so far. 29th U.S. band Faith No More performs at the Belgrade Calling Festival in Ušće. Other performers include Jessie J, Ozzy Osbourne, Sisters of Mercy and Ugly Kid Joe.

World 3rd Celebration of the Queen Elizabeth II diamond jubilee begins in Great Britain marking the 60th anniversary of her accession to the throne. Culture 5th The 7th Belgrade Design Week opens at the renovated building of the Serbian National Library during the celebration of the Library’s 180th anniversary. 7th Remnants of a mammoth skeleton were found in Viminacium. In 2009, archaeologists found here fossil remnants of a female mam-

19th The founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange applies for political asylum in Ecuador. He is currently residing at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London – Ecuador’s foreign minister Ricardo Patino confirms. 20th Ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak (84) was transferred by ambulance to the military hospital “Madi” following a heart attack in prison. JULY Politics 3rd Information that EUR 7.5 million will be paid from the Serbian budget to fund Vuk Jeremić’s oneyear-long presidency over the UN General Assembly causes an uproar in Serbian public. 5th A coalition agreement on the government formation was signed at the premises of the Serbian Progressive Party. The coalition of

parties assembled around SNS, SPS and URS agree on basic principles of the future government.

7th At the 7th Croatia Summit in Belgrade, Democratic Party leader Boris Tadić met with many regional leaders. He shook hands with Kosovo PM Hashim Thaci. 27th New Serbian government formed following the votes of the parliamentary majority from SNSSPS-URS. 72 MPs from the opposition parties were against, while 26 MPs were not present at the parliamentary session. |

100 January 2013 | 11

Economy 5th Serial production of the new Fiat 500 L begins in Kragujevac factory. 8th Production of raspberry in Serbia suffers a drastic decline of 50%. The reasons for the decline are the long and cold winter, spring frost and wet weather. 11th The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) successfully completes its ‘Agrobusiness Project’ in Serbia. During the project, 7,122 jobs were created in agriculture and US $190 million worth of food products exported. 29th Drought in Vojvodina causes damages in excess of one billion euros.

Culture 13th Duran Duran opens the 13th EXIT Festival in Petrovaradin, Novi Sad.

Society 11th The Constitutional Court of Serbia has adopted more than 120 complaints of unelected judges, having found that, during the handling of their complaints, the assumption that they were fit for permanent job as judges was not overturned. 14th The Serbian software industry exported last year EUR 200 million worth of software and has a great growth potential – says the director of Vojvodina’s ICT Cluster, Milan Šolaja. 20th Nikola Tesla Airport says that a record number of passengers – 15,640 – flew in and out of the airport in just one day, i.e. the biggest number of passengers in the 50-year history of the airport.

World 12th Celje police have arrested the former director of Hypo Alpe Adria Bank, Božidar Span, who is suspected of conducting criminal banking operations pertaining to the Vegrad construction company. 20th James Holmes (25) kills 12 and injures 58 people in a cinema in the town of Aurora, Colorado, at the premiere of the new Batman movie. 28th The 30th Olympic Games officially opened in London. The opening ceremony was directed by Danny Boyle.

12 |

7th Vojvodinian Deputy Prime Minister and Democratic Party official Goran Ješić demands the leadership of the Democratic Party to resign so that everybody can have equal chance of running for a position in the party.

26th Two important archaeological findings presented on the same day: 31 early Christian tombs found on the stretch of land near Niteks Niš and an old Roman milepost from 3rd century discovered on the construction site of the Corridor X near Bela Palanka.


Politics 3rd First Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Aleksandar Vučić is appointed the Secretary General of the National Security Council.

100 January 2013 |

Economy 1st Jane Armitage, director of the World Bank office in Serbia, says that the Bank is willing to give to Serbia US $400 million only if the Serbian government reaches an agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and reduces the country’s deficit and debit. 6th Jorgovanka Tabaković from the Serbian Progressive Party appointed the new Governor of the National Bank of Serbia.

members of political parties during the election year. 6th The protégé of the Sretenje Substance Abuse Treatment Centre, Nebojša Zarubac was beaten to death. The Centre’s principal – priest Branislav Peranović – is suspected of killing Zarubac. 23rd A total of 246 fires registered all over Serbia. The most difficult situation is on Zlatibor, in Rogozna and Rasina. One hundred hectares of woods in Čigota, Zlatibor burned to the ground.

Culture 15th As an overture to the International Jazz Festival Nishville 2012, a concert called “Friends for Šaban’ was held at the Nišava River bank, in front of the monument erected in honour of the famous Roma music singer Šaban Bajramović. 27th A Goran Paskaljević film - ‘When the Day Breaks’- is the Serbian candidate for Oscar, following a decision made by the Serbian Film Arts and Science Academy. World

15th The Agrobanka affair starts to unravel. The first person to be investigated is the owner of Habitfarm Radoslav Lale Sekulić and several legal entities which have close ties to the company. 16th U.S. credit rating agency Fitch revises Serbia’s outlook to negative and confirms its longterm sovereign credit rating (in domestic and foreign currency) as “BB-”. Society 5th Based on information that Serbian political parties have submitted to the media, close to 30,000 people in Serbia have become

17th Members of the Russian punk rock band Pussy Riot were convicted and sentenced to two years in prison for hooliganism, because they interrupted the service at the Church of Christ the Savior in February by performing their songs.

20th China sentenced Gu Kailai, wife of fallen Politburo member Bo Xilai, to death on Monday but suspended her execution for two years. Kailai was pronounced guilty for murdering British busi-




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nessman Neal Heywood. 24th A Norwegian court sentences Anders Behring Breivik to 21 years in prison for two separate attacks carried out in Oslo and the Utoya Island during which Breivik killed 77 persons. 25th The first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong, dies at 82 due to the complications from heart surgery.

Kusturica protests, claiming that extracting nickel is dangerous to human health. 25th Representatives of Bosch Company, Prime Minister Ivica Dačić, and Finance Minister Mlađan Dinkić lay the foundation stone for a factory in Pećinci. The factory will cost EUR 70 million to make and, once finished, it will employ 620 workers.


Politics 3rd The Serbian government decides that it will participate in regional conferences regardless whether the Kosovo representatives participate or not. 13th The Serbian Progressive Party forms majority in the new Novi Sad Assembly, after replacing the entire city government (made of members of the Democratic Party and the League of SocialDemocrats of Vojvodina) at a turbulent Assembly session.

25th Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić gives a speech at the UN General Assembly in New York and says that Serbia is committed to achieving a lasting peace between Serbs and Albanians. Economy 4th The Serbian government announces that an agreement on disbursement of a $300 million Russian loan for the Serbian budget has been made. 16th Following a government announcement that a company is interested in investing close to EUR 1.2 billion in nickel research and processing, film director Emir

14 |

Society 5th The West Nile virus infects 37 persons in Serbia. The disease is tiger mosquito borne. There is no epidemic. 21st Motivational speaker Nick Vujičić, born without limbs, gives a speech at Belgrade’s Sava Centre and the Faculty of Law. 24th The most famous robot in the world – ASIMO – was presented in Belgrade. Culture 7th The “24 Hours of Elegance 2012” event begins at the White Palace with an exclusive exhibition of historical clothing made by the famous Neapolitan fashion house “Rubinacci” 13th The Museum of Yugoslav History exhibits a collection of president’s paintings which came from the personal collection of Josip Broz Tito. 15th Legends of techno music – Prodigy – perform at Belgrade’s Kalemegdan. World 12th The U.S. ambassador to Libya is killed in the assault on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi after violence erupted over the film

100 January 2013 |

‘Innocence of Muslims’. 21st Iranian Khordad Foundation ups the bounty on the British writer Salman Rushdi to US $3.3 million. OCTOBER

Politics 1st Kosovo Government rejects a proposal made by the head of the Democratic League of Kosovo Isa Mustafa for a referendum about political dialogue with Serbia. 6th Serbian Environment and Spatial Planning minister Oliver Dulić is arrested on suspicion of misuse of power. 19th The High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton meets with the Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dačić and his Kosovo counterpart Hashim Thaci together for the first time ever.

25th Democratic Party’s election conference moved from 10th to 25th November for Dragan Đilas to be given enough time to consider the conditions that party president Boris Tadić put before him in exchange for Đilas withdrawing his candidacy. Economy 8th Ministry of Finance and Economy launches a public call for selection of a strategic partner for Smederevo Ironworks. 17th German supermarket chain Lidl has paid 27 million dinars for a one hectare land plot they bought at Vizantijski Boulevard in Niš. 24th The National Bank of Serbia says that, following legislative

changes, PayPal can be available in Serbia. Society 5th An international law professor and the director of the Belgrade Human Rights Centre, Vojin Dimitrijević, suddenly passed away at the age of 81.

6th Serbian Interior Ministry bans the Pride Parade due to high security risks. 15th A hundred or so students of the Faculty of Arts have blocked the Faculty premises in order to draw attention to their student problems. Culture 9th The Golden Key of Smederevo Poetry Award Committee has decided to give the award to the poet, playwright and novelist Ljubomir Simović. 20th The Belgrade National Theatre has started rehearsals of a ballet based on Ivo Andrić’s book ‘The Damned Yard’. 24th The 20th edition of Cinemania starts with a premiere of “Asterix and Obelix: God Save Britannia” held in Belgrade and Novi Sad.

World 14th Paratrooper and extreme sports aficionado Felix Baumgartner jumps from the edge of the orbit, from the height of 39,068 feet and breaks the sound barrier in his free fall. 18th Chinese electronics manufacturer Foxcom admits that some of its factory workers in China were only 14 years old. 30th At least 38 people have died

and 7.3 million were left without power after the superstorm Sandy hit the east coast of the U.S. NOVEMBER

Politics 1st The Security and Information Agency has informed Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić that some officials at the Interior Ministry have ordered his phones to be tapped and admitted that President Nikolić’s phone has been tapped for some time too. 3rd A Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) official Nenad Prokić leaves the party all together, unhappy with the current state of it. 24th Dragan Đilas is appointed new president of the Democratic Party. Boris Tadić becomes the party’s honorary president.

Economy 12th President of Delta Holding Miroslav Mišković announces that he is withdrawing from the Press daily as the individual biggest owner of this newspaper. 15th Serbia took 90th place on the Best Countries for Business list compiled by Forbes magazine. 21st The only other company that submitted its bid for the acquisition of Fidelinka Testo Company is registered at the same address as Agroposlovi Company, co-owned by Čedomir Jovanović, which also submitted its bid. 24th Former Agriculture Minister Saša Dragin and eight other persons have been brought in for questioning by the police on suspicion of misuse of power and causing damages to the Serbian budget in the amount of EUR 4.5 million.

16 |

Society 16th The ICTY’s Appeals Chamber acquitted Croatian generals Ante Gotovina and Mladen Markač of war crimes committed on Serbs during and after operation ‘Storm’ in 1995. 28th Pursuant to the Amnesty Law, Miladin Kovačević was released from prison. He was sentenced for beating American Bryan Steinhauer in 2008. 29th ICTY acquits the former KLA commander Ramush Haradinaj for the second consecutive time. Haradinaj was accused of committing war crimes in Kosovo. Culture 8th General Manager of Atelje 212 theatre, Kokan Mladenović, has resigned following a monthslong conflict with the theatre’s actors. 9th The Directorate of the International Jazz Festival Nishville has renounced its status of national importance since “the Ministry of Culture’s assistance is not at the level of that status”. 15th Playwright and academy member Dušan Kovačević was given the Zoran Radmilović Lifetime Achievement Award at the Zoran Radmilović Days Festival in Zaječar. World 6th Barack Obama wins his second presidency by beating his Republican rival Mitt Romney.

15th The Politburo of the Chinese Communist Party appoints the seven-member Standing Committee which will be led by the new leader

100 January 2013 |

of the Communist Party Xi Jinping for the next five years. 20th Former Croatian Prime Minister Ivo Sanader is sentenced to ten years in prison for misconduct in the Hypo affair and accepting bribes from the Hungarian oil company MOL.

DECEMBER Politics 1st Serbian Progressive Party says that local authorities in Belgrade could be changed. 4th The National Party, whose president is Maja Gojković, has collectively joined the Serbian Progressive Party. 7th The former prime minister and an ex-member of the Democratic Party, Zoran Živković announces that he will form a new party. 10th The Serbian Progressive Party’s Foreign Affairs Committee wants to form a standing delegation in the Serbian Parliament to deal with the military alliance with Russia and Central Asian countries.

Economy 2nd Dunav Minerals Company will resume its geological research in the municipality of Medveđa. According to estimates, the area’s mineral reserves are 800,000 tonnes of copper and 78 tonnes of gold 10th Delhaize Serbia announces that it will close all four of its stores in Kragujevac and 102 workers will be made redundant. 8th Investors from the Czech Republic, Russia and China have expressed interest in building a thermal-power plant in Štavlje on

the Pešter Mountain and for opening a new coal strip mine.

Society 4th 10,000 students protest in front of the National Parliament following the ICTY’s rulings. 10th After managing the Humanitarian Law Centre for 20 years, Nataša Kandić steps down and is succeeded by her deputy Sanda Orlović. 12th Businessman Miroslav Mišković and his son Marko detained for 48 hours by the police as a part of an ongoing investigation into the dealings of Nibens Group. Culture 1st An exhibition called ‘Yugoslavia: From the Beginning to the End’ opened at the Yugoslav History Musem with the aim of becoming a permanent exhibit. 5th The Filmmakers Festival took place in Belgrade for the 18th consecutive time and broke all attendance records. 14th Following a concert on Kolarac, the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra starts its countdown to its 20th anniversary.

World 1st At least 15 people were injured and 30 arrested following the clashes between the protesters and the police in Ljubljana. The protesters were demonstrating against government’s austerity measures. 12th North Korea successfully has launched a long range rocket and a satellite into space, despite being warned by the international community against it. ■


Real Priorities and

Expectations for 2013 Serbia is entering 2013 with a long list of economic, political and social priorities – from cutting back budget deficit, continuing to fight against crime and corruption, and reducing unemployment to resolving the Kosovo issue, advancing regional cooperation and forging ahead with the EU accession process.

For the New Year's issue of CorD Magazine, we ask foreign ambassadors in Serbia what should be the most important goals of the Serbian Government in 2013 and, realistically speaking, which of the priorities could be realized next year.

Belgrade-Pristina Relations are the Key I wish the year 2013 to become a truly European year for Serbia. Ten years after the Thessaloniki summit meeting which firmly set the course for the EUintegration of the Western Balkan countries, Serbia should reach the decisive step of starting accession negotiations with the European Union

HE Mr. Johannes Eigner, Austrian ambassador to Serbia


he European Council has the door wide open but has yet to give the final go ahead. For this eventually to happen, the government needs to continue with what has been convincingly started this autumn – the normalization of the relations between Belgrade and Pristina with real changes of the situation on the ground. This normalization should not only be seen as a prerequisite to move closer towards the EU, but first and foremost to allow the people in Kosovo, both Albanians and Serbs, to live a normal life at last. To improve the life of the people, or, 18 |

better, to provide conditions and to enable people to improve their lives, should be a priority of any government at any point in time. For Serbia, that means to face, as other European countries must, the double challenge of stimulating the economy and helping to create jobs on the one hand and observing strict fiscal discipline on the other. The budgetary deficit must go down and so must the unemployment rate. What, in my view, should become another priority is the improvement of the image of Serbia abroad. The country has a lot to offer –the hospitality of its peo-

in Austria, which otherwise is linked by many ties to Serbia. Serbia should and can raise its attractiveness both for tourists and investors. The best way to achieve this is to have a lot of good stories told by people from their own experiences and to have few or no bad experiences to be reported. Either of these priorities is achievable, some perhaps in varying degrees. And they are at least partly mutually strengthening each other. The start of accession negotiations will be seen, as surveys show, as a key step and confidencebooster by the business community – it is a strong signal to invesThe country has a lot to offer –the tors that Serbia is on the hospitality of its people; a vibrant right track. This in turn will capital; a rich cultural heritage, derived have a positive impact on economic recovery, makalso from a unique multi-ethnicity, in ing Serbia fitter to meet particular in Vojvodina; and charming landscapes, not least along the Danube the economic criteria for membership. And, in turn, ple; a vibrant capital; a rich cultural heran improved image of Serbia abroad, in itage derived also from its unique multiparticular in EU-member states, will contribute to raising its acceptance as a fuethnicity, in particular in Vojvodina; and ture member of the European Union charming landscapes, not least along among the population there. the Danube. Little of it this known, even

100 January 2013 |

Top Priority - Economic Growth Serbia achieved a great deal in 2012 on its path towards membership in the European Union

HE Mr. Michael Davenport, HM Ambassador to Serbia


aining EU candidacy status in March brought recognition of all the reforms which Serbia has carried out over the last few years. Of crucial importance to the European Council’s decision on candidacy was Serbia’s commitment to building better relations with its immediate neighbours. Looking ahead to 2013, it will be a top priority for Serbia to create the conditions for a return to economic growth. The award of candidacy status in March brought recognition of the extent of the reforms which Serbia has carried out over the last few years. Especially crucial to the European Council’s decision on candidacy was Serbia’s commitment to building better relations with immediate neighbours. Looking ahead to 2013, it will be a top priority for Serbia to create conditions for a return to economic growth. It was encouraging to see that the Parliament adopted the 2013 budget on time. The Government has proclaimed its commitment to fiscal consolidation and creating new opportunities for direct foreign investment. Foreign investment will play its part in helping Serbia back to growth. With a highly skilled workforce, legal harmonisation with EU standards and access to substantial export mar-

kets, Serbia has much to offer potential foreign investors. But stiff competition from elsewhere means Serbia will have to work even harder to promote itself as a destination for investment. Britain has been working closely with Serbia in the fight against organised crime, which has become a globally interconnected phenomenon requiring a joined-up approach between governments determined to tackle it. In 2013 we look forward to stepping up our bilateral co-operation with Serbia in this field, especially in countering international trafficking in drugs. I am confident that during 2013 the Serbian government will pursue actively its serious commitment to rooting out corruption, which represents a major de-

regional and European security. In this context Serbia’s increasing participation in international peacekeeping and closer professional engagement with NATO are very much to be welcomed. I hope that at the political level the Serbian government will continue during 2013 to reach out to neighbours, especially those with which relations have been strained, building on outreach to Sarajevo and Tirana and, in spite of recent tensions, to Zagreb. Serbia’s leadership took the welcome step of proposing to raise the dialogue with Kosovo to a senior political level. The President and Prime Minister are to be congratulated on following through with this approach, engaging constructively with Pristina, proceeding to implement earliI am confident that during 2013 the er agreements and creSerbian government will pursue actively ating new opportunities to find solutions to inits serious commitment to rooting out tractable problems. corruption, which represents a major I sense a determideterrent to the sort of high quality nation on the part of investment which Serbia so badly needs Serbian leaders to deliver solutions which really can bring normalisation of relations with Pristina closer, making a real difference to all people living in Kosovo. There is also a growing realisation that normalisation can deliver significant economic benefits, facilitating contacts and trade and opening up opportunities for Serbian terrent to the sort of high quality investcompanies for which Kosovo should be ment which Serbia so badly needs. The a natural potential trading partner. challenge, here as elsewhere, will be to If the current momentum is maintained there is every reason to suppose do this in a way which fully respects the that Serbia can make progress in the dirule of law, individual rights and the independence of key Serbian institutions alogue sufficient to meet the European such as the judiciary and the prosecuCouncil’s criteria for starting negotiation service. tions on accession. I very much hope More broadly I would like to see that Serbia can build quickly on candidacy status and that by this time next year Serbia taking significant steps during negotiations will be well under way. 2013 to becoming a net contributor to |

100 January 2013 | 19

Improve the Environment for Investment The most imminent task for Serbia in 2013 is definitely the economic recovery. Although Serbia alone cannot change the present unfavourable world economic trends, it should do its utmost to make the situation better

HE Mr. Toshio Tsunozaki, Japanese Ambassador to Serbia


conomic recovery will lead to sition is important from the point a decrease of unemployment of view of attracting more foreign as well as to better conditions investment as well. for reducing the budget deficit. I alCorruption weighs heaviso think that the key to economic re- ly against foreign investment, and covery is to increase foreign direct I highly appreciate the anti-corinvestment. Therefore, the Serbian ruption policy of the present govgovernment needs to improve the ernment. Our business circle is alenvironment for investment and win so carefully watching how the polthe confidence of investors already icy will actually be implemented in present in Serbia as well as new ones Serbia. There are three aspects for searching for investment opportuni- the anti-corruption policy. The first ties. I have the feeling that Serbian is rule setting or the legislative asgovernment very often changes tax- pect; the second is its implementaes and regulations related to invest- tion; and the third is the public rement. It is vital to establish good lations or advocacy aspect. I think laws and regulathe third aspect is Corruption weighs tions as well as as important as the heavily against foreign other two to eradtaxes which are investment and I highly icate corruption conducive to investment, but from society. appreciate the antionce they are esThe population corrption policy of the tablished, they of Serbia amounts present government should be kept as to a little over sevthey are. Investors or entrepreneurs en million and its market size is attach much importance to predicta- not big enough to attract foreign bility for business. investment. So free trade agreeAs to EU integration, I hope ments with Russia and Turkey as Serbia will get the date for start- well as the SAA with EU countries ing negotiation for EU integration and CEFTA Agreement are very imby the summer next year. But, not- portant. From this point of view, I withstanding whether Serbia will regard advancement of regional get the date or not, Serbia should cooperation as essential for Serbia. stick firmly to the course. The pro- Investors are very timid creatures. cess toward EU integration will If they feel the situation unsafe or take long time, and there will be a unstable, they tend to reconsider lot of ups and downs. This firm po- their decision to invest. 20 |

100 January 2013 |

For All the Right Reasons Throughout the year we speak about nothing else but goals: required, expected, realistic, feasible or achievable

HE Mr. Oszkár NIKOWITZ, Hungarian Ambassador to Serbia


or the 100th issue of CorD magazine, I suppose one could afford striking a less serious chord and concentrate on signs that evoke optimism. The list of priorities and ‘big’ issues are well known, anyway, and in a New Year’s issue not mentioning ‘moving Serbia closer to the European Union in 2013’ does not mean that we in Hungary do not give it a paramount importance.

