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Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014

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Volume 38, Number 422, June 2014

INSIDE Superintendent of Highways Shawn Hayes and the Town of Schaghticoke ......................................................9 Advertiser / Supplier Index ..................................................74 Lots of news, products and services throughout!

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OCTOBER 15, 2014 • SYRACUSE, NEW YORK Mailed 11 times a year by name, to every Town, County, Village and City Highway Superintendent, Public Works Director and D.O.T. official in NY State. Subscriptions are available to all interested persons at a cost of $25.00 per year within the USA. To subscribe, send your check, voucher or money order for $25.00 to the address above. Single issues $3.00 each With the exception of Highway Superintendents, Public Works Directors & D.O.T. Officials, material may not be reproduced in any form without the written permission of the publisher. © 2014 PROFILE PUBLICATIONS PROFILE PUBLICATIONS, SUPERINTENDENT'S PROFILE & PRODUCT-SERVICE DIRECTORY, NYS HIGHWAY & PUBLIC WORKS EXPO & SNOWPLOW ROADEO ARE REGISTERED TRADEMARKS


As summer approaches and with it, an increase in highway and bridge work, we need to think again about improving workzone safety, something that continues to be a problem across this country. Specifically, we (or rather, our elected officials and judges) need to reassess or reset how we look at handling addictive substances and the terrible consequences they cause on the roads. I’m not talking about marijuana or heroin or even legal prescription painkillers — rather, it is the increasingly hypocritical handling of the two most widely used and legal addictive substances, alcohol and nicotine. The legislative trend for some time now has been to disallow smoking in just about every location. It’s even a business trend as some grocery stores and pharmacies have ceased selling cigarettes. And, some cities are even proposing legislation that will preclude anyone from using e-cigarettes in bars, restaurants and other public places. We’re talking about vapor here, but it’s part and parcel to the growing practice of treating nicotine in a Prohibition kind of way. But alcohol? Well, that’s different. Yes, we have a lot of DUI laws and penalties. People aren’t supposed to drink and drive, but they do, all the time, still. Do the penalties for DUI need to be stiffer, more severe? Should just a one-time offense result in a lifetime ban from driving? That may sound way too harsh, but it can take just one time of drinking and driving to cause the death or serious injury of someone. Let the stats tell the story: According to the CDC, every day, almost 30 people in the United States die in motor vehicle crashes that involve an alcohol-impaired driver. This amounts to one death every 48 minutes. The annual cost of alcohol-related crashes totals more than $51 billion. Frankly put, should a highway worker, who is doing good and important work for this country and just trying to support his or her family, die on the job because someone thought it was OK to get behind the wheel while drunk, because they didn’t care? There’s no doubt that smoking is bad and of course it would be wonderful if that addiction could be eradicated for everyone. But we need to prioritize what’s really important here and what will save more innocent lives. Put it this way (and the legislators all across the country need to put it this way): If we’re working on the side of a road while cars and trucks are whizzing by, what, if we had a choice, would we rather these drivers be doing — smoking while driving or drinking while driving? P

Craig Mongeau Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014


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Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014


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Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014

Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014


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Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014

Superintendent of Highways ★

Shawn Hayes and the Town of Schaghticoke


When it comes to the town of Schaghticoke’s highway superintendent you might say it’s a case of all in the family. Current superintendent Shawn Hayes has been at the helm for seven years. He took over for his uncle, Willy Hayes, when he retired in 2007 after serving in the top spot for 29 years. Like his uncle, Shawn grew up in the town and all of his family lives close by. That's where the similarities end. Shawn’s story began when he went to work on the Robe-Jan Herrington farm for about 10 years as a hand milking cows and putting in hay. “I started there when I was 15,” he said. “After that I went into the auto body repair business, going to work at Marshall’s Auto Body in Troy around 1988. In 1990, I opened my own shop here in town called Body by

Hayes. I didn’t make any money doing that so I decided to get a real job. I was too nice of a guy. I didn’t charge enough. Customers would chew me down and I didn’t want to turn anybody away. A lot people wouldn't pay so I’d be spending money I didn’t have. “That’s when I decided to come here. I [actually] started with the highway department in 1998 doing auto body work. I painted the equipment, nothing mechanical. I left after six years because I didn’t get along with my uncle,” he said, chuckling. “After that I drove a school bus for a year before becoming the superintendent of the town water department. We took water samples, fixed main breaks, read and repaired meters. It wasn’t a bad job, but it wasn’t my favorite. I liked the highway department so when I knew my uncle was retiring … I had enough experience that I thought I stood a good chance of getting in. I ran for superintendent in 2008 and again four years later unopposed. It’s kind of hard to lose that way.” Seven years later, Shawn seems to have found his “dream” job. “This is probably the best job continued on page 12

The new town garage was built in 2000 at a cost of $1,060,000. Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014


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Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014

Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014


from page 9

The old town garage was built in 1929, costing $2,946.

I’ve had. My main reason for wanting to become superintendent was I liked the highway department. You’re doing something different all the time. You’re not in the same place too long, doing the same thing, day in and day out. Seasons change and so does the job.” Hayes is a member of the Rensselaer County Highway Association, serves on the board of directors for Rensselaer County, and has been an annual attendee at the Cornell Highway School for seven years. “Not knowing exactly about roads, it’s nice to be out there learning how to fix something. I’ve learned a lot about being a boss, how to talk to your employees and get the most out of them. There’s also a lot of good communication among the attendees. There are so many superintendents and everyone has gone through something you haven’t. You mention it and someone will say, ‘I just had that last year and this is what we did.’ Sometimes you learn more from talking to the other supers than you do from the actual school.” A graduate of Hoosick Valley High School, Shawn has been married to his wife, Barbara, for 16 years. Together they have four children: Jessica, 30; Mike, 29; Shawn, 28; and Ashley, 26. They also are grandparents to Morgan, 6; Neil, 3; Bonnie, 2; and Amelia, 1. When he’s not overseeing the highway department, this super is hard at work on his farm. “I own an acre and three-quarters and rent another 20 acres from my parents. We have five cows, eight pigs and 20 ducks. In the summer we raise chickens and in the fall it’s turkeys. Got rid of the horses. No money in those.” When he hangs up his hat with the highway department how will Shawn like to be remembered? “That I was the best boss here. That’s my 12

goal. If I can do that I’ll be happy.” On the Job The department’s facilities are situated on a 10-acre parcel of land. They include a “new” highway garage, measuring 80 ft. by 280 ft. that was built in 2000; 80 ft. by 200 ft. of the building is heated and has airconditioned offices. The steel structure has partial concrete walls, 15 overhead doors and a separate welding bay. Its 12 bays house all the department’s trucks. The structure also is home to the highway department’s offices along with those of the Water and Sewer Department, a break room and restrooms. “We have two other garages that are used for storage; one is on Chestnut Street and the other at the landfill. The one at the landfill is small; probably 30 by 30. We store equipment in that one, too — usually our sweepers and other off-season items. “Our salt shed was new in 1998. It holds 4,000 tons of sand and salt. We mix it three parts sand to one part salt. Typically, that doesn’t last all winter. We fill it in the fall. When the new budget comes out in January and we can fill it again. Then we hope it doesn’t snow much the rest of the winter.” As superintendent, it is Shawn’s responsibility to maintain the town’s 88 center-lane miles of road; 83 of which are blacktop and the rest are gravel. That translates into nine plowing routes that take four hours to complete. The highway department also does maintenance for 3.5 miles of roadway for the village of Schaghticoke. continued on page 22

Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014

Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014



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Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014

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Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014


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Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014


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Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014

Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014


from page 12

Road resurfacing and repair usually takes place during the months of April through November. “Half the crew is raking out all the turfed up spots from the winter, reseeding and adding topsoil where it’s needed on residents’ lawns. After that the sweepers go through and pick up all the sand and such from the side of the roads. Once the sodding is complete the guys can patch with hot mix so the plants are open. Some areas still have snow when we start but as soon as there’s no frost in the ground it’s raked off. “We quick fixed (cold patch) potholes all winter, but it doesn’t last long. It was a bad year for potholes. The temperatures were cold then warm then cold and warm again. We’d fix them and the next time it would rain or snow we’d either plow them out or they’d be frozen. That all makes a difference on how we do things and our scheduling. Last fall, there were things we should have been doing, but it had rained so much everything flooded and the sides of the roads washed out.” Despite their best efforts, the highway department will be patching and paving again as the temperatures start rising. “When it comes to paving we go with whatever money we have. We contract it all out to local companies. We have $125,000 from our town budget and $196,000 from CHIPS. We just try and do as many roads as we can. When we’re close to running out of money we’ll find a short road and go as far as we can with the money we have.”

