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DOOSAN. POWER RFUL SOLUTIONS. At Doosan, we do more than engineer products. We engineer solutions. Robust compressors that weather the harshe s st conditions. Generators and light towers that match innovation with efficiency. Unrivaled service and support, day or night. That’s the way we’ve operated for over 10 00 years, and the way we’ll do business for decades to come.


Meet Purchassing Man a ager Mike Venuti, e Long Beach CA “The reason we use Doossan as much as we do is because they are a very reliable pro oduct. Wee go with what got us here.”

Visit www.DoosanPorrtablePower.com BOOTH G4476

DoosanPortablePower.com | 800.633.5206 6

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Introducing the Terex® RT 100US — the latest in reliable performance.

Boost your lifting performance with the new Terex® RT 100US rough terrain crane. The five section, fully hydraulic boom stretches an impressive 154 ft (47 m) to extend your capabilities on long reach applications. Integrated diagnostics and an optional centralized lubrication system improve serviceability while the removable counterweight lets you move quickly and efficiently from job to job. The RT 100US has everything you need to get the job done.

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The 80Z7 U.S. Tier IV Final loader defines a new plateau for production class wheel loaders.

KCM Corporation is announcing the new 80Z7 wheel loader for ConExpo-Con/AGG 2017. The 80Z7 T4F features near zero emissions and compatibility with KCM’s IntelliTech Operating System. About the 80Z7 T4F Wheel Loader The 80Z7 U.S. Tier IV Final loader defines a new plateau for production class wheel loaders. It cycles faster. It is more powerful. It has near zero emissions. And, it is amazingly, designed to be more fuel efficient than previous models. It is configured as a 4.2 cu. yd. (3.2 cu m) loader with 200 gross hp. and an operating weight of 38,910 lbs. (17,649 kg). Key to these performance breakthroughs is the industry-exclusive KCM IntelliTech Operating System that works extremely well with the new 80Z7 T4F. This intuitive system captures every aspect of the working conditions and operating demands to adjust powertrain and hydraulics for best application performance. An open center, load-sensing hydraulic system, which is not a standard for most loader manufacturers, delivers optimal hydraulic performance at the most efficient engine speeds. Sensors feeding the IntelliTech System provide immediate performance

feedback, which the operator can markedly feel. Advanced logic in the controller provides excellent acceleration without unnecessary fuel consumption. Transmission shift points are not fixed but are variable in response to working and environment conditions resulting in the proper balance between speed and rimpull. Bottom line, intuitive and efficient. Simple Emissions Technology, No DPF The KCM 80Z7 T4F has one of the simplest emission systems in the industry. Most importantly, it achieves Tier IV Final standards without a Diesel Particulate Filter. That important omission means that the exhaust runs cooler. There are no risks from ultrahigh heat DPF regeneration. No DPF plugging and the resulting poor engine performance. And, none of the costs associated with DPF servicing. Use of a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology that injects Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) meets all Tier IV Final emission requirements for construction machinery. The previous 80Z7 model, with intermediate Tier IV emission technology, has already proven a welcome solution to multiple, high-dust and high-trash environments


as well as confined areas where the higher heat generated during DPF regeneration is problematic. This newest version, with Tier IV Final certification simply continues that successful solution with the added nuances of DEF injection for final Tier IV certification. Reliable Cummins Power The Cummins QSB6.7 for Tier IV Final is one of the most popular and versatile engines ever built by Cummins. It is used in nearly every type of construction equipment, as well as the agricultural, logging and marine industries. All of the performance upgrades from Tier IV Interim have been incorporated into the Tier IV Final engines. The power range is from 140 to 300 hp. For the KCM 80Z7 Tier IV Final loaders, power output is set at 200 hp. Cummins field tests showed a 5 percent increase in fuel economy with their Tier IV Interim engines and they are confident that their Tier IV Final engine will provide even more fuel economy improvements, while achieving near-zero emissions at the same time. The 80Z7 T4F will be presented with four other wheel loaders including the 30ZV-2; 40ZV-2; 95Z7; and the 45ZV-2. KCM will be located at booth #20527 in the Central Hall.



Helping customers identify the best air compressor for the job.

Understanding any unique needs of your customers’ job sites can have a significant impact on air compressor selection. For example, applications near waterways and those with a finished product, such as steel painting, typically require oil-free air. A Doosan Portable Power IQ System air compressor provides instrument-quality air with no oil, dust, dirt or condensate waste, preventing contaminates from entering waterways or ruining paint finishes with unwanted color or odor. Additionally, if an air compressor will be used for more than one type of application on a job site, dual pressure/dual flow air compressors deliver the pressure and flow options typical of two units in a single air compressor, allowing the operator to change from a low-pressure to a high-pressure setting with one machine. The added versatility and productivity lowers costs and adds value to any jobsite. 3. Are there regulations you must meet at the job site? Jobsite regulations — noise restrictions, fluid containment, Tier IV emissions — can limit air compressor selection for your customers. Being able to provide the right model for their needs can position you as a valuable resource. Matching standard features and the most available options in the market can make air compressor selection an easier process for your customers.

Traditionally, the two most important variables in air compressor selection are volume and pressure. While these factors remain the starting point, there are many considerations on the pathway to finding the right air compressor. The following three questions are a shortcut to what you need to know to help your customers identify the best air compressor for a job. 1. What is your common fuel type? While diesel air compressors remain the mainstay for general contracting needs, gasoline- and electric-powered air compressors offer fuel efficiency along with comparable portability and power. Contractors with equipment that uses gasoline, such as landscaping contractors, may find a gasoline-powered air compressor a nice fit for their existing fuel source. Gasoline-powered air compressors also offer greater cold-start capability than their diesel counterparts, making them a popular choice for contractors in colder climates. Electric-powered air compressors offer ultra-quiet, emissions-free, low-cost flexibility. Contractors with access to grid power or those with a generator already on site will find the electric-powered VP900e air compressor to be an economical alternative to diesel and gasoline-powered air compressors. It’s also a popular alternative for highly regulated jobsites because there is no risk of a fuel spill. 2. Does the application involve any unique needs?



Kobelco will display a total of 21 excavators.

