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Superintendent’s Profile • • May 2014

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Volume 38, Number 421, May 2014

INSIDE Highway Superintendent Alan R. Dennis and the Town of Oakfield ..............................................................9 Advertiser / Supplier Index ..................................................64 Lots of news, products and services throughout!

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about a lyric in the iconic Rush song “Tom Sawyer,” the one that goes, “He knows changes aren’t permanent but change is.” You see, lately I’ve received a lot of good-natured ribbing over my now antiquated Star Trek communicator-like cell phone. You know it: it’s the flip-top kind and it’s not very “smart.” I pull that phone out of my pocket and people look at me like my ringtone is going to play some song by the Andrews Sisters. Apparently it ages me by about 10 years. I will retire it eventually; when it breaks, I’ll get a smart phone, but only when it stops working. You see, it does what I bought it to do — a novel concept … it makes and receives calls and being practical, that’s enough for me. Now, I’m not against technology: in fact, I don’t want to return to the days when there were no ATMs, when you had to physically go to the bank by noon on Saturdays to withdraw enough money to get you through Sunday. I don’t want to return to 13 channels on TV when I had to endure incessant reruns of Gilligan’s Island and I Dream of Jeannie because I wasn’t in the mood for Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. And I certainly don’t want to return to Pong to idle my time away by using two dashes to hit a dot back and forth on a black TV screen. But I do believe there’s a balance to find between old and new ways of doing things. I never minded (and still don’t mind) actually talking to people. I don’t like receiving more than 150 e-mails a day at work; that hasn’t made my working life easier, which is what I thought technology was defined as having to do. It used to be that people would call when it was important. Now, e-mail makes it easier to play Hot Potato and get something off your plate and put quickly on someone else’s. And e-mail doesn’t even have to be grammatical; it just has to have some semblance of sense. Oh, I suppose I could go on ranting about technology and maybe you’d even indulge me more. But I really am ruing the day my old 2006 phone breaks; I know I’ll look back fondly and reminisce about the good old days eight years ago. Maybe I’ll share my sadness over my loss with a text to friends, co-workers and family. Too choked up to vocalize my grief, I guess. But like everybody, I’ll change and adapt to the new phone, knowing that it will be out of date in a year and I’ll never see my even older flip-top ever again. P

Craig Mongeau Superintendent’s Profile • • May 2014

Superintendent’s Profile • • May 2014



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Superintendent’s Profile • • May 2014


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Superintendent’s Profile • • May 2014

Superintendent of Highways ★

Alan R. Dennis and the Town of Oakfield


Genesee County’s town of Oakfield may be modest in size (almost 24 square miles) and relatively tiny in population (just over 3,000 residents), but there isn’t anything small town about Oakfield's ambitions. Just ask Alan Dennis, the nearly lifelong resident and highway superintendent, who is actively helping to engineer municipal water for the entire town. In addition to being home to a few well-run manufacturing plants, including freezing and canning vegetables, Oakfield is predominantly an agricultural town with large dairy operations occupying prime farmland. One of the largest private dairy farms in the state, owned by two local families, that milk 5,000 cows, has three facilities in Oakfield and neighboring towns. A prosperous vegetable and freezing factory is still busy following a total makeover and a change in ownership, which is now Canadian held. Sweet peas are still grown in this area, but other vegetables such as rutabagas come from Canada. Alan said seasonal workers who live in their own facilities have been welcome occasional residents and a good source of income for local businesses. He said wages are good for these jobs held by migrants and can include retirement plans and health insurance. A large, non-tax-paying protected wildlife and conservation area represents 20 percent of the town. The south-central portion of the town is underlain by former gypsum mines, which shut down in the 1990s and were once a very important employer and industry in town. While Alan’s business card also lists his responsibilities in public works, cemeteries, and parks, it is the water district planning that occupies his time and imagination these days, in addition to caring for a popular park right in the center of town, with hundreds of Little Leaguers from all neighboring communities. He also helps his three-man crew prepare and bury about 20 people each year. Alan even sells the plots in three open cemeteries. He said two burial grounds are most active, while the third one, dating back to the 1770s, was associated with a Lutheran church, which makes identifying a gravesite problematic because all the older records are in German. A mini-excavator digs the plots even in wintertime. Cemetery duty is something the highway department has done since 1963, but it's still emotional, especially in accidental deaths when young families are left behind. The town also has an aging population matched by a declining enrollment in the schools — for now. To date, the population remained flat for the past 40 years. Alan estimated that about half of the village residents are seniors, which is another reason he has lines painted on many roads for improved visibility. He enjoys a positive outlook, and like all of upstate is still unsure about the effect this long, record-breaking cold winter will have upon his roads. As he drives along roads with a cupped surface he optimistically projects that they will level out come spring. He and his crew of three plow and salt a little over 20 miles for the town, five and a half for the village of Oakfield, and nearly 20 center lane miles for the county. They use brine from gas wells mixed with 100 percent salt. For about 15 years they have routinely used approxiametly 2,000 tons of salt and 30,000 to 40,000 gallons of salt brine, which is continued on page 18 Superintendent’s Profile • • May 2014


• • •


• • •

Superintendent’s Profile • • May 2014

Superintendent’s Profile • • May 2014


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from page 9

mixed on the truck to activate the salt. Oakfield’s highway budget is $745,000 with $50,613 coming from CHIPS. As of mid March Alan said he is concerned that the CHIPS money could go away because it is not in the state budget. Alan has gone to Albany to advocate and lobby for CHIPS. “If the governor does not fund CHIPS it will have a devastating effect, especially in small towns with no money. They are dependent on CHIPS in order to provide the services.” STAMP Could Change the Landscape While almost completely devoted to farming and some good-sized manufacturing plants, the town is listening to a distant rumble of what could become something of a building boom here, as both residential and business centers are being proposed that would radiate from the village. The town governing body is getting ready to control positive growth and protect the small town spirit so much in evidence with beautiful vistas, wetlands, and a “can-do” community spirit. Here’s what’s gong on: The neighboring town of Alabama is about to become the first of four STAMP centers in the entire country. STAMP — an acronym for Western New York Science, Technology, and Advanced Manufacturing Park, is devoted to manufacturing cutting-edge electronics, including SEMI- and nanotechnology-based research, development, and manufacturing. A world-class workforce is part of what this part of upstate has to offer to secure these high-paying jobs. Ironically, it is the abundance of water just beneath the surface that makes the land valuable for this sophisticated chip manufacturing. Alan said, “Manufacturing these kinds of chips causes a lot of induced vibration and water absorbs that vibration, which is why you don’t see facilities like these in cities. At least, that’s what I’m being told.” “Right now Alabama is site number 1,” said Alan. “At full build-out they are looking at more than 2,000 high level jobs. People will want to live in Oakfield.” Also in neighboring Alabama is the Tonawanda Indian Reservation, a federally recognized tribe of about 700 residents, most of them in continued on page 22

Photos from the gypsum files. Just about everybody in town over 20 remembers when mining gypsum, used for making sheet rock (“The Fireproof Wallboard”) was a major industry here. These photos in the Oakfield town office show both the advertising promises and the reality of life underground.