Now the department is gearing up for summer. “We start cutting shoulders for the roads we’ll be paving next year. We try and get a year ahead on that and replacing culvert pipes. That gives them the entire winter to have the traffic pound them back down so when you pave them they don’t dip over every culvert pipe. Every year you sand and the sand goes in ditches and builds them up so the water can’t run off the road. We cut that off with a grader and pull the dirt up under the road so the road goes right down to the ditches and the extra dirt is eliminated.” Shawn depends on his crew of eight full-time employees and three part-timers to serve the town’s 7,500 residents. His staff includes Roland (Smiley) Maynard, deputy superintendent, assistant mechanic and foreman; Mark Brock, Melvin Miller, John Culliton, mechanic; John Weir, Duane Monaco, Ken Bulson, John Hayes, Patrick Kerr, Evan Rosko and Roy Simmons. All are Machine Equipment Operator Lights (MEOL). “I have a good bunch of guys. Smiley’s is my right-hand man. He helps me out with a lot of stuff and makes things easier. The rest of the crew… no matter what you tell them to do, they do it. When I first started, boy, being friends with them and telling them what to do was hard after working alongside them for so long.” Under Shawn’s attentive eye, the town of Schaghticoke’s highway continued on page 30

The Knickerbocker Mansion, constructed by Johannes Knickerbocker III in Schaghticoke (circa 1780), has been almost completely restored from a semi-ruin to its former grandeur by The Knickerbocker Historical Society. 22

Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014

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Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014

Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014


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Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014


from page 22 Shawn Hayes stands in front of his barn.

The patch crew of Mel Miller, Shawn Hayes, Patrick Kerr and Evan Rosko fixes potholes. 30

department functions on a total operating budget of $700,000, which includes salaries and benefits for employees and an annual CHIPS allocation of $196,000. Staying within that budget isn’t a challenge for Shawn. “The town puts together a budget and asks us what we’re looking for next, what piece of equipment we need. We get $14,000 to spend on the little stuff, like brooms, a sand hopper and plows. Since I’ve been here, we’ve been getting two new dump trucks every four years.” As for the rest of the vehicles, “We’re on a 20-year rotation so every 20 years we’ll have all our trucks replaced.” To help with its daily operation, the department boasts an imposing fleet of equipment that includes: • 1966 and 1967 Elgin sweepers • 1968 Ingersoll Rand tow behind compressor • 1972 Gradall • 1980 International Paystar 500 tandem truck • 1982 Chevy 2500 4 x4 cab pick-up • 1984 GMC high lift bucket truck • 1985 Caterpillar road grader • 1986 John Deere loader 544D continued on page 34

Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014



Most loaders will be available as a standard machine and also with high reach arms and a tool master version.


*All loaders are available with couplers, forks, 4-in-1 buckets, side dump buckets, ride control, Michelin radial tires and snow blowers.

*Some accessories or attachments are only available through the OEM. Contact your local dealer for assistance.

3rd spool valve hydraulics, air conditioning, AM/FM radio are all standard equipment!



7155 Big Tree Road Pavilion, NY 14525 (800) 724-8722 Fax: (585) 584-8853

Binghamton, NY (607) 775-5010 Syracuse, NY (315) 437-1471 Fax: (315) 437-4041 Watertown, NY (315) 788-0200


Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014

571 Route 212 Saugerties, NY 12477 (845) 247-0206 Fax: (845) 247-9321

ALL ISLAND  EQUIPMENT 39 Jersey Street West Babylon, NY 11704 (631) 643-2605 Fax: (631) 643-4060


Visit Our Web Site for the Latest Industry News and Trade Show Information


(800) 843-7272 Local calls 716/ 681-0750 FAX 716/ 681-5548


JONES PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS, INC. Fenders & Fender Extensions Available for Most Models...

• • • • •

International S Series R Model Mack - 1982 and up Ford LTS up to 1987 Kenworth T600 Mack DM600 S.B.A.

• Ask About Our Free Delivery Throughout The Northeast! • We Specialize In Rebuilt Transmissions & Rear Ends • 40 Acres of Light, Medium & Heavy Duty Truck Parts • DMV #7026886

5651 Transit Road (Route 78) • Depew (Buffalo), NY 14043 32

Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014

Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014


from page 30

• 1986 Chevy 1500 4 x 4 pick-up • 1987 wood/chuck chipper • 1989 John Deere 4 x 4 loader 544E • 1989 International 1600 dump truck • 1990 International 4900 dump truck (two) • 1990 Case triple gang flail mower • 1990 Trail 7700 utility trailer • 1992 Chevy 3500 4 x 4 pick-up • 1995 Ford tandem vactor • 1995 International 4900 dump truck • 1998 Custom 16000 utility trailer. • 1999 Dodge 1500 4 x 4 pick-up • 1999 Ford F550 4 x 4 dump truck • 2000 International 4900 dump truck • 2002 Homemade 1700 utility trailer • 2003 Homemade 1700 utility trailer • 2004 Chevy 3500 quad cab pick-up • 2005 International 7500 dump truck • 2009 International 7500 dump truck (four) • 2013 John Deere triple gang flail mower To keep those vehicles running well, the department possesses all the tools necessary to perform routine maintenance. In addition, dump trucks are greased and inspected every 1,000 miles, oil changed every 250 hours, and water filters and air dryers changed annually. Pickup continued on page 40

The crew is hard at work repairing a water main break in Pleasantdale on River Road in 2014. 34

Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014

Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014


FITZSIMMONS HYDRAULICS INC. Your Authorized Hydraulic Source for these and many others, in stock.

High performance, reliability, value, ingenious solution


Sauer-Danfoss Pumps & Motors

Rexroth Compu-Spread® CS550/150 integrated spreader and hydraulic control system is the most advanced technology available for the snow and ice industry. Contact the market leader Bosch Rexroth today for a Total Integrated System Solution: Technical Consultant: Eric WM. Booth Tel: (570) 517-1840 Email:

Bosch Rexroth

Donaldson Filters

Poclain Motors

'867&21752/ 635$<(56 Parker-Voac Bent Axis Motors

4400 Shisler Rd., Clarence, NY 14031 800-307-5595 or 716-759-8389 Fax: 716-759-8426


Same location for over 30 years 36

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HENDERSON TRUCK EQUIPMENT Delivering heavy duty wing systems for all the challenging weather conditions : • Patrol Wings • Severe Duty Series of Leveling Wing • Mid-Mount Wings • Extendable Mid-Mount Wing • Rear Mount Wings

Stock Unit - 2013 V Vo olvo VHD 64,, V Vo olvo 475 hp engine, “I” shift transmission, #20,000 ffrront #44,000 rears Henderson SD levv eling wing system, one waayy plow 11’ wing plow, 14’ Muni II ffrront discharge stainless body. Contact-Chuck V Vaalente, 518-449-7171, Albany T Trruck Sales Albany NY Stock Unit - 2013 N Naavvis istar 7600 430 Hp Max Force 13 engiine, Fulller R RT T 14908LL 149 transmissio on #20, 000 ffrront, #46,000 rears, SD le l velin li g wing system, stainleess one waayy plow, 11’ stain inleess wing plow w,, Mark E 14’ stainless dump body. ContactBob Carson, 315-475-8471, Stadium International, Syracuse NY Y..


