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See A Show at The Core at Corby Cube John Richardson It’s Not Me It’s You

The regular Have I Got News For You panellist and star of Live At The Apollo takes you on a journey from cheating footballers to decapitated alligators!

Bane Inspired by hard-boiled detective stories and classic film noir, one actor plays all the parts in this hilarious one-man genre parody.

Word Furnace Bringing the stars of the UK Spoken Word scene to Corby, this month with Aoife Mannix and Kat Francois.

Fri 24 June 7.30pm

Fri 1 July 7.30pm

Sun 3 July 7pm

Mark Thomas

And Then There Were Two

Laughing Boy Comedy Club

Extreme Rambling

The award-winning comedian and activist brings Corby his brand new show about walking the Israeli Separation Barrier.

Big bodies and little bodies discover, share, show and play in this interactive dance performance for children aged 4 or under and their families.

Thu 14 July 7.30pm

Sat 16 July 9.30am, 11am & 2pm

One Man Star Wars Trilogy

Lee Nelson’s Well New Tour

A night of hilarious stand up comedy with Roger Monkhouse, Ian D Montford, and Mike Gunn

Sun 17 July 7pm

Jason Byrne

Cirque du Byrne

Canadian actor Charles Ross single-handedly plays all the characters, sings the music, flies the ships, fights the battles and condenses the plots into just sixty minutes!

The legend behind Lee Nelson’s Well Good Show (qualiteee!) comes to Corby! “Don’t b a mug, stop readin this rubbish and buy urself a ticket!”

Fri 2 September 7.30pm

Sat 1 October 7.30pm

Sat 15 October 7.30pm


One Snowy Night

Potted Panto

Journey into the land of musical and puppetry make believe and meet Fiddlesticks, a violin with one foot bare, the other in a boot, and with tuning keys for toes!

Sat 22 October 11am & 2pm

Roll up, roll up as Edinburgh’s top-selling comedian takes to the road to hotwire your comedy funny bones with his brand new show, Cirque du Byrne!

From the ever-popular Tales from Percy’s Park series by Nick Butterworth, this heartwarming story is the perfect Christmas treat for children ages 3+.

CBBC’s Dan and Jeff perform seven classic pantomimes in just eighty minutes, now in amazing 3D! Unmissable fun for children aged 6 and above.

Tue 29 Nov - Sun 4 Dec Times Vary

Wed 7 Dec - Sun 11 Dec Times Vary

Tickets 01536 470 470


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On the cover: A number of Corby Magazine Readers who put their names forward to appear on the birthday edition cover - Thank you!

Corby Magazine Issue 5 | Contents

8 Our Birthday


WELCOME to the birthday edition of Corby Magazine. Finally, we’re proud to say that we are one years old! It’s been one hell of a year here in Corby, we’ve seen a lot of change, as well as a lot of gripping news headlines, both of which we’ve stuck to like glue. Though we have the same great editorial in this issue, we’re also blowing our own trumpet a bit, by looking back at the past year of the magazine. In true tradition, it leaves me nothing more to say, than to wish you joy whilst reading this: Corby Magazine’s birthday edition (Man, it feels good saying that!) Regards


Sean Spooner Editor in Chief - Corby Magazine.

26 Friendly Corby

10 City Bid

27 Emmanuel Ray

11 Corby Talent

28 Local Election

13 Steelman back 30 Chucks Corner 14 Core funding

33 Thank-you

15 Reader offer

34 Signing off

16 Film Nothants 18 B’day Facts 21 Pen Green 25 Rockingham Corby Magazine is published by Sean Spooner and Louis Porter and can be contacted by mail, at 95 Wheatly Avenue, NN17 1TE, Corby. | Editor: Sean Spooner can be emailed via | Sales: Louis Porter can be contacted via 1,000 copies are distributed every three months and we have an estimated readership of 5,000 people here in Corby.

Corby Magazine’s


We look back on the first year of Corby Magazine, the events, the magazines, the mistakes, the impact that we’ve made and what the plans are for the future of the magazine.


his issue of Corby Magazine is a very special one for everyone on the magazine team as it’s our first birthday issue!