Salt storage is right on the highway garage's property. The town uses about 2,000 tons during a typical winter.

(L-R): Alan Dennis, Gregg Woodrich, Michael Schultz and Timothy Schultz. The town of Oakfield's highway department has three full-time men and seasonal part time help. 18

Superintendent’s Profile • • May 2014


Superintendent’s Profile • • May 2014



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Superintendent’s Profile • • May 2014

Superintendent’s Profile • • May 2014


from page 18

Genesee County. “That’s what the water is all about,” he said as he spreads the water district planning map prepared by Clark Patterson Lee out on his desk, surrounded by several trophy-size deer heads mounted and hung around his small office. Eventually North Batavia, Alabama, Elba, Stafford, and the town of Barre will share in the delivery of abundant and safe-to-drink water originating from Lake Ontario. As for Oakfield, he said the town is planning for five housing development sites. “We anticipated having land standards and construction standards for housing because we didn’t have any. Those are now in place.” One such standard forbids cul de sacs — often the bane of many a highway person. That won’t happen here. He said meetings were necessary to bring decision makers up to date on why dead-end cul de sacs create a nuisance — not just for highway but also for fire and police. “The town is very forward-looking,” Alan said. “They are anticipating what it will be like in Oakfield 10, 20 years or more farther down the road. We want to protect what we have here. Our town looks to how we can keep our rural atmosphere and still make it affordable to live here.” They also worry about fiscal responsibility, which is why they had to cut out recycling for the town beginning this year. The town was losing about $15,000 a year on the operation because of costs, including Dumpster rentals.

The Oakfield town park, part of Alan's responsibilities and also his pride and joy, is central to many town activities. Alan and his crew recently added electricity to the popular pavilions to extend the public's enjoyment of this property.

Why Water Is So Important This part of upstate seems to have plenty of accessible water. Oakfield has many streams that flow year around, many ponds, and lots of marsh. It’s not uncommon to see smaller sinkholes, about three feet deep, popcontinued on page 24

Our good neighbor to the north — Canada — is the corporate home to Bonduelle — a large vegetable processing concern. Dairy and vegetables have always been central to the town's workforce. In rebuilding this plant, they added lots of good jobs.

Where the salt brine hits the road. Brine taken from nearby gas wells is mixed with 100 percent road salt for a basically bare-earth policy in Oakfield. Oakfield uses about 30,000 to 40,000 gallons each year. 22

Superintendent’s Profile • • May 2014

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from page 22

Private cottages in a community-owned group. While there are plenty of hunting camps and summer properties in Oakfield, there also is room for some older cottage communities like this one, which is well-tended and has its own pleasant, large pond for swimming.

ping up through the surface in some pastures. Alan said abundant water was one reason that aboriginal Indians and later the Seneca came to camp here in winter, because the water stayed open, protected in the cedar swamps. Until recently, many residents got their water from their wells. Alan explained how the situation changed and why — good water has been growing scarce in an increasingly polluted world. Oakfield’s water is now provided by the Monroe County Water Authority and is drawn from Lake Ontario. “People here have water issues,” said Alan. “Well water is not what it used to be.” Some wells have tested with coliform, E. coli, and black water with high iron. He said, “This is the first water project here since the 1980s.” Alan added residents have eagerly embraced the plan for municipal water. Some residents in District 4 even volunteered to pay for the project themselves if the grant money to fund it was not yet available. Enormous dairy farm operations, still family owned, have not changed here since the settlers. The Lamb Farm, for example, one of the largest dairy operations in the state, has three distinct facilities in the vicinity. In Oakfield they milk 2,500 cows 24/7, every day. All three locations have a combined herd of about 5,000 cows. Dairy is a heavily water-dependent industry. The quest for more municipal water actually began four years ago when the EPA and the Health Department addressed a farm operation with more than 100 employees and said the farm had to have its own water plan to get onto a municipal system. Thus, Water District 2 was formed. Working with Rural Development, some grant money was secured. “We are working heavy on water,” said Alan as the town’s water planning has grown to future districts that will link to neighboring towns of Barre, Alabama, Elba, Stafford, and parts of North Batavia. Alan calls the project “huge” and potentially game changing in Oakfield and neighboring towns. “We’ve had many public information hearings,” said Alan as they proposed District 2. “Residents here are desperate for water. It didn’t bother them at all when we said this is what it is going to cost you. It also 24

USG (United States Gypsum) still operates a large plant in Oakfield despite the mine being closed.

Oakfield's highway department cares for three town cemeteries, including selling plots, digging graves and maintenance. The earliest known burial ground dates back to the 1700s.

went well because this town is unique in that we have this town team where we all sit down together — the supervisor, assessor, town clerk, and others who are involved. It’s a lot of work. For the water district alone, the paperwork is tremendous.” To address the paperwork, the town officials are seeking to become a completely paperless office. They all share electronic notebooks at meetings and have tremendous back-up storage in place. Once again forward-thinking, including reducing the need for hard copy storage, is driving Oakfield toward newer technologies to better balance future needs. The town clerk led this initiative, launched six months ago. Going paperless has not been easy, especially on more mature team continued on page 32

Superintendent’s Profile • • May 2014

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Parts for All Makes and Models Trailer Roofs, Doors & Floors Cargo Control Products Engine Parts Truck/Trailer Bodies and Accessories Driveline Components Transmissions Fuel Injection

Diesel Particulate filters (DPF’s) are designed to remove particulate matter in diesel exhaust. In a correctly operating vehicle, soot captured in the DPF is periodically burned during normal operation. Engine wear, corrosion and combustion of engine lubricants result in ash accumulation in the filter. Over time this ash increases the backpressure on the engine lowering the fuel efficiency. Complete, thorough removal of this ash is essential for operating efficiency of the engine as well as optimizing the length of time between service intervals. 30

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Street Sweeper Brooms and Replacement Parts

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Could Be the Oldest Indian Artifacts in the State

The town of Oakfield offices and highway headquarters were built in 1948. Plans are in the works for an addition of needed space.