We commend Serbia’s new and more credible commitment to improving regional and goodneighbourly relations and we experience it as a genuine and sincere will to settle open issues in the region What do we Hungarians see as promising signs for 2013 in Serbia? It is normal that our angle is slightly different to what non-neighbouring EU countries deem important, as we experience Serbia first and foremost through bilateral relations. In this

sense, we commend Serbia’s new and more credible commitment to improving regional and good-neighbourly relations. And what is most important: we do not experience it as something expected by others for the sake of fulfilling criteria on the European integration path but as a genuine and sincere will to settle open issues in the region. We welcome the new messages, the realistic approach and the down-to-earth communication in matters of concern to the country itself and to the EU as well. The new

government has managed to drive it home that reforms, changes, the fight against corruption and criminality and putting the public administration in order are not ‘EU-tricks’ but they are indispensible for the benefit of Serbia – EU or not! The fact that in these adverse circumstances the government has maintained the support of the voters is good news in itself, and Budapest wishes the leaders all the energy to carry out their plans and carry on with the policy based on dialogue.

The EU is the Natural Family of the People of This Region “Among many other things, I also do hope that the New Year will bring positive steps in terms of economics in Serbia, in particular with a view to give a better life to people”

HE Mr. François-Xavier Deniau, Ambassador of France to Serbia


wish Serbia a happy mocracy, human rights, rule of law and living conditions and successful year standards. In addition, I’d like to pay tribute to the authorities which are dealing with the Kosovo issue in a pragmatic 2013. and brave approach with a view to prevail for the everyday In particular, I wish life interests of its people. all citizens of this country a new year full of These are very meaningful steps which have been acknowledged by the Council of the European Union on December the real happiness that 12th. The foreign ministers of the twenty seven member States only the genuinely important things can bring, in particular family, love, generosity or have paved the way for a positive decision to be taken before personal achievements. June 30th 2013 on the launching of accession negotiations. I wish that the sense of what we call “le bien commun” (the I strongly wish that all necessary steps will be taken by the common good) will grow stronger every day and will inspire poSerbian government to make this possible. litical and economical decisions. I’d also like to emphasize that Serbia has shown in the recent past a deep sense of accountability in helping justice to Among many other things, I also do hope that the New Year be delivered as far as war crimes are concerned. By such a will bring positive steps in terms of economics in Serbia, in valuable behavior, the country has proved its will to contribparticular with a view to give a better life to people. I wish to ute to the reconciliation process the Serbian farmers a favorable in the region. Notwithstanding, rain season to guarantee prosWe believe Serbia deeply belongs to perous crops. I hope the State nobody shall forget that Serbian Europe and its great civilization, and will use the available financial people also suffered like their that it shares with EU member states neighbors, a lot of tragic casuresources in an optimal manner common values and goals alties and damages during the to upgrade its roads and railways network, because all citinineties. Therefore, I wish fair zens need them. I wish to Belgrade, like most of major capiand rightful compensations to Serbian victims soon, through tal cities in Europe, the building in the near future of a modjudicial and intergovernmental proceedings. Regional reconern underground which would contribute to make easier eveciliation is indeed a key priority. ryday life of citizens. And finally, I would like more Serbian citizens and politicians to think of the European Union not as “they”, but as “we”. As regards politics, I’d like to praise the government of The EU is not a foreign body; it is the natural family of the peoSerbia for its solid commitment in favor of the European ple of this region. And the sooner Serbia becomes part of it, the integration process. We believe Serbia deeply belongs to sooner it will take part in the decision-making process and conEurope and its great civilization, and that it shares with EU tribute to design its future. member states common values and goals in terms of de22 |

100 January 2013 |

The Government’s Reform Efforts Will Build a Better Serbia Serbia enters 2013 with an energetic government which is tackling many longstanding issues that have hindered Serbia’s complete transformation into a free and modern democracy

HE Mr. Michael D. Kirby, Ambassador of US to Serbia


n my three months in elsewhere, if they are foreign investors, or not at all, if they Belgrade, I have been are local investors. That means less investment in Serbia, impressed by the viggreater unemployment here, and a greater likelihood that or with which President Serbia’s brightest minds and most adventuresome youth Nikolić, Prime Minister seek opportunities abroad and deprive this country of its Dačić, and First Deputy greatest natural resource – its youth. That economic aspect PM Vučić have renewed is critically important. Serbia’s commitment to Second, individually. By applying the rule of law to individuals, I mean vibrant and robust protection of human rights. its path toward the European Union. Importantly, they have signaled that commitment with words and with deeds – the govI mean that the rights of football supporters to cheer on their ernment’s reform efforts will build a better Serbia, regardless of team, of churchgoers to congregate on their Sabbath, of LGBT its eventual EU accession date. people to march in a parade, must all be equally respected. As American policies and messages are strong and consisthumans, we have our strengths and our weaknesses, our inent. As Secretary Clinton said in Belgrade, “We are commitdividuality and our similarity. As humans, we excel when we ted to seeing Serbia, and all the countries in this region, realuse our strengths, though your strengths may be different from ize their aspirations for integration into the European and Euromine. Societies are no different. We are richer when there is a Atlantic community.” We will work closely with Serbia and place for those who are athletic, or pious, or creative. We are the European Union to support stronger when our children can Serbia’s membership in the EU. contribute, no matter what their If you commit me to just one “most” Why? Because we believe that strengths may be. important goal, I believe that Serbia the reforms required for memI want to stress that we all must vigorously and comprehensively have a role in establishing rule of bership will improve the lives of strengthen the rule of law. ordinary Serbian citizens. They the law: this is not only for the will create a stronger, more-vigovernment. Do we collectively brant economy, they will strengthen rule of law to the benefit obey the laws, or do we do so only when it is convenient, or only when we are watched? If we do not teach our children from of all, they will build a Serbia that focuses on a future for the the beginning, and lead by example, we cannot expect our funext generation. ture leaders to differ from what we demonstrate. If you commit me to just one “most” important goal, I believe Of course, we strongly support the dialogue between Serbia that Serbia must vigorously and comprehensively strengthen and Kosovo, and Serbia’s courageous steps toward normalizing the rule of law. relations with Kosovo. As you know, the United States recognizThe rule of law has three prongs, and many people focus on es Kosovo as an independent state, but the Belgrade–Priština its most obvious application, meaning respect for independent dialogue does not require Serbia to recognize Kosovo. It asks institutions, specifically an independent judiciary. Courts and Serbia and Kosovo to take concrete measures that normalize prosecutors must be independent and all criminal prosecutions relations. A great deal can be accomplished by the governmust be based on a functioning, independent criminal justice ments of Serbia and Kosovo working together for the bettersystem and by internationally-accepted standards of fairness, ment of all of their people. not by the defendant’s political connections and such. As we move into 2013, let me congratulate Serbia on the I’d like to consider the rule of law in two other aspects, progress it has made in the last year – and let me renew the though. First, economically: businesses and investors must American commitment to working closely with all Serbians to have confidence that rules and regulations will apply evenly and without prejudice to all market participants, whethbuild a better future for us all. Happy Holidays and best wisher foreign or domestic. Without that confidence, they invest es for a prosperous New Year! |

100 January 2013 | 23

Difficult period

global diary

“The EU is going through a difficult period. I’m sure we will succeed. We will come out of uncertainty and recession stronger than before.” — Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council

Obama Turns on Capitol Tree Lights President Obama and his family flipped the switch for the 90th annual lighting of the National Christmas Tree on December 7, marking the holiday season in the nation’s capital.

Mr. Obama was joined by his daughters, Sasha, 11, and Malia, 14, and wife Michelle. All were bundled to shield themselves from the cold December night. Also helping in the festive ceremony was actor and singer Neil Patrick Harris, who hosted the tree-lighting ceremony.

Bikinis and Trunks on Parade Residents of Sydney took to the streets December 7 wearing very, very little in attempt to break the world record for the largest swimwear parade. Sydneysiders take part in the ‘AIME Strut the Streets’ in an attempt to break the Guinness record for the world’s largest swimwear parade on December 7, 2012 in Sydney, Australia. The event was organised to raise funds and awareness for the not for profit charity organisation, the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME).

24 |

Germany’s Christmas Capital Rothenburg ob der Tauber is Germany’s Christmas capital, and it’s the home of the world’s only Christmas museum. It’s also the only place you can buy Christmas products at any time of year. Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a small town that’s home to just 11,000 people. Boasting a pristinely preserved medieval town, it’s popular among tourists for and attracts 1.5 million people every year. The town is especially busy during the Christmas season. It’s elaborately decorated and hosts the obligatory Christmas market with Glühwein, Germany’s seasonal mulled wine, along with delicious nibbles, and every kind of festive shop. One of those shops is open all year round - and world-famous for it. The shop is called Käthe Wohlfahrt and it’s a Mecca for those who know and love their Christmas decorations. Entering Käthe Wohlfahrt, you are met by a giant nutcracker and surrounded by a display of wax angels, wood puppets, baubles for Christmas trees and decorations in all shapes and sizes. It’s so big, it’s no wonder the shop is known as the Christmas village.

French Chateau Renovation Ends in Demolition

“I will rebuild Bellevue exactly as it was,” Stroskin told SudOuest newspaper, which spoke of a rebuilding contract worth €1.5 million.

Builders sent in to renovate an 18th century chateau in western France’s Bordeaux wine region reduced it to rubble instead, according to the Russian owner of the property. Russian businessman Dmitry Stroskin told a local newspaper he was shocked to learn that workers who were supposed to tear down an outhouse and renovate the rest had instead bulldozed his stately pile, wiping Chateau Bellevue off the map. “He told me that he was really surprised, that this was an accident and he was the principal victim,” said Claude Carty, mayor of the village where the chateau used to stand. Poland-based Stroskin, who runs an export business, has said he will build a replica of the chateau, which used to be rented out for weddings under previous ownership.

Locals sent angry messages to the newspaper’s website, many airing doubts about whether the demolition was a blunder. “He’ll need a new building permit,” said Mayor Carty.

100 January 2013 |

Winner “I am running to win.When I did sport, when I worked and studied, I never entered into a competition to be well-placed but always to win.” — Silvio Berlusconi, former Italian prime minister, currentlu the leader of People of Freedom (PDL) party

Japan's Only Male Geisha The 26-year-old Eitaro is Japan’s only male geisha. He comes from a family of geisha: his mother and grandmother both practiced the centuries-old Japanese tradition, in which women trained in the gei, or classical Japanese arts, host parties of men. Eitaro took over for his mother after she died of cancer and is now apparently one of Japan’s most sought after geisha, both for performances and television appearances.

Male geisha actually predate female geisha in Japan, but as the popularity of the art form declined in post-World War II Japan, the male geisha -- or taikomochi -- began to disappear. Today, men drum alongside geisha, but it seems only Eitaro performs as a woman.

for what will be the world’s most expensive Christmas dinner menu has been devised by London chef Ben Spalding, who has completed residencies at restaurants including The Fat Duck in Bray, Gordon Ramsay’s Royal Hospital Road and Per Se in New York. Among the ingredients being used are a Yubari King melon costing EUR 3,200, in addition the EUR 3,200 Densuke watermelon; 150-year-old balsamic vinegar costing EUR 1,270; whole white Alba truffle costing EUR 4,350; and gold leaf coming in at EUR 7,450. To drink, a EUR 46,000 bottle of Piper Heidsieck 1907 champagne will be served in diamond-studded flutes; diners who prefer spirits can sip from a EUR 2,480 stock of DIVA vodka, described as a “diamond-sandfiltered vodka” and served in a bottle that is filled with Swarovski crystals. The focal point of the meal will be the traditional Christmas turkey, served this time with Dodine turkey and with Wagyu beef fillet and heart. It will be wrapped in gold leaf and sprinkled with Akbari pistachios. For dessert, the quartet will conclude their EUR 155,000 meal with whipped Kopi Luwak, a coffee bean, and Densuke watermelon.

Monkey Buffet Festival Twenty chefs from some of Bangkok’s top hotels prepare two tonnes of grilled sausage, fresh fruit, vegetables, ice cream, milk and jelly for over 1,000 very hairy and somewhat illmannered guests. The town of Lopburi in Thailand celebrates its Monkey Festival every year laying out a lavish banquet for its local population of Macaque monkeys. Buffet tables at the impressive San Pra Kan shrine literally groan with the weight of all the food as the hungry monkeys tuck in with great gusto, leaping from table to table snatching food and gulping down drinks like there’s no tomorrow

Prince William Awarded Djoković

The World’s Most Expensive Christmas Dinner The world’s most expensive Christmas dinner features a EUR 3,200 watermelon and a EUR 6,200 serving of pistachios, as part of the EUR 155,000 dinner menu for four. Costing EUR 155,000 for four people, or EUR 38,700 per person, the menu

Britain’s Prince William presented Novak Djoković with the “Centrepoint Premier Award for Contribution to the Lives of Youth Across the World”

Novak Djoković and Jelena Ristić arriving for the Winter Whites Gala at Royal Albert Hall

Britain’s Prince William presented Novak Djoković with the “Centrepoint Premier Award for Contribution to the Lives of Youth Across the World” in recognition of his charity work with the Novak Djokavic Foundation on December 8 at the Winter Whites Gala at Royal Albert Hall in London. The Gala had numerous retired players in attendance (Bjorn Borg, Boris Becker, John McEnroe and more) as well as celebrities (Jude Law) and attendees watched Tim Henman take on Goran Ivanisević for a spot of enjoyable tennis. The world no.1 was presented with a special Centrepoint award by HRH the Duke of Cambridge (Prince William) for his work with his foundation, which raised US $1.4 million for early childhood education through its inaugural fundraising dinner in New York in September. |

100 January 2013 | 25

interview Rolf-Juergen Seyerle, CEO Mercedes-Benz Serbia & Montenegro

Committed to Excellence “We achieved good results especially this year when it comes to the commercial sector. I think it couldn’t be better, so we are very pleased”

it has affected other segments. One of the major challenges for this sector in Serbia is to provide not only good products, but also attractive financing solutions and good after-sales service. The economic situation is difficult, but I am very confident that there is a market potential for the automotive sector. For example, we reached our year’s target, and that is a good sign for the future. We are using every opportunity to provide our clients with the best service, and we have now also introduced a program that will apply to used vehicles as well. We also have different service packages in which one price covers several different items, which I think is a benefit for our customers. ■ Despite your coming to Serbia only recently, could you tell us about your expectations and plans for 2013?

- All I can say is that we are planning to increase sales compared to this year. I know everyone is planning that, but we are convinced we can achieve it with next year’s new prodn the arena of luxury cars, Mercedes Benz has always ucts. I am trying to understand the market and its charactaken the position of honour. The German carmakteristics as fast as possier is very customThe economic situation is difficult, but I ble. For example, we want er-focused and unam very confident that there is a market to improve services for our compromising in its atclients in the after-sales tention to detail, design, potential for the automotive sector. For Of course, that is and after-sales service, example we reached our year’s target, and sector. closely connected to our setting Mercedes apart that is a good sign for the future dealers. from its competitors. In We are prepared for the International Motor Show in this interview with CorD, we see that despite the crisis, Belgrade, and we plan to present our premieres right after the company is optimistic. Geneva Motor Show.


■ For the past several years, the car industry has been suffering from the effects of the economic crisis. What do you think about the automobile market tendencies?

■ What are the company’s sales trends in Serbia compared to the region and the rest of Europe?

- The crisis hasn’t affected our premium segment as much as

- Serbia is small market but the situation in the region is

26 |

100 January 2013 |


Next year, right after the world premieres we will present the new E-Class and S-Class to the Serbian public.


Our customers want to have the highest quality and service and above all to feel safe.


Mercedes-Benz customers in Serbia have the same terms and conditions as at Mercedes-Benz Headquarters.

We are optimistic about this market. But we will have anmore or less the same. We have reached our target, so I can other one or two difficult years. say we are satisfied. Europe is getting better, and the situation (especially in Germany) is good when it comes to sales results. When it comes to the global results, Mercedes■Your specialty is developing a dealership network. In Benz posted a new sales record again. Shortly before the your case, this means developing sales in Serbia and end of the year we therefore Montenegro. Are you going continue on course to makWhen it comes to the global results, to make some changes to it or are you going to improve ing 2012 the biggest-sellMercedes-Benz posted a new sales the existing sales network ing year thus far in comparecord again. Shortly before the end further? ny history. We achieved good reof the year we therefore continue on - I have meetings with our sults especially this year partners every week. I want to course to making 2012 the biggestwhen it comes to the comvisit them as soon as possible mercial sector. I think it selling year thus far in company history so I can get acquainted with couldn’t be better, so we are the local market. Through this very pleased. We have excellent new products, such as the I will get a better picture of the situation. Every region has its new Actros, and if we make a comparison with cars and specificities, so I will see what we can improve and what our light commercial vehicles, we are the most successful in the dealers can do. That way, we will be much closer in this busitruck segment. ness, and we will grow together and strengthen faster. |

100 January 2013 | 27

■ Speaking of passenger vehicles, Mercedes has substantially broadened its sales target groups by launching affordable models such as A-Class. Still, it seems that your main buyers are corporate ones, i.e. that you mostly sell diplomatic, protocol and company cars which are considered prestigious.

safety and comfort. More than ever, the journey is expected to be an experience in its own right. An enjoyable experience, because the driver and passengers feel at home in the vehicle and the car, suits the owner’s personal lifestyle – and because the car provides a very good means of demonstrating this style to others.

