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On the cover: An artist’s impression of what Corby’s new cinema will look like in 2012. More information on




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10 Regeneration


11 Regeneration


Welcome... 13 Harvey comes to Corby 32 To Corby Magazine Issue Four Welcome to the fourth issue of Corby Magazine. You may have seen us on the telly-box, we’ve been super busy this issue getting our print run up to 1,000 copies. In the past few months we have been named the world’s youngest publishers, subsequently appearing on BBC TV News, Ireland’s biggest radio station RTE and even on Simon Mayo’s Radio 2 drive time show. We were even stopped in the street a few weeks ago, by a man who said ‘well get the Corby Cube on National Telly’ Honoured! We’ve also been planning for Corby coming in June, so we’ve been busy but we’ve enjoyed it - let’s hope you do too!

14 Corby’s Super Hero

Chuck’s Corner Boys, you’re hired!


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Editor in Chief Corby Magazine Corby Magazine is published by Sean Spooner and Louis Porter who can be contacted at 95 Wheatley Avenue, Corby, NN17 1TE. Editor in Chief Sean Spooner can be emailed at or you can follow him on twitter @spoonersean. Contributors Sean Spooner, Louis Porter, Ian McGregor, Sam Ford, Christian Owens, Charlie Middleton. Head of business development Louis Porter can be emailed at direct or via or on Twitter @louisp56. 1,000 copies of Corby Magazine are distributed every three months (March, June, September & December) with an estimated readership of 5,000. You may not reproduce this magazine is part or in full without our prior written consent. For more information email Printed in Corby by Impress Print, Fosse Road off Pike Road, Corby.

Corby’s Regeneration... Again!

A look at what’s coming in the next stages of Corby’s every growing Regeneration project

people of Corby and their future. You only need to look around to see how much Corby has changed over the a thriving one, which is now very proud of itself. Corby - recognised as the fastest growing town in England - is receiving very positive press coverage as a town reborn from the collapse of the steel works. You may, however, be forgiven for thinking that the redevelopment of Corby has slowed down - but you’d be wrong! its doors, Corby’s international pool is getting busier by the day and Willow Place shopping centre is thriving. So although we’ve come a long way, Corby’s development teams still have a few surprises up their sleeves yet!

Late last year the people of Corby were set talking about plans to build a cinema and leisure complex in the town centre.

Proposals come forward and for our residents to be able to have a say on their preferred designs.

of Corby have been asking for over many years, and now it’d appear that we’ll be getting one in the not too distant future.

dents felt was the most modern and architecturally exciting so this just goes to show the direction in which Corby and its residents are heading.

Four designs were put to the public vote in the Corby Cube for a proposal to build a cinema on the site of the old Tresham college in George Street. With almost 700 votes cast, the clear winner was design ‘C‘ which won with almost half of all votes cast. Council leader, Pat Fawcett, said: “One of the things that we promised we would deliver for the people of Corby is a cinema so I am extremely excited to see

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best will do for our borough and we look forward to passing on the opinions shared through the process to the developers.”

At the exhibition Corby Magazine spoke to Martian Letts from Mulberry Developments who said: “We’re working with other partner organisations to bring another leisure facility to the town which will compliment the already open pool and Cube.


Take a seat: The expo in the Cube for Corby’s new cinema.

giving a vibrant rural feel to the area.” Partnership who are also working on other housing projects in the Corby area including Colyers Gardens in Kingswood, a selection of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom council and private homes. Other smaller housing projects in Corby include Boden Close in Danesholme where around 40 properties are being built. “Looking at the timescale we’re working towards, we hope that by as early as spring 2012 the people of Corby can be walking into their brand new Odeon.”



master plan by Mulberry Developments that will include leisure venues and new homes. Elsewhere in the town new houses are springing up left, right and centre. taking shape as marketing manager Daniel Polak told Corby Magazine: “Here in Corby we are going to create 12 sustainable living in a modern rural setting. open space and woodlands.