Alan Dennis and the town highway department and garage, which shares some tight space with the town offices, judges, town court, tax assessor, and code enforcer.

members, including an attorney who still likes to be able to see a hard copy safely tucked away in a file drawer, but they have learned from experience. Many early town records were burned in two separate fires, one at the turn of the century, and the second in 1920. The town has always been marked by good fortune and industriousness. At one point in the 1880s five gypsum manufacturing plants were located in town. Gypsum — used for wallboard — was abundant in the mines below the earth here. The mines closed in the 1990s when lessexpensive material was sourced elsewhere and railroads stopped coming here and the tracks were torn up. Alan, the town supervisor, the assessor, judges, support staff, and several others all share a tight working space in a building built in 1948 that includes a courtroom with a bench outfitted with shackles to hold prisoners. It’s possible that becoming a team was a survival tactic for working in such close quarters, but it works. Oakfield never has had a water department. Carol Glor, Oakfield’s town supervisor, knows that having a water project being driven by a 32

Most have heard of the Seneca Indians, but there were unnamed tribes living in Oakfield hundreds of years before the Seneca. Wikipedia says, “Prehistoric earthworks indicate a previous occupation by Native Americans. The town history notes the very old remains of a native village that dates back to about the 1400s or even earlier. One early Seneca name for Oakfield was Te-gat-ai-neaaghgue. The English translation for the site was the “Double Walled Fort. In 1788 it was recorded a “Bone Fort” was also located nearby. A visit to one of the sites today — four-wheeling across a stubby cornfield — is unexceptional because the historic marker is faded, and the “fort” appears to be an uneven depression overgrown with small trees and vines along a free-running creek. Town history says the old fort was originally about 10 acres in size. They wrote, “The fort consists of breastworks and a ditch which show evidence of artificial grading and engineering skill. Ancient lodges and broken pottery have been found in a part of these works.” The rusted out historic marker erected in 1932, which may soon be replaced, reads, “Iroquoian Fort. Occupied in early times by the Iroquois Indians. A single palisaded fort once stood on this site.” One mile or so northeast of the Old Fort are the remnants of what is called the Bone Fort. In this structure is a mass burial ground, but it is uncertain if the dead were from the Oakfield Indians or are the bones of the enemy. Settlers took over the old Indian grounds around 1801. Taverns and grist and saw mills quickly took shape. By 1829 there were wool carding and cloth dressing mills. At one time the area was called Caryville in honor of Alfred Cary who founded the first general store in 1833 followed by the Cary Collegiate Seminary for higher education in 1844. That historic brick building, central to the village, now houses apartments. Briefly called Plain Brook, the town finally became Oakfield in 1842. The name probably comes from the Indian practice of clearing groves of oak trees so that the open space would grow up to grass. Deer coming to the oak opening to graze would make easier targets for the wily hunters. In 1858 the village was incorporated at a meeting at the Olcott House. In 1825 the town’s fate was partially sealed for the next 165 years with the discovery of deposits of gypsum worth mining. The mines occupied many men in town. During the height of the mining years the town had several hotels, hardware stores, banks, blacksmiths, shoemakers, lumberyards, pharmacists and many other businesses. The end of the railroad service to Oakfield in the 1990s dealt a death blow to gypsum. Photographs of the operation in the town office show men working, bent at the waist under a low cave ceiling, using only hand tools, in conditions that probably would not be approved by OSHA today. highway guy is somewhat unusual but, “This is how we get things done here,” said Carol. “Thankfully Alan stepped forward and offered to help us. Five years ago maybe 10 percent of the town had municipal water. We are currently putting in our fourth water district. Within two years, with our plan in place, it looks like we might have 98 percent of our town with town water.” She said it takes both the town and the village boards to share a vision for Oakfield’s future, which will still keep farming and fields intact while continued on page 40

Superintendent’s Profile • • May 2014

Superintendent’s Profile • • May 2014


TOUGH CUSTOMERS And this is the audience to whom you need to sell – the town meeting crowd, the selectmen, the planning board, downtown business owners. These are the people you need to convince, persuade and please, and on whose vote hinges your operation. You live with them, shop with them, eat with them, and have gone to school with them maybe. Doesn’t matter. And doesn’t help. On the contrary. You are held to different standards. And that grandmotherly looking lady in the back? She’s the one who has memorized all the estimates and proposals and can quote back from six years ago when she interrogates you about the service invoices for the town’s equipment. We understand that this type of environment leaves no room for error or for second guessing. You have to be able to choose an equipment supplier on whom you can count, come hell or high water – stable, not afraid to invest in training and technology, running a sound operation and staffed to support you in the unique ways you need to be supported. Because sooner or later you may be called to explain your choices, in great detail, in front of a pretty tough group of customers.


Superintendent’s Profile • • May 2014

PLEASE CALL YOUR NEAREST LOCATION! We can arrange for a tour of our parts and service operation, at your convenience, and show you how we back up our equipment with expert support and the industry’s most robust parts delivery. Bronx • 699 Brush Avenue • 718-409-8501 Holtsville • 660 Union Avenue • 631-654-4457 Poughkeepsie • 122 Noxon Road • 845-437-4176 Bloomingburg • 783 Bloomingburg Road • 845-733-6401 Clifton Park • 500 Commerce Drive • 518-877-8000 Binghamton • 55 Industrial Park Drive • 607-772-6500 Syracuse • 294 Ainsley Drive • 315-476-9981 Batavia • 4610 E. Saile Drive • 585-815-6200

Superintendent’s Profile • • May 2014


TOUGH CUSTOMERS And this is the audience to whom you need to sell – the town meeting crowd, the selectmen, the planning board, downtown business owners. These are the people you need to convince, persuade and please, and on whose vote hinges your operation. You live with them, shop with them, eat with them, and have gone to school with them maybe. Doesn’t matter. And doesn’t help. On the contrary. You are held to different standards. And that grandmotherly looking lady in the back? She’s the one who has memorized all the estimates and proposals and can quote back from six years ago when she interrogates you about the service invoices for the town’s equipment. We understand that this type of environment leaves no room for error or for second guessing. You have to be able to choose an equipment supplier on whom you can count, come hell or high water – stable, not afraid to invest in training and technology, running a sound operation and staffed to support you in the unique ways you need to be supported. Because sooner or later you may be called to explain your choices, in great detail, in front of a pretty tough group of customers.