- Launching the new A-Class Mercedes-Benz targets the younger, urban population. As part of our development, the ■ For over 16 years, Mercedes-Benz has been offering A-Class represents an important milestone. It is completespecial sales terms to diplomatic offices in this area. Could you tell us more about these ly new, down to the last detail. In autoterms? motive development, it’s not often you get the chance to start with a clean sheet of - We offer very attractive terms and conpaper. Our engineers have made the very ditions for the purchase of official and most of that opportunity. The A-Class has private cars with attractive pricing and been a bestseller for a number of generadelivery points at customer centre in tions. Since its market launch in 1997, it Belgrade. Mercedes-Benz customers in has blazed the trail for a new vehicle class Serbia have the same terms and condiwith its unique design, becoming a driving tions as at Mercedes-Benz Headquarters. force in the compact car segment. The secAlso, all our customers have support ond generation alone, which was launched of the best service network and reliain 2005, sold more than a million examples ble 24/7 on the road assistance across worldwide. We have very good response Serbia and in Europe. since the market launch. The saloons have been our volume mak■ Bearing in mind that our readers ers for decades. The E-Class and S-Class beare mostly economic, political, diplolong to this segment, recogmatic and business leaders, Launching the new A-Class nized by our customers from could you suggest to them corporate and diplomatic Mercedes-Benz targets the younger, what Mercedes models sector. Next year, right after should they pay special aturban population. As part of our the world premieres, we will tention to in 2013? development, the A-Class represents - My favourite for the next present the new E-Class and S-Class to the Serbian pubyear is CLA, a real beauty, an important milestone. It is lic. We have very big expectacompletely new, down to the last detail which I think is excellent for tions, and I am confident they this market because it has will reach great successes worldwide – including in Serbia. four doors and a decent trunk space. The S-Class from Mercedes-Benz has a long and rich tradition The restyled E -Class is also coming, which ranks well in that stretches back to the early days of the Mercedes brand at this market and will have a very interesting offer for buyers. the beginning of the 20th century. The S-Class embodies the We are also expecting the new S- Class, which is the flagship image of premium-class Mercedes-Benz vehicles: it is the auof our brand, a model others look up to in the segment of luxtomotive essence of a lifestyle characterized by the highest ury cars. The S- Class is a completely new car that we haven’t possible standards of mobility and individuality, and stands seen before, completely different from the previous ones. It for the ultimate in success and good taste. There is a reason will have plenty of innovative solutions, and we expect many for the fact that the S-Class been acclaimed again and again as customers to be interested in it. Two premieres will appear in the best luxury car in the world. Serbia at the International Motor Show in March. These models are CLA and the E- Class, while the S-Class will premiere somewhat later. Our strategy is to bring these models to this ■ Apart from a long tradition in quality, Mercedes claims market right after their international premiere. that, by buying one of its cars, a person is actually The S-Class has long and successful tradition. With each choosing a life philosophy. Could you elaborate on this new generation of its top-of-the-range vehicles, Mercedesin short? Benz has always provided convincing responses to the wish- Exactly. Our customers want to have the highest quality and es and needs of each specific era. In a phrase that sums up the service and, above all, to feel safe. This is also the result of importance of the model’s history right through to the prethe long knowledge and our brand tradition. The focus is alsent day, the S-Class and its predecessors are, and have always on customers and their personalities. Motoring today ways been, the epitome of the perfect luxury saloon.  ■ is no longer simply a matter of reaching one’s destination in

28 |

100 January 2013 |

Securing Your World In widely differing regulatory environments and cultures around the world, corporate, financial and industrial organisations depend upon security for their long-term prosperity. In a world of diverse and complex risks, delivering effective security is a very real challenge. Our solutions design process is focused on working with clients, not only to safeguard people, facilities and reputations, but also to improve their end-user experience, reducing costly hold ups and providing superior customer service delivering a stable, confident environment in which trade facilitation can flourish. We offer a complete approach to security issues, drawing on our worldwide experience and global footprint, our proven capabilities in end-to-end project management, personnel management, logistics and security technologies.

From risk assessment to delivery, we work in partnership with governments, businesses and other organisations to provide integrated solutions to security challenges. Our heritage goes back over a century and, with more than 657,000 employees, we are the second largest private employer in the world. In Serbia we employ over 4000 people and as the absolute security market leader we provide full scale of security services nationwide. Through sustained company growth and diversification of products, our range of services has grown nationally to provide complete security solutions including manpower services, electronics, hardware, risk management, consulting and technical services.

interview Vigor Majić, Director of Petnica Science and Research Centre

Fostering the

Scientific Mind His name is synonymous with Petnica, a science centre located in a village near Valjevo. He is Vigor Majić, and he is a geographer who graduated from the Belgrade Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences


etnica was the first independent educational organization in the former Yugoslavia. This science and research centre was founded in 1982 following an initiative launched by young researchers, teachers and students who were unhappy with the existing educational practices. Soon, Petnica became the centre for innovative scientific education and a professional incentivebased organization for young talents, known and respected all over Yugoslavia and Europe. Tens of thousands of young people attended seminars in this institution and listened to lectures given by the finest scientists from around the world. The Centre’s top-notch laboratories and everything else that it offers are far above the European average. The leading global science, culture and education organization, UNESCO, has consented to becoming patron of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Petnica. On the other hand, the state has cut back on funding of youth programmes which is now five times less than the year before.

30 |

100 January 2013 |

Many people think that Vigor Majić (55) should be credited most for devising the organization’s operations which, under his leadership, have become a brand known all over the world. Petnica has been with him for the most part of his life. He was born in Opatija to a family of doctors. From a very young age, he was surrounded by books. He completed his primary and high school education in Loznica and later studied at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and Faculty of Medicine with the desire to combine the two disciplines and to work on environmental challenges and the problems stemming from the connection between the mankind and the environment. He was very active in science, technology and art in school. He wrote, sketched, was a newspaper editor, built rocket mock-ups, radio stations and amplifiers and hitchhiked all over Europe. In high school, he got involved in the Young Scientists Organization where he researched flora and fauna. While still in high school, he implemented independent projects and organized research camps in nature. As a student, he was at the head of an organization called Young Student Researchers of Belgrade University and passionately argued for education reform. In the early 1980s, he tried to convince experts just how important was to start educating new generations about computers. Back then, very few people had heard of personal computers and understood just what a great future would be ahead of them. Vigor also became the director of Petnica Science Centre in the Centre’s early days. Although he was very young and

inexperienced, he certainly wasn’t foolish or naive. He says that being a director was the only professional appointment he has had in his life. ■ What does Petnica mean to you? - For me, Petnica was truly a professional challenge. I think that, since the very beginning, my colleagues shared my sentiment that we had been given an opportunity to make something that was world-class, a work format that combines the best ideas of modern education and definitely abandons the philosophy of ‘omni-competent’ teacher whose knowledge is better, bigger and more complete than that of his students. We have launched a work format that is based on the philosophy that students, when they arrive at the Centre, are better, smarter, and more intelligent, and they have a fresher outlook and are braver than we. They trust us because they are aware of their qualities and are working with teachers who respect them. We talked to these young people about fantastic things which they never heard of at school and brought in experts and enthusiasts to talk to them. In the early 1980s, for instance, we talked about computers, artificial intelligence, bioengineering, space research, quantum physics, chaos theory, fractals, alternative energy resources, and climate changes. That spontaneously attracted brilliant young minds. After coming to Petnica for a couple of years, we trusted those young people to present their ideas and fresh concepts to the next generations and that turned into a perpetuum mobile. The wheel was set in motion. The number of brilliant participants and experts coming to Petnica has been growing ever since. ■ Could you tell us just how important is Petnica for Serbia?

■ How does Petnica transcend the borders of Serbia? - We have managed to establish a system of professional work which is at the very top in the world. Now, after working extensively on increasing our capacities and modernizing our laboratories, we have conditions that are top-notch – far above the European average. Anybody who comes to Petnica can see that for themselves. The leading global science, culture and education organization, UNESCO, has consented to becoming patron of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Petnica. I am not aware of UNESCO ever being a patron of a 30th anniversary celebration anywhere. Maybe it has sponsored celebrations of centennial, bicentennial or quincentennial anniversaries of certain educational or cultural institutions in the world, since there are many institutions out there which have been in exist-

Now, after working extensively on increasing our capacities and modernizing our laboratories, we have conditions that are top-notch – far above the European average. Anybody who comes to Petnica can see that for themselves

- At the present time, Petnica is an important institution that helps patching up certain holes in our educational system. Every year, over a thousand participants from a couple of hundred schools, ambitious and clever young people yearning for fresh, good quality knowledge are getting an important motivational impetus here, an injection of optimism, if you will, which undoubtedly helps them in persevering and not losing belief in the importance of quality education. We are teaching them to think rationally, to plan, to communicate more successfully, to use available information resources and technologies more efficiently, to connect and work with each other, and not to be afraid of the world and other cultures, different ideas and traditions. Apart from that, we offer them a very modern work technology and a feeling that, at least for a few days, they are living in an environment where the work does not lag behind the rest of the world. We should not forget the support we give to motivated teachers and the people engaged in developing modern and good quality education.

ence for centuries. However, it is really absurd to see that the state, at such an important moment, has cut back on the funding of youth programmes which is now five times lower than in the previous year. It looks like somebody is very much bothered that we do such a good job and are so respectable. It is not good to stand out in Serbia.

■ How much truth is there to the statement that we are a scientifically talented nation? Has anybody ever talked about this nation’s talents?

- That is a widespread misconception. Any child, born anywhere in the world, has certain innate abilities that are above average and some that are below average. That’s why we are so different, and that is a good thing. The number of children with innate talents in any given country is approximately the same. |

100 January 2013 | 31

However, the question is how are certain qualities encouraged and what kind of role does the environment play. It is possible that the educational system and local and family environment in Serbia nurtures certain talents but it also suppresses others. So, when we grow up, we discover that we have more people good at mathematics, yet, on the other hand, we don’t have enough people talented to manage, have balanced reasoning and good planning skills. Our country will not develop if we have only mathematically talented people, achieve good results in sports or are excellent in organizing concerts and parties. When it comes to special talents, we are no different from other

■ What is the biggest problem that science has in Serbia? - Insufficient funding and a burden in the form of low quality staffing, which, apart from having certain titles, don’t have any other redeeming qualities. They put up a strong resistance to fresh ideas and discourage young professionals who are better than they. Serbia is full of false experts and fears to carry out changes in the way universities and science centres operate. Of course, we should not forget that Serbia, being a very small country, it is a real problem that everybody knows everybody here and that we have an inherited culture of indulging our friends, relatives, or godparents. It’s very hard to be objective and honest if you are exposed to such an environment. ■ How prevalent is the opinion that investing in science

is a long-term job and that results are not immediately visible?

- Investing in science has to entail investing in equipment, buildings, and conditions, as well as investing in changing the organization and the way in which top experts are educated since these experts can be productive in changed organizations too. The most valuable result of investing in science is increasing the number of well-educated, reasonable, rational and communicative people who are following new ideas and methods in the world and are closely communicating with the widest possible number of the best and most seasoned global experts. Such people are expected to act in their environment, to spread their knowledge, raise the level of culture and tolerance, and promote reasonable and prudent behaviour. In order to nurture the country’s scientific talent, the Only then will Serbia have a real benefit from them, providing that the quality of our schools and the equipment they use state doesn’t close them off in wellhave to be better, as should the curricula. We also equipped institutes and isolate them need to have well-chosen, capable and motivated from the public. Science has the best results in this segment, i.e. in raising teachers. That is the biggest task for Serbia the level of public culture, promoting better quality decision-making and importing valuable ideas. nation. Simply put, we need to create a favourable environment So, investing in science doesn’t only mean investing in having for more potential talents to come out and direct these talented more published scientific papers or registered patents. people toward areas that are important for development. ■ How do you invest in people talented for science? - Talent for science doesn’t exist as such. In order for someone to achieve worldwide success in science, since that is the only success worth having, he or she needs to possess several different qualities where a propensity or love for a certain area is certainly important. It is also necessary to have excellent working habits, meticulousness, the ability to communicate with colleagues who you know and don’t know, and, of course, have a high intellectual ability to spot a problem and create your own high-quality ideas to solve it. In order to nurture the country’s scientific talent, the quality of our schools and the equipment they use have to be better, as should the curricula. We also need to have well-chosen, capable and motivated teachers. That is the biggest task for Serbia.

32 |

100 January 2013 |

■ How would you describe the approach that the government

has toward science and research? I am not referring only to the current government, but also to the governments you have been cooperating with in the past.

- A government is made of real people. When you have people in decision-making positions, who are broadly and well educated, they will better understand how to assist science and other segments which are even more important like the development of business, commerce, or industry. If they don’t know how to do that, such people should have no qualms about asking, listening, agreeing and planning properly. If they are not like that, then the results will, of course, suffer. Superficially educated people, who advance in life by being sycophants and making petty compromises, are aware of their limitations and |

100 January 2013 | 33

are afraid of the people who are better than them. That’s why they try to eliminate those people. If they can’t arrest them or send them to work camps, they promote a climate that pushes these people away. Since I have been in Petnica, I have seen many people who were at the head of the science and education in Serbia come and go. Some of them were very responsible, conscientious, fair and far-sighted people. Of course, they didn’t stay for a long time in positions of power.

■ If you had to explain to somebody who has never heard of Petnica what Petnica is, how would you do that?

- Petnica Science Centre was founded by a group of students and with a great and generous help and support of many institutions and experts who felt it was necessary and important to provide young people, who were not satisfied with the quality of their schooling, with an opportunity to have an extracurricular education. I would like to remind your readers that Serbia doesn’t have a single science museum, that specialized ■ Do you have relevant data to cominstitutes and universities are unatpare what is being done in Serbia tainable to young people who are and in Petnica to the situation in not studying or working, and that we the region or in developed European don’t have a culture that would make countries? science popular. Petnica Science Cen- We are well informed about what is being done in our professional segtre has been communicating with hundreds of schools all over Serbia ment in the world, what initiatives and neighbouring countries and acare out there, what kind of results have been achieved and what probtively searches for young people who want to do extra work, who are not lems they have encountered. We happy with their regular schools or have a good communication with our are attending schools that are not peers all over the world and we try well-equipped or qualified for high not to repeat mistakes, and to copy quality extracurricular a good idea or two and Students don’t take exams in Petnica, activities. We organize adapt them to local condia wide range of courses, tions. I think that, at this there are no grades, and the work is seminars and science moment, Petnica is very very flexible and concentrated on an camps for these students well positioned compared individual which creates a significant and we help them to get to similar organizations in developed countries. ‘cultural’ difference compared to a rigid to know many fresh ideas up close, to meet with proHowever, Petnica is not atmosphere typical of regular schools fessional sufficient in itself. researchers, to learn about interesting and valuable techniques, procedures and skills in order to keep their interest in science and mod■ How many young talented people, future scientists, are ern technologies alive. Students don’t take exams in Petnica, leaving for other countries where they have better working there are no grades, and the work is very flexible and concenconditions than in Serbia? - Many of them are leaving, and the number keeps getting bigtrated on an individual which creates a significant ‘cultural’ difference compared to a rigid atmosphere typical of reguger and bigger. They are also still waiting for Serbia to demonstrate a sincere will to have them back. There are young scienlar schools. Young people are given an opportunity to come to Petnica several times and, each time they come, they are tists who want to return to their country. Many of them want to faced with a more complex and more demanding programme. stay abroad but are willing to sort of come back, i.e. to cooperThey can quit at any given time or change areas of interest. ate with domestic experts and institutions, and to contribute to Petnica’s doors are always open to them. Young people really launching high quality projects and work. Unfortunately, many appreciate such an approach, hence the Petnica Science Cenof them have broken off any links that they have had with their country and are taking their plans and dreams to other countre is very popular among teenagers and university students. Unlike other similar programmes in foreign countries, Petnica tries, as far away as possible. We don’t need only big investequally nurtures both natural science and humanities, while ments, good equipment or high salaries to make them come constantly fortifying interdisciplinary links and favouring the back to Serbia, whether temporarily or permanently. Without idea that science, as a method of getting to know the world, spending a penny, the state can help with accomplishing that is unique. After all, Petnica is very difficult to describe. You goal if, for instance, it expedites and simplifies administrative will get the best picture of what we do if you come to see for procedures. Some of these procedures, like the recognition of yourself and experience the atmosphere here. ■ diplomas, are often humiliating.

34 |

100 January 2013 |

jan 2013 business leader’s meeting point

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Nebojša Janićijević Director of Intesa Leasing

Cautious And Stable Growth Page 41

Mr. Frederic Coin CEO of Societe Generale Bank

Leading by Example Page 44


Favourite Domestic Producer

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James Thornley

Senior Partner, KPMG, Serbia & Montenegro

Developing Young Professionals Page 49

Goran Radović,

Director, Vossloh MIN Skretnice

Overt Optimism |

100 January 2013 | 35

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local news


Business Dialogue 01

“Solidarity in our union is alive. Grexit is dead. Greece is back on its feet. The sacrifices of the Greek people have not been in vain. Today is not only a new day for Greece, it is indeed a new day for Europe.” — Antonis Samaras, Greek prime minister



Up to €12bln Investments in Power and Recycling

NIS to Invest €1.5 bn by 2015

Serbia expects investments in its power and recycling plants may be worth €7 billion to €12 billion euros over the next 10 years

More than 6,000 megawatts may be added in new hydro and coalfired plants through 50 separate projects, according to the “priority list” for power production and environmental protection presented by Energy and Environment Minister Zorana Mihajlovic in Belgrade on December 14. Most projects envisage foreign investors, such as Germany’s RWE AG (RWE), Italy’s Edison SpA and China’s China Machinery Engineering Corp, according to the plan. “Signing of construction contracts is expected to begin in the first half of 2012” said Mihajlović. The state will also adopt a set of by-laws by the end of the year to help define conditions for investors, while also reducing the number of permits for most projects to five from 27, Mihajlovic said. “Our aim is not to lose any more time and to start signing contracts on construction of new power plants, opening of new mineral fields, regional landfills and recycling centres ASAP”, the minister said. She also invited investors to invest in such projects and to turn to the Ministry of Energy, Development and Environment if they encounter problems with investing in Serbia. The project presentation was attended by Vincent Degert, Head of the EU Delegation to Serbia, Verica Kalanović , Minister of Regional Development and Local Self-Government, Costin Borc, President of the Foreign Investors Council in Serbia and Kirill Kravchenko, CEO, NIS. According to Degert, the energy sector offers great prospects for Serbia’s development, but insufficient progress has been achieved in that field. He announced support for Serbia’s efforts in achieving the set goals and noted that the EU has invested over € 500 million in Serbia’s energy sector so far.


The Petroleum Industry of Serbia (NIS) will invest an average of €500 million a year over the next three years At a presentation of priority energy projects, Kiril Kravchenko, CEO of NIS said that by 2015 NIS would have around 800 gas stations in six countries in the region, where it would sell two million tons of oil derivatives produced in Serbia. He also announced the start of the next phase of reconstruction at the Pancevo refinery and modernization of the Novi Sad refinery what would result in export of EUR 400 million worth of euro quality oil derivatives next year. Kravchenko said NIS would expand its operation to other energy sectors. Some of its projects had

made it into the Serbian national priority plan.Among these projects is the Novi Sad cogeneration heat and power plant, where reconstruction will get under way next year. The €250 million project is expected to be completed within 36 months. NIS would also start building a heat and power plant in Pancevo next year, worth another €250 million. Together with the government, NIS will is considering to invest over €1 billion in the Kovin thermal power plant and mine.