Kobelco Construction Machinery USA is continuing its commitment to quality and innovation and plans to highlight its latest advancements at ConExpo 2017. Located in the North Hall — Booth N10002, the Kobelco exhibit will offer attendees an exciting atmosphere in which they can experience the features and capabilities that make Kobelco excavators built like no other excavators in the industry, according to the manufacturer. “In the past three years, we’ve moved into a new U.S. headquarters and parts distribution warehouse in Houston, Texas, and built a manufacturing facility in Spartanburg, South Carolina that is now fully operational,” said Pete Morita, vice president — excavator division of Kobelco USA. “The Kobelco exhibit at ConExpo will highlight our momentum and showcase the cuttingedge technology, enhanced capabilities and innovative features of our latest machines.” Kobelco will display a total of 21 excava-

tors at ConExpo, including: An expanded line of compact excavators. These Kobelco models pack full-size performance into a portable package. A minimal rear swing radius with zero tail overhang allows for handling in confined spaces while a simple design makes routine maintenance easy to undertake. Kobelco mini-excavators also feature a new 3-year/3,000-hour warranty. The new and enhanced SR Series excavators. Kobelco will showcase the iNDr Cooling System, found in all models of this series, as well as its NEXT-3E technology at ConExpo. The company’s iNDr technology reduces dust and cuts noise to extremely low levels, while NEXT-3E allows operators to dial in the perfect balance of performance and fuel economy. The Generation 10 conventional excavators. The Kobelco Generation 10 excavators are designed to establish new standards in value, productivity and durability. These


models feature more power with increased efficiency capabilities to make downtime a thing of the past. The advanced technologies of the Kobelco Generation 10 models will be highlighted at ConExpo. Specialty excavators. Various specialty machines for auto and building demolition, and forestry also will be exhibited. A patriotic wrapped excavator will be on display as well. The Kobelco exhibit will showcase the company’s latest technology advancements in fuel efficiency, safety, machine control and more. “With one eye on the future, Kobelco is staying ahead of the competition and anticipating what the industry will need tomorrow,” said Morita. “We are excited to reinforce our positive developments and display our latest innovations to the Kobelco customer base at ConExpo.” For more information, call 281/888-8430 or visit www.KOBELCO-USA.com.


LiuGong’s Tier IV Final product line launched in 2016.

the 835H, 856H, 890H, 915E, 922E, 925E, 930E and 936E models. The new machines feature best-in-class fuel consumption and a cab designed to make the working environment more comfortable and machine operation more intuitive. The machines are powered by QSB 4.5, QSB 6.7, QSL 9 and QSG 12 Tier IV Final Turbo-charged Cummins engines, as well as the Perkins 1204F Tier IV Final. These engines also meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency emissions regulations and deliver horsepower ranging from 115 to 350 hp. The wheel loaders and excavators include intelligent cooling systems and closed hydraulic systems that improve machine performance. The machines have enhanced safety features, including rollover protection and rear view cameras as standard. The new Eseries excavators also will feature an optional LiuGong twin lock PowerLatch quick coupler, ensuring contractors will have use of most of their currently owned attachments, regardless of make. The quick couplers can be purchased for most LiuGong excavators in the North American market today. The Tier IV Final complete line including the new C-Series forklifts and skid steers will be showcased at ConExpo 2017 line at booth G3322 located in the Gold Hall.

LiuGong North America, a global leader in the manufacturing of heavy construction equipment, had the opportunity to unveil its new Tier IV Final product line in 2016. The Dressta compact hydrostatic S-Series dozers, LiuGong H-Series wheel loaders and E-Series excavators feature cleaner engines, more efficient systems and improvements to the cab that enhance the operator’s experience, according to the manufacturer. The TD-8S and TD-9S, launched in Europe at BAUMA Munich in April 2016, are powered by environmentally-friendly QSF 3.8 Tier IV Final Turbo-charged Cummins engines, meeting U.S. EPA emission regulations and delivering 94 hp (70 kW) and 113 hp (84 kW) respectively. They are equipped with Rexroth dual path hydrostatic drive systems and feature a strong six-way C-frame complemented by a robust undercarriage that is available in two options — the standard LT (long-track) version and the LGP (low ground pressure) version. The S-Series dozers are available with integrated technology options of Trimble Basic, Trimble Ready and full Trimble 3D control systems. In addition, the H-Series wheel loaders and E-Series excavators also were introduced to the U.S. market in October 2016, including

“The Call of Duty Endowment” has been named the official charitable partner for ConExpoCon/AGG 2017. It helps veterans in securing high-quality jobs after their military service.




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KobelcoConExpo.com o

TOWMASTER The gooseneck is designed for quick and easy detachment for loading and reattachment when ready to transport.

Towmaster’s T-110DTG 55-ton (50 t) detachable gooseneck trailer is built to haul heavy equipment. The gooseneck is designed for quick and easy detachment for loading and reattachment when ready to transport. It locks to the main deck with an air-controlled locking pin. The main deck is 24-ft. (7.3 m) long to accommodate longer and heavier equipment and is standard with an open boom well in the axle area. Outriggers are standard for wider

loads, and the ride height can be adjusted. Here are some quick specs for Towmaster’s detachable gooseneck trailer: • 11-ft., 10-in. gooseneck • 96-in. swing clearance • Positive air lock • Air lock-pin release • Wet line hydraulic system • Adjustable transport doors • Gooseneck support arm (hydraulic) • 24-ft. main deck length

New education will be offered with program tracks on technology, business management, workforce development and more.

• 24-in. loaded deck height • 16-in. fabricated steel main frame • 10-in. I-beam crossmembers • Raised 2-in. oak wood deck (track only) • Open boom well • 12 D-ring tie-downs (6/side) • Heavy-duty swing-out outriggers with oak wood planks • 31-in. front ramps (steel) • Air ride suspension • Rubber grommet mounted LED lights

The enormous neon cowboy, Vegas Vic, that towers over Fremont Street is the world's largest mechanical neon sign.

In Spanish, Las Vegas translates to mean ‘the meadows.’


Hydrema U.S., Inc. Te el 404 614 1747 www.h . ydrema.us


w w w . h y d r e m a . u s



Terex Cranes will give customers insight into the latest equipment innovations from both the Terex and Demag lines.

Terex Cranes will give customers insight into the latest equipment innovations from both the Terex and Demag lines at ConExpoCon/AGG in Las Vegas from March 7 to 11. Along with Terex Aerial Work Platform and Materials Processing equipment on display in the 50,000-sq.-ft. outdoor Gold Lot #G3382 booth, Terex Cranes representatives will be on hand to discuss and show customers the latest features available for the allterrain, crawler, rough-terrain, tower, boom truck and truck crane products. The latest crane innovations that enable customers to operate efficiently also will be on display. “Terex Cranes enjoys a rich legacy of more than 100 years of lifting experience, unmatched by any other manufacturer in the business,” said Steve Filipov, who recently returned as Terex Cranes president and will be on hand to personally greet and talk with

customers during the show. “Our global team of experts work focused on both short-term plans and our long-term vision and we are excited to show the outcomes at ConExpo. Our focus will not only be on exciting product news, but also on demonstrating to our customers how we continually improve to ensure we meet their needs. I am excited to be back in this industry and meet our customers in Las Vegas.” Above. Ahead. Always — Demag The Demag brand of crawler and all-terrain cranes is all about innovation and quality. On display during ConExpo will be a model from the recently introduced five-axle family of Demag all-terrain cranes. Offering class lift-capacities ranging from 140 to 300 tons (130 to 250 t), these five-axle models are the most compact in their class, and stan-

Each Tuesday at 10 a.m., central, you can listen to ConExpo-Con/AGG radio to hear about the future of equipment technology in the construction market.