It’s was a year ago when Corby Magazine’s founders Sean Spooner and Louis Porter sat down and started looking for an idea for something to do in their spare time, just weeks later issue one rolled off the press with 200 copes. Over the past year there have been both highs and lows, some of which have been kept under the radar, but in this special Corby Magazine report we show all on our past year of making the magazine. The first issue started with 12 pages and just 200 copies. It was produced over just two weeks during a school holiday. The idea was there with a business plan in place, however the magazine itself was not great! It was designed as ‘JPG’ files, which in human terms means that once you’ve typed something and hit enter, you can’t change it! This is one of the reasons why issue one had so many mistakes, but never the less for something which took a matter of hours to produce and sell all of the advertising space for, it was an

and something to set the rest of the issues on. Although not a lot has come from issue one, we still have the same front cover layout as the original used on the first ever copy. Between issue one and two was the Corby highland gathering, where Corby Magazine had a ‘guess how many balloons are in the car’ game to raise funds. We had quite a few prizes from the business of Corby who were great supporting us, but because of the fact that we were new, and young the people just did not play! Despite that we achieved what we set out to do, which was to get the name of Corby Magazine out there, and it seemed to work! Also during the production of issue two we had an interview of the then brand-new MP, Louise Bagshawe. We sat down with Louise during her first surgery open to the public in Asda where she explained her main aims for Corby and East Northants over the next few years and how she aimed to achieve them for the people of Corby. Louise Bagshawe was quoted in

Page 8 -

issue two saying: “Corby Magazine is a great initiative by young Corby creators. Everyone in our town ought to be supporting it, it’s independent, challenging, imagine and full of Corby Pride.” Another interview which took place for issue two was with Corby’s very own teenage internet marketing millionaire, Christian Owens, who later became the magazine’s first subscriber signing up just two hours after subscription options went live on At the time Christian was working on a site which he launched in 2009 named Branchr. It was an online affiliate networking site, making money from advertising for such clients as MySpace and William Hill. Christian is now the editor of his very own online tech website, named Gizable.

Christian also wrote a piece of editorial for the magazine last issue about the success of and its sale for a six figure price-tag. Issue two went to print just before its release date on September 2010 seeing 200 copies distributed. Just after issue two rolled off the press we won an award! We were nominated for the CYPBB Young Entrepreneur award, and we won! Everything about issue three seemed to be that little bit better, as it seemed everything in Corby was still on the up! During issue three the biggest mile stone for Corby had to have been the Corby Cube opening (which is where we met Ian McGregor who later helped us get on to BCC Breakfast with his PR skills!) Corby Magazine also took a mass of interviews during the time it took to put together issue three, including BBC’s The Apprentice finalist Claire Young, winner of Dragon’s Den Kirsty Henshaw and one of Corby’s best known dance stars, Rob Ross who told us of his inspirations and what he is planning to do in the future to help you youngsters of Corby with their dance skills.

Issue three also saw great stepping stones in the development of the magazine’s design.

It also saw us shoot to 1,000 copies rather than the 200 that we started with!

The magazine has had a notable face lift every issue up to and including this very issue!

Business Development Director, Louis Porter said “The 1,000 copies was the target that we were aiming to reach by mid-2011, so achieving it in the first month of the year was great!

Corby Magazine Co-Founder and head of production Sean Spooner said “Although we started Corby Magazine with the very best of intentions we were starting with nothing. “We did not know how to even layout a magazine let alone make it look good! “I think that we’re getting to a stage here where we’re happy with the design of the magazine, now we can focus 100% on ensuring that everything within the editorial is what the people of Corby want to read about! “This is going to involve a lot of market research over the coming months, asking questions and also following trends in people’s reading habits. All exciting news for Corby Magazine and our loyal readers, who I’d like to thank for their continued support!” Issue four saw more of a focus on the local area, with a lot happening at the time with regeneration and other major town events.

“It really was the last piece in the puzzle to ensure that Corby Magazine is here to last! “People were sceptical with two 14-year-olds starting a magazine, but we’re really re-writing the rule books now! How good does it feel to saw that the ‘Worlds Youngest Publisher from Corby!’ “ Sean said “It’s been an honour working along side the people and businesses of Corby over the past year! “This town has a real can-do spirit and we’re riding on that to keep the buzz and positive mood going here in Corby “Maybe Corby has not had the best press in the past, but now we’re almost there! We’re a growing town with everything going for us and I hope that the people of Corby stay as positive about the magazine and the town in general - that would be the icing on the cake!” - Page 9

Corby. The City. We look at the bid


nless you’ve been hiding in a cave for the past few months, you’ll know that Corby has applied to become a city.

