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GRAND OPENING June 6 5pm-10pm 1

TICKETS Tickets are available online at copenhagenphotofestival.com and in the festival ticket spots 1 and 2

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The Censored Exhibition

Riggerloftet / Teaterøen

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Copenhagen Contemporary


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June 6–16


Daily open 11am - 8pm June 13 11am - 9pm


Festival wristband x Copenhagen Contemporary Espen Rasmussen White Rage


Franziska Gilli Bambola

Marco Marzocchi Oyster

Riggerloftet / Teaterøen Refshalevej 320

Panel discussion



Portfolio reviews

Copenhagen Contemporary (Flexsalen) Refshalevej 173A

Mary Frey Real Life Dramas


Mary Frey Domestic Rituals


MEETING POINT La Banchina Refshalevej 141, Mon-Sun 11am - 11pm La Banchina

Jana Sophia Nolle Living Room

MEETING POINT Broaden & Build Refshalevej 175A Wed-Sat 12 - 9pm Sun 12 - 8pm

Busstop 9A Hop-On Hop-Off Tour


A festival wristband to the festival center gives you access in the entire festival period and 10 % discount at Broaden & Build. 25 % discount: students, retirees and groups of 10+. Free entrance: children under 18.

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Broaden & Build



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Mathias Løvgreen Garrett O. Hansen Behind the Year KOMA RETREAT HAIL Copenhagen 2018

Beddingen / Tickets & info

Maskinværkstedet / Tickets & info Reffen – Cph Street Food

Ferrybus Stop 992

Speeches, drinks, music and free entrance to all exhibitions in the festival center.

Little photo island Outside of La Banchina you’ll find a small island with a single art piece by Mary Frey. Enjoy it from the landside and go see the complete exhibition at Copenhagen Contemporary.

Take a break or end your day in the cool locations of Broaden & Build. You get 10 % discount on food and beverages with a festival wristband

A festival wristband to the festival center + access to the current exhibitions at Copenhagen Contemporary during the festival. Normal price: 210 DKK. Can also be bought at Copenhagen Contemporary.

FOOD & PHOTOGRAPHY 220 DKK Festival wristband x Reffen – Cph Street Food A festival wristband to the festival center + a 100 DKK voucher to the street food market and a beverage. Normal price 275 DKK. You can also buy the ticket online at billetto.dk

POLITIKEN PLUS special 275 Food & photography DKK + guided tours Politiken Plus offers festival wristband + a 100 DKK voucher and a free beverage to Reffen – Cph Street Food market i guided tours in the exhibitions and at the street food market. Normal price 345 DKK. Buy the ticket online at politiken.dk/plus

Aesthetics, technique and media

Politics, ideology and cultures

FRAMING SOCIETY Mary Frey Domestic Rituals & Real Life Dramas

The Censored Exhibition

© Julia Mejnertsen

FRAMING IDENTITY © Espen Rasmussen, White Rage, USA 2017

Espen Rasmussen White Rage In spring 2016 Espen Rasmussen started a two year long journey through the darkest places in Europe and the U.S. He met fascists, Nazis and other extreme nationalists. Two questions constantly arose: What drives these people? Why do they hate?

Franziska Gilli Bambola © Franziska Gilli, Bambola, 2018

How is gender represented in the media, who defines it and what does it tell about us as a society? Bambola (‘doll’) takes us behind the production of Italian tv-shows, in which women are still reduced to showgirls – even after #MeToo.

© Marco Marzocchi, Oyster 2016

Marco Marzocchi Oyster Are you still a product of your parents even if they have never been there for you? What shapes the identity? Oyster is a visual diary about a childhood and youth dominated by absence and taboos, told in a personal and open minded visual language.

Photo auction June 16 5pm-6.30pm

Selected pieces from The Censored Exhibition on sale at the highest bid in collaboration with Bruun Rasmussen og Copenhagen Contemporary. Meeting point 4 © Marshall Blecher: Ø

Subject, existence and identity

Pit stop on your way to the festival center Mathias Svold and Ulrik Hasemann COASTLAND In Denmark you are never more than 50 kilometres from the ocean, and the coastline remains a deeply ingrained part of Danish identity. The exhibition about life along the Danish coastline is presented at The Bridge Street Kitchen (Broens Gadekøkken) and in Culturetower (Kulturtårnet) at Knippelsbro.