dard all-wheel steering allows operators to quickly maneuver the carrier into tight spaces. The cranes in this family also can be configured easily to comply with the axle weight limits applicable in North America. Features such as the IC-1 Plus control system that enables lift capacity based on slewing angle and asymmetrical outrigger positioning, give companies the flexibility to lift heavy loads with less counterweight, reducing operating costs. Works for You — Terex The expansive Terex brand of lifting solutions includes, rough-terrain, the HC Series of lattice boom crawler, tower, boom trucks, telescopic trucks and pick & carry crane models. Among the Terex cranes on display will be a new SK Series hammerhead tower crane. “Many crane models from the Terex line will be the first one on the job site and the last one to leave,” said Filipov. “They are the workhorses at the project site, consistent, reliable and dependable performers day in and day out.” In addition to equipment, the Terex exhibit will feature a dedicated Terex Cranes customer support solutions center. Customer support representatives will be on hand to discuss the right crane solutions for the customer’s specific needs and the best aftersales support packages, backed by an extensive network of factory trained technicians. North American customers also will learn more about the successful consolidation of all North American crane equipment manufacturing — boom trucks and truck, roughterrain and the HC Series crawler cranes — into the Terex Oklahoma City facility, which helps to improve customer responsiveness.



FAE Inc. has grown to be an innovative worldwide manufacturing leader after being founded 27 years ago in a small garage in Italy. FAE will exhibit at ConExpo 2017 in the Gold Lot (G-4216). Recently, Giorgio Carera, CEO of FAE USA Inc., spoke with CEG about his company and its plans for the future. “FAE is a worldwide organization with three manufacturing plants in Italy and six branches in key markets,” Carera said. “Our goal is to be close to our customers. We’ve been in the United States [Flowery Branch, Ga.] for many years. We stock machines, parts and always have a full team of experts. We have regional managers throughout the country who are always in direct contact with our dealers and our customers. FAE has had more than 70 new models designed in the past few years, and with more than 800 dealers worldwide and with more than 20,000 machines sold, we are proud to say that we lead.” What drives FAE to be proactive in constantly developing new products? Carera: We always say working for FAE is a lifestyle. Everyone here is important and contributes to everything that we do. There is a high level of enthusiasm and motivation within the company and within each department; this helps generate many new ideas and prevents the business from becoming stagnant. Our customers are the biggest reason why we are always so proactive in developing new solutions. We listen to their needs because they are our partners. What is FAE’s Vision 2020 plan? Carera: We are reinforcing our aftersales support through adding professional and experienced people. We recently added new experienced territory managers — one for the land clearing line in the Southeast region and one for the construction line for a larger region of the country. We also are looking to add more territory managers to better support our dealer network, as well as adding a business development manager in the sales department. There also will be new products coming out specifically designed for the U.S. market. The bottom line is this: our vision is for FAE to be the most sought after equipment by every contractor and dealer world-

Giorgio Carera, CEO of FAE USA Inc., stands in front of an FAE/PrimeTech prime mover.

wide, as well as to continue to expand FAE across the world in the land clearing and construction industry. In which area is FAE the strongest? Carera: Land clearing applications, which can be divided in multiple industries: ROW/oil and gas, power line maintenance, firebreaks, general land clearing for residential and commercial construction, etc. Our track mulcher line, “PrimeTech,” fits all of the above and more. We also have a full line of forestry heads for other vegetation management applications and sectors. We are, however, focusing more and more on our construction line of attachments (for PTO tractors), such as the multi-purpose heads for soil stabilization, asphalt grinding and rock crushing. Who is your typical dealer? Carera: FAE has a broad line of equipment, so our dealers are very different. We have dealers who only sell skid steer forestry


mulchers and mini-excavator mulchers. In another region, we may have a dealer who sells prime mover heads, and a different one again who sells PTO tractors, etc. The common denominator is that we sign up dealers who offer the highest service to meet FAE standards. Are there other plans in the works? Carera: We will keep expanding FAE; we will always invest in new people because they are our most important asset. At the corporate level, we have a development investing project that started two years ago with the expansion of our main factory. We added production capacity and a new testing area with a state-of-the-art testing chamber for hydraulic and PTO heads. The expansion project will continue over the next few years and will entail additional production space, as well as optimization of our production system, quality control and a shipping system.



SHO tor ope D Series Screener


#G 73408 #GSIGALARMINNC.COM 888-569-69913 21

ALLU Group up Inc. (800) 939 9-2558 usa@allu.net


People often say go big or go home. MB Crusher America Inc. is going big this year at ConExpo 2017. The company will be crushing and screening with an excavator and skid loader, turning each equipment into its own onemachine mobile plant. Since last ConExpo in 2014, MB Crusher has expanded its product line to include a new line of screening attachments designed for skid loaders, loaders and backhoes; 360degree rotation grapples; and dual head rotary drum cutters. Now at the company’s 4,000-sq.-ft booth, MB will be demonstrating to attendees how quickly they can have a mobile plant at their work site by switching between the crushing and screening attachments. “There are times when you are out in the field and do not have room for an entire crushing and screening plant,” said Max Ravazzolo, CEO of MB Crusher America. “Our attachments are solutions to those scenarios. You can save time and money out in the field by using just a skid loader or an excavator. And you can move your plant wherever you need it to go.” At its booth, #S-5211 in the Silver Lot, MB is featuring a BF120 crusher attachment and a MB-S18 screening attachment on an excavator, and a MB-L140 crusher attachment and MB-LS140 screening attachment

MB will be featuring a BF120 crusher attachment, as well as several other models, during ConExpo 2017.

Water structures in Las Vegas, like fountains and man-made lakes, use something called grey-water, which is recycled water from sinks, bathtubs and showers.


on a skid loader. The company will be working with concrete debris and granite rocks. In addition to the live demonstrations, MB will have its drum cutter and grapple models on static display. Both product lines were introduced in late 2015 and early 2016. MB’s attachments use the hydraulic system on excavators, skid loaders and backhoes, and allow contractors the flexibility to work in tight areas, difficult access locations, steep slopes and urban areas. Contractors will be able to reuse materials immediately at the job site and provide a greener option in recycling waste materials. By reusing the materials, contractors and businesses can begin saving time and money in reducing waste and trucking costs.




Gold Lot - Booth G4216 FAE forestry munchers can process any kind of vegetation. eƋƋ±ÏĘĵåĹƋŸĀƋåƻϱƴ±ƋŅųŸüųŅĵŎØÉƋŅƐLj‰ţ

FAE USA INC. | Oakwood Industrial Park | 5321 Rafe Banks Dr. | Flowery Branch, GA 30542 - United States | Ph. +1 770 407 2014 | www.faeusa.com




Meet us at our stand


March 7-11, 2017 Las Vegas, NV



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m 25

ARCTIC SNOW AND ICE cutting edge, designed to scrape snow and ice down to the pavement. In addition to removing compacted ice and snow, the cutting edge’s sectional design is also more economical. On a typical one-piece moldboard plow or pusher, the entire cutting edge must be replaced when damaged. In the event that a Sectional Sno-Pusher’s cutting edge is damaged, only the individual section needs to be replaced. The pusher operates independently of the machine and automatically adjusts to the pavement grade, resulting in fewer missed areas and less follow-up plowing. Additionally, the patented Slip Hitch ensures all four tires remain on the pavement at all times. As a result, the machine is able to achieve full traction, and eliminate drag and loss of horsepower. Customers have reported salt savings as high as 50 percent and fuel savings exceeding 30 percent. The Sno-Pushers are designed for equipment weighing 5,000 to 60,000 lbs. (2,268 to 27,216 kg). For more information, visit www.sectionalsnopusher.com.

