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POWER OF DIGITISATION Construction companies can no longer ignore digitisation of industry By Andrew Skudder, CEO of CCS Accelerating digitisation is one of the main trends for the construction industry in 2020. This means construction companies need to find software solutions that serve them best. While they may consider investing in generic software that spans multiple industries, this type of software will not address the many unique aspects of the construction industry, for example, the practice of using multiple subcontractors. In this respect, project managers and construction companies should be looking for best-of-breed software that embraces the nuances of the industry. The software they choose should be backed up with excellent implementation, training and support. A critical aspect to consider is the industry expertise that can be found in the software provider’s team members. Are they mere techies or are they people who have come out of the industry and capable of applying their industry knowledge to help construction companies embed best practice into their operations? In addition, the accelerating pace of 20

software development and technological change means construction companies need to find software vendors that have local scale or are part of a group of companies that have innovation at their core. Importantly, good construction software must offer the following benefits to ensure construction companies maximise their profitability and efficiency: COST PROJECTION Successfully delivering construction projects within the critical factors of time and budget relies on being in control of costs and performance management. The real benefit of cost management software is its ability to forecast costs throughout the lifecycle of a project. The only way to forecast is to get an accurate view of how much has been spent to date and how much will be spent going forward. This is difficult to achieve without software because of the enormous amount of data that needs to be considered and the numerous moving

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parts that make up a construction project. Software that does this in real time is the most effective. It allows costs to be accrued as soon they have been incurred. This means no waiting for an actual invoice to be delivered for the cost to be recognised. By way of example, when readymix concrete is delivered to a construction site, it arrives with a delivery note. The construction company has accrued the cost even though it may only receive the invoice several days later. By this time the project will have moved on and readymix concrete needs may have changed, possibly resulting in too much or too little readymix concrete on site if projections are inaccurate. Construction software should fully integrate all aspects of a project from estimating right through to handover and should provide access to detailed reports and analytics at any stage. MANAGEMENT OF SUBCONTRACTORS Subcontractors are playing an increasingly prominent role in construction projects globally. With lead contractor’s adopting more of a project

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Construction Business News ME - March 2020  

Construction Business News ME - March 2020