Little Photo island Outside La Banchina you’ll find a small island with a single art piece by Mary Frey. Enjoy it from the landside and go see the complete exhibition at Copenhagen Contemporary. The concept Copenhagen Islands is designed by the design and production company Fokstrot and architect Marshall Blecher. Little photo island is realised with the support of By & Havn.

MEET THE PHOTOGRAPHERS Talk and guided tour with Garrett O. Hansen and Mathias Løvgreen June 9 11am - 1pm What happens when you get your inspiration in the intersection between art and technology? Meeting point 1 Talk and guided tour with Espen Rasmussen, Franziska Gilli and Jana Sophia Nolle June 9 2pm - 4pm. How do you visualize political challenges? Meeting point 2 Talk and guided tour with Mathias Svold og Ulrik Hasemann: COASTLAND The Bridge Street Kitchen (Broens Gadekøkken) June 12 5pm - 6pm + Culturetower at Knippelsbro (Kulturtårnet) June 13 4pm - 6pm. Both for free.

How can we decode whether a photography is staged or not, and why are Frey’s photographies so convincing? Meeting point 4

Performances in KOMA RETREAT June 6 6pm - 9pm / June 7 3pm - 5pm / June 8-9 and 15 1pm-3pm.

The Royal Danish Ballet dancers Eukene Sagüés, Samuel Scott Rees and Tobias Praetorius will do a performance in a meditative exploration of the room and each other.

Panel discussion: Photography in the public debate June 6 4-6pm

Freedom of speech, identity and democracy. All over Europe, right-winged movements are gaining influence as a reaction to the arrival of refugees and migrants in recent years. In company of photographers, journalists and debaters, we will discuss how we administer freedom of speech and whether photography can build bridges in a divided Europe. The discussion is followed by the grand opening of this year’s photo festival.

Tickets are available online at copenhagenphotofestival.com and in the festival ticket spots 1 and 2

© Ulrik Hasemann og Mathias Svold, Coastland

Copenhagen has been named ‘the most liveable city in the world’ several times, and we have seen many beautiful vistas of the Danish capital, but reality is always far more complex. The exhibition of the books in the series The Year, Copenhagen 2018 is now presented as an installation you can dive into.

HIGHLIGHTS © Mads Skarsteen Andersen, 2018

Behind the Year, Copenhagen 2018 book installation

How much is our home – house or tent – the determining factor for our social group? How much does being homeless define somebody who might also be intelligent, creative and social? The contrast between the resources of the homeless and the rich meet in Living Room.

June 13 7.30pm

© Aitor Rubio, 2018

Do we evolve or conduct ourselves as humans in the meeting with the digital? Is it still possible for us to retreat from the everyday stress of the city? This video installation and performances explore how the digital technology affects our lives.

Jana Sophia Nolle Living Room

© Espen Rasmussen, Furuset, Oslo, Norway

© Mathias Løvgreen: KOMA RETREAT

Mathias Løvgreen KOMA RETREAT

© Mathias Løvgreen: KOMA RETREAT

© Garrett O. Hansen: HAILRoom

What is a weapon? Can you create something new out of something that takes lives? Can you use aesthetics as an antidote to the gruesome in society? HAIL is an attempt at making us aware of the American weapons culture and its related debate on weapons.

What is staged and what is not, when we e.g. see pictures on Instagram? Frey’s pictures of the American middle class are located between snapshots and staged photography. They are very convincing yet distant. Is authenticity in photography a flexible thing and how must we deal with it?

© Jana Sophia Nolle, #1 San Francisco 2017/2018, Living Room

Garrett O. Hansen HAIL

© Mary Frey: Real Life Dramas

© Eric Tabuchi

The annual group show with contemporary international fine art photography curated by an international jury. 25 emerging and established lens based artists have been selected among 360 applicants worldwide.

Guided tour in Mary Frey’s exhibition © Mary Frey: Real Life Dramas


Portfolio reviews June 7 10am - 5pm

Publishers, curators, gallerists and artists from in and outside Denmark offer their expertise to emerging and more established photographers.

Profile for Copenhagen Photo Festival

Flyer - CPF 2019  

Flyer - CPF 2019