Deal With UralVagonZavod in Early 2013 Minister of Finance and Economy Mlađan Dinkic said that a contract for the sale of the Smederevo steel mill should be signed with Russian UralVagonZavod in the first quarter of 2013


Nbs Raises Key Policy Rate The Executive Board of the National Bank of Serbia (NBS) decided to raise the key policy rate to 11.25 percent

Consistent with the NBS projection, year-on-year inflation temporarily slowed in November, though it remains above the ceiling of the target tolerance band, the NBS said in a release. In this regard, fiscal consolidation measures, which have already yielded initial effects, are yet to give their full contribution to the reduction in year-on-year inflation over the next year, the release said. The NBS Executive Board also pointed to elevated dinar liquidity of the banking sector. It therefore decided to change the direction of its main open market operations towards the withdrawal of excess dinar liquidity so as not to encourage a rise in aggregate demand which could impact on inflation and the exchange rate, according to the release. 38 |

Petroleum Industry

100 January 2013 |

Dinkic told a news conference that talks had been intensified with UralVagonZavod, the only company to bid at the tender for a strategic partner for the steel mill, and that everything was headed in a good direction. In early December, Smederevo was visited by a delegation of ten experts from the Cermet steel industry institute from Russia, tasked with examining the state of the steel mill for potential strategic partner UralVagonZavod, and collecting information related to its legal and financial operations. On October 28, the Serbian government extended the tender for a

strategic partner for the steel mill until December 26, with November 2 as the deadline for submitting bids. Companies whose assets are worth at least USD 2.5 billion and whose revenue in 2011 totaled a minimum of USD 2 billion were eligible to bid. Bidders were required to buy transaction documents and pledge a first-class guarantee on their offer of at least USD 1.25 million. U.S. Steel sold the Smederevo steel mill to the Serbian government for one dollar in January, due to a fall in revenue and profits. It also recently sold the Kosice steel mill in Source: Tanjug Slovakia. 

Placements & Postings

Children “I am convinced that the norm in Russia should become a family with three children. We need to create conditions for that.” — Vladimir Putin, Russian President



PKB Land Soon to be Sold to Al Dahra

Councilors of the Belgrade City Assembly approved the conclusion of an agreement between the Serbian Ministry of Finance and Economy and the City of Belgrade on the sale and leasing of agricultural land that is part of the Agricultural Combine Beograd (PKB) to the Al Dahra company from UAE. The signatories have agreed to participate jointly in the establishment of the new company, Al Dahra Srbija, in which Serbia and Belgrade will jointly have a 20 percent share, while the Abu Dhabi based Al Dahra will have an 80 percent. The signatories agreed with Al Dahra’s offer of €12,000 per hectare. By selling 2,329 hectares of land, the PKB should earn €27.9 million. Al Dahra representatives have also expressed interest in buying part of the PKB assets and taking lease of PKB farmland.

HE Mr. Mehmet Kemal Bozay New Turkish Ambassador to Serbia

HE Mr. JeanDaniel Ruch Ambassador of Switzerland to Serbia

Tihomir Bogićević

New Director of Serbian Customs Directorate

Born in Ankara 1966, HE Mr. Mehmet Kemal Bozay studied at the Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, in the International Relations Department. He started a career in diplomacy in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1988 in the Personnel Department and later in Gulf Islamic Countries Department. In 1991, he became attaché and third secretary of the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Tehran. Throughout his diplomatic career he was third and second secretary of the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Ljubljana (1993-1996) and second secretary at the embassy in Sarajevo. He worked as a chief of Cabinet of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, counselor at the Permanent Representation of the Republic of Turkey at the FIN, first counselor in the embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel, and Special Advisor to the Undersecretary of the MFA. On November 22nd he was appointed Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey in Belgrade.

Jean-Daniel Ruch was born in 1963 in Moutier, Switzerland. He studied at University of Geneva and the Graduate Institute of International Studies. Mr. Ruch holds a master degree in International Security Policy and in International Public Administration. In 1988, he worked as a Political Analyst in Swiss Ministry of Defence and then in Swiss Foreign Ministry. From 1994 to 1997, he was second and then first Secretary of the Swiss Delegation to the OSCE. He arrived in Belgrade for the first time in 2000, as a Deputy Chief of Mission at the Embassy of Switzerland. In 2003, Mr. Ruch was seconded to the United Nations, International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia as a Special Political Adviser to the Prosecutor. He was Head of the Peace Policy Section and Deputy Head of Political Division IV (Human Security) at the Swiss Foreign Ministry, Berne, and, since 2008, special Representative for the Middle East of the Swiss Foreign Ministry. The Serbian government has appointed Tihomir Bogićevića as director of the Serbian Customs Directorate. Tihomir Bogićević (born 1953) graduated in 1977 from the University of Zagreb, in the faculty of mechanical engineering. He has dedicated almost his entire working career (since 1981) in the Customs of Serbia. He came to his current role from the position of Chief of the Center for Professional Education of the Serbian Customs which he held since November 2009. Prior to that, he was assistant director, first in the Department of Customs operations, and then in the Department of tariff duties. From 2003 until 2007 he was the head of the Department of the Origin of Goods. Mr. Bogićević has been a lecturer at the Centre for Education and the author of several technical books. He is married with one child. |

100 January 2013 | 39

interview Nebojša Janićijević, Director of Intesa Leasing

Cautious And Stable Growth Our plans for 2013 are the further consolidation of our position in the mentioned segments, cautious and controlled growth, creating new financial products and, most importantly, securing funds for supporting SME projects


the experience of our mother group in order to give our clients useful advice with the aim of advancing their business operations which is in our mutual interest. By having this approach, the standard ’sale’ of financial products based on the logic that the most important thing is to ’sell’, in other words, place funds, is now replaced with the logic that the most important thing is to secure financial support tailored to each of the clients’ individual needs. To ‘sell’ no matter what often causes problems for both sides.”

■ Although 2011 was good for leasing companies which all profited that year, the NBS has recently revealed that the total pre-tax loss generated by leasing companies this year stands at 96 million dinars. What about Intesa Leasing’s operations? - The best answer that I can give to that question is the strategy of continuous and stable growth of Intesa Leasing, based on the shift in the sales concept and focusing on funding projects that create added value and not consumption, as well as building partnership relations with our clients which resulted in generating profit despite negative tendencies in the industry.

ne of the key factors that have contributed to Intesa Leasing’s success on the domestic market is in combin■ Last year, Intesa Leasing was ing contemporary global experience with the second most successful leaslocal skills – the company says. Intesa ing company in Serbia. What were Leasing, the second most successful the main factors that contributed to leasing company in Serbia, has been re■ What are your plans for 2013? that success? sisting the crisis thanks to a strategy of - Our plans for 2013 are the further - I would say that the most important faccontinuous and stable growth which enconsolidation of our position in the tor is to opportunely adapt to the unstatails quickly adapting to changes. mentioned segments, cautious and conble financial conditions in which we op“Local skills primarily refer to gettrolled growth, creating new financial erate. Back in 2007, the company shiftting to know the conditions on the loproducts and, most importantly, secured its sales focus to financing produccal market and financial products ing funds for supporting SME projects. tion equipment and freight vehicles and, which the market deems as operationAt the same time, we plan to consider by doing so, clearly demonstrated its real support, as well as the aptitude to the possibility of funding equipment for solve to finance the goods that serve adapt coherently the experiences of the utilization of renewable enerour mother group to domestic cligy sources and agricultural equipents,” says Nebojša Janićijević, “To ’sell’ no matter what often causes ment. In order to do that, we will director of Intesa Leasing. “In orproblems for both sides“ have to analyze carefully the marder to accomplish all of the aforeket potentials and for our country to production rather than consumption purmentioned, a company needs experiprovide systematic support to such propose. It was this strategic breakthrough ence, generated in the financial secjects. Most of our energy in 2013 will that resulted in much better financial tor, combined with the experiences be spent on increasing the quality of our performances of our portfolio where our from the business sector in which the services and maintaining the level of our NPL level was much lower than the marclients, who are ILB’s primary target portfolio’s quality. ket average and where the number of regroup, operate. To that end, our cliBearing in mind we are nearing the turned leasing goods was also much lowent service is made up of people who end of 2012, I would like to use this oper than the market average. Also, our were chosen based on years of approportunity to wish all the best to the cliplacement level has remained stable durpriate experience, who can really unents of Banca Intesa and Intesa Leasing ing the crisis which, in the end, resultderstand the needs of our clients and in the New Year, as well as to congratued in financial indicators that have been who can, based on that, suggest a suitlate CorD magazine on its anniverary. ■ getting better year-on-year. able financial product for them. We use

40 |

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Mr. Frederic Coin, CEO of Societe Generale Bank

Leading by Example “Societe Generale Group is active in all segments of social responsible businesses, which represents a good basis for our activities in Serbia”


n addition to the attention that we dedicate to the environment, we’ve put the focus on social inclusion and professional integration, support to vulnerable groups, responsible human resources management and finally, the employees’ involvement in the bank’s CSR projects.”

■ As one of the leading banks in Serbia, what has been your response to the challenges brought on by the crisis, bearing in mind that the Belgrade Stock Exchange has said that the capital market in Serbia has never been in a worse situation? - At the beginning of the economic crisis, shares of more than 1,800 companies were trading on the Belgrade Stock Exchange, which was also due to legislation at that time under which many firms become joint-stock companies. All of these companies were included in the organized market segment of the Belgrade Stock Exchange following their ownership transformation because they were obliged to do so by law and did not start trading on the local stock exchange through an IPO or capital increase. The spillover of the global crisis on the Serbian economy has had very adverse effects on the development of the capital market in the country, but financial institutions, such as banks, insurance companies and funds, have a crucial role in its survival. Regarding Societe Generale bank, it is important to point out this year’s issuance of the first long term RSD corporate bonds and their listing on the Belgrade Stock Exchange, representing a significant step towards further the development of the capital markets in Serbia. ■ You were among the first to issue longterm debt securities. Do you recommend that other banks in Serbia follow in your footsteps? - Societe Generale Srbija is the first bank on the market to issue such bonds, with demand for them even exceeding supply. The high interest of investors confirmed not just their confidence

in our bank, but also the realistic expectations of bond issue trends and the subsequent development of the local market. In addition to the support to the dinarisation of the financial system, Societe Generale joined this project in order to diversify its sources of funding and a secure stable source of dinars for its day-to-day activities, primarily bearing in mind that loans denominated in dinars have become an important part of the bank’s lending portfolio. ■ Despite the crisis, you have launched new savings and lending programmes aimed at various demographic categories, including farmers and pensioners. Could you tell us a few words about the benefits of these programmes? - Special actions for pensioners rank among bank activities that are aimed at helping certain

rank among the best project nominees, a fact of which we are particularly proud. Together with the EBRD, we have also disbursed loans to small and medium size companies, as well as a special credit lines intended for agricultural businesses.

■ Social responsibility is an important aspect of Societe Generale’s operations. What social responsibility goals do you have and how have you been implementing them in practice?

The spillover of the global crisis on the Serbian economy has had very adverse effects on the development of the capital market in the country, but financial institutions, such as banks, insurance companies and funds, have a crucial role in its survival - Societe Generale Group is active in all segments of socially responsible businesses, which represents a good basis for our activities in Serbia. In addition to the attention that we dedicate to the environment, we’ve put the focus on social inclusion and professional integration, support to vulnerable groups, responsible human resources management and finally, the employees’ involvement in the bank’s CSR pro■ You have also been providing assistance jects. Societe Generale Bank Srbija is recognized most for its Inclusive Academy project which it to local businesses in collaboration with carries out in partnership with the NGO Forum the EBRD. Could you tell us something for youth with disabilities. With this project, about this assistance? the individuals are given the opportunity to - Societe Generale is one of three banks in Serbia that have supported the funding of energy improve their knowledge and strengthen their efficiency projects in cooperation with the professional skills, acquire higher competencies EBRD, which has allowed companies to cut their for the job market. For the Inclusive Academy expenditures, upgrade their activities and com- project, Societe Generale Bank Serbia was ply with EU practices, while at the same time awarded for the best corporate volunteering contributing to the protection of the environprogram by the Business Leaders Forum and ment. Three projects by our corporate clients Smart Collective in September 2012. ■ segments of the community. Mindful of the average income in Serbia, the bank grants loans to pensioners, free of interest and processing costs, during a period when home budgets are most affected by the purchase of household supplies and energy-generating products. The bank allows a six-month repayment period, letting pensioners start a new season free of debts. |

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regional news

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Tolerance We need trust, mutual respect, tolerance, readiness to listen. And irrespective of how big the differences among us may be, the things that connect us are even stronger.” — Borut Pahor, President of Slovenia


Bosnia and Herzegovina

Coming Out of Recession

According to early projections for 2013, Bosnia and Herzegovina is expected show growth of its gross domestic product (GDP) of one percent, which would be a slight improvement over 2012

Sale of Albpetrol Halted Albania has held off signing a contract to sell state-owned oil company Albpetrol after would-be buyer Albanian-U.S.-owned Vetro Energy failed to make a deposit to back the sale

Kemal Kozarić, Central Bank Governor

This positive projection is based on the facts that the budget has been adopted at all levels and that, at the state level, a new parliamentary majority, committed to the reform process, has been reached, therefore the period of stagnation and recession may now be entering a phase of mild economic recovery. “We can only hope that next year will bring the end of negative trends that have been seen since the middle of 2012. We are hoping that flywheel of recovery will be finally launched in 2013,” said Kemal Kozarić, Central Bank Governor in an interview with the FENA agency. Commenting on inflationary trends, Kozarić says that inflation will be around two percent, which means that the 2013 year will be “quiet.” He says that still the biggest problem will be the unemployment rate of 28 percent, and that the first task for all governmental levels should be to undertake major projects which would bring new jobs. In the coming year further consolidation of the banking sector is expected, as 29 banks in Bosnia and Herzegovina are seen to be too many. The governor is expecting mergers or sales of some banks during 2013.




Citigroup to Focus on Corporate and Commercial Banking 42 |

Speaking a week after a second deadline to sign a contract expired, Deputy Energy Minister Sokol Dervishaj said Albania would still give Vetro a chance if it made the deposit. Vetro Energy offered to buy all the shares of Albpetrol for €850 million, which is equal to 10 percent of Albania’s gross domestic product. “The contract has not been signed, and the company has not deposited 20 percent of the contract (as a) guarantee,” Dervishaj told reporters. “Hence, the ministry has started seeking the 10 percent of the company’s tender offer guarantee,” he said.

was December 31. The government and local banks agreed last year to share foreign-currency mortgage losses by allowing debtors to repay their loans at below-market exchange rates for five years. Less than 21 percent of entitled debtors applied by the end of October, according to data from financial market regulator Pszaf. The central bank earlier forecast a participation rate of around 90 percent.


Rebuild trade fleet Montenegro plans to rebuild its trade fleet with Chinese help, Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic told Xinhua in an interview a day after beginning his seventh term

“These ships will not be only able to pay off costs of their building, but also to contribute and create means for new ships to be built in order to completely renew the Montenegrin trade fleet,” Djukanovic said. While Montenegro has had a strong tradition in shipping dating back several centuries, its trade fleet was practically non-existant until recently. Due to UN sanctions on former Yugoslavia during the 1990s, its fleet slowly decayed trapped in foreign ports until it was reduced to a ghost fleet of ships usable only for scrap metal. Several months ago Montenegro took over two ships made in Shanghai Shipyard, which are now sailing again under the Montenegrin flag. The prime minister considered the project as attempt to continue a tradition of Montenegro. “Because we have received the first two ships in promised time, we are now progressing with making arrangements for another two ships of a new Montenegrin fleet to be built in Chinese shipyards,” Djukanovic said.  Source: Xinhua

Citigroup has announced from New York a series of actions to reduce expenses and improve efficiency across the company. This global repositioning includes several markets where the bank will significantly scale back its consumer operations. For Romania, Citi has taken a strategic decision to focus on its corporate and commercial banking businesses, where the bank will leverage its global network to offer value added services to its clients.

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This means that should the talks collapse, Albania wants to claim the cash already deposited, which according to Vetro was at Chicago-based American Chartered Bank AMCHBC.UL. Dervishaj said any decisions on the future of the deal would be taken by the government along with its advisers, U.S. consulting firm Patton Boggs, but it continued to nurse hopes of a deal. Source: Reuters 



Extending Foreign Currency Mortgage Repayment

Hungary may extend the application deadline for foreign-currency mortgage holders to repay their debt at lower exchange-rates, according to a proposed amendment by Jozsef Balasz, a member of the ruling Fidesz party. Households with foreign-currency mortgages may have until March 29, 2013 to apply at their banks, according to the amendment posted on parliament’s website. The current deadline


It is therefore considering strategic alternatives, including a potential sale, as part of the global strategy. “While we have a strong and fast growing portfolio in the country, in the current economic environment we will not achieve the scale and profitability the company needs, fast enough,” said representative of Citigroup. It’s more feasible to reinvest our efforts in our corporate and commercial banking where the bank can grow in Romania.

Investment “The state of Croatia invested approximately EUR 5.5. billion in the return and housing of Croats and Serbs.” — Ivo Josipović, Croatian President




Chinese Investors to Set Up 3 Bus Plants

Delyan Dobrev,

Bulgarian Economy Minister

According to Bulgarian Economy Minister Delyan Dobrev, two of the future bus factories will be for electric buses, and one – for gas-power buses

Of the former type, one of the plants will be producing electric buses with standard batteries, while the other one – buses powered by condensers. “These three projects are a prerequisite for future development for both the development of the Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy Systems at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, and the realization of the young people in this field,” Dobrev told reporters at an exhibition dedicated to the 45th anniversary of the Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy Systems in Sofia. The battery-power bus will be based in the town of Breznik west of Sofia, the investment being worth €135 milion. “The reason for these investments to happen in Bulgaria, and not in some other country, is that Bulgaria has good R & D units. The major factor for one of the projects was the high level of the Sofia Technical University that really impressed the investor,” Dobrev elaborated.



Output Price Inflation Slows For Second Month

Croatia's producer price inflation for the domestic market weakened for the second successive month in November, data released by the Croatian Bureau of Statistics showed The producer price index for the domestic market increased 6.6 percent year-on-year in November, slower than growths of 8.4 percent and 8.9 percent recorded in October and September respectively. Mining and quarrying prices climbed 24.6 percent annually, while prices in the manufacturing sector grew 2.4 percent. Output prices of electricity, gas, steam and aid conditioning were high-



er by 20.2 percent compared last year, data showed. On a monthly basis, domestic producer prices decreased 0.2 percent in November, reversing the previous month’s 0.1 percent gain. At the same time, output prices for all markets advanced 4.9 percent from November 2011, while those for products meant for the overseas market moved up 2 percent.

Skopje Airport Records Growth

Skopje Alexander the Great Airport handled 62,371 passengers in November, an increase of 11% compared to last year’s 56,180. A total of 60,873 passengers were registered on scheduled flights, compared to 50,089 in November 2011 or an increase of 21.5%. The strong results were achieved due in part to Wizz Air, which opened a base in the Macedonian capital in late October. In November, the no frills carrier welcomed 15,565 passengers on its six newly launched routes from Skopje. The strong passenger growth comes on the back of a lacklustre October when numbers plummeted by 9%. With strong growth and the prospect of a further Wizz Air expansion next year, Skopje Alexander the Great Airport is likely to come close to handling one million passengers by the end of 2013, the first time in thirteen years.


NKBM Makes €65m with Sale of Zavarovalnica Maribor The troubled NKBM bank sold its 50.99% stake in insurer Zavarovalnica Maribor for EUR 65m to reinsurer Sava Re and the state-owned SOD fund under an agreement that provides a much-needed boost to its balance sheet

Under the deal, Sava Re purchased 11.79% for €15milion, raising its combined holding to 60.47%, whereas SOD spent €50m on the 39.21% stake; the two now own 99.68% of Slovenia’s third largest insurer. NKBM chairman Aleš Hauc said Sava Re would “definitely be a good, diligent and responsible” owner guaranteeing that Zavarovalnica Maribor would continue to develop. Sava Re chief executive Zvonko Ivanušič labelled the agreement an “historical event” for the entire insurance market, as the acquisition creates a better competitor to the current market leader. Tomaž Kuntarič, the director of SOD, said the state-owned fund was merely helping out Sava Re,



which will gradually buy off the entire stake. He said SOD entered the transaction because it supported improving NKBM’s capital adequacy as well as the future growth and development of Sava Re, of which it is the biggest single shareholder. Zavarovalnica Maribor is also pleased with the deal, with CEO Drago Cotar saying that both previous shareholders, Sava Re and NKBM, had been “responsible owners” so little will change apart from the insurer being able to leverage its potential abroad. Sava Re is Slovenia’s leading reinsurer with a 53% market share in 2011, while Zavarovalnica Maribor is in no. 3 behind Zavarovalnica Triglav and Adriatic Slovenica, having a market share of just under 13%.