The story started back early this year, when the news broke that Corby was to bid in The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee city competition, to become the UK’s next city. People did not really know what to say, some people were shocked, whilst others dismissed it as a load of rubbish. The word ‘City‘ has been floating around in Corby for a few years now, at times like during the opening of the Cube last year, but no-one thought that this was actually going to happen. Corby Magazine set up a five day online poll to see what people thought of Corby becoming a City. The website was simple, the user was asked ‘Do you think Corby should become a City in 2012?’

The results were: Yes - 50 - 60% No - 34 - 40% The results showed that although a lot of people in Corby wanted the town to do its best and become a city, there were still a massive group of people who were against the idea (One would presume from Kettering!) Just a few days after the vote closed something which may have swayed people’s view become public: The Bid’s details! The report, which was approved by Council in March, contains details about Corby, including some quirky facts! The report also contains details of past, current and future development within the town, including the new cinema and leisure facilities which are expected to open in Corby in 2012. Another aim of some behind the city bid is to get away from the myth that you need either a university or a cathedral.

Page 10 -

The last places to become a City were Preston, Stirling, Newport, Lisburn and Newry who were created in 2002 to mark the Golden Jubilee. Before that it was Brighton and Hove, however in the 20th Century only 14 places were named Cities. Other towns which are applying to become a city this time around include the much larger town of Luton. Some big companies have already spoken of their support for Luton including the airline easyJet who have already backed Luton in a statement on their website. Another location up for the bid is the town famous for its while cliffs: Dover! All of the nominations from local authorities had to be submitted before May 27th. Corby Magazine will be keeping an eye on how Corby does in the City Bid, and will post updates on our new and improved website:

Corby’s Got Talent: That’s a fact!


orby does have talent: that is the message coming off the back of a special event which took in The Core this April.

The event, named Corby’s Got Talent, was set up by a social-enterprise in Corby, named World Matters. Their aim was to bring together the young and old of Corby to showcase the youth’s skills and talents. This was echoed by Co-Founder of World Matters, Shanice Olton on the night who said:

At the end of the event the winner, Malachai Faulkner was announced, winning £200. Malachai, who is fifteen said: “It’s great to win. I think it really shows that my music is getting out there and people are enjoying it. “I wrote the song and the music for it myself on the keyboard which for the first two years I taught myself to play.”

“We wanted to bring together the young people and allow them to develop their skills with their peers. It’s amazing to see how many people have turned up this evening to show their support for the young people!”

An entertained member of the audience said: “The evening was one not be missed - it was great to see all of the talents which the young people had to offer“ “From what I could see most seats were full of people clapping and cheering along to the singing and dancing“ “I had one in mind which I wanted to win, and I’m not going to say who I voted for but let’s just say they were all a great deal better than most of the people you see on the TV on Britians’ Got Talent!” The performance was only of many which have taken place in The Core over the past few months.

From a list of 24, seven acts were short listed and performed on the night.

Just weeks before Corby’s Got Talent, TV comedian Alan Carr was stepping the very same boards as the youngsters of Corby.

The show, which was a sellout, saw the public vote for the best act after all seven had performed their skills which included MC’ing, singing and dancing.

For more information on The Core at the Corby Cube, to book tickets or to see what’s on call 01536 470 470 or visit

Above: World Matters Founders, Jevael Holgate and Shanice Olton - Page 11

Corby’s Famous Steelman back in Town


t’s become something of an icon for Corby, but last year the Steelman was taken and put into safe storage whilst work took place to improve George Street.

Now, however, the steelman is back and taking pride of place out side the Cube. He was put back on a new plaque back in March just meters from the position he stood in for many years, looking out over Corby. He now stands on a four sided tribute, including one which local councillors made for all of the workers on the PULTO line during the second World War.

The Steelman is Corby’s continuous reminder of our important role in the steel industry and celebrates a big part of our heritage. I think it is only fitting that alongside our future buildings such as the Cube and Pool that we have a piece of our past and we would love for residents to come along and celebrate the unveiling with us.’ The new location of the steel man is an improvement of it’s original spot, where it stood for 21 years: improved lighting is just one of the changes.