Superintendent’s Profile • • May 2014

PLEASE CALL YOUR NEAREST LOCATION! We can arrange for a tour of our parts and service operation, at your convenience, and show you how we back up our equipment with expert support and the industry’s most robust parts delivery. Bronx • 699 Brush Avenue • 718-409-8501 Holtsville • 660 Union Avenue • 631-654-4457 Poughkeepsie • 122 Noxon Road • 845-437-4176 Bloomingburg • 783 Bloomingburg Road • 845-733-6401 Clifton Park • 500 Commerce Drive • 518-877-8000 Binghamton • 55 Industrial Park Drive • 607-772-6500 Syracuse • 294 Ainsley Drive • 315-476-9981 Batavia • 4610 E. Saile Drive • 585-815-6200

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New York State Contract Information

Westchester Tractor, Inc. 60 International Blvd. • Brewster, NY 10509 Phone: 845-278-7766 Fax: 845-278-4431 Email:

New Holland Skid Steer Loader State Contract Group 40604 - Award 20912. Contract Period November 9, 2009 - May 31, 2014

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71 Marsh Road, East Rochester, NY 14445 • (585) 586-7705 • Fax: (585) 586-7706 • Toll Free: (888) 826-2678 Superintendent’s Profile • • May 2014


from page 32

also providing water and sewer to future residents, including businesses. Alan said Oakfield has had success with moving the water district planning along very quickly. He added, “The town board learned through experience that we need to be shovel ready on these projects. The plan needs to be designed, permitted, and ready to go. When other towns ask us how we got this done, that’s exactly what I tell them about procedures. That, and you have to create a town team.” It All Goes Back to the Community “I consider this town unique in a lot of ways,” said Alan. “Our biggest difference is that we all work together. I have an unbelievable relationship with everybody running this town. Frequently I have noticed in other places that somebody runs for office because they have an agenda. Fortunately that doesn’t happen here.” He said most of the town leaders grew up here. Alan credits the school district with supplying the moral compass for Oakfield. He said, “The school has always been the focal point of the town, for example, Little League, which draws teams from towns who share our facilities in the park.” He said on any given Saturday there could be 300 children taking advantage of the programs in baseball, softball, and other sports. The park, which is his responsibility, is about 15 acres with two pavilions equipped with electricity. “You are mixed together with people from other towns, and that builds relationships.” “We are always willing to help our neighbors. Through shared services, through the fire department, and through the schools,” he said. For the village his crew plows the streets and helps organize a growing agenda of special events. He said, “We’ve initiated Christmas in the

village. People can purchase trees and decorate them. We light them all up, and when you drive down Route 63 and see it, it’s beautiful. We also give hayrides around the village, stopping at various businesses.” The trees remain lit 24/7 from roughly Thanksgiving until New Year’s. “A few years ago the town board generously allowed us to build two hay wagons,” he said. “The town clerk suggested we bring back the Halloween party for kids on the Saturday before Halloween. We give hay wagon rides pulled with a Gator. As that idea took off, the high school kids became involved by creating a haunted house ride. The kids get dressed up and hide in one of the cemeteries. The highway-built hay wagons have also been borrowed by other community groups.” The good times continue through summer until Labor Day when the town hosts a local festivity in the town park with food booths, live entertainment, and special activities that follows a parade estimated to be over an hour and a half long, which is significant when you consider the town's small population. “People love it,” said Alan. “There could be 5,000 people watching the parade. The highway department always helps to set things up.” “The town board, highway department, town clerk, judges, assessor, code enforcer, and others all work together. We are part of one team. I can’t emphasize enough how well it works. Our town has always looked to keep our rural atmosphere while still making it affordable for people to live here.” Equipment Rotation Everybody likes new equipment, so the new plow truck that cost continued on page 46

Tight spaces sometimes make for great communication. Here Alan Dennis catches up with Carol Glor, town supervisor and Tom Graham, town judge and disaster coordinator. 40

Superintendent’s Profile • • May 2014


Model 600®

Designed with the MUNICIPALITY in MIND • • • • • •

Model 210® Cabover

Unmatched Safety and Comfort

Superior Performance Maneuverability Operability Ease of Maintenance TYMCO Reliability AQMD Rule 1186 Certified PM10 - Efficient

ATM 162 M O W E R S

ATM 72 M O W E R S

•Hydraulic automatic self leveling ensures safety and comfort on slopes up to 34 . •30 HP Yanmar liquid-cooled diesel engine. •72” cutting width. •Hydrostatic drive provides infinite ground speeds from 0 to 11 mph.

•13’ cut width. •99 HP Cummins Turbo Diesel. •Automatic self-leveling system keeps O cab up right on up to 34 slopes. •Exceptional slope stability.



To find out more, visit



Opening Soon Our 4th Location in Fort Edward, NY We are accepting applications for: Outside Sales apply to Fabricators; Mechanics; and Parts Sales apply to


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SALES • RENTALS • SERVICE REPAIRS • TRADE-INS • RECERTIFICATION OSHA TRAINING CLASSES • Economical and Modular • Professional Engineer Certified to OSHA Regulations • Field Service & Support • Our Light Weight Systems are transportable by pickup truck, van or ASI shoring trailer • Custom configurations available • Unload and assemble by hand

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Most loaders will be available as a standard machine and also with high reach arms and a tool master version.


*All loaders are available with couplers, forks, 4-in-1 buckets, side dump buckets, ride control, Michelin radial tires and snow blowers.

*Some accessories or attachments are only available through the OEM. Contact your local dealer for assistance.

3rd spool valve hydraulics, air conditioning, AM/FM radio are all standard equipment!



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571 Route 212 Saugerties, NY 12477 (845) 247-0206 Fax: (845) 247-9321

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ŽŵƉĂĐƚdƌĂĐƚŽƌƐͻŐdƌĂĐƚŽƌƐͻŝŝƌĞĐƚŝŽŶĂů dƌĂĐƚŽƌƐͻŽŵƉĂĐƚdƌĂĐƚŽƌƐͻdƌĂĐƚŽƌ/ŵƉůĞŵĞŶƚƐ


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Dump & Service Bodies Sanders-Plows Custom Fabrication Platform Beds Hydraulics Installation/Repairs Commercial-Municipal-Private 9776 Trevett Rd. • Boston, NY 14025

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Superintendent’s Profile • • May 2014


from page 40

Because of a routine process of replacing equipment on a pre-determined schedule, the town recently purchased this new truck.

$228,000 provides the highest level of service and is state-of-the-art. While Alan said all equipment is acquired through state bid requirements, he swings heavily toward buying the town equipment from the town’s John Deere dealer, a town taxpayer. “We buy Caterpillar. Our tractors are John Deere.” This year they also purchased a new piece of equipment they never had before — a steel roller for doing shoulder work and patch jobs. The older snowplow truck that “still had some miles on it” was sold to another town that had a limited budget for serviceable equipment. A neighboring fire department will purchase the older pickup. “Our board is adamant about helping other communities out whenever they can,” he said. While there is an equipment replacement plan in place, sometimes it pays to be reasonable. For example, the highway superintendent’s pickup truck was due to be replaced, but the town board asked Alan to drive it one more year. They said, “We have the money to do that, but we just bought two new pieces of equipment, so rather than annoy the taxpayers, can you hold off another year?” One critical issue on the entire town’s wish list is a much needed addition to the town offices, including the highway garage, which was built in 1948 but looks much younger thanks to a fresh coat of aluminum siding and spotless maintenance. The town has been looking for grant money to expand this space for everyone for the past few years. On the highway end of it, the men would gain a break room. As of today they each have their own chair. Alan warned, “Don’t sit in their spot. When someone retires, we burn their chair. And then they usually go to the dump to get another chair for the new person.” A Sportsman While Alan’s office is a little cramped, like the rest of the building, he 46