Back in late 2010 the Corby Enterprise Centre opened and is already home to many track to bring in even more business tenants over the coming year. workshop spaces over two stories for small businesses with spaces to cater for companies with between 1 and 25 employees. It facilities also include a boardroom, meeting rooms and break areas. is set to open on Oakley Road. In August 2009 Tresham was announced as one of only 12 colleges in England - and the only in the East Midlands - to be granted approval for funding from the Learning and Skills Council and was therefore able to move forward with its redevelopment plans in Corby.

Contractors moved on to the site in November to start work on a new £36m campus to replace the dilapidated site in the centre of the town. be another large step for education in Corby after the recent opening of the brand new Kingswood school and the opening of Corby Business Academy in 2009. All of Corby’s schools are performing strongly after the government’s recent change to the English Baccalaureate which forced many schools to review Tresham College is due to open either later this year or early 2012. It’s also been announced that Mr Peter Simpson OBE, executive principle of the Brooke Weston Partnership, which comprises of Brooke Weston Academy, Corby Business Academy and Kettering Science Academy, will be opening a new ‘free school’ as part of the government’s new initiative to hand education back to local communities in conjunction with new free school is expected to work in collaboration with the new Tresham College, sharing resources and working along side them on the provision of courses. - Page 9

Elsewhere in Corby’s education, Brooke Weston on Coomb Road, Great Oakley has recently been named ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted after a two day inspection of the Academy scored 27 out of 28. and took into account all aspects of the day-to-day runnings of the academy, looking critically and in detail at every aspect.

“Brooke Weston Academy provides students with an outstanding education. academy knows precisely what needs to be done to ensure students get the best ibly hard to meet the needs of every individual student regardless of their background.” Young people are also becoming more and more involved in out of school activities since the opening of the Core theatre at the Cube, which opened in November. On week nights at the Core urban arts activities take place for young people between the ages of 9 and 20 and include vj’ing, audio mixing, street dance and fun workouts. Over the next few years there are also plans in place to expand Corby’s very own skate park, Adrenaline Alley. to make it bigger, better and more user the Alley successfully gained funding make the facilities more accessible to people with disabilities. Retail in Corby will also see changes and improvements over the coming years. In February Greatline Development’s plans to build a 119,000sqft superstore on waste land near St. James Industrial Estate were approved by the planning committee of Corby Borough Council. of a new Tesco superstore, which is expected to open within the next two years.

from improved road and pedestrian access to cope with the extra footfall. 9th February was also attended by representatives from Willow Place who are also set to submit their planning application for a competing superstore in the town centre. A spokesperson from Land Securities told the committee, ‘‘we’re working with Sainsbury’s to bring a large, in town superstore to Corby town centre.’’ speak both in favour and against Greatline’s plans. Some of the points raised were that the Road during rush hour, adding to the already road. Local cafe owner, Duncan McEllan,

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also spoke of his worries that a new superstore would drive business and people out of the town centre causing small businesses to struggle. going with both sides convinced their plans are the best for the people of Corby. Corby will also be seeing the completion of the regenerated and pedestrianised George Street within the next few months.

We have been reporting over the past two issues of Corby Magazine on its progress, bu now it really speaks for itself with the new paving and bus shelters which bring it up to 2011 standards. is open to vehicles between 6pm and 8am, with busses and taxis allowed through at all times.


About the Editor The editor of Corby Magazine is Sean Spooner. Sean is a 15-year-old writer and entrepreneur who founded Corby Magazine with Louis Porter. Sean was born in Northampton but moved to Corby at the age of three. Sean is studying Business, Media, Photography and Hospitality at Brooke Weston in Corby and is in year 10 with Louis.

Parkland Gateway area is easier to use for pedestrians using the town centre, the Cube and Corby East Midlands International Pool. Work is now well underway on the second half of George Street.