Stock Unit - 2013 Navistar 7600, 430 Hp Max Force 13 engine, Allison 4500 RDS automatic transmission, #20,000 ffrront # 46,000 rears SDH ffu ull hydraulic leveling wing system, stainless one waay plow, 11’ 11 stainless wing plow, 14’ 14 Muni II dual auger stainless body. Contact-W -W Wade A Ayyers, 585-359-2011, Regional Inte ti l R h t NY

The above units are tracts able Con Availla C da ty currently in stock and Oneid & a available for immediate a Cty Onondag delivery! YYour our o Snow & Ice Control Control Exper Experts ts Call T Today oday or V Visit isit Us Online! Toll ol Free: (888) 895-2446 • Fax: (315) 758-0146 www w..hendersontr Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014


TOUGH CUSTOMERS And this is the audience to whom you need to sell – the town meeting crowd, the selectmen, the planning board, downtown business owners. These are the people you need to convince, persuade and please, and on whose vote hinges your operation. You live with them, shop with them, eat with them, and have gone to school with them maybe. Doesn’t matter. And doesn’t help. On the contrary. You are held to different standards. And that grandmotherly looking lady in the back? She’s the one who has memorized all the estimates and proposals and can quote back from six years ago when she interrogates you about the service invoices for the town’s equipment. We understand that this type of environment leaves no room for error or for second guessing. You have to be able to choose an equipment supplier on whom you can count, come hell or high water – stable, not afraid to invest in training and technology, running a sound operation and staffed to support you in the unique ways you need to be supported. Because sooner or later you may be called to explain your choices, in great detail, in front of a pretty tough group of customers.


Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014

PLEASE CALL YOUR NEAREST LOCATION! We can arrange for a tour of our parts and service operation, at your convenience, and show you how we back up our equipment with expert support and the industry’s most robust parts delivery. Bronx • 699 Brush Avenue • 718-409-8501 Holtsville • 660 Union Avenue • 631-654-4457 Poughkeepsie • 122 Noxon Road • 845-437-4176 Bloomingburg • 783 Bloomingburg Road • 845-733-6401 Clifton Park • 500 Commerce Drive • 518-877-8000 Binghamton • 55 Industrial Park Drive • 607-772-6500 Syracuse • 294 Ainsley Drive • 315-476-9981 Batavia • 4610 E. Saile Drive • 585-815-6200

Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014


TOUGH CUSTOMERS And this is the audience to whom you need to sell – the town meeting crowd, the selectmen, the planning board, downtown business owners. These are the people you need to convince, persuade and please, and on whose vote hinges your operation. You live with them, shop with them, eat with them, and have gone to school with them maybe. Doesn’t matter. And doesn’t help. On the contrary. You are held to different standards. And that grandmotherly looking lady in the back? She’s the one who has memorized all the estimates and proposals and can quote back from six years ago when she interrogates you about the service invoices for the town’s equipment. We understand that this type of environment leaves no room for error or for second guessing. You have to be able to choose an equipment supplier on whom you can count, come hell or high water – stable, not afraid to invest in training and technology, running a sound operation and staffed to support you in the unique ways you need to be supported. Because sooner or later you may be called to explain your choices, in great detail, in front of a pretty tough group of customers.


Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014

PLEASE CALL YOUR NEAREST LOCATION! We can arrange for a tour of our parts and service operation, at your convenience, and show you how we back up our equipment with expert support and the industry’s most robust parts delivery. Bronx • 699 Brush Avenue • 718-409-8501 Holtsville • 660 Union Avenue • 631-654-4457 Poughkeepsie • 122 Noxon Road • 845-437-4176 Bloomingburg • 783 Bloomingburg Road • 845-733-6401 Clifton Park • 500 Commerce Drive • 518-877-8000 Binghamton • 55 Industrial Park Drive • 607-772-6500 Syracuse • 294 Ainsley Drive • 315-476-9981 Batavia • 4610 E. Saile Drive • 585-815-6200

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from page 34

trucks are serviced every 2,000 miles. Another plus is having two mechanics on staff. “Now it seems like you need a computer to work on anything. We have laptops for the trucks and the guys know how to work that stuff. Computerized trucks have been around for about 10 years. During that time I’ve only had to bring one truck back to the dealer because we couldn’t fix it. It still costs money when anything breaks on them. They go down just as often as they did before except now $100 is $800.” Shawn’s “dream” piece of equipment would be a mini-excavator. “Right now we rent one. The department has an old Gradall but it works. We want to get a new model that we could use for a multitude of things but they’re expensive.” Variety of Responsibilities It’s not all road work for the men of the highway department. “We’re starting a drainage project in Pleasantdale. It’s going to be upgraded. Right now it’s too small to handle the water. Bigger pipe has to be installed as well as new grates at the end where it’s hilly and water runs down the road. The roads are roughly 40 feet wide because of parking on both sides of the street. Big troughs are in place at the bottom. They’re about 18 inches deep and still can’t catch all the water. The water fills up, runs over and floods out the neighbors. It seems we’ve had continued on page 44

John Weir hoses off a truck at winter’s end.

Shawn Hayes poses for a photo by two of his cows. 40

Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014

Last Chance for 2015 Models at 2014 Pricing!!!! Your Purchase Order must be received by June 27, 2014.

Ford F-350

Last Chance To Purchase Super Duty Pickup and Cab Chassis Models with Various Bodies off the Chautauqua County Contract # E12-13-PFTH. NO BIDDING REQUIRED!!! We have units in stock, ready for immediate upfit and/or delivery.

71 Marsh Road, East Rochester, NY 14445 • (585) 586-7705 • Fax: (585) 586-7706 • Toll Free: (888) 826-2678 Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014




Announcing Our NEW HX1000 Series of V-Box Spreaders Standard package includes: • remote chain tensioning • wide base rails and conveyor for more consistent spread and minimizing material bridging • fully replaceable conveyor slider bed • NO TOOL adjustment spinner deflectors • unique telescoping discharge chute for even high flow rates • spinner drive “shed” design prevents clogging & fouling in the chute • integrated safety features allow tool free access for routine maintenance • innovative maintenance saving slide out conveyor option available

Built Tough. Built to Last.

Optional Slide Out Conveyor Clearing The Way Since 1916

Trimalawn Equipment Inc. 2081 Victory Blvd. Staten Island, NY 10314 800-762-4161 631-839-1109


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Leaf Collectors and Repair Parts

Street Sweeper Brooms and Replacement Parts

800-446-9823 800-632-7989 Saratoga Springs, New York Location

MUNICIPAL PRODUCTS SINCE 1910 Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014


from page 40

considerably more rain lately than we did in the past. The current pipes are 12 inches and we have to pump them up to 24. It’s one of the bigger projects we’ve had. The town pays for it and because it’s on a county road we can get the county to use their equipment. That will work out well. They’ll do the digging and we’ll supply the materials.” Other responsibilities of the department include assisting the water and sewer department maintaining the town’s bridges on Aiken Road and Buttermilk Falls Road and cutting down trees and putting gravel on roads in the town’s two cemeteries. With so much to do, is there a favorite part of the job? “When the year is done, you’ve spent your budget and are happy with what you’ve accomplished. That’s the best part of the whole job. That’s happened quite a bit and it makes you feel good. We overspent a few times and came close to not having enough money to make it through to the end of the year but that was mostly because we tried to do more than we had money for. Still, we’ve paved a lot of roads since I’ve been here compared to before. We use to do one mile of road each year. Some years we’ve done up to eight.” Is there a least favorite part? For Shawn, it’s the double-edged sword known as winter. “It’s the most important and my least favorite part of the job,” he chuckled. “The weatherman calls for snow and you’re up at midnight,

one, two, three, four o’clock, waiting. I’ve gotten up more than once and it didn’t do anything. When it finally does start snowing I try and get the crew out around three a.m. We’re done plowing before the morning rush hour but that’s only if it snows at one or two. If it starts falling after four o’clock it’s five before everyone is here and six before they actually get on the road and get started. “It takes us four hours to do the routes once. Now the residents can’t get up their hill. You try and explain to them that you have to start on one road and end on another four hours later but they just scream, ‘I pay my taxes.’ That’s the worst. After a while you start to hate hearing those words.” On the flip side, “Winter also is the most important part of what we do, You have to keep the roads in the best [condition] you can for the safety of the residents.” Change Is Good In spite of the changing times, modern equipment and having to do more with less, Shawn still finds the simple things about his job most rewarding. “It feels good to see a road paved that was nasty before or you had a wicked snowstorm and you nailed it. You had the guys in on time. continued on page 50