The Game Has Just Begun Kosovo’s accession in European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is considered as top story of Kosovo’s success with regard to economic activities in 2012. However, the experts said that this story has Safet Gerxhaliu, Head of Kosova not been completed and Kosovo will Chamber of Commerce face challenges as well in the future, as concrete projects should be prepared, which would be attractive for receiving the capital of EBRD in order for the attraction of funds not to fail, as it has happened with donors’ conference, where due to the lack of serious projects, the withdrawal of allocated funds for recovery of Kosovo’s economy has failed. Thus, they called for more pragmatic approach in this aspect. The head of Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, Safet Gerxhaliu told Kosovopress that such an accession should not be analyzed only from the economic viewpoint, where the economic benefits will be great, but according to him, this accession has political and strategic importance. “This story has not been completed. There will be challenges as well in the future. The private sector should be prepared in application forms and those applications should have a business plan, which would be argued and proved,” he said. |

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Kosovo “This means that Serbia’s progress in the EU integration directly and exclusively depends on the resolution of the Kosovo issue. Anyone who does not believe that can look at the conclusions of the EU Council meeting.” — Suzana Grubješić, Deputy Prime Minister

Favourite Domestic Producer Nectar again won the award thanks to the consumer vote which is the best validation of the perseverance, hard work and the company’s investments in development of superior quality highly recognizable brands


44 |

he Nectar Company was the recipient of the gold ‘My nal orange and pressed Choice 2012’ award and, for the second consecutive year, apple juice recipe, won has been declared, the “Favourite Domestic Producer” in the Superior Taste Award Serbia in a campaign called ‘Serbia has Quality,’ launched by the 2012 by beating over My Serbia organization and the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce. 1,000 products from 50 This year too, Nectar won the award thanks to the concountries. Life 100% sumer vote which is the best validation of the perseverance, Orange and Life 100% hard work and the company’s investments in development of Unique Pressed Apple superior quality highly recognizable brands. are the only fruit juices Nectar is the regional leader in fruit processing and profrom Serbia which have duction of fruit juices and nectars. With a lot of effort and won this prestigious international award. professionalism, this family-run company has become one of The long-term comthe biggest fruit processing companies in the region in a short mitment of Nectar to span of time. The unique position that the company has in the developing top quality region is due to the fact that Nectar is the only company with products, as well as nura fully rounded production process – from having cooperative relations with fruit growers and buying their produce to turing original communication with consumers, producing pulp, concentrates, juice, nectars, brandy and jam. have resulted in Nectar’s On top of that, the company has its own distribution network becoming the first choice for consumers and experts like – a which facilitates business and helps with meeting the everbrand that is the favourite in Serbia growing market demands. Nectar and its brand Life 100% are and superior in the world. This valiDoing business in line with the latest technologies and internathis year’s recipients of the Superior dates the company’s philosophy, that tional quality standards, as well as Taste and Quality Award in Brussels “it is not all the same,” in the best fostering original communication possible way. Nectar fruit juices have with consumers, have all contributed to consumers choosing a wide variety of flavours which come from the simple, yet Nectar and, by doing so, saying: ‘It’s not all the same.’ excellent produce of domestic orchards, as well as from exotic This year, Nectar and its Life 100% brand won the Superior produce from far away tropical areas. They provide consumers with an opportunity to pick the juice that suits them and Taste and Quality Award in Brussels which is given out by the agrees with them the best. biggest international jury made of 120 top experts, chefs and Every year, the My Serbia organization and Belgrade Chamsommeliers from all over the world. Life 100%, with its origiber of Commerce give out the My Choice award with the aim of encouraging production development and investing in advancing the quality of domestic products and services. Apart from awarding the favourite products and brands in 14 categories, gold medals for the favourite domestic product and favourite domestic producer are given away too. This year, the award show guests were also able to find out more about the results of a survey called “Customer’s attitude toward domestic products in Serbia”. ■

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“Croatia and Serbia want to start functioning in segments that are easier first and will move on to the more difficult issues later.” — Vesna Pusić, Croatia's deputy prime minister and minister of foreign and European affairs

James Thornley, Senior Partner, KPMG, Serbia & Montenegro

Developing Young Professionals “We have an excellent young team working with us at KPMG Belgrade, the vast majority of which have come through the Serbian education system”


am constantly amazed at the language ability demonstrated by our people, which I think is much higher than in many surrounding countries,” said James Thornley, Senior Partner at KPMG. Serbia & Montenegro ■ One of the missions of KPMG is to help clients successfully respond to changing opportunities by providing professional services. What are the main challenges that your clients have to contend during the world economic crisis? - Certainly, KPMG is working hard to cut through the complexity our public and private sector clients experience in conducting business within Serbia, SE Europe and further afield. As a result, this year we are one of the leading professional services firm in Serbia in audit, advisory and tax services. I think it is clear that we are living in a time of very significant change. Change is certainly occurring around technology and communications, demographics, as populations age, green energy and sustainability issues arsing from population growth and resource usage, and with respect to the global economic power shift from West to East. The financial crisis, which we continue to encounter in Serbia, has added complexity and intensity to these issues. Within this broad context, I believe that the following have been among the most important challenges facing our clients, both here and the wider region: • Uncertainty. It becomes much harder for clients to predict and react to market and wider trends. The time horizon within which to respond is shorter; • The human element. I think throughout my professional career, but especially during

this current crisis, clients have constantly faced issues around this point. By this, I mean recruiting and maintaining an effective team with the right mix of leadership and technical skills; •C  ashflow. Cash always was, and probably always will be, king. Proper management of this resource is always going to be high on the list of challenges facing most businesses.

people at a personal level are extremely friendly and positive. I think that Serbia has been very receptive to foreign business people who have come here and acted in a positive and cooperative manner.

■ As a company, you are constantly on the lookout for new talent. Does the Serbian education system provide sufficient well educated experts? What is the profile that you are looking for? ■ When you compare the challenges that your clients face globally with those origi- - We have an excellent young team working nating in Serbia, what are the main differ- with us at KPMG Belgrade, the vast majorences and similarities? ity of which have come through the Serbian - In many ways the issues are very similar. I education system. I am constantly amazed have often heard the phrase “this is Serbia, at the language ability demonstrated by our it is different” during my time here. I am not people, which I think is much higher than in sure that is true. The same pressures and many surrounding countries. Whenever the constraints apply in most economies, espeopportunity has arisen to place staff abroad cially those in SE Europe. Perhaps, because of on short or long-term placements, we have history, Serbia has suffered more from demotaken its and, without exception, our staff has graphic issues than others. By this I mean that performed at an exceptional level. The commitment and drive shown by young Serbian population decline and the associated economic and political implications. Beyond this people is extremely encouraging. I think that the issues are very similar. Our KPMG business model is very much geared towards recruiting I think that Serbia has been very receptive to high quality graduates as they leave university and foreign business people who have come here and acted in a positive and cooperative manner training them within our teams so as to develop ■ KPMG has built a strong national pracbusiness professionals over the long term. We tice based on Serbian nationals who comnow have almost 200 staff working with us bine local knowledge and experience with and pride ourselves on seeking to achieve and international know-how. What national maintain our employer of choice status. practices are the most useful in doing KPMG in Serbia remains committed to business here? developing and retaining talent in the country – helping to build the next generation of - For sure, some patience is necessary here. Serbian business leaders. Things can often take some time to progress. More information on KPMG in Serbia may Having said this, I believe it is relatively easy be found at ■ for a foreigner to assimilate here. Serbian |

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world news

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Crisis “I could take it easy and say the euro is saved. But I am very cautious about saying the worst of the crisis is over. “ — Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany



Central Bank Slashes Growth Forecasts

Capital Outflow Forecast Down to $60 bln

Austria's central bank cut sharply its forecasts for economic growth for 2012 and 2013 because of a "significant" slowdown in many of the eurozone member's export markets

For 2012 the Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB) now expects Austria’s gross domestic product to expand by “only” 0.4 percent, down from its previous forecast of 0.9 percent. “For 2013 the revision is even greater: instead of 1.7 percent now just 0.5 percent is expected,” the bank said in a statement, forecasting growth of 1.7 percent in 2014. Inflation however is expected to ease from an average 2.5 percent this year to 1.7 percent in 2013 and to 1.6 percent in 2014, comfortably within the European Central Bank’s target of below but close to 2.0 percent, the OeNB said. The ECB said that the eurozone economy is set to shrink by 0.5 percent in 2012 and contract by a further 0.3 percent in 2013 before growing 1.2 percent in 2014, while leaving the door open for a cut in interest rates.



The Russian Finance Ministry Anton Siluanov slashed its annual capital outflow forecast to $60 billion The Russian Central Bank said capital outflow already reached $61 billion between January and October, and predicted the year-end figure to stand at $67 billion. The Economic Development Ministry’s capital outflow estimates for 2012 range from $60 billion to $70 billion. In 2011, capital outflow stood at $80.5 billion in Russia, which ranked 112 of 185 economies in the latest Doing Business rating by the World Bank, released in October. The Russian Economic

Precautions In Case of SAS’s Bankruptcy



Depardieu Flees Taxman to Belgium Actor Gérard Depardieu, 63, one of France’s highest-paid screen stars, has bought a house in Belgium

46 |

Source: RiaNovosti


This year the commodity turnover between Belarus and Latvia tops record levels - USD 3.5 billion is expected

Belarusian business conceives Latvia as a base for conquering the Baltic States, Scandinavia and the whole Europe afterwards. This year the Belarusian-Latvian investment forum “Baltic Dialogue” became international - businessmen from all Northern Europe attended. Belarus governmental experts insist on focusing on the creation of joint enterprises, searching for foreign investments and entering to EU markets. Belarus and Latvia lie at the boundary of the European Union and CES. Thus, projects in logistics and transit are of particular interest.

The brick-built house with pool in Néchin, just one kilometre from Roubaix and the border with France was paid around €200,000. The village, in the commune of Estaimpuis, is known for having several rich French tax exiles staying there, including Auchan-owning Mulliez family. More than one in four residents is French. Estaimpuis bourgmestre Daniel Senesael, the mayor, explained that Depardieu “liked our area, its rural character. He wanted to find a home in Belgium to escape French tax and he could just have easily gone to Brussels, but he

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Development Ministry Andrei Belousov said it is slashing its gas export forecast for 2012 to 180 billion cubic meters from 193 billion cubic meters, a figure it voiced in September. “But the ministry expects fixed investment to stand at 7.8 percent, not 5.5 percent as it predicted earlier,” said Belousov.”A preliminary forecast for fixed investment in 2013 was decreased from 7.2 percent to 6.5 percent,” he added.

Base for Supply of Belarusian Production to EU

Bankruptcy risk of SAS has in recent weeks been so imminent that the Norwegian government implements contingency plans to maintain ambulance transport in Norway pany is to go bankrupt and the planes stop. Europiske Insurance Company information director, Emma Elisabeth Wennesland says the state owners would take some time before SAS’s flights stop and that would give them time to find alternative transport for insurance cases.

Russian Finance Ministry



An abrupt halt in flights could put in danger life and health in rural areas, where the transportation is done with SAS subsidiary Wideroe. According to Norwegian daily VG’s report, the government therefore plans to put up a big emergency information for travelers around the world, if the com-

Anton Siluanov,

wanted to get out of Paris, the city, its noise, and find a little peace and quiet.” Depardieu has been in a few scrapes in Paris recently, including an alleged road-rage attack on a motorist and being arrested for drink-driving. He potentially faces jail for the drink-driving offence as he was four times over the limit. Locals in Néchin were not overly bothered about the arrival of the Asterix star amongst them, but one told Europe 1 that the arrival of the rich French people was “changing things for young people, with land and property prices rising hugely”.




“Aleksandar Vučić has my full support in combat against corruption and organized crime in Serbia.” — Tomislav Nikolić, Serbian President


Orlen to Invest €5.4 bln

Panasonic Selling Properties to Improve Cashflow

Polish major oil refiner PKN Orlen has announced its plans to invest approximately PLN 22.5 bln ( €5.4 bln) over the coming five years According to reports, the oil giant is looking to pour vast sums into a number of areas such as expansion, modernisation and various other projects between 2013-2017. In addition to this, a reported 41 percent of the cash will be used in the field of gas and oil exploration and producing energy. “We have analysed the number of option and made our forecasts for the upcoming years,” said PKN President Jacek Krawiec. “We have decided to base our new strategy on conservative assumptions.” He expressed his belief that the company has set goals which will “allow efficient use of opportunities and offer potential for the company’s development”. Treasury Minister Mikolaj Budzanowski has since spoken out in support of the announcement, calling it a “perfectly thought-out strategy”.



HSBC Announced $1.8 bln Settlement HSBC Holdings Plc is expected to become the first bank to admit to both money-laundering lapses and U.S. sanctions violations as part of a settlement of around $1.8 billion with law enforcement agencies, according to people familiar with the situation. The settlement, which will be in the form of a deferredprosecution agreement, is the



largest by far that a U.S. or European bank has agreed to amid a crackdown in the United States. Reuters reported that London-based HSBC would be forced to pay the $1.8 billion and that criminal charges would be deferred. In November, HSBC said the total penalty could exceed $1.5 billion.


KPN Sells Ortel Mobile Switzerland Dutch telecommunications company Royal KPN NV reported it has sold its Ortel Mobile Switzerland unit to Treternity AG for an undisclosed sum The sale of Ortel Mobile Switzerland fits KPN’s strategy to align the focus of Ortel Mobile with KPN’s core markets and assess options for the other Ortel Mobile activities. Ortel Mobile Switzerland provides mobile services as a so-called virtual network operator under the Ortel Mobile brand. Customers will not be affected by the sale.

Panasonic Corp, Japan’s struggling maker of Viera brand TVs, owns more than 10 million square meters of office and factory space, dormitories for its workers and sports facilities for its rugby, baseball and women’s athletics teams. The sprawling electronics conglomerate is now seeking buyers for some of those properties to trim its fixed costs and improve cashflow at a time of intense competition, particularly from South Korean rivals such as Samsung Electronics Co. “We have a lot of land and buildings in Japan and overseas,” the group’s chief financial officer



Hideaki Kawai told Reuters, declining to list which properties would go on the block. He added that Panasonic would raise about a quarter of the sell-off funds by getting rid of shares it owns in other companies - a common practice of cross-shareholdings in Japan. The proceeds would help bolster free cashflow to 200 billion yen ($2.43 billion) for the business year to March, allowing Panasonic to reduce its debt and maintain its crucial research and development effort as it revamps its business portfolio.

Global Banks Moving Jobs Out of London

Several global investment banks plan to move jobs out of the city of London to other locations, some within the UK The report said Bank of America Corp. planned to move up to 2,000 back- and middle-office staff from London to Chester over the next 10 years. J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. plans to move about 1,000 jobs to Bournemouth in the U.K., and an equal number of jobs to Asia and Deutsche Bank AG is slated to move sales traders to Birmingham in the U.K., the FT reported.

Chinese Group to Buy AIG's Plane Leasing Firm 11


American International Group Inc (AIG.N) is to sell nearly all of ILFC (ILFC.N), the world’s second-largest airplane leasing business, to a Chinese consortium for up to $4.8 billion, giving the fastest growing aviation market easier and cheaper access to planes. Chinese firms have shown interest in aircraft leasing before, and the deal would give China access to a global network of about 200 airlines in 80 countries. China is already ILFC’s largest market with 180 planes operating there, giving it 35 percent market share. “It’s the biggest deal we have in the aircraft leasing world and it’s very ambitious,” said Paul Sheridan, head of Asia at aviation consultancy firm Ascend Advisor. “We believe there are not enough aircraft on order in China at the moment. It will help Chinese airlines get more aircraft.” |

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The Economist: Confounding expectations

Serbia’s New Government Has Made a Good Start


Slobodan Milosevic, Serbia’s wartime erbia’s leaders are not behaving leader, is unexpectedly conciliatory too. as everyone expected they would. His apparent new best friend is Hashim When Tomislav Nikolic, until 2008 Thaci, the prime minister of Kosovo, a member of a hate-spewing exwho is a hate figure in Serbia. Kosovo treme nationalist party, became president declared independence from Serbia in in May, and Ivica Dacic became prime min2008, and Serbia’s leaders have vowed ister in July, nationalists were ecstatic, libnever to recognise it. erals dismayed and Russia’s establishment In March 2011 the EU began a diasmug. After the Serbian government had logue on technical matters between Serbia worked hard for years to join the European and Kosovo. It has moved to the political Union and get closer to NATO, everyone level and has made more progress than assumed this effort would go into reverse. But the men in powUnlike Boris Tadic, his predecessor, er are confounding exMr Nikolic appears to be settling pectations. On December 9th Mr Nikolic lit a caninto the role of grandfather of the dle in Belgrade’s synacountry: a man who sometimes makes gogue for the Jewish fesembarrassing remarks, but not a threat tival of Hanukkah. In front anyone expected. On December 10th trafof guests, including a leader of Serbia’s fic began moving over border crossings. Muslims, the president gave a little homiNationalists and the Serbian Orthodox ly about tolerance. A new political persona church are enraged by all this. Mr Dacic is seems to be emerging. Unlike Boris Tadic, (quite bravely) telling Serbs that Kosovo his predecessor, Mr Nikolic appears to be is lost and that a deal needs to be struck settling into the role of grandfather of the that secures the best possible future for country: a man who sometimes makes emKosovo’s Serbian minority. According to barrassing remarks, but not a threat. Mr Dacic, only his government, with its naMr Dacic, a former spokesman for

48 |

100 January 2013 |

tionalist credentials, can do it. After all, he reminds Serbs, when he was in power in 1999 with Mr Milosevic, they went to war with NATO over Kosovo. Aleksandar Vucic, a former party deputy to Mr Nikolic, is another man of the moment. As defence minister he has been visiting the Ohio National Guard in America who train and help the Serbian army. Back home he is in charge of a big anti-corruption drive. On December 12th Miroslav Miskovic, Serbia’s best-known tycoon, and his son were arrested. The EU put off the opening of formal membership talks with Serbia on December 11th. Even so, according to Milica Delevic, the head of the Serbian parliament’s EU committee, things are looking up for next year.

Meanwhile Serbia’s main opposition party, the Democratic Party, is hobbled. Its new leader is Dragan Djilas, the popular mayor of Belgrade. If he wants to stay mayor, which he says he does, he needs the support of Mr Dacic’s party, a coalition partner in the capital. This makes it hard also to be the government’s toughest and most credible critic. ■



“Advocating cuts in the EU budget may be popular but it is hugely irresponsible. If Europe is finally to find a way out of the crisis, then we must recognise that the EU budget is not part of the problem but part of the solution.” — Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament

Goran Radović, director, Vossloh MIN Skretnice

Overt Optimism Privatization, becoming a part of Vossloh Group, was the crucial turning point in our operations. After a major restructuring, we became a highly modernized factory with cutting-edge equipment


ossloh MIN Skretnice d.o.o., operating under VOSSLOH COGIFER, is one of the leading companies in Southeast Europe in the design and production of all sorts of turnouts and crossings for railways and light rail traffic. Following the company’s privatization in 2003, its development has been taking off, and the factory, its sales and profit keep on growing and expanding. In its present form, Vossloh MIN Skretnice d.o.o. has been in existence since 1992, and since then the company has gone through different phases concomitant with the different phases of the economic environment in Serbia.

■ Which phase was the most prolific? - Our company in Serbia dates back to the late 19th century. However, privatization, becoming a part of the Vossloh Group, was the crucial turning point in our operations. After a major restructuring, we became a highly modernized factory with cutting-edge equipment and clearly defined production activities. ■ In 2003, the company became a member of the Vossloh Group. What essentially changed when you became a member of the Group? - Our businesses play an important role in making rail traffic efficient, safe, and ecofriendly. Vossloh commands the foremost position in certain niche markets such as rail fasteners or switch systems and

in the manufacture of diesel locomotives and key electrical components for trams, metros, and trolleybuses. Wide-ranging yet profound expertise in the market segments we supply is what sets us apart from much of the competition. Vossloh stands for forward-looking solutions. Our innovations arise from customer requirements as well as from new technologies. As suppliers of cutting-edge technologies, the Group’s individual companies are familiar with the global trends in their markets and with varying regional requirements. For the Vossloh quality means more than conventional quality assurance.

are rapidly developing and advancing, and we are happy that we can respond to that challenge with the top design and quality of our products. If we are talking about our tram programme, there is no reason to hold back. This year, the company has invested almost one million euros in its production facility and sophisticated machinery. We opened a brand new assembly hall for railway and tram turnouts, we have installed new CNC machinery especially for our tram programme, and we have invested substantial funds in improving the working conditions and adapting to the European work safety standards.