So it just goes to show, Corby is still growsee more houses... A lot more houses, shops, buildings, roads and other projects, all bringing the town even further in to the future and putting it on the map. that next year Corby is going to apply to be a city! In the words of Chris Mallender at the open of the Corby Cube last year ‘‘Who would have thought?’’


will be home to two new taxi ranks, easier access by foot to the Cube, new bus stops as well as the new seating areas.

Who would have thought, 10 years ago, that Corby would be where it is today? Who would have thought that the town would have so much going for it and be growing at such fast rate? And who would have thought that the borough would be such a great place to live?

Sean takes care of the editorial, design and production of the magazine, making sure that all of the processes are followed behind the scenes to ensure the magazine is set our correctly for printing etc. You can get in touch with Sean regarding editorial and design questions/ideas and get more information about the production of Corby Magazine with the following details: - Page 11

simply a nice place to live…

S e a gr a ve Hous e Care Home | Occupation Road | Corby | Northampton | NN17 1EH Seagrave House Care Home in Corby is opening in March 2011 and will provide residential and dementia care to the local area. Call our manager for any advice that you may need, or book an appointment and come see for yourself why we are so proud of our newest care home, Seagrave House. • Luxury elderly accommodation set within a thriving community of care • All 75 rooms are equipped with en suite shower facilities and flat screen TV’s • Numerous quiet lounges and dining rooms on both floors, all airy and light • Fresh local food at mealtimes prepared by our own chef • Hair salon, aromatherapy suite and daily activities led by dedicated leisure co-ordinator • Ground floor opens onto enclosed garden with raised beds, pathways and seating area/patio • Care that gives you control, giving you what you want, whenever you like it!

For further details or to arrange a visit please call tod

Manager Sharon Goodall |

| email

Harvey comes to town Harvey from the Thinkbox Ad and Wellard from Eastenders visited Corby to attend to opening of a new pet store. Corby Magazine caught up with them. Over the past year there have been only a few amazing advertisements. One has to be Compare the Meerkat which 2010 with John Smiths coming 2nd and

one of the most remarkable and funny that the UK have seen in years, the star of which... Harvey, who came to visit

Harvey and Wellard have the same owner as lots of other dogs in the television industry, including one which recently starred on BBC 1’s Hustle.

Harvey himself was also recently in another television campaign, which ran at the same

“I’ve spoken to a few people over the last few weeks who think that it was made using a computer, but it wasn’t. Sykes done all of the hard work himself ”

on the John Smiths advert.

of Kennel Gate pet store.

Gill explained how Harvey used some of the basic skills which she had taught him to make what he was doing look real.

name Sykes, doing all of the jobs around the house in order to be adopted by a family - honestly!

“It took a lot of takes on some of the more complex scenes but the whole shoot only took us about two days to day”

Harvey was also joined by another successful dog in the trade, this one a little more famous - Wellard. Wellard was the longest serving pet on the BBC show, racking up an impressive 14 years with the stars. Wellard was played by two dogs , Kyte who visited Corby and her mother, Chancer.

day 0845 643 3291 Both dogs appeared in the morning and afternoon at the new pet store, Kennel Gate which is in the old Peugeot showroom, and met hundreds of fans who all saw the dogs doing what they do best: performing.

People of all ages turned out to see the dogs including Zak, 15 of Occupation Road who said,

Harvey’s owner, Gill Raddings, who has become one of the most well known names with in the dog training industry told Corby Magazine,

“It’s really odd standing here with Harvey when this morning I saw sat at home on the sofa watching him on TV - it’s great!”

“It’s not an easy job getting the dogs to the level you see them at today. We take them on from a very young age and it takes us about 4 months to get them from a normal dog to the level that we aim for” advert with all of the crew, Sykes was brilliant!