Sectional Sno-Pusher, a division of Arctic Snow and Ice Products, Bradley, Ill., offers three lines of unique snow pushers: the HD, LD and CD models, which are compatible with wheel loaders, backhoes, skid steers, compact loaders and tractors. Incorporating several unique features, the Sectional pushers increase snow removal efficiency and reduce fuel costs. The patented steel moldboard design is made of 32, 30 and 24-in. (81, 76 and 61 cm) wide individual sections depending on the model, with each featuring spring-loaded trip edges. The exclusive moldboard design combines the precision of a small plow with the capacity of a large pusher. The separate sections move independently of one another, allowing the unit to contour to the surface and scrape snow and ice out of dips and recessions, all while moving over raised objects. This enhances plowing efficiency and protects operators from impact injuries and minimizes property damage. Each moldboard section features an AR-400 hardened-steel trip

Incorporating several unique features, the Sectional pushers increase snow removal efficiency and reduce fuel costs.


Go Big or Go Home. MWI’s Hydraulic Non Clog HYDRAFLO™ HNC Submersible Pump - available for rent NOW • 200% Larger Solids Handling Capability • 50% smaller footprint required (less space required) • Up to 40% less energy consumed* * as compared against standard skid mounted end suction centrifugal pumps operating at maximum lift

40 mgd peak flow by-pass at 50’ TDH

MWI’s HydrafloTM HNC pumps are designed and manufactured for the toughest environments with the best combination of ruggedness, reliability, performance, operational costs and initial price. HydrafloTM pumps never quit – positively affecting your success and bottom line.

The Power to Move WaterTM Established 1926

33 N.W. 2nd Street Deerfield Beach Florida 33441 USA Phone: (954) 426-1500 | Fax: (954) 426-8938 www.mwipumps.com | info@mwicorp.com



ALLU Group will have its experts on hand in the Gold Lot in booth G3749 at the ConExpo-Con/AGG 2017 trade show. Visitors will learn that ALLU’s screener crusher buckets not only transform waste into valuable material, but ultimately they will transform the way contractors and producers work. During the show, every 30 minutes, the world’s foremost female excavator operator will demonstrate her skill and dexterity with the ALLU D-Series screener crusher buckets. Demonstrations also will show off the versatility of the DL screener buckets for compact equipment. Contractors and users will have the opportunity to talk with ALLU’s experts and understand how these versatile attachments can impact their worksite performance. The ALLU D-Series screener crusher bucket screens, crushes, pulverizes, aerates, blends, mixes, separates, feeds and loads materials all in one stage — increasing an operation’s efficiency and profitability. The unit is designed to process wet or dry materials quickly and efficiently, reducing cycle times and resulting in increased production and substantial savings on operating costs. The units easily handle topsoil and dirt, excavated and waste soil, demolition waste, construction waste, milled asphalt, coal, oil shale, limestone, contaminated soil, clay, peat, bark, compost, bio-waste, glass and other materials. With more than 100 models in the line, ALLU D-Series screener crusher bucket attachments are available to fit any excavator, wheel loader, skid steer loader or

In most years the total weddings in Las Vegas is more than 10,000.

The ALLU D-Series screener crusher bucket screens, crushes, pulverizes, aerates, blends, mixes, separates, feeds and loads materials all in one stage — increasing an operation’s efficiency and profitability.

backhoe. The ALLU DL screening buckets are designed specifically for use with compactbased machines, such as mini-excavators, small wheel loaders, skid steer loaders and backhoes. The DL screening bucket is an ideal tool for landscapers, and is engineered to screen, mix, aerate and load topsoil, peat and compost. With just one bucket, screen sizes are easily changeable from 5/8- to 1¼ to 2 in. (1.5 to 3.1 to 5 cm) by changing out the screen and hammers. The core feature of


the DL screening bucket is the unique top screen, where the screening hammers spin between the screen comb. This design keeps the buckets clog-free, ensuring good production and throughput, even with wet materials. In addition, the new DL screening bucket does not require a case drain line for operation. With this feature, operators simply attach the bucket, hook up standard auxiliary lines, and start to screen. For more information, call 800/939-2558 or visit www.allu.net.



Isuzu is a producer of on-road commercial vehicles, off-road diesel engine applications and stationary engines.

Products/Services Offered Isuzu Diesel engine products have proven to be reliable, ecofriendly, durable, and technologically advanced since 1916. The company’s products, branded under Isuzu RED Tech, provide quiet, low maintenance, and fuel-efficient solutions for existing and new applications needed today and into the future. From 10 hp to more than 500 hp, these engines use a unique technology without a DPF (diesel particulate filter). Each engine is precision tuned for its highest efficiency, while reducing oil and fuel consumption. A long-lasting and robust fuel injection system is incorporated for excellent fuel economy and extended service life. Stringent criteria of lowering NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) are engineered into every Isuzu engine. Each application is designed to meet customer specifications and is engineering validated for each environment. Isuzu RED Tech engines with reliable performance, durability, and high thermal efficiency help eliminate downtime. All of this is supported by the company’s dedicated professionals who are disciplined in engineering, manufacturing, and management to ensure the right solutions for our customers.

Isuzu will be featuring its full-line of engines in the South Hall S85405, during ConExpo-Con/AGG 2017 in Las Vegas, March 7 to 11. Atsumi Morita, vice president of PowerTrain Marketing and Product Planning of Isuzu Motors America LLC, will host high level executives from the Americas, Asian and European countries during the event. In addition, Brian Tabel, executive director of marketing of Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, will display one of the New Forward Series trucks with the best cab forward design since 1986. Isuzu is a producer of on-road commercial vehicles, off-road diesel engine applications, and stationary engines. The company’s consistent focus is on “creation without compromise” to build and maintain a world-class organization for power solutions. Over the years, through the expansion of its manufacturing operations, Isuzu products have continued to benefit people in more than 100 countries. Isuzu ensures the most advanced performance and services, with a goal to become the new global standard of excellence in product development, quality, manufacturing systems, and customer support, according to the company.


Complete Crushing & Screening Plant • Magnet! • Radio Remote Control! • Burns Less Fuel! • No Transport Permits!

Produces Up To Four Piles! (4) Stock Plus Scrap Steel!