■ You are especially proud of your urban transport programme which has a great future because of perpetual investments and modernization of transport. What are your future plans with this programme? - This, again, is something for which we need to thank our mother company since we have been given an opportunity to work with the latest technology and top of the line materials. The public transport systems

■ What are your plans for next year? - We are definitely entering a period of new challenges in terms of higher production volume so that we will be able to respond to the demands of the growing market. We are currently preparing to export to the United Arab Emirates, Slovenia, Italy, Israel and Sweden, and we expect to participate in the reconstruction of the railway corridors in the Republic of Serbia. ■

Our innovations arise from customer requirements as well as from new technologies

■ Your clients are not only from Serbia but many other countries too. What markets do you cover? - For years, we have been exporting almost 60% of our production. In 2012, we exported to EU countries (Sweden, Poland, France and Slovenia), Turkey and Balkan countries where we have been constantly increasing our market share. We are also present in Middle East and Northern African countries. Of course, we should not forget the domestic market and our most important partners Serbian Railways a.d. and GSP Beograd with whom we have excellent business relations. |

100 January 2013 | 49

after work hello!

Hello Person of the Year Award

For the second time in a row, the White Palace in Belgrade played host for the Hello! Serbia Person of the Year gala awards ceremony, organized by the Color Press publishing group and Hello Magazine. At the end of another successful business year, Color Press Group awarded the recognized 23 people chosen by the readers of Hello! and the portal, who will bring home statues designed for the occasion by Karim Rashid.

Goran Radulović (left), Advertising Group Director, Color Press Group, Milica Milić, Head of Corporate Communications & PR, Color Press Group, Sreten Radović, Director Svet Media, HE Prince Aleksandar Karadjordjević, HE Princess Katarina Karadjordjevic, Robert Čoban, President Color Press Group and Saša Tošić, Editor-in-chief, Hello!


Blumen Group

McCann - 15th Anniversary

Blumen Group Won International Awards Belgrade agency Blumen Group has won the most prestigious global public relations award from the Gold Award International Association for Public Affairs, the IPRA Golden World Awards for Excellence 2012. In addition to this award, the Blumen Group is this year’s winner of the highest IPRA award: the IPRA Golden World Awards for Excellence 2012 Grand Prize, confirming that the Serbian project was the best of the best in all 37 categories.

Srdjan Šaper (left), President, McCann Group, HE Mr. Michael Kirby, US Ambassador and Mrs. Kirby

McCann Belgrade, communication and advertising agency, celebrated its 15th anniversary of successful operations on the Serbian market. The celebration was highlighted also by the award for McCann Belgrade as the best agency in the field of marketing communications in Serbia. The celebratory cocktail was attended by clients, media partners and distinguished guests, which included the HRH Prince Aleksandar Karadjordjevic, ambassadors of the United States, the United Kingdom, Denmark , as well as Mr. Richard Bonner Davies, President of CEE at McCann Worldgroup.

50 |

100 January 2013 |

Zoran Jančić, Deputy Director of Serbian Statistical Office and Nataša Pavlović Bujas, Director of Blumen Group receiving the award in Istanbul

Artistic View of Business Environment


ince the year is drawing to a close, Airport City has decided to share with its clients and business friends a rather unusual and artistic view of its business environment. Airport City’s invitation has inspired Dragana Ognjenović to present herself as an art director of Mark Sovilj’s exhibition on architecture and fashion as well as to stage a fashion show of her new collection, which was specially designed for this occasion, in Airport City on 17th December 2012. Airport City has always been opened to this kind of outreach and cooperation with artists although this is the first time that it got involved in fashion and fashion photography.

Airport City is going to direct its efforts toward helping young and talented artists to exhibit their works Next year, Airport City is going to direct its efforts toward helping young and talented artists to exhibit their works on its premises where they can present themselves to an auditorium that is different from their classical academic environment which is very important for these artists gaining confidence and asserting themselves. It is quite obvious that Airport City is a good and well-organized venue that offers suitable business surroundings to its users. ■

El Al, CEO, Airport City Belgrade and Dragana Ognjenović, fashion designer |

100 January 2013 | 51

faces & places 11/2012 Indonesian Parliamentary members visits Serbia

Members of the Indonesian Parliament have visited Serbia in November as part of efforts to strengthen the bilateral relationship between Indonesia and Serbia especially on a governmental level. The visit of the delegation was intended to exchange ideas and information with various groups in the Serbian Parliament, Government and community leaders in Serbia, specifically to gather information regarding the developments of the situation in Serbia, in order to increase bilateral cooperation relations with Serbia.

HE Mr. Zhang Wanxue (left) Chinese Ambassador to Serbia and HE. Mr. Shpetim Caushi 28/11/2012

National Day of Albania

On the occasion of the National Day of Albania, Albanian Ambassador to Serbia HE Mr. Shpetim Caushi and his wife Mrs. Aseline Caushi hosted a reception in Belgrade, attended by a large number of guests, representatives of the diplomatic corps and the political and cultural life of Belgrade.


Belgrade Monograph

Dina Johnsen, publisher, photographer and author of the book “Belgrade� officially presented her luxury photo monograph, in 180 pages, dedicated to the people and the spirit of Belgrade. By photographing and interviewing 40 celebrities of Belgrade, Dina Johnson made a poetic photo-story of the Serbian capital - the very first of its kind - through a series of glamorous photos.

Mrs. Dina Johnsen, the author of the book

52 |

100 January 2013 |


Annual Charity Bazaar

The 12th traditional Annual Charity Bazaar, organized by the International Women’s Club of Belgrade (IWC), was held on Sunday, December 2 at Belgrade Fair. The funds collected during the very successful Bazaar will go towards the support of local non-governmental organizations working with vulnerable populations in Serbia. This charity event included 50 booths where representatives of 40 countries gathered donations by offering visitors their traditional national dishes

Dragica Nikolić (middle) and Odilia Stokvis (right) President of IWC

HE. MS. Mercedes Ruiz Zapata, Mexican Ambassador to Serbia

and drinks, as well as souvenirs, books, toys, clothes and other things in this exotic shopping environment. All the proceeds from the sale are intended to support humanitarian projects in Serbia. The Annual Charity Bazaar is not only a major annual event of the International Women’s Club of Belgrade, but also one of the biggest charity events in Serbia. This year’s Bazaar was opened by Mrs. Dragica Nikolic, the wife of the President of the Republic of Serbia.

Franc Bur, Slovenian Ambassador to Serbia

Mrs. Vesna Jovović (middle) the wife of Montenegrin ambasadsor in Serbia

HE Mr Oszkár Nikowitz, Hungarian Ambassador to Serbia

04/12/2012 Scottish evening at the British Embassy

HE Mr. Michael Davenport and representative of “Doosan Power Systems” (middle) with the representatives of Obrenovac municipality

HE Mr. Michael Davenport, British Ambassador to Serbia, organized a Scottish evening at his Belgrade residence, at which the British company Doosan Power Systems awarded the amount of EUR 100,000 to the Obrenovac municipality. Doosan Power Systems is a British company that builds, maintains and extends the operation of power plants around the world. The official part of the evening was followed by the piper Craig Morrison with whom the player Siobhan Watt introduced traditional Scottish music and dancing. |

100 January 2013 | 53

faces & places 04/12/2012 The FIC holds the Regular Annual Assembly

The Foreign Investors Council held the regular annual session of the Assembly, adopting the Annual Report for 2012 and altering FIC Statute. The session was the opportunity to reflect upon the achieved results, in the year when FIC celebrates its 10th anniversary, and to discuss Association’s future strategies and plans. The Assembly also adopted changes to the Statute, updating of FIC goals and introducing clearer interpretation of FIC activities.


Japanese Emperor Akihito’s 79th birthday

HE Mr. Toshio Tsunozaki , Japanese Ambassador to Serbia, has organized a reception in the Belgrade City Hall on the occasion of the 79th birthday of Japanese Emperor Akihito. The reception was attended by Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić, representatives of the diplomatic corps, political, cultural and social life and religious communities.


Emergency Center of Serbian Clinical Center 25th Anniversary

dr. Zlatibor Lončar, Director of Emergency Center

Mr. and Mrs. Tsunozaki

Mr Tsunozaki and Tomislav Nikolić, Serbian President

HE Mr. Toshio Tsunozaki welcomes Mr. William Infante, UN resident coordinator

54 |

Emergency Centre of Serbian Clinical Centre celebrated its 25th Anniversary in the Crystal Ballroom of the Hyatt Hotel. The ceremony was attended by Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić, Minister of Health Slavica Djukic Dejanović, representatives of the Serbian government, diplomatic corps, numerous doctors and staff. The new director of the Emergency Center, Dr. Zlatibor Lončar, said that the story about overloading the EC is an open secret and that for the last 25 years EC capacity remained the same.

100 January 2013 |

Mrs. Slavica Djukic Serbian Health Ministry (middle) and HE. Mr. Igor Jovović Montenegrin Ambassador with his wife Mrs. Jovović

06/12/2012 Finnish National Day

On the occasion of the National Day of Finland, which marks the 95th anniversary of Finland’s independence, H.E. Mr. Pekka Orpana, Finnish ambassador to Serbia, hosted a reception at the Finnish Embassy in Belgrade which was attended by Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić, the highest officials and representatives of the diplomatic corps, and public figures from the cultural and political life of Serbia.

James Thornley (left), Nina Bulatović and Branko Vojnović 06/12/2012 KPMG New Year’s Cocktail Party

Serbian President Mr. Tomislav Nikolić (left), Slovenian ambassador Mr. Franc But and Mr. Pekka Orpana, Finnish ambasador to Serbia

06/12/2012 50 Years of Friendship and Cooperation

– Yugoslavia, Serbia, Algeria

One of the ”big four” auditing companies and the second ”Best Company to Work For” in the world, KPMG, has held its traditional cocktail party this year too. The party took place at Aeroklub in Belgrade and was hosted by James Thornley, senior partner, Nina Bulatović, partner, and Branko Vojnović, partner. Many business leaders of Serbia, clients and business partners of KPMG attended the party.

The Serbian Ministry of Culture and the Algerian Embassy to Serbia opened an exhibition called “50 Years of Friendship and Cooperation – Yugoslavia, Serbia, Algeria” at the Belgrade City Library on December 6. Culture Minister Bratislav Petković was the exhibition’s patron.

Culture minister Bratislav Petković at the opening ceremony 06/12/2012

Hemofarm: Best Exporter in 2012

Hemofarm is the recipient of the prestigious award “The Best Exporter in 2012” given by the the Serbian Investment and Export Promotion Agency (SIEPA) for the eight consecutive time. At the award ceremony held at the Metropol Hotel, SIEPA’s director Božidar Laganin presented Hemofarm CEO Ronald Seeliger with the award. |

100 January 2013 | 55

faces & places

Ivica Dačić (left), Prime Minister and Michael Schmidt, Director of the “Delegation of the German Economy in Serbia” 12/12/2012

Verica Kalanović, Minister of Regional Development and Andrea Simoncelli 06/12/2012 Italian-Serbian Chamber of Commerce

President of the Italian-Serbian Chamber of Commerce Andrea Simoncelli held a reception at the Metropol Hotel with Minister of Regional Development Verica Kalanović, Italian ambassador to Serbia H.E. Mr. Armando Varricchio and many members, friends and guests from the diplomatic corps, business, cultural and political world of Belgrade and Serbia in attendance.

DWS New Year’s Reception

The German - Serbian Economic Association DSW held a Christmas with representatives of the most of the 240 Association members, and the representatives of Serbian, German and international companies in attendance. Guests were greeted by Mr. Michael Schmidt, Director of the “Delegation of the German Economy in Serbia” and the Chairman of the Managing Board of the German-Serbian Economic Association, who said, on the occasion, that the economic cooperation between the two countries has been growing regardless of the crisis. Honorary guest Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dačić also spoke to the guests, underlined the link between the German and Serbian economies and the importance of having mutual goals. Over the course of the evening, Mr. Michael Schmidt handed a donation cheque to SOS Children Village in Kraljevo. The money for DSW’s donation was collected from the sales of tickets for the 3rd DSW Oktoberfest.

Ivica Dačić (left), Prime Minister and Ernst Bode, CEO of Messer Tehnogas 12/12/2012

OSCE Person of the Year Award

The OSCE Mission to Serbia presented its Person of the Year awards at a ceremony in Belgrade to recognize contributions made in the fight against corruption, media reform, police reform and the protection and advancement of human rights. The winners are Aleksandar Vujičić, Director of the Administration for the Prevention of Money Laundering, Zoran Sekulić, founder and director of FONET News Agency, Dražen Maravić, Head of the Bureau for Strategic Planning of the Interior Ministry and Professor Vojin Dimitrijević, the founder of the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights (BCHR) is being posthumously recognized “Each of these individuals has made a significant contribution to Serbia’s reforms.” said Ambassador Peter Burkhard, the Head of the OSCE Mission to Serbia.

56 |

100 January 2013 |


Clown Doctors Treat

with a Smile ■ By Jovana Gligorijević ■ Photo: Jovo marjanović


Clown doctors visit the little patients in eight Belgrade hospitals and one hospital in Novi Sad every day. “We don’t have plays and we don’t perform”, says Dr Cica Maca (Dr Pussycat). “We try to eliminate fear that children have of white doctor’s coats and show them that doctors are not meanies but people who want to help them. We try to shake up and disarrange their hospital days a little bit”

staff in paediatric institutions. r Cica Mica (Dr “Pussycat”), Dr Guza (Dr “Tushy”), Dr Dr Cica Mica says that her biggest satisfaction and motivation Piša Prdić (Dr “Willy Farting”) and Dr Ćelavi Globus in this job comes from smiling children with whom she meets (Dr “Cueball”) make up a specialized medical team on a daily basis. “That is the biggest treasure I have. The feelwhich has been helping children in Belgrade and ing of humanity, warmth, trust, tenderness, need, their looks and Novi Sad hospitals with recovery over the last ten years. The touch…. Those are my favourite situations, when I know that a therapy they administer is the same for all kids regardless of child has come in for therapy, eager to see us in hospital. When their disease and is equally successful for everybody since these they are discharged, they first want to say goodbye to us and then are the doctors who use laughter to cure. The unique concept of go home. Something nice hapthe laughter therapy has been pens every day.” used in the U.S. since the early Clown doctors visit the little 1970s, and in our country since patients in eight Belgrade hos2003 thanks to the organizapitals and one hospital in Novi tion called ‘Clown Doctors’. The Sad every day. “We don’t have backbone of this team is made plays and we don’t perform”, of four clown doctors,” says Dr says Dr Cica Mica. “We go to Cica Mica for CorD, adding that each room if the child or chil“while in Serbia there are close dren in that room give us their to twenty ‘doctors’ trained to permission to do so. We talk to do laughter therapy. The job of each child individually. We try a clown doctor is very specifPeople who work with children have to eliminate the fear that chilic and it is very difficult to find the right person for it.” to be empathetic since that is the only dren have of white doctor’s coats and show them that docTheir main task is supportway that they can be of help tors are not ‘meanies’ but peoing the recovery of children in ple who want to help them. We try to shake up and discombobuhospitals, eliminating stress, anxiety and trauma in sick chillate their hospital days a little bit, show them that things are not dren which are caused by their diseases, unfamiliar surroundalways so bleak, convince them that positive thinking will bring ings, separation from family and their medical therapies and inbetter results, and that their overall health could improve with terventions. Apart from that, clown doctors work hard on creatlaughter since it has been scientifically proven that laughter has ing a positive atmosphere for kids, their parents and the medical

58 |

100 January 2013 |

In 1985, Patch Adams took the first group of clowns to hosa positive effect on health and expedites healing,” Dr Cica Mica pital and had no expectations that his associates would know smiles, and she adds that they do follow hospital procedures and how to behave like clowns. The most important thing was that hierarchy and admits that they make a lot of noise sometimes. they wanted was to help by putting on a clown costume and The idea to launch the Clown Doctors Project was brought to spread love and good cheer. Apart from hospitals, Adams and his Serbia by charity organization called ‘The Bridge of Life’ in 2003 clowns visited prisons, war-torn areas, refugee camps (he was when Edward Wayne trained the first group of clowns. Similar in Kosovo in 1997) and retirement homes. Adams’ love strateprojects have been launched in the region in the past few years, gy spread across the globe like wildfire. In most European counbut they are sponsored by big organizations, while Serbian tries, Canada and the U.S., almost every hospital is frequented clown doctors act independently. “Hooray for us”, says Dr Cica by clown doctors. In some cases, these are real doctors, while, Mica. However, the story does not always have happy endings. In mostly, they are professional clowns. In certain countries, clown 2008, the project was in serious jeopardy due to lack of funding. doctors visit adults too. When Thanks to a widespread media Patch Adams’ mother had her campaign, several donors came leg amputated because she was through, and the idea was alin an advanced stage of diabeso supported by the Ministry of tes, her son managed to make Health which gave its approval her laugh by asking her: “Now, and recommendation for clown Mom, how do you feel with one doctors to visit all Serbian hosfoot in the grave?” The reaction pitals. Owing to this media of adults is similar to that of campaign, the number of comthe children and the method is panies that have been supportalso the same – laughter theraing clown doctors is greater topy is administrated on a volunday than it was in 2008, but tary basis only. help is still needed. Serbian clown doctors don’t The person who came up visit adult patients, but, by bewith laughter therapy and the ing in touch with children, they first clown doctor is Patch are also in touch with their parAdams who devised five princiDr Cica Mica says that her biggest ents. By cracking jokes with ples on which the work done by satisfaction and motivation in this job mums and dads, they are helpclown doctors should be based: comes from smiling children ing them deal with their child’s be simple, be playful, be honest, being in hospital, while, as exhave fun and an open heart. perts claim, cheerful and optiPatch Adams is a doctor mistic parents can contribute a who dared to challenge the riglot to their children’s recovery. id medical system, bring some Still, working with sick children, humour into it and offer hope to regardless of the joy it brings, his patients. In 1971, he foundis often not easy since someed the Gesundheit Institute times you see very sad things in West Virginia. Among othhappening and hear bad news. er things, the Institute provid“Hospital staff is under a lot of ed free medical treatments and pressure and when I hear the care to thousands of patients. expression ‘jaded’, I get sick to As Dr Cica Mica says, comedy my stomach. I think that there isn’t such thing as being jaded. therapy was born when a medical student wanted to fight and People who work with children have to be empathetic since that rebel against the system in hospitals. In order to break down is the only way that they can be of help. If you are empathetic, you this austere system that allowed wealthy doctors to demoncannot be jaded”, Dr Cica Mica adds. We wonder how clown docstrate their power over nurses, who were not financially welltors deal with the sad side of their job. “My way of dealing with it off and more dependant, and patients alike. “He wanted everyis never inquiring about the disease that a child suffers from. I am body to be equal!” says Dr Cica Mica. “Becoming a clown was a only interested in physical injuries since I don’t want to touch a solution. As it turned out, humour did have a positive effect on child where it hurts and cause more damage. When a child is dispatients’ health and was helpful to medical staff too. Hospital is charged from hospital, I don’t want to know where they go. We a facility where nobody wants to spend time. It is a dark place have lost a lot friends so far”, says Dr Cica Mica. This gives you the from which you might not come back. The bad energy had to be best picture of just how important, hard and humane her job is. ■ done away with.” |

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preview Winter in Belgrade, 20th December - 15th January