The old Schaghticoke Route 40 bridge, built in 1940, is being replaced in 2014. 44

Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014


(585) 243-1563 (585) 243-3311 Fax 6502 Barber Hill Road • Geneseo, NY 14454

Live and Internet Auctions Municipal, Construction and Farm Equipment Rugged Dump Body $6495

Equipment Consultations & Appraisals Available Cindy Wolcott Municipal Sales Manager

Trailer & Truck Equipment

(585) 738-3759

STS is a Full Repair & Parts Facility Buffalo & Rochester

Syracuse & Albany

John Tyrrell 716-818-8137

Jeff Cain 315-380-8144 Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014


Pine Bush Equipment Co., Inc.

Buffalo, NY 716/877-1992 Rochester, NY 585/334-6770 Syracuse, NY 315/463-8673 Albany, NY 518/785-4500


Watertown, NY 315/788-5512 Endicott, NY 607/748-3400 Olean, NY 716/372-8822

YONKERS OFFICE Edward Ehrbar, Inc. 4 Executive Plaza Yonkers, NY 10701 914/738-5100 Fax: 914/738-6847

DANBURY OFFICE Edward Ehrbar, Inc. 42 Kenosia Ave. Danbury, CT 06810 203/743-0088 Fax: 203/743-0266

HOLBROOK OFFICE Edward Ehrbar, Inc. 601 Coates Ave. Holbrook, NY 11741 631/563-7600 Fax: 631/218-1069

Pine Bush Office 97 Rt. 302 P.O. Box 106 Pine Bush, NY 12566 845/744-2006 • Fax 845/744-2900 Holmes Office 24 Sybil Court Holmes, NY 12531 845/878-4004 • Fax 845/878-9626

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VACUUM LEAF LOADERS Proven durability. Minimize down time. Options to fit your needs. TARCO® brand vacuum leaf loaders are manufactured to the highest quality standards, keeping you on the job and your taxpayers happy. Ask about our “Green” options for your community. Visit our website, or call for more information.


Authorized Distributor

FORT MILLER FAB3 CORP. 678 Wilbur Ave. Greenwich, NY 12834 518-584-4400

BEAM MACK SALES & SERVICE INC. MACK TRUCKS and VOLVO TRUCKS are still produced in the UNITED STATES. MACK TRUCKS and VOLVO TRUCKS know what municipalities need for a true municipal truck. A truck built to haul heavy loads, plow snow, unmatched reliability, low maintenance, and high resale value. Mack and Volvo both offer many options for the municipal truck. STATEWIDE CONTRACTS NOW AVAILABLE Call Greg Angwin In Rochester 877-232-6094 Call Chip Aries or Dave Pyfrom or John Ross In Syracuse 877-696-6225 Call Greg Angwin or John Melick In Horseheads 877-650-8789 Call Mike Sullivan In Watertown 877-788-2180 Call John Soderquist Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014




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2356 Route 9 Hudson, NY 12534 Phone (518) 537-6221 Fax (518) 537-5276

E-mail us at: or visit the web at www.keileE-mail us at: or visit us on the web us at on

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4535 State Route 3 North, P.O. Box 136, Wolf Lake, IL 62998


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Contact us for upfitting your equipment We specialize in Municipal Trucks Ford F350 & F550 Available on Bid Complete Truck packages including: • • • • • • •

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GRINDING • SCREENING T R U C K I N G • H E AV Y H A U L I N G Mulch, Soil and Compost Pick-up or Deliver y Available

CLIFT N RECYCLING Inc. 3400 Court Street, Syracuse, NY 13206 315-463-1170 Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014


from page 44

Everybody plowed their beats. Nobody complained. The roads were bare when you were done. That’s the most rewarding thing right there. You did a good job and it’s done right. Everyone stayed with it. No one broke down. It’s like, ‘Boy, we aced that one!’” Schaghticoke History As early as 1300 multiple Indian tribes inhabited the land that is now the town of Schaghticoke. In 1675, Governor Andros, governor of the colony of New York, planted a tree of Welfare near the junction of the Hoosick River and the Tomhannock Creek — an area already known as Schaghticoke — “the places where the waters mingle.” The tree symbolized the friendship between the English, Dutch and the Schaghticoke Indians. The Indians were Mohican refugees from New England. They were welcomed to Schaghticoke because they agreed to assist in protecting the English from the French and the Iroquois. They remained until 1754. Until the Revolutionary War, Schaghticoke was part of the Colony of New York. Most of its citizens were governed by the city of Albany, which owned the land they rented. Meanwhile, New York sold the remainder of what is now the town of Schaghticoke in several large land grants. At the time of the Revolution, Schaghticoke was not an organized community. There was a settlement around Knickerbocker Mansion and farms elsewhere in the area, but the only government was in Albany. The New York colonial government created the District of Schaghticoke, which included most of current Schaghticoke and Pittstown, for taxing purposes. The 14th Albany County Militia was raised from the Schaghticoke and Hoosick districts. Johannis Knickerbocker of Schaghticoke was commissioned as its colonel on October 20, 1775. After the Battle of Saratoga in 1977, Peter Yates became colonel. Schaghticoke was a dangerous place to live during the Revolutionary War period (1775-1783). At first, concern was with the Loyalists’ resi-

dents who might remain loyal to Great Britain. In the fall of 1777, Schaghticoke was directly in the path of General Burgoyne’s invasion — stopped at the battles of Bennington (Walloomsac) and Saratoga. Burgoyne’s Indian allies and Tories raided the area for food before and after the battles. Major Dirck VanVeghten evacuated his family to Albany for safety. Around the time of the Battle of Saratoga, he returned home to check on his farm in Schaghticoke. He was attacked, killed and scalped by a band of Indians and Tories. Many residents fled the area for the safety of Lansingburgh or Albany. Ann Eliza Bleecker, wife of John Bleecker, a local farmer, left for Albany with her two small daughters. Her infant died of dysentery enroute. This event led her to write one of the earliest American novels, “The Adventures of Maria Kittle,” which dramatically retells the story of the Indian attack on the Kittle family of Schaghticoke in 1711. Throughout the colonial and revolutionary periods there was a controversy surrounding the New York-Vermont border. Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys first formed to force the creation of the state of Vermont before fighting for our nation’s independence. They wanted the Hudson River to be the Vermont border. They — along with others — incited riots in the Schaghticoke area during the Revolutionary years. While there weren’t many Loyalists in Schaghticoke during the Revolution, there was a sharp division among the residents over Vermont. During the summer of 1781, Colonel Peter Yates and his militia were stationed in Schaghticoke to put down any possible insurrection against New York State. The activity culminated in an “invasion” of 200 men from Bennington in early 1782, put down by Colonels Yates and Henry VanRensselaer’s militia regiments. The Vermonters then took their dispute to the United States Congress, where it was finally settled in 1790, when Vermont became the 14th state. continued on page 54