MAXIMUS NORTH AMERICA Maximus North America is setting the gold standard for the Mobile Crushing & Screening industry by introducing the Irish based Maximus Crushing and Screening product line into North America in 2015. This statement proved to be true and ironic when one of the stars of the Discovery Channel’s hit TV show “Gold Rush” noticed the bright red Maximus MXJ-1000 Jaw Crusher at an industry trade show in 2016. Dave Turin, who oversees mining and production for 316 Mining LLC, otherwise known as The Hoffman Team, stopped by the Maximus North America stand as he was leaving the trade show because the quality, fit and finish of the machine caught his attention and he was interested to see whether there might be any synergies between the 316 Mining Team and the Maximus brand. Stu Gamble, president of Maximus North America, and a few of the MNA dealers struck up a conversation with Turin about the product line and it was discovered that Maximus did indeed have a machine in its product line that could fit in the gold mining operation. The 316 Mining Team’s set up at the time included a trommel screen that could separate material but did not have a hopper which would allow material to be fed into it. Maximus builds a TFC-80 360 degree swivel feed hopper stacker that would have the capability of remotely operating on a 90 degree angle. This technology would allow The Hoffman Team to feed pay dirt directly into the hopper on any terrain angle, which then would feed directly into the trommel that the team was using to separate the rocks from the fines of the pay dirt. The Maximus TFC-80 not only increased the team’s production ability but also was used to return the dredged land back to its original condition after the gold was mined, which is something that the mining team holds as a top priority. In the world of gold-mining, there are very few things that are predictable. Adverse weather conditions, rough terrain, the threat of wild animals always very real and present, and the hurdle of mounting expenses with no

(L-R) are Dave Turin and Darlene and Stu Gamble.

guarantee of a pay out, all could very well turn away the average miner to give up their dream of finding real gold. The 316 Mining Team’s tenacity and determination, coupled with the dependability of the high-performance, high-quality Maximus machine turned out to be a winning gold standard combination. Maximus North America welcomes the


316 Mining Team to its booth at ConExpo 2017 in Las Vegas and would like to invite everyone to stop by for autographs and conversation with Turin to speak with him about his experiences with the Maximus product line. The TFC-80 Stacker will be displayed on Silver Lot 1 #S-5007. For more information, call 941/735-8585.


For you, dependability is a mindset that you’re going to work hard to get the job done. It’s the same approach that Firestone takes when we build our OTR tires. We make sure every tire we offer is ready to tackle the job no matter the equipment or application. Because we believe if your tires aren’t made for hard work, then they aren’t built for you.




J.J. Kane Auctioneers has hired several veterans over the years, (L-R) including Frank Naylor, Paul Lebreux, Trent Housley, Don Meihaus, Michael Whitebread, Bruce Thomas and Allen Crocker. (not pictured is Alan Chadwick.)

ing funds to support veteran employment, J.J. Kane immediately responded with its proposal and suggestions. The Call of Duty Endowment is the partner that ConExpo-Con/AGG has chosen for its veteran support efforts in 2017. The endowment is a great fit for this mission because they fund the placement of veterans into great jobs (more than 30,000 so far) and also help employers understand how vets’ skills and qualifications translate into success for companies who hire them. The Endowment helps highlight simple facts like: “veterans have a lower turnover rate than an average civilian in the workforce.” J.J. Kane Auctioneers is proud to stand with ConExpo-Con/AGG, the show’s exhibitors, and all those who want to help support military veterans who have served us, as the company conducts these benefit auctions. One-hundred percent of auction proceeds go to The Call of Duty Endowment. Every $600 raised places a veteran into a great job — 1/5 the cost of federal government efforts. A silent auction is under way from now until Saturday, March 11, and online bidding is open — Bid Now. A separate, live auction event will be held on Thursday, March 9 at 4 p.m. PST in Las Vegas, at ConExpo-Con/AGG, and that auction also includes online bidding, to support our vets. Visit www.jjkane.com/ceca and see what is in the auctions. If you are an exhibitor at ConExpo-Con/AGG and would like to make a donation to the auctions, contact Grant Williams at 205/706-1389.

Some of the most valuable resources available to private sector companies are U.S. military veterans because of the extensive training, experience and leadership skills that are repeatedly honed and tested across their careers. Veterans hold a wide range of expertise that includes technical, mechanical, engineering, resource planning, transportation, logistics, strategic, tactical planning and more, with the added benefit of having been involved with great leadership development programs during their time in the military. But did you know that the unemployment rate for post-9/11 veterans is 13 percent? Wouldn’t you like to have people with these skills helping your company succeed and grow? J.J. Kane Auctioneers did and during July 2016, the company needed to add staff and made a conscious effort to seek out experienced military veterans who were leaving the service and needed jobs. As J.J. Kane pursued candidates, it quickly learned that veterans can be a hot commodity in job markets where employers understand the value vets offer. The company was fortunate enough to be able to bring three tried and tested veterans on board as they left long careers in the military. J.J. Kane needed these kinds of associates to help the company grow, bringing with them their leadership skills, dedication, can-do attitude and the deep commitment that is so prevalent in the service. When ConExpo-Con/AGG requested proposals from auctioneers this past October to help them conduct a benefit auction aimed at rais-


