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Brand Profile

Understand and access hospitality investment through an easy online platform designed and backed by a team steeped in every aspect of the business. Building on our own legacy of prosperity, we’re here to provide access to opportunities to diversify and grow your portfolio.

We go beyond just the transaction to care for the full lifecycle of the investment. This helps mitigate risk and maximize returns. We’re transparent throughout to ensure you have a clear view of your project’s performance. In this way we build not just better hospitality investments, but stronger long term relationships as well.

Brand Type Alignment - First Niche

We are the first to provide broader access and understanding of the hospitality investment space online in a highly focused and impactful manner.


Mission & Vision


To enable accredited investors to learn and participate in hospitality and mixed-use investment opportunities, in order to create a long term community of successful investors who can continue to collaborate and collectively build wealth..


To provide education and access to hospitality-based investments that can help investors and their families build their real estate portfolios.

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Target Audience


Accredited investor, American, of Southeast Asian descent

• Male, 35-65

• Has a day job, strong tech background

• $300k/year income for household

• Knows someone in the hotel business

• $5MM net worth on average

• They have equities but don’t have investments that pay out

• Passive income is very attractive


Friends and family of primary audience, which can include:

Accredited investors – Indian/Vietnamese/Chinese/Korean Americans

• Focused on education – doctors & engineers

• $300k/year income for household

• $5MM net worth on average

• Want to diversify portfolioslooking to invest beyond 401K

• Not aware of hospitality opportunity

Investor Value Proposition

Why they should purchase

For accredited investors seeking to build net worth while accruing passive, on-going income, our platform offers access, education and transparency on hospitality and mixed-use projects chosen, designed and managed to provide risk adjusted returns.


Strategic Driver

We optimize project returns and minimize risk through our proprietary Continuum Methodology. Based on our comprehensive skillsets in hospitality finance, development and management, we deploy our proprietary holistic process to identify opportunities and guide them through to fruition and on-going earning. This includes full transparency to our investors who gain real time insights and updates throughout.

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Dominant Competetive Advantage

Strategic Differentiator

We can access and design better deals and have the full spectrum of expertise to make them pay off.

• Operators, investors and developers

• Uniquely focused on online hospitality-hybrid + residential investing

• Access to off market opportunity – we will engage owners directly

• We will share weekly data on the performance of the investment

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Positioning Statement

For (audience)

Accredited investors with a net worth of $5MM+ of Asian descent who are well educated professionals and strong earners in their fields of occupation

Who are concerned about (pain point)

Gaining an insider’s edge on growing their net worth and diversifying beyond their standard equity investments without taking on undue risk

Our Platform

Is the first of its kind online investment tool dedicated exclusively to hospitality project development and management.

Unlike Competitors (wrong way)

Who are allocation-driven, transaction brokers with primarily finance experience, who tend to follow trends rather than lead them.

Our Platform (right way)

Is deal-led by a team with deep knowledge in hospitality development, management and finance committed to the full life cycle of the project, and to full transparency with investors in order to mitigate risk and maximize returns for the long term.


Brand Attributes

Tone & MentoringManner

We’re here to guide you to a deeper understanding of hospitality investing.


We make it easy and time efficient to connect, learn and invest.

Deep roots

We have multi-generational mastery in every aspect of the hospitality business.


We’re a straightforward no-hype brand that gives unprecedented access to investment information.


We look at every facet of an opportunity for greater risk-adjusted return.

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Proof Points

• 30 years of hospitality experience

• Expertise in investment, development and management

• Track record of 35 assets developed/managed

• Hilton and Marriot holdings included in portfolio

• The Patel name and hospitality

• Family legacy in hospitality

• Sagar and Aakash fathers’ story

• Experience with funds under management

Key InvestorsMessages

• Build your net worth using the expertise in hospitality finance, development and management that created ours.

• Discover superior hospitality investment opportunity through a dedicated team with deep family roots in the business.

• Attain easy access to vital insights and investments in order to diversify your portfolio and build your own legacy.

• We build long term relationships and are committed to the full lifecycle of the projects we invest in.

• Gain the advantage of our comprehensive understanding of all facets of the business to mitigate risk and maximize opportunity.

• We open the books so you can see exactly what you’re investing in and how your investment is performing on an on-going basis.


• Tap into the capitol you need to develop your hospitality projects and the expertise to achieve your goals.

• As hospitality operators ourselves, we understand your challenges and are uniquely equipped to help you overcome them.

• Leverage our resources to attain access to premium brand hospitality franchises.

• We open the books to you so you can see exactly how you get paid, how we get paid and why.

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Name of the Company

Jali URL Recommendation



Jali is a latticed screen or perforated stone, usually with an ornamental pattern on it. The term alludes to the transparency that is central to this brand. It’s also an art form and cultural touchstone relevant to our audiences, which conveys the artful way this organization crafts investment opportunities.

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Company Identity


Brand Imagery

Inspirational examples of the types of images that evoke Jalis’ key brand attributes.

Key Words Expressed in Color and Imagery

• Mentoring

• Legacy

• Transparent

• Insightful

• Advantage

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Website J ali PlatformBrand|22

Inbound Campaign

Inbound marketing campaign is a content-driven activity with the goal of attracting new leads to your business. Inbound campaigns usually focus on answering the questions a buyer persona asks before buying a product or service.

Examples of inbound marketing include:

• Content M arketing

• Blogging


• Opt-in email marketing

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Outbound Campaign

Outbound marketing refers to any kind of marketing where a company initiates the conversation and sends its message out to an audience.

Examples of outbound marketing include: • Social Media - Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook - Twitter

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