Ken Bulson cleans out a frozen culvert pipe in 2014. 50

Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014

Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014




Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014

FOR SALE BY ONLINE AUCTION GRUENDLER 50/60 PORTABLE 40 TON HAMMERMILL For Complete Information And Auction Close Date Visit

WWW.AUCTIONSINTERNATIONAL.COM OR CALL 1-800-536-1401 Mill Used By The Niagara County, NY Highway Department. Low Hours (Only 1338), Perfect Operating Condition, 800 HP Caterpillar, New Parts Installed: Clutch, Rubber Belts and Carbide Teeth, 8 gal/hr, Will Turn Logs Up To 42” Dia X 25’ Long Into 80 Tons Of Mulch/Day. DOT Approved To Move w/ Escort, High Conveyor Boom For Easy Dump Body Loading, Located In Lockport, NY

ALSO: 2009 BOMAG BC772RB LANDFILL COMPACTOR 3710 Hours, Used By Niagara County Refuse District, Superb Operating Condition MORE INFORMATION ONLINE

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S ERV I NG 650+ G OVERNM ENT CONSIGNORS Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014


from page 50

The “new” New York State government organized much of the state into towns by a legislative act in 1788. Schaghticoke was among those towns and was part of Albany County until Rensselaer County was formed in 1791. Following the Revolution, Schaghticoke became infused with immigrants, especially from England and Ireland. Population centers grew near streams where the water powered an assortment of mills. In 1792, William Chase constructed the first bridge over the Hoosic River at what would become the village of Schaghticoke. Most residents were farmers growing crops for the local industries. Although the town of Schaghticoke developed industrially and agriculturally, it never developed into a political center. One of its hamlets — Hemstreet Park — faces Mechanicville across the Hudson River; two others, Pleasantdale and Speigletown, were part of Lansingburgh for almost 100 years. Melrose grew at the junction of the railroad and the road, with a substantial number of its homes being built as vacation retreats for the wealthy Trojans. The village of Schaghticoke was incorporated as Harts Falls in 1867. The falls of the Hoosic powered large woolen, flax and powder mills. In the 20th century, agriculture remained strong in Schaghticoke, while industry all but vanished. Hemstreet Park, Pleasantdale, Speigletown and part of Melrose grew into suburbs, with residents commuting to work in Troy or Albany. Agriculture remains a force in the community but the town is experiencing increasing residential development along with the political, social and economic issues that entails. P

Mechanic John Culliton is hard at work in the shop.

The crew. (L-R, top row): Duane Monaco, Shawn Hayes, Mark Brock, Pat Kerr, Evan Rosko, Ken Bulson, John Weir and John Culliton. (L-R, front row): Mel Miller, John Hayes and Roland “Smiley” Maynard. 54

Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014

Now avaIlablE oN

*NYS CouNTY CoNTRaCTS* • First In Fully Galvanized Roll-off • Reduce Costs With Full Vehicle Utilization • Reduces Maintenance Cost • 15,000Lb-43,000Lb GVW Trucks • 11’-20’ Systems Available

Galvanized Roll-off System

Patented Retractable “STINGER”

Thanks to Ben Funk International 10 1-2' Roll-off system, Dump Body, Chipper Body,Galvanized Salter Farme With Sander Unit, Plumbed for Plow Wayne’s Welding

H Wayne’s Welding



Thanks to City of Toronto EMS 18'Roll-off System, 20' Mobile Emergency Pod,20' Flat Deck

Wayne's Welding, Inc. 66 Calder Avenue 1041 Powers Road Yorkville, NY 13495 Conklin, NY 13748 (315) 768-6146 (607) 775-1272

Zwack, Inc 15875 NY 22 Stephentown, NY 12168 (518) 733-5135

Zwack, Inc. | 1.866.645.8485 Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014

On-Trux Changes Everything 55

Here Are Five Commonly Overlooked — But Crucial — Vehicle Lift-Safety Tips By Steve Perlstein SPECIAL TO SUPERINTENDENT’S PROFILE

If there were an incident in your garage involving a vehicle lift, the OSHA investigator would have three broad questions: What did you know? When did you know? What did you do about it? Complying with American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and Public Employees Occupational Safety and Health (PEOSH) requirements is the key to keeping vehicle lifts at the highest possible safety level, sending technicians home safely at the end of each shift, and avoiding writeups or hefty noncompliance fines. Buy Certified Equipment and Options There’s only one nationally recognized safety standard for vehicle lifts: ANSI-ALI/ALCTV, administered by the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI). ALI’s testing procedure involves rigorous third-party testing to verify manufacturers comply with current ANSI requirements as well as the international building code, which almost every state requires local governments to follow. To verify equipment status, look for the gold ALI/ETL certification tag next to the lift’s control functions. Although certification is good for the life of the lift, older models may not meet the most current standards, which typically change every five to seven years. Some lifts and options that were certified in 2000 wouldn’t pass the 2012 standard. Beware that using an uncertified option or accessory voids the lift’s certification. ALI/ETL standards for operation, inspection, and maintenance (ALOIM 8. Replacement Parts) and installation and service (ALIS 6.2.6 Repair Service Parts) require all accessories, such as rolling jacks, truck adaptors, lighting for runway lifts, and special lifting pads, to be certified. No Locks = Liability You’ve heard the phrase, “Never use a jack without a jack-stand.” The same is true for vehicle lifts. Always raise the vehicle and then lower it onto the lift’s mechanical locks as required by ANSI. Refer to ALI safety manual Lifting it Right or the manufacturer’s operating instructions for detailed information. When you’re walking through the shop, make sure techs are using the proper procedure. An easy way to be sure the locks are being used is to include a weight gauge (a pressure gauge calibrated to the manufacturer’s lift) in lift specifications. The weight gauge must be made by the same manufacturer to ensure it’s properly calibrated to the lift cylinder size. When you walk by a two post lift with a Ford F-150 on it and the weight gauge reads 4,900 lbs., that’s a sign the tech in that bay hasn’t lowered the lift onto the mechanical locks. If the gauge reads “0” the tech is operating the lift properly. If by chance you’re using a 40-year-old, in-ground lift that doesn’t have locks, it’s time for a new lift. Although some lifts can be retrofitted with locks, in most cases it’s not the most cost-effective option. Older lifts that aren’t ALI certified can’t be certified post-installation. It’s Easy to Overload Manufacturers of the most common lift two-post, side-by side models mandate that none of the four swing arms be overloaded. For example: Many people would think that a 15,000 lb. lift that’s loaded with a 14,000 lb. ambulance isn’t near capacity. continued on page 58 58

Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014

IND DUST DUS TRY N EW WS Chemung Supply Corporation: A Regional Leader in the supply of Highway Construction & Maintenance Materials, Equipment & Supplies Sales and Ser vice is proud to announce the opening on our newest store. We are now strategically located in the hear t of eastern upstate New York in Chenango county in the town of South New Berlin.