Just one feature that Alan is enthusiastic about on the new truck are the energy-saving LED lights.

has made room on the walls for several mounted trophy-size bucks. Even as he checks on the roads, he also is consciously or maybe even subconsciously scanning the fields for deer. In addition to deer hunting, a few years ago he took up serious motorcycle riding on his Honda Gold Wing, often riding together with his wife Deborah, who works as a chiropractic assistant. The couple celebrated their fortieth anniversary this spring. He said, “She hated me in high school. I was this fun-loving guy, but it all fell into place.” Both children, a daughter and a son, live nearby along with four grandchildren. While Alan was born in nearby Alabama, he attended school in Oakfield. Later at community college he studied mechanical design, thinking he wanted to be a draftsman, a background that has been useful while working on the water districts. continued on page 52

Superintendent’s Profile • • May 2014

Superintendent’s Profile • • May 2014



Superintendent’s Profile • • May 2014

Enter into the biggest cab in the industry JCB Wheel Loader Models 406, 409, 411, and 416 Available on State Contract

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End Dump

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from page 46

Alan worked as a draftsman for 22 years for Graham Manufacturing, working his way up the ladder to become an engineer geared towards the petrochemical industry. Then he turned 40 years of age and decided it was time for a change. He had already served on the town board, and he joined the highway department part-time. He also worked on a dairy farm, which is something he had done since he was young. He likes farming, which he finds rewarding and relaxing. Mostly what he really likes to do is to run equipment. “I have always liked being outdoors. Plus I like change, so the highway department was a good fit. Within 18 months a full-time position opened,” said Alan. Then 11 years ago the superintendent, who was a lifelong friend, said, “We are going for a ride.” Driving around town in the pickup he told Alan he had accepted a position as deputy highway superintendent for Genesee County, a step up. For that first year Alan was appointed superintendent. He has run unopposed for the office ever since. He also is active in the fire department, was fire chief for six and a half years, and still responds to calls. As he eases into 60 this year, he said he is blessed to be a younger feeling and healthier person than his father and grandfather whom he believes were “winding down” at his age. “How do you know how you are supposed to feel at this age? You don’t.” People who know Alan don't expect him to be winding down any time soon. Satisfied to be serving the town he loves and living near his family he says, “The good Lord has a plan. You know how that is.” P

Genesee County's town of Oakfield may be modest in size (almost 24 square miles) and relatively tiny in population (just over 3,000 residents), but there isn't anything small town about Oakfield's ambitions.

Trimalawn Equipment Inc. 2081 Victory Blvd. Staten Island, NY 10314 800-762-4161 631-839-1109


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Over Two-Thirds of the Earth’s Surface Is Water...

We’re Making the Other Third... Smooth Sailing For over three quarters of a century Suit-Kote has been building smooth roads from horizon to horizon. And unlike the uncertainty of the open sea, you can always be confident that the open road we build promises you smooth sailing. At Suit-Kote, we’re committed to one thing – getting you there.

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Portable Zoom Inspection Camera

Onscreen Distance Measurement

45-60 FT

QuickView and the QuickView logo are trademarks of Envirosight, LLC. ©2007 Envirosight, LLC. All rights reserved. QuickView carries patent no. 6,538,732 and 7,009,698. Other patents pending.

Telescoping Carbon Fiber Pole

The Least Expensive Way To Survey Underground Infrastructure. Inspect pipelines, manholes and tanks from street level with the patented QuickView zoom inspection camera. Contractors use it to survey pipe condition before bidding services, and to document completed work. Municipalities use it to identify and prioritize maintenance issues, avoid confined-space entry, and inspect hard-to-reach infrastructure. Road departments use it to assess culvert and storm pipe condition with minimal traffic exposure. With 216:1 zoom and narrow-beam HID lamps, QuickView sees as far as 250’ down lines 8–60” dia. We use QuickView to bid pipeline cleaning projects. Its powerful zoom, high-intensity lamps and portability allow us to rapidly assess pipe condition, flow, and debris accumulation. — Accurate Locating Services, George Vlahos

Patented Targeting Fixture for Precise, Stable Viewing

QuickView lets us check wall and pipe condition close to the manhole to determine what maintenance issues need to be addressed first. — City of Plano, TX, Robert Morris, Supervisor

Xenon HID Lamps

Locate blockages instantly.

Wide angle lens for full viewing of manholes.

Find crossed utilities.

Find sources of infiltration.

View nozzle and cutter performance in real-time.

Joe Johnson Equipment, Inc. Buffalo: (888) 203-7040 Rochester: (888) 553-8724 Syracuse: (888) 360-4599

Use with WinCan Map and GIS software.

Empire Equip. Sales Co., Inc.

EESC Flushing: (718) 779-1000


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What’s Riding on Your Lifts? There’s more riding on your vehicle lifts than cars and trucks. If you’re the technician who relies on a lift to get your job done every day, your safety is riding on it. If you’re the shop owner whose livelihood depends on your technicians’ safety and performance, your business is riding on it. With so much riding on your lifts, it is crucial that they are properly maintained and inspected regularly to ensure proper performance. In fact, there is an entire American National Standard outlining the safety requirements for proper vehicle lift operation, inspection and maintenance. This standard, ANSI/ALI ALOIM (current edition), covers lift operator qualifications, training and responsibilities; maintenance procedures, documentation and frequency; and periodic qualified lift inspection. In addition to regular in-house inspections, the standard requires that all vehicle lifts be inspected at least annually by a “qualified lift inspector.” A lift inspection is a thorough evaluation of the operating mechanism(s), safety system(s), maintenance, structural integrity and field modifications of a particular lift in order to identify any risks which may affect the ability of that lift to operate in a safe and reliable manner. So what is a “qualified lift inspector,” how do you find one, and what takes place during a lift inspection? To get the answers to these questions, we turned to representatives and members of the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI), a trade association of North American-based vehicle lift manufacturers. ALI’s mission is to promote the safe design, construction, installation, service, inspection and use of vehicle lifts. “When buying a vehicle lift, you are making an investment,” said Radu Pop, market research analyst of lift manufacturer MAHA USA. “Regular inspection and maintenance is the best way to maximize ROI and to extend the life of the vehicle lift. A properly operating vehicle lift not only makes the mechanic’s job easier, it will also improve performance, revenue and, foremost, safety.” From “Qualified” to “Certified” For some shop owners, finding a qualified lift inspector to inspect their lifts has been a challenge. Although the ANSI Standard outlines some lift inspector qualifications, for many years there was no national resource for finding qualified inspectors. In this buyer-beware environment, the best option lift owners had was to get recommendations from the manufacturers of their lifts. That all changed with the launch of the Automotive Lift Institute Lift Inspector Certification Program in October 2012. “OSHA and other health and safety officers have really stepped up enforcement of lift safety and inspection standards in recent years, leading to growing demand for qualified lift inspectors,” said R.W. “Bob” O’Gorman, ALI president. “In response, ALI invested several years and more than $700,000 to develop the ALI Lift Inspector Certification Program. This program is the first in North America to independently test and certify vehicle lift inspectors. As a result, when lift owners hire an ALI certified lift inspector, they have third-party assurance that the inspector has been proven competent to thoroughly inspect any vehicle lift.” The ALI lift inspector certification program is an extension of the association’s other safety-related undertakings, including lift standards development, its third-party lift certification program, and the development of safety and training materials for the industry. The first group of lift inspectors to achieve certification was announced in May 2013. To find a local company with certified lift inspectors on staff, visit ALI’s online database at The database is searchable by ZIP code and will be continuously updated as additional inspectors achieve certification. “The inspector certification program provides the end user with confidence that the inspection completed on their lifts is complete and thorough,” said Todd Michalski, vice president sales and marketing of lift manufacturer Gray Manufacturing Company Inc. “There are a lot of 56