We’d love to hear your memorise of the old steelman: do you remember when it was first put up? Do you have any funny stories about it? Let us know on the Corby Magazine Facebook: Below: The Steelman both before (photo taken in 2008) and after (2011) its holiday. The steelman appears to be cleaner, brighter and newer on it’s brand new spot out side the Corby Cube.

The steel man was removed on Wednesday 26th May 2010 and taken to a storage location somewhere in Corby, where it had a ‘great holiday‘ Leader of Corby Borough Council, Cllr Pat Fawcett, said: “It looks as if the Steelman has had a great holiday but we are glad to have him back where he belongs. - Page 13

The Core secures Arts Council Funding


his March the Core Theatre celebrated after being added to the English Arts Council’s portfolios, gaining a new source of funding.

The funding, which totals £140,000 a year, is news well received, as it came just a week after the Core revealed that they were successful in applying for a grant, totalling £153,000 to be spent over the coming year. Chief Executive of The Core, Martin Sutherland responded to the news: “The Core does not currently receive revenue funding from Arts Council England, so this is a strong step forward. It is testimony to the commitment shown by all partners including Corby Borough Council and will enable The Core’s vision to be delivered. These are tough times for everyone in the arts sector, however, and we recognise that there are many organisations that have not fared so well.” Creative Director Chris Sudworth added: “The last five months have been exciting times for us here at The Core, since we opened our doors in

November. We’ve staged our own Christmas show Hansel and Gretel, we’ve got our vibrant Get Involved programme of workshops and activities up and running, and hosted a wide range of shows, by visiting artists and local community groups. We’re really pleased that Arts Council England recognizes the quality of the work we have done so far, and we appreciate the continued support of our local funders, audiences and participants. We recognize the need to work closely with other arts organisations in these difficult times, as we put our plans for the future into action.” The funding, which will be in place until 2015, will be spent through-out the year improving and promoting theatrics within Corby. The Core is becoming a central point for entertainment, bringing in such big names over the past few months including Alan Carr. The Core could also celebrate on behalf of their sister venue, Northampton’s Royal & Derngate which has secured an increase of 6.4% to £762,000 a year funding.

Page 14 -

Coming Soon at the core.

Lee Nelson’s Well Good Tour 1st October 2011

One Man Star Wars Trilogy 2nd September 2011

Corby Youth Arts Slam 16th July 2011

For more information on the Core call them: 01536 470 470

Reader Offer Health Treatment in Bath House


o here’s the story: we’re out selling advertising for this issue and we come across a business in Corby Old Village: Bath House.

Me being myself I thought It was a bathroom store, so we went in to see if they were interested in taking out some advertising. I was wrong, so very wrong! Turns out it’s the first place in England to do sea-weed baths!

I started off a bit scared! “After a few seconds you get used to it and I have to say it is really relaxing - not to mention how good your feet feel when you take them out.” Director of Bath House, Diane Gower said: “Most of our clients say that the treatment is a pleasant tingling sensation which feels a little bit like small bubbles on the bottom of their feet - it also tingles some people.“

We soon found our self chatting with the Director of Bath House, Diane. She explained to us all of the services and treatments which included Seaweed wraps and baths, Gara Rufa fish treatment and all sorts of other health treatments.

Daine said: “We are the first place in the whole of England to offer seaweed bath treatments which means we have clients travelling from all over the come and relax. “We also have a relaxation room for people to visit after their treatment as well as a number of work shops we run. One of the more quirky workshops we’re running is the Laughter Yoga with Susan Davis.” Corby Magazine is pleased to announce the lovely people at Bath House have been kind enough to take part in this issue’s Reader Offer! The offer is simple - bring a copy of Corby Magazine into the store, which is located on Meeting Lane in the Old Village and get 10% off of all treatments!

Before we knew it we had our shoes off and were having a dip with the Gara Rufa fish (or for everyone else, they’re the fish which eat your feet!) Corby Magazine’s Business Development Director, Louis (Pictured to Right) could not get enough of it! He said: “It’s one of the strangest things which I have ever done, and to be honest

The Bath House gets its name from its flagship treatment - sea week baths.

Above: Louis’ feet being nibbled

The Bath House is open 7 days a week however Sunday is appointment only. For full open times and more details visit - Page 15

Film Northants Awards 2011 now open


ow in its forth year Film Northants is back asking film makers from across the county to get their cameras out.