Harvey now collectively has more than a million hits on YouTube and over 10,000 likes - or should that be licks - on Facebook, and his popularity is growing daily. Proud owner Gill says the skies the limit for her four legged friend: “He’s a fabulous little fellow and he has a lot going for him.” - Page 13

Corby’s Super-Hero Corby Magazine gets an art project coming to the town and the Introduction of Corby’s very own superhero... Raven Man! Every city in the world seems to have its own super hero, for example, New York is known for Super man, so why should the great town of Corby be any Well... According to a new art project which will be based around the town,

Ian told Corby Magazine, “Although the theme is the Raven there is a lot of scope for the artists to do what they do best which is to come up with a creative view or twists on the theme.

the end of 2012 Corby will have it’s

“We’re lucky enough to be working with some on the best knows names within the industry and it’s really going to put Corby on the map in the creative world”

with the story line of a Hollywood blockbuster, but what would it be like if Corby’s was based around our past?

Cube in around 18 months time and will run for almost six weeks.

One of the most iconic things from the history of Corby is the Raven, it’s even the meaning of Corby’s old name, ‘Corbie’ - this is what Corby’s super hero is going to be based on and is going to be named ‘Raven Man’ of a massive arts event which is being organised in the town based around the theme of the raven. names in the world of art from the four corners of the globe. goes to plan is Ian Craigton-Chambers, the creative director of the project, which is set to take place next year.

Although it’s still in the development process there’s already a lot of interest coming in from all over the world, including the chance for Corby to be in the centre of a TV show! showcasing all of the artists and their work as well as the work and progression of the arts here in Corby. It’s also planned that a group of students from the Kingswood school will have the chance to work with both the artists and the TV crews on art and media work experience getting to work in the industry whilst learning vital skills which they can take on to later life. However, the plans do not stop there, oh no!

Page 14 -

After the show in Corby the project is hoping to tour Europe spreading the good word of Corby’s creative hand, before returning to the town. Ian told Corby Magazine: Corby, but we’re then going one step further. “We’re going to take it over seas to places like France and Germany to show what a great place Corby really is.” At present the project’s directors are in talks with the council to ensure that the event can take place in the Cube. “We’re hoping to hold it in the Cube because it’s the central point for Corby people. We are hoping to pull in people who do not normally have the time to look at art, by making it accessible in open areas of the Cube.”

around 18-months-time. Corby Magazine will be covering it more in the run up to the event.

Thoughts on the Facebook: We asked the public of Corby ‘What do you think Corby needs next in the town?’ I














Louis Porter: Man About Town. Man about town is the issue-by-issue entry made by head of Sales at Corby Magazine, 14-year-old Louis Porter. He takes care of selling the advertisements and ensuring that the funds are in place to print the magazine.

The production of Corby Magazine has been hectic this issue seeing us print 1,000 copies of the magazine.This also means that I have been out and about in Corby working with, and talking to the great businesses of the town.


Although it has been hard once again the businesses have helped us get to this point and print 1,000 copies.You can pick them up in Doctors, dentists, hair dressers, public spaces and The Cube to name a few places. - Page 15

Corby’s new park! The Children of Corby have something to shout about with the introduction of a new park Young people in Corby will be getting dizzy with excitement as a new play park has opened on Gainsborough Road thanks to partnership work between Corby Borough Council, Northamptonshire County Council and Hazel Leys Tenants and Residents Association.

place on 1st of March and saw people from the all partnership organisations show their support and welcome along the young people to give it a go.

waltzer roundabouts that are covered in creative artwork designed by young people from Hazel Leys, Kingswood the PRIDE in Corby logo which was also designed by Corby’s young people to represent their feelings about their Borough.

a successful WREN bid by the Hazel Leys Tenants and Residents Association with support from Northamptonshire County Council. WREN funded £48,500 to the project and a further £5,000 towards the cost of the project was funded by Northamptonshire County Councillor Mark Bullock’s Empowering Councillor Fund. Corby Borough Council since sourced the equipment for the project and will now adopt and maintain the park. Corby Council’s Lead Member

for Community, Cllr John McGhee, said: excellent existing play areas in the Borough and will give young people a place of their own to socialize and have fun. I would like to thank everyone involved for their input into the project, especially the contributions from WREN and Councillor Mark Bullock, which has resulted in an area receiving fantastic play equipment that the young people in Corby will enjoy for many years.” Emma Brooks, Grant Manager for WREN added: “Its always so rewarding to see a project comment to local young people.”