See, Experience, Feel... Belgrade invites you to mark down in your calendar selected events and happenings which are a part of our city’s tourist offering taking place from December 15th to January 15th. The New Year’s Eve celebration in city squares and streets, Open Heart Street and the celebration of the Eastern Orthodox New Year are all good enough reasons to visit our town


ver the next month, many cultural experiences, exhibitions, and performances are scheduled to keep your holiday season packed with excitement, activity and good spirits. The list stretches from tours of historic sites to the most modern music, theatre and films. We are certain that you will find your favourites here. Must see

Residence of Princess Ljubica Interior of 19th Century Belgrade Houses Ethnographic Museum 19th and 20th Century Serbian Culture The French Institute Enchanting Shop Windows – Prevert’s Sphere Exhibitions The Zepter Museum Exhibition – Between Figurative and Abstract Residence of Princess Ljubica Contemplation Hill 60 |

The Cervantes Institute Story about Filmmakers The SANU Gallery Toma Serafimovski, The Balkan Constellation The 24th May Museum Exhibition: “Yugoslavia: From Beginning to End” 20th December – 12th January The Grafički Kolektiv Gallery Exhibition: Small Prints 2012 21st December – 23th February The Museum of Modern Art Showroom Ljubomir Šimunić, “The Secret Life of Belgrade Outskirts”

24th December Sava Centre When Day Breaks 24th December Dom Omladine Belgrade Judith Butler 27th December Kolosej Sammy’s Adventures 2 3D 3th January Kilosej Jack Reacher 15th January Sava Centre The Counterfeiter

Films 20th December Dom Sindikata Life of Pi 20th December Kolosej Killing Them Softly 20th December Kolosej Tinker Bell and the Secret of the Wings

100 January 2013 |


The Ilija M. Kolarac Endowment National Theatre New Year’s Concert: Ladies Sing Jazz Ballet ’Peter Pan’ (Radio and Television of Serbia’s BIG Madlenianum Opera 21st and 22nd December and Theatre Dom Sindikata BAND) Sava Centre Ballet ‘The Holiday of Love’ Concert by FRAJLE group 2 Cellos - concert 26th December 21st December 29th December National Theatre Sava Centre The Ilija M. Kolarac Endowment Opera ‘Carmen’ Suzana Suvaković with guests New Year’s Concert (St. George Strings) 27th December (The Opera Gala) Dom Omladine Belgrade National Theatre Eyesburn - concert Ballet ‘Swan Lake’ Sava Centre 30th December Haris Džinović in concert National Theatre 30th December Operetta ‘The Bat’ Dom Omladine Belgrade 31th December Crossroads Festival National Theatre 31st December New Year’s Gala Concert Sava Centre Classical music concert Musicals 6th January The Ilija M. Kolarac Endowment 20th December New Year’s Concert (The most promising Terazije Theatre young artist in 2012) Chicago 13th January The Ilija M. Kolarac Endowment The Ilija M. Kolarac Endowment The Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra Belgrade New Year’s Concert (“Time Machine”) (Chorus and Symphony Orchestra of RTS) 22nd December Kombank Arena 14th January National Theatre Prljavo Kazalište Sava Centre New Year’s Gala Concert The Night of the Ad Eaters Opera, Ballet 23rd December The Ilija M. Kolarac Endowment 20th December New Year’s Concert of Chamber Music by National Theatre the students of the Faculty of Music Ballet ’Gisele’ Dom Omladine Belgrade 23rd December Classical music concert for children (The MOKRANJAC Music School) 21st December 24th December Madlenianum Opera and Theatre Sava Center Rebecca The Kolo Ensemble Terazije Theatre 26th December The Producers The Ilija M. Kolarac Endowment 23rd December Chorus and Symphony Orchestra of Radio Terazije Theatre and Television of Serbia (RTS) Under the Starlight Sava Centre 25th December Concert by Massimo Savić Terazije Theatre 27th December Zona Zanfirova Dom Sindikata 28th December Concert by ALBINO Terazije Theatre The Ilija M. Kolarac Endowment Queen of the Gypsies The New Year of the Gregorian Calendar BITEF Theatre 29th December (The Obilić Chorus – AKUD Krsmanović) The Finger Terazije Theatre 28th December 24th December Crazyhead |

100 January 2013 | 61

preview Out and about in Belgrade

Sig eeing - downtown Belgrade and the Belgrade Fortress

Saturday: from 5 pm to 6 pm – sightseeing tour in Serbian language From 6 pm to 7 pm – sightseeing tour in English language Duration: 60 minutes Price: free of charge. Regular sightseeing tours on the Lasta bus

Get to know Belgrade by walking along the city streets and enjoying the interesting stories that a tour guide will tell you about the city’s history, architecture and the life of the people living in it. You will be able to see the downtown area, the Belgrade Fortress and the biggest green area in Belgrade, the Kalemegdan Park. Departure: Every Saturday, 5, Trg Republike (Republic Square) Languages: Serbian at 11 am and English at 1 pm Duration: 120 minutes Price: 300 dinars Sightseeing by tram

The Tram called Belgrade – tourist sightseeing with a tour guide Itinerary: Starting at the bus stop near the zoo, continuing along Tadeuš Košćuško Street, stopping at Kalemegdan, the Port, Karađorđe Street near the Railway Station, Nemanjina Street, Resavska Street, King Alexander Boulevard all the way to Vuk’s Monument, Queen Mary Street, George Washington Street, Emperor Dušan Street and BEKO. Languages: Friday: from 7 pm to 8 pm – sightseeing tour in Serbian language; From 8 pm to 9 pm - sightseeing tour in English language

62 |

See the downtown area and a section of New Belgrade (Novi Beograd). Itinerary: Belgrade City Assembly, National Parliament building, Republic Square, Student Square, the Belgrade Fortress, the Varoš Gates, New Belgrade, Topčider Hill, Dedinje, Liberation Square (Trg Oslobođenja), Slavija Square and Nikola Pašić Square.

Departure: Nikola Pašić Square at 5 pm The sightseeing group should have at least eight people. Price: EUR 27 per person Bookings: 065 6243 526

Departure: Saturdays, from Nikola Pašić Square (tourist stop) - 11:00 h – in Serbian language - 12:30 h – in English language Duration: 90 minutes, tour guide included Price: 500 dinars for adults, 250 dinars for children

The curator of the Belgrade City Museum, dressed in costume from the Princess Ljubica period, will play host to visitors at the palace. Apart from the basic historic background, you will hear about the dress code of Serbian queens, how they ran their households, raised their children, what kind of hair ornaments they wore etc. Programme: Performance, coffee and Turkish delight, touring the Princess’ residence Venue: Residence of Princess Ljubica (Konak kneginje Ljubice), Saturdays at noon Duration: 60 minutes Price: 250 dinars

Special programmes

Brandy and walking tour in Belgrade During a one-and-a-half-hour long walking tour, accompanied by a tour guide, you will be able to see all of the most beautiful Belgrade landmarks. Following the tour, you will stop at the Rakia Bar where you will be able to taste five different Serbian brandies and have a snack.

100 January 2013 |

Have a coffee at Princess Ljubica’s museum

Events Calendar

29th and 30th December Dom Sindikata Children’s New Year’s Eve 31st December Republic Square New Year’s Celebration 1st January Svetogorska Street Open Heart Street Every year, on January 1st, under the patronage of the City of Belgrade, an event called Open Heart Street takes place in Svetogorska and Makedonska streets. Visitors and Belgrade residents

15th – 30th December Belgrade Fair International New Year’s Fair 15th December – 7th January Dom Sindikata New Year and Christmas Book Fair 21st December The French Institute Book Night 24th December Kombank Arena Spellbound 2012 Festival 25th December will be able to enjoy assorted culturSt. Antun Church al and artistic events, walk along the Christmas midnight mass street and wish their fellow citizens a happy New Year. Apart from the entertainment value, this event is full of good vibrations, and a kind-hearted family spirit of Belgrade.

27th December Madlenianum Opera and Theatre ’I have a song for you’ (Concert by Rade Šerbedžija)

7th January St. Sava Temple Christmas Liturgy Terazije Square Breaking of the Christmas bannock 10th January Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra The New Year in the Julian Calendar (IGUDESMAN & JOO: BIG Nightmare Music) 13th January Skadarlija restaurants Celebration of Serbian New Year’s Eve |

100 January 2013 | 63

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Winter Sports



f skiing and snowboarding aren’t on the cards this winter, try these alternative winter sports for an adrenalin rush without a ski-pass. If you are lucky enough to be visiting a resort make sure you know the rules on off piste skiing. In this issue of CorD, we offer you many dynamic and exciting ideas on how to spend your winter vacation. Which one you choose, however, is up to you. Good paths for tobogganing, night sledding or snowmobiling can be found in everywhere in Serbia, Europe and worldwide. Even skijoring - believe it or not – can be practiced in Serbia.

You don’t need days of classes to hit the slopes just whiz down in a toboggan! Almost all large ski resorts offer tobogganing. To stay as safe as possible, opt for an official slope that caters especially for tobogganers. WHERE: There are official ski resorts and tobogganing slopes across the Europe.

NIGHT SLEDDING Like sledding, but at night. Obviously this is a touch more dangerous than standard sledding so be sure to use specially flood lit slopes and book as part of an organised event. WHERE: If you're heading to MorzineAvoriaz in France you'll be in for a night sledding treat. Instead of bright lights, you only get given a small torch to strap to your head before speeding down the dark slope. www. 64 |

100 January 2013 |

ICE SKATING With (relatively) less risk of broken limbs, ice skating is one of this season's many pleasures. Rinks at this time of year come up trumps with festive treats. WHERE: Is in no short supply of beautifully festive outdoor rinks on which you can slide gracefully, or land painfully.

SNOWMOBILING A cross between a quad bike and a jet ski, a snowmobile is the perfect vehicle for mountain exploration. Aside from the thrill of zipping along through snowy terrain, it allows you to get into inaccessible areas to discover more of the alpine wilderness - sort of like a snow safari. WHERE: Americans and Canadians love to snowmobile and it has caught on in Europe too. Finland is a big snowmobile destination, though you can also get good trails in the French Alps in a resort such as Meribel.

BROOM BALL Broom Ball is the fun alternative to ice hockey. While game play is almost identical, broom ball is played wearing special rubber shoes rather than skates, and with a ball instead of a dangerous puck. Protective gear is still worn - helmets, pads and gloves - because it does get a little rough on the ice. WHERE: The sport was born in Canada, arguably the biggest winters ports destination in the world, around the turn of the century. Since then it has spread to the United States and is making ground across Europe and beyond. Broomball. |

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SNOW RAFTING or TUBING Like a giant frozen waterslide, a ski slope just begs to be slid down. Try it on a giant inflatable ring or raft for a dizzying experience. WHERE: Most European resorts offer snow rafting and tubing, though Switzerland is especially keen on the activity - head to Leysin for stellar slopes. You can also get involved in the UK try the snow sport centre in Trowse, Norwich.

SNOW KAYAKING Snow kayaking? Yes, that's right. Swap your life jacket for a snow suit and some thermal underwear, and your sun glasses for snow goggles. Remember to keep your helmet on though. Instead of charging down rapids, snow kayaks head down snowy hills. The thrill factor is high with this modern fusion sport. WHERE: The World Snow Kayaking Champs takes place in Austria each year, but it's gaining popularity in most countries where kayaks and snow are found in the same place.

ICE FISHING Ice fishing offers all the therapeutic relaxation and primitive enjoyment that traditional fishing brings to the table. It's just done on frozen lakes. Anglers will head out with specialized equipment to break through the ice - a saw, chisel or auger - and go from there. One of the biggest challenges is keeping warm - remember to layer up and bring along portable heat. The end goal is still the same - to bring home supper (or breakfast or lunch). WHERE: Iceland, North America, Norway, Germany, Ukraine, Russia. Everywhere fishing lakes freeze over. 66 |

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SKIJORING Skijoring, meaning 'ski driving', is tow assisted cross country skiing. A skier is towed by dogs or horses over a course (often involving jumps), using harnesses. People have also been known to use motor bikes. Don't be fooled: skijoring looks like wonderful fun, but it can be rather dangerous. Bigger dogs, like Siberian Huskeys, and horses can get up to great speeds over a long enough distance. Helmets and protective gear are a must. WHERE: Europe, North America and Serbia. Skijoring was formerly an Olympic Sport.

Mushing Mushing implies the use of one or more dogs to pull a sled on snow or a rig on dry land. The closest destination is the Husky Center Lothlorien, located approximately one hour’s drive from Belgrade or Novi Sad, at the foothills of Fruška Gora Mountain, close to Sremska Mitrovica, over the Manđelos village. The Center was established to bring together people who like to go to the woods and wilderness. It is a place surrounded by nature where you can holiday with your own dog. At the same time, it is a place for mushing, dog trekking, cane cross, bikejoring, dog walking, tour rides with their dog team – on snow with sleds, without snow on “husky wheelers.” WHERE: If you can choose between Alaska and some other nearby destination, we would recommend the Husky Center Lothlorien, Mandjeloska planina, 22 208 Mandjelos, Srbija, Phone : +381 64 130 56 58; e-mail:

Snowshoeing Snowshoeing or winter walking sounds like a physically demanding activity but in reality it's for everyone. The whole family can enjoy walking in the endless snow. Most snowshoeing trip organisers in Slovenia provide for equipment (special snowshoes) but it's best to check before your vacation so that you can pack the necessary things. WHERE: All around Europe, but the closed destination is Slovenia from Pokljuka plateau in the Julian Alps, through the Tamar valley or in the Karavanke Alps. |

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chill out

The Veggieducken The Veggieducken is a vegetarian dish inspired by the turducken, which is a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey, with stuffing between each layer. A Veggieducken is yams inside leeks inside a banana squash, with vegetarian stuffing between each layer. Dan Pashman blogger, writer and inventor of the Veggieducken devoted the new invention to his vegetarian friends so that they could have that same experience spending the day in the kitchen, cooking a food and ending up with a dish worthy of the Thanksgiving table’s centerpiece.

F1 Simulator for €300,000

“Nail House”

This is definitely a toy only for the rich ones. A new Ferrari F1 simulator is recently shown at Monza. Among the first that ordered this gadget, which price is 300,000 euros, were the musician Jay Kay and designer Ralph Lauren. Simulator will be fun just for the rich people, since you need a 300,000 euros for it and that the only requirement for the purchase of the simulator is that you already have a Ferrari.

A stubborn farmer from eastern China has become an online sensation after he refused to leave his home to make way for a new road, and ended up in the middle of it. Most of the over 1,000 residents of Xiayangzhang village in Zhejiang province moved out four years ago to allow construction of the new road. But 67-year-old farmer Luo Baogen refused to budge, saying the 260,000 yuan (€32,000) compensation offered would not afford him anything like his current five-story house, where he lives with his wife. Luo’s home has become what Chinese people call a ‘nail house,’ a building that stands on after others have been demolished, and is almost certainly hammered down in the end.

World’s Shortest Bull

Creative Lies

Archie, a 29-month Dexter from Co Antrim, measures just 76.2cm from hoof to withers — 40cm shorter than other bulls of his breed. He is now listed in the latest edition of the Guinness Book of Records as the shortest bull in the world. Ryan Lavery bought Archie at a rare breeds show in Gosford, Armagh, when the animal was five months old and said if it hadn’t been for his diminutive size, Archie’s fate would have been very different. “When we bought Archie he was destined for beef. His size saved him and now he’s going to live out the rest of his life as a pet, ” he explained.

Telling a lie can get you on Santa’s naughty list, but it could get you on the Dean’s list at one British school. Students at the Perse School in Cambridge, England, can avoid punishment for minor offenses, provided they can come up with quick, clever excuses for their transgressions within 10 seconds. Headmaster Ed Elliott won’t accept completely ridiculous lies but “white lies” may be acceptable. “It’s a great lesson in life to talk your way out of a tight corner in a very short period of time,” Elliot told the BBC. 68 |

100 January 2013 |

Last New Year's Eve Possum Drop A possum drop that attracts thousands of people to a tiny town in western North Carolina each New Year’s Eve may have had its last hurrah after a judge ruled that a state agency didn’t have the authority to issue a permit for the event. The ruling would end a 19-year tradition of suspending a possum in seethrough box covered with holiday tinsel and lowering it to the ground at mid-

night. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) had sued the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, which issues the permit for the event, saying it’s illegal and cruel. Clay Logan, who owns Logan Corner store, manages the event, which attracts 2,000 to 3,000 people annually to the tiny hamlet said the possum drop will continue in some form, although he won’t break the law. This challenge by PETA marks at least the third time that someone has challenged the drop, he said.

Warming up for Christmas Shopping “Cyber Monday” (November 26) is the marketing term for the Monday after “Black Friday” (November 23), the Friday following Thanksgiving (November 22) in the United States. These terms were created by marketing companies to persuade people to shop in the run-up to Christmas. A record of 247 million shoppers visited stores and websites over Black Friday weekend, up from 226 million last year. The average holiday shopper spent US $423 over the weekend, up from US $398 last year. Total spending reached an estimated US $59.1 billion, compared to US $52.4 billion last year. Only three days later, on the Cyber Monday, a record 129.2 million shoppers shopped online, up from 122.8 million who shopped last year. While this Cyber Monday and Black Friday weekend may now be on record, there are still plenty of holiday shopping days left to go on which retailers are planning. The strategy is to maintain a robust calendar of deals, promotions and flash sales.

South Korea’s Toilet Museum From its bowl-shaped exhibition hall to the bronze figures – immortalised in mid-squat – outside, everything about this theme park in South Korea points towards the smallest room in the house. The facility in the city of Suwon is reputed to be the first in the world devoted to what happens when we answer the call of nature. Quirkier exhibits include WC signs from around the world and toilet-themed works of art, while visitors can remind themselves of their day perusing poop with appropriately shaped souvenirs. The museum was previously the home of Sim Jae-duck, the former mayor of Suwon and the inspiration for the facility. South Koreans regard Sim, who died in 2009, and not Thomas Crapper, as the real Mr Toilet. And for good reason: Sim was reportedly born in his grandmother’s loo, and turned his obsession with toilets into a successful campaign in the 1980s to dramatically improve South Korea’s public conveniences.

Internet or sleeping New research suggests that one in four people spend more time online than in bed. Sky Broadband company that conducted the study reported that those people panic, or even fall into depression when they are not able to check their email or Facebook account. It has been proven that men spend more time online than women. In particular, one of the four men a day spends six or more hours at the computer, while one in five women spends as much time on the Internet. One of three people a day is checking email more than 6 times. |

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2013 New Year’s Eve

Celebrations Around the World


he time zones for New Year’s Eve 2013 will vary depending on where you are in the world, and each country and city has their own way of celebrating. There are countless places all over the globe that would be great for celebrating the New Year We are somewhere in the middle. Therefore Belgrade and Serbia are perhaps the best places to welcome New Year’s 2013. Whether you stay at home, go skiing somewhere in the snow, or would you rather go to one of the many clubs in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Kopaonik, Nis... it’s up to you to decide. The following are a list of cities chronicling New Year’s celebrations around the world with time zones comparing to Serbia, from one of the first to ring in the New Year in Auckland to one of the last in Alaska.

Auckland, New Zealand (+11)

Sydney, Australia (+9)

The first major city to celebrate New Year’s Eve, New Zealand’s capital has plenty of options for flipping the calendar to 2011. Make sure to check out the biggest party, Hot in the City, New Year’s Eve at Sky City in downtown.

Sydney is no stranger to New Year’s Eve parties as over a million people flock to the harbor for one of the world’s largest fireworks displays.

Singapore (+7)

Kodai, India (+4.5)

Moscow, Russia (+2)

Maybe massive crowds and fireworks aren’t your thing. If not, then consider heading off into one of India’s hill stations and watch the first sunrise of the New Year in peace and tranquility.

What better place to celebrate than in one of the most diverse and interesting cities in the world, Singapore. Marina Bay is the place to be, but make sure you arrive early for a good view.

70 |

100 January 2013 |

New Year’s Eve hardly needs an explanation, but in Red Square it’s a truly special event. Enter Red Square and brave the frosty air for a night to remember as you watch fireworks explode above St Basil’s Cathedral.