The competition is open to everyone of all ages in the Northamptonshire area and is a simple idea: one film less than 5 minutes in length. The films are then voted on by both the public and special judges from within the industry. Last years winner was a short-film by David Easton named ‘Love is...‘ - a story of deception and lies within a relationship leading to both tragedy and happiness - all in five minuets. In 2009 it was ‘No Stone Unturned’ by Matthew and Anthony Dumont an amazing story of a series of messages one leading to another before the final one leaves the character in a filed burying the ashes of a WWII solider, who then appears in the distance and salutes the man. - Again, in less than 5 minutes. Now it’s your turn to be creative and get involved with Film Northants.

If you want to get involved and have some fun making a film to submit you must ensure if meets the following: - Maximum length of film is five minutes - The film must be shot on location in Northamptonshire - A film may be submitted by a group or individual - Only one entry per group or individual is allowed - The film must be an original piece of work and copyright must be obtained for images or music by other artists - The film must be made between August 15th 2010 and August 14th 201 - Film Northants must receive your film no later than noon on August 14th 2011 The film may also be of any genre, fiction or nonfiction and Film Northants stress that age and experience will be taken into consideration.

Page 16 -

After the deadline all of the films are screened and then voted upon, after which there is a short list of contestants which are put forward to the awards evening. The eight finalists will have their films screened at Cineworld, Northampton on September 19th at a red carpet awards ceremony. One lucky (and talented) winner will get their hands on hundreds of pounds worth of vouchers, cinema passes and exclusive movie merchandise - not bad at all for a five minute short film! Not only that but this year Film Northants have signed up with Favourites Film Festival Berlin, and winners of Film Northants 2011 could be selected to have their film screened to a European audience in the German capital city. To find out more about Film Northants 2011 or to enter your short film into the competition visit their website, you can also email or call 07714 595970.

Session Times

Corby Gymnastics Academy SPACES AVAILABLE WE OFFER A FREE TASTER SESSION TO ANYONE WHO WISHES TO BECOME A MEMBER OF C.G.A Give your child the chance to enjoy the sport of gymnastics! We currently have spaces available for boys and girls age 4-16. The Academy runs beginner session starting from 1.25 hrs per week. We also have many gymnasts who successfully compete at county and regional standard. We are committed to promoting the sport and recreation of gymnastics in Corby and surrounding areas. Contact us now to book your place!

Lodge Park Sports Centre Mon: 4.45-7.00 Wed: 4.45-7.00 Thu: 4.45-7.00 Fri: 4.45-8.30 Sat: 9.00-1.00 Danesholme Community Centre Sat: 2.00-3.00

Corby Gymnastics Academy welcome boys and girls from the ages 4-16. Session to suit beginners, recreational and competition gymnasts.

Contact P: 07972 771433 E: W:

All of our coaches are British Gymnastics UKCC qualified and hold current enhanced CRB disclosure.

Gymnastics Summer Camp 75 minute sessions at Lodge Park Sports Centre Sessions running throughout:   

Mon 1st Aug Wed 2nd Aug Thu 4th Aug

For more information contact us or visit our website

Corby Gymnastics Academy has been accredited with ClubMark which demonstrates our safe, effective and child friendly environment.

Page 18 - - Page 19

Pen Green call for change in London


en Green campaigners have suffered months of pain, after being refused the right to hear a decision made on funding cuts to the centre.

A decision was set to have been made on the 15th March in Northampton, by the School Forum, however they held back the decision, after being advised by the County Council. Families from the Pen Green Centre travelled down to Northampton from Corby to hear the decision, although were disappointed to have it delayed. The decision on whether to cut 55% of their funding is now going to take place in July. The Pen Green campaigners then took part in the TUC March for action in London, on March 26th, in a bid to voice their thoughts on the funding being cut. One mother fighting for Pen Green said: “We came down to London to show that we really care about the children’s future. Clearly our demonstration in Northampton had no impact with the School’s Forum, so this might help!“

“I think that the delay in the decision was a very bad decision to have made. It has given me some sleepless nights, and I’m sure wit has some of the other mothers and workers at the centre“ “County said that we did not supply enough information about how the cuts would affect the centre. “Although we felt that we had supplied more than enough information to the schools forum to make their decision on, we happily supplied even more” All of the information will now be once again reviewed, before the County’s School Forum comes to a decision in July. A spokes person for Pen Green said: “On Tuesday 15th March the Northamptonshire Schools’ Forum voted to delay the decision about our funding until July 2011. Our campaign continues and we are meeting with Council officers to discuss what further information needs to be included in a report to the Schools’ Forum.“