Northamptonshire County Council, Brenda Easton, said: “I am pleased to have been able to support Hazel Leys Tenants and Residents Association in the funding bid for this park. the association does has helped to enhance the area. I hope the young people enjoy using the park.” Road and children are free to come and go as they please. One passer-by said: “It looks great, and although there are no children on it at the moment it’s something that me and my mates would have loved when we were a bit younger... We might even have a go ourselves! “I like the waltzers - I think that they will attract a lot of people with their cool design. I also like the artwork around the area. It just goes to show that not all graflot better for the young people.”

Secretary of Hazel Leys Tenants and Residents Association, Anne Smith, said: “We are pleased to see this project complete and would like to thank all those involved in making it happen. It is nice to think our young people will enjoy having their own space.”

Page 16 -

For more information on the park or any other play area in the town call Corby Borough Council on 01536 464000 or visit them online at

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Play Schemes Saved Brainstorm to buyout Internet entrepreneur 16 year old Christian Owens looks at the success of Brainstorm to Buyout in 23 days, the

Obviously, not all of us have success like Zuckerberg, but it doesn’t stop us from trying. Take a personal friend of mine, Mark Bao, opportunity, and the next big thing. Some he’s founded around 8 companies, may call services such as Facebook and and sold three of them. His latest Twitter a “waste of time” and “pointless” but with Facebook valued at over $50 that allows users to simply rate Billion (that’s right, billion) and Twittheir peers in three words. Sounds ter estimated at around $10 Billion, for too good to be true, right? the founders of these companies, they’re anything but pointless. As internet entrepreneurs, we’re often plagued with this stereotype of being geeks, locked up in our basements or bedrooms, writing code into the early hours of the morning. People think of these “geeks” and laugh, but who’s really laughing? Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook is the worlds youngest billionaire at age 26, with an estimated personal fortune of over $12.5 billion.

Well, in the 23 or so days prior to it’s acquisiregistered users, 2 million posts, 7 million unique visits and over 20 million pageviews. Staggering numbers for a website that had existed for less than a month. ( Just to put that 12.5 million page views a month)

it’s not bad. But do you know what’s really amazing, Mark Bao, who sold the site around 23 days after incep($XXX,XXX) from the sale. Not bad for 3 weeks work. Oh, did I mention, he’s also just 18.

- - Page 21

Play Reader Schemes Offer: Gym Saved Corby Magazine has teamed up with Corby’s newest gym, Champ Camp to give you a 10% discount to work out! Back in January we all sat there chomp- never used before, so I asked ing on the last of the food left over from someone who worked there and he Christmas, and said something along the came over, told me what it was and even showed me how to use it.’ and lose this fat!” So, Louis seemed to enjoy his Just a few months down the line, let’s be time at Champ Camp, why not honest very few of us have actually stuck to that, right? which we’ve secured for our readers is only valid for a short time! We’re all sat there reading Corby Magazine and thinking “I’ll start next cardio equipment, weights, a sauna, shower Monday’”or some other excuse like “it’s rooms and a boxing ring which is used for way too expensive” We can help with the second point. Corby Magazine have teamed up with Corby’s newest gym, Champ Camp on Occupation Road to give our readers a

Friday and are separated into men’s, women’s and kids to ensure you get the most out of each session.

Champ Camp also has ‘boxersice’ sessions on through-out the week, they’re a mix between week or a month, making it even cheaper a full work-out gym session and a boxing session. Corby Magazine’s Louis Porter took a trip down to Champ Camp to give it a try! He said: gym on a Sunday afternoon, it had never crossed my mind, but it was the best piece of ‘research’ I’ve ever done!’ “Signing up was pretty simple and with in 10 minuets I was away! I started on

Corby Magazine caught up with one of the boxercise attendees, who said: with my brother and together we get a lot done.’ which we work at, it really is a lot of fun and challenging at times!’

which is a light room with a lot of space - with the gym open 7-days a week. not like those gyms you see on TV!’ For more information of Champ Camp call them on 01536 268 210 was a piece of equipment which I had

Page 22 -


The voucher give the user


off of any session between the dates: March 1st - June 1st At Champ Camp Corby.