companies in the market that currently inspect lifts that may or may not have the expertise needed. This helps the marketplace easily identify those that do.” Becoming certified requires commitment. Candidates must attend an orientation workshop, study the candidate handbook and pass a precourse exam; study extensive course training materials and pass the course examination; perform 12 practical experience (ie. real world) lift inspections using approved forms, and submit appropriate paperwork. The inspection company also must establish quality assurance procedures and successfully complete an initial compliance audit of this system. After certification is achieved, participation in continuing education webinars and quality audits is required to maintain certified lift inspector status. The end result is a pool of lift inspectors that shop owners can trust. “The ALI lift inspector certification program provides peace of mind to shop owners, reduces accidents and improves employee confidence in their equipment,” said Harold Yeo, president of lift manufacturer Total Lifting Solutions. “Ultimately this should result in increased throughput of vehicles being serviced.” What are certified lift inspectors looking for when examining car and truck lifts? The ANSI standard provides five pages of inspection points, including: • Examining all accessible structural components, including welds, for any evidence of overloading, misuse or abuse. • Examining electrical components and wiring. • Checking the lift controls to ensure accessibility, an unobstructed view of the lift and an automatic return to the neutral or off position when released. • Locating appropriate lift documentation, safety instructions, vehicle lifting information, lift safety labeling and capacity labeling. • Confirming adequate clearances around the lift. • Checking all fastening devices for tightness and proper fit. • Checking the lowering speed over the full down travel of the lift. • Operating the lift through its full cycle and checking the operation of the positive stop. Checking to see if the lift locks engage in the fully extended position. • Checking all lubrication points for cleanliness, integrity of fitting and presence of lubricant. • Checking all chains and cables for excessive slack. • Checking all potential pinch points. “During the inspection, the inspector is looking to confirm that all of the lift’s components are in place and in working order,” said Bob Ford, customer service manager of Rotary Lift. “The inspector is looking at more than just the lift, though. The inspector will survey the lift bay and shop to look for any potential hazards. He or she might make recommendations for other areas of the shop, even though the focus is on the lift.” At the conclusion of the inspection, the lift inspector should provide a written inspection certificate for each lift to the shop owner or manager. This report documents the results of the inspection, including any recommendations for repair. (ALI certified lift inspectors are instructed not to undermine the program integrity by offering to perform any recommended repairs.) Certified lift inspectors will apply an ALI annual lift inspection label to each lift that passes inspection. This label includes the Inspector’s unique identification number and the date, making it easy for code enforcement officials to quickly ascertain when a lift was last inspected successfully. The labels also serve as a convenient reminder of when a lift is due for its annual inspection. In addition to annual lift inspections conducted by qualified lift inspectors, most lift manufacturers recommend that lift operators themselves inspect their lifts on a more frequent basis. Recommendations vary from daily to monthly to quarterly, depending on lift style, frequency of use and environment. Check the owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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FITZSIMMONS HYDRAULICS INC. Your Authorized Hydraulic Source for these and many others, in stock.

Sauer-Danfoss Pumps & Motors

Donaldson Filters

Poclain Motors

Parker-Voac Bent Axis Motors

4400 Shisler Rd., Clarence, NY 14031 800-307-5595 or 716-759-8389 Fax: 716-759-8426

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IND DUST DUS TRY N EW WS Chemung Supply Corporation: A Regional Leader in the supply of Highway Construction & Maintenance Materials, Equipment & Supplies Sales and Ser vice is proud to announce the opening on our newest store. We are now strategically located in the hear t of eastern upstate New York in Chenango county in the town of South New Berlin.










(800) 755.4530



Manager Todd Steadman Cell (607) 488.4068

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The TOWN OF ANNSVILLE is selling our Mack

2008 Mack 6x4 98375 Miles 5893 Hours Mack MP8-425M Engine Mack Transmission 23,000 lb Front Axle 52,000 Rear Axle 14’ Everst Dump 14’ Stainless Highway Sander 11’ Everest One Way Plow and Wing Asking


Please Contact: Rick Marshall, Annsville Highway Superintendent Work: 315-337-6879 • Cell 315-225-7007

BEAM MACK SALES & SERVICE INC. MACK TRUCKS and VOLVO TRUCKS are still produced in the UNITED STATES. MACK TRUCKS and VOLVO TRUCKS know what municipalities need for a true municipal truck. A truck built to haul heavy loads, plow snow, unmatched reliability, low maintenance, and high resale value. Mack and Volvo both offer many options for the municipal truck. STATEWIDE CONTRACTS NOW AVAILABLE Call Greg Angwin In Rochester 877-232-6094 Call Chip Aries or Dave Pyfrom or John Ross In Syracuse 877-696-6225 Call Greg Angwin or John Melick In Horseheads 877-650-8789 Call Mike Sullivan In Watertown 877-788-2180 Call John Soderquist 60

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We Over Ordered and are Overstocked! Call for Unbelievable Prices!


Now at 2009 Pricing!!