Above: A group of protesters in London on the TUC March for action. “Staff and parents from the Centre joined ‘March for the Alternative’ in London on Saturday 26th March and felt great solidarity with colleagues from other public sector services. “We would like to say a huge thank you to all those people who have supported us in our campaign so far.” - Page 21

CORBY LOCKSMITH Jim Sorrie Local & Independent Lockout assistance Locks fitted, repaired or replaced Mobile Workshop Keys Cut onsite UPVC Door & Window Locks Master Key and Keyed alike suites l Fix it! Jim’l 36 CAMBRIDGE AVENUE CORBY N O R T H A N T S NN17 2SZ Telephone: 01536 40 22 44 Mobile: 07718 902423

w w w. c o r b y l o c k s m i t h . c o . u k

Rockingham lines up for birthday bash


T’S party time at Rockingham as the UK’s youngest motor racing circuit turns back the clock to celebrate its 10th birthday in style!

The Corby-based circuit is planning to mark the superb milestone with a fantastic line-up of top class racing, music and entertainment for the whole community to enjoy. The celebrations will take place on Sunday, September 18 to coincide with the circuit’s biggest race meeting of the season and the UK’s glitziest race series – the Dunlop MSA British Touring Car. Rockingham is hosting one of the closing rounds of the championship, which guarantees to provide the fireworks with this season’s title race expected to go down to the wire as in previous years. Once the racing action has finished, the attention will focus off-the-track as one of the UK’s top acts takes over and will get the party started when they take to the Rockingham. There will be plenty of attractions both on and off-the track - for all the

family to enjoy and keep them entertained throughout the day. Rockingham Chief Executive Charlotte Orton, said: “We cannot believe the circuit is 10 already! It has been an eventful first decade and we’re really looking forward to celebrating the next 10-years. “We wanted to do something memorable to commemorate this special

milestone and decided to go back to the days of combining motor racing with some of the UK’s top music acts. Once we announce who it is – we know the tickets will be the hottest in town!” Check out the Rockingham website – - for more details about the 10th birthday party and find out how you can be part of this year’s biggest party! - Page 25

Corby is the World’s friendliest Town


ne Thursday, around a month back, we got an email, requestion we write a story on a website making a big claim

Little did we know that the story was going to be the single most successful story which Corby Magazine has ever published. The story was regarding a CNN iReport which was published on their website by BONKAZTV, an online TV network. Our origonal story, read as follows:

Pride sweeps through Corby this afternoon after the discovery of an article published by the American news network, CNN, naming Corby the world’s friendliest town. The online report, which was published on 21st April, was spotted by a number of residents before informing Corby Magazine. The story was an iReport by the popular online TV network, BONKAZ TV, who concluded “the town has it all, but the real buzz is the people, a multicultural mix that will rival any big

city. A small town with a big heart and Since we published the story, it has a fun energy that’s contagious, every- taken off, like we could never have body smiles!” guessed. “The town’s original residents hailed from Scottish and Irish roots, but today they have now welcomed residents with ethnic roots from every corner of the world. Corby is a melting pot of cultures that still maintains a good feel of Brutishness.” BONKAZ TV, which is viewed in more than 62 countries around the world and over 400 cities says “we hail Corby as the friendliest town in the world because it is, it’s as simple as that ,to elaborate a little, the town’s folk have a good sense of humor, very helpful and welcoming to visitors ,and from the eldest person we encountered to the youngest ,from a store owner to passerby, they were all helpful and cheerful, to put it simply there is a welcoming ai r of wellness amongst the residents of Corby and undoubtedly a great sense of community.” -

Corby April 28th 2011

OK, so we thought this would be another normal story on the website: we were very wrong!