For more details come in to Champ Camp:

Cannock Rd Just off Occupation Road Corby Northamptonshire NN17 1YQ

Offer is open to over 16s only. 10% off standard session prices. One voucher per person. The management have the right to stop this offer at any time without notice.

“Save Pen Green” Corby Magazine looks at the Pen Green protest, funding cuts and what this means to the people of Corby. Pen Green Centre for Children and Families is facing funding cuts of over £1million – 56% of the core budget that they strophic impact upon the vital services they provide to children and families in Corby and the surrounding area, including the most vulnerable children in the community. £350,000 a year over the next three years.

consultation with the centre at any point in this process, and the proposal has been made without considering any of the consequences for Corby’s children and families. by the Schools Forum on Tuesday 18 January 2011. Pen Green services that will be cut include:

where there will always be someone to offer support when they are at their lowest.” Mark Pengelly, Pen Green Chair of Govin government our Chair of Governors was Cllr Jimmy Kane and he fought brilliant battles to keep the Pen Green Centre way. “We want to hear from all the parents in Corby, and would ask them to email into Pen Green and share their stories on the website, email dwest@northamptonshire.

51 groups for children and families

election our local MP Louise Bagshawe assured us of her support and told us that if our funding was threatened she would be with us all the way, and we have already contacted her. “Sarah Tether, the Minister of State for Children’s Centres, was at our centre just before Christmas and told us that Pen Green was seen by the government as an outstanding centre of excellence – a standard-bearer for quality. She also told us that the coalition would not be cutting children’s centre funds. “It is important to know that the budget being cut is not the children’s centre budget that comes direct from government – it is the social services part of our budget which we have had since the

Year round services for the youngest children in nursery And it will decimate our family support services Parent, Joanne Armstrong, said: “At a time when people have no money to spend and are worried and frightened about their future they are looking to children’s centres for lots of positive support, they need somewhere warm and welcoming like Pen Green, somewhere

Head of the Pen Green Centre, Heather

“We will keep you informed about the progress of the save our site campaign.”

school the local authority promised us that this budget would be sustained and now they are threatening to take away 56% of our funding which will have huge people. - Page 25

Serviced workspaces Flexible office and studio space with first class meeting facilities

The Enterprise Centre provides companies with a supportive and inspirational environment designed to encourage business growth.

Flexible lease terms Fully furnished workspaces Free business services and support

For further details: w. e. t. 01536 560560

Make your ideas your business

Weight loss, nutrition & lifestyle Centre Weight loss and weight management motivation & support Energy and sports performance Healthy heart, digestion and immune system Men’s and women’s health, healthy ageing Outer nutrition for hair and skin care Personalised nutrition programmes for a healthy and active lifestyle

Tricia lost 5 st 6 yrs ago !

This voucher entitles you to a FREE Healthy Lunch and A FREE Health Check For your free evaluation, call today: 01536 401001 or Text ‘ WELLBEING ’ to 07725 685090

Sam’s Media eye Student Sam Ford takes a look at what the media world has to offer in the coming months and years.

NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) or the overall is very good, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone. time, it is possible to enjoy a 3D gaming experience without the need of special 3D glasses. To make it even more spectacular, Nintendo are digitally re-mastering old games to make them more interesting - that is (dramatic pause)- in the third I’m going to talk about my favourites. 2 of the games really stand out for me, and they are Dragon Quest and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Dragon quest is an RPG that allows the and save towns and villages from perilous doom along the way; as you do. Dragon Quest allows friends who also have the game to enter your console and help you. In every town is a set of shops which have better items, weapons and armour as you progress through the game.