Helsinki, Finland (+1)

Belgrade, Serbia (December 31, 00:00)

Though still a large city, Helsinki’s New Year’s celebrations are typically tamer than others around the world. Despite that, it’s still a gorgeous city to watch the fireworks explode while celebrating in a more low key manner.

Among the most beautiful New Year’s memories from childhood are still the ones my family shared at friends’ homes. Staying up extra late, being with your best friends...feeling like a grownup – there’s nothing better than that!

Zurich, Switzerland (+0)

Alkmaar, Holland (+0)

Edinburgh, Scotland (-1)

If Amsterdam seems a little too crazy of a place to party for the new year, consider traveling a half hour outside the city to Alkmaar.

Edinburgh’s Hogmanay New Years Celebration is recognised globally as the Home of Hogmanay. Again this year Edinburgh will see thousands of revelers take to the streets to say goodbye to 2012 with incredible Edinburgh’s Hogmanay Fireworks.

New Year Magic is the title of Switzerland’s largest party on December 31, with people coming from all over the country to celebrate the coming of a new year on the shores of Lake Zurich.

Funchal, Portugal (-1)

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (-4)

The capital city of the Madeira region of Portugal, the setting for a fireworks display couldn’t be much better. Set in a natural amphitheater shaped valley along the coast, watching from the water or shores is sure to be amazing.

Beach. Check. Music. Check. Dancing. Check. Great weather. Check. Beautiful people. Check. Ridiculously huge fireworks display. Check. Need I say more?

Valparaiso, Chile ( -5)

Orlando, Florida, USA (-6)

Girdwood, Alaska (-9)

What family wouldn’t want to celebrate the coming of a new year at the Magic Kingdom with Mickey, Goofy, Donald, and the rest of the cast of characters? This coastal city an hour outside of Santiago is set right on the coast, with the city sprawling up from there, creating a picture-perfect place to watch the fireworks and celebrate.

Those of us in the northern hemisphere think of snow and cold when we think of New Year’s Eve, and what better place to embrace that than in Alaska for a truly unique celebration? |

100 January 2013 | 71



New Year is a time when even the least-likely party-goer will ready himself for a night of booze, singing, and food. This list looks at the most common and interesting traditions of New Year from around the world

First Footing First-footing is an ancient European New Year’s custom that continues into the present in many areas. The first person to enter a home after midnight on the first day of the year should be a male, preferably with dark hair. Blondes may have been associated with Vikings – visitors who never brought good luck. The first-footer should carry a gift, such as a coin for prosperity, bread for food, salt for flavor, or whiskey to represent good cheer. The first-footer can be a resident of the house, but must not be inside during the hour leading up to midnight. No fair stepping outside and coming back in again!

lows in hopes of catching a dream about their future husbands. Another tradition peculiar to Ireland is pounding on the doors and windows of the house with bread. This practice was to chase out evil spirits and ensure bread for the upcoming year.

Throwing plates at friend’s doors

Hope you’ve been saving your old plates, because it’s tradition to throw them at friend’s doors! The more broken dishes you find outside, the more friends you have. Then, at midnight, Danish partiers get on top of their chairs and jump off as a way of leaping into the new year.

Irish Wind

German Style

There is an Irish tradition of predicting the political future of the country by checking which way the wind blows at midnight on New Year’s Eve. If the wind is from the west, there is a chance that good fortune will reign that year. If the wind is from the east, however, the British will prevail. Mistletoe was handed out to ward off bad luck, and single women put a sprig of mistletoe under their pil-

If you want to celebrate German style, leave a little of the food you eat for dinner on your plate to ensure plenty of prosperity for the new year. Then get out the flame and all your extra tin because it’s time to drop molten metal into ice water. You can interpret the shapes to learn something about the coming year. For example, a blob that looks like a heart or a ring means marriage!

72 |

100 January 2013 |

Imperial Ball Austria has one of the most glamorous of New Year’s celebrations. At the Imperial Ball, a tradition of the Hapsburg dynasty that has continued for hundreds of years, dancers wear white gowns and black jackets. At midnight, “The Blue Danube,”is played. The Strauss operetta, “Die Fledermaus, is performed each New Year’s Day. Celebrants dine on suckling pig – considered good luck. The tables are often decorated with candy pigs. Children pour molten lead into a tub of water. A soothsayer then reads the shape of the lead. It is considered bad luck to find that your lead resembles an old woman.

Chinese New Year Chinese New Year is celebrated on the second new moon after the winter solstice. Firecrackers and noisemakers will chase away evil spirits. The fabulous dragon and lion will dance in the streets. People will wear red, the most auspicious of colors, and red envelopes with lucky money will be given to children. Tangerines are often given for good luck, but odd numbers are unlucky, so the tangerines are given in pairs. The third day of the new year is the day the mice marry off their daughters, so people go to bed early, so they don’t disturb the mice.

Japanese New Year

It is traditional in Japan to spend a full week preparing for the new year to arrive. The house must be thoroughly cleaned, so that no evil spirits can linger. All debts must be paid. And most importantly, all disagreements must be resolved and forgiven.

Before midnight, 108 bells ring, to symbolize the elimination of 108 troubles. With no troubles, disagreements, debts, or disorder to contend with, all are free to welcome in the new year with every expectation of peace and prosperity. The day after New Year’s is First Writing Day, when people write their hopes and dreams for the new year.

Emancipation Day For African Americans, New Year’s Day has a special significance, and is often called Emancipation Day or Jubilee Day. On January 1, 1863, the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing all slaves from bondage, was read in Boston. Today, many African-American families hold “watch services” on January 1. Traditional foods include black-eyed peas, collard greens, ham hocks, and macaroni and cheese. The uniquely African-American celebration, Kwanzaa, continues over seven days starting December 26, so the New Year’s celebration is often part of Kwanzaa’s way of reconnecting people with their African roots. Kwanzaa began in the United States in the 1960s, and is not celebrated in Africa.

Auld Lang Syne

“Auld Lang Syne” has been called the most familiar song to which nobody knows the words. But this year, you will! Written by Robert Burns and first published after his death in 1796, the song became an instant standard in 1929 when Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians played it on New Year’s Eve, broadcasting from the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. The title literally means, “Old Long Time.” Roughly translated, here are the words.

First Baby

Using a baby to symbolize the new year has been controversial from the beginning. Many cities watch for the first baby of the new year, to shower him or her with gifts from local merchants and lots of media attention. But parading a living baby through the streets brought disapproval from Greek mothers as early as 600 B.C. Egyptians also used a live human baby to symbolize the birth of a new year. Early Christians disapproved of the practice, but its popularity eventually overcame all objections, and the symbol remains one of the most popular. Today’s baby is traditionally a diapered boy with a sash labeled with the number of the upcoming year he represents. ■ |

100 January 2013 | 73

techno talk

Business Gifts We have to admit that these days, especially before Christmas and New Year’s, it is very difficult to choose the right gift for a business partner, all the while accurately balancing the amount paid and the type of gift that will not overstep accepted business ethics and manners.However, there is always a need to choose a very special gift for someone to say thank you for everything that has been done in the previous year.In this issue we try to help you with several ideas to choose from, gifts for those very special friends and business partners.Then it will be down to you to choose!



Leather Desk Set Price: €1,240.oo This luxury calf leather desk set from Graf von Faber-Castell features a letter opener, notelet box, pen tray, pen holder, 6 guilloche pencils and a desk pad. An exquisite gift that’s sure to last them for years.

Leica X2 Camera



The Acqua di Parma Tie Holder is made with beautiful buffalo skin, and finished with a precious brown moiré silk lining. It accommodates up to four ties, and is fitted with a removable cufflin pocket and a collar bone holder. Each product is hand made with care and passion by expert Florentine leather craftsmen.




Celebrating the sophistication of the man widely regarded as the greatest male star in the history of American cinema, the Ligne 2 lighter bears the engraved profile and signature of Humphrey Bogart. A combination of grain d’orge décor and shiny yellow gold finish deliver a distinctive look and feel in hand. 74 |

100 January 2013 |

Verismo™ 585 coffee machine


This single-cup brewing system lets you use specially packaged pods to recreate the recipes used every day in the Starbucks coffeehouses. With its 3.5 litre water tank and storage for up to 30 used pods, it's easy to make plenty of your favourite drinks at home.



best choice

recommended by

Swing Arm Lamp



Bowler Hat Cufflinks

This sleek desk lamp has an adjustable balance arm and lamp head. This stylish lamp is a task light and attractive addition to most interiors. Use this with your vintage, modern, traditional or transitional decor furnishings at home or office.



Expertly crafted from sterling silver, they feature handsome black enamel bowler hats. Having produced fine accessories for men for seven generations, these cufflinks ooze quality.

Messenger Bag Price: €675.oo

Silk Scarf

Mulberry’s Antony messenger bag has been crafted from fine vegetable-dyed leather and has an adjustable canvas strap and fastens with a stylish twist lock closure. The piece also features a separate compartment for extra storage making this the ultimate day-to-day bag for the discerning modern man - a musthave accessory for autumn/winter.



Bordeaux bordered Square Como silk scarf featuring exclusive Pineider bespoke stationery design. Pineider Italian silk scarves are handmade by the finest Italian craftsmen in Como, Italy.Dimensions: 90 x 90 cm

Prestige Rollerball Pen



Combining Karl Lagerfeld's flawless design aesthetic with S.T. Dupont's history of more than 135 years of meticulous care and unique expertise, this lotus red rollerball pen is an elegant and timeless addition to your writing portfolio. |

100 January 2013 | 75

techno talk

Electronics IPad Book



7 in 1 Game Set



While away the hours with "7 in 1" game set. Presented in an elegant lacquered box, it is perfect for after-dinner entertaining, and i deal as a gift.

Crafted from textured Saffiano leather and featuring a zip around closure, MICHAEL Michael Kors’ Electronics iPad Book is both a practical and chic accessory to keep iPads scratch-free on-the-go.


best choice

Swiss Army Knife Price: €340.oo

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Wheeled Brief

The Victorinox Huntsman Swiss Army Pocket Knife features large and small blades, corkscrew, can open, small screwdriver, bottle opener, screwdriver, wire stripper, wood saw, reamer with sewing eye, hook, tweezers, toothpick, and key ring.



Main compartment with lockable zipper sliders features a built-in, padded laptop sleeve which fits most 39 cm laptops. Two mesh pockets for storing computer peripherals and a horizontal fan file divider for important documents Adjustable webbing shoulder strap features a sliding cushion with gripping material to prevent the bag from slipping. 76 |

100 January 2013 |

Silver Shoe Horn Price: €340.oo Its a handmade luxury shoe horn crafted with a beechwood shaft. The handle is a 350 grams silver labrador over a resin heart.The Pasotti Ombrelli Sterling Silver Shoe Horn - Labrador is packaged in a beautiful Pasotti gift box.

Heart Wallet Price: €340.oo Designed with a charming heart stud embellishment, Anya Hindmarch's Joss wallet is an elegant and practical accessory that is perfect for storing all your daily essentials.

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New Year's Shopping For January and the New Year’s edition of CorD magazine, including two New Years and two Christmases, we decide to offer something more luxurious and expensive that we have found in European exclusive stores. This doesn’t mean that we are proposing you to bypass the boutique and well-stocked shops in Belgrade, Novi Sad, or Nis ... as you might just find something similar or less expensive fashion details in our stores. Christmas and New Year’s holidays last a long time in Serbia, so you will have plenty of time to choose what suits you best.

For her

Metal Y Clutch



In supple leather with a gold-toned metal ‘Y’ buckle, this Saint Laurent Paris clutch is an unquestionably sophisticated accessory. The suede lining continues the luxury of the piece, while an interior pouch pocket is a practical storage space for your cards or phone. Carry by hand or tuck neatly under your arm at evening events.

Armani Silk-Blend Jacket Gina Solid Bracelet Instantly elevate your new season wardrobe with this hot pink jacket from Armani Collezioni. Crafted in a luxurious silk-blend, this ladylike cover-up is perfect for work-to-weekend dressing. Guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go, keep the rest of your look simple to keep the focus on this extra special piece.

The Gina solid bracelet by Bex Rox is a chic, glamorous piece, perfect for adding intrigue to both day and evening ensembles. Made up of interwoven gold plated chains, this piece is finished with a chunky magnetic box clasp for dramatic effect.







Sunray Tube Necklace With Crystals Mawi adds a touch of sparkle to their much-loved Sunray tube necklace for the new season. Simple and architectural in polished rose gold-plated metal, it makes an instant and impeccably stylish impression with its dazzling Swarovski crystal embellishment. A great piece for both day and night.

Michael Kors Satin Top Endlessly versatile, Michael Kors’ black satin top is cut with a stylish boat neckline and vintage-inspired batwing sleeves. The epitome of understated elegance, pair it with a sharply tailored pencil skirt and pointed price: pumps for an effortlessly chic ensemble. 78 |

100 January 2013 |


The joy of holiday cheer with

FREYWILLE collections



Casadei Strappy Crystal Sandal The strappy crystal sandal from Casadei is a party season essential. The versatile nude leather makes this shoe easy to coordinate with almost any ensemble, while the crystal embellishment enhances the glamour.

FREYWILLE boutique, Terazije 26, Belgrade xxx


€ 754

The bracelet from the Gustav Klimt „Adele Bloch-Bauer“ collection

Eddie Borgo Crystal Pave Pyramid Earrings




and a We wish you a merry Christmas wonderful New Year 2013!


Lanvin Zig Zag Skirt Adopt Lanvin’s effortlessly elegant aesthetic with this stylish flared skirt: designed with a geometric zig zag motif, this stand-out piece is perfect for pairing with a silk blouse and pointed pumps. A versatile addition to every new season wardrobe.

FREYWILLE celebrates the art in every single of its collections. Celebrate with us and experience the magic of an of extraordinary artistic jewelry designs sive exclu and el enam ous preci one-of-a-kind rials. mate t fines the of made accessories

Chloé Vanessa Bag A sophisticated, slouchy style, the Vanessa crossbody bag by Chloé is perfect for day wear. Incredibly spacious, this roomy bag is ideal for everything from business meetings and study days to overnight trips.

Grant your look instant attitude with Eddie Borgo’s crystal pave pyramid earrings. Inspired by modern art and the work of New York photographer, Steve Duncan, Borgo’s sterling silver or gold earrings are fashioned in a bold, geometric shape.



Hand made & Hand paint

since 1856

Anya Hindmarch Twinkle Clutch Go high shine with the aptly named Twinkle Clutch from Anya Hindmarch. Lavishly coated dazzling glitter, this easy fun clutch will add glamour to any evening ensemble; a must-have accessory for a sparkling AW12 party season.


€430 Brand shop „Galerija porcelana“ Braće Ribnikar 63, Novi Sad 021/540-507; 063/535-982 |

100 January 2013 | 79

For him Canali 24 Karats Gold Tie



Canali’s 24 karats gold tie represents the crème de la créme of luxury menswear accessories. Finished in pure silk satin, the refined paisley pattern is woven with 24 karat golden thread. A stunning addition to his formalwear portfolio.

Essential Webbing Belt



Gant’s Essential Webbing belt in beige is given a luxurious update with supple leather detailing. Wear to buckle up trousers, shorts and jeans for a ruggedly stylish look.

Alexander McQueen Triangle Tonal Scarf Update your wardrobe with Alexander McQueen’s contemporary triangle tonal scarf. Wear it cowboy style with t-shirt and jeans for a smart-casual look with edge. price:


Etro Patchwork Blazer A dapper design, Etro’s patchwork blazer combines three prints to make one standout jacket. As comfortable as it is quirky, it has been crafted from a sumptuous blend of cotton and linen.



Moncler Wool Cardigan Moncler Wool Cardigan Great knitwear should be the basis of every man’s Winter wardrobe: incorporate this style staple into your new season look with Moncler’s grey wool cardigan. The understated hue is classically stylish while the quilted finish and mock-neck collar make for stylish finishing touches. Perfect for trans-seasonal layering.



Moda Operandi Limited Edition Bamford Rolex “I travel around the world every couple of months so the GMT Master works for me. If you want something unusual, memorable, and a little bit lurid to project a swagger, confidence, and irreverence GMT Master will work for you.” 80 |

100 January 2013 |




Teardrop Sunglasses

Crombie Military Coat


Oliver Peoples Soloist Teardrop sunglasses exude classic styling with teardrop shaped lenses and a bridged metal frame.



Suede Patch Sweater

Crafted from cloth woven in Great Britain, Crombie’s khaki wool coat is cut with a classic double breasted design and finished with smart gold-tone hardware. Simple yet elegant, it is an effortlessly stylish piece that nods to the season’s military-inspired styling.

Suede elbow and shoulder patches lend rustic appeal to this super soft cashmere sweater from Polo Ralph Lauren. Ruggedly handsome in a versatile camel hue, it will pair perfectly with jeans, chinos and woollen trousers.

Crockett & Jones





A dapper addition to any gentleman’s wardrobe, these Edgeware leather lace-ups have been exquisitely finished with ornate punched detailing. A quality shoe, they showcase the British label’s commitment to superior craftsmanship.



Lanvin Suede and Patent Leather Sneaker

Reinvigorate your weekend wardrobe with these slick sneakers from Lanvin. Crafted from luxe suede, they feature a contrasting patent leather trim and toe cap. With a padded collar and tongue for comfort and a thick rubber sole, they are perfect for adding a contemporary edge to your look.

Check Shirt A preppy offering from the quirky New York designer, Thom Browne’s check shirt is crafted from pure cotton for an ultra-comfortable fit and finished with a classic buttondown collar. Perfect for pairing with off-duty denim and relaxed cotton chinos.


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Feeling Accomplished

is the Key to Success To be good at this job means constantly maintaining contact with a large number of people, and being available day and night which is very energy consuming. You need regularly to nurture a fresh approach, be creative and opened to innovations


Aleksandra Ranković, Corporate Communications Director at Fiat Automobili Srbija

Communications Sector, covering Serbia, Montenegro ou could say that I garnered my professional expeand Bosnia and Herzegovina, while combining external and rience mostly in what are called ‘male’ industries, internal communications, as well as relations with the govwhere I specialized in corporate and brand communications (both internal and external), marketing and PR. I ernment and government institutions. My current career have learned the lesson that a woman, if she wants to sucphase started when I became communications director at Fiat. I came full circle since at the time when I worked for ceed in a man’s business world, needs to have a good eduDelta M in marketing, the company was Fiat’s general repcation, general knowledge, persistence, tenacity, organization, leadership and communication skills, and a desire for resentative for Serbia. continuous learning and perfecting herself. Let’s not forget I am a communicative and curious person, which makes – smile is a must. PR a perfect job for me. What I love the most about my job In order to manage all of that, my working day starts is daily contact with a wide variety of people – ambassawith the usual ritual of perusing the newspapers and redors, environmental activists, artists, musicians, actors.... Acquiring new business acquaintances is a big perk of this plying to my e-mails with the first morning coffee. After profession and is a routine breaker. Every PR professional that, I usually have to go to meetings – internal ones and faces similar challenges. There is very little time in the day the meetings with associates and partners. I usually spend to do what you have to do. On top of that, you need regularmy lunch break on formal and informal meetings which are also important for my job. A working day of a PR specialist is very dynamic and unpredictaWhat I love the most about my job is daily ble, and I like the constant surprises that my job contact with a wide variety of people – springs on me. ambassadors, environmental activists, I simply knew that PR and marketing will artists, musicians, actors... be my lifelong commitment immediately after I graduated from university. In late 2001, I became a marketing manager at Delta M-Delta Auto. Two ly to nurture a fresh approach, be creative and opened to years later, I was appointed the manager of the Belgrade innovations. To be good at this job means constantly mainoffice of TGI Group International where I was in charge taining contact with a large number of people, and being of public relations, media relations, event management available day and night which is very energy consuming. and corporate communications. In August 2006, I beHowever, private life should not suffer since only persons who are accomplished in all areas of their lives can properly came PR manager for Carlsberg Serbia, and two years function in such conditions. ■ later, I was appointed director of the newly established 82 |

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