RAYCO MANUFACTURING Known for an assortment of heavy-duty environmental equipT360 (Stump Cutter/Forestry Mulcher) ment, Rayco Manufacturing Inc. is looking to unveil a new forestry The T360 is a powerful forestry machine that is designed to be mulcher and a tree saw at ConExpo-Con/AGG 2017 in Las Vegas. equipped with either a stump cutter or forestry mower/mulcher. It’s C200 (Forestry Mulcher) powered by a 360 hp (268 kW) Cummins QSM11 engine that proThe C200 is powered by a 200 hp (149 kW) Isuzu diesel and duces peak power of 385 hp (287 kW) and peak torque of 1,350 ft.weighs only 18,500 lbs. (8,391 kg). Due to its size and weight, the lbs. A closed loop hydrostatic system powers the cutter head, sending C200 can be transported to and from the job easily. Its narrow profile 140-gal. (530 L) per minute to the attachment’s drive motor(s). makes the C200 ideally suited for ROW clearing on narrow lines, as Rayco’s elevated cooling design keeps engine and hydraulic systems well as for use in larger scale clearing projects. The C200 rides on a cool in even the harshest of conditions. Debris screens trap airborne hi-track, steel undercarriage available with two-speed travel and is chaff before it can plug radiator fins. Reversing fans clear debris available with 20-in. (51 cm) single-grouser tracks for extreme trac- screens on-command, extending service intervals. Inside the cab, the tion or triple-grouser street pads for applications that require minimal soil disturbance. The hi-track undercarriage promotes longer track life, reduces debris packing in the track chain, and cleans easily to save maintenance time. Mechanical Trimmer AT71 (Tree Saw) For years, mechanical trimmers have gone largely unchanged, but the new AT71 trimmer provides a fresh take on aerial trimming. The AT71 is designed to be nimble with a shorter carrier length and tight turning radius. The three steering modes, front axle, four-wheel, and crab steer allow the operator to maneuver on narrow rights of way. Machine leveling allows the whole machine to tilt up to 15-degrees, while maintaining a low center of gravity. And the rotating boom means the operator can make angled cuts quickly and safely, without tilting the cab. The operator cabin is designed for comfort and ease of operation. A comfortable, hibacked seat is heated and features air suspenRayco’s new Mechanical Trimmer AT71 (Tree Saw). sion. The non-articulated carrier design utilizes a steering wheel and foot controls, making it easier and safer operator is kept comfortable in the fully-sealed and climate controlled when driving on roadways. environment. Onboard diagnostic and monitoring information is proRayco also will be displaying its RCT80 crawler track and T360 vided through a color LCD panel, allowing the operator to track stump cutter/forestry mulcher. numerous aspects of machine performance and operation. RCT80 (Crawler Truck) The T360 can be equipped with either a Hydra Stumper stump cutThe compact RCT80 is a rubber-tracked crawler truck with a car- ter attachment or a Predator forestry mower/mulcher. The Hydra rying capacity of 8,000 lbs. (3,628.7 kg). The RCT80 rides on 17.7- Stumper head muscles through stumps with its 48-in. (122 cm) diamin. (450 mm) wide rubber tracks with two-speed travel. The under- eter x 3-in. (7.6 cm) thick cutter wheel equipped with 56 Monster carriage design has six lower rollers with no moving bogey wheels. Tooth cutter tools. For mowing/mulching applications, the Predator A 67 hp (50 kW) Kubota diesel engine provides power for maximum mulcher head has an 8-ft. (2.4 m) cutting width and is powered by a performance on hills and when carrying heavy loads. For ease of pair of variable displacement drive motors. operation, the RCT80 is controlled by a single, direct-operated joyThe Rayco booth will be located at Silver Booths 1+ 2 – S5474, stick. and in Central Hall 1, booth 20737.



Imagine What’s Next for your aggregate or mining operation and visit Telsmith at ConExpo booth #30332 to see two brand new solutions, including the latest innovation in T-Series cone crushers. The newest model in the line-up of T-Series crushers that were originally introduced in 2012 is the T500, which is designed to deliver maximum uptime availability while also minimizing maintenance costs. This 500 hp crusher contains a 14 in. (35.6 cm) maximum feed opening and is capable of processing between 314 to 854 ton (285 and 775 t) per hour. Features, such as anti-spin and fewer cylinders than other crushers provide the reliability that customers depend upon to maximize their processing operations, according to the manufacturer. T500 Cone Crusher: • 500 hp (373 kW) • 14 in. maximum feed opening • Capacity: 314 to 854 tph • Hydraulic relief and adjustment • Anti-spin system • Includes TRAC10 automated control system Telsmith also will feature an all new portable jaw plant, featuring the H3450 Hydra-Jaw crusher. The 34 by 50 in. (86 by 127 cm) opening of the H3450 Hydra-Jaw is capable of processing up to 659 ton (598 t) per hour, while the hydraulic toggle reduces maintenance and lowers operating costs with fast, safe hydraulic chamber clearing and tramp iron overload relief with auto resets. H3450 Hydra-Jaw Portable Plant: • 34 by 50 in. • Processes up to 659 tph • Simple and fast hydraulic adjustment • Automatic tramp iron overload relief with auto-reset • Fast, safe hydraulic chamber clearing

Telsmith also will feature an all new portable jaw plant, featuring the H3450 Hydra-Jaw crusher.

New this year is the 75,000sq.-ft. Tech Experience to see the future of the construction industry.


15 of the world’s top 25 hotels are located in Las Vegas.


07 - 11 MARCCH 2017 LAS VEGAS CONVENTION CENTER C Location: Bronze Lot Booth No: BB8601

TOP-HAMMER DRILL RIGS & CONCRETE PUMPS EVERDIGM TOP-HAMMER Drill Rigs and Concrete Pumps are committed to keep you stronger than ever to perform the jobs by high productivity from ultimate power, environmentally & user friendly, product variety as total solution provider, incomparable durability and systemized service as real manufacturer.



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The Rebel Crusher can tackle nearly any application — small, medium or large —and has the ability to pre-screen, crush and separate crushed material into three separate stock piles while removing rebar, wire and steel at the same time. The Rebel Crusher, which can track and crush without stopping, can crush and screen asphalt; concrete with or without wire and rebar; brick; block; most rock; sand; clay; glass; toilet bowls; sinks; computers; TVs; some wood; and nearly anything that is brittle. Its discharge conveyor heights are deliberately lower to minimize dust production and its fuel-efficient diesel is quiet and is able to power up to three additional conveyors. With a large feed opening and the ability to tighten down without choking, it is a “one of a kind” design, according to the manufacturer. In addition, the crusher can operate forward or backward by simply flipping a switch on the The Rebel Crusher can tackle nearly any application and has the ability to pre-screen, crush and remote control. This feature can clear separate crushed material into three separate stock piles while removing rebar, wire and steel at bridging issues common when feeding the same time. slabs. The machine also features a simtings. ple adjustment with traditional shims that are easy to install. The jaw can be tightened to produce a product that is nearly 100 The Rebel’s main wear parts are the same part number and can be percent passing 1 ½ in. minus without the use of the 2-deck screen. swapped or flipped to maximize wear part life. The four main bearings are oversized and are fitted with remote easy access grease fit- Conversely, the jaw can be opened up to make large rip rap/4 in. plus/minus product. Features include: • Robust Power Source: The Rebel features a German built Deutz turbo diesel (water cooled) engine that is not only fuel efficient, but also has plenty of power when needed. • Low Fuel Shutoff Feature: A flashing red light will go off to alert users the machine is low on fuel. If fuel is not added soon, the machine will shut off automatically before it runs out of fuel. • Quick Disconnect System: An optional hydraulic quick disconnect system allows users to expand and add additional components to the Rebel Crusher. For example, additional stock pile conveyors can be operated off the standard power source. • Dust Suppression is Standard: The system is designed to minimize water usage while providing ample dust suppression. Able to operate from a garden hose, the low volume spray jets create a fine mist in strategic areas. Optional on-board water pumps and water tanks are available. • Remote Control: Operate all features of the crusher, including variable speed, from a distance. Most users keep the remote control in the cab of the machine that is feeding the crusher. For more information, call 803/416-5200 or visit www.REBELCRUSHER.COM.

New education will be offered with program tracks on technology,

business management,

workforce development and more.