game ‘Link’ is a normal child from a magical around wherever he goes. race. He is then sent on a quest to save the Kingdom of Hyrule from great evil - and perilous doom (see a pattern here?). Princess Zelda gives him an Ocarina called the Ocari-

I’m not an expert on Mumford and Sons - I only came across them a little while

ocarina grants special powers when certain songs are played. One being the Song of Time which - you guessed it - controls time, or so you’d think. Well it doesn’t. It opens a door.

the piece really caught my attention: such

weak-spots, evolution clearly hasn’t kicked in

tried to be something he isn’t. We all know something who thinks they’re hard, and this song highlights the fact that it will go bottoms up. Look deeper at the third verse and you will notice the line ‘But it was not your fault, but mine’, so it is up to the listener to decide what really happened, but one can imagine what went on.

the antagonist of the game in an Epic battle of Good vs. Evil - and for the few times it happens, Evil wins. Like Dragon Quest, I would recommend this to anyone.

Page 28 -

Little Lion Man, I was warped in to the

from the acoustic. No nonsensical electric guitar solos, just the classic acoustic guitar.

Play Saved This Schemes issue in pictures A lot has been going on in Corby in the past three months. Here’s some of the pictures taken whilst making this issue

I‘ve actually heard this said by people, usually from Kettering or Wellingborough to be fair, that “Corby is a great place to come FROM, and the further FROM it the better”. Some witty wag local journalist, cheers Paul, even suggested I was the “best thing out of Corby since the A6003” when reviewing a Chuck the Poet gig back in days of me waxing lyrical. I was OK but never as road worthy as the A6003. For those are not aware, or care or are just indifferent, I’m currently on a 6 month round the world trip that has taken me from Asia to the Antipodes and onto the Andes and on route would you believe it. I’ve bumped into people from Corby. In Bangkok, I was offered shelter by Ian. Not a chap I knew well but we were both from Corby, shared friends on Facebook and we had once shared a beer in Stanion. Ian put me up for a week after another Corby friend on Koh Chang 4 inch scar. Not Fraser’s fault in any way and the aloe vera gel was welcoming, but me, on a bike? Anyway, both Ian and Fraser are doing very well for themselves in different areas of Thailand, one teaching, the other in tourism and both originally from the town that lends its name to this publication.

“S OME WITTY WAG LOCAL J OURNALI S T , CHEER S P AUL , EVEN S UGGE S TED I WA S THE “ BE S T THING OUT OF C ORBY S INCE THE A6003” In Australia there are loads of ex-Corby-ites, particularly in Perth, WA where they have all being introduced to each other based on the simple fact that they all arrived from this friendly little Northants town. I was in Perth for 4 days and met no less than 15 of them. Stand up and take a bow the Garvey’s, the Yeoman’s and monsieurs Rock, Russell and Ironmonger. All still have family in Corby. In Sydney, I stayed with the Wilsons. Wonderful people and with only half of the couple from Wheatley Avenue, I was still welcomed with open arms before catching up with Lisa and then Heidi, more of the ex pat Corby contingency. So as I sit in a hostel in Santiago, the Chilean capital, knowing that I will be coming home in early April, I too will say “Corby is a great place to come from...and return too and watch it grow”.

Boys, you’re hired! Corby Radio’s Ian McGregor looks at Corby Magazine founders Sean Spooner and Louis Porter’s involvement in the magazine. Magazine whilst sitting with my head under the drier at the Hair and Body Beatuique in Burghley Drive. It is a polished publication produced to a very high standard, well designed and packed with interesting local stories and an impressive collection of advertising clients.

were subsequently featured on BBC-1 Breakfast as part of its ‘Pioneers’ series, on Simon Mayo’s Radio 2 drivetime show and on the BBC business news website. It’s thought that Sean and Louis are the world’s youngest commercial publishers.