The one story alone on the website saw over 2,00 unique visitors in one day alone, not to mention the 4,000 hits which came with that! The story was also ‘recommended’ on Facebook by over 1000 people, making it more popular on Facebook than a lot of BBC and Sky news stories. The story also had a lot of comments, one of which read: “Although I was born in Glasgow, I have lived most of my life in Corby & let me tell ya, the people of Corby are fantastic & also the most generous people you could wish to meet. Corby has always been one of the best in the UK for raising money for charities & that, I believe, will never change!!!.....WELL DONE Corby and everybody that lives there “ So, a great story for Corby, and a great story for us! You can check out all of the story from Corby Magazine, 24/7 on our popular website:

INTERVIEW: London’s it boy in Corby


ust days before Corby Borough Council submitted plans to number 10 to become a city, Corby Magazine spoke with an IT boy, from London

During the interview, which took place in the Hampton by Hilton, where he was staying for the weekend, Emmanuel Ray told us about how he’s gone from the lowest of lows to a famous socialite in a few years. Emmanuel Ray is a London based Presenter & Socialite. He was named Britain’s First It Boy by BBC entertainment correspondent Paul Conway. In March 2009 Emmanuel started off as a Fashion & Entertainment Presenter and Commentator and worked with BAFTA award winning television producer and celebrity booker Simon Wilson, until 2010. His career progressed rapidly and he went on to cover a variety of events including London Fashion Week, Clothes Show Live, Ideal Home Show, Alternative Fashion Week and various other fashion shows, celebrity parties and launch events. Now he is one of the best known Socialites in London, with an impressive portfolio of invites to events.

OK, back to Corby then, we asked Emmanuel what he thought about Corby, and if he thought it should become a City, he said: “NO! I can see why people may be coming from, but trust me, when you’re from London it’s nice to get away from it all. “I love being able to get in a cab and go somewhere, without having to wait, and I love the green: it’s everywhere“

“Yesterday, myself and a friend visited Rockingham Castle. “Although strictly speaking it was not open the nice man still let us and gave us a personal tour - it’s the small things like that which make Corby great! “I’m hoping to re-visit Corby sometime in the future, to catch up with all of the people who I met!” - Page 27

Corby Council Elections: In depth


ouncil elections took place this May, leaving Corby the only Labour strong hold in Northants, despite last year’s general election.

Voting for both Council and AV took place on Thursday, May 5th, with polling stations open between the hours of 7am and 10pm. The highest turn out in years was recorded here in Corby, with a massive 45% of people casting their vote in one of the 15 wards.

“Back this time four years ago, the Cube, Swimming Pool and train station were just promises on paper. We managed to deliver this for the people of Corby and that’s why I think that we’ve come out of this election with such great results.“ After the poor performance for the Tories here in the town, we spoke to their local leader, David Sims, who said: “First of all I’d like to thank the people which did stay loyal, and who did vote for us this year.

The results day, on May 6th, was one of celebration for the Corby Labour party, as they gained six seats, where as the Tories lost , with the Liberals also losing a further two.

“I think that what when wrong this election is that the people were voting on national issues, rather than local ones.

During the celebration after being re-elected, C’llr Mark Pengelly told Corby Magazine: “What this shows is that the people of the town are very happy with the way in which we are moving this town forward and will continue to do so with the regeneration

“The cuts which are coming down from the coalition in central government are affecting everyone, I can accept that, but what I think will happen in the future when the cuts have taken place is that people’s faith will be once again restored in the party.”

Page 28 -

Corby Magazine also took the time to speak to the leader of the LibDems here in Corby, as he spoke of his disappointment of the general results, and his hope that he can work together with a Labour councller in his ward, Danesholme, to make it a better place to live: “Out before the election day we had a very warm reception with people on their door steps, and despite the image of the party nationally currently it has not disadvantaged us. “It would have been nice to have two Lib-Dems in my patch, however that is not what the people of Danesholme wanted, this time they wanted both a Liberal and a Labour, and I hope that we can work together over the coming four years to make Danesholme a great place to live in. “Our message was that this won’t change the government, we will still have that when we wake up tomorrow, however it will change your local council, and that is important.“

Local Elections 2011 - Results BEANFIELD Seat 1: Labour

Seat 2: Labour

CENTRAL Seat 1: Labour DANESHOLME Seat 1: Labour EAST Seat 1: Labour Seat 3: Labour

Seat 2: Lib Dems Seat 2: Labour

EXETER Seat 1: Labour GREAT OAKLEY Seat 1: Labour KINGSWOOD Seat 1: Labour Seat 3: Labour As usual this election, there were 15 wards with 29 seats.