Lake Erie Portable Screeners will introduce the new Pitbull 2300B portable screener at ConExpo in the company’s exhibit located in the Silver Lot 2 at booth number S5193. As the newest introduction from Lake Erie Portable Screeners, the Pitbull 2300B has been designed as a box screener offering a low cost, high production screener with a reduced tongue weight capable of being towed to the job site with a Class 3 truck. To accomplish this weight reduction, the newest Pitbull 2300B box screener comes without the conveyor system and 4-cylinder engines offered in its other models. Lake Erie Portable Screeners’ design, engineering, manufacturing and sales facility is located in Lake City, Pa. Lake Erie Portable Screeners being a sole company shares facilities with its sister company, York Seaway Inc., allowing them to Lake Erie Portable Screeners’s Pitbull 2300B portable soil screener will be unveiled at share and draw upon their 35-plus year history of the company’s equipment exhibit located in the Silver Lot at booth number S5193. construction equipment-related manufacturing. The company originated in 1975 to provide The Pitbull 2300 is powered by a 4-cylinder, 47 hp, Tier IV interim design, manufacturing and reconditioning of hydraulic pneumatic cylinders for the area’s steel mills. Recognized for its engineering and Yanmar diesel engine, and features simplicity with replacement commanufacturing expertise, the company was awarded the contract to ponents widely available at most supply houses. produce replacement parts for Bucyrus Erie as that company shut The Pitbull 2300B is built to the same strict requirements of the down its manufacturing operations. The company also has produced Pitbull 2300. The 2300B is a box screener powered by a Honda 21 parts for GE, Terex, Northwest Engineering, P&H Equipment, Joy hp V-twin gas engine and features full interchangeability of the Global and Eriez Magnetics. Purchased in 1985 by Rick York, one of screen cloth between all models. the original principals, the company was subsequently renamed The Pitbull 2300E is built to the same strict requirements of the York-Seaway. Pitbull 2300, but is driven by a three-phase 480 VAC electric motor With an interest in applying the company’s experience manufac- and is designed for use in indoor applications. turing parts to producing its own product line, the company purThe Pitbull 2300P features a Zenith Model ZPP 416 1/6 L 4-cylinchased an attachment line in 1995. Several years later, Rick York der LPG gas engine rated at 48 hp and is offered for work in enclosed learned of a void in the U.S. marketplace for an American-made tow- working environments such as mines, or instances where the carbon able compact screening plant. Customer comments highlighted that footprint must be kept at a minimum. before the introduction of Lake Erie Portable Screeners’ Pitbull 2300, The entire Pitbull 2300 line of screeners features an upper and currently existing available models were often either too large or too lower screening deck enabling production of up to three sizes of small for their specific needs. Using customer input, the company’s materials when used with optional screening chutes. With more than engineers designed Pitbull portable screeners from the ground up. The result is a screener designed for simplicity and serviceability 41 sq. ft. (3.8 sq m) of screen surface area for each level, the quick change removable screens are designed for high output. using commonly available parts. The Pitbull 2300’s hydraulically adjustable stacking conveyor is Powered by high torque low speed Geroler style hydraulic motors, the high-output conveyor-equipped Pitbull 2300 screeners are capa- capable of stockpile heights from 6 ft. 6 in. to 13 ft. (2.1 to 3.9 m), for ble of producing up to 150 cu. yd. (up to 114.6 cu m) per hour, greater efficiency in loading a wide range of material hauling vehicles. depending on the application and material conditions. Additional product offerings from Lake Erie Portable Screener Lake Erie Portable Screeners’ full line of machines include the Pitbull 2300 family of portable soil screeners, featuring heavy-duty include a manual radial stacker, a frame mounted ground conveyor components, dependable hydraulics, reliable engines and complete and a stationary 8 by 14 ft. (2.4 by 4.2 m) grizzly box with a unique portability. Designed to stand up to punishing work conditions, the single bolt design for simplified change out of grizzly bars. Later in 2017, the company plans to introduce the Pitbull 5700, 5 frame is constructed of high-quality structural tube steel, fully gusseted at stress points. It is 100 percent welded, reducing vibration and to 7 cu. yd. (3.8 to 5.3 cu m) loader portable screener with a 60 in. noise while decreasing susceptibility to cracks and structural failure, (152 cm) wide roller bed conveyor, dual air ride suspension and a two-conveyor set up for a low loading height. according to the manufacturer.



CONEXPO-CON/AGG, IFPE, the Call of Duty™ Endowment, & J.J. Kane Auctioneers bring you a silent and live benefit auction.* • Individually donate online to reserve your spot to see multi-platinum rock band, FOREIGNER! • Donate an item or plan to bid on items online or in person at the live auction!

More details at www.conexpoconagg.com/auction

*The Live Benefit Auction will be held Thursday, March 9, 2017 from 4:00 to 5:00 PM in the new Tech Experience at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017.

March 7–11, 2017 | Las Vegas Convention Center | Las Vegas, USA 41

Co-located with


EVERDIGM AMERICA Everdigm America is gearing up to introduce an exciting new drill to the industry — and to ensure they have the best product feedback and reporting possible, extensive and rigorous field testing of its newest Tier IV blasthole drill is being conducted prior to the unveiling at ConExpo 2017. Currently working in Boulder City, Nev., and employed by Sanders Construction Inc., the T500 underwent its first U.S. field test, drilling for the Interstate 11 project, which will connect Phoenix, Ariz., to Reno, Nev. For the project, Sanders Construction used the T500 to blast out the path for I-11, starting in the Lake Mead area and eventually working down to the recently constructed Hoover Dam Bypass. The path was made through the mountains of Boulder City — tough working conditions for any drill — but the Everdigm T500 was up to the challenge. Once it arrived up the mountain’s steep and narrow terrain, it was used to level the mountain, standing 150 ft. (45.7 m) high, in the

way of the intended route of I-11. The T500 comes equipped with a Cummins QSB 6.7 260 hp (194 kW) Tier IV engine at 2,000 rpm. There are two different drifter options, which are the Montabert HC150 or Everdigm’s EHD210, which match fairly evenly with the Montabert — though the Everdigm EHD has a higher maximum impact frequency. It drills holes with diameters ranging from 3 to 5 in. (7.6 to 12.7 cm) and takes T45, T51 thread steel and reaches a depth of 80 ft. (24.4 m). It also has an aluminum mast, and an articulated folding knuckle boom system, allowing for great extension, reach, and clearance. The door on the radiator side of the bonnet allows for easy access for thorough cleaning and flushing of the radiator. The drifter is assembled with a cable feed system and the positioning of the cables on the side of the guide shell allows for ease of changing and maintenance. Parts and service is located at Everdigm’s North American headquarters in Metter, Ga.,

The MGM Grand Hotel’s bronze lion is the largest bronze sculpture in the United States. where the company also will be working with its South Korean headquarters and factory to ensure the availability of its stock of parts. Everdigm America’s ConExpo 2017 exhibit will be in the Bronze Lot at B8601.

The T500 comes equipped with a Cummins QSB 6.7 260 hp (194 kW) Tier IV engine at 2,000 rpm.