Corby Magazine is free to read in many local hair salons, also in doctors and dentists waiting rooms including Woodsend Medical CenSo it came as something of a surprise to tre and the dental surgery in Elizabeth Street. learn that the Corby Magazine, which You can also pick up a copy at Corby Railway Station, Corby Radio reception, Danesholme launched in the summer of 2010, was the brainchild of two local fourteen year Community Centre and Corby Indoor Marolds; and that they produce it – entirely ket. From this edition, the magazine is also available by postal subscription. on their own - four times a year. Perhaps more surprising is that less than twelve months into their enterprise, the boys’ business venture is

Sean Spooner and Louis Porter attend the Brooke Weston Academy in Great Oakley where they study business, media, photography and hospitality.

Determined to keep a step ahead of their competitors. Sean and Louis are now using their knowledge of new media to reach readers and clients with their newly launched Corby Magazine podcast, available free from the magazine’s website ( Corby Magazine is already recognised by many local businesses as a valuable local service providing a competitive advertising medium for traders combined with wellhoned editorial content.

learning and new skills to good use, making their mark in the tough and often ruthless world of publishing – and World of Bikes in Princewood Road is a new and growing Corby business which has already recognised the value of Corby Magazine In September last year they won North- in reaching potential customers, as manager Jon Roberts explains: amptonshire County Council’s Children and Young People’s Partnership Young Entrepreneur Award, and

Page 32 -

“As a new company reliant on both local and national advertising, the Corby Magazine is I am highly impressed by Sean and Louis’s commitment, vision and the quality of their publication; they really are a breath of fresh air.”

delivered to every house in the local area, and with a quadrupled print run from this issue. To say I’m impressed with Sean and Louis’ work and achievement is an understatement. I’ve made a career in journalism and media relations, and wish I had a fraction of the to me and I hope to other young people who may be reading this and realising that with hard work and determination, they too could turn their aspirations into reality.

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Signing Off...

g next A look at what’s comin wn issue in Corby’s very o magazine: 1st birthday edition.

I think that it’s safe to say that this has been an amazing issue of Corby Magazine for both the magazine itself and the team here at Corby Magazine. During the production of this issue we’ve taken well over 2,000 photos of countless events in the town, including the Pen Green protest and the council meetings including the one which saved play schemes for hundreds of children here in Corby. We’ve also seen a lot of press coverage for Corby Magazine thanks to our amazing PR Guru, Corby Radio’s Ian McGregor who managed to get us interviews on all medias including BBC Breakfast News, Radio 2’s Simon Mayo Show and Ireland’s top radio station, RTE. gent, a childrens cancer charity and on February 26th we took part in a 4 hour endurance Go-Karting race.


As normal Louis has been out-and-about with the businesses of Corby ensuring that we’ve got the funds in place from advertising to print Corby Magazine. - If you’re reading this, he was once again successful! We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all of our great advertisers who supported our choice to move the production of the magazine up to 1,000 copies! So. As you’ve seen a lot has been going on this issue but it’s not stopping there. If you’re lucky enough to be the mother or father of a teenager you’ll know that we don’t stop until we have the best... So expect more! seeing us into our 2nd year serving the great people of Corby.

It’s our birthday! We look back at the past year in Corby and Corby Magazine’s your views on what direction you’d like to see Corby Magazine going in the future. We’ll also have some happy birthday messages from you!

Corby summer.

Corby magazine’s one-stopguide that what’s hot and what’s not this summer in Corby. We also have a pull-out day-byday calendar with all of Corby’s summer events so you know what’s on and where!

Guess who?

We’ve got some amazing interviews planned, however they’re

We’ve got a lot of plans on what we’re going to do, but for the time being they’re still plans, however by the time you’re reading this in a hair dresser, doctors or even your own home those plans will be well under way!

we’re keeping it under the radar until we’ve got it in the can.

See you next issue, keep it Corby!

Let’s just say if they go ahead you’ll never want to put issue

Sean Spooner - Editor in chief Corby Magazine.

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Corby Magazine - Issue 4  
Corby Magazine - Issue 4  

This is the 4th edition of Corby's local magazine. Created by Sean Spooner and Louis Porter.