All Sizes Available


Over 100 Plows in Stock Specializing in Municipality Needs Over 30 Years of Plow Experience • "Buy From the Guys That Know Plows" 81

Municipal Discounts Available





90 12

Call us to bid your next vehicle







Oneonta 88



Rt. 12 South Canal Street • PO Box 920 • Oxford, NY 13830



Conveniently Located in Central New York State


New York

Visit Our Web Site for the Latest Industry News and Trade Show Information

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John Deere’s E-Series Skid Steers Made Using Customers’ ‘Brightest Ideas’

The skid steers and CTLs are powered by Yanmar 3.3- or 3.1-L diesel engines. The large-frame model engines provide up to 10 percent more horsepower than the previous D-Series models. Engines over 75 hp (56 kW) will meet Interim Tier IV emissions requirements, while engines under 75 hp will be Final Tier IV compliant.

The new E-Series line of skid steer loaders and compact track loaders (CTLs) from John Deere feature enhancements and improvements that were developed after extensive input from customers. The new line includes five skid steer models and four new compact track loaders, each with Interim Tier IV or Final Tier IV engines and several improvements designed to enhance operator and machine productivity. “The E-Series skid steers and compact track loaders are one of the finest examples of customer-driven product development the John Deere Commercial Worksite Products group has ever offered,” said Gregg Zupancic, product marketing manager, John Deere Construction & Forestry. “We asked hundreds of customers how we could make this equipment better. They told us, and we responded.” The improvements made to the E-Series skid steers and CTLs are the result of extensive market research and John Deere’s Customer Advisory Group (CAG) process, which solicits input and ideas from customers. For the E-Series, customer input largely dealt with areas of the machines that improve on uptime, productivity and lower daily operating costs. The large-frame skid steers and CTLs feature a flat floor design with 25 percent more foot room than previous models, giving operators more comfort in the cab. Lower noise levels also contribute to reduced operator fatigue and increased productivity. All models include low-effort electro-hydraulic (EH) controls for additional comfort and ease of operation. The EH controls are available for ISO, H, and foot control patterns. In addition, the E-Series features an option to allow the operator to switch between all three previously mentioned industry control patterns. Other new standard features include connect-under-pressure auxiliary hydraulic couplers, and a new courtesy lighting feature that automatically shuts the machine lights off after operation. The mid-frame models have been improved to enhance performance and make the machines more versatile. The optimized boom design pro62

vides best-in-class boom and bucket breakout throughout the lift path. It also offers greater reach at truck-bed height and increases lift height to the hinge pin. In addition to the standard improvements, both the large- and midframe E-Series models offer several options that further enhance easeof-use and productivity. Like its larger siblings, the mid-frames also include the option for switchable controls to allow operators to choose between foot pedals, ISO and H-pattern. Other options include a new keyless start feature and a ride control option that cushions the boom under heavy load for a smoother ride. The E-Series offers several customer favored features that carried forward from the D-Series, including a pressurized cab, auto-idle to help conserve fuel and service access. In addition, options such as the reversing fan also will be available. The skid steers and CTLs are powered by Yanmar 3.3 or 3.1-L diesel engines. The large-frame model engines provide up to 10 percent more horsepower than the previous D-Series models. Engines over 75 hp will meet Interim Tier IV emissions requirements, while engines under 75 hp (56 kW) will be Final Tier IV compliant. The engines in all E-Series models feature cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) with an exhaust filter consisting of a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and diesel particulate filter (DCF). The E-Series consists of nine total models. In skid steers, there are three large-frame models (326E, 328E, 332E) and two mid-frame models (318E, 320E). In CTLs, there are two large-frame models (329E, 333E) and two mid-frame models (319E, 323E). All models will be compatible with more than 100 available Worksite Pro attachments for optimal job site performance. For more information, visit John Deere at

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Two New Tier IV Final Air Compressors Debut Doosan Portable Power is introducing two new models of Tier IV Final air compressors. The HP750WCU and XP825WCU are fully Tier IV Finalcompliant large air compressors, and are powered by a Cummins QSB6.7 Tier IV Final engine. A diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and selective catalyst reduction (SCR) aftertreatment system has replaced the diesel particulate filter (DPF) system used in previous Tier IV interim models, making these machines virtually maintenance-free, according to the manufacturer. “By combining the latest engine technology with easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain features and a compact footprint, the HP750 and XP825 are engineered to deliver the power and versatility needed to meet the demands of challenging job site conditions,” said Rus Warner, manager, global air products, Doosan Portable Power. Producing 750 cu. ft. per minute (cfm) at a rated operating pressure of 150 lbs. per square in. (psi), and 825 cfm and 125 psi, respectively, the HP750 and XP825 are practical for general construction, abrasive blasting, or pipeline pressure testing Not only do the HP750 and XP825 sport high-performing engines, but both models also benefit from a cool-box design that improves performance when operating in high ambient conditions, eliminating long cool-down periods and extending the service life of the machine, according to the manufacturer. A large fuel tank offers nine hours of runtime at full load. Placement of the fuel tank over the axles provides better balance when lifting or towing, regardless of fuel levels. Towing is further improved by heavy-duty tandem axle trailers and 7-gauge steel fenders for reliable, stress-tested transport. Productivity is maximized by a full-color digital display that puts the operator in complete control, eliminating the need for continual machine monitoring. Back-lit LED gauges provide instant access to critical information needed to optimize uptime and ensure efficient machine operation.

571 Route 212 Saugerties, NY 12477

SALES – RENTALS – PARTS HEAVY EQUIPMENT TRANSPORT AND SERVICE • JCB & Hyundai Earthmoving Equipment • Takeuchi Compact Equipment • LAY-MOR Brooms & Sweepers

Machines on State Bid: Hyundai HL740-9A, HL757-9A, HL760-9A, HL770-9A, JCB 409ZX, 411 HT, 416 HT

• Sakai Compaction • Atlas Copco Hydraulic Breakers


• Large Assortment of Attachments & Buckets • Aftermarket Parts - Heavy Hauling - Mobile Service

CALL US TODAY FOR A FREE QUOTE! (845) 247-0206 • Fax: (845) 246-1036

“Rely on our Experience. Est. 1967”

OUR 65th YEAR IN BUSINESS! Alamo Group (Mott, Triumph, Terrain King) Buckeye Road Maintenance Equipment Case I-H Tractors Cub Cadet John Deere Lawn•Garden•Consumer•Utility Gravely Mowing Equipment HTC Road Maintenance Equipment Terex Tractor • Loader • Backhoes M-B Brooms Daewoo Construction Equipment Sweepster Brooms Stihl Power Equipment Stone Construction Equipment Tarrant Manufacturing Co. Municipal Equip. Woods Equipment York Modern Corp.