(800) 755.4530



Manager Todd Steadman Cell (607) 488.4068

Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014


Annual Training Critical for Lift-Safety

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But let’s say the front axle weighs 4,000 lbs. and the back axle weighs 9,200 lbs. The per-arm capacity of 15,000 lb.-rated lifts is 3,750 lbs. If one end of a vehicle weighs 9,200 lbs., each swing arm needs a minimum arm capacity of 4,600 lbs. for safe lifting. Multiply this by four swing arms and the minimum capacity of your lift for this vehicle should be 18,400 lbs. It’s easy to see why two-post, side-by-side lifts are often overloaded, even though the total lift capacity hasn’t been exceeded. Look around your shop and determine if any lifts are being overloaded based on the heavy rear ends of work trucks. Inspect Equipment Annually ANSI/Automotive Lift Institute ALCTV Standard for Automotive Lifts — “Safety Requirements for Construction, Testing, and Validation” requires technicians to perform a daily operational safety check. The code also requires an annual inspection by a qualified individual. Failing to do so exposes your agency to liabilities that could be associated with an injury if an accident were to happen. Contact your manufacturer or garage equipment sales company to schedule an inspection. 58

Training and Testing Like any product, lifts vary in style, type, capability, longevity, and warranty. But ANSI/ALCTV regulations — and all 15 ALI certified manufacturers — suggest annual maintenance and technician training to remain in compliance with safety regulations. ANSI requires technicians to be trained annually in proper lift use. This may seem unnecessary, but think of everyone who drives a forklift in your facility. Every year the operators watch a safety video and take a test. The test results are added to each employee’s personnel file for documentation in case of a forklift incident. The same applies to vehicle lifts. Contact the Automotive Lift Institute, your lift supplier, or a local lift inspection company for a copy of the 20-minute Lifting it Right video hosted by legendary NASCAR driver Richard “The King” Petty and his son, Kyle. The course can now also be accessed online at Require your technicians to watch the video or online edition and pass the test on lift operation and safety. Steve Perlstein is the government sales manager of Mohawk Lifts.

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FIVE STAR EQUIPMENT, INC. Kirkwood 607-775-2006

Syracuse 315-452-4560

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Your Authorized John Deere Dealer for over 30 years is proud to have the following machines on the OGS State Contract # PC65307 – Award #22063 (Good thru October 31st, 2015)





John Deere Financial Municipal Lease Optional terms to fit your budget!

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Your One Stop Supplier for Snow & Ice Control Equipment! Plows • Hitches • Wings • Spreaders • Scrapers • Liquid

Monroe Modular Design MCV V-Box • Modular, Bolt-On Components, Increase Product Flexibility: Tail Section, Chain Covers Lift Loops, Inverted V, Top Beams and Side Extensions • Available in: - Conveyor or Single/Dual Auger - Mildsteel, Bare 201 or 304 Stainless Steel - Various Lengths

MTE Offers A Durable 100% Powder Coat Finish on All Snow & Ice Equipment!

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MightyLite® Erector Series

MightyLite® Economic Modular System

207 Lake Street, Newburgh, NY 12550

1.800.407.4674 E-Mail us at


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Volvo Construction Equipment Expands Compact Track Loader Line With MCT110C Volvo Construction Equipment has launched the new MCT110C compact track loader in North America. This unit with a rated operating capacity of 2,250 lbs. (1,020 kg) completes the range of compact track loaders, filling the gap between the Volvo MCT85C and MCT125C. As the compact track loader market has developed, this model size class has grown into the second largest and represents 25 percent of the total market. The MCT110C is the latest addition to the C-Series line of compact track loaders from Volvo — which comes in a wide range of choices. With the addition of the 2,250 lb. rated operating capacity MCT110C, Volvo now offers four tracked models — the radial lift MCT110C and the vertical lift MCT85C, MCT125C and MCT135C. The MCT110C shares the same assortment of high-end features with the other compact track loaders and skid steer loaders. Most notably — the powerful Tier IV Final four-cylinder engine (74 hp / 55 kW), which features an advanced combustion system that cuts emissions while increasing fuel economy. Due to the cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), common rail system and fixed-geometry turbocharger, a diesel particulate filter isn’t required — which is critical for such a compact machine. Service Made Simple Staying on top of the MCT110C’s vital data is simple, with two consoles at the front of the cab that present important information in an easyto-read manner. The operator can select between three levels of control sensitivity to suit the application at hand, as well as operating preferences. An optional control pattern choice gives further flexibility, allowing the operator to select between Volvo ISO and H patterns. With an automatic idling system, the machine automatically returns to idle if controls aren’t operated for five seconds. This not only reduces fuel consumption for lowered running costs, but also cuts noise on the job site. Once the operator resumes use of controls, the engine picks up rpms nearly instantaneously to revert to the pre-selected speed. An optional reversible fan can be fitted to the machine to remove debris drawn into the radiator and automatically clean the compact track loader’s cooling system. Another feature is convenient service access through the forward-tilting cab and large rear compartment service door. All service and maintenance points are accessible through simple, safe means. In addition, the side entry and exit of the cab make it possible for the operator to engage the loader arm support without the aid of a second person. Because of the side door, the operator can stop the machine, safely exit the machine without walking under the load, and then walk around the rear of the machine to safely engage the support. These Volvo Tier IV Final machines are fitted with a threestage air cleaner, with active scavenging for enhanced engine life, reduced maintenance and longer service intervals. 62

Intelligent Design Due to the single loader tower arm design, cab access is easier and safer than that of its competitors. Operators enter and exit the cab through a large, wide-opening side cab door. This eliminates the need for operators to climb onto and over the bucket or attachment, which can be muddy or slippery; it also eliminates the uncomfortable body turn required of operators in order to sit down in traditional compact track loader cab designs. On Volvo skid steer loaders and compact track loaders, a non-slip step increases safe entry and exit of the cab. The cab also is ROPS/FOPS protected for added peace of mind. Operator comfort comes standard, with cabs that are 30 percent larger than others. The sealed, pressurized work environment is ergonomically designed and offers a comfortable seat and armrests, and low noise levels. Visibility is enhanced, due to the single tower loader arm design. Without the horizontal cross bar normally found on vertical lift machines, operators are afforded an all-around view of the job site, and large top windows further improve visibility during truck loading — aiding safety when operating in tight or congested areas. The C-Series can be equipped with a wide range of Volvo attachments — including buckets, augers, pallet forks, trenchers, dozer blades and hydraulic breakers — designed to help complete any task. And, like all Volvo products, the C-Series compact track loader range is backed by an extensive service network that provides the peace of mind that comes with an extensive, worldwide infrastructure of technicians, workshops and dealers. For more information, call 717/532-9181 or visit

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CAPITAL TRACTOR, INC. For all Lighting Conditions

1135 State Route 29, Greenwich, NY 12834 ȋͷͳͺȌ͸ͻʹǦͻ͸ͳͳȈ ƒšȋͷͳͺȌ͸ͻʹǦʹʹͳͲ S e rv i n g C a p i ta l D i s tri ct G o v e rn m e n ta l A g e n ci e s S i n ce 1 9 6 6 !


ŽŵƉĂĐƚdƌĂĐƚŽƌƐͻŐdƌĂĐƚŽƌƐͻŝŝƌĞĐƚŝŽŶĂů dƌĂĐƚŽƌƐͻŽŵƉĂĐƚdƌĂĐƚŽƌƐͻdƌĂĐƚŽƌ/ŵƉůĞŵĞŶƚƐ


B u t W e ' r e S o M u ch M o r e ! ! !

4-way metering bankable valves, ergonomically designed with spring return to neutral position control remotely the metering action of pneumatic shift cylinders on various hydraulic valve spools of central hydraulic systems. They are available with single detent, double detent,neutral detent, as well as combined detents as options. Their compact size allows the valve to be multi-stacked with common inlet and exhaust manifold ports with bolts of one standard length. The quality illumination (minimal current draw 1.18mA at 12 volt D.C.) of the LED lighted knobs and magnifying clear caps with decals displays the functions and control instructions under all lighting conditions.