Engcon, a $90-million Swedish firm, has been manufacturing and selling its tiltrotators, quick couplers, control systems and tools for excavators throughout Europe for 26 years, and in North America and Australia for 10 years through dealers. In 2017, Engcon will establish a direct sales and distribution network in the United States and Canada. The tiltrotators, attachment systems and other power tools will be featured at the company’s booth, #G2926, at ConExpo in Las Vegas, March 7-11. Engcon is the only company that manufactures a complete range of tiltrotators, quick couplers, control systems, joysticks and tools for excavators in the 1.6 to 35 ton (1.5 to 32 t) range. Engcon’s new company, Engcon North America, will be responsible for the U.S. and Canadian market and will focus on identifying customers who can benefit from Engcon’s advanced technology. Engcon will continue its expansion of its dealer network and service partners.

Engcon Tiltrotator A tiltrotator is a tilting and rotating quick coupler for excavators. It allows the bucket or other tool to tilt and rotate 45+/- degrees and rotate it 360 degrees on excavators from 1.6 to 35 ton (1.5-32 t). It saves time while reducing both fuel consumption and machine wear. Fewer machine movements also decrease the risk of injury, while the tilt and rotate functions allow operators to work in tight spaces and with improved accuracy. Customers claim up to 50 percent increase in efficiency with an Engcon tiltrotator. Engcon Quick Coupler Engcon’s coupling system provides a safe, convenient, time-saving way to connect and disconnect mechanical and hydraulic attachments on an excavator in just a few seconds — while the operator remains in the cab. Q-Safe is Engcon’s hydraulic quick coupler, or hitch lock, and it eliminates the possibility of incorrect excavator tool connection. The risk of incorrect coupling and dropped buckets has simply been designed out. But it’s not only safe, it’s fast. An optional add-on is the EC-Oil automatic oil coupling system for hydraulic and electrical connection. It allows the operator

to change hydraulic tools such as hammers, grabbers or 4-1 buckets in just 10 seconds — while remaining in the cab. The system can handle the connection of pressurized tools and attachments at full system pressure, having been tested at 400 bars operating pressure and in dirty environments. Retrofitting top brackets with EC-Oil couplings on existing hydraulic tools is easy. About Engcon Engcon is the world leader in the manufacture of tiltrotators and their attachments that increase the flexibility, precision and safety of excavators, providing profitability and efficiency to its customers. Engcon is a privately owned Group with its parent company, Engcon Holding AB, based in Strömsund, Sweden. Nine companies are responsible for sales in its respective markets: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, the UK, Germany, France and Netherlands, and now the United States and Canada, while Engcon International is responsible for other markets. In 2016, the Engcon Group achieved $90 million in sales with 200 employees. For more information, visit www.engcon.com/us.

Elvis Presley performed 837 consecutive sold out shows at the Las Vegas Hilton (now known as LVH–Las Vegas Hotel and Casino).

Engcon’s fully hydraulic quick coupler, Q-Safe with EC-Oil, allows the operator to switch between mechanical and hydraulic tools such as hammers, grapples, compactor plates, 4-1 buckets, and other tools in just 10 seconds — while remaining in the cab.



E2 Systems is manufacturing a modular conveyor tool that attaches to most front-end wheel loaders with integrated tool capabilities, utilizing a standard coupling component.

After years of being in the concrete paving business, Michael and Carl Evangelista developed a new machine sales endeavor offering a dynamic, new product that was originally developed as a tool to aid in placing concrete in road grades. E2 Systems LLC has designed, developed and is manufacturing a modular conveyor tool that attaches to most front-end wheel loaders with integrated tool capabilities, utilizing a standard coupling component. The concept is simple; the design is complex. The conveyor is a designed, built and tested machine with the contractor in mind. The conveyor can handle various material types and place them with accuracy to a designated work area 90 degrees from the delivery path allowing for a variety of vertical and horizontal conditions, according to the manufacturer. Based on the simple need for all contractors, excavators, concrete, asphalt, landscapers, farmers or quarry operators to efficiently deliver materials to a limited access work space, the portable modular conveyor offers cost-effective solutions over alternative equipment. When loaded on a standard lowboy trailer for transportation, it is 8.5 ft. (2.6 m) wide and 21 ft. (6.4 m) long, making it a non-permit load for moving. When attached to the loader, the belt can be folded to a 10 ft. (3 m) length to travel in a single lane of traffic. The conveyor frame can also be shifted 2 ft. (.6 m) left or right from center to adapt to dumping needs or conditions. Coupler deck can easily be switched to accommodate different brand wheel loaders. For more information, visit www. materialplacer.com.


There’s a heavy equipment playground in Las Vegas called “Dig This,� where you can drive bulldozers and excavators.


The Contractor’s Choice for Trench Shoring, Nationwide! „Largest selection of shielding and shoring equipment available.


Trench Shield

Slide Rail System

Hydraulic Shores


Stone MizerŒ



6, 7 and 8 Foot Models


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* '"$ * '&  * ' &$"($%

Come visit us at ConExpo booth #G71813 1- 80 0- 44 6 - 82 2 2 w w w.D u al Dozer.com

KCMA Corporation | 770.499.7000 2140 Barrett Park Drive, Suite 10 01 | Kennesaw, Georgia 30144

131 County Rd 34 E | Jackson, MN 56143


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Inttroducing Isuzu REDTechâ„¢ Tier 4 and beyond yond Diesel Engines s

R e d T

ELIABLE Over 20 Million Engines W Worldwide orldwide

CO-FRIEND DLY No DPF or DPF F Maintenance

URABLE Optimized Premium remium Fuel Injection

EC CHNOLOGIC CALLY ADVANC CED Fine Tuning Tuning for Each Application

ISUZU U Booth # S-85405

Isuzu Motors America, LLC :: 46401 Commerce c Center Drive, Plymouth MI 48170 :: 734.582.9470 :: www.IsuzuREDTech.com e


Now Your New Commander IIIx Can Pour a 24 Inch Radius

Commander IIIx

Central Hall -- C30380 March 7-11, 2017 The new three-track Commander III Xtreme is unlike any other Commander ever built by GOMACO, and now has the ability to slipform a 24 inch radius! The new Xtreme Package, includes rotary-sensored slew drives for steering, sensored leg positioning, independent travel circuits to each track, G+® radius software, GOMACO’s three-sensor radius system, and repeatable mold offset. The Commander IIIx will be part of GOMACO’s largest display of construction equipment ever taken to CONEXPO-CON/AGG. We invite you to stop by our booth and we’ll show you the Xtreme technology now available for roadbuilding and concrete paving applications. CONCRETE STREETS AND HIGHWAYS ❘ AIRPORT RUNWAYS ❘ CURB AND GUTTER ❘ SIDEWALKS RECREATIONAL TRAILS ❘ SAFETY BARRIER ❘ BRIDGE PARAPET ❘ BRIDGE DECKS ❘ IRRIGATION CANALS GOMACO CORPORATION IN IDA GROVE, IOWA, USA ❘ 712-364-3347

info@gomaco.com ❘ www.gomaco.com 48

Profile for Construction Equipment Guide

ConExpo-Con/AGG 2017 magazine  

ConExpo-Con/AGG 2017 magazine