7536 North Broadway Red Hook, NY 12571 Phone (845) 758-8888 Fax (845) 758-8887


State Route 3 North, P.O. Box 136, Wolf Lake, IL 62998

Demo Sale For more information 610-824-7000

2356 Route 9 Hudson, NY 12534 Phone (518) 537-6221 Fax (518) 537-5276

E-mail us at: or visit the web at www.keileE-mail us at: or visit us on the web us at on

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ADVERTISERS INDEX When Purchasing Equipment, Trucks, Supplies & Services remember to support your Profile Advertisers! A MONTANO COMPANY ................................................63

K-M INTERNATIONAL ....................................................51

ADMAR SUPPLY ............................................................19

KEIL EQUIPMENT CO INC ............................................63

ADVANCED STORAGE TECHNOLOGY........................42

KENWORTH OF BUFFALO NY INC ................................3

AMERICAN EQUIPMENT LLC ......................................36

KOMATSU AMERICA CORP ..........................................15

AMERICAN SHORING ..................................................42


ATLANTIC DETROIT DIESEL ALLISON ..........................6

LIFTECH EQUIPMENT CO ............................................49

BEAM MACK SALES & SERVICE (ROCHESTER) ......60 BEYER BROS CORP ....................................................27 BIBBENS SALES & SERVICE........................................12 BOBCAT ..........................................................................11 BOBCAT OF SARATOGA ..............................................14 BRADCO SUPPLY CO ..................................................50 CALEDONIA DIESEL......................................................29 CAPITAL TRACTOR INC ................................................44

MALVESE EQUIPMENT CO INC ..................................20 MARIETTA DIESEL ........................................................14 MOHAWK RESOURCES LTD ........................................13 MOHAWK VALLEY FREIGHTLINER ..............................26 MONROE TRACTOR......................................................25 MONROE TRUCK EQUIPMENT ....................................57 NAVISTAR INC..................................................................2

CASEY’S TRUCK SALVAGE INC ..................................28

OLD DOMINIUM BRUSH/ODB ......................................31

CATERPILLAR - NY DEALERS......................................34

ON-TRUX LTD ................................................................37

CENTRAL EQUIPMENT LLC..........................................42

OSHKOSH TRUCK CORP ............................................17

CHEMUNG SUPPLY CORP ..........................................59

PROFILE PUBLICATIONS ........................................26,61

CHENANGO TRUCK ......................................................61

ROY TEITSWORTH INC ................................................16

CLEARSPAN ..................................................................49

SCHAEFER ENTERPRISES ..........................................63

CLIFTON RECYCLING INC............................................26

SMF INC/STRUCTURAL METAL....................................63

DECAROLIS HEAVY DUTY PARTS ..............................30

STEPHENSON EQUIPMENT INC........................45,47,48

DEL HYDRAULICS ........................................................16

STS TRAILER & TRUCK EQUIPMENT..........................16

EBERL IRON WORKS INC ............................................49

SUIT-KOTE CORP..........................................................53


TENCO USA INC ............................................................67

FAIR MFG CO ................................................................36 FITZSIMMONS HYDRAULICS INC ................................57 FIVE STAR EQUIPMENT ..............................................23 FLEET MAINTENANCE ..................................................20 GABRIELLI TRUCK SALES LTD ....................................33 GIBERSON ....................................................................54 GRASSLAND EQUIPMENT............................................38 HACKER’S PACKERS INC ............................................50

TOWN OF ANNSVILLE ..................................................60 TRACEY ROAD EQUIPMENT..........................................7 TRACKLESS VEHICLES INC ........................................58 TRIMALAWN EQUIPMENT ............................................52 TRIUS INC ......................................................................41 VALLEY FAB & EQUIPMENT ........................................44 VAN BORTEL FORD ......................................................39

HARPER INDUTRIES ....................................................10

VANTAGE EQUIPMENT ................................................66

HENDERSON PRODUCTS INC ....................................65

VIBCO INC........................................................................5


VIKING CIVES INC ........................................................68

J & J EQUIPMENT..........................................................12

WAYNE’S WELDING INC ................................................8

JAMAR TECHNOLOGIES ..............................................12

WESTCHESTER TRACTOR INC ..............................13,36

JOE JOHNSON EQUIPMENT ........................................21



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HENDERSON TRUCK EQUIPMENT Delivering heavy duty wing systems for all the challenging weather conditions : • Patrol Wings • Severe Duty Series of Leveling Wing • Mid-Mount Wings • Extendable Mid-Mount Wing • Rear Mount Wings

Stock Unit - 2013 V Vo olvo VHD 64,, V Vo olvo 475 hp engine, “I” shift transmission, #20,000 ffrront #44,000 rears Henderson SD levv eling wing system, one waayy plow 11’ wing plow, 14’ Muni II ffrront discharge stainless body. Contact-Chuck V Vaalente, 518-449-7171, Albany T Trruck Sales Albany NY Stock Unit - 2013 N Naavvis istar 7600 430 Hp Max Force 13 engiine, Fulller R RT T 14908LL 149 transmissio on #20, 000 ffrront, #46,000 rears, SD le l velin li g wing system, stainleess one waayy plow, 11’ stain inleess wing plow w,, Mark E 14’ stainless dump body. ContactBob Carson, 315-475-8471, Stadium International, Syracuse NY Y..


Stock Unit - 2013 Navistar 7600, 430 Hp Max Force 13 engine, Allison 4500 RDS automatic transmission, #20,000 ffrront # 46,000 rears SDH ffu ull hydraulic leveling wing system, stainless one waay plow, 11’ 11 stainless wing plow, 14’ 14 Muni II dual auger stainless body. Contact-W -W Wade A Ayyers, 585-359-2011, Regional Inte ti l R h t NY

The above units are tracts able Con Availla C da ty currently in stock and Oneid & a available for immediate a Cty Onondag delivery! YYour our o Snow & Ice Control Control Exper Experts ts Call T Today oday or V Visit isit Us Online! Toll ol Free: (888) 895-2446 • Fax: (315) 758-0146 www w..hendersontr Superintendent’s Profile • • May 2014


STRETCH YOUR BUDGET. DO IT WITH VANTAGE. LET’S WORK. Vantage Equipment is your New York full-service construction equipment dealer. • MOTOR GRADERS: Volvo 900 Series: wide range – including all-wheel drive: power, precision, comfort • WHEELED EXCAVATORS: Volvo reliability and fuel efficiency: wheeled versatility for work on and off the road • Complete sales, service, parts and rentals for Volvo construction/road building • Expert service personnel – including technicians certified by Volvo’s Master Guild Program • Exclusive upstate distributor for Blaw-Knox pavers and road wideners, Gradall hydraulic excavators, ALLU screening and crushing products, Zanetis Road-How, Champion motor graders and BTI hydraulic hammers Contact Anne Jackson, Municipal Sales Manager: (315) 437-2611; mobile: (315) 729-0747 e-mail: Or contact your local Vantage Equipment sales representative.

Volvo Construction Equipment 66







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Superintendent's Profile May 2014  

Superintendent's Profile May 2014

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