PARTS (NEXT DAY VIA UPS TO MOST OF NEW YORK STATE) 6$/(6‡6(59,&(‡/2:5$7(081,&,3$//($6,1*

DEL Hydraulics Inc • 571 Howard Street • Buffalo, NY 14206 TEL 716.853.7996 • FAX 716.853.8003 Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014


Kohler’s New Portable Generator Product Line Delivers Instant Power Virtually Anywhere A reliable power supply is critical on any job site. That’s why Kohler Co. has launched a new line of portable generators designed to deliver instant power virtually anywhere. The full line from Kohler includes nine models, ranging from a 2.0 kW inverter to a 12.3 kW gasoline generator, plus four portable water and trash pumps in varying diameters. Each fuel-efficient option will deliver clean power — safe for even the most sophisticated electronics — for building contractors and other construction professionals who depend on portable power for their tools and other electronic equipment. “Our new portable generators and pumps are tough enough for any job, anywhere,” said Manny Rumao, senior

included in a pre-assembled package. Seven accessory kits are available, providing more than 100 custom configurations. Options include an auto-locking hand truck handle kit, a wheelbarrow handle kit, a lifting kit, a cord management kit, and more. “No other portable generator manufacturer offers this level of cus-

product manager of Kohler. “We’ve listened to our customers and have integrated a variety of features that make these generators incredibly intuitive and easy-to-use. Contractors have responded favorably to the unmatched level of customization and the availability of an all-new family of portables available from Kohler, a company manufacturing power generators for nearly 100 years for hospitals, airports and golf events alike.” The smallest of the new portable generators — the Kohler PRO2.0iS — is one of the lightest 2 kW models available to construction pros. It includes an intelligent senThe full line from Kohler includes nine models, rangsor that monitors power demand and varies ing from a 2.0 kW inverter engine speed, which helps to save fuel, to a 12.3 kW gasoline genreduce noise levels, and minimize exhaust erator, plus four portable gases. To help extend engine life, an Oil water and trash pumps in Sentry feature also is integrated, which varying diameters. automatically powers the engine down in low-oil conditions. The largest in the line, the Kohler PRO12.3EFI gasoline generator, tomization,” Rumao said. “The features the popular commercial-grade Kohler Command PRO EFI unmatched variety of accessories allows users to build the generator they engine. This closed-loop electronic fuel injection technology, used in want. Most options can even be switched out between different Kohler cars and trucks, can help users save $1 on fuel for every hour of opera- portable generators, offering greater overall value and extreme on-thetion, according to the manufacturer. job versatility.” The PRO5.4DES is powered by the Kohler Command PRO diesel In addition to portable generators, the new family of Kohler products engine, which delivers professional-grade performance within a sound- also includes four trash and water pump models in varying sizes and dampening enclosure for surprisingly quiet operation. flow rates. All pumps feature a 360-degree roll cage for extra protection, The 5.2 kW and up models feature the Kohler Accu-Fill feature, and many of the units integrate Kohler’s Quad-Clean air filtration feawhich makes filling the fuel tank easier and minimizes the likelihood of turing a 4-stage heavy-duty cyclonic air filter, which traps fine contamspillage, and an on-unit maintenance reminder to indicate when oil and inants to maximize power and prolong engine life. air-filter changes are needed, eliminating the need for maintenance logs. All Kohler portable generators include a three-year professional warThey also are uniquely designed with customizable features so contracranty. tors can create a portable package to fit their specific usage needs. This For more information, visit eliminates having to pay for unneeded features simply because they’re 64

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The KM T-2 will recycle 2,600 Lbs. of asphalt every 20 minutes, producing better than new asphalt, in any season. When you are serious about RECYCLING asphalt, millings and RAP, get a KM T-2.

• No High Change Parts

• Reliable Combustion Chamber

• Less Than $100/yr to Maintain

• Less Residual Maintenance Cost than our Competition

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CAMERAS Sewer/Storm Water Camera Product Matrix ARIES is the trusted industry leader in Pipeline Inspection & Rehabilitation Equipment

Measure Distance Accurately While Driving at any Speed

New GPS Based Model Used Statewide by the NYS DOT


J&J Equipment 9055 Brewerton Road (Route 11) • Brewerton, NY 13029 Mobile: 315-559-2218 • Fax: 315-699-0657



E-Mail: Website:


The RAC Geo II contains a built-in GPS receiver that can be used for distance measuring in place of an external sensor. This reduces your overall cost since you don’t have to buy an external sensor and simplifies your installation since no wiring is required. The RAC Geo II also saves you time since no calibration is necessary. . Easy to Install • Saves Time • Quick Pay Back • 5-Year Warranty • From $795

JAMAR Technologies, Inc. 1500 Industry Road, Suite C Hatfield, PA, USA 19440 • 1-800-776-0940 • 1-215-361-2244 Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014

Rochester 1465 Emerson St. (585) 269-3100 (800) 276-1169

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Elmira of accessories, Landing Gear, Brakes, Exhaust, Wheels, Suspension, Lighting and MORE!

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Diesel Particulate filters (DPF’s) are designed to remove particulate matter in diesel exhaust. In a correctly operating vehicle, soot captured in the DPF is periodically burned during normal operation. Engine wear, corrosion and combustion of engine lubricants result in ash accumulation in the filter. Over time this ash increases the backpressure on the engine lowering the fuel efficiency. Complete, thorough removal of this ash is essential for operating efficiency of the engine as well as optimizing the length of time between service intervals. Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014





WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2014 8:30





The largest municipal expo in New York State for Town, City, Village, County, State & Other Highway & Public Works Pros! LUNCH SERVED 12:00-2:00pm

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Join this Growing List of Exhibitors at the Show A Montano Company Admar Supply Air-Flo Manufacturing Co Inc Alamo Group Allied Spring Service Inc American Rock Salt Co APSCO Inc ARI-Hetra Atlantic DDA Auctions International Beam Mack Sales & Service Beck Equipment Inc BauVal Inc / Tech-Mix Beka Max of America Inc Blair Supply Corp Bobcat of C N Y Bosch Rexroth Canada Brookline Machine Co Business Management Systems Inc Buyers Products Co Carpenter Industries Carwell Specialty Coatings LLC Central Equipment LLC Central Petroleum Company Certified Power Inc Chemung Supply Corp

Cirus Controls ClearSpan Fabric Structure Cramaro Tarp Systems Cyncon Equipment Inc DEL Hydraulics, Inc Dig Safely New York DSI Recycling Systems/Clean Burn Eagle Equipment/Peirce Equip Co Emerald Equipment Systems Ennis-Flint Five Star Equipment Inc FleetPride Inc Fort Miller FAB3 Corp. Franklin Paint Company Grassland Equip & Irrigation Harper Industries/DewEze Mfg. Helac Corporation Henderson Truck Equipment Hybrid Building Solutions Innovative Surface Solutions IronHawk Industrial Distribution ISCO Industries/ Snap-Tite J & J Equipment LLC J C Smith Inc JDS Supply Joe Johnson Equipment Inc

Kepner Equipment Inc Krown Rust Control Ltd Lakeland Equipment Corp Lakelands Concrete Products Lawson Products Marietta Diesel/ MDI Truck Midland Asphalt Materials Inc Milton Cat Inc Mohawk Resources Montage Enterprises MTE Turf Equipment Solutions North American Signal Company Northern Supply Inc NYS Assoc. of Town Sup. of Highways Onspot Automatic Tire Chains Patch Management Inc / Pothole Killers Patriot Lifts & Equip Inc/PJ Industrial Peirce-Eagle Equipment Co Perma-Patch Inc Pexco- Davidson Traffic Control QPR / Quality Pavement Repair Roy Teitsworth Inc S & S Tractor Parts Inc

SealMaster- Buffalo Shur-Co LLC SMF Inc Stadium International Trucks Stanley Hydraulic Tools Steel Sales Inc STS Truck Equipment Sunnycrest Inc Tenco Industries Inc The ODB Company Tracey Road Equipment Traffic Safety Products a div of Eberl Iron Works Inc Trius Inc Truck-Lite Company Inc Trux Outfitter Unicell Body Company United Rentals Valk Mfg. Co. Vantage Equipment Vellano Companies Viking-Cives USA Well Worth Products Inc Whelen Engineering Company Inc Winter Equipment Co

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Contact: Bob Buckley 800-992-7116 or E-Mail: 361 Shoemaker Road, Mohawk, NY 13407 • 800-988-1203 68

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NEW YORK’S GRADALL CONNECTION Now Selling On NYS Oneida & Ononadaga Contracts

Dump & Service Bodies Sanders-Plows Custom Fabrication Platform Beds Hydraulics Installation/Repairs Commercial-Municipal-Private

UNITS FOR SALE • 2001 Gradall XL3100

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Yacano’s Gradall Sales 5114 State Highway 12, Norwich, NY 13815

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Wacker Neuson Light New York State Contract Information Balloon Provides

Westchester Tractor, Inc.