LODGE PARK Seat 1: Labour

Within these wards, some very interesting local stories came out, like the first father and son chroniclers, first Asian and even the youngest councillors here in Corby.

OAKLEY VALE Seat 1: Labour Seat 3: Conservative

Corby’s first Asian councillor , Mohammed Rahman described his pride in winning this election, in his Oakley Vale seat: “This is a very proud moment for me. “I never thought that I would be a councillor there in Corby, so to win the election is wonderful, a very proud moment. “I think that I can bring a lot of diversity to the council, and hope to move forward a lot over the coming four years“

Right: A table, showing who was elected in each ward, and each seat. (Source: Corby Borough Council)

ROWLETT Seat 1: Labour

Seat 2: Labour

Seat 2: Labour Seat 2: Labour

Seat 2: Labour

RURAL WEST Seat 1: Lib Dem SHIRE LODGE Seat 1: Labour

Seat 2: Labour

STANION & CORBY VILLAGE Seat 1: Conservative

Seat 2: Conservative

TOWER HILL Seat 1: Labour WELDON & GRETTON Seat 1: Lib Dem

Seat 2: Labour Seat 2: Labour - Page 29

For those of you that don’t know, I’ve been away from Corby for the past 6 months, travelling the world and having a blast. I’ve met some great new friends, bumped into many old mates and returned to Corby excited about catching up with the people that I’ve missed whilst dragging my back pack a round the globe. I’ve also been touched by the positive and charming messages and conversations regarding the pictures taken of far away places, some of which I’ve posted on Facebook. If you want a nosey, look me up...Chuck Middleton. On my return I’ve noticed a new found confidence in the town of Corby, which is exciting and wonderful. The town centre has been transformed and will continue to do so over the next 18 months and we should all be proud of the new shiny things that will make Corby even more unique. The Cube looks great and has a full program for all tastes, the new curvy and colourful Tresham will no doubt be up for many design awards on its completion. The Steelmen, that’s Corby Town FC for the uninitiated, will be moving into their new stadium come August whilst the new housing estates are pushing up to the boundaries. It’s all good.

the summer such as music festivals, beer festivals, the carnival and the unique Highland Gathering - with any hope the sun will be joining in too! The blossom is blooming on the trees and the flower beds are awash with colour, the woods have been tidied up offering an inviting walk for nature lovers and from every angle, Corby is on the up. Some people are even suggesting that this little north east Northants ex village should be looking for City status? I’m not sure about that but there is certainly a spring in the step of Corby after so many years of being in the shadow of other towns in the shire and surrounding counties. So, its great to be back and I’ve even landed my old post back on Corby Radio, you can tune in from 9am on Wednesdays on 96.3FM, it would great if you could join me. As for being home, it’s wonderful to see the town grow and glow, shine and sparkle, and there is a smile on my face,well done and keep it up Corby.

There has been an increase of new arrivals joining the already diverse town’s folk and hopefully there will take part in the many organised community events over

Page 30 -

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A look at what’s coming in next issue of Corby Magazine

That’s it then: one year of Corby Magazine finished, written in stone, and in history. This year has been amazing, and everyone here at Corby Magazine hopes that this edition has helped give you an idea of the buzz which we’re feeling at such a mile stone. We’ll be the first to say that over the past 12 months we may have made a few mistakes, but we see them as teething problems as we move forward into the 2nd year: still leaning everyday. We also hope that from this issue we have had the chance to thank all of the great people of this town who have helped us all the way to this point: and who we hope we can continue to work with to make something amazing of this publication. It simply can not be put into words how happy we are to have made it to one year, and how excited we are moving forward. We REALLY hope you have enjoyed this issue, and indeed all issues from the past year! It’s been amazing. We’ll see you soon with issue six!

SeanSpooner Sean Spooner Editor - Corby Magazine.

MLGen Corby We’ll have coverage from our Teen business event which we’re hosting on the 28th June, including an interview with the winning team - find out more on how to apply at

Summer Fun We’re going to have pages of reports and pictures of all of Corby’s summer events, including the Carnival and the famous Highland Gathering - also lots of coverage of smaller events.

Weldon Fest As well as live coverage on our website as the event takes place, we’re going to have a picture section from Weldon Fest - look out for anyone from Corby Magazine, bearing their cameras!

Corby Magazine | Issue 5  
Corby Magazine | Issue 5  

Corby Magazine | Issue 5