Glare-Free Lighting

60 International Blvd. • Brewster, NY 10509 Phone: 845-278-7766 Fax: 845-278-4431 Email:

New Holland Tractors/Alamo Mowers for Rent! Heavy Equipment Rental Contract Group 72007 - Award 02872. January 21, 2011 - September 30, 2014

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Wacker Neuson’s new light balloon provides a fast and easy lighting solution to keep job sites working in evening, night and low light conditions. The LBS 110M, is a portable light balloon unit that comes with a sturdy and secure tripod system, which can be set up in minutes. The elliptical shape lamp shade with its special reflective surface and the 1,000 watt metal halide lamp offers a very bright, yet glare free light. Wacker Neuson has taken steps to create a light balloon that will remain sturdy and secure in a variety of conditions. The tripod is made from a robust fiberglass and can be easily leveled with the help of the adjustable legs that allow for better flexibility when the unit is placed on uneven ground. The LBS 110M’s ballast slides into the bottom of the tripod and is positioned directly under the balloon. This provides for a compact design and lower center of gravity for greater stability with added weight to prevent the unit from swaying or tipping in the wind. The ballast has a convenient on/off switch with thermal overload protection. The handle on the ballast serves as a practical and integrated method to store the cable. The balloon is very easy to set up and does not need to inflate, increasing the amount of uptime on a job site. The clamping mechanism makes it easy to stretch the balloon and lock into place so the balloon will not deflate. The bulb of the light balloon can be replaced without the use of any tools and locks into place, providing a durable solution during use and transport. The balloon also features a small lift eye at the top, allowing it to be hung from a hook for greater versatility where ever light is needed. The LBS 110M is ideal for general job site illumination, road work (non-glare), indoor illumination of concrete pours and special event use. The diffused light from the balloon reduces shadows and contrast for bright, clear illumination without harsh glare. Wacker Neuson also offers the light balloon without a tripod and can be easily and quickly attached to asphalt pavers, scaffolding and other customer owned equipment using the equipment mount accessory. Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014

Over Two-Thirds of the Earth’s Surface Is Water...

We’re Making the Other Third... Smooth Sailing For over three quarters of a century Suit-Kote has been building smooth roads from horizon to horizon. And unlike the uncertainty of the open sea, you can always be confident that the open road we build promises you smooth sailing. At Suit-Kote, we’re committed to one thing – getting you there.

15 Locations Across New York State • Call 800-622-5636

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New York State Contract Information

Westchester Tractor, Inc. 60 International Blvd. • Brewster, NY 10509 Phone: 845-278-7766 Fax: 845-278-4431 Email:

571 Route 212 Saugerties, NY 12477

SALES – RENTALS – PARTS HEAVY EQUIPMENT TRANSPORT AND SERVICE • JCB & Hyundai Earthmoving Equipment • Takeuchi Compact Equipment • LAY-MOR Brooms & Sweepers

Machines on State Bid: Hyundai HL740-9A, HL757-9A, HL760-9A, HL770-9A, JCB 409ZX, 411 HT, 416 HT

• Sakai Compaction • Atlas Copco Hydraulic Breakers


• Large Assortment of Attachments & Buckets • Aftermarket Parts - Heavy Hauling - Mobile Service

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Group 40604 - Award 20912. Contract Period November 9, 2009 - May 31, 2014

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ADVERTISERS INDEX When Purchasing Equipment, Trucks, Supplies & Services remember to support your Profile Advertisers! A MONTANO COMPANY ................................................72

JOE JOHNSON EQUIPMENT ........................................73

ADMAR SUPPLY ............................................................52

K-M INTERNATIONAL ....................................................65

ADVANCED STORAGE TECHNOLOGY ......................51


AMERICAN EQUIPMENT LLC ......................................48

KEIL EQUIPMENT CO INC ............................................48

AMERICAN SHORING ..................................................60

KENWORTH OF BUFFALO NY INC ................................3

ATLANTIC DETROIT DIESEL ALLISON ........................14

KOMATSU AMERICA CORP ..........................................46

AUCTIONS INTERNATIONAL ........................................53

LAGASSE WORKS/HARDER SPREADER......................6

BEAM MACK SALES & SERV (ROCHESTER) ............47 BEYER BROS CORP ....................................................26 BOBCAT ..........................................................................11 BOBCAT OF SARATOGA ..............................................51 BOSCH REXTROTH CANADA ......................................36 BRADCO SUPPLY CO ..................................................45 CALEDONIA DIESEL......................................................10 CAPITAL TRACTOR INC ................................................63

LIFTECH EQUIPMENT CO ..............................................6 MALVESE EQUIPMENT CO INC ..................................19 MARIETTA DIESEL ........................................................49 MOHAWK RESOURCES LTD ........................................13 MOHAWK VALLEY FREIGHTLINER ..............................48 MONROE TRACTOR......................................................15 MONROE TRUCK EQUIPMENT ....................................60

CASEY’S TRUCK SALVAGE INC ..................................32

NAVISTAR INC..................................................................2

CATERPILLAR - NY DEALERS ................................38,39

OLD DOMINIUM BRUSH/ODB ......................................43

CENTRAL EQUIPMENT LLC..........................................36

ON-TRUX LTD ................................................................55

CHEMUNG SUPPLY CORP ..........................................57

OSHKOSH TRUCK CORP ............................................24

CHENANGO TRUCK ......................................................28


CLEARSPAN ..................................................................13

PROFILE PUBLICATIONS ..............................32,60,68,72

CLIFTON RECYCLING INC............................................49

ROY TEITSWORTH INC ................................................45

DECAROLIS HEAVY DUTY PARTS ..............................67

SCHAEFER ENTERPRISES ..........................................48

DEL HYDRAULICS ........................................................63

SMF INC/STRUCTURAL METAL....................................48

EBERL IRON WORKS INC ............................................13

STEPHENSON EQUIPMENT INC........................21,33,35


STS TRAILER & TRUCK EQUIPMENT..........................45

FAIR MFG CO ................................................................49

SUIT-KOTE CORP..........................................................71

FITZSIMMONS HYDRAULICS INC ................................36 FIVE STAR EQUIPMENT ..............................................59 FLEET MAINTENANCE ..................................................19 FORT MILLER FAB3 CORP ..........................................47 GABRIELLI TRUCK SALES LTD ....................................61 GRASSLAND EQUIPMENT............................................27 HACKER’S PACKERS INC ............................................28 HARPER INDUTRIES ....................................................17

TENCO USA INC ............................................................75 TRACEY ROAD EQUIPMENT..........................................7 TRACKLESS VEHICLES INC ........................................20 TRIMALAWN EQUIPMENT ............................................42 TRIUS INC ........................................................................5 VALLEY FAB & EQUIPMENT ........................................69 VAN BORTEL FORD..................................................23,41

HENDERSON PRODUCTS INC ....................................37

VANTAGE EQUIPMENT ................................................18

HENKE MANUFACTURING CORP ................................42

VIBCO INC......................................................................25

HYBRID BUILDING SOLUTIONS LLC ..........................69

VIKING CIVES INC ........................................................76


WAYNE’S WELDING INC ................................................8

J & J EQUIPMENT..........................................................66

WESTCHESTER TRACTOR INC ..............................70,72

JAMAR TECHNOLOGIES ..............................................66



Superintendent’s Profile • • June 2014

Superintendent's Profile June 2014  
Superintendent's Profile June 2014  

Superintendent's Profile June 2014